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#mha incorrect quotes
tellluzaboutit · 23 hours ago
AFO to LOV : If I die, my funeral will be the biggest party in century and you're all invited.
Izuku : If?
Dabi : Great, the only party I ever been invited to and he might not even die.
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squad-of-idiots · 2 days ago
Kirishima: i'm a big fan of your work!
Mitsuki: you're probably the only fan
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yukana1995 · 2 days ago
My mom is yelling at my sister and I overheard this.
Hizashi: GO TO YOUR ROOM!!
Eri: that's not fair!!
Hizashi: DO AS I SAY!
Eri: You never send Shinsou to his room when he's in trouble!!
Hizashi: Shinsou never leaves his room. If he were in trouble I'd make him sit in the living room or go outside or talk to human beings.
Shinsou: I CAN HEAR YOU.
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Incorrect BNHA Quote #2
Kirishima: Hey.... I heard you like bad boys....
Bakugou: Um.. I guess??
Kirishima: 'Cuz I'm bad at everything *sobs while doing the fuccboy face*
Bakugou: *sighs*
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thoughtsofagremlin · 3 days ago
Uraraka: Honestly tired of the gays making out everywhere. Saw Kaminari and Sero kissing in the lunch room, Kirishima and Bakugou kissing in the hall, Momo and Jirou kissing in the dorms.
Mina: You're just mad because you're single.
Uraraka, crying: Shut up!
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kackzsuki · a day ago
Todoroki: bitches b like “im baby” but have childhood trauma and neglect like wtf do u know about being baby u were forced to grow up from an early age anyways I’m bitches
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captaincyberqueen · a day ago
Bakugou: why do I keep you around?
Deku: Because the alternative would be developing a conscience of your own
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raeynbowboi · 9 hours ago
Baby Katsuki: *wearing an All-Might Costume*
Pro-Hero: Oh Hello! Are you a little hero?
Baby Katsuki: *takes a deep whiff* I smell fear on you.
Pro-Hero: Okay, I don’t like that one.
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wolflove1o1 · 2 days ago
Okami: I live for my loved ones
Fumikage: I live for my dreams
Shihai: I live for two reasons. One, I was born. Two, I haven’t died yet
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kazumidiary · 4 hours ago
[in battle]
-aizawa: so who's turn to do a peptalk?
-todoroki: its bakugo's
-bakugou: so basically go out there and Fuck some shit up just dont die
-kazumi *weaping a tear*: insperational
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tellluzaboutit · 23 hours ago
Izuku : I need an adult.
AFO : I'm an adult.
Izuku : I need a different adult.
Toshi : Oh, hi, Young Midoriya!
Izuku : That one. I want that one.
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squad-of-idiots · a day ago
Bakugou: why are you damn extras always following me?!
Denki: cuz you know that baby i
Kirishima: i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me!
Denki and Kirishima in sync: papa-paparazzi!
Bakugou: moving on-
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humangerbil · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This panel has me dying. The potential was too great. Here are some with new text. Enjoy.
These are mine: “He's right behind me, isn't he?” “Shouto-Kun, there isn’t anything out the window. You’re scaring me.” “I suddenly have a fear of parental figures stalking me.” “Ghosts aren’t real, Todoroki-kun.” “I know he’s gone but sometimes I can still hear his voice.” “...Sometimes it feels like I’m being watched.”
These are from @thenarator​: “It’s midnight, no one’s gonna see if we make out in the common room, Shouto-kun.” “All Might is not my helicopter parent, Todoroki-kun.” “Just because it’s October 1st doesn’t mean the skeleton war has started, Todoroki-kun.” “ All Might’s dead, Todoroki-kun.”
Please, feel free to add to this. Here is the panel with the text removed. @ me if you use it because I want to see the hilarious things people can come up with.
Tumblr media
Font is Wild Words, size 28pt matched the manga. Have fun!
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Incorrect BNHA Quote #3
Kirishima: Hey Bakugo, are you goth?
Bakugo: Hell no, what gave you that impression shitty hair?!
Kirishima: I dunno, a guess you just always wear black, and that skull shirt too?
Bakugou: *shrugs* I guess.
Kirishima, whispers: goth-ugo
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thoughtsofagremlin · 2 days ago
Iida: I have to draw the line somewhere!
Midoriya: Now? It's too late. You've already attempted murder.
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kackzsuki · 2 days ago
Monoma: I’m a bad person, I’m a very bad person, I’m a horrible person.
Class 1B:
Monoma: No you’re not, Monoma! We still love you, Monoma!
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yn-for-president · a month ago
(Y/n): Twilight Sparkle was the main character because she represented the power of friendship.
Shigaraki: Please…Just let us go!
Dabi: I don’t wanna hear this anymore!!!
(Y/n): I’m not done! >:(
(Y/n): and RainbowDash was like the sporty girl~
Toga: Which one’s RainbowDash again?
All Might: I can’t tell if it was a good idea or a bad idea to put (Y/n) on Interrogation duty…
Lov, groaning in the background:
(Y/n): And AppleJack was the “YeeeHAW” Cowgirl!
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