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#mha memes

since i didn’t have enough time to write a lot cuz of assignments and irl stuff, i hereby dedicate this meme to the one and only artist @waddle-yee. i love u kate, happy birthday (つ✧ω✧)つ

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Aizawa: Day 10 of quarantine
Aizawa: Hizashi is going stir crazy.
Aizawa: Yesterday I caught him singing to a pigeon on the rooftop. Then he attempted to teach it square dancing...
Aizawa: he cried when it flew away.
Aizawa: *sigh* There is no logic in this place.
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Kirishima: What does it mean to ‘rearrange’ someones guts?

Bakugo: Means they wanna fuck you

Kirishima: Oh…OH

Bakugo: Why?

Kirishima: Well Denki said that you wanted to rearrange my guts and blow my back in. I just thought that meant you were gonna beat me up and give me back pain

Bakugo: Is he physically with you right now?

Kirishima: Yes? We’re watching a movie right now

Bakugo: Detain him

Kirishima: What?


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this was so randomly and chaotically done, don’t mind the placements lmao,, i feel like so many characters would actually have the balls to say ‘i love u too’ btw, but i don’t have much space oop–

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