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#mha deku

Izuku is a human/fairy hybrid that works at a small flower/coffee shop with his mom (His mom is a half fairy too)!

They have the abilities to do what fairies can do, but they have to try their best to keep their fairy side a secret just in case something sinister finds them.

While working one day, a couple teens come into the shop and befriend the little fairy. They tried to get him to become a hero, but Izuku is happy with the little shop and doesn’t try to become a hero.

(I am so tired right now, I feel like Aizawa after working with his students and getting zero sleep.)

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Dude, I love El Diablo and this was so fun to make, literally my favorite in Suicide Squad! I hope you enjoy- Pat 🖤

Headcanon: male! El Diablo S/O



Originally posted by deku-smash

  • He would be so amazed by your quirk (like his jaw drops and realizes that he just chose to date the most badass person in the world)
  • Opposites attract in this case
  • The first time he sees it in action during the sports festival, his eyes widened in admiration
  • “Woah! Y/n are huge now!”
  • He begins to turn to everyone and points to you as your quelling body is taking down the opponent “Did you see that?! That’s my boyfriend.”
  • He will never let you die down the fact that you’ve been hiding this form from him
  • You explain that you are afraid of loosing control and he makes sure to train with you to not feel like that
  • Very comforting and holds your hand when he could see clear irritation in your eyes
  • Asks if he can use your body to make s’mores
  • Makes sure to always keep a water bottle with him just in case anyone tries insulting your morals
  • Likes to lean onto you when it’s the winter time
  • Makes you blush furiously when he tells everyone that you once heated up a little pond you went to and it became a jacuzzi



Originally posted by eijirouu

  • He met you during the entrance exam and he stood frozen as your morphed body melted the robots armor
  • You come off as distant at first but he makes it his mission to befriend you when he saw you in 1A
  • You tell him to stay away but his persistence payed off when you almost lost control and he was their for you
  • From then on, you let him hang with you during lunch as he asked you questions for his book
  • Was very proud of you when you began to talk to others
  • When anyone would try to talk shit about your boyfriend, you would place your arm around him and stare menancingly, (he now had his first class body guard)
  • He would blush furiously and ask you to stop, that they didn’t mean no harm but, that didn’t stop you from doing it
  • Likes to go to dates to the beach as you make a bonfire with your power
  • Asks you very shyly if you can become his torch the one time the power went out in the dorms “Thank you.” “Of course, that’s why I’m here.”
  • You guys are seen as the cutest couple but, if you find out, you are sure to go on a tangent
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Synopsis: Villain! Deku relationship hcs.

Pairings: Villain! Izuku Midoriya x reader

Warnings: death mentioned, bullying mentioned,

Anonymous asks: Hi, I was wondering if you could do villain Deku x reader headcannons, you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to, and just delete the ask! 👉 👈

Note: sorry these are short, I don’t know that much about Villian Deku dispite being a low-key fan of him.

  • Y'know that outfit Lisa was in for boombayah during her rap part? Yeah, That’s the outfit for your villian custome.
  • You both are partners in crime.
  • Tbh, I think Deku wouldn’t have a quirk. Atleast, when he first joins. Then all for one gave him a quirk-
  • Then you both are a deadly power couple.
  • Deku looks so cute yet he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.
  • He’s very jealous, so if he See’s you having fun with Shigaraki or Dabi, he gonna be pouty baby.
  • He will pout, hug you close, growl whenever Dabi or Shigaraki got a lil too close to you, and press little kisses to the back of your neck.
  • Please do try to tend to his jealousy or else you’re in for a rough night-
  • You’re def best friends with Toga
  • Deku doesn’t really mind, but it’s annoying when Toga tries to flirt with him.
  • You and Deku are a ride or die kinda couple.
  • If one of you were to die, the other would die too.
  • Deku told you how he was bullied by someone named Kacchan and how All Might told him he couldn’t be a hero, so that’s why he turned to villianary.
  • You totally wanna kick All Might and Kacchan’s ass because how dare they harm your baby-
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Guys! I started a BNHA group chat on My Instagram!

My Instagram: rocky._.boii

I’m Kirishima! We already have Shigaraki, Shinsou, Tamaki, Toga, Momo, Izuku, Uraraka, Denki, Bakugou, and Todoroki.

If you want to join, just let me know and tell me who you want to be! :D

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[Tickle Training]

Disclaimer: This isn’t focused on a specific ship. Though if you would like it to be a ship then go ahead, do what makes you happy. This contains tickling and cursing! Enjoy!

Summary: When 3 boys are called after school by All Might himself, they are in for some interesting training.


Katsuki Bakugou violently pushed open the doors of Gym Gamma. He stared into the training grounds to see none other than his most hated classmates, Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki.

“What the hell are you extras doing here!?” Bakugou roared. Shoto looked at the fuming boy and ignored his question. Though Izuku couldn’t stay quiet.

“Oh hey Kacchan! I-I uh- well! A-All Might called us in after school!” Izuku stuttered.

Bakugou stormed over to where the two boys were standing and threw his bag down on top of Izuku’s.

“Kacchan I had my journal in there- n-nevermind…” Izuku sighed.

Katsuki looked at Izuku with a face that said “Do I look like I give a fuck?”

Shoto placed his hand on Izuku’s shoulder and flashed him a kind grin. This made Izuku’s stomach do cartwheels. His face got pink and all he could do was sheepishly smile back.

“That’s fucking gay.” Bakugou growled as he leaned on the wall away from Izuku and Shoto.

Before they could respond, there was a huge bang that caught the UA student’s attention.

“HAHAHA! I AM HERE! INTRODUCING MY PRESENTS LIKE A HERO!” All Might flipped off a tall wall of cement from the previous time the class was training in there.

He approached the young heros and flashed a great big smile. Izuku was being a huge fanboy, like he didn’t see All Might everyday… When something came to his attention.

“Wait, All might? Were you just waiting up there…the whole time…waiting…for the perfect moment to swoop in?” Midoriya asked.

“Uh. No time for questions, Young Midoriya!” All Might boomed.

“Can we just get this over with! I need to get some good sleep in so I can properly kick ass in the morning!” Bakugou demanded.

“That was a strange way to say that you want to get a good amount of sleep so that you can work hard and try your best in the morning.” All Might’s smile only got bigger and Bakugou growled like an angry puppy.

“Can you let us know why we’re here?” Todoroki said getting impatient and curious.

“Of course!” All Might placed his hands on his hips and stood proudly.

“I have called you guys here for a special training. You all know the most important part of a hero right?” All Might cupped his hand around his ear.

“Kicking ass.” Bakugou hissed.

“Ending Villainy?” Todoroki said.

“Ensuring that everyone can feel happy and safe!” Midoriya smiled.

“Nope. You must radiate a positive energy!” All Might exclaimed. The students were very confused. What training could possibly help them radiate a positive energy?

“Positive energy?” Todoroki repeated.

“Yes! When protecting people you must make sure that they mentally feel comfortable around you.” The students were still visibly confused.

“Okay. Take Young Bakugou for example! Judging by the way he acts, do you think that citizens would feel safe around him?” All Mignt pointed to Bakugou.

“Nope.” Todoroki stated.

“Absolutely not.” Midoriya snapped.

“You fuckers!” Bakugou exclaimed, creating tiny explosions. All Might pushed Bakugou away and got back to explaining.

“Anyways. That’s what we’ll be working on.” All Might clarified.

“Uh, All Might. I-I already feel like I do that pretty well.” Izuku stuttered.

“HAHA! You are amazing at it Young Midoriya!” All Might declared.

“So why the fuck is he here?” Bakugou growled.

“Reasons.” All Might said flatly.

Izuku thought it was because he was going to be the next All Might. So he needed to be the best at being positive.

“Smile, Young Todoroki.” All Might stated.

Todoroki looked… embarrassed?

“Uncomfortable?” All Might asks.

Todoroki just nods and looks All Might in the eyes.

“Let me assist!”

All Might approached Todoroki and without warning, he was…tickling him! All Might was tickling Todoroki! Todoroki let out weird…screech?

His face turned a light flush of pink as he slowly feel down to the floor in giggles and laughs.

Katsuki and Izuku couldn’t feel any more uncomfortable. They were just there, watching their poor classmate get tickled to death by ALL MIGHT!

“D-Deku listen.” Bakugou whispered.

“What is it, K-Kacchan?” Izuku responded.

“We are going to fucking book it. Understand? Use your power to run us both out of here. Here take my hand.” Bakugou violently whispered.

Izuku’s cheeks turned a slight red at the thought of holding Bakugou’s hand.

“Hurry the fuck up Deku. I’m not trying to be humiliated right now.” Bakugou shoved his hand out more so that Izuku could take it.

Deku just nodded. He grabbed his hand and channeled One For All.

In a blink of an eye the two boy were so close to the exist when a huge gust of wind blew them back.

It was All Might’s doing. He had stopped tickling Todoroki for a moment to stop his two students from escaping.

He was standing in front of the door, facing Bakugou and Midoriya with the biggest smile ever.

“Where do you think you’re going, Young Heroes?” All Might roared.

The students were still holding each others hands. They were paralyzed in fear.

“I expect this from you Young Bakugou. But you, Young Midoriya?” All Might quickly grabbed the hand that wasn’t latched onto Bakugou and dragged him back to where a flustered Todoroki was.

“Deku! Fuck! NO!” Bakugou yelled as he stretched his now empty hand out.

All Might stood Izuku up and lifted up his arms.

“Smile, Young Midoriya!” All Might began to tickle Izuku’s armpits by taking one finger and wiggling it all around the base of his underarm. This made Izuku scream! He was jerking left and right trying to break away from the Pro Hero’s grasp.

“KAHAHAHACCHAN! HEHEHELP! HELP MEHEHEHEHE!” Izuku overflowed with laughs and screams.

“Dammit Deku! I can’t make a clean get away without your damn power!” Bakugou exclaimed. He would just get away by himself, but if he wanted a chance to outrun the number 1 hero, he would need to use his explosions. Though his explosions would cause unnecessary collateral damage. He would get in trouble.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Deku started to tear up. He fell to the floor and All Might used one hand to tickle his successor and one hand to tickle the fire-ice hero.

“All MihihiGHT!” Todoroki tried to fight but he was weakened.

Bakugou watched his two classmates get tickled to death and he felt his cheeks get hot. He wanted to escape but he knew his didn’t have a chance. If he did escape he would just get tickled sooner.

“Fuck! Deku come back!” Bakugou yelped take small steps towards his classmates and All Might.

“KACCHAN! I CAHAHAHAN’T! ALL MIGHT IS TIHIHIHIHICKLING MEHEHEHEHE! I’M WEHEHEHEHEAK!” Izuku screamed, kicked, and jerked, he tried everything to get away.

Shoto on the other hand, he was dying as well. His cheeks were turning all shades of red and he was a giggling mess.

“DEKUUU! WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO!?” Bakugou shouted.


Bakugou did the first thing that came to mind. He rushed over and jumped on top of All Might. This caught the Pro off guard so he stumbled backwards. He stopped tickling the students, giving them a chance to breathe.

“DEKU! ICYHOT! LET’S GO!” Bakugou launched himself off of All Might’s back. Izuku and Shoto avoided the fact that they were exhausted and shot up. Todoroki and Bakugou latched onto Izuku’s arms, he activated One For All and zoomed to the door. They were so close when All Might swooped in and stopped them.

“NO! GODDAMN! Bakugou pulled back to he wouldn’t fly into All Might.

"Nice try Young Heroes! Though I’m afraid your effort wasn’t enough!” All Might grabbed Bakugou’s wrist and pulled him back to where the tickling began.

“NO! FUCK! DEKU, ICYHOT DO SOMETHING!” Bakugou roared, trying to pry his hands off of All Might’s tight hold.

All Might placed Bakugou down on the floor and tickled his ribs.

“FUCK OHOHOFF! STAHAP! NO! ALL FUCKING MIGHT! ARE YOU LISTENING!?” Bakugou tried to push All Might away, nothing was working. Shoto and Izuku tried to rush over and help but when they did, they were pulled to the floor and tickled like no tomorrow.

The rest of this so called “training” was full of laughs, screams, and giggly threats.

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What It’s Like Dating The Boys


Originally posted by bnhasdaily

  • Let’s be real, we all know that Deku is probably the most easily flustered boy in the world, so when you two start going out it takes a lot of getting used to.
  • He blushes, a lot. We already know that, but everytime you walk into the room it’s like his entire body catches on fire and he wants to bury his face into his hands to hide it from you.
  • Lots of hand holding, literally all the time. Even though he’s shy he will politely ask you for your hand or even just grab it out of habit anytime you’re next to each other.
  • Forehead kisses. Forehead kisses. Forehead kisses. Forehead kisses. Literally will shower you with them all the time and doesn’t mind receiving a few either.
  • He will definitely invite you over for dinner at least once a week. He loves to cook for you, and loves it when you try to help him. Having you over at his house makes him happy.
  • Absolutely loves helping you train your quirk and is always quick to offer suggestions. He writes down tons of tips in his notebook to help you remember and rewards you in kisses when you improve.

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • Tenya can seem a little controlling at times, sure, but all of his sternness melts away like putty the second you two actually get together.
  • Lots of study dates. Whether they be at the local café, the park, or each other’s houses, Tenya makes sure to always put your studies first.
  • He’s not much on PDA or being openly touchy —“It’s just unprofessional,” he says— but he will be the first to do a full body check anytime something remotely bad happens to you and hug you close to his chest immediately after.
  • One of his favorite things is going on walks through the city late at night with you. He enjoys looking through the shop windows and sitting on street corner benches.
  • He likes it when you take his glasses from him and put them on, complaining about how blind he is. Only when you do it though, he would totally freak if it were anyone else.
  • Writes cute things on countless sticky notes —“you’re so pretty,” “i like your hair today,” “your smile is cute”— and sticks them on your notebooks, sometimes giving you a quick kiss when he does.

Originally posted by neverfearlizzieishere

  • We’re all very well aware of Bakugo’s explosive personality and it does not calm down in the slightest after you two start dating.
  • He gets very jealous very easily and isn’t at all scared to full on make out with you in the hallway just to get that one boy to stop looking in your direction.
  • He’s surprisingly very affectionate and clingy with you, no matter where the two of you are or what you’re doing. He has an arm wrapped around you or a hand in yours at all times.
  • You have gym dates a lot, and telling him you don’t feel like working out that day is not an option. He says he wants to help you stay in shape but I’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse to look at your ass while you do squats.
  • Completely and utterly melts when you wear his hoodies/shirts. Just the sight of you in them is enough to make his stomach flip, and you struggle to keep him off of you when you wear them.
  • Brings you random gifts for no reason at all and claiming he “just picked it up on the way” but you know that the only place to find that exact item is in your favorite shop that’s all the way across town.

Originally posted by shy-srgntwitch

  • Kirishima is arguably the most charming and sweetest boy on the entire planet and is very obviously a gentleman, so you know he’s going to treat you right.
  • Expect flowers. Lots of them. Every day. For at least the first three or so weeks that you two are together. Don’t even try to protest, it will get you nowhere.
  • He absolutely adores having sleepovers with you and doing fun sleepover things. One of his favorites would have to be doing face masks and he will pitch a fit if you say they aren’t manly.
  • Lots and lots of hugs from behind, him resting his head on top of yours or on your shoulder. He’ll walk up behind you while you’re talking to someone and just wrap his arms around you.
  • Little kisses everytime he gets the chance. Between training sessions, during lunch breaks, sometimes even in the middle of lessons which causes Aizawa to let out a groan and separate the two of you.
  • He also likes to lay his head in your lap and will physically pick your hand up and place it in his hair, it helps him to fall asleep after a long day of training.

Originally posted by miidoriyas

  • Todoroki can be a very hard person to read at times, but once you start dating it seems like he’s able to open up easier. At least with you.
  • One thing you can always expect is back/shoulder massages. He can tell when you’re tense and isn’t shy about using his quirk while working out your sore muscles.
  • Very frequent neck kisses, always at the worst times. Right before dinner with his dad, or before a long training session with the rest of the class and it is absolutely unfair.
  • Buys you a lot of jewelry —even if you don’t like it— and it always has some sort of resemblance of him. He bought you a snowflake necklace for your anniversary and it is the cutest thing.
  • Likes to read with you in bed, your head laid against his chest and his hand entangled in your hair. Likes it even better if you fall asleep like that.
  • Always pays for your food —don’t even try to offer to pay for your meal, he will get deeply offended— and takes you out every Saturday to your favorite restaurant.

Originally posted by tokoyamis

  • It’s no secret that Kaminari wrote the book on how to flirt, so do not expect any of that to stop once you two finally make it official.
  • You might want to silence your phone —or at least mute Denki’s texts— because he will text you all day, everyday without pause. He just can’t help it, the poor boy has separation anxiety.
  • Sweaters? Hoodies? Jackets? Shirts? Take. Them. All. You don’t even have to ask, he’s already got them packed into a bag to give to you within the first week of you two being together.
  • He absolutely loves to tease you, especially in front of your friends. He’ll tell you he’s craving a kiss or wants to feel you close to him and watch as your face breaks out in a deep blush.
  • He shocks you if you aren’t paying enough attention to him, even if it’s cause you’re in the middle of class. The voltage depends on how bratty he’s feeling at the time.
  • Always kisses the top of your head every time he walks past you, giving your hair a ruffle right after, occasionally even making it go static.

Originally posted by dailyshinsou

  • It took a lot of convincing for Shinso to actually believe you wanted to date him and it wasn’t just his quirk working on you, but when you finally convinced him? He couldn’t be happier.
  • He likes going to the park with you at night and laying on a blanket under the open sky, having you cuddled warmly into his side as you wish on stars.
  • He isn’t a fan of being very lovey dovey while out in public but loves when you hold onto his arm while the two of you are out doing things together.
  • He refuses to even use his quirk around you at first, but once he gets comfortable doing it don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself wondering over to sit in his lap or give him a kiss (with consent of course.)
  • His favorite thing to do with you is watch cheesy romance films or those tear jerking dramas. He’s a sucker for them but never cries or at least doesn’t let you see him cry.
  • He makes you countless little origami things and shows them to you after class, smiling proudly as you take them and please give him a kiss, he worked hard on them.

Originally posted by ogkillua

  • So Dabi doesn’t have the most welcoming or warming aura in the world, but still holds a soft spot for you nonetheless.
  • If you’re in the same room as him, you’re by his side. Not that he’s trying to control you, he just doesn’t trust the people around him not to touch you especially Toga.
  • Makeout sessions, all. the. time. He doesn’t care where you are, he will drag you to the nearest empty corner and kiss you until you’re weak in the knees.
  • He likes for you to lay your head in his lap and tell him stories about your childhood. His own past wasn’t the best so hearing about yours makes him feel better.
  • He makes sure to bring you with him —or be seated next to him if he’s doing it online— when he’s picking out new earrings and piercings. Your opinion matters.
  • He likes to sneak around dark alleys with you, telling you his stories —what man he beat up there, what item he stole here, “oh, i think i killed a man here, once”— all while placing little kisses to your temple, an arm thrown around your shoulders.
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Someone You Loved

Shinsou Hitoshi x Reader (College AU)

Warning/s: Characters are 20+; Angst; implied Depression; Cussing; COVID-19; Health Issues; mentioned Death; based on experience

Part 1

This time the title is a song by Lewis Capaldi. Reminder, your quirk has smth to do w/ Empathy & it’s not hero material by norms



Those last two months and almost two weeks for him was excruciating. He wanted nothing more but to chat and call you, but he couldn’t. The steady beeping throughout his room resonates as he scrolled through his phone, looking and reading back on his and yours messages filled the emptiness of his whole being with nostalgia and regret.

With a wry smile, the unwanted memories began to resurface of how you made him smile with your constant sending of heart memes, how you made him look forward at your adorable stickers and how you made him chuckle at your uwus, owos, and over all cuteness.

His guilt worsened as he remembered how you made him tongue tied when you ask about his day, how you made his stomach flutter as you talk about the trivial things in your life, how you made his heart skipped a beat when you send selfies, and how you made him sleep with your woos of lullabies when he told you he couldn’t. Oh how you made him so grateful as you made time for him despite your own busy schedule and strict household.

He respected you for your undying support and patience, how you understood how important being a hero was to him that it’s his top priority, accepting all of him including his flaws and mistakes, and how you unconditionally loved him no matter what. It was a small and simple gesture, yet you made it so sweet and fun. You made things light from the start, despite both of your hardships: all the cunningness and teasing of his and all the quirkinesses and playfullness of yours – you definitely made dating you all worth it.

I didn’t deserve you.

What was once the reason to keep going is now a bittersweet reminder, a part of his past he left behind. It was beginning to eat him alive: him being unable to be by your side to ease your pain, sadness, and your own void of emptiness — he tighten his hand into a fist, his knuckle into white and his heart rate quickened on the monitor. He would’ve liked to keep his promise to you: To see you in person one day and date you officially. But the world doesn’t work that way for him. From his quirk, friends, and to his love life.

News about the sudden breakup spread like wildfire, he suspected this was either Kirishima’s, Mina’s or both their doing as everyone from Class 1-A spammed his phone with messages, asking him why he left the pm you two have and why the hell he blocked you without any explanations. He’d always reply “It’s none of your business” to them although he knew you had good intentions of telling them, he couldn’t helped but sigh in stress.

A few days ago Midoriya, Kirishima, and surprisingly Bakugou showed up in front of his doorway which may or may not have been blow up by yours truly as Kirishima cornered him into answering his questions while Midoriya held Bakugou down, preventing the lad from beating the hell out of the “insomniac freak” as he liked to call him.

“Kacchan, calm down!!!” begged Midoriya.

“No way in fucking hell, Deku! This dipshit decided to be an asshole on (his nickname for y/n) and I can’t face her till I blow this motherfucker into smithereens!!” yelled Bakugou.

He scoffed. “Let him. I’m gonna die anyway.”

“Shinsou!!” Midoriya scolded.

“Why you piece of shit—”

He groaned and finally revealed the truth. He didn’t want you to worry and be sad about his well-being anymore as you went through your depression when he found out he was diagnosed with corona and was having health issues such as shortened lung due to a villain’s quirk. As the saying goes “If you love them, let them go” and that’s exactly what he did. Bakugou finally calmed down after he explained, although not satisfied – he at least tried to kick his ass.

“You could’ve told her that in the first place.” He scoffed, making the purple-haired hero roll his eyes. Yeah, right. Sure.

“At least then, she would’ve had a peace of mind and didn’t blame herself.” Midoriya added. “She was a mess when you did that, you know.”

“I know.” That’s why you deserved better than me because I’m just someone you loved. “Tell her: I’m sorry.” For not being strong enough to face you and tell you myself about the truth, bb. But believe me when I said: I loved you.

Because I really did.

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A/n: this is my first fic/drabble, so feedback is welcome! 
I was listening to this song when I got the idea for this and I’m not sure if it was going for more sad or hopeful, but this is gonna be more on the sad side.

Pairing: Uraraka/Deku, Uraraka/Bakugou (platonic)
Genre: Angst


Quickly walking to the door and slamming it out of anger, Uraraka huffed as she turned towards the fridge. Making her way over to it, she opened it and stuck her head in the cool air, letting the air cool off her face, along with her temper. After a while, she grabbed a water and turned around, set on going to the guest room to lay down only to stop at the sight of a very familiar box.

Uraraka sat in the middle of the floor next to the box, staring around at her half empty apartment. Putting on a playlist, she started going through the miscellaneous things from their UA days that he had left behind. Several pictures of one of them that the other had taken, them with their friends, and about double that of them together.

You say there’s so much you don’t know
You need to go and find yourself
You say you’d rather be alone
‘Cause you think you won’t find it tied to someone else

She paused as the song started to play, torn between changing it and listening it out to cry her eyes out to. Reaching for her phone, Uraraka’s gazed landed on the small pink stuffed mochi looking plush that he had won for her at one of the festivals.

Ooh, who said it’s true
That the growing only happens on your own?
They don’t know me and you

Tears welled up in her eyes as she redirected her hand to pick up the plushie. Bringing it close to her, she hugged it and let the tears fall remembering every detail of that day.

How cute she looked in the new yukata that she had allowed herself to splurge on, and how he wore one that matched hers.

Spending most of the day with their peers and friends, then once night fell, everyone split off on their own or into groups. They had decided to try and make a little date out of it, at least until they had to meet up for the fireworks display where the who class had decided to watch from.

How he had been so proud to win this very plushie for her, and how he had kissed her cheek as he gave it to her, saying it reminded him of how sweet she was.

I don’t think you have to leave
If to change is what you need
You can change right next to me
When you’re high, I’ll take the lows
You can ebb and I can flow
And we’ll take it slow
And grow as we go
Grow as we go

You won’t be the only one
I am unfinished, I’ve got so much left to learn
I don’t know how this river runs
But I’d like the company through every twist and turn

The scene changed to their graduation. Him standing in front of everyone of 3-A making a small speech before the ceremony. They all couldn’t wait to work together and grow to be better Pros. Together.

The Ceremony was a high point for all of them. They were finally done with the school part, on to the real work until. Sure, they had their internships since their first year, but this is where it would all really count. They had made names for themselves, now to show that it wasn’t the wrong choice to train them.

Time for them to work towards making their own agencies.

You don’t ever have to leave
If to change is what you need
You can change right next to me
When you’re high, I’ll take the lows
You can ebb and I can flow
And we’ll take it slow
And grow as we go
Grow as we go
Grow as we go
Grow as we go

It wasn’t a few months after graduation that they had moved in together. Starting the next chapter of their lives together. Moving all of their stuff from the dorms and their parent’s houses was a chore in and of itself, but they were too excited at the prospect of having a little home together.

Home. It sounded so nice to the both of them.

They would be at separate agencies, but this place was all theirs and they couldn’t wait to see what waited for them in the future.

I don’t know who we’ll become
I can’t promise it’s not written in the stars
But I believe that when it’s done
That we grew up together

Then there was the day he told her he was leaving for America. It broke her heart, and she begged him not to go.

Of course, he wanted her to come with him, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t take the same risk with her career that he could, not when she was trying so hard to help out her parents.

They fought over it, for weeks before the day he was set to leave. Today.

“Tell me you don’t wanna leave.” She begged him one last time.

Picking up his last box, the love of her life turned to face her. Staring down at his old red sneakers, his voice was hoarse as he replied, “As much as I would love to Ochako, I can’t do it anymore,” he sighed, “My plane with All Might leaves soon, do you want to come with me to see me off?”

Getting angry with him, she yelled at him, “If you don’t want to stay, I don’t want to see you off.” She turned her back to him as soon as she finished.

She heard him sigh before he ended the conversation, “If that’s how it’s going to be then fine. But I do love you Ochako, please don’t doubt that.”

Turning around to yell at him some more, she found he was already gone….

It was only about 20 minutes later when Bakugou had come to check on her. He knew that Deku left today, and after he and Pink Cheeks had started training and being friends since the beginning of their second year, he knew he had to be the one to help her through this. He had knocked on the door twice before pulling out the key that they had forced him to take.

Walking in, he saw the pictures from UA scattered about, along with Uraraka crying. Hearing the song that she had playing, his face softened a tiny bit. Walking over, he picked up her phone and turned the song off. Setting the phone back beside her, he knelt down before putting his hand on her head.

“Oi, Pink Cheeks.”

Uraraka finally looked up from the pictures, only for more tears to gather in her eyes. “Was I not good enough for him to stay, Tsuki?”

Rolling his eyes at the awful nickname she always called him, he comforted her, “No, Cheeks. Deku is just a shitty nerd who doesn’t know what’s good for him.”

“Then why wouldn’t he stay for me?”

“Cause the nerd thinks he has to do exactly the same as All Might. Now come on, Frogger and Icy-hot are waiting at my place. They have ice cream and your favorite shitty horror movies waiting for you.”

“How did they know?”

“Cause Deku told me weeks ago what was going on, and I knew you would need someone there for you.”

Uraraka tackled Bakugou in a hug, “you’re the best friend, you know that right?”

“Yeah, Yeah, now get the hell off, we gotta get going.”

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a quick colored sketch i did of Vigilante!Izuku

When in an very emotional state, Izuku would sometimes lose control of his quirk. The worse he has ever been was when Dabi was at deaths door, and Izuku had to defend not only his life, but Dabi’s as well against a villain stronger than both of them combined.

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