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#mha fluff
mishuo · 2 days ago
no because you’ll definitely boost katsuki’s ego if you ever mentioned that he smells good or you ask what cologne he’s using. and i just fucking know he smells like versace eros and when you just follow him around because it’s attracting? he’ll give you the smuggest grin. 
he’ll eventually put some on you and will end up putting it on every single one of your clothes so that when you miss him, his favorite cologne will always be lingering around your small apartment.
( i’ll make a part two where the reader has a vv attracting perfume, warning: it’s self indulgent again bc i love perfumes <3 )
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billiethepumpkin · 2 days ago
Can I ask for kinktober one with Iida, breeding, sensory play, and orgasm control.
Are You Interested?
Featuring: Tenya Iida. Female reader.
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact. NSFW. Voyeurism. Virginity mentioned. Agrexophilia. Masturbation. Porn. Breeding kink. Sensory deprivation. Blindfold. Being tied up. Receiving oral sex. Vaginal fingering. Orgasm delay/denial. Vaginal sex.
A/N: Iida is a grown ass man because I'm an old fuck :) Also, I know this person IRL, in case you're wondering where the other requirements are.
Summary: You were his first everything. His first date. His first girlfriend. His first kiss. But anytime anything even remotely sexual came up, he would always change the subject. You knew he had those feelings toward you, judging by all of the *ahem* physical signs when he was around you. But he wouldn't even so something as simple as touching you, his reason being that you were in the dorms. Now that you were full adults, graduated and moved in together, he's still embarrassed. But he's determined to do all the things he's thought about.
Tumblr media
You and Iida had been together nearly five years. You met back in your days in class 1-A. If you had gone to a traditional high school, you might've won "cutest couple" as a senior superlative. And when you graduated, you moved in together almost immediately, happy to have time together without having to babysit the other 19 students.
Before now, you and Iida hadn't done much in the way of intimacy. You had kissed quite a lot, your love burning into heated make out sessions in your dorm room. But any time things dared to move any further, he pulled you into him and hid his flushed pink face in your shoulder. And each time you felt him pitch a tent underneath you, he would always cut things short. And, of course, you were never angry. To be fair, you lived in the dorms, and if anybody had heard the two of you, there were only two possibilities. You could get in trouble, and who knows what form of discipline Mr. Aizawa would dream up for the two of you. Or you could get caught by somebody in the dorm and endure the embarrassment of that spreading around the dorm and never being able to live it down. And neither of you were sure which was worse.
But now, you had lived together for several months, kept busy by your hero work and really only seeing each other in the late evenings, when you were having dinner and getting ready for bed. And Iida still hadn't shown any sign of wanting to be intimate with you. You started to become impatient, so you decided to run a little test.
One day, when you both managed to have a tame enough day at work to come home early, you were determined to at least catch his eye. After you both had dinner, you caught his lips between yours. You held his face in your hands, and you straddled one of his thighs, just as you did back then. His hands rested on your hips, slowly moving up to your waist and wrapping around you to press your body against his. You removed his glasses for him, letting them plop on the couch next to you, and you tangled your fingers into the hair behind his head.
This went on for about ten minutes, with his hands wandering all over your body. At this point, you realized that, if he didn't want to have sex (which would be completely fine), you'd have to find some other way to quell the heat between your thighs because you were much too worked up not to do anything about it.
You felt the growing erection against your knee, and you felt him gently grind it against you. Usually, now would be the moment that he would pull away, pressing you against his body with heated cheeks and pink ears. But this time, he didn't. Instead, you heard him groan into your mouth, and his fingers gently made their way under the hem of your shirt, resting on your bare waist. Progress, you thought. You moved your kisses down to his neck, pulling a sigh from his lungs and through his lips. You couldn't help but smile at his reaction, your sweet Tenya getting all worked up from just a little kissing. You moved a bit further, allowing your teeth to ghost against the skin. And mid-moan, Iida pushed you away from him ever so slightly. "What's wrong?" you gently asked, brushing his hair behind his ears and resting your forehead against his.
"I can't," he said, closing his eyes. As much as every part of himself wanted to have you right then and there, he just couldn't. His heart was racing, and there was a tiny part of him that was just too nervous to continue.
You pulled away and looked him in the eyes, your hands sliding down to his chest. "Did I do something wrong?" you asked, worried.
He smiled nervously at you. "No, of course not, my love," he answered. "I'm just nervous, that's all. Some other time, though."
You nodded in response, and he pulled you against his body, burying his face into your neck. You guessed you were relieved that he wasn't disgusted by you or anything like that--he was just nervous to do anything like that.
Late that night, you still hadn't had a chance to quell the growing rage between your thighs. You laid awake long after Iida had fallen asleep, and you went to the office to occupy yourself. You found that Iida had left his laptop on and unlocked. Curious, you sat in front of his laptop and opened the Internet browser. His search history was... interesting. There wasn't much of interest recently, showing that he'd learned to use Incognito Mode when he was doing anything dirty. But a couple of months ago, you found a video titled "Blindfolded and Bred." In Incognito Mode yourself, you clicked on the video to find a video of a beautiful girl, hands tied up at the wrists, blindfold around her eyes, being fucked full of load after load of white, sticky cum.
You squirmed in your spot, watching the things that were happening to this girl. And you couldn't help but wish they were things your man did for you. And something about this entire situation, sitting in his office chair, using his computer, watching his porn, made the walls of your sex clench around nothing. You rested your hands between your legs, caressing your inner thighs before allowing your hands to travel beneath the waistband of your shorts. You dipped your fingers in your slick, leftover from the heated making out that happened earlier that day, and you touched yourself to the idea of Iida doing all those things to you. Tying you up. Inserting himself into you. Pounding into you slowly, but with such force that you might cum with just one thrust. Filling you up with load after load, so full you worry you might get pregnant.
Iida woke up to an empty pillow next to him. At first, he thought you might be in the bathroom. So he just waited for you to come back. But when you didn't return after a couple of minutes, he grew worried. He removed his earplugs and set them on his nightstand before getting up to look for you. The bathroom door was wide open, showing no sign of you inside. The only other sign of life in the entire apartment was the faint, white glow of a computer screen in the office. Quietly, he snuck into the office to see you on his computer, watching a video he had gone back to multiple times in the past month, thinking about doing all those same things to you.
When he saw you, he couldn't say anything. He just hid outside in the hallway. You had just seen the most disturbing part of him. Gentlemen did not watch those things. Respectable people did not have fantasies about tying up the love of their life, filling her until she was most certainly bred. But even now, the thought of doing those things to you made his cock twitch under his pajama pants. And as he heard you quietly moaning on the other side of the doorway, he found himself palming his cock through his clothes. He jerked himself to the sound of your quiet pleasure sounds, being sure to cum in his clothes so there was no evidence. And he tried to go back to sleep. But the thought of you cumming around your fingers in the next room kept him awake until you came back to bed.
For the next four nights in a row, you found yourselves in this position. You touched yourself any porn you could find on Iida's computer. And Iida made himself cum in secret to the sound of your sweet voice. And each time, he would worry that he was being creepy. Iida would wonder if he should just go in there and touch you himself, instead of listening to you make yourself cum from mere feet away. But he just couldn't work up the courage or the confidence to be smooth about it. And it wasn't like you wanted him in that moment. You wanted the video, and he couldn't just interrupt you and embarrass you like that. Right?
On the fifth day, though, he found the door shut except for a tiny opening. Thankfully, he could still hear your soft voice, almost a whisper. Your fingers were buried in your pussy as deep as they could go, squirming underneath your shorts, your other hand tweaking your nipple. You moaned a quiet, "Tenya..." to the thought of being plowed into like the girl in the video. Your body squirmed at the idea, and Iida heard all of it from the other side of the door. The sound of your voice moaning his name made him gasp, covering his mouth so you wouldn't hear him.
So you really were moaning for him this whole time. You were thinking of him as your fingers rowed through your pussy lips night after night. And somehow he couldn't believe it. After all the times he had turned you away out of shame for the things he wanted to do to you, you were still desperate for him. And that was all the confidence he needed.
He tiptoed into the office, careful not to let you hear him until he was ready. When he was right behind the chair, lips just behind your ear, he whispered, "Are you interested?"
Your eyes widened, and you felt your face burn bright red. How long had he been standing there? Did he know what you were doing? Obviously he did, he was standing right behind you. "What?" was all you could manage to squeak as you removed your hands from where they rested on your pelvis.
"It's just," he began, "if you are, I want to do those things." You blinked, feeling your face grow even warmer, as if that were even possible. You were left speechless. "You see, darling," he mumbled, right next to your earlobe, "I wasn't exactly nervous about having sex. The problem was, I didn't know that I could hold back from doing all those dirty things to you." He spun you around in the desk chair to face him when you were finished. "But if you're as interested as you appear to be, with your hands between your thighs, I'd rather be the one to take care of those desires. Don't you agree?"
You couldn't tell if he was teasing or not. Was this a dream? Maybe you hadn't gotten out of bed this time at all. Maybe this was all a figment of your imagination, thought up while your eyes were closed. But that theory was disproven when you felt Tenya's lips make contact with your own. "Is that what you want?" he whispered, just centimeters from your face. He meant what was happening in the video, the girl being blindfolded and filled with creampie after creampie.
"Yes," you admitted, your cheeks remaining a bright red.
"Come here," Iida commanded, standing up and offering you his hand. "I have an idea." You turned off the video and abandoned the computer all together, following your boyfriend into your bedroom. He pulled out a scarf and stood in front of you as you sat on the bed. "Are you sure you're alright with this?" he asked, looking you in the eye with only your bedside table lamp lighting the room with a golden glow. When you nodded in response, he said, "If there's anything wrong--anything you're uncomfortable with--be sure to tell me immediately. Do you understand?"
"Yes," you said. "I understand."
"Good," he said, already beginning to fasten the scarf around your face. Once it was tied and he was sure you couldn't see, he began to announce everything he was going to do, worried he might make you nervous or scared. "I'm going to undress you," he announced before allowing his strong fingers to delicately pull your tank top over your head and tug your short off of your legs. He had never seen you completely naked, but he was certain you were the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He took a moment to bask in your beauty before he snapped out of it and continued. "I'm going to position you on the bed," he said, lifting you slightly and situating you so you were propped up against, what you assumed was, the headboard.
"I'm going to tie your hands, now," he said, tying one of his ties around your wrist to fasten them together. Now, you really couldn't do anything. You were practically helpless. But you trusted Iida with your life, in a few cases quite literally. And instead of feeling endangered with your hands tied above your head, you felt excited for what was to come.
Without an announcement this time, he ghosted his fingers over your body, starting at your shoulders. The fact that you couldn't see made everything else much more sensitive. You felt like you could hear every single breath he took. It seemed like you could feel every ridge on each of his fingerprints brushing against your skin. Those same strong fingers ghosted down the sides of your abdomen as his eyes feasted on your figure, absolutely perfect. Goosebumps raised over nearly every inch of your body as he moved. His fingers ghosted back up your abdomen to your breasts, an index finger circling around your hardened nipples. "How does this feel, my love?" he asked. But he didn't need an answer. The way you sighed at his touch was enough to tell him exactly how it felt for you.
Soon, one of his fingers was replaced by his tongue, warm and wet, circling the pebbled bud of your breast. His other hand moved to gently tweak the other nipple. Iida's free hand moved to explore the rest of your body. He had never felt you completely bare before, with nothing to get in the way of your skin. He caressed your waist, sliding his hand all the way down to your thigh. He squished the plush flesh of your leg, suddenly becoming fixated on your thighs.
His mouth moved away from your nipple, leaving it cold and hard and hypersensitive. But he created a trail of kisses down your left side, his lips lingering on every square inch of skin until he came to your thighs. On your thighs, his kisses became even more intensified. And when he got to your inner thighs, the kisses became almost feral, his teeth grazing over your soft flesh with a tiny growl. Woah. That was never a sound you thought would escape Iida's lips.
Resting on the bed between your legs, Iida's hands caressed your hips, his eyes trained on your sweet folds. "You are absolutely gorgeous," he gushed, his finger ghosting over your slit for a brief moment. "And absolutely soaking down here, too," he commented. He was so close to your pussy that you could feel his breath against your clit, but you needed more. You needed contact. You needed friction. You needed just about anything that was going to get you off.
Iida did none of the things you wanted. Instead, he pressed a singular thumb into your clit, almost like he was pressing an elevator button. But the singular touch alone forced a sigh from your lungs, your heightened senses coming into play at the moment. "Did that feel good?" Iida teased.
"Tenya, please--" you groaned, squirming a little to try and force friction on your slit.
His other hand continued exploring your body, now resting underneath your thigh and lightly gripping the flesh. "You need more?" he asked, beginning to move his thumb ever so slowly. And even though the pace was only a little faster than being completely stopped, you were seeing stars from his touch alone. Your breathing hitched, and you whimpered from the small movements. Iida wondered what you tasted like, your slick smelling sweet when he was this close. His curiosity got the best of him, and he replaced his thumb with his tongue.
You became almost instantly breathless from the touch of his tongue. Iida's strong arms wrapped around your thighs, his hands resting on your pelvis to keep you in one place. His tongue danced all around your sex, exploring your folds and making its way back to your clit each time. He wrapped his lips around it and circled it with his tongue, looking up at you to see how long it would be before you came undone. He knew it wouldn't be long, but he didn't want you cumming for him just yet. No, he was going to make this last as long as possible. So he stopped all together, leaving your body craving more friction, more working up.
"I know what you want," he said, pressing his thumb to your clit once again and moving in small circles to keep you stimulated. "I know you want me to make the sweetest love to you. But you're just going to have to wait." His voice was darkened now, different from his usual business casual tone. He dipped two fingers between your folds and into your hole.
"Tenyaaa," you whined as you felt his fingers dip into you. You wanted to squirm. You wanted him to finger you so hard and so fast that you would gush around his hand in seconds. But that didn't happen. You just felt his thick, strong fingers enter you and stay there until his tongue once again made contact with your clit.
His movements were agonizingly slow, all so that he could watch you fall into the pits of the deepest orgasm he could pull from you. And for that, he had to work you up as much as possible before he'd allow you to cum.
This time, the possibility of orgasm came much quicker, the pressure in your pelvis building with each second. "Tenya, don't stop," you warned. "I'm gonna cum."
A sly smirk spread across Iida's cheeks when he pulled his mouth away from you and stopped moving his fingers entirely. "Not quite yet, love," he said. "There's still so much I want to do."
He sat up and pulled his own shirt over his head, letting his pajama pants fall to the floor. He lifted your legs and situated himself between them, the angry red tip of his hardened cock resting against your clit. "Is this okay, love?" he asked. "I want to take you, now."
You started to respond by nodding. "Yes," you said, nearly in a desperate whine. "Please, yes."
He started out slow, inserting just the first inch or two and waiting until he was sure you were ready. You felt the way his cock spread you. He was so big. And you had never even seen his dick before this. You had no idea that it was going to make your walls burn, even when your pussy was coated with this much of your own slick. After your breathing calmed down, Iida pushed another two inches in, waiting once again to be sure you were alright before completely bottoming out inside you. You felt him in the deepest recesses of your core. You winced with the burning sensation between your thighs before you felt Iida's breath right next to your ear. "Are you alright?" he asked, his voice just barely above a whisper. He had to know that, even though you could only feel his breath on your neck and your ear lobe, that small sensation was driving you wild. He had to know that, right?
"Yes," you responded, wishing to know what it felt like for him to piston in and out of you, what it sounded like to hear his hips crash into yours. But it seemed like you would never know that feeling because he was beginning to pull out of you agonizingly slow until only the tip remained inside of you.
He pushed himself pack inside your hold, as deep as he could go, still moving slowly. But the pressure of him thrusting into you the way he did made you moan out loud, egging him on. He did it again, not nearly as slow as the first time, but not as fast at you would've liked him to move, pulling another moan from your lips. Once more, he moved slowly and carefully, almost like he was worried he'd break you. And this time when he thrusted into you, he picked up speed, continuing to pull out and thrust back into you at a much steadier pace than before.
His girth alone was enough to make your eyes roll back into your head. But somehow, it felt like Iida knew exactly how to hit all your most sensitive spots. Again, his pace was not as fast as you wished he would pound into you, but it was steady enough that you thought you might burst from the incredible amount of pleasure. And when he saw that look on your face, the way your mouth dropped into an O, the way your breathing turned quiet and labored, he stopped his ministrations entirely, leaving you breathless. "Please, Tenya," you whined, feeling your own walls clench around his length. "Don't stop, I need you to make me cum."
"I know, sweetheart," Iida whispered, leaning within an inch of your lips. "But I want it to feel as good as possible."
Once he was sure you weren't going to have an orgasm from one more thrust, he began to move again, his hips pistoning in and out of you a little faster than before. You were clamping down on him extremely hard without even trying to. And this time, when you found yourself getting remotely close to an orgasm, he didn't stop moving. But his hips faltered. His breathing became extremely labored. And he emptied a load inside you with a grunt.
Through heavy breaths he said, "Let's not waste any of that. I'm not finished." And in a few seconds, he started to move again. He was much more sensitive now, unable to hold in the sweet groans of pleasure after already cumming once. And because he was even more sensitive, it wasn't long before he was chasing a second release for himself when you hadn't even had your first. And with a couple of faulty thrusts, he stopped again, edging you for what felt like the thousandth time.
When he thrusted into you this time, his pace was much quicker. He had cum several times already, and he wasn't sure he could do it again. But he was incredibly eager to see you come undone before him, even if it meant shooting a blank into you. You felt two fingers dance over your clit, rubbing little circles into your sex as fast as they could manage. You didn't get your hopes up, truthfully believing that he would pull his hand away and you'd be left silently begging him to make you cum. But when you were near orgasm, he saw your face and heart your moans, and he only increased the pressure. You felt the same feeling you felt before. But this time, it continued to rise in your stomach until you tumbled into an abyss of pleasure, orgasm radiating through your entire body and making each muscle quake. The feeling of your extended orgasm and the way your gummy walls clamped down around him made Iida cum again, to his surprise, filling you up yet again.
Iida's head fell back, and his eyes closed, his body suddenly becoming tired. His hands lazily rested on your hips as he pulled his softening cock out of you, watching your pussy pulse and clench around nothing. A small stream of his white, sticky seed began to dribble out of you, and he instinctively scooped it up with a finger and stuffed it back inside you with no warning, causing you to gasp and wonder what was coming next. But there was no more. Instead, Iida pulled you in for a gentle kiss, his lips gently tugging yours when he pulled away. "I'm going to take your blindfold off now," he said, reaching around to untie the knot. And when you could see again, you squinted to protect yourself from the sudden light. You watched Iida reach to untie your hands before he propped himself up on his elbow next to you. "Are you alright?" he said, lightly caressing your face with his fingertips. "I didn't hurt you or anything, did I?"
You smiled, tired from the activities of the night. "No," you answered. "I'm just fine. Tired, 's all."
Iida turned the light off next to him after finding his clothes and offering you yours. You slid under the covers and comfortably onto your pillow, your sex now slightly sore after everything that happened. You turned onto your stomach, staring at your boyfriend in the dark. His hands rubbed your back in long, gentle strokes as he looked back at you. "I love you," he whispered. "You know that."
You smiled. "I love you, too," you whispered, feeling your eyes get heavy.
"Get some rest, love," Iida said before kissing you on the forehead and rolling on his back. You both drifted off into a quiet, undisturbed rest.
That's some of the best sleep you've ever gotten.
Tumblr media
These characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the creators of My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia.
The writing is a product of Abigail Rothenberger, also known as BillieThePumpkin. Please do not copy or alter this work on Tumblr or any other platform.
Donate to my Ko-fi!
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wilburnout · 2 days ago
Can I request eri meeting a male student with a bull qurik and she asks him how he get his horns so shiny?
Eri x Male Reader with a bull quirk (platonic)
Tumblr media
Thank you for the request! I think this idea is super cute!
Oh- and I'm also absolutely awful with children, so I'm sorry if this is a little awkward ^^"
Tag list: @redheadedpineapple
Eri was such a sweet girl. You were one of the lucky people in UA to meet her while she was accompanying Aizawa, and she took a liking to you immediately because of the two big, shiny horns placed atop your head. You had a bull quirk- super strength, with two horns and a tail. Of course, you had a weakness when it came to red, but thankfully, Eri had been dressed in a yellow dress the day the two of you met. "Eri, this is Y/N. He is a student at UA." Aizawa introduced you, and you crouched down to offer a big hand for her to shake and a smile. "Hi! It's nice to meet you Eri!" You hummed, and she giggled and shook your hand with a little greeting of her own, soft and sweet. She seemed to stare intently at you while you and Aizawa spoke with one another, and eventually she pulled on your blazer, wanting to ask you a question. "Mr. Y/N, how do you get your horns so shiny?" She asked innocently, tilting her head while Aizawa chuckled in the background. You smiled down at her. "Hmm.. well, I make sure to wash them real good every night, and then I scrub em a little with a towel.. and I make sure I love them a lot because they work real good for me." She seemed happy about your answer, pulling her white hair aside to reveal a teeny little horn of her own. She only had one, unlike you, but you found it cute either way. "If I love my horn more, do you think it'll be less.. ugly?" She whispered the last word to you, almost like she didn't want anyone else to hear. You nodded, crouching down and taking her hand, holding it gently. "It's not ugly at all Eri-chan. It's pretty now, but I bet it'll be even prettier with some love.. and maybe a little pink ribbon if Aizawa gives you one." "I could wrap a ribbon around it?" She reached her free hand up to touch her horn. You could already see her having a little ribbon tied around it in a bow, and it was so cute! "Yeah! I'm sure Aizawa'll give you one." You hummed, standing and gesturing to the monochrome teacher, who was standing there and watching. She smiled up at you, letting go of your hand to return to Aizawa, beginning to happily ask and babble about having a ribbon for her horn. Aizawa seemed pleased that she was more happy about showing off her horn than before, and he gave you an approving nod (no smile for you though, I don't make the rules here). The next day, you came into school with ribbons tied around your own horns. Eri, just like you suggested, had a pink ribbon on too- one with a little cat pattern scattered all over it. When she saw that the two of you were matching, she giggled wildly and rushed over to hug your legs, a wide smile on her face. You bent down and patted her shoulder, happy that she was smiling. She deserved it after all she'd been through. And every day, you saw her around Aizawa, wearing a new ribbon around her horn, showing it off to others and telling people she loved it very much.
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You said i could request something else, so, headcanons for Kirishima and Denki with their s/o who dyes her hair pink and wants to dye some streaks of his hair too so they match? Just some fluff (。・ω・。)
Tumblr media
"Pink Hair"
w/ Kirishima and Kaminari
Genre: Fluff
Summary: What they do when their s/o asks them to dye a strand of their hair pink
Author's Note: I'm so sorry for the wait, here you go
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima.
He loves matching couple stuff so he'll do it if you agree to dye a strand of yours red (But he'll do it even if you don't want to do that-)
He won't spike that strand up because he likes playing with it and thinking about you when he gets bored in class
If anyone asks what it is or why he has it, he always goes on an hour rant about you
Shows it off to all of his friends after he gets it done
"Bakugou Bakugou, look!! Im matching with Y/n!!" "Mina! Hey, look look!! Me and Y/n match!" "Kaminari, dude, look at this! Y/n wanted to match!" "Sero, bro dude, look!! Me and Y/n are matching!!"
Denki Kaminari.
Says yes immediately, also a fan of matching stuff
Always shows it off to everyone, even if they don't ask, he's just like "Hey, you see this pink piece of hair? Yeah I have it cause my s/o's hair is pink" and everyone is just like "okay????"
Purposely makes sure it shows in every photo he takes and if he doesn't then he'll retake it or ask whoever to retake it
If anyone questions it then he'll go on about how it belongs to his beautiful partner and if they have a problem with that then can blah blah blah
Very protective over it, like he won't let anyone touch it
Tumblr media
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erebusbored · 9 hours ago
could i request a kacchan x male reader where y/n is a lot like kiri (nuts, but kacchan loves him), and they want to keep their relationship a secret (actually, just kacchan, but y/n is happy with what makes him happy, y'know?), but then y/n walks into the common room (where everyone else is hanging out) and he's wearing kacchan's skull shirt?
he's all sleepy and he asks where kacchan is (they were supposed to be cuddling) and he doesn't register that he just outed their relationship because his brain is too sleepy to realize
sorry, i didn't realize i wrote so much! thank you, have fun!!
- 🪶
I am so fucking sorry this took so long to get out I hope you like it.
Anything written in blue is the reader's thoughts and anything written in orange are bakugou's
The secret is out
Featuring : Bakugou
Summary : you've kept your relationship with bakugou a secret until one day you wear his skull shirt in front of the others
Genre : fluff???
Warnings : cursing - kacchan calling you an idiot(but lovingly)
[male reader]
Tumblr media
The first thing you thought of this morning when you had woken up was how cold it felt. It's Saturday so you should have woken up next to your boyfriend, Katsuki. But instead you were met with your empty bed the only trace of him being his signature skull shirt that you were wearing.
You decide to go to the dorm's kitchen just to grab something to eat and then go back to your bed. When you get there you find a couple of your friends, more specifically Mina, Jirou and Tsuyu. They were all grabbing something to eat and chatting when you came in. 
“Good morning Y/N, how are you this morning?” Honestly you wondered how Tsuyu was able to stay so polite early in the mornings.
“I'm fine thanks, how about you?”
“Oh were fine!” Mina answered though she started giggling with Jirou right after. you wondered what they were talking about but were too tired to make an effort to ask. 
“Oh and have any of you seen Bakugou?”
Jirou was the one to talk now “I'm pretty sure he is in the showers, I saw him walk over there earlier. He must have gone on a walk this morning.” 
“Oh okay thanks.” Ans so you grab the snack your found and head back to your room.
Once you got back to your dorm you felt like something was off. Yet you couldn't figure out why. And then it clicked.
The shirt.
The goddamn shirt.
You forgot to take it off.
And three of you classmates saw you wearing it. You weren't too worried about Jirou and Tsuyu but Mina on the other hand....
She couldn't have figured it out right? No of course not... But she did figure out Uraraka and Midoriya liked each other... But these two were obvious... BUT I WAS WEARING HIS SHIRT!... Maybe she didn't notice- BUT HE WEARS THAT SHIRT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME-
Once you were out of earshot Mina giggled excitedly “I TOLD YOU THEY WERE DATING!!!”
"don't imeadiatly jump to conclusions Mina. He might simply have the same shirt." Tsuyu tried sounding rational but immediately giggled while Mina was full on laughing with jirou.
Conviently Bakugou had come out of the showers and was heading back to the rooms, passing by the kitchen.
"Then I'll just ask him" Mina said smiling "Hey Bakugou~"
"Want do you want racoon eyes?" She was way too close for his liking but it was too early and he really didn't want Iida to scold him for screaming.
"Are you and Y/N dating?".... That was straight to the point. Even Tsuyu agreed.
As soon as Bakugou registered what Mina had just said he felt his face heat up.
How the fuck did she figure it out?? Did... Did Y/N tell her? No of course not he isn't THAT stupid.. So HOW?... OH SHI- the shirt.
Now, he was left with two options: deny it and come up with some excuse as to why you were wearing his shirt or tell them you were, in fact, dating.
"Yeah we are what about it?" that was an answer neither of the girls expected. And he just continued walking to your room as if nothing happened not letting a now very intrigued Mina ask any more questions.
In your room you were still panicking. You knew bakugou wouldn't be the happiest when he found out you may have exposed your relationship. The knock on your door interrupted you train of thoughts. You hesitantlt open the door to find your boyfriend, frowning like usual.
"Y/N you're a real idiot you know that right?"
"I know I'm sorry I know i should have removed the shirt before leaving my ro-"
He hugged you, stopping you from talking before you start talking faster. He then kissed you neck and rested his head on your shoulder, causing you to melt in his touch.
"It's okay dumbass. It's about damn time those extras found out anyway. Knowing you it wouldve have happened eventually. Plus now I can show you off" you could feel him smile when he said that last part.
You just sighed in relief and hugged him back whispering one last 'I'm sorry'.
You were finnaly able to be able to openly be affectionate towards you lover as you enter a new stage in you relationship... filled with Mina's and the bakusqaud's teasing.
Tumblr media
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charmingkuroo · 2 days ago
Everything Back But You
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Genre: Angst, bit of fluff between the reader & izuku
warnings/things to know: non-binary!reader. katsuki is such an asshole. cheater!bakugou. bit of fluff. supportive!midoriya
inspired by: everything back but you by Avril Lavigne
Tumblr media
“Move out of the doorway.” Your voice sounded so empty.
Midoriya’s eyes widened with worry, but he moved away and let you pass by.
You threw your damn backpack down before sitting in your seat. Of all days, this shit had to happen on a fucking Sunday, which meant school the next day.
Midoriya went over and sat by you, he gave a little frown before setting something down on your desk. You looked down to see a small plastic bag filled with bekko candy.
You smiled softly, “Thank you.”
He sighed before nodding, “How’d it go?”
You brought your phone out before typing your password and showing the message to Midoriya. In bright light, the message read:
Bakugou: I wish you were her.
Midoriya cringed at the stupid message, “He’s a dick, y/n. I’m really sorry.”
“No, it’s my fault.” Your voice cracked, angry tears wanting to escape your beautiful eyes.
“He left out the e. He left without me.”
“And now, he’s somewhere out there with that bitch, slut, backstabbing traitor!” The others in the classroom turned towards you with worried expressions.
“STOP STARING!” You yelled before slamming your forehead onto the desk.
Midoriya frowned before coming closer and holding your left hand in his.
“I hate him,” you whispered, “why are guys so lame?”
Midoriya gave an offended expression as to tease you, you chuckled at the adorable face he gave.
“Except you, my little hero.” You ruffled his green hair playfully before he smiled at you with small blush tinting his cute face.
“I should’ve known, honestly. Jirou kept trying to tell me. And I wouldn’t believe her until she showed me real footage.”
“Y/n,” Midoriya whispered, “You were in love. You believed that someone you cared about wouldn’t hurt you the way he did.”
“I bet he didn’t think I would find out. And her of all people. I thought she was my friend.”
Midoriya put his arms around you, he sighed before softly kissing your forehead, “You’ll get through this. You’re stronger than you believe.”
You smiled, those tears finally escaping as you relaxed in his arms.
A few minutes until the bell rings for class.
The door to the classroom opened and in walked in another student. You didn’t see who it was, honestly you were just playing with Midoriya’s hand as you laid in his arms. A growl was heard behind you before you felt Midoriya’s body tense up.
“Go away. They don’t want to talk to you.” You heard Midoriya angrily exclaim.
You tensed up yourself when you realized who it was. Your teeth clenched and you quickly got up, letting go of Midoriya’s hand. Bakugou stood before you with a glared expression.
“You didn’t answer your phone last night. And now I catch you in that stupid nerd’s arms, holding his hand like he’s your boyfriend or something?”
You scoffed, “Oh please. Leave Izuku out of this. At least he cares about my feelings.”
“What the hell are you talking about, shitty woman. You’ve been ignoring me, I haven’t done anything wrong-”
“Give that back.” You whispered, pointing to his left wrist.
He raised an eyebrow before looking down at his wrist. A bracelet stood proud with the words “y/n’s wonderful boyfriend.”
“What the hell? Why? It was a birthday gift, it’s mine.”
“You lost that privilege when Jirou showed me those photos.” He didn’t hear you, but he knew you said something.
“Y/n. What’s going on? Why are you acting this way.”
“I know that you cheated on me.” You managed to get out.
His eyes widened (similar to the gif). He looked like the just saw a ghost.
“Don’t play so innocently! I fucking knew it. I should’ve listened to Jirou.” You hit your fists on his chest, hoping you caused at least some harm.
“Why would you even think I cheated on you?!” He angrily yelled, throwing his backpack on the floor.
“I wish I was Uraraka, too,” you admitted, “the woman is gorgeous. And she has a nice figure.”
Bakugou clenched his fist.
“But you would know that, am I right?”
The classroom stayed silent. The bell had finally rung. Class was now in session.
Aizawa opened the door before walking in a tired expression, “Alright, sit down. Quickly-” He paused when he looked up and saw the scene.
“Give it back,.” you said once more.
“Y/n please,” he started, “I- I didn’t mean-”
The classroom door opened again, the girl of the topic herself walked in with a small smile that quickly fell when she saw the glares of her fellow classmates.
“Guys?” She quietly asked.
Jirou scoffed before walking over to her. A smack on her left cheek.
“Little bitch.” Jirou whispered before trying to hit her again, Kaminari came over and held Jirou this time before she could hit Uraraka once more.
“What are you doing?” Jirou asked.
“She’s not worth getting in trouble for.” Kaminari reassured her.
Uraraka frowned, holding her cheek before turning towards you and Bakugou’s little scene. Her eyes widened as she realized what was going on.
“Y-Y/n, wait. Let me explain.” Uraraka tried to walk up, she didn’t want to lose a friend over a stupid mistake.
Iida blocked her from continuing. Uraraka looked up at him with a surprised expression. People who were her friends.. are turning their backs on her now.
“Leave them alone,” Iida started, “You’ve done enough damage.” He glared at her before crossing his arms.
You smiled at both Jirou and Iida’s gestures before turning back towards Bakugou. Your eyes filled with such disappointment and hatred.
“Y/n, can we please just talk about this later?”
“Give. It. Back.”
“Teddy bear, don’t do this-”
“Everything I gave you… I want everything back but you.”
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hxnmas · 2 days ago
pls elaborate on keigo n his stupid birdie stuff 🥺
I’ve been thinking about his stupid face all day just so I can elaborate on this KANSKSNS
Tumblr media
Okay okay so—
Keigo and his stupid bird stuffs include bringing you random things that are shiny, whether that be anything he found on the streets or an actual accessory he saw from a shop that made him go, “Pretty…”
Not to mention being distracted whilst he’s flying, Keigo have a habit of talking in the sky after all. He would purposely make stops just to stare at himself in the reflection of those mirrors, fixes his hair and what not. Some other times he end up flying straight into them because Keigo wasn’t paying attention, “I knew it was there!” Or so he say.
When it’s that time of the year, be ready for Keigo’s weird mating dance. He’d be fluffing his wings up and tries to corner you, only to leave you baffled as well as confused. It’s very goofy, his mating dance may not be successful in what it’s meant to do but at least he gets a laugh out of you.
Speaking of mating season, NEST. Blankets, pillows, anything soft that makes a good comfy nest. But also he takes bath like a bird, it’s adorable. Oh and he likes to hunt, this man is an animal in rut.
Let’s not forget about those big round glowing yellow eyes that freaks you all of the time, especially at night. Trying to go and pee, only to come back to a pair of yellow eyes staring at you in bed.
He like using his feet to pick things up because it’s easy and save time, save his back too cause no need to bend down.
Tumblr media
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akaashis-liquidluck · a day ago
Shinsou Hitoshi x GN!reader
In which Shinsou is always seeking out reader around the U.A. campus.
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff
Tumblr media
The breezy autumn morning brought involuntary shivers as Shinsou held his to-go cup of coffee in his hands to warm himself up. Despite wearing a comfortable hoodie on top of his white dress shirt, his blazer stuffed in his backpack, the cold had seeped in through the fabric. 
The quiet male often came earlier to avoid the rush of students, enjoying what the U.A. campus had to offer as he was one of the little student’s who arrived earlier. Despite trying to deceive himself into believing that was the only reason, the true reason lied beneath the tree in the courtyard.
There they were sitting comfortably under the shade, the ground around them littered with leaves. They themselves had a cup of warm beverage from the same coffee shop Shinsou had been to, the same coffee shop that he would find them studying after class hours during stressful weeks.
Shinsou would often sit nearby, under a tree as they did, sifting through his notes or burying his nose in a book, enjoying the silence that comes with the cool temperatures. It would be upsetting for winter to come and take away this comfortable arrangement due to the unbearable cold. 
He glanced up from his phone and shamelessly stared at Y/n as they kept themselves busy, hands occasionally rubbing together to produce warmth, their focus brought a smile onto his face before he glanced back down scrolling through his music.
Unbeknownst to the male, Y/n would often steal glances at him too. They noted how he would often sit nearby, disregarding the rest of the free spaces around the courtyard. Shinsou was an enigma to them. Their first encounter was when he had boldly declared a war against their class, Y/n chuckling and blatantly stating how everyone would be happier with the exchange of one perverted purple male with another who was serious about becoming a hero. 
Their second encounter was during the sports festival where Shinsou had brainwashed them into being in his team during the cavalry race, Y/n later on thanking him for making it easier for them to proceed to the next round, simply shrugging when he looked at them aghast.
“Are you not angry? Afraid even?”
“Why am I to be angry or afraid if all you did was make it easier for me?”
Shinsou was not able to get them out of his mind.
The long lasting stares and the smile as he saw them work their best to achieve their goals, their ambitions, was just the cherry on top alongside their nature and personality. 
Shinsou still worked hard, paying extra attention to his training with Aizawa so he could be in the hero course, so he could be in the same class as Y/n and let them see what he is capable of despite his mental quirk. 
They watched from afar as Shinsou furrowed his eyebrows at his notes, hands absently reaching for his cup of coffee. Y/n looked at the time before mulling over their decision to go up to the lavender haired male. ‘screw it’ Y/n thought as they shoved their items into their backpack and sauntered over to where Shinsou was seated. 
A shadow looming over Shinsou had him look up from his notes, freezing as he made eye-contact with the person he was pining over. Shinsou gulped before opening his mouth to speak, “L/n-san, how can I help you?”
He mentally applauded himself for not stuttering despite the erratic heartbeat that made him want to break out in sweat.
Y/n shot him a smile before sitting down right next to him, leaning against the male as they read over his notes. Shinsou felt like he stopped breathing, they were leaning on him and he could clearly smell their soft scent. “Nothing, Shinsou-kun.” They hummed, “your hand writing is really neat.”
“A-ah, thank you.” Shinsou stammered, mentally cursing himself for losing his cool.
“You’re so cool for working this hard,” Y/n pouted, “I do hope you come to class 1-A it would be rather fun, don’t you think?”
Shinsou just nodded, clearing his throat as he looked at the time. It was clear that classes were to start soon as loud chatter filled the area, students meeting up with their friends as they walked together towards their respected classes.
“Ah, looks like class is about to start, Aizawa sensei is going to kill me if I’m late again. I’ll see you later, Shinsou-kun!”
He watched their disappearing figure rushing to class, a small smile played on his lips as his ears were tinted red as he replayed their words, ‘you’re so cool.’
The next day was a similar routine despite Shinsou’s eyes harbouring darker eye-bags than the previous day due to his inability to sleep. Insomnia had gotten to him and his body felt sluggish as he dragged himself over to the same tree. He didn’t go to the coffee shop today as he felt like it would be a chore to even lift the cup to his mouth. His mind was all fogged up and all he wanted to do was sit still and zone out and hopefully fall asleep before class.
Y/n watched his sluggish movements as they were right behind him, slightly concerned for the male as they watch him doze off under the tree, the slight sun that was hitting him warming his body.
Y/n bit their lip before going over to the vending machine, eyes glancing over each selection before inserting coins and pushing the button for the canned coffee.
They grabbed the drink and made their way over to the sleeping male, settling down next to him. His sleeping position looked uncomfortable, his chin tucked into his neck as his body was slack. He’d definitely wake up with neck pain.
Y/n stuck their tongue out in concentration as one hand went to hold his head while the other went around his shoulders to slowly ease him onto their lap. Muscles straining as they weren’t used to his unconscious weight. Heaving a sigh of relief as they got him settled.
Shinsou murmured a bit in his sleep before sighing. Y/n froze before they realized he was still asleep. A hand lifted to run through his gravity defying hair, hesitating a bit before slowly running their hands through it. The soft locks slipping easily through their fingers before they lightly scratched at his scalp.
Y/n’s heart warmed, they enjoyed this domestic feeling. A permanent smile on their face as they busied themselves by scrolling through social media, their other hand still at work in Shinsou’s hair. A permanent smile on their face as they kept glancing at Shinsou, he was unfairly handsome without even trying. Y/n enjoyed his confident demeanour despite the inner conflict he pushes down from his past experiences. He was more cat-like with the hard exterior soft interior aspect of his personality. 
They were aware of his small smiles around the cats he finds along the U.A. campus, it was endearing to watch him bring small cans of cat food with him in his backpack to feed them. A heart of gold. 
Unconciously, Y/n traced their finger along the side of Shinsou’s face, tracing the curve of his nose before lightly tapping the edge of it adoringly. A hand reached up and grabbed theirs, intertwining their semi-cold hands with his, eyes slowly fluttering open in a soft glare.
Y/n sent him a sheepish smile, clearing their throat and looking away bashfully. 
“Thanks.” Shinsou murmured, promptly closing his eyes again to revel in their hold, lifting their intertwined hands towards his lips for a quick kiss before settling it back on his chest. Sleep entrancing him as their warmth embraced him a second time. 
“No problem.” Y/n mumbled, face heating up at his boldness before settling down, continuing to scroll to their social media. 
Whatever the two had going on, they were content with it at the moment. No labels, no pressure, just the two of them doing their own thing and showing affection their own way. 
It was pure bliss.
Tumblr media
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weapxnsleft · a day ago
Author's note ; back on my Tenya iida brainrot and it's now ur problem so deal with it
Warnings ; none, slightly suggestive, alcohol mentions?
18+/DC/MDNI blogs may like but DNI/REBLOG/OR FOLLOW ME
Husband!Tenya I. x gn!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tenya was always the doting husband, and on certain occasions, that role may change
Sometimes you would be the doting significant other, or once again vice versa
He would always have a small bouquet of flowers delivered to you on the dining table when you head to the kitchen, and always attached is a handwritten note. And its always signed "Yours, Tenya ♥"
And yes, it's in cursive
He never ever, misses a special occasion, especially if it's about the two of you, anniversary, birthday, wedding, whatever he never misses it
Firm believer in if you miss it you clearly didn't care abt it
Always has a specific fashion style, office but minimalist, sometimes the white dad outfit, button up shirt, Rolex, and khakis
I don't even wanna talk about shoes
Not to mention he wears a specific cologne, it was the one his brother wears.
He also lets his hair grow out a lot, but for a short period of time you had Tenya cut his hair, man bun length, and one time you tugged on it and he moaned.
You two don't speak about it...
But even though for being together for so long he still is overly formal
Like kissing your hand and lips when he comes home, always and always greeting you, a kiss on the forehead and an "I'm home my love, let's go to bed shall we?" Of you're found sleeping on the couch waiting for him to come home.
He will always bring back a bouquet if he comes back home on a special occassion
He keeps his glasses on but on certain days he wears contacts
He bulked up when he's gotten older, sure he was already bulked up as a teen, but he's gotten bulkier 😩😩✔️💯
Not like extreme body builder but like he's gotten slightly taller and his muscles just grew 3 inches
^he got sad that his clothes didn't fit him anymore but he used this as an excuse to go shopping and spending time with you
^yes you both got matching outfits<3
Tenya also makes it point to come home if he hasn't been home after 4 days. He knows that relationships need not only communication but also spending time with the other person
And bc he misses you :(
But sometimes he does make it 5 days and absolutely cries when he realizes
He wants a little girl :( he wants to spoil her so bad bro like knight in shining armor and everything :((
But other than that, he's overall a good husband
He's still overly formal abt the whole marriage thing and wants your romance to never simmer out, so his dad gave him pointers :((
Like offering his arm whenever you two are out and about
Opening doors and things for you if you have acrylics
And always kisses you in greeting and goodbyes
In bed bro he's so soft, sleepy n everything in-between like he will be caressing your shoulder so it doesn't get cold, and always gives you his body heat, he doesn't care if your feet touch his very warm sixpack or butt, he could care less
Not to mention he will be more than happy to sleep shirtless if it mean you snuggled up to him :( he also wants your warmth
He also loves picking you up, wether picking you up into his arms, or picking you up in his car, he loves it
He likes the looks of other ogling you get into the car, seeing Tenya Iida in all of his glory and when he kisses you rly big ego boost ✔️✔️✔️
Nicknames he calls you varies from:
My love, love, my darling, darling, dove, angel, baby, babe, sweetheart, doll, my dear, dear, honey, lovely, sweetie. Yup.
Tumblr media
《 SUPER ! 》
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herofics · 2 days ago
hii idk if this is how we send requests but can you do shigaraki,toga and dabi(platonic) x teen(15) fem! reader? where they are big brother/sister figure to them some fluff please? have a nice dayy💗
I did HCs, because I can fit more stuff into them. The Toga one is short, because I couldn’t come up with much. Also I guess it's more like gender neutral than fem. Also I've got two big bro Dabi scenarios here and here
~Dabi/Touya Todoroki~
•He always thought that his little siblings were a pain in the ass, but in that “I love them anyway” older sibling kind of way
•When the League took you in, Dabi didn’t really pay attention to you at first, but he did sort of start looking after you
•Like he had your back when you got in a fight and stuff like that
•Eventually Dabi becomes really protective over you, even though he constantly teases you and acts very big brother like
•He braids your hair sometimes, but you kinda have to beg him to do it, even though he doesn’t actually mind, he just likes to tease you
•If someone looks at you the wrong way, they’ll get burned
•If you start talking to someone you like, or start going out with someone, he will tease you about it
~Shigaraki Tomura~
•He isn’t really the brotherly type, but he does kind of take you in when you join the League
•He doesn’t talk much with you, but he just sometimes throws a game control at you and tells you to play with him
•It’s his way of showing he cares and that he wants to spend time with you
•You go to school, even while you’re in the League, and if you were to be bullied, he would deal with it in a pretty extreme way, aka those bullies would be dead.
•Shigaraki isn’t a softie, and he doesn’t know how to express his emotions in a healthy or good way, so he might sometimes snap/yell at you if you irritate him and he is also bad at apologizing
•You’ll just have to learn to deal with that, sometimes getting angry at him helps, because it shows him you’re offended
•Since he isn’t that good with subtle emotions, it helps when you express yourself strongly
•Shigaraki isn’t really that protective over you, because he thinks you need to be able to handle things yourself
•But he does still make sure you don’t end up dead or anything
~Toga Himiko~
•Toga acts more like you’re her favorite toy, like she is super protective over you and doesn’t take shit from anyone regarding you
•She doesn’t really like if you have other close friends, because she is possessive and doesn’t like sharing
•It’s not like she’s going to play dress up with you, she’s more like the “teaching you how to use a knife” type
•She wants to make sure you can defend yourself, even though she is protective of you, she thinks you need to know how to stand up for yourself
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Just like imagine Bakugo with an actress s/o that usually acts in like old style movies. So like Meet me in St Louis and wizard of oz and like styles of movies that Judy garland acted in. And that means like they wear clothes styled like the 19th and 20th century and sometimes he’s on set and seeing his baby in like suits or dresses
He'd think you're so badass and cute, like goddamn. You make everything look good. He isn't allowed in hair and makeup because it's a crowded area, but when you come out in full costume and done up so pretty, he's always gobsmacked. The man falls in love every time.
And this man is dedicated, too. So if you have to go away for filming in another country, you better believe he's going with you. He's your number one supporter, of course he has to go with you (he can't bare to be away from you for long periods of time, like he needs your nighttime cuddles in bed).
He brings you water and snacks between takes. If they don't have anything you liked from the catering table, he always brings some of your favorites just in case. He wants his baby to be happy while she works, so he's always prepared.
The vintage feel the set gives only comes alive once you step into it, that's what he tells everyone. He tells everyone how amazing you are and makes sure they all know you're his and he's yours. He gets mad when someone on set flirts with you, doesn't matter if it's your costar or a costume manager or a cameraman. He also gets annoyed if anyone flirts with him because he is specifically there to watch your talent and support your work. Everyone should know this. All Might help the poor soul who missed that memo.
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Imagine meeting a Tenya Iida at your new corporate job
Tenya, who is your new colleague, and was more than ready for your arrival
Tenya, who set aside time to go over everything, leaning in everytime he says “You don’t have to do it this way, this is just how I do it.” 
He always looks stern, but anytime you have a question he swivels in his chair with the brightest smile, more than happy to explain
As busy time approaches, you invite him out to happy hour as a way to relax.
At first, he declines, he has a very strict schedule after all.
Finally, after his computer crashes a total of 25 times, he stands up, and says in one breathe:
“Alright, let’s go get drinks.”
You’re ecstatic, the strict, stressed Tenya is going to let loose! With you!
One drink leads to another, and before you know it Tenya is close.
Really close.
Your lips meet his and you find yourself making out in the back of an uber, his large hands reaching underneath your shirt.
His bed is tidy, sheets crisp and clean.
It feels even nicer under your bare skin, and it feels like heaven when you grip the sheets as Tenya enters you.
He’s quiet, not that you expected him to be loud, but even in his drunken stupor he is calculated. Every move, every thrust is well thought out and backed with immense power.
The next morning he blushes as you lean up to give him a kiss on the cheek, as if he wasn’t eating your pussy like it was the last meal on earth.
Tenya resigns the next day, and you’re worried you’ve done something wrong.
Two weeks later you get a message asking to meet up, reluctantly you go.
Tenya tells you he was smitten with you since the day he saw you.
Tenya smiles as slides over a card.
It’s his, from his new company.
“I want to date.”
You remember how Tenya’s face fell when he was going over the company policy that dating is not allowed within the same department.
“Tenya Iida, you goody two-shoes.”
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billiethepumpkin · a day ago
hi :)!! i was wondering if i could request smthn with overstimulation, degradation, and impact play with dom shigaraki and sub reader? with she/her pronouns pls :) lmk if i missed anything!!
Nice Try
Featuring: Tomura Shigaraki. Female reader.
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact. Sex toys. Female masturbation. Mention of being choked. Mutual shower. Body worship (only a little). Degradation. Claiming. Impact play. Fingering. Shower sex. Overstimulation.
A/N: I am such a simp for Shigaraki. Fuck.
Summary: Shigaraki comes home after a mission, covered in a couple of bruises and a thick layer of dirt. He walks into your shared bedroom to find you trying--and failing--to get yourself off. He just blinks a couple of times and goes to the bathroom to shower without saying anything, leaving you worried he might be angry with you. After following him into the bathroom, you find that he was only thinking about the things he would do to you if you had left the job to him.
Tumblr media
It was just a day in your life. Your boyfriend was leaving for a mission, rushing around to prepare everything as quickly as possible. He stopped by the side of the bed, where you were propped up against the bed in a tank top and shorts, silently wishing he wasn't going. You grabbed his hand mid-ramble, and you said, "Hey," surprising him and forcing him to look at you, simultaneously lifting a finger to keep his quirk from activating. "Be safe," you demanded, looking up at him.
You saw him soften with a quiet sigh. "I'll do my best," he answered, just like he did every other time. He leaned down and gave you a long kiss on the lips, resting his head on your shoulder afterwards, like always.
You knew he'd be safe. This was, by far, probably the least dangerous mission he'd been on since you'd met him. So after a couple of hours of playing on your Nintendo Switch, it had completely slipped your mind.
And all of the sudden, you felt your mind wandering. Specifically, to a couple of weeks ago when Shigaraki had teased you beyond your wildest dreams and left you high and dry. Of course, it was completely on purpose, but you couldn't help but press your thighs together at the thought, the slight friction against your clit enough to make you utterly and completely aroused.
You set your video game to the side and pulled a little bullet out of your bedside table. At that moment, you were just there for the sole purpose of reaching an orgasm and moving on. So you turned it to its most intense setting and rested it just against your clit. You circled it around ever so slightly, tweaking your nipples through your shirt. You laid in that position for--gosh you didn't know how long--feeling unsatisfied because you just couldn't get there. And before you could think anything else, you heard the creak of your bedroom door as it opened, your blue-haired boyfriend appearing in the doorway. Your movements stopped when the light turned on, the vibrator still buzzing, even though it was of no use now. "Tomura--" you stammered, embarrassed that he had caught you.
Then you caught a look at him. Head to toe, he was covered in dirt and grime. From where you sat on the bed, you could smell that he was covered in sweat, making you suppress the urge to snarl your nose. You could see the faint imprint of a hand on his neck. You sighed, the vibrator turned off and abandoned on the bed, your shorts reconnecting to your skin with a snap.
He blinked several times before trudging into the bathroom, eager to scrub all the dirt and grime from his body. You sat on the bed, suddenly extremely worried. God, your boyfriend probably risked his life out there, and here you were, trying to get yourself off. You got up and rushed to the bathroom after him, the hot water already turned on and Shigaraki on the other side of the curtain. You tugged your clothes off of your body and stepped in with him. "Hey," he mumbled, clearly overstimulated from the fight, barely able to say anything.
"Hey," you whispered back, taking his face in your hands and rubbing your thumbs across his cheeks. "You okay?" you asked. He nodded for an answer.
"You okay?" he asked, peering at you with what you assumed was a gaze of contempt, but was truthfully one of lust after seeing you pleasuring yourself like that.
You responded, "Yes," before running your fingers through Shigaraki's dirty, tangled hair and tugging it to gently guide him under the water. You watched the water underneath you turn black for a while before running clear, signaling that as much debris as possible was rinsed away from his hair. You grabbed your own shampoo and squeezed a dollop into your hand. You lathered it into his hair, the light tugging making him close his eyes and relax into your touch.
Without you noticing, the gentle pulling of his hair made his cock twitch ever so slightly. After seeing you in such a compromising position, the thought of him being the one to make you finish as you tugged on his hair made his brain do somersaults.
After being sure that the shampoo was all rinsed away, you spread some conditioner through his hair and rinsed it away as well. You made sure all the debris was rinsed from his body before you took your own body wash on your own loofah, and you scrubbed each and every part of his body clean. All the debris down the drain, he looked at you with his wet hair, and he said, "Your turn." The way he was looking at you and speaking to you now, so soft and so kind, you guessed he wasn't angry at all.
You traded places with him so that you were under the water now, and he took your shampoo and lathered it into your hair. When he was ready to rinse, he tilted your head underneath the water by your neck, four of his fingers putting pressure on your throat. He did the same with your conditioner, making absolutely certain that no part of you would be left unclean. As his fingers ghosted through your hair, smoothed by the conditioner, you sighed and relaxed to his touch.
Now, onto your loofah, he squeezed a dollop of body wash. Starting with your arms, he scrubbed into your skin. Moving down your body to your breasts, it seemed like he lingered a bit too long on your chest. His free hand came to cup one of your breasts, tweaking the nipple ever so slightly. It was his small way of seeing if you were still as needy as when he walked into the bedroom. To his delight, he caught you gasp and instinctively push your legs together as his thumb ran over the pebbled nipple.
As he made his way down your body, he became transfixed once more on your hips, scrubbing with one hand and caressing them with the other. Once your legs and feet had been scrubbed, and once your body had been rinsed, he came up to meet your gaze. "Now that we're both clean. Why were you being so dirty earlier?" his question was punctuated by a harsh slap on your ass cheek.
You weren't sure how to respond beyond the whimpers that were leaving your lungs after being slapped so suddenly like that. "Trying to have a little fun without me, hm?" he asked, tilting your face up to him. He spun you so that your back was against the wall, his lips just inches from yours. "That's okay," he said. "I'll help you finish."
Now, two of his fingers spread your folds wide open and dipped into your slick before rowing over your clit several times. You couldn't help but let out a small whine. You lifted your leg and propped it on the wall of the bathtub so that he could get a better angle to toy with you. His neck craned to suck on your nipple, rolling his tongue over it to make sure the sensitive bud got his attention. Within about a minute, you were ready to fall over the edge of orgasm, letting out little moans and whines as he continued his ministrations.
Shigaraki let go of your nipple with a pop. "Gonna cum already?" he asked, two of his fingers continuing to expertly roll over your clit. When you nodded in response, he used his free hand to slap your tit, watching it bounce in response. "How pathetic," he growled, his teeth just millimeters from your neck. "Didn't you just cum? Filthy little whore."
You shook your head in response. "Nuh uh," you answered aloud, "didn't get to."
"Even better," he teased, reaching down and slapping the outside of your thigh as punctuation, unable to reach your ass cheek, as it was squished against the wall. "That's because you know who you belong to." Another slap, this time a little harsher, surely leaving a handprint this time. "My little girl can only be a slut for me," he growled, his hand sliding between your ass and the wall to take a chunk of flesh into his hand, careful to leave his thumb out of the equation. And with the continuation of his words being so carefully growled into your neck, you felt yourself tumble into your orgasm--the first of many you'd have that night--moaning and whining his name.
His fingers stopped moving around your clit, and they began dipping between your folds, eager to feel your slick and know that you belonged to him. "Still so wet," he commented. "Such a needy little fuck, aren't you?"
He inserted a finger inside of you. Then a second. Then a third. He curled them all, squirming around inside you and hitting your sweet spot. You saw stars. You cried, "Tomura!" in a loud whine. The mere sound of you crying out his name like this made his now hardened cock twitch in anticipation. But as much as he wanted to fill you up with his cock and feel your walls clamp down around him, he had to draw it out and make this as wonderful as he could.
The fingers on his free hand trailed down to circle around your clit once again, now much more sensitive after your first orgasm. Your heart raced as you screwed your eyes shut, already overwhelmed with all the sensations. After your second orgasm, Shigaraki kneeled down and replaced his fingers with his tongue on your clit. The other hand continued to squirm in your tight hole, which was pulsing after the overwhelming amount of pleasure you'd received. His lips wrapped around your clit, and his tongue explored every part of you that it could reach. Your legs were becoming weaker by the second. And as you neared the edge of your third orgasm, Shigaraki's lips detached from your clit, leaving you begging for more attention. You let out a whine, feeling his fingers continuing to wiggle inside you.
"What's wrong?" he asked, looking up at you. "I thought you wanted to cum," he teased, laughing as he watched you struggle to keep your composure. . He stayed away just long enough for the possibility of cumming to slip away before reattaching himself to your sex. And it wasn't long before he had worked you to that point again and let you finish this time, your back arching and your legs shaking in response.
But he didn't remove his fingers. No, he kept squirming them inside you, your pussy now even wetter with your slick. Now, your hips were gyrating, instinctively trying to remove yourself from his fingers. Every inch of your body held heightened sensitivity. You continued moaning for him, unable to speak any words beyond his name.
When you looked down, your eyes threatening to close, Shigaraki was grabbing the shower head and changing the setting to the one with the highest pressure. When you felt the stream of warm water against your clit, your eyes rolled into your head, and your entire body began to shake. "Such an attention whore," he commented as he slipped his fingers back into your hole.
"C-Can't-t," you stammered, shaking your head.
"Turned into a dumb little bitch already, huh?" he said. "Can't even speak..."
"Ca-an't-t cu-um 'nymo-ore," you stuttered, your words all punctuated by heavy breaths.
He removed the showerhead from your clit and hung it back up where it belonged. "Not even for my cock?" he teased, grabbing his own sex and stroking it. Your leg still propped up, he slapped it against your cunt a couple of times before slipping the tip between your folds. Even the slight stretch of his tip was enough to make you breathe heavily all over again, enough to make you moan his name. "I think you can," he growled before shoving the rest of his length into you.
You were a stuttering, moaning mess as Shigaraki lifted your other leg and held you close to him. As he started to thrust into you, propped up by the wall of the shower, he gripped your ass cheeks hard enough you thought there might be bruises where his fingertips had been. With each thrust, you let out a breathless moan. "See?" Shigaraki teased. "I knew you were just a cock-craving little slut."
Each thrust pushed you closer and closer to another orgasm. Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, threatening to fall down your face, as the pleasure radiated through your body. And within a couple of pumps, you were toppling into another shaking, uncontrollable orgasm.
And he didn't stop there. No, he wasn't going to stop until he was satisfied. The feeling of your cunt clamping around him only egged him on. He picked up in speed, forcing the tears to fall over your cheeks and more to follow. And now your body was basically uncontrollable. You were going to cum again, and you worried that it might actually hurt. But you couldn't stop it, and you couldn't stop Shigaraki. Not now that he was so close to his own high. And in a twisted way, you wanted it, even if it was going to hurt.
"That's my sweet little cocksleeve," he whispered, "taking my whole dick like that."
He kept thrusting as a relentless, furious pace. And with a couple of grunts, you felt his sticky seed spill into your cunt, the pressure bringing you to your fifth and final orgasm.
He rested his head on your shoulder, and you rested your head against the wall of the shower. After you had both started to come down from your high, Shigaraki picked up his head and brushed the wet hair out of your eyes. "You okay?" he whispered, breathless. And before you could answer, he saw the evidence of the tears that had fallen down your face. "Shit! I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked, looking at you all worried.
You shook your head. "No," you giggled tiredly, "of course not." He took his softening cock out of you and carefully set you down. After he turned off the water, he was careful to dry off every part of your body, followed by his own, and he carried you to your shared bed.
Once you were both comfortably dressed and under the covers, he asked, "Are you sure I didn't hurt you?"
You smiled, nestling yourself into his chest and resting in his arms. "I promise," you answered, "you didn't hurt me." And no matter how many times you assured him otherwise, he would spend the rest of the evening doing his best to make sure you were alright.
Tumblr media
These characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the creators of My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia.
The writing is a product of Abigail Rothenberger, also known as BillieThePumpkin. Please do not copy or alter this work on Tumblr or any other platform.
Donate to my Ko-fi!
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weebobaaa · 2 days ago
ℝ𝕪𝕠𝕘𝕒𝕖 | 𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥
Tumblr media
Synopsis: in which an arrangement made by y/n leads to an entanglement with a seemingly emotionally unavailable man
Genre: fluff chapter
Warnings: poc!reader, fem!reader, like one curse, nothing just more fluff
Tumblr media
Waking up the next morning was a struggle. You were exhausted. Luckily you had the day off. You sat up in bed and stretched your tired limbs.
"Morning sleepy." Katsuki said, half startling you to death.
"Holy fuck I forgot we were on the phone." You laughed.
"We'll now you remember idiot." He smirked and picked up his phone. "Ow fuck that's hot." He said dropping the device just as fast. You laughed and got up going to do your morning routine.
After you were done you were just laying in bed watching Netflix. “You should come see me today.” Katsuki said out of the blue.
“Mm okay. What time?”
“12?” He said moving around. You couldn’t see what he was doing.
“12 AM?” You questioned. You usually never came that late.
“No idiot 12 pm.” Your eyes widened. You never went over that early either.
“How come you want me to come that early?” You asked.
“Just come over jeez.” He said picking up his phone. “Hold on I’m adding Kirishima to the call.” He said. In a few seconds Kiri had joined the FaceTime and waved to you.
“Hi y/n! Hey bakubro!” You smiled sweetly at your bestfriend.
“Hey Kiri.”
“Hey shitty hair.” Katsuki said slightly distracted.
“I thought we forgot about that name when we left UA!” Kiri said frustratedly.
“I did in all fairness.” You said raising your hands.
“Tch, why would I forget?” Katsuki smiled slightly.
“You’re just mean Katsu.” You said.
“I am not.” He said clicking his teeth.
“Tell that to deku.” You whispered.
12 had finally come as you pulled into Katsuki’s driveway.
You got out and knocked on his door. He opened it and looked at you. “Hey y/n.”
“Hey Katsu.” He leaned down to peck you on the lips, sending shocks through your body. You followed him inside, slipping out of your daze.
To your surprise, the whole living room had been rearranged. The furniture was pushed back and a pretty large fort was in the middle. On the inside, fairy lights were strung up and the floor was covered in pillows. There were you and Katsuki’s favorite snacks and candy, and extra blankets inside.
“Katsuki- oh my god! This is so cute!” You gushed.
“I was supposed to ask you out on a date when I visited you at your office but I chickened out. So I set this up. So…will you go on a date with me?”He rubbed the back of his neck and seemed a little redder than usual.
“Of course Katsuki!” You flung your arms around him and he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Do you like it?” He asked pulling you into the fort.
“Of course I like it dummy!” You said placing a hand on his cheek. “It’s amazing.”
He turned on the TV and put on your favorite show quickly running over the fact that he was on episode 5.
By the time it was 7:00 you both had finished the whole show and were debating which character was better.
“You know what fine! You win.” He threw his arms up and fell back. You crawled on top of him, and sat on his hips, smiling down at him. He placed his hands on your thighs, and gave them a small squeeze.
“This was fun Katsuki.” You smiled.
“I’m happy you had fun baby.” He said letting the pet name slip. Your face became hot, and you smiled back at him liking the way it sounded when he called you baby.
“You should call me that more often.” You said nodding your head.
“What, call you baby?” You nodded again. “Okay, Baby, let’s get something to eat yeah?”
“Yeah I’m kinda hungry.” You said. He pulled you out of the fort, And into the kitchen. He started pulling out ingredients.
“Prepare to be amazed.” He said jokingly as he started making the tteokbokki.
“I am prepared!” You said just as jokingly. You both laughed as you watched him move around the kitchen.
You wouldn’t have taken Katsuki as the domestic and cute type, but you couldn’t say that you weren’t enjoying it.
After cooking and eating, you were pretty tired as it was around 10 pm. You yawned and stretched, as Katsuki did the same.
“Cmon let’s go lay down.” He said.
“I don’t have any night clothes.” You said.
“You can have one of my hoodies.” You nodded and followed him in to his room.
After changing, you both lay down, your head on his chest, and his arms around your waist. “Night y/n.” He said, kissing your forehead.
“Goodnight Katsu.” You said slowly closing your eyes and falling asleep.
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httptamaki · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
since you guys love my natsuo work, here’s so more <3 this is a piece for @bakuroo-writings ‘s fall collab :)
where natsuo and his two year old play in the leaves together <3
thank you to @myrulia for beta reading this :)
collab masterlist.
WARNINGS: gn!reader - fluff - parent au (you have a kid but they only call natsuo dad so it’s still gender neutral <3) - gender neutral terms for your toddler - domestic au - 600 words
Tumblr media
You smiled while looking out of the window, watching your husband clean the backyard and humming along with the music playing, your smile only growing bigger and bigger with the second.
“Up-” You heard your toddler say, poking your legs and signaling for you to lift them up, making you laugh a bit. “Wanna go up?” You asked in a soft tone, only for them to nod quickly and giggle as you lifted them up.
“Dada?” They asked, pointing out of the window and looking back at you. “Mhm, daddy is cleaning up baby.” You answered, tickling their sides a bit as the two of you broke out in laughter. “No more-” They giggled and you stopped, poking their nose after and planting a soft kiss on their forehead, looking back at Natsuo who was piling up the fallen leaves.
“Can we go?” They asked, still pointing at Natsuo and all you did was nod, putting them down and smile as they walked towards their boots, clapping in their hands excitedly. 
The both of you got ready, making sure to wear your warmer jackets since the weather was getting colder and colder with the day. 
“Baby come here- Don’t forget to wear your scarf.” You reminded them as they waited at the door, quickly putting on their scarf and walking outside with them.
“Dada!” They yelled out, making Natsuo who just finished his work look up happily, waiting on them with open arms. “Hi there, come here.” Natsuo smiled, catching them as they fell onto his chest, lifting them up as they giggled.
“Hi love, you done?” You asked in a gentle tone, kissing his cheek with a warm smile, making a small blush appear on your lover’s face. No matter how long you had been together, there were always these moments where Natsuo couldn’t help himself from blushing.
“All done, did you two miss me that much huh?” Natsuo teased a bit, pecking your lips softly, only to be met with your toddler giggling at the two of you.
“What if we did? How could we not love?” You teased back, making Natsuo laugh as he turned back to your kid. 
“What about you? Did you miss me too? I know you did.” Natsuo tickled them, only for them to say yes over and over, slightly pushing Natsuo away.
“I knew it- See they love me more.” Natsuo grinned, earning a playful slap from you. “Keep lying to yourself, love.” You laughed. 
“Dada down.” Your kid started, making Natsuo put them down and crouch down to their height. “Like this baby?” Natsuo smiled, only to be met with them clapping in their hands and jumping up and down in the leaves and throwing some at the two of you.
“Are you two having fun?” You asked, smiling down at them as they jumped in the leaves together. “Yes!” They spoke, jumping into Natsuo’s arms, making them both fall down in the leaves while they laughed.
All Natsuo did was smile and hold them closely, closing his eyes after. 
Never in a million years would he have guessed that he would have a kid of his own but two years ago when he first held them, it was like his whole world had changed.
Ever since then he tried his hardest to be a better dad than his own had ever been. You knew Natsuo was doing his best and he was the best partner you could ask for but little did you know Natsuo only came this far because of your support.
You were each other’s support and your kid was the best gift you could ask for. Who would’ve guessed a fall two years ago would change your lives this much?
Tumblr media
tags: @justscar @w0fflegay @suzuki-violin-school @sageyrage @seanicsiren @moatsnow @maltese-sparrow @animenerdgirl @sukisgremlinbrat @katonshoko @kyojuros-kitten @itsbrittneybsh @illyaana @half-baked-biscuit @touyaspeach @akaza-s-bitch @kitaizawa @lonelyweeb77 @honeypirate @ajaviary @staygoldsquatchling02 @maiixu @dipperpepper7 @furryenthusiastbread @tamaki-simp @missinkitty @plusultra2dwhore @undercoverweeeb @writewithmarites​ @kny-aizetsu-muse​ @r4td0lll​ @vakiui​ @toyas-wife​ @Lhazue @mal-adaptive-daydreamer​ @shoto-daddy​
if you’d like to be tagged in future works, click here <3
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bakugou overhears all class gossip, and while nobody thinks he does, he never misses a word. He’s got sharp ears and keen eyes and he never misses anything.
Which is why he’s reduced to a glum guy with wounded pride when he overhears the girls gossiping about how “Bakugou and y/n don’t seem like they’ll last.” He figures it’s true—deep down he realizes his prickly and harsh nature could never mesh well with your gentle and sweet one, but the words sting no less.
The truth is, Bakugou Katsuki has fallen hopelessly in love, and he wants to roll his eyes at himself, but he can’t. He can’t when it’s you, he can’t bring himself to do anything but soften his exterior as much as he can so you can see he’s trying. He’s trying and maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s all he’s got. He lets you grab his hand, and steal his snacks, and mess around with his gauntlets, and ruffle his hair, and he hopes it’s enough, but he knows deep down it’s not.
So when you sit next to him in the courtyard, plopping down quietly beside him as he looks ahead refusing to meet your eyes, he’s not expecting your hand to lay on his.
“Hey, Katsuki,” you whisper gently, and he can tell from your tone you know something’s up.
“Hmph,” he grumbles incoherently in acknowledgment, shoulders tensing as you get closer.
“What’s on your mind?” He’s silent for a moment, and even if he wanted to, Bakugou doesn’t even know how to tell you.
“Don’t say nothing.” Bakugou’s hand grips the fabric of his jeans tightly, and he’s trembling just the slightest bit, but the way your hand soothes over his arm in delicate circles grounds him just the tiniest bit.
“It’s none of your business,” he mutters. You raise your eyebrow unimpressed.
“Try again, babe.” And maybe it’s the way your palm is warm through the fabric of his blazer, or the way your voice is still gentle even when reprimanding, or the way you just seem to know, but he practically pours himself out to you. Because he needs you to hear, and he needs you to know—Bakugou’s trying.
“Those dumb girls can’t mind their business. They don’t think we’ll last—as if it’s their business,” he rants, and his voice is slightly tight—he’ll never admit it and you’ll never mention it, but you both can hear it. “Who asked, anyway?”
Nodding slowly, you lean your head on his shoulder, hand grasping his as you fiddle with his fingers. His cheek finds its way to the top of your head, and you both sit like that for a bit, you playing with his fingers and Bakugou peeking glances at you over his shoulder.
“Do you think we’ll last?”
“Do you think think they’re right? That we won’t last?” He wants to say yes, wants to admit that nobody would want to last with someone as rough and tough as him, that his words are just as abrasive as his actions and you shouldn’t tolerate it, but Bakugou needs more than anything for you to stick with him.
He needs the little cheek kisses goodnight, he needs the arm hugs while you walk together, he needs the tiny nose boops when he’s frowning—and he needs you.
“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I guess you shouldn’t really want us to, huh?” And he cringes a little when your head shoots up.
“What’s that mean?”
He simply shrugs and mumbles “I don’t know,” as he looks off to the side. But your hand grabs his jaw and gently forces him to look you in the eyes.
And his eyes are swimming with doubt, with anger, but mostly, a sense of defeat, and that’s unlike Bakugou. He never admits defeat, and it’s the one thing about him you love most.
“Katsuki. Don’t give me that,” you say gently, and the soft kiss to his nose makes him grip your waist tightly. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want us to last?”
“It just makes sense.”
“And why’s that?”
And the dam breaks when he opens his mouth, eyes angry (and slightly wet, but you don’t mention it) as he pours his heart out to you.
“Because you shouldn’t want to last with someone like me, we both know that. I’m not cut out to be the way a boyfriend is, I don’t act like the way they should. Go find someone who does,” he mutters at the end, and you frown, watching as he fights the tremble of his lips.
He’s waiting for the blow, for the moment you admit he’s right and walk off and inevitably rip his heart out and take it with you, but it never comes.
“Hey,” you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into your chest, and on any other day, he’d pull away instantly, grumbling about how someone might see. But today, today he needs to be close, to hear your heart beat against his ear. “That’s not true, Katsuki. You’re a bit different, but I don’t mind. I know you love me,” you whisper, threading your fingers through his hair.
“I’m not done, okay?” You poke his forehead, and he swats your hand away. “Like you said, it’s not their business. So they don’t know everything. You do a great job you know, you just make your own rules of how to do things,” you snort. “That’s okay though, it’s still plenty enough for me.”
“You sure?” His voice is gruff, but it’s still hesitant. Your hand glides down to grab his hand, lacing your fingers together as you peck his forehead.
“Of course. You look out for me, always make sure I’m safe, always try to notice how I can improve, always take the short end of the stick for me. Who cares if you don’t bring me roses or something? Do you love me?”
“Well yeah,” he grumbles, answer immediate.
“Do you want us to last?”
And his voice is a bit smaller this time when he admits a small “yes.”
“Good, I feel the same. And that’s it for that matter, don’t you think? It’s our business, and we seem to be on the same page.”
Almost instantly, his chest lightens at your words, and he registers the small circles you rub into his knuckles, and the gentle scratches at his scalp, and he thinks he’s found some place that he’s made his own, somewhere he’s himself and it’s enough and it’s cherished. And he realizes that maybe that’s what love is, not the stupid roses or the boxes of chocolates the damn girls are always telling him he needs to bring.
“Yeah, whatever,” he mutters, but his hand squeezes yours. “You should’ve gone up to your room you know, dumbass. Don’t think I didn’t see you hit your leg during training,” he chides. His voice is still gentle, and you smile at the way he’s back to himself already.
“Sorry, I’ll be more careful,” you promise.
He mumbles a quiet good before he sits up, pulling you into him as he kisses the top of your head. And the way you lean your cheek against him with a smile, rubbing his chest softly makes him think maybe you will last— because he’s not letting you go any time soon.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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tatorthots · 18 days ago
BNHA | Soft Things They Do For You General HC’s
↳ Characters: Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shota Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Dabi, Shigaraki x gn!reader
↳ Warnings: Suggestive Content
↳ a/n: more down to earth than my other quirky hc’s so I hope you guys like this and also I’ve been listening to Careless Whisper all morning unironically PLS
Always puts you before himself.
A real man treats his s.o like gold and Kiri is nothing less than a man. When it’s time to eat he’ll always make your plate first. When he gets invited to go somewhere he’ll always respond with, “I’ll ask y/n what we’re doing that day!” Cutest being when there’s no seats for either of you so he’ll kneel down and let you sit on his knee but sometimes he uses it as an excuse to caress your ass in public. 1000% the ‘I wonder what we’re going to do today’ type.
Often gifts you souvenirs/things he thinks you’d like.
‘Oh y/n would like this.’ being one of his most recurring thoughts. If it’s not something he picks out at a shop then it’s a pretty flower he found sitting in a garden. or a four leaf clover he hunted down for hours after you told him it’d bring good luck to a relationship And whenever he sees a dandelion he’ll always pick it up and have you make a wish. though he still doesn’t understand why it’s bad luck to tell him what you wished for :(
Likes to walk you anywhere and everywhere.
Most often walking you to class before his training or accompanying you to do errands even if he has work study in 10 min. He likes to make sure you get to your destination safely, even if it means he’s gonna have to go full Flash to make it on time to where he needs to be. Being able to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your waist is also a huge plus for him as he walks with you. Tbh he just wants to spend more time with you. 100/10 calls you his sweet beautiful goddess outlet because he’s the plug ;)
Affection affection affection.
He loves to kiss your forehead, hand holding the back of your head as he closes his eyes and inhales the sweet scent of your shampoo. He feels most at peace in this position, a protective hold as his other hand snakes around your waist to pull your body closer to his. He’s also always touching a part of you whenever you’re together, it’s almost as if his hand always somehow gravitates towards your body. If you ever move away from his touch he’ll literally look so offended, hand covering his mouth as he gasps dramatically PLS
Loves to watch you sleep.
Literally doesn’t think anything is cuter than hearing your soft snores, watching as your eyes occasionally flutter - he wonders what you dream about. Brushes strands of hair back as he watches your chest slowly rise and fall. If you were to sleep out in the open and someone walked in a little too loud then they basically chose death. Barking at them to shut the hell up before he literally ends their bloodline. Spoiler, he woke you up.
Allows you in his workspace.
Aizawa is a very busy man, he knows that, but he never lets it put a strain in your relationship. When he’s in his office working he’ll let you straddle his lap as he types, your legs swaying around his waist as he feels the faint thump of your heart beating against his chest - he likes feeling you run your fingers through his hair as you occasionally kiss his neck, both of you quietly enjoying each others presence as he works and you read a book or play on your phone.
Shows you off.
Hawks is a very in demand pro-hero. He knows he has waves of fan girls pining over him, which is why he shows you off any chance he gets. He’s proud to have you by his side, cheering for him when he feels unsure and grounding him when he feels like he’s falling apart. Sure, Keigo used to be a playboy, but ever since you stormed into his life it was like he just couldn’t resist you. 100% likes when you get jealous sometimes just to tease you
Extremely protective of you.
He’ll always be a step in front of you when you meet new people, a protective stance as his icy irises focus on the newcomer/s. Doesn’t like it when you get into fights, even if he’s in a life or death situation, if he hears you struggling a little too much or god forbid scream, he’ll immediately lose control and slaughter his opponent, rushing to get to your side. Dabi has lost a lot, he’ll be damned if he loses you too. sometimes he can be flighty but he always comes back to you
He pays attention to your wants and needs.
Whenever you think you’ve run out of something, he already has an extra waiting for you. If he feels like it’s too risky to go out by yourself he’ll personally go for you or with you. Shiggy listens to you when you talk, threatening anyone who tries to speak over you. Often he’ll put it upon himself to make sure you stay safe and at ease. Extremely soft for his s.o (shiggy 10/10 caps on dabi for being overprotective as he buys you both matching crocs)
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katsuphilia · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: shinsou hitoshi, katsuki bakugou, aizawa shota, takami keigo, dabi
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
✿ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐔 froze when you grabbed his face, pulling him towards you as you pressed kiss after kiss all over every inch, giggling in between each one as you watched his cheeks turn bright red. Clearing his throat, he looked at the ground, hands hesitantly placing themselves onto your waist. “W-what was that for?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer until he was just millimeters away from meeting your lips with his own. “Just thought you might want some kisses. They’re good for your health, you know,” you grinned cheekily. Closing the gap, you kissed him deeply, humming when his thumb traced circles into your hip. He pulled away after some time, burying his face into your neck and squeezing you gently against him. “Yeah, whatever.”
✿ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 wasn’t expecting you to place yourself on his lap, hands immediately finding your hips as you cupped his jaw. Before he could smirk at you and say something, he froze as you pressed tiny kisses all over his cheek, moving on to the next one before placing one last one on the tip of his nose. “Your cheeks are so cute, Katsuki. So squishy,” you teased as you poked it. Glaring at you, he swatted your hand away, blush rising to the tips of his ears. “What the hell is wrong with you, dumbass?” Giggling, you pressed your forehead to his, tracing his cheekbone with your thumb gently. “You don’t like my kisses?” He rolled his eyes, but gently, he placed a small kiss of his own onto your cheek, hugging you closer. “No, you’re annoying.”
✿ 𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was just waking up in the morning, eyes slowly opening when he felt your hand move a few strands of hair out of his face, a sleepy grin spreading across his lips. “Good morni—” he didn’t get to finish speaking before you tilted his chin up, pecking his lips first, and then littering more kisses across his face. His gaze softened when you beamed at him, closing his eyes once more when you stroked his hair gently. “Morning, Shota.” He gave you a warm chuckle, sighing at the feeling of you scratching his scalp. “That was a nice little surprise to wake up to. What’s the occasion?” Pressing your forehead to his, you gently traced the scar under his eye with your index finger. “I missed you while you were sleeping,” you whispered, pressing yet another kiss to his lips right after.
✿ 𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 smirked when you took the goggles off his face, setting them down on the counter behind you as you cradled his cheeks in both hands. Slowly, you kissed the small bruise forming on his jaw before pressing more across his jawline, moving your way upward until you reached his forehand. “Don’t stop now, dove. It won’t heal properly if you don’t give me more.” Giving him a soft smile, you traced the edge of the bruise, eyes lingering on it before you met his gaze once more. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” His eyes softened as he noticed the way you were worried, pretending to ponder for a moment before answering. “Depends, are you gonna kiss it better? Because then my entire face is bruised.” You rolled your eyes, but began pressing more kisses to his face anyway, content with him being safe and back in your arms.
✿ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 stilled when you kissed the edge of his scar, tensing as he felt you trailing down the line where the healthy skin met the charred, pecking in between each staple. Pulling away, he stared at you for a moment, eyes narrowed and shoulders tense. “What are you doing?” You smiled gently, trailing your hand up his chest, rubbing it softly with your palm. He almost let his guard down for a second, watching your movements carefully. “Just kissing you, Dabi. I love you.” He stared at you for a few moments, eyes searching yours for truth, finding nothing but sincerity in them. Swallowing, he looked to the side, gripping your waist tightly and pulling you flush against his chest. “That’s fucking weird. Give me a few more.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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dawbi · a month ago
bnha boys introducing you to their family (gif reaction)
warnings - endeavor is in hawks part !!
characters - midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, dabi, & hawks
Tumblr media
oh the midoriyas are nervous as hell. you're coming over for dinner and meeting for the first time ?? inko’s freaking out. cleans their house top to bottom at least 3 times. "izuku, does the lamp look better here or over there? what does y/n like to eat? does this outfit look like i'm trying too hard?" all of this chaos is adding to midoriya's own anxiety. "m-mom please calm down. y/n will be here in 10 minutes." he should really take his own advice because his shaky hands cause him to drop the utensils he was holding. the loud noise freaks out inko and she trips over the plant, knocking it over. omg cue horrified noises from both of them. luckily the food was done because as they struggle picking up the last bits of the broken pot, the doorbell rings. they welcome you in trying to hide everything that just happened lol. once you three are sitting at the table, inko is just watching your reactions to her cooking. please let her know it’s good ☹️ eventually light conversation makes things more comfortable and midoriya even holds your hand and looks at you with a loving smile as you talk to his mom. this warms inko’s heart and she knows, her son chose well 💕
Tumblr media
bakugou did not want you to meet his mom, at least so soon. his dad maybe, but not her. he knows how she is. mitsuki would tell you his embarrassing childhood moments or expose the times she has caught him simping for you. somehow mitsuki makes him bring you over for lunch. she’s really friendly and welcomes you with a hug. “omg y/n. i have been dying to meet you!! come in please.” bakugou is twitching and looking for the nearest exit but his mom is one step ahead of him and drags him to the table. “unfortunately katsuki’s father couldn’t make it. it’s just me.” “no worries!” mitsuki asks you questions about yourself. “you know y/n. i was worried this brat wouldn’t introduce us.” she says as she turns to him. “katsuki has changed since he met you.” the rest of the meal and conversation go smoothly. you say your goodbye and bakugou walks you out. when he comes back, he sighs a breath of relief until he feels a whack on his head. “listen! they’re a good one, treat them well.” mitsuki places her hands on her hips. “if you don’t, i have plenty of stories ☺️ ” he better be on his best behavior lol. bakugou won’t admit it but he liked watching you get along with his mom 💗
Tumblr media
todroki would be hesitant to introduce you to his family. meeting his dad is out of the question, he's very protective of you. he doesn’t know what he'd do if his father made any offensive remarks about you. natsuo and fuyumi are his first choice. but, natsuo and his college life conflicted with that day so, it’s just his sister. fuyumi is so happy for todoroki and wants everything to go well. she’s trying so hard to make things comfortable for you. her food is amazing do not even lie. his sister even tries to seem fun by telling you a joke lol. “y/n, why did the tomato turn red?” “why?” “because it saw the salad dressing, ha ha.” finger guns unironically. laugh out of politeness pls ajshshjsks. fuyumi is in awe when she sees you two clean up together. shouto is smiling and expressive around you. his sister smiles to herself, happy her brother has found someone 🥺 later down the line in your relationship, todoroki would introduce you to his mom. rei practically knows everything about you and already loves you. the way todoroki would talk about you during his visits ?? she has to meet the person making her son happy 💞
Tumblr media
"never gonna happen." is what dabi says when you ask to meet his family. this is a very obvious answer if he’s told you his past. if not, this sounds hurtful and he knows that. so, he'd introduce you to the lov. dabi strikes me as a possessive person, so he was kinda hesitant sharing lol. "this is my family now." he gestures over towards the members of the lov. shigaraki probably playing some video game and barely acknowledges you. twice and toga come over and introduce themselves. “so, you’re dabi’s lover! you’re really cute!” toga can’t hide her excitement. twice is a shake your hand “i’m twice. dabs never wanted to introduce you and i see why.” kinda guy. dabi is like 😪 mr.compress and spinner introduce themselves later on while kurogiri is very hospitable. offers you something to eat or drink. they try not to make a big deal out of it because dabi hates that kinda thing. you sit with dabi on the couch while they practically interview you lol. dabi silently watches and pulls you closer to him. woah. they’re shook. dabi? showing some? idk? affection? but they don’t point it out cuz then they risk getting burnt 😬
Tumblr media
sadly, keigo doesn't have family or loved ones and barely trusts any colleagues. who can he bring you home to ?? i feel like this would make him feel a bit insecure. makes him stay up at night wondering if you'll find someone else that has a big family to welcome you. keigo holds you a bit tighter when it crosses his mind. he'd mention you here and there. the pro heroes like mirko and edgeshot have seen a photo of you. even endeavor knows about you. i don't think keigo would plan for you to meet them until accidentally, it happens. you would be working your 9-5 when you see the number one hero and your boyfriend walk in. keigo's eyes light up when he sees you, "hey dove. hope i'm not distracting you." he walks up to where you're at and enji follows. "uh this is y/n. y/n this is-" "endeavor." enji bows and you do too. "keigo. please don't overwork yourself today. you got this." enji watches keigo melt at your words "i won't. love you." they exit the building after getting what they needed. the moment makes endeavor wonder if his kids will find someone like you. since nothing bad happened, keigo is already thinking of introducing you to mirko 💖
a/n - i struggled shortening these omg. the first draft was so long 😭
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Tumblr media
pairing(s): neito monoma, denki kaminari, katsuki bakugou x gn!reader
part two with hitoshi shinsou, mezo shoji, and hanta sero releasing shortly!
warning(s): hurt/comfort, brief mentions of insecurity, bakugou cursing ofc, i want to give monoma forehead kisses so badly 
Tumblr media
“idiot, what the fuck are you-” katsuki cursed as you dabbed at a wound near his shoulder blades. “ow! fuck, i can do it on my own.”
“shut up and let me help you,” you muttered, grabbing another towel and pressing it to the wound, earning a hiss from the blond. “stay still! i can’t help you if you keep moving, you can’t even reach it on your own.”
katsuki wanted to argue, but you weren’t wrong. he couldn’t reach the lower back of his shoulder even if he wanted to. “fine,” he spat. “just- shit, ow! hurry up.”
you followed his directions, quickly dabbing at the wound and wrapping a bandage around his chest. “is everything alright? does anything feel weird?”
katsuki stood up, more than ready to leave the room. “i’m fine, let me go-”
“make sure to check in with recovery girl one time before leaving, alright?” you grabbed his wrist before he left your dorm. “i know you already went, but just to be safe-”
“alright, fine!” katsuki scolded, pulling away from your hold. why was he agreeing so easily? that wasn’t right, was it because he was tired? “fine,” he repeated. “i’ll- i’ll go now.”
you nodded, opening the door for him to leave. “alrighty then, go.”
but for a reason katsuki didn’t know (but still hated), he stayed, frozen. “uh,” he managed. what was wrong with him? sure, it was a quite a few hours past midnight, but that couldn’t do that much of a number on him, right? “thanks.”
“no problem, katsuki,” you said, before giving him a quick hug. “alright, see you tomorrow.”
katsuki leaves the room--
--and bakugou katsuki will never (ever) admit this out loud, but the warmth of your embrace grants him a feeling of comfort, and he thinks of it every night.
someone needed to give you an explanation of why neito monoma was at your door at 2am.
“monoma?” you asked, shifting from your blanket covers and opening your door. “it’s after curfew, and you never leave the dorms after curfew. is something wrong?”
he sniffs (or at least, you think he did-- it was so quick that you could barely catch it), “nothing, fair knight. i’m simply visiting your room so i can ensure your- your safety. after all, only the best do that.”
you played along with his game, despite your confusion. “well, isn’t that brave?” you said, and saw monoma perk up a little.
“is it?” monoma asked.
“it is,” you parroted, catching on. you knew more than enough that despite monoma’s conceited and candid exterior, he was genuinely someone who needed to be heard. “and it’s quite brave for such a knight to ask for help in times of need, because after all--” you bring him closer to your chest, chin resting in tuffs of yellow. “-- a knight can only protect if they’re protected first, correct?”
monoma scoffed. “correct.”
he rests in your lap for a while, the clock ticking to the rhythmic beat of your chest. slowly, monoma scooches closer so that you two are both lying down, head resting on your chest and body curled in on himself. 
a minute or two later, you realize that it’s been too long since he’s last said anything. “monoma?”
you look down to see that monoma, who was once a loud, rampaging ing of class 1b, was shaking slightly, but a somewhat hysteric smiled etched onto his face.
“am i lovable?”
your heart shatters, and you pick him up so he locks eyes with you. “of course you are.”
monoma is fragile. monoma is like a beautiful glass painting, to be looked at and admired, but one wrong word could shatter the entire piece. monoma is someone who takes a while to let his guard down, and even longer to unleash the rampaging, harsh, waters of his thoughts. but right now, being held in your arms, he had never felt so loved. 
everyone was laughing at him. 
why were they laughing? his head was hurting so much to the point that it felt like it was splitting open, he saw spots everywhere and he was literally sparking, why were the laughing?
“kaminari, are you okay?” you asked, running up to him. people snickered behind you, he’s in his whey mode again, they said. you ignored them, taking his hand. “here, let me take you somewhere quieter, yeah?”
kaminari tries to nod, but his brain feels to fried to, so he simply follows along.
he comes back to his senses a few minutes later, feeling his head to make sure that nothing to bad has happened-- and from what he can tell, he’s okay. he looks up and-
“y/n??” kaminari blurts. “how did you get here? it’s usually not that big of a deal, but- are- what happened?”
in an attempt to calm him down, you sit next to him, giving him the most straightforward answer. “you fried your brain during training, i could have sworn you were about to pass out if someone didn’t take you somewhere you could recover in peace.”
to your surprise, kaminari looks confused. “what? that happens all the time, why’d you bring me here?”
it was your turn to look perplexed. “what do you mean? kaminari, you literally fry your brain to detrimental levels, and you never go to the nurse’s or anything?”
“no? i mean.. i don’t see a need to do that, i guess?” kaminari answers sheepishly.
“how could you not see a need to take care of yourself?” you ask, genuinely concerned. “does really no one care enough to at least get you- you water, or something?”
denki slowly shakes his head.
you help him up from the bench, handing him a glass of water. “be sure to at least ask someone for help when you need it, alright? or tell someone beforehand that you need help when i’m not there?”
kaminari hesitates for a moment, unsure of whether or not this is real. he feels like it isn’t, to have such a miracle that someone- you, actually care? it’s not like he was foreign to love, but it was definitely something genuine, which he couldn’t admit he was used to. 
“of course, i will! see you ‘round, y/n!”
kaminari wore a lovingly stupid perfect grin on his face for the rest of the day with the thought of you.
Tumblr media
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