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Day 8: idol boy

Bnha au over here. What if Best Jeanist was hit by a genderswap quirk and got drunk along with Sir Nighteye? They had a one nightstand. Then Jeanist realises he ain’t turning back and then boom he goes to the hospital and finds out he’s pregnant! He is out of commission for nine months without an explanation for the public. Nobody knows why! Then when he gives birth it’s little Izuku!! He then decides to stay out of commission for his son. Atleast until he’s older and will understand why daddy’s not home most of the time.

Five years gone he’s back in business as he nearly gets caught by a photographer! In Hawaii! How did they know to find him there? Oh well! There were incidents like that and they moved again but Jeanist wanted Izuku to have a permanent home so they went back to Japan!

Izuku’s identity is well hidden. He has a great babysitter who is his uncle! Jeanist is back being a hero and climbs back into the top hero ranks! His son is a huge fan of Allmight! And wants to be just like him but he’s quirkless! What a shame!!

He doesn’t tell his son to give up though!!

“Izuku… you can’t be a hero like Allmight without a quirk…”

“O-oh…” Izuku bit his lower lip in hopes that it would help to prevent his tears from falling.

“But you can still be a hero. The number one hero for heroes.”

Izuku works to be a support item hero! With his great analysis skills he’ll make great inventions for his favourite heroes which are all of them! Not to mention he could become friends with them!!

He still earns the name Deku from that one explosive boy he went to high school with. He may be extremely rude but he respects Izuku’s goals. They are reasonable and fit for a quirkless extra!

Of course he meets his other dad when he’s thirteen! Sir Nighteye suspecting Jeanist and touching him for more info then connecting the rest of the dots gets them together!! Sure his dads may act a bit awkward around each other but they love Izuku so much!

Nighteye was able to establish a great and healthy father son relationship tho!

Izuku can’t believe he’s got two hero dads but what a bummer he can’t tell anyone else but his relatives who already know.

Ah so many details missed and need to be known but l don’t have time! This is an awesome au since it touches upon unspoken of and potential dads for Deku. I wanna write a fanfic of it!! XD I got so many ideas and haven’t even published two fanfics l written!

One day I’ll write it!

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Buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda with a cow buff Koda-

I had this strange au idea where Koda was born on a good old farm. A diary farm to be precise. They got other animals to but cows are the stars!

He’s got a lot of siblings and is the middle child with a lot of older and younger siblings. He is absolutely responsible and his momma depends on him for a lot of things. He likes doing heavy lifting chores because his little siblings just go crazy and praise him for that!! He doesn’t do it a lot though since momma needs him mainly in the house.

He likes talking to Coltinica his best friend who has always been there since the beginning of when the farm was built. She’s an old grumpy wise garl. Her quirk is not known that well though. They just know that she lives longer than any human. She’s decades old. Old as great great grandma! Almost a century old! She’s barren though so her legacy ends with her whenever she’ll die. Koda hopes she’ll live until his grandkids are born! He loves Coltinica ok? She’s fun talkin to and has great advice.

How he got to UA? Welp his pop wanted to get him into the best school! They kinda make good income and his boy got potential why not? It’s not like he doesn’t get his other kids to great schools. He just sends em to fairly affordable ones. It’s just that when high school came a knocking on Koda’s mental health. They were sorta at a rich state so yeah bestest school it is! He deserved it. The people he asked said it was UA but they didn’t say nothin about it being a hero school.

Why’d he stay even though he almost died because he kept being chased by robots? When he was getting home he saw a half and half assed kid trying to gently sho away a cat from his left side. He helped by taking the stray cat for himself. The kid was cold but Koda knew there was a warmer and more sensitive side to him and he wanted to bring it out! He’s a kind soul trying to make a distant soul happy ok??

And yes feelings grew as they knew each other and they caterered to each other’s interests. Koda x Todoroki what a rare catch! Give it love!!!

And jah it is a Japanese farm! Koda’s ancestors kinda moved there looking for new opportunities from Taxes! Years later they built a farm and wheeled in cows from back home. Jah he got that cowboy accent! Jah they got quirks in this au!!

- Day 6: farm boy

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Bakugo: *gets tie tied by Aizawa.*

Aizawa: See? That wasn’t so bad was it? Now you look like a pretty little school boy.

Bakugo: ??? The-

A day late ain’t a good start butta it’s my first time trying something like this so ya. l think l can get a pass.

I’m participating in @/loojii’s boytober! I thought it’d be great so l can do fun arts without worrying over particular things like trying to make each and every detail perfect. I wanna let loose!

And to make things easier for myself, l ain’t coloring it unless l have more time on my hands. I hope I’ll stay committed to this!

Day 1: school boy

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