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#mha fanfiction


“Huh?” Hawks looked up to see Miruko’s eyes boring into him. 

“Bring your feathers back.”

Hawks chuckled, picking up his fork and taking a bite of his spaghetti. Internally, he scolded himself for concentrating too much on his wings. “What are you talking about? They are.”

“Oh, then I suppose you can explain why an eighty year-old woman is flying?” Rumi pointed out of the window. Three blocks away, there was some commotion, and Hawks’ feathers were zipping through the air.

Hawks cursed. “Right. Your insanely good eyesight.” Miruko allowed herself a smug smile.  “Fine, just let me put her down first.” 

After a couple of seconds, Hawks took another bite, as a dozen of feathers flew through the air vents of the restaurant, to the shock of surrounding patrons and staff, and into his wings. “There, you happy?” He murmured, a note of aggression in his tone. 

Rumi’s smile faded. “You don’t need to always be on duty, Keigo.”

“Yeah, but it was a villain attack.”

“A group of small-timers, and Deku was already kicking their asses and saving the people. You helped just…this much.” She held up a half-bitten meatball. 

“I’m sure Deku appreciates the help,” Hawks said. 

“No. I know Deku wants you to relax instead, especially since you’re still recovering.” She gestured at his wings, which were significantly smaller compared to six months ago. Dabi’s damage had been permanent. 

She continued, “And I’d like it if you focused on our date rather than being a hero.” 

“Seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it?” Keigo said quietly. 

“No, it’s not about me. It’s the fact that you’re not letting go. You’re overworked, Keigo, that’s why I brought you out – to relax.” Rumi reached across the table to hold his hand. Her metallic hand felt cool, but the warmth of the gesture made his heart thump against his chest. 

“I – I can’t.” A lump formed in his throat. “Not now. Not when society’s on the brink of collapse. Look around, Rumi. This nice restaurant – it looks so peaceful, so tranquil. But look again, and…”

His voice lowered. “You’ll see the uneasiness on everyone’s face, the fear in their hearts. They’re wondering when Shigaraki’s reappearing, when things can go back to normal. They want to feel safe. I want them to feel safe.” 

“You did everything you could, Keigo, and more.” Miruko said. “I know what you want, but they want you to be happy too.”

“Do they?” Hawks looked down, his cold spaghetti forgotten. “At the end of the day, they don’t care if it’s the Number 2 or the Number 200 hero saving them, they just want to go about their day with no interruption. I just so happen to be able to do it more efficiently, and I hide all the chaos better so they can be happy.”

“It’s…” Miruko struggled for the words. 

“Fine.” Hawks finished. “You don’t have to argue.”

A silence overwhelmed the table. Hawks muttered, “I’m sorry. I ruined this, didn’t I?”

Miruko let out a humourless chuckle. “No, Keigo, come on. I just wish…I wish you knew that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your back isn’t big enough, even if you say it is.”

“I never did.”

“Not to the public.” 

Hawks had no reply, so she kept going. “And yeah, you signed up for this when you became a hero. But you don’t owe this world a thing.”

“I do now, after Jakku.” Takami immediately regretted mentioning the event. Her expression mellowed like a tomato under the sun. Her two ears went rigid before flopping down. 

“That was my fault, Keigo.”

“No, no, you…” Hawks caressed her metal arm. “You did everything you could too, and definitely…definitely more than you had to.”

“My life.” Was all she said. “I didn’t give that. Because I was selfish.”

“For wanting to live? Come on, Rumi. Don’t do this.” 

“I was selfish. I didn’t want to die. I –” Her voice broke. “I needed to see you, at least one last time. I didn’t want to go then. And maybe…if I’d given it my all…”

“I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” Keigo said. “I wanted to see you too.”

“Looks like we all want our own things in life.” Rumi pointed out, and Takami slowly smiled. Guess he did. 

“Thanks, I’ll try to remember that. Let’s enjoy the date, okay? No more work talk.” Keigo kissed her hand. 

“I’d love that, “ She said with a wide grin, her ears perking back up. 


Idea’s been sort of on my mind for last couple of weeks when Hori posted that sketch, so here you go. I think I’ve been doing too much hurt/comfort.

Dialogue’s a bit choppy I feel. I like the idea, but not necessarily the execution. Might give it an edit before I upload it to AO3.  

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Warnings: This is just the reader vibing with Shiggy

Pairing: Shigaraki x reader!

Synopsis: You find Shigaraki playing a game you never would’ve expected but maybe a friendship can bloom from that…maybe even more…

A/N: I honestly just wanted some soft Shiggy content and then the idea sprouted of him playing Minecraft so here’s wholesome rat content.


“It’s three in the morning…What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same.”

Colors moved across the screen as the subtle sounds of buttons being pressed filled the room. The game’s soundtrack was peaceful and you almost couldn’t believe it was something he’d play, or that he’d even play video games at all.


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part 20 - wat r u wearing babygorl

pairing: shinsou hitoshi x fem!reader

synopsis: you’re at a theme park when kaminari dares you to airdrop memes to the first device that pops up and reluctantly, you give in. but never would you have thought they’d send you memes back… nor could you have guessed the person you were feeling a meme-connection with was your first love and first heartbreak, shinsou hitoshi.

a/n: this part made me a little sad bc shinsou’s texts just seemed so forced 😭 i miss them being just mememates,, now he’s a bit diff bc hE KNOWS~ it’s messing with my head smh 🥺🤡 well now shinsou knows y/n didn’t cheat which he could’ve known years ago if he just asked or idk not assumed bUT WHATEV,, and todoroki knows midoriya so…uh oh 😭 chat with me and tell me ur thoughts and predictions!! ❤️

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Best friends with Bakugo


Pairing:  Bakugo x Reader  

Request: “heyyy? how are you doing?? 💓💓is it okay if i ask for some platonic best friend bakugou headcanons? where its kinda like tiny glances at each other during class (‘you paying attention idiot?’ 'nah, you?’) or one of them have a bad day and its just both him and her sharing earphones back in ua dorms? idk skhdkd stay safe! - Anonymous”

Notes: I’m doing good, you stay safe too. Thanks for the request!



Originally posted by shigashimura

  • No one understands how you guys get along so well
  • You’re the only person he doesn’t scream at or seemed genuinely annoyed by
  • Not even when you purposely push his buttons
  • Nicknames and name calling are still present, but in a lighter, less serious way
  • “Aren’t you looking especially grumpy today.”
  • “Aren’t you looking especially stupid today.”
  • “…ouch.”
  • Listening to music is fun…once you actually agree on a song
  • Your guys’ taste in music is just so different that it’s hard to find music that you both enjoy
  • You end up creating a playlist with both of your favorite songs on it, because picking one you both like was just too hard
  • He’s not the best at being soft, but he’ll do his best
  • If your having a bad day he won’t make you talk about it
  • He’ll just silently try to help cheer you up
  • “Hey, I got one of your drinks from the vending machine and two came out, so you can have the extra.”
  • “But you hate this flavor. Why would you get it to begin with?”
  • “I pushed the wrong button. Do you want it or not?”
  • He can be nice when he actually want to
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read it on ao3 here

“Wow, it sure took you guys a while to get changed!” Midoriya waved enthusiastically as the current Class 1-A entered the training area. “So, who are you fighting? Bakugou or Todoroki?”

“It better be me,” Kacchan snarled. “I’ve been itching for a good fight.”

“No one in their right mind would have chosen you ,” Shouto said under his breath.

“Actually, Problem Child,” Aizawa said with a smile that had alarm bells going off in Izuku’s head screaming logical ruse incoming! . “It was a unanimous decision that they would be fighting you.”

“WHAT?” Bakugou yelled, explosions going off.

“Me?” Izuku stutters. He’s sure his face is a bright, flaming red. “They don’t want to fight Kaachan? Or what about Todoroki?”

Aizawa shakes his head. “They all wanted to fight you .”

“This is bullshit,” Bakugou spits. “If the nerd doesn’t want to fight, let me do it!” The angry boy whirls on him, and he automatically takes a step back, hands raised. “You don’t want to do it, right shitty Deku?”

“No, let Izuku do it,” Shouto comes to his rescue.

“Fine,” Bakugou grumbles. “Show these twerps whose boss.”

The twerps in question look apprehensive as Izuku hesitantly shrugs off his jacket, their eyes tracking as he folds it and places it on the sidelines.

“What’s with the arm thing?” One of the girls asks, eyes drawn to the black sleeve on Izuku’s right arm. “Is it support gear?”

“It’s none of your business,” Todoroki snaps.

The girl freezes in fear, and Izuku gives her a gentle smile. “It’s ok, I don’t mind.” He turns to his boyfriend. “And while I appreciate it, Shouto, don’t bite their heads off. They’re young.”

Shouto frowns. “You almost died.”

“ What !” The class exclaims.

Izuku looks to Aizawa for permission, and at the man’s nod, he slides the sleeve off. He hates the way the scar looks - ugly and twisted, skin marred and raised. It covers the whole top of his arm with faint lines trailing down. Even after all these years, it’s red and raw instead of white.

“Holy shit,” he hears one of the first years whisper.

“Not pretty, right?” He smiles self-deprecatingly. “Our first year, the training camp run by the Wild Wild Pussycats was attacked by the League of Villains, which I’m sure you all heard about. Mandalay’s nephew was attacked by the villain Muscular, and I was the only one fast enough to get there. ”

The girl from before bows. “I’m sorry,” she whispers, eyes on the ground. “He gave you that scar.”

“Azuma, stand up,” Aizawa says. “Problem Child did that to himself.”

“Wait,” the boy with wings interjects, shifting his weight from talon to talon. “Now I’m confused.”

“This,” he says, sliding the sleeve back on, “is what happens when you don’t know your limits. My quirk came in late, because if I got it any sooner I probably would have blown my arms off. Even then, I broke a lot of bones my first year.

I knew the risks, but I couldn’t have beaten that villain without using my power at over 100% when my body couldn’t even handle 20. I’m extremely lucky my arm is still functional. So,” he smiles, “Let this be a lesson in self-restraint.”

“Dude,” a girl with white hair says. “That’s so badass.”

“Thank you, Problem Child, for that lesson in self-control,” Aizawa flops on the ground, yellow sleeping bag cocooned around him. “Wake me up when it’s over.”

“Yes sir!” Izuku grins.

Aizawa mutters something about eye damage then promptly rolls over and falls asleep. The Class 1-A students spread out, dividing themselves into groups. The boy with wings takes to the air, flapping gently to keep himself hovering as he instructs his classmates.

So that’s the leader , Izuku thinks. Right now, he’s the basis of their strategy. They don’t really seem to be objecting, meaning they’re used to following his plans. Which means …

One For All thrums beneath his skin, green lightning flashing as he activates Full Cowl. The nerves of presenting in front of fellow students are gone, replaced by the familiar rush of adrenaline and the beating of his own heart.

“Come at me,” he grins, and the fight begins in earnest.

The close range fighters charge. An abnormally long arm shoots for him, and he twists, letting it rocket past his head and embed in the stone behind him. Izuku grabs the arm and flips himself up, settling into a kneeling position before launching himself into a flip like a swimmer off a diving board.

He lands behind the four students, one still trying to get his arm out of the concrete. Izuku sweeps low, knocking out the kid’s legs and he goes down hard, arm trapped.

“Make sure you always know your surroundings!” He says, dancing under a punch before sliding between the legs and aiming a well placed kick to the side. “You want to be careful that your quirk is always an advantage and not a hindrance. Always have a plan!”

“Fall back!” The winged kid shouts, and the remaining two close range fighters comply. He can’t obviously tell what their quirks are, but he doesn’t have to. Although they’re not bad, they still don’t have the same close-knit teamwork his class did in their first year, forced onto them from surviving villain attack after villain attack, every event a fight for their lives.

Izuku is thankful for what that means, even if it is hurting them right now.

“Oi, Deku, hurry this the hell up!” Kaachan shouts. “We have patrol later!”

Izuku huffs. “I am trying to teach them, not just beat them up.”

Time for action. He activates Float, taking him into the air until he’s parallel with the winged boy. Without giving him time to react, he sends Black Whip snaking out, wrapping around his wings and immobilizing him, pulling him to the ground. The darkness winds around the kid’s limbs and mouth, gagging him and stopping him from communicating.

As Izuku predicted, the class falls apart.

Some kids lunge at him, attacks sloppy and predictable, which he dodges with ease, using Propel to maneuver himself through the teenagers with ease.

The sky above him darkens, and he looks up to see a massive cloud. The girl with the white hair is hovering, arms outstretched and palms glowing.

“You may be a badass,” she grins, “but you’re not the only one with a little lightning.”

His eyes widen and he shoots himself forward into a roll. The lightning arcs down besides him, cracking the pavement.

“That’s so cool!” He gushes as he Propel flips him to his feet. “Can you summon any sort of weather, or just lightning? What’s your voltage limit?”

A tail wooshes over his head as he ducks, grabbing on to the appendage and spinning twice before launching the poor student into his fellow classmates like a bowling ball.

Strike! Izuku thinks victoriously.

From that point on, it’s easy to use Black Whip to make quick work of anyone still standing and restrain those he’s already taken out. In under five minutes, the entirety of Class 1-A is sitting in a pile in the center of the training ground, bound by Izuku’s second quirk and utterly helpless.

“Aizawa-sensei,” the boy with wings calls, squirming uncomfortably from where the appendages were pinned to his back. “We’re done.”

The yellow sleeping bag rolls over, and the exhausted face of Aizawa peers out through a mat of tangled hair.

“That was fast,” the teacher remarks dryly, shamelessly using the wall to lever himself into a sitting position. “I was hoping my nap would be longer.”

Midoriya grimaces. “Sorry, Aizawa-sensei.” He releases Black Whip and starts helping first years to their feet. “School is almost over, though!”

A cold hand lands on his shoulder and he yelps. “Shouto!”

His boyfriend laughs. “I thought Bakugou was having a conniption.”

“I can fucking hear you, Icy-Hot,” Kaachan snaps from somewhere behind him. The blonde stalks forward until the three of them are standing side-by-side. “Good job, shitty Deku, or whatever. You beat Togata’s time in dealing with us, that’s for fucking sure.”

“So,” Aizawa drawls, looking entirely too pleased with himself at the outcome. “What lessons have we learned from this? Sando.”

The boy with wings bristles. “We need to work on our team work,” he says finally. “It was sloppy, unrefined, disjointed, and absolute shit .”

Kaachan snorts. “Damn right.”

“Against a powerhouse like Midoriya,” he continues, “We were completely helpless once the original plan fell apart.”

“We couldn’t even touch him!” the white-haired girl groans. “Dude, is precognition one of your quirks or something?”

“Yeah, how come you only used three?”

“What are the other ones?”

“Can you show us?”

“You’re so cool!”

“Um,” Izuku steps back, a little overwhelmed.

“One at a time, don’t harass the Problem Child,” Aizawa seems resigned to his fate. “Sando, you’re correct in your assessment - the teamwork was terrible. For the next month, we’ll be doing joint exercises with Class 1-B in order to improve that.”


“But,” Aizawa continues, logical ruse smile back in full force. He’s not even Izuku’s teacher anymore, and it’s still terrifying. “Depending on how well you do, I’ll give you another go at Midoriya. He did, after all,” now the smile is directed at him , shit, “only use three of his quirks.”

The girl with white hair breaks away from the rest of the cheering first years and makes a beeline for him. “My name is Morita,” she says. “My quirk is Weather.” Her face goes very red all of the sudden, previous confidence disappearing. “Canyoupleasetrainme?”

“Uh,” Izuku says, bewildered. Is that what his muttering sounds like? “I’m sorry, I didn’t really catch that.”

She takes a deep breath. “I said, can you please train me?”

“What?” Izuku squacks. Her face falls, and he hastily waves her hands. “It’s not a no, of course I would love to train you, I’m just realized surprised you would want me to train you, that’s all!”

“So you’ll do it?”

He nods, and her face breaks out in a grin. “Sick!” She turns back to the rest of her class. “Hey losers, guess who’s gonna get trained by the future Symbol of Peace? Suck it!”

Class 1-A explodes as Bakugou stills beside him.

“What,” he growls, “did you just call that shitty nerd?”

“Kaachan, calm down.”


“Down, Bakugou. Good boy.”

“Deku, put a leash on your boyfriend before I explode his face.”

“That’s not very heroic, Kaachan.”

Pausing his attempts to reign in his class, Aizawa groans. “You three never change, do you?”

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alternatively titled;  Kaminari and Sero make fun of their friends for being in love until they realize that they are too

Sero leaned back into the pillows on his bed, holding his phone over his head so he could scroll through Twitter. He probably should have been doing homework, but it was a Saturday afternoon, and Twitter was his addiction. Specifically, meme Twitter. Not that any of it was actually that funny, but occasionally, he’d stumble across a gem. In which case, he would screenshot it and send it to Kaminari.

His brother-from-another-mother, best bro, light of his life, the second half of their over complicated secret handshake and his gaming partner for life, Kaminari. 

They memed, that’s what they did. They were an unstoppable comedy duo, so of course they had to stay on top of all the latest jokes and trends. How else were they supposed to endlessly annoy Bakugou with inside jokes he didn’t understand? It was an essential part of Kaminari and Sero culture. 

They communicated almost exclusively in memes. An outsider looking in on their text thread would be utterly confused unless they understood that ‘rawr XD’ ironically. Always. They would never use that unironically, what are you even talking about-

Sero’s door burst open, smacking against his wall, and he almost dropped his phone on his face. 

“Dude.” Kaminari was breathless, no doubt having run all the way up the stairs to come get him. Kept him in shape, he said, like they didn’t train their asses off in class every day. “Ojiro and Hagakure are on the couch in the common area.”

Sero grinned, vaulting up from his bed. “Careless Whisper or Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” He grabbed his bluetooth speaker, turning it on.

“You choose.” Kaminari said, “Just get one ready.”

Deciding that Careless Whisper would best be saved for another time, Sero queued up Can You Feel The Love Tonight, and handed Kaminari the speaker. The little blonde devil took off down the hall, towards the stairs again, Sero hot on his heels. 

“Anyone else in there?” Sero asked as they hopped down the stairs two at a time. 

“I think Tokoyami.” Kaminari said. 

“Here then,” Sero held his hand out. “I’ll film it too, gimme your phone.”

Kaminari dug through his jogger’s pockets and handed Sero his phone. “Password’s 8487.”

Sero grinned. “Tits?”

Kaminari just smiled over his shoulder as he came to stop on the landing by the door, pressing a finger to his lips as he opened it and stepped into the common area. 

Sero followed him, closing the door gently behind them and pulling out his phone, holding it in one hand while he held Kaminari’s in the other. They crept into the room slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. Sure enough, Ojiro was sat on the couch, his arm draped over the thin air that was Hagakure’s shoulders as they watched some movie on his laptop. 

Unfortunately, Sero made direct eye contact with Tokoyami, who was sitting at one of the tables, reading some book. 

Tokoyami narrowed his eyes at Kaminari and Sero.

Sero sent him a pleading look, pressing a finger to his lips. 

Tokoyami, rolled his eyes and went back to his reading. 

Kaminari grinned, motioning to Sero to start the music and the camera. Sero follow instructions, and stood back to watch the magic happen. 

Ojiro and Hagakure jumped from the sudden music, Ojiro’s tail whipping towards Kaminari on instinct. Luckily, Kaminari ducked, only to stand back up and start dancing provocatively with the speaker, jumping on the coffee table in front of them.

“How’s the date going, lovebirds?” Kaminari crooned.

Ojiro’s eyes narrowed, his face flushing bright red. “Dude.”

“Oh, don’t mind me.” Kaminari said. “Just trying to… set the mood.” He waggled his eyebrows, glancing suggestively between Ojiro and Hagakure. 

Sero bit back his laughter, trying to hold Kaminari’s phone steady.

Ojiro sighed, removing his arm from Hagakure’s shoulders. 

Later, when they uploaded the video to TikTok, it went viral.

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request: GUYS GUYS—Class 1-A has an [Avatar The Last Airbender] marathon, Todo’s s/o already knows the show so she fangirls whenever Zuko appears, when he takes off his shirt she starts squealing and blushing, while Todo is pouting in the corner. Can i please get a little scenario of that Sof? (kinda like the otome addiction one you wrote)

pairing: todoroki shouto x reader
word count: 1,469
genre: fluff, humor, jealousy

a/n: this was such a cute idea AHH tysm! i changed it up so they’re watching atla the series bc the movie does not exist. we don’t know her u.u and also it’s of s2 zuko’s date bc HE’S SO CUTE AND SWEET THERE AHH but ahem this is about shouto so hope u enjoy!! xx 


“Has Zuko always been that hot?” exclaimed Ashido, stirring as mid-season two Zuko appeared on the screen.

Class 1-A was out in the common room on a Friday night marathoning the entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender after finding out that a large majority of your classmates—including your boyfriend, Shouto—had never watched the series before. The two of you had claimed the corner seat of a couch, his arm wrapped around your waist, bringing you closer to his side to make room for other students to sit. 

“If you didn’t love Zuko’s hair in season one, do you even deserve his hair in seasons two and three?” you remarked, laughing as Ashido threw a pillow at you. 

As if it were second-nature, Shouto swatted the pillow away before it could even reach your face, holding you protectively to his chest.

You could’ve sworn you heard Kirishima sniffle and let out a soft, “How manly!” as you snuggled back into Shouto’s warm body. 

“It was just a throw pillow,” Bakugou snorted, rolling his eyes at the sight of you nestled by your boyfriend’s side. “Overdramatic headass—”

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Drunk on love… or alcohol?


Summary: Kaminari doesn’t really know when to shut up when he’s drunk…

Pairing: Kaminari x Female!reader

Warnings: Drinking, cussing, sexual undertones, slight angst, huge fluff.

Word Count: 1,615

A/N: Hey everyone, I know i’ve been MIA and I Apologize. If you have been seeing my post, you know I’ve been struggling with mental and physical health. Especially due to the current events, it’s really taken a big toll on the already previous issues I’ve been dealing with. I am working on part 3 for ghost of you and the next part of Little Goddess… thank you for sticking around. Love you guys




Kaminari Denki was drunk. Well, drunk was even an understatement. The electric hero was completely and utterly blacked out wasted. On what? According to him, it was love, but ask any of his friends and they’d tell you it was beer mixed with random shots he’d taken throughout the night. Denki stumbled as he hung on kirishima and smiled lopsidedly, holding his drink in the air, the liquid sloshing around. “Lemme tell you something… okay? Listen. You listening?” Pouty amber eyes stared at the red head who merely nodded as he texted you, wondering your eta.

“Good- so like I was saying, I think I’m in love. There’s this girl okay- shes- god she is so fucking precious. And BRO. Her smile is, everything. Okay? It makes my chest feel empty.” His slurry rambling catches Kirishima’s attention as he raised an eyebrow, “What’s this girl’s name?” Kaminari lazily smiled, looking like he was daydreaming. “Y/N… kirishima dude. I’m so happy she exists. You don’t even know. Even on the shittiest of days, she is still the light of my life.” A light blush dusted Kaminaris cheeks as he sighed, all while thinking about you.

“I’ve loved her since our first year at UA. Youu know her mom found out because she caught us making out in her room?” He snickered at the thought as his words became more slurred, “I love everything about her. Don’t even get me started about her without any clothes- god that is when she really shines. I get to see her in all her glory, only me. Along with the noises and faces she makes, I swear she’s an actual angel.” The blondes rather vivid words making kirishima shift with a bright blush as he thought about how you would react hearing this.

“Uh… denki, are you sure Y/N would mind you talking about her being- ahem… naked?” Kirishima squeaked out and Kaminari waved him off, “She would never even think I’d speak about her like this.” Suddenly his face got grim as he looked down, “That’s why I’m here… because she said she doesn’t believe I love her” the quick shift in mood made kaminaris red head friend worry, “What do you mean?” Denki sniffled as his lip jutted out, all the wrong emotions now flooding in.

“S-She said that she doesn’t believe I’m not loyal… b-because I flirt with jiro. She thinks I’m cheating on her. But I promise I’m not! Before I could show her why I’ve been spending more time with Jiro lately- she stormed out… I lost her man! Because I’m such a coward to even go after her!” Kaminari’s voice broke as he started crying, holding his head in his hands, Kirishima’s eyes wide in shock as he comforted his friend. “Well… why have you been with Jiro lately?” The whisper broke the sound of quiet crying, making Kaminari look up.

“She was helping me pick out an engagement ring. B-but now I’ll have to return it! I lost the girl I loved because I was too dumb. Too dumb to notice she was being hurt by my actions. Doesn’t she know she’s running in my mind all day, every day?” Kaminari was desperate as he asked Kirishima a question they both knew he couldn’t answer. Denki was like a man stranded in the desert and you were a fresh source of water that he so desperately needed. There was nothing in this world he needed more than you, he swore on that.

“Denki, girls can be funny sometimes, you just need to tell her everything…” Denki whined like a child, slumping against Kiri. “But I wanted to propose to her all special and stuff! Ya know maybe a flash mob… or fake a mission or something, come back all injured and be like ‘the only way I’ll survive is if you’ll marry me’ just something she will never forget.” The man’s whiny voice rang in your ears, as you stood behind the friends stunned.

You knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but when Kirishima had asked the one question you have been dying to ask yourself, you couldn’t help it as your feet planted to the floor. It was like your heart was in your throat and beating louder with every word your drunk boyfriend said, the worst thing was, he wasn’t going to remember it tomorrow. Or maybe that was good? If he thinks you don’t know, then maybe when he ‘surprises’ you, you’ll be dressed for the occasion.

Being so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t even notice your phone started to ring, Kirishima unknowingly called you to ask where you were to take care of Denki. When rocket man by Elton John started playing, Denki automatically knew you were there. For who else would have set their ringtone to such a specific song as their ringtone? The blonde knew only you would find humour in ‘rock’et man, the memory making him smile before he suddenly realized why he was thinking about it and froze. “Y/N”

Kirishima looked extremely confused as you blushed, face almost as red as the red hero himself. “Uh… I came to pick up my boyfriend?” Denki looked at you with big puppy eyes, pushing kirishima away before he stumbled and latched onto your smaller body. “I thouuught I lossst youu” The man sniffled like a child who just got his candy taken away, making even your own lips turn into a pout. “Kaminari Denki… you really are a dumbass. Don’t you know that I love you too much to just- leave?”

Kaminari sniffled as he looked at you and started placing sloppy kisses on your cheeks, a small smile on his face. “Oh thank god” His voice whispered as you hugged him back, looking at your vacant ring finger, smiling to yourself with a chuckle, “I’m sorry for being a dumbass too…” Your voice broke the moment and the blonde man looked confused, tilting his head, “No you’re not, don’t say that! You’re perrfectt!” If he wasn’t so drunk you’d propose yourself, but why take away his moment?


Waking up, your bed was empty, making you look around only to see the bathroom door open slightly, small groans coming from it. You giggled as you already knew that the day was gonna be filled with spoiling your boyfriend like a baby. “I’m coming with water and pills, just stay there okay goofy?” The blonde’s response consisted of a small whimper, followed by the sounds Of shuffling?

Confusion set into you as you walked into the kitchen that was filled with sunflower petals and a big breakfast filled with your favorites on the table, “Uh, Denki I think Bakugou- broke in? And made us breakfast?” You knew your boyfriend couldn’t cook like this, that’s why you made the food. Walking forward you saw pictures of you and Denki throughout your relationship hanging from the ceiling, and like a switch you started crying.

“Wait- you weren’t supposed to cry- well not yet at least” Spinning around, you saw Kaminari Denki at full health, not at all sick, “W-I thought you were in the bathroom?” Denki smiled and shook his head, walking over to you in two long strides, hands automatically cupping your face. “I needed you in the kitchen without an ounce of suspicion…” As your lip jutted out, not being able to respond Denki smiled lovingly, grabbing your hands before getting on his knee.

“Okay- well… uh Y/N…. I know I’m not the easiest person to be with, or the smartest, but you still stuck with me. No matter what you helped me with my goals and dreams, supporting me every step of the way, and- I can’t tell you how much that means to me. You’re my sunflower in a pile of rubble, my hope. There’s no one else I want to spend my life with” Denki had tears in his eyes as he looked at you, chuckling he used one hand to wipe them.

“Fuck- I wasn’t supposed to cry…. b-but Y/N, what I’m trying to say is, our love is electrifying, and I want to make sure I get to keep my flashlight forever, will you marry me?” By the end, the man in front of you had a goofy grin as you giggled at his stupid little puns, dropping to your own knees you nodded, pulling him into a kiss. “Yes… yes! This was all… shocking” Your own grin spread as there were groans of annoyance, coming from your bedroom bathroom.

“Uh?” Denki laughed, whistling and all of a sudden your friends came stumbling in, cameras in hand. Katsuki grumbled with his arms crossed as he looked at denki, “Remember, you owe me… if not for cooking then for at least making me listen to your horrible puns” A small laugh left you as you nuzzled into denkis neck, the smile never once faltering.

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First Chapter || Previous Chapter || Next Chapter (coming soon!) || AO3

##  Doctor POV ##

I studied the readings on the project All for One requested.

It was a delight to get to work on such a difficult piece, the unique combination of quirks, plus its appearance demands. It’s extremely delicate still, but soon it will reach the time for the next stage.

I grinned, everything is still holding steady, looks like I can add the next quirk.

##  Aizawa POV ##

I groaned as I rearranged the papers in front of me.

Not only do I have to grade all the homework from last week, make up a full training schedule for my students, make sure they’re on top of their normal classes, and make sure they all get therapy, now I also have to be a quirk counselor for Midoriya, change his schedule around to fit the classes Nedzu was demanding for him, and deal with an obnoxious hero constantly popping in to make sure I’m no ‘overdoing it’.

This is so tedious.

Plus, I also still need to watch the press conference release, didn’t get the chance when I was in the hospital and certainly not since I got out.

I can turn it on while I finish changing Midoriya’s schedule.

Of course, that requires grabbing the remote.

I glared at the offending object, just out of reach.

Stupid bandages.

I could use my capture scarf…

I stiffened when I heard knocking on my door, turning slowly to glare at it.

Now I have to get up.

I grumbled and slowly moved over to the door, opening it and glaring more.

“Hello Aizawa-san, how are you? I brought you something to eat.” All Might in his shrunken form stood there, holding up a bag, presumably holding food.

It took all my self-control not to slam the door in his face.

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First Chapter || Previous Chapter || Next Chapter || AO3

##  Aizawa POV ##

I watched with growing dread as Nedzu picked through problem child’s file.

He really did just figure out his quirk, his first update for having a quirk was two weeks before school started.

He apparently updated it again just this weekend, noting a few additions and changing the name.

I was not happy.

Fuck I’d made the kid hurt himself on the first day just to use his quirk!

“What do we do?” I asked Nedzu.

“Why, we teach him! If his quirk does increase his mental capacity we’ll have to check, and of course hone whatever skills it helps with the most.”

Nedzu was studying the file carefully.

“His scores are pretty mediocre for someone with a mental enhancement quirk though,” he murmured, sipping his tea.

I frowned, what did that mean, was he saying problem child lied about that? Or something else? Did problem child hide his smarts? Why would he do that?

“Oh well!” He chirped, “We’ll just have to wait and see, hmm?”

I glared, that was the opposite of what I wanted.

“Do bring him by tomorrow after the memorial service, I’ll have a test ready for him.”

I sighed, “Fine, whatever. Also, check the cameras for outside my classroom right after classes let out, some students were causing trouble and harassing my kids.”

He looked up, a strange gleam in his eye.

“No need to worry Aizawa! I’ll deal with the one’s bothering your… students.” He grinned at me.

I nodded and quickly left, Nedzu was in a strange mood and no one wants to be around for that.

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blood sugar

Toga makes a soft, cat-like noise, and rolls over on the carpet to be closer to her girlfriend. “We should make a cake.”

“It’s too hot for cake.” Ochako bemoans.

Toga nudges her forehead against Ochako’s shoulder. “C'mon, cake and tea.” Ochako makes a noise of protest.

“It’s too hot.”

OR, Toga and Ochako make donuts during a heatwave.


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Yes! All the bunnies! This was super fun to write, and I threw a smidgeon of MirHawks in there just because I wasn’t sure how to tie it up XD

Publicity Stunts

Rumi’s lips were slightly pursed as she peered out of the small window of the helicopter. Below the sleek black accents, the blue waves of Japan’s Inland Sea sloshed and splashed, throwing up bubbly white seafoam in impressive arcs. Her red eyes slowly rolled in her sockets to spy the small silhouette of the lone island nestled within the bay. The morning sun framed its lumpy shape in black; the only contrast lay in its white beaches, which ringed the landmark like a curling ribbon. The sound-canceling headphones secured over her fluffy ears protected Rumi’s sensitive eardrums from the helicopter’s persistent buffeting chops as it spirited her onward to Okunoshima- better known as “Rabbit Island.”

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Sending all my love for the brave souls who have been protesting! You guys are the real pro heroes. Im showing all the support I can on the sidelines like signing petitions etc., and I hope that we’ll be heard. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Anyway, here’s Deku as a pro hero. (I gave him a little bit of a glow up lmao) I hope you like looking at this as much as I liked creating it!

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Takami Keigo x Reader


- Mod 🦋Tama🦋


[Name] knew Keigo was a busy man. Being one of the top heroes, it was expected to be called to duty at the dead of night. They admired that trait from him and other heroes, saving civilians and battling villains, disregarding their own safety to save other people.  

Yet, mind foggy with sleep, all they wanted was for him to be beside them, in their shared bed.


Despite knowing they couldn’t reach him, their hand streched towards his silhouette in the dark room. Keigo paused, jacket hanging from his forearms as he turned around to see [Name]’s face dazed with sleep, their blanket tangling with their legs whilst they sat up properly. 

Shrugging on his jacket fully, he took a step closer to them. Grasping their warm fingers in his hand, the winged hero crouched down with one knee touching the floor, planting a kiss to the back of their hand. 

“I’ll be back soon, Dove.” Keigo flattened their palm against his cheek, his honey-colored eyes gazing up into their half-closed ones. “Like I always do, yeah?”

“Promise?” they slurred out, arms going around his neck while he adjusted their position, laying them down on the bed and covering them with their blanket. 

“Yeah, I promise.” This time pressing his lips against theirs to seal the deal. 

Takami Keigo was a pro-hero, one of the best. He was carefree, laid-back, uninterested in social status and reputation. The winged hero worked hard to build a society where heroes have free time, where villains doesn’t cause chaos, willing to go great lengths to achieve that. He was willing to taint himself for the people. 

However, despite that, he always made sure to come home to [Name].

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Chapter 21

- On your wrists two names are tattooed. One of your soulmate and one of your enemy. Bakugou thinks all of it is total bullshit. Of course, that is until he meets you.


a/n: Todoroki fucking flamed Bakugou lmaooooo, he deserves it lowkey. Anyway, Bakugou is cooking something up to apologize to Y/n, wonder what it could be? Anyways, thank you guys for the support and love! Thank you for reading, and I love you all! Have an amazing day! 

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💤 shouta going to disneyland with class 1-A

a/n: oml yesss, i’ll try to keep this in character lol, i love this so much, thanks bubs ! oh, and i also tried to mix your request with an extra twist? if that makes sense-

warning: crack-ish? and a bit of fluff :) 

  • oKAY so- it all started with aizawa wanting to reward his kids (yes, his kids-) since they all score the highest average out of all the classes in their revision exams. mineta and denki were close to failing though. 
  • the whole class buzzed with excitement when he told them that principal nezu allowed it, and so aizawa wanted the class to choose where they would go. he fell asleep inside his sleeping bag in the meantime. 
  • mina suggested the disco, and jiro suggested an edm concert (denki agreed to that.) and finally, ochako and asui suggested disneyland and most of the students agreed.
  • once they arrive at disneyland, aizawa assigns them to be in pairs, so they could take care of each other. tenya helped him with the request, while aizawa took a much-needed nap on the bus. 
  • after those partners are assigned, they quickly take off exploring disneyland, greeting characters and just having fun overall. 
  • and so here he is, wearing mickey ears while going through ‘it’s a small world’ with momo and jirou next to him. they are genuinely happy and excited to see the mini-figures dancing. while he is just creeped out by it. 
  • after the ride, shouta decided to go to the “pirates of the caribbean” ride with bakugou and kirishima, leaving the girls alone when he knows that they will be safe. (although, the tune of the last ride is still stuck in his head). 
  • he would keep a frown on his face throughout the day, to him, it is just a waste of time. but he likes to see the children happy and carefree during the moment. aizawa would jump around from person to person, so once he went on a ride with deku and tenya, he went with hagakure and tsuyu to another ride, just so he could check on everyone.. except mineta and denki, because he sees them just checking out the princesses from the sidelines. 
  • once he gets off space mountain with deku and tenya, he bumps into you, who is giggling with a little boy in your arms. the girl looks just like eri, but without the horn and the blue hair. he has your h/c and e/c, making him look identical to you.
  • “oh ! i’m sorry-” you look over your shoulder to see the one and only, eraserhead and your mind went blank. you only have seen him on the news and he looks more handsome in real life, with his hair tied up and stubble, barely visible. he isn’t wearing his hero costume- just in a black t-shirt, jeans and of course, the mickey mouse ears that momo insisted on buying him because he needs to ‘have fun and relax for once’, but you could recognize him anywhere. 
  • “-eraserhead, uhm- hi!” you gasp out, cheeks turning pink by his intimidating presence. your son giggled when he saw shouta, tilting his head to the side in curiosity. 
  • “hello,” he nodded at the both of you, smiling slightly as your son reached out to him, giggling and mumbling “dada” over and over again. 
  • now, shouta was the one embarrassed- looking over to the side as he went into his own world for a few moments while you were trying to calm down and apologize to him for your son. 
  • “no- it’s okay, here-” his lips turning upward as he took your son away from your arms and into his. he thought that maybe if he holds your son, there will be a chance that the little kid will notice that he is not his father.
  • now, shouta isn’t good with kids- he doesn’t know a single thing about having a kid. but eri changed that, mirio helped him sometimes too! and he is just grateful for those two kids. 
  • your son, on the other hand- is a special case- the h/c-haired boy cling onto the hero for the whole day, even sleeping in his arms for a few hours while you both stroll around the park. you both get to know each other well and at some point, aizawa fell asleep on your shoulder while you both are watching the “frozen” musical. (he got called out by the hosts afterwards). 
  • at the end of the day, you both watch the fireworks together, your son in your arms as you smile from all the different colours that lit up the night sky. 
  • It is magical, the castle in front of you lights up different colours and it looks like it just comes out of another fairytale story. and for once in his life, his heart feels with warmth and genuine happiness. he feels content. 
  • the night ended with you both switching numbers in front of excited students, cheering him on at the bus that they are on and a blushing aizawa.
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[ bakugou katsuki x y/n ]

anon: “Hello. I was wonder if you could write about the reader (gn is cool if you want) where they transfer from the Jean Gray School (xmen) and they have the Phoenix after Jean’s death. The school has them transfer to UA bc of antimutant sentiment in the US, and they end up being part of the bakusquad and bakugou starts to crush on them and he confesses? Whatever format you want is cool. Thank you!!”

AN XMEN CROSSOVER? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP (here’s an explanation about the phoenix to anyone who doesn’t know, phoenix is an evil and destructive entity that resides in the human body and turns into an alter ego of the the vessel when the vessel turns insane or losses control over their mutation or in this case, quirk) | m.list



  • he didn’t like you the very moment that aizawa announced that they have a transfer student
  • you’re just another extra, so he doesn’t understand why everyone was so excited
  • i mean, what’s so special about you?? bakuhoe level 1000000
  • when you arrived, mina and kirishima were the first to talk to you
  • every teacher seem cautious with you tho
  • bakugou doesn’t like that
  • he’s gonna be lookin for reasons to treat you with respect
  • tbh he scared you a bit
  • like why does he hate you?? mina and denki reassures you that he doesn’t but you’re not convinced
  • y/n is big sad :((
  • here’s where your quirk comes oh shit
  • they’ve seen it before when you just casually use your telekinesis around them
  • but when u used in training, everyone is sh00kt
  • bakugou is thrilled
  • his view will immediately change
  • he can clearly see that you can defend yourself and you can kick ass
  • strong is attractive
  • he think it’s hot on you
  • he thinks you’re hot he won’t admit it
  • he’ll stop treating you like you’re shit and will show u some respect but he still wants to beat u in a fight
  • he’ll finally pay attention when the bakusquad have you around and will listen without letting y'all know if you’re the one talking
  • smol interaction with bakugou is the cutest :’)
  • giving you water when he noticed you’re sweating or when you’re complaining that it’s too hot “drink your water, bitch”
  • letting you borrow one of his pens or a piece of paper “buy your own stuff next time, idiot”
  • preventing you from tripping on your own feet “stop being so clumsy, dumbass”
  • and he’ll notice smol things that you do that you’re not even aware of
  • especially how cautious you are while training or fighting
  • he’d notice how the teachers are always hovering over you and excusing you from classes for some “personal reasons”
  • he’d be curious but wouldn’t force it out of you
  • he didn’t need to wait for long tho
  • you started with the bakusquad
  • you’re more comfortable with them despite denki, mina, and eji’s loud mouth
  • “so… i have something living inside me—”
  • “nO!”
  • “oh…”
  • “ANYWAYS as i was saying, it’s called a phoenix, it’s uncontrollable, evil, and is going to kill everyone. so if i ever ever lose control, i want you a to stop me at a cost, even if it’ll kill me”
  • “we can’t do that!”
  • “there must be another way!”
  • “can’t we take it out of you?”
  • you kept quiet, having a hard time telling them that it can’t be killed and it’ll just go find a different vessel
  • “i’ll kill you if i have to” bakugou bluntly said
  • “bakubro!”
  • “oi, that’s too much”
  • “y/n gave us one thing to do, and if it’ll save them even just a bit, then i’ll do it”
  • even if it’ll also kill me
  • but bakugou is deadly serious and he wouldn’t go back on his words, not when it’s about you
  • “we’re going to keep you from going insane, i promise”
  • the smile you gave him already killed him inside
  • “thank you, katsuki”
  • *incoherent screaming*
  • it was at this moment, bakugou knew
  • he’s in love with you
  • ever since, he’s gotten closer to you than normal
  • he’s going to be there beside you every single moment of your life because that’s what he promised you
  • he’s gonna savor every real bits of you
  • and with that said, it won’t take long before he’s confessing
  • he wants to be there for you and that phoenix can fuck off because he’ll protect you from it no matter what

permanent taglist: @bakutae

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Tomura Shigaraki x Reader

Synopsis: You weren’t quite ready to get up for the day, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t cuddle in bed as a family.

A/n: Kiddo is older than the one in the gif.


Originally posted by ofallingstar


Your eyes slid open lazily at the sound echoing throughout the room. Rolling over, you caught sight of your two year old standing up in his crib. Stretching out your legs, you pushed yourself up and off the bed to get him. “Hi honey” you whispered out as your hands cupped under his armpits and lifted him out of the baby jail (as Tomu called it).

Your lips pressed against his temple, silently soothing the little fuss he was giving. “Its okay Tenko… Mommies here” your coo seemed to calm the young child down as you moved back to the bed. Surprisingly, you saw Tomura still sleeping in the same spot he was in last night.

Normally he would sleep somewhere else or he was up before you woke up. Crawling back into bed, you took note on how it was still early and hoped that maybe you could ease both you and Tenko back to sleep. Placing him on your chest, you leaned back all while shushing him. Since Tomu was still asleep beside you, you didn’t want to wake him. Tenko seemed to cuddle into you, gripping your shirt in a way that made him feel safe. The hideout was no place to raise a child, but you had to make it work.

Your chest began to rumble slightly as you hummed a lullaby, fingers coming up to brush through his gray hair. It was shaggy just like his fathers which was shocking considering he was only two years old. Tenko was soon fast asleep and your humming ceased as your own eyes began to close, the tiredness starting to wash over you once more.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better family”

Your eye cracked open and you were greeted with bright red eyes. A sleepy, innocent smile grew on your lips, and it didn’t hide the fact that the gruffness in his voice made you swoon. “Thought you were asleep… Sorry if we woke you” you whispered out sweetly, fingers still working through Tenko’s hair as if you were on autopilot. Tomura smiled at you, something that only you could do. Leaning down, he captured your lips softly in his.

Tomuras hand wandered up to Tenko and his three fingers dragged sweetly up and down the child’s spine. A content sigh left the toddler’s lips, causing you to chuckle against your husband’s mouth. Tomura pulled from you before lowering his head and pressing a kiss to his child’s temple. The sight before you caused your heart to leap.

This was the man you loved.

The other hand not laced in your sons hair, plunged into your husband’s own locks, causing him to sigh in content as well. Both of your fingers scratched softly at your boy’s scalps, hoping that it made them feel loved. “I love my boys” your statement brought another relaxed smile to Tomuras face, and before you knew it, he was laying against the part of your chest that wasn’t occupied by your son.

“This was my chest first” he grumbled, snuggling in closer to you as if to prove his point. You rolled your eyes but didn’t argue and instead chose to keep running your fingers through their hair. It grew quiet once more in the room, but soon, two snores filled your ears. Smiling to yourself, you began to fall back into sleep.

You hoped your boys would be there again when you woke up.

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Genuinely curious- am I the only one who makes playlists based around the story they’re writing? Like it started out as a way for me to flesh out my OC a bit, trying to find songs that would fit aspects of her personality or past and whatnot, but now it’s turned into a whole 166 song playlist with songs relating to multiple characters, the situations in the story, and their relationships with each other. Now I almost have to listen to it every time I write because it gets me in the mood.

Maybe I’m just crazy. Probably that.

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