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#mha bakugou

A/N: I gotchu bby!

Bakugou x Fiesty!Reader


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • This explosive boy is… well explosive
  • He didn’t expect you to fire right back at him.
  • When you do though, he banters back, and actually quite enjoys it.
  • It’s like he’s found his equal
  • Except he’s still better than you
  • The two of you taunt back and forth, and eventually it becomes a bit more flirty.
  • The two of you don’t notice right away, but everyone else does.
  • They don’t say anything though, because even though you’re really nice, both you and Bakugou are intimidating as hell.
  • That is- until Kirishima said something.
  • The second Kiri brought up the two of you dating to Bakugou, he almost walked away burnt to a crisp.
  • A bunch of “I don’t like them like that!” Or “I’m not here for romance!” Spouted out of the hot head’s mouth.
  • But he was lying- he really liked you.
  • He liked the way you didn’t take shit from anyone else, and that you sassed him for sassing you.
  • You were easy, you were fun, and you could hold your own. He admired every bit of you- not that he would say it out loud.
  • At least, not to you. Not yet.
  • As much as he tried to ignore that revelation, every time he saw you, those feelings bubbles up again. He was quick to mask them and go back to the usual banter.
  • Those feelings only grew. Until one day, he let it slip, in his own, rough, Bakugou way.
  • It was in the middle of some banter, you’d caught him off guard.
  • “Well…. I like you, you asshole!!”
  • You laughed, rosy cheeks and all, as you looked at his angry and embarrassed expression.
  • “Don’t worry, Kacchan I like you too.”
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[ 11:19 p.m. ] • ground zero

“are we friends or are we fucking more than that?”

his question makes you stop in your tracks, hand lingering against the metallic fence you have been brushing your fingers against as the both of you walked back to the school grounds from a day out in the arcade.

“i – ” afternoon wind gusts over the both of you, making your hair fly around your face wildly. your reply to his question is halted by you sifting through your strands of stray hair, occasionally closing an eye to avoid poking them. when both eyes flutter, they meet cherry orbs with furrowed eyebrows under spiky blonde locks. bakugou’s features look even more ethereal under the golden hour; red, pink and blonde, mixing well together. his hand brushes against your frozen ones and push them back to your sides as he fixed your hair instead. he wipes his sweaty palms against the back of his jeans as he carefully combed through your hair with his fingers and tucked them behind your ears, eyes begging to look back at you but mind trying its best not to. his eyes would scream how intimate and how shy he felt with what he was doing.

“so, i asked you a question, (y/n)? are we friends or are we more than that?”

you close your slightly gaping mouth and form a smile in your lips as you stop one of his wrists. “do you want to be more than friends, bakugou?”

he huffs, “that’s not an answer to a question, (y/n).”

you slide his hand to the side of your face and it makes him finally look at you, eyes wide as he tries to pull his hand away, “you idiot! my hands are too sweaty for – ”

“i don’t care about your sweaty hands, i want us to be more than friends, bakugou.”

he stops, fingers relaxing against your skin, sweat mixing with your own, “really? you serious?”

“yeah, you?”

bakugou katsuki doesn’t speak words to tell you how he feels in that moment. his free hand snakes to your back and he pulls you against him, lips crashing into yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck, allowing him to close every speck of space there is between the pair of you. his hands fall and grip your hips as he gives you a kiss that’s worth a year of pining. his kisses are harsh strong ocean waves angrily lapping against the stonewall. bakugou’s kisses are hungry, impatient, open-mouthed ones that proved to you how much he reciprocated your own feelings. maybe double your feelings, too.

“yeah, me too,” he says in between breaks from kissing you, vermilion eyes glinting under the sunset. “i want us to be something more.”

all that under the sinking of the sun.

[ 11:44 p.m. ]

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Bakugou x reader


A/N: I’m sorry, this image is so popular i can’t find the op for the life of me.

Behold the flood of Baku content! Old catchup uploading/new oneshots lined up in a very baku heavy way so that’s just how it is. 

There’s no greater pain than that of losing a loved one.

It took the color from one’s life, and they soon realize everything about their lover that they took for granted. It was the little things that made the strongest, most heartbreaking impact.

He had been a lone wolf until you came along and wormed your way into his heart with your every touch and word. You were his rock, and had supported him from tbe day he decided to be a hero. The way your eyes sparkled when you laughed, the way your smile reached your eyes… your soft-spoken ways and unconditional support had him at his knees.

You would always be there to soothe him after a long day at work, kiss him, love him. It was a routine… so imagine his unease when he came home to a dark house. The normal warm household lacked its usual cozy spirit. From then on, the perfect life he had taken for granted quickly crumbled away.

It started with a classic ransom note. Your safety, and for exchange, classified information. Your life, or the lives of thousands of civilians. Would he be your lover, or a hero?

Through the many sleepless nights he thought he would go insane. Without your gentle guidance, what would he do? He flew into a frenzy, throwing himself carelessly in harm’s way in any attempt to get you back.

But he just couldn’t find you. The deadline for the ransom was approaching, and the looming choice weighted down on him. Your life, or the safety of civilians? His beautiful, perfect love, or thousands strangers? Who could ever decide? But in his heart, Bakugou was and will always be a hero. And a hero saves people. As many people as possible - no matter what.

No matter what.

Although it would break him beyond repair, for once in his life he forced himself to sit down, forced himself to watch from the sidelines. I’m a hero, he thought. Heroes put the lives of civilians first. But what good is being a hero if he couldn’t even save you?

The deadline passed. And not long after, he received word, that you did too.

The utter, crushing guilt was overwhelming. The words of his colleagues were empty. Who could emphasize with the feeling of having their heart so fatally wounded?

He could have saved you… but he had to be a hero. And now that you were gone, the regret crashed down in waves. Try as he might to ease his pain, alcohol couldn’t soothe him the way you did.

“(Y/n)… what do I do now…” he gripped the cold hard marble, grasping desperately for some semblance of the warmth you once held.

“Please come back…” he mumbled, forehead gently touching your name etched into the stone, tears squeezing their way out of his eyes.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry I couldn’t fucking find you…” his shoulders started to shake as his eyes burned with prickles of sorrow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t chose you. I-I’m sorry I couldn’t save you!” He gasped, tears streaking down his grief stricken face, knuckles white as he gripped the sides of your grave. It burned and hurt so bad, his regrets fighting and clawing at his heart.

“Y-you would tell me that I did the right thing… you would tell me that I’m a fucking hero…” the cold marble ground provided no relief.

“Haha yeah… you’d call me a fucking hero.”



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You and Katsuki were best friends. You both loved each other very much heck…Both of your families decided that when you grew up that you were going to get married. You guys didn’t mind you loved each other and had each other’s backs. That’s until you went to UA…He became more aggressive and spent less and less time with you. You didn’t mind it at first he wanted to be number 1# and so did you so it was an excuse you told yourself over and over again. You noticed how he spent more time with round cheeks more and more time. Heck he started sitting with the Dekusquad so he can talk to her. That hurt you like someone stabbed you with needles. You sat with the rest of what used to be the Bakusquad they saw how you were not happy. Today he even left you to go walk Uraraka to her dorm…you walked home alone. remembering the days where he would say things like ‘I’ll always protect you!’ and 'your mine and no one else’s’ you felt a tear running down your face and quickly snapped back to reality and continued to walked to your dorm.

Time skippy~

As you finished training with Deku since your loving boyfriend was busy and went into the locker room to gather your stuff. You heard moaning and slapping noises. You thought about going to see who the person was and tell a teacher in the building or a student council member. As you walked to investigate you heard

“Bakugou S-stop they’ll hear us!” Uraraka said

“Who gives a damn your mine…” Bakugou said

'No…wait it cant be’ you murmured you saw them but they didn’t see you.

You grabbed your stuff and ran to your dorm you didn’t leave your dorm for a few days

50 missed calls from Izuku:) 120 unseen messages from Izuku

10 missed calls from Bakubabe<3 and 200 unseen messages

You finally left your dorm and ignored everyone and everything.

“Y-Y/N me, you and bakugou are partners to work on the project” Deku said

“Huh? oh ok”

'yay’ you said murmured sarcastically

“Hey Dumbass, My dorm or yours?” Bakugou said

“Whatever I don’t care where” You snapped back

He was surprised that you answered like that you would usually have given him a more laid back answer in a more calmer tone. he growled

“What’s up with you? stick up your ass or something?”

“Kacchan don’t be mean!” Deku butted in

“Whatever …Deku lets go” You said as you rolled your eyes

You grabbed Deku’s hand and left to go work on the project at your house leaving bakugou dumbfounded. The green-haired boy was as red as a tomato as you kept holding his hand you realized you still held his hand and blushed a light pink as you let go.

“S-sorry!” you said

“N-no it’s okay I liked it” he smiled slightly

It made your face even redder you were about to speak when…

“Hey dumbass care to explain why you left me like that?”

you gave Deku your key and told him to go inside. he hesitated but went in.

“Nothing just haven’t been myself lately”

“No shit you completely stopped talking to me and training with me is someone bothering you? I’ll kick their ass if-”




You realized you had started crying your voice hurt from yelling

“Y-y/n I-”

“Whatever Just fuck off will ya? Oh and in case you want to hear it to your face it’s over!”

You walked in your dorm and immediately you got hugged by Izuku you cried as he comforted you and told you how amazing and strong you were. you felt better and wanted to reward him for being there for you by taking him out.

“Tell you what after we finish working on this project how about we go out and eat?” You said

“Y/N you should stay home-”

“No…Izuku You made me realize that I’m stronger than him and I won’t let him get the satisfaction of me being depressed” You said almost yelling

he looked at you with admiration and awe and agreed

Time skip you go to a diner and ate~

After having almost a full course meal both of you went for a walk you held his hand and laid your head on his shoulder he blushed at the sudden contact but smiled nonetheless.


“Yeah Izuku”

he blushed madly when you said his first name.

“I Like you” He said almost whispering

Your eyes widened. you blushed. you let go of his hand and faced him

“I-I know you don’t like me back I-I just wanted you to know I-”

you sashed your lips into his. his eyes widened but then slowly closed his eyes as he took in the moment. You pulled away for air.

“Izuku I like you too”

He smiled as he cried tears of happiness

“Oh come on you big baby lets go back to the dorms”

He nodded as he wiped his tears away and walked back to the dorms

Time Skip~


You awoke the next morning with izuku having his arms wrapped around you tightly. you woke him up by leaving small kisses on his freckled cheeks he smiled as you both got up and got ready for school. as you walked hand in hand to school he was a bit embarrassed by it but he soon got over it and just laid his head on your shoulder while walking people cheered for the both of you and the look of disbelief that Uraraka and Bakugou Made was priceless. You then grabbed izuku by the collar and kissed him passionately eve using tongue he was a blushing mess as you pulled away he whimpered. Bakugou had an angry look on his face and Uraraka had a look of jealousy. You ignored them and held Izuku’s hand then walked to class…


SUCH A LONG STORY I KNOOOOWWWW BUT WAIT UNTIL PART 2 let’s say Izuku wanted a bit more after the kiss ;) wink wink anyway laterz skaterz.

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He’s not taking go away as an answer. Of course he’s gonna respect that no is no, but he’s gonna be so clingy and in constant need of physical contact at the very least. Lucky for him though it’s not likely he’d hear no. He’d just look so miserable that you just can’t help, but want to take care of him. He’s so loud though. Like might get a noise complaint loud. It’s actually pretty cute

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✓Synopsis: Izuku and dating a crackhead.

ღPairings: Izuku Midoriya x reader, Katsuki Bakugou x reader

✘Warnings: insecurities, swearing because it’s me and Bakugou,

@karnationkilledit Asks: Hehehehehe- can I request headcanons for Bakugou and Izuku (separately) dating a crackhead? UwU I need this for self confidence purposes-

➤Star note: I wrote Izuku’s part in the car while listening to blackpink.


Izuku Midoriya

  • Tbh, Izuku finds you funny.
  • He like, Jokingly questions the weird ass pics you send him at 3Am-
  • Because of how much Izuku hangs around you, he starts to kinda become a crackhead.
  • Not alot, he just randomly starts saying things you’d say.
  • Boy, if Izuku notices you feel insecure about being a crackhead, he will feel so bad.
  • Like, did he do it? Did you feel insecure because of his jokes? Was Jokingly questioning you too much?
  • Either way, Izuku will sit you down somewhere quiet and let you know he loves you.
  • He doesn’t care how you act or if you’re a bit more different than everyone else, he would love you in any way you came.
  • He still adores you and loves you, he’ll help you realize being a crackhead isn’t a bad thing<3

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bruh
  • How’d you two end up together-
  • You and Mina were probably friends and she introduced you to the Bakusquad.
  • Ngl, Bakugou wouldn’t pay that much attention to you.
  • He thinks you’re just like every idiot in his “Squad”
  • But you actually managed to make Bakugou laugh at something-
  • You were just going on about something and idk, something you said Bakugou laughing-
  • The first time Bakugou realizes “oh shit, I think I’m in love with her” was when you did the same face Todoroki did.
  • Like wait, you’re actually really fucking attractive-
  • When you guys started dating, Bakugou didn’t mind you being a crackhead.
  • But he notices how you try to conceal that part of you, trying to refrain from sending him stupid funny pictures at random times and trying to act more “mature”
  • Y'know that part in the training camp Arc were Bakugou was looking confused as shit when the guys were ignoring him? Yeah, that’s the face he pulls trying to figure out why you stopped.
  • Then he remembers how he use to act so annoyed by your jokes and let me tell you, guilt hit him like a fucking train.
  • He traps you in a closet and talks to you about it.
  • He was an asshole, he knows that, he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. He didn’t mean to make you try to change, he likes you just the way you are.
  • Oops, got carried away-
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Bakugo X Reader 

Words : 3211


“So like this?”

You were currently trying a complicated move you had seen Bakugo practicing earlier. You had been enjoying your coffee from your usual spot on your back porch. Watching him work out like the total creep you were. There was something about this last move though that peaked your interest, and that something was the fact that Bakugo looked like he was struggling to do it.

He admitted that he relied too much on his quirk and he wanted to get better at his combat skills without using it. Which resulted in having to almost relearn everything. You on the other hand didn’t have a flashy quirk like him, therefore you already knew exactly how to throw your weight to accomplish the move that was currently attempting.

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Misery Business | K. Bakugou

a one shot

SUMMARY the one where you didn’t mean to take the hothead away from his girlfriend, but you did anyway. It was nothing personal, you just knew that Bakugou Katsuki deserved way better than what he was settling for.

PAIRING Taken/Pro-Hero!Bakugou & Fem!Reader


WARNINGS explicit language, mentions of cheating, cheating lol, suggestive language, angst, and some fluff at the end bc I cannot end my fics in a bad way I am weak sorry!


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