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#mha fanart

So, I definitely got sucked into the #bnha fandom recently…

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite angry bois™️!


Also, it’s my first time drawing Bakugou, it will get better (hopefully lol)

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Some soft TodoDeku from Grateful by Miss_TeaDDK ( @tododeku-or-bust ).

Fic Summary:

“Deku sighed. It was selfish of the number one, but he couldn’t wait until he could just go home, shower and cuddle with his boyfriend. Anything to get the taste of soot out of his mouth, grime off his skin, and good food in his stomach. He’d scheduled a fancy dinner date for them tonight, so of course something had to literally blow up.”

A massive gas explosion and the resulting fire has left our heroes exhausted, irritated, and with an unfortunate choice to make.

Day 7: Home; “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without it, no other virtue can be practiced consistently”- Maya Angelou

When Ice asked me to draw this scene, I was ecstatic. I fell in love with Grateful immediately upon reading it. It captures sacrifice and grief and the relief that follows in such palpable ways.  I really recommend everyone give it a read. 

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Ow my wrist.

Why did I do this to myself? 😂 Clothing is veeeery hard for me, but oh well. I enjoyed the challenge.

Challenge #2: manga-style colouring! I experimented to emulate Horikoshi’s style buuuuut that went badly 🤣 Maybe next time.

This isn’t set in any specific time frame, but in my head it’s pre Kamino Ward.

Yoooo I went through so many pose corrections for Aizawa I was about ready to throw in the towel 🤣 I was pleased with how Toshi looked once I’d blocked him in, but grrrrr Eraser did not look right for the longest time!

Close ups and progress shots under the cut ^^

These two are my weakness 🥺

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felt thirsty + needed to practice coloring skin = Pro Hero Bakugou doing a underwear photo shoot (??)

I couldn’t make up my mind on which version I liked best 😅

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How I draw Presentation Michael - Civilian Style

This is just the doodle style cause the full colour pieces take ages and I’m not taking that many screen snips. For the comics I usually stop at step 4 or 5. I also tinted the lines with red before posting because I can.
This isn’t really a tutorial, just a process, but if you wanna give it a go, feel free. Tag me,even, I’d like to see that. Emulate my style challenge. It’s like the opposite of a DTIYS. 

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“It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him”


Have a 2 am doodle I made :)) I’ve been listening to cavetown’s ‘lemon boy’ recently and it really reminded me if him so I drew him☺️

Really proud of how the lemons looked, setting the layer to multiply was definitely a better option…

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And another very-old-drawing of mine.

BNHA Inktober 2019, day 4 - Pro-hero.

For a reason that I could not really understand then, instead of Hizashi and Aizawa, which were alternative options, I decided to draw Hawks. Well, apparently, my intuition felt that soon (just a couple of months later) he will shine in the manga so much that in ru-fandom he would be called the best pro-hero of 2020. I am proud of this (not) little bird-boy and I want to hope that everything will be fine with him.
/but most likely nothing good awaits him, unfortunately, we all know Horikoshi not that kind to characters /

I back then could not finish this drawing, because I injured my hand (one of the reasons why I could not complete the challenges) and I wanted to make a normal version in 2020, but it didn’t work out either. But still, this is almost my most successful attempt in making the manga style, so I generally like this drawing.

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My entry for the long hair Dabi 🤺

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