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#mha manga

These are my thoughts on shipping and truly all the negativity in fandoms.

Most of the hate I see suprisingly comes from Pinterest. Hate from both sides of the same argument. Ex: Bakudeku is abbusibe vs Bakudeku is a strained relationship. If you follow me then you know I am a Bakudeku shipper. However both sides can be ugly and nasty to each on a sickening level (people telling other people to kill themselves kinda ugly). It’s awful and it’s giving My Hero Academia as a story a bad reputation.

There is nothing wrong with shipping or not shipping something. For me shipping is like an emotion. Internally I can’t control how I feel about the a ship. Externally I have complete control over how I react.

We all have anti-ships. I have them. You have them. Everyone has them. Some people just choose to keep it to themselves. I’m not innocent either. A little while back I made a meme joking about Bakudeku anti-shippers. I deleted it today but it doesn’t make up for the negatively that I contributed.

There is also nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but you have to be peaceful and respectful. Everyone that tells others to ‘fuck off’ or ‘I’m right your wrong’ is immature and probably young. The majority of MHA’s demographic is understandable young. It is a manga/anime about superheros. I see so many people get offended by someone opposing their opinion even while being respectful. As well as people going out of their way to leave a negative comment on fanart.

If you have something to say about a ship I would write about it in an independent post. Not on someone’s fanart or fanfiction. You own post. You can be voice your opinion with put threatening people or the creator.

This leads me to my next point. Leave Horikoshi alone. This is his story. Only he knows how to write it. Just for a moment push shipping aside. Put away your theories and focus on the story as it is. Before you starting shipping the crap put of characters make sure you appreciate the story as is. (This next part is my opinion) Shipping should be a bonus part of enjoying a story. Not a priority.

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if deku doesnt wake up soon, istg. bakugo is literally coughing up B L O O D. WAKE UP DAMMIT!!

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Mha villain Sexuality headcanons

In alphabetical order

All for one- bisexual

Chimera- straight

Chronostasis- homosexual

Curious- lesbian

Dabi- bisexual with a preference for women

Daruma Ujiko- straight

Deidoro Sasaki- bisexual with a preference for men

Gentle Criminal- bisexual

Geten- asexual biromantic

Gigantomachia- straight

Giran- straight

Hekiji Tengai- straight

Himiko Toga- bisexual

Hood- asexual heteromantic

Kendo Rappa- bisexual with a preference for women

Kurogiri- bisexual

La Brava- bisexual

Magne- bisexual

Mimic- straight

Moonfish- Probably rabies sexual or some shit. (Jk bisexual)

Mr. Compress- bisexual

Mummy- homosexual

Muscular- straight

Nine- bisexual

Oji Harima- bisexual with a preference for men

Overhaul- asexual biromantic

Re-Destro- asexual heteromantic

Rikiya Katsukame- homosexual

Shin Nemoto- homosexual

Skeptic- bisexual with a preference for men

Slice- bisexual with a preference for men

Sludge villain- bisexual

Soramitsu Tabe- asexual aromantic

Spinner- bisexual with a preference for men

Stain- bisexual with a preference for men

Starservent- asexual aromantic

Teruo Hazukashi- homosexual

Tomura shigaraki- bisexual

Toya Setsuno- homosexual

Habit Headgear- homosexual

Trumpet- bisexual with a preference for women

Twice- straight

Yu hojo- homosexual

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the struggle of being bodily carried away from his hospital room while he’s in a coma meeting the ghosts that haunt his overpowered quirk 😔

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I match you with,,,


Izuku Midoriya!

  • He is sweet, you seem very sweet, end of story
  • This boy will absolutely give you every bit of his love that he can, I swear
  • He can definitely be touchy, himself, but mostly in a casual way
  • So expect lots of hand holding, leaning his head on your shoulder, or his hand on your arm
  • Definitely doesn’t mind if you need alone time or just don’t really want to go out
  • He can find a million and one things to do at home if you’re not a big fan of public spaces
  • Like board games? Would rather watch a movie? Maybe bake together? Whatever you’d prefer!
  • Absolutely down to play video games with you, as well
  • He’s not exactly the best at competitive stuff like fighting games, but he tries his best!
  • He prefers open world and co-op type games much better. Though, if thats not what you are into he really doesn’t mind too bad
  • Has a habit of getting you whatever candy you like, whenever he’s out
  • No real reason, he just thinks it’s a nice thing to do, and it gets you to smile!
  • In conclusion: Sweethearts. They are. In love.


His two minutes in the anime still exist 😔

  • Will almost make you hate video games with how constantly he plays them, himself
  • He acts like it’s a personality trait 🙄 /j
  • Will also 10/10 be real competitive with them, so be prepared for it
  • Whenever he drags Mello into your gaming sessions, as he does, he makes sure you guys have a scheme to win against him
  • When you or anyone else beats him, he gets pouty about it
  • He may be academically intelligent, but he’s absolutely clueless when it comes to social interaction
  • He’s also a bit of a cocky bastard, so he’s going to try to be flirty any chance he gets, but let’s just say he tends to fluster himself rather than you
  • Totally down to laze around with you
  • Especially if you’ve found something to watch together or just wanna nap
  • Cuddles are definitely included in that, as well
  • Good luck prying him away from Mello to do so though lolz
  • He definitely understands wanting to be alone, though, so don’t worry about never getting any space
  • He’s not gonna be annoyed about it or anything, it’s good for him too!
  • In conclusion: Introvert couples gotta stick together. And that they do.

Hajime Hinata!

  • Poor boy. He just likes you. But has no idea what to do about it
  • Once he learns that candy is something you like, specifically, he’ll start leaving it in random places for you
  • Will be too awkward to ask what your favorite candy is, though, so it’s honestly a gamble whether or not it’ll be something you’d actually like
  • He just makes an educated guess based off things you’ve said before and hopes for the best
  • He’s better at video games than you’d think! He’s also better than he thinks!
  • Less fighting games but he’s good at the problem solving and gathering aspect of adventure games, so if those are up your alley,,,
  • He thinks they’re a good way to pass time and if you play something more casual or open world you can talk and get to know each other!
  • Or you can just enjoy each other’s presence if you’re into that too!
  • I feel like he reads manga, so if there’s anime adaptions of any of the ones he’s read, he would be so excited to watch them with you
  • He’d never tell you that, and he probably wouldn’t even suggest to watch it himself, but he absolutely adores the idea
  • He tries to make you feel loved, despite being so damn awkward about it
  • He’ll never do it verbally, hell no, but he will make sure you know how much he appreciates you and wants you around
  • I think his love language is more along the lines of quality time, but he definitely doesn’t mind physical touch
  • Especially if it’s more casual like holding hands, leaning your head on his shoulder/his head on yours, etc
  • It’s not as involved as cuddling and such, but it’s still a nice reminder that you’re there and you’re together
  • In conclusion: The type of couple to start out trying to watch an anime together but end up talking so much they forget about it. And that’s so wholesome.
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mha manga readers, you’ve been holding out on me. i knew miruko’s thighs were powerful, but i didn’t think they could ACTUALLY destroy heads like wtf

my gay ass shoulda been informed sooner 😡

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Can someone please tell me more about the Bakugou is the 2nd ofa user theory? I went back to reread from 190 or so for a thing and then i remember someone talking about this theory, and then I saw it. I really saw it, the bakugou shaped silhouette in the back, a perfect outline of his hair, and i short circuited. Can someone tell me more about it? Like if theres anymore evidence or is it just that bit? Even if it’s a reread I know I’ll miss something again. Im so interested because honestly… this theory will open so much more than I could ever imagine

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Numbers of OfA

I just noticed that every known wielder of OfA, depending on their number of the wielder, (Banjo 5th, Nana was the 7th, Yagi the 8th, Izuku 9th) have a character relating to it in their name.

(note: in the Japanese names I included the furigana)

  • We have Number 5 which is  (go) (the kanji being 五) and (ばん縄じょう大だい悟郎ろう) Daigoro Banjo.
  • Number 7 (which is the most obvious), as it is しち、なな ((shichi, nana); with the kanji being 七) and (し村むら菜) Shimura Nana.
  • Yagi Toshinori (や木ぎ俊とし典) - whose initial character refers to number 8 (はち (hachi); with the kanji being ).
  • And finally Midoriya Izuku (みどり谷や出いず久) whose furigana of the last character blatantly reflects the one used for number 9 (、きゅう (ku, kyuu); with the kanji being 九) - (here you can find a bit more in detail numerical reference of Izuku and his connection with number 9).

I always find myself at wonder of these little details.

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I absolutely love Shoto Todoroki

can we just appreciate the general look of confusion on this boy’s face-



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Hi anon ☺️ what would I be hero or villain?….do you want me to be completely honest with you? Well, here it goes…..I would be neither! So, Like 1) I’m absolutely too lazy to want to rebel against society or do anything like what the L.O.V are doing 2) I’m not confident or brave enough to put myself in the danger line to either fight heroes or beat villains and finally 3) I just don’t have the sympathy or maybe empathy enough in me to be a hero! Imagine a civilian comes running to me: Civilian - ‘help Georgia they’ve taken my friend hostage’ Me -


And if I did break the law a hero would put me away in a jiffy because I’d just be like -


so yeah that ends being a villain for me too!

Now, I guess I’ll start with what type of quirk I would want if I was in BNHA, and I don’t know to be honest! One part of me likes the thought of a fire-type quirk but another part of me it like water based quirk would be cool too! I think I’ll settle for a fire-type quirk, so I can set things alight and roast my own marshmallows 🤣! For canon characters quirk well that’s a tough one too, I really like Shouto’s quirk, Bakugou’s quirk & Nejire’s quirk 🤔 If you think about it Bakugou is probably one of the best quirks, because it’s so strong and flashy! Plus the more he uses it the stronger he gets due to his sweat! So I’m going to choose Bakugou’s quirk! Though maybe I should choose All for One, that way I could have all three of those quirks 😂!

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