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#mha fanfiction

A/N: This was also part of the sfw bnharem server collab. Enjoy and check out the other fics here!

Warning(s): none


The light was dim in the small room you found yourself in like every evening. Only the blue light from the computer illuminated the room. 

It was late. 

Too damn late, but you needed to finish your research on the new hero recruits. 

You glanced at the clock. Almost 2am. You still needed to get groceries. 

Ever since you joined the League, you had volunteered to get groceries and supplies, mainly because your face wasn’t as known amongst the heroes as the other members of the League. Also, thanks to the 24h markets it was also easier to get supplies. The League certainly appreciated it, especially Kurogiri. One thing less for him to take care of. 

You rubbed your eyes and got up.

Shigaraki’s eyes fixated on your frame when he saw you walking out of your room. You looked tired, exhausted. As hard as it was for him to show, he was worried about you. Not only because you had taken so much time researching and running errands for the League. He missed having you around. Since you fully moved in with the League to be with him, you had been doing so much. Not only for the League, but also for him. You were always so gentle with him and your touch. Oh your touch, it seemed to always make his anxiety disappear. 

You spent all nights helping in any way you could; doing research, planning missions, sometimes even helping Kurogiri cleaning the bar. The fact that you always helped when you could didn’t make anything better. Shigaraki had gotten more agitated lately. Angrier, more anxious, snapping randomly at members or lashing out at anyone he saw hanging around you when you finally had spare time. He simply missed you, that’s all. And you missed him too.

When you came back from the shop, you placed the supplies on the bar counter and let your eyes wander for a bit. It’s 3:30am. Your eyes were drawn to the couch, where, of course, Shigaraki sat, staring ominously into the TV, a controller in his hand. You knew he wasn’t a big sleeper, but you noticed that since you had started to pull longer nights, he also stayed up with you, sitting either in front of the TV or in your room on the bed, always playing video games. It was his  subtle method of  ensuring that you were at least getting rest at some point. Not to forget that he immediately got into bed with you once you did lay down. And also to just be around you. He missed you, especially your touch. He missed your body next to his in bed. 

Shigaraki’s eyes finally met yours and you simply couldn’t ignore the bright red taint of desire glowing in his eyes. Nothing sexual or lustful, it was just pure desire with a hint of worry at the edges. 

The look in his eyes actually said it all. “Pay attention to me”. You couldn’t help but smile as you understood this unspoken request. You walked towards him and plopped down on the empty spot next to him on the couch. Without any words, he turned his back towards you and let himself sink back to lie comfortably between your legs. You lifted your hand and started carding your fingers slowly through his hair, playing with each and every strand of white, while occasionally scraping your nails along his scalp and the backside of his neck.

Shigaraki closed his eyes, a soft hum escaping his thin, cracked lips as you continued to let your hands wander. It had become kind of a ritual to do this, especially when you had very little time for each other and judging by the way his shoulders relaxed, Shigaraki had needed this. He needed you, always. 

Your work could wait, sometimes Shigaraki needed and deserved your attention more than anything else in this world.

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A/N: We’re re-uploading our fics for the sfw bnharem server collab! Find the other fics here!

Warning(s): none


“Sweetie, I’m back!” his call echoed from the hallway and had you up on your feet in no time. 

The door shut behind him and when he had discarded his jacket and shoes and lifted his head, there was you, standing in front of him.

“Welcome home, Taishiro,” you greeted him with your big and sweet smile. You gave him a hug and then went to take his bag from his hand, giving him a chance to get inside properly.

However, the pro-hero only gave you a weak smile and pressed a light kiss to the top of your head. The sad look in his eyes saying “Sorry, it’s gonna be one of those nights again”.

He retreated to his office immediately afterwards. You sighed, but understood. You knew he had to finished some reports, but you thought he would at least spend some time with him. You had a rough day at work yourself, one reason more why you would just love to relax and cuddle with him in bed or on the couch. Fatgum definitely was the cuddly and affectionate type in private, but it seems like tonight, his work was just a tad more important. You hated it, but at the same you understood. Still, it would be great to have him for yourself. To sink yourself into his cuddly frame and letting him cuddle away all your worries.

Maybe, you thought, you could change his mind. You’ll just have to get his attention off the screen and draw it to yourself. Sometimes, Fatgum does get weak for you, so you tried. Throughout the evening, you snuck into his office, moving your hands over his shoulders and chest, massaging them. You went up to him and hugged him or simply lingered around around until he noticed you. Trying something, anything to get him to pay attention to you. 

Taishiro saw the despair in your eyes whenever you came into his office, but he had to finish his work. He noticed how regularly the office door opened up and you came in, but he tried his best to concentrate. 

The next time you came in, you brought him his favourite snacks and some tea. “Thank you sweetie,” he said, kissing your cheek quickly before bending over his papers again.

At this point, you had given up with getting his attention. Determined but failed attempts of getting his attention changed into grumpiness and annoyance, so all you could do was hum as you walked out and into your shared bedroom. It was getting late anyway. 

After two more hours of work, Fatgum yawned and decided to go to bed as well. He walked into the bedroom and saw eyes glancing up as he entered, but immediately, you would avoid his glace to look back into your book, hiding yourself behind the covers.

Taishiro frowned, walking closer to the bed, “Hey, sweet cheeks, what’s up, why ya being all grumpy?”

You turned away when he tried to cup your cheek, “I’m not, I’m just… ugh, I thought you had to finish those reports or whatever.” 

“Sweetie, hey, come here,” he tried again to cup your cheeks and succeeded, you finally giving into his soft touch. 

He made you look up into his big eyes, “Aw, sweets, you just had to say that you wanted some attention!”

“I… I didn’t wanted to come off as clingy. I know how much your job  means to you,” you replied, leaning in to rub your cheek against his big hand.

Taishiro giggled slightly and grinned, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll put work in front of you if I knew that you were having a bad day and needed some attention”

You smiled and let him scoop you up into his large chest, his arms wrapping around your waist as he pressed light kisses to your temple. 


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A Cluster of Kittens


Aizawa Shouta:

“Why are we here again?” You heard your husband grumble behind you.

The two of you were in front of an adoption center, the barking of dogs could be heard from inside. Aizawa felt himself cringe once you opened the front door of the building, extremely tempted to cover his ears. 

You gave him a playful pout, “Because you promised me on our 2nd anniversary that we would consider adopting a kitten.”

“Yes, I said I would consider.” Aizawa griped. “'Consider’ doesn’t mean we’ll buy one immediately.”

“Still, I know you secretly love cats.” You poked at his side, a smirk curving itself on your lips.

Aizawa momentarily flinched, causing you to giggle. He tried to keep his love for cats a secret when you first met, but failed when you caught him looking at a cat video on YouTube while you two were on your third date.

“Just don’t expose me when I’m at work.” The man quietly pleaded. You put your hands on your hips with confidence. He could practically see sparkles come off of you.

“I know your secrets too well Shouta.” 

“A little too well for my taste.“ 

The two of you split off to look around, the man desperately fleeing towards the much calmer side of the center. It made you giggle at how fast of a pace he was going.

Looking to the right he noticed some tiny kittens peacefully sleeping in the corner. Only two of them could be seen, one white and one black. It was enough to put a small smile on his face.

Aizawa looked from left to right, no one was around. Carefully, he reached in through the cage to pet one of the kittens–a purr of satisfaction coming from the one he was caressing.

He heard some sudden hissing while he was petting the kitten. Looking up he saw what looked to be the mother cat of the two. Immediately backing away he sighed with relief, not wanting to be scratched.

He turned his back towards the cage, only to hear a cluster of meows from the area. 

Aizawa couldn’t help but stare in awe as more kittens appeared in the cage. 

“Where did all these kittens come from?” Once he heard your voice he immediately looked away. 


“So, did you think of buying one?” You asked him, approaching your husband with an imploring look.

His face turned red as he saw the hopeful glint in your eye, “Maybe.”

“Just maybe huh? Damn, I was really hoping you would change your mind.” You sighed. Changing his mind was a challenge.

The man looked in the cage of cats once more, the black one that was previously in the corner was now gazing at him with big, brown eyes.

It was enough to make him sigh, “Alright fine.”

“Really? What made you change your mind?” You asked, holding a look of surprise.

“Nothing.” Aizawa replied, the kitten was now licking it’s paw in what seemed to be amusement.

“Mhm, whatever you say Shouta." 

That day, you two left with a tiny brown kitten in your arms. A look of contentment on your face. 





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First kiss headcannons

Characters: Midoriya, bakugo, todoroki, kirishima

A/n: I usually only do three characters per post but!! hear me out here-


Thats all, i couldn’t decide between the four of them so i thought why the fuck not? More love to go around. Please enjoy.


  • He’ll be pretty shy at the start of the relationship, so that means you’re going to have to initiate the first kiss.
  • But you don’t have to worry about if he wants it or not.
  • He may be too shy to initiate it but he will stare at your lips non stop.
  • Talking to him? Staring at your lips.
  • Eating? Staring at your lips.
  • He’s trying to sike himself up to kiss you but he can’t bring himself to.
  • You make him too weak.
  • Anytime he gets close to kissing you his body suddenly feels like it’s on fire and his legs turn into jello.
  • And it’s all too obvious to everyone around him (including you) that all he thinks about is kissing you.
  • So when you finally decide to give him a break and kiss him, he’s more than overjoyed.
  • You grabbed his cheeks between your palms and place a sweet kiss onto his lips.
  • ‘Oh my god y/n’s kissing me!!!’
  • He’s completely freaking out- in a good way of course!
  • He’s so happy and excited.
  • He’s waited for this day for a long time now.
  • It might take him a few seconds to kiss back so don’t pull away too fast.
  • He’s just processing the fact that it’s really happening.
  • He wants to savour it.
  • It’ll be soft and slow. His kiss will be shy as he experiments with it in hopes to find out what you like.
  • His hands will shakily place themselves on your hips, it’s so gentle it feels like a ghost’s touch.
  • He’s a bit tense to start off with but you can get him to relax by running your fingers through his hair.
  • You’ll be able to hear the soft shaky breaths he intakes through his nose as your lips move in sync.
  • His heart’s beating so fast and his head is spinning.
  • You can feel the heat radiating from his freckled cheeks and it’s so cute.
  • Depending on how sensual the kiss is you might even get a small whimper or whine from him, which will only make his blush deepen.
  • When you finally do pull back he looks like he’s in a completely different world to yours.
  • He’s so dazed.
  • It’ll only take a few more seconds for him to smile the biggest, love sick smile you’ve ever seen.
  • My god he hopes you do that more often.
  • He’ll pull you into a tight hug and you’ll most likely be stuck there for a good few hours.
  • All he’ll think about for the next 2 weeks is that kiss and you can tell when he’s thinking about it because he traces his fingers over his lips
  • Please give him more kisses.


  • He may not be the most affectionate towards you.
  • Especially to begin with.
  • Sure, he likes you a lot but, it just doesn’t really occur to him to hold your hand or give you hugs.
  • He’s not that kinda guy, he has other things that occupy his mind.
  • And even in the rare instance when he does think about it he’s too prideful to actually carry it out.
  • But when he catches himself thinking about how soft your lips look and how he could just lean forward and-
  • Fuck!
  • He’s not sure how much longer his pride can hold up.
  • It was like you were teasing him without even being aware of it.
  • Believe it or not, he does want to do all that romantic shit with you but another part of him keeps holding himself back.
  • It’s an internal struggle.
  • But be patient with him.
  • Eventually, he becomes so pent up he bursts.
  • That’s when you get your smooch.
  • You were just so goddamn gorgeous! Your lips were perfect and looked so- kissable!?
  • Why did you have to do this shit to him!?
  • One second you’re sitting alone talking to him about your day as a movie plays in the background and the next he’s grabbing the back of your head and pulling you into a heated kiss.
  • He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing so it’s kind of rough and sloppy to start with
  • But this is what you get for making him feel so pent up!
  • If you think it’s going to be a quick first kiss then you’re wrong.
  • He might pull away for a second to stare into your eyes but suddenly he can’t hold himself back.
  • He was right, your lips were so soft and now he needed more.
  • In a matter of seconds he’s all over you again.
  • This time is a lot softer, but still just hungry as the last.
  • He’ll pull you close, and hands may or may not wander depending on how enthusiastically you reply to his kiss.
  • You’ll end up making out until you’re out of breath because- damn he’s hooked on this feeling.
  • You’re hairs going to get messy and your shirt will get pushed up a little.
  • But he won’t go past that.
  • When he pulls away he’ll just stare at you for a few seconds as you both tried to catch your breath.
  • You might assume he’s going to kiss you again as he stares at you with an intense look.
  • But he ends up turning his head away from you, throwing an arm around your shoulder to pull you to his side. All while his cheeks are flushed pink.
  • “Tch… dumbass, distracting me from the movie…”
  • That one kiss will wake something in him and you’re going to get kisses like that a lot more often.


  • Your first kiss will take awhile.
  • This baby is opening up slowly so you have to be patient.
  • But there has been the odd kiss to your knuckles when you’ve been out on dates and such.
  • He only does it because he saw it in a movie once-
  • Poor baby has no idea what he’s doing.
  • But he still wants to show he cares about you.
  • Your first kiss won’t happen until you two have a really intimate or emotional moment.
  • It’ll be just the two of you.
  • When he’s most vulnerable and open.
  • It’s late at night and you’re talking as you sit on his floor, he might be opening up to you about his past or his feelings in general as you hold him in your arms.
  • It’s new to him but you’ve somehow managed to coax it out of him.
  • He feels so comfortable and safe with you.
  • It was something he hadn’t felt for a long time and it made him feel a sense of belonging.
  • All he could hear as he talked was your steady breath, and the feeling of your hand running through his hair felt amazing.
  • He almost fell asleep.
  • He pulled away from your embrace, only far enough to look into your eyes.
  • He just wanted to tell you how he appreciated you being here to listen to him.
  • But there was something more between you two.
  • It was like an intense, unspoken need?
  • He didn’t know what it was..
  • He caught you glancing down to his lips and he saw your face move slightly closer to his
  • He could feel the pull as well and he leaned forward with you until your lips lightly brushed together, not quite a kiss but you could still feel his lips on yours.
  • You noses brushed together a few times as your eyes hung half lidded
  • You were both testing the waters for a few seconds to make sure you both really wanted this.
  • The mood in the room told you everything you needed to know and you both finally leaned forward the rest of the way.
  • His hand automatically went to your hair.
  • He had always loved running his fingers through it, it was so soft and relaxing.
  • His other hand went to your waist.
  • You never would have expected your first kiss with him to be so passionate.
  • He put all his emotions into that one single kiss.
  • It’s slow, breathtaking, passionate yet innocent all at once.
  • It lingered for a long time, your lips still tingling even when you pulled away.
  • When he pulls back he won’t exactly know what to say.
  • So instead he silently grabs your hand and stares into your eyes.
  • And for the first time in a long time he felt a big, warm smile curl onto his lips.
  • 'This is what love feels like.’


  • Finally, someone who’s open with his emotions and feelings!
  • Your first kiss won’t take long at all, well, only if you’re comfortable with that of course!
  • He has no problem with waiting.
  • Unlike the others; when he feels the need to finally kiss you he’ll just straight up tell you.
  • You two are out on a walk and you’re laughing at something he said when he suddenly feels the urge to do it.
  • Sometime about your sweet laugh and angelic smile had given him the overwhelming need to kiss you.
  • So he straight up asks you.
  • “Hey.. can i kiss you?”
  • He’s a gentleman, of course he’ll ask permission first!
  • He is aware it might be too soon so better to ask than push something on you that you might not be ready for.
  • That would be totally unmanly!
  • You’ve only been dating for a little while so if you’re not comfortable with it he will be totally cool with it and change the subject so you don’t feel bad.
  • But if you say yes then he’s going to get the biggest grin on his face.
  • He looks like an excited puppy as he stops you from walking and turns you to him.
  • He takes both your hands in his and softly pulls you towards him until your chest meets his.
  • He’s pretty nervous about it since he’s never kissed anyone before but he’s more just excited to experience it.
  • And he’s experiencing it with you of all people!!
  • He feels so lucky! There’s no way he could pass up a chance like this!
  • It’ll be a small kiss, not much movement.
  • Just a soft lingering kiss.
  • He doesn’t want to overdo it and accidentally make you uncomfortable.
  • But it’s still so heartfelt
  • He can’t even hold it for long because he’s smiling too much!
  • When he pulls away he gives you the goofiest grin you’ve ever seen.
  • He’s completely love struck.
  • “Wow…” He breathes out. “You got a really nice pair of lips on you.”
  • He’s so giddy he even starts laughing, he can’t help it! He’s just so happy! It was the best feeling in the world!
  • There’s isn’t anything that could happen that would take that smile off his face for the rest of the day.
  • He’s going to get a lot more confident about giving you kisses now, so you can expect many more to come.
  • And everytime you share a kiss he never fails to pull away with the biggest, dorkiest grin you’ve ever seen.
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Chapter 9 of my tododeku fic please be nice to your server has been posted!

Read from the beginning here

Jump to chapter 9 here


Izuku likes being a waiter, really! There’s all sorts of people who he can meet – every hour, he has a new set of tables, a new group of people to meet. They’re usually really friendly, too. Especially the regulars. Occasionally, he gets stuck with the mean tables that complain about everything.

Sometimes, he’s distracted by the cute customers. And, sometimes, he gets more involved with them than he probably should.

(or: a self-indulgent restaurant AU where Izuku’s the poor waiter stuck with the pickiest customer ever, Enji Todoroki: the well-renown medical hero. Izuku’s only now learning he has a son: a very, very pretty one.)

*will update every sunday & wednesday*

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugo x reader

Y/N = your name

Warnings: swearing

A/N: this is one of my shortest ones, but, if you want to read more, all you have to do is click on my icon and you will be able to see the full story :) Enjoy!

Part 5


Originally posted by berserkblossom

It was finally Monday, and you headed to school this time with Aizawa, “Are sure you can teach?” He nodded his head, “If I’m good at anything, it’s at torchering you guys.”



You walked ahead quickly and ran to your seat, “No running!” You turned to Iida and quirked your brow and threatened to put your feet on the desk, “Ok! Ok! I get it, I’m sorry.” You put your feet back down and shut your eyes loving the somewhat silence until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You took in a deep breath and opened them slowly, “Oh, it’s you.” Midoriya played with his fingers and gave you a crooked smile, “How are you feeling Aiuchi?” A little like crap, “I’m fine now.” He clenched his fists and nodded his head, “That’s good to hear!” God, Why does everybody have to yell, “Yup.” Suddenly you heard Tsuyu say, “I wonder who is going to be our substitute.” You threw your head back and counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2,1…

“Mr. Aizawa?!”

There it is.

“Wow, he really is a pro hero!”

Yup, he was not gonna give up without a fight. “The UA sports festival is closing in.” Already? “Ofcourse, joingning a famous hero agency will get you more experience and popularity.”

“Once a year, a total of 3 chances.” Oh god.

“no aspiring hero can miss theses opportunities, so don’t slack off in your preparations.” I’m feeling queasy.

“Look! That’s gonna be me one day!”

“I don’t doubt it, you little punk.”

What? Why am I freaking out now? Shouldn’t I be celebrating? You heard the bell ring and decided to rush out to the restroom to cool off when you looked up and heard Mineta complain, “Why are they all here?!” Bakugo slid pass you, “scouting out the enemy, small fry.”

“Out of my way, extras.” Oh shit. oh shit.

“Stop calling people extras because you don’t know them!”

You felt so emberassed, he’s making all of you look bad. Then, a guy with purple hair came forward, “Are all the the people in the Hero course like this?” Um?! No! “I’m here for a declaration of war.” Now we’re in deep shit. You then heard another guy yap and you had enough, I’m dipping. You pinched Bakugo under his arm, “Don’t do anything else to make us look bad.” You then began to go through the crowd politely, “Pardon me,thank you, excuse me.” Soon enough you felt a hideous prescence and saw Bakugo right behind you while people were yelling at him, “Get your own escape route.” He shoved his way ahead, “Shut up.” He then grabbed your arm harshly and brought you close to him, something you didn’t expect. You couldn’t comprehend his actions, “Next time you pinch me, you are dead.” He then let go of you so violently that you took a few steps back, “Well fuck you to, you piece of porcupine trash!” God damn what’s up his ass?!

It was time to head home and you decided to get a ride from Aizawa, all he had had to do was correct some papers so you began to wonder the hallways in your skateboard while you waited. You were looking down and pondering, what is Bakugo thinking… what is he.. you know what do I even care? He’s a jerk. He can go to hell if i cared! That son-

you hit something hard and were sent flying. You grabbed the side of your head, ouch. You then felt the ground moving and looked down to see the guy with the purple hair. You jumped off him, “Oh god! I’m so sorry.” You extended your hand which he took, “It’s fine.” You expected more, since he did put your class in the hot seat, “I would also like to apologize for my classmate.” He looked at you as if you were playing with him. You felt your palms sweat, “I see that you’re different from him.” You felt relief wash over you, “If you mean not being a jerk then yeah, we’re different.” He chuckled at the insult, “I’m Shinso, Hitashi Shinso.” You picked skateboard from the ground, “Aiuchi.” He now stood at the side of you, “so, what are you doing here at this time?” You tried to not blow your cover, “Oh, I’m doing some community service.” “Ah, ok.” The two of you began to walk, “What about you?” He pointed at his backpack, “I stayed behind to study a bit at the library.” That makes sense, “So you’re the studious type.” His eyes crinkled a bit, “Not really, I’m just tying my best to get into your class.” You weren’t surprised, everyone is trying to do that right now, “You might be able to then.” You tilted your head, “What’s your quirk?” He looked uncomfortable, “Brainwashing.” No fucking way, “That’s pretty cool.” From the corner of your eye, you could see he was surprised, “really?” You began to walk backwards, “Yeah, You could literally lure villains out.” He was surprised at your response, “I thought you would think it was villainous, since everyone else does.” That hit too close to home. You stopped walking and gave him you’re full attention, “It’s up to you to decide your own destiny, not anyone else’s.” He gave you a small smirk.

“Y/N!” You turned to see Aizawa waiting for you.

“Well Aiuchi, I guess I’ll be seeing you at the event?” You nodded your head and he put his hands behind his back, “I look forward in seeing you their.” You felt the competitiveness uprising, “Hell Yeah.” You ran to your uncle while he looked at you wide eyed, “Excuse me little girl, but who was that?” You began to skate down the hall, “relax Zawa, it was just a guy.” He’s never felt so protective, “Just a- don’t talk to me as if I was one of your friends.”

“I don’t have any.”



Having an uncle that lead the hero course was quite an advantage. You guys were at your backyard and you used Yamada to do some close combat for a bit and took a break. He went inside and knocked out on the rug, “that was fun.” He turned to you and got up, “now let’s work on your quirk.” You felt a bit uncomfortable, but you had to say it, “sorry, I can’t hit the handicapped.”

“HANDI- I’m just gonna instruct you on what to do.” Oops, “Now get up.” He turned on the lawnmower, “Take in the vibrations.” You kneeled on the ground and began to absorb them, “You have enough?” “Yeah.” He backed up, “get up then.” You felt it getting out of control, “take back the control, don’t release your quirk at random.” He knew you had trouble with that, you were good at aiming with one part of your body, but not the rest, “I want you to take off.” “What?” He pointed at your legs, “start relying on your legs, they can give much more momentum than ones you use when launching yourself up things.” You were to afraid, what if you cracked the ground instead? “Remember, dont use all of it at once.” Like a rocket, ok that’s a good way of thinking, be like a plane, you shut your eyes, plane, plane plane plane, “Oh shit…” you were up in the sky, “I did it… I did it! Uncle Zawa I-“


“Keep concentrating and don’t loose focus.” Noted. It felt like an eternity but you finally started to get the hang of it, all you needed was something to bounce of the vibrations from. You thought Izawa was gonna call it a day when, “You have to work on one last thing.”

“Have you been doing research on heartbeats like I told you?” Oh no. You blurred out and began to cross your arms, “Nope! Uh, uh. No way am I using that on you.”

“So you did.”

He got closer this time, “try it on me.” You began to panic, “What if I hurt you.” You gasped, “or kill you!” He pinched the bridge of his nose, “I’ll erase your quirk if it does.” You felt some relief, “oh, ok.” You went up to him quickly and touched his exposed had and came back to where you were standing. You looked at his chest and blocked out any other noises, you could sense it, even hear it. You took a deep breath and remembered your research. You began to tap your fingers on your wrist, it’s relaxed. Now the tricky part. All I have to do is relax his heart beat slowly to 40 beats per minute. You felt as your slower beats connected with his and you could feel his heart was going to rest when you heard a thud. You opened your eyes quickly to find Aizawa on the ground, “oh fuck, I killed him.” You grabbed his wrist and began to hear him snoring. You let go of it in shock, “it worked.”

After knowing you could put him asleep so easily, for the past next weeks you trained for the festival, he ended each session with the sleeping, and each time before you used it, he would grab the sleeping bag and tell you to start. It was honestly a win- win situation.

Finally, it came, the three of you parted ways and you headed inside the building. You strolled around for a bit and you saw shinso with his class and waved. He gave you a small wave and you mouthed to him good luck. He pointed at you and gave you a thumbs up. You had actually become mutuals, you guys would talk sometimes after school and would say hi to each other in the hallways. But, you still hung out in the teachers lounge at lunch even though Yamada kept encouraging you to go to the cafeteria. Of course, you said no way in hell and he left it at that.

You walked into class 1As prep room and put your bag in your locker. You were about to fall asleep because you stayed up training by yourself when you felt a prescience. You looked up to see it was Kirishima and his little gang, “Oh, hey.” You could sense His excitement, “Are you excited for today?” You decided to crack your bones, which you didn’t know others found disturbing, “Yeah, I’ve been training pretty hard.” He scooted closer, “I’ve been to! Look at these muscles.” You watch as he turned his body hard as a rock, “I can see that.” I love his energy.

“Midoriya, I’m going to beat you.” Ok, now that had your attention. Operantly, Todoroki was challenging Midoriya. Maybe this will be good for him. What were you saying, Icy hot is strong as hell. You watched as sweat began to drip down his forehead and you felt so bad, “I’ll be going for it with everything I have, too.” Wow you really felt like a proud mom. It was a beautiful moment.

“If we’re going to be calling out people!”


You saw Kirishima and the rest of the class was looking at you. Huh? You looked up to see Bakugo pointing his finger right in front of your face, “I will beat you mercilessly. Until you cry for help, you rotten brat.” Rotten. ME?! I’M THE ROTTEN ONE? You tried to calm down, deep breaths, deep breaths, “You will never beat me, even with the help of your uncle.” Oh hell to the no. You don’t know how, but your body got to him so quickly and you threw him onto the lockers and aimed at his face but quickly moved your fist at the last second and punched a clean hole through the blue metal locker. You pointed at it with your hands trembling with anger, “That’s gonna be you,” and left without saying another word.

You began to roam around the dark hallways and held onto your head, “Stupid boy.. stupid boy!” You stood quietly in one of the hallways, “If I don’t win this for myself…. I have to win for them.” You began to walk back into the inside of the arena when you heard a voice call out to you, “Aiuchi.” You turned aggressively, not wanting to be bothered by anyone, “All Might?”

Midoriya wanted to chase after you but, Tokoyami stopped him, “Midoriya, I don’t think she wants to talk right now.” He felt so frustrated not being able to help his friend, “I’ve never seen like that before.”

Mineta then chirped in, “Oh what did I tell you?! She is scary!”

“Bakugo, don’t you know it’s unmanly to chose a fight with a lady?” He touched the clean cut you made though the hard metal with a mischievous smirk, “That’s not a lady, that’s my competition.”

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i 10 with denki plz

prompt I10: “i love you a lot, but please don’t try to cook me dinner, you suck.”

character: kaminari denki

i changed the prompt a bit, hope that’s okay!


Work was being a real pain in the ass and were excited to get back home to your husband. It was your wedding anniversary, so asked to get off earlier. The other years the two of you just relaxed and spent the day together, but this year you wanted to do something a bit more special. You had made a small scrapbook that included photos dating back to high school. It was cheesy and dumb, but you knew he’d like it either way.

Denki told you he wouldn’t be home for at least another hour, so you figured you’d have time to wrap the present. As soon as you entered the home, you immediately smelled something burning followed by an, “Oh shit! Oh shit, oh fuck!”

You dropped your bags and ran to the kitchen, only to be met with your husband frantically trying to put out a small fire on the stove. He managed to put it out and let out a relieved sigh.

He turned to you and waved awkwardly. “Heyyyy, babe. How are ya? I’m good, you know, just nearly burned myself alive.”

You laughed and walked towards him, holding his face in your hands. “You’re so stupid, you know that?”

Denki pouted and removed your hands. “To be fair, I was just trying to make you a nice dinner!” You smiled and pecked his lips.

“That’s sweet and you know I love you, but please don’t try to cook me dinner. You suck as we’ve seen in the past and… right now.” You pointed to the previously on fire pot. Light pink dusted his cheeks and he looked away.

“Well, you don’t seem to mind when I suck…” He mumbled.


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request cause my dumb ass deleted the other part

prompt A11: “are you mad at me?”

character: bakugou katsuki

lmao i’m sorry but it was calling for me to write it and i’m not gonna lie, this is more of a crack/joke scenario than fluff




“Oh, come on, Kacchan!” Still no reply.

He hadn’t talked to you in a day and you were getting sick of it. You hadn’t even done anything! But here he was, giving you the cold shoulder as if you had murdered his best friend. Though, if you had actually murdered his best friend, you’d already be long dead.

“Katsuki, you cant be serious, are you really mad at me?” You poked his nose, saying ‘boop’ quietly.

He looked away and scoffed, but you knew he was holding back a small grin. You continued to say his name throughout classes and breaks whenever you had the opportunity. He’d be lying if he didn’t say it didn’t annoy him at least a bit, but he didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of seeing him blow up.

Later, he was doing his math homework. He found it strange that you hadn’t bothered him in almost two hours, but nevertheless he was thankful for it. He loved you, he really did, but having you say his name on loop for two hours wouldn’t be the most helpful thing. He hadn’t hugged you at all that day and he missed it a little, but he went fifteen years without any romantic affection, what was one day?

Before he could give it anymore thought, he heard his door slam open, and he was tackled and pinned onto his bed.

“Holy shit, what the actual fuck, Y/N?!” He screamed, a small explosion emitted from his hand.

“Say you forgive me!”

“Y/N, get the fuck off–”

“Say it!” You dragged out the ‘it’ to annoy him further. He managed to push you off and you (purposefully) dramatically fell to his side. “Say it,” You whispered, staring at the ceiling.

“Oh.. fuck, you’re on drugs aren’t you? Did Dunce Face give them to you?” You shook your head and moved to look at him. He could see you mouth the words ‘say it’ with a blank expression. At that point he was sure you were either on drugs or had finally snapped.

Shit, you were really determined to get him to say it.

“No.” He smirked.

“Katsuki, yes.” He sat up and moved to his desk, ignoring you and grabbing his homework. You groaned and hit a nearby pillow. “Just say you forgive me! It was just fucking Mario Kart!”

“Well then next time, maybe consider not fucking throwing a red shell at me like seventy times!” He felt your weight pile on top of him and your arms snake their way around him.

“It was funny as hell to see you rage everytime it hit you, I couldn’t help it.” You could tell he was glaring. “Plus pretty hot!”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna fucking save you, babe.” He gestured to another chair in the corner of the room. “Just sit next to me, okay? Unless you got something better to do.” He knew you didn’t.

“Nope.” You smiled and tightened your grip.

“I can’t do my homework if I’m fucking dead, Y/N.”

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My Antihero Academia

This is the “Elemental” Team. Instead of having them control an element I rather have them be able to navigate through all terrains (except for Charro, I really wanted a fire user). But the girls are fit for terrestrial, aerial and maritime combat.  

El Charro Negro: Loyal and carefree.

Quirk: Infierno

Likes: Horse riding and playing the guitar. 

Favorite Food/Drink: Cochinita pibil, tres leches cake, mezcal and Coca-Cola

Birthday: November 2 

Preferred Drug: Hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Weapon of Choice: Lasso, charisma, obsidian knife, spurs, shotgun. 

Car: Ram 1500 Limited 4WD Crew Cab Tungsten (in coal black)

Quote: “Burning is not “my sort of” thing, its my thing y punto. If some pendejos were to steal your fire, believe me, I would burn everything in my way until their culos were nothing but ash.” 


  • Charros´s mother tongue is Spanish and he is fluent in English and Nahuatl. 
  • He is bisexual.
  • He once burned his town’s church because his cousin was molested by the local priest. His grandmother, a devout catholic, was mad at him for months. 
  • His horse’s name is Chamuco.

Gaia: Adventurous and romantic.

Quirk: Earthquake

Likes: The outdoors and mixing music. 

Favorite Food/Drink: Venison, tiramisu, tea and limoncello. 

Birthday: April 22

Preferred Drug: Propranolol

Weapon of Choice: Tomahawk, Beretta 92FS. 

Car: Lamborghini Aventador (in forest green)

Quote: “Earth is strong, and I can make it tremble at will. What does that say about me?”


  • Gaia is partially deaf due to a progressive hearing disorder. She sports hearing aids because of that. 
  • Gaia’s native languages are English and Italian, and she is fluent in ASL, LIS, Inuit and Mohawk. 
  • She is heterosexual.
  • She often has a crush on a different boy each month or so.
  • Gaia likes to flaunt her body.

Fay: Swift and briskly. 

Quirk: Fairy Wings

Likes: Camping and taking strolls (flying of course)

Favorite Food/Drink: Oatcakes, camp, fruit juice and stout. 

Birthday: June 15/June 24

Preferred Drug: Ephedrine

Weapon of Choice: Nets, bolas, Luger 

Car: She’ll rather fly. But she does have a Suzuki Hayabusa (in orange). 

Quote: “You know us winged fellas, we cannot be kept in cages.” 


  • Fay’s first language is English, and is fluent in Irish.
  • Fay is heterosexual.
  • She’s been working since she was twelve. (Small jobs like dog walking and tutoring at first) 
  • Fay is a really fast flyer (as in head-to-head with Hawks)
  • She has Astraphobia. 
  • A hero once did something horrible to her when she was fourteen…..

Siren: Alluring and intuitive. 

Quirk: Mermaid

Likes: Singing and collecting seashells

Favorite Food/Drink: (Salmon) Smørrebrød , Karamelrand , mineral water and rum. 

Birthday: March 22

Preferred Drug: Benzodiazepine

Weapon of Choice: Trident, singing voice (allure), flintlock pistol. 

Car: Zenvo ST1 (in navy blue)

Quote:  "I can be the angry wave, or the gentle rain. But always water.“ 


  • Siren’s first language is Danish and she is fluent in English, German and Faroese. 
  • She is bisexual.
  • Siren is adopted and does not know anything about her biological parents.
  • She moved away a lot as a child.
  • She is HIV positive and is suspected that she contracted it from her biological parents.
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A/N: Have some Bakuhoe to feed your thirst, ya gremlin lovers. A little, uh, “sweet treat” before I give ya a dose of the dark stuff. <3

Song: “I Almost Told You That I Loved You” by Papa Roach

Warnings: smut: oral sex & face fucking; mild degradation, ya know typical Katsuki shit

Word Count: 800ish


Katsuki Bakugou was the type of man people fantasized about—top Pro-Hero, a drool-worthy physique, hell they even loved his brash attitude. You knew the way fans talked about him online, how much they would give to get one night with the handsome, muscular blonde. If they only knew. You, on the other hand, got to live out that fantasy and frequently at that. You would laugh and smirk at the way men and women alike would wonder just how good of a lay Bakugou was, because you knew firsthand. It had been months since you had started casually shacking up with the explosive hero, and while it was all the things that everyone thought it would be, it wasn’t enough.

No, you had gone and broke the basic rule of life: don’t fall for your fuckbuddy. You knew it was dumb, it was one of the biggest clichés in the books but god you wanted to be with him so fucking badly. The problem was that Katsuki Bakugou only had one goal currently, make it to that elusive Number One spot. And having a full-blown relationship didn’t further that goal, but rather would distract him from it. Or so he told himself, and you, on many, many occasions. Yet you couldn’t convince yourself to walk away, or lose the foolish hope that one day he’d return your feelings. Why? Because god damn the sex was good and you were addicted.

Keep reading

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Meet Aurora!


Quirk: Lightspeed- ability to use light energy for speed.

With Light speed she has the ability to move around at the speed of light. Although she can only maintain light speed for short time periods she can maintain slower speeds for longer periods. When not embracing her quirk she can run at 40 mph.

She is the same age group as class A-1. Ill mostly use her during RPs and she may have a story coming up here soon (:

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugo x reader

Warnings: some cursing

Y/N = your name

A/N: Hello! Welcome back if you have been reading the other parts :) I hope you enjoy this next one <3 If you want to read the other parts, click my icon and it should be their. Enjoy!

Part 4


Originally posted by deku-smash

“Daddy, they killed him. I saw it!”

“I’m so sorry y/n, I’ve failed you two.”

“The two of us have failed both of you.”

You shot up from the hospital bed, “NO!” You then felt people restraining you down to the bed and you opened your eyes, you were in a hospital, and it was evening from what you could tell. “Deep breaths y/n.” You listened to what the nurse said and tried concentrating on the flow of your breath, “Their, do you feel better?” Your eyes were still adjusting to the light exposure and you began to remember, “Where’s Aizawa?! I have to see him. He’s my-“

“Uncle. Yes, he gave us that lecture already.”

He already did… That meant he was fine by now then, “May I have some water?” The kind nurse gladly poured you a small cup which you quickly drank. The cool water going down your throat felt peculiar, yet so refreshing at the same time. You handed her the cup once more, “Thank you.” She smiled in reponse and left the room with the reinforcement from before. You felt so weak, just drinking the water felt like a hard task. You brought your upper body up with the beds remote control to look at the doctor more comfortably , “How long was it?” He saw that you were probably use to this, “Three days.” Fuck. He left you some pills for your headache on a small desk, “I read your medical history, so I thought you might need these for that migraine of yours.” You smiled softly, “Thank you doctor.” He gave you a small nod, “Are you willing to take visitors?” Probably Yama and Zawa, “Yes.” He began to close the door, “They will be here soon.” You gave him once again a small smile and felt a wash of relief once he left.

You tried taking a deep breath, but even doing that hurt. You hated this so much that you started sobbing softly as you turned your head to the window, why, why that stupid memory. You tried wiping your tears but it hurt, that could’ve been Aizawa. Soon enough, you heard a knock on your door and quickly grabbed the bed sheet to wipe your tears, “Come in.” You tried preparing your softest smile for your uncle when what the- WHAT THE- WHATS IS THIS?! You watched as some of the classmates you knew came in. You looked up to see both of your uncles at the door and your expression said everything, why in the fuck are they here?

As they all crowded around you, you took a look at their bodies and noticed that they didn’t have any injures and you felt relieved, they didn’t get them. You watched as Iida was about to open his mouth and just thinking of his yapping made your head hurt, “Please.” You watched his face turn into confusion, “Don’t talk that loud.” He took a step back and bowed, “I’m sorry.” It was almost humorous to you, “It’s fine.” You were surprised to see Todoroki and Bakugo, if you knew any better, they didn’t give a fuck about you.

You looked at the foot of the bed and saw Midoriya had tears forming in the corner of his eyes, oh no, the baby is crying, “Aiuchi, we were all so worried.” You looked at Bakugo for conformation, “Don’t speak for all of us you damn nerd!” You watched as Iida hit him behind the head, ah yes, this is paradise, “Be considerate Bakugo.” You watched as his brows knitted together in anger and turned the other way. You were then handed some fruit by Iida, jelly by Tokoyami and a chocolate frog by Kouda, “we wanted to thank you.” You looked at your newfound friend, “I love jelly.” You watched as a smile crept up and he and the friendly giant bowed, “We will always be at your debt for saving us.” You shook your head, “This food is enough.” You then looked at Iida, “I came down to see if you were okay, as the class representative.” Of course, “Im doing just fine, thank you.” You then weakly pointed at the pills, “can you hand those to me.” He obliged and gave them to you and you grabbed his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Thank you for taking care of everyone.” He looked at you in shock, “Your welcome!”


“I mean, Your welcome.” You shrugged it off, “just saying the truth.” He had a determined face plastered on, “I will never fail you Aiuchi.” You gave him a thumbs up and he began to shove Tokoyami, Kouda and himself out of the room, “We hope to see you at school tomorrow!”



You closed your eyes a bit and pointed at the door, “do you guys have some water?” Soon enough, you felt a cup placed in your hand, “Thank you.” You took a pill and washed it down with the water. You had to face it, didn’t you? “Did I hurt any of you?” They all shook their heads. You felt relieved, “How are you doing unc- Aizawa?”

“I’m doing just fine. And they know.” Dammit.

You watched as he pulled out a chair, he had bandages all over his face, “What caused it this time?” You felt your throat closing, but you couldn’t cry infront of these guys, “i saw you unconscious.” He decided to touch up on that later, “Hm.”

“Do you mind if you put the things on the table?” Kirishima gave you the biggest smile, “if it isn’t a bother.” He shook his head aggressively, “Of course.” Aw, he’s so nice. You then proceeded to rub the back of your neck, “I didn’t go too rogue, did I?” Their looks said other wise. “How did you get up after all those hits?” You turned to Midoriya, “Hm?” “You got flung to tree, we for sure thought you were unconscious.” That didn’t sound like you, “I didn’t dodge it?”

Todoroki spoke, “You took a hit for Bakugo.” Oh.

You shifted your gaze towards him and noticed his eyes softened but became stiff once more, “And that’s the last time you do that, you Brat!” You looked at your uncle and noticed his eyes were glowing, you’re in my turf now buddy.

“You did that many times, yet you still got up each time.”

What the Hell is wrong with me. “But, it all stopped once you proceeded to attack the villains that woke up.” Kirishima nodded, “Yeah, you got thrown so far, you made it into the water of the shipwreck simulator.” Jesus Christ, “and you wouldn’t come up.” Probably the after shocks of gaining consciousness. His eyes brightened once more and pointed at the blond boy, “Luckily, Bakugo was their and was able to get you out.” You were surprised, but remembered him carrying you, “Thanks.” He rolled his eyes and huffed. I’ll take that as a you’re welcome.

Suddenly you heard both of your uncles phones go off and Present Mic pointed at the door. You held your uncles arm and he patted it with his other one, “I’ll see you at home.” Fuck, they’re staying over? They always do this after your quirk acts out. You nodded your head and let go of him. You watched as he walked out with Present Mic who just smiled at you, he sure as hell knew he couldn’t speak right now. You waved goodbye and saw Aizawa turn, “You four.”

“Make sure she gets home safely.”

Dammit, I was planning on going to the cat cafe after this. They nodded their heads in understanding and they left for good.

“If you don’t mind me asking again, why didn’t you get hurt?”

You began to move again a bit and felt so sore all over your body, I did take many hits didn’t I? “My body absorbs the shocks.” His eyes began to twinkle, “Just like All Might!” You never thought of it that way, “Yeah, I guess.” You then noticed the heap of clothes left for you, “If you guys don’t mind going outside, I’m gonna change.” You watched as they all became flustered and scrambled towards the door. So childish.

Lucky for you, Present Mic knew exactly what you liked so he packed you some black jeans, a white shirt and your black leather jacket. In the same place, you found your rings and was grateful to find you didn’t loose any. You tried taking as long as possible, hoping they would leave. But, as soon as you opened the door feeling pain all over your body, you felt someone yank the bags out of you, “I’ll take care of these Aiuchi!” They stayed?!

Kirishima gladly took your bags and distributed between him, Midoriya and Todoroki. You felt a smile creep up, the hot tamale left. Suddenly, you felt a strong grip on your shoulder pushing you down, “idiot! Don’t you know you’re not suppose to be standing you annoying brat?!” HE stayed?! “It’s fine, you guys can go home.” You sure as hell knew how to get home from this hospital. “B-but what if Mr.Aizawa finds out?” You heard Bakugo grumble, “Then I’m not taking any risks!” You rolled your eyes, “is their anywhere where you would like to eat, Aiuchi?” You shook your head, but your stomach said other wise. Midoriya put your backpack and him and clutched the straps, “Let’s stop by a store and get you some snacks.” You settled on that you told them of a store close to your house so, you headed that way.

“Can I get up? I’m sure I can walk.” Bakugo was fucking Psycho, he kept on going on the cracks which made you jolt up and down, hurting you even more. Todoroki shrugged his shoulders, “if you think you can.” Thank god. You began to get up and tried not to show any discomfort, walking ahead of everyone. Midoriya began to really admire you, you got up and kept on going, like a pro hero.

As you were walking around the store, you kept hearing Bakugo groan, “Why am I rolling around this stupid wheel chair?!” You opened the freezer and started grabbing the bags of ice, “For this.” He quirked an eyebrow, “Why do you need so many?” You grabbed the last bag and stretched your arm, “An ice bath.” He nodded, “Let’s go then, extra.” You guys were quickly moving ahead, and they didn’t say a word, until you were at your gate.

Midoriya and Kirishima shouted at the same time, “Wow, you’re rich!” You looked at your house and back at them, “Yeah, I guess.” You input the pin and the gate swung open and closed it after you all made it in. You then began to open your door and walked in, “Where would you like for us to put down your bags?” You motioned them to follow you and pointed at the kitchen floor, “It’s fine here.” They all began to pile them and Kirishima put the food on the marble island in your kitchen, “are you here by yourself?” You grabbed an ice pack and put it on your neck, “Yeah, my parents are still touring.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Do you need anything else?” You shook your head and sat on a stool, “Nah, I’m good now.” Todoroki took the hint and tapped both Kirishima and Midoriya as he signaled to the door, “We should be heading out, we’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Honestly you didn’t want to go, “Did I miss a lot?” They all shook their heads, that’s a relief, “You technically just missed Friday, so your fine.” That’s true. You saw the guys heading out and you called out to them, “Wait!”

They all turned, “Don’t mention this to anybody.” Midoriya tilted his head like a puppy but Todoroki seemed to be the most logical one right now, “Of course,” and left closed the door behind them. You headed towards the security cameras and saw Midoriya and Kirishima freaking out about your dads custom car and Bakugo hitting them behind the head and dragging them out of the place. As you watched the gates close, you once again saw that concerned expression on Bakugos face and you held onto yourself, “What’s buggging you, Katsuki?”

After a while, you began to dump all the ice into your bath tub and jumped inside, feeling comfort in the freezing water as you felt your muscles ease. You came out feeling much better and grabbed your phone, noticing that you had many missed calls from your mother and father. You felt the headache coming back, I’ll call them later.

You began walking downstairs, to a place where no one would ever hear you and opened the door. You turned on the lights and grabbed your black electric keyboard and sat down in a chair and began to sing,

I can’t walk and I ain’t the same

And my name became

A new destiny to the grave

And I, I can feel the pull begin

Feel my conscience wearing thin

And my skin

It will start to break up and fall apart

I don’t wanna fall, fall away

I don’t wanna fall, fall away

I’ll keep the lights on in this place

Cause I don’t wanna fall, fall away…”

As you finished up and headed upstairs into the living room, you heard some shuffling and turned the corner to find Present Mic and Aizawa waiting for you. Aizawa extended his hand and handed you your purple sleeping bag and plopped onto your couch. Eraserhead leaned onto you and you leaned onto Present Mic, “It was so terrifying.” You felt Yamaha begin to rub your back. You then sensed yourself chocking on your words, “W-What if All Might did-dn’t arrive? What would have happen to us?” This made Yamadas heart ache, he knew how uncontrollable that part of your quirk was, and how much you blamed yourself for what happened to your sibling, “Stop thinking of what could’ve happened.” You looked up and he had a smile so big that his eyes were shut, “But be happy with this outcome.” You looked at Aizawa and he nodded his head. You then watched as he shifted in his bag, “Mochi?” You took one gratefully and he extended his hand even farther to mess with your hair. As soon as he heard you giggle, he closed his eyes.

“So, What do you guys want to watch?”

“Let’s watch the Lion King”

“Again Aizawa?! That movie has too many cats.”


“What’s your point Yamada?”

The sweet bickering of these two. You rested easily but thought of Bakugo once again, is he okay?

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Bakugo unknowingly falls for Todoroki’s sister?


Pairing: Bakugo x Reader

Request: “hii💕 could you do a headcanon where bakugou has a joking bickering/ fighting relationship with -who he later finds out is todoroki’s sister- who has a powerful water quirk and is really good at combat too? like the rest of 1A dont know she’s his sister until much later on either and bakugou may or may not start to like her? sorry haha if its way too detailed :) - Anonymous”



Originally posted by no-sorry

  • First of all, teasing nicknames is a must
  • You’ll always call Bakugo hot head, firecracker, pop rocks, (and sometimes when you really want to get him fired up sparklers)
  • You’re the only person in the entire class that he’ll allow to make fun of him without beating the shit out of
  • But he’s also the only one he’ll allow to joke with you like that
  • If anyone else tried to pick on you he’s quick to shut that shit down
  • One time Denki made the mistake, he said something like “man I’m thirsty, Y/N why don’t you float over some water from the water fountain?”
  • And Bakugo was quick to snap back with a “or you could get your lazy dunce face ass up and do it yourself. You could probably use the exercise since I haven’t once seen you beat Y/N in hand to hand combat.”
  • (Umm can we get Todoroki in here to apply some ice to that burn because ouch)
  • On the first day of U.A. you had figured an easy way to avoid confusion between both you and your brother being called Todoroki. was for you to just go by your first name
  • And it never really occurred to either of you as being something that you should mention because why did it matter
  • So of course no one had any idea that the two of you were related (especially bakugo)
  • They didn’t find out until the sports festival when your full name “Y/N Todoroki” popped up on the screen
  • Everyone in the class was like “umm what?” And Bakugo was dead silent
  • They immediately question Todoroki who is acting all chill like “yeah, she’s my sister. What about it?”
  • The sports festival is also the first time that the entire class has seen you use your water quirk in combat style fighting
  • Your quirk alone is powerful, but paired with your fighting skills makes you one tough opponent, so it’s over pretty fast
  • But just because it’s quick, doesn’t stop the fact that the entire stadium is in awe of what they just witnessed
  • Especially Bakugo (although he’ll never admit it, but seeing you beat the shit out of your opponent was kind of a turn-on for him)
  • The second he realizes and comes to terms with his feelings for you (because love is a foreign feeling to this man) he’s asking you out the next day
  • I mean we all knew Bakugo was never a patient man, but it also had to do with the fact that he’d be damned if he let one of those extras ask you out before he got the chance too
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Izuku Midoriya having a crush headcannons:

  • He’s a bit more fidgety around the person of his affections. Whenever your presence is mentioned or whenever he can feel your presence in a room, Izuku unconsciously rubs his index fingers together. If he’s really anxious about you, his legs will start to fidget as well. Then it’s highly noticeable for everyone around him including yourself. If you feel the same, that’s your cue to ask him out.
  • Even though he has precisely detailed notes about each and every one of his classmates, the notes he has about you are a bit more detailed. Izuku doesn’t mean to be creepy, but he cannot help himself. When he has you on his mind while going through said documents, he’ll scribble your favorite color or something related to that topic. Once he notices he what he had written in his daze, he’ll blush furiously and immediately erase it.
  • Unfortunately, his fondness of you is entirely obvious to others. That includes Ochaco and Iida. Ochaco will immediately be curious and supportive, while Iida might give him a lecture about how his studies should come first before affections such as these, but the boy is supportive nonetheless. Ochaco might push him to tell you, but she wouldn’t literally. She’d probably give him advice that it’s best to tell you, even if you reject him.
  • Occasionally Izuku will forget about his feelings for you if he’s on the battlefield, but if you join along with him, those feelings will hit him like a truck. He’s super impressed with you, all the time and every time you two are partnered up. Izuku swears that he finds more to love about you when he watches you fight. However, because of his crush on you he’s a bit more protective and will internally panic if you’re injured.







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