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#mha fanfiction

reason 1 of why i cant be allowed to write stories: i have killed the main character. it is the first chapter. they will die again, because “death becomes her” will always be a great movie but falling apart is not, but cannon through the stomach is hella funny. the movie ive been watching isnt “death becomes her” or even close to it so my mood is weirddddd

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My Crutch

Thank you so much for requesting this! Here’s a lil info before we get started

  • This story will start off with background on how you broke your leg, then get into how our bby boi would be during this time and how he’d help you!
  • You guys have been dating for about two months
  • Your Quirk : Shapeshifting

You can change into any mammal you so desire


  • It takes about 10 seconds to shift
  • Shifting into to many animals drains your energy
  • Over-usage leads to passing out, blood loss (if there are claws or other extremities), etc

I hope you enjoy! 💚💚


It was literally just a regular day of training, and to be honest, it was going pretty good. You’ve faced Mina, Kirishima, and Tokoyami and won. But, your final sparring match was against your boyfriend’s best friend, Todoroki Shoto.

Just like any other normal person, you were nervous to high hell. After seeing what he did to poor Izuku at the sports festival, I’d be scared too. “Y/n, Todoroki, you’re up,” Aizawa Sensei said. He sounded extremely tired, like always.

As you walked up to the platform with Todoroki, you glanced at him. He had his normal straight face, no emotion whatsoever. You took a deep breath as you and him went to either side of the arena. “You May start,” Aizawa said once the two of you got situated.

It was Todoroki to throw the first attack. 1. He looked like he just wanted to get it done and over with. You dropped to your knees and put your head on the ground as hot air flew over you. 2. You glanced up and focoused on his face. 3, 4, 5, 6… Four more seconds. Four more seconds until you could shift. 2 more, now! While the smoke was covering you, you shifted into a cheetah.

When you dug your paws into the ground, you pushed off, hurdling yourself towards Todoroki. He looked slightly surprised, but masked it instantly by throwing up an ice wall in front of him, but you expected it. It was just tall enough for you too jump over it. Once you leaped, you landed right on top of him. When he fell to the floor, you two started wrestling.

You bit down onto his shoulder; not hard enough to cause serious and long-lasting damage, but just enough to draw blood. Without realizing it, Todoroki ended up getting his arms under you and onto your stomach, which ended in him launching you off of him with a burst of fire. !SNAP! You roared in pain as you landed on the ground.

As you rolled on the floor a bit, you looked down at your left leg. It was in a very unnatural position. As you looked up, your eyes widened as a ball of fire and ice cane hurdling towards you. The last thing you heard was your beloved boyfriend screaming your name.


Time for head-cannons!

  • When you woke up, you couldn’t move or feel your left leg
  • There was also a weight on your right hip
  • When you looked down you noticed 3 things
  • 1. You were in Recovery Girl’s office
  • 2. Izuku was asleep on your hip, which was cute as all hell
  • 3. Your left leg was in a cast
  • As you looked more at your boyfriend, he looked so tired. When you started raking your hand through his curly hair, his eyes slowly fluttered open
  • “OH MY GOD YOU’RE OKAY!!!” He yelled, shooting up. Obviously, this almost made you shit your pants
  • “Of course I’m okay! Why wouldn’t I be?” You said calmly, lightly laughing as well
  • “Y-YOU BROKE YOUR LEG AND I WAS JUST SO W-” “Izuku, baby lower your voice, people in the states can hear you,” “O-Oh, I’m s-sorry. Well! How are you feeling? Do you need water? Do you need more pain meds?”
  • As your golden retriever of a boyfriend asked you questions, the door opened and in came recovery girl
  • “How are you feeling sweetheart?” She asked as she waddled over, lightly putting her hand on your head. “As good as I can right now,” You said and she nodded, lightly smiling
  • “Well, you’re going to be using crutches for about a month, a month and a half. You almost shattered your whole lower leg,” She said as she examined your cast.
  • “Make sure not to get this wet,” She said and you nodded. “And you,” She said, pointing at Izuku. “You better take care of her, when these pain medications wear off she’s going to be in a great amount of pain,”
  • “Yes ma’am!” He said, causing Recovery Girl to smile. “I’ll give you both crutches and a wheel chair,” She said as she walked towards the corner of the room. When she grabbed it, she turned around and rolled it towards Izuku
  • “Get her in that while I go get her pain medication,” She said, then walked towards the door
  • “Can you sit up?” Izuku asked, standing up. “Yeah, yeah I can,” You said as you sat up. You lifted your right leg up and around the bar on the hostipat bed so it was hanging off the side.
  • “Holy shit this is heavy,” You mumbled as you tried lifting your left leg. “Here, let me do it,” Izuku said as he gently grabbed your left leg. God you were so lucky you couldn’t feel your leg right now
  • Once both of your legs were hanging off the side of the bed, Izuku positioned the wheelchair to where you could easily get into it. As you were about to lift yourself up to hop into the chair, Izuku leaned over you and wrapped his arms under your knees and your back
  • You lightly jumped as he swiftly picked you up and set you down in the wheelchair. “Thank you baby,” You said as you quickly kissed him on the cheek, causing him to light up red. “N-No problem!”
  • Honestly, he wouldn’t let you do anything alone. Except shower and change of course. But if you needed help with that to, he’ll push his overwhelming shyness away and do it. Because that’s what a hero would do!
  • All in all, he would treat you even more like a baby then he already does!
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How come in every villain!deku fic when he’s in the bar he always gets a milkshake from kurogiri? When did we collectively decide on this??? I’m not complaining I think it’s completely hilarious but did I miss the secret meeting when this was decided or?

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So I have a new headcanon for SERO.

Imagine if you will SERO as a REGGAETON artist. Preforming early 2000’s daddy Yankee songs and j balvin songs. Like I can FUCKING hear it in his voice that yagami yato made and I’m just on the floor being the biggest kind of simp.


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Hi everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood homosexual here to tell you about my blog and its rules! Please read this before you request anything from my blog. The first thing you should know is that for various personal reasons which I will not be explaining, I have some seriously messed up tastes. I enjoy characters, kinks, and themes that may be called “problematic” or wrong, and if you don’t like that I would advise blocking me now to save us both a lot of trouble. I won’t be spilling all my childhood trauma just to satisfy you that I’ve been sufficiently traumatized to like what I like, so please don’t ask.

Some of the rules of my blog are:

  1. Please keep requests to male readers only! I’m not comfortable writing female readers because of dysphoria.
  2. Please avoid these topics, since they’re triggers for me: Self harm, suicide, pedophilia, sexual assault as trauma (though I do write noncon in a fetishized style), child abuse, and domestic abuse as trauma (though I will write fetishized “yandere” style themes).
  3. Any matchups sent in when the matchups are closed will simply be deleted.
  4. Please don’t rush me on requests or matchups, I only have so many spoons in one day and I can’t always find the energy to write.
  5. Anyone trying to start discourse or fighting will be blocked on the spot. I’m not here to fight with anyone about anything, I’m just here to have fun and cope through fanfiction.

Some of the fandoms I write for include: My Hero Academia, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Slashers/horror movies, Creepypasta, Hannibal, Beastars, Stranger Things,

Current Hyperfixation: My Hero Academia

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Thanks for requesting, and I agee bb has a really good poker face!

“Don’t look at me like that,”“Like what,”“Like you still love me.”

“I love you” “Then tell me that when you’re sober.” <- sorry I changed that one a little :)

Helloooooo, so this is gonna be a little angsty, so I hope I did ok!

Summary: After a night of drinking, you confront Hawks, the man that broke your heart.

Warnings: drinking, cursing, fighting (verbally)

Reader has no pronouns mentioned

Requests closed



When Hawks broke your heart you wanted to just leave Japan.

But you were a hero, worse, you were a hero known for pairing up with Hawks. And everyone in Japan associated you with him.

Your two agencies were practically intertwined with each other, under contract in fact.

Therefore, you couldn’t leave him as a partner. And you hated it, you despise it.

No one knew about you two, and that’s what you liked about it. The fact that people didn’t pity you when you two teamed up. But still, you couldn’t cry to anyone, could actually tell them why you were acting so off. However, you were glad others couldn’t feel bad for you, you thought maybe you could quickly get over Hawks.

But it hurt.

It hurt because he acted like nothing ever happened between you two, he acted like everything was fine. Like you two never happened.

So you did too.

You acted like your heart didn’t hurt every time he smiled at you, you pretended you didn’t miss the feeling of his lips on yours, you pretended you didn’t miss the way his hands felt when creased your cheeks lovingly when he looked into your eyes. You acted like it never bothered you, you acted like you two never happened, you acted like you were fine. Like you didn’t care.

But you did care, you cared so much. You loved him, in fact, maybe you still did. But it wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t worth it.

But some days you would slip up, you would stare at him a little too long, sometimes you would imagine the loving words he would tell you, you imagined what his lips felt like on yours.

And some days, he would catch you.

And he wouldn’t look away from you, he wouldn’t stop staring at you until you looked away. Then he would pretend like nothing ever happened.

How could you hate someone you loved.


Your agency, as well as Hawks’, had all went out for drinks together, it was supposed to be fun. But here you were, on the rooftop away from everyone.

The night started well enough, everyone was having fun, drinking, and talking. Till he showed up. He smiled so pleasantly at everyone, everyone except you. He acted as though you were some shadow, a nobody, and you hated it. You hated him.

You couldn’t stand it. So here you were, on the roof, trying to drown your pity.

You heard the door to the roof open and close, you didn’t even turn to see who it was, “Sorry, I’ll get off.”

“Oh, don’t leave on my account,” Hawks’s voice made you sit up straighter. What the hell was he doing here?

You just scoffed, “I just might, what the hell do you want? Came here to rub how much better off you are?”

You didn’t see the hurt in his eyes, you didn’t see the way his body craved you.

He knew it was a mistake, breaking up with you. He loved you, but he got scared, scared of his feelings, scared of what loving you meant, scared of his heart. So he thought this was the best option, for both of you.

It wasn’t.

He missed waking up next to you in the morning, the way you would press your self to him when you two cuddled, the way your lips would feel. He missed your word of praise whenever he saved a civilian, coming from you made him want to work harder. And when you stroked his wings, he felt like the world couldn’t touch him, he felt like only you and him mattered in that moment. The way you would laugh at his jokes felt like the best music. He just loved you so much.

So then, why did he break your heart as he did?

Because he was a coward.


He sighed, pressing send.

He couldn’t even tell you to your face, because he knew if he did he would just change his mind. He knew he wouldn’t be able to resist you, he knew his lips would end up back on yours.

He stared at his phone screen for a little bit, before putting it into his pocket.

He felt the heaviness in his chest, he felt the way his mind pushed and pulled at him.

He didn’t deserve you, you deserved a better, happier life. You didn’t deserve him coming in and messing up everything. So this had to be done.

But he loved you, you were all he thought about, all he wanted. All he needed. But you needed to be safe, and your safety came as the first priority. If his heart had to be shattered, so be it.

When he got home, he saw you asleep, the pillowcase wet with your tears. He felt his chest tighten at the sight, he wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed with you, cuddle you and tell you that everything would be just fine. To feel your hands in his hair, soothing him and telling him how much you loved him.

But he didn’t deserve that, he didn’t deserve you.

So he left, he was a bastard and he left.


So here he was, still in pain, his heart still aches for you.

He forced himself to act distant with you, to act like he didn’t care.

But he did, he cared so much. He craved you, he needed to hold you to him, to hear your laugh, to feel your love.

But he didn’t deserve it.

“Don’t look at me like that,” you said, in a disapproving tone.

“Like what,” he asked.

You sighed, “Like you still love me.”

He was silent for a moment, taking a swig from his beer bottle, “And if I do love you?”

You scoffed, “Then tell me that when you’re sober.”

He looked at his beer can, before setting it down, away from himself.

“And besides,” you said, “you don’t get to love me. You made the decision when you left.”

He didn’t say anything, so you continued, “You couldn’t even talk to me in person. Hell, you couldn’t even call me. Do you know how terrible it was? I didn’t even know why you left, I keep thinking it’s my fault, that I did something. And guess what? I couldn’t even tell anyone because even though you’re an asshole I didn’t want to ruin your reputation. So I spent night after night crying myself to sleep. Do you know how hard that was? And do you know what I thought about? All those nights that we stayed up together, talking about the future we were gonna have. Did they mean nothing to you? Did any of it matter to you?”

You didn’t even realize the tears in your eyes, but your vision was so blurry you didn’t see Hawks shed a tear.

“So Hawks, what do you think? Are you proud of yourself?”

Keigo hated when you used his hero name, he told you his real name for a reason. He missed the way you would say it. The sweet way your voice would sing his name when he did something right, he even missed when you used to yell at him too. The way you would use his name to nag at him when he was being too annoying, or when you got mad at him.

Like right now.

He wished you would use it.

He didn’t care if it stung, he needed to hear it.

“No,” he said simply, “I’m not. I’ve been wishing since I did it to take it back. It’s so hard not to hold you to me when I see you cry, to not kiss you anymore, to not hold you to me. You can say it’s the alcohol talking, but I do love you. I’ve never stopped loving you. And I never will. But this is the best for both of us.”

You looked at him, in disgust, “You don’t get to decide what’s good for me! You don’t make that decision! I loved you, but you left! And that’s the end of the story! You did this, so stop feeling sorry for yourself!”

You stilled for a moment, taking a deep breath, “And that whole shit about loving me? Well, it didn’t seem like it whenever you would ignore me. It didn’t seem like it when you acted like I was a nobody to you! You don’t get to come out here and tell me you love me after you broke my heart! That’s not how this works! You were supposed to love me, but look what you did! I hate all this, I thought about leaving my agency because I couldn’t bare to look at you anymore,” Hawks just sat there, looking down at his hand, not saying a word, “So yeah, you don’t get to love me.”

You stood, Hawks tried to catch your hand, but you swatted it away from him. Like hell, you would take his hand.

Before you left, you said, with venom in your voice, “Goodbye Keigo.”


I hope I did ok!

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(Like my bio says, request are open :))

I write my hero academia fanfics mostly but if you wanna request other anime characters then …

~go right ahead (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)~

About me: she/her, totally fine if you call me dude, bro, stuff like that. Nothing really much to say Ik >_>

Account rules: Don’t say racial or offensive slurs on my account *_*. Please don’t bring politics or anything like that on my account. I will NOT and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOT write pedophila OR r*pe / se*ual harassment fanfics. SO DO NOT REQUEST THEN AT ALL. If you do you’ll be blocked immediately.

What I write: you can request lemon and fluff (//∇//).

IMPORTANT!!- some fanfics are NOT for minors. Although there are fluff ones that can be for minors, I will put warnings on the fanfics.

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Honestly the lack of feedback on my writing makes me wonder why I bother.

Y’all love talking about “Support artists” but us writers can apparently go fuck ourselves really.

I spend days of my time writing and keep a consistent upload schedule yet I’m lucky if I get a handful of notes and any reviews at all but here’s the thing, I know I’m good at what I do, I know that this isn’t a quality thing.

I’ve got over 500 followers and less than a dozen of you reblog my work? Nah fuck off, why are you even here? From now on if you try to interact with me without first reblogging my work it’s a block.

My time isn’t free and you don’t get to waste it.

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Summary: shinsou counts the hours ‘til you finally meet him for the night.

A/N: this took me way longer than i thought HAHA (*cries) a small sentence that tunred into a full fic LMFAO- this is a gift fic for @amoroushero​ !! 💜💜  its a little something to congratulate you for 3k followers (and for being a rlly sweet mutual) aaaaaaa ive never done this before so i hope you like it🥺👉👈

side note: reader’s eye color is @amoroushero​‘s  since this was specifically made for her but besides that everything else is general!

Pairing/s: shinsou hitoshi x reader

Word Count: 1076

Tags: FLUFF, mutual pining, love, romance, yada yada all that sappy shit

-ꦼ———▸ crossposted on ao3

⋅. ♪ .⋅  inspired from this song

Loving Hitoshi Playlist

Shinsou stays up late for a multitude of reasons.

The very reason for that is that it’s quiet. As soon as the sun sets, class 3-A retires to their dorm rooms for the night. They empty the halls bit by bit, taking away portions of the mindless chatter that fill the halls for most of the day.

He listens to Yaoyorozu scold Denki for trying to stay up late, pushing him towards the stairs to get him to his room. He winces at Bakugou’s deafening barks directed at none other than Deku, who meekly waves away his insults as a desperate attempt to get him to calm down. Of course, it never works. 

It’s not until Kirishima distracts the blonde by throwing an arm around his shoulders to steer him away from his childhood friend that the living room is a whole lot quieter.

He waits until everyone finally closes their doors for the night, letting out a huge sigh of relief at the sudden peace he’s been agonizingly waiting for the whole day. 

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So I was thinking of getting stickers made! Here’s a few designs I have already. I was thinking of using Ko-Fi to fundraise for them!


You’ll get all sorts of exclusive goodies!

- Exclusive comics, art, and sketches

- You get to read non-request based fics a week before I post on Tumblr

- Speed draws

- An exclusive AU

- Exclusives in the Ko-Fi shop

I put so much time and effort into my art and into my writing. It what I love doing most!

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Originally posted by obi-wan-shinobi

  • Chapter one can be found here.
  • Chapter two can be found here.
  • Akari gets to work, both at the agency and with Aizawas students. 
  • Pairing: Bakugou x Akari Aizawa (oc)
  • Word Count: 3.2K
  • Genre: Again, not quite sure how to describe this, it’s pretty neutral, with some fighting.
  • Warnings: Swearing (i’m pretty sure), fighting
  • Alright ladies and gents and nonbinary pals, here is chapter three of my fic Falling. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve worked on it and this is only self edited, so bear with me if there are any mistakes. This chapter is called 9 to 5 based on the Dolly Parton song, just because you get to see Akari at work. Let me know what you think!

Keep reading

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“A Soulmate Who Wasn’t Meant To Be”


-Bakugo Katsuki x reader, angst

A/n - I like angst lol but I’ve never really written it, first time writing so. I also suggest listening to the song while reading for best experience :))


“Stranger,that’s all I see, when I look into your eyes”

You stared at him, from a distance as the crowd blurred in your eyes. His vermillion eyes tearing through the crowd, while yours sadly lingered around. The cold air brushing against your hot face, your eyes burning and threatening to spill with tears. He never saw you, but you saw him. He wasn’t at all what you imagined. Every girl and some boys would dream to be his,but not you. To you, he was just a stranger. You didn’t feel any connection. You knew him, but you couldn’t recognise him.

Just like your mom didn’t with your dad.

Your heart was heavy, like it was soaked in soft water, your arms light but your torso ready to fall with weight. The cold rainy weather comforting to your heated body. You stood there, hoping just maybe he’d see you, notice your held breath, your glassy eyes, your torn lips from constant biting.

But he didn’t.

“Stranger,who knows all my secrets, can pull me apart and break my heart”

Your little giggles were faint in his mind, like mist fading away. You weren’t the one on his mind, and neither were your secrets. To him, you were just an annoyance who he was stuck with. The dumb embedded ink of your initials on his arm didnt help either. He knew every move he made towards you was special. But he didn’t want his actions towards you to be treasured by you. He wanted something else. Someone else.

His thoughts crowded his stuffy mind, your question was cut short as he got up and walked away from the bench you both were sitting on. The lovely blossom pink cloth which adorned your skin was now irritatingly bright to his eyes. Your mildly fazed expression went unnoticed as he went away. You decided not to follow him this time, as you turned your head away and admired the delicate flowers of the park wordlessly. Your heart slowly breaking.

“‘I love you’,you never said it back, So why do I still care for you?”

Your little tactics to just try and get a word out of him were starting to get under his skin. Your presence was making him angry and guilty at the same time. His mind was clouded and you made it worse every time. You just happened to appear at the worst of times. Your breathy voice penetrating through his train of thoughts, as your desperate tone peaked out. His pace got faster but you were unsure if you still wanted to go after him.

“Just leave me alone, goddamnit!” He yelled at you, as he turned around. His eyes no longer that soft cherry red you’d fantasize it to be,but full of rage, no empathy. This time your heart felt numb, only a swirl of confusion now swam in your heavy head. Your breathing uneven as the tension finally cracked. 

You stopped in your tracks.

“A soulmate who wasn’t meant to be”

Your vulnerability shone to him, but he was closed off. You finally had enough. A tear slid down your face, but you didn’t even know why you were crying. Your frustration coming up to the surface, only to be cooled down by confusion and despair. You hit your critical point. This was the same that happened to your mom and dad. You refused to ever end up like them. But here you are, chasing after your so called “soulmate” like a lovesick fool.

He walked away, leaving you alone in the empty street,shivering in the rain. Not because of the cold,but the shock that was finally embracing you. Your hand reached up to your face, as your eyes scanned the ink of “B.K” on your palm slowly fading away. You finally turned around walking the other way this time. No reminiscing of the dry memories you had with him. You were finally done.


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Hello guys! It’s Emi here to give you a little update on how things are going!

First and foremost, we have some more amazing people joining our team! 

Firstly, the incredible and talented @darthsuki has joined us as a writer!! We are so excited to have him here as a part of our team, and we cannot wait to show you all what we have in store for the plot of this series!

Secondly, we have our first composer joining us! Spiro, a talented audio editor and composer is here to help us produce high quality audio for Hero Chronicles.

We still have some positions AVAILABLE, so if you think you might be interested in helping us as an Artist, Writer, Social Media Manager, Audio Editor, Animator, or Composer, then please DM this account for more information, or to just show your interest.

Now, writing is in process!! We aim to get a couple of scripts together before we start casting the characters in the series, and we’re all so excited to show you what we have in store!

Thank you for all your support!

- Emi

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my tumblr blog✨🧚‍♀️

I’ll talk a little about myself. Get to know me as Alex, I’m 17 and my favorite genre to write is angst and sluff, in this blog I’ll upload whatever it is, get out of my mind, until now I have no rules, I’ll upload these for the week. Any idea you want to give me to start you can request ✨ I will also upload content of my Oc and my own drawings later.


The fanfoms I would like to write for are💞



Fire force



Maybe one thing or another by saiki


I know I said that I would speak after the rules but since we are at that:


  • I will NOT allow relations between minors and adults (if the character you like is a minor, you can request a child friendship, or a timeskip, why not I will do another way)
  • I do not feel personally comfortable with the topic of furrys or others
  • I will never write romanticizing any violation.
  • YANDERE only in cases of specific characters (and I will do it trying not to see abusive behaviors in a cute way)
  • This account is NOT free of spoilers
  • I will accept the kind recommendations
  • No discrimination of any kind is accepted
  • I would like to write character x reader so confidently request 💞


If I am missing something to add, I will update it as soon as the cresxs blog, thanks for reading💞

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i wrote too much this year omg

~ only ao3 fanfics ~

haikyuu (10 fanfics)

- kenhina

- iwasuga

  • 4am curry | alternate universe/soulmate au
  • morning in bed | alternate universe/post time skip (soon)

- oisuga

- kurodai

- bookuaka

- osaaka

  • hq thirstmas days 2+3 - sex toys, overstimulation, thighs (soon)

bungou stray dogs (3 fanfics)

- soukoku

- ranpoe

  • last day | heavy angst/major character death/alternate universe - no abilities

- [redacted]

  • bsd secret santa (soon)

boku no hero academia (5 fanfics)

- dabihawks

  • silent feeling | 5+1/alternate universe
  • let’s dance | alternate universe - no quirks
  • second honeymoon | alternate universe - no quirks/married dabihawks
  • spring in me | alternate universe - no quirks/neighbor au/idol au (soon)

- no ship

  • love day | alternate universe/shimura tenko centric

fugou keiji balance: unlimited (1 fanfic)

- daiharu

kimetsu no yaiba (1 fanfic)

- sanegiyuu

  • rocker boi | alternate universe/band au??/high school au
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The Stars Should Fall

Summary: what are you supposed to do when you’re staring in the face of death, really?

Word Count: 1539

Warnings: Descriptions of blood and injury.

Authors Note: THIS IS NOT A HAPPY ENDING FIC. I wrote this when I was really not doing okay and made some angst. I put some real tears into this, don’t read if you’re not in a good headspace. Oh, it’s not Shigadabi but you can totally read it that way. Fluff will come soon!!

Nights don’t usually feel so unnaturally bright.

City skylines dappled with billboards and traffic lights filling evening air, suburbs with streetlights on the corners and the homey glow of kitchens, country plains with moonlight spilling over grass like watery milk. That’s normal. That’s life. That’s light pollution.

It felt different, though.

Dabi fisted his hands into the thick material of Shigaraki’s coat, dragging him along through the woods. The trees provided little shelter against the distant upheaval of heroes and remaining villains. Commotion echoed through bark and leaves. How long had they been travelling? They must have been almost a mile out from the cities edge. It had to be enough.

He set his limping boss down in the juncture of bush and tree trunk. Shigaraki’s breath had become shallower, the rise and fall of his chest no longer as deep as it was before. His hands held tight to his abdomen. The torn cloth they had wrapped around his wound was sodden, saturated with dark blood that looked almost black in the midnight atmosphere. No, it was probably later than midnight. The sky had lost its purple tones, washed over with sullen blues. It was shining, too. Not from city lights or glowing lamps… it just was.

“Don’t touch that,” Dabi ordered, pushing Shigaraki’s shaky hands away from the makeshift bandage. “I’ll put something else on—”

“It’s soaked through.”

“Don’t remove it, you’ll open it up again.”

Shigaraki chuckled, a weak sound. “It never closed up. You know that.”

“It’s clotting, it’s gotta.” Dabi shrugged his own coat off, pretending not to notice the bite of night air. “We just have to put more pressure, now shut up, you’re wasting breath.”

Shigaraki rested his head back as Dabi pushed the leather into his bleeding abdomen. “You think I’m gonna live, huh?”

“You better, not like you have a choice,” Dabi spat. “…I’ll call up Giran. Yeah, I’ll call Giran. He’ll get a healer here, and you’ll be good as new, and for the love of God will you stop scratching?!”

Shigaraki hadn’t even noticed he was picking again. He pulled his fingers from the juncture of his jawline and neck, noticing bits of skin and blood under his untrimmed fingernails again. The blood from his neck was brighter in color than the dark blood staining the rest of his skin. “Giran, huh?”

“Unless you have a better idea,” Dabi muttered, fishing his phone out from a pocket. “If I can get… get a signal, he’ll send someone.”

“You know you aren’t getting a signal here.” Shigaraki sighed, gritting his teeth as waves of pain flowed through his body. “And I’m not getting healed.”


A softer wave of pain ran through his cheek. Oh. Dabi had slapped him.

“Are you delirious?” He chastised, still mashing buttons on his phone and stretching his arm out to find a signal.

“Maybe.” Shigaraki retorted. “I did just get stabbed. I’d be surprised if I weren’t a little out of it, don’t you think?”

Dabi didn’t say anything.

He laughed, a monosyllabic huff as a sad smile curled across his lips. “I did pretty good back there, though, didn’t I? Gave those hero bastards some good hits… they’ll be repairing that city for weeks, and they’ll curse me the whole time. They’ll be all, ‘that damn Shigaraki… he tore our cities down…’ and maybe… maybe, a few of them will start thinking differently. They’ll notice a few things about their idols. Maybe they’ll—they’ll start a revolt! That would be good. A revolt. We planted some pretty good seeds…”

Dabi threw his phone into the grass. “Stop using past tense, damn it!”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

They knew he wasn’t. Dabi huffed, his shoulders shaking. He could say it was the chill. The blood from Shigaraki’s wound was leaking now, trailing down the leather of his coat to the cold earth in trickles and streams. It might water flowers. It might grow a tree.

“You’ve always been insufferable…” Dabi said. It was a lot more ruthless in his head, but it rolled weakly off his dry tongue. “You… you’re so lost in that head of yours, you know that creep?”

Shigaraki sighed. “Master raised me to be rational… suppose I failed that, too.”

“What are you even saying?!”

“I lost, Dabi.” He looked up at him. “I lost the game.”

Dabi squatted down by the phone dropped near Shigaraki’s ribs, wringing his hands out. “Stop…”

“Master will find another one.” His teeth chattered. “We’re not done yet. We’re not done… he’s not done yet…”

“You’re something else, you know that… my phone isn’t working, I’ll walk—”

Shigaraki reached for Dabi’s wrist, grunting in pain at the stretch in his skin. “Don’t… don’t go… I—ah—I don’t… I don’t want to die alone…”

They were silent for a while. Crashes and collisions of a battle nearly a mile out echoed out through the trees. The blood of Shigaraki’s abdomen pooled in his hands, spilled onto the earth below as the metallic smell filled the air. The blood was darker than either remembered. It was richly colored with oxygen, with life. It’s thick, too… it rolled off the skin in heavy beads, trailing down his ribcage and down Dabi’s coat.

“I’ll be back again, you know…” Shigaraki whispered hoarsely.

Dabi didn’t look up.

“I’ll come back… as… something…”

“What, reincarnation?”

“Something…” Shigaraki squinted like he was trying to make sense of constellations above. “Something like…”

“Don’t say something stupid like a dragon.”

“I’m no dragon,” he frowned. “I… I’ll be a crow.”

“A crow?”

He grinned. “Yeah… yeah, a crow…”

“Of course, you’d pick one of the most annoying creatures in existence.” Dabi stretched his legs out, sitting down beside him. “They have the ugliest… cries? Squawks? Shouts…?”

“I’ve never been bearable…” he muttered, “no, but I’m useful… I’m… I’m useful… right…?”

It seemed like he was speaking less to Dabi and more to himself.

“I’ll… I’ll come back, and I’ll do what I can… and I’ll spy, and steal, and I’ll peck some eyes out…”

“You’re such a dumbass.”

“Shut up, Dabi…” he smirked, malice nowhere to be found in his tone. “…I’ll steal your stuff first.”

“Will you, now?”


“And how will I know it’s you?”

Shigaraki stretched a bony hand out, moving his fingers around in a dance as he spoke. “I’ll take… a ten-yen coin from your room.”

“You think you’re gonna be able to find me?” Dabi challenged.

“Oh, I’ll find you, don’t worry about that… I’ll always find you.”

He bit his lip. “Mm… I’ll—I’ll leave it out for you, then. If you’ll really be back, I’ll leave it out for you.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

His skin was sallow, at least more than usual. Dabi was sure if he were to push his fingers across his arm, his skin would wrinkle like thin paper. He looked nearly dead already… already…

“What would you be…?”


Shigaraki coughed. “If I’m a crow… what would you be…?”

“Oh.” The veins in his face were bluer than ever, he thought. “I’ve never given it much thought.”

“Neither have I.” His voice shouldn’t be so airy, so thin.

“What do you think, creep? What would I be?”

Shigaraki breathed as deeply as he could. “I don’t know… I guess I don’t see you dying anytime soon…”

His quirk had its benefits, surely. Even in its pain, even in how it burned his tear ducts and melted them shut, keeping him from appearing weak. Blessing in disguise.

“Good. I’d say that’s a good thought.”

Shigaraki didn’t respond, focusing on his breath. His limbs shook, jaw trembling and damp skin covered in goosebumps.

“I can start a fire… if you need…” Dabi offered, voice dropped to a whisper.

Shigaraki shook his head the slightest amount. “Warm… it’s too warm…”

“Sure…” He averted his eyes from the blood that was flowing even closer to him. “Sure, whatever you say…”



He sucked in a slow inhale. “…did I do good?”

Dabi clenched his teeth. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He was supposed to stay. He was supposed to lead them to the end, kill the symbol of peace with his own hands.

Shigaraki must have taken his silence as an answer. “I tried… I tried. I swear I did—”

“You fought well.”

He nodded, trembling from effort. “I tried… Master, I tried… I tried, I tried… I tried, Father, I tried…”

Dabi reached out, calloused fingertips gently easing Shigaraki’s eyelids down for rest. He didn’t fight back, closing them with ease. He couldn’t fight back… he wouldn’t.

“I tried… warm… I tried—it’s so warm… Mother, I tried, I tried…”

“You fought well.” He hoped he was listening.

“Warm… I tried… I tried… Hana, forgive me, I tried… I… I tr…”

“You fought well, Shigaraki. You fought well.”

Nights weren’t supposed to be so bright. The sky shouldn’t be so happy on a night like this. The people should mourn. The heroes should die. The stars should fall.

He fought well. And every night, Dabi kept a window open and left a ten-yen coin where he slept for if a crow ever wanted to pay a visit.

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