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#mha midoriya
Bakugou, todoroki, izuku and can u include one character if ur choice. But in the writing they accidentally hit or kick/hurt their s/o that doesnt have a quirk and they start to cry. Sorry if its alot. Love your writing 😘😘😘

a/n: thanks for the request and thank you for being so sweet!! hope you enjoy!!

bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, midoriya izuku, and shinsou hitoshi x genderneutral!!reader


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[Tickle Attack!] (Bakugou/Deku)

Disclaimer: This is a bakudeku tickling fanfiction. It involves tickling and teasing. Nothing inappropriate. Though this contains mild cursing. Enjoy!

Summary: Izuku Midoriya was left cleaning up after a big party with his classmates. When something happens that makes Katsuki Bakugou want to prove his point.


The students of UA’ s hero course just finished a huge party to celebrate their ‘almost’ graduation. Deku was washing the dishes with Uraraka when her elbow accidentally hit his side.

“Hey! Watch it!” Deku exclaimed getting all flustered. Uraraka hitting his hip caused him to jump because he was VERY ticklish.

“Oh I’m sorry Deku! I didn’t mean to!” Uraraka apologized as she backed up to give Deku space.

“No, I’m sorry Uraraka! It was just so out of the blue, I don’t know why I reacted like that.” Deku said placing his hand behind his head, fluffing out the back of his hair.

“Maybe it’s because you’re still ticklish.” Bakugou stated, turning the corner.

“K-Kacchan! What are you talking about? I-I’m not ticklish anymore!” Izuku said making these weird hand motions.

“Yeah right. So why did you react like that when round face hit your side!?” Bakugou said as he started to get angry. He didn’t like the fact that Deku was lying and he had the audacity to be bad at it.

“I told you, it just caught me off guard!” Deku nervously smiled. He was hoping that this conversation ended soon. He didn’t want people to know about how horribly ticklish he was.

“Hey Bakubro, why are you so concerned about Midoriya being ticklish?” Kirishima asked.

“Because he’s lying and it’s pissing me off.” Bakugou growled as he stared angrily at Deku.

Deku then started to approach Bakugou.

“I’m not ticklish anymore Kacchan. Swear it!” Deku said trying to calm the angry pomeranian.

“Oh really now?! PROVE IT!” Bakugou said as he launched himself onto Deku. He spidered he fingers out on Deku’s ribs and started to quickly rub up and down.

“AH! K-Kahahahahchahan!” Deku yelped as his face turned a bright red. Bakugou sat on his waist and started to tickle his rib cage some more.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! NOHOHAHAHAH! KACCHAN! Okhahahay!” Deku laughed as Bakugou continued to tickle him.

“What happened to you not being ticklish anymore, shitty nerd?” Bakugou teased as he pinched Deku’s sides.

“Okahahahahay! Okay! I’M STILL TICKLISH! Ahahahahahah!” Deku screamed as she violently jerked his body left and right. A devilish smile appeared on Bakugou’s face as he lifted up one of Deku’s arms and pinned it above his head.

“Kacchan, NO! Don’t do this!” Deku laughed as he started to tear up

“Don’t do what, nerd? This?” Bakugou teased and laughed and he took two fingers and wiggled them on Deku’s armpits.

“AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO! Bahaha Hahahaha! GAHAHAHAHA! PFTTT AHAHAHAHAHAH!” Deku laughed as tears spilled down his violently red cheeks.

“You’re still the same ticklish Deku from when we were kids. Never forget what you are!” Bakugou stated as he smile only got bigger. He got his final pokes in as he started to get off Deku’s waist. Deku was violently gasping for air. He was still laughing because of the remaining tingles that flooded his body. Bakugou could always beat Deku in a tickle fight. There has never been a time he lost. Deku looked up at Bakugou who was staring right back at him.

“Tch.” Bakugou grunted as he started to walk up the stairs. Deku kept smiling as he was eager to tickle Bakugou back.

“Another day.” Deku thought to himself.

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attention MHA fans and/or artists can someone please do me a huge favor and draw my kirideku kid and my other oc in the mha artstyle??? i wanna see what they would both look like if y'all don’t mind y'all can dm me or just reblog if you’re an artist who regularly draws mha characters or oc’s or whatever thx.

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@thatweirdfrenchcanadian asked:  and a last ❤️️ for Midoriya, BNHA as revenge because he stole all my uwus!

Good thing we also have owo and ewe in case Midoriya decides uwu aren’t enough. 

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia 

Character: Izuku Midoriya 

Prompt: ❤️️ (red heart): Lover

A/N: From now on I’m open for regular requests.


Originally posted by eijirouu

“Ah, I compiled this list of attractions that couples seem to enjoy the most and…”

Grinning you let the male continue his ramblings, his nose dug into his notebook as he tried to hide his blush.

“Oh, and I also analysed your likes and cross-referenced them with the rides here and…”

It honestly was adorable how worked up he could get over one little date, how determined he was to make it the perfect one, to make you the happiest in the world.

“So, shall we start our d-d-date?”

Finally looking up from his notebook Midoriya barely got the word past his lips, nearly fainting from the heat that erupted from his face.

The fun you were going to have.

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Midoriya wakes up, it’s 4 am, he would rather stay in bed but he is really thirsty so he decides to go get a glass of water.

On his way to the kitchen he stumbles across Todoroki sitting in the sofa of the common room, lights off.

“Todoroki-kun you scared me, why are you up so late?” he ask

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t sleep so I came here to think” Todoroki replies

“Can I join you? Maybe you want to talk about it?” Midoriya ask

Todoroki stays silent for a moment, and then replies “sure…”

Midoriya sits next to him, he can tell Todoroki is really sad

“You know, I sometimes feel like life is pointless, even horrible perhaps” Todoroki says after a long silence.

Midoriya stays quiet for a moment, searching for the right words to say “I sometimes feel that way too, but then i remember the people in my life, those who I love, and I start to think that maybe it’s not that bad after all, because even if it’s hard sometimes, I’m really glad that I met those people, and that I can spend time with them.”

Todoroki nods and think of Midoriya’s words

“Besides, life can’t be that bad, after all, it came up with you and I’m really glad I met you” Midoriya adds

Todoroki smiles at the words of the greenhaired. “ I’m really glad I met you too”

Midoriya also smiles and they look directly into the eyes of the other.

“You really like saving me, don’t you?” Todoroki ask

“Anytime you want” Midoriya replies with a big smile on his face

They both hug for a while, and then return to their bedrooms.

Todoroki lies in the bed, a little hint of pink paints his face as he remember the hug. That night he was able to sleep without worries.

He was safe.

So that was an attempt on a short fanfic about tododeku, I really hope you like it. Also I apologise if the story was poorly written or if there were some typos, this is really my first time writing something like this and English is not my first lenguaje.

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