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#mha izuku
reemiwrites · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙩. 𝟯 -𝙄𝙯𝙪𝙠𝙪 𝙈𝙞𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙮𝙖
Tumblr media
This is 100% sfw agere content. NSFW littles please dni
Tw: impure regression, mention of injury, mention of food
Tumblr media
He already knows what it is when you talk to him about it and he's 100% supportive because of course he is-
-He also offers to be your caregiver almost right away because he's a sweetheart
-“Oh I know what that is! One of my friends does it too! I babysit them sometimes, they're so cute! Hey, do you want me to take care of you too? It could be dangerous for you to be by yourself in that headspace!"
-He like NEEDS to help you out with everything. "I can do it by myself” well why would you when Izu can do it for you?
-He reaches things for you (even if you're taller than him because he knows how important it is to keep you feeling little if you're regressing purely), cooks for you, pours all your drinks and makes sure the lid is on tight, and even helps to feed you if you need it
-Also he does the airplane or train noises if you won't eat something and he makes it work every time
-Even when you're not little, he's just developed a pattern of casually taking care of you
-He'll fix the buttons on your shirt if you did them wrong, tie your shoelaces for you when he notices they've come undone, wipe off your face with a baby wipe if it gets messy, refill your waterbottle for you if he sees it's empty, and things like that
-Whatever you want to do when you're small, he's on board and will make it happen
-Wanna go on on adventure? Great! He'll take you to the forest near U.A and play with you for as long as you want, keeping a very close eye to make sure you don't get hurt
-Wanna just cuddle and watch a movie? Well Izu's perfect for cuddles and he has every single disney movie known to man
-He's open to anything and just loves seeing you happy and will do anything to make that happen
-Like Katsuki, Izuku loves to spoil you
-If he has to go on a mission or he's been busy, he'll always bring you home a new stuffie as an apology. He also loves just randomly buying you new toys or pacifiers (if you use them) or just anything else to make you feel safe
-He's also very weak to you when you're small so he often has to bribe you to do what he needs you to do
-“If you eat all of your vegetables you can have three scoops of ice cream instead of two, that sound good?"
-He feels too bad to get upset with you for anything so you mostly live your little life without consequences until you're big again and have to get the crayon off the wall before Aizowa sees
-This man will bowl his eyes out if you color something for him and then put it up in his room and proceed to talk about it with anyone who will listen-
-You're just an adorable little artist and he wants your skills to be appreciated by all
-While his first aid kit that he carries around is for anyone who needs help, he has special stuff in it that's just for you. Cutely colored bandaids, stickers, and candy are all hidden at the bottom and reserved for you or little kids that he finds hurt
-He doesn't like when his baby gets an ouchie and he wants you to have something positive with whatever bruise or scrape you just got from whatever game you were playing
-Also: "You want me to kiss it better, sweetheart?” cuz he's adorable and the best-
-He's very good at helping you when you regress impurely. He always knows exactly what to say and what to do
-He has you count to 20 with him until your breathing is stable and you've stopped crying so he can ask you what's wrong
-If you're okay being touched, he'll carry you to go get a cookie because you deserve one before carrying you back to bed and cuddling with you until you can fall asleep
-If not, he'll still stay with you and do whatever you need to do to destress or cope, making a mental note to get you a cookie when you're calmer and he can leave you alone
-Reemi's caregiver rating for Izuku Midoriya: 10/10 he's perfect
Tumblr media
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩: @oririon @uwiuwi @babyshoyo @haitanihime @courtneypaigemartin @dannyd4life @moonroyalt @midniightdemons @bleedingpeachez @adhd-introvert @may-machin @pradaandlucifer @flowergirlmae @uttermessjess @maroonmagic @bakusandwich @simpxxslutxx @x-witchbitch-x @whatsgoingoninsidemyhead-blog @fancyjellyfishcake
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sukislady · 2 days ago
⚠️tw ⚠️ small panic attack!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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part 18┊confessed
Tumblr media
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bemylord · 6 months ago
ʜᴏᴡ'ᴅ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴇᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ
Tumblr media
characters: bakugou, deku, shouto, dabi, hawks, aizawa.
warnings: aged-up!boiz, eager pussy eater, fingering, face-sitting, spanking, nicknames, voyeurism [dabi], quirk mentioned.
remark: yeap, again to the mha guys bc i missed them. and wow. it is wow!
Tumblr media
ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ ᴋᴀᴛꜱᴜᴋɪ
eager pussy eater. you can't and shouldn't convince me otherwise.
lick from the clit to the ass. the one who'd be licking two holes, put a thumb on your clit to slightly drawing circles on the overstimulated bug.
degrade you whilst fingering you.
'ya like it when i'm fingering you in the office so everyone can hear how are you becoming a slut for me?'
'don't be shy now, slut, let 'em hear your pretty voice.'
likes to lick you as a punishment treatment thus your pussy would be melting under his tongue.
his favorite position is - when you're on all fours so he could lick you from pussy to the asshole.
if bakugou is eating your pussy, he'd be teasing your another hole with a finger and vice versa; if he's licking your ass, his two fingers would be stretching your walls.
he won't give you his dick until you squirt.
ᴍɪᴅᴏʀɪʏᴀ ɪᴢᴜᴋᴜ
the slow pace and slow movements.
i think izuku loves to wake you up with his mouth on your pussy as he's practically making out.
could destroy your morning by his nimble tongue on your clit, slowly guides to the slit, he might cause the ticklish sensation of having the tip of his tongue trying to enter your hole.
at first, he didn't know where to put a tongue and how to lick you appropriately to bring you a piece of the orgasm. give him time and deku would lick every last drop of your oozing hole, as you're lost in the paradise.
fingering and fingering which brings you to the new and new climax. i think if deku turns into the darker side of his personality, which is kinkier [more kinky], you'd be handcuffed as izuku can't get enough of your pussy.
in the midst of the heat, izuku puts you on all fours to eat your pussy and spank your ass.
'count my spankings and if you lose the count, i won't let you cum.'
ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴏ
actually, shouto is seemed to be a giver than a receiver.
he lives for the hours when you're lying on the back and his face between your quivering legs as you're reaching the orgasm.
always starts from nipples as his fingers find themselves on your slit, teasing the hole with the fingertip.
'you want my fingers inside while i'm playing with your nipples?'
i guess shou would be licking your pussy and play with nipples or explore your body with his pads, memorizing every curve, every inch of your body.
he likes praise how good you're giving your juices to taste him, how good your voice has broken over your groaning, whimpering of inexhaustible pleasure.
todoroki likes a slow, tantalizing movement of his tongue guides from the moisten entrance to do clitoris, without pausing the contact to make indecipherable strokes on the lump of nerves and back again.
he makes sure you moisten and wet enough to take his cock.
the man always makes you squirt. don't ask me how, dabi is good at it.
calling you princess as you're cumming, thus your mind will be be completely in his possession and you'll beg for more.
you can describe him as an unbearable pussy eater. why? the villian enjoys to give you an oral in the place you might get caught. but the feeling of getting caught is arousing you more.
he'd be eating you even more relentlessly if someone will caught you.
likes 69 position, thus you and him will both benefit - he pushes deep into your throat and feels how much you like it.
dabi loves to fuck you dumb and pliable as you have no more force to put a resistance. although, if you'd have the force, he'd break all your hints towards his attempts to turn you into his obedient slut.
do not try to be shy or innocent, you will have the corruption with this man. you're gonna tell him what to do, how and where you need his tongue, the rhythm and pace, trust me, you are the one dabi will do everything for.
face-sitting kink or position. give. him. that.
keigo enjoys starting from your ankles, kissing your legs to the place you need to be touched.
likes to hold your hand or rub your hips. he likes to have physical contact with you to feel as you're clutching his hand when you're gonna melt and give you cum to his tongue.
the toy? what for? baby, he can control his feathers. imagine him sitting in the chair across from you, playing with your swollen clit with a feather, pronouncing dirty phrases.
'i haven't touched your pussy with my fingers and you are already the drooling mess, my little bird.'
if keigo in the mood for the little game, as i mentioned above, he'd guide the feather when you're working in your office or patrolling the city, taking you spontaneously in a small alleyway, bringing you to ecstasy only with using his quirk.
ᴀɪᴢᴀᴡᴀ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴀ
mixed one man. like, he enjoys licking you slowly, yet as you will bounce against his face to have more attention, he'd lick you ravenously, building the climax one by one.
mirror sex. he will command you to watch him lick your pussy and if you'll roll your eyes over the pleasure or you'd break the contact - well. girl. good luck.
he puts the vibrator inside your pussy as licking your clit. aizawa's ears must be in heaven as you're whimpering, begging to turn off the toy because it's too much for you.
he doesn't stop the torture. aizawa place two fingers in your mouth to quell your voice as you're reaching another orgasm, the count you don't remember. the tears are running over your cheeks, you arch your back, trying to dodge his tongue.
'it's too much, my little kitten, too much for you? give your daddy one more climax and you'll have my thick cock.'
using his quirk when you accidentally used your quirk when you've got your climax. aizawa likes to tie you up with his bandages [scarf] around your body so you can't move.
likes and reblogs are welcome <3
© all content belongs to bemylord. do not modify or repost without my permission.
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iara-png · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I tried doing now a TODODEKU fusion (*´ω`*) his green hair is lighter bc of the mix of Todoroki’s white hair and the green from Deku’s hair >:3
I wonder how their personality would be ꒡ꆚ꒡
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Rody: The moon looks beautiful, doesn’t it?
Todoroki , looking at Rody: Yeah… but do you know what’s more beautiful?
Rody and Todoroki in unison: *sighs* Deku
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gumipawz · a month ago
Tumblr media
CRAVING | izuku midoriya
“cant wait ‘til i get home so you can see.”
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, fem!reader, lots of praise, slight breeding, squirting, dacryphilia, oral sex (f!receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, some laughter during sex, kitchen counter sex, izu’ calls reader ‘pretty girl,’ ‘baby,’ and ‘bunny’ a lot
word count: 4k
a/n: this was originally supposed to take a whole different route with some arguing then make up sex? but i couldn’t do it, izu’s too sweet ): this + the title (obviously) was inspired by this song, however, during the sex scene, i had this song on repeat and i really dunno why. it just fit to me for some reason so, lol, yeah. enjoy! feedback appreciated. minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
the sudden thud of the front door closing makes your shoulders jump up to your ears in a flinch. there’s a heavy sigh following it and a thrash of keys hitting the key tray before lumbering footsteps start to make their way for where you stand inside the kitchen, lower back pressed into the granite counter in front of the sink where you had only been washing the dishes a few moments ago. izuku appears in the threshold and stops there for a moment to give you an apologetic smile — worn-out and weary around the edges. his green curls are more disheveled than how they were prior to him bolting up from the dining room table two hours ago to make a break for a sudden assignment he got called in on and leaving you alone. you had finished the entire bottle of wine sitting on the table between the two plates of seared steak and roasted vegetables before you blew out the candles and grabbed the porcelain to dump clean and wash.
and now he’s back, and you . . you are standing before one another, you, still dressed in your white, long sleeved, cowl neck dress and favorite, nude rene caovilla, high heeled sandals, no longer feeling the same rush of excitement you were two hours ago to celebrate the milepost of your seven-year anniversary.
“i’m sorry.”
the words come out of his mouth soft and discordant, like he was exhausted inward and out and you can only stare. stare at how anguish and heartache lade inside the dark greens of his eyes as his shoulders slump with his dejection of knowing you were disappointed with him. “i’m sorry,” he repeats again when you don’t answer, this time a little firmer while taking a step towards you. “i keep doing this, i know. i, i’m sorry—“
“—it’s fine,” you turn to grab a napkin and rip it off the roll to dry your damp hands. “it’s fine, izuku. really, baby – it is.” you can’t express how much you mean it because it truly is okay. you’ve known since the both of you were sixteen years old that izuku would amount to great things — that he’d be a great, no, a phenomenal, extraordinary hero. it’d be selfish of you to want your fiancé here with you when out in the real world there are people who need saving, right? it’d be greedy . . and stingy . . and just downright mean to want your fiancé all to yourself for a day or two instead of just a couple hours when he’s back from work, tuckered out, sore, and spent, only bent on a hot shower and sleep, right?
you feel his arms wrap around your waist, strong and firm, nothing but sinewy muscle under scarred skin and — you can’t help it, you sigh in sweet content and tilt your head against the muscle of his pec, allowing him to kiss the area just underneath your jawline near your ear. “you can be angry with me, y’know?” he mutters into the skin. “don’t think you have to hold it all in. i know you’ve been planning today for weeks, baby.”
you smile at his gentle sentiments and flutter your eyes open, which you hadn’t even known you closed, to turn around in his grasp and look up into his, “i’m serious. it’s fine, you’re a . .” your tiny hands slide up the stretched denim material of his hero ensemble to his shoulders to grip. “you’re a hero, izu’. you have priorities and responsibilities and, i understand. i don’t think i could ever be angry at you – especially over a situation like this.”
he’s staring at you for a long while, face unchanging aside from his eyes that are looking between yours, flicking between each iris as if he were trying to read something inside of them. and you let him; but you know he isn’t going to find anything you didn’t express palpably because your words are honest. there isn’t an angry bone in your body when it comes to dealing with the man in front of you. “why are you so perfect, hm?” his calloused palm cups the side of your face and, instinctively, your tinier one comes up to wrap around his wrist as you nuzzle into his clutch like a keening kit. “so sweet — too sweet . . why are you . . .?”
he stares again, this time with his lips turning down at the corners into a little frown. he looks . . angry almost and it makes your eyebrows dip in concern before you feel the sudden push of his lips into yours. he’s kissing you like you’re a breath of fresh air after he’s been underwater for too long — deep and only immersed in you, you, you. it makes you hiccup and stand on your tip toes with initial surprise before one of your hands is sliding across the broad expanse of his shoulders to tangle your fingers into the mess of curls that sit at the nape of his neck. “hm,” he huffs out through his nose and anchors your hips firmly between his hands to pull your pelvis into his. “so fuckin’ . . patient and understanding and . .” he makes another little sound of frustration before he’s turning on the balls of his feet to spin you back into the island that sits in the middle of the kitchen and lifts you onto it.
his words make you giggle. “isn’t that,” you’re out of breath already. “i-isn’t that a good thing, izuku?”
“ ‘s an amazing thing,” his hands cup the back of your knees to push your legs up. it’s so sudden that your hands slam on the granite behind you to catch yourself as you choke on a gasp and your ass ends up halfway hanging off of the edge. “makes me feel like i don’t deserve you.”
your bottom lip juts out in a precious pout at his words – they make your brain go a little fuzzy around the edges, too before you’re recognizing the slight tickle of his fingernails dragging up the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. “perfect, lil’ housewife, too. always makin’ sure ‘m safe and careful when i leave for work,” his eyes are going a little hazy and you can admit that you’re familiar with the look he’s giving you right now. “so perfect f’me.”
he drops to his knee, all while tearing off the sheer, pine-green thong you wore to toss to the floor and spread you open wide. the action has your smooth, puffy lips gapping apart in the slightest to reveal your swollen clit peeking out from between them, neglected and needy. a pool of saliva gathers on the pad of the hero’s tongue in longing before he’s inching in close to press sweet kisses along the apex of your thigh, blinking his eyes open and up to gauge the dreamy expression laid over your face. lips parted, eyes glassy, and eyebrows cut close as if you could already feel his tongue where you needed him most.
usually he likes teasing you, likes blowing a puff of air on that swollen bud to watch you clench and whine in vexation, likes kitten licking your entrance with a smile on his face to make you sniffle and cry when you get upset with him . .
but today, he thinks you deserve every and anything you want — you always do. “want my tongue, pretty girl?” he hums his question just to be sure while his thumbs spread your thick lips farther apart to display the bale of satiny pink behind them. “hm?”
you nod and nibble on the plush, glossed skin of your bottom lip, always so shy and timid with your words. ninety percent of the time, izuku has to coax them out of you because you never sounded sweeter than when you were shyly vocalizing what you wanted him to do to you. “tell me,” he coo’d softly. “tell me what you want me to do, bunny.”
you whine and frown, wiggling your hips impatiently. “i want . . i want your tongue, izu’. want it on my clit.”
there’s heat buried in the cool greens of his eyes that stare up into yours through short, webbed lashes. heat so scalding that it makes your body buzz in longing before it’s dampening with the wide brush of his tongue from your hole up to your clit. izuku feels a shudder run up from the soles of his feet to the curls that flop atop his head at the tart, saltish taste of your sweet slick. it’s thick and drips down into the back of his throat like syrup with each lap and swallow. “izu’,” you gasp and fist the frizzy coils of his hair, holding on tight when he suctions his lips around your throbbing clit.
he’s right there.
he’s itching that itch that’s been vibrating inside the blood running through your veins for months now. your needy pussy is pulsing out pools and pools of your nectar that drips over onto his awaiting tongue and across the freckles that dot his cheeks. he looks so . . shameless, so lewd with his face between your legs, looking up at you as if he is saying ‘this is where i want to live out the rest of my days – where i truly belong,’ that it makes your slam your eyes closed in fear of cumming too fast.
“no. look at me.”
you gasp when he slides his tongue past your oozing hole to push it as far as it can go then pulls it back out. “look at me, bunny.” he does it again and you flit your heavy eyes open, whimpering at the picture he makes. you watch his thick, long tongue trace the letters of his name on the puffed pink of your clit . . over and over and over, claiming you as his forever and always. god, it’s so much. the visual, the sounds, how it feels. you throw your head back with your toes curling inside your heels, abdomen rolling and tensing with your breaths as you fight the screw hitching inside your core. “doin’ so good f’me,” he pulls his mouth away to ease his middle finger inside your cunt to the knuckle, watching your walls constrict around it as it already stretches you out. his ring finger isn’t far off and he lets them sit there for a second, let’s his palm touch your clit as his fingers curl up and down, brushing against a bundle of skin angled near the roof of your pussy that was textured and swelled.
your g spot is sensitive — a little more sensitive than average. him touching it always manages to make you squeak out a curse and fight to snap your trembling legs closed, whimpering, “wait, wait, w-wait,”
izuku kisses his teeth and pushes one of your thighs back open firmly and keeps it there, picking up a quick rhythm of pushing his fingers in and out while his tongue snakes along your clit again, dragging zigzags and swirls before he suckles it. and it’s an overwhelming mix. izuku has you right where he wants you, pinned to the granite by the simple weight of his tongue, fingers, and hand, yet you feel like the top of your head has been screwed off to allow your mind to float off into space. withal the shaking and crying and whimpering and pleads, he doesn’t allow you to move a muscle and with one last push of his fingers against your g-spot and his tongue on your clit, your cum is spraying out of you in pulsing shots, surprising you both.
“o-oh . . . god!” you fall onto the weight of your forearm with your opposite hand squeezing the strands of his curls. it’s so much . . and he’s lapping it all up, groaning low inside the back of his throat at how good you taste. “n-n’more,” you’re sniffling, a lone, inky-black tear falling off the mascara-coated lashes lining your bottom lash line. “no more, izu’, please.”
that’s when he pulls his fingers out and his face back to slowly stand and smile. “no more?” his hands press into the counter beside your body as he looms above you, wide, big, and strong, caging you in with no where to go. “you sure? i wanted to make my bunny feel good s’more.” a drop of your slick falls off of his chin and down to your moving chest as you blink up into his eyes, staring up into dilated pupils and sweet smile with something much more hungry laying beneath them both. “you’re not gonna let me do that?”
you feel his finger touch your slit with a feather light skim, but it still makes you twitch as if you had been shocked. you wanted to say something — anything, but it’s like each time you had parted your lips to say something, your brain couldn’t think of a word aside from, “pl . . please?”
izuku’s smile seems to widen. “please.” he softly repeats underneath his breath as his coarse palm wraps around the length of your throat to push your chin up and force you to meet his eyes again. “how sweet — say it for me one more time?”
you swallow and he feels it. you watch his smile fall just the tiniest bit as his grip tightens in the slightest. “. . please, izu’?”
izuku weakly whispers something like ‘my fuckin’ god,’ prior to smashing his lips into yours again as his hands pull down the shoulders of your dress to force your arms out of it and allow the mounds of your breasts to spill out. he’s peppering firm, wet kisses down the length of your neck, leaving your eyes rolling back into your skull as you hold onto the fabric of his costume, allowing him to pull away just a bit to angle his head down and take one, sensitive nipple into his mouth. he pushes both of your tits close together to trade between them both when he wants and nips, bites, and sucks, permitting you to mewl and take it. “so perfect f’me,” the thick leather of his holster wrapped around his waist drops to the floor with a loud clatter after he unbuckles it. “always so pretty and sweet and . . — god, ‘m in love with you.”
he says this while he has his hips nestled between your legs, costume pulled down halfway to his thighs to allow enough room for him to give his aching cock the freedom to spring up into the air conditioned draft floating within your home. you go heart eyed at the view of him — thick, hard, and uncut. “c-can i . . .?” you never finish your question because your hand is slithering between your bodies to use your thumb to pull the soft skin back and rub it over his weepy tip. you gather just enough of his precum to coat the pad of your thumb before you’re bringing it up to your lips and laying it over your tongue, laving up the salty tang you consider yourself obsessed with for years now. “oh god.”
you hadn’t even known you closed your eyes while savoring the taste until you bat them open again and take in izuku’s slack mouthed stare. he doesn’t think he can hold himself back anymore because he’s crowding over you again while wrapping an arm around your lower back to pull your chest against his. at that point, he grabs the base of his cock to tap against your fat, messy pussy, adoring the wet clicks it makes with each one. his veins are thrumming with rushing blood, making his tip much more red and sensitive that normal. he’s already moaning while circling it around your little hole, still wet and messy from your cum and his saliva. “open just a little wider f’me — there you go.” he’s popping the head of his dick pass that first band of muscle and you’re already keening and sinking your acrylic nails into the meat of his biceps. “ouu, good girl.”
he shushes you and pushes in an added inch ahead of pulling his hips back and working in another. it’s a process that gets your walls loosening and welcoming all eight inches of him happily only seconds later. and when his balls are pressed against the soft skin of your puckered taint, he holds the bottom of your jaw in his hand again to slant your pretty face back up to his and kiss the pout off of your lips.
with a distraction set in place, he picks up a slow rhythm . . pulling out carefully and rolling his hips back in. it makes you gasp into the warmth of his mouth, feeling your body melt with each thrust he gives you as your pussy clamps down on him, “ ‘s . . it’s big, izuku,” you whimper, looking up at him underneath your lashes.
“shh, i know, baby, i know – just gotta relax. you gotta open u-up for izu’,” he licks his thumb and presses it against your clit to rub it in steady circles.
you’ve never been one to hold in your moans. you welcome the two, contrasting feelings of the pain and pleasure of his cock bullying it’s way deeper and deeper inside your tiny cunt and the swirls bore down on your bud with cute hiccups and moans of his name, leaning back onto one of your palms to give him more room to work with.
izuku’s dazed off of you — eyes half lidded, lips parted to emit heavy breaths, and sculpted abdomen tensing when he starts to pick up a quicker pace. “there you go,” he groans and looks down to watch your walls drag against the shaft of his dick each time he pulled out like you didn’t want to let him go. “f-fuck, you feel . . so fuckin’ good.”
there’s loud squelches mingling in with the thick clapping of skin booming off the walls inside the kitchen. your tits bounce with the hard pounds he’s pressing into your body and you can’t help but fall back on your forearm, legs lifting higher as you do. “d-deeper, izu’, deeper,”
“deeper?” he gathers the back of your thighs inside of his large hands to bend and press them against your chest, angling his body slightly over yours to push his cock faster and further into the tight cove of your cunt with his full, heavy balls slugging and pounding into the furrow of your asshole now. you’re incapable of words, just pathetic sounds of ‘ngh, hng, ah, o-oh god.’ you wrap your own arms around the back of your thighs to keep them in place and hold still while his tip starts to dig into that pretty, little burrow inside you that makes spit gather inside your mouth and drive your brain empty.
izuku notices this. he smiles above you again, curls bouncing on his forehead and voice breathless when he asks, “mm, right there, pretty girl? want izu’ right there?”
there’s a halo of cream gathering at the foundation of his cock that smears and laminates the rest of the skin an angelic, pearly white. you nod, looking up at him with the dearest expression on your face — eyes wide and glassed over with your cute, little mouth open. he can’t help but push your legs out of the way to kiss you again, dipping his tongue inside to rub it over the roof of your mouth and taste the cloyingly sweet moans of his name pushing from it. “pussy’s s-so fuckin’ good,” he whines with you, having to lay one of his arms above your head to keep you from sliding up the counter with the sweat that’s starting to glisten on your lower back. “doin’ so well f’me, makin’ . . makin’ me feel so good, baby. thank you, thank you,”
“hngg — w-want . . want babies, want your babies, izu’,” you babble with him on half a mind. all you know is that you want it deeper and harder and faster and more, more, more.
something inside of izuku seems to ignite at your words, even so. makes him slide you further up just so that he can place one knee on the counter beside your hip and fuck you at a pace that has you knowing that for the next few days, you were going to need a pack of frozen peas icing your bruised pussy.
you’re aware that there’s tears trickling down your temples as you’re forced to keep still and take each thrust. izuku’s huffing into the crook of your neck. “gonna give you them, g-give you anythin’ you want, bunny,” he whines. “how many, hm? tell me.”
through your haze, you manage to smile and find a little humor in the question, “w-want four,” you giggle weakly which makes him huff a little laugh, too. “four?” he croons in a soft tone while thinking. “g-gonna give you six.”
“izuuuu’,” you have to hold onto his shoulders again when his pace picks up once more and his index and middle finger join the mix to draw clumsy circles on the buzzing surface of your clit. you hear him mumbling faintly about how you’re going to look so pretty walking down in aisle to him come eight more months, how cute you’re going to be swollen with his kids as his darling, little housewife, how he was going to make you his and his only.
you cum with his promises being sweetly murmured into your ear — creamy-white, watery pulsating squirts that gushes from your pussy at the speed of a jet. “don’t stop, don’t stop, izu’ . .” you’re sobbing and bubbling his name through a coarse throat. “oh g-god, fuck,”
he’s moaning with you, dropping his hips faster and faster while driving you into overstimulation. with each splash that pushes out of you, your cunt spasms and squeezes him just the tiniest bit tighter to let it all out. he focuses on that, along with your hiccuped breaths drafting over the shell of his ear and your soft hands sliding up his back to rub through his hair. “cum f’me, izu’,” you’re whispering and it’s . . . immediate.
his eyes roll into the back of his head when the first spout of his cum rushes out from the head of his cock and inside of your womb. there’s more following — shot after shot after shot and it’s so much. there’s some already leaking from around his shaft as he shivers and keeps still, not making a move to pull out until you’re whining with the weight of him pushing your thighs right up against your ribcage. “izuku.”
he hums and manages to settle down and regain his composure about a minute later to take in your current position then blushes, “oh . . ‘m sorry, baby,” he unravels your legs to let them fall around his waist and lays his chest against yours.
you gather his face in your hands and make him look up at you, “you okay?”
he nods and kisses your lips, taking in the ruined mascara smeared along your eyes, cheeks, and temples, the messy hair, and small, wine colored bruises already starting to bloom along your neck and tits. “. . are you okay?”
the way he asks the question makes you fluster because you know you look a mess with all the crying you were doing. you smack his shoulder and huff with faux irritation, making him chuckle and kiss you once more. “so . .” he utters on the soft skin. “four kids, huh? we never talked about that.”
“six?” you roll your eyes while grinning. “please, izuku. four is the max, okay?”
he smirks, something playfully devious shining beneath those pretty, green eyes of his that makes your own squint in slight suspicion. “sure. whatever you want.”
you decide to press him for the details of his surely ‘diabolical plan’ another day. right now all you want is, “bath, dinner, and cuddles, please?”
once again, he offers you whatever your precious heart desires.
Tumblr media
© COPYRIGHT. all content belongs to GUMIPAWZ! 🔗 do not modify, claim, share or repost on other platforms.
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mari-the-bimbo · 23 days ago
Rich bf! Izuku
A/N: Just some headcanons, as I promised! Hope you enjoy! <3
Pairings: Izuku x reader (Aged up! Izuku)
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya, the heir to all of All Might’s businesses and riches. He can get anything at the click of his fingers, but all he wants in life is you.
Yes, the next big shot of Japan, who was heads over heels for some random civilian.
He was stuck in a trance ever since he met you. And he did everything under the sun to gain your love
Suddenly delivering expensive luxury gifts to your apartment, bribing big companies into offering you job guarantees and internships, offering you rides everywhere you go,
Even letting you meet All Might because knew you’re a big fan.
“Oh it’s really nothing y/n” he’ll say with a sweet, kind smile. How could you not catch feelings?
Once you finally developed feelings for him and accepted his confession, oh boy, you became the most spoilt person in the world.
Midoriya didn’t get much female attention in his younger years, hence why he’s so clingy with you, eager for your love and attention. He always wants touch you.
If you’re in public, it’s just a hand on your waist, caressing the area, or if you’re in his office, you’re sprawled across his lap as he urgently presses wet kisses to your neck, his large hands roaming to places it shouldn’t, leaving you whining and squirming (just how he likes it)
But you always get rewarded afterwards with some designer jewellery. A small smile on his face as you sit on his lap giggling as he helps you wear the cartier love necklace he brought for you.
A hand on his chin and a lovesick gaze on you as he watches you excitedly look at the necklace in the mirror. “It’s so pretty Izu!” You squeal.
“A pretty necklace for my pretty baby” he replies.
His favourite way to spend his money is to buy jewellery and pretty gifts for his pretty doll <3
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succubirevenge · 23 days ago
Dom!Izuku x Fem!Reader...
I found the idea of reader pretending to top Deku while getting absolutely annihilated in the bedroom so hot. Add in Izuku finding out and punishing you...
Tumblr media
“How’s your relationship with Deku going?” you hear Uraraka ask a sly smile creeping across her lips as she looks in your direction. You and the girls have come to a local café to catch up between the hero missions and the endless paperwork. Your relationship with Izuku is a new one with both of you only recently feeling comfortable with your positions on the chart to even consider spending time not frantically working.
“It’s going fine I guess, not much to say on that front.”
The girls all nodded in sympathy.
“Yeah, Deku doesn’t seem like the thrilling type.” You start agreeing before you can catch yourself.
“He’s just ... kinda shy y’know .”
More nods and it isn’t until Mina makes a pointed remark about how you mindful you inevitably have to be in your relationship, that you realize the hole that you have just dug yourself into.
Izuku's cock is a thick rod against your thigh. His tip is flushed a cherry red and droplets of watery pre-cum trail down the daunting length. A shallow groove traces the base of his cock to its bulbous mushrooming head with webbing veins that accentuate his girth. You sit on your knees on the hard laminated floor. Your wide eyes desperately looking up at his cold form, his eyes just trailing down your naked body. You make a small gesture to get closer to his cock. Each one is met with a small slap. His calloused hand leaves your skin hot to the touch and bright red. Even when using only a fraction of his strength.
“Yeah, I wish he was more aggressive.”
A hand grabs your cheeks, mushing them together before rubbing his cock against the delicate line of your nose. His cum smears on your face. He pulls your mouth open letting a slow dribble of saliva waterfall into your mouth. Izuku doesn’t look the slightest bit impressed by your desperation, instead, he rolls his eyes and shoves his cock into your wet cavern. At his abrupt entry, your teeth graze his cock and he twists your nipples in response.
His rough fingers pull your hard nipples taut, then twist left and right. He continues to push his cock further into your mouth, ignoring the squeals you let out as he continues to torment your aching nipples, making them hold the weight of your breasts by holding each nipple high. He presses into the back of your mouth with the tip of his cock, forcing you to gag. Each shudder and retch only leaves your tongue quivering in your mouth and rubbing delightfully across his dick.
“I do like him but I just don’t like having to baby him so much.”
A cruel pace started from the get-go. His cock thrusting in and out of the mouth. Your hands uselessly grasp his thighs but your digging nails don’t make him slow down at all. Your hair is looped around his hand and used as a pulley as he fucks into your mouth. His cock is at its deepest, his head is lodged down your throat and your muscles squeeze it erratically as you try not to vomit. You try to move your tongue around his dick but it's so thick that there isn’t any space left. As more and more time passes you begin to feel light-headed getting choked out by his dick. He finally relents when you begin to see spots in your vision. Your pussy getting wet at how he uses your throat as an onahole.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if Y/N had to use a strap on to get any action.”
His hands clamp around your ankles spreading you wide as you now lie on your bed. The silk sheets only make the action flow more smoothly. The two fingers that pump in and out of your sloppy pussy immediately hone in on your g spot. Pressing against the swollen bump as he coaxes more slick out of your cunt. You never get to cum though because as soon as your whines increase in volume he pulls his fingers out only gracing your pussy with a sharp slap. You uselessly wiggle your hips towards his palm but he’s long since moved again. Izuku wraps his lips around your nipple. He makes long sucks that stretch your tit, the pliable fat pulling as the suction creates a painful stimulation. Teeth bite between his nursing, quickly leave your tits a tender mess. Before long each suck feels like it’s a live wire to your clit, leaving you more and more turned on.
“How do you have any sex if he gets constant nosebleeds anytime he sees you naked?”
Izuku rubs the throbbing tip of his dick against your cunt, circling your clit with a surprisingly gentle touch. He slides in easily. Your body has become lax under your constant orgasm denial. Desperate for any type of stimulation at this point. His thrusts are slow but deep. Hitting your cervix only to pull out. Your cunt getting caught on the flare of his cockhead. A loud slapping sound fills the room and his heavy, heavy balls hit against your ass. He doesn’t stop his thrust until his pubes press against your clit. Your nub is so sensitive at this point that the grazes feel painful now. Your hands are looped around his neck and your lips mouthing at his neck, tendons tense as he uses every ounce of strength thrusting into you. The bed rocks with every push that hammers in to your hungry cunt. Finally, when Izuku's thighs begin to twitch and his cock jerks inside your pussy's wet grasp, his fingers come to your clit. Each swirl is complimented his nails slightly digging in until you begin to tense up. Your vision whites out and blood rushes in your ears as your body trembles in the wake of your orgasm. After coming to attention, you feel the hot warmth of Izuku's cum inside you.
“What were you saying about having to baby me, Y/N?”
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planetsano · 5 months ago
operation: daddy day.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis ↷ izuku gets a pussyjob before a homemade breakfast as a father’s day treat.
warnings ↷ dubcon, stepcest, stepdad! pro hero! izuku, age gap (40s vs. 20s), “daddy,” somnophilia, infidelity, power dynamics, bit of size kink if you squint.
character ↷ izuku midoriya.
Tumblr media
Izuku wasn’t a man that asked for too much. All he expected from you was that you behave while living under his roof. Be a good little girl and sit pretty for him then you'd get everything you wanted. You didn’t have to worry your darling little head about much because daddy took care of any issue there was, he always did. Even if it seemed to be minor inconveniences that only spoiled brats struggled with.
For example, not being able to decide on what to wear to one of those fancy hero dinner parties he always brought you to. Daddy always told you what garments you looked nice wearing and what silhouettes he preferred you in without being mean about his choice of words. He always sat so patient on the edge of your bed watching you pace back and forth rambling and whining about skirts— things that won't even matter in the next hour. Daddy was always so sweet and helpful. He took care of you so well. Maybe too well..
Close, you two are very close. Too close to be family because you did things that daddies and daughters shouldn't do. It was wrong, Izuku knew it but how was he supposed to help that his new wife's daughter was an absolute thirst trap. Come on, you knew better than to walk around the house in his merch. An oversized Deku t-shirt that rode up over the curve of you ass to show those pretty emerald green lace panties. You knew better than to leave lingering kisses on his cheek before he left for his shifts, you knew better than to sit on his lap, whisper borderline innuendos into his ear and start calling him "daddy" instead of "dad" or even just by his name.
But then again, he knew better. Izuku was well aware that it was wrong to fist at his fat, throbbing cock in the shower to the thought of pounding into your tight little cunt. He knew that it was bad idea to come into your room that night. But he wanted to be a good father figure! His little girl was having a hard time sleeping, isn't it only right for him to lull her to bed? What kind of dad would he be? Izuku couldn't stop the hardening of his cock the more your ass rubbed against him under the covers. He remembers well. He remembers how silent your room seemed to be— you gentle adjustments were turned into blatant grinding against his front. His thick cock pressing into the dip of your ass like missing piece to a puzzle. Izuku was wrong to push your panties to the side so he could slip his cock into you slick pussy. He was wrong to relish in the sweet but filthy moans that escaped your lips that night. It was all sinful, and yet neither of you found an once of regret in your being.
You loved your daddy. Sure, he wasn’t your real dad but you still treated and cared for him like he was. That’s why this day is so special! It was only right to return all the kind favors Izuku has done for you by making the day as easy as possible for him. A special “thank you” for being such a good daddy. He’s always taking care of you, it was your turn to take care of him.
That's how you found yourself all giddy as you made your way down the hall and to his bedroom in the dewy hours of the morning. The soft but quick pitter patter of your feet against the floor mirrored your excitement. Today was going to be the best day ever, you were sure of it. Everything was already all planned out but first thing on the operation Daddy Day agenda was to greet him for breakfast.
Your hand twisted the silver knob to the master bedroom gently, pushing the door open to be greeted with a sight that was almost too good too be true.
Izuku's large body sprawled out against the soft looking blankets and sheets peacefully asleep as the rays of golden sunlight kissed his face and body. He wore nothing but a pair of navy blue boxer briefs, the scars littered across his muscular and toned body on full display. The closer you approached the bed, you saw how handsome he looked. Green curls more wild than usual, freckles speckled prettily over his features and lips so kissable and plump. Mm, you were so smitten with the pro hero.
You climbed into bed with him, sitting on your knees beside him with a gentle hand running along the ridges of his abs. He only shifted slightly. Your eyes wandered the man, a minx-like smile forming on your lips when you saw that he was hard. The outline of his cock pressed painfully against his briefs forming an delectable outline. You wondered what kind of naughty dreams he had been having the night before. You could only hope they were about you, choosing ignore the unpleasant pang of jealousy in your chest the longer you thought about it.
“Daddy, wake up.” You whispered. Your hand cupping at his hardened cock through the thin material of his underwear. You felt his twitch at the contact in his sleep, it only urged you on more seeing the small dot of precum oozing from his tip through the cloth. A familiar heat and throbbing came from between your thighs. “Daddy.” You tried again but he didn't budge. He was always a bit of a heavy sleeper.
You bit your lip with a smile as you slid off your panties before them somewhere off to the side. Your thighs found either side of him, your weight distributed on both sides equally before easing down on his waist being sure not to rock him too much. Your hands found quick use, pulling Izuku's cock from its prison. You watched as his brows knit together once your hand wrapped around his girth. It felt so heavy in your hands— he was just so fucking big. He was tanned, veiny and flushed an angry red at the glistening tip.
You positioned your hips in a way that pressed your cunt directly against his shaft. A soft whimper escaped your lips when you felt just how warm he was. Izuku's cock was pulsating, you could feel it. You began to roll your hips up and down his length, adoring the feeling of your clit rubbing up and down his cock. You watched in awe as his dick produced more precum, oozing out in clear beads. There was a prominent vein that was providing an extra simulation— making you toss your head back in a silent moan. There was a shift under you followed by a voice that was simply music to your ears.
“What’re you doin’, baby?” Izuku's voice was low and groggy— deeper than it usually was due to him being pulled out of REM sleep. Izuku lifted his head from his pillow and his tired eyes were met with his baby girl's wet pussy grinding on his dick. "Oh, fuck--" He let out through a breathy moan. His head fell back on his pillow, his big scarred hands gripping at your plush thighs.
“‘m making you feel good, daddy.” You smiled down at him, your pussy still slicking his cock up with your wetness.
“Yeah?” He gave you a lazy smile. The gentle crows feet at the corners of his eyes giving away his older age. “What’s the occasion, sweet pea?”
“Mhm,” You nodded happily. "It’s father's day. ‘m making you breakfast so we have to be really fast.” You gave him a worried look that seemed to be covered up with your arousal.
“You’re so good to me..” He mused with a smile. “Keep goin’, make your daddy cum.” Izuku gave you a gentle but ushering pat to the thigh.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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quillerly · a month ago
bnha boys when you say ‘i love you’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
features.. Deku, Bakugo, Kirishima, Todoroki, Shigaraki, Dabi warnings.. 290 spoilers for Dabi
Tumblr media
Deku - “I love you, Izuku.”
It’s brief, it’s short, yet it’s something he’ll cherish. He feels his breath fall short as you kiss his temple, he’ll cherish that as well, maybe even write how he feels so comforted by your quick yet gentle touch. He grabs your arm and pulls on his lap, he lets out a giggle that can be remembered as you fall over into his arms. “I love you, too.” he’ll gently say in your ear. Bakugo - “I love you, Katsuki.” you scared him, but it’s shortened. “What did you say?!” he yells to you, while you let out a laugh that irritates him even more, he cannot stay mad at you. he mumbles quietly to himself, “Come here, bastard.” he pulls you down where he is sitting, your face showing curiosity and interest. “Maybe I love you too.” you try to interject but he cuts you off. “But you’re still annoying!” he quietly yells at you. You can’t help but burst out laughing, after all, he’ll still always care about you. Kirishima - “I love you, Eijiro.” It falls from your lips like a leaf in the autumn season, falling from the tree so gracefully. He looks over to you, completely stunned by what you just said. “Hm? What did you say?” he asks, yet he knows what you said, he just wants to hear those words fall from your lips, it makes him smile. “I love you, dear.” It falls from your lips again, this time more softer, more soothing, like it could lull him to sleep, and maybe it could. He is memorized yet again. “I love you, too,” he replies yet adds on to it. “It’s manly to love someone, right?” It makes you both burst out laughing. Todoroki - “I love you, Shoto.”
he pauses, hearing your soft, soothing voice, how his name rolls of your tongue so gently, he is mesmerized. he didn’t even concentrate on what you just said. “repeat it again, love.” he speaks softly, holding your waist in a firm hold. your lips had a wide smile on them, cupping his face gently. “I love you.” you whisper softly as you see him forming a slight smile and kissing your forehead. those words are so foregin, yet they make him feel at home. it comforts him, and that’s how he knows he loves you more than anything else. Shigaraki - “I love you, Tomura.”
he puts down the controller, his teammates yelling in his ear for him to get back on, asking what he is doing. but your standing against the doorframe, a smile placed perfectly on your lips. he lifted up his headset and threw it on the ground, his teammates still screaming at him to stop doing what he is doing and play the game. he walks over to you, and pulls you in for a hug, it’s gentle yet quick and while doing so, he whispers quietly in your ear “love you, too.”, he lets go quickly, not wanting to get his teammates even more mad and gives you a quick peck on the lips, then walks over to resume playing video games. he still cannot stop thinking about those words. Dabi - “I love you, Touya.”
his heart skips a beat, he truly thinks that his ears are hearing things. he mumbles to himself and doesn’t turn around until your arms reach around him and pull him in for a soft warm embrace. nothing could replace this moment, he turns around and holds onto for dear life. it’s rare to find him in such a vulnerable state, but he still holds on. he cups your face and looks in your eyes, it shows vulnerability and emotion. “say that again, doll.” his voice could barely be heard, it was such a soft whisper. He just wants to know it’s real and he’s not dreaming. “I love you,” your voice barely above a whisper. He lets you and looks in your eyes. “I love you too, princess.” he states, if he could, he would cry.
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advluv4life · a month ago
Tumblr media
This is my favorite.
Tumblr media
This is also my favorite.
Tumblr media
Did I mention that this is my favorite?
I love them so much ♡ Quite literally something I did not know I needed until I got it & it is so sweet. Rody is so precious & Deku just makes my heart so full ♡ & their friendship is just so good ♥
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