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#mha headcanons
daenqyu · 8 months ago
— they walk in on their crush changing
includes: bakugou, kirishima, todoroki, midoriya, and tamaki
warnings: kinda suggestive?? swearing  
a/n: i saw multiple tiktoks about this and wanted to write something about it sooo yeah. some of them are a bit longer than others because i got carried away oops. hope you guys like it !!
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to @orbital-audio )
bakugou katsuki:
listen, i feel like bakugou would act like he doesn’t care at all
but he’s definitely blushing and can’t look at you straight in the eye 
he just wanted to let you know that since kaminari and mina forced him to help them study, you could come too 
so he made his way to your dorm room while looking at his phone
and he doesn’t even knock so you’re quite startled
although you don’t blame him because he’s always hanging out in your room and vice versa
“hey we’re gonna have a study session later tonight, in case you wanna come” his eyes are glued to his phone as he talks, but you still feel embarrassed that he’s in the same room as you while you’re changing 
after a few seconds go by with no response from you, he finally looks up from the device
“i’m talking to you-” the breath gets knocked out of him when he sees you’re in the middle of trying on different outfits 
and apparently you were about to try a new one because you’re just in your freaking underwear 
bakugou may be a lot of things, but he is not a pervert 
so he’s quick to turn around to face the door, his eyes tightly shut even tho he can’t see anything as it is since you’re behind him
“you dumbass, don’t you know how to lock a fucking door?! is not that hard for fuck’s sake” 
you almost want to laugh at the blonde’s state
you’ve never seen him like this before so you might as well tease him about it
“didn't your parents teach you it's impolite to enter a room without knocking first?”
oh he can hear the smirk on your face and he wants nothing more than to go up to you and wipe it off himself 
but he knows you’re still in your underwear 
and while it’s true he’s a gentleman, he’s also a man
seeing his crush in her underwear will most definitely get a reaction out of him
he curls his hands into fists by his side, jaw clenching because he knows you’re probably enjoying this
“just shut up and get dressed”
“is my room, i can stay like this if i want”
“put. something. on”
his tone annoys you
who the hell is he to tell you what to do?
“and what if i don’t want to?”
you’re just buffing of course, you’ve already put on one of bakugou’s shirt that you stole from him a week ago
his patience is running out 
and he’s mad at himself because fuck, why does he have to like you so much?
if it was any other girl he couldn’t have cared less and would’ve just walked out
but it’s you, his crush
you’re so different from everyone else and it makes his blood boil because feelings are stupid and he should be focusing on becoming the number one hero, not some silly high school crush
“okay i'm dressed”
a sigh of relief escapes his lips as he turns around, but it doesn’t take long before his eyes are wide open as he takes in your figure
you’re wearing his shirt
it ends just above your mid thigh and it falls around your figure loosely, obviously too big for you
bakugou can feel butterflies in his stomach at the sight 
why are you so pretty? 
“what was that you were saying when you walked in?”
you’re so calm and collected, walking around with only his shirt on 
normally he hates when people wear his clothes, but it looks so good on you he can’t even bring himself to be annoyed
“we’re having a study session tonight,” his voice is low and he fixes his gaze on the wall behind you. “and you can come too, if you want to that is”
“wait that’s a great idea, i’ve been falling behind on english recently”
he nods and you frown at his actions 
sure bakugou can be quiet, when he’s not mad, but he looks  rather…shy?
you smirk once again, knowing what this is all about
“don’t tell me the bakugou katsuki has never seen a girl naked before?”
“the fuck are you talking about?”
“well is either that or you like me because why else would you be so red right now?”
he groans when you say that
anyways he uhhh got tired of you not getting all the hints he’s been dropping and just straight up corners you against the wall
your heart is about to burst out of your chest at the close proximity and the feeling only intensifies when he smirks
he leans down, lips merely inches away from your own
“seeing as you’re not pushing me away right now, i say you like me too, dumbass”
well he’s not wrong soooo
you end up kissing after that✨
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
kirishima eijirou:
oh boy, this poor baby
he would be the type to apologize around 100 times and even when you told him it was fine and that you didn’t care, he would still feel guilty
ok so what happened was you were getting ready for your date with kirishima
because yes, he finally asked you out and you couldn’t be happier with life at the moment
and he wanted to know how much longer you were gonna take since he was already done
but you wouldn’t answer his texts
spoiler alert: you were just showering but he was too impatient and also he just wanted to see you again hehe he’s so cute
he makes his way to your room and knocks on the door 
it’s more of like a warning because he doesn’t even wait for a response, he just barges in
you had gotten out of the shower like 3 minutes ago and were in the process of drying your hair in the middle of the room, your back facing kirishima 
“hey y/n how much longer do you think- shit!”
his voice scares you, but you don’t move because you know it’ll be worse if you do 
so you stay frozen in your place
kirishima notices the droplets of water falling from your hair and down your spine before slowly falling down the curves of your-
he flushes completely, his face now matching his dyed hair perfectly, and he turns around with both of his hands covering his eyes
“i’m so so so sorry! that was so unmanly of me. i should’ve just waited until you texted me, but i missed you and wanted to see you so i came over and didn’t wait for an answer and then i saw you and oh god you’re naked and-”
he shuts up when he hears your soft voice calling his name
“calm down”
after that he just stays quiet, trying to calm the erratic beating of his heart and not let his imagination run wild
you should be the one that’s flustered because your best friend and crush just saw your bare ass
but if anything, kirishima’s the one who feels like he’s about to faint from seeing so much skin
he thinks it’s really unmanly of him to see you naked without your consent so he’s on the brink of an existential crisis
meanwhile, as kirishima rethinks all of his life choices, you finish drying your hair and continue to put on your outfit, knowing kirishima wouldn’t turn around any time soon
he’s still facing away from you even when you’ve finished dressing up
you giggle, thinking about how cute he is before tapping his shoulder 
“you can look now, kiri”
even with your permission, he’s still hesitant about his movements
he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything so that’s why he genuinely doesn’t know what to do
kirishima turns around slowly, eyes now focused on the floor
“i’m really sorry about that, y/n. i didn’t mean to i swear and i’m sorry if i made you uncomfortable but-”
“kiri, i’m not mad at you”
“you’re not?”
“of course not, i know it was an accident”
well thank god because he wouldn’t forgive himself if he made you upset 
“besides, you were eventually gonna see me naked”
it was a joke
supposed to be
but kirishima whips his head your way and his eyes almost pop out of their sockets 
a part of him is shy sure, but the other part wants to run laps after hearing you say that
“well yeah but that’s different…” he scratches the back of his neck nervously and your heart swells for the boy in front of you
he really is so sweet
he just wants you to be completely comfortable around him
how could you not be in love with him? 
“how about we forget this ever happened, i finish getting ready, and then we go on our date? hm?”
he nods eagerly after hearing you say that, if you’re happy then he’s absolutely content 
you smile at him before standing up on your tip toes and leaving a chaste kiss against his cheek
of course he blushes again
he’ll never get tired of your cuteness 
or you in general
but this time he’s more confident when he pulls you to his chest in a tight hug
“the view was really nice by the way”
“what? i'm just saying you should be proud”
“you’re so stupid”
“stupidly in love with you that is”
he’s got a dumb smile on his face after he says that
and it only widens when you take his hand in yours to sit him down on your bed 
yup, he’s head over heels for you
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
todoroki shouto:
out of the five of them, he’d DEFINITELY be the most chill about it
sure, he’d still feel embarrassed and what not
but he wouldn’t make such a big deal about it
simply because he doesn’t want to make things awkward between you two
so he decides it’s best if he just keeps acting like he normally would
you texted him to come over so you could watch some movies together 
and he had some homework to do but it’s not like he was gonna pass up on the opportunity of spending quality time with you 
unlike the other first years,
todoroki actually knocks and waits for your response
because he has manners, period.
“come on in!”
you said it was okay to come in
so why the hell are you in the middle of changing shirts?????
he wastes no time in closing his eyes
refusing to keep looking at you when you probably don’t even know he’s watching
“um y/n?”
“what are you doing?”
“i’m changing, isn’t it obvious?” your chuckle makes his cheeks heat up 
was this amusing to you?
because he was seconds away from having a heart attack 
however he doesn’t show it
instead, he just continues to keep his eyes closed while trying to think about literally anything else except your bare skin
key word: trying
because he can’t seem to get the image of your clothed breasts out of his mind and he thinks he’s about to go insane 
he also scolds himself because a gentleman shouldnt do that 
but you don’t seem to care at all and that confuses him so much (???
“why do you have your eyes closed?”
“are you done changing”
when he opens his eyes again you’re sitting down on your bed, laptop placed in front of you as you scroll down on netflix
now fully dressed
he lets out a sigh of relief before clearing his throat and sitting down next to you
and he thinks he’s being slick and smooth
but he’s not
he’s actually almost completely stiff 
and when you subconsciously brush your knee against his, he flinches
you frown at his reaction
“are you okay?”
“yeah, why do you ask?”
“because you’re acting weird”
“am not”
“you are”
the banter goes on for a while until you finally figure it out
the way his eyes occasionally look down on your chest only to quickly look away with a blush on his cheeks it's what gives him away
“wait, are you embarrassed just because you saw my boobs?”
cue todoroki wanting to get the hell out of your room
“i’m not embarrassed” 
“your blush says otherwise, todoroki”
he doesn’t know what to say afterwards so he just sits there with a pout on his pretty lips and his eyebrows furrowed
he’s so shy and cute🥺
“if you want to, you can take your shirt off so we’ll be tied”
your tone is teasing as you continue to scroll on your computer, not really giving much thought to what you said
except you forgot todoroki takes everything quite literally
the grin falls from your lips as soon as you see todoroki, indeed, taking off his shirt 
“w-what are you doing?!”
“you said we need to be tied”
“todoroki, that was a joke!”
the roles have been reversed because now you're the one who’s all flustered and looking away from him
he blinks once, then twice before smiling at you
“now who’s being shy?”
“i- shut up and watch the movie”
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
midoriya izuku:
he would die
not literally duh
but he’d want to disappear right then and there
you know that one scene where hatsume is pressed up against him and he blushes a shit ton and is just like “b-b-boobs”?
well yeah he’s like that
except he can barely talk because of how embarrassed he is 
he’d also, like kirishima, apologize a lot
he literally just feels like he committed a crime
and you’re like “midoriya, it’s not that deep”
but he’s just upset with himself 
you had told him earlier that you needed some help with your homework
and since he’s such a wonderful friend, he didn’t hesitate to tell you that he’d be more than happy to help
so now he’s happily walking to your room because he loves study dates with you
even tho they’re not dates at all
but still
he loves them
especially whenever you get a question right and you just look up at him with big puppy eyes, waiting for him to praise you
and he does
because you deserve it
you work so hard and he admires you for that
ok BAcK to the point,,,
(i’m sorry i just love this man so much, he makes me so soft)
here’s the deal
midoriya knocks on your door right?
but you don’t hear it because you’re blasting music on your speaker while singing your heart out
so he lets himself in
tho he wants to run back out when he sees your naked back is facing him
you’re changing; that’s the first thing he notices 
the second thing he notices is that you’re standing in front of a mirror
and you’re not wearing a bra
he yelps before turning around and you jump because you hadn’t noticed him 
“izuku? what are you-”
“i’m so sorry y/n! i didn’t mean to invade your privacy like this a-and i didn’t know you were changing and so i opened the door and then i saw you and oh god you’re not wearing a shirt which isn’t bad you know, i m-mean i'm not saying you look bad because ha believe me you don’t but-”
“oh my god dude, would you relax?”
you laugh as you finish putting on your hoodie 
he frowns, you’re laughing? in a situation like this?! are you okay???
“again, i’m sorry and it’s okay if you want me to go because it’s weird and i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable because of me so-”
“ok izuku, first of all stop talking,” he quickly shuts his mouth, still facing the closed door so you don’t see his tomato-like cheeks. “second, turn around,” you place your hands on his shoulders to make him look at you and he tenses at the touch, but turns around anyways 
you offer him a kind smile, the one that makes him fall harder for you everyday and that’s enough to ease his nerves a bit
“third, quit freaking out. it’s not like i’m gonna kill you or anything”
“b-but how are you so...calm?”
“uhh because i don’t really care?” 
he doesn’t know why, but his heart hurts a little after hearing you say that
is not like he expects you to actually reciprocate his feelings but,,
he didn’t have an effect on you whatsoever? not even a little bit?
“and besides, it’s you so i don’t mind”
“what do you mean?”
you shrug, smirking at the green haired boy, “well you like me, right?”
he almost stops breathing 
maybe he did for a few seconds
he looks at you, a mix of emotions flashing through his expression 
is he relieved? is he scared? is he happy?
he doesn’t  k n o w
neverthless, he nods shyly, looking away from your captivating gaze
“and i like you so it’s okay”
midoriya.exe has stopped working
someone PLEASE calm this boy down
he’s about to explode from feeling so much happiness 
“you do?!”
“of course” you smile at him one last time, before interlacing your fingers with his and sitting down on the rug next to your bed so you can study 
or maybe you got a little carried away and ended up cuddling all evening while eating ramen
but that’s besides the point
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
tamaki amajiki:
sweet little baby
he faints :D
no but seriously
he does.
are we surprised? 
nope, not at all
he can’t look at you for more than 5 seconds without getting nervous as it is,
but after he saw you half naked?!
yeah no, that’s too much for tamaki
his body shuts down because he cannot handle it
nejire told him to go check up on you because you seemed off at school
which tamaki also noticed because he’s very observant with people (especially you) but he preferred to not say anything 
of course his first response to nejire is straight up: no
he’s too shy 
and he’s scared because what if you get mad at him? or tell him to go away?
he thinks it’s better to give you your space and if you want to talk to him, then he’s more than ready to listen
but nejire wouldn’t shut up about it
then mirio butted in too and they were just whining a lot and he got tired of hearing them talk
now here he is, standing in front of your room with a shaky hand hovering against the wooden door
much like todoroki, he knocks and patiently waits for a response 
which he receives quickly 
“who is it?”
“ahh tama, let yourself in!”
he blushes at the nickname and finally opens the door
he’s about to go sit on your desk chair or something 
but then he sees you
you’re only in your underwear, struggling to put on a hoodie 
and then you jump to try and get it on
and that makes it worse because you’re wearing a  b r a 
long story short,
he falls to the floor :D
the big ‘thud’ startles you and even more so when you see tamaki’s unconscious body on the floor
“shit, tama are you okay?”
it takes him a good 5 minutes to open his eyes again 
he feels a cold towel pressed up against his forehead and he frowns at the feeling
when he turns his head around, he notices that he’s laying down on your bed
but you're nowhere to be seen 
“thank god you’re awake” 
your voice comes from behind him and that’s when he realizes he’s not only laying down on your bed, but also on your lap
“you really worried me!”
cue him blushing like there’s no tomorrow and stuttering 
“s-sorry. i was just s-surprised to see you c-changing and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you i was coming b-beforehand”
you shake your head, “that’s okay tama, i’m not mad at you”
he just nods because he’s afraid he’ll say something dumb if he talks
you brush your fingers through his indigo hair and he swears he can feel himself falling more in love with you in that precise moment 
you smile down at him
“what did you come here for anyway? not that i mind, but you know”
“nejire told me y-you seemed down today s-so i came to check up on you”
butterflies flutter in your stomach at his sweet words
“aww you’re so sweet, but i’m okay. i was just feeling sad”
he sits up to look at you better and he doesn’t miss the way you pout when his hair is no longer in between your fingers 
which makes his heart speed up 
“are you okay?”
his question is so genuine and he seems so concerned, it makes you want to keep him in your pocket forever
“i am now” 
he smiles at your response, happy that you feel better
“i’m glad”
“now come here, i wanna play with your hair”
and who is he to deny such request?
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shoutogepi · 6 months ago
S/O begging to be choked
with Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, & Shinsou Hitoshi
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 : ✘ 𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰 (𝟏𝟖+)
𝐡𝐜 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭 :
Tumblr media
and i decided to add my other two boys ;)
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : it’s been a hot min since i’ve tried headcanons... perhaps they’re all into it... perhaps this is indulging my choking kink *laughs nervously*
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 ❄️
reluctant about it at first, but after seeing how much you love it, he finds he thoroughly enjoys it.
he’s a switch, so this time you had asked sweetly if he would dom you. how could he say no to you pleading for him to fuck you, when you look like that?? mans is whipped. 
just getting into a rhythm with it, your legs bent over his shoulders as he rocks his hips into yours, he starts to pound your writhing body into the mattress. he hits a special spot when you’re in this position, and this fucker knows it, too— uses it to his advantage.
right when he thinks he’s got you right where he wants you, you whimper out “choke me baby, please~”
shocked as hell but damn it, he spoils you in every aspect of life, of course he’s gonna do what you ask.
he’s never choked you before, let alone anyone... but you may have just awoken a dormant kink o.o
“Mmm baby,” Shouto groans in your ear, breath heavy in his chest as his cock glides deeper inside of you. “You feel so good— so warm, so wet for me.” 
Your legs widen around his waist, ankles crossing behind his back in an attempt to push his hips closer to yours. You’re panting, head thrown back into the sheets and wrists pinned down by his tight grip, moaning as he starts to pick up the pace. “Aha— Sho, fuck yes, all for you!”
He takes your ear between his teeth, nibbling at your skin and washing the side of your face in his hot, ragged breath. His mouth moves to kiss and suck at your jaw, and you stretch your neck so you expose everything to him, wanting for him to mark your throat. 
“Sh-Shouto, choke me baby, please~” you whimper, eyes fluttering closed. 
Shouto’s so shocked that his hips actually falter, leaning back to look at you and make sure he heard you right. Even though he’s frozen to the spot, you’re restless for him— you shake one of his hands from your wrist and place it around your neck instead, squeezing his thumb and forefinger on the sides of your throat. Wiggling your hips, you urge him to start thrusting again, wanting nothing more than for him to rearrange your guts.
It takes him a second to recalibrate, putting all his weight on his free hand, and just barely pressing down on your neck with his other. But when he does, he groans at how you back arches, a fucked-out expression blooming on your features as your fingers dig into his skin.
Experimentally he give a few shallow thrusts, and when he’s satisfied with the desperate mewls that leak from your mouth, he shoves his cock deep inside of you, all the way. Squeezing at your throat just a little harder, he begins to fuck you eagerly. Excitement courses through him at the image of his hand around your neck, his cock harder than ever as your choked voice moans out his name again and again.
“You look so pretty with my fingers around your throat, baby,” he huffs, watching your tits bounce as his hips smack against yours. The lack of oxygen makes you feel dizzy, cunt twitching snug around his cock as you near your peak. “Gonna cum for me already, like it that much? Fuck babygirl, I like it too...”
Tumblr media
𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮 💥
enjoys fucking you roughly in the first place, this mans will not hesitate to fulfill your request.
you and bakugou have hot, rough sex on the daily. he’s got a lot of pent-up aggravation (somehow, even tho he’s screaming “DIE” every 10 mins), but you happen to like it when he takes it out on you between the legs. 
he’s taking you from behind, smothering your face into the pillows as his hips pummel yours, the slick slap of your skins filling the room.
fucks you like he’s got somewhere to be— fast and hard. 
but the thing is, he’s got the stamina of a young stallion, so he’s been drilling into you for quite some time now, ignoring your throbbing clit and whines for attention.
so when you moan out “fuck katsu, choke me, choke me”, you don’t think he’ll hear you. 
biiitch, you’ve never been more wrong in your life. 
Your slick is slowly dripping down the back of your thighs, each swing of Bakugou’s hips spreading it even further. A little puddle of drool is collecting below where he’s pressing your face against the comforter, your jaw hanging open and weak moans pouring out.
“You’re so fuckin’ loud,” Bakugou grunts, clapping a hand over your already-raw ass, causing you to clench around his thick length that’s plunging deep inside of you. “S’like you want the whole place to know how good you’re getting fucked, huh princess?”
His calloused fingers brush over your neglected clit when you don’t respond, your body seizing up. You let out a long moan instantly, pushing your ass onto his abs in pleasure. “Yessss Katsu, I love it!”
He snickers, pulling your hips back to meet his as he pushes his cock into your wet cunt with ease, watching how your body swallows him whole. Taking a second to spit on the base of his dick, he slaps your ass again, grabbing the flesh there and jiggling it.
“Fuck Katsu, choke me, choke me,” you mumble, starting to slam your ass back to meet his thrusts.
You’re yanked upright abruptly, his hands on your elbows and then one wrapping around your neck so fast you barely have time to realize he’d heard you. His thick fingers coil tight around your throat and you gasp for breath, his grip just loose enough so that you can take in a measly puff of air. Your back is arched perfectly now, on your hands and knees as he begins to plow into you without restraint.
“Fuckin’ dirty little girl,” he growls, loving the way your body looks contorted in his grasp. You try to moan but it comes out a garbled mess, Bakugou’s hand too tight around your throat for the noise to come out regularly. He’d be lying if he said your request didn’t make him ache with a fresh wave of lust— he bares his teeth as he furrows his brow and staves off his impending climax. “Gonna make me bust, you’re so sexy like this, shit..”
His admission sends chills down your spine, and his grip on your neck eases up enough to hear your whines pour out as his fingers start to play with your clit. You sob, your head spinning as you hurtle closer to the edge he’d been keeping you from crossing for so long now.
He chuckles when you start to shake, only pounding his cock into you harder. “If you’re gonna act like a slut, I’ll treat you like a slut.”
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐮 🔮
dom daddy shinsou, is it really a surprise that he’ll take the ball and run with it?
with shinsou’s nonchalant, intimidating aura, he’s definitely the one to take the reins during sex. make no mistake, he is the one in charge. 
he loves to take his time with you and make you squirm until you’re crying for his cock, and then once he’s sure you’re ready for it, he’ll fuck you into next week, just like you beg him to.
he’s doing just that— toying with your overstimulated clit as he leisurely drags your dripping cunt along his thick cock, sitting back and whispering degrading things into your ear while your eyes roll back. 
you’re a blabbering mess, squeezing down on him as he sits you flush against his thighs, nestling his hot cock all the way inside. “uhhnn, choke me, daddy~” falls from your open lips, your eyelids fluttering almost shut as you lock eyes with his sinful, violet gaze.
he doesn’t have to say a word— you’re in for it now. 
Shinsou moans in your ear, his deep voice making butterflies flutter in your stomach. Little do you know that while he loves to tease you and prep you for him, it makes his cock leak and throb for you— he’s been wanting to sheath himself in your tight cunt for a whole hour now, and finally, he does. Your mouth falls open as he guides your hips up, your wetness sliding down his length and into his lap. 
You can barely keep your mewls of pleasure in as he starts to bounce you on his thighs. He reaches down and thumbs over your slick clit, your eyelids struggling to stay open. 
“How’s that feel, kitten?” he grumbles, savoring the way your soft tits move with each drop of your hips. He fights the desire to latch onto your nipple with his mouth, tongue moving across the bottom of his front teeth instead.
“Fuckkkk, feels so good Toshi,” you cry, and his thumb starts to circle around your swollen clit faster in reward. He bucks his hips up into yours, making you shriek in pleasure. As he starts to pick up the pace, you move in tune with him, nose coming to nudge his cheek as you whine for him. “Uhhnn, choke me daddy~” you mumble in his ear.
Shinsou is still for a moment before his hand laces around your neck, gentle grasp soon becoming firm. With a steady hold on your throat, he pulls your body down to seat yourself on his cock even harder, making sure to rut his hips extra deep as well. Your cunt trembles, hugging his cock tight while you throw your arms around his muscled neck, your head dipping back in sheer ecstasy. He wraps his free arm around your waist, hand cupping your ass to throw your body onto his lap while your bouncing begins to get messier, off-balance. 
“Nnn, love your tight little cunt, kitty. You look so cute with my hand around your throat like this...” he rumbles, enjoying how your skin feels slapping against his. You’re so soaked at this point that you glide easily on his cock, only getting wetter by the minute with his fingers on your rapid pulse. “Didn’t know you were such a little whore— you like being choked? Like having daddy choke you, hmm?”
You can barely respond, eyes crossing as the head-rush starts getting to you. “Yesyesyes fuck yes daddy~” you whimper, his thumb stroking over your throat. Your clit grinds against his pelvis as you abandon any kind of rhythm with your hips, desperate just to feel his cock stretch your walls and deliver you to euphoria. 
Shinsou smirks through his labored breathing, watching you unravel on his cock with pleasure. “C’mon cutie, cum on my cock. Cum and I’ll fuck you hard and fast with my hand on your throat, just like you want.”
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todorkihoe · 8 months ago
Finally your requests are open! I love ur writing sm I keep on re-reading!! N e ways, may I request an hc for Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima where they or the s/o want’s to try that thing on tiktok where they lay down in between their s/o’s thighs. If you’re not comfortable on writing this it is completely fine! Take your time and pls stay safe <88
Laying Between Thighs TikTok Trend
Characters: Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Warnings: bakugou and his thicc ass
A/N: ayoo i love that trend lmaooo ty for requesting hope you enjoy<3
he sees the video of a guy laying between his girlfriend’s thighs and his first thought it “I have to show this to Y/N”
this blunt mf would probably walk up to you and show you the video and say
“i wanna do this with you”
“ok sho”
“i mean like right now Y/N”
so he takes the video and he’s just laying between your legs and your thighs are rested on his shoulders and he’s grinning like an idiot the entire time 
He said: >:)
you post the video on tiktok and everyone is thirsting over your man smh
comments like “is your boyfriend single” or “what store did you buy him at”
he ends up taking another picture between your thighs and making it his lockscreen <3
now if you wanted to lay between his thighs he’d probs get very flustered at the image that came to mind
but he lets you do it anyway and throws up a peace sign for the camera
“Hey Shouto can we film the video again except this time you wear a maid outfit?”
you would have to beg him to let you take a video of him laying between your thighs or vice versa
he can’t let there be any proof on camera that he’s a softie for you
also the way you phrase the question when you ask him does not make him anymore inclined to oblige
“Hey Suki can I take a video of me laying between your fat ass thighs”
He tries to feign annoyance the entire time but you see the way the corner of his lips turn up a bit
He briefly wonders what you would do if he just started smothering you with his thighs while you took the video
When you show him the video he’s a huge tsundere about it
“That was such a waste of my time, Y/N...send that to me right now”
He won’t make it his lockscreen cause the chances of someone else seeing it are too high. He’ll make it his home screen though <3
So you’re also just not allowed to post it on tiktok lolol
He already lays between your thighs when you two hang out so you decide to video it one day
You except him to start yelling and try to take the phone from you and delete it but nooo
Mf looks at the camera with a raised brow, smirks at it, then playfully bites your thigh
im gone .
he would be vv eager to be in between your thighs and have you in between his
“Hey Kiri can we do thi-”
“YES !!”
he’s also the most normal about it out of these 3 ??
he just thinks it’s so cute and he wants to post it all over the internet so everyone can see him and his s/o
the video highkey goes viral and everyone is like “aww omg so cute where can i get one??”
he would also make it his lockscreen so every time he turns on his phone he sees the pic of him laying between your legs with a big smile
uhh head pats !! head pats !! head pats !! 
he likes when he just laying between your legs and you bring your hand down and pat his head
He thinks your thighs are very comfortable pillows and has fallen asleep in them on numerous occasions 
he honestly obsesses over the video of him laying between you thighs he talks about it like everyday
“baby your smile looks so pretty here :)”
“thank you kiri you tell me everyday :)”
honestly if someone asks him to see a picture of you he’s gonna whip out that video so fast lmaooo
ig it’s kiri simp hours
a/n: shouto in a maid outfit 2020
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ravenxklaw · 8 months ago
I saw your pillow humping post and was wondering if you are planning on making more of them. I would love to see one with Tenya and honestly anyone else.
(BNHA Character Headcanons)
Pillow Humping (Pt. 2)
Tumblr media
(Look at my bby boi go🥺)
He'll have a plush pillow
He thinks it's shameful, but he still does it
But he rarely does, the first time he did it was when you and him were training and he let his guard down
Which resulted in you pinning him down with you on top of him, and he couldn't take it
When he got home, he took off his gym clothes and grabbed his pillow
He was standing at the edge of the bed, he actually put the pillow on top of his cock, the underside of it touching his bed, cock perfectly encased between the two
He always jerks forward after the few first thrust, he's hella sensitive
He loves the way his balls slap against the material, he thinks it feels sinfully good
He starts to pick up his pace a little
His glasses start to fog up, he'll take them off and begin to pick up his pace even more
He feels little sparks travel all the way up to the head of his cock from the tips of his toes
The engines in his calfs are beginning to flare up
He's switched to more deep thrust now as the mere thought of you even stroking his painfully hard cock makes him let out a little whimper
Iida secretly craves affection and physical touch to the point of even touching his hand makes his cheeks red and his cock even redder
Now his thoughts are running wild as he tries to reach his climax while he imagines himself fucking into your hand
"Going to show you who's boss"
"Can't wait to stuff your little hole with my offspring"
He's mumbling strings of curse words as his climax approaches him
His engines start to sputter as he switches positions
He put the underside of his cock onto the pillow as he folded it around his cock
Holding the pillow up in the air now, he fucks into it, pretending to fucking you in the air as he imagines your arms wrapped around his neck while one hand is in his hair, tugging on it
And your legs snugly wrapped around his waist as he rams into you
He lets out one more sharp and deep thrust as he cums on his pillow, some of it getting on the floor as his engines let out little burts of flames
He's so hooked on you
Tumblr media
Oh boy, he's so sweet, don't get me started
This all started because of you
He didn't even see it cumming (teehee😇)
You two took the train home together and it was getting crowded due to the fact everyone was either getting off from work or school
So you were backed up into Kiri's chest
He's nervous but he didn't expect you to graze his semi-hard cock
He let out a moan he hoped nobody heard
So now here he is at home, naked on his bed with his circular pillow that has a hole in it, he loves to thrust up into it
He's in a doggystyle position
The inside of the pillow feeling like marshmallows
He's so passionate about it
He loves to mumble little praises here and there
"Such a good girl for me"
"You feel so fucking good"
"Just like that"
"Gonna cum inside"
He just loves the thought of cumming inside you
Now his hips begin to stutter as he gets closer
He begins to grip the headboard as his volume increases
He's the type to whine and whimper and they sound so damn sexy
The hand on the headboard begins to harden as it leaves little indents and scratches
His thrust are frantic as he comes closer to creaming his pillow
Here's where he mumbles out some filth
" 'm gonna make sure you can't walk"
" Gonna let you know who you belong to"
"Nobody's gonna fuck you like this"
"You love being filled up with my cock, you desperate little-"
He finished inside the pillow with a loud moan, still thrusting into the pillow to ride out his orgasm while little whimpers leave his lips
The hand on the headboard now gripping tightly as it begins to crack open
A handprint now engraved into the headboard
He calmed down his heavy breathing and started to worry
How was he supposed to explain his headboard to you when you come over to study tomorrow?
Tumblr media
For starters, he's kinda reckless and doesn't really care about who hears him
He'll use any pillow except the one he sleeps on
He's always ready to go
He's like a little dog, the way his hips dig into the pillow, like a little bitch in heat
He prefers his pillows folded as he lays in his back and thrust into it
He also loves to grind the pillow up and down his cock, imagining you riding him
He'll throw his head back as his thrust become even more frantic, with the sole purpose of cumming, he doesn't care about the mess
His hips always sputter as he lifts the pillow up higher, he'll go up with it, pounding up into it like a madman
He always lets out little shocks of electricity and they always make his cock tingle, he loves it
He loves dirty talking and letting out sprinkles of praises
But it comes out as mumbles and broken sentences
"Fill you"
"Gonna make you cum"
He adores the thought of you cumming around his cock
Feeling you clench around him as he fucks you through it
When he's close to cumming, he'll let out little babbles and groans
Always ends up with cum on his stomach or his thighs
He can't wait to just have a little taste of you, the thought has him hard again as he switches to missionary and begins to thrust into his pillow again
He can't wait
He lowkey has a bit of a corruption kink
He wants to break you in a good way
Do not use any of my work without my consent/permission!
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daenqyu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
— they accidentally confess to their crush
includes: shinsou, bakugou, midoriya, todoroki and hawks
warnings: swearing
a/n: thank you for requesting <3 i love this idea! it’s so cute🥺 also, hawks’ may be a little longer than the others because it’s my first time writing for him and i got a bit excited👉🏼👈🏼 
ps: i don’t mind writing for hawks if it’s a headcannon and/or texts! so feel free to request him :D and yes, this is a repoost because the algorithm hates me.
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to @tetsuruo )
shinsou hitoshi:
it would happen so randomly and out of the blue
as i said before, i think shinsou is a really reserved and quiet type of guy
but that seems to vanish whenever he’s around you
he’s more talkative and constantly goes out with you so you guys can have some quality time together
you also make him really nervous 
he’s pretty chill with everyone and seems to not give a fuck about most things
but with you?
that’s a whole different story 
whenever you keep your gaze stuck on him when he’s talking and his eyes meet yours, his heart never fails to do backflips because fuck you’re so cute
(oh to have shinsou think i’m cute D:)
ok back to the actual hc,,, 
you two were hanging out in your room, listening to music and just talking 
even tho your best friends, shinsou never really tells you much about his personal life
of course you know the basics like his hobbies and all his favorite things
but he never talks to you about...crushes or anything 
and you don’t like that because :( friends are supposed to tell each other this stuff, right? 
it’s fun and makes the bond even stronger
so you decide to ask him because why not?
“hey shinsou?” 
he’s sitting down next to you on your bed, your legs draped over his
which makes him feel all warm inside
it’s stupid and definitely not a big deal, 
but it’s little things like this that make him fall more and more for you
“do you have a crush?” you wiggle your eyebrows at him in a teasing way, although he’s not even looking your way
a part of you is nervous to hear his response 
because unbeknownst to shinsou, you reallyyy like him
and have been crushing on him for quite some time now, but since you’re so sure the feelings are one sided, you don’t tell him
he’s too invested on the game he’s playing on your switch, eyebrows slightly furrowed as he concentrates
so he almost misses your question
and when he does answer, he’s not even paying attention to the words that leave his mouth
“apart from you? no”
it takes him a good minute to process what he said
meanwhile you’re sitting there like :o
you certainly weren’t expecting THAT
like it’s a good thing!!!! but you’re kinda flustered 
especially when shinsou finally looks up at you, eyes widened in surprise at his own bluntness as he opens and closes his mouth a few times, not knowing what to say now
“wait! i didn’t mean it like that!”
“you didn’t?”
he notices the slight pain in your voice and the way you move away from him slowly and he’s quick to apologize 
“shit, okay...yes i like you but i didn’t say anything because i don’t want to make things weird between us or ruin what we have right now”
he’s looking everywhere but you
because he doesn’t exactly want to face you when you reject him
but you don’t ???
instead you giggle and before he can ask you what’s so funny, you climb on his lap to hug him, causing him to blush furiously 
“i like you too, toshi”
the nickname makes him hug you even tighter while he hides his face on your neck 
it was such a cute confession and even when you two start going out, you never stop bringing it up
which makes shinsou extremely embarrassed 
“hey remember when you confessed and-”
“y/n, we’ve talked about this”
“oh come on! you were so adorable”
he pouts at you 
people think he looks so scary but he’s actually a whole ass baby
you roll your eyes before leaning down to give him a sweet kiss, 
“you’re such a baby”
“hm, your baby”
“oh my god you did not”
yeah no, he’s in love with you👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to @bakugousmyboy )
bakugou katsuki:
i feel like it would be pretty difficult to have bakugou accidentally confess directly to you
he knows how to control himself and his emotions so i doubt he’d actually ever do something like this
he’s not that good at hiding his crush on you and mostly everyone on class 1A knows the boy is an absolute sucker for you
except you because apparently you think he’s just being nice
and everyone else is like wtf???? 
like he’s ALWAYS screaming at everyone 
but when it’s you he doesn’t 
in fact, sometimes he even lowers his voice so it won’t bother you 
so that behavior is the one that caused him to be stuck in the situation he is right now
he sat in the common room with kirishima and kaminari, trying to eat his food in peace but the two idiots, as he likes to call them, wouldn’t shut up
he had completely blocked out both of their voices, focusing on finishing his meal and getting the hell away from them
until he heard your name being mentioned 
“dude when are you gonna ask y/n out? everyone knows how much you like her  so might as well you know,” kirishima bumps his shoulder against the blonde, only to receive a glare. “get some action”
“yeah bakubro, she’s super cute too” kaminari buts in and bakugou is about to punch them both in the face
“shut the fuck up. i don’t like her” bakugou scoffs
“but you’re such a softie for her”
“huh?! i treat her the same as i treat all of you extras!” oh but he knows he’s lying, you can’t even compare to any of your annoying classmates 
kirishima smirks, “i’m pretty sure you’ve never once, raised your voice at her”
“so? that doesn’t mean shit”
kaminari looks at kirishima and the redhead nods at him, giving him the green light
“well since you don’t like her, you wouldn’t mind if i ask her out? because i’ve been wanting to-” kaminari can’t even finish his sentence before bakugou grabs him by the collar of his shirt
kaminari yelps, looking over at his other friend for help but he moves his head quickly, knowing better than to get involved 
“you try and make a move on her and i swear to God i’ll blast you all the way across japan, dunce face”
bakugou’s voice is threatening and low, and kaminari knows he means every word so he quickly raises his arms in defeat and nods his head
“okay, okay! i swear i won’t”
little do they know that you’ve been standing behind them for a while now
you’re happy to know your feelings are reciprocated 
but of course you want to tease bakugou about it
“hm did my ears deceive me or does boom boom boy have a crush on me?” 
kirishima and kaminari take that as their cue to run away to their rooms, leaving you two alone
“tch, how long have you been standing there?” even as he glares you down, he can’t hide the blush on his cheeks 
he didn’t want you to find out this way
or at all tbh
you walk over to him, a wide smile on your lips
“long enough”
afterwards you ask him if he wants to go watch a movie with you the next day and he’s lowkey mad because he wanted to ask you on a date first, but he doesn’t say no
you end up having way more fun than expected and you actually confirmed that bakugou was a softie for you 
(turns out you were the last one to find out because literally everyone else knew)
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
midoriya izuku:
he can barely function around girls in general so like, what does that tell you?
he likes you so much but he’s so scared 
but he’s also so sweet to you even before you start dating oml
midoriya is a sweetheart, we all know this
and he pays so much attention to you
like if you are the mall one day and you see something you really like but can’t buy it for whatever reason well…
a few days later he gets it for you
he would say something along the lines of, “you seemed to really like it so i got it for you”
“you didn’t have to, izuku!”
“but i wanted to”
you’ll try to pay him back in some sort of way but he absolutely refuses
he loves pampering you
yet whenever you try to do the same he doesn’t let you and it’s: ✨annoying✨
you were supposed to go to the movies
but midoriya had forgotten he had some homework to do, which was due the next day
“i’m so sorry y/n! i completely forgot, but i promise i’ll finish quickly” he tried to reassure you and you chuckle at the boy, so cute
“it’s okay, izuku. i don’t mind waiting”
you lay down on his bed, trying your best to keep your eyes open 
but as much as you tried, you eventually fell asleep against the soft sheets, your best friend’s bed being just too comfortable 
midoriya sat on his desk chair, writing down the answers as fast as he could so you guys could go watch the movie you were so excited about
he let out a sigh of relief when he finished, before taking his phone out to check the time
6:37PM, the movie starts at 7PM so we still have time
he stood up to tell you he had finished, but was met with your sleeping figure
your eyes were closed and soft snores left your slightly parted lips, hands gripping his sheets to your chest
the curly haired boy almost combusted at the sight
you looked so peaceful, so pretty
a smile grazed his lips as he made his way over to the bed
he sat down beside you, quietly admiring your features 
feeling the mattress dip thanks to his weight, you began to wake up, but quickly shut your eyes when you noticed midoriya was looking at you
truth be told, you just wanted to scare him by suddenly jumping
but his next words made your breath hitch
one of his hands moved up to your face, resting it gently against your cheek as his thumb massaged the skin
your heartbeat was out of control and you forced yourself to calm your breathing so he wouldn’t notice you were awake 
his touch was so gentle and sweet, you couldn’t bring yourself to push him away
“i wish i could tell you how beautiful you are” he whispered and if you hadn’t been so close to him, you probably wouldn’t have heard him
after hearing him say that you couldn’t stay still
you opened your eyes, a smile quickly spreading across your features as you turned around to face the green haired boy
midoriya almost had a heart attack when you moved, hoping you hadn’t heard him
but based on the mischievous grin you wore, he knew you had
“well you just did”
“y-you were awake?!”
“yup, i’m glad i was tho”
your gaze is flirtatious and you’re still grinning and he’s just >_<
“now let’s go or we’ll be late!” 
midoriya can only nod before following you outside
once you’re on your way to the movie theater, you notice midoriya fidgeting with his fingers, his eyes glued to his shoes
you smile as you suddenly take his hand in yours, interlacing your fingers together 
midoriya looks at you with a nervous expression, what is she doing?
“you know, you’re beautiful too”
you were looking at him with nothing but love in your eyes and he felt so embarrassed yet excited at the same time
because holy fuck you just called him beautiful AND held his hand???
he thinks it can’t get any better than this
and then it does when you kiss him a few weeks later😳🤚🏼
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to @ambershaydeoffical )
todoroki shouto:
like bakugou, i don’t really think he’d be clumsy enough to accidentally confess
however, he does like to speak his mind and isn’t afraid to do so
he’s just really honest and blunt
way too honest 
which gets him in trouble sometimes but oh well, that’s just the way he is and everyone is pretty used to his personality by now
though, after figuring out he liked you as more than a friend, he started to think more before talking
sometimes you liked to get his opinion on your outfits and/or hairstyles
so you’d drag him to you room and force him to be honest and tell you which one he liked most
it doesn’t matter what you wear, you always look beautiful 
he wants to say that, but instead he goes:
“they all look good, i think the purple shirt really fits you tho”
“i was thinking the same thing!”
he doesn’t want to scare you off or make things weird
so he forces himself to hold back on his bluntness 
at least when he’s with you
but one day he just can’t help himself 
you were on your way back to the dorms after a tiring day at school
todoroki walked next to you, eyes glancing over to you from time to time so you knew he was listening\
you were currently rambling about how shitty your love life was
claiming that there must be something wrong with you since no one seemed to pay attention to you- at least romantically 
“i mean seriously, am i doing something wrong or is everyone i’ve met just not for me??” 
you had your cheeks puffed out, a pout on your lips as you kicked the small rocks on the floor
todoroki smiled softly at your complaints, thinking irony could be quite funny sometimes 
until you spoke up again,
“maybe i’m just too ugly or boring, that’d make more sense”
todoroki almost stops dead in his tracks to see if you have a fever 
how could you say that????
you’re so gorgeous to todoroki, and interesting 
you’re probably the first girl he’s ever liked this much in his life
and you have the audacity to doubt your worth just because other people can’t seem to appreciate you??
uh uh, he’s not having it
and so, the words come out before he can even register them properly
“if you were as ugly as you say are then, i don’t think i’d like you as much as i do”
your eyes widened and you stopped walking, wondering if you had heard him right
todoroki stops walking too, and once he realizes what happened, he’s looking away, trying to come up with a valid excuse as to why he said that
you, however, can’t stop staring at him
finding the way he glares at the ground adorable
a sense of happiness takes over your whole body when he doesn’t say anything to deny his sudden confession 
because he cannot lie to you
you walk towards todoroki until you’re standing right in front of him and before he can even question what you’re doing, you plant a sweet kiss against his cheek
“good thing the feeling is mutual”
your words make him smile and he looks so happy
probably the happiest he’s ever been
and you feel proud of being the one responsible for that pretty smile of his
neither of you really rush into making things official 
but the way todoroki lets you cuddle on his left side whenever you’re cold or how he waits for you every morning so you can walk together to class makes it more than clear that he really likes you
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
takami keigo (hawks)
he’d be the type to not give a fuck about it
like he already confessed so what can he do?
nothing. exactly
he’s so cocky and flirty the whole time oml
he’d be shocked for a few seconds, but after seeing you were way more flustered than him, he’d just start teasing you
in a loving way of course
he’s also surprised you hadn’t noticed earlier on, considered how much he flirts with you, but then again, that’s part of his personality so
kinda makes sense you didn’t suspect anything
but he’s so cute and soft for you 🥺
okok so it happened the same day you got your results for your midterms
(you’re a college student here lol)
you had studied your ass off for this tests
staying up until 4AM and having to ditch your friends when they invited you to go out
so you were really positive
you squealed when your teacher hands you back the papers and you see the grade on the right corner
you felt happy to know that all your hard work wasn't in vain
the nerves you had been feeling since the day you took the midterms quickly vanished and were replaced with the feeling of pride
as you walked out of the building, you dialed the person who you wanted to share the news most with
he picked up after the second ring
“what’s up?” his voice was raspy and you ignored the butterflies that appeared in your stomach at the sound
“hey, i have great news!”
“care to elaborate?”
“you’ll find out when i get to your house”
“oh? and who said you could come over?” his tone is teasing and you can practically hear the smirk on his face, which makes you roll your eyes
“i did, now bye. i’ll be there in five minutes and order some pizza to celebrate” you don’t even get hear his complaints because you’ve already hung up
anyone who saw the way you two acted with each other would automatically think you guys were a couple
you were rather affectionate with each other; occasionally holding hands while you walked down the streets and even calling each other by your first names
that was just the bond you two had, and you loved it
he brought you so much comfort
it was almost ridiculous the way he was able to make you smile by simply calling or texting you
you had grown quite attached to the number 2 hero, but you constantly told yourself you needed to snap out of it
because you were friends
nothing more and nothing less
oh but how you wished there was more to your relationship than just that
you shook your head, as if that could help you get rid of the thoughts
true to your word, you soon found yourself outside of keigo’s house
the college you went to wasn’t that far away from there so
you pushed the doorbell and waited around two minutes before a sleepy looking keigo opened the door
his hair was messy and the way he rubbed his eyes and kept yawning let you know he probably had been taking a nap
you scoff, “were you sleeping?” you ask him as you walk into his home, smiling at the familiar scent
he chuckles from behind you, following you into his living room, “maybe, but you woke me up”
“can’t believe your lazy ass earned the number two spot”
“what can i say? it’s a talent,” he shrugs before sitting down next to you on the couch, resting his face on his hand. “so, what’s the good news?”
“so you know i took my midterms last friday, right?” keigo nods. “well, i got my results today” he raises his eyebrows in surprise and waits as you look for the papers inside your bag
once you get them out, you place them in front of your face so he can see for himself
keigo smiles proudly and it only widens when you look up at him expectantly, biting your lower lip
“holy fuck, that’s amazing! you did so good dove”
the nickname makes you weak on the knees but you’re quick to brush it off
you should be used to it, since keigo has been calling you that for quite some time now, yet it never fails to make your heart beat insanely fast
you nod excitedly and put the papers down before you start talking about your experience
keigo can’t help but admire you
you look so happy and cute
it makes him want to kiss you
he wants to shut you up by kissing you, and it sound mean and disrespectful but you just look so gorgeous 😡
and instead of randomly kissing you, he blurts out a confession
“math was probably the hardest but i managed to pass it too, surprisingly, so i-”
he doesn’t even know what you’re talking about anymore, too focused on your smile
“God i like you so much”
you shut up instantly
did you hear that right?
or was your mind playing tricks on you?
keigo looks away momentarily, before locking eyes with you and tilting his head to the side, waiting for a reaction
which he gets soon after because you can’t handle the way he’s looking at you
you look away, hiding your face the best you can
“w-what did you say?”
he smirks after hearing the stutter in your voice
he gets closer to you, until he’s right in front of your face, before saying:
“i like you, y/n”
you don’t know what to say
what are you even supposed to do???
keigo just confessed
your best friend and crush just confessed to you
that’s not something that happens everyday
“i um, like you too” you don’t look at him and he almost chuckles at your shy expression, but decides not to embarrass you any further
“happy to hear that”
he doesn’t say anything for a while and you wonder what the hell is going through his head right
he’s probably just messing with me. oh my God he probably is and i just said i liked him too so what-
your train of thought is cut off when you feel the blonde ruffle your hair while looking at you lovingly
you slowly look up to him
“i’m proud of you, dove”
“now, i think this is something worth celebrating and i’m not talking about pizza. so let me take you out”
“it’s fine, keigo. you don’t need to-”
“can’t hear you, give me about fifteen minutes and then we’ll get going”
you try to tell him no, that it’s fine and you can just eat pizza but he ignores you and still takes you out to eat
i’ll say it again: he’s so sweet :(((
he pays for the food and gives you his jacket when you get cold
he even treats you to some dessert !!
he also kisses you good night when he drops you off at your house <3
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ultimate-astridwriting · 5 months ago
𝐉𝐞𝐫𝐤 𝐨𝐟𝐟 𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡
— 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭: May I please have a smidgen of NSFW ma’am? I want to know what the main boys of Class 1-A’s porn preferences are.
— 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: Denki Kaminari; Eijirou Kirishima; Bakugou Katsuki; and Sero Hanta
— 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: Commission piece for anonymous, hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the request bby! I enjoyed writing this a lot and I will be posting the Dekusquad version too :)
— 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧! 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 || 𝐤𝐨-𝐟𝐢 || 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he masturbates a lot, probably at least once or twice a week.
generally, not very picky as to what type of porn he watches,
likes to try a lot of new things out and explore since there’s plenty of kinks he might think he’s not into but he actually is.
uses his hand to jerk off mostly but definitely has a pocket pussy hidden somewhere in his room, probably in his closet or sock drawer.
usually very vocal when he jerks off and likes to talk dirty out loud.
“Fuck! You like that, baby. You look so fucking sexy when you’re on you knees like that.”
“You want my cum, babe? Hngh- I’m gonna cream all over that pretty face of yours.”
his go to videos are the step-bro/step-sis videos, the really cliché ones where she gets stuck in a washing machine or under a table
finds the storyline somewhat interesting and although the acting is terrible, it has great angles and amazing video quality
also enjoys watching hentai, mostly because of the ahegao faces but censored ones get on his nerves and sometimes lesbian porn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he jerks off pretty frequently, though not as much as Denki, like twice in two weeks
has specific videos that are his favourites and ends up going back to them a lot
also open to a lot of kinks, as long as it feels good he doesn’t have any judgement against it
likes to jerk off lying on his bed or on some type of gaming chair, just likes to be comfortable while he’s doing it
probably has a few toys around, a cockring, a vibrator, and maybe even a butt plug
he’s loud, ends up swearing a lot and doesn’t really try to hold back his moans
“Oh— fuck! Yeah! Ngh- Just like that. I wanna cum- I wanna cum on your tits.”
his favourite videos to jerk off to are camgirls, those websites that let you control their toys by sending in donations and money
as well as just solo girls masturbating, ones where they have their legs spread open showing off their pussy and their tops off having their tits in the perfect view
thinks they’re a lot more enjoyable to watch because their reactions are easier to see and they feel more realistic and not rehearsed scenes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
only does it when he’s bored, high or has a lot of free time
he doesn’t like being rushed, which is why he does it during times that he can spend playing with himself a lot
just uses his fist but likes to tease himself, does long, slow strokes and sometimes edges himself to make his orgasm feel even better
doesn’t really prepare for it, he’ll just be sitting at his desk with his cock out and him biting his shirt to keep it out of the way
it muffled the sounds he makes, you’ll only be able to hear a few low groans but his expressions make up for his quiet moans
“Mfph- Ngh- Fucckkk, yeahhh!”
“I wanna cum so bad, I’m so fucking hard for you, babe.”
likes those POV videos, the ones where you can only see the girl and she’s talking to the camera, stroking and sucking someone’s cock
even uses those jerk-off-with-me videos, those videos where they tell you what to do, when you can stroke your cock, when to stop and when you can finally cum
he explores his whole body, he’ll play with his nipples and have his hands gently cupping his balls while focusing on the head of his cock until he cums all over his abs and chest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he only does it because it helps him relieve stress when he’s pent up and it’s healthy
doesn’t really care about lasting long or anything like that, it’s purely for the sake of getting himself some release
harshly strokes his cock with tight, fast strokes and usually moans and grunts out
probably does it in the shower or at least tries not to get cum all over himself when he’s in his room since he doesn’t like making a mess
only jerks off when he knows he can make noise, has trouble holding back his voice and sometimes loses control of his quirk
“Take my fucking cum, you slut. Take every single fucking drop!”
he’s surprisingly kinky, has a lot of things he’s into that you wouldn’t have expected
enjoys watching really rough amateur sex videos, finds them more enjoyable since the girls aren’t overacting and being annoying unlike those professionally-made ones
he also likes MILFS, has no idea why but he just does. Maybe it’s because of their experience and huge tits.
sometimes ventures into gangbangs, especially ones with creampies, he gets off on seeing the girl being fucked dumb and pumped full with so much cum.
Tumblr media
— 𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @graceraceace @fandomtrash @waitforitillwritemywayout @midnightsun30 @txmxkis @serosmissingtoe @bunniesandvillains @coldspoons @beelziee @vienettacream @mr-bombastic @moonlitsokka @light-castles @amajikibby @mysticmessofcrap @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmasdiscordkitty @leviathans-waifu @shirabuwife @meowmeowmushroom @zukooo @gaideservedbetter @kira-rainbows @narcoleptiicinsomniac @lenauhbenauh @hedlovesshoto @curiouslilbeast @cherrychan0 @amaejiki @planetofthebarbz @sssjuico10 @jinnbie @itsvicesage @blxemafia @eternallyvenus @local-baka @waywardbabie
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todorkihoe · 8 months ago
I don't think you've done this one before but
What is the most mundane thing female reader has done that made the boys damn hard, so turned on.
(Example: when guys roll up their sleeves to their elbows? Like Bakugou with his beefy arms? 🤤 )
The boys being Izuku, Todoroki and Bakugou
Thank you!
Mundane Things That Turn Them On
Characters: Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki
Genre: thirst
Warnings: suggestive themes
A/N: saw this req and screamed lol enjoy <3
hmmm i’m gonna go with stretching for this one
he absolutely adores the look of contentment on your face when you put your arms above your head and your roll your shoulders 
also, if you were to make soft noises when you stretch, like little groans, that’ll certainly get him going
this can also go along with stretching but he likes to see your exposed skin
I mean like when you lift your arms above your head and the skin on your waist and hips starts to peek out boyyy.....
his mind is definitely gonna start going to other places and you’re going to have to ask why he’s blushing so badly all of a sudden
so basically: stretching & exposed skin
we all know he is an ass man so definitely anything that gives him a nice view of your behind
he usually makes people walk behind him but you’re the exception; he always likes to walk behind you for certain reasons
so the mundane thing that’ll turn him on is probably you bending over to pick something up 
he walks into the kitchen and sees you bending down to get a pan out of one of the lower cabinets...
prepare to get pounded into the next century <3
but another one is probably you working out, preferably with him but certainly not limited to
there’s just something about the sight of you panting and covered in sweat that really does it for him
mainly: a nice view of your ass
oh lord i-i could write a long list for him
all Todoroki men have a breeding kink don’t @ me 
so seeing you hold a child or acting motherly might trigger something in him 
talking shit about his father
probably seeing you get heated about something. like you’re angrily ranting to him about some assignment or something and he’s like “damn that’s kinda sexy”
bonus points if it’s one that you wear everyday so it’s like your signature scent
when you come over to lightly embrace him, he’ll pull you against him and bury his head in your neck, taking a deep whiff of whatever perfume/cologne you’re wearing
eye contact
he’s not ashamed when you catch him staring at you and it really gets him going when you hold his gaze with the same amount of intensity 
but we can be realistic here and say that pretty much anything and everything you do makes his pants a little tighter
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serostuffsmh · 6 months ago
— Losing Your Virginity ♡
Tumblr media
–» @bwayfreak asked: Im a HUGE sucker for a soft Dabi, if you could please write a v short drabble or head canon whichever you're comfortable with? Of a soft Dabi that takes care of his little virgin reader? Feel free to ignore! Take your time and drink water! Don't forget to eat >:)
–» pairings: dabi x reader
–» warnings: mild corruption kink, 18+
— This is one of the only times he won’t give you grief about your inexperience. Because this was supposably special, to him it was a chance to finally show you he is not such a shitty boyfriend.  
— It would be all about you, what makes you feel good, how he can do it.  
— Having a bit of a corruption kink himself, he would be pleased that he’s the one to take your virginity. He would make a deviant out of you yet. 
— He’ll spend the whole time making sure you would be able to take his cock without it hurting too badly.  
— Going down on you, fingering you and watching your back curve under his curling fingers. You were adorable in his eyes when he watched you writhe underneath him. 
— He doesn’t like it if you aren’t looking at him, he wants you to see who is making you feel this good. He might taunt you to try to get you to come out of your shell. 
— “You don’t even want to look at your boyfriend, huh? I must really be an eye sore.” 
— “Why don’t you look at me, baby? I’m the one making you squirm after all.” 
— If you were still nervous beforehand, he would let you hold onto his hand. His grip would get so tight and restrictive from fucking you that it would be pressed firmly into your mattress and preventing you from moving. 
— Growing tired of your mouse squeaks and tiny breaths, he will gladly get loud with his praises and groans to show you it’s okay to make noise. 
— This is about you, but he has a tough time holding himself back. 
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kyotarou · 6 months ago
what makes them emotional
Tumblr media
gn reader
characters: dabi, tomura shigaraki, katsuki bakugou, eijirou kirishima, hawks (keigo takami)
warnings: fluff
a/n: here’s me spewing stuff out of my drafts bc i’m having really bad writers’ block rn :( i’ll try to finish the remaining requests for my 500 event as best i can, but i need a bit of time
Tumblr media
When you kiss/touch his scars lightly
He thought it was weird at first, but when he saw how gentle you were, he couldn’t bring himself to stop you
You expected him to shove you off, but instead he smiled and patted your head before whispering the faintest, “Thank you.”
Now when he looks in the mirror he sees another part of him that’s beautiful :,)
When you call him beautiful
He was annoyed at first, thinking you were trying to tease him
You shook your head, placed your hands on his face and, in a soft but affirming voice, you said:
“You’re beautiful, Tomura.”
Fell apart right then and there because, for the first time in his life, someone appreciated his looks
Your ability to calm him down when he’s angry
People tend to avoid him when he’s throwing a fit, but you don’t
You stay right by his side, and when he’s at his limit, you pull him into an embrace
He’ll try to break free, but once he hears your slow, deep breaths, he does the same and starts to relax
Will always apologize for bothering you and you respond with, “It’s okay. I’m here for you, always.”
When you compliment him and his Quirk
He was always insecure about it, comparing it to Izuku’s and Bakugou’s
But you tell him his Quirk is the coolest, and it doesn’t have to be flashy
“If everyone’s Quirk is flashy, wouldn’t it mean all of them are the same?”
Kiri’s looking at you like :O and he starts smiling like an idiot (and he’s crying tears of joy)
When you leave your window unlocked for him
No matter how many times he tells you it’s dangerous, that one day, “Someone’s gonna break in and it’s not me,” you ignore his warnings
You want him to know that he’s welcome anytime, and it’s easier than trying to squeeze his wings through the front door
You only lock it when he’s there
Keigo will stop by and say it’s for “safety reasons,” but it’s just an excuse to see you (and to keep your window locked)
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foryoumyheroes · 8 months ago
Sharing is Caring
How [Midorya + Todoroki + Bakugou + Hawks] steal share food 
Tumblr media
A/N: I miss eating out but what can you do? Please, if possible for you, continue to stay inside as much as you can! I’m saying this bc the actions in these headcanons are not pandemic-friendly LOL Also, crack-ish? 
Tumblr media
Oh, what? This little angel can do no wrong, of course he would never take your food without asking and he rarely even asks for a bite of your food unless you offer it up. 
Always shares what his mom packed for the day as well as any other meal he has. 
Willingly eats the things you pick off your plate. You eat what he doesn’t like. A symbiotic relationship.  
Once you guys get to a comfortable part of your relationship he does do weird things in order to be closer to you. 
No matter what he uses the same soy sauce tray as you, even when there’s a perfectly good one right next to him. 
If you’re eating takeout and it’s a picnic or somewhere outside/inconvenient he will use the same chopstick as you. take a bite, pass the chopsticks, and go back and forth. 
Drinks from the same cup as you. Even if he’s pouring out a cup for everyone and pours a drink out for him too, he’ll drink from your cup and then once you guys are done with that you’ll both drink from his. 
He loves it whenever you guys do share food though!! It makes him [heart squeeze~] doing such a cutesy thing. He feels 100% more affectionate whenever this happens. 
He just likes being next to you. If you guys get street food and have to stab with the skewers into that tiny box or bag, it makes his day standing so close to you for a while. 
Of course, when he first did this he almost died every time because of the mental image of indirect kissing. 
Tumblr media
It’s already canon that he offers up his precious soba whenever his close friends are feeling down. 
Honestly such a baby boy. 
This food sparks joy in me? It must do the same for them as well! 
But once you guys get into the extremely comfortable part of your relationship the words “my food” and “their food” get erased from his vocabulary and is now completely replaced with “our food.” 
When you guys go to a restaurant, you’re that couple that sits in the same booth seat, side-to-side, instead of across from each other. 
He only orders one dish. The waiter will just stand there until Todoroki will be like, “We’ll order another if we’re still hungry.” 
If you’re getting takeout, he’ll order two dishes but when you get home you’re still going to be sitting as close as ever eating from the same plate.
As a result every meal you have will always involve him sitting by your side. 
The kind of person that never orders the same dish as you if you’re eating together. 
It happens so frequently that Fuyumi bought this big old bowl for you two to eat from whenever you visit Endeavor’s house. 
You guys are so lovey-dovey and roman -- 🤮 romant -- 🤮🤮 I can’t even say it. 🤮🤮🤮🤮
I mean it’s kinda economical, saving all this money sharing a meal.  
Like a dog when they see you eat without them. 
If you guys are having lunch and he ends up sitting on the opposite end of the table from you, one sound of you cracking apart your chopsticks will have him noooming over to your side to eat some too. 
Quite honestly, if you try to eat without him he will physically fight you to take at least one bite too. He’s just jumping over you while you’re protecting your food from him like a football player with the ball. 
[Aizawa: any of you want to tell me how [Name] gave Todoroki a black eye? 
Everyone starts talking over each other all at once while you’re saying, “I accidentally elbowed him in the face BUT that was my melonpan though!!” and Todoroki’s saying, “Our melonpan.”] 
Kinda cute though because it becomes something you kind of just expect. He’ll buy like a boba, take a sip, and then immediately give it to your awaiting hands so you could taste. 
Tumblr media
The person you’re leeching food off of. 
He’s like, “FUCK off!” and “Get your own!” but we all know the truth 😊😊
Even tries to pass off his affections by saying that the portion you took from him doesn’t have the recommended nutritional balance so he gives you more meat/vegetables/rice to “even it out.” 
Sometimes he’ll even feed you straight from his chopsticks, just straight up shoving food in your mouth. He’ll be really aggressive and pushy but he’ll do it. 
If he wants your food, he’ll just gruffly say, “Give me that,” and snatch it. 
He anticipates you wanting to eat his food so even though he’s a spice fan he’ll tone it down for you when you steal some from him later in the day. 
[People will be like, “Wow he’s such a doting boyfriend.” 
And he’ll yell, “Mind your own shit! I don’t fucking feed [Name] all the time!” And then turn around to be like, “Here’s your napkin and I brought you utensils too.” sdfghkl] 
[He’ll refuse to give anyone else food, and he’ll say some BS like, “No one is eating this but me!” 
Kaminari is like, “but you’re sharing with [Name] right now!” 
Bakugou: what of it?] 
What if he lulls you into a false sense of security though. 
He’s been lowering the spice levels this entire time leading you to believe that you’re getting better at spice and your tolerance has gone up but one day he just suddenly spikes it with spice and nearly kills you. 
When you two cooked together you used to grab bites right in the middle of cooking and he told you off saying it was annoying but now he always calls you over to “taste test.” 
Tumblr media
This bastard. 
Obviously he steals food from you all the time. 
He even strategizes how to steal food from you in the most efficient way possible. 
In more casual restaurants he’ll guide you to the seat that’s closer to the counter/bathroom/water dispenser and constantly asks you to go pick stuff up for him. That’s when he strikes. 
Gets one of his feathers to tap you on the side/behind so when you turn your head he starts shoveling food when you aren’t looking. 
Doesn’t wait for you when you go to the bathroom. You know this. He knows this. It’s survival of the fittest here. 
You get so nervous whenever you get delivery food because if Keigo gets to it first he’s going to eat your fries. 
Once he dipped his bare ass hands into your noodle dish and took the egg on top before you could stop him. 
Every time he convinces you to rock-paper-scissors him for the last piece even if it’s your food. 
Do y’all know that scene from Kung Fu Panda or Power Rangers where they move the last piece around the bowl and maneuvers it with the utensils so the other person can’t get it? If you’re a Pro-Hero too he’ll pull that shit on you. 
This is gross but he doesn’t even care if you licked something or put it in your mouth to “assert dominance” over it. He’ll just get you to spit it out like a mom bird. 
One time he came home early from patrol and found out that you were eating fried chicken without him so the two of you just stood there on opposite ends of the apartment with you staring at him like 👁️👄👁️. 
[Hawks: I thought you were bae-- 
You: Keigo-- 
Hawks:...turns out you’re just fam. ] 
He turns and goes back outside and goes get his own fried chicken and even gets himself a treat ice cream. Takes a picture and sends it to you and everything to gloat. 
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
—Bakugou, Izuku and Todoroki reacting to their S/O complimenting someone else
Includes: Bakugou, Todoroki and Deku
Request: can i have hcs on how backugo, todo and deku would react if their significant other complimented someone else looks or power or whatever
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || rules
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya.
why would you do this to him??
he starts internally panicking
“do they want me to be more like that person?”
mind is racing thinking of all the possibilities
maybe he should be stronger? or nicer? or smarter?
omg was he not good enough for you?
what if you were getting tired of him?
please put this baby at ease
tell him that you didn’t mean it that way and you love him for him
you’ll see his face covered in a deep red blush with a dopey smile on his face
he’ll look down at the floor, trying to thank you without tripping all over his words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
are you okay?? why would you ever think that this was a good idea??
as soon as he hears you say anything nice about someone else he’ll start being all grumpy and pouty
thinks it’s a competition
“tch, i’m way better at cooking than that idiot.”
“come on i could totally beat that guy in a fight.”
he wants you to be the best in your eyes because he’s your man
boy definitely has a praise kink and hearing you compliment other people just gets on his nerves
if you want him to feel better just hug him and pepper his face with little kisses
he’ll act like it’s annoying but he secretly thrives off of the attention
mans is a hardcore tsundere
“whatever dumbass, it’s not like i even cared.”
tease him about it and he’ll go straight back to being a grumpy boy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he doesn’t get jealous
but it still affects him a little
it’s annoys him when you pay attention to other people
has a cute pout on his face but he doesn’t know he’s doing it
you’ve probably noticed that he did this and just liked to tease him a little
if he’s holding your hand or has his arm around you he’s subconsciously hold you tighter
baby boys insecure
even though he knows you love him a part of him still thinks you deserve better
cup his face in your hands and make him look at you
kiss his forehead or around his scar and he’ll be so soft
“i’m just teasing, sho. you know i love you right?”
his mood will immediately pick up and a small smile will appear on his face “i know, just don’t look at anybody else but me, okay?”
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todorkihoe · 7 months ago
Holding Them When You’re Cold
characters: todoroki, bakugou, midoriya
genre: fluff
warnings: a few swears
request: yes
a/n: i apologize for the THIRD repost but i’m not letting tumblr stiff me on the tags
Tumblr media
ah the trope we all know and love with todoroki’s left side
you’re laying in bed with shouto on a cold morning in the dead of winter
usually the copious amount of blankets on your bed would be enough to keep you warm but not today. you must’ve left a window open last night by accident
you lay there shivering and staring at shouto in envy
lucky him always being able to regulate his body temperature to perfection
it was a rare sight to see shouto completely rested and at peace so you tried not to bother him with your incessant shivers
however, shouto had always been an extremely light sleeper and all it took was one chatter of your teeth to rouse him
he blinks blearily at you in confusion when he sees you and he reaches out to touch your shoulder and is shocked when it feels as cold as his right side
“shit sorry shouto I didn’t mean to wake you up”
“why didn’t you? you’re freezing, come over here”
He pulls you over to his warm side of the bed and essentially smothers as much of your body as he can with his left side before heating himself up a bit
to keep the heat in he also completely tucks the blankets around you two. after a few minutes of silence aside from a few contented sighs coming from you, shouto speaks.
“hm it’s kind of like we’re in a hot pocket, love”
the fact that he said it so bluntly caused you to erupt into giggles and he chuckles airily along with you as he holds you
“can we just not leave bed today, shouto?” you say while you snuggle further into the warmth radiating from him
“perfectly fine by me, love”
Tumblr media
he would pretend to be annoyed by your coldness but would find it really endearing that you seek him for warmth
he had taken you out on a date today to do some holiday shopping and maybe get something to eat
when you left the house he tried to tell you to bring a warmer jacket but you refused and stubbornly insisted that it wasn’t that cold and you would be fine
he, not in the mood to bicker over something so small, relented and let you leave in a thin jacket while saying, “don’t come crying to me when your limbs fall off from frostbite, dumbass”
evidently, that was exactly what you were doing now that temperature had dropped and your flimsy jacket was doing nothing to protect you from the biting winds
now of course you realized that you should’ve listened to him but there was no way in hell you were going to give him the satisfaction of being right
so you endured the cold and pretended like your fingers weren’t about to fall off
bakugou knew full well that you were freezing your ass off but he wasn’t gonna back down either until you acknowledged you were in the wrong
“cold, y/n?” he asks
you narrow your eyes at his obvious teasing. “nope not at all! why would you think that?”
“oh you know... just the fact that everyone in a ten mile radius can probably hear you chattering your damn teeth”
that shuts you up fast
it becomes clear to him that you aren’t going to admit defeat but he’s starting to get worried about you seriously turning into a block of ice so he grabs your hand and pulls you into the nearest store
“before you say anything, y/n, don’t. you’re cold as shit”
you grin at his words and eagerly press yourself up against his chest and sighed at the heat he provided
“you’re lucky, katsuki, you never get cold”
“no I get cold, I’m just smart enough to wear warm clothing” he bites back with a snarky grin
you huff in faux annoyance but stay standing against him as you feel the blood start to rush in your veins again
“katsuki when we go back outside can I have your jacket?”
he gives it to you anyway
Tumblr media
poor boy would act like if you were dying if it was obvious you were cold
izuku asked you if you would stay with him while he trained outside because he “loves your company and doesn’t want to be alone”
who would reject that? not you
so you’re sitting outside watching him practice with 20% but izuku seems to forget that it is freezing cold and you’re just sitting there
of course he doesn’t notice the temperature because he’s working out and is managing to break a sweat despite the cold
you on the other hand are huddled on the ground trying to blow hot air into your cupped palms
he looked so happy finally starting to get full control and you didn’t want to disturb his training
you try to busy yourself by reading a book or finishing some homework but it’s pretty hard to focus at this point
you don’t even notice izuku coming over to tell you that he’s finished practicing until he crouches down to reach for your hand
a dramatic and shocked gasp leaves his lips when he feels how cold you are
his tone actually distracts you from how cold you are and you let out a shaky chuckle
he immediately shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around you all while trying to pull your stiff legs up off the ground
“I wish you would’ve told me you were cold, angel, I would’ve taken you inside”
“really ‘zuku it’s ok I enjoyed watching you practice”
he’s still frowning and you can see the guilt in his eyes as he ushers you back to the dorms as quickly as possible
when you finally make it inside you already feel your body returning to it’s normal temperature. however, he still looks upset with himself so you come up with an offer
“how about you make it up to me with cuddles?”
of course he jumps at this offer and soon enough you’re snuggled under warm covers with him
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katsushimaa · 6 months ago
random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your bnha boyfriend
— with Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, Midoriya, and Todoroki
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stick your hand in a glass and pretend its stuck
after you release an ear-shattering scream, Kaminari is inmediately by the kitchen sink with you
“IT HURTS, BABE,” you wail, showing him your hand in the glass. “GET IT OFF ME!”
he’s a sputtering mess as he tries to yank your hand away from the glass, but you only scream at him. “nO IT HURTS DON’T DO THAT!”
“BABY, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?” Kaminari yells back, obviously in a state of panic
it’s hard not to laugh, but you manage to say, “SOAP! SOAP!” you wriggle your hand out of the glass to put soap in the glass, trying your hardest to stifle your giggles as Kaminari watches in distress, not noticing how you just slipped your hand off
“my poor baby hurting their hand,” he mumbles to himself, putting more soap in the glass
when you still won’t pull it out, he groans and carries you bridal style, running away from the sink
“where are you taking me?” you chuckle, especially after seeing his furrowed eyebrows up close
“to the hospital! maybe they can help us!!”
you can’t take it anymore. you burst out laughing, slipping your hand out of the glass. “babe, it was a prank.”
Kaminari blinks once, twice, thrice, before shaking his head at you, a grin escaping his lips
“ah, i see how it is,” you have to stop laughing after seeing the sneaky expression on his face. he plops you on the couch before walking away from you, a smirk plastered on his lips
“two can play that game, y/n.”
ofc, your little prank turned into a prank war with your boyfriend
Tumblr media
pretend to hide someone in the closet
“honey, i’m—what are you doing there?”
Kirishima’s eyebrows immediately stitch together after witnessing you slam the bathroom door shut, a sheepish smile on your face
“nothing,” you hum, your hand still on the doorknob. “how was the gym?”
“amazing as always,” he replies, narrowing his eyes at you before snapping his fingers. “princess...”
“i swear i’m not hiding anything!”
you expect him to frown or look suspicious, but he continues to wear a dazzling smile on his face. “do you have a surprise for me back there?”
you falter. “you think... i’m over here... hiding a surprise for you?”
he blinks at you, confusion etched in his handsome features. “well, what else could it be? or maybe you just took a fat dump and you don’t want me to smell it. honestly, you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. it’s normal and i really don’t mind—”
your jaw drops, your hand releasing the doorknob. “i did not poop!”
the light-hearted grin appears back on his face. “then it’s a surprise for me!”
it’s no use. Kirishima trusts you too much—he’d never think you were hiding a guy. touched from the gesture, you run up to him and hug him, ignoring the fact that he’s sweaty
“you were supposed to think i was hiding a man in there,” you finally tell him, his eyes widening. “it’s a joke.”
he pushes you back so you can see your face. “i would never think of that! you know i trust you a lot, princess. i know you inside and out too, so you’ll never be able to do that.”
your heart bursts with joy, making you pull him down to your level for a kiss. you never knew a prank could make you love your boyfriend more, but here you are
Tumblr media
tell your boyfriend that he said some girl’s name in his dream last night
“that’s impossible.”
you furrow your eyebrows at Sero’s response. “excuse me? i heard what i heard.”
Sero casts a suspicious glance at you, narrowing his eyes. “well, if you say so.”
you huff at him. “you’re not gonna say sorry?”
“why would i when you always talk about Todoroki in your sleep?”
your eyes bulge out of your sockets, hand flying over your mouth
Sero lets out a dramatic sigh. “i didn’t wanna say anything bc i’d always just pretend i didn’t hear you say ‘s-shouto’ in your sleep, but since you brought it up...”
you grab Sero’s hands, making him look into your eyes. “Hanta, please! i’ve never said Shouto’s name—”
he shakes his head, averting his gaze from you. “you even called him by his first name! look, i know he’s the most attractive guy in class—”
“STOP! you know that’s you in my eyes!” you cry, grabbing his face this time, pulling him to your level. “it was a prank, Sero! you never said any girl’s name like i never mentioned Todoroki’s name!”
you thought he’d fight back more, but his lips slowly spread into a cheesy grin. as your hands fall from his face, he squeezes your cheeks
“i knew it! ha, how do you like getting pranked on? i know you like the back of my hand, y/n, you can never prank me.”
as you grumble profanities under your breathe, he leans closer, his lips by your ear. “besides, my dreams only contain you, mi amor. and there, we do lots of lots of things.”
with that, he stands up and leaves you flustered, punishing you for trying to pull a prank on Sero Hanta himself
Tumblr media
let go of his hand while walking
he finds comfort in you mindlessly tracing his scars when the two of you hold hands, so when you slip away from his grasp, he immediately frowns
“hey,” he simply says, grabbing your hand once again. the smile comes back to his face when he finds the warmth of your hand again that you almost abandon your little prank
but alas, you’re no weakling. after a while, you let go of his hand again, holding your phone with two hands as you pretend to read something while walking
“it’s not safe to use your phone while walking,” he frowns
“right, sorry,” you apologize, pocketing your phone
he expects you to hold his hand again but you just let your hand fall to your side
always one for confrontations, he stops walking. when you stop with him, your head tilted to the side, he plays with his thumbs
“are we okay?” Midoriya asks, his eyes solely trained on the floor. “if there’s an issue, you can always tell me, you know?”
your heart drops at the sight, but you decide to play a little bit more. “ofc we’re okay. why would you think that we’re not?”
knowing that you won’t be able to keep a straight face if you just stand there, you start walking away. fed up with your weirdness, Midoriya reaches out to grip your hand
“then why don’t you wanna hold my hand?” he blurts out, eyes closed from worry and embrrassment
your knees weakens from this, your expression softening. you press his hand up to your lips, causing him to open his eyes again
“it was just a prank, baby,” you shoot him your cutest apologetic look. “i just wanted to see your reaction.”
luckily, he just sighs in relief. he intertwines his fingers with yours, gripping them so you never let go. “please don’t do that again. i just want to hold your hand.”
you hum another apology before swinging your intertwined hands, making Midoriya smile. though he wants to pull the same prank on you, he knows that he can’t because he needs you by his side, at all times
Tumblr media
dress up to pretend that you and your boyfriend planned to go somewhere
Todoroki is speechless as you twirl in front of him in the living room, showing off your outfit
“well?” you tease when he only gapes at you
he clears his throat. “you look perfect, love. where are you going looking like a goddess?”
you can’t help but feel a little bashful from his words. “you mean, where are we going?”
Todoroki purses his lips, thinking about the date and what you guys had planned. however, nothing came to his head
“forgive me, but i don’t remember what we’re supposed to do,” he says regretfully, standing up in the process.
you’re about to act angry when he rushes to the bedroom, making you furrow your eyebrows. “sho, where are you going?”
“i am going to dress up!” he yells back at you from the room. you hear him open the closet and the sound of hangers rustling. “i may not remember, but i will bring you some place where i can flaunt you and where you can enjoy after getting ready.”
you run back to the room, crashing into Todoroki to give him a hug. he flinches in surprise but he hugs you back, patting your back awkwardly
“never will i complain about your affections but i don’t want to keep a stunning human waiting—”
“we never planned anything!” you admit, hugging him tighter for how sweet he was. “i was just messing with you, you didn’t have to be so sweet!”
Todoroki lets this sink in before chuckling at himself and you, shaking his head. he finally hugs you back properly, running a hand through your hair. “i’ll always be sweet to you, love. anyway, do you mind if we hug later, i still have to get ready.”
“we’re still going out?”
“why of course,” he says, pressing a kiss on your forehead.
“unlike you, i wasn’t messing around when i said i wanted you to have fun and that i wanted to brag about having such a beautiful person in my life.”
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funkydeku · 4 months ago
May I request how would Midoriya,Todoroki, and Bakugou react having scratches all over their backs from Y/N? Y/N left some scratches on their back because during...spicy time. Y/N is flustered and putting location on their back. Y/N wants ths scratches to heal.
gender: neutral
warnings: mentions of sexual activity
note: h e l l y e a h
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You fell during training, Midoriya?" "Uh? No why" "there are scratches all over you"
one of the most embarassing moments in his life.
flashes of your teeth sinking into his shoulders, moans echoing through his ears, going down and down 'till his lower half, the heat and the passion of your intimate moment, you trying to hold yourself onto something as his eyes were watching the back of his head...
yeah you held yourself so tight to him that he had plenty of red stripes on his body
he came to you nearly crying
"But did I hurt you...?" your questions shocked him. weren't you mad someone found out? you were just concerned about something so little?
so Izuku found himself laying on your bed, with your hands plastered with cold white cream massaging his back
"Babe Iー oh my god there yeah so good" he really needed it
let me say, all of that scratches and little bruises that aren't caused by training are a big confidence boost for him. they mean you felt good right?
so he's kinda happy to have them
you caressed his back untill the cream was absorbed and his skin was smoother than before, and he felt like in heaven
maybe he should go hardcore more often so you can share these intimate moments? no no, he will.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he found out when he was in the shower, feeling some of his skin burning more than usual while water was brushing over it
Shoto was so confused?? maybe he hurt himself without knowing?
so when he came out from the bathroom and walked towards you, and asked you to take a look at what was wrong, he couldn't really understand your giggles
"Sho do you remember last night?" "Yes y/n, but whatー"
his cheeks slightly tinted, memories of the previous night crossing his mind
he loved feeling you in every way possible, even if it meant having your nails digging into his skin. short breaths, soft whispers, you grabbing his toned muscles leaving handprints... he remembers being quite wild, not that you complained, but he saw the results
when you offered to place some lotion and patch the deeper ones, he didn't really understood why
he liked them. why? because it seemed like he you drew a little masterpiece on him, as if he were your canvas and you his favorite artist
but after seeing your face, asking him to please let you take care of it, he had no regrets
your touch is something he craves all the time. so, when you started to make your hands dance on his skin his eyelids became istantly heavy, loving the way you knew where to touch
Shoto knew that you cared about him, and little displays of affection like this means a lot to his persona
but god if he was thinking how to make you scratch his back again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
man was looking at himself in the mirror *shakes head*
he was checking if he got new purple spots on his skin due to his intense training days ago, flexing some muscles every now and then...
he took a smaller mirror to be able to look at his back, since it's the only part he can't see but yeah his jaw dropped
"Y/N WHAT THE HELL??? WHAT. WHAT??" when you ran to look for him you found his eyes closed in two lines, all contorted while touching his shoulders and lower back
a smirk slowly grown on his face... god, be prepared for being teased for weeks
Katsuki's chest filling with pride and adoration as your flustered face looked at his figure
"Do they hurt? Let me put something on it please I'm sorry"
you ruined everything with your stupid worrying over something so insignificant. oh come on, he was ready to jump on you and then you made his heart all soft he's so pissed
he now wanted to go slower than the night before. yeah, slow, deep, your skin in his hands while yours are keeping him close again desperate for him. not wanting to let go, making you cry in pleasure and make blood travel along his shoulder blades as he whispers how much he loves you and he needs you in his life
because you always do worry for him and you know he isn't always the angry mean boy he wants others to see
so he's like pudding the moment after you try to fix his back but also wants to make love with you again :(
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veenxys · 3 months ago
「Bakugou being a simp for you」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He always walks on the outer side of the sidewalk when the two of you are walking side by side to keep you safe from the road, he holds your hand tightly and all it takes is just a light squeeze that all his attention goes to you.
When you go out and you're carrying lots of bags, he'll take them out of your hand and hold them for you until you get home. Bakugou is the type of boyfriend who will use your purse as if it were his and he doesn't care about that. But when you go to buy a new purse, he wants you to buy one that suits him.
He has a space in his backpack that are just things for you; meds, band-aids, your favorite candies etc etc
He also always has a hair elastic on his wrist just in case you need it; and in fact it is he who ties your hair for you.
He loves to take your hand and play lightly with your fingers when you are distracted. He just looks and smiles silly at how small your fingers are compared to his.
When it's raining, Bakugou does literally everything so you don't get wet. He gives you his jacket and when you share an umbrella, he always makes sure it completely covers you, he doesn't care if his shoulder is all wet, the important thing is you.
He loves to cook for you and he always tries to learn new recipes just to impress you.
Bakugou is very concerned about your physical and mental health, so he will always make sure that you eat and drink water properly, and if you need anything, he will be by your side in seconds.
He always kisses your forehead and your lips before leaving the house. It is a way of silently demonstrating that he will soon return to your arms.
He loves washing your hair in the bath - he loves taking a shower with you and if you take it without him, he will consider it a betrayal - he massages your hair and your body, just worshiping you. 
Bakugou knows your body language very well, so all it takes is one look at him to know what you are feeling. No matter where you are, if he realizes that you are feeling bad he will take you home immediately.
If you like tea, Bakugou has all kinds of tea stored in the kitchen for you, and you don't have to say anything and he will make your favorite tea for you. all the time.
If you like sweets, his house / dorm will always have your favorite sweets.
Bakugou always listens to your favorite songs or reads your favorite books, so that he can get to know details about you that he hadn't known before.
He always puts your phone to charge for you so you don't have to worry if your phone is running out of battery. And it's completely normal to see Denki charging your phone.
He only sleeps after he is sure that you have slept.
He always leaves a glass of water on your side in case you feel thirsty at night.
He always wakes up earlier than you do, but he stays in bed until you wake up alone because he doesn't want to wake you up. Then he just strokes your hair or your back while leaving light kisses on your forehead.
Whenever you talk to Bakugou about something, all of his attention is on you and he memorizes every detail of what you said to him. So don't be surprised if he shows up at home with something you told him you wanted.
Bakugou loves to pull you onto his lap, he can be anywhere but he has to have you on his lap; he wraps his arms around your waist and squeezes you lightly while leaving soft kisses on your neck and shoulder.
When he's coming home, he always buys something for you. Your favorite coffee, some sweets, your favorite food or something he knows you will like.
He loves to share the earphones with you, and he always makes playlists of songs he thinks you would like, and now you have thousands of playlists with all kinds of music.
I always say that, Bakugou is not good at showing feelings by words, but he is perfect at doing that through small gestures. <3
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 6 months ago
Mirio, Denki and Shoji with a size kink
Note: @bummie and I need to pick up the pace, we’ve been slacking on our posts smhh
⤑ requests are open! mha masterlist | haikyuu masterlist | ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s such a tease
loves hearing you whine and moan that it’s too much while you’re sinking down on his fat cock
will probably be a cocky bastard the entire time but also somewhat sweet
“I’m not gonna stop, sunshine. I know you like it, you like feeling so full of my cock, don’t ya? Take it deeper!”
“Awh, look at that cute little bulge on your tummy, princess. So fucking sexy!”
his dirty talk consists of degradation and filthy yet sweet words of encouragement
“Yeah, baby. Just like that! Does it feel good? God, you feel fucking amazing.”
he’s absolutely obsessed with all the delicious expressions and noises you make
doesn’t want it to hurt too much, distracts himself leaving hickies on your neck while waiting for you to get used to his cock
as soon as you say he can move, he’ll flip you over and start pounding you so hard you’ll be fucked stupid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
discovers he has one because of you
he became addicted to hearing you talk about how big he is and how you struggle to take him
all of your compliments went to his head
definitely has a praise kink and loves when you praise him or his cock, will make you do it
“You love this cock, don’t you? Say it, baby. Tell me how good I’m making you feel, how good I’m fucking you.”
“I’m the only one who can make you feel this good, so why don’t you thank me, princess. Say thank you for fucking me, master.”
knows you like it when it hurts, he will pull you down onto his cock without any warning
“Oh fuck! Fucking— ah! Feels so good, shit!”
thinks your crying face is really hot which is why he loves to overstim you
will fuck you through the pleasure and pain, till you’re filled to the brim with his seed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
poor, sweet, innocent baby
had no idea that it was even a kink
loves the fact that you’re smaller than him, it was just unexpected that he’d think that in the bedroom too
he’s extremely soft and careful when you’re having sex and usually gives you the control
“Are you okay, my love? If it hurts please tell me, I only want you to feel pleasure with me.”
“Your insides feel so— amazing!”
enjoys watching his cock slowly disappear inside you and loves to rub the bulge it makes with a satisfied smile
“You feel that, darling? That’s my cock right there, it’s all the way up to your stomach. How adorable.”
takes pride in the fact that just shoving his cock inside is enough to get you off
he likes those slow, deep thrusts that have you squirming and whining for more and he will make sure that you’re more than satisfied with him
Tumblr media
@juju-03 @zelinsana @hawkssnugget @knifeewifee @ushiwakatrash @skytressmc @kageybee @lalayy @cathy8taffy @drapetomaniac @cheetoscat @yfneccentric @gwynnmikara @serosmissingtoe @tendostoefetish @starrygoblin @oberynmartell @xphntmhvx @thatgirl1782 @youryn @nit-sir-hc @depressedpuppythatneedscoffee @babyangelsposts @moonlitsokka @miriobaby @softkao @celestair @elephantloser @koutayoomi @jinxqsu @izukutheizuku @bunniesandvillains @your-local-meme-dealer @suzuki-violin-school @dakusoul @daichisreciever @koifishy9 @mirakeul @angel6786 @blackestpinkworld @we-mentally-unstable @waitforitillwritemywayout @xxjosiexx @bakugousmrs @duckie97 @fantasycantasy @redsharksimp @waywardbabie @jennammae
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zukump3 · 6 months ago
i still get jealous ✧ hc
when they have a s/o as great at you, they can’t help but jealous at all the people that want a shot with you.
warnings: gn reader fluff, a lil bit of angst and some suggestive content
requested: mhm! hope u enjoy <33
he knew he shouldn’t have left you alone.
when you told him you were a bit hungry, he instantly went to get you two a snack from the pretzel shop just a few stores down in the mall you were in. he gets you your favorite, pretzel bites with cheese dip, and gets himself a little snack before paying and making his way back to the clothing store.
he stops in his tracks when he sees a guy talking to you, and his eyebrows furrow when you let out a laugh at something this dude randomly says. he isn’t recognizable to them at all. why are you laughing?
Tumblr media
he automatically decides that he does not like the scene in front of him.
he practically marches over to stand next to you, handing you your pretzels while staring up at the random guy, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes big with annoyance.
“who’s this?” the guy asks. izuku’s blood boils.
“he’s-“ “i’m their boyfriend. who are you?” he doesn’t even try to hide his pettiness, not even a little bit. the guy raises an eyebrow and to prevent any problems, he leaves the store, not saying a word to you or izuku.
“you’re cute when you’re mad,” you tell him as you two walk out with cheese dip on your lips, and he blushes a little
here he is. your shy, flustered izuku. the one you know and love.
“i don’t like it when other people flirt with you,” he tells you earnestly, pouting. “don’t really wanna add another person to my hit list.”
“you know he wasn’t flirting, right? he was telling me how awesome you looked during your provisional exam. said it was the coolest shit ever.”
izuku’s mouth drops open.
your giggle immediately puts him back in a good mood.
Tumblr media
too shy to even approach you or the guy
he’s so, so insecure
sure, he has his moments of confidence but
feeling overshadowed his entire life isn’t made better just by a few moments of him being confident.
he doesn’t really know what to do
he just stands there until you catch his eyes and beckon him over
the guy turns to meet his eyes too, and tamaki gulps, his face slowly turning red
he—he can’t. he can’t.
instead of entering the store with you, he turns to quickly walk away, his hands shoved in his pockets.
are you going to leave him? oh god, you’re gonna leave him, aren’t you—
hearing your voice as he walks has him slowing down, slowly turning around to see you running towards him. the guy is nowhere in sight
“tama,” you frowned once you catch up to him, your hand gripping onto his. his heart flutters. “why did you walk away? that dude wanted to tell you how much he liked your quirk—said he saw it on tv before!”
tamaki blinks.
“yeah, he said it’s the “coolest shapeshifting shit” he’s ever seen. and even asked if you used your tentacles in bed—“ you giggled. “i had to laugh at that.”
“oh...” he sighs, closing his eyes in relief, before hugging you tightly and pressing his face in your neck.
“don’t leave me, y/n.”
you don’t exactly know why he’s saying that to you, but you don’t ask.
“never will, tamaki.”
Tumblr media
what the fuck?
irritation completely takes over him as he makes his way into the store, suddenly shoving your pretzels and cheese against your chest
“having fun laughing with random guys huh? fine, eat your pretzels your damn self!”
he walks off, scoffing, shaking his head.
could you really not have waited for him to get back? someone just had to come up to you and you just had to give them attention?
of course, you’re rushing behind your boom boy, and he knows it but doesn’t try to slow down at all
“i don’t wanna hear it y/n.”
“bakugo!” you shout again, suddenly grabbing his head and turning the blonde around so he could meet your eyes. he’s glaring at you, and you stiffen.
“he was just complimenting your quirk, you stupid asshole!” you tell him, and his face completely falls. “god. he said he was too scared to come up to you directly so he just waited until you were gone, jeez!”
a slight grin appears on his face as he wraps his muscular arm around your shoulder, tugging you forward to walk.
“he was scared of me, huh? good.”
you roll your eyes.
Tumblr media
another one that doesn’t wanna approach you at all
he trusts you completely
if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dating you
and it’s not very manly to throw a fit in the middle of a clothing store
quite childish, actually
so he just leans on the glass of the store, eating his pretzels, waiting for you to get back
trying his best to act like he’s not jealous and push those feelings down
you come out a few minutes later—7, to be exact
yes, he was counting.
“had fun with your new buddy?” he asks you, smiling with those sharp teeth
you furrow your eyebrows at the passive aggressiveness in his tone
“your little friend,” he bites. “saw you in there laughing at him—he must’ve been reaaaal funny.”
“kiri.” you start, your lips slowly stretching into a smirk.
“are you...”
“jealous?! aha. ahahahaha!” he fake laughs, quickly shaking his head. “no! i don’t get jealous. not manly at all.”
you roll your eyes as you grab your pretzels and his hand, huffing.
“i’ll have you know he only wanted to say thanks for saving his dad during that fight with that dude with the blades. you just weren’t in there, so he said it to me instead.”
kirishima smiles widely, squeezing your hand.
he knew he had nothing to worry about.
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h4rdbimbo · 4 months ago
Tamaki or Bakugou asking you to ride his face, and when you are riding their face they will not let you go. So, overstimulation all night long
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: OooO okay so, I couldn’t pick one so I picked both ;), now this i find this really spicy.I hope I did this right and hope you like it! I apologize for any grammatical errors and misspellings! I’ll fix them later!
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: bakugou x reader, tamaki x reader
Tumblr media
* bakugou has asked you like many times if you could sit on his face
* Of course, he didn’t force you to, if you decline...well, he’s fine with it
* When you agreed, he starts to get really hyped up
* You sitting on his face is like a dream come true for him
* He would love for you to grind your hips while he licks and slobbers all over you
Your voice breaking into pieces, your arms and legs quivering since you’ve came so many times. His hands gripping your two thighs tightly, not letting you go. You like his tongue so much; the pain and pleasure mixing all at once. Your arms giving up on you causing you to fall on his stomach, You had a view of his cock, he was wearing sweatpants, and you could see is the outline of his cock through it. And for some reason, it had a damped spot on the sweatpants. Your hips rolling— as you felt closer to cumming again. “Fuck baby...mmf..are you cumming again?..” he slaps your thigh then gripping it firmly, his groans send vibrations to your sensitive bits. Your hips moving on their own, wanting to cum more. “Mhmf..yeah baby.. keep— going...” his voice muffling. You gasped; again letting out your 8th? Maybe 10th release. He groaned in satisfaction, “That..was so fucking hot it again..”
* he was so afraid to ask you
* He wasn’t really sure how to, so he picked the right time and place
* When you two were making out on the bed— he asked you
* He looked so cute when he asked, and when you agreed
* He starts to panic
* But he likes it whenever you moan out his name, and grind your hips into his face
A nice 69 position..but with you being overstimulated. Your legs shaking from the pain and pleasure, and his hands on your waist and thighs; pulling you to just put all your weight on his face. Burying his mouth on your sex, “mmf— y-you good” he moaned but it was muffled. You couldn’t suck his cock anymore, since it was no use; he just cums so fast and easily. And whenever you look at it, it’s dripping with thick pre-cum while it twitches. He wants you to use his tongue, and make you cum all over his face again. His tongue flicking and slurping all over your sex, his groans and moans muffled and causing vibrations on your sex “I-I feel you cum again..please”
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