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I’m a very quiet person and I wanted to start this blog for fun, I have multiple other blog and over the past two/three years I have let people and anons bully me and force me to do asks and when I couldn’t or didn’t want to they got mad. So this blog is for pure fun and if people don’t like that I can’t or want do their asks-to bad I’m here for fun.

So one of the things I want to do is make separate masterlists for different groups of ten, hero’s, students, villains so on. At one point I will make a giant masterlist with all of my works but I want a opinion for people who just want to like/follow a group like pros or one class students so on. I will also be doing this for gender as well.

So look out for that. Thanks!!!

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King Vlad x Short! Pregnant!Reader:Tomatoes!!!!


You hated your husband,You hated him with every fiber of his being at the moment and nothing was going to stop you from hating.

Ok maybe you where being overzealous, you didn’t hate him you loved him with every part of your body. You loved him so much that you let him put a kid in you and you where now carrying it around. You didn’t hate him, you hated him and his kids food taste. You wanted to vomit from just the smell of the thing in front of you but at the same time the baby growling inside kept saying “eat it! Eat it!”.

Your husband of three years had to have. Tomatoes as one of his favorite food, your most hated vegetable in the whole world and now his baby was making you eat them like a cow in a overgrown field.

Sekijiro Ken or better now as Vlad King in the hero business, was your husband.

Your mouth trembled for a moment as you looked back at the tomato that was sitting on the counter in front of you, you hated this. The sound of a muffled bark made you like down, trying to look over your 7 month inflated stomach was a bit of a pain at this point but you tried to look as best as possible to see.

Kon the English bulldog snorted at your feet, feeling the uncomfortable energy that seemed to fall around you. You sighed rubbing you belly saying “Yeah I know Kon, I just…It’s so nasty! I can’t stand them but this kid wants them!” Your out of control hormones threaten to spill over at any moment as well as the frustrated tears that had started to gather in your eyes.

Before you could stop yourself you reached out and grabbed one of the tomatoes from the vine that had five other tomatoes attached to it. You looked at it for a split moment before you took a huge bite, letting a whimper leave your lips as you chewed and swallowed the bite.

This was gross.

And that’s when the tears finally over flowed and before you stop yourself you where reaching for another one.

Ken Didn’t really think of being any food home after his patrol, his wife would always complain about the smell now do to the pregnancy. The smell made her sick to her stomach and some times she would just run to the bathroom and vomit with tears in her eyes just from the sight of the take out bags. That’s why he really didn’t expect to come home to his heavily pregnant wife crying at the kitchen table when he didn’t even bring home any of it.

He walked though the front door to be greeted by a barking Kon and his pregnant wife sitting at the table holding her large stomach with tears in her eyes and what looked like a almost transparent red liquid dribbling down her chin. He watched as his wife looked him straight in the eyes,tears poring down her now red cheeks before she said “ I hate you!” His sweat ran down his forehead as he just cocked a eyebrow at her words.

Before he could say anything back he watched as her eyes widened and she covered her mouth before running to the kitchen sink and vomiting, so fast that she know she wouldn’t be able to make it to the bathroom. He quickly ran over to help his wife. Patting her back and rubbing it, trying his best to keep her hair out of her face as she emptied her stomach into the sink. He raised a eyebrow a bit, he wasn’t one to look at puke but, he noticed that his wife was only throwing up…water and something red?

He shot a look over to the counter, noticing the completely stripped tomato vine that sat there.

“Why did you eat all of them!!!?! You hate tomatoes, you vomit on sight when even looking at them! You literally eat all of them!” He looked at this wife,concerned that this wife had intentionally just eat something she know she would get sick from.

He helped his wife get up from the sink before getting her a glass of water to rinse out her mouth and a paper towel to dry her tears.

Taking a few deep breaths you looked up at her almost 2 foot taller husband saying “If you ever dare say this isn’t your kid, I will have both Aizawa and Mic Kick your ass on sight.” You pouted with still red cheeks.

Ken blinked a few times before realizing what had happened, almost breaking out in full blown chuckles. The baby was making her crave Tomatoes. He looked down at her before saying “ Let me guess, the little girl is making you crave tomatoes so you eat all of the ones in the house and now your puking because your body just can’t stand them? Am I right?” He smiled down at the women.

She rolled her eyes before groaning and hugging the taller bigger man around the waist as best she could with her swollen belly on full display under her shirt. He smiled as he hugged her back, crouching a bit to the hug to fully cover her.

She groaned as she snuggled deeper into her husband’s arms.

He chuckled as he looked down at her saying “ So what I’m hearing is that instead of eating a whole vine worth of tomatoes and throwing up, we just get extra sauce pizzas from now on when the little one craves them so mama doesn’t throw her tiny guts up in the sink?” As she hugged him she pulled back with her mouth open and sparkles dancing in her eyes, it almost looked like she could be drooling.

“Why didn’t I think of that in the first place!?”

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— In a game of Truth or Dare, you’re dared to sneak into your crush’s dorm and steal one article of clothing to wear the next day. It just so happens that the hoodie you snatched was Shinsou’s favorite sweater.

pairing: shinsou hitoshi x reader
word count: 2,204
genre: fluff, aged up au (class 3a)
warnings: 16+, suggestive content

a/n: this used to be a harry potter fic i wrote on my hp account but i rewrote it for shinsou bc it just seemed fitting fhgjdhsfg. shinsou is in class 1a in this fic or 3a since they’re aged up and at least 18 years old u.u i hope y’all enjoy!! xx 


“No way.” You shook your head, kicking your legs out in front of you as you ignored Hagakure’s poking and prodding.

It was a relatively relaxed Friday night, and you and your friends decided to spend it in your dorm with a bottle of whisky and a game of Truth or Dare. The truths ranged from anything to, “Fuck, marry, kill: Sero, Kirishima, Kaminari” to, “Who was the last person you sent a nude to?” And the dares weren’t any better. Ashido practically vomiting in the corner served as a great reminder of that.

You were just grateful the dares you received were rather mundane. 

That was, until now.

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If you’re interested in the secret life of models or baby momma drama, you’re well fed tonight. 

This story actually means a lot to me bc it deals with a lot of issues that I hold very dear (I stayed up last night and wrote like three chapters lol). That being said, the content may be a little triggering to some people: (eating disorders, slight alcoholism, pregnancy, discrimination, overall angst) 

There is also a slight mention of nsfw (she’s gotta get pregnant somehow) to begin with but besides that, it should be pretty safe

Reader discretion is advised.

  • HnM 💕



The dazed hum of your own low voice peeled back a layer of sleep from your mind.

The cloud of blankets underneath you swallowed your body, tempting your stirring form to stay asleep for just a little longer. As your mind teetered upon the steep edge of unconsciousness, a flurry of scenes played in your head.

You let yourself fall into the random, vivid dreams as you finally gave up in your struggle against the warm embrace of the bed. The film that performed in your mind was a choppy one at best; however, you still caught glimpses of the action:

The dark room… The dancing city lights outside of the window… the low screeching of the rocking mattress underneath you… the breathless moans… looking down to see the mingling of scorching sweat, illuminated by the red light peeking through the window… looking up to see the flash of his even redder, vermilion eyes for just a split second before your lips were captured… the lewd mewls that you didn’t even notice until they were gone, caught in his warm mouth.

The quick, dreamy waves of erotica left just as soon as they came, their sudden disappearance sending a jolt of consciousness your direction.

What. A fucking. Wakeup call.

The bed once again flutily attempted to grab you and hold you back in your sleeping state, but you forced yourself to roll over into awareness. As your body turned, your eyes finally painfully pried themselves open. Once the brief sting of light passed, you found yourself smirking at what you saw,

Holy shit. Dreams do come true after all.

The man in bed with you—you finally realized that it was indeed his bed—was turned over on his side facing away from you, but that didn’t stop you from admiring the view.

His arms, godsent and chiseled by Michelangelo himself, extended from under the blanket– one used as an extra pillow under his head, and the other laid peacefully on his side. As peaceful as the display was, you could still see the rippling muscles layered underneath his airbrushed skin. You could only begin to imagine what they looked like when he was flexing.

Suddenly images from last night of his strong arms pressing your legs up toward the headboard infiltrated your mind, and you didn’t have to imagine anything anymore. You bit the bottom of your lip to keep from giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Virtually immediately, your smile melted from your face and the sound of tires screeching blared within your head. What the fuck were you doing staring at this dude like some damn creep? What? Were you gonna wait for him to wake up to invite you to breakfast? Were you gonna go on a lunch date with some no-named dude you met at the “booty room.” As if.

God, ew.

You tried to ignore the fact that you had just been reduced to a soppy 16 year old all over again.

You gave one more passing glance over the top of his ash-blond hair before straightening your face with a with a quirk of an eyebrow and slowly pushing yourself out of his bed. You glanced out of the window and noticed only a thin stream of light peeking threw the glass. Good. It was still early morning. Plenty of time to make it to work.

You would like to avoid Ainu’s bitching mouth today.

You fluffed your hair up, deciding to adopt the “after-sex hair” and make it your own as you scoured the bedroom floor for your dress from last night. You spotted it just a foot away from the door. Damn you really didn’t waste time, huh?

You fought the urge to laugh at yourself as you walked over and shimmed yourself back into the dress, some of the sparkles flying off as you shook your hips. You had found your panties just right next to the bed and your bra hanging off the lamp on the nightstand. You stifled a laugh at yourself as you slid the items on underneath your dress. What a fucking night.

Mostly everything at that point had been accounted for, but there was still one thing on your mental checklist that you couldn’t find—well, two things to be exact.


Shoes… shoes… Where the fuck are your shoes?

As you continued searching for the shimmery heels, a sudden deep groan from the bed startled you a bit, casing you to freeze as you watched ‘good ol’ no-name’ stir in his sleep. You paused for a few long moments while he, thankfully, settled back into his slumber.

You let out a quiet breath of air that you hadn’t even known that you were holding and decided then and there that you could do without those shoes. If Cinderella could do it, why couldn’t you?

You quickly grabbed your handbag and phone from his nightstand and commenced your getaway.

I mean, you were obviously no virtuous princess and he was hardly prince charming from the foul mouth that you could remember from last night—insert blush here– but still…

You turned the handle behind you as you softly shut the door so that it wouldn’t make much noise only to turn around toward the hallway and be met with a pair of bright, crimson eyes. Caught red handed, You faltered a little bit as the built man in front of you became practically as scarlet as his hair,

“U-Uh– Good morning!” Kirishima forced out as he obviously struggled to keep his eyes on your face. Try as he might, he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering down the chains of silver that barely held your dress on your shoulders.

Or the open slits on your upper thighs that let your shapely hips spill out from underneath your shimmering dress.

Or your obviously messed up hair that had probably spent much of the night between Bakugou’s fingers. He felt his face become unbearably hot at the intrusive thought.

His eyes flickered back up to yours, but not before you could notice the way that they seemed to trail down your body.

You relaxed into your chest a bit, Okay, just a roommate. He seemed fairly harmless and ‘SIMP’ enough not to raise many red flags or dangerous pervert alerts. You breathed into something resembling a laugh as you smirked up at him, “G’ Morning.”

Kirishima’s breath was caught in his lungs at the song of your voice, “M-morning…” Shit, did he already say that? The man suddenly became very aware of what he was wearing. Or rather, what he wasn’t wearing as a draft flew in from the pants leg of his boxers.

His blush almost instantly intensified—and he thanked every lucky star that he didn’t have the hormonal “tell-all” body of a teenager anymore.

You only smiled, brushing past the red-head, toward the front door. As you made your way past the kitchen you noticed a bowl of fruit displayed on the bar. Your mind quickly fleeted to thoughts of ‘what a weird fucking thing to see in what as obviously a man cave—o-or a bachelor pad. Man pad? Bachelor Cave???’ Did you accidentally wonder into a Martha Stewart catalog without realizing it?

As you eyed the odd arrangement of fruit, you didn’t even notice the other two roommates already situated in the open living room—their eyes wide as they trailed your form.

“Are these real?” you spoke up suddenly, startling Kirishima who was at this point deciding whether or not to go back into his room and pretend he hadn’t seen you and lost half of his brain, or to go to the kitchen for breakfast as he had planned. “Can I have one?” you shamelessly asked.

“Yeah! Sure!” Kirishima answered maybe a bit too strongly. The poor man just wanted to compensate for his totally unmanly display earlier. He just… he’d never seen anyone like you before. Especially not in his ‘humble’—that was being generous– apartment.

That’s when one of the men from the living room decided to speak up, “You can have all of them, sweetheart,” his voice immediately snapped your attention toward the rather spacious (empty–except for a couch, a TV and a… bench press?) living room, where you came into contact with the speaker’s golden eyes, “Go on. Take as much as you want,” the kind smile he wore contained just the slightest hint of ulterior motives, you noticed. You take back what you said earlier. The real SIMP was right here.

You furrowed your eyebrows at him, “Just one will do, thanks.” Your flat tone did nothing to disinterest Kaminari as he ogled at you grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl and shoving it in your mouth when you noticed a pair of heels haphazardly tossed by the front door. Aha! There are your fucking shoes!

The electric blond watched in utter fascination as you held the fruit between your teeth and began slipping your heels back on. Holy shit. He was glad he woke up early for once.

Kirishima approached two of his roommates, shaking his head at the giddy one currently drooling over Bakugou’s overnight visitor,

“Get a grip, dude. It’s not manly to stare like that,” he lowly warned so you couldn’t hear. He felt like a bit of a hypocrite, but at least he was trying to maintain some decency. It seemed like Kaminari had simply thrown all of his fucks to give out of the window as he shamelessly eyed you like an Englishman on safari. Come on, bro!

“Yeah. Didn’t you hear her with Bakugou last night?!”

“How could I not, Sero? I’m pretty sure the entire complex heard!” Kaminari resentfully whispered to his two roommates before sweeping a hand through his blond locks and snaking his way towards you, “So… what’s your name, gorgeous?”

You could hardly hold back the look of disgust that fell upon your expression as you looked up at this man. Read the fucking room, dude. You couldn’t make this situation more obvious if you were wearing a damn sign on your head that said “One Night Stand: Hit It and Quit It,” and sprinted out of the apartment.

You didn’t want to make friends.

You didn’t want to introduce yourself to someone’s roommates when you didn’t even know their damn name.

And you sure as hell didn’t want to be passed around to said stranger’s roommates like a fucking bottle of wine at communion, “First name: Not, last name: Interested,” you deadpanned.

A series of “OHHHH’s” and “She got you, Bro! She got you good!” sounded throughout the apartment. As you swung the front door open, looking back one final time to see the look of absolute disheartenment spread across the blonds face, “Ba-bye~ Oh! and Thanks for the fruit, Red,” you winked before shutting the door behind you, unknowingly causing Kirishima to dissolve into a blushing mess.

You heard a bit of commotion come from the other side of the door when you left but didn’t pay it much mind as you began your walk to the nearest train station—taking another bite from your bachelor pad apple.

Bakugou, however, couldn’t ignore the commotion you had left behind as his scowling form emerged from his bedroom, “Could you idiots be any fucking louder!?” The blond was already in a terrible mood. He had woken up to fucking ketchup, mustard, and mayo’s shouting only to realize that his bed was suddenly much colder than he remembered it had been when he fell sleep.

The frustrated man was instantly met with his other blond counterpart throwing himself at his knees, “Bakugou, buddy!” he cried out, clutching the fabric of the other man’s sleepers, “You’ve gotta teach me your ways!” he groveled at his feet as if Bakugou was the lord and savior of in-cels everywhere.

“The hell are you talking about?” his hands crackled furiously as he seriously prepared to blast the dunce-face off of him, “get the fuck off’a me!” he roared.

Kirishima reluctantly spoke up, gaining the two blond’s attention and probably saving Kaminari’s life, “Honestly… I gotta say even I’m surprised. She was… unreal,” Kirishima’s cheeks dusted over in a light shade of pink just at the memory of you.

Even Bakugou had to mask the sudden warmness that fled to his own face as your image suddenly popped into his mind. He shoved the butterflies down into his stomach so that he could shit them out later, “What’s that supposed to mean, shitty hair?!”

Sero, who had previously just been silently enjoying the wild spectacle before him, had finally decided to give his input on the situation, “What Kirishima is trying to say is ‘how the hell did a sack of anger issues wrapped in a mean mug like yours score a chick like that?’”


“Stop putting words in my mouth!” Kirishima whined before Kaminari finally asked the question that had been lingering in all of their minds,

“Did you get at least get her number?” The matter gave birth to a few beats of silence between all the roommates. Bakugou visibly stiffened at this question as his face shriveled up.

“I don’t know… She seemed to get out of here in quite a hurry,” Sero contemplated aloud, effectively breaking the silence.

A tinge of pain shot straight through Bakugou’s pride at his words. You had practically run out of there—away from him. Was last night really that bad? He seemed to have a much different memory than you of the event.

Tch. Whatever. It doesn’t fucking matter.

Shoving these thoughts out of his head, he scoffed, “Good. The hell do I need her number for?”

Silence once again befell the four—this time being disrupted by Kaminari, “You don’t know how good you have it,” he shook his head, “You don’t deserve half the things you get man…”

Of course, this only caused the apartment to erupt into another fit of commotion—death threats and cheap insults being thrown in every space of the testosterone-filled home.


You tried to ignore the multitude of awkward stares you garnered as you made your way through the train station. They were probably—well, more than likely– because of your racy evening wear, but shit. You didn’t exactly plan on getting dicked down last night. At least, maybe not on a conscious level.

You sighed before boarding the train and looking down to view the notifications on your phone. Oh crap, it was later in the day than you had originally thought.

Boss lady:


  • Someone told me that you went to Club 52 last night.
  • You better not be hungover or wasted when you get here, Y/N
  • Inches! Y/N! I need you at your inches!

Ahhh. the old 35, 25, 35. The perfect body shape. Well, she can take all 85 of those inches and shove them up her ass for all you cared.

Boss Lady:


  • I am serious.
  • Sick of  cleaning up your messes.
  • Don’t ever pull this shit again when we have such a big brand deal!
  • Remember. I have eyes everywhere, missy!

As the messages went on you only scanned them,

How could you do this to me Blah. Blah. Blah. I stuck my neck out for you Blah. Blah. Blah. Where else could someone like you find work as good as this Blah. Blah. Blah. Etcetera, etcetera.

Damn boss Lady was like a fucking broken record.

You closed your eyes on the train and tried to astral project your spirit to a better place. Somewhere where you didn’t have to take a shitty modeling job to pay your damn rent. Somewhere where you had an obtainable passion. Somewhere where you could do something meaningful with your life.

Somewhere where you weren’t just some damn pathetic quirkless girl whose only talent was looking good in front of a camera and taking bullshit.

“You’re late!” The bodies of women lit up by the hard lights on set seemed to all turn in your direction at your boss’s loud announcement. The aggressive clacking of her heels sounded in the air like gunshots as she stormed over to you, but you couldn’t be less impressed by her repetitive intimidation tactics,

“What are you talking about? It’s 9:00!”

“9:04! The shoot started at 9 and you don’t even have makeup on!” her nose crinkled in disgust as she neared you. The way that she dramatically gagged at your scent had your eyes rolling, “And you fucking smell like sex. Jesus fucking Christ Y/N! You. Intern! Get over here! Go hose her down!” she called your friend, Kimi, over, “You’re lucky I don’t ring your neck! The marketing agent will be here in less than an hour and he wants to see progress!” by this point Kimi had rushed over and began herding you away from the multitude of disapproving stares you had gathered from the other models.

But not before you heard whispers of your unprofessionalism.

“Now, go get your pretty ass presentable looking!” Boss lady shooed you off.

As your friend literally hosed you down in the bathroom with her hydropump quirk, she already had a bottle of body wash on hand– completely desensitized to your naked body by this point. Neither of you said a word for a while, but you could tell that she was itching to speak up, “So…” a grin spread across her face as she rinsed the suds out of your hair, “Was he at least cute?”

Super fucking attractive,” you gave a short laugh, “At least. I think so. I don’t really remember his face…”

Her loud laugh sounded through the bathroom before the space was once again covered within a thick sheet of silence. When the two of you were close to finished, she sighed at your idle, far off gaze before attempting to strike up a bit of conversation, “I really should be thanking you. You keep my job security, after all,” she joked.

She wasn’t exactly wrong.

She was pretty much hired to be your babysitter under the guise of “stylist intern” in Ainu’s modeling agency; however, when she was hired for this gig ‘frequently bathing a hungover, grown mess of a thot’ and ‘constant ginger ale, and Pepto Bismol runs’ were probably not in the job description.

“I keep my life a mess just for you,” you lazily smirked up at her.

“Your life is hardly a mess. You’re living the dream, supermodel girl.”

Your mind flashed back to girls around you eating cotton balls to satiate their hunger, to women working 10 hour long photo shoots in 6-inch heels, to being urged to give brand promoters “special attention” to secure the agency’s profits, to runway events that left you sleepless for days at a time, to your own fingers plunging down the back of your throat so that you could fit into the impossible dress sizes fitted by your designers, “Yeah…” you quietly trailed off.  

The shoot went fairly well, after your late start.

It was actually different than most others that you have participated in since the main focus was upon the red shoes that they wanted to promote. The photographer had decided—much to the dismay of the other models on set—that you would be a focal point in his artwork. Claiming that you had such a “sexy, sexy look” and were going to be huge one day.

Thanks creepy, middle-aged, French photographer. Now half of these girls are gonna cry themselves to sleep tonight and the other half are gonna create voodoo dolls of you to stick needles in.

Fairly well, or not, you couldn’t fight the urge to click your red sneaker soles together three times every now and then—internally chanting “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

Needless to say, it didn’t work.

It was about three weeks later when you found yourself at the official branding event of those stupid red sneakers. It was some kind of charity event/campaign/branding bullshit hybrid—or whatever.

Most of the models that were there the day of the original photo shoot weren’t even requested to go. Since you had been a focal point in that shoot, you were invited (forced) to attend by the brand marketer. Your uninvited colleagues of course, hated you even more after that, but you would trade places with any one of them in a heartbeat.

Your stomach bubbled a little bit—‘need vodka’ it cried.

You patted the poor organ in solidarity. You like to think that you are very in tune with your needs. You’d much rather be boozing it up in some sweaty booty club than be at… whatever the fuck this was.  

Everyone there was dressed up like it was some cocktail party or some christening or something. The large room was filled to the brim with tables with neatly folded napkins and different red and green finger foods on the centerpieces. There was a clearing in the middle, under the chandelier, for “dancing” but was really for people to socialize and network.

Hmmm. Not a red sneaker in sight except for the banners of photos from your shoot hanging from the ceiling, you noticed.

“Could you at least pretend to act interested?” boss lady whispered, “Smile a little, yeah?” Ainu completely rolled her eyes at the strained grimace of a smile you threw her—the glare she threw back saying ‘you little shit!’.

You couldn’t help but laugh as the two of you began to drift away from one another—with her sending you one more lingering glance that said ‘stay away from the alcohol and don’t do anything stupid!’

Of course, you nodded like the obedient little clothing rack you were, but as soon as her back was turned you found yourself snatching a glass or two of chardonnay from one of the passing waiter’s trays. As you took a long sip from the glass—careful not to smudge your lipstick—you found your eyes wondering across the unimpressive room.

They ended up settling in the corner of the place, on a man standing alone, nervously fidgeting with his suit cuffs.

Ah. Quality entertainment! You took another sip from one of your glasses.

You nonchalantly strolled toward the man before twisting yourself around next to him so that you were both facing the growing crowd of the room, “All this for some red sneakers?” you spoke up with a slight grin.

His eyes immediately shot up to one of the banners hanging above you before settling back to your smirk, “Y-Y-your one of the models form the poster!” his face darkened into a deep blush and you slightly lifted one of your drinks into the air with a quirk of your eyebrow as if to say, ‘guilty as charged.’

He seemed to get over his shocked state quickly, “Well… uh– I guess it does seem a little silly when you put it that way, huh?”

“Is there really any other way to put it?”

He seemed to be lost in thought for a moment—his eyes trailing toward the ground in front of him, but you were patient. You took the time to take in his wild, green hair—it was dark, kinda like the seaweed that you wrap around sushi. Your mind flickered to what you remembered sushi tasting like, but it had been such a long time.  He finally spoke up “Well, they are giving half of the profits made to start a campaign to end the bullying of quirkless children,”

“Really?” your eyebrows shot up as the man looked back up to you. Your chest abruptly rose up as you gave a half chuckle, “That’s… well, that’s something. Apparently, this brand is being started by some up and coming hero. Deku? I haven’t really heard much about him, but he’s probably just using us quirkless folk as a stepping stool to celebrity,” he seemed to visibly stiffen at your words but it wasn’t every day that you got to talk about civil rights concerning the quirkless. You passionately continued, “It’s like saving kittens or walking an old lady across the street. I mean, what’s a big shot hero like that know about being quirkless? Tell me,” you leaned in close to him and nodded into the sea of people filing into the room, “Do you see a quirkless kid in sight, right now?”

You left him silent as he began pondering your statement. Hm! Good.

Satisfied with yourself, you took in the final sip from your remaining glass—tilting the curvy cup up into the sky to get every drop.

A tall man with glasses shuffled through the dense crowd to make his way towards the two of you “Midoriya, there he is! Excuse me, Miss,” he stiffly bowed to you at an awkwardly low angle before turning back toward the green haired man, “Come this way. Quickly. I would like to introduce you to…”

As he was pulled into the crowd by the weird tall man you found yourself curiously staring at where he had disappeared.

Mmm. Isn’t he just as yummy as you thought he’d be?” the familiar voice snapped you straight out of your thoughts, startling you into a slight jump. You whipped your head behind you to see Kimi’s giggling face, “C’mon!! Ainu wants you to get some photos in at that set over there.”

“Ughhh, you know how I feel about red-carpet shoots, Kimi.” It was just a bunch of amateur photographers barking orders and questions at you like some glorified paparazzi. She ignored your whining as she dragged you to the literal red carpet in the far wall of the room, blocked off by a velvet rope and surrounded by a buzzing infestation of flashing cameras. You suddenly became very aware of the very chemical scent of her perfume—and the growing nausea twisting within your stomach.

“You can go find your hero boyfriend, later! I promise!” she practically shoved you onto the carpet, but you could only throw her a confused glance. Who was she talking about?


“Don’t tell me you seriously didn’t know who that was! We are literally in a room of heroes right now!! That guy that you were with? He’s the entire reason we are here right now, Y/N!” you could hardly fight off the look of confusion that befell your face as you began posing for the flashes of photos being taken of you. Whatever. You probably just looked like the confused bimbo that they all thought you were anyway.

Kimi smacked her hand on her forehead—tossing you an exasperated glance, “Hello!? Red sneakers—the Deku! I can’t believe you. He’s projected to be the number one hero in a few years—that Deku!”

You felt your blood immediately run cold.

The Deku you had put on blast directly to his face. The one who was endorsing this entire brand that your agency had a deal with—that Deku, “Oh. Shit.”

You suddenly felt very sick.

Meanwhile, the three stooges had finally dragged their grouchy roommate out of the apartment and had made their way into the Red Sneakers Event, much to the dismay of said grouchy roommate. He would quite literally prefer to be anywhere else but here. Hell, he would rather stick his head in a vat of acid than be at some dumbass “quirkless sneaker” party for that shitty Deku. There couldn’t possibly be any good reason for him to be here right now.

“Oh, shit!” Kaminari’s grating voice snapped Bakugou out of his thoughts. He looked up to where the blond was pointing, and his heart skipped a beat.

The banners adorning the ceiling of the space sported a very familiar face.

“Isn’t that your hottie from last month, Bakugou?” the electric man practically giggled with amusement, “Over there, too! She’s at the red carpet!” Bakugou’s red eyes danced over to the succession of flashing lights on the far side of the room. Somehow, even with the herd of photographers clumped behind the red rope, he could still make out your gleaming form. It was as if you radiated light, blinding him to anyone else between you and him.

What the fuck? Where did those thoughts come from?

With a click of his tongue the blond instantly spat these feelings out of his head.

“Huh!” Kirishima tilted his head and gave a short, amazed laugh as well, “Look at that– it totally is!”

Sero decided to chime in as well, completing the unholy trinity of pains on Bakugou’s ass, “Of course she’s a model. Dude, how did you trick that poor girl into your bed?” It took every ounce of willpower that the ash blond could muster not to blow ‘Elbow’s’ face off right then and there as he ground his teeth together.

Kirishima bravely leaned over to the seething man, “You should go say something to her.”

“Why the hell would I do that!?”

“Because if you don’t, I will,” Kaminari straightened his tie like he was grooming himself to approach you. Fucking as if!

“Like she’d be interested in your dumb ass!” Bakugou loudly snapped.

“That sounds pretty possessive Baku-bro,” Sero hardly ever called him this unless he wanted to get under the time-bomb of a man’s skin, “Almost like you have feelings~,” him and Kaminari began snickering to themselves as Bakugou neared the maximum capacity of his internal ‘pissed off-o-meter.’

The two men laid off of him a bit—knowing very well by this point what buttons to push and when to stop pushing them when it came to their feral friend.

“Looks like you’re missing your chance,” Kirishima spoke up—nodding his head to your fleeing figure. “I think she’s leaving.” Bakugou looked up to see your desperate form dash for the coat racks in the corner of the room.

As you made your way to the coat racks, you were completely oblivious to the lingering eyes that followed you—only focused on the furious ones that approached you and the rising, gurgling feeling in your stomach.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” your pissed off boss halted you right by the coat rack—Kimi, trailing not to behind you, was halted as well, “The event has hardly even started!”

“I don’t…” the bubbling in your stomach shot up your throat and was hardly caught in time as you slightly gagged, “I don’t feel too good, Ainu…”

She could only groan into her palm as she threw her head up toward the ceiling, “I told your ass not to—Ughhhh! Can’t you go one night without getting utterly shitfaced, Y/N!?”

Kimi reluctantly spoke up, “She hardly drank tonight. I think she really is sick,” her voice was very soft in the air as she defended you, and you realized that this is the first time you’d ever heard her talk to your boss directly.

Ainu’s eyes seemed to dance across yours and Kimi’s for a few beats—probably to gauge whether there was truth to Kimi’s words– before she finally made up her mind, “Fine. Go on,”’ she tilted her head toward the direction of the exit with an irritated wave of her hand, “Take her home.”

“No,” you moved past Ainu toward the coat rack, “I think I can make it on my own,” you argued before shimming your fur on. After a mini dispute, your friend reluctantly agreed to let you make your way home alone.

Bakugou watched on as you gave the women that were with you tiny half-assed hugs before making your way toward the room’s exit—towards him. For the first time in practically forever, the man felt his heart drop down into his toes.

The four roommates all paused as you approached them. You were for sure going to see Bakugou and say something to him, right?


All three friends noticeably winced as you nonchalantly brushed pasted the four of him, not even sparing a passing glance at their shocked, blond comrade. “Oof. That’s gotta hurt,” Kaminari grimaced.

Sero’s lips stretched into an uncomfortable frown, “I don’t even think she recognized you, man.”

Kirishima could only remain silent as he watched a flurry of unfamiliar emotions flicker across his best friend’s face. Even if his buddy wasn’t clearly and uncharacteristically upset, he would still probably be at a loss of words from the secondhand embarrassment that was flooding into his cheeks.

“SHUT UP!” Bakugou snapped, pulling his face back into his trademark scowl, “What the hell do I care? I already slept with her. What else is there to do?” I don’t fucking care, I don’t fucking care. The man chanted to himself as he shoved his body into the crowd—anything to get away from those shitty dumbasses.

Sero gave a low whistle, “Wounded words, from a wounded man.”

When you made it back home that night, you spent the better part of the evening with your head glued to the toilet, and you really fucking didn’t understand why.

Two glasses were practically a baby bottle to you at this point. There is no way that you got sick off just that. So… food poisoning then? You fought a laugh at the amusing thought. You have to actually eat for that to happen.

Shit. And you were cramping like a mother fucker.

You instinctively opened you phone brushing past the ‘Are you okay?’ text from Kimi to make your way to your period tracker app. Maybe it was almost ‘that time of the month.’

A lot of girls that you knew had lost their periods from the severe “weight training” that they endured, but you had actually been regular with yours despite your everyday living.

The app opened—revealing a visually loud, bouncing notification that prompted a different breed of nausea to spin within your gut.

You were about two weeks late.

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Okay so we know how Bakugou, Todoroki, and Izuku would react to having a black girlfriend right? So how would they react to having a black boyfriend? If you’re not into that, then it can be a male black best friend.

jzjx thank you for requesting I’ve been want to write male reader for while I hope you enjoy babes :))

Bakugo :


Originally posted by allaboutshouto

* for the first month of y’all dating everyone just thought all were just close friends

* Till one day bakugous ass was jealous and kissed you in front the school

* And everyone was just like ??? Bakugous gay

* And bakusquad just there and was like y’all didn’t know

* After he kisses you he announces that he’s bi that your his Boyfriend and they needa fuck off

* Anywaysss

* I’ve said this for a female but it applies to a male

* He loves helping you with your hair

* If you have waves : he buys you hella Durags and he’ll get you them wave brushes he spoils yo ass with hair shit

* If you have curls ( it don’t matter what texture ): he’ll get that expensive she’s moisture shit for you makes sure your hair is moisturized looking good

* And if you got dreads : he’ll he’ll re dread them and help trim them every once in a while

* black males get hated on way more if they are gay

* which is dumb asf

* But watch someone say some rude and degrading shit to you they getting hurt

* And after y’all gon cuddle

* He doesn’t care if your taller than him your the little spoon 😗

Deku :


Originally posted by mardamo

* he’s vv blushy around you and can barely speak around you

* So everyone already knew he liked you

* You knew he liked you too but you waited for him to tell you

* And after sometime he gets the confidents to ask you

* It’s so adorable vvvbfgg

* After y’all get together he never shuts up about you “ my boyfriends so cute “ “ have you’ve seen my boyfriends quirk “

* Has a note book on black culture and asks you to make him food ( if you can cook ofc )

* One time y’all were on a date and some lady was call you a thug bc your black

* Man o man you ain’t never seen deku so mad

* His mom fucking loves you and supports y’all 1000%

* If your family supports y’all they love him and want him over 24/7

* If they don’t and are mean to you they Getting cussed out by him and his mom 🥱

* Your most likely taller than him or the same height but even if your shorter than him , he’s the little spoon

* He doesn’t mind being the big spoon tho



Originally posted by lifedreamerphantasai

* The minute he catches feelings he asks you out

* Lol he like showing you off and he gives no fucks what others say

* PDA period ( if your comfortable ofc )

* He won’t let you meet his dad don’t even ask he’ll say no asap

* He’ll introduce you to his siblings and his mom and they all love you

* one time you where at his house y’all ran into his dad and enji asked who you were

* And todo wasn’t about to hide you so he just told his dad that you are his bf

* And his dad flipped tf out call you discriminating Names and shit

* Todo and his siblings wasn’t having that

* So all y’all mfs when on him with his big body ugly ass , dirty racist homophobic bitch ass clown

* Anywaysss

* He likes playing with your hair if you let him

* especially if you have waves he likes following the pattern with his hand and brushing them

* Bro ghggvg this dude can cook idc idc if you teach him out to make certain food you’ll taste it and think he was cooked by a black person

* and there was a time we’re y’all got pulled over by a white cop while you were driving and he when the cop pulled out his gun todo froze it

* He watched the hate you give and was not gonna let you die bc of some racist mf :)

- I hope y’all like I feel like this is gonna flop but whatever I love y’all stay in the houseeee 😎

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I’ll always love you 

Word Count: 1180

Part 2

Bakugo Katsuki x reader


Originally posted by katetcake

“FORGIVE YOU?” I immediately cut him off and looked at him “Do you have any idea of how much pain you put me through!? And you just want me to forgive you?”

His mouth gapped open while his eyes when wide “y/-”

“Get out!!” I screamed while glaring at him.

All he did was stare at me while his eyes filled with water before silently leaving.

I closed the door and fell to my knees as I started sobbing. 

What am I meant to do? Forgive him? He left me and now he says it was a mistake. What did he expect exactly? Me to just magically pretend I haven’t spent the last month wondering what I could have done for him to stay.

What am I going to do?

I got up off the floor and stumbled my way to my bed. I lay down and picked up the teddy he won for me, I held it close to my chest as I thought about what do to.

If I forgive him, we’ll probably get back together but what’s gonna stop him from leaving me again?

If I don’t, I could find someone who would treat me better but will I ever get over Katsuki?

’Guess I’ll sleep on it’ I thought before closing my eyes and drifting off into a dreamy neverland.

I shot up, panting and clutching my chest. I was covered in a cold sweat as I tried to remember what had happened in my nightmare. This had been happening a lot recently. Nightmares. 

I would have normally gone to see Katsuki and he would make it all better.

I signed as I swung my legs over my bed, I put my hands on the side on the bed and tried to catch my breath before getting up and walking towards the door.

‘what’s the worse that could happen’ I thought as I stepped outside my room, hissing at how cold the floor was.

I wrapped my arms around myself as I made my way to Katsukis’ room. I wonder if he’s even awake, I don’t even know what the time is. 

I take a deep breath as I stood in front of his door. I slowly raised my hand placed it on the door. Should I be doing this? I knew I wasn’t thinking right at this moment in time but I didn’t care.

I just wanted to be wrapped in his arms once more and let all my worries just disappear.

I quietly knock on the door, if he was asleep I didn’t want to wake him.

I rose a brow when I heard someone fall over.

“What the hell?” I mumbled, wondering how he had managed to fall. I giggled at the pouty face he was probably thinking.

I snapped out my thoughts as the door opened.

“Shitty hair, I thought I- oh, y/n” He stared down at me with confusion and glanced at my chest.

I soon realized I was still holding the teddy he won me, I quickly hid it behind my back before probably looking up at him.

“Hi..I’m sorry for bothering you, I just di-” I stood talking when his hand grazed my tear-stained cheek.

“Nightmare?” He asked with the softest voice he could muster.

I nodded before looking down and wiggled my toes to help distract myself from the awkward atmosphere.

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck before opening his mouth to speak “Want to come in and talk about it? Or maybe cuddle if you’re up to it” He mumbled the last bit, probably thinking I wouldn’t hear him

I quickly step forward and wrap my arms around him tightly. I nuzzled my face into his chest, not realizing I was crying until I felt his shirt was wet. I mumbled a quiet sorry before closing my eyes, basking in the warmth I’ve missed so much.

He snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him as he brought a hand to the back of my head to rub soothingly. 

It was quiet till he rested his head on top of mine “I missed this” He said quietly as he sighed happily. 

It stayed quiet as I was trying to gain the confidence to stay over. 

I sighed and pulled away slightly and looked up at him “Can I please stay over..?” I started to fiddle with my fingers behind his back as I nervously waited for his answer. 

He thought for a moment before deciding he didn’t want his words to fail him, he picked me up bridal style. 

I yelped in surprise as I didn’t expect him to.

He kicked the door shut and carried me to his bed before laying me down gently before going in himself and pulling up his covers, making sure I had plenty so I didn’t get cold.

I got a glance at the state his room was in, it was a total mess. I guess the breakup did affect him.

I snuggled closer to him and wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his arm.

He slung an arm around my waist and believe me if we weren’t already close, we are now. He kissed my forehead before burying his nose into my hair. 

Something he always did to help calm his nerves.

“Sleep well” He mumbled softly before falling asleep.

I nodded before closing my eyes with a small smile on my face.

I woke up a few hours later to an empty bed, I quickly sat up, shocked. Where did he go? 

I heard the door open and my head towards the noise to see Katsuki coming in with a towel wrapped around his waist. I released the breath I didn’t realise I was holding. I smiled softly at him as I said a soft, morning.

He nodded his head in return as I laid back down in his bed and nuzzled into the pillow. I told a whiff of his scent that remained on the pillow. I sighed with content. 

I closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

Katsuki took this chance to get changed into clothes before coming to sit next to me.

My eyes shot open as I felt the mattress sink. I looked at him as he laid next to me. He rested his hand on my cheek, gently caressing it.

He took a deep breath before asking “So, what now?” 

I looked down, knowing what he meant “I…don’t know” I mumbled while reaching up to my cheek to his hand.

He didn’t stop me when I started to trace all the lines of his palm. Though he did grab my hand and held it close to his chest.

His eyes started to tear up “How about we just try again?” He looked me in the eye before continuing “I promise I’ll be better and I won’t make another big mistake like that again” 

I stayed quiet, trying to figure out what to say. It would be so hard to reject him like this…do I even want to reject him? There’s no denying that I don’t love him.

I nodded my head and looked up at him “I’d love to” The smile on my face brighten while he wore his signature smirk before engulfing me in a hug.

“I’ll love you forever y/n”

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Caring Effort


Todoroki Shouto:

You hugged your knees, another shaky sigh parting your lips. Your eyes were dry from the amount of tears you shed earlier. Glancing at the clock, you saw it was already 3:30 am. Another sigh.

Suddenly, a note slipped between the door crack. Staring at the paper you tilted your head. Who could be up at this hour? 

Carefully, you reached out to grab the note and unfolded it. Your eyes immediately widened. 

(Y/n), I heard from Midoryia that you were really upset by something. I hope I was not the reason. I won’t mind if you vent to me about it, we all have our problems.” -Shouto

Some of the sentences were scratched out and eraser marks littered the page. Letting out a small laugh, you glanced back at your door. 

“Are you still out there, Todoroki?” You whispered towards the direction the note was slipped from. You heard a soft sigh. 


"Thank you." 

"Would you like to talk about it?" 

"Not really, but I appreciate it anyways." 

After you stated that, a sudden creaking noise filled the room. Blinking you looked downwards to see a shadow being casted from the outside. Was he sitting outside the door?

Letting out a quiet chuckle, you closed your eyes, passing out immediately. Having a presence there was comforting. 

Later that morning, while opening the door to leave for class, you heard a thump. What quickly followed was a groan. With wide eyes, you peered around the door to see Todoroki rubbing the back of his head. You immediately noticed he was still in his pajamas. "Todoroki? Did you stay out all night?" 

"I might have gotten a bit carried away…" 







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𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝗼𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞🏝 (1)


Situation: Cocktail party🍸


Feel free to request a character (It does not have to be from bnha) and I’ll create a situation and outfit for them!

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So imagine our boys todoroki, shinsou, tamaki and iida coming across theoe future daughters and being like "wth are we gonna do now". The only place they can think about is the dorms so they take them to the dorms *insert stupid idiot's fawning over a babygirl * and they come across their crush-s/o. Bonus if the kid calls the boys daddy and the s/o mommy. * they're all going to have daughters and todo has twins , change my mind *

A/N: Requests are limited to three characters, luv, so I’m going to cut Iida, sorry! I also gave my own names to the kids because I wanted to. (I disregard a lot of things for story convenience… such as the UA Wall)

(Today was the day I found out that I am, in fact, terrible at writing Shinsou.)

Post-Writing Nyan: God this was terrible burn it.




Originally posted by osakaxkobe

Todoroki stared at the two little girls in front of him. He’d found them randomly, sitting alone in the park while he was out shopping. Both the girls had split-colored hair, and one of them had dual-colored eyes. 

But that wasn’t what drew Todoroki’s attention. He noticed that one part of the girls’ hair was the color of your hair, and the other part was one of the colors of his hair. The girl without differently colored eyes also had the color of your eyes.

They look like my love child with… Todoroki stopped short as the thought of you entered his mind. The girls looked like Todoroki’s lovechild… with you. You were his crush, and he’d liked you for a long time. But these two girls looked like you and him combined.

Suddenly, one of the girls said something that shocked him out of his thoughts.

“Daddy? Is that you?” The girl with dual-colored eyes asked. Todoroki’s eyes widened at the little girl’s words. Could it be…?

Todoroki turned around, wondering if he was hallucinating. He had to be, right? What was he going to do now? Just walk away? Forget this ever happened?

“H-Hey! Daddy, don’t leave us!” the other girl cried, reaching up and grabbing Todoroki’s jacket. Todoroki stopped, turning to look at the two girls.

What do I do now? he thought, staring at the two of them. 

“… Can we go with you?” they asked. Todoroki sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He didn’t see any other choice. He couldn’t take them to the police station because he knew they wouldn’t be able to find their parents.

“Fine. Just don’t cause any trouble.” he said, motioning for the girls to follow him. The girls’ eyes lit up as they fell into pace beside him, one on each side. Todoroki slowed down his walking speed compensating for their shorter legs.

“What are your names?” Todoroki asked.

“My name is Akari.” the girl with the red part of Todoroki’s hair chirped.

“I’m Fuyuko.” the girl with the dual-colored eyes said. Todoroki nodded slowly, glancing between the two girls.

“You’re twins, right?” 

“Yup!” the two girls said in unison. The barest hint of a smile crossed Todoroki’s face as they entered the campus.

“How did you get here?” Todoroki wondered. Akari and Fuyuko exchanged a look.

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Can I request Bakugou getting close to his crush and the Bakusquad secretly take pics which makes them look closer than they actually are to make fun of him for it meanwhile everyone else sees it and totally ships them?

We love bakusquad shenanigans! Also that was so fun to write! Also I’m sorry if you wanted hc, but a small scenario seemed more fitting. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

Why are they laughing and looking at you like that? And was Bakugo blushing? But everytime you looked their way, they stopped. What was going on with the bakusquad?

It was a normal day of school, you asked Katsuki to explain something to you, so you were just sitting right next to him, trying to focus on his voice and his explanation. Key word, trying. You really had a hard time keeping up with him, as your ears were filled with Kaminari’s and Mina’s snickers. Feeling a bit anxious, thinking they were laughing at you, you unconsciously leaned towards Bakugo.

What you didn’t know, was that mere action only made them more joyful. Taking pictures of you two from specific angles to make it look like either you were resting your shoulder on the explosive’s blonde shoulder, or maybe looking like he was leaning in to kiss you. They liked to collect these pictures, and later that day, they would use it to tease Bakugo. “This could actually happen if you man up Baku.” “So how that kiss was? Did you enjoy it?!” they would keep annoying him over and over again over these photos no matter how much he yelled and threatened to kill them if they didn’t delete them immediately.

Soon the whole class where standing with squad, looking at the both of you studying. While Katsuki’s friends were having the time if their lives, the rest of his classmates couldn’t help but find you adorable. Noticing the blush that was tainting the angry boy’s skin, and how you would often give him a sweet smile when you kept apologizing for not understanding a certain thing. You two were obviously so head over heels for each other, and everyone could see it.

As much as he’d like to delete the pictures if the two of you that were sent on the Bakusquad group chat, he couldn’t help the smile that made its way to his lips, wishing that those poses were actually reality. The more he’d save on his phone, the more it’d push him to actually ask you out. One day, just a little bit longer, and he would be able to live those moments for real!

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“First Date Flutters” Hawks x Reader

Summary: Just when you thought he left your life for good, he comes back brighter than the sun, determined to pick up where you two left off. Determined to let the teasing words mean more than empty promises, Hawks bring you under the summer sun and above the ocean waves to confess his feelings.

Words: 1,216

Warning: None

Author’s Note: In celebration of him finally getting animated~ 

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soulmate! au ⋆⋆⋆ mirio togata

  • you always wondered how you’d meet your soulmate. will they grab your elbow to get your attention? or maybe you’ll brush against them one day while in a hurry and immediately fall in love?
  • sadly, none of these have happened yet. everybody has a soulmark, a mark on the body from where your soulmate will first touch you, and for some reason, yours had to be on your elbow
  • i mean, how many opportunities would you really have for someone to end up touching your bare elbow? it was as if the gods just loved to laugh down at you
  • you’re working at a small, quiet flower shop in the heart of the city. usually, it’s just you and the older man who owns the shop working, but today he had to go to the doctor so it’s just you when a tall blond man walks in, holding hands with a small white haired girl
  • you politely greet them, after noticing how stunning the man is, and let them know if they need anything you’ll be behind the counter. the two wander off and you quickly get back to work
  • about 30 minutes pass when you feel a small tap on your shoulder. turning around, you see the small girl looking a little nervous. “sorry to bother you,” she begins, “me and my friend need help”
  • of course, you accept and she leads you to where the man is standing, rubbing the back of his neck. in front of him is a wide selection of roses, daisies, lilies, orchids, pretty much anything. he explains that they need the best flowers your shop has to offer for a friend who needed cheering up
  • you suggested the chyrsanthemums and offered to get a few down for the pair so they could see. standing on a stool, you roll up your sleeves and grab onto the pot. turning around, you seem to have forgotten where the blond was. your elbow came swinging down and made contact with his nose!
  • he stumbles backwards and you and the girl immediately rush to his aid. he’s holding his nose, but it’s obvious that the man is bleeding. he chuckles, “damn, you’re stronger than you look”
  • you grab him some paper towels and when you bring them back, that’s when you see it. on the side of his nose, is a mark the exact same size as your own. you bring your hands up to your mouth to cover a gasp, which draws his attention to you and, inadvertently, your elbow
  • his eyes widen, but his smile gets wider. he lets out a booming laugh, the sound music to your ears. “i’m togata mirio, your soulmate i guess. that’s eri, by the way.”
  • with a laugh of your own, you tell introduce yourself. together, you and eri help togata get cleaned up, a pleasant and humorous conversation floating around you three. it’s not until the clock reaches 6 that the pair finally leave, but not without the flowers and a certain flower shop employee’s number in mirio’s phone
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Everyone is assuming that Todoroki’s fav disney movie would be Frozen. I disagree.

It would be Cindrella. The clasic animated one.

He would be around 7 when he managed to sneak and watch it while hiding. Why hiding?

Well as older sister let me tell you, that we (older siblings) don’t really like hanging with younger, because they’re the ones to get all the attention. So while Fuyumi and Natsu would be close, Shouto would be excluded from their fun time. He also didn’t want endeavor to find him watching movie.

Both Sho and Cindrella had their mothers taken away from them and are stuck with abusive guardian.

Shoto would be moved to tears when he saw Cindrella get her happy ending, because it meant he would get one too.

So that night, before he went to sleep, he made himself a little ice sculpture. It was pumpkin carriage, just like the one from the movie. It would always remind him that he would eventually get his happy ending.

Now, years later at the sports festival he met this green haired boy who even though didn’t know Shoto, helped him find/remember something important.

That day Todoroki Shoto was found by his prince.

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Originally posted by sairenji

Spin the Bottle: Iida x Reader

You span the bottle then looked to your friends, Jirou and Uraraka for reassurance. They each gave you a wide smile, then Uraraka winked to wish you good luck.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to play, but rather that you found the idea of kissing someone in front of so many people embarrassing. You only hoped you didn’t get someone like Kaminari who would almost definitely try to French you.

When the bottle stopped it was pointing at Iida. Relief washed over you at once. He was the class president and definitely not the smoothest player in the bunch. You were in safe hands with him.

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Warnings: slight mention of violence but nothing major

If you like my stuff you can buy me a ko-fi here!

A/n: this oneshot is for the wonderful @lucio-the-beautiful-goat who mentioned this idea to me when we were talking one day. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for taking so long to write it!


Originally posted by pelajic

You were in yours and Dabi’s shared room located in the LOV’s current hideout. Your boyfriend had been sent on a mission by Shigaraki while you were forced to stay behind. You weren’t exactly happy that Shigaraki had sent your omega on a mission without you, but you couldn’t exactly go against your leader so you pushed down any protests that had threatened to escape your throat.

Your alpha instincts had been almost begging you to at least scent Dabi before he left, but you knew your headstrong omega would see that as you thinking he was weak and couldn’t take care of himself. So instead of scenting him you had given him a quick peck on the lips before he left, stating he would be back soon.

While he was gone you had just been lounging around, trying your best to keep yourself distracted. You fiddled with your phone, doodled on a random piece of paper, and even took a nap. By the time you woke up from your nap Dabi still wasn’t back and you were starting to grow concerned. He had left in the morning and it was already evening. You curled back up under the sheets on your bed, finding comfort in your omega’s scent that still clung to the fabric.

After a minute you pulled out your phone again, scrolling through some random websites to try and pass some time. After about another half an hour, you noticed a smell coming from the corridor outside your room. However it wasn’t Dabi’s scent. It was pungent and strong, and you felt your guard rise up as the smell of an unknown alpha reached your nose. Your door opened and your mouth stretched into a snarl as you prepared to pounce and catch them off guard. 

However, as a familiar scarred hand reached around and finished opening the door, you stopped. Your omega stepped into the room, blinking in surprise as you were in a crouched position on the bed, looking ready to attack.

“Something wrong there doll?” Dabi asked as he stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. He took off his jacket and threw it on top of your dresser before making his way over to you.

Once he reached the edge of the bed where you were perched, your hands shot up and grabbed his face, catching him off guard. You brought his face down, making him bend over, before sniffing at the scent gland on his neck. Your face stretched into a snarl once more when you confirmed the fact that there was another alpha’s smell masking his own. You let go of him and backed up, retreating towards the headboard of the bed. 

You shot Dabi a glare. “Why do you smell like another alpha?” you growled out. Your own scent had changed to an angry and sharp smell. You trusted Dabi wholeheartedly, you were bonded and that meant he was yours and you were his. But you still couldn’t help but get upset that another alpha’s smell was now clinging to him. The waves of jealousy hit you hard, but you refrained from yelling, wanting to let him explain himself.

Dabi stood tall but you noticed his hands were trembling slightly. He slowly sat down on the bed, but didn’t move any closer to you. He looked away from you, staring at his shoes instead. He paused to nervously swallow and then softly said, “doll I swear it’s not what it seems. When I was on the mission another alpha tried to act all cozy with me. I kept telling her I already had an alpha, and had the bond mark to prove it, but she didn’t listen. She managed to catch me off guard when I was talking to someone else and managed to rub some of her scent on me.” He slowly reached out and took his hand in yours, “I burned her into a crisp right after, although her friends didn’t really seem to like that.” He let out a dry chuckle and you realized in your anger you hadn’t managed to catch the faint scent of iron. You looked closely at his body and noticed his shirt and pants were torn in places and he had cuts on his arms.

You peered back up at his face. His lips were pulled into a frown and you could see he was genuinely sad and regretful that he made you angry. Even if Dabi was a prideful man, his omega nature made him more submissive towards you, and you could tell he was being completely open and vulnerable at that moment.

You brought up your conjoined hands to your lips and kissed his knuckles, prompting him to look back up at you. You peppered kisses across his knuckles and the back of his hand, a purring sound coming from your throat. You slowly felt his hands stop trembling and saw his posture relax a little. After a few more minutes of doing that you lowered your hands to rest in your lap.

“I’m sorry for getting angry omega. I just don’t like it when other alphas get too close to you. You’re mine after all and I can’t help but feel protective over you,” you said. You looked back up at Dabi, this time his blue eyes were trained on you, relief subtly shining through them.

However, Dabi couldn’t help the small smirk that stretched across his face. “Were you jealous y/n?” he teased. You simply rolled your eyes, an indignant sound coming from your throat. 

“Oh be quiet,” you muttered. You opened your arm as you said, “come here now. I want to get rid of that pungent smell that’s still lingering.”

Dabi kicked off his shoes before lifting his legs up onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around your waist and settled into your embrace. You immediately ducked down and licked at his scent gland. A shiver ran down his spine as you continued to lap at it until you were satisfied. You wiped away your saliva with your sleeve and then rubbed your scent gland against his, spreading your scent onto him. Purrs rumbled through your chest and Dabi let out a small hum.

Once you finished that you retreated just enough to press a kiss to his lips. The kiss was gentle and loving, and you didn’t want it to end but you eventually pulled away. You pressed kisses to his forehead as you whispered, “I love you omega.”

Dabi stayed silent for a second, relishing in your affection. “I love you too alpha,” he softly replied.

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Words: 3984

Warning: Smut, oral sex (fem receiving), dry [wet] humping, ack idk, it’s not too dirty… think, everyone involved in sexual acts are aged up to 18.




Thump. Thump. Could she get close enough to count all of his freckles?


Wow, he really had the cutest laugh. Thump. Thump.

“Y/N, I swear to god.”

Thump. Thump. Did he know how attractive he was? Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Y/N! Stop hitting me with your fucking tail!” Jirou snapped, grabbing the fluffy appendage beating wildly against her leg.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Y/N yelped trying to pull her tail away.

“Jirou, let go of her tail. You know it’s sensitive.” Uraraka scolded, not looking up from her homework.

“Yeah, well so is my thigh! And miss foxy is bruising it with her heart thumper!” Jirou huffed.

Y/N whined and tugged her tail again. “I’m sorry, please let go.”

Jirou gave her tail a warning squeeze before releasing it. “Hit me with it again and I will yank it.”

“Be nice.” Uraraka hummed. “She can’t help it.”

Mina laughed. “Yeah, she sees Wattage boy and gets so excited her tail almost flies off.”

Y/N whined and tucked her tail around herself. “That’s not true.”

“Yes, it is.” The girls replied. 

“Mean…” She huffed.

“We wouldn’t tease you so much if you weren’t so head over heels for him.” Toru giggled.

“I’m not head over heels for him… I just… like him… a bit.” Y/N shrugged, willing herself not to look over when Denki laughed.

“Sure, you’re not.” Mina laughed and Y/N blushed.

Momo gently patted her head, while standing to grab something. “It’s okay, Y/N.”

“Yeah, we understand; you’re in love with him!” Toru corrected. 

“No, I’m not.” Y/N huffed.

“Guys, leave her alone.” Uraraka warned.

“No, watch!” Jirou snickered. “Hey, boys!”

“Stop it.” Uraraka finally looked up, glaring at the punk teen. 

“Wanna join our study group, we’re gonna work on the history homework next!” Jirou offered, a teasing smile hiding on her lips.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that!” Kirishima said. “Thanks, J!”

“I was trying to forget about it…” Denki groaned. “I suck at history.”

“That’s fine, Y/N’s great at history!” Mina piped.

“Guys, stop it.” Uraraka snapped quietly, so as to not alert the approaching boys.

“Yeah, she’s got a B in the class, right, Y/N?” Toru added. 

Y/N tried to calm her erratic heartbeat as Denki came closer. “Um, I, an A… I have an A…”

“Perfect. Here, Sparky, take my seat.” Jirou offered, standing up.

Uraraka watched as Denki happily took the seat next to the jittery girl, seemingly unaware of her nerves. Sero, Kirishima, Ojiro and Midoriya filled in where they could. They all actually started to work on the history work, but the girls could only really focus on Y/N and Denki. Mina even situated herself sideways on the couch to push the two together.

Uraraka grew irritated watching Mina literally shove them together. Y/N genuinely tried to help Denki through the work, but the closer she was pushed, she was nearly in his lap. He didn’t seem to mind as he shifted letting her move closer.

His arm ended up draped over the back of the couch behind her and her tail began thumping again. Of course, the girls noticed. They locked eyes with each other, not heeding the glare Uraraka gave them.

“What’s got you so excited, Y/N?” Mina laughed, pulling all the attention to their area. “Your tail is gonna smash through the couch with how hard you’re swinging it.”

The object in question stiffened straight and the girl it was attached to turned redder than a tomato and that was the last straw for Uraraka. “Alright, guys. Sorry to leave so abruptly, but I forgot Y/N and I had things planned today.”

Y/N looked up at her best friend with thankful orbs. Uraraka started walking away, gently beckoning Y/N with her hand. She hopped off the couch and hurried to follow, waving a shy farewell to everyone.

Once in Uraraka’s room Y/N crawled into her friend’s bed and whined pitifully. Uraraka sighed, and went to her closet. She started tugging out blankets and tossed them to the bed.

Knowing Y/N for three plus years, she knew how to make the girl feel better. Y/N’s quirk manifested as a Kitsune, fox spirit, several tails, godlike powers. The whole nine yards. 

With anxiety. 

“Y/N, babe… don’t burrow into my actual bed, please.” Uraraka pleaded gently. “You know they were only teasing, sweetheart.”

Y/N huffed and peaked out of her newly made fluffy cave. “You’re the one that got angry.”

Uraraka sighed deeply. “Yeah, you’re right. But I couldn’t just leave you there… you were going to implode.”

“I kinda wish you did.” Y/N mumbled. “It was the closest I’d been to him, probably ever.”

“They were forcing you into his arms, babes.” Uraraka gently rubbed her head.

Y/N sat up and pouted. “I liked it.”

“Then talk to the boy!” Uraraka laughed. “You absolutely are head over heels for him and we all know it!”

“Yeah, except the boy in question.” Y/N panicked.

Uraraka rolled her eyes. "Just talk to him if you want to be with him. Like flirt with him, that’s kinda how relationships become a thing.”

Y/N whined again and curled into the blankets. “Fine. I’ll try. But, I get cuddles, right now.”

As promised. Y/N did try to talk to Denki. Now, trying and succeeding are two very different things.

Of course, she spoke to him, asking for pencils in class, communicating during group work, the occasional comment in a conversation at lunch. But talking as in flirting and trying to relay the fact that she had a crush on him- yeah, no. Didn’t happen. At all. All she managed to do was stress herself out. 

Which brought her to her current situation. 

“Get back here you muti-tailed little fuck!” Bakugo screamed chasing the tiny fox around the dorm.

Y/N let out a screaming bark and dodged the angry pink haired teen. She slid across the floor, just narrowly escaping Bakugo’s blast. She leaped over the couch and into Uraraka’s lap for protection.

“I’m going to strangle you, you tiny little shit!” Bakugo growled, glaring at the four legged Y/N.

“Let’s not threaten people’s lives he…re…” Uraraka trailed off looking up. “Oh my god.”

“Woah, dude. When did you decide to dye your hair?” Kirishima asked.

“I didn’t, the fox bitch put dye in my shampoo!” He snarled. Y/N snickered, her laugh pissing him off more. “Yeah, you won’t be laughing when I blow off your extra tails!”

“I don’t know, I think she did you a favor. Pastel pink, it really makes your eyes pop.” Sero chuckled, before dodging the couch pillow aimed for his face. 

“Oh, come on. Don’t be too upset, you know her pranks are never hurtful. It’s probably temporary anyway.” Momo giggled. 

Y/N laughed again but Bakugo narrowed his eyes at her, effectively shutting her up. She looked over at the few classmates sitting around her, silently begging for help. Each one adverted their eyes, playfully.

“Oh, no, Y/N, you got yourself into this mess.” Uraraka flicked her ear.

Y/N begged and whined as Bakugo glared harder at her. She wiggled herself closer to Uraraka’s chest while steadily eyeing her exit. The exit that was blocked by the new pink haired teen as he already calculated her plan.

Idiot. They were in the hero course. 

Y/N turned and looked at another way out, she’d have to haul ass, but she could probably make it. She slowly crept up onto the backrest of Urarka’s chair, keeping eye contact with Bakugo, cautiously. Three solid seconds passed before she bolted.

Bakugo cursed and followed after her. She scurried across the room quickly, yelping when his explosion singed her tails. Her escape, the open door, was feet away, but Bakugo was closer.

Suddenly she turned to her left just before she reached the door. She tumbled across the floor as Bakugo tried to alter his course but instead slipped and tumbled out the door. Y/N scrambled up to run in the opposite direction towards the dorm rooms.

She only had a slight advantage; she already heard his footsteps pounding up the stairs after her. She hurriedly ducked into one of the rooms left open, thankfully, and pushed her body against it to close it. She held her breath as he passed by the room.

After a few moments of hearing his shouts and explosions fade, she let her lungs function again and collapsed dramatically on the floor. Y/N looked around, wondering whose room she found refuge in. It was bright, a bit all over the place. Maybe a boy’s room, from the look of the shorts she found. She pawed at the article of clothing straightening it out. She looked at them, closely, slowly she leaned down to sniff them.

Suddenly, she yipped in fear and jumped away from them as the door swung open, landing on the bed. Y/N blinked at the startled electric centered boy, her tiny fox form looking completely out of place. Of course, in the midst of running from Bakugo, she found her way into Denki’s room.

“Not that I’m complaining, but, uh…” Denki finally asked. "Y/N… Why are you in my room?”

She sat quiet, she was unable to respond without shifting back, but, that thought was put on the back burner as she noticed he was shirtless, droplets of water sliding down his chest. Out of pure and uttermost adoration, and slight arousal, her tails started to thump aggressively against his pillow.

Suddenly, Bakugo’s shout was heard throughout the hall and Y/N’s tails fluffed up in fear. “I’m going to assume that’s why you’re hiding in my bed, pup?”

Y/N whined and jerked her head in agreement. He laughed and closed his door completely, just in time for Bakugo to walk past. Y/N wiggled herself lower into his bed as he migrated over to his dresser.

“You gonna change back, cutie?” Denki asked pulling out a shirt, he chuckled when she shook her head. “As much as I enjoy having the foxiest little babe in the world, in my bed. I’d rather be able to talk to her.”

Still she kept her fox form and restrained herself form bounding around the room at his flirt. She knew he was a natural flirt with everyone, but it still made her heart hit harder in her chest when his words were directed at her.

“Okay, how about this. You can stay if you shift back?” He bargained, sitting on the bed.

That wasn’t fair… she wasn’t ready to leave yet… Y/N narrowed her eyes at him and shifted back into her human form. “Hi.”

“There you are beautiful.” He smiled, leaning down to brush her hair out of her eyes. “I would’ve let you stay anyway, just so you know.”

“So, you just wanted to see my titties.” She teased without a second thought.

Denki smirked, glancing down at her sports bra. “Not the intention, but I’m not complaining.”

His proximity rendered her stupid, but excited. He leaned closer to her and she tried to lean back but she hit the wall. His hand still sat warmly on her face, doing nothing to calm her pounding heart, she wondered if he could hear it.

“Your tail is thumping hard, babe.” Y/N almost felt her tail pick up speed at the pet name.

“It, it happens when I’m excited…” She whispered.

“Good to know.” He nodded, slowly inching closer. “What’s got you so excited?”

She glanced down to his lips and bit her own, losing herself in the fantasy of just closing the distance between them. Soft, warm pressed against her own. Yes, please. Her short daydream was interrupted when his thumb brushed over her lips, gently freeing her bottom one free of her teeth.

“Don’t bite that lip, I want that job.” He ordered softly, making her whimper. Y/N flushed, thinking over his words, she could tell he was waiting for her response, but she couldn’t seem to spit out the words of agreement for the life of her. For some reason it seemed too easy, so instead-

“Then do it.”

She gasped as he surged forwards, crushing his lips into hers. She moaned into his mouth, her hands gripping his shoulders for support. Out of all eighteen years of her life, she’d never had her breath stolen like he had done. True to his word, Denki caught her lip with his teeth and tugged it gently, relishing in the whimpered moan she rewarded him with.

Y/N’s hand found new purchase in his hair, gripping tightly and the growl he let out sent pulses straight down to her core. She pulled again and fell dizzy when he grinded into her, his fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs. He left her lips in favour of kissing down her neck, gently nipping along the way. She tugged his hair and jerked against his hands, trying to reconnect their lips, but a sharp bite under her ear halted her attempts.

“Don’t do that, or I will fuck you before I get the chance to take you on a date.” He warned, soothing the purpling mark he left behind.

She whined and tried lifting her hips again, despite his hands holding them down. “A- a date is meant for get to know the person you’re seeing. We’ve known each other for years, Denki…”

“I want you to be my girlfriend, not just a fuck.” He muttered trailing his lips across her clavicle.

“Yes.” She breathed, slowly losing her mind. “Yes, like three years ago.”

Denki chuckled. “If I had known that I would have asked three years ago.”

Annoyed with the lack of attention on her lips she yanked his hair again, this time successfully pulling his head up. “I wasn’t hiding it; you just might actually be an idiot.”

His hand suddenly circled her throat, squeezing the sides warningly. “Don’t be a brat, now.”

Y/N moaned in submission, but still, she tried to keep the boldness she had before. “N-not my fault you weren’t paying attention…”

He smirked, hearing her voice waver. “You’re so cute when you act tough, honey.”

“Fuck, just kiss me, please.”

Denki complied to her request and kissed her again, his hand slowly sliding up her sides to brush the sides of her chest, only fully grasping her mounds when she arched herself forwards presenting them to him. His tongue drifted across her lips, politely asking for an entrance, which she happily granted him. The sweet taste of him flooded her senses, nearly drowning her and making her head spin.

She teased his tongue with her own, playfully, with no actual intent on trying to win the battle. He groaned, squeezing her breasts hard, before flicking over the harden peaks trying to pierce through her bra. Once again his lips retreated and migrated down her chest, nipping and biting marks all the way down.

“Can I take this off?” He asked, fingering the fabric separating him from her softness.

“Please.” She panted, tugging at it herself.

As soon as her breasts were free from their confinements, he let his teeth sink into her supple flesh, making her arch into his mouth. “You’re so soft, baby.” He breathed against her.

The compliment made her blush. “Th-thank you…”

“Do you trust me?” He asked, confusing her.

“What?” She gasped.

“Do you trust me?” He repeated, sticking his tongue out for her. Sparks flittered over the wet muscle.

Y/N nodded softly tugging his head to her chest. “Yeah, yeah. Yes.”

Her gasp would’ve made him pull his lips off her nipple to ensure she was alright, but only if it wasn’t followed by a sweet moan. Really it just encouraged him to tease them further. But, when he bit down, the pleasurable pain sensation shot straight down to the apex of her thighs combining with another pressure there. It was then that realized the fingers that snuck under her shorts, pressing deft circles into her clit.

A soft whine left her lips, her hips jumping against his hand, and just about lost cried when a single digit slipping into her briefly before retreating to toy with her clit. “Denki, I swear if you don’t do something more I’ll- oh my, fuck!”

Two fingers plunged into her heat, curling against the soft spot hidden inside her. “What was that, princess?”

“Ah, Denki, please.” She whimpered when he removed his fingers again.

“Shh, I got you.” He assured, tugging her shorts down, revealing an adorable pair of underwear covered in sunset clouds- a small bow at the top. “Cute panties.”

Y/N blushed and moved to cover them. “I… I wasn’t really expecting this so, um.”

Denki rolled his eyes and pushed her hands out of the way. “I’m pretty sure I just said I think they’re cute.”

“Cute isn’t sexy.” She argued as he made his way down her body. He bit down on her hip, pulling a hiss of pleasure from her mouth.

“I think you look sexy in anything.” He admitted. “Sweatpants and a tee shirt, your hero costume, the school uniform. Anything.”

“I’m pretty sure that last one is a kink.” She giggled.

“Mmm, probably, but,” Suddenly his mouth enveloped her clit through her panties and her hands flew to his hair, a cry escaping her. “I’m not wrong.”

He tugged her underwear off, spreading her thighs a bit more. He wasted no time re-attaching himself to her bundle of nerves. Groaning at her taste, he spread her lips and licked into her with so much earnest, you’d think he was starving.

Moans and whimpers fell from her lips, eagerly encouraging him further. He tightened his grip on her thighs, pulling her closer to his face. “God, you taste so good.” A moan echoed into the room when she tried to thank him, courtesy of the long fingers drilling into her. Her finger tugged at his hair, although she wasn’t sure if she wanted to push him away or tug him closer, the pleasure spike nearly being too much for her.

Denki pulled away from her core, panting. “Come on, baby, I can feel you clenching on my fingers. You’re so close.”

“Shit, D-Denki!” Tears welled in her eyes, her hips thrashing against the hold he had on her hip. “I, I- Oh my god!”

He nibbled soft love bite into her neck, picking up his pace, before whispering in her ear. “Cum for me, Y/N.”

One final press on her sweet spot pushed her over and her body bowed so tightly, Denki was almost afraid she’d snap in half. He was quick to cover her mouth with his, swallowing her cries. His fingers slowed, easing her down from her high, only fully pulling out when her hips started shifting away from his ministrations.

Y/N allowed him to maneuver her body on top of his, cuddling her to his chest. He gently rubbed her back, while she caught her breath. “You okay, cutie.”

“Sorry, for hiding in your room.” Y/N apologized.

“My face was just between your thighs, and that’s the topic of conversation?” He laughed.

She hummed, nuzzling his neck. “There’s not much to say for the other subject… I can’t feel my legs.”

Denki snorted, hugging her closer. “I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“Wait, you didn’t cum.” She realized sitting up.

He gently traced up and down her sides, grinning. “That’s okay, that can wait until after our date I’m taking you on.”

She pouted down at him. “Why not before and after…?” Her question brought more life to his cock that already strained against his shorts, but he shook his head.

“It’s okay, babe.” Still she pouted at him for a moment, thoughtfulness swimming through her eyes. Suddenly, she scooted back, sliding downwards until she was pressed against his hardness.

“Please, I want to help…” She begged, softly grinding on him.

“Fuck, princess.” He groaned, his head falling back.

She felt him twitch and pushed herself harder against him. With each roll of her hips, her slick soaked through his shorts. He grabbed her hips, helping her move against his low curses escaping him. Finally, Y/N grew tired of the dry-wet- humping and raised her hip to tug his shorts down.

“Babe-.” He breathed, ready to make sure she didn’t feel pressured into it, but she stopped him with a whine.

“Please, I want you in me.” She pleaded, just hovering over his tip.

Denki nodded and watched as she slowly lowered herself onto him. He sucked in a breath, forcing himself to keep still, despite the intense urge to bury himself in her, he didn’t want to hurt her. Her head fell forwards in pleasure feeling him stretch her out so nicely. Denki was quick gently massaging her sides as he whispered soft praises to her. “You’re doing so good, babe. Relax.”

Finally, she was fully seated on him, trying to take a moment to adjust, but the fluttering of her heat broke his will and he gave a sharp thrust into her. She cried out, clamping down around him, walls rippling and juices soaking him further.

Eyes wide with lustful awe, “Fuck… Did you just cum?” He asked, redundantly.

She shuddered and panted. “N-not, oh god. Not my fault.”

He rolled them over with ease, staying inside of her and growled into her neck. “You’re so tight, fuck…”

He slowly retreated from her warmth before plunging into her. A gasping moan tumbled from her lips as he repeated his actions and she tried to lift her hips to meet him. His pace increased and he nip at her neck, lifting her legs up to wrap around his hips.

“You’re doing so good, baby. Taking my cock so well, shit.” He praised, drilling into her harder.

“Denki… I-!” Y/N’s sobbing moan and tightening walls alerted him that he had found her soft spot. “Gonna cum, gon’cum. Please, please, please. Oh my god!”

Her admission sent him into overdrive, he pulled one of her legs over his shoulder and pounded into her at a pace that sent her eyes rolling back. Her nails clawed down his back, the overstimulation making her seek out some sort of support.

“Let go, baby, I got you.” Denki kissed her cheek and trailed his hand down to draw messy shapes on her swollen clit.

It all soon became too much, and she felt the familiar knot forming in your abdomen once more. She clenched around Denki and after a few more pumps her legs started to tremble as her final release washed over her. He was quick to pull out, emptying himself on her stomach, groaning deeply as he finished.

After a moment of admiring Y/N’s fucked out state he got up to retrieve a warm towel to clean her up. She hummed as he kissed her as he cleaned her, before finally coming up to connect their lips. It was softer than the most previous ones they shared but it made her heart pound just the same, maybe even more.

“Mmm,” Y/N tapped his shoulder, pulling back. “Can we roll over, I’m lying on my tail.”

Denki chuckled, but complied, rolling onto his back, pulling her onto his chest and draw soft circles in her back. Her tail waved contently, tickling his skin when it brushed across his hand. Slowly, they drifted off, their heartbeats lulling the other half to sleep. Well, almost to sleep.

“Sparky, you see the Yokai anywh-!” Bakugo threw open Denki’s door, scarring the fuck out of both naked parties.

Denki instinctively pulled the blankets up around Y/N and coughed awkwardly. “H-hey Bakugo. Nice hair…”

Bakugo stood, face slowly reddening, jaw slack. He blinked a few times before snapping out of it. “Naked or not, you’re dying you little shit.”

Y/N squealed and scrambled out of Denki’s arms as Bakugo fell into them. “Text me!” And with that she shifted into her fox form and bolted.

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1-800-𝘊𝘙𝘜𝘚𝘏 𝘏𝘖𝘛𝘓𝘐𝘕𝘌 m.list


-`,✎ SYNOPSIS ↷ being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t even give a fuck about his surroundings is tough. to watch him grow up before your very eyes, it was hard not to fall in love with him. luckily, there’s new lovebot going around twitter. what could possibly go wrong in anonymously proclaiming your feelings, right?


-`,✎ GENRE ↷ fluff ┊ crack ┊ slice of life

-`,✎ A/N ↷ 500 followers special!!


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