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#mha mirio

mirio with a black gf :)

yes this is self indulgent :)

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Me: HALT! You must pay the troll toll!

Mirio: *kisses me*

Me: …

Me: It didn’t work, maybe try again 🥺👉🏾👈🏾

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“Please let me take care of you…I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise”

Million Dollar Man || You can read it here!

By Mr. @scifiji

Ily mr sephi, enjoy my love for u in form of this fanart 🥺🥺

More y/n skin tones + white and grey under the cut!


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I know y'all have seen or read something like this but I’m seriously just hooked on Mirio that there’s a little pang of pain in my heart whenever I remember that he was the originally chosen successor for the OFA


Sighs.. dang it.

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So I got a button maker right? I’ve had it for five minutes and my cay has already managed to get his fur in it. Also mirio button!!!

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Originally posted by haruicchi

synopsis:  Mirio has been your friend since childhood but recently you two have become something more, and one thing you’ve noticed is that nothing seems to embarrass him, except maybe this one thing where he’s had too much to drink on your anniversary date and the two of you get stuck in an elevator with a bunch of other people.

pairing: mirio togata x fem!reader

word count: 10.8 k

genre: fluff, hurt/comfort, a bit of angst

warnings: contains omorashi (pants wetting, don’t like, don’t read), humiliation, characters aged-up.

You were pretty shy.

Not nearly as shy as your classmate and good friend Tamaki Amajiki, but you were still on the shy side. Many things embarrassed you and you were not that much of a talker because you feared you would say something dumb and make yourself look dumb. How you managed to befriend Mirio Togata, the most outgoing and optimistic human being you’ve ever met, you’ll never know.

And how you managed to become his girlfriend is an even bigger mystery to you. He was everything you weren’t. Attractive, sweet, heroic and powerful. Almost nothing got under his skin, aside from villains, but unlike you, he wasn’t easily embarrassed by anything. Not even being naked in front of millions of people or his juniors flustered him. He apologized for his nudity always, but he always smiled and just never seemed embarrassed about it at all.

How in the world could someone be so unashamed?

Yet that’s what you loved about him, he made up for the things you lacked. He made you come out of your shell, he made you feel like you could do anything and he made you feel more confident when the two of you got together. Even as some of your classmates made fun of you for dating the strongest student at UA, he made sure you never felt inadequate.

“Don’t worry [Name]. You are the most beautiful, powerful girl I have ever met. The others are just jealous and trying to say all these lies so to bring you down with them.” Mirio warmly said as he put his arm around you when the two of you exited the school, making you blush scarlet red as you rested your head onto his firm shoulder. He was so strong and powerful. Even without his quirk after the fight with Overhaul, he still made you feel so protected and secure.

You wished you could do the same for him…

“Mirio… do you honestly think so? I’m… I don’t stand out compared to you. You’re like a bright light and I’m just… nothing…” You mumbled rather shyly in a self-deprecating manner, and you heard your boyfriend chuckle as he shook his head.

“No, you’re not ‘nothing’, you’re everything [Name]… a strong heroine, an amazing person, and the most beautiful girlfriend in the world~. No… the most beautiful girlfriend in the universe~.” He sounded a bit more flirtatious, pulling you in closer as he began nuzzling you and kissing your face affectionately with his sweet kisses that made your heart skip a beat.

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Mirio headcannons


Synopsis: relationship headcanons with Mirio

Warnings: none

A/n: if you like my stuff or want a specific headcanon, fan fic, Drabble, or want to share your own headcanons about any character from any anime you can request! My requests are always open!

  • Mirio is so touchy. Not clingy really but he has to b slightly touching you or he’ll pout.
  • Let’s be real Mirio is a dork. A dork with really good pick up lines. You can’t look me in the eye and tell me that he doesn’t come up with some smooth pick up lines that make you so flustered.
  • I feel like Mirio’s love language is physical touch and gift giving. He loves seeing the look on your face when he g ya you something you’ve been wanting for a while. Or when he just scoops you up and starts cuddling with you.
  • Now Mirio may seem like he doesn’t get jealous but that’s not always the case. Don’t get me wrong he’s a laid back guy and knows you have your own friends, and your own things to do. But if someone’s getting too close or if someone was flirting with you before you were even dating he’ll be judgmental towards that person. Slightly nitpicking things about them.
  • Mirio would be amazing to cuddle with. He’s so naturally warm and he’s so beefy. He’d be big spoon, little spoon, whatever as long as you’re comfy. I think he’d really like laying between your legs so his head can rest on your chest.
  • You’d have super cute date nights where y’all go out to eat then go do something random like go to a park. Really anything you’re up to that day.
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Mirio picks you up putting you on the counter, kissing your neck as he takes off your shirt.

“I can’t wait to devour you sunshine. Tell me where you want my tongue to go, I won’t continue until you tell me.”

You look away embarrassed. “Speak up if you want something.” He grabs your face. “You know what happens when I take charge.” He smirks before tugging at your jeans.

He flips you over, making you face the mirror. “If your eyes leave the mirror I’ll face fuck you until you gasp for air.”

His tongue starts to play with your entrance as he uses both hands to spread your ass.

“M- mirio! Someone could walk in on us.” You grab onto the faucet biting down on your lips.

He stops after a few minutes, coming up licking his lips.

“I gotta have more sunshine, that wasn’t nearly enough…I wanna see you cry on my cock.”

He picks you up turning you towards him. You feel the tip slide in as your hips rise up. “Ah sunshine you’ve been so bad I gotta punish you with this cock.”

You wrap your arms around him, laying your head on his shoulder as you bite down on his shirt. Your head starts to bob up and down with every thrust.

“Iet me just wash my hands real quick.” You hear a voice by the door. Mirio walks inside a stall, fucking you against the door as it opens and closes slightly.

You put your hand over your mouth but he removes it. “Didn’t I say this is your punishment?” He grunts and groan near your ear.

The stranger hurried to wash their hands and leave as your moans ring out in the bathroom.

“Haah…fuck that cock sunshine…ah.” His moans start to become intense.

Your head shoots up as you both orgasm, your insides start to twitch around his cock. His head falls on your shoulder.

“I’m not done just yet.” He starts to play with your nipples.

“It’s only the beginning sunshine.”

Mirio holds you in his arms, sitting down on the toilet. “Ride this cock y/n, I wanna see how lewd you get.” You hesitate at first, leaning back as your legs hang, grinding back and forth.

Mirio wraps his hand around your throat. “You like it when it gets risky don’t you? How does my cock feel as I pump you full of cum?”

Your head leans back in ecstasy, your eyes follow by rolling back. “P- punish me mirio…I’ve been bad.” He smirks at those words. He starts to penetrate you even deeper, raising his hips.

“Your my personal cum dumpster, you just wait for your next fill like the slut you are.” Mirio pulls you closer, keeping his hand around your neck, leaving bruises as his hand tightens.

“Ah sunshine…another load inside that warm hole of yours.” He grunts as cum trickles down his cock.

He doesn’t stop, only continuing to fuck you until your insides become stuff with his cum.

“Ah sunshine…your my cum slut aren’t you? Your going feral on that cock like the slut you are…your a slut for daddies cum aren’t you? Yes you are sunshine.”

He leaves bruises, smacking your ass. Your worn out but he had lasting stamina. Sweat runs down your body mixing with the cum. “Your partner could never fuck you the way I do. Your too much for them, you need to be put in your place.”

As he helps you up he places your hand on the stall door. You only feel his cock penetrate your ass, tears fall down your face. Your hands drop from the door, causing your face to lean against the door. His hands slide up your body, grabbing for your neck as he pulls you back, whispering in your ear.

“You’ve been in the bathroom for so long…I wonder if their getting worried.”

“I’ll fuck you till the point of concern, when they walk through the door they’ll see how lewd you get from another’s a cock…does that turn you on even more? Another man stuffing you with his cum?” He chuckles.

“” Mirio looks down. “Hold my cum, I don’t wanna see it drop on the floor.”

Your bodies lift up as you orgasm simultaneously, when he stood back up you fall into his arms, gasping for air as tears stain your cheeks.

It takes you a few minutes but when you do you get in your knees, sticking your ass up in the air as cum continues to trickle down. You push him down on the toilet seat as you go down on him.

“You forgot I like it rough?” He looks down with a grin, slamming your head down his cock until you reach the base.

You start to gag on his cock as he picks up the pace. “You have such a dirty mouth.” He smirks.

He gets more into it as his grunts become louder. “Ah fuck sunshine…your mouth feels so fucking warm, it’s inviting me in.” He wolfed more force in his hips as he face fucks you. Seconds later cum shoots in your mouth in loads. Filling full you choke on both his cum and cock.

He removed his cock from your mouth, going in to pick you up as he walks toward the toilet seat. Sitting your limo body on top of his face, eating you out.

“Y/n? I could have sworn they went to the bathroom.” Your partner hears you cry out in pleasure. When they open the bathroom door they stand in shock as you rode mirios face.

“G- go deeper.” You moan out.

When you turn around you see your partner looking at you in shock. Mirio slides you down his face with a devilish smirk on his face, as he licks his lips.

“Don’t just stand there, your welcome to join.”

You turn back around, burying your head in his chest. He grabs your chin as your eyes meet. “Let’s give him a show.”

Without telling you he turns you around quickly before lifting you up, slamming you down on his cock.

“Look how lewd they are on my cock, you could never fill them with your cum.” He starts to bite on your neck while keeping his eyes on your partner.

They watch you as you moan out mirio’s name. “Y- your going to break me even more.” You said as your tongue starts to hangout.

Mirio uses one hand to play with your nipples as he keeps slamming you down on his cock. “Ah sunshine…work that cock..” his moans intensified as he cums inside of you once again.

His breathing is heavy as you lay against his chest. “You can have them back if you want, but my cum will always be inside of them.” He laughs as your partner rushes off.

Your body lays limp in his arms. “Don’t worry sunshine I never intended on giving you up in the first place.

Your eyes start to get heavy, you pass out in his lap.

When you come to your body was hurting all over. You look around the room, mirio was nowhere in sight.

“Don’t over work yourself.” He comes in with a bowel of soup and a big blanket.

“You looked so beautiful while sleeping I didn’t wanna wake you up, don’t worry about the cleanup I did everything, it’s the least I could do.”

He sits the tray in front of you. After having him help you with the soup you drink some water before laying back down in the blanket he brought.

After a while he joins you in the bed, gently laying you on his chest as he rubs your arm up and down.

“Don’t worry about anything else, just rest sunshine, you did an amazing job.” He plants kisses over and over on your eyelids before you fall asleep once more.

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Appreciating Eri:

I think most people like Eri. It’s fairly easy to get invested in the idea of protecting an adorable child in need. On the flip side there are fans who are pretty ambivalent towards Eri, seeing her as only a plot device with little agency or characterization. These points miss the value that this one little girl brings to the story of MHA. Eri has her own arc, is fully characterized, and seamlessly embodies three aspects of heroism: The dark aspects of self sacrifice, how the victim can be a hero, and when a person is truly saved.


Originally posted by matakanta

When we first meet Eri shes escaping Overhaul. After running into Deku she asks him to not leave her but returns to Overhaul willingly after he threatens to kill the boys. This creates a sad but interesting dynamic. Eri wants to be saved but can never commit to being rescued.

She believes her existence is a burden/curse on others and that she deserves pain. Her journey being about accepting that its not selfish to want to be saved, and to allow others to carry her burden alongside her is compelling. However, that is just the first layer of her arc. Eri is deeply entrenched in the guilt she was brainwashed into accepting by Overhaul. Even as she has resolved to be rescued she reminds herself she is cursed. The art even depicts her as a demon leeching off of Deku. Her quirk. Herself! SHE will truly kill people, wont she?


Its this tiny nugget of truth. The truth that shes dangerous, even if its just her quirk that she could one day control, that constantly eats at her. She was finally rescued, but Nighteye still died and so many more were hurt for her sake. That weight is still going to be there. Eri consistently tries to make others feel better, to make up for “her mistakes.” This child who has literally experienced a fate worse than death, wants to make others happy. Its was this realization that made Eri to me one of the most endearing and fascinating characters in MHA.

happens when Deku has to go back to work. Just before this the boys asked Eri what she thought about the festival. She wasnt sure about how to explain the feeling but said she wanted to know how things turned out. The principal gave a word to those feelings, “excitement” , Understanding that Deku and Mirio have specifically said they want to see her smile, she asks for their attention on her own and tells them with confidence that she is “excited.” All while trying to smile. She just wanted them to be happy that she was happy. Fuck Overhaul. What also causes Eris behavior isnt just her self loathing and guilt, but her exceptionally kind heart. Due to Overhaul, she has an understanding of death that no one else does. Being killed over and over again by Overhaul she finds the smallest semblance of peace -

knowing that its only her who has to die. She doesnt want that pain given to anyone else. This makes Eri an active participant in her imprisonment and her rescue. She constantly tells others to leave her and is willing to return to Overhaul if he promises to save the others.


Someone willing to take on the pain of others at the cost of themselves? Who does that sound like? Only lemillion needed to feel pain for Eri, only Nighteye needed to bear the burden of All Might’s future, and only All might needed to uphold hero society.


Likewise, only Eri “needs” to be abused and killed by Overhaul. This is the dark side of self sacrifice. Sometimes its heroic, other times its suicidal and unnecessary. While the heroes before her would die with a smile on their face, Eri is different. She cannot smile.


This sacrifice is unnecessary. Corrupted by Overhaul. Taking advantage of the kindness of Eri to manipulate her into a learned helplessness. She could have stayed, but returns to overhaul. No one wants this. Not Eri and not the people who she tries to save. This isnt her fault.


Eri needed to realize it was ok to want help. To allow herself to be vulnerable. To allow others to help carry her burdensome existence, namely her quirk. Of course Deku was willing to take on that challenge and with permission took on Eris curse as his blessing.

Deku, like Eri, is a physically fragile person, but who for the sake of others has the willingness to shatter. What the Eri and Deku dynamic presents is, “What if instead of throwing it all away you had someone by your side who made it so you never had to? You could do anything!” This is why the defeat of Overhaul is so one sided. As soon as Eri decided she wanted to be free it was over. And this is the only fight in the series where Deku is able to go all out and not hurt himself. He doesn’t have to risk everything anymore. If Eri wants to save these people who are

dedicated to saving her, then she has to do her part to help them rescue her. This activates her quirk which allows her to save her rescuer, creating a cycle that literally feeds into Deku and into a combined desire to save each other. Eri shows how a victim can be a hero too, by allowing others to help them. Even when Deku knows that keeping Eri close to him will lead to his death, he doesn’t leave and neither does Eri. Instead he straps her to his back with Mirios cape and promises to never let go. Eri is not passive in her rescue. Eri learns the NEED to be saved, not the WANT to be saved. Because even when realizing the validity of her pain she is more concerned with saving others. Eri is a hero. A body that moved on its own in order to reach out to protect her rescuers.

While she was instrumental in defeating her abuser, Eris power still couldn’t save Nighteye, and it almost killed Deku. But this leap of faith was necessary, as her heroes had come prepared to take care of her. it worked out this time, Now all she can do is try to live. Eri is our first pure look at a fully saved person. Eri comes to the concert for Deku, but it is not him that truly sets her heart free from Overhaul. Its Jiro and her music. Eri does not smile out of obligation to the two people in her life who she truly connects with. Instead she is smiling because of the joy she feels living in a world she can now cherish and claim as her own. Free to continue to fill her life with new experiences, as the bad ones eventually lessen. The simple pleasures in life are now hers. She is truly saved.

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Aizawa, napping:

Mic, whispering: go shawty, it’s your birthday

Mirio: we gon sip apple juice like its your birthday

Shinsou: Eomrthing in the club, da da da dun

Eri: And we don’t give a flomp because it’s your birthday y’all!

Aizawa, still sleeping: I’ll kill you

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Yandere!Big three x Villain!reader


Warnings- Kidnapping, obsessive yandere, drugging

Quirk- Telekinesis/Psychokinesis

Request by no one just got inspired

Request is open as always

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

Your running with toga from Mirio, The big three were looking for you but they ended up founding the hideout but all of you spread out. “Here (y/n)!” Both of you hide in the dark alleyway next to the dumpster. “Can’t you use your quirk!” Toga said “Even if I used my quirk mirio can pass through it.” You tried to think “both of you turned yourself in, then everything will be alright.” Mirio said. You panicked. “ I have no choice…” you looked at toga “what do you mean?” You tear up “R-run Toga.” Toga eyes widened. “No! We promised that will stick together!” You pushed toga. “Just run!” She obeyed and left. You got out of your hiding spot with your hands in the air. “Where’s the other one!” “Why does it m-” “Mirio!” Two footsteps hurriedly come closer. “The others escaped!” “Doesn’t matter we have (y/n)!” You activated your quirk throwing the dumpster at them. But they dodged. “What the where’s Mirio-” It was to late, you didn’t have time to react, you felt two strong arms wrapped around your waist with your arms. You squirmed trying to get out of his arms. “Tamaki the needle."Tamaki pulled out the needle and walked closer while you trashed and scream, you couldn’t use your quirk, you couldn’t concentrate your mind while panicking. Nejire covered your mouth muffling your screams and moved your head roughly to the side to expose your neck. Tamaki inject you some sort of liquid to your neck. you felt your body getting heavier, fighting to open your eyes. "Don’t fight it (y/n), sleep.” Mirio smiled, And then everything went black.


You opened your eyes slowly, waking up in a unfamiliar room, realizing it you lift your arm but it was pulled back, looking up and down your legs and wrist is tied up in the bed. “Huh idiots they forgot I have a quirk.” You activated your quirk, nothing happened. Noticing your neck it was a collar. “What is this-” The door opened it was them, “Ah (y/n) awake!” Nejire smiled. “So sunshine how was your sleep?” And Tamaki is just stand behind mirio shyly. You glared at them. “Where am I?! What is this on my neck?!” You screamed. “Oh sunshine it’s a shock collar not only just that it’s a quirk cancelling, so you can’t use your quirk.” “If you leave or disobey you’ll get punished bunny.” Tamaki spoke quietly. You felt a tear on your eyes. “Aw (y/n) don’t cry.” Nejire untied your legs while

Tamaki and mirio untied your wrists. You sat up and sobbed. They sat in the bed and mirio pulled you sitting on his lap. They were shushing you trying to calm you.

“It’s alright sunshine…” Mirio kissed your cheek

“You’ll learn to love us…”

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if we make it through december . m.t angst

warnings: fighting, swearing, break up, sad mirio


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some mirio angst headcanons cuz i’m feeling sad lately

tw!!! self harm + eating disorder mention

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Originally posted by supremeblackweeb


Fdhjhjdrsyhgj ahhhhHHHHHHHH

multifandommess14. exe has stopped working

All I thought of when I saw this was “I know its big, I just know it”

Jirou covering her eyes sis I would be staring… respectfully 

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drivers license m.t

i’m writing some angst today don’t ask questions

warnings: swearing, crying, yk just sad shit

bold italics: song lyrics

(go listen to drivers license by olivia rodrigo while reading)


He taught you how to drive, that was so long ago though. It was when you two were happy together and no one could get in between you.

Or so you thought

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get ready for mirio angst tonight 😔🤚🏽

it’s gonna be posted at 8:00 pm (central time)

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