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My Hero Academia - Fanfic Reviews (…hear me out) - Part 1

My Hero Academia Fans here I am with something for you^^ A list of my favourite mha fanfics (not smut and barely with ships at all, or something like that -.- but cool ones)

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HELLO YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃グ So for my requests I would like head cannons for 1A maybe kiri/Bakugo/deku/Mina, if you want to do other characters along with that then it’s even better馃榿 don’t push yourself to hard. Anyways the idea is that both class 1A & B are on a camping trip, Nito pushes y/n out on the water(floaty bed) but she can’t swim so she starts to panic and falls into the water starting to drown. Sooo someone saves her鉂わ笍馃榿

*uno reverse card* no u! Here it is! My first try at headcanons, I hope you like it! I love you, Pepper <3

Full name: (y/f/n)
Quirk: (y/q)
Age: 15


  • Both Aizawa and Vlad King thought it would be a good idea to take both of their classes out on a little camping trip. No one talks about the first one, especially Bakugou.
  • Everything was fine and dandy, the two classes got on their separate busses and the entire trip there was filled with laughter and enjoyment. Everyone’s items were packed and stuffed into the base of the bus. This camp wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, it was mostly going to focus on teaching the students on how to scout and hide or find help in emergency situations.
  • Of course, Monoma was back to being the jerk he was, basically blaming class 1A for everything, especially the last time they got attacked.
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Bakugou would repeatedly scream, making Kirishima and Kaminari often hold him back as Kendo took care of Monoma, once again apologizing for his stupidity.
  • The two classes, with exceptions, helped each other out, especially with setting up the tents. Each student was allowed to have their own tent, but the groups were separated by gender. Males were on one side with the females on the other side. 
  • Once all the tents were set up the students began their training. Of course, it wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, but it wasn’t easy either. Aizawa and Vlad King definitely put them through the wringer.
  • By the end of the training session, most of the students were exhausted. After dinner, they were in their tents and asleep. Except… Monoma. He had the bright idea to “prank” class 1A. He, honestly, hadn’t meant for it to get so bad… it really was supposed to just be a joke.
  • He quietly snuck over to the girls’ tents, unzipping (f/n)’s tent and pulling her little blow-up mattress out. He gently and quietly walked her all the way to the little riverbed they were next to, pushing her mattress into the water.
  • Before anyone could see him, he was back in his tent and laid down, waiting for the girl to wake up.
  • (f/n)’s hand had accidentally landed in the water and she shot up, panicking when she felt the mattress rock. It was unstable. Without another second, she let out a blood-curdling scream.
  • Everyone panicked, quickly unzipping their tents and running out, thinking there was another villain attack. Both Aizawa and Vlad King were ready, standing next to their students.
  • “HELP!” They both looked towards the water and saw (f/n) on her little mattress, floating away. Their eyes widened and everyone ran towards the water.
  • “OI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Bakugou screamed as they followed her mattress, which was starting to move faster and faster as it hit the current.
  • “JUST HELP ME!” She screamed back as she tried to stay calm. She had no idea how to swim and the currents were getting worse.
  • “There’s a waterfall up ahead!” Vlad King informed as some of the students followed the teachers. They all ran along the path that followed parallel to the river. Todoroki attempted to use his ice, but she moved just too fast. Aizawa’s scarf was too short too.
  • They watched in fear as (f/n)’s mattress hit multiple rocks as she entered the rapids before the falls. Halfway through, slipped and fell into the water with another scream.
  • “SHE CAN’T SWIM!” Mina screamed, making them sprint faster.
  • “I have an idea!” Midoriya yelled, quickly explaining as they watched (f/n) collide with the different rocks. She tried to use her quirk, but wasn’t able to, due to her confusion and inability to breathe or keep her head out of the water.
  • Todoroki quickly made a large ice slab which followed (f/n), but was just a bit too slow. Both Midoriya and Aizawa separated from the group, which kept running ahead to repeat the plan in case it failed.
  • Midoriya used his quirk and passed Aizawa. He jumped into the water, quickly grabbing (f/n)’s waist and pulling her close. The two drifted past the rapids and Midoriya held her head up out of the water.
  • “It’s ok! Everything’s ok! I’m here!” (f/n) gasped, coughing out the water in her mouth as Aizawa’s scarf wrapped around both of them. They came to a rough halt as their teacher held them back.
  • Todoroki created another ice sheet, which Midoriya climbed on, pulling (f/n) up with him. She coughed and gasped for air as she landed on his chest.
  • “Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said, kissing both of his cheeks over and over again. His face erupted in red, but he nodded regardless as the others arrived to help the two to safety. They quickly returned to camp, where they found out the truth.
  • “YOU THREW MY CLASSMATE INTO THE FUCKING WATER?!” Bakugou screamed, letting explosions go off.
  • “It was a prank!” Monoma defended himself, as Bakugou tackled him to the ground. Aizawa erased their quirks and they were pulled apart.
  • “YOU ALMOST KILLED HER, DIPSHIT! LET GO OF ME! I’LL SET YOU ON FIRE, ASSHOLE!” (f/n) was Bakugou’s friend, she’d earned his respect (which wasn’t easy) and no one, NO ONE, was going to disrespect her like that and get away with it.
  • “Enough!” Aizawa interrupted. He assured everyone Monoma there would be some serious repercussions. Until then, (f/n) dried herself off and shared a tent with Mina. However, once everyone was asleep, she snuck into Midoriya’s tent.
  • “Wh-what-”
  • “Shhh.” She said, placing a hand on his mouth. Without another word, she crawled under the warm sheets, snuggling closer to his form. Midoriya ran his hands through her slightly damp hair in an effort to calm her. She fell asleep, no problem. He, however, he had ZERO (0) sleep that night.
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The Butterfly Effect-Part 2 ~Katsuki Bakugo x fem!reader

Warning!⚠️ violence, cussing

Previous Parts:

Prologue Prologue 1.5 Part 1


Originally posted by touyanii

“Hey Hiro, isn’t that where your dad tried to beat that sludge villain when he was little?”

Hiroyuki looked at the exhibit that Miyoko was pointing at. “Yeah, my dad tells me about it all the time. His friend was in trouble and the heroes there couldn’t help him so my dad tried to save his friend all by himself,” Hiroyuki said with a sparkle in his eye.

“Well, your dad’s friend sounds pretty lame since he couldn’t even beat a little slime,” Miyoko said with a grin. “Well, my dad only beat him because he had help from Grandpa Toshi. Heh heh,” Hiroyuki said as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Yeah, but your dad is awesome. I wish he was my dad,” Miyoko grumbled.

Hiroyuki looked at her and got ready to say something to cheer her up when the doors to the museum busted open. Two pro heroes rushed in.

“Woah! Red Riot and Chargebolt! I wonder what they’re doing here?”

“Everyone remain calm. There’s a problem in the building and we need everyone to evacuate immediately.”

The teachers tried to group all of their students up but they were interrupted when the lights flickered off and the ground shook violently. A chorus of screams sounded as an explosion rumbled through the museum causing the walls of the museum to shift and collapse.


Bakugo’s head pounded.

Ears ringing, he reached up and touched his head.


“Tch. Damn psychopath. ”

Bakugo swayed when he stood up. He stumbled for the first few steps but was over all pretty good for surviving a full blown explosion. He guessed he was just used to them. He kept going until he saw a familiar head of red hair.

“Bakugo! What happened out there man!?” Kirishima asked knowing better than to ask if he was okay. Denki not so much.

“Yeah man, you look like shit.” Bakugo glared at the blonde.

“What did you say to me, Asshole!?” Bakugo went to swing at Kaminari but he missed and swayed forward.

Kirishima caught Bakugo.

“I don’t need your help, Shitty Hair!” Bakugo said as he swayed more trying to get away from the red head’s grasp.

“What happened back there, man?”

“Damn suicide bomber.”

“Woah man. That’s pretty serious. You need to get some medical help.”

“I’m fine.” Bakugo grumbled. Kirishima gave him a worried look.

“Fine. We’ll finish looking for survivors but after that we’re getting you to a doctor.”

Bakugo growled but didn’t comment on it.


“Hiro!” Miyoko yelled, trying to locate her best friend through the dust and wreckage.

“Miko! I’m over here!” Hiroyuki cried back from under a collapsed wall.

Miyoko started digging through pieces of wreckage desperately trying to free her best friend.

“Don’t worry Hiro! I’m gonna get you out!” Miyoko yelled, trying to calm down her bestfriend.

“Hey guys, I think I hear some kids over here!” Miyoko heard from behind her. She turned around to see heroes running towards her. She instantly recognized them from earlier.

“Red Riot, Chargebolt you’re here! My friend needs help!” Miyoko cried out as she ran over towards the heroes. Kirishima had to do a double take when he saw a carbon copy of his best friend running towards him.

“Hey, are you hurt little girl?” Kirishima asked as she approached him.

“My arm hurts a little, but I’m okay. My friend needs help. He’s stuck under those rocks,” Miyoko said as Kirishima checked her for immediate injuries.

“Hey Shitty Hair, what’s the hold up?”

Miyoko turned to face the rash voice. Another blonde hero limped towards the group. She stared intently at the hero, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. Bakugo looked at Miyoko.

“What’s your problem, brat?” Bakugo scoffed when Miyoko stuck her tongue out at him.

“Ground Zero, there’s a kid stuck under here. I’m worried that if we start pulling out rocks, it could bring the whole place down. I’m gonna go around and see if there’s another way to get the kid out,” Kirishima said before jogging around the rubble.

“Wait! I wanna go with you! He’s my friend and I wanna save him!” Miyoko yelled. Kirishima stopped dead in his tracks.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Kirishima asked the girl gently.

“Miyoko and his name is Hiro, Hiroyuki! He’s my best friend!”

“Look Miyoko. It’ll be safer for you and him if you wait here with Bak- I mean, Ground Zero. I know your mommy and daddy wouldn’t want you to get hurt or lost too,” he tried to reason with the four year old.

“Well, I don’t have a daddy.” Miyoko argued back.

“Well, I’m sure your mom would be really sad if something happened to you. You need to stay here where it’s safe,” Kirishima said with a frown. Kirishima leaned down to her level.

“I need you to protect my friend over there. He’s hurt. Can you be my hero and watch out for villains for me?” Miyoko begrudgingly nodded. She didn’t want to watch over this mean guy, she wanted to save her friend.

Miyoko crossed her arms and frowned but didn’t say anything else as the red headed hero ran around the building’s remains.

Bakugo and Miyoko sat in silence for a few moments before the rubble shifted and Hiroyuki let out a cry.

“Hiro!” Miyoko yelled before shooting up and running to help her friend. Miyoko was fast, but Bakugo was faster even in his wounded state. Bakugo tried to hold her back, but Miyoko was determined to get away and save her friend.

“Kid, you gotta stop, dammit! If you start pulling random fucking rocks, they’ll all fall and crush your friend,” Bakugo gritted out as he tried to contain the squirming Miyoko.

Miyoko eventually went limp in his arms, the frustration getting the better of her and hot angry tears made their way down her face.

“Shit,” Bakugo sighed. He wasn’t good with kids and Kirishima knew it. So, he didn’t see why he thought it was a good idea to leave him here.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, kid. There’s no reason to-“ Bakugo stopped as a new idea ran through his head.

“Hey kid, who’s your favorite hero?” Miyoko looked at him through big watery eyes before answering him.

“Hellfreeze, the duality hero. He’s the coolest. And my name’s not Kid, it’s Miyoko,” she sassed to him.

‘You gotta be shitting me,’ Bakugo thought to himself.

“Well, what would Hellfreeze want you to do in this situation? He wouldn’t want you to cry. He’d want you to be strong so that we can save your friend.”

Miyoko sniffed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I wish he was here. He’d know what to do.”

Bakugo suddenly remembered why he decided to never have kids.


Hey guys! Here’s the next part of the series! I hope you like it! Don’t forget if you guys are ever confused on what’s happening or just want to talk about what’s happening, don’t hesitate to ask! I will try to answer all your questions! Also if you want to be added to the tags still, just let me know!

Edit: Okay I feel like I have to clarify because if I didn’t know, it might now be that clear to me. In my fanfiction, Todoroki is one of the top three pro heroes. He also took on the hero name Hellfreeze mostly because I thought it sounded badass 😂 also in the next part, it might get confusing again so I’ll clarify right now. Uraraka let her hero license expire right after she had Hiro so she could protect him at home. Her and Midoriya desided it was for the best, because it was extremely dangerous for them to have a kid while Deku was still the no1 hero. If there’s anything I might’ve missed that’s confusing, just let me know!



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Can you do the main three boys reaction to they’re lil boo thang being slim thicc馃ズ馃憠馃徑馃憟馃徑

Ofc bb I hope you enjoy !!

Bakugou :


Originally posted by baekugos

* would love it lol

* He would probably love your body more than you

* ass

* He loves your ass

* Like deadass he see de booty he grabs de booty

* You have marks in your ass bc of him

* He’s playing , slapping , grabbing all of that do de booty

* pls pls ask for a massage bc 10/10 he will give you one

* he wants to rub de booty

* If you ever twerk on him he’s dead he done

* Might have to do a twerking hc

* He wishs someone would try to slap your ass and or hit on you while he’s there

* Somebodys child will get fucked up

* Will never ever ever let you be insecure about your body

* If he hears one negative thing out your mouth about your body it’s overrr

* Body worship ? I think sooo

* He kisses you stretch marks 🥺

* But don’t get it twisted though

* As much as he loves your body he loves your personality even more

* Your body is just a plus :)

Deku :


Originally posted by derikisu

* at first he didn’t peep you were thicC

* Bc your uniform was on the baggy side

* But when saw you in your hero outfit

* He went 😮😳🥵🤤

* Bc damn you one fine ass motherfucker

* And sometime later in your relationship When y’all are alone he gets the confidents to ask if he can touch de booty

* Even tho I think he’s more of a boobs kinda guy

* But he still wanna rub de booty 👉🏽👈🏽

* And later that week you asked him to massage your boobs bc they hurt

* And baby boy was so blushy and adorable

* When y’all cuddle his face is in your titis

* He feels like he’s on cloud 9 💀

* One time mineta was talking about you and how he wanted to fuck you and shit

* Deku never moved so fast , normally he would try to be The bigger person and not use violence

* But he was talkin bout his girl soo you know what had to do

* He punched the shit outta that grape head pervert

* And does he regret it ? he’ll no

* Don’t talk about his girl you clown 🤡



Originally posted by baekugos

* he’s another one who didn’t peep but y’all had a dress down day one time and he saw you in some Fashion nova jeans

* Childdd

* that boy was not ready for all dat

* He not the type to ever tell you not to wear something

* He doesn’t care lol

* they can look but they can’t touch so he’s not tripping

* But the minute someone gets bold and tries to touch

* Smh I feel bad for them , rip 😔

* Todo finna freeze that bitch hand before they can touch you

* Is gonna ask you if you good give you a hug then proceed to fuck that bitch up

* You know that thing where pants are a bit tight so you gotta do that jump and wiggle shit so your ass can fit in them

* Bro he loves watching you do that shit

* speaking of asses

* Just like the others


* Tho I think he’s a thighs kinda dude

* Shit he plays with your thighs all the time

* He plays with them in class , he grips him while he’s driving

* And he sleeps on them , that’s he’s #1 cuddling position

* He also leaves hella marks on your thighs

* And when you wear shorts she vv smug about it

* Twerk on him I dare youuu , you finna see a different side of todo that all imma say 😳

- ahhh hope y’all like , I hope this cures a bit of your boredom during this quarantine love y’all :))

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