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#mha headcanons
ambrodias · 2 days ago
"Yeah yeah my day was alright, can I sit on ur face already."
Smirks and says, "Well, c'mere then."
Rindo, Draken, Gojo, Geto, Koko, Baji, Oikawa, Yuji, Hinata, Daichi, Kuroo, Suna, Bokuto, Izana, Shinichiro, Takeomi, Hakkai, Jean, Armin, Mitsuya, Osamu, Kirishima, Sugawara, Suna, Reiner, Porco, Keigo, Lev, Ukai, Kakashi, Hanma, tendo, marco
Grabs your waist and pulls you on his lap,"Sit on my cock instead, baby."
Mikey, Toji, Iwaizumi, Atsumu, Ran, Sukuna, Chifuyu, Nanami, Megumi, Sanzu, Asahi, Tsukki, Kenma, Inupi, Sakusa, Aakashi, Wakasa, Eren, Bakugo, Kakucho, Kazutora, Kita, Deku, Erwin, Zeke, Aizawa, Shigaraki, Dabi, Shoto
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bratinc · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons.
+ contains. iida, izuku, todoroki.
+ warnings. afab reader, praise, degradation, cunnillingus, exhibitionism, fem reader, blowjobs, creampies, spanking.
+ note from val. my posts have been sporadic again, help — uni’s just murdering me before the holidays.
Tumblr media
it’d take a lot of convincing to get him to try it
when he does agree, it’d have to be a position that doesn’t show either of your faces to protect both of your identities
will tease and degrade you the entire time
“You’re such a slut, angel. You like getting filmed while I fuck you? Of course, you do.”
he honestly loves the feeling of being filmed but he’d never admit it
it would definitely be a POV
him fucking you from behind, camera focused on his cock pistoning in and out of your pussy at an animalistic pace
loves to slap your ass and make you say the most lewd and embarrassing things
“Say it! Tell me how much you love daddy’s cock, you want my cum? You want me to fill you up? Then say it, slut.”
definitely bites his lips and tries to keep his voice down to be able to hear your cute little moans and whines
he’s the type to watch the video afterwards and see what he can improve on, gets hard watching the video though
it won’t happen often but he would be open to trying it again
will be a blushing mess when you ask him to try it out, he’s not opposed to the idea though
probably does research, he just wants to know what to do and where to start
sets up the camera with a tripod or stand, it’d be like one of those amateur videos
wants to focus on your pleasure; he’ll eat you out, kiss and worship your body
then he starts off with soft touches, slowly fucking you, kissing down your neck and lightly groping your ass and tits
“Does that feel good, baby? Just like that, you like it, don’t you? You’re so naughty.”
hearing your moans and how riled up you are for him makes him get a lot rougher, bolder
“Fuck! You’re clamping down on me so much, pup. You’re so good at taking my cock, aren’t you? My good girl.”
starts choking you, pulling on your hair and teasing you
“Look at the camera, baby. I want to make sure we see all those slutty expressions you’re making.”
near the end, you’ve already been fucked dumb and he’s lost control of his moans, he’s honestly as loud as you
will keep the video, secretly uses it to jerk off when he’s missing you or away on hero work
he’ll ask why you want to film it but otherwise he has no problems trying it
it’d give off the same vibes as one of those ‘sensual’ videos on twitter.
will spoil you the entire time, all of his attention is on you and what makes you feel good
makes you hold the camera while he’s going down on you
he goes all out and smirks up at you when you’re basically screaming his name
“Come on, baby. Keep the camera on me, I wanna hear those pretty moans.”
“You look so cute, moaning my name. Wanna cum for me, pretty? Do it, cum on my face.”
also loves recording you when he’s recieving, he’ll push the hair out of your face to get a good shot of you choking on his cock
“Just like that —oh, feels amazing, princess. Take it deeper, yeah.”
as soon as he starts pounding you, he’ll be focused on making sure he gets every single inch of your body on video
your eyes rolling into the back of your head, hands gripping his biceps tightly as he’s cumming and filling your insides
pulls out and films his seed slowly dripping out of your cunt
Tumblr media
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hosikas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
you hold their face
cute stuff
trigger warning : none
"What the fuck are you doing ?"
they immediatly pull back and get on the defensive, watching your peaceful expression with suspicious eyes
they stay silent for a few seconds before sighing and going back to their initial position.
"You can do it again. I guess..."
it's ironic because they're touch starved but they can't accept physical contact :
precious puppy 🥺
a bright smile cross their face and they immediatly lean into your touch
they put their hands on yours and just appreciate the warm of your palms with a relaxed smile :
Midoriya, MIRIO, Hanta, EIJIRO
they watch you with a blunt expression for the first few seconds
you're about to pull your hands away since they don't seem to care
but then you see them closing their eyes, letting their face fully rest in your hands
they have absolutly no right to be this adorable:
SHOTO, Kyoka, Fumikage, HITOSHI
they are literally so happy rn
but they get super excited and can't resist the urge to throw themselves on you to hug you, repeating "I love you, I love you, I love you...":
they play it cool, arching a brow in your direction with a cocky smile
they're about to tease you because they're annoying but you squeeze their cheeks together before they can open their mouth:
Shota, KEIGO, Mr Compress, Rumi
they back up instinctively but immediatly melt when they realize it's the softness of your palms
their cheeks turn red too:
shout-out to KATSUKI who would probably do the meme:
"What are you doing?"
"Giving you love and affection?"
"Disgusting. Do it again."
Tumblr media
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adoringmha · a day ago
I really loves your works 👉🏻👈🏻 May I request hcs of Shoto, Denki, and Mirio when they find out that their gn s/o has praise kink, but shy with it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: denki + mirio + todoroki + (gn!reader)
warnings: kinda nsfw
notes: i don't actually write for mirio but i guess i'll dabble
Tumblr media
✰ denki would so take advantage of it because he loves seeing you flustered and knowing he's the only one who can make you feel that way. he'll praise you out of nowhere too, not only when you're in the bedroom. 'you're doing such a good job babe, my perfect baby.' he'll come up behind you when you're cooking to compliment the way you're chopping up ingredients, he'll whisper in your ear when your friends are over. he's a menace, really. and he does it all with a cheesy smile on his face. he thinks it's really hot and loves the way you melt from his words alone, does his best to bring you out of your shell.
Tumblr media
✰ mirio would also be a tease and you almost think he doesn't know what he's doing to you, but once you notice that glint in his eyes, you know he's doing it on purpose. his praise is encouraging and he uses it every time he can, 'there you go doll, perfect. always so good for me aren't you?' loves to watch you as you take in his words and come undone underneath him. seeing how much it affects you spurs him on and next thing you know he's grasping at straws trying to find more things to say to you.
Tumblr media
✰ todoroki would take note of how your breath hitches when he gives you compliments and praises here and there, especially when he has a hand on your waist, his voice low as he near whispers in your ear. at first it's not to tease you, it's just cause he's rather private and doesn't want anyone else hearing your conversation, he doesn't want to embarrass you. but when he realizes the affect he has on you? he's praising you more often, with a small, knowing smile on his face as he does. he'll rub your waist with his thumb to soothe you, but it really does anything but that.
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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little-fairy-forest · a day ago
No thoughts just Dad! Bakugou trying to quietly put together his kids bike the night before his kids birthday but he struggles to keep his curses down since the "stupid bike" won't co-operate with him
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escapenightmare · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
― main three, denki, tamaki, sero x gn!reader
cw. cursing, not proof-read note. this may or may not be my first and last christmas themed post
Tumblr media
izuku is flushing a beet red, mumbling about superstitions and how not kissing would be unlucky, quickly adding that he doesn't want you to be uncomfortable, listing down everything he knows about it. he's fiddling with his hands, several shades of red evident on his cheeks, nose and ears, looking anywhere but your eyes until you snort and lean in, pecking his lips.
bakugou grumbles under his breath, cursing whoever the fuck it was that put it there, pretending to be mad and annoyed about it although there's an evident blush on his face. nonetheless, he slowly and reluctantly leans in, before pressing his lips on yours and quickly pulling back. walks away like nothing happened but is internally going insane.
shoto had assumed something like this was going to happen the moment one of his classmates hung up a mistletoe above a door frame. he seems unfazed, like this is nothing out of the ordinary, but no one could miss the pink that dusted his face as he quickly leaned in, pecked your lips and moved back just as fast.
denki probably put it there in the first place, and yet is still buzzing with nerves when you're actually under it with him. his eyes are sparkling but he feels like his heart might just come out of his chest at how fast his heart is beating, and when you pull back after kissing him, he falls into your arms with dramatism.
tamaki is a blushing, stuttering mess. he avoids your gaze at all costs and has no clue what to do. he felt like he'd pass out but he is suddenly superstitious and instead silently asks for your permission before leaning in and quickly kissing you. thankfully, doesn't pass out afterwards but stays holed up in his room for hours due to embarrassment.
sero is the smoothest out of all six (6), while he's obviously flustered, he doesn't hesitate to smirk and lean in for a kiss. several thoughts and questions brush over each other in his head when he pulls back with a tint to his cheeks. he wants to say something smart but ends up nodding and turning on his heels, walking away like a love sick fool.
Tumblr media
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meltingpotimagines · 8 hours ago
Dating Bakugo
Warnings: Some sad headcanons but nothing severe
Tumblr media
isn't super touchy
not in the way that like kirishima or kaminari are
e s p e c i a l l y not into pda unless it's to show anyone that shows interest in you that you are t a k e n but i digress
however, if you're around someone he's comfortable around, he's a lil touchy
like he'll back hug you
kinda just like lazily sprawl over your shoulders with his arms loosely wrapped around you
or if you're sitting next to each other, he'll wrap an arm around your shoulders or lay it over the back of the couch so you can lean into his side but you didn't hear that from me
now if you're a l o n e
it's a lot less lowkey
pulls you into his lap all the time
like you'll just be walking by and all of a sudden you're sitting with a nose pressed into your neck and soft blonde hair tickling your cheek
he'll absolutely grumble if you tease him but he won't let go
doesn't ask to cuddle
he'll toss you over his shoulder and take you to a couch or bed
if y'all are sharing a bed and he can't sleep, he'll roll over and snake his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest (but carefully so not to wake you)
he's 100% big spoon always
he m i g h t be little spoon if you insist but it's gonna take a lot of insisting
has nightmares about you sometimes
not super often, but when he does they're awful
usually dreams about not being able to save you
which honestly is his worst fear
at first he kept it to himself bc he didn't want to show weakness but also lowkey he didn't wanna bother you
usually if he has them while you're taking a cuddle nap together, he'll just pull you even closer to him to help calm down after he wakes up
but once you happened to be awake when he had one
it took a bit of coaxing for him to admit it
i mean, it's katsuki, he hates feeling or looking weak
but a gentle reminder that he's the strongest person you know was enough to get him to open up
will do little tasks for you if you've been really busy
like just the things he noticed you've been too busy to keep up with
if you forgot to water your plants, if you haven't taken the trash out, if your room's a little messy
just helps you out without saying anything
doesn't need the recognition, he just does it cause he loves you
likes to cook for you
if you can't handle spicy, he'll tone it down but you better let him know because this boy loves heat
doesn't give a lot of forehead kisses
he's more into typical mouth kisses
he d o e s give temple kisses however
like if you're leaning into his side or if he's back hugging you
also gives back of the neck kisses if he's spooning you
subconsciously buries his nose into your hair if he likes the smell of your conditioner
not that he'd ever admit to liking it
will absolutely deny that he ever did it if you bring it up
somehow always manages to know when you're running out of something
usually picks up a refill/replacement for you if he's out running errands and sometimes when he's not running errands
will tell you to bring a coat of it's cold out and warn you that he won't let you use his
if you don't bring it and do get chilly, contrary to what he said, he'll tsk and call you an idiot before taking off his coat and wrapping it around you
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multifandomwriter44 · 2 days ago
They're Your Best Friend
Warnings: None, maybe one swear word
Including: Kaminari, Sero, Jiro, Momo
Tumblr media
You and Denki were the friends that confused everyone else
You had a LOT of inside jokes
People would often stare at you two when you were in the middle of your laughing fits where you would both add things that made you laugh harder
People were also a little freaked out by how you two could read each others minds
You could communicate without words and it was generally creepy
Everyone was on edge when you and Denki were together since you enjoyed pranking everyone
No one was safe
But there were parts of your friendship people didn't get to see
You let people think of you as the fun, careless duo
But when you were alone you talked a lot
You knew everything about each other
Denki knew your worst fear and you knew he didn't like short circuiting because he was scared he would stay that way
If you were ever upset, Denki knew and would be at your dorm with snacks and your favourite movie
You loved the fun part of being friends with Denki but you also loved the intimate moments only you two shared
Tumblr media
Sero is the therapist friend
You can always count on him to listen to you when you needed it
You would go to his room when you were sad and Sero would immediately wrap his arms around you tightly
You would listen to his problems too
He didn’t really talk about what was wrong much, he sometimes avoided how he really felt altogether
You would be sad he didn’t trust you enough to tell you but he assured you he just didn’t understand what he was feeling and that he trusted you more than anything
You and Sero were usually found in his room, you reading or listening to music as he got high
Sero was a pretty chill guy normally and when he got high it was a whole new level
Most of the time he’d just lay on his floor, mumbling to you whatever weird thoughts came to his head
You, like a good friend, listened and added to his thoughts when you thought about it
No matter what you did with Sero, you were always relaxed and calm, both of you
Tumblr media
You were the friends who weren’t together all the time
In fact you were more apart than together
But it didn’t change how close you guys were
You could not talk to her for a month but next time you were together, it would be like you only say her yesterday
You two didn’t really go out to spend time together
Both of you were perfectly fine with spending the day inside listening to music or watching a movie
At first, people would be really confused when you two would not talk to each other for a while and think you two were arguing
But then the next time they see you, you would be talking about a new song or something and they were even more confused
You and Jiro loved it when people did get confused
Sometimes you would stop talking just for them to think you were no longer friends, only to talk for hours together in front of them
You two liked fucking with people
Still, even after all the time you and Jiro spent apart, you would always be best friends
Tumblr media
You and Momo were the polar opposites
Momo was rich and sophisticated
While you were often found eating cold pizza from the previous night in clothes you weren't sure you'd washed
Momo still loved you, though
She would often invite you over to stay at her house for the night
You, of course, agreed
I mean rich remember? And because you loved Momo, of course
It was strange for you at first
Going from eating cereal for dinner to the fancy meals Momo's chef cooked up
Momo would often surprise you with presents
She'd buy you things ranging from clothes to jewellery to whatever the latest technology was
You were grateful, no doubt
But you sometimes declined her gifts
After all, they were nice, but you only really cared about spending time with Momo
She would be confused when you declined
Didn't you like her presents?
But then she'd see how happy you seemed when she suggested doing something
So, overtime, she would learn to just offer to take you out for dinner at the old, mostly horrible, diner you seemed to enjoy so much
You got her to learn she didn't always have to buy someone's affection
And she taught you things too
Like, maybe, sticking to a healthy diet is beneficial
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hawt-delusions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
An Imagine
Bakugo x Y/N
Y/N: Bakugo let’s go out tomorrow night :)
Tumblr media
Kirishima: Easy Bakugo, you’ll only make them cry if you react angrily ( ❛︣ ͜ʖ ❛︣ )
Tumblr media
Bakugo: *Sighs* ( ≖  ͟ʖ ≖ )
Tumblr media
Bakugo: Alright Y/N. What did you have in mind?
Y/N: Let’s go to the movies! I already bought the tickets! ( ◡︡ ᴗ ◡︠ )
Tumblr media
Bakugo: HUH? You bought the tickets before asking me?!
Y/N: Yeah! I had to or else they would have been sold out ¯\_( ^ ᴗ ^ )_/¯
Tumblr media
Bakugo: Why you-! You didn’t need to do that! I’ll pay for my own damn ticket next time!
Y/N: *le gasp* Bakugo! Are you already asking me out on a future date?! ( ͡ᵔ ᴗ ͡ᵔ)
Gifs created by me
Requests open :>
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myheromemes · 2 days ago
Shinso : I still have no idea how I’m attracted to you...
Denki: Yeah, well, you’re stuck with me, and no take backs, honey.
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reemiwrites · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙩. 𝟯 -𝙄𝙯𝙪𝙠𝙪 𝙈𝙞𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙮𝙖
Tumblr media
This is 100% sfw agere content. NSFW littles please dni
Tw: impure regression, mention of injury, mention of food
Tumblr media
He already knows what it is when you talk to him about it and he's 100% supportive because of course he is-
-He also offers to be your caregiver almost right away because he's a sweetheart
-“Oh I know what that is! One of my friends does it too! I babysit them sometimes, they're so cute! Hey, do you want me to take care of you too? It could be dangerous for you to be by yourself in that headspace!"
-He like NEEDS to help you out with everything. "I can do it by myself” well why would you when Izu can do it for you?
-He reaches things for you (even if you're taller than him because he knows how important it is to keep you feeling little if you're regressing purely), cooks for you, pours all your drinks and makes sure the lid is on tight, and even helps to feed you if you need it
-Also he does the airplane or train noises if you won't eat something and he makes it work every time
-Even when you're not little, he's just developed a pattern of casually taking care of you
-He'll fix the buttons on your shirt if you did them wrong, tie your shoelaces for you when he notices they've come undone, wipe off your face with a baby wipe if it gets messy, refill your waterbottle for you if he sees it's empty, and things like that
-Whatever you want to do when you're small, he's on board and will make it happen
-Wanna go on on adventure? Great! He'll take you to the forest near U.A and play with you for as long as you want, keeping a very close eye to make sure you don't get hurt
-Wanna just cuddle and watch a movie? Well Izu's perfect for cuddles and he has every single disney movie known to man
-He's open to anything and just loves seeing you happy and will do anything to make that happen
-Like Katsuki, Izuku loves to spoil you
-If he has to go on a mission or he's been busy, he'll always bring you home a new stuffie as an apology. He also loves just randomly buying you new toys or pacifiers (if you use them) or just anything else to make you feel safe
-He's also very weak to you when you're small so he often has to bribe you to do what he needs you to do
-“If you eat all of your vegetables you can have three scoops of ice cream instead of two, that sound good?"
-He feels too bad to get upset with you for anything so you mostly live your little life without consequences until you're big again and have to get the crayon off the wall before Aizowa sees
-This man will bowl his eyes out if you color something for him and then put it up in his room and proceed to talk about it with anyone who will listen-
-You're just an adorable little artist and he wants your skills to be appreciated by all
-While his first aid kit that he carries around is for anyone who needs help, he has special stuff in it that's just for you. Cutely colored bandaids, stickers, and candy are all hidden at the bottom and reserved for you or little kids that he finds hurt
-He doesn't like when his baby gets an ouchie and he wants you to have something positive with whatever bruise or scrape you just got from whatever game you were playing
-Also: "You want me to kiss it better, sweetheart?” cuz he's adorable and the best-
-He's very good at helping you when you regress impurely. He always knows exactly what to say and what to do
-He has you count to 20 with him until your breathing is stable and you've stopped crying so he can ask you what's wrong
-If you're okay being touched, he'll carry you to go get a cookie because you deserve one before carrying you back to bed and cuddling with you until you can fall asleep
-If not, he'll still stay with you and do whatever you need to do to destress or cope, making a mental note to get you a cookie when you're calmer and he can leave you alone
-Reemi's caregiver rating for Izuku Midoriya: 10/10 he's perfect
Tumblr media
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩: @oririon @uwiuwi @babyshoyo @haitanihime @courtneypaigemartin @dannyd4life @moonroyalt @midniightdemons @bleedingpeachez @adhd-introvert @may-machin @pradaandlucifer @flowergirlmae @uttermessjess @maroonmagic @bakusandwich @simpxxslutxx @x-witchbitch-x @whatsgoingoninsidemyhead-blog @fancyjellyfishcake
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ambrodias · a day ago
Rainy morning
• Half naked cuddling and slow kissing
His hand intertwined with yours, your bare chests pressed up against each other except for the flimsy tank top you're wearing. Curling his fingers under your chin, he tilts your head up to meet his lips,"I love you." You smile into the kiss. There's no other place you'd rather be right now.
Sakusa, chifuyu, Geto, Gojo, Wakasa, Osamu, Hinata, Iwaizumi, Eren, Marco, Mikey, Mitsuya, Giyuu, Levi, Angry, Kirishima, Dabi, Megumi, Nanami, Aizawa, Kenma, Inupi, Rindo, Koko, Takeomi, Reiner, Kakashi, tendo, Aakashi, Kakucho, Kazutora, Kita, Asahi, Tsukki, Jumin, Saeran, Yoosung, Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan
• Lazy morning sex
"Mhm, you're ruining the bedsheets." You scoff at his playful accusation,"Shut up." Wrapping your hands around his neck, you bring him into a passionate kiss, tongue leisurely moving against his. Hands planted on each side of your head, he hums in the lip lock as he drags his cock through your walls in a languid pace,"Ya' can't get enough of me, huh?" That follows a chuckle when his eyes fall on your face,"I could say the sam 'bout you."
Atsumu, Baji, Gojo, Toji, Sukuna, Suna, Oikawa, Jean, Draken, Hakkai, Rengoku, Sanemi, Akaza, Yuji, Erwin, Smiley, Bakugo, Keigo, Shoto, Zeke, Ran, Sanzu, Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Izana, Shinichiro, Armin, Sugawara, Porco, Lev, Ukai, Hanma, Shigaraki, Deku, Mammon, 707, Zen, Diavolo, Barbatos
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catacomb231 · a day ago
Koala Cuddles|Todoroki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sum:Your quirk gives you the attributes of a Koala. And one of your favorite things to do is cling to your boyfriend and cuddle him, not letting go.
Tumblr media
He would be shocked the first time you did it.
Like, Shoto.exe has stopped working!
Poor clueless baby ha no idea how to react.
He obviously knows about your quirk as it gives you the attributes of a Koala! Like Tsu's frog quirk!
But once you two started dating you clung to him. LITERALLY CLUNG TO HIM! Wrapped your arms and legs around his side and snuggle close to him like an actual koala!
He is completely confused and flustered at first, but then once you do it more and more, he gets used to it.
Soon, he just starts walking around with you wrapped around him! Simple as that!
And he acts like it's nothing!
If anyone points it out or makes fun of you for it, he will literally whip their butts.
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Just had an idea about reader who found drunk dabi and took him to her apartment in hopes of murdering him, plot twist, dabi is also a murder and was planning on killing reader the whole time… eh? Eh?
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shutupextras · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing(s): bakugo x y/n authors note: hello! this is inspired by @dominiqueliberati decorating prompt! ALSO I KNOW I SPELLED IT EXTREMELY WRONG IN THE BANNER. im so sorry for butchering it. im furious abt it but it’ll take like another 45 mins to fix it. </3 THIS IS MEANT TO BE A COMEDIC SHORT! content: cursing!
Tumblr media
“Hawaii themed?!" Bakugo scoffed loudly, kicking his shoes off. "Have you gone fucking insane? It's Christmas!" He scoffed, yanking up a surfing themed ornament. "Be careful, it's glass!" You hissed, running over, as he glared you down. "This is tacky as hell. You have some bad ideas, but this may be one of the worse." He muttered, gently releasing the ornament. "God, you're a grinch. I was just trying to make it original. You know, I was inspired by the song Mele Kalikimaka." You huffed out, crossing your arms. "This is some pick me girl shit." He scoffed, as you gasped in. "I am not a pick me girl! I was trying to have fun." You glared at him as he nodded. "Right..." He looked around, before breathing out. "Whatever makes you happy." He sighed.
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little-fairy-forest · a day ago
Bakugou : I don't like you
Y/n : *thinking in their head* slow burn, enemies to lovers, angst with bits of fluff, at least 200k+, late night confessions–
Tumblr media
-> masterlist
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bnha-simping4days · 2 days ago
First Post :]
They react to having to fight their crush
Description - they have to fight their crush at the UA festival and some take it better than others
Characters - Izuku, Katsuki, Kirishima, Denki, Todorok
Tumblr media
very very nervous
is conflicted because he wants to win but he doesn’t want to hurt you
is aware that he can’t control his quirk well
he ends up fighting you after some long and hard thinking
he goes very gentle with you and would never hurt you
you could murder him and he would thank you
he is protective over you even if you aren’t dating so he is glad it’s him fighting you and not someone else like Katsuki
Tumblr media
he keeps his tough guy persona but is scared shit less that he will seriously hurt you
still in disbelief that he like you to be honest
since he is in disbelief that he has a crush on you he acts like you are any other student
will be absolutely foul and will beat your ass
but if he notices you struggles a bit to get a hit in he acts like he is off guard and lets you hit him
you put up a good fight against him
in the end he wins after you pass out and he acts like he doesn’t care
but will most definitely visit you in the infirmary while our asleep to check if your ok
Tumblr media
tried a number about of times asking if they can some how change teams
he desperately watches you debating on whether or not he should bail out
almost tells them that he is forfeiting
katsuki stops him of course
he steps into the arena as his nerves are spike high
when he sees you all he can do is smile
doesn’t lay a single finger on you
he lets you win of course to nervous to do anything and then make you hate him
Tumblr media
i mean he wanted to spend time with you but not like this ☹️
sad denki
he over thinks it and is scared that he will use to much of his quirk and hurt you permanently
talks to you before hand acting like his normal self saying pick up lines and all that
is acting like it doesn’t t bother them but it most definitely does
when it’s your guys turn to fight he is not ready
he already thinks you’re hot when you fight but FIGHTING YOU is gonna be a challenge
ends up not using his quirk at all in fear of hurting you
you win in like a minute
Tumblr media
when he sees him name next to your on the board he freezes in place
he is still new to the whole crush thing and is very wary on what to do
just like kirishima he almost bails out
knowing the strength of his own quirk he knows he can do some serious damage
when you guys do end up fighting he is kinda conflicted
if he should let you win or he should use his quirk and defeat you easily
he chose the first one of course and you win much to todoroki’s fathers avail
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smallmight-papi · 3 months ago
✩ embarrassing/taboo things that turn on the mha boys
includes: touya todoroki (dabi), tomura shigaraki, tamaki amajiki (sun eater), toshinori yagi (all might), eijiro kirishima (red riot)
i just choose random characters at this point so y’all thirsty hoes can drink up.
warnings: mentions of slapping, hate sex, dacryphilia, threats, teacher/student roleplay, panty stealing, somnophlia
touya todoroki (dabi)
Tumblr media
when you’re angry
✩ he can’t help it, you just look so cute when you’re mad, brows furrowed, an angry scowl strewn across your features as you scold at him
✩ will absolutely not hold back, he’ll tell you mid argument how hot you look when you’re pissed at him, making you more angry
✩ he’ll just stand there with a stupid smirk on your face, watching you reddened with frustration. his cock tense against his boxers, palming himself.
✩ he’ll shut you up with a kiss, grabbing you by the hair on the back of your head, pulling it back to make you look at him
✩” why don’t we let out your frustrations in other ways doll? i’ve got a few ideas”
✩ knows you won’t say no to angry hate sex. you’ll slap each other around, cursing and shouting the whole time.
✩It’s hot asf ngl
tomura shigaraki
Tumblr media
when you cry
✩ shigaraki is creepy as hell, we all know this. now when I say crying turns him on, I don’t mean like hyperventilating and sobbing during a panic attack.
✩ i mean the type when you’re begging him to stop when he overstims you and tears run down those pretty cheeks of yourself
✩ having you all tied up, 4 fingers on your throat, warning you to keep still or you’ll meet a painful fate
✩ ‘keep crying you slut, just makes my dick harder anyways’
✩ he WILL mock the shit out of you, repeating back your whimpers and cries in a demeaning tone, evilly smiling the whole time
✩ his dick aches whenever you start to sob, barely able to get words out your so overwhelmed
✩ you just look so pathetic, how can he help himself?
tamaki amajiki (suneater)
Tumblr media
stealing your panties
✩ he knows it’s wrong, especially since the two of you weren’t dating when it started. he just doesn’t have much self control when it comes to his bunny
✩ he’d sneak into your room, steal a lacy pair and run back to his room to rid himself of his aching erection
✩ for some reason, the perverted act turns him on so much. using his tentacles to jerk himself off while he nuzzles his face into your used panties. inhaling your scent. the idea of being caught in such an act only spurring him on more
✩ he’d bite down on his bed sheets, whimpering and moaning. imaging how you’d sound, how you’d feel, how you’d taste. pre cum leaking out of the angry red tip.
✩ he’d wind up pumping himself with the panties wrapped around his cock. his hot cum spurting out all over them, leaving a sticky, sweet mess.
✩ as much as he’d love to return them with his mark still on them, he’s a gentlemen and he’d nicely clean them before returning them to your room while you sleep.
toshinori yagi (all might)
Tumblr media
teacher//student role playing
✩ don’t get the wrong idea, he’s never been attracted to a student. but one day when you put on your old UA uniform, he nearly passed out.
✩ it was too small so the skirt showed off your ass, the top trying to stretch over your breasts, it had toshi drooling
✩ he doesn’t feel very powerful since he no longer can use the power of one for all, so anything role play that puts him in a position of power, thrills him
✩ call him mr. yagi and he will wind up coughing up blood
✩ “do you like my uniform mr. yagi? It seems to have caught your attention..”
✩ “that’s quite scandalous for such a hardworking student like yourself ms. (L/N)”
✩ would love the idea of having you spread out on his teachers desk, toying with your panties under your skirt, watching you squirm around with pleading eyes
eijiro kirishima (red riot)
Tumblr media
✩ cut this boy some slack, he’s on patrol a lot so he usually comes home to you sleep peacefully in your shared bed, watching how your chest rises and falls with your breathing.
✩ the soft hue of the lights in your room make you look like an angel, his angel.
✩ he’d remove his hero clothes before crawling in next to you, needing stress relief after a long patrol he comes up with an idea
✩ rolling you onto your side, pulling down your panties from under your night dress, making sure you’re still asleep, he’d slowly slide his cock between your thighs, feeling the slick from your cunt as he moves back and forth
✩ the feeling of your thighs pressed together around his cock has him on the verge of cumming right after he started
✩ kneading your breasts and smelling your hair, he’d buck up against you. panicking that he might have woke you
✩ he’d finish quick, leaving his thick sperm to stay coated all over your thighs all night, wanting you to wake up with a fun surprise.
a/n: expect a lot of new fics this week, im in a writing mood as of late.
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hannamakki · 25 days ago
hot things bakugo katsuki does
✸ ft. bakugo katsuki
✸ info + warnings: suggestive
Tumblr media
✸ always has his arm wrapped around you in public.
he doesn’t mind wrapping it around your shoulders, but he’s more likely to hold you by your waist. he thinks it sends a message to any wandering eyes that you’re spoken for. though, he does make it clear that it’s from a place of protectiveness and not jealously. he likes pulling you into him so that you’re closer and he can feel you. if he’s taking you somewhere you’ve never been or you’re just distracted, he tugs you toward him and in the right direction, his fingertips giving you a little squeeze as a reminder to stay focused. his fingers tend to roam, running up and down your side as you two walk.
✸ cooks for you.
he’s always sure to ask what you have a taste for before setting off to make it for you. he actually enjoys when you watch him because loves showing off his skills. whenever he cooks, he always wears short sleeves or tank tops so the fabric doesn’t get in the way, but it also happens to show off his muscles as he chops away a vegetables and prepares the rest of the meal. he’ll call you over for a taste test and hold a sample up to your mouth, a cautious hand under the utensil so nothing makes a mess. if you like it, he’ll plate if you. and if he’s feeling extra nice, he’ll even feed it to you.
✸ smirks and licks his lips when you’re annoyed with him.
he thinks it’s hot when you’re fed up with him and does not try to hide that it kind of turns him on. he’d never do it if you were genuinely upset about something, but he finds himself doing little things that bother you like skipping past the show you like when you’re both trying to find something to watch or leaving the toilet seat up. something about you rolling your eyes or raising your voice at him makes his pants feel a little tighter and he can’t help but grin about it. the fact that him doing this riles you up even more is only a bonus for him. if he’s lucky, maybe you’ll be generous enough to put him in his place.
✸ wipes his sweat away with the bottom of his shirt.
he doesn’t believe in using towels; why would he go out his way to get one when his shirt is already sweaty? so he just grabs the garment by the hem and pulls it up to dry off his forehead after his workouts. while he’s busy making sure the beads of sweat aren’t dripping down his face, his whole abdomen and chest are on display. the workout is an entertaining show on its own, but getting a peek of his chiseled abs makes for a great finale. but now that he’s using his shirt as a makeshift towel, he might as well take it off so he can reach his neck with it, right?
✸ keeps his eyes on you while you’re talking to him.
even if he’s busy doing something, he’ll drop it or turn away for a moment to make eye contact with you. he doesn’t let things like his phone or background chatter distract him. having his undivided attention on you is a little intense, but he just wants you to know that he’s listening to what you’re saying. if for any reason he isn’t able to look at you, he nods and hums along so that you’re certain that he hears you. if you stop in the middle of a sentence or abruptly because you think he’s not paying attention, he’ll prompt you to continue and reassure you that he was listening.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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uravichii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
highschool crush! ₓ ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.
ー bnha boys crushing on you in highschool
character/s: bakugo katsuki, midoriya izuku, kaminari denki
genre: very fluff, (hinted), mutual pining, humor (?)
warnings: mentions of food/eating, (1) curse word, there's like a random scenario in bakugo's part 💀
notes: i was supposed to add shouto, kirishima, and shinsou in this but 😃 that probably would've taken another week and i already feel bad for not posting for 20 days now 😨 so,,
part two!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku, who gets too absorbed in helping you with your homework that he ends up sitting down beside you in one chair, his torso pressed firmly onto yours until your skin feels ablaze. when someone points it out, he jolts up with his face beet-red, and he only stops apologizing and bowing frantically when you start to scoot over, gesturing him to sit down and carry on with the homework in that tiny space you had made for him.
midoriya izuku, who's quick to hold his lunchbox to your direction the instant he catches you eyeing his food. though you understand his intention even when he's talking with his cheeks still stuffed with food, you can't really take him seriously when he looks exactly like: 🐰
midoriya izuku, whose heart flutters when he zooms in on a candid photo of class 1-A and sees you laughing with him on the couch at the very corner of the photo. he doesn't seem to mind the visible pixels, the worsened resolution when he crops the photo, or the fact that half of his face is already cut off from the frameー the clear-cut gleam of your smile easily transcends the photo's shitty quality.
midoriya izuku, who makes a separate album on his phone only for that one photo of you and him in it. he thinks for a moment if you'd find it cheesy if he were to print out that photo and slip it in his confession letter to you (which has been hiding deep in the pocket of his backpack for months now, he's just been rehearsing how to give it to you.)
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki, who shoots brief glances at you when he hears you laughing with your friends, so he too, could catch sight of your smile.
bakugo katsuki, who musters up the courage to check up on you when he sees you slumped down on your desk. when you finally lift your head up, you're instantly met with his searing glare and a calloused palm pressed flat on your forehead, large enough to almost cover your eyes as your cheeks grow hotter than they already were. "oi, do something about that stupid fever, shitty L/N"
bakugo katsuki, who went from slick glances to lingering stares at your now empty chair when you've decided to skip school for the day. his usually-neat and precise notes are now ridiculously detailed and messily scribbled with "reminders" on each pageー "THIS!! REMEMBER THIS, IDIOT." "IMPORTANT. REMEMBER !!!" "PAY ATTENTION, IDIOT-L/N."
bakugo katsuki, who, for one second, smirks and teases you for standing on your tiptoes, struggling to reach a book from a tall shelf. the second after, he's already dashed across the room to you, successfully catching every single book that had toppled over from the top shelf before one could even graze you.
with a click of his tongue, he picks up the book you've been trying to lay hold of and lightly taps it on your head before handing it to you. as he walks away, he mutters over your shoulder, "... careful."
and his voice, for once, sounded low and delicate against your ear, and if you had looked closer, you would've seen the wave of relief easing the edges of the usual scowl on his face.
Tumblr media
kaminari denki, who often looks at you after making a joke to the whole class. his heart flutters, and his face beams with a rose flush when he sees you laughing over his jokes, no matter how stupid he knows his jokes can be.
kaminari denki, who hypes you up every chance he gets. even as simple as wearing a tiny hairclip to school, he genuinely thinks you're the prettiest in it, and he'll be loud about it. he'd wear a paper clip on his hair too because "it's cute, and y/n's a trendsetter 🗣‼" and also bc he's just stupid and he wants to make you laugh
kaminari denki, who's absolutely in love with youー when you present something in front of the class, it's the only time he's completely silent. he'd have heart-eyes on you the whole time, occasionally nodding in agreement to what you have to say, and even when you're just reading off a script, he'll rest his chin on his palm and think, "y/n is so smart :))"
kaminari denki, who shamelessly flirts with you everyday with endless compliments and cheesy pick-up lines, but when he decides to confess, he's genuine about it. he'll ask you to meet him in the rooftop after school (no one can really tell whether denki actually thinks it's romantic or if he's just copying off a shoujo manga scene) and under a lighthearted atmosphere blended seamlessly with the sincerity of his words, he finally confesses to you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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