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#mha au

I wrote this years ago and imma post it cuz I love this AU and the vibe it gives.

Alien Hive Leader Midoriya AU;

I’m gonna have it start with a quirkless mido being forced from his mother as a test replacement for a hive worker of an insectoid alien queen.

The scientists underestimated her intelligence and empathy, she saw how much pain mido was in and adopted him as her royal heir.

Thanks to exposure to alien royal jelly he was able to gain a telepathic connection to the hive mind and was placed top of the connection along side the queen, he also gained insectoid features, like spines hidden in his back (they hurt to bring out), also a multitude of controllable feelers that one could compare to a lamprey but more plantie?

The queen and mido have a great mother and son relationship, she often teaching him of the species skills and cultural history, yes the alien insects have a history and mythos, they even have a prophecy.

And in turn mido teachers her some of the schoolwork the scientist teach him, maths and such, he learnt 4 languages thanks to the scientist forgetting he’s a child and the royal jelly involved in his development, he can speak Japanese, English, Russian, and dialoutú, the language of the insectoids.

After he turns ten the queen tells mido he’s ready to take up the mantle of hive leader, and emotion heavy talk and she hands over rule to him.

The scientist don’t know she can do this because they still underestimate her intelligence.

Mido and her have been planning an escape for years, she has progressively gotten “tamer” to trick the scientist into believing that she won’t attempt to thrash around anymore and remove most of her serious restraints.

Fight scene and full hive escape with no casualties, except for horrible horrible scientist.

Mido returns to his birth mom Inko at 10 and a half.

She tells him of how she had been searching even after the higher ups told the police force to cut it out and forget the boy, and how she missed him and loves him, he tells her how much he’s missed her, he also introduces Inko to the queen and his surrogate mother of 6-5 years (they get along great and meet for honey tea and cheese platters, while marathoning ridiculous soaps).

Mido is home taught and hidden from the company that had a hand in his disappearance, he is soon caught up with society education and current events wise, and took to clearing anxiety by writing observations on his hive and hero’s in notebooks.

Katsuki isn’t as mean to him because he didn’t get to really resent him through years of contact thanks to midos kidnaping, he does blame himself for not being there for him to protect someone weaker then him.

He meets Yagi on a jog to one of his hives caverns they dug near his home, so he can see how the workers are doing and how their territory is looking.

They become jogging buddies up until mido turns 12.

Mido has trained in warrior combat with the queen so he can fight like an insectoid or dialovatú, as the species call themselves.

Mido found out yagis secret when he got captured by the sludge villain and nearly summoned his guards, all might slipped up and called him Mido instead of Midoriya (Yagi sometimes calls midoriya mido instead of my boy when Midoriya is doing something especially silly).

The villain gets away in their panic about the secret.

Since he was accidentally outed they went to the beach and Yagi told mido everything.

Mido decided to be fair and Tell Yagi about his hive and even showed him an entrance to the hive at the beach.

Mido brought concerns about how he worried about being a strong enough leader for his hive, both mentally and physically. Mido has the tentacle feelers that can do somethings but he isn’t very physically strong or mobile, like his buggy brethren.

All might thinks about giving him one for all but holds off.

When the villain takes control of a quiet kid that resembles a rocky golem and has a quirk of speaking to animals, mido takes quick action to grab a fallen sign and javelin the prick, he then grabs kouda and drags him out with his feelers, he then asks him if he’s ok and all that, all might defends them and defeats the villain.

The hero’s rip into mido, and he’s apprehensive because “these humans are telling me what to do??? I don’t know them well enough for them to have my personal respect and so they don’t have the right to ask things of me???” All might steps in and praises mido on being the one to step up when no one (not even the pros) would, but also he gets some scolding about not doing things like that because of legality and the such.

Kouda and mido exchange numbers thanks to their love and understanding of animals.

All might offers one for all to Midoriya after the display of selflessness despite how humans have treated him before, mido explains that kouda may be human but there is definite differences in those that harmed him and those that need care and protection.

His philosophy is that “Do no intentional harm to others and no days shall be cloaked in deserving pain” basically don’t be an ass and nice things happen to you.

He accepts one for all and the legacy behind it.

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Stupidly indulgent au idea, you can ignore me if you want to I just need to get it out

Model class 1a au! Basically instead of being heroes, they become models because the world is a scary place, but they got the looks.

They all were picked up and recruited within a 2 year range so they’re really close with a each other. They all were modelling by age like, 7.

It’s shinsou instead of mineta because one, we only stan the superior purple in this household, and two, shinsou had a better style/look they were going for (because honestly, who would want a nosebleeding, groping model on set when they were a kid)

The reasons they got recruited include things like bakugo through connections w/fashion designer parents, todoroki w/ hero parent, uraraka having a nice, cute look, etc.

They would take online classes because the sheet amount of kids gathering around them would be ungodly.

They all are really close, but way too close to date each other. They would work in close quarters with each other, and see each other more like siblings. (I go to k-8 school and known everyone for nine years I’m not gonna date them)

As they get older, they get more distinct looks from each other, ie tsuyu getting a more rainy/beach look, mina a more pop type fashion, etc.

Whether they all become heroes is up to you. But I do want them to go to UA because 1) for the prestige of going, 2) good education no matter the department, and 3) be around other kids because you all need them skills.

They have this really nice manager because this is going to be a nice au, no angst because my heart can’t handle it.

This manager would literally die for them they’re so cute and nice.

They started off modeling for some kids clothes, but gradually modeled in commercials and hero support items while testing them out.

Their reactions and enthusiasm is so raw that it’s magnetic. Thats the reason why they’re so successful.

But during one of the shoots, their manager (I’ll call her Aki) notices bruises on Shoto, know that no one would bully him, and goes to the logical conclusion of abuse.

A bunch of fans also noticed the bruises, flinches, too quiet personality, and scar. They basically demanded a police search.

This ends with endeavor in jail, and the todorokis happier. Touya isn’t gone too, so yay!

Bakugo and midoriya are closer together due to them both sympathising over modelling and bakugo learning from the others that being quirkless doesn’t equate worthless. Also character development way earlier.

Basically, class 1a with superior purple are models since young age as an alternative to the dangers of heroics, and just are pretty and happier.

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Support Course Deku Part 7

  • Deku missed out in participating on the provisional licensing exam but he was able to provide many support items for people in classes 1A and 1B.
  • He ended up being one of the ones to work on Kaminaris pointer system with Hatsume and Power Loader.
  • He also made some leg supports for iida to enhance his cool down time from a few minutes to just 30 seconds after using his special move.
  • Deku also was invited by Power Loader to go watch the students in the exam.
  • He watched bakugo and his friends eagerly. He was amazed that most of the class was able to get their licenses the first time. Unfortunately todoroki didn’t get his due to his rivalry with the Shiketsu student.
  • Bakugou wasnot able to get his either cause he ended up doing basically the same thing he did in the original licensing exam.
  • Fortunately they did get another chance with the remedial classes.
  • Deku was very happy for his friends that got theirs and celebrated with them over their wins and encouraged those that had losses.
  • Bakugou (due to his amazing power since he got OFA) was able to get ahold of himself and didn’t seem too angry (well no more then normal) about his loss. He just got more determined to get it.
  • Deku, upon seeing todorokis power, his skill and his kindness started to develop romantic feelings for the ice/fire user. He decided to keep these feelings quiet though. He didn’t want to get in the way of todorokis dream and decided to just be his good friend. He would just be a jerk if he said something upfront to his crush and could have possibly ruined his friends chance at becoming a hero.
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Word count: 3344

Warnings: None. 

Title: ABO (A) Store Owner Amajiki Tamaki x (O) Mail-Order Bride Reader Salt Water Taffy (Part Two)

Summary: You are getting used to working with Tamaki. That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard not to pine after him. 

(Gif not mine) 


Originally posted by lifesfibers

🐙-It had been two weeks since you started working with the timid Alpha. Things were going well, you had settled in quite nicely. Although, the first morning you stayed at Tamaki’s house was a bit nerve-wracking.

🐙-When Tamaki had dropped you off that night he had told he would be by in the morning to walk you to work. You had woken up early to make him a nice breakfast as a thank you for everything he has done for you.  

🐙-The kitchen was a little bare but he had rounded up a little basket containing some kitchen staples you might need from his store. You had protested but he waved it off and said it was another welcome gift. 

🐙-You now stood over an oven making pancakes and sausage links. 

🐙-The kitchen was pretty spacious. There was a small two-person table near the window on the right-hand wall. You had opened up it to let out some of the heat that the cooking was causing. The white curtains swayed with the wind. 

🐙-You pulled out the dishware and had just placed a plate of pancakes on the table when something jumped up at the window. It gave you such a fright that you knocked over a glass trying to get away from the sudden intruder. 

🐙-A small chirp escaped your chest. 

🐙-You didn’t know that Tamaki was just about to knock on the front door when he heard a crash and your distressed chirp. He was quick to push open the door and rush into the house. He found your shocked frame looking at the glass scattered around the floor. 

🐙-He took notice to your bare feet straight away. 

🐙-“Don’t move, Omega. I’ll come to you.” He softly ordered, walking towards you. 

🐙-Once he had gotten close enough he wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up. You were shocked by his actions. You were also shocked that he could carry you so effortlessly. 

🐙-He might have not looked like it but the years of hauling crates food of paint cans and canned goods had done his body some good. 

🐙-He sat you down on a nearby wood counter before going over to the pantry and getting out the broom and dustpan. 

🐙-“Thank you, Tamaki.  I’m sorry I broke one of your glasses, Tamaki. I’ll be sure to replace it.” You apologized, saddened at the thought of him being mad at you. 

🐙-“It’s fine. I am sure I won’t even miss it. Is everything okay? I heard you chirp before I came in.” He looked over his shoulder while he swept up the glittering mess. 

🐙-“Something jumped at the window.” Your eyes shot to the opened window. The white curtains and prevented you from getting a good look at the intruder.  

🐙-A pink tongue and icy blue eyes greeted you. A smiling dog was leaning on the window sill holding his nose out like he was waiting for something. His coat had so many different colors you didn’t even know what breed of dog he was. 

🐙-Tamaki shook his head at the dog.

🐙-“I should have warned you about him. He is one of the neighbor’s dogs. His name is Charles but we call him Charlie since he was a puppy and it stuck.” He tossed the glass broken away before going over to the sausage plate and snagging one. 

🐙-Charlie let out a small woof at the action, eager to get it into his mouth. His tongue bouncing with every pant. 

🐙-“My mom used to give him a little bacon or sausage when he came by, he must have expected you to do the same. The house has been  vacant for a while so I figured he would stop coming.” He tossed the sausage out the window making the dog chase after it. 

🐙-“He seems nice. I was just surprised.” You jumped down from the counter and made your way over to the table. 

🐙-“You should see him around town a lot. Everyone loves him. He comes by the shop sometimes.” He smiled at the way your hair caught the sunlight, he couldn’t believe you looked so beautiful first thing in the morning.  

🐙-“I’ll make sure to give him something when he comes by. I probably gave him more of a fright then he did me.” You said, pouring some coffee into a cup for him. You moved the plate of pancakes in his direction. 

🐙-“I made pancakes for both of us.” You were slightly disappointed that you didn’t get to surprise him. 

🐙-He eyed the delicious-looking food on the table. He usually only had a cup of coffee in the morning, maybe two pieces of toast if he was really hungry. The steaming plate in front of him looked mouthwatering. 

🐙-His Alpha purred at your sweet gesture. 

🐙-“Thank you, Y/N.” He shot you a small smile before digging in. 


🐙-You had been working at the store for a few days now. You enjoyed chatting with everyone that came by. You knew the news about why you traveled here had gotten around town. You where afraid people would judge you but you received a warm welcome from all the townspeople. 

🐙-Today was the first time you were here when they restocked the shelves. Two young looking Alphas were coming in and out carrying crates of pickled goods and such. 

🐙-You would give them a friendly smile when they would walk by the front counter. 

🐙-The bell jingled when someone walked in, you looked to the door and saw a nicely dressed man enter the store. He had two-toned hair and different colored eyes. You were certain you had never seen him come in before. 

🐙-He eyed at the shelves with a perplexed look on his face. 

🐙-You leaned over the counter to gain his attention. “Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?” You asked, putting a smile on your face. 

🐙-His face was fairly blank but you could see the relief in his grey and blue eyes. He walked over to the counter in a hurry. He leaned forward like he was going to tell you a secret. 

🐙-“I was wondering if I could buy a ribbon?” He whispered, looking around like someone would be eavesdropping. 

🐙-You quirked a brow, confused about why he was being so secretive. 

🐙-“You mean a hair ribbon?” You questioned, looking him up and down. 

🐙-There was no ring on his finger and no mating bite on his neck. 

🐙-“Yes, it for an… acquaintance of mine.” He said, his eyes softening a bit. 

🐙-You could tell this acquaintance might be a little more than he let one. Your Omega was a sucker for romance and love so it didn’t take much to walk out from behind the counter and lead him to the back where you kept the ribbons. 

🐙-Each ribbon color and pattern were wrapped up on different wooden rolls. You would cut each piece to the desired length. You didn’t find yourself to be one for hair ribbons and hats but the lilac and indigo rolls did catch your eye now that you were looking at them. 

🐙-“We have a number of different colors and patterns. What do you think your acquaintance would like?” You asked, peering up at him. 

🐙-His bewildered look was back. 

🐙-“Umm. I think she mentioned gray and turquoise.” He said, struggling to go through his memories for an answer. He had to hold himself back from dwelling on her pretty face. 

🐙- You tried not to giggle when you realized he just stated his two eye colors. It seems this Omega was just enthralled with him as he was her. Your heart warmed for them. 

🐙-“Well, we have a lovely white daisy and turquoise ribbon. We also have a charcoal grey with a leaf pattern. Would those do?” You hummed, pulling each ribbon out and showing them to him. 

🐙-He trusted your opinion more than his and simply nodded hastily. He didn’t want anyone to see him back here. He was well respected around town and he wanted to keep it that way. 

🐙-What would his lumberjacks think if they found out he was buying ribbons for an Omega? He blanched at the thought. They wouldn’t respect him as a boss anymore. 

🐙-“Pardon me for saying but I believe you should get one more. A girl can never have too many ribbons.” You said, waving your hand at the selection once more. 

🐙-He bit his lip and nodded, not caring about how much he would be spending. 

🐙-“Any suggestions?” He inquired, looking at the ribbons. 

🐙-You observed him for a second before pulling a ribbon off the roll. 

🐙-“How about this lovely crimson ribbon with a rose pattern?” You said, offering it to him.

🐙-It was the same color as one side of his hair so you knew his Omega would be pleased by it. 

🐙-“That will do.” He nodded, looking towards the entrance again in case someone walked in. 

🐙-“Great! I’ll ring you up.” You smiled, cutting each ribbon before leading him back towards the counter. 


🐙-“That Omega working the front desk sure is a looker. I heard she was gonna marry the town drunk.” A young man’s voice said.

🐙-“If she had her sights set on Sora, I wouldn’t mind taking her out on a few courting dates. Do you think she would let me under her skirt?” Another boy joked, lifting up a crate of pickled goods. 

🐙-Both boys were outside the shop in the back, unloading all of their goods the store had purchased from their farm. They were completely clueless that the store owner was standing behind the slightly opened back door. 

🐙-He had been wanting to help out the boys with the boxes since he was sweet like that. Now there was nothing sweet about him. His Alpha was clawing at him to rough up the young boys. 

🐙-They were saying such vulgar things about his sweet Omega. No, not his Omega, his coworker.  

🐙-He pushed his Alpha down and shoved the door open with a little extra force. Both boys stopped what they were doing and looked his way. They had grown up with the timid Alpha and had never seen such aggression on his face before. 

🐙-“You know I have been offered a better price for pickled good from the next town over. I had been considering taking their offer and drawing up a contract.” He said, ice in his tone. 

🐙-“No! Don’t do that! Our daddy would have us work for the coal mines if it weren’t for you and your store.” The older of the boys stuttered, panic lacing his words. 

🐙-“Please, Sir! Our family relies on this contract with you.” The younger boy nearly cried he didn’t want to work in the dark, cold mines.

🐙-He wanted to let the boys suffer for a little while.  

🐙-“Maybe you’re right. My parents and yours are good friends it would be a shame if we stopped doing business. I’ll let them know I will consider it and to leave the option open if things come up in the future.” He warned, his eyes sharp as steel. 

🐙-Both boys nearly dropped to the floor in relief. 

🐙-“I want everything unpacked and stocked in twenty minutes’ time or else my mind might change again.” Tamaki threatened, before walking back into his store trying to act like his Alpha wasn’t clawing at him to turn back around and sock one of the boys. 


🐙-You had just waved goodbye to the stoic man when Tamaki came to the front. Your Omega immediately took notice in his scent. His scent usually reminded you of the smell of the outside after it rains. 

🐙-Now it had a slightly smoky scent like someone forgot to put out their campfire and the rain did it for them. 

🐙-“Is something wrong, Tamaki?” You asked, letting your Omega scent the room to calm him a little. 

🐙-“It’s nothing, Y/N. One of the boys dropped a crate and broke a few bottles. I’ll just take it out of their cut.” He said, his tone still a little cold. 

🐙- You don’t remember hearing anything drop.

🐙-Something must have happened to get him this riled, but if he didn’t want to talk about it then you weren’t gonna force him. You didn’t like that his scent was muddled. You needed to take his mind off of whatever it was. 

🐙-You knew just the thing. 

🐙-“Can I have your opinion on something, Tamaki?” You coaxed, walking out from behind the counter. 

🐙-“Y-yeah, sure.” He replied, still getting flustered anytime you would walk by him and your scent would flood his nose. 

🐙-You smelled so sweet. Like a cold strawberry on a summer day. He found himself putting strawberry jam on his toast in the mornings. Just a little something that reminded him of you.  

🐙-He follows you to the back of the store where the ribbon and hair accessories are. He instantly felt panicked. He has never seen you wear any hair accessories before. 

🐙-What was with the sudden interest? Did you have a courting date he didn’t know about? Even though he was a stereotypical protective Alpha a few minutes ago his Alpha couldn’t find it in him to growl and snarl at the idea. 

🐙-If you wanted to see another Alpha then he would accept that. Even if his Alpha and he were both whimpering at the thought. He still sometimes got mistaken for a Beta so he could understand if you wanted someone worthy of the title Alpha. 

🐙-You probably wouldn’t want to live in his empty parent’s house forever. You had come to this town looking to be bonded. It wouldn’t be surprising if you still had your heart open for suitors. 

🐙-This town was still growing but there seemed to be more Alphas than Omegas around. He nearly shuddered at all the free available Alphas in town. 

🐙-“Which color do you think I get? I like this soft lilac color but this deep indigo one is so pretty.” You hummed, softly caressing both of them. 

🐙-Your bright eyes looked up at him, he felt his heart stutter in his chest. 

🐙-What he wouldn’t give to wake up in the morning and have those sweet orbs be the first things he sees. 

🐙-“Umm, why the sudden interest in ribbons?” He questions, trying not to show you how nervous he was of your response. 

🐙-“A man came in today and bought a few. I never really paid attention to them before but these two colors caught my eye. Plus since I’m the first person people see when they come into the store it wouldn’t hurt to have a nice ribbon in my hair every once in a while.” You informed, still looking down at the soft ribbons.

🐙-You weren’t gonna admit that they reminded you of him. The indigo one matched his hair color perfectly. 

🐙-He was nearly jumping in joy at your answer. His Alpha was panting in relief. You just wanted to seem more presentable for the shop. He would have told you he wouldn’t mind you dressed in a potato sack while greeting his custom’s but he held his tongue.  

🐙-“O-oh. If that is your intention then I’ll give them to you for free.” He said, grabbing the cloth scissors and cutting said ribbons before you could reject. 

🐙-“Tamaki! You can’t just keep giving me stuff for free! You have to make a profit.” You huffed, putting your hands on your hips. 

🐙-Refusing the ribbons when he offered them. 

🐙-“My shop isn’t gonna fall apart because I gave you one too many taffy’s and a couple of ribbons.” He reassured, letting a small smile grace his face, while his heart pumped nervously in his chest. 

🐙-He felt like he was giving you a courting gift for some reason. Maybe it was because he never really gifted anything to an Omega before. The ribbons wouldn’t count as a courting gift, he didn’t make them. 

🐙-He had to admit he was disappointed they weren’t handmade. Heaven knows he would want nothing more than to court you. 

🐙-It wouldn’t be right though. Not only was he not a stereotypical Alpha but most importantly he was your boss. He didn’t want you to think he only hired you so he could court you. While he enjoyed your sweet scent and calming aura his main intention when hiring you was to help out a person in need.  

🐙-“Still…” You hesitated, your eyes starting at the indigo ribbon in his hand. 

🐙-His scent was probably rubbing off on them right now. If you accepted them then it meant you would get to take a little of his scent home with you. You Omega was nearly clawing at you to take them. She wanted them in her nest. 

🐙-“How about half off?” You peered up at him, his eyes widening just a little when your sweet eyes meet his. 

🐙-You knew he was stubborn when it came to giving you what he deemed necessary. He has slipped you one too many taffy’s while you would work the front counter. 

🐙-You can’t say you Omega wasn’t jumping in joy every time he would slide the sweet treats your way. You had become particularly fond of the currant flavor but also chewed on the cherry one every now and then. 

🐙-He couldn’t say no to those sweet eyes. 

🐙-“Fine, half off.” He agreed, adoring the way you bounced on your feet in triumph. 

🐙-You quickly took the ribbons from him, your Omega wanting to feel their soft texture against her fingers again. 

🐙-The mood was broken when a clinking sound was heard. One of the boys had come inside to stock the shelves. He was clever enough not to look in their way. He could faintly see the boy’s hand shaking while putting up a jar. 

🐙-“How about we take a break? The Tanaka boys are still unloading so they will be here to watch the store. What do you say we go down to my friend’s bakery and try some of his sweets?” He said, covering your body with his has he began to lead you out of the store. 

🐙-“What? Now? Are you sure we can just leave?” You wondered, confused at his offer. 

🐙-“It will only be a short break. Just enough time to eat a piece of cake and come back.” He convinced, gently pushing you out the door. 

🐙-His Alpha was snarling at him. He didn’t want those boys anywhere near you. The thought of their nasty words made his blood boil again. It didn’t help that they were Alphas too. 

🐙-“Cake?” You repeated, your hesitation evaporating in an instant. 

🐙-“Cake and other things. Tai isn’t shy when serving his costumers, especially his friends.” He said, his hand hovering over your back while walking down the street. 

🐙-“Wait, I didn’t get to put up my ribbons.” You realized, still holding them in your hands. 

🐙-Your dress didn’t have any pockets, you had planned to store them behind the counter until you could take them home when the shop closed. Tamaki had begun to walk you home after he finished locking up.

🐙-Tamaki took them from you and rolled them up before sliding them into his front pocket. 

🐙-“Remind me to give them to you when I drop you off at home today.” He said, giving you a shy smile before walking on. 

🐙-He was already thinking of ordering a strawberry shortcake for the two of you. 

🐙-Your Omega swooned, not only was she getting cake but her ribbons were gonna be dowsed in his scent when it came time to collect them. 

🐙-Today was a good day. 

Finally a second part for Tamaki! I have been promising it forever and I am glad it is seeing the light of day. What are your thoughts? Will Tamaki finally get the guts to court her?  Who was Shoto buying the ribbons for? Another possible addition to the western AU?  

We will see. I hoped you enjoyed reading. Please reblog and leave a like. Both really motivate me to continue writing. 

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We did it boys 😔✊ Ojiro, after a shit ton of procrastination, is finished. He’s a fur dragon, a distant relative of the feathered dragons. Fur dragons are, as the name implies, furry. They even gain an extra coat during late fall + winter! Their wings have huge feathers and are pretty large. Ojiro is about 4/3 the size of the average scaled dragon, which is normal for his species.

I realized I’ve been adding stuff about the au w/ out confirming it with the OP but when I come up with these designs I also think about this kind of stuff to explain them.

Also, this time I decided to add texture to the clothes. It’s very subtle since it’s only at 20% opacity but I think it improves the piece a bit. Should I do this for my future works or keep it without?

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