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erenscumdumpster · an hour ago
“You Look Lonely...I Can Fix That”
rating: nsfw 18+
warnings: dub con (it’s only dub con because of the siren quirk), rough sex, choking, light breath play, sloppy top, cream pie
all i need by lloyd (it’s all over tik tok and i haven’t been able to get it out of my head bcuz of the edits *ifykyk ;)*
side note: i read a fic that said katsukis hands smell like burnt sugar because of the nitroglycerin??? i can’t find the fic anymore but i wanted to use that idea :) creds to whoever thought of that ur great!
“i’ll introduce you to the rest of the gang. just be warned about bakugo. he’s an asshole but means well” uraraka gives izuku the side eye at that comment and he chuckles nervously.
“most of the time anyways” uraraka hooks her arm around yours as you all walk together on the sidewalk.
right now you, uraraka, midoriya and iidiya were on your way to momos back to school get together she was hosting at her parents mansion. you met the trio at the beach after a friendly game of beach volleyball and decided to keep in contact. throughout the summer they invited you out with their friends and grew quite close to them. you also told them you were joining UA this semester and they were more than happy to fully integrate you with their peers so that when school came around you were familiar with them.
it was still quite hot here in japan so you opted for a simple cut off jean shorts and a crop top. nothing fancy. you had your natural hair out and slowly you were regretting it. you hope the party is mostly inside because the sweat combined with your frizzy hair was not going to be a good combination.
you got the front of the house and the door was already open. a couple people in the front yard were just talking amongst themselves. inside was a different story.
the sun was setting so the light was bleeding through the windows. the only thing illuminating the room was the fluorescent LED lights. the music was loud and the vibes were high.
“come on they’re in the back” uraraka grabs your wrist and pulls you down the crowd. you reach the living room and see a couple of familiar faces. you know todoroki, kirishima, and momo from hanging out with them these past few months.
“guys this is y/n, y/n this is asui, mineta, kaminari, jiro, ashido, sero, and tokoyami” you nod and give them all a smile and a small wave. the first one to get up is mineta and he bows in front of you. he grabs your hand and places a kiss.
“i saved you a seat” asui grabs the small boy and sits him back on the couch.
“one more comment and i’ll leave you outside with the bugs” she warns him and he cries out an excuse. you laugh it off and take a seat next to momo.
“oi! wheres kacchan?” kirishima looks around and shrugs. kacchan.
“saw him a few minutes ago. i’m sure he’ll appear eventually” he mentions and izuku nods.
“he’s in a bad mood though, so steer clear” he warns and internally roll my eyes. you’d be lying if you said you didn’t have an ulterior motive to being at this party. they’ve been talking about bakugo for two months straight and you really want to see what the hype is about.
“where are the drinks? i can’t keep being sober” you tell momo and she tells you how to get to the kitchen.
“i’ll be back” you tell uraraka and she nods. you walk into the kitchen and come across a couple talking. blonde boy with eccentric hair and a green haired girl. is that green hair or vines? you can tell properly because of the fluorescent lights.
you ignore the scene and open the fridge to swift through the liquor. you come across some vodka and think, well why not?
you twist open the top off and pour it into a red solo cup. you look back over to see only the blonde boy leaning against the countertop. his eyes are trained on you and irritates you.
“can i help you?” you ask him and he smirks.
“never seen you before” he says and you shrug.
“i could say the same thing about you” you say. he laughs at that.
“you’d have to be living under a rock to not know who i am” he says cockily. you swish your tongue around your mouth as you swallow the liquor. you take another drink and slowly walk towards him.
you turn your head as you study him. you look around his face and get the sense he has a lot of deep seeded issues. he begins to get frustrated with your silence and just as he’s about to open his mouth you raise your hand up to his lips. he stops himself mid sentence.
“let me guess” you look him up and down. given his bad attitude and the description you got earlier from iida you had a rough guess of who he is. but you decide to toy with him.
“are you deku? i gotta say i expected you to be a lot kinder from what people say” this sets him on fire and he growls.
“how dare you call me that—“ he grabs your wrist in an attempt to scare you but it doesn’t work.
“no wait, i think i got it now!”
“you’re endeavours son! shoto todoroki” you smile giddily and a fire sets in his eyes.
“that half and half bastard would kill to be me” he says angrily and you laugh.
“sounds like a touchy subject” you turn your head and rip your hand out of his grasp. you glide your nails on his shoulder and walk behind him.
“maybe your kirishima. no that wouldn’t make sense, last i heard he had red hair. hm..” you fake wonder to yourself.
you turn around again.
“guess you’re just not that memorable” you sigh and shrug.
he’s fuming. you can practically feel the heat radiating off of him. it’s intoxicating though. being able to get under someone’s skin that easily. it does a lot for your ego. and you know this only fuels your quirk. you laugh to yourself and walk towards the foyer where everyone seems to be dancing. you know he’s following you because you can sense his presence from behind you.
if he’s being honest he has no idea why he’s following you. it’s irritating to say the least that you had no clue as to who he was. i mean, who did you think you were. if anything he should’ve been saying that shit. he didn’t even know who you were. why did he give a shit about a nobody’s opinion? all he knows is he needs to get you to figure out who he is. it’s the only way he can be at peace.
against his better judgement he follows you into the crowd and somehow loses you. his eyes hadn’t moved from you and suddenly he couldn’t find you? he was confused. he looked all around and was getting more annoyed the more time he was caught between all of these people. these sweaty, musty ass people. he’d make you regret not knowing his name.
the music is so loud and you feel like it’s running through your veins as it mixes with your intoxicated form. your high from his emotions and you’ve never felt better.
your quirk allows for you to siren anyone who has a deep desire for you. whether it be negative or positive it fuels you and intoxicates you in the best way. he’s irritated and his infatuation with being recognized makes your powers grow stronger.
you lose him in the crowd and begin to dance to the sound of the music. you feel him growing closer to your location and you try to lead him through the crowd as you escape up the stairs leading to the second floor.
before you have the chance to continue you feel him behind you.
you turn around and smile to see bakugo with his arms crossed. even in the dark you can see the frustration written all over his face.
“why did you lead me here?” you furrow you’re eyebrows at the comment.
“me? lead you here?” you give him a confused look. guess he catches on quicker than most.
“seems like you followed me here” you tell him and he shakes his head.
“and youre just a stranger. what would i gain from leading a stranger to an empty floor?” you ask.
“stranger? you’re still going to act like you don’t know how i am?” he says angrily and you shrug.
“i’m sorry. i just don’t know a super hero who looks like you” he separates his arms and fists his hands beside himself. you raise your eyebrows at the stance. he looks as if he’s getting ready to fight. well see about that.
you walk closer to him and twist your curl around your finger.
“seems to me like you’re insecure” you say to him and he scoffs.
“me? insecure? you must’ve hit your head pretty hard as a kid to come up with that lame ass excuse shitty woman” he taunts.
“i mean, psychologically speaking, a person who feels the need to prove themselves and behave in such an aggressive manner is someone who is insecure. insecurity shows itself in many forms you know” you tell him and he rolls his eyes.
you take a step closer and rest your hand against his chest. he looks down at the contact and then gazes into your eyes.
“tell me something, kacchan,” his eyes widen and burn with anger at the nickname. the only person who calls him that is stupid deku. which means you’re a friend of his. and officially, he dislikes you.
“do you enjoy being an outcast?” you ask him but he’s at a loss for words. for some reason they’re stuck in his throat. he can’t speak. his anger slowly begins to die down without his permission.
“do you enjoy singling yourself out? all for the sake of being the best? i gotta be honest i’ve heard quite a lot about you from your so called friends. they try to defend you but from first hand experience it seems like you’re way past salvation” you taunt him. he can’t seem to break eye contact from you. his fist slowly release themselves and his body releases against your touch.
“you look lonely,” you tell him. your violet eyes gazing into his red ones. you brush your finger tip under his chin gently and he lowers his head.
he can’t help but close his eyes. his mind fogs up and all he can focus on is your voice. your sweet voice that sounds like a song that he wishes to keep on replay forever. he feels himself falling in deeper and deeper. what the fuck.
you walk around him and rest your hand on his shoulder. your hand leaves behind a purple after glow in its wake. his shoulders relax and he breathes easier.
“i can fix that” you whisper into his ear. he uses all the force within him to break free. he thinks it’s his own doing but in reality you like a victim who fights back. it’s sick and twisted but it feels so good. so you ease up on your quirk so that he can snap back.
“turn it off” he seethes and spits through his teeth. he turns his head to look at you and you wink.
“what if i say no?” you ask innocently and release him fully. he grabs onto your throat and pushes you up against the wall.
“don’t use that shit on me” he says angrily into your ear and you whine against him.
“but it’s so much fun” you giggle and he growls. you lift your hand and glide your finger across his jaw so that he makes eye contact with you.
“who are you?” he asks and you bite your lip.
“i gotta say you were exactly who i expected you to be katsuki bakugo” you stare into his bright red eyes and suddenly all you could smell was burnt sugar. burnt sugar?
“what is that smell?” you ask and he looks confused for a second before he smirks.
“it’s me. thought you did your homework stranger” he taunts and you’re confused.
“why do you smell like that?” you ask him and his hand moves from his throat to your mouth. he slips in two of his fingers and your lips wrap around him without much thought.
your tongue glides across his fingers and you moan at the taste. he moved them out so that your mouth is open and he goes back to his spot around your throat.
“it’s my sweat” he chuckles and you furrow your eyebrows.
he doesn’t offer more of an explanation before lowering his head.
“now, who are you?” he asks and you’re still stuck on the way he tasted. you wondered if other body parts tasted alike. you turn your head so that your eyes meet.
“tell me something katsuki. does it bother you that within the first couple of minutes of knowing me i had you more vulnerable than anyone ever before?” he tightens his grip.
“i could feel your anxiety as i put you under. i know how much it freaked you out” you add on.
“i’ll never let my guard down again” you smile.
“it’s not about that katsuki. as long as you have this intense feeling towards me, you’re at my mercy” you raise your hand and touch the side of his face. the purple glow illuminated his jaw.
“what do you feel for me bakugo?” you ask him and once again he feels his grip grow weaker and weaker.
“irritation” he answers in a hostile tone. you up your voltage.
“what else?” his forehead comes to rests on your shoulder.
“lust” you giggle and grab his chin so that he’s in front of your eye level.
“do you wanna kiss me katsuki?” you ask and he nods.
you ease up on the quirk and he slowly opens his eyes.
“kiss me” you tell him and he crashes his mouth onto you. his mouth is rough against you. his tongue sliding up against yours drives you up the wall. you wrap your arms around his neck and he grabs onto the back of your legs to hoist you up.
you begin to walk somewhere and you can only guess it’s to a room. the lights are off but the LED lights are on, giving the room a purple glow.
he throws you onto the bed and you lie there breathlessly waiting for his next move.
“why am i doing this?” he asks and you kneel on the bed.
“because you want me” you tell him and play with the bottom of his shirt. you can sense his apprehension. the after effects of your quirk should be fading right about now.
“if you want to stop just say the word” you tell him and he shakes his head. he tosses his shirt over his head and unbottons his pants. he stares down at you as you kiss his abdomen. you rub your hand on his briefs and his hand pushes back into your hair. you press open mouth kisses on him while still keeping eye contact.
“please” he mutters and you can’t help but smile.
“please what?” you ask him sweetly and glide your finger across the band of his briefs.
“want your mouth on me” he confesses. you smirk and pull the fabric down so that it pools around his legs along with his pants. you take him into your hand and marvel at the way he feels in your grip.
you smell the sugar and your mouth waters. this’ll be more fun than usual.
you start from the bottom and work your way up. you lick a stripe under his shaft and he moans lowly. you lick along the veins on his shaft and he can’t help but close his eyes.
he doesn’t know what it is about you. but this is the best head he’s ever gotten. and he’s fucked a lot. the way your tongue slides on him makes him want to fuck your throat.
“you’re such a tease” he mutters.
you reach the tip and give the head kitten licks. you watch as precome oozes out his slit and you lick it up. the way his skin tastes on your tongue makes you want to satisfy him all the while more.
you swirl your tongue around him before sucking him into your mouth.
he whimpers as he feels your warm mouth around him. if he feels like this with just your mouth he can only imagine when he’s inside of you.
you suck him farther into your mouth and glide your hand over what doesn’t fit. your mouth secretes more spit making it easier to suck on him. his bottom lip is being held hostage by his teeth. you can see him trying to hold back as his fingers tighten into your hair.
“what’s wrong suki? cat got your tongue?” you ask while you stroke him. he moans at the nickname and his hips stutter.
“don’t call me that” he threatens and you take him fully into your mouth. you stare up at him, waiting for him to glance down at you. he hits the back of your throat and you swallow around him. his other hand grabs onto the back of your neck and you moan around him.
“fuck” he looks down at you and nearly comes at the sight. your full lips stretched around him. your cheeks hallow as you suck on him. your eyes are starting to water from being full.
you pull back and let a string of spit hang from your open mouth. he grabs your mouth as it hangs open with your tongue sticking out. he spits down and it lands partially on your tongue. it slowly drips down onto his tip and he does it again.
you gather more spit from the back of your mouth and empty it onto his cock. you keep your eyes on him as you stroke the mess up and down on him.
he moves his hands from your neck towards his shaft and coats your tongue in it. he plays with your lips, dragging your spit all around.
he holds himself at the base and taps on your tongue lightly.
“take my shit” he mumbles and you gladly take him back in. this time you push through your gag reflex and suck him all the way back into your throat.
you try to move it out but he stops you. you look up through teary eyes and moan. he holds you against him and you can feel the air grow thick.
“think you deserve to breathe” you nod and feel the tears slowly cascade down your face. you gag lightly around him and he smirks.
“guess i’ll let you off easy since it’s your first time” he lets you back off and your breathless as you pull back.
“you’re lucky i like that shit” he laughs at the comment before you lie back in the bed. you take your shorts off and panties. you slide the messy hand down your body and look up at him as you play with yourself.
he watched you intently and you raise your fingers to him.
“wanna taste?” you ask sweetly and he clutches your wrist tightly. he takes your middle finger into his mouth and sucks it dry.
he pushes your arm back and holds it against the bed. he kicks off the clothes at his ankles and lowers himself onto you. his hand wraps around your neck as he kisses you.
you wrap your leg around his hips and use it to propel yourself forward. you push him onto the bed to gain dominance over him. you kiss down his throat and bite his shoulder.
he sucks in a breath and grabs the back of your neck to pull you up to his eye level.
“you’re trouble” he says and you giggle.
“you love it” you whisper and lower your mouth so that it covers his. his hands glide down your back and settle on your hips. his hips buckle up to brush against your entrance and you smile into the kiss.
“someone’s getting impatient” you tease him and sit up. he moves an arm behind him so that he’s putting his weight on the bent elbow.
“can’t help it” he smirks and you bite your lip. you move to grab him by the base and slowly begin to sit down on him.
“suki” you whine as he stretches your insides. his length curves inside of you and you need to take a breath to gather yourself.
“shit” he mumbles and clutches your hip tightly.
once you reach the bottom your hands come to rest on his stomach. your fingers on his flexed muscles and his fingers on the curve of your ass.
“you good?” he asks with genuine concern and you nod. you slide up so that only the top is inside before coming back down. you let out a small moan and slowly get into the pace.
“shit” you whimper and wrap your arms around his neck. he watches your figure bounce up and down on him and he feels like he’s in a trance.
he watches your pretty tits bounce in his face and before he knows it he’s bringing you closer to his mouth. he takes your nipple hostage and bites down on the sensitivity nub. you squeak at the pain but continue your pace.
“ride my shit like a pro” he groans and thrusts upwards. he knocks u off your balance and you fall forward into him. he loses his hold behind him and he lies flat on the bed.
you take advatage of his posture and you sit back slightly. you hold his bent knees behind you as you begin rocking on him.
“fuck” he spits as he watches your pussy envelop him better. your legs are spread out as you use your placement of your feet to ride him.
he watches as your pink little pussy wrap around his shaft. he’s in awe. who knew you could be so pink inside, like bubble gum. he wishes he took his time with you to divulge into you properly.
he’s concentrated on seeing the connection where the both of you meet. he loves to watch as your pussy leaks with your juice. his hand moves without thought and he grips your waist. with his thumb he brushes against your clit and you shudder. he smirks at the reaction and continues to do it.
“i’m not gonna last” you cry out and you can feel your walls closing in on him.
“neither am i” he replies back and grabs onto the other side of your hip. he lifts his hips from the bed to meet you half way.
you let out another moan as he continues his upward thrusts. you watch him below as he grits his teeth. you can feel him throbbing from within you and you can’t help but toss your head back in pleasure. you close your eyes as you feel him hitting every single spot.
“don’t stop” you moan and you curl your toes as you near your breaking point.
“scream my name” he groans and you shake your head. he lets go of your hip and wraps his hand around your throat.
“what’s my name?” he asks angrily and his eyes finally meet you. his red irises are dark with lust and you whine.
“kirish—“ he growls and changes position. he pushes you back onto the bed. he grabs one of your legs and hoists it up onto his shoulder while the other is trapped on his arm. his strength is undeniable and if you weren’t superhuman you’re convinced you’d be passed out right now.
“what’s my name” he growls into your ear and fucks into you faster. the sound of his hips hitting your pelvis are loud. you can hear the mixing of your juices and you can’t help but cream around him even more.
“kacchan” he growls and bites your shoulder. you arch your back as you cry out. he tightens his fingers and you open your mouth as the moans start pouring out.
“keep going. scream and let everyone in the party know whos fucking you” he says into your ear. your nails scratch down his back and he sucks in a breath. he smirks at his position over you.
“come on stranger, what’s my name?” his thrusts are sloppy and you can tell he’s close. it’s not fair that he has the upper hand but he’s making you feel too good to even care at this point.
“bakugo” you whine and he chuckles.
“come on baby keep going” he hasn’t noticed until now that your eyes are a sparkly iris colour. he wants to see them clouded with tears of pleasure.
“what’s my name?” he moves his hand to open your mouth. he shoves his tongue in and you moan at the intrusive kiss.
“katsuki bakugo” you give in. he placed his other hand over your clit and he circles it repeatedly.
“louder” he moans into your mouth.
“katsuki bakugo” you moan out and you dig your nails across his skin. you’ve activated your quick without thinking as a purple hue is left in the wake of your nails. your eyes roll back and he breathes heavily against you.
“again” he says breathlessly.
“katsuki bakugo” you scream out and feel him spill into you. your walls tighten around him, holding him in a suffocating grip.
his hips stutter against you and he grinds on your entrance as he empties his load. your moans are like a song to him and without much thought you’ve put him back into a trance. your cries of pleasure and the mantra of you repeating his name fill his ears and his mind.
the image of you succumbing to him is ingrained in his head and he’s reminded of your pretty purple eyes. his heart feels like it’s about to break out of his chest and he feels like this orgasm is never ending.
you moved your hands from his back and glide it on his tattered skin. you bury your fingers into his hair and massage his scalp lightly. he moans at the gentle gesture and rests his head on your shoulder. he lets go of your leg and you wrap them weakly around his lower body. you open your eyes to settle on the cieling as you try to regain your breath.
he slowly slides out of you and you let out a sigh from the lack of pressure. you can’t help but hold yourself as you feel his load slide out of you.
you bring the mixture up to your mouth and taste it. it tastes like honey. he removes your hand and sucks on the pads of your fingers. never in a million years would he have thought to taste this mixture but something about having the essence of the of you in his mouth excites him.
he kisses lazily down your body until he reaches your centre. he laps up at you lazily, gazing into your eyes. your legs shake and your abdomen clenches at the sensitivity. he doesn’t torture you too much before he comes back into your field of vision.
you feel spent and sore from his strength.
“now tell me who you are, stranger” you giggle and bite your lip. you bring him down into a kiss and he almost forgets what he was asking you just a second ago.
“the name is y/n but you can call me siren”
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kiribaku-queen · 2 hours ago
Sexercise [18+]
Tumblr media
TW: rough sex, multiple partners, overstimulation, oral sex, penetration, spanking, choking, hair pulling, smacking (face), fingering, bruising
Word count: 6.8K
Summary: When you go to a new gym for special workouts but you aren't getting your needs met. Your trainer is here to help, offering special sessions to help get both of your sexual frustrations out.
A/N: Okay, shit writing BUT just think about the concept. I took the liberty of writing this piece because I couldn't get it out of my head!! This collab was really fun to do! Although stressful, I would love to do it again! Check out all the other writer's work for this collab! They are all so talented and just W O W
Inspired by the Korean Webtoon: Sexercise! It's actually really good and I was so obsessed with it. Here's my version but with Bakugou <3
Also, sorry if I tag the trigger warnings wrong >< I'm so new to this!
You stepped out of the freshly, hot shower, carefully drying every inch of your body before putting on the exercise clothes the gym had provided you.
You know. You didn’t bring your own clothes and the gym gave you some to wear? Well, this isn’t your typical gym.
It all started when you saw their promotion flyer hidden behind many others on the bulletin board on your way home. You’ve been meaning to get back to the gym and this one looked promising. A new form of exercise that’ll make you come back for more? Curiosity got the best of you and you headed to the gym to check it out.
Upon arriving, it looked like a regular gym. They had all the necessary equipment that you see in any gym. What’s so special about this gym? And what ‘new form’ of exercise were they talking about, you asked yourself.
“Hi, are you new here?” you hear a voice from behind you. You spun around to see a beautiful, fit woman greet you.
“Ah, yes I’m actually looking to sign up for that new form of exercise written on this flyer,” you explained, showing the lady the flyer you picked up. She grabbed it from you, shocked and disbelief written all over her face.
“Who the fuck did this?” she grumbled under her breath. But she did it right in front of you so you heard everything she said. She didn’t sound too happy, by the way her eyebrows crunched in rage. Her reaction made you back away, feeling uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come to this gym after all. The lady noticed how you were shifting in your stance and cleared her throat, fixing her posture to look professional.
“Sorry if I scared you,” she laughed embarrassedly. “We just don’t promote this gym very much so it was a surprise to see this flyer. I’m guessing you’re not familiar with the workouts we do here?”
“Uhm, not really,” you say shyly. She looks you up and down and thinks for a moment. Then, she goes behind her desk and pulls out this thick contract.
“Well, before we get started, I’m going to need you to sign this nondisclosure agreement and fill out your personal information here. After all this is completed, I can take you around for a tour!” she exclaimed. You were a bit reluctant to even sign this and was about to walk out the door. What kind of gym is this that you need to sign an NDA? But it couldn’t hurt right?
When you signed the last line of that NDA form, she took you on your tour right away. And that’s when you found out the through about this gym.
“Ah, fuck~!”
“HNGH, hah!”
“Good, I wanna see 10 more reps.”
This gym helps their members enjoy working out through the pleasure of sex.
So here you were, stretching your muscles out in your assigned room for your first session. You felt that familiar feeling at the bottom of your stomach due to nervousness and excitement. You’ve always loved having sex. Having multiple partners? Eh, not so much. But you’ve been single for way too long and it’s been a while since you’ve had a good sex experience. Plus, you’ve been meaning to start exercising again so this was such a perfect gym for you. You’re just hoping that it’ll meet your expectations.
You heard two voices coming in your direction. A muscular man with dark green hair and similar clothes to what you were wearing and an angry, blondie with a trainer outfit on were entering the room, chatting away like they knew each other.
“(y/n)?” the blonde one spoke up.
“Ah, yes. That’s me,” you wiped your sweaty palms on your pants and reached out your hand to shake the trainer’s hand.
“Bakugou. I’ll be your trainer today,” he introduced himself. His palm in yours felt so heavy andstrong. He gripped your hand firmly, but only for a second and let go, his presence leaving you empty. Who knew that someone could have that kind of effect on you. You wanted so badly to take his large hands and have them roam all around your bod- You shook your head out of these naughty thoughts. What were you thinking? Sure, you were having sex but this was your workout, not some hookup. Plus, he’s your trainer. He’s not the one you were going to have sex with. It was that handsome hunk beside him.
“Introduce yourself,” Bakugou nudged the man. The green-haired man gave you a shy smile and a small wave.
“Midoriya Izuku. Most people call me Deku, but you can call me by what makes you most comfortable,” Deku says. You smile. His personality and demeanor reminded you of a puppy. But not a small puppy. He was more like a Great Dane: sweet but large in size. Looking at both of them now, they were both very muscular, almost towering over your small figure. You looked over at your trainer who was writing something down on his clipboard. Now he was very attractive. He’s got the face, the voice, the body. God, he was your type. Your partner was also good looking. No matter how much you wanted to have this session with someone else, your partner will do for now. With a build like that, you were sure you were going to enjoy this sex session.
“Alright, (y/n). Since this is your first time here, I’ll run over the basics. Before every session, each partner will give the other a massage to loosen up. If you could lay on the mat, please,” he instructs, pointing over to the mat that was laying on the floor.
You nodded in understand, laying on your stomach and resting your chin on your arms. Deku comes up behind you, sitting on top of the back of your legs. You jump in surprise, but Deku hushes you and gently pushes you back down.
“I’ll make you feel good, don’t worry,” he leans down to whisper in your ear.
Deku starts his massage by pressing both of his thumbs in the middle of your back, going up your spine. You almost let out a moan of pleasure from how good you felt. His large hands felt amazing on your back. Damn, forget about the sex. You’ll gladly be content with this. His hands skillfully rubbed your entire back, switching between a firm and soft pressure. You definitely felt relaxed and comfortable now. So this is why they start off every session with a massage. You were about to fully succumb to his touch, that is, until your trainer interrupted you.
“Okay, you can switch now. Sir, please lay on your stomach,” he instructed. Ah, right. You were still being talked through everything by Mr. Grumpy Pants here. Deku was used to this, so he laid down and you were the one to get on top now.
You started your massage off slow. Your touch was soft and gently, trying to touch every part of his body and get him to relax as much as possible. You tried copying a few of his moves, improvising here and there. So far, so good. You could feel Deku’s muscles loosen under you and he sighed in satisfaction.
“Alright, sir. Now I’m gonna have you lay on your back. Ma’am, go ahead and massage his chest,” Bakugou instructed. Swiftly and skillfully, Deku maneuvered his body around so that you were straddling his waist from the front.
“Oh!” you made a sound of surprise. You could have gotten up and let him take his time turning around, but he had his own plans. You could tell he’s done this many times before.
You were shy about giving him the massage at first. It’s not the first time you’ve touched a man’s chest, but it was your first time giving a massage with the man looking at you with such intense eyes. Deku’s hands were crossed behind his head, enjoying the show he was given. His eyes never left yours for a second, making sure he mapped every inch, every curve of your body and imprinted in his brain. You didn’t know where to look. While he was staring at with you eyes of lust, you were looking anywhere else but him; his chest, the floor, your hands. How could you concentrate when he’s looking at you like that?
You couldn’t help but shift in your position to get more comfortable, but in doing so, you sat right on his crotch. A bolt of electricity shot through your body when you felt his hard on growing larger with each passing second. It took you everything in your power not to moan right then and there. You didn’t want to look desperate so soon in the session. But Deku was making it so hard. Bakugou looked up from his clipboard to see a very obvious tent in the male’s pants.
“Hard already? It’s only the beginning of the massage,” Bakugou pointed out. Deku smirks and puts one hand on your thigh, caressing firmly.
“What can I say? She’s a beautiful girl,” Deku compliments. Bakugou doesn’t respond to his comment and instead, instructs him to do something else.
“Sir, please massage her breasts in this position,” Bakugou says. Without hesitation, Deku gropes your breasts with his massive hands. Every time he squeezed a bit too tightly, every time he readjusts his pose, it was all driving you mad. The heat between your thighs was telling you that you wanted, needed, to be touched. You bit your lips to stop another moan from coming out. Deku takes notice of your small action and decides, with a devilish smirk, to take matters into his own hands. He grabs a hold of your waist and juts his hips upwards so that his boner rubbed against your sopping, wet cunt. With so much force he put into that thrust, your body got pushed forward, allowing Deku to grab your breasts even more tightly. Finally, that long awaited moan escapes your lips.
“There we go,” Deku whispers, continuing his movements. You closed your eyes, enjoying the friction he was supplying you with. But before anything could get too heated, Bakugou, once again, interrupts.
“You probably already know what to do but I’ll explain just in case,” Bakugou starts, putting down his clipboard and goes to the draw that was sitting on the side. He brings out a bottle of oil and kneels behind you. “May I?” he asks while pointing to your top.
“Ah, yes,” you softly say. With his rough, calloused hands, he rakes his fingers up your side before removing your top. Your breasts spill out with a flop, making Deku’s eyes widen in thirst. Bakugou disregards his reaction, continues to put oil on his hands and starts to massage your breasts.
“Be careful when massaging women’s breasts. You don’t want to be too rough that it hurts or too soft that she can’t feel anything. The closer you get to the nipple, the more sensitive she is so be careful when touching them,” Bakugou explains. Like a pro, he starts to play around and twists your sensitive nipples. But just like in his explanation, he used different pressures in different areas to give you the ultimate pleasure. You moan in ecstasy, allowing yourself to submit to his touch. The back of your head landed on his shoulder and you just laid it there while he played with your breasts. Bakugou chuckled softly in your ear and gently pushed you up.
“Okay, give it a try,” he was addressing Deku. Deku nodded with excitement, eager to continue the session. Bakugou guides you to your partner, but his touch lingered on your back for a second too long. You looked back at your trainer and made eye contact with those fiery, crimson eyes. But your attention was stolen by the green-haired man under you. Deku had this talk to many times before that he goes right in to touch your soft, naked tits. It doesn’t take long for his tongue to find its way to your nipple. His wet tongue sliding against your sensitive buds excited you and only made you want more. You started griding your hips downwards to meet his upwards thrusts.
Very quickly, the chemistry between you two started getting more heated. Clothes were coming off one by one. Deku moves so that he is sitting up while you straddle. You cupped his face and brought him in for a kiss. As you guys were making out, you pull his shirt up to reveal part of his abs. At first, you just wanted to tease and feel his body but your horniess was off the charts and just touching caused you to want more of him.
For a moment, Izuku separates from you to take his shirt off and then his lips are right back on yours. Then he leans you back so you’re laying on your back and he’s leaning over you. He quickly disposes of his clothes and then rips your pants off. He sees that you’re already so wet and don’t need prepping. Neither does Deku apparently. When you looked down, he dick was so erect that precum was already leaking out.
Deku leans over you, panting slightly from your make out session, and lines his dick up with your entrance while pumping it a few times. Before he’s right about to stick it in, Bakugou slaps the back of his head. A now agitated Deku springs up, but before he could say anything, Bakugou just throws a condom at him.
“Slow down. Don’t forget that this is an exercise session. Now I want to see 50 reps,” Bakugou scolded.
“Fuckin hell,” he complains. He looks back at you and smirks. “Ready?” You nod eagerly wanting more than anything to just be fucked right now.
Deku slides his throbbing cock inside your long awaited pussy and you swear you could see stars. The stretch from his thick, veiny dick felt so amazing that your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Deku stayed still to let you adjust to his size. The feeling of being stuffed by a fat cock, and by a handsome guy at that, is already making your pussy clench tightly around him.
Deku lets out a sigh of pleasure and starts thrusting. The numbing feeling caused all his hairs to stand on end.
God, when he put his dick in, man did it feel good. But as soon as he started fucking you, you didn’t feel fully… satisfied. The initial stretch was the best feeling you’ve had yet. For some reason, the sex didn’t feel as good as you wanted it to be. Maybe you were too into your head? Maybe you just had to relax and just have a good time. But that was hard to do when your partner was whispering the countdown to himself.
There was no doubt that Izuku was enjoying his time with you, but he was so concentrated on the 50 reps that he wasn’t thinking about making you feel good. He thrusted inside you, not taking into consideration of where inside you he was hitting. Heat rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment. This wasn’t what you had in mind for your first session. You felt bad that you weren’t enjoying it, but you didn’t want to show it. With each snap of his hips, you forced out a moan to make it believe that you were having a good time. Every now and then, you’d let out a bigger, more convincing moan to change it up a bit.
This sucks. What’s the different between this and having sex with some stranger after a night out? They both can’t hit the right spot. He isn’t even going the speed you want him to. You wanted to be pounded into. You wanted him to fuck you so hard and so rough that you can’t walk the next morning. You wanted him to leave dark bruises all over your body but he wasn’t giving it to you.
You started getting bored midway through his reps and opened your eyes to look around the room. Maybe you could entertain yourself some other way while Deku was having his fun. You happened to look at your trainer who was looking at his own clipboard. He wasn’t even paying attention to you guys at all. He was writing down notes. What was he really writing though? Bakugou glanced away from his notes and made eye contact with you for a quick second. It was only for a second but it was enough to make you feel embarrassed that you got caught. You immediately closed your eyes to pretend that that small little eye contact didn’t happen.
“…48…49….50!” Izuku finally finished, giving you a nice, deep, hard thrust to finish it all off. That was good, but not enough. You eventually got fed up and flipped him over so that now you were on top. You were going to ride him until you were satisfied and full. But before you could lower yourself onto him, Deku holds your shoulders to stop you. He became a little flustered that you decided to take control because this wasn’t a part of the session. He looked at Bakugou for approval and he sighed, but eventually nodded his head.
“We can change it up,” Bakugou allowed. “But, (y/n). Now I want to see 50 reps from you.” He instructed.
“Yes sir,” you replied quickly. You just wanted him inside you, you didn’t have time for this chit-chat. So slowly but surely, you lowered yourself onto his dick, gasping the way he filled you up. You were able to fully sit, his dick disappearing completely inside you. The tip finally hit you where you wanted. Using your heels as leverage, you moved in the way you wanted. You made sure that pull all the way out before slamming into his dick again, loving the way he just fills you up. You loved how you were in control, shaking your ass up and down, hearing your sloppy cunt slap against his skin, how wet it must be down there.
God, but you wanted more. You guided Deku’s hands to grab your ass but all he does it grab onto it. Maybe a squeeze here and there. He was so entranced in the sex, his head was tilted back with his eyes shut closed, constant moans escaped his mouth. He loved the feeling of your pussy clenched around him to even think about anything. But you bit your lip in frustration. You didn’t want his hands just laying on you. You wanted him smack it with as much force as he could. He could put those muscles to use and man handle you a little. But you were here to fend for yourself. A visible pout was permanent on your lips but your partner wasn’t able to see it because he was enjoying himself below you.
But your trainer did. Bakugou was paying close attention to you. From the moment Izuku’s cock entered you to your little pout, he noted every movement and every expression you made. He raised an eyebrow, noting that small action and saving it for later.
Deku’s moans were growing louder and more inconsistent. He bucked his hips up, trying to be in motion with you but was getting sloppier by the second. It soon became too much for him and hot, white cum exploded inside the condom.
“Fuuuuck,” Izuku let out one last breath and flopped his arm out in exhaustion. He took a minute to catch his breath while you were getting off him and already started cleaning yourself up. Dammit, you didn’t even cum.
You were gathering your belongings, meanwhile, Izuku was chatting it up with Bakugou again. Before he leaves, Izuku comes up to you, places a hand on your lower back and gave you a genuine smile.
“Thanks for the amazing session,” he said. You gave him your best, fakest smile.
“Back at ya,” you reply. Your smile dropped the moment you turned around and you sighed in annoyance. You hated to think that you’d have to go home to finish yourself off but it looks like that’s exactly what you were going to have to do. Bakugou came up behind you and cleared his throat, causing you to jump in place.
“How was your first session?” he asked. You took a sip of your water to give it a bit of thought. Was this a fun experience? Oh, most definitely. Would you do it again? Probably. Did you cum? Hard no.
“It was good,” you lied. The experience was definitely new and refreshing but the sex was so mediocre that it was almost a little boring. But you couldn’t tell your trainer that. So you gave a sweet smile and picked up your bag. “I’ll see you at the next session!”
But the next session felt exactly the same as the first. You had a different partner this time. A big, scruffy dude with semi-long red hair that was pulled in a ponytail. He was just as built as Izuku, if not bigger. He had the cutest and sweetest personality. And just seeing him, you’d think this cute puppy would turn into a hungry wolf but you were wrong. As per usual.
Bakugou had made you kneel on this couch that he had provided. Kirishima was fucking you from behind but not hitting any of the right spots. His large hands were placed on your hips but they were glued there and he wasn’t touching you anywhere else.
Again, you faked your moans to mask the image of you not having a good time. Though, when you peeked behind you to get a look at your partner, he was in pure bliss. Eyes closed, mouth hung open, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, sweat trickling down his forehead. Damn, was it a sexy sight. At least he was having a fun time.
Every now and then, your mind would wander. It could be many things: you could think about what you were going to eat for dinner, or what your partner was like in bed with a lover, or if you forgot to turn the light off in your bathroom. Oh shit, what were you doing again? You opened one eye and Kirishima was focused solely on slamming his dick in your vagina. Sighing, you had to remind yourself that this was meant for exercise, not for pleasure. Although, it would be nice if you could feel nice too once in a while. Exercise was the prime reason you signed up but like… you thought it would be a win-win situation.
Your mind continued to wander for the rest of the session until you mind was set on a certain trainer you have the hots for. You could see his muscles through his tight fitted shirt, making him look even more buff than he already was. He looked so strong, you could only imagine what having sex with him was like.
You could imagine it now; face twisted in pleasure as he pounds into mercilessly, just like how you want it. You could feel that familiar butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach just thinking about it. But then, you thought that he must be like all the other men; only chasing their own high instead of pleasuring their partner.
Session after session was exactly the same. You can pleasure that dick, but he can’t even find the clit. But honestly, you were okay with it because at least you could exercise while doing your favorite sport.
You were wiping yourself up after one session, drinking from a bottled water as your trainer, Bakugou, comes up behind you.
“How was the session?” Bakugou asked after your partner has just left the room. You took another sip of water before answering.
“Mhm, it was okay,” you tried your best to sound positive. You thought your conversation was going to end there, like it always has but something in Bakugou decided to investigate a little further.
“How do you really feel?” he questions you, stepping a little closer and observing your facial features for any lies. “I could tell that you weren’t enjoying it. Off day?” You put your water bottle away, thinking of how to respond to him. Did you really want to tell him how you were really feeling? You didn’t want to seem like a freak to him. Did you really want to tell him how you like to be choked, so much so that you feel like you can’t breath. Or that you want someone to just spank you until there’s bruises because you love the idea of being marked. Or that you want to feel stuffed to the brim but still beg for more?
“I just like it a little rough,” you explained. Bakugou nods his head and hums in understanding.
“I thought they were going pretty rough on you,” he thought. But you just groaned and rolled your eyes.
“I guess, but I want more!” you exclaim, letting out an exasperated sigh. “This is why I have such a hard time with my sex life because every guy is too busy chasing after their own high that they forget that I need to feel good too. Not every guy is into rough sex. I know that. But I just want someone to blow my back out for once! Like not holding back and just fuck me until I’m in tears… but one can only dream, right?” you chuckled at the end. You didn’t mean to go on a tangent but fuck it, why not? He’s your trainer anyway. He’s supposed to know everything about you if he wants to tend to your needs. Bakugou just looks at you in silence. You take that as a sign to continue.
“I mean, don’t get me wrong. This whole program is fun and I really love the idea but just once in a while, I want to have good sex, too,” you continued to open up to your trainer. You finally turned your head to get a look at his reaction to your rant and you saw those crimson getting closer and closer to you until you were right under him, looking up. Your heart skips a beat having him so close to you. You could smell his burnt vanilla caramel cologne, his scent filling all of your senses at once.
“Then would you like a private session?” he asks you in a whisper, his head tilted down at you. You were so mesmerized by him that you followed his every move.
“With who?” you asked.
“Me.” He responded in that sexy, raspy voice of his.
“Now.” Bakugou pushes you against the cold mirror as a form of intimidation. Bakugou knows that he shouldn’t be doing this. Taking advantage of your weakness, suggesting private sessions when he’s strictly not allowed to, especially not on company’s time. It was wrong. But he’s had his eyes on you since the moment you walked in the gym for the very first time. And when you said what you said earlier, it was practically fate that you became one of his students.
The cold mirror touching your back sent you into shock, but the warmness of his body touching your chest made up for it all. He tilts your chin up so you could look in his half closed eyes full of lust. And then you couldn’t take it anymore.
You grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a hungry kiss. Your lips smashed together, causing your teeth to crash but you didn’t care. And neither did Bakugou because he was just as hungry as you, kissing you with the same amount of passion.
He wraps his arm your waist, pulling you closer to him, if that was even possible at this point. With one swift handful of ass, he lifts you off your feet so that your legs were wrapped around his waist. The moment you became stable, Bakugou gives your ass a smack, making you jolt up.
“Mhm!” you made a surprised noise through the kiss but didn’t stop kissing him. God, you didn’t want to stop. When you came back down, you could feel his erection resting right on top of your clit. He carries you to one of the equipment stored in the room, a couch, while you grind on him, hopping to get more friction to stimulate your needs.
As soon as your back hit the couch, clothes were already being stripped off of you. There goes your shirt, then your sports bra. Finally, your pants. Last but not least, your lace panties that were already wet from your previous session are now even more soaked from his teasing. Wasting no time in discarding your panties, he pulls your waist I so that you’re laying flat on your back, your pussy right in his face I all of its glory.
“Fuck, you’re already so wet for me. I haven’t even done anything yet,” he says. You could feel his beath tickling your wet folds. He was so close yet so far. Just having his breath on you made your pussy clench over nothing. Bakugou puts his nose right on your clit, taking a good whiff of your after workout sex. God, it was intoxicating and he couldn’t wait to dig right in.
“Thank you for the food,” he says before completely devouring you. He took no time in exploring every fold, every inch of your pussy, eating you out like there was no tomorrow. He was rough around your entrance but soft and gentle around your clit. It was like light feather licks, barely touching you but sending you into sensory overload. When he got closer to your entrance, that’s when he started to get rough. Slurping and devouring your wetness, getting every last drop and leaving no leftovers.
Bakugou grabbed hold of your thighs, squeezing them and pulling your body even closer to his face so he could tongue fuck you. His tongue enters you, pushing its way through to get a better taste of your sweet cunt. At the same time, your mouth is hung open in pleasure, moans spilling out of your mouth and you couldn’t stop. Bakugou took this opportunity to stick three fingers in your mouth.
“Noisy bitch. Suck,” he commanded. And so you sucked on his fingers, like a little girl eating her lollipop. He only had three fingers in your mouth, but they were so thick that you couldn’t possibly put any more in. Yet you still covered his fingers in your thick saliva, making sure each finger was coated and wet enough so he could fuck you.
You looked up at him, purposefully making a sultry face, with your big, innocent eyes. You wanted to give him a small show, making sure that he was watching every move that you made. Your tongue found its way in between each finger, licking up and down, sucking each individual finger, and letting go with a loud ‘pop’. You got disappointed when Bakugou removed his hands from you mouth. But was pleasantly surprised when he stuck all three fingers in your throbbing cunt without warning. It’s not like you needed the prepping anyway when you were already soaking wet. Your back arched and chills ran down your spine. You didn’t know how this was possible, but the moment he entered his fingers, it was pure bliss. You already felt like you wanted to cum because he just managed to hit that magical spot in one go. You couldn’t even imagine what it would feel like when he fucks you with his fat cock.
“God, you’re so fucking tight. I can feel you clenching around me,” Bakugou watched as he slides his fingers in and out of your slick folds. He gives you a minute to adjust before picking up the pace. Every thrust of his hand, he keeps getting deeper and is always right the perfect damn spot. It was driving you mad. He hasn’t even fucked you yet and you were already a moaning mess. You couldn’t even form any words, you were such in a trance. It wasn’t before long until you had that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach. The feeling gradually and rapidly escalated. Bakugou could feel it too: the way your walls clenched around his fingers a little too tight, he knew you were going to cum anytime soon.
“Bakugou~” you whined, holding onto his forearms for dear life. You needed to prepare yourself for this one.
“Gonna cum, princess?” Bakugou teased. You couldn’t answer him. More like you weren’t able to hear his question because you were so focused on this intense feeling that was going to explode any minute. Bakugou took his free hand and pushed your legs up so that they were pressed against your chest. He, then, leaned on them so weren’t able to move or squirm out of his grasp. And he went even faster, the sound of your juices was sinful.
“AH!” you screamed, letting your orgasm take over and wash over you. You thought he would stop once you had your first orgasm but he wasn’t stopping. He continued his fast pace. You wanted to make him stop, the overstimulation was getting too much for you. You tried moving your legs but Bakugou’s grip on you was nailed down. You weren’t going anywhere. You just had to take it but it still felt so good. The moment you felt like it was all too much to handle, Bakugou took his fingers out. And they were covered in a thick, white consistency. If he spread his fingers out, your cum would string along each finger. Bakugou didn’t hesitate to lick it all off with one swipe of his tongue.
“On all fours,” he demanded, standing up while pumping his cock for you. You didn’t have to be asked twice. Despite the numb feeling in between your legs, you enthusiastically got on your hands and knees, ready to be penetrated by your trainer. Bakugou gave your ass a small smack before lining his cock in front of your entrance. That small smack was enough for you to have hearts in your eyes. You let out a small mewl of delight and Bakugou smirked.
“Yeah? You like it when I smack your ass?” Bakugou asked.
“I love when you smack my ass. Please spank me again,” you begged. Bakugou took his hand and gave you cheek another blow, this time harder than the last. Bakugou made sure to look for any change in your expression, careful not to hurt you. But you wanted more. You wanted him to hit your harder.
“Spank me harder, sir,” you pleaded, moving lower so that your ass was hanging in the air. You wiggled your butt, wanting more from the strong blonde. He smirks even bigger, almost animalistic like.
“That’s a good girl,” his voice became raspy and wasted no time in giving you a nice, hard smack to your right cheek. You cried out in a pleasurable pain. You smiled into your moans, drool starting to come out from the sides of your mouth. The sound of his hand making contact to your bare cheek was so loud that it could be heard from outside the closed room. Bakugou spanked you until your cheek was red and raw from his large hands. This. This was what you wanted. This is what you’ve been wanting for so long and you were finally going to get it.
Oh sweetie, the main course hasn’t even started yet. How could you feel this good when he hasn’t even fucked you yet? You could feel the tip of his dick teasing your entrance. You wanted to lean into him yourself, not wanting to wait any longer, but Bakugou had a strong hold on your hips. He gave his cock a few more pumps before slowly sliding his cock inside your ready, wet pussy.
You both moaned in sync at the feeling: his fat cock throbbing inside you and your tight pussy clenching around his cock. Bakugou started thrusting at a good pace. But just like how his fingers felt, he was hitting that sweet spot of yours perfectly. Every thrust was making you see stars.
“Mhm~ Bakugou, faster!” you whined in between moans. Bakugou grabs a fistful of hair before pulling you up so that your back was arched.
“Needy, aren’t we? And what if I say no?” Bakugou asked in your ear. You just whimpered, reaching behind you to grasp his waist and force him to go faster as you try to back into him at the same time. Bakugou didn’t like this too much. He let go out your hair and went straight to your neck, cutting off your air momentarily.
“Did I say you could do that?” he questioned through gritted teeth. You quickly shook your head.
“No, sir,” you barely managed to say due to your lack of oxygen. He gave you another squeeze before a few smacks to the cheek.
“There we go. Now let’s try that again. What if I say no?” he asks again. You bit your lip trying to come up with an answer. But it was hard to think with a hand was at your throat.
“Please! God, I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me, please!” you practically screamed.
“Good girl,” he said and let go of your neck. You gasped for air, coughing in the process but Bakugou didn’t allow you to fully recover. He pounded into you with no mercy. You couldn’t stop your ahego expression from happening, your tongue hung out and your eyes crossed.
He stopped pounding into you to slowly slide his cock fully out of you before slamming into you again. It felt heavenly but a naughty thought came to your mind. You were probably going to get punished for it later, but you were feeling rebellious in the moment. When he slide his cock out, before he could enter you again, you got up and pushed him on the couch. Midair, Bakugou sensed what you were doing. So instead of being victorious and pining him down, he flipped you so that you were pined against the couch, your hands pined above your head.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he gets close to you. You giggle and look away playfully.
“Not playing by the rules,” you laughed. Bakugou couldn’t help but break a smile as well.
“Naughty, naughty. I’ll show you who’s the dominant one,” he said and smashed his cock back inside you, not giving you time to breath or adjust to him in this new position.
You could feel another wave coming and it was fast approaching. Bakugou was being even more vocal now, huffing and groaning into your neck. His hips rutted into you sloppier each second and more frantic. He was getting close too.
You whined loudly, not being able to hold onto anything as your orgasm hit you like a tsunami so you arched your back and fumbled with your legs. The clenching of your walls caused Bakugou to reach his limit. He pulled out, spraying his cum all over your stomach and chest. His hot cum felt sticky on your skin. Despite being covered in his specimen, Bakugou pulled you close to his sweaty body, your foreheads resting together while you both catch your breath.
You entered the gym with a smile and a skip to your walk. You got a little surprised when you saw that your trainer and new partner were inside the room before you. Puffing out a cheek in disappointment, you scold yourself for not leaving earlier. You were always early to get a good stretch in. But as soon as you saw your handsome trainer, a smile came back to your face.
You rushed to his side, jumping into his arms and giving him a kiss on the lips.
“Hi, baby!” you greeted him. He smiles back at you.
“Ready for your session?” he asks and you just give him a lovey dovey smile and a nod.
“Ah, this is one of my good friends. He’ll be your partner for today,” Bakugou sets you down to introduce you to yet another partner. The two toned hair guy gives you a shy wave.
“Todoroki. You can call me Shouto,” he introduces himself. Aw, he seems really sweet. Shy, but hopefully he’s not like that in bed. Todoroki leads to you the mat on the floor to get your session started. You glanced back at your trainer and give him a wink. He shakes his head at you but you didn’t miss that smile he was trying to hide. Because you know that he was going to make up for this session later tonight.
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hisalvation · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
bakugou, kirishima, and denki
18+ content including squirting, reference links
a/n: in celebration of the birthday boy
Tumblr media
you were straddling him as he laid back on the bed, and even though you were on top he was holding onto your hips with a bruising grip and thrusting up into you. balls papping against the curve of your ass when you fell onto his chest from the pressure building in your core. kissing his neck and breathing heavily on his sensitive spots had him cumming - spearing you harder than before and causing you to kick your legs and thrash. spraying all over yours and his thighs. “fuck, fuck, fuck - more, i want more.” he muttered, flipping you over and tugging you to the edge of the bed to start again.
you squirted on him, after 2 hours of fucking; humping each other like dogs you came all around his cock. jerking your hips so hard he had to hold onto it tightly to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself. “damn girl, ya’ really just did that huh...” he was in shock, he’d seen porn before and thought it was just an industry thing, he was interested but didn’t want to hold you to unrealistic standards - so he’d bit his tongue. eijirou isn’t one to brag about yours and his sex life but if you don’t stop him he’ll accidentally blurt something out.
you were laid on your back, spading your head into the mattress with your face tightly balled. nails digging into denki’s shoulder and the other into his comforter. his middle and ring fingers pounding your poor cunny, over and over until you squirted with nothing short of a yell. it was the hardest you’ve ever came, drawing blood on his biceps. “sorry...” your voice was hoarse, “s’ okay.” he cut his sentence shorts to admire the juices sprayed along his chest.
Tumblr media
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killmewithakiss · 2 hours ago
req : I'm bottom leaning so this might be a bad request but uh,, Mirio being overstimulated as he rides you infront of the mirror? -💫
Tumblr media
A/N : i will gladly admit to being overly horny for mirio. this req is lovely. NOT PROOFREAD, im v sorry. I'm lacking the patience.
WARNINGS : implied overstimulation, implied edging, mirror sex, light degradation+praise k., master k.
pronouns : he/him
You listened to his strained moans as you sat him down on your cock finally. After what felt like hours of teasing, asking him to beg, edging him with your tongue, the blonde got what he wanted.
"C-can I. . .?" he asked, looking at you with half lidded blue eyes and a pink face. You smiled sweetly at him.
"Its your reward, baby boy," you told him, dropping your voice to a whisper. "Make yourself cum on my cock, yeah?" one of your hands gripped his thigh harshly, your nails just barely digging into the soft flesh as he hummed and nodded in satisfaction.
He almost started bouncing but you stopped him, holding up a finger. "On second thought," you paused, readjusting the position and turning so that you two were now facing the mirror opposite you in the room. "Why don't you watch yourself cum?" You watched your boyfriend get even more red in the face, a playful smile tugging at his lips to try and hide his flustered state. He shifted on your shaft, swallowing as he glanced at himself in the mirror slightly. When he didn't say anything you shallowly thrust your hips upward, raising an eyebrow as you looked at him through the glass. "Don't get hesitant on me now, Togata." you demanded as he peered at you over his shoulder.
"Its. . . its different like this, master. . ." he muttered. You didn't much have any sympathy for the blonde though and to be honest, you were getting impatient.
"Well I didn't say we were cockwarming, and you're taking too long. Don't be a bitch." you snarled, biting onto his shoulder as a warning. "Don't you want to be masters good little boy? Fuck my cum into you and bounce on my cock?" you tried tempting him this way, the praise always stirred something in the other and it seemed to work this time too.
He slowly started to move as you watched him slide himself up and down on your cock, probably the prettiest sight you'd ever seen and would see. "That's it baby," you groaned, tearing your eyes away from his hole stretched around your length to make sure he was looking at himself.
When he wasn't, you easily wrapped a hand around his throat, angling his head toward himself in the glass. "Be my good baby and watch yourself cum on your masters cock. Make sure you have it burned into your mind how good I can make you feel." You growled into his ear lowly, nipping at the lobe as he started to moan.
"Mhm. . . only you, master. . ." he whimpered, getting ready to cum for you after an array of orgasms and edging already.
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Tumblr media
𝗮 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘆 𝗶𝘀𝗻’𝘁 𝗮 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘆 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝗮/𝗻: 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗯𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗮𝗸𝘂𝗴𝗼!!! 𝗶 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗲𝗻𝗷𝗼𝘆𝗲𝗱 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀<𝟯 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲’𝘀 𝗹𝗼𝘁𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝘀𝗼𝗳𝘁 𝗯𝗮𝗸𝘂𝗴𝗼 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗹𝗼𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗹𝗼𝘁𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁 <𝟯 (𝗯𝗰 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗲𝘅𝘆) 𝗵𝗼𝗽𝗲 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗷𝗼𝘆𝘀!!!
𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴: 𝗯𝗮𝗸𝘂𝗴𝗼𝘂 𝘅 𝗳𝗲𝗺!𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿
𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲: 𝗮 𝘀𝗺𝗶𝗱𝗴𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘀𝘁, 𝘀𝗼𝗳𝘁 𝘀𝗺𝘂𝘁 <𝟯 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝘀𝗼𝗳𝘁 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹
𝘄𝗰: 𝟱.𝟳𝗸 (𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗮𝗽𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝗿𝘁)
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: 𝗶𝘁’𝘀 𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘆 𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗳 𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗼!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he can't find you.
he feels a strange sinking sensation start in his throat and making its way through his tight chest and down to the pit of his stomach. who’s he kidding? he broke up with you, and it was over because of the choices he made. it was finished because of him, but for some reason, he knew in his heart he was supposed to be here, searching for you. he learned at a young age to follow his impulses, no matter how strange they may be, and that's why he's standing in the doorway now.
he slips his coat off his shoulders and places it on an open hook of one of the coat racks nearby. turning around and back toward the crowd, he spots his friends and tells himself he's going to enjoy tonight whether you make an appearance or not. he takes a few steps forward, pushing his way toward the guys sitting off in the corner, when he stops so suddenly he almost falls over.
apparently you wouldn't need a grand entrance, because you were already there, and your heart suddenly stops when kirishima calls out for him. “bakugo!” he yells over the crowd.
don’t look up, you think to yourself, palms suddenly becoming sweaty as you take a deep breath to try and calm down. if only the only open seat left wasn't beside you, practically waiting for him; then you wouldn't feel as nervous as you’re quickly becoming. but bakugo’s feeling the same way as you are as he cautiously takes the free seat, having to slowly slip past you to get into the chair.
“hey, stranger,” you hear him say, his arm barely touching your shoulder as he sits down.
you let out a soft, incoherent sound to acknowledge his presence, and you feel like kicking yourself for acting so stupid. you just had to open your big mouth like you always do and tell your friends that you might have, just maybe, still have feelings for him.
and now, sitting beside him, hearing his breathing, smelling his gentle scent, and feeling the warmth of his body again—absolutely unbearable. it felt as if he was opening a recently healed wound that took you so long to mend. thoughts of their past rush through your mind, your entire relationship with bakugo flashes before you, all the way to this moment. you look down toward your folded hands, remembering how horrible you felt when he said he didn't want you anymore.
you finally lift your head and look over to him, and you watch him carefully as he converses with all of their friends. his legs swing childishly beneath him, a small smirk splayed across his lips, and your eyes furrow at how calm and cheerful he seems. is he…happy? you suddenly become infuriated at him.
you feel his eyes on you every now and then, although you refuse to look back, trying your hardest to ignore him. you don’t want to give him the satisfaction of your attention, and besides; you’ve given him enough of it already. rather than worrying about him, it's more important you try to sort out your emotions and the thousands of thoughts racing through your mind.
but the fact that you’re so angry with him—what did that mean? did it mean that you wanted bakugo to be miserable and heartbroken over the breakup just as you were? maybe. or maybe it's just because you’re still feeling that way, and bakugo found an easy way to cover it up.
no matter what you may have felt, before or remaining, you want him to regret it all. you want him to regret every hurtful word he said toward you, and you want to hear him say he's sorry and that he'll never hurt you again. you want him to miss you and want you back.
you feel this thigh press lightly against yours as he makes himself more comfortable in his chair. bakugo’s laughing with their friends, clearly amused by some joke you had missed due to your private thoughts, and your body turns tense. you didn't think he could make it worse, yet he did. the conversation amongst their small group of friends seems to have died down, but you’re not paying enough attention to know.
“you’re pretty quiet,” bakugo comments, his shoulder nudging into yours. “that’s not like you.”
you don’t bother to stop an angry look from covering your face. “thanks, i guess.”
“sorry,” he says quietly. “i didn't mean it like that.” you nod. “can we go talk somewhere?”
“what’s wrong with here?” you question frustratingly, trying to understand his motives.
“i think it'd be better if we talked somewhere more private,” he answers.
he stands, and you can't resist doing the same. you trail behind him as he leads the way to a quieter spot, where the two of them can really talk. as you continue further away from the table, both of them uncomfortably silent and lost in their own, restless thoughts, you find yourself wanting to know what's going through his mind rather than worrying about your own doubts and fears.
you wonder if he's reciting whatever it is he needs to tell you over and over again in his mind, trying to find the perfect way to express himself despite the fact that he's never been very good at it. you wonder what those words will be, how they'll make you feel, and if he expects them to make you feel differently about everything that's happened.
you feel so much apprehension about it all, and with each step they take, it takes every bit of your strength not to turn back and stop him—to tell him that you don’t want to hear his words, because no matter what he has to say—good or bad, comforting or hurtful—you know your heart won't be able to take it.
they finally reach a suitable spot to talk alone. you lean against the wall as bakugo turns back to look at you. with your legs perfectly straight and stiff along the length of the wall, arms crossed in front of you, unintentionally shutting him out and protecting yourself from him. you quietly, uncomfortably keep your eyes directed toward the floor, and even after he places his left hand on the wall near your head, moving closer to slightly hover over your tense body, you still refuse to look at him.
“so what do you have to say to me, bakugo,” you demand quietly.
“katsuki,” he corrects you, and you feel his stare weaken. “please look at me…”
“no,” you answer as coldly, turning your head to the side, away from him.
“why not?” he asks softly, and you hate the way he asks. by the tone of his voice, you can easily tell that he knows exactly why not, and the only reason why he wants you to answer is because he wants to hear you admit it out loud to him. you shake your head in frustration and annoyance. “why is looking at me such a bad thing? what do you think you’ll see, y/n?”
“nothing,” you retort sharply, but even you barely believe it. you finally look him in the eyes, giving him exactly what he wants only to move this along. “i hate you for treating me like a child, bakugo, asking me questions that don't mean anything just so you can manipulate me into saying what you want me to.”
“that’s not what i’m trying to do,” he answers, shaking his head and seeming almost pained that you’d think that. “i just want you to realize what's in your heart. i want you to realize what you still feel for me.”
“i don't feel anything for you,” you tell him uncaringly. “not anymore.”
“that’s not true,” he argues eagerly. “i know you're still in love with me, y/n.”
“oh, really,” you scoff, trying to make him doubt the truth. “what makes you so sure?”
he glances down your body and then back to your face. “i can tell by your eyes,” he whispers.
he stares at you intensely, easily looking right through you and seeing everything he needs to confirm what he's already so sure of. by the way he's looking at you, you knew you should just resign; there's no use in lying to yourself or to him anymore, and there's no use in denying what he so clearly knows and sees, and what you’ve been struggling to ignore since the breakup.
you look away as if you’re about to cry, angry with yourself that you made it so obvious to him, the one who broke your heart. “you made your choice. it doesn't matter anyway,” you believe.
“that’s not true…” he instantly tells you.
you finally look at him again, tears in your eyes, you shake your head in near disgust, wanting to push him away for toying with your feelings further. “what are you doing, bakugo?” you demand.
he reaches up and tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear, his fingers stroking through the softness of it and tickling the side of your face. your eyes close on impulse when you feel him touch you so intimately again. you’d be lying to yourself if you said that the feeling of his hand on you, even in the most innocent way, didn't make you want to forgive him and go back to the way things were.
“i know i hurt you and that you're still hurt, but i’ll make it up to you, i promise.”
you let a tear fall from your eyes as you shake your head. “why are you doing this?” you whimper.
he slowly leans in to whisper in your ear, and a shiver runs down your spine when you feel his warm breath against your nape. “what we have is special, baby, and i know now that i can't give it up.”
he pulls away to look into your eyes, his hand which is tangled in your hair moving to cup the side of your face. as you search his eyes for any further explanation, any glimpse of his emotions and the feelings he has for you, you instinctively reach up and place a hand on his neck, pulling his face closer. as much as he hurt you, and as angry as you are at him, having him so close again feels so good.
“i made such a mistake, and i’m so, so sorry.” he brushes his lips against yours, sighing against them when they part, letting them make contact slightly. “i miss you, i love you and i need you back.”
“that’s a lot of i’s, katsuki,” you chuckle against his lips.
he leans forward to finally capture your lips, but before he can you turn to the side, forcing his lips to press against your cheek instead. he immediately pulls away and looks at you, seeming completely surprised by your reaction. he thought he had you. he thought he'd won you back.
“that’s everything that i wanted to hear you say,” you tell him calmly. you press your lips together, shaking your head as you look him up and down, “but it's just not enough, katsuki.”
without saying another word, you move from beneath him, your body immediately feeling colder the moment you walk away, but you know walking away is what's best. he turns to watch you leave, still shocked and hoping that you’ll turn around, but you continue walking without ever turning back.
you leave without saying goodbye to the others and instead head straight out into the dark night. your hands curl into tight fists as you shove them around your waist, lowering your head to block out the biting wind flowing around you. you feel dizzy and your head spins wildly as you think of everything that had just taken place. wasn’t it everything you had always hoped for and always imagined happening? life could be such a strange thing sometimes.
your heels tap against the cement beneath you, and you can't help but feel an unfamiliar pain deep inside your chest. you knew bakugo’s trustworthy, and you knew he would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. your mind jumps from one conclusion to the next as you try to string out everything in your head and make sense of it all. so then why was he doing this? did he feel like he had to end things before, and maybe now something had changed? you honestly don’t know what to think.
you hated this feeling of confusion—the feeling of not being with him when you knew you could’ve been just moments before. feeling his skin against yours was so...right. looking at him, seeing his eyes look at you with such passion, was overwhelming. how could someone with so much love in his heart ever purposely set out to hurt you? he couldn't...and he never had, of that much you’re sure.
you continue to walk aimlessly down the sidewalk, your chin buried deep against your chest as everything beneath you is a blur. your entire body feels like it's going to explode, and you can't stand not having him next to you now that you felt him close again.
you pull out your phone, not even thinking twice as you dial his number. the phone rings, and you continue to hold it to your ear even though he isn't picking up, which you’re not surprised by. why should he? you feel ashamed and stupid for thinking he would actually want to talk to you now.
“katsuki, it's me. look, i’m sorry, ok? i just...” you pause for a moment, trying to think of the right words that would encourage him to come see you. “i’m willing to talk, ok? i’ll be waiting outside your apartment.”
you hang up abruptly and shove the phone back into your pocket, and you feel such a sudden adrenaline rush that you can't help but pick up your walking pace. it only takes a few minutes to reach his apartment, and the only light coming from it is from the one hanging off the front porch. it’s picturesque and romantic. it feels like home, and to think it could have been.
you stand outside his door for what seems like hours until you hear hurried footsteps, “are you fucking crazy?” you hear him shout, “it’s cold out here!” he runs up to you and nearly forces his jacket through your freezing arms. he rubs his hands together before placing them on your cherry stained cheeks, and he gently kneads the bitter skin, making his best attempt to warm you up. “aren’t you freezing?” he asks almost incredulously, his hands still placed carefully against your face as he pulls you closer into him.
you can't speak. he’s not even mad. not one bit. or maybe he's just too worried about your health to think about the stunt you pulled on him just moments before. you pull away from him briefly, taking in a deep breath as you dare to look into his eyes once again, and you find not one ounce of anger or bitterness in him. incredible.
“katsu...” you look down in embarrassment, shaking your head. “i’m sorry.”
“for what?” you can't help but let out a grunt before looking back up at him.
you shake your head in disbelief, “i walked out on you and for asking you to leave your birthday part.”
“those extras won’t miss me anyways they’re probably piss drunk right now. and it only seemed fair.” your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, your mind not thinking quite straight with the cold air penetrating through your skin.
“let’s go inside and get you warmed up. it’s too cold out here.”
he grabs your arm and he quietly opens the front door. you follow him across the long hallway, past the living room and the kitchen into his bedroom on the far right. the door creaks open as he steps inside, switching on the lamp near his bed as he throws back the blankets on his bed.
“lie down,” he orders gently, moving over to the other side of the bed while taking off his shoes.
you do exactly as he tells you to, and your heart begins to race a million miles per second with thoughts of what might happen next. your hands shake as you lie down carefully in the bed, pulling the blankets over your waist as you turn away from him.
you hear his closet door open and close. seconds later, you feel a sinking in the bed, but you don’t dare turn over. he keeps the covers beneath his body and instead throws a separate blanket over his legs, and the silence is deafening as you both lie still. you open your mouth several times, desperate to say something, but you can never think of the right words to say.
“what are you thinking about?” bakugo asks suddenly, bringing you out of your thoughts.
“i’m trying to figure out what you're thinking about,” you say bluntly and slightly frustrated.
“i’m thinking about how drunk icy hot is right now,” he says wistfully.
you shoot up and look down at him incredulously. “really, katsuki?”
he laughs quietly between his lips, shaking his head as he takes in your tense stance. “of course not, although he’s probably making an ass out of himself and you don’t see that everyday,” he mutters. “no, what i’m really thinking about...” he reaches his hand out toward your arm, allowing his finger to trail down your skin, sending goose bumps down the entire length of your body. “ how sorry i am for letting you go in the first place and how sorry i am that things had to come to this.”
his voice is full of pain and regret, something you never wished to hear.
“katsu...” you crawl into his arms, allowing your head to rest comfortably against his chest. “you may have broken my heart...” you trail your finger down the length of his stomach, feeling his body tense beneath your touch. “...but you stole it too. and it will always be yours, katsuki. always.”
you can hear his heart racing beneath his chest, his warm hands nearly shaking as he holds you against him. “but i never wanted to break your heart, y/n. i never meant to.”
“i know, katsu,” you sigh, “i know that.”
he gently rolls onto his side, one of his arms hovering above your head as you run your hands through his messy hair. you watch his face closely. “i couldn't stop thinking about you. i really missed you.”
a smile spreads across your lips, “i missed you too.”
very, very softly, bakugo leans down and kisses you, and the first meeting of their lips after all this time is enough to create a longing in your heart and an ache between your legs, a throbbing only bakugo could ever create throughout your entire body, from the tips of your toes to the curves of your fingertips.
the kiss would be chaste if it wasn't for the way his body leans against yours, his hand slipped around and underneath you, tightened around your curved waist. as he gently tugs on your bottom lip, you let your other hand drift around his neck, meeting the other that's already curled into his soft hair.
you gently pull him to your mouth and happily let his lips melt against yours. he pulls you up against his body, sliding his hand up your back as you lean in and kiss him. his hand eagerly skims down your body to your thigh, lifting it up and wrapping your calf around his waist. he wants you close to him—he wants to feel close and be close with you.
one hand moves down to grasp his shoulder when the kiss deepens. his tongue slides against your top lip, and you readily open your mouth further so that it can mingle with his. it feels so wet and warm and, like your lips and his, made to be with yours. his fingers gently knead your thigh still locked against him, and then he runs a finger up your spine, feeling all sorts of muscles tense to life.
“come here, sweetheart,” he breathes out as he pulls you on top of him completely, kneading your arms on the way
you raise your upper half off of him just slightly, craning into the movements of his fingers, and a low groan escapes your lips as you nuzzle into his neck. he kneads his fingers deep into your skin, pressing circles down your back and spine from where they were just creating them on your arms.
his hands find the small of your back, and they hesitate when he feels your lips brush against his neck, touching that one spot, giving it a single kiss. he sneaks his hands up your shirt, moving to massage your shoulders, breaking up knots of tension trapped beneath the skin.
you moan into his neck and allow your mouth to close on the tender skin just below his ear again, as your hips begin to move in time with hands still making circles, and as the muscles along your back loosen, you feel muscles tighten elsewhere. sweeping his tongue across his lips, he tilts his head to give you better access to his neck as he skims his hands lower and lower.
he grasps your ass and gently digs his fingers into it, feeling how supple it is beneath his touch. he slips his fingers into the rim of your skirt and beneath the elastic of your panties, pulling you against him, unafraid to let you feel how hard he's getting. you moan slightly when his bulge meets your core, and you jolt when his fingers slip underneath your panties, the anticipation beginning to rock you.
you were never a patient girl, especially when it came to bakugo. you mumble his name a few times as his mouth blazes a wet trail across your jaw and down your throat. you shift against him and then hungrily bring your mouth to his, and the kiss you share then says so much. it’s weeks worth of tension, regret and aching since the first time they kissed.
bakugo feels your legs spread a little as you straddle him, and he grabs your hips and forces you against him, the friction killing you both. his hands skim from your waist past your ribs and to the soft swell of your chest, and you feel as if you could jump out of your skin when his hands touch you so intimately.
grinding against him, feeling him throbbing beneath you. you feel yourself growing hot and wet. you take his hand into yours and kiss his palm before guiding him to your cunt so he can feel it for himself. he buries his face in your neck, covering it with kisses as he lets his hand be pulled down past your stomach and into your waistband. you roll off of him slightly, giving him better access. he brushes his fingers along the surrounding skin before sliding a finger between your lips. you grab hold of his arm, your fingers digging tightly into him as you urge him further with more fluid motions of your hips.
your hands reach behind him, pulling his face to yours, kissing him hard again. bakugo explores your mouth, biting gently at your lips. you’re lithe and electric beneath his hands and he can barely contain himself, the sensations flowing between them. his fingers explore too, between your legs, as his other hand slides along your ass, up your back and across your chest to cup the back of your head.
he doesn't want to stop touching you.
you move against his fingers, the slick friction driving you crazy. his fingers move in and out and around, and one could say he's rather skilled despite his first time doing this was only a few weeks ago, with you. you feel the ache inside you swell. you want him so badly.
“katsu,” you whisper, moving back to his mouth.
“yeah,” he slides his fingers against you, playing with you for a moment and feeling you squirm against him. he loves it when you do that. then he slides his fingers down and slips one in.
words are escaping you as his finger slips in, and you move to meet him. “please,” you can't hide the urgency in your voice as every muscle tightens around him.
he pushes his hips against yours, feeling your warm thighs press against his erection, and he slips another finger into you, and that soft, hot pressure around him feels so good. he works his thumb against your clit and kisses your neck. “please what, sweetheart?” he kisses you again. “use your words.”
you pull at the opening of his boxers and slip your hand inside. you take him into the flat of your palm, closing your fingers around him. your beautiful eyes meet his gaze for a moment, both of their bodies pausing briefly, “i want you.”
he kisses you again and rests his forehead against yours. your hand on him is the only thing in the world, along with your lips and eyes, that matters to him, and he kisses you more deeply.
breaking the kiss, you pull his shirt all the way until it's finally over his chest, and you lean your face toward his to drop small kisses over it. he arches his back to allow you to easily peel the shirt off his body, and you toss it on the floor. his hands cup your bottom before sliding beneath your shirt and up your back, pushing the hem to your head and above. his eyes are heavy as he watches you raise your hands above your head, obliging to him, and he tugs the shirt off the rest of the way, gazing at you while he undresses your body.
his hand rests on your knee and the other wraps around your waist, right beneath your chest, “you’re so beautiful,” he strokes his thumb across your tender skin. “so fuckin’ beautiful and mine.”
he trails his hand down your stomach where his thumb begins to make lazy circles. the words and the sincerity behind them strike a chord. you usually find it hard to believe when anyone compliments you, let alone someone you found to be so beautiful in return, both inside and out. you suddenly feel a strong urge to cry but you force the tears away as you reach to unclasp your bra.
you lean back down, pressing your skin to his, nuzzling his cheek and savoring his warmth. he reaches around you and covers your hands with his own, feeling you working at your bra clasp until it finally comes loose. he slides his hands over your shoulders then back down, you lean back slightly and let him slip the piece of lace from you, and finally, you’re bare to him.
bakugo stares at you heavily, from your eyes down to your lips and graceful neck, to the slope of your shoulders. then your chest and the soft roundness there that's only for his eyes to see. he reaches out and cups you briefly before trailing his fingers across your heart, feeling it pounding.
“all fuckin’ mine,” he whispers, a slight smile creeping across his lips.
he wants to touch you further; he wants to make your body feel as loved as it deserves to be.
he skims his fingers along the underside of your chest, and then massages them gently. one arm slips behind you, pulling you to him, your chest against his, and he kisses you, “are you ok with all of this?"
pressed against him, you still for a moment. you close your eyes and listen to his heartbeat pulsing so soothingly. you never realized how nice it would be to sit with a man and feel his heartbeat, yet here you were, leaning against bakugo, feeling and listening to his. there’s something truly beautiful about it, and the sound lulls you, pulling you deeper into comfort.
you know it sounds crazy, being so moved by a simple heartbeat, but you love him so much, and after weeks of not being able to be with him, you want to appreciate those small things about him you haven’t gotten to experience yet. you breathe with him, and every feeling you have, especially the ones you have for him feels overpowering. your hands encircle around his neck and your fingers caress the tender skin.
“i’m very okay with this,” you say, “are you having second thoughts about us?”
“absolutely fucking not,” he answers with no doubt in his mind.
“tell me what you want,” he whispers. “i want to give you everything you want.”
you lean down and slowly place kisses along his naked body, up to his lips. after a sweet kiss, you pull back and look down at him, “i want you, katsu,” you tell him softly. “that’s all i’ve ever wanted.”
with a smile splashed across his lips, he eagerly turns you over and hovers his body above yours. this is what you want. you’re sure of it. you want it so badly you can taste it. you shift against him, pushing him toward you. his chest rises heavily as he takes in a deep breath, taking in your naked form below him. you smile when you feel his hand brush against your side, his lips at your bare shoulder.
“then i am...” his lips brush up to just below your ear. “...completely...” he runs them down the side of your jaw, his hand holding your face carefully. “ hundred percent yours.”
you brace your hands around his neck, his chest pressed carefully against yours as he continues his exploration along your body. his tongue and lips reach every curve and every crevice of your body as you take deep breaths, your entire body alert and aware of his touch. he’s taking his sweet time with you, and you couldn't feel any more loved or any more treasured than he makes you feel.
“do you want to continue? are you comfortable?” he whispers against your ear.
you run hands along his back. there’s nothing you could want more than to be with him at this moment, to feel him completely, to be his. “you have me, katsuki. please take me.”
he kisses you hard, deeply, and then he reaches over to the side of his bed. after a moment, he tosses the condom wrapper aside and then kneels above you, and as he leans on his elbow, his other hand skims your body from shoulder to knee. he kisses you deeply as his hand explores, feeling how ready you are.
small moans are all you can create into his open mouth as your hips move to meet the exploratory pressure of his hand. you cup his face and spread your legs further in an open invitation for him to take. his finger makes a few lazy circles against your clit, and he feels you ache and arch against him.
a few strokes against you, and bakugo finally withdraws his hand. he cups your ass and draws you to him, feeling your warmth against him. he feels you, ready, and you legs slide against his, and the warm skin against skin contact makes him relax for a moment—until he feels himself against you.
he makes eye contact. the sheer intensity in his eyes almost frightens you. you know he's driven, and you could always hear the honesty and sincerity in his voice. but here, in his eyes, you see an intensity and fear that matches your own. you bite down on your lower lip and nod. you’re ready. he fills you completely. he can't help but groan. she’s so fuckin’ tight, he thinks.
your breath draws in, and you feel a slight aching inside and bite down harder on your lip. he’s big and thick, and it takes you a moment to adjust to him. your hips move back, relieving some of the pressure. you relax and take several deep breaths before your arms circle his waist and your hips slowly push into him. he stares down at your face, beautifully lit by the lights gleaming outside.
“how are you?” he whispers as he brushes his lips across your neck.
your chest heaves against his. “i’m fantastic. don’t stop.” while there is an ache, it's exquisite and one you don’t want to lose.
“i’ll stop if you need me to,” he breathes out. “i promise.”
he thrusts against you again and feels your hips rise to meet him. his lips skim along your skin, and you feel his teeth grazing your shoulder. he moves higher and traces your face with his lips, then your chest as he pulls your hips to him again and again. your legs are wrapped tightly around him, and he feels a soft, welcoming sensation. the covers shift away from him, but he doesn't care. he thrusts into you again and pushes you into the mattress.
you can feel the burning at the bottom of your stomach as it radiates outward. your muscles clench around him as your legs lock together. your fingers dig deeper into the firm skin of his back as you pull him in, urging him the only way you know how. your breathing comes faster now, and you can feel your heart begin to pound out of your chest.
bakugo manages to slide his hand across your face. “i love you, y/n.”
he feels your mouth leave his neck. “i love you too, katsuki.”
and then they move together, wordlessly. he thrusts into you, watching your face, watching the eyes that he loves so much. those eyes saved him.
he feels both of them approaching the end. he moves against you, and you keep tightening around him with every muscle. you feel him tensing, his entire body from the pulsing in his neck down to the throbbing of his cock.
“f-fuck, oh god,” you moan loudly as you feel your orgasm washing over you and hold onto him tighter.
then, it hits him. everything comes together, and he thrusts into you once more, pushing you up the bed and forgetting himself. he drives again and feels your whole body tense around him. and he comes, and comes. the sensation, the experience—it shakes him, and he can't think. but he slowly comes back to himself, his heart still pounding as he falls against you.
your legs loosen around him and fall weakly against the bed. you’re still shaking underneath him when you withdraw your arms and raise your hands to his face, cupping his cheeks. his skin dripping with sweat and red, you kiss his mouth firmly before sliding your arms around his neck, pulling his face down. he slides out of you, throwing the tied condom away and grabbing a soft towel to clean the wetness surrounding your cunt and thighs. he lies back beside you and eagerly wraps his arms around you, pulling your body against his.
“you’re amazing, you know that?” he says deeply.
“you’re even more amazing, katsu,” you sigh. “you’ll be here, right? when i open my eyes?”
“i’m not going anywhere, babydoll. couldn’t, even if i wanted to but i don't so i’ll be right here when you open your eyes.” he slides against you, the sweat between them making it a slick and hot.
“katsuki,” you whisper, sleep slowly taking over you.
“y/n,” he murmurs softly.
“happy birthday.”
he kisses the top of your head before pulling your already sleeping body even closer. “sleep, baby.”
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ohno-otome · 2 hours ago
I’m gonna sleep but uh I’ve got wicked baby fever so if someone anyone wants to send me cute headcanons or ideas about hq and mha characters finding out they’re gonna be a dad...please hmu
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hanji-is-life · 3 hours ago
happy birthday Bakugou!! 🥳
The moment the test read positive, your heart instantly dropped. This was supposed to be a moment that you celebrated—with the one that got you here in the first place.
But you were fucking terrified. Terrified of his reaction, of the face he’ll make, the sounds of disgust oozing from his throat, the way your door will rattle on the hinges when he storms out.
You can’t tell your best friend Bakugou that you’re pregnant. You just can’t!
It was a stupid fucking decision to stop taking your birth control. Even stupider to stop using condoms a week later. Even more stupider at letting him cum inside because he had begged so prettily—
It was a mistake. On both of your parts. Mainly yours for even letting him, knowing the dangers that came with not using protection.
But fuck it, it’s his too! You guys were best friends for fucks sake. He fucking knew you went off your birth control, too! So why did he ask to cum inside only a week later? And why did you let him?
You don’t tell him you’re carrying his kid. You start avoiding him. Canceling the weekly best friend nights. The game nights. The outings with the Squad.
He notices. He always notices.
You’re pushing your fourth month when Bakugou finally corners you into telling him what the fuck has been going on these past few weeks. You keep trying to weasel out of an explanation, but he’s not taking this shit again.
Although, he’s not expecting you to burst into tears and crumble onto the floor. He’s instantly there for you, letting the issue dissolve for the moment while he comforts you the best way he knows how.
When you’re cuddled into his side on the couch, your favorite movie playing quietly in the background, do you finally confess.
“I’m pregnant.”
The room goes so silent and stiff, you can’t help but hiccup another sob. Bakugou just pulls you in closer, but makes no other moves to comfort you. He doesn’t say anything for a long while before he whispers into the room,
“Is it mine?”
You almost want to be offended by the question. But you nod quietly, bury your face into his side, hope he doesn’t feel the tears soaking through his shirt. He stiffens again before slowly pealing you away from his body.
“You serious? You really carrying my brat in there?” His eyes are glued to your stomach in amazement and wonder. You can’t help the confusion that’s etched onto your face.
“It might be too late to abort it, but I can always give it up for adoption or raise it alo—”
“Like hell you are!”
You weren’t expecting that outburst—at all. Bakugou has you held down by the shoulders, your back flat against the cushions of the couch as he hovers over you, careful about not pressing his weight to your middle section.
His eyebrows are furrowed and he’s frowning, but he has that look in his eye. The look that you always called “soft katsu” that he hated. The look makes your heart swell.
“You wanna keep it? Raise it with me?” Your voice is so shaky from the incoming tears. Bakugou just groans, rolls his eyes, burrows his face into your neck, wraps his arms tight around you.
“No shit. Wanna have a family with you, and shit. And not,” his voice goes quiet. “And not as friends, damnit.”
It’s all the confirmation that you needed to hear. Bakugou scolds you for getting snot and tears into his hair that night, but makes true of his promise in the later months.
The Squad is NOT surprised when you FINALLY get together. However, they are pleasantly surprised when you announce that you’re having the first Squad Baby! Everyone pitches in names. Everyone gets rejected.
Bakugou’s not letting the circus name his kid, damnit.
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hanji-is-life · 3 hours ago
part two to the truth quirk thought!!
After some initial shock, you end up following the pro hero. It’s not hard with how loud he’s been echoing with his cussing, so you instantly spot him
He’s crouching against the ground, muttering to himself as he bangs his fists against the wall. You step up closer softly, calling out as to not startle the hero.
“Mr. Dynamight? Are you okay?”
Before you can fully get the words out, he’s whipping around with wide eyes and rosy cheeks. He shakes his head, even as the words spill out of his mouth uncontrollably
“No, I’m not okay because I want to fuck your tits and your mouth but I fucking can’t because I’m a hero on fucking duty and this can count as fucking sexual assault!”
You try to hold in your laugh, but you fail. Dynamight whips his head up quickly, narrows his eyes at you, growls,
“Your laugh is really cute.”
You can tell it’s not what he wanted to say, with the way he blubbers and shouts more profanities. It sends you cackling, bent over at the waist as he continues to angrily compliment you. You finally get enough of it when he starts to storm past you.
“Wait! I-I was originally coming back here to say that,” you trail off, suddenly getting shy at what you were offering. “That you could. Motorboat me. My tits. You can do it, if you want.”
It’s Bakugou’s turn to laugh at you. It’s low, all rumbling in his throat as you stammer over your words. You smack his shoulder halfheartedly, flip him off when he honestly says that your hit was weak as hell.
You two mull over what you suggested before he meets your gaze. The laughing dies down in his throat, his eyes serious as he glances down at your Dynamight covered chest.
“Can I?” His voice is low as he takes a step forward, still hesitant to touch you or act wrong. But you nod, look at the other end of the alleyway under his arm, confirm that no ones walking by before lifting your shirt up. Bakugou inhales sharply, eyes wide at the bra you have on, how pretty your cleavage is pushed together.
“I want to suck them dry.” He whispers honestly, instantly snaps his mouth shut in frustration. Your eyes buck for a second before confusion settles in. You cock your head to the side.
“Dry? But I’m not pregnant.” Your shirt is still being held up by your own hands. Dynamight knocks them outta the way, bends slightly at the waist to level himself off with your tits before he stares up at you.
“I’m tryna change that.”
Holy shit, your friends aren’t gonna believe this one.
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hanji-is-life · 3 hours ago
happy birthday Bakugou 😌 🥳
Greek mythology au where you finally get pregnant and Bakugou just loses his shit.
He demands all of the gods and goddesses to celebrate, even the Demi gods (he guesses since it’ll be more presents 🙄)
You’ve been able to tell since the life form first started growing and somehow Bakugou has been able to tell too??
Like you’re both sitting on his throne, talking about little things when he just suddenly quiets, shushes you, and places his hand on your belly
And, fuck, you can feel it too!!!
It’s so subtle and barely there, but it’s there
Wordlessly, you both turn to each other, before you stand and start dancing around
Bakugou just watches you from his throne, the widest grin you’ve ever seen on his face, that same flower crown sitting crookedly on his head
He snatches you up, carries you bridal style to your conjoined room, plants a million kisses all over your body, before he ravished you again that night
While in the beginning everything was so surprisingly sweet with the God of War and Blood, it all started going downhill the later you got into your pregnancy
....the asshole wouldn’t let you do anything!
Insisted on carrying you the moment your ankles only slightly swelled. he hasn’t put you down since!!
All of the sweet fruits and nectars you would drink—outta the window. Only water and things he made himself with his own hands were acceptable.
And no other God or Goddesses could even come close to you!! Not even your sisters!!
His eyes would go bloodshot red, hands already sparking with barely contained fury
All because Momo rubbed your belly
You can’t count how many times you’ve had to calm him from going apeshit at the littlest of things
But the moment your little Goddess is born, Bakugou can’t help but sniffle at the tiny little face and the soft blond hair and the pretty pink eyes she got from her mother
You can’t help but think that all of his nagging and worrying was all worth it, if you got to see him gruffly sing old God lullabies from his own youth to your cooing baby
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ashlynntodoroki · 3 hours ago
A smutty scrap with Izuku
This is the horniest shit I have ever laid eyes on. I am so utterly sorry. did I make the reader have a quirk that allows her to edit others and her own appearance? yes, yes I did. as stetted previously I am Horney asf. T-T also if you didn't know writers use language they would never say normal when writing smut so please keep that in mind. this is a scrap as when I was writing it someone texted me and made me lose my role so um just let me know if I should finish it lol.
14+ content ahead
(I prefer to say 14+ rather than 18+ as I myself am a minor haha)
(Warnings) Dom!reader, degration language, pure porn, poor Izuku, mommy kink, dirty talk
Word count: 398 words
"ahh-fuck-" Izuku moaned crumbling under you. He had agreed to be used by you months ago, still savoring every moment, every touch.
"For number one hero you're rather pathetic aren't you?" all he could seem to do was whine in return. the light massaging of his cock was suddenly speeding up. "You know how I have a shapeshifting quirk?" she questioned to which he nodded. "I've been wanting to try something for so long and since you've been so good for mommy lately I think now is the perfect time"
his eyes snapped open at the sudden lose of contact when you remove you're hand from his dick.
"mommy what are you-"
All the poor boy could do was stare at the newly formed and unfamiliar object between your legs. a little over an inch longer than his 7 inches, but a lot thicker.
"Mommy If you think I can take t-that I can confirm I c-can't-"
"oh baby you think im going to use this in your pathetic little ass?" teasing tone evident in your voice confirmed by the giggle.
"This may hurt for a moment. tell me if I need to stop"
Izuku tilted his head at you until he felt a pain in his lower region. He let out a little steal of pain, closing his eyes.
"you can open your eyes now." y/ns voice rang through his ears
What was once a seven inch cock is now a dripping cunt with a larger than average entrance.
"I-you-what?y/n- oh fUcK"
your tongue being shoved in his new hole a foreign yet insanely pleasurable feeling.
more pleasurable than you shoving his cock down your welcoming throat. if that's even possible.
"Mommy it feels so good, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK" he could feel your young growing to fit perfectly in his throbbing hole. "aw do you love this baby boy? I bet you can't wait for my thick cock to be shoved in your greedy hole huh? im going to make you come so many times your throat will be sore, would you like that baby boy?"
He moaned the most feline moan he ever had. at this point you had replaced you're young with you skilled fingers. hitting every pressure point, making him cry out for more. begging you to wreck him. turn him into nothing but a slut for you.
as if he isn't already.
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luvnitec · 3 hours ago
Bakugou x reader
¨You shouldn't have worn that dress Princess¨ A painfully loud slap  Ecos the room. a loud moan was heard from you as you were laying across bakugo's lap with a nice tight red dress pushed up all the way over your stomach.¨ you wore this on purpose so you get a punishment isn't that right princess¨  Bakugou grabbed the left check And slapped it hard  and kept doing it. The tears in your eyes were not from Pain it was from pleasure. Your cunt was dripping through your black lace underwear that you wore for this exact accousion. ¨Your pretty cunt is dripping babygirl¨ Bakugou´s hand slowly went down to your wet cunt and slipped his pointer and middle finger inside your warm walls. Bakugou slowly started to pump his fingers in an agonizing slow pace to tease you but. You were starting to reach your end, but Bakugou pulled his fingers out and licked them. ¨I want you in the bedroom on your hands and knees in 5 minutes¨
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marycarabell · 3 hours ago
Broken Wings (Bnha Various x Reader) - cover art
Tumblr media
If your interested to read it you can read it to wattpad or quotev with my username of Otaku-Dreamer:
⚠Be sure you watch the seasons in the anime, this story contains spoilers in the anime!! If I put a spoiler about the manga, I'll put a warning on it!
I don't own the characters in this story, especially you and the plot of the anime. But I own my character named Alex your brother, you will love him! If I put photos or gifs in the story, it's either I draw them or got them in the anime.
Insight in the story: (will revise it later)
Broken Angel
Broken Wings
Broken Dreams
"The truth is, I miss you... All the time, every minute, every second, every hour, everyday"
"The biggest problem is: I still care"
"I'm sick of TRYING, tired of CRYING, yeah I am SMILING, but I am DYING deep inside my heart"
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moonboll · 4 hours ago
horny thought of the day : so you know how shinso’s quirk is brainwashing and it can be repelled if the person experiences shock ? yeah what about mean!shinso giving you a single cervix bruising thrust and before you could even muster anything more then a gasp he uses his quirk on you ? and when he sees your eyes start to dilate and your sight going empty he’d just let out a tsk and rub your right cheek before cooing “aw, now don’t you go dumb on me pretty girl.” then he’d definitely land a big slap across your face, the shock enough to release his quirk on you, and when your eyes slowly come back to him “there’s my good girl.”
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blahkugo · 4 hours ago
𝟏 ༒ 𝔱𝔥𝔬𝔲 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔩𝔱 𝔥𝔞𝔳𝔢 𝔫𝔬 𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔤𝔬𝔡𝔰 𝔟𝔢𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔪𝔢
Tumblr media
⤷ dirty valentine m.list
⤷ complete bnha m.list
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugo — worship kink
wc: 1.9k
cw: oral (cunni), seems like dubcon at first but it’s not at all, this is pretty tame for me tbh ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
Tumblr media
“Try me.”
They had been fighting words, spoken to provoke a reaction and nothing else. Katsuki was so sure of his strength, so utterly convinced that your quirk would have no effect on him. It didn’t matter that he’d seen it in action, watched as mountainous men and women were reduced to rubbles of their former selves. The Number Two Hero was tougher than a rookie’s feminine wiles, had to be.
And he was—at first.
The practice match had gone on like countless others, Katsuki deflecting every kick or stab thrown his way, shooting off small explosions that only roughly missed their mark. He’d been taking it easy on you, dragging on the fight until your inevitable forfeit. He’s unsure why he even bothers asking you to partake in these private spars when you never bother with your quirk; Katsuki always wins.
It wasn’t until that first rush of blood, the unmistakable tightness of his uniform, that he realized his mistake.
“Seems you’ve got a,” your brow quirks as you glance downwards, “small problem.” The taunt is thrown his way with a cackle—high-pitched and nasty—sending a cold sweat down Katsuki’s back. The mere sound of your voice spurs him to anger, clouds his vision and urges him to prove you dreadfully wrong. The dig at his size doesn’t go by unnoticed either.
Heat blooms and crests within his chest, tides rising and falling. One moment he’s ablaze, unable to breathe, much less think, as he struggles to fight through it. Seconds later, the fire is quelled, replaced by a rose-colored twinge that fogs the corners of his vision and renders him helpless against his rising concern for your safety.
With every one of your throwing knives flung his way, a rude laugh or jeer is quick to follow, and yet, your voice is soft around the edges, sinfully sweet notes prickling at Katsuki’s ears and settling deep in his gut.
Try as he might to focus on the battle at hand, Katsuki realizes he’s unable to suppress the ever-growing bulge in his pants. The nagging feeling isn’t one of the superiority complex Katsu’s grown accustomed to, isn’t the need to put someone in their place purely to assert his dominance. There’s an enticement to it, a longing to prove himself to you, to show you he’s worthy of your gaze. His punches and kicks lose their gall and– fuck, did he just take a hit on purpose?
Of course he did; he doesn’t want to hurt you, wouldn’t risk harming such a precious, ethereal being.
He goes on like this for a while, in waves of disoriented, amateur mistakes and reprieves of chastisements. He knows better than this—is better than this. But it seems the harder he struggles, the tighter your grip on him becomes.
And it isn’t just his mind. Katsuki can’t slow his heart when he glances at your pillowy thighs, bare and dripping with beads of hard-earned sweat. He can’t stop his cock from twitching when he notices the quick rise and fall of your chest, scantily-clad and practically begging to be touched.
From the edges of your fingers to the steel-tipped toes of your boots, everything about you drips seduction, compelling Katsuki to drink from the poisoned glass. Desire grips him by the throat, parches him, and burns harder and brighter than any explosion he could ever attempt to spark.
“Lust,” he finally finds the strength to choke out, calling out to you as he drops to his knees, “enough.”
The use of your hero name—as opposed to the colorful assortment of insults he usually calls you—must be enough to spark concern, because you immediately discard your throwing knives and crouch at his side. He doesn’t immediately notice you, his gut still heavy and pulsing with need.
Despite the pain, he isn’t quite sure whether he wants you to turn off the damn quirk or keep it on long enough to fix the mess you’ve gotten him into.
“Bakugo?” There’s no hint of triumph in your tone, no gloating or celebration of your ambitious victory. It’s sympathy, braided through your scrunched brows and stamped into your tooth-torn bottom lip.
It makes him furious.
In seconds, he flips you beneath him, back hitting the mat with a soft thud. “Bakugo?” You repeat, seemingly stunned by his sudden change, mouth agape as he removes his gloves. “What are you—”
And then, his lips are on you, slick with sweat and spit, the kiss all tongue and teeth as he attempts to quench the insatiable thirst you caused. He doesn’t know what to expect, but when your hands wrap through his matted locks to pull him closer, he’s satisfied; he’s worthy. If the drink is poisoned, so be it.
Katsuki allows his hands to roam as they yearned to earlier, running rough fingertips down the sticky skin of your neck. They travel further to trace circles against your heart and further still, until he grazes at pebbled nipples.
“Mmph.” Your mewl is muffled against him as you tap at his shoulder, most likely asking for a second to breathe. How long has it been since he came up for air? Katsuki’s unable to shake the fuzz clouding his brain, hand-spun sugar on your tongue keeping him placid.
When he finally lifts his head from yours, he’s unable to tear his gaze from the string of spit connecting you, even going as far as running a digit across your swollen lips. Your chest still shakes, your eyes glazed over. Bliss. Does your power affect you as well, or is he not giving himself as much credit as he should?
He’ll be damned if he allows you to upstage him yet again.
“Turn it off,” he grunts, surprised at the hoarseness of his own voice. You don’t quite answer, just offer a tilt your head and a sickly sweet, ‘hm?’ that has the blonde itching to leave you breathless again. “Shut off your damned quirk.”
At that, you let out a soft chuckle, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his face towards you once more. Your lips ghost the shell of his ear, sucking at it until he lets out a weary breath. Chills travel Katsuki’s body when your sultry voice whispers,
“Baby,” another twitch of his cock, another chill at the pet name, “I stopped using it ages ago.”
It’s all he needs to hear to pounce.
In seconds, his lips are all over you again—drinking that sweet, sweet nectar as his tongue slides against yours. It’s dizzying, mind-numbing, far more intoxicating than the charm of any quirk; even more so when he peppers kisses down your jaw and neck, the sweat-soaked skin offering the perfect balance.
The rough blonde sucks lower, and lower still, peeling off your bodysuit as he travels your hills and valleys. When you’re finally bare, he pauses to stare, a poor sinner basking in the divine for the very first time. And you? You simply relish in his attention, don’t rush him along or cover yourself from his prying eyes.
“Fuck,” he sighs, brushing a digit lazily across your waist. Your body pebbles at the contact, shivering lightly beneath him. “All for me.” He nudges your legs apart, crouching low so he’s eye to eye with your pretty cunt. “And this,” he runs a finger against your slit, watches at glistens over with your slick, “this is all because of me.”
“Ah– Katsuki.” He smirks when your hips jerk, silently searching for more. “Please.”
Who’d allow a deity to ask twice?
He tongues you with fervor, taking his sweet time to savor every part of you. It begins with your thighs, bruised a pretty purple in the shape of Katsuki’s mouth, closer and closer to where you need him most. No matter how much you gripe and whine, threading your fingers through his wiry hair to nudge him towards your cunt, he doesn’t let up. You’re not getting off that easily—and besides, a proper oblation requires precious time and patience.
A long stripe up your slit, slow and steady, his tongue flattened against you to sop up every bit of you. He wants to be soaked, wants you to see him covered and gleaming in your essence, to know how long he’s longed for this moment. When he suckles at your clit, sparks prickle his own body, reveling in the low mewls of his name—the littles ‘ah’s and ‘oh god’s that spill from your mouth like a mantra.
Of course, Katsuki can’t quell the throbbing of his cockhead beneath his pants. He’s always been a taker, and the desire is relentless, every slight shift of his body causing him to groan, every lap at your slit making him scrunch his brows together and sigh against your bundle of nerves. But he simply settles for rutting against the mat, unable to sacrifice your pleasure—the obscene parting of your lips, the glazed over look in your eyes as you stare down at him—for his own.
“M’so—,” you whimper, panting, “so close.” Your legs tremble, thighs pressed tight against either side of his face, smothering him so that everything sounds a bit muffled. “Keep, ah- fuck, keep fucking going.”
Something about the vulgarities slipping from your lips only makes Katsuki hungrier, urging him to lap harder at you—and hump faster against the mat. At this point, the two of you are a true mess, drenched in slick and sweat and too much heat, but the sloppiness leaves him light-headed, aching for more.
“Wanna see you,” his voice is gruff and sharp as he rubs circles into your clit with the pad of his thumb, “cum all over me, princess.”
Maybe it’s the pet name, or perhaps the pressure in your gut has finally come to a head, but his wish is your command. Within seconds, you’re gushing on his tongue, crying out a long, repeated string of ‘fuck,’ and ‘oh god, yes.’
Katsuki fucks you through it, feeling the coil in his own gut pulled taut and ready to snap. The entire time, he doesn’t stop rutting against the mat, disregarding how needy he must look to you. When he cums, he does so with a loud groan, lips pressed around your clit even as you tug him away with shaky hands. The taste of you, the flash of white that sears through him, could keep him going forever.
“I can’t.” Your heels dig into his back, pushing him closer even as you surrenders “N-need a second.”
The plea seems to snap him out of his haze, glancing up at you to see tears streaking your cheeks and a soft, fucked out smile plastered across your face. “Oh God,” you mumble, hands moving to cover your eyes, “your face.”
Katsuki only raises a brow and grins wolfishly, swiping the back of his hand at his chin and his tongue across his lips to lap up what you left behind. “My face is fine. Prefer it this way, actually.”
Then he’s moving again, rising to pick you up into his arms even as you slap at his shoulder and squeal,
“Where the hell are we going?”
“The showers,” he responds cooly, smirk still glued to his face, “Need to test the limits of your quirk.”
Maybe he’ll power through it, maybe you’ll overpower him once again; he wins either way.
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sauza · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima x f!reader
Tumblr media
humans have hormones, you understand that much. But does that explain why you can't stop the filthy daydreams that fill your head whenever you see a specific redhead? Does it excuse you for getting turned on by him simply breathing in your direction? And to make matters worse, he is off-limits, if your father found out you were messing with his prized boxer? You would be chained to a tower and your red-haired crush would be used as mincemeat.
boxing alternate universe, no quirk alternate universe, overstimulation, oral sex, rough sex, caught having sex, love bites, fingering, light dom/sub play, power play, size kink, perversion, dirty thoughts, panties, gagging, consensual sex.
Tumblr media
You dearly hate them, you hate how your chest does somersaults at the mere sight of him, or the fact you have to cross your legs when his voice tickles your ear, let alone the mocking sensation of arousal that forever plagues your core at the sweet little pet names he sure loves giving you. From the crimson red hair that falls over his shoulders, typically pulled back with a loose-fitting clip, a matching pair of eyes that have this undeniable sultry and charming glint to them, or the scars from broken bones or other mishaps he has yet to give you a story about that stick to his powerful arms and mesmerizing torso.
If anyone were to find out about the things that run through your head, the lewd imagery, the erotic scenarios... you would never be able to show your face again. It's normal to have less-than-pure thoughts, right? You're no less human than the next person, everyone has desires and fantasies!
But does that excuse the fact you've desperately been waiting for any chance you can get to go and relieve yourself? That the more you stare at him, the more you think about how good he may be in bed? His muscles flexing with each thrust, imagining the length and girth of his cock, would his voice be gruff or husky?
The recollection of your inner desires has you aching, it is humiliating, to say the least. Especially when the man who is the center of these very thoughts just so happens to be standing behind you, one hand on your shoulder, the other guiding your wrist. The close proximity has you feeling sick, between his voice right beside your ear and his hands on your arm.
To be honest, aren't you sick? Pretty sick in the head to be lewding Kirishima without his knowledge, what would he think of you if he were to learn of these sinful scenarios you let consume you? You simply cannot help it, any woman in your position would probably be the same, right? Thinking of all the things those hands can do, how his rough fingertips would feel between your legs, his tongue against your...
It isn't like anyone knows either, after all, it would spread like a wildfire if anyone were to find out about your less than an innocent crush. In your opinion, you do quite a good job at masking it, not too clingy to him but also not completely avoiding him. After all, he is your father's "student" if you could say that, often training under the watchful gaze of your dad.
Sometimes it still feels like just the other day when you two first interacted, him introducing himself, saying how he works under your dad. You heard of him from your father often boasting about this guy he is training. You figure it would be another older guy, rough around the edges, not good enough to be eye candy. You couldn't have been any more wrong, completely in shock to learn that this "guy" was not only a lot younger than you expected but looked like those Greek statues.
You can never quite focus when he speaks to you, eyes wandering ever so discreetly, ears deafening when you catch sight of a bead of sweat dripping down his neck, how the lump in his throat bobs while he talks or drinks water. 
Even now, as you throw another punch per his instruction, your focus is entirely elsewhere. Not on the way he tells you to twist your wrist when launching your fist from your body, but rather how good it feels when he speaks right next to your shoulder, each word making your eardrums vibrate. If only he knew that you weren't very focused on his self-defense lesson, but rather how good it would feel to have those big hands wrapped around your neck or your thigh... anywhere is fine by you.
Most nights you find yourself fantasizing about Eijirou Kirishima, all the filthy scenarios possible flooding your already corrupted mind the whole time you feel yourself up. Gripping your sheets and pretending it's his hair, breathing into your pillow to try and mask the sounds of pleasure you just can't keep in. You feel awful every time you finish, though. Hastily fixing yourself and going to shower, hoping the water will wash away sin.
Alas, you know that any level you go to repent would never erase the tainted marks of lust from your body. You're trapped in this, like a stalkerish fan swooning over her celebrity crush. Again, thanking whomever it concerns that mind-reading is not a thing.
A hand comes down onto the top of your head, drawing you from your deeper workings, "That time was really good," Eijirou praised with a grin, fingers dripping from your skin, much to your dismay, "Try it again without me guiding you, put your all into it!" If you had any less self-control, a moan would have passed your lips from his perfect voice, each word rolling off his tongue like honey from a spoon. 
Times like now you wish you had a deeper relationship than what is now accessed, that way you could just grab at his arms and give him the prettiest bats of your lashes all for the sake of begging him to take you somewhere private. That's all you want right now, to feel his soft lips on yours, to taste his tongue that probably will feel minty from the gum he is currently chewing. The simple privilege of being able to kiss him would surely kill you.
You throw another punch and really start to feel that ache in your shoulder, but Kiri calls it a "good burn", something you remember even your father saying back when you were little. Your eyes glance to the clock hung on the wall, usually, you are hoping time will fly by, but right now? You hope it goes painfully slow, who knows when the next time will be when you have him so close with his hands all over you.
"I think you've mastered how to punch someone, I'm a little scared by how quick you are..." The playfulness in his voice does more than make you smile, it also contributes to the arousal that continues to soak into your panties, which you can probably assume are ruined at this point, "Let's practice a kick for if you're being restrained by two people." 
The last thing you expect is to feel him come up from behind and wrap his arms around your torso, restraining your arms and keeping you firmly pressed to his solid front. You would have cum right there if it wasn't for how focused you were on the veins in his arms or his flushed knuckles, "So if someone comes from behind, they'll most likely grab you in a way to trap your arms." His voice vibrates in his chest, which in turn vibrates against your back. 
Eijirou gives you a bit of a squeeze, a soft gasp fluttering from your lips not because of the restriction on your lungs but rather how if you arch your back just enough... you would probably feel the one thing you daydream about. The one thing you imagine fucking you every night when you touched yourself. 
"It'll be hard to elbow them, and depending on how tall they are you may not be able to head-butt them... so you can take one of your legs and then jab your heel into the arch of their foot, the point is to fracture or break those bones because then it'll either make them immobile or they won't be able to run after you when you get away." You nod your head along to his words, "Or, some people say to put as much as you can to lean forward because attackers expect you to thrash in their arms or try to hit them."
Eijirou lightly nudges you as a means to lean forward, you almost think not to, afraid of the hormones that are already driving you up the wall. But you do it anyway, leaning forward, despite the fact he is pressed into every inch of your backside, "Take both of your hands and grab at one of my legs, whichever you think is easier, and then you're gonna pull as hard as you can to try and knock me off."
You almost feel bad, but you assume that since he is giving you this lesson, he expects to get roughed up a little. So despite your inner conflict not to, you lean forward as much as it takes to grab the leg closest to you, that being his right leg, and firmly gripping his calf and pulling his leg towards you. You're almost surprised by how easy it was, one second he is holding onto you, his breath wafting against the back of your neck, and now he is flat on his back.
"That caught me off guard," He says in disbelief, without your knowledge his crimson eyes watch how you slowly stand up straight after successfully breaking free of his grasp, "I shouldn't underestimate you considering how intense your father is with training." He notices your panties peeking through the fabric of your yoga leggings, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lip, and staring until the red fabric is no longer peaking through.
"When I was little he taught me some basic things," You turn around to offer him a hand, which he gratefully takes, "But I don't think the moves I learned when I was little will be much assistance now." You help him up with a smile, for a moment you forget the tension that had previously been eating you, "Thank you for helping me, you make it more fun than it should be."
The crimson-haired boxer offers you one of his signature smiles, flashing those pearly white teeth you always think of dragging your tongue over, "You're adorable," His fingers playfully give your cheeks a pinch just to see you pout, "Let's do one more move before you gotta close up, I think you have it in you to give it a try." Who are you to argue? After all, it means more time to ogle over him, to feel his hands, to dream up filthy scenarios that have your pussy throbbing.
What you don't expect is to feel one of his hands fall on the dip of your waist to stabilize you, the other coming down to hook under your knee and slowly lift your leg, "You're pretty flexible, I expected that... naturally everyone's legs are stronger than their arms. So sometimes if you see an opening, go for a nice high kick right into either their chin or nose." So that's why he is holding you like this.
His words, just for a moment, blur as you look at his hands on your body. The position is oddly provocative, it is easy to just picture you both nude, his cock driving in and out of you just like this. His hands holding your soft thighs wide open for him, one leg hooked over his arm as those very fingers tease your clit, his other hand snaking up your front to tweak your nipples and torturously squeeze your tits.
It's disgusting, filthy that all he is doing is holding you like this to guide you and you're imagining him fucking you just like this. It's horribly wrong, sickening - but oh, it would probably feel so good like this. His tip would rub against that sweet stop your fingers can barely reach, his breath against the very should he would mark with hickeys...
"There we go," His voice sounds so close it nearly makes you flinch, "Okay, you want to aim with your heel and not the tip of your shoe because it can strain your ankle or even hurt the arch of your foot. So lock your leg as you swing it up and pretend like you're jabbing someone with your heel." You wish his cock was jabbing your insides, but nonetheless, you strike your heel into the air effortlessly.
Eijirou whistles at the power in your leg, what he would give to see you beat the shit out of someone. He is sure you could probably even take him out if you tried, which is another reason he hopes he never gets on your bad side. The first reason being that your dad would kill him.
"Maybe I should start practicing with you," He muses when you smoothly bring your leg back down, "I bet you'd be able to break me down, especially with a kick like that." What you would give to simply watch him train with your father, you've seen it a handful of times. How he drives his fists into the punching bag, or the muscles in his thighs stiffening when he tries to knock his sparring partner down. He always leaves you drooling, hoping to feel those very hands wrapped around your throat or to ride his thighs while he teases you for being such a slut. 
As much as you would love to spend the time with him, you know you wouldn't be able to handle all the touching, to see him sweating and his muscles showing through his less-than-covering tanktop. Sometimes he even goes shirtless, which is ten times worse and even more hormone-inducing. If only there was a way to confidently tell him, "I've wanted to have sex with you since I first saw you, so please do whatever you want with me."
"I think you'd probably break me..." The words weren't meant to come out sounding so sexual, leaving a pinkish blush on his cheeks and at the tip of his ears, "But we can always practice like this whenever you want." You miss how he shuffles in place, trying to knock your first sentence from his head. Break you? He knows what you meant... but even he has some not-so-innocent thoughts.
With it being time to close, regulars gradually leave the gym, bidding you a farewell per usual, the machines slowly becoming empty. Though the only person who patiently remains, discreetly watching passing figures as they leave the building, is the redhead you have been eyeing all day. It is rather exciting, watching the final person pack up their things and leave, finally granting you the privacy you've desired all day.
You begin the process of locking up the gym, working the locks on the alternate entrance, as well as pulling the drop-down fence that cages the windows. You two often leave through the back door, so you always lock up the front earlier than you both intend to depart. Whenever he stays a little later than usual, he often waits for you to close and you will leave together. 
Being so focused on closing the main entrances and front of the gym, you don't notice the figure approaching you from behind, not until a shadow casts over you and you notice the lighting change. Not until a hand falls onto your shoulder, to which you peer behind you to see Kirishima all packed up, "Did you bring a sweater? It's supposed to be cold out."
"I didn't, but it's fine because my car is right there." He knows it is, but he also knows that you tend to park quite a bit away from the apartment you share with your father because it didn't have a parking garage, "I'll be fine! Worst case scenario I catch a cold and can't come to work tomorrow." That's when you remember an important detail about tomorrow, one that you've been looking forward to all week.
"You have a match tomorrow, right?" Comes your voice amid his needless thinking, "Dad is making the plans, he's been running around all day... I think he may be more excited than you." You try to change the subject, knowing he will be persistent regarding you taking his sweater.
"Yeah, and that's another reason you should take my hoodie... that way you don't get sick and you can be there to cheer me on." His words make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside, is he really that worried? Does he really want you there to see him? It's too much, you may just pass out knowing he wants you to cheer for him in the crowd!
You heard rumors of professionals possibly attending, managers of some sort. It all sounds a little too good to be true, but knowing your father he is always pulling strings. To locals, it's considered a big deal because of the chance to gamble bets, entertainment... the matches are memorable. Eijirou likes the attention, to hear people chant his name and praise him, that adrenaline he gets when he is so close to winning. It is a drug, an addiction he just cannot shake. He needs support.
Finally, you take the hoodie from his hand, pulling the thick fabric over your head and covering yourself, "Thank you, Eijirou." He is so sweet, it makes you feel guilty for letting these thoughts ravage your brain. For allowing yourself to lewd him constantly, he has been nothing but respectful with you and all you can think about is how fucking good it would feel to sit on his face right now.
"Are you gonna be there to give me some good luck?" His words catch you off guard, give him some good luck? you never really see him before his matches, usually, only after will you congratulate him and offer to take him out for something to eat, per request from your father. It is a tradition to celebrate after a successful fight. Most of the night you will ogle over him, how good he looks with a slightly swollen lip, or how you would kill to lick the little bit of blood sticking to the fresh wound on his brow.
What could you possibly do to give him good luck? You will have to think of something, you can't disappoint him, "Since tomorrow is a big deal, I guess I have to make sure you have as much luck as possible, right?" Your words bring a grin to his face, you've always been so kind yet carefree. He likes that a lot about you, how you don't take everything so seriously, and never feels like he has to walk on eggshells around you. 
Whatever it may be, he likes getting some sort of recognition from you before he fights, you leave this positive and sweet taste in his chest. He finds that he tries harder with you around, whether it be to impress you or earn plenty of praises and compliments when the match is over. He doesn't care what you come up with, so long as it's from you.
Kirishima remembers that you're off the clock and should get home before it's too dark, "A-Anway," He clears his through and adjusts his gym bag over his shoulder, "Let's get out of here, I think we both could use a shower..." Despite his words, he is eyeing how exhausted you look, sweaty and your eyes a little swollen from overworking yourself. It reminds him of the time you went on a run with him, an innocent invitation he gave you since he never really sees you outside of the gym.
To his surprise, you weren't at all a bad runner, but unfortunately, your stamina does not nearly match his and he can still remember how cute you looked tripping over your feet and waving your hand for him to slow down. The sweat that stuck to your face, neck, chest... how you were shivering all the while scraping to regain some oxygen in your lungs. Your fingers holding onto his arm, leaning into him with your eyes closed. 
You had looked so pretty that day, but all he could think about was whether or not you'd look the same if he were to have sex with you. Would the sweet bead up the same? Would your eyes get heavy once it was over? Would you pant and cling to him like now, doing your best to keep up and not collapse from exhaustion? That was the first time he ever thought of you other than as a friend, and ever since it feels like the daydreams have gotten a little worse.
Not nearly as explicit as yours, though.
God, you want to fuck him so bad. You want to ride him until your thighs burn, to feel his teeth marking your skin with every push of his hips, to open your mouth just so he can spit in it... reminding you that you're nothing but a perverted, disgusting, awful whore. That's exactly what you are. A brainless, hormonal...
Right, you're supposed to be leaving. With a final adjustment to the sweater he had kindly given you, you lead the way to the back door of the gym. You wish you didn't have to depart so soon, just before he had his hands all over you! Touching your legs, holding your waist... can't you turn back time just enough to go through that all over again? Even if it's just him guiding you to a proper punch. 
What you would give to feel those hands on your tits, or cupping the apex of your thighs. Would it feel different from when you touch yourself? Probably. His fingers are bigger, thicker, rough... you can only imagine the way they would curl to rub that special spot inside of your walls. You bet he would be able to make you squirt, you can only imagine it... if only.
"Make sure you sleep early," He chimes from beside you, "That way I can see you early before I have to go prepare for tomorrow night." It is bizarre how insistent he is on seeing you before the fight, did you do something different to yourself? Deep down, you're praying he may just have a little crush on you, but you doubt it. He could like anyone, he would never choose you... right?
Nonetheless, you don't let your selfish thinking distract you from the handsome man beside you. What doe sit matter whether he likes you or not? At least he talks with you. But every human has selfish desires, yours just happens to be wanting the crimson-haired boxer beside you to be yours, "I wouldn't miss a chance to see you," The words come out faster than you could bite your tongue, but with the cat out of the bag you roll with it, "Maybe I could bring you something to eat?"
The suggestions noticeably brighten him, the two of you coming out of the back door which you begin to lock for the night, "That would be nice, remember those grape leaves you had made that one time? I'd kill for those..." Neither of you misses how his voice noticeably quiets, as if he only wants you to hear that, for the huskiness in his tone to catch your ears. 
To say it doesn't cause a million and one butterflies to waltz in from your stomach into your chest, would be a lie. It would be a lie to deny how the most minuscule quirks he has always leave you in a state of your own temporary bliss. You wish you could hear him whisper over and over, to come up behind you like in those cliche romance films from the 60s. For his arms to encase your midsection, lips meeting the shell of your ear, telling you how his day is better now that he is home with you.
Oh, what you would give to live out a shitty romance film from however many decades ago with Eijirou. To be that mindless trophy wife even if for a day, to forget all responsibility and for him safely coming home to you to be your only worry. To spend your hours cooking and cleaning, making yourself look your prettiest if it means letting him use you to destress.
You just want to make him happy, is that so wrong? Maybe.
"I'll be sure to make you some," You say back, eyes falling from his to instead look at your sneakers, "W-Well, I'll see you early tomorrow... I'll be sure to bring your sweater back." You miss the subtle smile due to your eyes being elsewhere, a smile that lasts until you look back up to him, "Drive home safe, I can't wait to see the fight tomorrow."
The two of you bid your farewell, Eijirou keeping his eye on you up until you safely enter the comfort of your car, and only then does he get into his own. You always miss those gentlemanly gestures he does, how he never leaves until he sees you're safely in your car, always keeping an eye out for you whenever you go off to the bathroom. He gets so worried over you being just a minute too long, and part of him excuses it for a "need to protect" urge in him.
But a very small part of him has already learned to accept he may or may not have feelings for you, whether they are romantic or platonic, he cannot pinpoint; especially because he hasn't even fully accepted the fact he has potential feelings for you. 
Regardless, you drive away, unaware of how he waited for you to leave first. The entire ride home, all you could focus on was the cologne that stuck to the hoodie he let you borrow. How the masculine odor filled not only your nose but the car. It felt mocking like the hoodie knew how down bad you are for Eiji, but you try not to let it get to you. You try not to imagine how it would feel to bury your face into his shoulder and smell the cologne stuck to his skin.
That familiar heat floods between your legs, reminding you of how awful you are. Even with him gone, you can't stop the dirty thoughts. Maybe you just need to get laid? Maybe it's less that you like him, and just you being horny and deprived of intimacy. 
You know that isn't the case, but it's nice to pretend it is.
What would his favorite position be? Would he prefer you on top? Bent over? If you had to decide, you'd want to be able to see his face, to watch how good you can make him feel. No amount of brainstorming could probably compare to how sexy he would look engulfed in pleasure, nor how he would sound. You take him for someone who tries to hold back their moans, not wanting you to know you're being good for him.
"Oh, god..." You whisper under your breath as you continue to drive, knuckles losing color from gripping the steering wheel so hard, not to mention the ache in your lower back from how far you've arched yourself to try and ignore the throbbing in your clit. It's ridiculous, here you are driving home on an empty street, your apartment building isn't even that far away...
And yet you find yourself pulled over on the side of the road.
The entire time, you mentally scold yourself, eyes frantically looking about all the while you sick back into your seat. Your nose is buried into the collar of the sweater, the familiar scent comforting you while your hand moves under the waistband of your leggings and then under your soaked panties. Were you really this wet? Usually, you would be riddled with shame, but now? You can only thank yourself, knowing it will make it all the easier for your fingers to snake themselves inside of you.
You know that your fingers will never compare to the real thing, and most of the time you don't even get much pleasure from them being inside of you, but that minor sense of fullness somehow is just relaxing. Between your index and middle fingers being knuckle deep inside of your pulsating entrance, your walls clenching around what little space your fingers take up, and your palm grinding into your clit.
"E-Eijirou..." His name is always falling from your tongue, every time you find yourself viciously rubbing your clit in desperation, or grinding into the soft fabric of your pillow. Whatever you may be doing to pleasure yourself, his name is the only thing that you manage to utter during the entire process. Praising him for making you feel so good and whimpering how it's too much for you. 
If only he could see you now, curled up in your car and humping at your hand, panting and whining for the only man you've thought about for however long you've known him. If only he were here, to witness how filthy you are, that you're anything but sugar and honey - you're not sweet at all, you're just a needy nymphomaniac. 
You spread your thighs just a little more, fingers dipping in and out of your entrance only to then come out and give your neglected clit circular rubs before seeping back inside of your pussy, "I wanna cum, Eiji~" Imagining it is his fingers pumping in and out of you, that it's his palm that continues to grind into your poor clit.
With the fabric of his sweater pressed firmly to your nose, it helps to muffle your pathetic sounds; strings of his name and pleas floating within the air of your car. the only other noise being the wet squelching sound of your fingers inside of you. It all feels so lewd, to be touching yourself like this in your car. If anyone were to find out, surely you would be not only shunned, but you'd never hear the end of it.
But god his hands felt so good on your thighs and waist when he was training you earlier, they were so warm, so big... his palms rough when they dragged over the skin of your arms. You wish he would've gone just a little higher
"F-Fuck... ah~ fuck me, Eiji-" You squeak when your fingers nudge at your walls a little too roughly, further hiding your face in his sweater as it gradually becomes harder to contain your whimpers. The thought of him praising you, calling you his good girl, and saying you take it so well - would he pepper your teary face with kisses? Slow down to make sure he doesn't completely ruin you?
Your insides feel hot, tortuously hot. Every grind of your clit into your palm gradually bringing you closer to the anticipated climax. Are you catching a fever? You know it is just your body readying itself for the oncoming bliss, the buildup in your stomach that feels like electricity, "I-I'm cumming," You breathe out a strained whine, "F-Fuck, I'm cumming... I'm cumming~!" You lose your voice as your fingers focus on your clit, rubbing back and forth against the poor nerve.
"E-Eijirou~ fuck, fuck, fuck- nngh~!" It all happens so quick, the squirting of your climax soaking into your panties and leggings, tainting the skin of your hand and pruning fingers, luckily not too much getting on the seat of your car. But it isn't the mess, it's the pulse you feel in your clit, a neverending throb that has your walls clenching and unclenching. 
You must look wrecked, between how you've managed to bizarrely sink into your seat, your leggings and panties slightly pulled down and your fingers covered in a mess of your cum and slick. You feel ridiculous more than you look it, having just touched yourself in your car to the thought of someone who most likely sees you as nothing but a friend. 
Once again you feel like you're taking a walk of shame; pulling your panties and leggings back up despite the uncomfortable and icky sensation of how wet the fabric is, adjusting yourself in your seat, and looking around for any ongoing or incoming cars. Only when you deem it safe, pulling out of the spot you had parked to continue your trek home, all in silence as a means to reflect on yet again letting your lust get the best of you.
All you can do is hope that when you get home and take a nice warm shower and make those grape leaves poor Kiri asked for, that it will somehow erase this awful encounter with yourself from your head. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. Though, you doubt it will take eight hours of sleep to cure you of the hormonal devil on your shoulder.
To make matters worse, the familiar chime of your phone interrupts your mental meditation on what just happened. Though, it isn't your phone that makes things worse, but rather the fact that the very name you see in the notifications bar is the one person you were hoping to get out of your head. You almost think not to answer, let alone look at it, but you could never do that to him.
Upon opening the message, you nearly cry with guilt - how can he be so sweet? Why do you have to be so awful?
Remember that time we went for a run? I forgot I took this pic of u when we finished... after u started to vomit because u pushed urself 2 much. U looked cute tho (:
Scrolling up you hold back the urge to get on your knees before some religious statue and beg for forgiveness. There he is smiling at the camera, holding it high enough to catch himself but also you in the back, to your surprise you don't look awful. Sure, you may be on the verge of death from running so much, and even sweatier than him, but the sunset somehow brought it all together.
And did he just say you looked cute?
You bite back the urge to squeal and get into a car accident, but mostly not to verbally freak out. Does he really think you're cute? Really? You almost don't want to believe it, why would he think you're cute? You don't dwell on it too much, happily accepting the compliment and rereading the message over and over again until another one comes through.
We should do it again, I had fun <3 see u 2morrow, don't forget the grape leaves!
Why does he have to be so perfect? It's always the nice guys who are barely out of your reach. Not that you deserve Eijirou, someone as obsessive as you doesn't deserve that sort of happiness - not when you focus more on wanting to have sex with him every day, rather than building up the courage to just ask him out.
Maybe tomorrow you will try.
The following morning comes all too quickly, but you give yourself credit for having not had a wet dream - something that shamefully occurs often - and waking up to the sound of your early set alarm without trouble. You're never usually up at this time, but keeping your promise to the crimson-haired man you think about more than you do yourself is your top priority. It would be awful to say you will be there with breakfast, only to diss him.
And surely he would end up not liking you at all, he has mentioned being prejudice against people who do not stay true to their words. 
You like to think that you got ready so quickly, so haphazardly due to your stress over possibly being late... but you know it's because of how excited you are to see Eijirou and the fact he told you he wanted to see you before he would have to go and prepare for his fight.
Before you leave, you make sure to grab his sweater which you left neatly folded at your desk. When you got home after your shower, the first thing you did was throw it in the wash and put it as far away from you as possible - that damned sweater, you should have never accepted it because look what it made you do! Nonetheless, you are grateful he thought of you and your health and that is the reason you washed it, to cleanse it of any and all evidence of the sin you committed in your car last night. It is still humiliating that you allowed yourself to lose that self-control, but at least you're not in denial. 
If your father were to have seen you with that hoodie, you are almost certain he would have recognized it and interrogated you. Luckily, that didn't happen, because if it had you aren't sure you would be able to explain without the flooding images of last night filling your head and driving you up the wall.
But none of that is your concern, not when you have to make it to the gym in time for him, you're certain he should be there at this time, as well as your father who is preparing the back building where all boxing training, practice, and matches go on. Your only hope is neither of you bumps into your old man, but with how analytical he is, he practically smells when and where he needs to stick his nose into business that isn't his.
As you pull your car into the lot of the gym, noticing the familiar vehicles that belong to both the man you are excited to see, but also the one you hope you don't bump into, the butterflies begin to catch up. He wanted to see you, even to now you still replay those very words, asking you to come by earlier so he could see you before he had to go and prepare himself for the night.
The nerves are beginning to start, you never quite got over that feeling that you were stepping into unfamiliar territory. You've known Eijirou for quite some time by now, can't you just get over it and walk in there? It isn't even him that you're fearful of, more so the eyes that may follow you the moment you step into the gym. What will others think? You're never so early, and walking up to the redhead with a bento box? You can only imagine the rumors this will start.
Yet, you suck it up. Your father didn't raise you to run away from things, worst-case scenario is he can't talk right now and you end up looking like a fool. You doubt it, but there are a hundred and one possibilities you are anything but prepared for. But isn't that what makes it exciting? The unknown.
Not really, you hate the unknown. The entire walk to the front door of the gym, as well as entering it to see not many people you are familiar with there, which isn't surprising since you work from the afternoon until it gets dark. Nowhere in sight do you see the redhead you have been waiting to see since you last saw him yesterday evening, and you aren't even sure where he could be.
Part of you worries you may be too late, but you figure if he were to be anywhere he must be in the back building. The only issue is you would have to possibly come face-to-face with your father, not only to hand back Eijirou's sweater but also breakfast you prepared for him. You almost think to just bail, claim there is a ridiculous amount of traffic and you're still on the road, but he isn't stupid.
And you're also not gonna hurt his feelings.
You carry yourself towards the back doors of the building to find the separate structure where all the boxers practice and train, it is rather run down in comparison to the main gym, but it makes sense since most of the fights that go on here go on without the knowledge of authority. You aren't even sure if your father has a proper permit for this building, but he's gotten away with it before, and you're sure you've seen local officers in their casual attire attending the matches.
But all of that is beside the point, not when you enter the building and come face to face with chaos. Between people moving chairs and tables around, cleaners mopping at the floor, boxers gathered to the far end of the building where you see your father. Unfortunately, there is no Eiji-
Before the figure behind you can even speak, this weird tingle down your spine alerted you to an approaching figure, which you quickly look back only to be met with long red hair and a bare, sweat-tainted torso. Had he always been so tall? So big? You have no clue where to even look, your eyes jumping from his chest to his shoulder, raking over his long hair, and finally locking with the familiar crimson eyes you are used to. You feel silly for staring at him, but you just can't help it.
"You made it," Comes his voice, a grin plastered onto his face at the sight of you holding his sweater and the bento box, "I see you brought me some gifts, is this what I think it is?" The tip of his finger points at the box of grape leaves, to which you hold them out for him to take, your words trapped in your throat at the sight of him completely shirtless in front of you. 
Eijirou opens the box and whistles at the plentiful amount of grape leaves you had prepared for him, "You spoil me~" He hums while bringing one to his lips, taking it all in his mouth in one bite. Your eyes lock on a droplet of oil that is stuck to the corner of his mouth, how his jaw looks when he chews, the bob of his adam's apple whenever he swallows. You can only imagine how much better he would look swallowing your cum, if only he was there last night to catch your juices in his mouth when you made yourself cum like that.
"How is everything coming along?" You finally find your voice, even if to just ask a question, from what you can tell most of the necessary tasks are just about done - which would leave Eijirou with an hour or so to get ready for the match later this afternoon - and most are just focusing on creating space to accommodate the customers coming to watch.
Nights like this your father makes the most money, charging for entry and snacks. You call him a shark for how he robs these people with his ridiculous fees, but what business is it to you? If it's what the people want, you're sure they would pay any amount just to watch some men beat each up other up. You weren't a fan of boxing until you first seen Kirishima, only ever wasting your time to see him in the ring.
When he swallows his third grape leaf, much to your shock, his eyes scan the room with an unsure shrug, "I'd say it looks fine, I've been trying to help out but your father refuses... keeps saying I should just go and warm up in the gym." You would figure as much, your father has favorites and those favorites tend to get the better end of the stick. 
You smile seeing how happy he is with the bento box you prepared for him, nothing makes you happier than when someone enjoys your cooking. Especially the person you like, a lot. It feels good to just be able to look at him and feel nothing but that giddy crush feeling bubbling inside of you, without the added turn-off of your anything but pure imagery that infests your less than perfect brain.
"There aren't too many people in the gym... maybe it will do you some good to stretch or something before you gotta get ready." Eijirou knows you're right, and he doesn't particularly enjoy doing absolutely nothing when everyone around him is up to some sort of agenda, "I don't plan on going anywhere now that I'm here, it wouldn't make sense... did you need help with anything in particular."
Of course, part of you is hoping to hear something like 'yeah, can you suck my dick?' but you know that won't happen. It is quite humiliating to even think that, how nice his thighs would feel in your palms, his cock shoved balls deep in your throat, tearing up and choking from the size. You bet he tastes just as good as he looks, and he looks like he tastes really good.
Eijirou closes the bento box, "Actually, yeah..." The three fingers the were covered in the thick oil that the grape leaves are cast in are one by one popped into his mouth, and oh is a sight to admire. His tongue dragging over the single-digit before dragging it out from his mouth with a light pop, "You mind wrapping my hands for me? I never do it tight enough." 
You've seen him struggle plenty of times with that hair of his, thick and down to his lower back. You aren't sure how he manages to take care of it, after all, it always looks so silky and voluminous. The women in those shampoo commercials could never compare, you're sure if Eijirou ever got into doing commercials he would have shelves empty within the first two seconds of the ad. 
Who wouldn't want to sit there and stare at him? His voice shaking every bone in your body, the way his muscles flex with the slightest movement, his pretty white teeth, not to mention thick lashes, and the way they frame his sharp eyes. Anyone would be happy to hear him talk, let alone drag their eyes over every dip and curve of his powerhouse of a body.
Before you are quiet for too long you come back to your senses, "Of course!" It comes out rather too enthusiastic, but Eijirou either doesn't notice or care. Especially not when you walk past him in that pretty little skirt of yours, you look so delicious clutching his sweater to your chest, your hips swaying in the most hypnotizing way. God forbid anyone, let alone your father catches his eyes checking you out from behind.
He follows you like a lost puppy, drooling over your legs and how soft they must be, how your thighs would feel amazing to just lay his head down on them. He's always found you attractive, and your sweet personality makes it ten times better. Whenever you wear those yoga leggings, he finds himself staring too long at you, watching you walk until you disappear somewhere.
What he would give to see you in cute little stockings, holding that skirt of yours up for him to admire the adorable panties you have on. Would you be into that? Letting him stare down at you, memorize every inch of your body, rub you through your panties, and push your shirt up and over your soft tits. The things he would do to you if you gave him the chance, and today he hopes he can coax you into paying more attention to him.
The two of you enter the gym, seeing that only a few other regulars have joined the same faces from when you came. The only sound being of the equipment and the cheesy music playing through the loudspeakers. Onlookers glance for a moment, watching the two of you as you both settle at one of the benches. You know they only look because they're interested in Eijirou and what he could possibly be doing with you. But who cares? You get to have an excuse to hold his hand!
"Did you sleep well?" He asks while fishing into the pocket of his shorts to pull out the hand wraps, "To be honest, I was a little worried about you since it was so cold... that's why I texted you, to make sure you were okay." Every word leaves you more and more in a state of speechlessness, he truly did care. All night that's all you could wonder if he genuinely cared and it turns out he did.
You contain your excitement, not wanting it to show how happy that made you, "Really?" You squeak out, "I-I was fine... your sweater kept me warm." You hide the flustered look by focusing down at the gauze in your hands, unwrapping the elastic material, "I made sure to wash it before I brought it back, I was pretty sweaty last night."
He finds you adorable, how your pretty hands hesitantly grab one of his and hold it in your lap. Your skin is so soft, so warm, he has to hold himself back from just squeezing or dragging his palm over the exposed skin. You're so careful with how you bring the gauze over his knuckles and between his thumb and index finger, making sure it is neither too tight nor too loose.
"Too bad, you always smell really good..." He watches your expression with a smirk, not missing how you tense up, "You never answered my question about whether or not you slept..." He loses his train of words as he watches your fingers trace over his knuckles. You're gentle, treating his hand like it's the most fragile thing you ever held, between the way you've fastened the gauze just right and are now just adjusting the wrap to better cover his abused knuckles.
The only thing on your mind is whether he takes proper care of his hands or not, does he make sure to clean them up and put ice? To massage all the kinks and knots out? You worry too much for him, not that he could ever tell. The tips of your fingers trace what scars aren't being covered, admiring how much he has probably been through to get this far. You've seen the way he trains, hours without a break, and always pushing himself, that's how stars are made.
Would it be so bad...? You feel conflicted, despite your hand already gradually bringing his closer to you, has anyone ever made sure he took care of himself? You try to do so, but sometimes your selfishness gets in the way. Is there anyone he lives with that pampers him? What you would give to be that person; rubbing his aching shoulders, kissing the bruises and cuts he has, washing his hair and back for him...
"(Name)-" Your name leaves his mouth with a stutter, crimson eyes caught on your lips pressing delicate kisses to his knuckles. Your lips are soft, shimmering slightly from the lip-balm you have on, not to mention the warmth of your breath wafting against his hand. He doesn't protest, more so in awe at how pretty you look, how you don't even seem to be aware of what you're doing.
To say he hasn't pictured this exact scenario a hundred times or more, you wrapping his hands before a match, kissing each finger with one of your beautiful smiles. All he can do now is soak in this mini victory, a dream come true if you will. Your eyes peering through your lashes when your lips pull away from his hand, the cutest look of shame flashing on your pretty face, "Sorry, it just looks like it hurts..."
Eijirou stays silent as you hold his wrapped hand, reminiscing on how your lips felt on him, wondering if they would feel even better elsewhere. He doesn't respond right away, placing his unwrapped hand in your lap with a smile, "I liked it..." He says while you start to wrap his other hand, "Y-You should do it more often." 
You never expected him to say something like that, not that you expected him to be upset with you. To be honest, you weren't entirely sure what you were expecting his response to being when you pulled away. Part of you thought the atmosphere would grow awkward, unwanted even. Yet, here you are repeating the process with his other hand, the entire time you can't keep yourself from glancing up, only for your eyes to lock with his and his lips to curl into a smug smirk.
Just as you had with his other hand, you sheepishly bring the newly wrapped knuckles to your lips. Of course, this time you aren't as confident, but he finds it just as pleasurable. Your pretty eyes locked with his, kissing at the scarred flesh and trying to sit still. He can tell you're embarrassed simply by your body language, which you shouldn't be, he likes this show you're putting on for him.
Only when you finish, lowering his hand from your face and sitting up straight on the bench opposite to him, does Eijirou get a good look at your face. You would look good with a swollen bottom lip, irritated from his teeth nipping and tugging at it, and he wouldn't mind giving your cheek a playful bite, too. He realizes he doesn't quite want you to move away just yet, the simple act of you wrapping his hands already leaving him craving more of your attention.
"Could you help me with my hair, too?" You are only a little surprised by the question, especially since you've seen him put up his hair - despite it looking rather rough around the edges and a bit too low - and be perfectly fine with it. But you wouldn't turn down the opportunity to be close with him for a little longer. Did he ask that because he wants the same thing? You want to believe it.
Eijirou hands you the tie around his wrist, watching you come to a stand and circle around to stand behind him. His hair looks shiny, like layers of red silk on his head, "You have nice hair," You shyly state, putting the tie around your wrist as you start to gather his long and thick hair in your hands, "I bet you'd look nice with a half-up half-down style, but keeping it all up is probably for the best so it doesn't obstruct your vision, right?"
He wanted to answer you, but your voice sends such a chill through his spine, your warm breath hitting the back of his neck as you work to make sure not a single hair has fallen astray. Your fingers are like heaven, rubbing against his scalp, combing through the heavy bundle of red hair, "The last time I wore my hair down for a fight," He holds his tongue when you lean forward, the softness of your tummy pressing into him as you lean over his body to make sure you gather the hair in front, "I-It kept getting the way and stuck on things..."
You hum softly, not even really aware that the fact you're practically laying over his back to pull back the loose strands have him swelling in his briefs. Fuck, he would do anything to fill you up right here, let everyone watch him do it too. Pretty little (name) get her pussy stuffed for being a teasing little whore, panties around your ankle, barely fitting him inside of you. 
"You'll do great tonight," You say loud enough for only him to hear, "And um... maybe after we can go out for dinner?" Eijirou almost laughs at the predicament, it seems you beat him to it, "I-I mean, only if you're up for it, I just know this place with really good western dishes and I wanted-"
"Would you believe me if I said I was gonna ask you the same question after the match?" Your heart lodges in your throat, he is serious... right? Of course, why else would he say that? But it feels too good to be true! Would he really ask you out for dinner? It feels like everything is just falling together with the more the day goes by; wanting to see you before the match, wanting to ask you out for dinner, kissing his knuckles, touching his hair... it feels too perfect.
Technically it is because it seems your fifteen minutes of heaven is up when the familiar face of your father approaches you both, your fingers fall from the red hair you had been playing with, "I've been looking everywhere for you, kid... and you've been here the whole time!" His hands go up in the air, urging Eiji to stand up, "Turns out we are actually behind schedule, the guys who came for the match are here an hour early so we gotta get you changed and ready to go in thirty minutes. Understood?"
Poor Eiji looks like a deer caught in headlights, "H-Huh? I thought the matches weren't until later...?" Even you are a tad confused by the situation, the matches are always held later in the day, wouldn't it be inconvenient to start now when there aren't even any customers?
But it turns out everything happens for a reason, "That was the impression I was under, but it turns out the new kid I hired to put up posters and shit put in the wrong damn time. So not only are people expecting a match in the next thirty minutes, but I haven't even finished getting the beer and shit out." Your father seems to be off the walls, between the anger in his tone and the way his brows are knitted close together, you don't think now is the time to upset him.
"You, go get changed and ready." Your father pushes Eijirou in the direction to the dressing rooms, "And you," He smiles while taking your face in his palms, "If I see that redhead getting too friendly with you I will kick his ass, now go and get yourself something to eat from the back you look half-awake." That's your father for you, even protective when the nice guys are around.
Alas, you do not argue, now is probably not the best time to tell him you wanted to go to dinner with Kiri later tonight. You follow his orders to go and help with the food and beverages, you're sure he wouldn't want you working, but you figured with all the stress of the times being wrong you could help even just a little bit.
This is the most chaotic you have seen the gym, people coming with nowhere to go just yet, workers running around with chairs and tables and mops, carrying cases of whiskey and soda and things alike. If you weren't used to such disorder, for sure you would have cracked under the pressure of everything. Working a gym that also happens to have a "secret" boxing system in itself is just a mess.
Deep down, you feel bad for everyone and seeing the boxers rush in and out half-dressed in their uniforms and still trying to help, but at the same time, the fact that everything has been pushed earlier simply means you not only get to go out with Eijirou sooner but most likely stay out with him longer. You only hope that the stress of this mishap and the fight doesn't ruin those chances and he forgets, or even worse, just doesn't want to go out anymore.
As usual, you know that is just your overactive imagination and the pessimistic side of you, always questioning your worth and whether or not an opportunity is real or not. A lot of nights you spend laughing at yourself, how silly you were for holding so much doubt and worry over nothing; now is one of those moments.
When you should be focusing on helping to carry this case of water to the back building, you're wondering how Eijirou is coming along. He looked a little under pressure the last time you saw him, what if he might need help? Probably not...
But he did say he needed a little good luck before the match.
Maybe visiting him will somehow ease his nerves, despite him being a big guy with a lot of confidence, you are sure even men like him can be on edge for something like a boxing match. It's like football in high school minus being in high school and the football, right? Before game adrenaline, eyeing up the enemy, mentally and physically preparing yourself for the fight of your life. Everyone wants to win.
The only difference is that you know Kirishima will come out on top, you've never had as much faith in anyone as you do with him... which is why your feed deters from the back door to the second building in favor of finding which room Eijirou may be holed up in. Every dressing room has a name on it, and there are only five being used tonight because most of the boxers being trainees.
Your father is a big perfectionist, and if he doesn't have one hundred percent faith in you, then there is no way he will have you representing him. You learned that a lot growing up, but you think that's one of the reasons you crave perfection over minuscule things like how the gym equipment is set up, and where the towels and waters out, how things are accessible. They do say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
As you make your way down the hall of vacant and occupied doors, your eyes finally catch sight of the familiar name done in the familiar striking handwriting you have seen thousand times over. Kiri has this little within quirk that you can easily identify, always sharpening his letters and irregular capitalization. You've always liked coming to work to see his name on the sign-in sheet, always so bold and pop from the rest of the list of names. 
For a moment you almost hesitate to knock on his door, but it is either now or never that you speak to him. You bring your knuckles to the door, knocking three times before stepping back and waiting. You don't hear anything on the other side of the door, could he have already left? It is a possibility, out of everyone his costume has always been the most... let's just say revealing. Eijirou is meant to be the eye-catcher, he is young, has bold red hair, is big and intimidating all the while looking soft.
All the boxers have their teams, and Eijirou's just so happens to be a nice, scary piece of eye candy. Not that you mind at all, more for you to look at! But when the door doesn't open, you come to the conclusion he isn't there, turning on your heel to head back out and see if anyone needs help. You're disappointed to say the truth, having wanted to talk with him for a second before the match, but not everything can just fall into place.
You get about ten feet from the door before you hear the sound of a door handle turning and the squeak of its opening, "(Name)?" The familiar voice stops you in place, you had thought the door belonged to someone else but turning to look into the crimson eyes of the person you had been hoping to see, "Hey, what's up?" He is only a little shocked to see you there, to be truthful he was hoping it was you on the other end of the door when he hurried to get to it.
But you standing there, he almost didn't believe it for a second, not until you scurried your pretty little self back the way you came to meet him at his door, "N-No! I just thought you could use a little help, you looked distressed when you had to rush out of there before." Your words sink in for a moment, you were worried. He finds it rather cute, you worrying your head over him and wanting to be a good helper.
"Is that so...?" He hums, smiling when you slowly crack under his gaze, "Can you help me get this shitty top on? Your father forgot to order a bigger size so we are trying to compromise." You're a little flustered to help him with his costume of all things, you'll be alone in a room with him and his uniform barely covers anything. Between the fact, his entire torso is revealed aside from the signature black arm sleeves, and you'll be dangerously close to him? You are melting and you aren't even entirely in his room yet.
No matter what, you refuse to turn him down, not now. You look both ways down the hall before quietly entering his room, the door shutting behind you both, "I'll be sure to order a resizing for you," You say and examine the rest of what should be a part of the top of his costume, "He must have gotten you mixed up with the new guy, but that's okay people aren't here to judge you for what you're wearing!"
Eijirou sits down for you, letting you adjust the arm sleeves on his arm, due to the collar and shoulder pieces not fitting him, they won't have anything to be held up with, "I find it kinda funny how big your dad is about image and impression, considering he has men beating on each other for like four hours straight." Your fingers feel hot against his skin, apply a makeshift tape to the inside of the hem of the sleeves so that it has a better grip on his biceps.
"I was thinking... maybe instead of staying for everything to finish, we could just go out as soon as my match is over?" Your heart leaps at the suggestion, you're starting to think that he can read your thoughts, that the entire time you were freaking out over that dinner date not working he heard it all and was now making sure you could rest assured. Again, once again your imagination going over the top, but it doesn't kill a girl to dream!
With nothing more to modify regarding his costume - which you realized he never needed help with it to start and he was giving an excuse for you to stick around - you circle to look him in the face, "I would like that, I don't really... I kinda only go to these matches to watch you." He knew that but you don't know that he knows, so he pretends he is po, "A-And because the matches are earlier than they were supposed to, maybe we have time before or after dinner to do something else?"
His mind wandered, he won't deny it, what could pretty (name) possibly have in mind for before or after dinner? He'd love for it to be you bouncing in his lap with your tits spilling out that top of yours, you'd probably love that, wouldn't you? Eijirou can just imagine how good you would look, squealing and gasping, doing your best to take his big cock, even crying a little because you don't wanna mess up and not be good enough for him.
Fuck, you look so tantalizing standing there, your fingers messing with one another in front of you as you wait for a response, "What did you have in mind?" Eijirou wants to know what sort of ideas you have brewing in your head. Here is he wanting to fuck you whenever he gets the chance, and poor you have no clue. Part of him wouldn't be surprised if you have fantasies of your own, it's always the one who acts all sweet and sugary that ends up being sour and spicy.
"I-I'm not sure... but we could figure it out later, right?" He is a little disappointed you didn't have anything specific you wanted to do, but he figured as much since everything is so last minute. Nonetheless, he can't wait to see what happens later, he knows you'll make it work just like you always do.
The silence that falls for a few brief seconds doesn't last long when a knock comes at the door, to which you look over in horror. You don't need someone walking in and seeing you here, especially if that is your father. But Eijirou has it under control, going over to the door and peeking out. You can't see who it is, but you can hear their conversation from start to finish.
"You're on in five, so get that uniform finished and get out there, 'kay?" You figured it was your father with how strict he is when it comes to time, "Also, have you seen (name)?" You freeze up at the mention of your name, you'll be dead if he so much as smells you in this room, which is the reason you sink further into the corner and as far away from the door as possible.
"I haven't, but I'll be done in a minute, don't worry." Less is more with your father, and thankfully you can hear the sound of him going on with whatever it was he was doing before checking on Kiri. The door clicks shut and only then do you let out the breath you had been holding, "Shit, that was close..."
If only he knew how badly your heart was racing, and you wish you could say it was out of fear, but all you feel is hot, that adrenaline of your father finding his sweet little girl in the room of one of his scary boxers. What would he think? Sure he would tie you up in the tallest tower, but he would for sure has Eiji's head on a pike in the gym. You almost miss that he is beginning to gather his things and ready himself to go out to the ring.
You still haven't given him any sort of good luck; no pep talk, no awkward friendship bracelet, no bouquet of cheap flowers. Why were you even here then? You wonder if he is disappointed, he did specifically say 'are you going to give me some good luck?' yesterday and here you show up empty-handed. But the last thing you want is to leave him with no sort of confirmation that you wish him the best.
Before he can leave, you are quick to make a move, "Eiji-" You stop him with a grab to his wrist, crimson orbs look over broad shoulders to meet your own, "You said you needed good luck before the game..." What are you doing? You have nothing to give or show...
Kirishima waits in suspense, he had entirely forgotten the very words he said yesterday. He didn't mean it he was just teasing you a little like he always does. But the fact you remembered? He is flattered, albeit confused because he doesn't see anything in your hands and you don't have a bag or pockets on you... his head wanders, maybe a kiss? He would be more than just happy with that, through the roof even!
But as he watches you, tense where you stand and caught in some sort of conflict, the last thing he expects is to see you bend forward. He isn't quite sure what it is you're doing at first, but then your hands shimmy up and under your skirt.
What makes it even more of a smack to his face is when he sees something pink and lacy being slipped down your legs. Maybe it was how dumbfounded he was, but until you slipped your pretty legs out from the fabric and hold it out for him, does he realize that little pink lace is your panties, "A-A good luck charm for Red Riot from his... from his number one fan."
The two of you stand there for what seems like forever, did you kill him? He looks almost dead where he stands, his eyes wide, and locked on the bundle of fabric in your hand. You almost worry you did too much, "Kick some ass." You quickly take his hand and shove your panties in them, hurrying out the room with the most flustered yet satisfied grin on your face. You did it, sure it may have been a bit much, but your feelings are out there and the ball is in his field. Now it's his job to decide whether he accepts it or not.
You hurry out to the back building, knowing your father is most likely being driven up the wall by not knowing where you are. You concoct an excuse in your head, you were just in the bathroom because something you ate didn't sit right. He would believe that, right? He's always doting after you like you're still his little princess dressing up and walking around in sequins and glitter.
The building is a lot more crowded than you expected, but it is easy to find your father after shimmying through the crowd, "Where the hell were you, (name)? I was asking everyone and running around like crazy, I thought some psycho had-" You stop him with a gentle pat to his back, oh if only daddy knew what exactly it was you were doing, "Whatever, it doesn't matter, right? You're here, and you better be making sure you leeches don't go over and try to steal snacks."
Almost directly after, your father is surfing through the crowd to try and sell gym merch, memberships, popcorn, and peanuts. He has always been a businessman at heart, and you are anything but shocked to see him with his bag of random foods and trinkets to sell to customers.
The chaos doesn't last long, the familiar ring of the bell that calls attention to the crowd has the room quieting. You are familiar with the process of hyping up the crowd, when you were little and watching boxing matches on television with your father, you would imitate the spokesperson to make him laugh. You always wanted to do something like that, have all eyes on you as you do nothing but talk.
But you grew out of it inevitably, though it doesn't mean watching someone else do it makes it any less enjoyable, "Anyway, let me stop boring you all with meaningless conversation... let me welcome the man representing this very ring, Red Riot!" Everything else was a blur, Eijirou happily coming out, but if anyone could tell something was off it was you. The way his eyes wolfishly searched the crowds, as if he is expecting something or someone to be there...
Only after the spokesperson finishes introducing the redhead to the crowd of wild and returning fans, does he return to that strange behavior of looking around, he doesn't even pay attention to his opponent who is trying to antagonize and rile him up. What you least expect is for him to walk straight across the ring to where you are and lean down so you can get a good look at his face, "You're crazy," He whispers with one of the scariest smiles you've ever seen, "I think I figured out what we could do before dinner, you better be in that dressing room when this is over."
If anything could describe the things you felt right then, it would be both fear and excitement. Especially when he shamelessly reaches through the ring, knowing your father is completely distracted and grabs you by the collar of your shirt, and pulls you forward. You trip over your own feet, holding down your skirt when you remember you gave your panties to the crimson-haired man that has you in the palm of his hand.
Eijirou presses the sweetest kiss to your cheek, and if it weren't for the fact you both were in public, you would have grabbed his face and smashed your lips right onto his. But you take what you can get and flash him your prettiest smile before he has to let you go and return his attention to the man he is supposed to fight.
Everything feels surreal, your fingers constantly reaching up to touch the exact spot his soft lips had found your skin. God, if you were to die you would be totally fine with it after having that kiss, the match feels like a blur. Usually, you are ready to cheer him on, but now? All you can manage to do is watch and wait for it to be over, and with the way, the fight is going? You're certain the poor guy he is against is going to fall any second. 
Eijirou dodges the third punch the guy has thrown, you're starting to think he is growing desperate and exhausted. Why else is he just throwing random and uncoordinated punches? You've seen it a thousand times before, they always start going wild when they are tired and desperate. And you know Kiri well, he isn't a fan of a sloppy opponent. This is why, although you flinched, you're also not surprised by the force he puts into his punch to humble the man in front of him. You hate how messy things can get, the sweat on them, blood... it's like watching two wild bears claw at one another's throats.
"Ouch! Looks like you're gonna pass out there, buddy... thinking of calling it quits and handing the win to Red?" You wish he would say yes, that he would just give up and let Eijirou have it for the night. You can barely find it in you to worry over some boxing match when he demanded you to meet him in his room. All of these scenarios are burning through your head, and even if it isn't what you want, you would be more than happy with another kiss.
Between the punches and swings, the blood you just noticed was dripping from Kiri's nose and onto the lips he had kissed you with, it is all so overwhelming in addition to your hormones going crazy. You have never wished for a boxing match with Eiji to be over so badly, and it isn't even that you don't want to see him fight! You just want to see him elsewhere, specifically in private... specifically where he is undressed.
But when you see the man get Kiri in a headlock, your heart drops for a second, he has this, right? You know he does, but you hate how long it's taking him to get out of that. You always get nervous for him when he takes a few seconds too long to take the advantage back, "Oh, do we have a possible turn around?" You can't stand him being stuck like that.
The only thing you know that could possibly give him the energy he needs to get out of that headlock is someone cheering for him. And sure the whole room is cheering from him, but he specifically told you, 'hearing you cheer is different from hearing everyone else, so use your voice!'
With all you have, you take a deep breath and cup your mouth to amplify your voice, "You got this, Eiji!" And if anyone can pick your name from the crowd, it is him. It's like watching someone suddenly going through a drug boost, the way his arms coming up and tug himself free of the grasp around his head, all you can do is continue to cheer for him until he finally lands a good enough punch stun the guy. Red eyes find you in the crowd, and although he looks scary with the swollen lip and blood from his nose, you still get butterflies when he gives you that charming smile and a wink.
"Never mind, Red Riot has once again held his ground! Don't forget to place your bets in the back on who will win and possibly receive a free gym membership for two months!" It feels like you have been standing there for a million years, the snack table isn't even at the top of your priority list right now, you couldn't care less if they stole everything including the table!
The fight is already in the hands of the very man you have been cheering for this whole time, you didn't doubt it for a second. It is only a matter of either that man tapping out or Eijirou knocking him out and you don't care which it is. You are on the tips of your toes with how things are looking, Kiri has insane stamina but you can tell he is getting a little fed up and tired, "Knock him out, Eijirou!" 
He lands a punch to the abdomen, the man curling over to armor his stomach, which anyone knows is the worst thing you can do. Right then and there, you knew it was over, especially when right after Eijirou knocks him directly in the nose and the guy goes falling back. He may not be unconscious, but his body language, the wooziness to his movements... you know he is finished.
"Aaaand~" Everyone counts down from three, "We have checkmate! But are we surprised with who is the winner? No!" You don't even listen to what the man has to say, not when the referee climbs the ring to hold Red Riot's fist in the air, a formal symbol that he has taken this week's fight. 
And when he looks right at you with that goofy smile of his, you can't help but to practically jumping in place with your biggest smile, blowing him a kiss. Of course, you didn't forget his demand for you to meet him in the dressing room. The moment you see him climbing out of the ring, you are high tailing out of that building. Could your father be calling for you? Maybe. Do you care? Absolutely not.
Not when you are holding down your skirt and running double-time right out of that humid building to get to where you need to be. Every muscle in your body is aching, every nerve aflame. If you could describe what it was you were feeling, it's like teetering over the edge right before you cum. To feel everything in your body working, like a thousand electric shocks straight to your core. 
You're so focused on getting down that hallway and into that room, your ears are deaf to the oncoming footsteps rapidly approaching behind you, "Gotcha!" A scream catches in your throat when you recognize the arms that wrap around your midsection and pick you up, no one else wears black arm sleeves like this, "C'mere." His hand grips your jaw, forcing you to look back at him just so his lips could finally meet yours.
And you should be disgusted by the blood from his nose rubbing off on your upper lip, or how you can taste the iron on your tongue. But you have waited so long to kiss him like this, even if it wasn't you imagined a hundred times over, it feels better than you could ever concoct in your imaginative brain. His lips are not at all chapped, they are soft and plush and perfectly mold with yours. 
Only when his tongue playfully swipes at your bottom teeth do the two of you break apart for air, eyes locked together in a moment of silence. You've never felt like this, as if you have a million and one little feathers moving around all inside of you, "I don't what I'm gonna do to you first." His voice is like a growl against your nape, the vibrations deep and rumbling into your sensitive skin.
He doesn't let you go yet, his arms remain tight around your torso as he carries you in front of him the rest of the way to the room with your toes barely touching the ground, "What are you going to- ah~!" Your eyes tear up when he sinks his teeth into your neck, slamming the door behind him with his heel, "E-Eiji... mm~" He doesn't let up on your neck, sucking at the already darkening bite mark he has created. If someone were to tell you that you would be in this situation, with Eijirou Kirishima holding you snug against his front and forcing you to bend over the vanity in his dressing room, you wouldn't believe them.
"Fuck, I was so close to grabbing you and dragging you right back in here when you gave me these," He digs your panties from his pocket, "You thought that was cute, huh? Tugging these off right in front of me like that?" You know he isn't expecting an answer, but you can't expect but to give him the smuggest nod you can while looking at him in the mirror, "You think you're so cute, don't you?"
The way he speaks with you, it's almost on the dot with every fantasy you have had. To feel like the perfect bittersweet brat just for him, if this is the reaction you will get then you plan to push his buttons more often. Every word that leaves him has you further hooked on his line and you will do anything just for him to keep whispering those things in your ear, for him to grab your face and make you meet his eyes.
"I wanna kiss again..." You give him your sweetest pout, doing your best to peer over your shoulder and trying to reach behind you to bring him closer, but he is having none of your little needinesses. Your hands are gathered easily in one of his big palms, pinned in front of you at the desk, "Eiji, please~" 
He gives you a shake of his head, his free hand coming up to grab your chin and keep you still for him, "Nuh-uh, look at you..." His thumb swipes at your upper lip, "Got blood all over you, babe..." You felt it and tasted it the moment you kissed him, but you couldn't care less, your tongue dragging over your upper lip to clean it up. And you didn't miss the wolfish look in his eyes, watching your tongue drag over that blood and smear it even more.
Before your tongue can retract back into your mouth, he is quick to lean forward and press his lips to yours so his tongue can pry its way into your mouth. You don't fight it either, this is exactly what you had wanted and you are getting it. His tongue tastes like mint and a hint of iron from his busted bottom lip, but it is all good to you, if you could you would dance your tongue with his until you were on the brink of asphyxiation.
But you know that isn't possible, not when he is already pulling away from the kiss in favor of leaving a trail of them down your tender neck. It tickles, but you take it like you're supposed to, only somewhat flinching when he finds the bruise he had already left. It feels like needles, burning under the playful tracing of his tongue over the bite marks in your flesh. 
"Jerk..." You're silenced with a sharp spank, and you should be whining over it, but you've wanted this time and time again. You have no room to complain that it left your poor ass burning, not when it has you craving another. He likes your little resistance, how you give him something to dance around. As much as he enjoys the idea of you being his submissive little lamb, this little game you have going on is all the more interesting.
Without warning the bottom of your skirt is tugged up, your bare and wet pussy coming right into view, "Look at you, walking around with nothing under this... I bet you enjoyed that, look at how wet you are." Eijirou's hand is so hot on your ass, tugging it to pull your pussy nice and open for him to look at. You look so soft, so sweet, if he could he would take a nice bite out of you right now.
"Fuck, you think you can fit it?" You try to answer, you really do, but you can't stop focusing on his hand mocking you. The way it slowly circles your ass, the pad of his thumb barely grazing at your slit, "You want it, don't you?" You nod slowly while watching him through the mirror, how his abdominal muscles flex with every movement of his body, the sweat that sticks to his skin, not to mention the evident strain in his pants.
Everything feels hot, from the tip of your nose down to your toes, it's like you've been engulfed in hellfire... in a good way. Everything he does to you feels good, even if it's just locking eyes with you in the mirror, or readjusting your hips to take in every dip, curve, and roll on your pretty self. It doesn't matter what he does, and you know that the reason he has you so worked up is simply that it is him.
You are aware that the two of you are strapped for time, being here and like this is as unconventional as it can get. You know you can't be too loud, and you both can't take as long as you want, but you plan to make the most of it. If anything, you still have time to possibly exchange that dinner date for something else and you're sure Eiji wouldn't mind that, not with how you can feel his breath down your spine.
As much as you dreamed of your first encounter with him to be romantic, the moment you slipped off your panties and put them in his hand drew the line between a romantic night out and the potential that night you both won't be able to keep your hands to yourselves, "You're gonna watch me fuck you," He points at the mirror for you to look, not that you haven't been staring at yourselves through it this whole time, "I want you to see the slutty faces you make."
For a moment, you actually believed that he would finally fuck you, as foolish as that is, but rather than pulling off his own pants he is guiding you to sit on the vanity desk with your front showing in the mirror. The awkward position forces your pretty thighs open, giving you a look at just how ruined your pretty little cunny is, how your slick sticks to it and dribbles just a little onto the vanity you are sat on.
No words are exchanged between the both of you, his eyes are locked on your changing expression while yours are locked on his wandering hands. His fingers snake their way from your waist, gradually moving upward and under your shirt. His palms are rough and calloused, still wrapped in the gauze you had done prior to the fight, pulling at the sensitive skin of your torso. The fabric has the hairs on your neck standing up and when his large hands grope your tits through your bra you feel a familiar electric shock goes straight to your core.
"What're you making that face for?" You hadn't realized the way your face scrunched up in response to his hands, and the cocky smirk on his face only makes you all the more embarrassed, "Are you sensitive here...?" To test his intuition, his fingers push under your bra to feel at your bare tits, grinning at how soft they are and the way they fit so nicely in his palms.
You hate how it makes you feel, how every swipe of his thumb over your nipple has your hips bucking just a little, "E-Eiji... mm- ah!" You're caught off guard by the mean pinch he gives your pert nipples, giving the sensitive buds an observant twist, watching your every reaction and every little twitch of those soft thighs. You look perfect, completely at his mercy and leaning back into him as his hands do what they please under your shirt, "Hah... y-you don't have to be so harsh..."
"No?" You shake your head in response, a cute little pout pulling at your bottom lip, "But I like how you react and look," One of his hands pull from beneath your shirt in favor of hiking up the bottom of your skirt to reveal your swollen and dripping pussy, "You seem to like it, too... making a mess all over yourself." He isn't wrong, you love it. You love the burn of your nipples with every painful twist, how your tits feel sore from his tight squeezes.
But simply touching them aren't enough for him, he wants to see them. You're already a pretty little thing, he doesn't doubt for a second your tits will only add to the list of things he likes about it. As well as to the list of things that turn him on, you being at the very top of that list.
You peer over your shoulder expectantly, eyes flicking from his down to his lips, you give him the only hint he needs to lean forward and slot his lips with yours. His tongue tastes just as good in your mouth as it did before, dancing teasingly and brush under your tongue. It's a wet, icky feeling but also one you wouldn't want to share with anyone but him. And with you so distracted by his tongue dancing with yours and tracing over your teeth, it gives him the perfect chance to do as he pleases.
One hand is swift with guiding your shirt up and over your tits, and it doesn't take much effort for his two fingers to get the clasp behind your back to snap open. The only obstacle being the straps that prevent him from completely taking the article of clothing off, but you're already on it, all without breaking the kiss you are sharing with him. While you work your arms out of the straps but also keeping your shirt on just in case you two have to make a run for it, Eijirou focuses his attention on your spread legs.
Opening just one of his eyes allows him to see the arousal that sticks to your cunny shimmers against the light of the room, all he has done was kiss you and play with your tits... you're a perverted girl, getting this wet over nothing, he bets you were thinking things that would leave even him a little shocked. Maybe later he will make it his mission to drag those fantasies out of you.
With the way you're situated on the vanity, feet planted on the desk as to give him the best view of your entire body in the mirror, it is easy for you to spread your legs impossibly wider for his hand that continues to slowly travel down your navel. The kiss breaks, only for you to little his jaw and neck with kisses, stopping right under his ear to begin sucking your own hickey into the sensitive skin.
Nothing could have prepared you for when his fingers finally met your throbbing clit, dragging over the neglected nerve, barely applying pressure with how he circles your clit and smears your arousal over your pussy, "You're a messy little thing, aren't you?" A pathetic hum of agreement passes your lips at his question, one you know he didn't expect you to answer. But he doesn't pay too much attention to that, not when he is dragging his fingers down between your folds to spread you open, "Fuck, you're so tight..."
Eijirou prods his middle finger at your not-yet-prepped entrance, watching how your walls suck his finger inside in desperation for some sort of relief. All this teasing and beating around the bush has your poor insides churning from the suspense. It's only one finger, but just as you expected that one finger feels a million times better than your two fingers. He knows how to curl them, to rub at the spongy patches inside of you, "Mm~! I-It feels good there..."
"Where?" He coos at your relaxed expression, "Here?" His finger rudely jabs at the spot he knows is making every muscle in your body go lax, to which you flash him a less than pleasant glare, "I'm just playing with you." His index finger is careful with how it slowly eases itself inside, pushing in with your middle fingers and getting you used to the stretch. It feels good, no discomfort in the slightest, and you can assume it's because of the way he continues to mess with that single spot that had your knees buckling.
His fingers push in as far as they can go just to mess with your walls, grinding and curling at the sensitive patches of nerves, only to remove both fingers entirely just to give your poor clit a few wet pats, "Ngh- Eijiiii, stop teasing it hurts..." He knows it does, he can see it in your twisted expression with every tap your clit receives, how you go from relaxing in his arms to flinching at the abuse.
But he can't help himself, not with how adorable you look bucking into his hand when he circles your clit, or your thighs twitching at the intrusion of his fingers. You look stunning, grabbing at his wrist when he is too rough, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. If it means seeing you continue to make such soft noises and to continue to breathe out his name like that, he'll keep doing what he has to do.
"If you don't want me teasing you, what do you want?" Oh, he can tell you weren't ready for that. It reads entirely in your flustered expression, and his fingers continuing to pump inside of you aren't doing anything to help... especially with the lewd squelching sounds your cunny just can't seem to stop making. It's humiliating, to say the least, how your pussy sucks his fingers inside desperately, the eroticism of watching his fingers disappear inside of you.
"E-Eiji...: You don't even want to say all the things you want him to do to you, how do you tell him you've always wanted this? That night and night again you have touched yourself to the thought of him doing just about everything to you, from bouncing you in his lap, riding his face, bending you over, and having his way with you. You don't know where to start.
Kiri can read it in your eyes that you have your words lodged in your throat, "If you don't tell me, this is all you're gonna get," He emphasizes his words with the pats of his fingers against your clit, "So be a good girl and speak up." You know he won't let you go until you give him exactly what he wants, the words are right on the tip of your tongue!
Your breath gets caught in your throat when his fingers slip out from your cunny, only to begin rubbing your clit back and forth, "I-I..." You squeak as he only seems to be rougher with you, purposely making you trip over your own words, "Eiji~ fuck, fuck fuck-" Your fingers dig into his wrist, "I-I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna-" A strangled breath gets caught in your throat when he quickly pulls his fingers from your clit, "W-Wait, I was close, Eiji!"
"Answer me and I'll let you cum." 
His lips on your throat make it all the more difficult, but without the added pressure of his fingers abusing your poor cunny, you finally muster up the words to tell him, "I want you..." He gives you that look, the one that shows he expects more, "I want you inside me-"
"What do you want inside?" He coos, fingers brushing under your chin to bring your focus to him, "My fingers?" You shake your head with a subtle smile, "Hm... this?" He sticks out his tongue at you, only to earn himself another shake of your head. He feigns ignorance, pretending he has no idea what you could be possibly talking about. 
Your sneaky fingers reach behind you, Eijirou didn't even notice because of how absorbed he was with your cute tits, cupping at the bulge in his pants, "This..." He didn't expect you to be so bold, not after how stubborn you were just being, but he likes the playful squeeze you give him, "Does that answer your question?" Your snooty little comment earns a sharp pinch to your clit.
"Yeah, it does," Through the mirror you can see him undoing the belt that holds up his pants, watching the cargo material fall around his thighs and revealing just how strained his aroused cock is against his briefs, "C'mon, get down and bend over the desk." You didn't expect him to be so quick to give you what you want, but deep down you think he still has something up his sleeve.
Without arguing, you climb down from the vanity as you were told, watching Eijirou in the mirror as you lean forward and put your weight on the desk. As much as you were watching him, he was also watching you. His eyes dragging down the curve of your back to your soaked pussy peaking from under the hem of your shirt, he has imagined this very scenario time and time again, and here you are right in front of him.
Somehow the real thing requires so much more thought than if it were only in his head, knowing whether you're okay, making sure you're not uncomfortable. No longer is it all just him and his dirty thoughts, he has to worry about your feelings too. And he is fine with that, but he never expected himself to feel like he has two tons on his shoulders by simply looking at you. It's one thing for you to be in his head bent over, but for you to be bent over actually in front of him? Well, let's just say his nerves aren't cooperating.
Maybe you noticed this, enough that briefly stand up from your previous position to meet his gaze, "I'm kinda nervous..." If he knows it isn't just him that's a little fearful of the unknown, there is a possibility it could bring back his confidence, "We can start slow and find our flow, right? that's how it's supposed to be." You're right, and he knows you are, maybe it was the thought that you had these high expectations that were making him nervous.
Little does he realize, as much as you want to be pretty enough and good enough for him, he wants to be just the same for you. But seeing the way you look at him, no sort of judgment or expectancy behind your eyes, giving him your signature smile, helps to melt all of that frustration and uncertainty away. You've always been good at doing that.
He isn't sure what came over him to cup your cheeks like that and pull you into a kiss, and sure the two of you knocked teeth from how urgent the kiss was at first, but the passion behind the kiss seemed to cast every sliver of doubt and second-guessing aside. All of your focus is on him, and his focus is on you in that very moment. 
The electricity that surges through you with every push of your lips against his, tugging at his lip only for him to bite back and do the same to you. It's like you two found a middle ground, the kiss connecting you both in a way nothing else could, blindly guiding you two in the position you both need to feel comfortable. Somehow you finding yourself seated on the vanity desk and his hips between your spread thighs.
You break the kiss, lungs burning from holding your breath for as long as you could, eyes falling down between your spread legs, "Ah..." Your breath catches at the sight of him beginning to push inside, you didn't get a well enough look at how big he is, but the feeling alone is a little unnerving. You aren't even sure how much is in, but it feels like more than you truly think it is.
"Don't pay attention to that," His voice is hushed, grabbing your attention and making you pick your head back up, "Does it hurt?" To be honest, it doesn't, it's more like this full stretch that is only slightly discomforting. Something you weren't prepared for but believe you can handle. You shake your head, not wanting him to think he is doing something wrong, which he isn't.
His hair looks so soft, albeit messy because of the fight, but nonetheless still silky and you can't keep your fingers from combing into it, "I want another kiss," Your fingers tug the tie from his hair and watch the red locks fall to lay over his broad shoulders, "Unless you're too nervous to kiss me, hm?" 
Your challenge ignites a fire within his chest, you sure know what things to say and when to get him riled up. And what you just said about him being too nervous? Oh, he isn't having it. Eijirou doesn't even need to speak for you to see the "game on" look in his eyes, and it doesn't make you any more shocked when his hand finds your throat and uses it to pull you forward.
The air is knocked from your lungs at the jerk of your body forward to meet him halfway, but you don't complain for a second, not when he gives you the confidence you had thought disappeared. It feels good to have that authoritative role back in him, for him to be taking back control with how he wants you and what he wants to do to you. Through the sloppy kiss that he has you locked in, you can feel your body being laid back on the vanity.
To your surprise, you have enough room to properly lay back, and with that Eijirou takes advantage of it. The desk perfectly supports your weight, allowing him the chance to grab your right leg and hoist it over his shoulder to create a more open angle for him to have you in. Immediately you can tell the difference in the feeling with this position, it pushes deeper at your walls rather than just rubbing past those spongy patches.
"Ngh... fuck, th-there it..." You can't form the right words to tell him how good it feels, even with the slow and controlled pace he has set for you, "Eiji, I can take more. Please." You don't even try to hide the need in your tone, how it comes out as almost a whine rather than a polite little request. And he doesn't mind the demand, if you need more he is going to give it to you. After all, you're used to being daddy's little princess.
"You really think you can take more?" You nod your head, your hum of affirmation coming out as a moan, "Yeah? I don't think you can." His words contradict his actions, his back arching forward as he picks up the pace. No longer is the room echoing with nothing but moans and the obnoxiously wet sounds of your overwhelmed cunny, but the added volume of skin slapping skin makes what you both are doing here all the riskier. 
His cock is ruthless, no matter the pace he uses you can feel every vein and the slight curve of his member, it feels too much even if he isn't giving you enough. The size itself is a problem, and he likes to use that to tease you; you're too small, you can't take it... it doesn't matter. If he finds a way to make you feel little and weak in comparison to him? He goes for it.
And you don't mind, you like the dominance, how he keeps you pinned down with one hand on your throat and the other pinning your left thigh down. You feel completely at his mercy where you lay, unable to do anything but take it, "Eiji, fuck, fuck-" 
"Shh," He warns you, "Don't forget where we are." And you haven't, the whole time you two have been doing this all you could do was worry over someone walking in or by or something, "Don't need your father finding out his little girl is getting her sloppy pussy stretched open... and it'll make it worse if he finds out I'm the one doing it." You know that, but you're a big girl, you don't need your father's permission to get laid!
Unfortunately, you keep that attitude too. Why should you have to keep quiet? You're having fun, that's no one's business but yours and Eijirou's. "B-But... but I like it-" You gasp when your right leg is brought down from your shoulder in favor of both knees being pinned to your shoulders, "Ah- too much, too much, too much~!" 
Kirishima, as much as he loves your sexy moans and cutesy whimpers, he doesn't love the idea of either of you getting caught like this, and what better way to fix the noise problem than shoving the panties you kindly give him right in your mouth? And it's only better that the pink of your panties looks nice hanging from your glossy lips. 
"That's what you get, babe..." He pants out each word and adds salt to the wound by flashing a cocky grin, "Bad girls who can't keep quiet when they're told get dirty panties in their mouth." If only he knew the things he was doing to you, the strikes to your core his cock cause, how his intimidating dominance over you has your insides turning, "But you don't need your voice to make you feel good, right? Look at you..."
It's ironic that he asks you to take a look at yourself, a mirror is just behind you and you can't see yourself from this angle. Luckily for you, your redhead is one step ahead to make sure you can really see how slutty you look right now with those panties shoved in your mouth. Eijirou takes your hips, wordlessly guiding you to turn around onto your stomach and plant your feet back on the ground.
You are forced to look yourself in the eyes, to see the little tears pricking the corners of your eyes, look at your swollen lips and your panties, and to make it all the more humiliating, Eijirou is standing right behind you. He is staring right at you, making sure you know he is there and watching you, and if that doesn't make you nervous... you aren't sure what does.
A hand comes down to grip your chin, fixing your head to look straight at the mirror and more specifically yourself, "Don't look away from that mirror, understood?" His voice is at least two octaves lower than before, rumbling in the pit of his chest and vibrating against your back. It shakes your core, but in the best way possible, tingles running up your spine and back down.
It isn't long before the warmth and fullness of his cock is sinking back inside of your gummy walls, making itself comfortable deep inside of you to the point his tip kisses gently at your cervix, "It's all the way in, (name)..." He whispers into your ear, "You ready? You think you can take all of it?" The only right answer is to nod your head, humming desperately and letting him know you're ready, you want it. And who is he to deny that? His pretty girl wants her cunny stretched, why shouldn't he give in and let her have it just how she wants? 
Unlike before he doesn't let you prepare yourself, oh no, the pace went from zero all the way to one hundred in exactly one second. It was like being plowed into, the force of his hips bouncing you off and into the desk. And if you looked horrible and worn out before, you looked twice as bad now. Your sparkly eyes rolling back to make way for the oncoming flow of tears, your entire body trembling with his thrusts.
"Mmph~! Nngh-" Even through the panties he can hear you, muffled and incoherent but still like music to his ears. You take him so well, struggling maybe, but you don't complain for a second about him being too big... and it probably is because your panties are down your throat. But if you really did need him to stop, he is sure you would find another way.
"Feels good, right?" He can't tell if you're nodding or that's just your head moving in sync with his forceful jerks, "Having this little pussy nice and filled... bet you couldn't wait for this the entire match, right?" If you were able to answer, you would be screaming yes from the hills! But instead, you can only stare him in the eyes through the mirror, tears and all, and he can see just how drunk you are on his cock. A pretty whore for him to fuck.
If he had known you were such a perverted slut, so needy to have a dick train you, he would have grabbed you by your cheeky yoga leggings and made you ride his dick while he did bench presses. And seeing you like this? You would have done it without question.
"You're getting all tense, (name)..." His eyes trail down to watch himself disappearing inside of you, and the ripple of your ass smacking his hips, "You gonna cum? This pretty cunt gonna make a mess for me?" You're more than just close to cumming, it's like a fire in the pits of your core, and every pass of his member inside of you has your thighs jumping and twitching, "Yeah, that's it, babe."
Oh, you wish he wouldn't call you that, the things it does to you... and the overwhelming pleasure of his tip plunging into your poor cervix? You feel like you're on the verge of passing out, "Don't look away," He keeps your head straight and makes you look straight ahead at yourself, "Watch yourself cum." You aren't even sure if you have it in you to hold it in long enough to properly look at yourself, let alone the energy to keep your head up.
Your eyes are locked on the mirror, your breath fogging it up with the forceful pants your lungs push out. If you were wearing makeup, you're sure it would be leaving streaks down your cheeks from the tears. They aren't tears of pain, not even close, but rather ones of overstimulation. You aren't sure how much longer you can last, but you don't have time to dwell over it, not when you watch the hand not pinning your waist to the vanity snakes down between your legs.
If the panties weren't in your mouth, you would be protesting and begging him not to. You aren't sure you could handle it! His cock is already tearing your poor cunny in half, his fingers will surely break you. But you can only watch in fear, and anxiously wait for his fingers to meet your throbbing pearl between your legs.
"Mmph~! Mm-" Your nails dig into the desk and back arches to try and get away from his fingers, but Eijirou doesn't give up, "Mm! Mmm~!" He knows you're protesting, he knows it's too much for your sensitive little cunny. But he wants to see you come undone, to see more of your pretty tears and those sparkly eyes roll back in absolute bliss. And with the vicious pace his fingers inflict on your burning clit, you aren't far from that edge.
"That's it, babe... that's it, I wanna taste this pussy when finish. I bet you taste so sweet, just as sweet as you look right now..." And he isn't lying, you've never looked as stunning as you do right now. No angel could compare to you, nothing. The sweat coating your skin and your juices tainting the apex of your thighs, "I got you, baby-"
He doesn't have the chance to finish his pep talk before he feels you come undone beneath him, your squeals and whimpers completely muffled by your stuffed mouth. Your poor nerves going off of the wall, thighs jumping and nails digging at the wood of the vanity, and your pussy squirting all over his cock and onto your thighs. You're embarrassed by the mess, but to Kiri? It is the biggest ego stroker he could have encountered... he got you to squirt.
"Fuck, good girl, good fucking girl..." Eijirou slows the thrusts, as much as he wants to cum he can see how worn out you are, "Take a deep breath, princess. Just like that," You try your best to do as he asks, but it's so difficult with how quick your climax came and the panties being in your mouth. You put all of your weight on the vanity, fingers clawing at it as if it could help ease the electricity shooting through every inch of you.
Eijirou sees you and he thinks he may have been too rough, "Shh, c'mere." The panties are taken from your mouth, saliva soaked into the thin fabric and sticking to your chin, "You okay?" Fingers, although rough and calloused, gently brush over your cheek to gather your tears, he worries he may have forgotten himself somewhere and been too hard on you. 
And your expression, weak and twisted, for a moment makes him feel horrible. What had he done? this was his first time having sex with you, something he has wanted for so long, and he just screwed it up. His eyes watch your every move, lips opening to say something and hesitating for a minute, you were probably pissed at him.
"Y-You..." Little tears prick at your eyes and he panics, "You didn't even cum inside of me, was I not doing enough?" For a moment, silence befalls the both of you other than your pathetic little sniffles. Were you really... that worried over him finishing? Is that really what has you on the verge of crying? If he could, he would eat you up right where you stand in front of him, you're too cute.
Two hands cup your swollen cheeks and bring your face close, "You want me to cum inside of you? That's what has you worked up?" You nod your head all while leaning into his hands, "You're so cute, but I think you need to take a break, babe. You're shaking." He can tell you're teetering right at the edge of too much, he fears if he does anymore he may actually hurt you.
"But I want..." He shakes his head and kisses the tip of your nose, "Then... Then I'll suck it off." You won't let up so easily, he just gave you the best climax of your life, and if he thinks you'll let him walk out of this room with blue balls he is more than just wrong. 
Eijirou wants to argue, he knows you should clean yourself up and you both should get out of here. He isn't even sure what time it is or how long it has been, the fights could very well be over and neither of you has any clue. But what harm can you getting on your knees do? Maybe give you a sore throat, but he is sure with how loud you were, muffled or not, you are already on the train to a strained voice.
"Make it quick, I still wanna take you to dinner." Even after all of this, somehow taking you to dinner may just be the highlight of the night. Sex is great, but for Eijirou Kirishima it is the intimate, quiet moments that mean the world to him. All those times you would open early or stay late with him, he cherished those memories. Unlike him, you could not care less about dinner or memorable moments or anything, you're far more focused on what his cum might taste like. You've thought of it a million times, and finally, you will be able to know. 
You ease yourself onto your knees in front of him, Eijirou fixing his pants out of your way and leaning back against the desk as he watches you make yourself comfortable. If he thought you looked beautiful lying underneath him with your knees by your ears, he isn't sure what to call you on your knees. Your gorgeous eyes looking at him through those lashes of yours, tongue dragging out and over your lips.
"Don't hurt yourself, pretty girl... I saw you struggling before when I started picking up the pace." You don't like being talked down to, but you know that's just him trying to get you worked up and you won't let him have that satisfaction. 
All of your weight is put onto your knees as you lean forward, the tip of your warm tongue licking your own cum from his cock, "Be nice to me or I'll use my teeth." He can't argue with that, and he knows you will do it. Your tongue drags over the veins, tracing them carefully, breath hot and fanning over his ready-to-burst member. If he had it his way, he would grab your pretty face and fuck this squishy mouth of yours, but he already pushed it and he wants you to go at your pace now.
"Fuck, that's good... tap it on your tongue for me," You stick out your tongue and do as he says, "Shiiiit, you look so hot right now." You know you do, if anyone could see the hearts in Eijirou's eyes, it's you... and those hearts are practically jumping out while he watches you rubbing your tongue over his messy dick, doing everything but putting it in your mouth, "C'mon, (name)... please."
"You want me to put it in my mouth?" You feign innocence while looking up at him, giving him puppy eyes and suckling at his tip. Kiri nods breathlessly, even so much as adding an extra, needy please to really show you how much he wants it. He was so kind to give you exactly what you want, it would be mean not to do the same for him!
Making yourself comfortable, you open your mouth wide enough to fit his tip inside, tasting that sweetness of your juices on your tongue. Is this what heaven feels like? For him to be guiding your mouth on his dick, cooing words of praise every time you successfully ease the tip in your throat without hurting yourself or choking too much.
The two of you see, hear, and know nothing but each other at this moment. Eyes locked together and no sound other than him breathing shakily and the rare pass of your name on his tongue, mixed in with the disgusting wet sounds of your throat stretching over him. You two wouldn't have been able to pick up on the footsteps coming down the hall, or the call of two very familiar names who just so happen to be missing at the same time.
And neither of you would have been prepared for the door to open, let alone, for the one person both of you feared catching you to be standing in the doorway in shock, horror... and Eijirou locked eyes for just a second, a second that allowed to see the seven layers of hell in your father's eyes, before the door slammed shut and feet moved down the hall faster than you could pull off of Eiji's cock. 
"I... I think we should get out of here before he comes back."
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lemon-royalcween · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Bakugo Katsuki x Fem! Reader
GENRE: Fluff
WARNINGS: not proofread, cursing
SYNOPSIS: bakugo refuses to give you a kiss on his special day, so you need an alternative way to do it
PLEASE READ: i backed out with my first choice of bakugo birthday event: fanfic edition so i made another one. reader is shorter than bakugo, btw.
ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ɢʀᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ ᴘᴀʀᴛ:
|| ᴏɴᴇ || ᴛᴡᴏ || ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ || ғᴏᴜʀ || ғɪᴠᴇ ||
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
bakugo katsuki decided to spend his birthday with you. he planned it out pretty early on so everything would be perfect, it was his first birthday with you in his life to call you his. you had mentioned that you liked playing arcade games because you were such a gambler and arcade was one of the legal gambling you could do.
so at his birthday, he had you put on a casual clothing and picked you up at your room (considering you guys live in a dorm). you bid farewell to your friends and walked outside the dorm. strolling towards the entrance of the school, side by side and the ambience between the two of you was tranquil, a contrast to what has yet to come once you arrive at your destination.
"katsuki?" he hummed, to let you know that he was listening. "happy birthday." you leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek but he dodged it just in time. head snapping at your direction with an irritated look on his face.
"what do you think you're doing?" he asked. you were used to his behavior so you know he doesn't mean it. giving him a smile you said.
"giving my boyfriend, who is also the birthday boy, a kiss." you hooked your arm with his and rested your head on his shoulder as you continue to walk. "do you not want me to?" head still at his shoulder, you looked up at his eyes.
he tip of his ears were red and he's gritting his teeth, trying to prevent the reddening of his whole face from you action earlier.
"well don't do it you, asshole." he said, avoiding eye contact with you. his eyes then landed on the local arcade, led lights emitting from the dark inside and the sound of things getting hit and a few murmurs from the people there. "stand up straight, we're here."
he shrugged you off of his shoulder and you lifted your head up, hands still hooked into his. bakugo had let you go to exchange his money for tokens to play. whilst he was doing that you looked around the arcade.
colorful machines that was meant for kids displayed in every corner of the place, then there was a part for older ones that contained shooting games that require two people, some basketball hoops, etc. bakugo came back with a shit ton of playing tokens and gave half to you.
"did you bring me here so you can brag about how good you are at every game?" you teased as you take half the tokens, carefully to avoid spilling them. you knew bakugo could be very competitive in terms of...well everything, but you also knew how he was good at everything.
"damn right i did." he smirked. "im gonna fucking destroy you in every game!" you rolled your eyes at his declaration. you were gonna give him another kiss on the cheek but just like the last one, he moved away before your lips could land on his cheeks. you pouted and whined at his behavior.
"katsuki, why wont you let me kiss you!" you said as he lead you both to one shooting game. he inserted two tokens and turned towards you. you could see his eyes narrowed but a pink blush similar to earlier events painted his cheeks.
"its disgusting, that's why." that was a lie. bakugo may not seem like it but he loves affection, a clingy baby, a soft hedgehog. that was the reason why you're confused as to why he was rejecting your advances. he even initiated pda modt
you sulked as you grabbed the gun on the stand and held it the same way your boyfriend did and waited until the game started. while you two were playing, you kept on losing as you think of a plan to give your boyfriend the kiss he deserves, without crossing his boundaries of course.
you soon played half of the offered games in the arcade, picking out everything that either intrigued you or bakugo. so far he has been winning all of it, save for some. the tickets on one hand and the 9 remaining tokens in the other, you lead him to a crane game with different plushies.
some were pro hero stuffies, but it was mostly animal ones. you're eyes locked in a particular toy, the teddy bear. you looked at your blonde boyfriend who seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face.
"katsuki, i know its your birthday today." you pointed at the brown bear behind the class, "but can you win that one for me. i suck at this." he groaned and lightly pushed you aside and mumbling how 'incompetent' you are and how you always look for him when you need help.
of course you know its just bakugo's love language to insult you, and you also knew he trusts you and you were capable with everything, you could do anything without needing his help and he feels overwhelmed with happiness when you ask for his aid.
it took him 5 tries to get the one you wanted, curses falling from his lips every time the toy fails to fall into the hole. when it did, he grabbed it from the little compartment and gave it to you.
"thank you katsuki!, i love you so much!" you hugged the brown stuffed toy to your chest. "im gonna name it, kaachan! after his father!" you teased the birthday boy.
"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!" his face was already #ff0019 in color and he was visibly shaking from how embarrassed he was from what you said.
"i said you're a daddy now! and i'm the mommy!" you laughed at how he tried to choke you but dodged just in time. he was gonna do it again, but you saw an opportunity. you extended both your arms, holding the teddy bear and smashing it to your boyfriend's lips.
katsuki was taken aback, but before he could yell he saw you put the teddy bear near your mouth. you kissed the part where his lips were once was. you snuggled the bear once again and staring at the flustered boy. finally, you gave him a real kiss on the cheek.
"happy birthday, katsuki."
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daddysuga101 · 4 hours ago
That’s should be me... (Deku x Reader x Bakugou)
Warnings: mild Voyeurism, Deku watching y/n and katsuki, smut, pining, Jealous Deku, possessive bakugou, fighting
Damn it...
Izuku thinks to himself as he stared at his bedroom ceiling after waking up from a wet dream.
A wet dream that on the bright side...didn't cause him to soil his briefs. But said wet dream was about someone he shouldn't want.
As the months past, the green haired boy was becoming more and more aware of his feelings towards you, and it did nothing good for him. All it lead to was wet dreams and the inability to look you in your eyes when you'd speak to him.
It'd be easier if his pining for you was from a distance and you didn't even know he existed. However life was hardly ever that kind to him.
In fact you two were the furthest things from strangers. You were as close as two people could be.
His best friend...
So ignoring you was no way near an option. In fact as much as you stressed him out. Or cause a fresh wave of blush to cover his freckled face whenever you'd lean over, your chest on full display to his ever hungry eyes.
He couldn't imagine a world where he wasn't always with you.
No, he couldn't imagine it even if he wanted to.
Sitting up from his green checkered colored sheets, the now third year, exited his room heading down to the commons downstairs to grab a quick midnight snack.
He wasn't hungry though.
For food at least...
He was just bored and wanted to take his over active mind off things, specifically you.
His mind felt like it was running a mile a minute and his senses all felt sensitive.
For example...
The clock on the wall felt louder than usual. In fact everything felt more intense. The sound of the wind and rain outside, the crackling of the fire place.
He felt painfully aware of everything.
Not to mention the vivid sound of your dream self moaning in his ear.
Groaning slightly at the memory, running a hand through his messy locks. Izuku thought it would be best to screw eating and go on a run to clear his head instead.
In fact he couldn't think of any other way to calm his ever rising nerves.
Sure the third year could always jerk off to take the edge off.
But running would distract him from more than just the painful ache in his shorts, but also from his less than innocent thoughts about you.
God he just wanted his mind and body to calm the fuck down.
Sighing deeply as he headed back to his room taking the long way there to wake himself up a bit more.
Turning the fimilar corner by the landury room he heard banging noises coming from it.
His heart stopped.
Was it a villain? A quirk malfunction?
No matter what is was Deku would definitely handle it.
Sneaking to the door leading to the laundry room, the green haired boy peaked his eyes through the small crack in it.
His eyes widened as he saw what was going on in front of him.
He felt like he stopped breathing as Izuku got an eyeful of something he never thought he'd see, or more accurately something he never wanted to see.
You bent over, whimpering and moaning. Deku let’s out a shaky breath when he realizes what’s going on.
You’re having sex.
He knew it was you it had to be. Your voice , that was currently begging for more was too familiar to not be you.
Deku wanted to look away but he couldn’t. This image was going to be seared into the young boys head for sure.
The image of your hands griping the drying machine in front of you as you tried your hardest to take the violent thrusts behind you.
A part of him was ready in to intervene in a heart beat if he felt like this wasn't consensual. The way you whimpered made his feet begin to move to help you before a painfully familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Yeah—fuck—you like that huh?" The voice asked, for the first time Dekus eyes pulled from your body to the body of the man on you.
Blinking a few times his eyes adjusted to the dark lighting. The light of the moon shining on the man revealing blonde hair.
Deku felt like he swallowed his tounge when the realization that the man against you right now. The one brutally using your poor body, the mean who's hands are so tightly on your hips that he's sure bruises will be littered all over them tomorrow.
That man is Kacchan?
Eyes widened.
"Katsuki, m' so close." You whine, Deku almost moans at the sound of your desperate pleas. His hand comes up to his mouth trying to hold his breath as he watches Bakugou use you as some sort of flesh light.
Deku can’t stop the thoughts that begin to cloud his mind.
It's filthy.
So disgusting. Is this what you want? Do you want to be treated like this? Why are you enjoying this damnit?
Letting Kacchan use you like this. You like being treated like this?
"Katsuki, p-please I can't hold it anymore." You moan, tears stinging your eyes as he continued to thrust in and out of your abused hole.
"Shut up slut, I'm almost there." He says pushing your face on the drying machine and fucking into you more.
"You love this don't you, cmon' speak." Katsuki says, you mange to say a bunch of shit that doesn't make sense causing Katsuki to chuckle.
"Dumb slut huh. Should've figured a girl with such a powerful quirk would want to get used like this. Such a perfect hole to get my cock wet." He taunts above you. You whimper and moan aching for release.
Dekus eyes narrowed at Kacchans words.
He's been focused on you, he never even thought about what exactly Kacchan wants from you.
Is it just sex? Is it more.
Deku thinks to himself...
Maybe he likes how powerful you are and gets off on your submission...
So about it Kacchan? Why are you doing this? Sick bastard... You must be loving how she willing gave her body to you like this. Letting you defile her in such a way that she's fucked dumb.
Though Deku has no moral high ground here. Here he is, watching you. Biting his lips at the the sound of your pussy barley taking Kacchan dick.
He always felt so guilty about his thoughts about you but now he knows what you want. You like being treated like a fuck toy.
If you wanted that all you had to do was ask. Why'd you have to fuck Kacchan? Of all people... I’m right here.
Maybe you couldn't handle it...
Maybe you couldn’t handle me.
He thinks to himself.
After all, the way Katsuki made you fall apart. Deku could do ten times better. He could make you moan louder, beg more, cum harder.
Just give em' a chance.
Deku released a shaky breath as he felt his cock 's hard on become way to much to ignore.
Running his hand across his clothed length, flinching a bit at the sensitively, he pulled his cock out his shorts.
Looking back up at the scene in front of him, he began pumping himself.
"Alright baby you can cum, cum real hard for me." Katsuki demands, you nod rapidly finally letting go of the knot forming in your stomach.
"Ohhh, fuck!" You moan, eyes rolled back in your head. You hear a loud grunt above you as the man fucking you, empties himself in you.
You whine loudly.
"T-Thank you." You say to Bakugou.
Little did you know someone was just outside the laundry room. Dekus hand covered in his cum.
His eyes wide as he tucks himself back in his shorts and heads tucks to his dorm room.
Reality set in.
There was no excuse for this.
Deku felt sick for what he did.
If you had caught him you'd think he's some gross pervert which in this situation, technically he was.
As guiltily as the green haired boy felt. He'd be lying if he said he wouldn't do it again. He needed to see you like that again. Completely falling apart on a cock.
Only next time, Deku swore you’d only be like that again for him and only him.
The next day Deku didn’t feel any better about what had happened, in fact he couldn’t get you out his mind.
And because of that he avoided you like the plague. Ignoring you when you spoke to him was proving to be difficult.
If he had to speak with you he kept it short and sweet.
He couldn’t face you not after what he did.
As the last bell of the day finally rang and all the students piled out the room Deku placed his books in his bag. Eyeing the way your skirt swayed as you left the classroom.
He was curious as to what you'd look like naked and up close in better light. God he wanted to see it all.
"I knew you were weird Deku, but I didn't think you were that weird." A voice asked behind him. Deku turns around facing the blonde haired boy with a confused expression, but knowing damn well what he meant.
Shit he was fucked.
Just play dumb.
"Excuse me?"
"Don't play dumb you little shit. So what you a full blown perv now? Like jerking your cock to people unaware of your prying eyes?"
"The fuck you talking about Kacchan?" Deku asks, Bakugou grabs the green haired boys collar threating him.
"Stop fucking lying I saw you. You think you sneak up on me without me knowing?"
"Get the hell off me." Deku says pushing the blondes hand from his collar.
"Admit it, admit what you did. Before I blow you to hell." Katsuki threats as the crackling sound of his quirk got the green haired boys attention.
" long?" Deku asks looking at the ground.
"How long what?"
"How long have you been sleeping with her?!" Deku shouts.
Bakugou lets out an amused smirk.
"What's it to ya? It doesn't matter how long we've been fuckin', all I care about is dragging your pervert ass through the pavement." Bakugou says coming at Deku.
Deku narrows his eyes as he lets one for all out just enough to get this over with so he can leave.
Deku was pissed too.
The sound of them fighting didn’t go unnoticed due to the loud explosions a back to back. Students rushed to the classroom including Iida, who flung the door open only to find the two boys fighting.
"What the hell are you idiots doing?" Iida asked, looking over your classmates shoulder.
Your eyes widened when you saw Bakugou and Deku both looking beat up. The classroom was a mess and Deku and Katsuki were wrestling on the floor not paying any mind to the eyes on them.
"What the hell?!" You ask pushing past Iida and running over to the two boys.
"Get the fuck off each other!" You shout pulling the two boys apart with your telekinesis. While in the air they both looked at you in unison.
"(Y/n)?" They both ask before you dropped the two of them back onto the ground. They groaned at the impact.
"Thanks bitch." Katsuki said sarcastically.
"Your welcome, ass." You say before looking around at the mess they made.
"Wanna explain what the hell happened?"  You looked between both boys waiting. "What was this even about?" You question.
"Why don't you tell her Deku." Katsuki says, you raise an eyebrow before turning your attention to Deku who was staring at the floor his face looked red.
Like really red like he was gonna throw up.
"Hey you okay?" You ask going to help him up before he swatted your hands away, getting up on his own.
"I'm fine." He says not looking at you.
"I'm not gonna ask again. What happened?" You ask,
"Tell her Deku." Katsuki pushes.
"How about you fucking tell her Katsuki." Deku says, Dekus use of Katsukis first name throwing you off.
"I'm sure you really are dying to, so tell her." Deku says,
"Fine then, he was-."
"Stop. I change my mind I don't care anymore what caused this. Just clean this up. And talk to me later okay? You seem upset." You say to Deku he nodded slowly. Guilt pricking at his heart at the gentleness of your words.
God he felt so gross.
"You okay?" You ask walking over to Katsuki, he nods kissing the side of you face.
"Yeah." He whispered glaring at Deku unbeknownst to you. Deku clenched his fist at the scene in front of him, before storming out the room despite Iida’s protests for an explanation.
All you could do was stand in the classroom curiosity painted all over your face as you were left wondering what was going on with Deku.
And what could you do to help.
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miidoriys · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary ! warning(s) ! none for this chapter
admin note ! dang this turned out a little longer than expected :0 anyways, hope you enjoy it besties !
Tumblr media
it has only been five years, but so much has changed.
the once bustling streets are now soulless and grey, bearing a nondescript emptiness despite it being mid-afternoon.
your phone buzzes against your thigh, shocking you from your dazed train of thought. you pull it from your pocket and scan its screen, laced with spiderweb cracks.
it’s a message from your father.
[12:46] kirishima eijirou . .
the text reads, followed by a set of coordinates. they lead to the building where the redhead now earns his living, but you pay them no heed— you’d memorised the location prior, dedicated to not botching this assignment. your father has trusted this upon you, and you want to do him proud. perhaps this way, he’ll love you a little more, he’ll stop berating your every move..
you continue walking with a sigh, slowing as you near the location. yet you have to stop and re-scan the message a few more times, making sure you’ve gotten it correct. a coffee shop? it’s a strange place, you muse, for a man like eijirou to be working, but the bright shock of red hair behind the window eradicates your confusion. steeling yourself for the interaction, which you know will be strange after such a long time apart, you push the door open and step into the café.
‘hi, how can i help?’ a cheery voice from behind the counter calls. he’s busy fiddling with a dysfunctional coffee machine, and doesn’t notice you at first. trying to ignore the sickly sweet smell of coffee and pastries, you wait politely for him to finish and turn around— and when he does, his eyes widen in genuine surprise.
‘is that.. y/n, is that you?” you scan his face for a moment. he has grown shockingly well into his features, and is somehow still decidedly muscular even through his baggy sweatshirt— it seems his hobby of strenuous exercise never really left.
for a few moments, you’re deciding how to display your own expression, before settling for a warm little smile. knowing, but not giving too much away. perfect.
‘it’s so good to see you, ei!’ you say, pulling your jacket closer around your frame.
‘absolutely!’ he runs a self-conscious hand through his crimson locks, tied back in a haphazard ponytail. it seems as though he wasn’t expecting anyone at this time, his face almost apologetic that you stumbled across him in such a relaxed state. of course, you make no mention of it— hostility was the last thing you were hoping to achieve here.
‘it’s been a while, huh? how’s life treating you?’
the question bewilders you a little, and you take a deliberate pause before your terse reply.
‘er, it’s been alright. yourself?’ not that you’re interested at all— it’s merely a tiresome back-and-forth of pleasantries in the name of etiquette, and you pray it’ll be over soon.
‘could be worse, could be better. i’m happy to have found someplace to work..’ he averts his gaze, scarlet eyes laser-focused on the countertop. ‘been hard since.. well, yknow.’
you nod in understanding. since heroism is now an underground venture, you reckon he had struggled to otherwise make ends meet. too bad that once he’d managed it, he didn’t just stick to earning an honest living..
for it had effectively made him your primary target.
‘good lord!’ he yelps, a sudden stream of coffee leaking from the broken machine and all over his apron. he unties it with a frown, balling it up and tossing it aside distastefully.
‘i am so sorry..’ he starts, while you try to ignore the fact that his cheeks are rapidly burning up. ‘uh, look, it’s almost closing time anyway.. shall we take this outside?’
you nod, as thankful for the suggestion as he is— the shop’s nauseating aroma is starting to get to your head, unpleasantly infiltrating your already befuddled thoughts.
you step into the afternoon air with visible relief— it is virtually breezeless, invitingly warm.
‘so, what brings you back here?’ he asks, occupied with locking up the storefront. ‘i thought you moved out with your dad?’
the true identity of your father had never been disclosed to your friends throughout high school— a decision you were now fervently grateful for. as far as eijirou knew, he was a stern yet good-hearted businessman, who had taken you to someplace safer after society’s detrimental collapse.
‘ah, well..’ you drag your shoe along the pavement, its scraping noise filling the silence as you deliberate a response.
‘just came back for a visit.’ you say eventually, and matter-of-factly. ‘and uhm..’ you glance around for a moment, but it is only the two of you occupying the narrow street. not even cars pass by as you begin to walk, the redhead quickly catching up behind you.
‘well, i wanted to discuss a couple of things. mainly regarding your..’ you drop your voice to a whisper, leaning in towards his anticipating frame.
‘your hero work.’
he has probably never whipped his head around so fast before.
‘my.. what?’ eijirou rubs the back of his neck, eyes narrowed as he looks across to you. ‘how do you—’
‘how shall i put this?’ you interject, a tad impatient. ‘you’re not the most tactical group of vigilantes around.’
‘we’re not vigilantes.. hey!’ he furrows his brow, arms folded across his chest. ‘was it kaminari? lord knows he can’t keep his mouth shut—’
‘no, no,’ you laugh softly, amused at this deduction. the blonde had always been.. haphazard with his speech, to put it gently. lost in thought, you almost recall back when—
eijirou coughs, and you snap out of it with a terse shake of your head. you can’t be recalling things now— you simply don’t have the time.
‘no matter.’ your tone is brisk, and you’re a little mad at yourself for getting so distracted. ‘i found out, big deal. what matters is..’
you inhale deeply, making a quickfire mental prayer.
‘i need your help.’
you’ve only walked a few paces, and are now stood awkwardly outside a dressmaker’s down the road. luckily it’s unoccupied, and eijirou leans against the wall with a little huff.
‘help with what, exactly?’
his eyes carry an air of wariness, but he seems interested. it works in your favour because, whatever the case, he’s your best bet of the four. you had been closest to him during high school, his open-book demeanour making him easy to trust and befriend.
‘well, that’s a matter to discuss with all four of you.’ you say primly.
‘all four? who..’ his disappointment is palpable. ‘oh, right.’
he glances around again, clearly discomforted at the mere thought.
‘listen, i’m hardly the man for this. you’ll want.. you’ll want to talk to kat..’ his voice is barely a mumble.
‘katsuki. yknow, bakugo ka—’
‘yes, yes, i know him,’ you almost snap, irritated at this unprecedented setback. you had assumed, foolishly so, that the redhead would simply relent, and you’d be among their ranks sooner.
‘that’s fine,’ you sigh, curbing your frustration. ‘well, thank you anyways.’
you feign a quick glance to your watch. ‘i’d best get going..’
eijirou nods. ‘oh, sure thing!’ his smile is more relaxed now— you notice offhandedly that it hasn’t changed much since you last saw him, all those years ago. you also note a sharp twinge in your chest at the sight, but choose to ignore it.
it could only be a distraction from the task at hand.
‘see you around?’ he gives you a small wave and you quickly nod, stuffing your hands into your pockets as you stalk down the pavement.
it takes you a good few moments to calm down, and only once you’re certain that eijirou has disappeared in the opposite direction, you whip out your phone and press furiously into the keys.
i need katsuki bakugo’s location. now
you type, sending the message to your father with a final, indignant jab.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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kiridarling · 5 hours ago
not me almost being late for your event oops :,))
i was too caught up with reading all your other event drabbles anyways
hopefully it’s not too late to request some royal!au with exhibitionism, corruption & begging! <3
- 🍒
omg cherry when we were strangers—
Tumblr media
"Shhh Princess. You don't want them to hear, do you?"
"N-No," you whimper in return, wiggling to get some room to breathe—but there's barely any room in the closet to begin with, and most definitely not with Katsuki pressing you face-first into the closet wall. "But 's—'s too much—"
"You can take it, can't you?" Your personal knight asks, armor discarded in front of the wardrobe in favor of stuffing you full with two fingers. "I thought you said you were a big girl?"
As Katsuki trails kisses (aka bites) up your neck; you shiver and bite your lip upon hearing the distinctive clunk of a group of knights marching down the hall. Shit.
Tumblr media
"She's been running off, lately," you hear one say, and recognize it as the voice of Sir Kirishima.
You squeak and Katsuki wraps a hand around your mouth so fast it's a near-slap. "I swear to god Princess, if your big fuckin' mouth gets us caught—"
“She’s probably in some rebellious phase,” Sir Hanta simply brushes off. Their footsteps crescendo.
“I need to cum,” you moan against Katsuki’s hand. The ash-blond growls, pressing you deeper into the wood.
“Don’t you fuckin’ dare,” he grunts, and yet his fingers speed up. Your please muffles even further as his grip tightens, and shadows pass underneath the door the moment your orgasm rolls through you, your forehead thumping against the wardrobe with a muted moan.
"Did you hear something?"
"You dirty fuckin' thing," Katsuki chuckles quietly, and the squelch of his fingers is nothing short of wet as he pulls them out and lifts them to your lips. "Suck."
The shadows under the door freeze but not for long, dismissing the thump as a trick of the ears and proceed down the hall as you wrap your lips around Katsuki's fingers. He groans as you swirl your tongue between the digits, humming as your eyes flutter closed.
"Fuck, Princess—you're gonna be the death of me."
Tumblr media
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fightxxmexxshiggy · 6 hours ago
Zappy husband, please 🥺
DENKI a huge dork with an almost never ending libido. He's constantly dry humping you in random places through the house. He has a bit of an obsession with jerking off onto your tongue and then kissing you while it's still hot. Denki buys you a new onesie every month to match with him and cuddles you while watching old movies. He steals your panties to either wear them himself or sniff them when he misses you it just depends on the day. He brought up pegging first and when you said yes he pulled out his phone and started to show you what straps he thought would feel good for him and look good on you.
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