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putseraphinaonthaphone · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Calling all queers who love BNHA! Send me queer centric thirsts, headcannons, and hcs for you comfort characters, for BNHA! Pls? <3
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smallmightsupremacy · 16 minutes ago
Deku: *really high on medication*
Bakugou: Jesus you look like terrible. How much medicine did they give you?
Deku: *blinks*
Deku: Wait- if I'm Jesus then you must be...
Deku: GOD?! As in the bastard who made snakes born without arms?
Deku: Fuck you! You don't know what it's like having no arms! Why don't you break your arms and see what it's like not having them! I break my arms for a living so I'm better then you and your non-breakable arms! You wanna go? I'll rip your arms off and whip you with a snake!
Bakugou: You need some serious help.
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oli-is-a-dumbass · 18 minutes ago
Deku: you’re being a child!
Bakugou: OH REALLY?
Bakugou: * plucks one of deku’s hairs*
Bakugou running away: IVE GOT ONE FOR ALL AND U CANT STOP ME
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andyssmintss · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
"I'll come home to you."
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kkacchaan · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku’s always pullin people into his fan club
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a-bee-ja · an hour ago
Can I get sfw+nsfw of any yanderes you choose with a shy darling who Absolutely loves being praised but doesn't think they deserve it
Hi baby, of course you can. Also ʷʰʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʷᵉ ʷʰⁱˢᵖᵉʳⁱⁿᵍ
Praises 🎂 🍒
Contents: Yandere!SShinso, Yandere!Sero, Yandere!Izuku, Yandere!Katsuki, Yandere!Kaminari and Yandere!Kirishima with a gn!shy!darling who loves being praised. (sfw and nsfw)
A/N: as always, whenever I write for canonic teenagers I age them up, especially with NSFW, so yeah. Unless its SFW and requested to be their canonic age I will not write for them as minors :]
Tumblr media
Shinsou often thinks he is undeserving of his darlings love, aside from being a think that keeps them sane and not wanting to murder anyone who barely interacts with his most prized posetion he also feels villanous and often questions if he should just let their darling go. He feels undeserving of having the most precious human being in all earth at his side.
But whenever they cling tighter at him as he passes his fingers through their hair and says an “I love you, Toshi” with that small voice of theirs he can’t help but know this was the right thing to do.
And when he sees you smile as he tells you how pretty you are, how happy you make him and how much of a sunshine you are on his life thats when he feels most alive.
And whenever he is rapidly slamming his cock against your deepest parts and he tells you how good you are for him, how well you take his cock inside you, you pretty you look covered in sweat and moaning his name as he fucks you stupid he knows he is the only man in this world who deserves to see you in such a blisfull state.
And not even you can convince him otherwise.
Tumblr media
Sero is often insecure about his appearance, he actively seeks reassurance from his darling and expects them to do the same from him.
So when you say you aren’t worthy of love and tenderness, when you start self deprecating because you think that he is lying its when he starts seeing things in a different way.
He is scared of you not loving him, but he is also afraid of you not loving yourself.
He gently passes kisses all over your skin and tells you how beautiful you are for him, how perfect and how amazing you are, how the world is undeserving of having you, how he is the only one that appretiates you as much as you deserve.
And then when he buries his head between your legs to give you pleasure he expects some headpats and praises in his direction, to tell him how good he is making his one and only feel.
Aside from that, you just look so beautiful whenever you pull his hair and moan for more.
Tumblr media
Izuku is a worshipper for his darling, how can he not be? You are so pretty and perfect, he wants to eat you like a cupcake when he sees you,  he is completely sure you’re just as sweet.
He will hold you in his arms as he tells you how good you are for him, how good he can be for you if you just let him, how precious you are, how perfect and how amazing, and how you were made for him and only him.
He cherishes you as if you were a star that fell from the sky, because for him you are, his precious little darling, for him to protect and mantain happy and safe.
He thinks you are just being modest whenever you decline his praises, but please remove that modesty. He’ll remove it for you as he removes your clothes and starts worshiping your body like you deserve, and starts telling you how good he is gonna make his star feel.
Tumblr media
Katsuki is not one to give praises, he is normally rough and abusing towards anything and anyone that he doesn’t like, or that makes him angry, or that makes him feel nervous and fuzzy inside, that makes him want to love and care for them, that makes him want to puke his organs out whenever he sees them with anyone that isn’t him.
But when you go a little deeper beneath the surface, when you start seeing that soft side of his, that one that likes to cook for you, to play with your hair while he whispers sweet nothings into your ear, that one that congratulated you when you didn’t cry or shake when he was nearby.
When he told you how proud he was of you taking his big fat cock so well in your tight little entrance, how good you were milking him and how gorgeous you looked while being at his mercy.
And when he gave you a big speech telling you how stupid you were for thinking that you didn’t deserve love, that you didn’t deserve anything he did for you.
That’s when he feels like a completely different man, when he feels to you like the ideal husband he wants so desperately to be.
Tumblr media
Kaminari loves his darling more than anything else in the world, he cherished them and wants to keep them close at all times.
He wants to feel you against his skin, he wants to tell you how proud he is of you, how proud of himself you make him feel, how after long days of hero work he just wants to grab you in his arms and tell you that he loves you.
He is just the sweetest thing in the world, peppering kisses all over your face as a way of telling you that he loves that cute face of yours, when he tries to be smooth and tell you something cute and dorky with words and he makes you laugh so shyly, he knows he is doing the right thing.
And when he kisses your lips and his hands send electrical currents down your spine as he uses your body, as he gives you the pleasure you deserve he knows he is the best thing that could ever have happened to you.
Tumblr media
How much does Kirishima worship his darling? He’ll respond that no number can calculate that quantity.
Whenever he sees you he can’t help but hug you tightly and tell you how much of a sweetheart you are, how perfect and beautiful and amazing you are.
That you are his pretty little ray of sunshine and he will protect you forever, even if you don’t want him to he will, because thats what you deserve. You’re his prince/ss and he is your knight in shining armor, match made in heaven, made for each other.
He caresses your skin with an uncaracteristicaly soft touch, he whisper how perfect and beautiful you are for him as his fingers prepare you for his lenght. A possesive side of him also comes out when seeing you so vulnerable, he tells you that you are his and only his, he is the only one that can see you and touch you like this, how unworthy everyone else is of you and he’d rather die than let you go in the arms of any other trashy scum bag that calls themself a man.
Tumblr media
I hope you like this, sweetheart
Have a great day/night
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smallmightsupremacy · an hour ago
Deku: Ok now we just need to distract them long enough to escape.
Shoto: Leave that to me.
Shoto: Since the ocean has meat, salt, and vegetables in it, it is technically a soup. Discuss.
Uraraka, joining in: Wait but doesn't that mean the Earth is a big bowl then? Discuss.
The lov: *start fighting and screaming*
Deku: This, oh- I really don't like this.
Deku, getting hit in the face with one of Shigaraki's hands: C-Can we leave? Please.
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smallmightsupremacy · an hour ago
Baugou: My name is Katsuki, and I can make you cry, talk to me again... and I'll make you die.
Shoto: Noted.
Deku, grabbing Shoto: My name is Izuku, and I speak for the Todoroki, mess with him again... and I’ll break your knees.
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shadowed-dancer · 2 hours ago
OFA quirks theory/prediction
I noticed something a few weeks ago and a comment in today’s leak summary gave me hope that I might be right. So here’s something I noticed about the quirks of OFA, as well as a prediction of what some of the quirks might be.
Spoilers for the manga up to 310
Tumblr media
Ok so this is the comment that motivated me to make this post. There is an implication that Deku might receive a speed quirk, which is VERY interesting because it follows a trend I had noticed a few chapters back.
Deku’s quirks are starting to mirror the quirks of his friends and mentors
The basic punching power of OFA is All Might
Float is obviously Uraraka
Danger sense is Sir Nighteye, in the sense that Deku can avoid attacks just like he could
Black whip is either Asui or Aizawa depending on how he uses it. It could also be Tokoyami (based on appearance) or Sero (unlikely since Sero is so minor), or it could be meant to be representative of all of them since it has so many uses
If it’s true Deku will get a speed quirk, that would be Gran Torino and/or Iida
The one I’m a little confused about it smoke screen. I can’t find a direct comparison to anyone, but I wonder if it could be Shoto or Endeavour? Stain made that comment that Shoto’s ice blocks his line of sight, similar to how smoke screen impair’s Deku’s vision. Or it could be like Endeavour’s flame... somehow... Idk this is my weakest one.
So that brings us to the last one. If we assume the speed quirk belongs to the 3rd user (because why not?) then I have a prediction on what the 2nd user’s quirk might be.
Prediction for the 2nd user
I know a lot of people don’t want it to be explosions, but uh oh spaghettio I think we might have to suck it up. Luckily, I don’t think it will be exactly like Bakugo’s quirk.
I don’t believe the 2nd guy is Bakugo, but I’d be ok if he was Bakugo’s ancestor. And here’s a little known fact that a lot of people seem to forget: Bakugo’s quirk is a hybrid quirk.
His mom sweats glycerin and his dad sweats acid (implied to be similar to nitric acid). This means that any ancestor of Bakugo wouldn’t have his exact quirk, but instead something more similar to his dad.
Bakugo’s dad can create small explosions by rubbing his hands together to create friction and heat. Unlike Bakugo, he can’t secrete it at will. This may explain why the 2nd user has some sort of support gear on his hands, as it would allow him to store up his sweat (similar to what Bakugo does). Unlike Bakugo, this would be necessary in order to fight at all, unlike Bakugo who does it to spare his body from overworking.
If Deku were to get this quirk enhanced, then perhaps he could create explosions at will. But they wouldn’t be on the same scale as Bakugo’s.
If I’m right, and the OFA quirks are meant to mirror the quirks of his friends, this would all be really clever. I know a few people were put off by the idea of a speed quirk since it’s sort of infringing on Iida’s whole thing, but I hope if it’s part of an overarching thing it will be handled better. Sort of like a “Deku got this strong through watching his friends and learning from them” kind of thing.
Idk it’s just a thought. I’m very tired
(also sorry if someone else has said the same thing, I don’t check the tags often enough)
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icyhotandthedamnnerd · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
napping time with the boo <3
i wasn’t so sure if i wanted to color it, so we‘ll see about that, but this is a sketch of my fave boys cuddling and napping together :)
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banebow13uwu · 3 hours ago
I feel like through watching BNHA and reading several essays, fanfics and tumblr posts surrounding it’s worldbuilding and the concept of All Might being the Symbol of Peace and holder of One for All, contrasted with All for One and the ideas behind the creation of villains in MHA’s universe, I’ve now just simply begun to question the relevance, importance and solidity of the idea of heroes in the first place. I feel as though heroes in the first place are an unhealthy ideal of sacrifice for the greater good, that no human can reasonably live through.
These are children who are being put through several traumatic experiences and being asked to deal with the burden of society’s evils from the standpoint that this is for the greater good and handing over your body and literal blood, sweat and tears to others is what’s applauded and considered heroic, while there are zero options for, say, therapy or actually developing a mentally healthy mindset and sound reasoning for approaching such overarching problems.
Granted, not everyone is as gung-ho with the general model of heroism, the only standout character of this being Aizawa. However, there are several moments in the show where he has said and done nothing to stop moments of extreme harm to the (literal - as we have to keep reminding ourselves) children. I take the example of Bakugou: doesn’t reprimand him to the extent that he should, says nothing in the face of his mom’s blatant hitting or blaming/shaming, makes no move to prevent his restraining at the Sports Festival, etc. etc. etc
Though he certainly cares for the class, there are several actions and situations which he too simply glosses over - however much we’d like to believe in his heart and however many fix-it fanfics you may write, there is a certain level of apathy towards life-and-death situations as well as severe injuries that is, at best, taken somewhat seriously before saying ‘of course, you simply need to stop doing that specific move’. Not because they literally broke a limb, but because you can’t do hero work if you can’t move.
It always comes back to simply handling what quite frankly shouldn’t be handled by anyone, not just the kids. It’s just perhaps further emphasized when there is a lack of therapeutic facilities or outlets for any of the children, and functionality is favored over their development, possible serious mental health issues, harmful mindsets and inappropriate behavior skimmed over since ‘hey, their powers work and so do they, and that’s running society’. It’s a harsh way of taking one look at a half-dead child and saying ‘get up’. Other people need to be saved. Not the child, of course. Just literally everyone else.
Of course, this could be exactly why none of the teachers react to what should be addressed - they’ve also simply been in the system for too long, and if this is what they’ve been feeding kids no wonder they’ve turned out this way as well. A product of the times, if you will. But if no one’s bothering to break the cycle, or perhaps concede that maybe we shouldn’t have a Symbol of Peace, considering the massive risk and it’s overwhelming weight on its successor, and perhaps rid ourselves of heroes altogether, the endangerment of students not even remotely ready for the world continues.
This isn’t some cool can-do situation where the shounen protagonist busts through all obstacles with sheer emphasis of will, this is unhealthy mindsets being encouraged in children in order to make amends in the face of adult failures, and continually propagated since it works. It’s sickening, but it works. This can even go for all shounen for that matter - protagonists vehemently believing in their own abilities against all reason to complete an action for the good of humankind, which is far too many people to successfully sustain a positive, healthy relationship with.
It works in the shows. It works on TV. It works for the protagonist because they always save the day, save their friends and family and peers and city and country and world. They may have it rough in the beginning, they may have tough training arcs, but ultimately their incredible resolve is what pulls them through against all odds, even if it’s a literal child going up against a metaphorical (or literal) bullet. They will save the world. And they do. But that’s onscreen.
I’d like to know how much shows like BNHA, shounen protagonists as a whole, and heck - a large majority of media - affects young minds in how they perceive their worth. Deku is a cute uwu smol anxious bean. Sure. Fine.
He also has severe trauma, an inferiority/savior complex the size of a whale, near-constant anxiety, a horrific disregard for his life and body, an almost subhuman/derogatory view of himself in terms of before and after a quirk, and is only fine with being in the vicinity of his long-term bully because everyone else around him said it was fine, and he accepted. Because of course he did.
The reclaiming of the name Deku was possibly the only positive turnaround made in his entire life history, the rest of which have wholly unhealthy backstories and suicidal connotations, all of which are actively encouraged in their maintenance because he’s a hero. He’s One for All. He’s the next Symbol of Peace.
Can we all please consider that maybe hero media in general is actually a terrible concept in real life, and that BNHA’s moral/ethical/societal code is more than a little fcked up? Because I think we should. Just consider that shows in general are not monoliths. Do not take media as a stand-in for a well-rounded, balanced mindset. A healthy outlook on life. A mentally stable one, for fck’s sake. I feel like taking one single role model in life like how Deku practically worships All Might isn’t healthy either.
Deku’s cute, but his attitude towards himself isn’t. The apathy towards the students of UA (and other schools) and the violence of MHA’s world isn’t either. Shit sucks, yes. The world can be fcking dark and crap and people can be horrifying. But dealing with all that is not something that should be normalized or regularized. It’s dangerous, and should be kept in mind as such, no matter how many times we see a protagonist take down a villain 10x stronger than them; we should remain aware that they could’ve died right there, had that been real life.
TV shows can be great. I like BNHA. I like it’s world-building. I like the questioning of morals and ethics in the case of the League of Villains and associated ‘bad guys’. However, the world Deku lives in should be taken into perspective. Obviously the odds of kids ready to jump off roofs and willing to break an arm after watching MHA are low, but still. They’re kids. The adults at least were kids. The adoption of the kind of destructive empathetic attitude seen propagated in BNHA is not okay.
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kannra21 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I always thought that Deku and Hawks would go fan-mode and talk ab their favorite heroes but it turns out that Deku's alone in it 😂
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