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#mha bakugou
iwasbunny · a day ago
𝖙𝖊𝖆𝖈𝖍 𝖒𝖊 | kinktober special.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. virgin bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. loss of virginity, fem reader, makeouts, dry humping, moaning, overstimulation, handjobs, first times, fingering, afab reader.
𝖘𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖘. 730 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. another kinktober surprise, hehe <3
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
𖤐 Bakugou hasn’t even had his first kiss yet but he likes to pretend that he knows what he’s doing. His kisses are rough and sloppy, the aggressiveness of his usual actions also translating into them as he pins you against the wall, his hands shaking as he harshly grips your wrists trying to hide his embarrassment while his cock painfully throbs in his pants, rock hard from just a simple kiss. He tries to fight his urges and ignore his need for release but no matter how hard he tries to resist he just can’t fight the way his hips miserably rut against the soft plush of your thighs, his groans are muffled against your lips while his movements get faster, desperate whimpers escaping him as he indulges himself in the pleasurable feeling of getting lost in you—your touch, your taste, and before you know it a strangled groan is forced out of his throat as he finishes in his boxers. A huge blush on his cheeks as he hides his face in the crook of your neck, his shaky breaths and pants filling the silence in the room as his embarrassment surfaces. His body still betraying him as his cum-stained pants continue grinding against you, milking him for all that he’s worth.
𖤐 Izuku is painfully loud, unable to control the moans and whines escaping him while your hand is loosely wrapped around his cock, and you love every second of it. You love the way his hips jerk up to meet your strokes, his quivering thighs as he tries to keep himself from finishing too fast. His face is flushed, a light blush covering his freckled cheeks while sweat drips down his forehead as his entire body quivers from your just touch. Every single brush of your skin against his sending him hurling straight into his orgasm even as he desperately grips the arm of the chair and bites his lower lip it does nothing to stop a loud cry of your name from escaping him as he cums all over himself, making a mess on his torso and all over your hand while his sensitive cock twitches from the overwhelming feeling of your hands still pumping him through it. He squirms underneath you, tears welling up in his eyes as the intense painful pleasure leaves his mind blank, unable to decide if he’s begging you for more of the ecstasy you’re offering him or for you to stop your skillful movements on his already drained cock.
𖤐 Todoroki wasn’t exactly clueless, he had some idea of what to do but he loved it when you were in charge. Telling him exactly what you wanted from him as you guided his hands to your dripping hole. He’d often forget about his own pleasure as he got lost in your intoxicating expressions, loving the way your eyes would flutter shut as his fingers slipped into your pussy. He groans at the way your warm walls clamped down on them, wondering what they would feel like once they were finally wrapped around his aching cock but that could wait. He loved the hushed whispers of his name that fell from your lips as he repeatedly brushed against all of your sensitive spots, your back arching from the direct stimulation. He was proud at the way he seemed to know your body better than you did, knowing exactly where to curl his fingers and what spots to hit to have you begging for more and he couldn’t deny the satisfaction he felt when you came all over his fingers. Your arousal dripping down them as he pumped them in and out of your entrance, helping you ride out your orgasm before you greedily crawled into his lap and returned the favour.
Tumblr media
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graybabyxx · a day ago
Sleep schedule
bakugou x fem reader!
summary: katsuki doesn’t let anything get in the way of taking care of himself, that was before he realized he liked fucking you more that good sleep.
warning(s): slight dry humping, spit kink, degradation, praise, dirty talk, bratty y/n, dirty talk from both, oral (m receiving)
c: smut
mha masterlist!
Tumblr media
“Katsuki pleaseee.” you whined straddling him as he sighed.
“I just told you it’s time to go to bed shitty woman.” His hands fell to your hips to move you off of him, but you grabbed his wrists and began to grind on top of him.
“Come on baby..” Your face fell in the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent. “Want your cock so bad..” A groan passed his lips as you felt him growing hard under you.
Once you realized he still refused to give in, you repositioned yourself, so you were eye level with his crotch. When your small hands started pulling down his shorts he grabbed your wrists making you sigh.
“How about this, let me suck my boyfriend’s cock, then you decide if we go to bed or not.” You spoke, squeezing your thighs together at the wetness pooling between your legs.
He let out a grunt of disapproval but laid his head back anyway.
When you finally licked a stripe up his cock, you couldn’t help but moan, trying to take him fully for a few moments before he gave in and bucked his hips.
“such a good girl.. gonna fuck that pretty throat.” He mumbled, snapping his hips harder. You took a second to look up at him, watching him stare down at you. “Couldn’t wait till tomorrow for my cock huh?” You whined around his dick, spit traveling down your chin and onto the sheets. “Fuck princess, gonna make me cum..”
Once you felt him still in your throat, filling it with his cum, you pulled away.
“still wanna go to sleep?” You asked innocently.
“Nah i wanna fuck my girl.”
Tumblr media
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miss-nebula · 2 days ago
There Weeks| Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| Masterlist |
Description: You and Bakugou have and argument and end up making a bet in the heat of the moment. After being petty for 3 weeks, you finally put your pride aside and admit you lost. But losing a bet with Bakugou comes with consequences.
Wc: 4.5k (big boi fic)
Warning: MDNI, smutty smut smut, prn w/ plot, college AU, aged up characters (all 18+), black female reader, female pronouns, boyfriend Bakugou, reader gets picked up, unprotected sex, fingering, finger sucking, manhandling, cervix kissing, lil dumbification, dirty talk, Bakugou calls you princess, hair(braid) pulling, one spank, creampie, swearing.
A/n: Reposting from my old blog. Join my taglist!
Tumblr media
You had finally finished the assignment you had been working on. It had taken you longer than expected, but you were glad that it was done and over with. It was getting really close to midterms at school. So your professors were dishing out assignments and papers like there was no tomorrow. Cause the students definitely didn't have other things to do besides school work.
You let out a heavy sigh as you leaned back on your desk chair, extending your arms over your head to stretch out your back. Pushing your chair away from your desk, you turn it around to face your bed. Lying on it, without a care in the world, was your boyfriend. You sighed again when you saw him, this time contently.
He had come to your dorm room earlier after he finished his own school work for the day. However, when Bakugou had gotten there, you were still working on your assignments. He told you to leave your work alone and hang out with him, but you said you couldn't.
You really had to finish your work since you still had a bunch more assignments to do afterwards. The explosive boy just scoffed at your decision and took a seat on your bed anyway, still wanting to at least be close to you. 
You stared at the ash blonde lying on your bed. He had picked up a Shoujo manga from your stash and started reading it.
Even when you weren't talking, you enjoyed his company; it was always nice to have him around. You stood up and made your way to the bed to sit next to him. He felt a dip in the soft mattress beside him, which shifted his attention away from his manga.
When Bakugou looked at you, the first thing he noticed was your bare legs; you were dressed in pyjama shorts and a tight-fitting t-shirt, with your hair held up in your bonnet. Seeing you stirred something in him, no matter what you were wearing. After all, he didn't come to your room just because he was bored; he came for another reason.
"I'm done with my assignment now, so we-" Your words were interrupted by a firm hand grabbing onto your plush thigh. His hand started to inch higher until it met the bottom hem of your shorts. You put your hand on top of his to stop it from moving. "What the hell are you doing, Katsuki?" You deadpan.
"Touchin' my girlfriend, that's what." Bakugou puts down the book so he could place his other hand to grip your thighs. He pulled you toward him by your legs, shifting your body so that you were now straddling his hips.
"I can see that, but I still have work to do." You tell him.
"Didn't ya just say you were done?" He answers back, hands continuing to stroke your legs.
"Yes, I'm done with that assignment, but I'm I still have more to do. I was only going to take a small break."
"Since you're taking a break, then ya got some time. Let's have a little fun princess~." Bakugou's hand moves up into your shorts, placing a good grip on your ass. He massages your bottom with his right hand, as his left one moves up to your waist, shifting your body to lay you down on the mattress. His hand moves to dips under your shirt, pulling it up past your chest.
"But we already 'had fun' yesterday. And this morning." You point out, feeling yourself start to give in to his touch.
"Yeah, that's then," Bakugou moves his head down to your soft stomach and starts leaving kisses on his way up to your chest, sliding his warm hands up your body to cup both of your breasts. "And this is now."
You let out a whimper when the ash blond lightly bites one of your tits. His thumb, pressing on the clothed bundles of nerves of the other. He continued to kiss your chest before moving up to your neck and sucking on your pulse point.
"But I, ah, I told you I still have work to do Katsuki." You try to protest through your moans.
"Do it later dammit!" The ash blonde was getting a little irritated at your whining. He moved to take off your bra when you pushed him off of you.
"Tch, why'd ya stop me, Y/n?" He says frustrated that he had to stop but knew that he had to ask.
"Cause Katsuki, I think we've been having too much sex lately."
"Ain't that a good thing?" He smirked.
"Well, it does feel good..." You mumble. "But it's really too much; do we have to do it every time we're alone together?"
"If ya don't want to, then we fucking won't. You don't gotta overcomplicate shit." He says, getting off of you.
"I'm not overcomplicating it. You're the one who has an insatiable libido!" You sit up, annoyed at his dismissive attitude.
Bakugou rolled his eyes at your anger and got close to your ear to rile you up. "Not my fault my girls damn sexy."
"F-flattery will get you nowhere." You say flusteredly, gently pushing him away from you. "Listen Katsuki, I think we should take a break-"
"What the fuck are you talking about, Y/n!? You sayin you wanna break up?" He shouts before letting you finish.
"NO! That's not what I was going to say. I'm saying we should take a break from... y'know... sex."
"Why the fuck would ya say that?" He deadpans.
"Since we're going to be so busy with exams and stuff, we should cut back a little." You try to reason.
"Shouldn't us being busy be the reason we do it more?" He smirks.
"No, it shouldn't. I need to focus on my assignments and studying Katsuki. We can't all have a 4.8 GPA y'know!" You say, starting to get frustrated again.
"So your tellin me we can't have sex cause your an idiot? Just let me tutor you!"
"No fucking way! I need to learn, not get yelled at." You huff.
Bakugou pinches the bridge of his nose with an annoyed sigh, "Y/n, this is fucking stupid."
"Stop saying it's stupid Katsuki! If you're gonna act like this, maybe we should just stop having sex for longer than after the exams."
Bakugou's eyes widen your statement before his face quickly furrowed into a scowl, "You're being fucking ridiculous."
"Excuse me? Y'sure your not just mad cause you can't do it?" You taunt, trying to provoke him and he returns your comment with a hard glare. You could see that he was starting to get angry now, but you still decided to keep pushing his buttons. "With your out of control horniness, I doubt you could even last a day." 
Bakugou's scowl quickly shifted into a grin, sensing the opportunity for a challenge, "You don't gotta worry about me, sweetheart, I can do that shit just fine. Worry about your damn self."
You cross your arms, "Why would I suggest this if I couldn't do it?" 
"Cause, you'll never admit it, but you like sex just as much me. Hell, you probably like it more than I do. And you're sayin I won't last? You're the one who's gonna come back after a day begging for me." He taunts back.
"Let's make it a bet then, you cocky bastard." You scoff, accepting this challenge. "Whoever lasts longest wins."
"Shit alright then." Bakugou leans in close to your face. He grabs your chin with his index finger and thumb, tilting your head up to make you look him in the eyes. "When ya can't take it anymore, all ya have to say is 'Please fuck me Katsuki'."
You feel heat rise in your cheeks. Of course, he'd ask something like that if he won. Keyword, if. So him saying 'when' made you more than a little annoyed. Though, you couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement in the pit of your stomach at his words. Maybe this was going to be tough for you.
Nonetheless, You swat his hand off your chin and hide your rising excitement behind a glare. You hated how overconfident he was sometimes. "Fine! And when you can't take it anymore, you better say you're sorry for being a sex-crazed ass!"
"Never gonna happen." He scowls.
"Yeah yeah, keep acting tough. My breaks are over, so you're free to go now." You get off the bed and sit back at your desk. You wave your hand back at the male, shooing him away. Bakugou scoffs at you before standing up to leave.
"Oi, I got one more thing to say," Bakugou turns to you, hand on the door handle. You turn your chair around to face him once more.
"No touchin yourself, that's fucking cheating." He smirks back at you before leaving your dorm room.
After he left, you thought about the bet you had just made. For a second, you wondered if maybe you had overreacted a bit. But that feeling quickly left when you thought about how you were way too stubborn to take it back now. Who cares if you were also losing in this, Bakugou was pissing you off. And with your pride at stake, there was no way you were going to back down! 
~Three weeks later~ 
Fuck pride, it shit fucking sucks! You thought as you were leaving school, having just completed your math exam. Math was the last exam you needed to do before you were done for the semester. So now you are completely finished.
The bet you made with Bakugou was turning out to be harder on you than expected. And it didn't help that throughout the first week, your asshole of a boyfriend had been teasing you non-stop.
He would grab your ass or kiss you whenever he got the chance. He would even send you suggestive pictures and texts to rile you up as well. It got so bad that, for the sake of winning the bet, you stopped responding to him.
Then this morning, you tried to relieve the building tension inside of you, not caring about the last rule Bakugou gave you before he left that day. But you ended up being interrupted by Mina barging into your room, robbing you of the release you desperately needed.
Damn you, Katsuki. It's your fault that my body is like this now.
You didn't expect these weeks to be so hard on you. When you made the deal, you expected Bakugou to come running back to you after a few days. But you forgot that his ego was way too big to ever let him do such a thing.
But yours wasn't.
So here you were, in front of Bakugou's dorm room. With all your exams being done, you decided to swallow your pride and go tell him that he had won. Then maybe you can finally get off and proceed to NEVER do something like this again.
You knock on the door and wait for him to answer, but you get nothing. He usually shouts at whoever knocks on his door, so you pull out your phone, about to text his number, when you hear voices coming down the hall. You saw that it was Bakugou which made you smile. It only registered now that you haven't seen him in weeks, so you didn't realize just how much you missed him.
He was walking with Sero and Kirishima when he noticed you and stopped walking; the other two boys noticed you as well, exchanging glances before nodding. They quickly said hello to you before they rushed into Sero's room across the hall. The two of them knew that you and Bakugou haven't been talking lately, so they wanted to leave as fast as possible so you could have your privacy.
After you watched them leave, you look back at your boyfriend, who had a shit-eating grin on his face. Which made your smile turn into a pout.
"What're you doing here, Y/n?"
"I came here... to talk." You tell him, words coming out quieter than intended.
Bakugou already knew why you were here, but he wanted to mess with you a bit more. "Just talk? Not to admit you lost?"
"No! I-I came here because I wanted to see if you were going to give in." You say, not sounding very confident. But something in you didn't want to admit defeat just yet.
Bakugou looks you up and down, seizing you up, already knowing that you were making excuses. "There's no way in hell I'm doin that." He walks past you and stands in front of his door. "If that's all you came here for, then go home."
Bakugou was about to unlock his door when you grabbed onto his arm. "Don't go inside yet! That's not what I wanted to say."
He turns toward you with a quirked eyebrow, "Yeah? Well tell me, princess, what did ya really want to say?"
"Can't we go inside first? What if someone walks by?" You say nervously.
"No. Say it right now."
You hesitate for a second before you let out a breath. What were you stalling for? You came here to say you lost. To tell him the words that he's been waiting weeks to hear so he could fuck your brains out. You just needed to swallow your pride and say it.
"Fine, I lost so..." You wrap one of your arms around his neck, the other caressing the already growing erection in his pants, making him hiss. You lift to the tips of your toes to whisper close in his ear. "Please fuck me Katsuki~"
Bakugou grabs a fist full of your braids, making you gasp as he yanks your head back so that you were face to face with him. "You're really asking for me to fuck you stupid by pulling shit like that."
"That's why I came here. So take me inside. Please Katsu?" You say, sounding desperate, the feeling of your hair being pulled making heat well up in your body.
Bakugou picks you up, putting you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as he unlocks the door to his room. Once he enters, he slams it behind him before making his way to his bed, throwing you on top of it. Bakugou grabs the back collar of his shirt and pulls it over his head, taking it off and throwing it across the room.
You don't waste a second as you tear off your clothes. When you were fully naked and Bakugou in his boxers, he crawled on top of you. He instantly crashes his lips into yours, shoving his tongue in your mouth to taste you deeper.
Your lips were starting to hurt when he finally let go and leaned back slightly. Bakugou moved down to your chest, eagerly taking one of your nipples in his mouth as he sucked on it feverishly.
"Katsuki~" You arch your back into his mouth as he continues to suck on your nub, pinching the other one with his hand. His growing erection rubbing against your heat to get some much needed friction.
Bakugou snaked his free hand to rub on your slit. He plunges two fingers inside your sopping hole, wasting no time to start fucking them into you. Using his middle and ring fingers in a scissoring motion to stretch you out, curling his fingers upwards to hitting the soft spot inside you that he knows makes your insides go wild.
However, he quickly pulled out once you started to roll your hips against them. Bakugou knew how needy you were for him, but he didn't want to make you cum with his fingers.
"Fuck babe. You're so fucking wet for me." He looks at his soaked fingers and spreads them apart, your slick stretched between them like a web. He presses his fingers on your plush lips, "Lick it clean." 
Without hesitation, you take his digits into your mouth, sucking them clean of your arousal. You raise your head off the pillow to take his fingers deeper into your mouth, almost making yourself gag.
Bakugou's member jumps at the sight of you eagerly doing as he asks. Your tongues swirling around and lapping at his fingers so desperately turns him on even more. He starts to pump his fingers in and out of your mouth, loving the muffled moans you let out.
He finally takes his fingers out of your mouth, loving how fucked up your expression was. Eyes glazed over with lust and a line of drool rolling down your chin.
Bakugou couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to tease you a bit more after not having you for so long, but he didn't have the willpower. He was so ready to fuck you it hurt.
Quickly flipping you over, he puts you on your hands and knees. Bakugou grabs onto your waist, forcefully dragging you closer to him. He places a hand on your ass, kneading it, as your mounds pooled between his fingers, before giving it a harsh slap. "You ready for this baby?"
"Yes! Please Katsu, hurry up!"
"As you wish, princess."
Bakugou grips onto your hips, aligning himself at your dripping cunt before entering in one thrust. There was an initial burn of having your walls forcefully stretched open. But any pain quickly faded away, turning into pleasure as you adjusted to his size. No matter how many times you've done it with him, he never fails to make you feel so full.
He starts thrusting into you, the speed and roughness of it being felt throughout your entire body. He was so big inside of you. After three weeks of not having sex, your body felt overwhelmed at this moment. It was making your brain foggy with nothing but Bakugou.
Bakugou removes one of his hands from the death grip on your waist, slowly sliding it up to your back as his thrusts remain quick and disorienting. He pushes your body down until your breasts were pressed against the bed, causing your ass to rise higher in the air so he could get a better angle to hit that gummy sweet spot that made your toes curl.
"Fuck! H-harder Katsu~, fuck me harder!"
Upon hearing your begging, Bakugou pulled out of you just until his tip was still inside. Before you had a chance to protest the lack of him inside you. He slammed back inside, his cock reaching even deeper inside, lightly kissing your cervix. Your eyes start to cross as he starts to repeatedly slam into your deepest parts, every piston of his hips making you see stars.
"Y'missed me didn't ya baby? Bet ya couldn't stop thinkin' about this fat cock fucking into you, huh?" His thrusting remained hard and persistent as he spoke. "Y'like it when I fuck you like this?"
You couldn't answer him, your moans being the only thing that you could muster, too intoxicated on his cock to form words. Bakugou knew that you were already too fucked out to talk to him properly. But it pissed him off that you weren't answering his questions.
He wrapped your braids around his hand once more and pulled your head towards his chest. You practically yelled at the tight grip on your scalp. Your back arched so much that it hurt, the pain amplifying the pleasure that was building inside of you.
Bakugou asked his question again, this time as a hushed growl right against your ear, as he stills deep inside you. "I asked a fucking question." His grip on your braids tightens, making you let out another moan. "Answer me."
His demanding tone sends a shiver throughout your body as you start to feel a heated knot grow in your lower abdomen. "I- uhn~" 
"Tensin' up on me huh? I knew ya liked it. But I still wanna hear ya say it." He says, continuing to fuck you at the same pace he had been this whole time.
"Ahh~ yes! Katsuki I-I like it. I l-love it when you, uh, fuck me like this!" You scream.
A devilish smirk settled on the ash blond's face, your words being the music to his ears that was pushing him closer to his limit. As he continues to ravage your insides, you feel the knot inside you start to tighten as you get closer to your release.
With your braids still gripped in his hands, Katsuki's thrusts started getting sloppier and more desperate, signaling that he was close as well. He takes his hand out of your hair and wraps his arm around your shoulders, pulling your back against his chest. He takes his other hand and presses it on your clit, rubbing figure eights on it. The stimulation causing your eyes to roll back in pleasure. 
You clutch his thigh, desperate for something to hold on to as you were quickly approaching your climax. "I'm, ahn~, c-cumming!" 
Your clit was throbbing at the onslaught of Bakugou's fingers. He kept rubbing faster, desperate for you to get off first. "Cum for me baby. Make a mess all over my cock."
A couple more deep thrusts made the euphoric feeling of your orgasm rip through your body like lightning. Katsuki kept pounding into your twitching sex, prolonging your high and abusing your sensitivity.
Your walls clamped down tightly, making it hard for him to hold back anymore. He thrusts into you once, twice, three more times before burying himself deep inside, letting out a heavy grunt as he fills you up. Your head fell back on his shoulder in pure bliss as he kept giving shallow bucks into your sensitive core, making sure that you took in every last drop of his cum.
When he finally pulled out, you flopped down on the bed, exhausted. After being backed up for three weeks, a lot was bound to come out when he finally released it. But this felt like too much, it made you feel almost as full as his cock had.
Bakugou sat back on his heels as he caught his breath. He grabs your ass with one of his hands and lifts one of your round cheeks to examine his handy work. His cum and the remnants of your orgasm dripping out of your abused cunt as it clenched around nothing. The white fluids contrasting your darker toned skin.
Although you were still recovering from your orgasm, Bakugou was ready for round two after seeing you like this, his member already springing up again.
He grabbed onto your arm, flipping you on your back. Bakugou smirked at your dazed expression as you faced the ceiling. He cupped his hand on your face, angling it to look at him, forcing you to refocus out of your delirious state. He placed his hands under your thighs, pulling your legs up over his shoulders.
He licks his lips, rubbing his hard length up and down your folds, causing you to twitch every time his tip nudges against your clit. "Hope you're ready for round two, babe." 
You meekly put your hand on his abdomen, trying to get him to stop rutting his hip. "W-wait. Let me rest a bit more-" You plead.
"No can do, princess. We have three weeks worth of fucking to catch up on..." He says as he aligns himself at your entrance once again, slowly pushing his member back inside. You throw your head back with a moan, your body brimming with oversensitivity. "...and we're doing it all tonight~."
Tumblr media
* Extra bit * 
The two boys sat in the black haired male's room chilling and playing games. They were both a little worried about whether the couple across the hall had settled their argument. Kirishima being the more concerned of the two.
After losing a round of Mortal Kombat, the red head was the first to speak up. "Do you think they're okay in there? I mean, they didn't talk for 3 weeks because of whatever fight they had going on."
"They're fine man. Plus its none of our business," Sero says as he puts a stick of gum in his mouth.
"I'm still worried. You saw how on edge Bakugou was for those weeks. Hee was super angry all the time, well, more angry than usual." Kirishima points out.
Sero blows a bubble with his gum and makes it pop before he starts chewing again. "That's true."
"And you know how stubborn they both are. I bet they've just been arguing this whole time. They probably need a peacemaker to help them make up." He says as he stands up smiling.
"Dude, I don't think that's a good idea. I mean they're probably making up right now." Sero responds using his fingers to emphasize his words.
"I'm still gonna check on them," Kirishima says before he leaves the room.
Sero shrugged as he turned back to his game, starting a match with an NPC in Kirishima's absence.
Less than 20 seconds later, the red head slowly entered the room, closing it softly behind him so he didn't make a sound. Then he swiftly turned and walked back toward the bed and sat down. His face matching the colour of his hair.
"So... I'm guessing they're okay?" Sero asked with a smirk on his face.
Kirishima nodded.
"And you just heard them? Making up, I mean." He continues.
He nodded again, slower this time.
Sero lets out a chuckle as he hands Kirishima the player 2 controller. "I told you not to go over there, man."
Kirishima nods once more before taking the controller, wanting the sound of the video game to drown out the ones he heard moments before.
Tumblr media
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mishuo · a day ago
note : very self indulgent x katsuki bakugou
“what a bitch.” 
you mutter under your breath, scowling as you slowly take out every acrylic nail attached to your real ones, causing it to leave tiny spots of glue that made your nails look horrifying.
as much as you want to have those fancy kind of nails, it was impossible from keeping it the way it should actually look, especially when you move around the house and do certain chores with having acrylics and either getting it chipped or flying across the side of the room. 
so you finally gave them up, not knowing how bakugou noticed the way your fingers bent awkwardly than usual as you type on your keyboard, finally realizing his favorite set dazzling on your fingers were gone, replaced with your natural nails that needed a bit of a fix.
“what the fuck happened to your nails?” bakugou looks away from his book, focusing his attention to your face that showed nothing but annoyance and a small pout.
“removed them, they were almost going to fall off anyway.” your tone was cold, causing bakugou to put aside what he was reading and facing you entirely, slowly brushing his hand to the side of your waist, then finally making it’s way to cling on it entirely to pull you closer to him.
before you even knew it, your back’s pressed against his chest as bakugou grabbed your hands to play with your finger tips. you were about to interrupt until bakugou’s hooking his chin on your shoulder, and a visible pout showing across his lips that bakugou himself didn’t even noticed doing it. 
just by seeing him do the things that he swore of never doing was already a sign of how far his feelings had developed for you, nonetheless, you really find it adorable. though you’ll never mention it unless you’re that eager to tease him about it.
“the fuck? that was my favorite set!” he grumbled, giving you a side eye look to see if your expression changed at all, and it did. you were smiling, not the one he was expecting though.
“yeah, me too,” you spread out your fingers, now realizing how plain your nails look. “i’m thinking of kinda stopping of getting it done. i mean, i do love making them pretty, but chores are a bitch, it’s a waste of money to just get them chipped or when they fly across the-” 
bakugou’s hand crawled over your jaw, slightly forcing you to look at him before he tilts his head to the side, pressing his lips onto yours to finally shut you up. his kisses were soft, almost comforting, then grabbing you by the waist to flip you and face him entirely.
“keep getting them done, stupid,” he mutters, before he presses soft kisses along your cheeks, your temple, your forehead, your nose, then back to your lips. 
“just sit still and look pretty, i don’t even give a shit if you can’t do the fucking chores.” he leans in to kiss you again, and the both of you can’t help but smile in between the kiss that may have already driven you insane.
“then..i suppose you’ll be my assistant now, hm?” you chuckle when he only glares at you, giving him a final long kiss on the cheek as bakugou’s nose scrunches up like a kitten.
so when you finally decided to make an appointment, bakugou would roll his eyes in attempt to hide his grin when you’re acting all giddy, flexing your hands in front of his face with tons of ‘thank you’s’ coming out of your lips. 
he’ll act like he hates doing stuff for you, but will always get mad when you try to attempt to open a can or grabbing things from the floor. it led to bakugou eventually doing everything for you, and honestly, the least you can do is to just let him. 
he’s always willing to anyway.
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teal-clouds-sword · a day ago
Male Y/n, skipping rocks on a lake with Bakugo
Y/n:It's such a beautiful day.
*Bakugo about to throw a rock*
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serenevenene · 15 hours ago
Winter Is Coming
Bakugou x Chubby!Reader | Minors DNI
Kinktober 2021 - Day 17
Bakugou refuses to have sex with you until winter hits. He's convinced himself it's less dangerous that way.
Aged Up, psychrophilia, some plot, some after care, I'm only caught up with the anime, so...
Tumblr media
Summer came. You and Bakugou were assigned to a rescuing mission again. As usual, you both agreed to spread out to cover more ground. You went left and you assumed he went right, but when you immediately doubled back after realizing that the path you took was blocked off, he was still beside you. His usual angry pout was replaced with an expression you weren't able to describe. He quickly turned his back to you, muttering angrily about how you never looked ahead.
What was he looking at? What was that face? You quickly brushed those concerns away, refocusing on the task at hand.
But then it happened again. You didn't have to look back at him to confirm it; you could feel his gaze boring into your back. It was starting to affect your hero work. You'd often be late to debriefings because it took you so long to find an outfit that wouldn't be revealing from the back - a difficult task, given that your hero costume was backless.
You started avoiding him, not wanting to be under that unrecognizable gaze.
Bakugou noticed. It was the third time you declined going out with your coworkers for a celebratory bar crawl.
"Oi, Thick Thighs," you heard him calling out to you. Your heart lurched. Bakugou had waited for you outside, knowing you would use the agency's backdoor.
You couldn't do anything but address him. "Ok, be a creep, then."
You watched his face crunch up into that familiar scowl. You were unable to stop yourself from smirking as he started yelling at you. With a gloved finger pointed your way, he said, "WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU LATELY?"
"What are you even on about?!" you yelled back, rolling your eyes. He grabbed your arm and swung you against the building.
You winced. Out of all the things he could have done, this was the last thing you expected.
Your eyes looked up at his, meeting him with your own deadly glare. For a second you were glad he was taller than you. You were already self-conscious of your double chin, and you weren't about to have him judge you for that too. He was taken a back momentarily, not many people could match his sneer. You pulled your arm away from his grip.
"You really wanna know?!" you voice was raised, "You've been making me feel self-conscious lately! I'm not the only one who's noticed you staring at me! If you got a problem, say it!"
Then something happened. You couldn't believe your eyes. Bakugou was...blushing?
"Haaaaah?" you blurted, confused. Then you realized it. How could it have taken you so long? You gasped, your thick fingers cupping his red cheeks.
"Holy shit. Bakugou Katsuki. Are you," you leaned your face towards his, "Into me?"
Before you knew it, his lips were on yours, his strong body forcing you against the wall. His right hand reached around your back, clutching at your back rolls. You felt his other hand grab a fistful of your long hair at the back of your head, pulling you deeper into the kiss.
"If I made you self-conscious, it's your own damn fault," Bakugou muttered, after prying himself away from you. "If you weren't so damn cute, this wouldn't even be a problem."
Tumblr media
"Why won't you fuck me?" you asked bluntly, rolling back and forth on Bakugou's bed. If he wasn't planning on sleeping with you, then you'd at least have him thinking about how his sheets smelled like you. You heard him cough as he brushed his teeth.
"I TOLD YOU, THICK THIGHS, IT'S DANGEROUS IN THE SUMMER," Bakugou finally answered after his final mouth rinse. "I'll sweat too much, and I don't wanna risk anything."
There he went again, calling you a nickname you didn't want. You stopped rolling on his bed to pout at him. "You act like you could hurt me."
Bakugou walked to the edge of the bed, and smacked your ass hard. He loved seeing how it jiggled against the impact, only to settle down into stillness. "Horny bitch."
"I don't wanna hear that from someone who just smacked my ass, chubby-chasing asshole," you muttered.
"Well, you're not the only one who wants it," said Bakugou, giving you a gummy grin, "But no means no."
Tumblr media
You and Bakugou both ran out after work. It was snowing, and you both knew what that meant: sex!
Bakugou would have kicked his apartment door down if you took another second to unlock it. You both kicked off your shoes. Bakugou was faster than you though, already forcing you against the wall, his hips grinding up against you so hard he lifted your body off the floor.
"How," you said between kisses, "are you able to support my weight like this?"
"This shit aint nothing compared to what I had to do to pass Eraserhead's class," Bakugou answered. You couldn't even process his response. You were busy trying to unbutton your shirt. Growing impatient, Bakugou grabbed your shirt and tore it open, taking your bra along with it.
Growling, his head dove into your ample bosom, sucking hard on your tit while maintaining eye contact.
"Yes!" you moaned. You were melting between him and the wall, your head tilting to the side slightly. It was then that you noticed the door was still wide open.
"Gotta...close the door...people could walk by," you said. Slowly -- as slow as he possibly could -- Bakugou let you down. He trailed kissed from your chest, up to your neck and finally to your plump lips. He sucked on your bottom lip, pulling on it with his teeth gently before he let go and slammed the door shut.
While he did that you made your way to the bedroom, opening the windows. You shivered, the freezing temperatures making your exposed nipples harden. You felt him push his chest against your back, forcing you to lean against the window sill as he stripped you down.
A cold draft smacked you in the face. You could see your breath in the air. It didn't seem to affect your partner, though. He was rubbing his hard-on between your thick, juicy thighs, making sure to rub flat against you slit and clit. You pressed your legs together, wanting to feel him more.
"You're already wet." You could practically see the smirk on his face despite having your back turned. "Tell me how much you want it."
Oh, you wanted it bad. You wanted it since the first day you guys went exclusive.
"Katsuki, please," you whine, rocking your hips back and forth on his erection, "I really want it. Put it inside..."
Bakugou pushed on your back, and you bent over more, leaning on the window sill with your elbows instead of your hands. He could see your plush folds opening up for him, almost calling out to him to penetrate you. Lost in a trance, Bakugou positioned his dick at your opening and pushed himself all the way through. You were tight, but he wasn't going to let you win. He wanted you to take his massive dick to the hilt in one stride.
You didn't stand a chance. He tore into you like he wanted to split you in half. You reflexively arched your back, which made your rolls extrude a bit more. Bakugou licked his lips at the sight of them. He ran his fingers up your sides, enjoying the feel of your soft body before he settled on your heavy breasts. He felt your pussy convulse when he ran his fingers across your hardened nipples. He started to rock his hips.
You felt yourself getting wetter and wetter, lubricating his dick to welcome him into your body. Squelching sounds filled the room and you were sure that anyone outside could hear them. You ducked your head between your elbows, hoping no one would look up at the third floor.
Bakugou was loving this. The cold air was keeping him alert, and putting his mind at ease. His sweat would be at a minimum, making sex less dangerous for the both of you. He waited an entire season to pass before he did anything like this with you, and you were ripe for the harvest.
Bakugou hissed curses behind you, slapping your ass again and again with his rough hands. Your plump body bounced as his hips slammed against your backside. The sight of your body jiggling from the impact had his dick raring for more. Just as he thought you couldn't be any sexier, you reached down with one hand to rub circles on your clit.
"FUCK!" He picked up his pace -- without losing the length of his strides -- and placed his hand over yours. He pushed your fingers harder against your clit.
"Oh my f--..." Your toes were curling against the rug below you. You felt yourself tightening up with each time he hit your cervix. You clenched down tighter and tighter until finally, you were over the edge, screaming and creaming.
"ARRRGHH!" Bakugou roared as he pumped you full with his semen.
"Don't...waste...a...fucking...drop!" he yelled, thrusting deep into you with every word until he was completely emptied out.
"Holy shit," you whispered, unable to manage anything louder than that. Your knees buckled and you collapsed on the floor. You were laying on something wet, unsure if it was melted snow or cum.
Bakugou was still standing over you, trying to catch his breath before he turned around and disappeared into the hallway. If you had the energy, you'd have screamed at him for leaving you on his bedroom floor, but when he returned with a towel, your disappointment dissipated. He crouched down, and wiped you dry. You flung your arms around him as he lifted you with ease (how was this man so strong?) and carried you to the bed.
You closed your eyes as he laid you down. He settled beside you, and you felt yourself relax against him. "Kiss me."
Bakugou didn't deny you.
"I'm gonna fuck your brains out when you wake up, Y/N."
Tumblr media
Reblogging is fine, but don't repost to Tumblr or any other platform without permission.
Tags: @mintyrae
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weapxnsleft · 9 hours ago
Author's note ; second part to First Kiss which can be found in the link right next to my m.list!
M.list — Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3
Warnings ; not much, slightly suggestive(?)
Izuku M. x gn!reader ; Katsuki B. x gn!reader ; Denki K. x gn!reader ; Hanta S. x gn!reader ; Eijiro K. x gn! reader
First Kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Izuku M.
It would be kissing him to shut up, him venting and crying how unfair life is, especially when you get caught in the crossfire.
Izuku pacing his room in the late hours of the night, biting his already non-existent nails, then opting to pull and run his hands/fingers through his hair. Pausing and immediately turning to the door when he hears footsteps, worried it was Iida, but soon relaxes when it was you instead.
“Oh, thank goodness you’re okay! You’re okay, right?”
“Yes, Zuzu, I’m just fine, you have nothing to worry about.”
Earlier that day, you were at your respective agency with Izuku as a chaperone, unfortunately things could have gone better.
A few minor villains attacked, but something was very off, targeting the weak ones, seeing a child standing there crying out for his daddy, you immediately stood in front of the child as a breathing and walking meat shield.
Being shot seems upsetting, but imagine how Izuku felt, frozen in place, thankfully the distance was far enough for the bullet to remain in your body and not harm the child, Izuku taking this chance to run towards the child and scoop him up and run.
Unfortunately for you, out of pure shock and fear, fearing the child was hurt either way you fell to the ground; your back hitting the floor to avoid the bullet moving further into your body. Feeling the pain become more significant, the adrenaline wearing off little by little. You passed out, hearing the man who shot you cackle in victory.
A few hours later, you awake in Recovery Girl’s office, her looking over you and writing on a clipboard, soon noticing you’re awake, she takes the pen she was using and tapped your temple with it,
“About the time you awoke, how do you feel?”
“Minor lower back pain, big headache, lights too bright.” A routine you learned from the green-haired boy yourself. She nods as she writes them down, the door opening with your sensei, and a very jittery Izuku right behind him.
“Hey, problem child #2, how do you feel?”
“Had better days, but hopefully I’ll recover soon.”
“Are you sure? D'aww man if only I got to you quicker—”
“Midoriya, we talked about this.”
“Izu’ it wasn’t your fault and never will be so bad , so sad.”
Hours later, discharged from Recovery Girl, with training being suspended for you for around 4-5 weeks, until the wound is fully healed, you head to your dorm to change.
After that, you thought about Izuku and him worrying over you. You understand where he was coming from and only wanted to keep you safe. Heading out of your dorm, looking around to see if Iida is around, you tiptoe to Izuku’s dorm.
“I-It’s just, I get so nervous, you're out of my reach, and what happens when I can’t get to you in time? I don’t think I’ll be able to live with myself. You know what I mean? I want, no no, I need you in my li- mph!”
Immediately on the verge of crying yourself, plastered your lips on his out of impulse.
“C-can… we do that again?”
— Katsuki B.
Enemies to lovers. Need I say more?
Katsuki Bakugou. How you oh so badly wanted to wipe that fkn smirk off his face. Always shoving you out of the way and stealing the ast hot lunch, cutting you in line, and calling you an extra.
Something tells you it’s fan behavior.
“Listen, extra. Get. The. Fuck. Out of my. Way.”
“Move it.”
“No thanks.”
“Move or be moved.”
“Why are you so obsessed with me moving?”
“I’m not.”
“Literal fan behavior.”
His eyes widened and his palms began to crackle, but he moved out the way instead. Huffing and mumbling under his breath about how much of an extra you are.
Later that evening, you come to the common room to have dinner, only to see that Bakugou hasn’t prepared a plate for you. You sigh and grab a plate and get to work, Izuku, who witnessed it more than others, offers you his plate instead, since he recently arrived as well.
“No thank you Midoriya, it's fine, don't worry about me.”
The next day, you see pencil shavings all over your desk, annoyed you clean it off without making a fuss, unlike Bakugou himself. You’d rather not stoop down to his level. Aizawa, preparing the papers to be passed out later, asks you
“Y/n, do you know who did that?”
“Nope. But I have an idea who did.” moving your head to glare at Bakugou, he immediately throws a tantrum, giving himself away. “I DIDN'T. YOU JUST WANT ME TO GET IN TROUBLE YOU DAMNED EXTRA!” having enough of his bs, you go off as well. Which resulted in where you are now.
Cleaning the common room with him as punishment, not to mention you’re on house arrest. Sneaking glares at one another, the tension is very unbearable, you hear Mina, Denki, and Hanta laughing in the kitchen, reenacting how it all went down. Yelling at them to be quiet now, they scurry away laughing and crying.
You turn to go back to your duties of cleaning the common room, but Bakugou thought otherwise, getting up in your face the second you turn around. You both stare for an ungodly amount of time before your scowl comes back.
So does his.
He gets closer, and so do you. He leans down/up. You lean up/ down. And I’m sure you can guess what happens next…
— Denki K.
Best friends to lovers, having a movie night, both of you staring at the screen laughing at the rom com you both chose, then when the sounds die down, you both look at each other, the both of you slowly lean in, eyes drooping the closer you get, and finally the end credits roll when you both share your first kiss
Denki wasn’t always falling in love, left from right, even though he flirts with pretty much anything that wears a skirt, or has d-cups. Rude. But you managed to have him as a friend instead. Denki has changed a lot since he met you and you were very proud of him, from how far he’s come.
You two were inseparable, always glued to one another’s side, people thought you were dating; neither one of you said anything against it
Only looking away, hiding your faces in embarrassment
But in colder temperatures is where people really thought you both were dating, him taking your hands in his to warm your hands up, him tightening your scarf around your neck, you giving him hand warmers when you’re not there, buying him hot cocoa, snuggling up under the covers during movie nights in his dorm, which is where you both are right now.
You both are under the blanket, watching some cheap ol’ romcom and laughing at the horrible cgi, or whatever.
“PFFFT did you see how he fell?”
As the laughter died down between you, you wiped a tear from your eye, from laughing so hard. As you turn to him, you catch him staring at you, the silence from the tv, meaning the movie is now ending, you both slowly lean in, eyes drooping and flicking between eye contact and the other’s lips.
He brushes past your ear, gently running his thumb over your head, as he sighs. The need of air soon made you both part.
“Wow… not how I imagined my first kiss, but hey, I’m not complaining…”
— Hanta S.
7 minutes in heaven, but one simple kiss was enough to send either to the moon and back
Playing 7 minutes in heaven during the lockdown was probably one of the best things that could have happened to Hanta, taking the little strip of paper from the hat, and seeing your name quickly scribbled on it made his heart do more than thumping, it leaped out of his chest and has yet to come back
When he turned his head to you he winked and headed to the closet, right after Denki came out with Yaomomo, both of them agreeing that it never happened.
Nervous you trail after the raven haired boy and shut the closet doors behind you
Standing in the darkness, you make out his figure in the dark, you hear him cough to break the silence
“Hey, uhm you don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.”
“I, uhm, I’ll kiss you, it’ll be a shame if I left you hanging right?”
“Yeah, but are you sure?”
“Yolo, amirite?” you both chuckle as Hanta lets his hands fall on your waist, just in the right place where his hands are travelling, you place yours on his shoulders, the closer you both become the further the hands go, your hands dangle off his back while his tightly around your midriff.
Lips coming together as your lips linger together, lack of oxygen being the only barrier, making you two come apart.
“Wow, that's right… uhm.. Call me later?”
“Sero, our dorms are nearby, no need for a call.”
“Being bold now huh..”
“Wait! That’s not what I meant and you know it!”
— Eijirou K.
Teaching him how to kiss, nervous that he might not ever be a good kisser, he goes to the person he knows he can rely on. You<3
“What if I’m not ever a good kisser?”
“Who cares? If you’re not a good kisser you’re not a good kisser, whatever makes you happy.”
“Ok, but either way I don’t even know if I can go to sleep knowing I got virgin lips!”
“Why do you care so much?”
“I don’t know! Hey, have you kissed someone?”
“What—?” the change of topics (well not really) nearly gave you whiplash.
“Why do you want to know?” you lean back a little out of confusion, eyeing him warily.
He scratches the back of his neck, and looks down, his cheeks warming up. Licking his lips he opens his mouth, hesitant.
“Because, maybe? Can you teach me?” his hands are now folded in his lap, and twiddling his thumbs. Avoiding eye contact with you.
“Maybe I can.” You cover your mouth bashfully, and look away, feeling your cheeks warm up.
His eyes widen and he smiles happily, showing off his shark teeth. Grabbing your wrists he thanked you over and over again, shushing him.
A few minutes later, you both are at the convenience store, buying mouthwash and mints, chapstick and snacks to satiate your midnight hunger, bought by Kirishima as a thank you.
Walking back to the dorms, you give him pointers on what to do and what not to do.
Nodding along and asking questions, you answer, cheeks warm with talking about such things to him. Reaching his dorm room, you sit the items down on his desk, hands a little jittery from going to kiss him later. He sits on the edge of his bed, hands in his lap on more, biting on his bottom lip. You tell him, “Kiri, are you ready for it?” he looks up from his lap, his mouth slightly open.
Making your way over to him you take the chapstick and open it, you tell him to pucker up his lips, and he is more than compliant. Moving to your will. Applying the right amount of chapstick to his lips. You move back to get the mint and mouthwash, “Okay Kiri, you’ll want to have at least mints on hand, just in case.” “Ok, just in case, got it.” “Mouthwash every morning, y’know.” “I already do.” “Alright, that’s one thing you can mark out.” “Great!” “Mints, after meals.” “Got it.” “Yeah.”
You’re both getting jittery, about to show him how to press his lips against yours.
“Okay Kiri, you’re gonna want to have to…” You sit beside him and give him a visual on what you have to do. He watches you intently, his mouth open just a little open. His pupils are wide. You stop and look at him, scooting next to him, being closer to him makes you realize how handsome he is.
As you both lean in closer, you can tell Kirishima is nervous, and very concentrated, at your lips specifically.
As you both begin to lean in closer, Kirishima gets a small spurt of confidence and lands his hand on the back of your neck, and presses into you. Moving his lips against yours in perfect sync. Just like you taught him.
When the kiss ends, he pulls away his lips slightly red from the chapstick tint and from the kiss. His eyes slightly droopy, you can’t tell whether it was from the kiss or from how late it was.
“Wow.. uhm, I don’t think I did well enough, can I have a second try?”
Tumblr media
《 SUPER ! 》
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ushijimascumbucket · 2 days ago
what if katsuki pulled an edward and left u for your own good?
Tumblr media
“You can’t mean it,” You breathed as your boyfriend stood infront of you, face turned away towards the wall.
After all this time... He was leaving you?
“Well, I mean it,” he said gruffly. He hated that look on your face, and hated being the reason for it. But it was something he had to do.
“This about my safety? I already told you I don’t care.”
Your voice was weak and pleading like a child’s.
“Yeah, that’s the fucking problem, Y/N.”
Your heart broke when he turned towards you, eyes heated, he looked tortured.
“You don’t care. At all. But I do.”
“I knew what I was getting into, it’s something I’m willing to risk Kat-“
“Do you know how much a worry?” he shouted, making you freeze. Tears brimmed his eyes and he clenched his jaw.
“You think it’s easy for me to know that everyday I’m putting you in danger? That every time we go out together, like a normal fucking couple, i know that it could be the last time I ever see you?”
Tears flowed from your eyes and you cupped a hand over your mouth to muffle the sharp sobs as he stepped forward, still yelling.
He watched you, fat tears trailing down his face, dripping from his jaw onto the expensive apartment carpet he bought for you.
“Every time you leave for work, I kill myself thinking about what could be happening to you, and there’s nothing I can fucking do about it.”
You got closer to him, trying to compose yourself enough to make sense.
“But-But Katsuki, you-you,” your hiccups were tearing him up in side, but he waited for you to finish, “I’ll be e-even less safe if you leave.”
He frowned. You continued.
“If-if villains know about us, they could come and take me as leverage at an-y time, they won’t care if we broke up. They know you’ll still go after me if they take me. And-and if you leave,” you paused, pained by the very notion,”I’ll just have l-less protection.”
He looks up at you, processing what you said.
He closes his eyes, features dropping into neutrality, tears still falling.
“So what you’re saying is,” he brought his hand to his forehead, his head was pounding,” you’re always going to be in danger because of me?”
He was angry, furious at himself that he had done this to you, that he had trapped you this way. You would never be free of him, even if he left you. He had ruined your life.
You groaned in frustration. Only Katsuki could twist this into a bad thing. You were trying to make him see how there was no use in leaving now that you’re together. Better to save you both the heart ache, the crushing loss. You were so unbelievably happy with him, he didn’t really understand how important he was to you, you don’t think.
“No! Of course I’m not saying that! I-I just... Look,” you hung your head, taking a shaky breath,”If-if you want to go, then go. But don’t leave for my sake, because you won’t be doing me any favours.”
A beat of silence, followed the sound of his steps.
You looked up but he was already wrapping his arms around you, hugging you. Tight.
You pressed your face into his shoulder and weakly slung your arms around his waist.
“I-I don’t...” his voice was hoarse, “I don’t want to leave. Please tell me you know that.”
You hummed indifferently.
“Well I don’t ok? I love you, more than anything. I just want you to be safe, and-“ he gripped you harder, “and I can’t give you that.”
You sigh tearily.
“How many times do i have to tell you, I don’t care. You make me so happy, Katsuki. I can’t imagine- I could never-“
He bit his lip, stifling his sobs.
“There-there’s no one else for me, Katsuki. I want to be with you. Forever.”
Your hold on his waist tightened as you felt him shift, as if he was trying to leave your hold. You’re afraid that if you let go he would leave forever. You know he loves you, but you know he’s strong. He would do it. In a panic, you scrambled for something to keep him.
“At least stay the night! Please, don’t leave tonight. Please.”
He sighed, rubbing your shoulder with his thumb.
“I won’t leave tonight, ok? We need to have a serious talk about how we can keep you safe. You won’t get hurt because of me.”
You nodded, nosing further into his skin. He was so warm.
“I don’t want to leave alright?”
“Yeah. We can work something out, I promise,”
You grabbed at the fabric of his shirt,
“I promise.”
It was his turn to nod.
He didn’t want to give you false hope, but he couldn’t bare the thought of being without you.
“Let’s go to sleep.”
You kept extremely close the whole time you got ready to sleep, bleary eyes watching him like a hawk.
When you finally got into bed together, your hold on him was crushing. You were on your sides facing each other, your arm gripping his back with a unrelenting sternness. If he tried to leave in the night you would know.
He stroked your hair and stared into the black of the room.
“I’m going to take the next two days off. Tomorrow, we’ll do whatever you want to do. Anything. Then the day after we’ll talk. Alright?”
“I love you so much.”
“I love you Katsuki.”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!!!!
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shuyaart · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I used the trio to try to express some of my feelings which makes this a rather personal work... this year I wanted to participate in drawtober, but I had too much trouble and too much chaos in my life to be able to participate in the whole challenge. However, I managed to make some drawings and then I will post them soon. I start with these 🌹
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bokubear · 3 hours ago
playing with their hands | bnha boys
Tumblr media
feat. katsuki bakugo, midoriya izuku, todoroki shoto, kirishima eijirou
warnings; none
Tumblr media
izuku ☼ had been studying with you for a bit, the norm. early preparations for exams. midoriya could never not be prepared for some kind of disaster so studying was a must. you had finished homework first so resorting to tracing his scarred hands seemed delightful. fingers brushing his gently, examining each crease and wrinkle, the outline of scars. izuku was dead frozen. cheeks flaring red. “a-are you ok?!” he shrieked. “i don’t like these.” you pointed to the scars, a frown on your face. izuku then relaxed, smiling weakly. “i know.. i’m okay though. if it means i can help people, i’d take all the scars!” more of his inspirational words.
Tumblr media
katsuki ☼ was with you, waiting in the line of the grocery store. impatiently tapping his foot on the tiled floor. steam practically billowing from his nostrils. this was normal for him. nothing out of ordinary. for you at least. so when you held one of his fingers in your hand and inspected it curiously he slowly traced his crimson orbs to yours, knitting his brows. “whadda’ya want?” bakugo huffed, calming ever-so. “feeling your hands.” you spoke confidently, unaffected. “you have nice hands.” smiling softly as you held his hand in yours. “good nails too.” — katsuki huffed at this, turning his head away to deter you viewing his blush.
Tumblr media
kirishima ☼ breathed heavily, taking a break from his reps. hero training was relentless. especially in the fitness field. his quirk required his psychical health to be peaked as well. hard work. manly work. you stepped though the doorway, handing him a bowl of strawberries cheerily. “first of the season. they’re sweet.” — they were sweet, deliciously sweet. “have some on your break.” you advised, slipping a water bottle on his desk. eijirou kisses your temple in thanks. still catching his breath. “so.. how’s training?” you grinned at how frazzled he seemed, feeling his finger-nails. eijirou found this cute.
Tumblr media
todoroki ☼ was writing a letter to his mother. he looked conflicted. although he might not’ve noticed, he looked frustrated. unsure how to express his feelings. you slipped beside him. he had told you before hand. “trouble?” you asked, shoto humming. “it’s good to get fresh air, we can go find a field, it’ll help you to have more inspiration!” — except it seemed the closest field was farther than you expected. resorting to taking the subway. you handed todoroki an earbud, holding his hand but tracing his palms instead. the ride was peaceful.
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
Tumblr media
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devilberries · 9 hours ago
Confessing to Bakugo (MAJOR ANGST) w/ female reader
Tumblr media
Her words trailed off. She looked down, voice shaking and hands trembling. Her heart pounded, and pounded, and pounded.
It was finally time to confess to Bakugo.
Y/N had liked him the moment she saw him at the entrance test to UA. His unflinching confidence, the way he flew through the sky, smashing down the giant test bots. Although, he was definitely a bit of an asshole, not caring about anyone who got caught in the blow of his quirk.
But she saw through his cold personality.
She knew he was an asshole, and she knew he always yelled at others for being weak, calling them extras. Even so, she also saw someone who was insecure, someone who always tried really hard. She could tell he only called others extras because he was scared of becoming one himself. She could see how he felt so inferior towards Midoriya, how that always ruins his day. She could hear the the determination in his voice. When he said he’d do something, he never failed to disappoint.
She just simply fell in love with him.
It wasn’t just the fact that he was so amazing; he also made her want to be amazing too. When he spent his free time training, she decided to train too. When he spent his lunch studying, she would study too.
Sometimes, she would gather the courage to ask him for help on homework. Though, it ends up being him yelling at her for not getting something so easily, and she ends up somewhere close to crying. But it always made her feel better when he quietly mumbled things like, “If you don’t get things like this, go ask the teacher. Or maybe ask someone for their notes- you know what? Fuck it, take my notes instead! And make sure you learn the material this time, loser!”
And, now, here she was, standing in front of Bakugo outside of their class in the hall. All Might ran off somewhere with Midoriya accompanying him, so everyone had free-time to do whatever.
The hall was quiet, silent, and still. Bakugo stared at her with the same frown and furrowed eyebrows. She’d sometimes mistaken that look for a glare, but it’s just Bakugo being Bakugo.
He grumbled, “Are you gonna tell me or not? I have other things to do than just lounging around here.”
Her heart throbbed at his cruel words, but she buried those feelings down like she always did.
Thump, thump.
Thump, thump.
Thump, thump.
Taking a deep breath, she looked up at him.
“I… I like you, Bakugo. I- I really like you.”
His eyes widened at her words, like a shock, but she watched it twist into horror.
Her mouth opened, then closed. She didn’t know what to say to that. She tried to form the right words, panic rising in her chest.
“I just… needed to tell you this.”
“You shouldn’t have told me.”
Her heart stopped.
She tried to smile as the corner of her lips twitched to go back into a frown, “What do you mean?”
“You just shouldn’t have. I don’t have anything to fucking tell you.”
He turned, stepping towards the door to their class.
“Bakugo, wait!” His unmerciful eyes met hers as his hand hovered next to the door. “I… you… I haven’t said what I wanted to say yet!”
He let out a harsh sigh before growling, “Alright, then fucking say it. And make it quick.”
This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. This wasn’t how she wanted it to be. She thought he’d listen at the very least, but it seemed like nothing was getting through to him.
She clenched her fists, eyes watering. Opening her mouth, she tried to speak. She really tried, but all the words were caught in her throat. The only sounds coming out were pathetic sobs as tears streamed down her cheeks.
Y/N covered her face, embarrassed and heartbroken.
The door slid open and closed. That was when every thing she tried to hold together collapsed.
She crouched down and bawled. Her voice echoed down the hall.
“But I love you…” she whispered to herself.
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shoureikuu · 2 days ago
hi!! your blog is super cute!! can i get a jjk/bnha matchup? whatever you’re more comfortable with :) i’m bisexual, use she/her pronouns, & my mbti is infp. my favorite animals are bunnies (they’re so cute & fluffy!!), mg favorite color is a tie between pink and faded yellow, and my favorite plant is a gardenia flower. my favorite drink is a caramel iced latte and my favorite food is anything sweet, but i think strawberries are at the top. my favorite hobbies are yoga, ice skating, shopping (retail therapy! retail therapy! & gifts for other people/myself!! :D), and writing. i’m a lover, not a fighter.
please and thank you! have a nice day & remember to drink some water, love!! <3
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much!! You've got such an amazing personality!! Looking up to becoming mutuals! 💕 I hope you have a wonderful day too!! Please stay hydrated!
Tumblr media
I assign you...
𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑠𝑢𝑘𝑖 𝐵𝑎𝑘𝑢𝑔𝑜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑊h𝑦 𝑠𝑜 𝑠𝑝𝑒𝑐𝑖𝑎𝑙?
He thinks you're the cutest soul that could've been sent to him. He loves how you're just being yourself around everyone else —so sincere and angelic. He tries his best to get your attention in public. In private, Bakugo won't leave you a minute without cuddles and kisses, especially during those days you feel down. But when it doesn't feel right, he'd respect your privacy.
In short, the man wishes to keep you to him and him only.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐹𝑙𝑢𝑓𝑓 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 !!
It's been too long that you waited — almost an hour. You huffed as you waited for him to get home. You stood off the king-sized bed, opened the closet, and pulled on one of his sweaters given how cold his apartment was. You finally hear the door shut, leaving a huge grin on your cute face. Bakugo entered shortly after with a soft smile. "Hey, baby. What's u—" you immediately notice him splutter a little as a blush creeps up his cheeks. "You okay, Katsuki?" "Fuu—huh? U-uh yeah obviously, dumbass why wouldn’t i be? are you cold or something?" Here, you decided to take a bold step. You grin as you approach him watching him swallow as he tries to hide the growing blush on his cheeks. "Yeah... It was cold, so I thought I might find something useful in that messy closet of yours. Do you want me to take it off?" You said in a bit of a sad tone, then take pouted. His eyes grew wide slightly at your question. "N-no—shit, baby. You don’t know what you're fucking doing." He groaned. When you giggled at how flustered he is, mumbling out like a brat as he pulled you closer to his chest.
Ever since then, he leaved shirts folded for you everytime you mentioned you were to come over.
Tumblr media
𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑞𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔.
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emobabe · 5 hours ago
Head cannons on how the MHA boys would react to kissing you 🥵
💣 Bakugou Katsuki 💣
— His kisses are commanding and deep.
— His hands are found in one of two places: cupping your ass or holding your face.
— He bites your lower lip a lot.
— He loves it when you place both of your hands behind his neck and stand on your tiptoes to kiss him. He finds it romantic even though he won’t admit it.
— Likes to give you little kisses on your collarbone and neck to mess with you.
— Likes whispering dirty comments to you while whispering in your ear. Sending chills up your spine.
— Moans when you tug his hair or bite his bottom lip back.
— He likes seeing you breathless it makes him feel like he accomplished something.
— Tastes like the darker tones of caramel.
— Passionate.
— Loves to go in deep with his tongue.
— At first, his kisses start off soft. But they quickly escalate as he cups your cheek and deepens the kiss.
— He pays a lot of attention to how you react to each of his little kisses. He takes his time to learn what things you like and once he learns that just him being near you makes you happy… He makes it his goal to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine every time you’re around him
— Leaves you feeling breathless.
— Shouto takes over all of your senses with one hand cupping your cheek and the other roaming down the side of your body, skimming past the swell of your breast and curve of your ass with a touch so light it’s almost to much to bare.
— He absolutely loves when you run your fingers through his hair.
— He whispers sweet nothings in your ear and tells you how amazing and beautiful you are between kisses.
— Todoroki is gentle, however, should never be mistaken for a calm and boring kisser. He knows just the way to put you on edge and leave you gasping from one touch of his cool fingertips against your bare skin. 
— Tastes like strawberries and cream.
🥦 Izuku Midoriya 🥦
— How he kisses depends on his mood.
— Deku will kiss you all over the place. Your cheeks, forehead, jaw, earlobe, neck.
— Deku loves giving and receiving neck kisses.
— When he finally gives you a proper kiss, he likes to nibble at the tip of your tongue. You never get used to it and your spine jolts each time it happens.
— There’s always playfulness in his eyes when he kisses you.
— Deku loves it when your hands are balled into little fists, clutching the front of his shirt as you try to deepen his light kisses. 
— He is a fan of making out in public. Before class, in the common room, in the dining hall. You’re always embarrassed by it but he loves showing you off and wants everyone to know he’s proud that you’re his.
— Playful and teasing, but sweet enough to let you know he loves you.
— Tastes like green tea with a hint of lime zest.
Tumblr media
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thegodofthisnewworld · 6 hours ago
MHA Pirate AU - Pirate Captain Bakugou x Gender neutral dragon Reader
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! I got this lovely request from none other than @pakabear here on Tumblr (doesn't let me tag them so I will simply put the link here). They sent me an extremely detailed requests that I absolutely loved! I hope you like it and I truly hope I did your AU idea justice! (the whole AU request I received will be at the end, as it is quite long, but trust me, it is well worth the read <3) -> Link to their Tumblr!
warning, contains the following: possibly inaccurate character depiction (I usually don’t write these characters, so I’m sorry if they are OOC), swearing, gender-neutral reader, fluff, mentions of blood, wounds and death, Bakusquad being the Bakusquad
This is a SFW fic with some action and fluff! Lots and lots of fluff! Also some Bakusquad bickering! I hope you enjoy ♡
characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Denki Kaminari, Mina Ashido, Ejiro Kirishima, Hanta Sero, Todoroki Shoto, Enji Todoroki, Natsuo Todoroki, Midoriya Izuku
wordcount: 6817
"Land ahoy!" Sero yelled from the mast of their ship, nothing but a simple black bandana keeping his black locks out of his face. His eyes darted down towards the rest of the crew, a smile crawling upon his features.
"Aight- Everyone! Prepare for harbor" Bakugou yelled out, grabbing ahold of the helm, stirring it quite a lot quicker than necessary, whilst Mina and Denki pulled up the sails as not to crash onto the lovely land of Nezzira. The name which was oh-so foreign to them.
"Aye aye!" Was the response of all the crew members, and soon, they all reached land.
"Whoah, tis' an amazing place, aye?" Mina spoke, her gorgeous yellow eyes gleaming around the dock of the Nezzira kingdom. Kirishima joined her in her sightseeing, while Bakugou scolded Denki for taking so long with tying the ship down.
Unbeknownst to the crew, all eyes fell on them and the whispers and hushed threats of civilians filled the land. It was well known that pirates weren't welcome in these parts, the king declared so, so why were these ruffians here?
More mumbles and hushed whispers followed the crew, making Bakugou raise an eyebrow in suspicion. He knew being a pirate usually dragged attention, but with the new coronation of prince Midoriya, he assumed that everyone was welcome in the kingdom of Evaris- everyone, including pirates.
They kept walking and prancing through the streets, until two silver clad guards extended their spears towards the crew, causing them to stop.
"In the name of the king, you are to follow us to the royal palace for a trial, filthy ruffians." One guard spoke as the other pointed his lance towards Denki, the sharp tip practically puncturing the leather on his pirate vest.
Kirishima was about to speak up, but Bakugou lifted his hand in an attempt to silence him, taking a step forward, the spear now pressing up against the fabric of his shirt, nearly tearing a hole into it with how sharp the spear was.
"Listen 'ere you scurvy dogs, my crew and I simply need rations, so how about ye piss off, before I make ye walk the plank-" Bakugou hissed his words out, his hand hovering over the cutlass that he had previously attached to the leather belt supporting his various piraty goods, along with a satchel of loot he held close.
Just before the guard could speak up again, the blonde shrugged his shoulders and refocused his scarlet orbs onto the sharp spear tip being pressed into his skin, mumbling his words out.
"Besides, yer outnumbered."
And just like clockwork, the rest of the crew grabbed ahold of their very own weapons. Kiri unsheathed a cutlass, much like Bakugou. Sero pulled out two knives, while Mina and Denki alike grabbed ahold of their axes.
The two guards took a compulsory step back, as one quickly blew on the horn attached to his belt, making the pirates look around the area. Just like that, what seemed like hundreds of guards came flooding out of an armory that just so happened to be right next to the harbor.
"Fuck-" Bakugou muttered through gritted teeth, using the newly created space between him and the two guards to dark in the opposite direction of the armory. "Follow me-"
He yelled out, his crew quickly dashing behind him. Bakugou was quick on his feet, not only that but he was also very cunning, especially when it came to fighting other pirate ships. This made him the perfect captain, and his crew knew that all too well.
His eyes scanned the area as quickly as they could, trying to find a perfect escape route. From what he could see, there were three options.
The first one would be to loop back to where their ship was docking, which was quite improbable, due to the amount of guards. The crew wouldn't even set sail before the guards caught them!
The second was to quite simply let themselves get caught, something that would not only hurt his pride, but his crew as well, so there was no way Bakugou was going to let that happen.
And so, the third option is what he went with. It just so happened to be jumping over a cobblestone wall and falling an unspecified height. He knew it wasn't the best chance to take, but at the same time, better than losing his pride and surrendering to the guards.
His leather boots made contact with some wood flooring, followed by jumping on two wooden barrels and launching himself over the cobblestone wall.
The drop was around 5 meters, give or take. Something the pirate was used to dropping every single day. It was the adrenaline that made his heart pump faster than ever before. It wasn't the first time his crew got chased or attacked, but this was the first time it happened without reason, something the pirate code abided by.
Bakugou's thoughts were interrupted by a short squeal of none other than Denki, as he launched himself over the wall, falling face first into a oleander bush, groaning at the sudden pain.
"Man up! Tis' but a scratch!" Kirishima laughed, helping his comrade up from the thorny bushes. Denki oh so graciously got up, fixing his leather vest up and rubbing his chin in an attempt to soothe the itchy feeling.
"In the name of king Enji Todoroki! You are all hereby prisoners of the royal guard."
Those words made the entire crew turn around to face whoever said them. It was a rather tall man with navy blue hair, clad in what seemed to be iron- no, silver armor. The helmet that was presumably covering his face held tightly under his arm as he glared down at the five pirates, more guards running out from the building.
Bakugou's crew managed to jump into the royal gardens.
"Fuck-" Bakugou muttered under his breath as he raised his hands, his eyebrow twitching in an annoyed manner, staring up at the unknown male. Mina and Kirishima did the same, while Denki and Sero grit their teeth in annoyance, holding off until two spears were pointed towards them.
Just as the guard was about to speak up again, one of his fellow workers came up to him and whispered quiet words in his ear. Bakugou leaned forward in an attempt to listen in on the conversation, but they were far too quiet.
The primary guard cleared his throat and refocused his attention to the newly attained prisoners, mumbling his words softly.
"The king would like to see you- In order to determine your punishment." His voice remained calm and without a second thought, he began walking away, expecting for the pirates to follow him.
Bakugou was about to reach for his cutlass and break all hell loose, but Kirishima placed a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm his captain down. At that very moment, Bakugou contemplated brushing his hand off and slashing at the guards, but he decided that it was for the best that he listened to his comrade, he wouldn't want any of them getting hurt after all.
And with that, the crew of five began following the navy haired guard.
After what seemed like an excruciatingly long amount of time, they reached a large room clad in royal red colors. The sun shined through the large, golden framed windows and only highlighted the three thrones in the middle of the room.
And that is where they sat. King Enji Todoroki and his two sons, Shoto and Natsuo. Bakugou and his crew soon stopped, mostly in response to the main guard bowing down staring at the pirates, somewhat urging them to do the same.
"Now, you bow in the presence of a king, you pirate scum." King Enji spat his words out, staring at the crew of pirates. Bakugou was about to bark an insult out, when the guard that had led them there grabbed ahold of his hair and forcefully slamming him to the floor.
His face made contact with the royal red fabric, making him groan as he felt an iron-like scent fill his nostrils. Blood. He thought to himself, knowing he had no way of wiping it away without pissing off the king further.
The rest of his crew simply got to their knees and averted their gaze, not wanting to get a similar treatment to their captain.
"That's better, what brings you to the kingdom of Nezzira? Unannounced and- Unwated if I may add." Enji kept on speaking, groaning at the sight of five pirates roaming his safe lands.
"Nezzira? We 'ought this was Evaris." Bakugou barked out from under the grip of the soldier, trying his best to reach over for his cutlass in an attempt to rebel. "But then again, all these filthy lands look the same-" He smirked up at the king, his red orbs glaring daggers.
"Ah I see." Enji looked over to Todoroki, his youngest son that spoke of the coronation to him. Mentioning how the young prince was becoming a king. "Unfortunately for you, unlike in Evaris-" As Enji spoke the name of the neighboring kingdom, his voice dripped with disgust and hatred. "-We do not tolerate pirate scum on our lands- Public execution!"
His voice boomed through the hall as he stood up from his throne, taking a couple steps towards the pirates.
"Captain! We can't feed the fish just yet! We're all too young!" Denki chimed in, fear mirrored in his eyes. Mina soon joined in, her voice directed at none other than the king.
"Heave to! Twas nothin' but an honest mistake!" Her voice skipped with each word she spoke, but even so, she was trying her best to protect the crew.
"Even so, this mistake will cost you your life, learn to navigate the sea, before you set sail." Enji spoke in an annoyed manner, crossing his arms over his chest, the royal red cape flowing behind him. His two sons averted their gaze from the pirates, feeling the slightest bit of sympathy towards them.
"Twas my fault!" Bakugou yelled out, glaring up at the king, clenching his fists as he struggled up against the royal guard. "Let me crew go, execute me all ye want-" And with that, he spat at the king's feet, glaring directly at him as the guard gripped onto his hair, an armored hand restricting his own palms from grabbing ahold of his cutlass.
Enji took a small step back, just barely avoiding the spit, his brows furrowing further. He cleared his throat, before mumbling out his new resolution.
"Then- GUARDS!" It was evident by the tone of his voice that he was fuming. He never expected pirates to roam his land, let alone talk back to him and taint his expensive carpet. "Throw them in with the Dragon, it'll know what to do with them!"
Enji walked closer to Bakugou, instructing his guard to make the pirate look up at him. The guard's grip grew tighter on Bakugou's hair, making him groan as his scarlet orbs were forced to stare up at the king's face. Just as he was about to spit yet again, the guard covered his mouth, letting the king speak freely, without any form of interruption.
"That'll teach you to talk back to a king, pirate scum."
And with that, he turned around, letting his cape smack the young captain in the face, walking back to his throne.
Before Bakugou had a moment to spit his own words back, he was being dragged to the dungeon, along with his crew. No one dared speak up or mention what had just happened, they just walked in silence, some more willingly than others.
"A dungeon, a fuckin' dungeon!" Bakugou growled his words out as the royal knights walked them back outside, walking towards what seemed like a dark cave that no one bothered to cover up.
"Captain! I don't want to die yet!" Denki chimed in, panic mirrored in his eyes.
"Shut it! No one is dyin' on my watch!" Bakugou yelled out angrily, as the guards attempted to hush them, shoving them into the entrance of the cavelocking a large iron door behind them. Leaving them to their own demise.
Bakugou wasted no time wiping the small trail of blood with the sleeve of his shirt, dying it red. He groaned at the feeling, licking away the remained of blood that made it's way onto his lip.
"What are we gonna do captain?" Eijiro spoke up, rubbing his own arm in a concerned manner, trying to get his mind off of things. Off of this situation that they managed to get themselves into.
"Ye think I know?" Bakugou clenched his fists for a brief moment, before going over to the iron door in an attempt to break it. And sadly, shaking and pulling on the solid bars didn't do anything.
"I can't believe we die ere!" Sero began speaking, laughing at the end in an attempt to lighten the mood, and truth be told, he only made Denki more nervous.
"Shut up! Yer making Denki more nervous." Bakugou sighed and refocused his attention down to the dark cave. He couldn't see a dragon, and truth be told, he didn't believe that such a cowardly king could even own a dragon of his own. And so, he started walking towards the darkness of the cave.
"Captain?" Eijiro spoke up, concern lacing his voice as he extended a hand towards Bakugou, only to see him turn around, giving his crew the slightest, reassuring smile.
"I'm tryin' to find another way out, besides, I doubt that bilge-sucking king got his hands on a dragon!" The captain let out a small chuckle, waiting for the slightest smiles to spread across the faces of his crew, before walking back towards the darkness, his crew following close behind.
The walk wasn't long, but what they came across, shocked them, to say the least.
"I-Is that-" Denki started to speak up, only to have his mouth covered by Mina, who was holding her breath.
A real life dragon.
"That thing is massive-" Eijiro whispered, a tremble evident in his voice. Bakugou stood there, eyeing the beast. Eijiro was right, it was massive. That thing filled up the cave with hardly any space to move.
"Makes me wonder how it got 'ere." Sero mumbled, in a hushed tone, instantly holding his breath as the dragon began shifting. It's eyes remained closed, but a small shift was enough to make the pirates freeze in fear. They had never come across a dragon, let alone be fed to one.
Bakugou swallowed the dry lump that formed in his throat, before taking a step forwards, only to be stopped by kirishima placing a hand on his shoulder.
"What're you doin' captain!" His voice was hushed as well, but still laced with concern and confusion. Bakugou gently swatted his palm away, whispering his words out.
"Avast ye! There's two sources of light. One from above-" Bakugou pointed upwards, where the majority of light was coming from, making the dragon visible. "And one from behind." And that is when he pointed behind the dragon's body. Sunlight. One thing that was sure to indicate a way out.
And with that, he began to take a couple steps towards the dragon, only then-
The sound of scales slithering and an animalisten groan filled the cave. Every member of the crew held their breath as Bakugou quickly stepped backwards, joining his subordinates as quickly as he could. Denki was quivering in fear and Mina was clutching onto Sero like her life depended on it. Which, it most likely did. Eijiro once again placed a shaky hand on Bakugou's shoulder, gripping down a bit harder than ever before.
Bakugou didn't want to admit that he was scared. Not ever and especially not in front of his crew, but here he was, his teeth clattering as he clenched his fists in order to contain a grip on reality in the best way possible.
And just like that, a large, lizard-like head turned towards them, before these massive, serpent eyes began to open. They were the size of a wagon wheel and the color of the deepest part of the sea. And the worst thing? They were staring right at the crew.
Silence followed until a loud, animalistic roar echoed through the cavern. It was enough to shake the rocky interior and nearly enough to make Denki faint in fear.
"L-Listen, we don't want no trouble-" Bakugou spoke up, his teeth still clattering together as he spoke, his hands shaking as he raised them in an attempt to surrender to the beast. All he was trying to do is protect his crew, even if it would cost him his head- err- body, considering the size of the dragon's jaw.
"I won't kill you-" The dragon spoke in a low growl, scanning the crew of five for a small while, before shifting to where it's back was turned to the squat, it's sharp fangs nor piercing eyes no longer visible. "-just don't bother me, I wish to rest."
Bakugou let out a sharp exhale and slowly began reaching for his cutlass, seeing as the dragon was now letting his guard down. Just as his hand came in contact with the hilt of his sword, the dragon's voice once again boomed through the cave, this time sounding more menacing than before.
"But if you dare try anything, despite my kindness, I won't hesitate to roast you to ashes." That sentence alone was enough to make Bakugou drop the idea completely. He took a deep breath, once again stepping towards the dragon, letting Kirishima's hand drop to his side.
Only now did he notice the dragon's wounds. Various gashes and scratch marks far bigger than any regular animal could to, accompanied by spear puncture wounds as well. Something quite unusual for a creature with such thick skin.
But even with all these various gashes and cuts, the worst injury must've been the torn wing. The thinner skin was still covered in dried blood, and so, it became evident. The dragon couldn't fly.
"What happened to ye-" Bakugou spoke up, scanning it's injured body. Taking yet another step closer, somewhat extending a hand out towards it.
The dragon let out a low growl as Bakugou inched closer, refocusing it's gaze over to the young pirate captain.
"Don't, touch." It growled it's words out, blinking cautiously with it's lizard eyes, scanning him. "It's none of your concern."
"I want to know, I want to be able to help ye, since- ye won't eat me crew n' all." He mumbled the last part out, once again retiring the hand back to his side.
"And why should I tell a complete stranger?" The dragon huffed out, letting out an animalistic yawn, shifting it's tail once again, the sound of scales scraping against the floor filling the ears of the pirate crew.
"I suppose ye don't have to, we're just curious." Kirishima joined in, also taking a step towards the dragon. Mina, Sero and Denki were still staying back, slightly huddles together, scared of what the dragon will do.
The dragon remained quiet for a while longer, before lowering it's head to where Bakugou and Kirishima were standing, scanning them with it's dark blue orbs. That was when a faint scent of smoke filled their senses as the dragon began speaking.
"It's quite depressing." It spoke, waiting for some form of interjections or complaints, but none came. The pirate crew remained silent, staring up at the dragon with curious eyes.
"I was banished from my hoard." The dragon began speaking, averting it's gaze from the pirate crew, moving it's tail in an anxious way in an attempt to calm itself down. "Dragons I once considered my friends- my family turned on me without a blink of an eye."
The dragon let out a small puff of smoke, carefully resting it's lizard head atop one of it's clawed paws.
"Now why would they do that! Family supports family!" Bakugou exclaimed angrily, enough to have his voice echo through the cave. Kirishima's expression softened as he looked at his captain getting so heated about someone else's situation.
"Once one quarrels, the bond of family is nothing."
"Now that ain't true!" Denki chimed in, finally managing to pluck up the courage to speak up. He took a step forward to join Bakugou and Kirishima up front, a determined expression accompanying the smile on his face. "Family are the people ye trust with yer life!"
"He's right, family should take care of ye, no matter what." Mina joined in, still standing in the back, attempting to pluck up enough courage to join the other three up front. Sero being in a similar situation.
"Well, maybe for you humans." The dragon kept on speaking, letting out another puff of smoke, seeing it rise towards the top of the cavern, this time making the young pirate crew cough. "But for dragons, family is something very fragile."
The crew decided to stay silent this time, letting the dragon tell it's story.
"I was banished and wounded, and so, I fled to this piece of land." The dragon kept speaking, suddenly having it's nose scrunch up at the terrible times it had just remembered. "I met the king and his men- they fought me and restrained me, before forcing me into this cave as a captive."
A small growl escaped the dragon's mouth, sparks threatening to spill out of its mouth as the whole cave began heating up, the dragon threatening to set the whole place ablaze.
"We've met him- I wanted to plunge my cutlass right through his face." Bakugou exclaimed, a triumphants smirk spreading across his lips. Truth be told, he wanted to stop the dragon from setting the whole place ablaze, not wanting his crew to get hurt.
"A terrible man, someone like him shouldn't be in charge of a family, let alone a country." The dragon kept on speaking, huffing out its words angrily. It clenched and unclenched its claws, before refocusing its attention back to the pirates.
"And how did you end up here?"
Its words seemed relaxed unlike when it was talking about the king, genuinely wanting to know how the pirates wound up in such a situation.
"Well- We were on our way to see the coronation of a new king- Midoriya of Evaris. We 'ought this was Evaris-" Bakugou mumbled the last part, admitting to his mistake, letting out an annoyed groan.
"We must've been wrong, and now, we're 'ere!" Kirishima joined in, smiling brightly up at the dragon.
"You're not mad at one another for making a mistake?" The dragon spoke questioningly, its ears perking up in an interested manner.
"Not really, we're a crew after all!" Mina joined in, slowly taking a step towards the three of her crewmates, casually wrapping her arm around Denki, shooting the dragon a wide smile.
"A crew? What is that?" The dragon questioned, moving its head closer to the pirates, inches away from Bakugou, making him shiver at the pure size difference.
"Well- I suppose a crew is somethin' like a family." Bakugou spoke up, looking back at his crew members, finally seeing Sero step up to join the rest of them, a smile spanning each of their features. "We have our backs no matter what-" Bakugou practically cheered the last part out and lifted his right hand into the air, his crew doing the same and chanting their words out.
"Aye aye captain!" And with that, they all laughed in the slightest manner, before refocusing their attention back to the dragon which seemed relaxed. It seemed to enjoy the friendly company of the pirates.
"Why did the evil king put you here, he clearly didn't think you would tear each other's throats off." The dragon mumbled it's words out, wagging its tail in the slightest manner, once again having its scales scrape against the cold floor.
Sero gave a small, concerned laugh, before mumbling his words out. "Truth be told, he must've thought ye were goin' to eat us!"
Mina and Denki nodded eagerly, as Bakugou kept staring up into the dragon's sea-blue orbs.
"That's absurd- Dragon's don't feast on human flesh, they haven't for- for millenia!" It exclaimed its words in both a confused and angered manner, clenching its talons again.
"Truth be told, we were worried- we ain't seen a live dragon ever before." Bakugou spoke up, rubbing the back of his neck, remaining close to the large beast.
"And I haven't seen such kind humans." The dragon complimented and Bakugou could swear that he could see its features curve into a small smile. He couldn't help but feel his cheeks heat up in the slightest, something he would later blame on the dragon's warm smoke.
"I know! How about ye come with us!" Denki cheered out, looking up at Bakguou- almost like a small child begging his parent for a piece of candy. Bakugou felt slightly take aback by the suggestion. he wanted to get to know the dragon more, but there was one tiny problem.
"Denki's right captain! We ought to help the dragon recover! And in return it could get us back to our ship!" Mina cheered again, grabbing onto Denki, the widest smile now spanning her features.
"I don't know, would that be alright with your family? I wouldn't wish to cause another discourse- not like with my blood." The dragon spoke up, feeling its ears fall back, staring down at the excited crew members.
"Oi! As the captain of the ship, I get the final say!" Bakugou practically yelled his words out, almost in a scolding manner, refocusing his attention to Mina and Denki, before facing the dragon again.
"I'm all for ye joining me crew on sea, but you're too fuckin big! I have no idea how to fit ye onto the ship!" He grumbled the ending part, scanning the dragon from head to the tip of its tail. It was three, maybe four times the size of his boat, something that made him slightly irritated.
And with that, the sound of scales hitting the cold, cobblestone floor fild the caver, along with a faint, dark blue glow. The pirates averted their gaze as not to go blind with the sudden burst of light, waiting for it to die down slightly.
After a few seconds, the light finally dimmed down. Bakugou was the first to look. He was too curious as to rub his eyes and recover from the sudden light. His eyes darted towards the now humanoid form standing before him.
They had gorgeous (h/c) locks, accompanied by those stunning, deep blue orbs. Much to Bakugou's surprise, the humanoid figure before him was well built. A lean body fit for a member of his crew. Not only that, but the horns, pointed eyes and talons remained the same. And despite the dim lighting, he swore he saw a couple scales graze the top of their cheeks.
"Ye- I-" Bakugou tried to mutter his words out, having to clear his throat and avert his gaze, the lightest blust staining his cheeks.
"Whoah! So cute!" Mina squaled out, happily bouncing towards her new dragon comrade. Denki stared in amazement, while Sero and Kirishima couldn't form a coherent sentence.
"Do ye- do ye have a name?" Bakugou spoke up, breaking the chatter of his crew members, catching the dragon off guard.
"A name-" The dragon thought for a moment, shrugging it's well sculpted shoulders, before speaking up in a soft tone, something quite drastically different from when it resembled a lizard. "I suppose my fellow dragons used to call me (Y/N), feel free to use it."
"Alright (Y/N)" Bakugou spoke up, shooting a cocky grin towards the dragon that had introduced themselves as (Y/N), the blush still grazing his cheeks. "Me name is Katsuki Bakugou! But call me captain!"
"I'm Eijiro!"
"Me name is Mina!"
"Sero, pleasure is on me side!"
"And I'm Denki!"
(Y/N) couldn't help but chuckle at the introduction of it's new family, smiling in their general direction, before tuning towards the exit, speaking up in a soft tone.
"This is the way out, I could get you to your ship if you tell me where it is."
"Can ye fly with those injuries?" Bakugou spoke up, scanning (Y/N)'s visibly injured back and wings, raising an eyebrow in a concerned manner.
"I could try." (Y/N) spoke, spreading their wings in an attempt to fly. A couple flapts and they managed to get themselves off the ground, before collapsing down to the ground, their wings giving out.
"(Y/N), are ye alright?" Kirishima spoke out, kneeling down, carefully placing a hand on their shoulder.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can fly us out of here."
"Don't worry bout it, we can get out the normal way!" Mina spoke up, grabbing ahold of (Y/N)'s hand, helping them stand up.
Bakugou took the moment to walk towards the second exit, noticing that it leads to where they have previously ran into the plethora of guards. It leads to the harbor.
"Oi, this way!"
"Aye aye captain!" Denki and Sero spoke up, while Mina and Kirishima helped (Y/N) stand up, letting them get used to walking on two human feet.
Bakugou couldn't help but shoot back a couple concerned glances, wanting to check wether (Y/N) was alright. He wouldn't admit it to the rest of his crew, but he was fascinated with the dragon.
He slowly began creeping along the cave exit. There was a very narrow pathway leading back to the harbor, with a rather far way down. Enough to break a bone or few. But even so, it was their only way out.
"Follow me!" Bakugou spoke up, a very confident tone lacing his voice. His crew responded with an audible Aye Aye, before following Bakugou along the narrow pathway.
Every single one of them held their breath, not wanting to risk anything whilst walking along such a narrow pathway. They were very cautious with every step. Especially (Y/N), as they weren't used to walking on human feet.
Bakugou carefully made it to the end of the pathway, smirking at his accomplishment, before returning his gaze to his crew, making sure they all reach safety.
Kirishima was the last to reach safe ground, letting out a relieved exhale as he set foot on an all too familiar cobblestone path.
"Avast ye! We're close to the barracks, so be mighty careful!" Bakugou spoke up in a hushed tone, looking around to see whether guards were anywhere near them. "Denki-"
"Aye captain?"
"I need ye to sneak in, untie the ship so we can all hop aboard!" Bakugou mumbled, placing a hand on Denki's shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile.
Denki gave his captain a wide smile, before nodding, refocusing his attention back to the area before him.
"As the captain of this ship, tis' me responsibility to distract them scurvy dogs!" Bakugou tipped his captain's hat, the widest smirk spreading across his features, somewhat in a cocky manner.
"Bak- I mean! Captain! Stop running a rig! What if ye get caught!" Mina spoke up, furrowing her brows at the idea of her captain. Bakugou simply waved her concerns off.
"There's a lot of 'em. Can't have me crew dyin' off on me." he looked over to Denki, who was already sneaking towards the harbor, his eyes set on nothing but the ladder connecting to their ship and the flimsily attached rope, keeping their boat from being washed away to sea.
(Y/N) was about to speak up, but Bakugou seemed to have made up his mind. Without a moment of hesitation, he darted towards the harbor, making sure to flash his signature pirate smirk towards the armory.
The horn was blown again, signalling that prisoners have escaped and backup was needed. Bakugou knew that normally, his crew could've just made a run for the ship, but with (Y/N) now joining them, he simply couldn't let them risk getting caught, not again.
He made sure to spot his crew silently make their way to the ship, jumping aboard, as he simply ran away from guards ,taking various paths.
Hi red eyes scanned the area before him, trying to find the best way to get to the harbor, with no luck. The amount of guards kept on increasing, making it quite difficult for Bakugou to dodge them.
His breathing was starting to grow heavy as he took another turn left, having to run away from the harbor in order to dodge the guards. He was once again nearing the cobblestone wall that he had previously jumped over. He couldn't do so this time, not unless he wanted to get caught by the royal guards inside the palace.
'I could jump in and double back to the cave- maybe turning around and fighting the guards could work'
Bakugou thought to himself, making use of the nearby wooden barrels to launch himself onto the cobblestone wall. He held his breath, nearly toppling back over to the garden, just barely managing to catch his leather boots on the edge.
He was quick to make a turn and run alongside the wall, gaining advances on the guards. The smirk that was once plastered on his face only grew wider, seeing as he was closer to escape.
That was when cruel reality hit him, there was no way he was making it onto the ship. Not with the height of the wall and especially not with how far the ship was already at sea.
He kept running alongside the cobblestone wall, finally reaching the harbor and with that, the end of the wall. Bakugou already calculated his options, either stop, turn back and face the consequences of evading direct orders from the king, or- jumping.
Bakugou could hear his crew calling out to him, calling something out. He had no idea what it was, but there was no way he was giving up so easily. And with that, he decided to jump.
And for a moment, that smirk managed to disappear from his face. Even if it were just for a small while.
Bakugou closed his eyes, anticipating his harsh contact with water. The captain hat that was resting atop his blonde locks now falling off, most likely drifting away with the waves.
He anticipated the moment where his body would make contact with the cold water.
But it never came.
Instead, Bakugou felt something- rather someone, grip onto his forearm, dragging him back up into the air. The flapping of wings stirred the wind and forced the pirate captain to open his eyes.
Bakugou spoke, almost shellstruck with the sudden dragonoid human carrying him up and onto the board of his ship, a small disgruntled expression spanning their features.
As soon as they both toppled on board, (Y/N) let out a small groan of pain, their wings slowly stretching out, the tear in them only growing wider.
"(Y/N), ye idiot! Ye could've got yourself hurt!" Bakugou yelled out, staring up at their new dragon comrade with wide eyes. (Y/N) simply let out a small chuckle in return, rubbing the back of their neck.
"I couldn't just stand back and watch you drown yourself, sorry about your hat, I couldn't save it in time." (Y/N) mumbled out, their tail gently swaying from side to side, almost like a giddy puppy.
"Captain! Ye okay?" Kirishima ran up to his captain, carefully placing his palms on his shoulder, making sure he grasped reality.
"Aye- I'm fine, thanks to (Y/N)"
Give credit where credit is due, that was all Bakugou was thinking at that very moment, but all he knew, deep down, was the fact that he was in no way letting their new dragon friend walk away from them.
He wanted them in his crew, no matter the cost.
A couple months had passed since the crew's first encounter with the dragon, and it was safe to say, that they have grown much closer since then.
(Y/N) graciously agreed to join the crew, after their wounds finally healed up, and to say the crew was ecstatic would be an understatement. Denki enjoyed his tasks significantly more.
Sero always had a companion on the lookout and Mina finally had someone to gossip with. Eijiro managed to get some help from (Y/N) in the kitchen and Bakugou?
Bakugou was starstruck.
There was finally someone to keep him company. Bakugou was used to spending late nights alone, clutching onto the helm, whilst attempting to keep his crew safe.
But now? He finally had someone to spend time with. Someone to talk to and someone to help him navigate the seas.
Not only that, but Bakugou’s fascination with the new crew-mate grew with each passing day. This was because he managed to find out something new about their draconic nature.
It started off with flying up to stand in for Sero on the lookout helm. Then (Y/N) simply helped with general directions, as their sense of smell helped them navigate the seas.
The cherry on top of the cake was when a pirate ship attacked them. At first, they were outnumbered, but when (Y/N) turned into their true dragon self, the enemies could only surrender all their booty and beg for mercy. This was something that infatuated the young pirate captain.
And that is what brought him to where he was now.
The kingdom of Evaris. Home of the newly crowned king Midoriya- a place where everyone was welcome, including pirates.
Cherry blossoms bloomed along every corner, the gorgeous marble pathways lit up by various lanterns. Not on it was it a beautiful place deep down, but it was nothing less that an absolute blessing to look at.
Clutching onto Bakugou’s hand was none other than (Y/N). Blindfolded- robbed of all this gorgeous land.
“Where are you taking me captain?”
They spoke up in a confused manner, trying their best not to stumble on a loose piece of marble, clutching onto Bakugou’s palm.
Bakugou simply huffed in response and tugged on their hand harder, nearly making (Y/N) trip over. With an annoyed groan escaping their lips, Bakugou finally stopped, smirking to himself.
“We’re here.”
“Can I take the blindfold off now?”
(Y/N) questioned, only making Bakugou’s cheeks heat up. He carefully placed his hand onto his crew mates cheek, quickly shifting it to slide the bandana off.
Bakugou managed to clear his throat, while (Y/N) blinked a couple of times, trying to get used to the sudden entrance of light.
“Captain, what-“ Before they had a chance to question the captain, their brea to was taken away by the gorgeous view. The entire kingdom of Evaris was on their display.
Every nook and cranny was stuffed with cherry blossom plants and millions of lanterns were illuminating the area. The most gorgeous part of all, was the fact that the harbor was also visible, and in it, none other than Bakugou’s ship. The ship that they spent so much time on.
“It’s gorgeous.” (Y/N) spoke up, the softest smile spreading across their features.
“I thought ye would like it.” Bakugou returned the smile, hoisting his elbows up onto the small wooden fence blocking them from a massive hill. (Y/N) was quick to join him, staring up at the sky with their gorgeous blue orbs.
Bakugou couldn’t help but Avery his attention to his crew mate, his heart starting to race like he had just ran away from royal guards.
“But even with this in front of me, I’d still rather stare at ye.” The sudden burst of confidence made the captain grow flustered. He wasn’t used to confessing his feelings, let alone feelings of love and affection.
“W-what do you mean captain?”
“Don’t play dumb! I fuckin’ like ye.” And there was his normal nature, shining through like a raging spark in a dark room. His cheeks began heating up even further as (Y/N) looked over to him, staring into his scarlet eyes.
“Captain- are you certain?”
“Then-“ With that, Bakugou leaned in closer, his hot breath now hitting the sensitive scales right under (Y/N)’s cheek. “-how about I do this, to prove to ye just how certain I am.”
And with that, a soft kiss was placed onto (Y/N)’s cheek, making their entire face heat up. A warm puff of smoke escaped their nose and their scarlet face turned a red shade.
Bakugou snickered at the sudden shift of composure, his lips curling against (Y/N)’s skin. And with that, he decided to do one last thing, and just like that, his lips made contact with their own. Bakugou’s hand gently caressing (Y/N)’s cheeks, the softest expression spanning his face.
Alright! First request done! I feel like I procrastinated on this so much, which I am very sorry for! Also, writing in Pirate lingo is difficult! Who would’ve thought! I truly hope you like the piece of writing and I am sorry for making Bakugou a bit softer than he canonically is! (But then again, I live for soft, flustered Bakugou and their strong Dragon significant other!)
I’m also sorry if I missed any grammatical mistakes or typos, I am very tired-
Also, word count will be added tomorrow (if I don’t forget) as I’m on my phone and too lazy to find it out now, but I just really want to post this and not make anyone wait any further!
- Bunny <3
The prompt by pakabear as promised:
okay so here’s my idea, it’s like a pirate au/fanasty au thingy: SO bakugou is the captain of a ship and the baku squad is his crew. they recently landed in a habor for supplies when they were ambushed by their enemies (the authorities or another pirate crew. it’s up to you which one), captured, and taken inland. the ones who have captured them get the bright idea to drop them all down a cave. a cave which, recently been claimed by a dragon. at this point baku is angry (duh), kiri is concerned, denki is freakin’ out, and everyone is scared of the beast before them. they’re dumped in. its quiet for a second, everyone is holding their breath for something, anything to happen. then they hear it, shifting scales that get louder as a dragon turns to them. deep blue serpent eyes the size of a head open, and look on towards the squad as they huddle together. bakugou then noticed the body of the dragon. it’s clearly injured, and definitely not able to fly. the dragon then speaks in a low voice: “i won’t kill you. just don’t bother me. if you dare try anything, you will feel my wrath” and then simply turns back around. one from the squad speaks up first, and the dragon shifts it’s head and answers. the group and the dragon have a conversation. one that reveals the squad situation as well as the dragon’s. it had been kicked out of its horde (one of the worst things to happen to a dragon), fought what was once it’s friends, and it had traveled here to lick its wounds. the squad explains they had been put down here bc their enemy thought the dragon would eat them. the dragon huffs in response “they really don’t know anything, do they?” they all feel for the dragon, sympathizing for its situation. denki (or someone) comes up with an idea “hey! how about this, you get us outta here and back to our ship, and we’ll give you a place to recuperate so nobody bothers you? uhhh, is that okay bakugou?” “…sure. i guess. if you can fuckin fit. you’re too damn big” he then looks up at the dragon as he hears more shifting. the dragon changes into a humanoid form. still retaining the eyes, horns, some scales, pointed eyes, and sharp nails, you look exactly like one, with a lean and built body. the squad gasps in awe, and you chuckle slightly. (bakugou is definitely not blushing lmao) and so you all are off with the squad on your back. wary of your injuries, the squad tells you not to push yourself too hard. yet you push through. you head off toward their ship, getting them there relatively safely (except a few bumps and bruises), and setting sail. they all welcome you aboard in open arms. flash forward a week or so, you’ve bonded plenty with your pirates, and they ask you to stay. you happily agree. from now on, you are part of the crew, acting as the ship’s nuclear deterrent in the process, and scaring the shit outta everyone. a dragon? with pirates?? when they are threatened, you’re already standing behind your pirates, glaring menacingly at those who dare. when you’re threatened, your pirates are absolutely not afraid to defend you and your honor. it’s not everyday where a group of pirates have a protector such as yourself, and nobody on the ship is willing to let you go, nor take you for granted.
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Tumblr media
Again, you don't exactly know what I have in mind, but here's a half-idea giving preview-
Your life had always been downed in darkness and loneliness. You had never expected it to get any better but you didn't mind it anymore. Not until the only person you had left to love broke your heart. At first, it hurt but then you realized what all this had given you-friends, family, your dream of being a hero, you had got everything back because of him. You could give on him and focus on what you had, right? Because....Bakugou doesn't love you, does he?
Anyone who kins the Aizawa family? This is your gold.
Chapter 1 - AFTER SO LONG
Chapter 2 - From a Hero to a Hostage
Chapter 3 - Not what I wanted
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eijisho · 4 months ago
twitter p*rn vids | bnha men p.1
NSFW! minors do not interact! 18+ only!
warnings: twitter p*rn videos (pls i beg wear earbuds) + brief descriptions of sex (fem!reader), breeding, dom/sub
includes: kirishima e., bakugou k., midoriya i., shinsou h., kaminari d., & todoroki s. (all characters aged over 21!)
Tumblr media
kirishima e. | red riot ʚ♡⃛ɞ ( •ᴗ•❁)
eijirou loves seeing your ass bounce in reverse cowgirl. he also adores hearing you whine, struggling to breathe n keep up with his thrusts. he'll encourage you to take the lead, but won't let you have full control (soft dom kiri>>)
bakugou k. | dynamight ♡ ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)
katsuki is a simple man; he just wants you face down n ass up. also his thrusts are mind numbing, rhythmic and sure movements, enough to make you pass out. if he's about to cum his breathing gives him away, all high off your pussy.
midoriya i. | deku (●♡∀♡)ヾ☆*。
izuku is so consumed by your pussy he loses all control. one minute he's taking his time, slowly making sure you can take him well- the next he's pounding you into the mattress. just can't stop his dick from stuffing your sweet little cunny.
shinsou h. | mindjack ૮(˳❛ ⌔̫ ❛˳)ა ✿.°~
hitoshi is the biggest tease here. this man will change his pace like seasons, he'll slowly pump into you then switch up and thrust so rough you're seeing stars, with like zero warning. lots of slapping your ass too. he's dangerous.
kaminari d. | chargebolt ⁽⁽ ଘ(ó﹏ò。)ଓ ⁾⁾
denki thinks fucking standing up is the hottest thing ever. loves watching your legs shake, barely holding yourself up while he fucks into you carelessly. he likes to watch your tits bounce too, makes him wanna pinch your nipples.
todoroki s. | shouto (◍ ⺣◡⺣)☆*.
shouto is so touch deprived he needs to feel your ass. desperately. he'll get an iron grip on the fat and just drag you up n down n up n down on his dick for hours on end. then he'll fill you up nice n good when he's done.
Tumblr media
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