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adoringmha · a day ago
bakugo x gn!reader • nsfw
Tumblr media
bakugo covers your mouth with a large palm without thinking, when you're moaning and whining into his ear about how good he feels. and you immediately feel a sense of dread and embarrassment start to creep up on you.
being able to sense it, since he's ever so observant and in tune with you and your body, he sighs, slowing his thrusts to a deep, grounding rhythm before looking into your eyes and speaking up. "can't talk all sexy like that in my ear, pretty. gonna make me cum too quick."
and he can immediately see the mischievous look in your eyes grow, along with the smirk pressing up against his hand. it's then that he knows he's done for.
from then on, you use this information to tease him, just enough until the point where he's so worked up he takes it out on you and fucks you into the mattress with a purpose, to make you feel so good you can't even speak.
it's an inexplicable feeling when you whisper in his ear and you can feel his hips and breath stutter from the efforts it takes him not to cum right then and there. and he really does cut it close, but he manages to make you cum first, he's determined.
Tumblr media
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ᴍɪʀʀᴏʀ | ʙ. ᴋᴀᴛsᴜᴋɪ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tags: Sugar baby!reader, Dilf!Bakugou, Impact play, choking, oral!male receiving, creampie, dëgradation, mirror seggs, Daddy kink
Tumblr media
Yeah, you were a woman who loved the finest things in life, the newest fashion brands, the most expensive jewelry, wanting nothing more than to be draped in silk and pearls and driving the most lavish cars. Well, you were exactly that woman and it was no surprise how you even got into the lap of luxury without breaking a sweat.
You were the sugar baby of the top superhero Dynamight.
He knew exactly what you wanted and the lifestyle you craved and he offered it all on a silver platter for his darling baby. Katsuki was awfully fit and gruffly handsome for a man in his 40s, with a chiseled body and a prosthetic arm, he was drool worthy and was always on the catalogues for world’s most successful men.
You looked up at him from your position on your knees while sucking his girth, he wore a nasty snarl and grabbed onto your hair, shoving his c*ck deeper in your mouth till you almost gagged. Your mascara ran down your face and saliva pooled at your chin as little moans left you.
“What did I say, brat.” He growled, watching you bob your head and suck. He yanked you back and you gasped, allowing cûm and drool to fall onto your breasts. “Cmon, wh*re. Speak.”
“Not to speak to other men.”
“And you know why.”
“Cause they only want to fūck me.” You say breathily and his co*k throbs at your tone.
“You slût,” He tightens his grip on your hair causing you to wince in pleasure, “You insatiable little slût, looking for the next big thing to empty their pockets for your greedy cünt. I’ll fuck you so hard till you can finally think with that empty head of yours.”
He rises to his feet and drags you along to your vanity, where all your makeup and jewelry sit, poised and arranged to your liking. Bakugou shoves you onto the table and pulls on your hair making your back arch for him, you stare at the mirror, into your own eyes and see how disheveled and roughened up you are but you love every second of it, to look like a cheap dirty wh*re excited every spark in you.
“Ah! Daddy!” You cry and feel the hot impact of his hand on your ass again. Kneading the flesh and hitting it again till you were sure it was bruised, tears rolled down your cheeks and you stared deep into his eyes as he wrapped his rough hand around your neck and rested his cheek against yours.
“Look at your pathetic self.” He hissed, tearing a grin on his hardened features. “None of those low lives can reduce you to such a mess.”
You smiled at him deliriously as his hand squeezed your neck the way you loved it, “No Daddy, they can’t.”
“Of course they can’t.”
He grabbed a hold of his c*ck and aligned it to your sopping entrance, easing in smoothly and yanking a gasp from your bruised lips. At once, he began pounding into you causing you to whine and cry, your legs feeling taut and numb with each harsh thrust into your cunt. His vermilion eyes laid fixated on you as your mouth hung open and beautiful cries left your lips.
“Ah! Ah! Mmmh! More.” You whimpered and sobbed, his length drove into you so good you were already beginning to see stars.
“Look.” He commanded and forced you back to look at your own debauched expression. He pushed you forward and thrusted hard into your cünt, letting you arch for him. “Fucking wh*re, look at the way you’re moaning like a bitch in heat, was that needy hm? Out there looking for attention huh? Looking for the next man to plug you up.”
“Nooo.” You babbled and tightened around him as he delivered a hard smack to your ass, “Only you~”
“Damn right it’ll be only me. Now take it!” He grabbed your hair and tugged, making your eyes roll back as his c*ck mixed your insides and hit your sweet spot with no mercy. Each thrust, sent the dirty sound of your ass bouncing on his length through the room, wet and slick and sinful in your ears.
“Gonna cüm Daddy~ Mmmh! Ah! I’m cümming!” You squealed and folded your legs as it all came crashing down and your sight flashed with white. He groaned in your ear and you whimpered when you felt his thick cüm fill you up to the brim, throbbing within you.
Bakugou grabbed your cheeks and forced you to look back in the mirror, your gaze still hazy and your body trembling.
“Not done with you.” He growled, “we’re just getting started.”
Of all the treasures you had, being with DynaMight had to be your favorite. It wasn’t hard to get him all riled up to fûck you like you wanted.
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⇝ izuku midoriya x reader | nsfw | thigh riding
⇝ tags: 18+, reader rides izuku's thigh, izuku calls reader 'my girl', izuku calls reader 'angel', izuku calls reader 'baby, izuku has dimples bc you can't tell me otherwise. use of the word 'pussy', reader has female anatomy
⇝ a/n: pls guys go easy on me i don't write smut often but i kept thinking abt this pshsjhs, i posted this earlier but i forgot to add hashtags😭
Tumblr media
"it feels too good, izu", you whine, grinding down on his thigh, the muscles pressing just right on you. you squeeze his shoulders with your hands, trying to ground yourself through the pleasure.
"does it, baby?" izuku's hands, large and scarred, tighten on your hip, hard enough to leave bruises, his touch seared into your skin. just how he likes. he helps you move against his thigh, green eyes laser-focused on your face.
"yeah." you move your hips again and your hand travels up his neck, leaving goosebumps on his skin in its wake, and you tug on his curls, causing a low groan to escape his throat. he pushes his lips against yours, a mess of tongue and spit that's not even really kissing, just the need to be close to each other.
you're stripped down to your underwear, and the material is soaked with your juices, leaving wetness on izuku's thigh. he litters kisses along the length of your neck, smiling when you let out a hiss at the feeling of him biting down, then moaning when he smoothes his tongue over it. "you're so wet. making a big mess on me." he moves to look at you, your eyes half-lidded and your teeth sinking in to your lips. "does my thigh feel that good against your pussy?" he smiles, dimples popping out. "you going to cum just like this?"
you nod your head hastily enough you're surprised you don't get whiplash. "i'm almost there, izu," you say, moving faster and ignoring the burn in your thighs. your eyes roll to the back of your head as his thigh rubs against your clit.
"that's my girl." his hands move to your ass, squeezing and massaging. you press your lips against his own in a sense of urgency as you feel your high coming, and he reciprocates, helping you get to it. you feel the coil snap in your stomach, and you moan against his lips as you reach your peak.
"love you," you mumble, letting yourself collapse against his body.
"love you, angel." izuku's arms wrap around you, holding you tight.
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aizawasbrattyprincess · 2 days ago
a l l  i  n e e d
Tumblr media
Hey, love. I’m really sorry this took way too long to write, but thank you for requesting this <3
Tumblr media
f!reader x aizawa shouta (mha)
tw: nsfw + breeding 18+ MINORS DNI
word count: 0.7k
a/n: Realised I haven’t written for Daddyzawa for months now (what a crime!). So here you go, guys x Also, please be reminded, do not send in new requests. Thanks!
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5 months, 17 days and 2 hours. 
Aizawa Shouta had not seen you in person for nearly half a year since you had left the country for a work opportunity following your recent promotion. He was happy for you, of course. What kind of boyfriend would he be if he wasn’t supportive of you?
But he had been so lonely and restless. Aizawa didn’t know what to do in his own home now that he was so comfortable with you being a part of his daily routine. Afternoon naps seemed uncomfortable, having no one to cuddle with under the warm blanket for hours. Even something as small as drinking coffee in the morning didn’t sit right with him. Aizawa missed hearing your voice right next to him, seeing your sweet smile on your lips and breathing in your scent. It was driving him insane that you weren’t in his arms, demanding his attention and wanting to be kissed every minute or so. He can’t help it; being away from you for too long made him beyond sexually frustrated. Picturing you while he masturbated wasn’t the same. Phone sex wasn’t able to make it up, and it was hard to call you in different timezones. Aizawa had to have you; the sooner, the better, or he’d go insane.
The second you returned home, Aizawa said nothing but pushed you against the front door and crashed his lips against yours, hungry and unrestrained. Although this wasn’t exactly the welcome you were picturing, you weren’t against it either, so you wrapped your arms around his neck and returned the kiss with equal passion. With his lips never leaving yours, he began to undress you until you were bare in front of him.
“Mhm, Shouta-”
“I know, baby, I know,” he grunted, hoisting you up quickly.
Carrying you to the coffee table, Aizawa placed you down carefully before tying his hair into a messy bun. He then knelt down in front of you, as if in prayer, and spread your legs wide open. Normally, he would take things slow and easy, but the delicious sight of you was too much for him to hold back. Hiking your legs over his shoulders, he devoured you. Every lick, every flick of his tongue, and the burn from his stubble sent intense waves of pleasure through your body, forcing you to hold onto the table to steady yourself. Aizawa knew you were getting close with the way you were whining, so he pushed two fingers inside your cunt while his thumb rubbed against your clit harshly. No coherent words left your lips as you came all over his face. He made sure to lap up all your juices before deeply kissing you on your swollen lips, letting you taste yourself.
“So fucking good,” he praised, pulling away from the kiss with a trail of saliva attached to your tongues. “Gonna fuck you till you’re full, so take all of me like the good girl you are, okay?”
You could barely nod in response, watching him unzip his pants just enough for him to take out his aching cock. Thrusting deep inside you, Aizawa’s breath was in your ear, groaning at how tight you were, clamping down on him. He loved to see your cute tits bounce as his cock continuously slipped in and out of your cunt, and he couldn’t help himself from sucking one of your nipples. Tangled in ecstasy, both of you continued to make love for hours on end, eventually moving to the bedroom, and despite the many times you came, Aizawa’s pace remained relentless, his sensual torture too much for you to handle now.
“Can’t- I can’t anymore,” your voice came out strained, already seeing stars.
“Yes, you can,” he cooed, kissing your temple. “Just one more. I need one more. I know you can do it.”
Aizawa grasped your hips, thrusting over and over again until he felt his own release building. He pulled you into his arms as you came undone, the rippling spasms of your cunt milking his cock. He thrust into you one last time, and thick ropes of cum filled your womb. He waited a moment before pulling out, then collapsed on the bed next to you, bodies shaking and glistening with sweat. Aizawa rolled on his side to face you, gently smiling as he pushed the strands of hair covering your face.
“Welcome home, my love.”
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Back to Work | Bakugou K.
you’re needy, but your husband is needier | f!reader, cunnilingus, penetration, blood drawn (by finger nails), cursing. | 1.0k
Tumblr media
Bakugou is a heavy sleeper. No amount of snoring, sleep talking, music, or even accidental hits to his body from a wild sleeper could wake him up. At least that’s how it is until he feels your side of the bed dip. He slowly opened his eyes, letting the sunlight flood his irises and turn his dark eyes a bright red. You were sat upright, flipping through some manila folders that lay haphazardly between your legs.
Heat rose to his cheeks as he realized you were wearing his merch, a humongous white t-shirt with his hero name in big bold font across the front n’ back. “What are you gawkin’ at?” you chuckle, feeling his eyes all over you. “What, I can’t look at my wife?” He sits up, wrapping his arms around your neck and pulling you down for a kiss. “Damn straight you can’t.” you whisper when pulling away, he gives you another peck before swiping your work off of the bed.
“Kats’ I need to have read those by sundown!” Bakugou only gave you a cheeky smile and tugged your legs so that you fell onto your back. “So what yer sayin’ is we got all day, huh?”
Not that you didn’t want this, you’d been craving him for the 5 weeks he’d been on that undercover mission in Dubai. Meaning your fingers, toys, and anything akin were stuffed in your cunt nonstop. And true to his reputation, he fucking knew it; knew you hadn’t been able to cum for weeks, knew your lil’ pussy was aching and rubbed raw from your previous attempts and yet he still opted to tease you. “No panties? That’s my girl.” He cupped his hand over your mound, teasing your clit with his thumb while his other hand rubbed circles into your lower belly.
It was the first time he touched you sexually after the whole mission ordeal, you were ecstatic. "Oh god, yes baby, please." you moan, throwing your head back against the soft pillows. But there was something missing, it wasn’t like before, when his hands would leave your cunt sore. This time, his touch stayed nice and light. His other hand traveled further up your torso, fingers gently tracing the outline of your areola, and finally stopping to pinch your sensitive nipple. ”Katsuki…” you whispered softly, heat spreading across your shoulders and down your back.
He continued to play with your tits, teasing each nipple individually before sliding two fingers inside your cunt. You moaned, arching into his touch. It felt so good, you couldn’t help but push down into the mattress beneath you. “Please Katsuki, need to cum…” “I know, sweetheart. Just relax, I got ya’.” He slid his tongue along the rim of one of your breasts then sucked hard on your bud, making you squirm.
The sensation of Katsuki's fingers working your clit was so intense, you could feel the fire pulsing under your skin, begging for more. ”Fuck! God Katsuki, that feels so good!” His fingers moved faster, stroking harder and deeper until he took them out and replaced them with his mouth.
Your head shot forward as he began sucking on your clit, sending waves of pleasure through your body. Your fingers clawed desperately at the sheets, hips bucking wildly and sliding against Katsuki’s tongue while you came undone. “Fuck!” you screamed, tears filling your eyes. ”Fucking amazing.” you gasped as he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. He smiled down at you, brushing his lips against yours before crawling on top of you.
You could feel his erection and smirked, wrapping your arms around his waist as he softly thrusted against you, letting his flushed red leaking cock brushing against your stomach. He groaned in frustration and pulled away from your lips, kissing your throat instead. A shiver ran down your spine as his lips moved down your chest, leaving a trail of hot kisses in its wake. ”God, you’re so damn sexy.” He retracted his hand from your breasts, sliding it down his chest and onto his cock.
He playfully tapped his tip on your belly button before settling between your thighs. From there he pushed himself forward slowly, stretching you out with each slow jug of his cock. You writhed beneath him, jaw dropping open as you began to drool. Your fingers dug into his shoulder blades, nails digging deep enough to draw blood. Katsuki growled and bottomed out, causing you to gasp. ”Katsuki, fuck me!” He grinned, pulled out to the tip and slammed himself back inside.
There was no hesitation, he filled you completely, burying his face into your neck. You cried out his name as he pounded you, hitting just the right spot each time. ”Katsuki!” You gripped onto the muscles in his back, trying to find purchase on any part of him. With a sudden burst of energy his pace increased and within seconds you were wailing, crying out his name as you climaxed. The way your sloppy cunt squeezed around his dick, creaming him so pretty made him cum- filling you to the brim.
He pumped hard, letting short spurts off inside of you while simultaneously riding yours and his own orgasm out. Finally, after a few minutes he collapsed on your chest and you cradled his head, stroking his hair. The room went silent and you glanced at the clock on the nightstand, 3:27pm. Your phone buzzed and you reached around for it.
A total of three texts from your project manager. Saying your heart dropped was an understatment.
I know this is short notice, but i believe in the worth ethic of our team to pull through.
Everyone needs to be done with their respective parts by 5:00 pm.
I’ll attach a zoom link so we can discuss, be online and business casual no later than 5:10.’
Although your heart was pounding at your rib cage you sent back a thumbs up emoji. Looking at the papers strewn across the floor, then at Katsuki, who had fallen asleep on your chest. You couldn’t help but smile. “I guess it’s my turn to work now, huh?”
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katboyslayer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰: denki x male reader
𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓻𝓮: smut headcanons🔞
𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂: eating Denki's ass {requested}
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼: rimming, face sitting, exhibitionism
Tumblr media
× favourite position to be eaten out in: sitting on your face (facing your feet)
× why? because he can reach over and stroke your cock while your tongue makes him see stars
× he's just a little slut that wants to see your cock jump at the same time as his does and he kinda loves to feel you moan against his hole
× such a squirmy boy
× and he has such pretty thighs it's a lot of fun to have them around your head
× Denki also really likes being a whore in public
× when he's done with his patrol push him face-first against the wall in an alleyway and eat his plump ass out
× it feels really nice to knead his cheeks as you push them apart for your lips to reach their destination
× he also doesn't mind if you do that in an empty hallway at his hero agency♡
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pixiafterdark · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
free use? , double penetration. not-sfw . 18+ only
fffuuuuckk. Aizawa bit his lip , fighting the strained moans that escaped him. this was the 10th time today and he couldn’t reach his orgasm without thinking about the forbidden fruit. you. Not only were you his friend, but you were his best friends girlfriend. He felt awful
for even thinking about you in that way, but you were what his body craved for and he couldn’t hold back anymore.
He’s pulled from his lust-filled rage when his doorbell chimes. He scurried to put on something decent (tshirt and sweatpants) and head to the front door. When he swings the door open , he sees the last face he wants to see right now , hizashi. “hey there sho, what’s up?” , Aizawa groans and walks back into the house, hizashi follows suit. “Me and babe are gonna go out tonight for some much needed fun , wanna join” , he looks toward hizashi unenthusiastically and says calmly no.
Hizashi pushes and pushes , but Aizawa refuses still. Aizawa mind begins to wonder , thinking of seeing your beautiful body in some skimpy outfit. He knew hizashi would buy you the most revealing outfit he could cause he wanted everyone to know you belonged to him and that they wished they had someone as delicious as you. Aizawa could feel himself getting hard all over again, he had to think of a quick retort to get rid of him “fine. I’ll go”, “good. I’ll have y/n pick you up once she’s dressed- I have to be at the club early to help the new dj set up”. You and him alone? His heart raced at the idea. “See ya tonight” hizashi smiles and waves as he escorts himself out.
You noticed how Aizawa would tense up around you. You noticed how his eyes would trail to your chest anytime you wore revealing tops, how he always had to use the bathroom every time he came over and you had on booty shorts. On a few occasions you’ve heard him try and muffle his moans as he jerked off in your bathroom but you never spoke of it.
You knew if hizashi knew of Aizawa a actions, he would definitely wanna kill him, so you decided not to speak about it. You finish putting together your outfit and checking to make sure everything was giving what was expected. You looked like you walk straight out of a magazine. You drive over to shouta’s house and knock on his door, he doesn’t answer , you knock again, still no answer. You turn the door knob and it’s unlock, so you decide to walk in.
You call out to him “sho, it’s me…y/n”. Still nothing, you walk through the hall , trying to find him, until you reach his bedroom door. You can hear him breathing heavily , panting almost. You open up the door to him sprawled across the bed , sweating, stroking his cock, the tip flowed red like a tomato “help me” he says in a shaky, needy voice. You widen your eyes at the sight of him like this. You knew he liked you but not like this. “sho…I can’t”, “yes you can” a voice says low from behind you , it’s hizashi. “B-baby, I thought you were at the club?”, “I was but I had to run home and grab something and saw you still here” Aizawa face douses a bright red with embarrassment. “Aizawa did you really think I didn’t notice how you looked at her? I notice a lot but I don’t say anything”. You look at hizashi as he speaks, a look you’re not familiar with danced on his face. He looks to you , slowly approaching you and cupping your cheek before kissing you passionately, he pulls away slowly, looking at you deeply “my best friend needs your help baby….so help him”.
You look at hizashi confused, “go ahead baby” hizash says, kissing your cheek. You look over at Aizawa , who has his eyes trained on you, filled with lust and need. you walk over to him , looking at him , his eyes begging you , you look back at hizashi , whose standing against the wall, he smiles and gives you a reassuring nod.
The smell of sex filled the room. Alongside the sounds of moans and whimpers coming from Aizawa , hizashi and yourself. As you bounce up and down on Aizawa a throbbing cock, hizashi has seated himself in a chair in the corner of the room , stroking himself as he watches his angel make his best friend feel better. Aizawa reaches up and fondles your breast as you throw your head back in pleasure. Hizashi stands and walks over to the two of you, he grabs your face, kissing you hungrily, you take his cock into your hand and start jerking him off, his hips thrusting into your hand, he moans into your mouth, the vibrations filled your body.
Aizawa hips begin to stutter , digging his nails into the plush skin on your hips, “m-m’gonna cum” , h thrusts become harder and faster as you feel his cock twitching inside you as he releases his seed inside you. Hizashi picks up his pace and shoves his aching cock into your mouth before painting your throat with his release. You lap up every last drop , ensure none is gone to waste. You swallow his release , licking your lips before he leans down and kisses you again, tasting himself on your lips.
It’s been 3 days since Aizawa has heard from or seen hizashi and y/n . He still feels completely embarrassed about the entire situation but he’s to nervous to call to try and make amends of things. Meanwhile back at hizashi’s place , he’s been torturing and fucking your senseless since that night. When he said he knew things , he also knew you knew about Aizawa and what he would do , so you were being punished for not saying anything to him.
“M’gonna make sure you never forget who you will always belong to & no one can make your body feel as good as me, doll face”
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daddymaki · 2 days ago
natsuo todoroki x reader.
reposting a thingy of mine :] also this won the vote but i will post momo soon <3
smut | minors dni.
tags: established relationship, face sitting, reader has a pussy and natsuo eats them out lol, reader is not gendered specifically, safe word/safe signal check-in, natsuo calls reader 'baby'
Tumblr media
“Come on baby, I promise you I really do want it, but I get it if you don’t.” Natsuo reaches toward your upper thigh, thumb rubbing small comforting patterns on it. You’re sat on top of him, with him looking at you intently and with you looking down at his stomach, fiddling with his shirt.
“I mean, I do want to… try it��� I just—” You look at him and look away again, choosing to focus on the wall. Your face is heating up and you don’t want him to see that you’re embarrassed. “I don’t wanna hurt you…”
“That’s why we have the safe signals, right?” Natsuo is rubbing those same soothing circles onto your skin. He tilts his head to try and look at you, waiting for you to turn back to him. He doesn’t demand it out of you, always willing to be patient for you. You nod slowly as you look back at him, still playing with the hem of his shirt. “If we need to stop, I’ll signal you with three taps. You remember your safe word?”
You nod again. “Blueberry.”
He smiles at you. “I’m ready whenever you are, okay? I wanna make you feel good.” He waits for you to take off your shorts and panties. You come up to his chest, not wanting to go too close to his face just yet. “You’re not gonna hurt me,” he reassures you, his hands already wrapping underneath your thighs. You can tell he wants to pull you in, to feast on you then and there, but he waits. He’s so so patient with you and you don’t know how he manages it. 
Natsuo’s chest rises and falls underneath you as he takes deep breaths, lips parted and ready. He glances down between your legs, seeing how you’re starting to make his chest wet. He licks his lips and looks back up at you, wanting this—needing this.
You’re already moving before you can think, hovering over his face, not sitting your weight on him yet. Natsuo always knows to wait for you, his patience seemingly endless. He always gave you time to think through your words, to properly express how you feel. He knows when not to pry and give you the space you need. He knows that you can’t be rushed into things.
Now, his patience is wearing thin.
Natsuo can’t bring himself to be selfish around you. To see him break and give in. But right now he’s only a man with only one thing in mind. He pulls you in by your thighs, lips already wrapping themselves around your clit and sucking. “N-Natsu! F-ahh-fuck.” He’s groaning into you, the vibrations from it making you keen and rock against his face. His hands are on your hips, encouraging for you to ride him more.
It’s obscene. The wet noises your pussy makes against his face and how he keeps sucking and licking and practically burying himself in your cunt. It’s too much. You don’t even realize you said it out loud, your whines only serving as even more encouragement for Natsuo to eat you out in earnest.
You’re shaking on top of him, the only thing keeping you still is your boyfriend’s strong hold. You cry out for him in that sweet tone he loves, “Natsu! Natsu! Mmh… Natsu, I’m cumming… Natsu, please, please.” It’s so hot. You’re burning up, the coil in your stomach only getting tighter with Natsuo being absolutely relentless. And you come apart so beautifully on top of him, sobbing out his name, the only thing on your mind because it’s him that makes you feel this way.
He eases you off him, letting you flop next to him, legs quivering. “Feeling good?” he asks as if his face isn’t slick with your cum. You can only playfully shove him in response, laughing.
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yuichi-ro · a day ago
Tumblr media
cw: fem!Reader, dub/noncon, mommy kink, ignoring dynamics/safety words, vaginal fingering + penetration, spit /drool, pussy drunk!Deku, unprotected sex, unedited wc: 1.3k blank/ageless/minors DNI ࿐ ◕ᴗ◕✿ ─Izuku doesn't adhere to mommy's rules very well
“I’m the mommy and your the baby, simple as that.”
Now the simple sweet motion of Izuku crowding you to get closer. As if his fingers curling inside your velvety insides weren’t enough. He ached for more. Evident in the way his cock twitched between his eyes but green eyes set forward with an earnest look of concentration on his face. You’d never seen your baby so focused before. 
“Shit Izuku-” Something felt off but that something was feeling too good for your own sanity. Toes curling and legs trembling you out stretched your arms above your head with a slight wiggle down on his fingers as the concentration remained, “Mmm that’s right- Mommy’s feeling good. Oh~”
A pump of his fingers into you. Writhing digits coated in your slick that were simply pushed back inside you. Dragging along with it a moan right from you. Plunging them down to his last knuckles in you Izuku was immune to your praise tonight but lost in the noises. Eyes set forward with a hunger you were too unaware to notice. He kept chewing on his bottom lip the faster his fingers were pushed into your gummy walls.
“Fuck! That’s a good boy! That’s- That’s right baby!” Pressure building in your walls. Clenching and tightening around him. Juices dripping down his scared knuckles when Izuku didn’t seem to care how messy it was really getting. He’d push them into you just to press harder against your sweet spot. Receiving a moan and praise like he always did. 
It came in through like static though. He wasn’t listening.
Then came the sudden emptiness of his fingers. No longer stretching you out and wrongfully taking you away from the bliss right around the corner. Your eyes fluttered open to see what was the problem. Shocked to see him wiping his wet fingers along his cock and wedging himself between your legs already.
“Izuku-” You snapped with a twinge of irate for loosing your orgasms mojo so close to climax, “What do you think you’re doing baby I was about to-”
Thumb pressed to the swollen head of his cock he used what focus he could muster just to sink down to the hilt inside your gooeyness. A pathetic moan leaving his lips only for a second as Izuku gripped the underside of your knees and pressed them down. Availing to his cock hitting far past what his fingers were just doing.
“Fuck! God- Wait- I was about to cum Izuku what are you-”
Pleasure glossed over his eyes. He was lost to you for a second when he looked up. Grip tightening on your legs he rutted his hips into you with force. Causing a ripple right up your spine. Resulting in your words coming out like an incoherent slur. Reprimanding him for breaking scene but unable to do anything about it as he drew back his hips. Intentionally allowing his leaky head to slid up against your buzzing clit. Just to dip himself back into your cunt. Hissing with pleasure as he shook his head and held you down.
“Need it-” Izuku managed with a shaky breath, “Need it now- Need mommy’s cunt-”
His form above you. You looked up only to see through half lidded eyes that he was nowhere but lost in the pleasure. Each snap of his hips taking him further and further away. Driving you into the bed as his jaw hung slightly slack jawed just so he could pant helplessly as he fucked you. 
Izuku’s lips shiny from the little dart his tongue made over his bottom one. Frantic snap of his hips as he chased his orgasm greedily. All of him consumed by it so much that he was beginning to forget to swallow. Hovering above you with fistfuls of the sheet beneath the two of you. He could come down to kiss you but there was nothing but groveling for his own orgasm on his mind. Unable to do anything but fuck you as your body jiggled under him. It wasn’t long before the first little pool of drool was forming on his bottom lip.
“Izuku-” You choked on a moan before anything else came out. Back arcing up to meet his thrusts. Legs spreading further and further apart as the weight of his hips kept yours splayed. The front of his pelvic bone mashing into your poor clit each time he buried himself inside you. It wasn’t enough to cum for you. Keeping you on that edge of insanity just as he fucked himself senseless like a pussy drunk fool.
Above you hovered his face. Spit drooling from his lips as he fucked you like a mutt in heat. Green curls sticking to his forehead as the moments got hotter and hotter with each thrust. Beads of sweat rolling down his pale temples. And the drool seeping from his slacked jaw fixated stare down on you. He couldn’t consume enough of you in this very moment as it felt like his body was on fire.
“ ‘m gonna cum-” Izuku managed through clenched teeth as a moment of clarity brought him to swallow the spit pooling in his mouth instead of letting it drip down onto you, “Shit- I’m gonna cum-”
Words plucked from your mouth before you could say them. Eyes growing wide with your own pleasure just as it teetered at too much. Izuku pressed his weight down onto you without warning. Pinning you between the bed and his body. Hips pushing himself deeper and harder into you. Wet squelch of your cunt swallowing him up even if it was happening all too fast for you to register it all. 
His groaning hiss meant only one thing. Hips rutting into yours with desperation the first really warm gooey feeling of cum hit you. Izuku hugging you as tight as he could as his cock twitched inside you. His load relentlessly being pushed deeper with each spurt. His ass dipping in with little thrusts here and there to assure his seed mindlessly ended up deeper in you. Your tight trembling body under him wasn’t even something he realized before his orgasm finally died down and the dribble of cum out around his cock snapped him back to reality.
“Oh my- I-” Izuku brought himself back on his hands to look down at you with a wide eyed stare, “I’m so sorry! I- I don’t know what came over me please I didn’t-”
“You didn’t get me off.” You reached back behind his head to grab a tight fistful of his hair. Yanking Izuku down to you with a little surprised yelp on his eye. Dragging your tongue up the side of his head as you wiggled and pushed up against him so his overly sensitive cock drug his cummy mess along your cunt walls. Izuku pathetic mewls above you at just the slightest bit of overstimulation after what he just did, “I’m the mommy and your the baby, you get me off first.”
“Y-Yes!” Izuku’s voice shaky as he was still stirring with panic after the pussy drunk fool he’d just made of himself in front of you. 
Ready to pull himself from your gooey walls Izuku was shocked when you locked your legs behind him and pulled him closer to you. Green eyes flashing down at you and his mouth falling open ready to tell you he was going to get you off like he promised. You readjusted that handful of his hair. Bringing him with care so your lips danced against the shell of his ear. While your other hand forced his between your two bodies. Encouraging his fingers to fund your clit in the mess he’d made of your pussy. Now slick with his cum and your juices you urged Izuku to rub his fingers up against your aching clit just as you wiggled your hips and purposely squeezed your walls around his poor throbbing cock just to hear him mewl in the most pathetic tone yet, “I’m the mommy and I want you to get me off on you cock. Simple as that.”
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hawkinsposts · a day ago
Daddy enji x daughter!reader
Warnings: incest (daddy enji  x daughter!reader), pure filth, fingering, mentions of loss of virginity, cunninglingus, blow jobs, afab reader, dom daddy enji, rough but also fluff, breeding kink!!!! (but pls wrap it up folx), jealousy, kinda non-con, angry!enji, daddy is probably a little overused lol, also enji is self loathing and hates himself hehe,, lots of anger lol,, let me know if i need to add more! 
 also: reader is of age!! as always, MDNI 18+ only 
Endeavor was not a good father. He never had been. He didn’t deserve a loving daughter, he didn’t deserve you. You had always stuck to him even when he hurt you, even when he treated you like he did his other children. You forced him to realize you were never leaving, that you loved him and didn’t want to lose him. Enji Todoroki realized the relationship he had with his daughter was not normal, he knew everything he did was wrong. But you were so gentle, so caring, you really did love your daddy, he couldn’t say no to you.
Maybe it was the side of you that grew up needing to please your father, dying for him to take notice of your accomplishments, working extra hard to be the good girl he wanted you to be, maybe that's why you found yourself sucking your father off. Maybe it was the longing for the praise that he never gave you that left you fucked out on your fathers cock. It was years of lacking physical affection that led you to crying and begging your daddy to do something, make you feel something, and he did. Enji couldn’t explain how he ended up with you on his thigh that night, sobbing into his chest as you made yourself cum in his lap. 
He realized how horrible a father he must’ve been, his own daughter so desperate for attention she begged for her daddys cock? He didn’t have the right to tell you no. He neglected you, pushed you past your breaking point so far that you did anything just to see him happy. So Enji did his best to show you the love you never got to feel, it wasn’t what you needed then but certainly what you begged for now. He wrecked any possible chance of going back when he took your virginity, you were a complete mess under him, crying in pain but begging for more. You let your father take away something so intimate and special, he made you feel loved for the first time in your life and after that you couldn’t let go.  He hated himself for what he had turned you into, but he couldn’t help but adore how much you needed him, wanted and begged for him. Enji loathed himself but that wasn’t enough for him to stop stuffing his little girl's cunt. 
Recently he had been neglecting the softness that you longed for, only giving you enough attention to fuck you then go to sleep. He had been so busy he didn’t realize he had actually pushed you away, hurt your feelings enough you started seeking his attention in another way. You started doing things you knew he didn’t approve of, like dressing slutty in public, making scenes and knowing people would film you. You were the number one hero's daughter after all, all eyes were always on you. But even that wasn’t enough to get his attention back on you. He was just too busy. It took resorting to something you felt was possibly unforgivable to finally get your father to focus on you again. 
He caught you sucking off another man in his house. 
How dare you disrespect me? 
How dare you bring some worthless piece of scum into our home?
Those words made you see red. You screamed and cried and cussed at your father, the man you had brought in left amid the chaos, not wanting to be scorched by the pro-hero. All the hurt that you had been feeling the past few weeks hit you and you were ready to make him feel like shit for what he’s done. But as you want to start screaming, your voice cracked and you let out a silent sob.  You let yourself fall back to your bed, body shaking as you just stared at your lap.
What have you done wrong? Why was he suddenly so distant? Your whole body ached for the loving father you were finally getting to experience but he had become cold and distant again. Everything was starting to feel like before, empty and void of the love you had always craved. When you finally met your fathers gaze it was still blazing (literally) with fury as his icy eyes stared down at you. Part of him was concerned, but the other part was just pissed. Why did you feel like you needed to bring some lowlife scum in when you had him? Had he not been taking care of you like you begged him to do? He couldn’t understand what brought this on but he had his own solution to the problem. 
“You want to be treated like a whore so bad? Can’t even wait for me to fuck you?” His voice boomed, his hand going into your hair to force your eyes back to him. Hot tears fell down your cheeks, not even able to form words as your father glared down at you. Every part of you wanted to scream ‘NO’ and wanted to tell him how you felt, but the look in his eyes made you feel helpless. “I’ve spent my whole day working, stopping people from getting hurt and taking down villains just to come home to my daughter being a little slut.” Am I not enough? That's what he wanted to say, he felt hurt, angry that you’d get with someone else.
Enji yanked your hair again, “Take care of me then, slut.” You didn’t want to. You just kept crying as your hands moved to free your father from his clothes. “Get me hard, and then maybe you can beg for my forgiveness.” Another sob shook your body as he held his cock out, pushing your head toward his length. “Suck.”
He had never been this harsh, never forced you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with. He was mean, shoving his cock down your throat, which even soft was bigger than the man you had just been with. You choked, gagging and sobbing around his cock as tears continued to flow down your face. This wasn’t your daddy, this was the monster you knew people feared when they heard the name Endeavor. He fucked your throat raw as you continued to cry, to angry to even notice you were actually in pain. He was so upset with you he barely registered you clawing at his thighs to get him away, it wasn’t until he had came down your throat that he realized just how upset you were. 
  When Enji tried to check on you he was met with a shove, it was a pitiful attempt on your part, he barely even felt it. You didn’t want him near you, not after that. He was so quick to hurt you, so fast to make assumptions and not even talk to you about why you did what you did. Every attempt was met with silence, you just curled in on yourself even as your father picked you up, whispering soft things to you. You stayed quiet as he carried you to his bathroom, didn’t even look up as he undressed you and placed you in the tub. He took his time washing you, being as gentle as he possibly could be. He washed your hair, gently tugging the knots out as he tried to think of what to say to you. 
“Why do you hurt me?” 
Your voice was quiet, breaking a little from how much it hurt. He hurt you growing up, he hurt you by sleeping with you, making you feel loved and then taking that away too, and now this? It just seemed like he was only capable of hurting you. He soothed a hand over your hair, sighing softly as he took in your form. “You brought someone into our home.. I had to punish you.” Your eyes snapped up to him, hurt, angry, sad. You wanted to hate him, you wanted to fight. 
“That’s not what I mean..” you gulp, finding your voice as you glare at your father. He was knelt at the side of the tub, just staring at you like he didn’t even know what you could mean.  
“Daddy.. You’re mean. You ignored me my whole life..” It took you a minute to gather your words, to place your thoughts in order. “I always stayed by your side.. I did everything to make you happy and you never noticed me..” 
“And then you finally did.. and..I've never been so happy but you’re taking that away. I’ve done everything I could to get you to notice me and.. all I’m worth to you is just a quick fuck and you’re gone.”
“You’ve never loved me, not the way I have begged for my whole life.” There it was, the breaking point. You felt hopeless, you needed your daddy but it was clear he didn’t need you. 
There was a long silence before either of you spoke again, Enji was hating himself for being such a terrible father. You had provided yourself to him in ways you never should have, he had hurt you more than he had any of his other children. Ruined you in ways the others would never understand, you were fully connected to him and he had betrayed that. It was not until now that Enji realized how much you truly needed him, that you probably always would. You were broken and it was all his fault. He was going to have to prove himself to you.
“My sweet girl..” Even his voice was cracking, mostly because he hated himself, hated what he did, hated what he’s done to you. “I am so sorry.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead before lifting you from the tub, wrapping a towel around you and just sitting on the floor with you in his lap. “I’ve been neglecting you huh?” a little nod from you, bottom lip shaking as he held you close. 
“I’m so sorry, pretty.. I get so involved with work..” he trailed off, he didn't really have an excuse for his actions. “Baby doll, the truth is.. I don’t know how to love properly.. When I get scared I put myself into my work and neglect things.. I neglect the people who matter.” Enji tugged you closer, letting out a sigh of relief when you rested against his chest, small hands reaching for his large ones. You knew forgiving him so easily was stupid, but you had always forgiven him, always looked at him differently than your siblings did. You just wanted your daddy back, even if he did hurt you.
“What can I do to make it up to you? I promise I’ll be better for you.” Enji was never soft, but looking down at you, his precious daughter, all he wanted to do was be better. How could he have ever neglected you? He rubs his thumb over your cheek, taking you in as he pushes your hair from your face. “Tell me what you need.” 
“I need.. I just need you..” your hands gripped the towel, not making eye contact with him. His hand tilted your face up, icy eyes meeting each other as he peered down at you. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” He didn’t want to rush into anything, not after what he had just done to you. But you just leaned up, pressing your body into his as you pressed a soft kiss to your daddys lips. It felt like the two of you spent hours just sitting there on the floor, kissing and holding each other. This is what you had missed, this is what you craved. You kissed down his jaw, little nips as you pressed yourself into him.
 “Daddy..” your little whine was all enji needed to carry you into his bedroom. He wanted to show you how much he loved you, make you feel protected, safe in his arms like you always should have been. Your body was laid back against the bed, Enji slotting himself between your thighs. He pressed little kisses to your thighs, mumbling about how pretty his little girl was. Before going too far, enji peered up at you, which elicited a whine from your lips immediately. 
“You sure this is what you wanna do?” You tugged on your fathers hair, almost teary eyed as you watch him. “Yes.. please. Daddy I need you.. Please.” 
For once in his life Enji was just going to relax and give you exactly what you needed. He was going to make this about you, he wasn’t going to let guilt or shame get in the way. His daughter needed him, and maybe this wasn’t what good parents did for their children, but enji was going to take care of you. His lips finally kissed over your cunt, licking between your folds before he pushed his tongue in you. He rubbed gently at your clit, getting a steady rhythm going as he devoured you. Your hands dug into his hair, loud moans leaving your lips as you pushed your cunny up to meet him.
Pleas of ‘daddy more’ flew from your lips as your daddy held you tight against his face. It wasn’t long before he replaced his tongue with a finger, spreading you open so you’d be ready for his cock. “Such a good girl.. gonna fuck my pretty girl so good.” another finger added and you were squeezing around him, moaning and crying out for him. You weren't sure if the tears were from the pleasure or the joy of finally having his focus on you again. It didn’t matter though because you were feeling that blissful feeling hit your stomach as his pace picked up. 
“Daddy.. Ah gonna cum… daddy!” enji fingers didn’t stop, his thumb on your clit began moving faster, the digits that were in you pumping in you working you through your first orgasm. You clenched around his fingers, hips arching as little whines left your mouth, he still didn’t stop. His thumb on your clit continued as he pulled his fingers out, chuckling as your pussy clenched around nothing. “Don’t worry baby.. Daddy’s just gonna clean you up..” it took one arm wrapped around your body to hold you still as your daddy pushed his tongue back in you. He needed to taste his sweet girl, loved seeing the way your head lolled to the side as he cleaned you up. 
This went on for a while, him just fingering you, making you cum, cleaning you up. He had made you cum on his mouth so many times you were beginning to lose count. When he felt you had finally been taken care of enough, he moved up to finally take a good look at you. A hazy drunken smile was on your face which was puffy and stained with tears, completely fucked out. You still wanted more though, you needed your daddys cock buried in your cunny, needed him to show you that you belonged to each other. 
His hand cupped your face, a soft smile painted his features as he took you in. You were perfect, his precious girl. He knew he would never love someone as much as he loved his daughter. For a man who literally had hellfire in his veins, you were the one who warmed his heart, made him think there was a chance he could be a better man.
“Daddy..” you brought him back to earth, touching his hand that was on your face. You still had a loopy smile, but you felt it too. You felt the warmth spreading to your heart, love for your father warming your veins. “I love you..” It was soft, it was new. He had never said that before, not to his wife, not even to any of his other children. Your grin widened, and even though you were shaky and light headed, you threw your arms around him, tugging his full body weight against you as you kissed him. 
“I love you too..” you cupped his face, smiling as you watched his eyes soften as he looked at you. This was all so new. Of course you had always loved your daddy but this.. This was something different. You both knew it was something you couldn’t come back from. There was a silence in the room, both of you just taking the other in, sharing kisses and soft touches as you lay there together. Then you did something unexpected, said something you knew daughters weren’t supposed to ask of their fathers.
“Daddy.. I want you to fuck me.” you had switched positions while laying down, so you took the opportunity to straddle his waist. “B-but I don’t want you to pull out.. I don't want you to wear protection.. I don’t want you to stop.” It was a request that made both of you hold your breath, though it didn’t stop you from rubbing your pussy against his cock. 
“I-I don’t know if we should…” oh but he wanted to, Enji thought about breeding his little girl so many times. He had came in his hand to the idea of his cum leaking out of your cunt so many times. And maybe.. Maybe the thought of seeing you, his perfect replica pregnant.. swollen tits.. 
“Daddy.. Pleaseee.” you wanted this so bad. Of course you knew being pregnant by your own father would never be okay, knew that nobody would accept it. But the thought of a second chance, watching your daddy be a good, loving father.. It made you dizzy and happy. 
“Please.. Just wanna have daddys cum in me..” How was he supposed to deny you? How could he say no when you were begging for your daddys cum? His hands gripped your waist, he was about to lose any ounce of sanity he had. He had always been safe, always used protection. He couldn’t risk getting his daughter, his own flesh and blood pregnant, but as you bucked your hips along the shaft of his cock.. any brink of sanity he had left vanished. 
Enji lifted you onto his cock, granting your wish as he sheathed himself inside of you. “Ah. fuck.” you fell against his chest, wrapping your arms around his neck just to be close. He was sitting up now, holding you in his lap as he bottomed out in your cunt. Your walls fluttered, pussy clenching down from the stretch of your daddys cock. “Please daddy.. Please.” 
Letting out a throaty groan, Enji began bouncing you up and down on his cock, making sure he did all the work so you could just enjoy it. It was almost embarrassing the noises that came from you as you bounced on your daddys cock. All you could do was dig your nails into his back, just sputtering out nonsense as he fucked you dumb. You were so full, taking in all of him every time you were brought back down. He kept a steady pace, wanting you to feel him stretch you out, needing to take his time with you just so he could savor the feeling of your pussy clenching on him. He never knew how much better you would feel without a condom, there was no way he could ever go back to fucking you with one. 
“Gonna fill you up baby.. Watch your belly swell with our baby..” Enji didn’t even know what he was saying, just knew he was about to lose himself in his daughter's pussy. He just kept bringing you down on him, hips thrusting up to push him further every time. Your walls fluttered around him, trying to meet his thrusts but you just couldn't keep up as he started to lose himself. 
“yes , yes yes.. Daddy fill me up!” Neither one of you was even fully aware of what you were agreeing to, but both knowing it was all you craved. Everytime your hips met each other it became sloppier, filled with more need as you both got lost in the pleasure. Enji knew he wasn’t going to last much longer so his thumb found your puffy, overused clit and he began to rub circles. “Cum on daddy's cock baby.. Wanna feel you clenching ‘round me when I fill you up..”
You could barely handle it, you had already come so many times and this one felt like it was going to push you over the edge. Tears brimmed your eyes as your nails dug into his shoulders, head falling back as it hit you. Your orgasm ripped through you and before you could even try to pull away from his thumb on your clit both of Enji’s hands were pulling you down on him. He grunted, head falling against your shoulder as hot ropes of his cum filled you up, every muscle in his body clenching as he held you against him. He was so warm, your body felt like it was on fire as you both finally stilled, blissed out and so so full of each other. 
You both finally came back to the earth, chests heaving as you brought his face back to look at yours. He gave you a lazy smile, pushing your sweaty hair from your face as he leaned back against the bed. Neither one of you was ready to be apart yet. You let out a shaky breath at the new position, just keeping yourself firmly pressed against your daddys cock. You didn’t want to lose him, you needed him to stay with you forever. 
“I love you daddy…” 
Enji smiled, cupped your jaw firmly so he could look at you properly, he really just wanted to admire you. You looked so pretty, felt so nice just laying on his chest, pussy still fluttering around his length. He didn’t think he could ever get tired of this feeling. As much as he hated to admit it, he ran from you because you made him feel human again. He ran because he really was in love with you. But enji was tired of running, he just wanted to stay right here with his daughter forever. So with a soft kiss to your lips, he said once again the words he had always run away from, the words that always scared him. 
“I love you too.”
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spicyquesssso · 2 days ago
Happy Anniversary
Tumblr media
tamaki x f!reader smut
A/N: Hii! This is my first ever finished fanfiction. So I hope you guys enjoy<3 please leave feedback in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated :)
P.S posting the song right here ↓ but also at the point in the story where you're supposed to listen to it.
Warnings⚠️: 18+, smut, Unprotected sex, Creampie, multiple orgasms, praise kink(both sides), oral (both Tamaki and fem reader receiving), slightly dom Tamaki but still a shy baby lol. Also slightly dom fem reader just for a little bit.
Summary: Tamaki wants to do something special for you on your anniversary, so he comes up with a plan to be a little more dominant with you than usual.
Tamaki was always so shy and timid. Even though he was more comfortable with you than anyone else, there were still things he struggled with because of his lack of self confidence. Though over time, with your help, he was making progress. With you around, always supporting him and making him comfortable. Calming him down from his panic attacks and reassuring him constantly when he felt insecure. He really appreciated everything you did for him and you held such a special place in his heart.
Because of his shy nature, that usually meant that you would take the wheel in the bedroom. Though he'd become more comfortable touching you and even initiating sometimes. But he was still always too nervous to be in any kind of control, worrying if he'd be good enough and not wanting to disappoint you. You were his first, and he was grateful for your patience with him. However, today was a special day. And he wanted to do something just as special for you. Even though you really didn't mind the current dynamic the two of you had, he did know that you'd like it if he were a little more dominant then he was. It was never spoken, but he knew you liked to read books containing adult content, and he'd peek at them a few times when you weren't home. At first he'd worried that he wasn't enough for you. But through your constant reassurance, he understood that he was enough.
Over the past few weeks, in preparation for your anniversary, Tamaki had been reading through some of your books while you weren't home. He didn't want you to know, because he wanted what he was planning to be a surprise. He flipped through the pages, reading and picking up ideas. There were some things that were far too out of his comfort zone. But there were plenty of small things that he felt he could accomplish. He took notes (how cute) and hid them in his top drawer where you rarely looked. Coming up with a plan. He did this often when he was nervous about doing something. He would run through a scenario over and over in his head until he felt confident enough to attempt it. And he was smart enough to think of different outcomes so he wouldn't become overwhelmed if it didn't go as planned. These were all coping mechanisms that you taught him when things became too much.
The day of your anniversary came, and he was feeling very nervous. Though he didn't show it. He took the day off from hero work, but your boss at the agency wouldn't let up so you still had to go in today. Tamaki told you that morning that he would take care of everything for when you got home and you didn't need to worry about a thing. This was part of his plan.
The two of you agreed on no gifts, but he decided to get you one anyway. Driving to the nearest jewelry store and picking something he'd hoped you liked. He ran a few errands while he was out to grab things he'd need to make dinner. He was making your favorite. A few hours later, he was in the middle of cooking when he got a text from you saying that you were on your way home.
"Baby, I'm home" you called walking through the door, throwing your Keys in the little dish beside you. The smell of what he was cooking engulfed your senses and it made your stomach turn. It smelled so delicious. You were grateful that Tamaki was such a good cook, given his quirk and all. The foods he would make you tasted like absolute heaven on your tongue. You made your way to the kitchen where you saw him slaving away, with a hand towel draped over his shoulder. You always found it attractive when he was cooking, though you never really knew why. You snuck up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. As soon as he felt your touch, he spoke. "Hi bunny, how was your day?" He asked in his adorably soft spoken voice. "My day was good, but a lot better now that I'm home." You nuzzled your face into his back, kissing him thru the fabric of his shirt. You could smell his cologne and it was so intoxicating.
He smiled at your comment, you slipped away from him and leaned over to look at what he was making. "Go take a hot shower and get into something comfy, dinner will be ready soon" he leaned over to kiss you on the forehead. You nodded and made your way to the bedroom. As you walked away, he noticed a little pink bag in your hands, the rim outlined in black with the letter "V" painted on very visibly. His face turned a light shade of pink. He knew what it meant when you'd come home with a bag like that. You'd got something special, just for him. Something only he got to see. You had a very high sex drive, and he'd learned to get used to it. He didn't mind the fun happening almost every night as long as you were happy. Not that he was complaining either.
Once you finished up your shower, you threw on some comfy, but cute clothes. You left the little pink bag in the bathroom so you could get to it later. When you walked out into the hall you heard music coming from the dining room.
You walked out further, the lights were dim and there were candles on the table. Along with plates full of delicious looking food and two glasses of wine. You knew that Tamaki was a hopeless romantic but it still always surprised you when he pulled out all the stops like this. It was a kind of affection that you weren't used to with your ex's. Still, you loved every bit of it.
He noticed you walk in the room and his eyes darted to meet yours. You watched as his eyes roamed your body. You weren't wearing anything special, and neither was he, but he still thought you looked so pretty. Just like that. Wearing a pair of shorts and one of his T-shirts that was just a little too big for you. Slightly damp hair and your beautiful e/c eyes. How'd he get so lucky, he thought.
You sat down at the table across from him. "This looks so delicious, Tama '' you closed your eyes and let the smell of the food engulf your senses once more. Your stomach practically crying out for a taste. "Oh! I almost forgot." You tilted your head slightly, watching as he jumped out of his chair and ran back to the kitchen. He came back with a small red box. "Close your eyes" he said, fidgeting with the box. "But we said no gi-" he cut you off. "Just close them!" He said impatiently with a big smile as he walked behind you. You did as he asked. He set the box on the table. Opening it and pulling out your gift. You felt his soft hand pull your hair over to one shoulder, and cold metal fall across your collarbone and slide up to your neck. He clasped the necklace, moving your hair back to its original position. "Okay, you can open your eyes" he said nervously. Hoping that you'd like your gift. You opened your eyes and your hand traced the cold metal against your skin. You pulled out your phone to open the camera and take a look. It was a beautiful silver necklace. Thin and dainty, but so pretty. In the center layed the letter "T" that shined with rhinestones. "Oh, Tama. I love it!" You set your phone on the table and stood to throw your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug. You felt his body relax into yours, a deep exhale leaving his lips as he wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face into your hair. "I love you, bunny" he spoke so quietly, almost a whisper. "I love you too " you whispered back, his grip on you getting a little tighter as he kissed your forehead. "Let's eat, I'm starving" he said, pulling away from your hug. The two of you finished your dinner and enjoyed each other's company. Moving to the living room snuggled up on the couch for a while as you had a few more glasses of wine.
The song 'Moments' by Micah Edward started playing, and Tamaki stood up, holding his hand out to you. You laid your hand in his and stood with him. He wrapped a hand around your waist, the other interlocking his fingers with yours, pulling you closer to him. You let your free hand rest comfortably in his chest and the two of you swayed to the music, slow dancing in your living room. It was moments like this that were the reason you fell in love with him. His gentle touch and attention to detail. He was so sweet and caring, always doing what he could to make you feel happy and loved, and you did the same for him. He twirled you around once, making you giggle at the silly little gesture before pulling you back into his chest, arm finding its place around your waist, resting on your hip. He took his other hand out of yours, tucking the hair behind your ear before cupping your cheek, bringing your gaze to meet his. He stared into your e/c eyes and caressed your skin with his thumb. He leaned down to you, placing a soft kiss on your lips. Something he didn't initiate very often. The kiss was gentle and sweet. You could taste the wine on his lips once you entangled your tongue with his, still swaying to the music. The hand that rested on his chest had moved to take hold at the nape of his neck, running your fingers through his soft hair. He liked it when you played with his hair, his hold on your waist getting a little tighter. The kiss lasted a few minutes, growing oh so slightly in intensity. You pulled away from him, and he made a small noise as the feeling of your lips went away. "I have a surprise for you." You said, pulling you hand back down to his chest. His face dusted a light shade of pink, remembering the bag you came home with as you led him to the bedroom. The two of you entered to room, the lights were off and instead of turning them on, you decided to light the candle you kept on your nightstand. Casting very little dim light across the room. As you lit the candle, Tama came up behind you. Chest pressed against your back. You could feel his erection growing on your back side as he thought about what might have been in that little pink bag. He left a kiss on your neck. Eager to go through with his plan and give you what he knew you wanted. You turned to face him, noticing his eyes filled with lust and desire. You cupped his cheek in your hand. "You stay here and get comfortable." You brought his face down to meet yours with a kiss, before pulling him a little closer so you could whisper in his ear. "And make sure you're naked when I get back." You whispered seductively and his dick twitched in his pants. You let go of him and made your way to the bathroom to change into the racy lingerie you'd bought special for tonight. Once you left the room, Tamaki quickly rid himself of his clothing like you asked. Throwing them off to the side of the room somewhere. He retraced your words in his head. "Get comfortable, and make sure you're naked when I get back" he laid down on the bed, resting his back against the cushioned headboard. His heart began to race and he went over his plan in his head. Making sure he wouldn't mess anything up. Remembering the things he read and wrote down.
The door to the bathroom creaked open as you stepped through. Revealing to him the 'surprise'. His face turned from a light shade of pink to a rich shade of red when he saw you,standing there in all your glory. You wore a thin, black lace pair of panties that stretched over the curve of your hips, a matching lace bra that hugged your breast perfectly, accompanied with black tinted sheer thigh high tights with matching lace trim. You were stunning. Had him practically drooling at the sight of you. You watch as his erection grew bigger right before you. Eyes trailing your body, desire filling his senses. You loved the attention. The way he looked at you and lusted over your body. It was addicting.
You crawled into bed, tracing your fingers along his thigh, up past his stomach and to his chest. All the thoughts of his 'plan' had left his brain the moment you touched him, looking like that. You rested your hand on his chest, bracing yourself on the bed with the other while you held yourself above him. You kissed him passionately, wine still lingering on his lips. You intertwined your tongue with his, roaming his body with your hand. You could feel the tempo of his heart increasing with every touch. He melted for you, like he always does. You reached between the two of you, running your fingers gently up his shaft while you peppered light kisses on his jaw and neck. You could hear the soft moans that you coaxed out of him. Your soft kisses continued down his chest and his stomach, forcing his muscles to contract the closer you got to his most sensitive area. His breath hitched when you kissed the head of his dick. You grabbed it lightly in your hand, holding it up straight as you watched the precum leak out of him. You smirked. "I've barely even touched you, baby" the sound of your sweet, seductive voice making him twitch in your hand. You looked up at him to see the back of his hand resting on his mouth, trying to hide his red face as he watched you intently.
Your eyes darted back to his throbbing member between your fingers and thumb. You licked up his shaft slowly, teasing and making him shiver. You traced a circle with your tongue over his tip, bringing a moan out of him, before you plunged his entire length into your mouth. He watched, eyes glued to you as you bobbed your head for him. He reached up to touch your face. "You're so p-pretty, bunny" he praises, soaking your panties with his words. You continue to bob your head at a rhythmic pace, doing tricks with your tongue every so often. Dragging soft moans from Tamaki. You felt him start to twitch inside your mouth and you knew he was close. You sped up a little, drool running down his shaft. You felt his hand run through your hair and grip a fist full. He'd never done that before, so you must have been making him feel really good. He didn't dare try to push your head, he just needed the stability. You heard a broken moan come from his throat as he released into yours, bucking his hips just a little. It was warm and sticky but you loved the taste. You pulled your head up to catch your breath, swallowing his cum and licking some of it off your lips. He was breathing heavy, eyes still glued on you. You saw that a little drop of cum escaped and you stuck your tongue out, licking the remaining mess from his v-line. The site coated his body in goosebumps.
"That's my good boy" you praised him, crawling back up to him, kissing his neck and then nibbling on the bottoms of his ear that you knew was sensitive. "O-oh, bunny" he moaned quietly under his breath making you even more wet. You loved the sounds of his sweet moans for you. His hands rested on your hips, roaming your upper body just a little. You sat yourself comfortably on his lap, kissing him passionately, running your fingers through his hair while his hands explored you. You were grinding yourself against him, and in that moment his brain clicked. He remembered his plan. Tonight was supposed to be about you. His grip on your waist tightened, and he managed to flip you over on your back. Holding himself above you. This act surprised you, as it's something he's never once attempted. You laid there with him on top of you, your face turning pink. He stayed there for just a second, looking you in the eyes. "i-is this okay?" You nodded your head to him, blushing just a little. He pressed his lips against yours, a little bit more aggressively than normal, but you liked it. He felt hungry for you. His kisses trailed your neck and he even left a few hickeys. You'd never seen this side of him. And obviously you were oblivious to the 'plan' he had formulated. A few moans escaped you the more he kissed places on your body. He was kissing around your chest when his teeth started to tug at your bra. You leaned up and unclasped it before sliding it off and onto the floor. He continued to kiss and grope, licking and sucking on your nipples gently. You had no room to think about how differently he was acting because you were drowned in pleasure. His fingers burned your skin the more he touched you. He kisses trailed your stomach, down the lower part of your abdomen. You lifted your hips and he slid your panties off, throwing them to the floor next to your bra. He had seen you naked many times, but he always seemed to be in awe of your body every time as if it were the first time he'd laid eyes on you. Your pussy was glistening, soaking wet from all the foreplay. He knew that he was doing a good job so far, and it gave him the little confidence boost he needed to keep going. He lowered himself to you, wrapping his arms under, and around both of your thighs. He wasted no time, plunging his tongue into your folds. You were bucking your hips slightly into his mouth, his tongue felt so good on you. He flicked your sensitive bud, running circles around it. Your moans got louder the closer you came to your climax. He loved the way you tasted, and the sound of you moaning for him made him rock hard again almost immediately. He could tell that you were enjoying yourself and it just kept pushing him to do more. He liked making you feel good. You were inches away from your release, one hand grabbed his, interlocking your fingers while the other grabbed a handful of his hair. His other hand still gripped tightly on one thigh, keeping you in place. "Oh- Tama, please!" You whimpered, moments before your orgasm hit you. Clenching his head between your thighs as you rode out your high in his mouth.
Coming down from your high, your breath was heavy and uneven. You released your grip on his head and his hair, letting him come up to have your lips meet again. The taste of wine was gone, but the taste of you lingeried on his lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into your kiss. You were craving more. Your body needed more from him.
Without breaking the kiss, he managed to line himself up with your entrance, and slowly plunged into you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, and he pulled it out again. Slowly pushing it back in once more. He stayed at this slow tempo for a little bit, testing the waters. You felt him deep inside of you, poking at your uterus. Once he was comfortable he picked up his pace a little bit. Your eyes were glued to each others. You staring into his deep indigo eyes, him staring into your e/c ones. His face was red, he wasn't used to this much eye contact, but he still held his gaze despite how flustered it made him. His thrusts were getting messy, but they felt so deep. It made you squeeze your eyes shut and throw your head back into the pillow. He took this opportunity to kiss and suck on your neck, sending even more pleasure through your body. You felt your orgasm coming again. You lifted your head, eyes still shut and whispered in his ear. "Just like that baby, ugh it f-feels so good." Praising him, again letting him know that he was doing a good job. You reached your climax yet again, letting out a loud and broken whine "ugh fuck! Tama" you clenched the back of his neck and squeezed his waist with your thighs.
As you were coming down from your high he slowed down a little, not wanting to overstimulate you too much. He felt you move your hips against him when he slowed down. "You want more bunny?" He asked you, the sound of his voice turning your brain into soup. You nodded your head to him, biting your lip and your face flushed pink.
He lifted you and flipped you over on your stomach, leaving soft kisses on your shoulders and upper back. His hand slid down your back and he stuck to fingers inside you, making you jump. He slowly pulled them in and out, while simultaneously rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb. It felt so good. He felt so good. You had no idea what had gotten into him today but you weren't going to complain. He felt eager to feel your walls around him again, so he pulled his fingers out of you, replacing it with his dick. He pushed into you slowly, moaning at how tight you felt in this new position. "F-fuck" he exhaled. He didn't bother to take his time this go around, picking up pace almost instantly. In this moment he didn't feel one ounce of nerves or anxiety. He was riding on adrenaline and his desire for you clouded his mind so that no other thoughts could get through. You moaned louder, feeling the same tightness he did from this position. He leaned forward, pounding into you as he interlocked his fingers with yours. Pushing your hand into the sheets next to your head with a tight grip. You could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck, his panting close to your ear. "Y-you have no idea what you d-do to me, bunny" he said with a low growl in his voice. His words made your walls tighten around him, making him moan in your ear. And that made you do the same thing all over again, a cycle. The sound of his skin slapping against yours was loud and filled the room along with his deep groans and your high pitched whimpers. His other hand gripped the sheets on the other side of your head, and your free hand reached to rub circles on your clit while he fucked you relentlessly. Both of you were getting close. His breathing becoming heavy and thrusts getting messy again. The ball in your stomach was growing exponentially, begging to be released. Your legs began to shake and tremble underneath him, and you both hit your climax at the same time. You screamed into the pillow and he shoved himself as deep as he could, holding it there with a broken moan leaving his lips. He painted your insides white with his seed, panting heavily. He collapsed onto your back, relaxing his upper half, putting soft kisses on your shoulders. He wrapped his arms around your waist, sitting up and pulling your now weak form into a hug from behind. His head buried in the crook of your neck, both of you struggling to catch your breath. You reached up, running your fingers through his hair along his scalp, giving him a comforting scratch. "Did I do good?" He spoke softly into your neck. His words made you smile. "You did so good, baby" you praised him one last time before he finally pulled out of you. You quickly stuck two fingers inside yourself before any of his cum could drip out. You wanted to taste him one more time. You let the cum ooze onto your fingers before pulling it up to your mouth and licking them clean. If it didn't feel like his dick had been beaten to a pulp, he probably would've gotten hard again right then and there. Watching you be so lewd.
He grabbed you a warm washcloth to properly clean yourself with. Afterwards he crawled into bed with you under the covers and cuddled up next to you. Making sure to give you a kiss on the forehead, the words "Happy Anniversary" leaving his tired lips. You wrapped your arms around him, knowing how much he loved to be little spoon. You straddle his waist with one leg and the two of you drifted off to sleep quickly. This had been the best anniversary and you were glad to spend many more with him for years to come.
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s0dium · 2 days ago
Guys the thing with bakugou and the new mha chapter is so fucking funny I’m laughing my ass off, top ten funniest moments in anime history
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pinky-glitz · a day ago
No thoughts head empty just Midoriya folding you in half effortlessly and fûcking you, breeding you with his heavy balls and thick girth while encouraging you to take it like the good girl you are.
Fücking you so good and emptying his load in your tight little hole till it gushes out because he cûms a lot and is not prepared to stop any time soon until he reduces you to a babbling needy cümslvt
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|♡| Mood |♡|
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Description: Every once in a while Tamaki got into these sort of...moods. He’d wake up slightly agitated, hungry, needy, and worst of all incredibly horny. However, as his girlfriend your always ready and willing to tend to his needs. 
Rating: Smut
Disclaimer: Edging, Begging, Teasing, Handjob, (slight) Oral (m. receiving), Established Realationship
Word Count: 838 Links: Masterlist,  Ask Me Anything,  Tag List
Tumblr media
“Y-Y/N! Y/N please, please!”
 You could only laugh at the sight before you, your boyfriend's hands tied up to the headboard, tears welling in the corner of his eyes, hips squirming as he tried to chase the pleasure your hand gave him, it was all too much. 
"What is it Tama? 'M just helping you out," you teased, giving the head of his achy cock a squeeze which had his hips stuttering. You had been edging Tamaki for close to an hour now turning him into a mess before your eyes, when he called you practically begging for you to come to help him cum you just couldn't resist. After all, a desperate Tamaki meant it was your chance to cease control.
 You would stroke his poor leaking dick until his muscles started spasming and his words became incomprehensible through his moans, key signs to look for when it came to know if your boyfriend was going to finish. "Please let me cum, please, I can't take it," Tamaki whined as you pulled your hand away from him once more as he came close to sweet release causing his hips to jerk in the air in an attempt to push him over the edge to no avail. He had fisted himself to the thought of you almost all day without having a satisfying release, what made him think he could cum without you now? 
"I dunno, you've been real snappy today, what's wrong huh? I think work stress is catching up on you, poor baby, all pent up." You lean down to be eye-level with his pink tip, blowing cool air on the scalding flesh that had his dick twitching.
 "Oh god, I need you to touch me, it hurts so much, 'm so hard" Tamaki attempted to raise his hips again to encourage you to take him in your mouth but you were quick to push his hips down onto the mattress.
 "No Tama, you gotta wait." Your maneuvers were still teasing, providing small shocks of pleasure to the man below you who was whining. He was so sensitive that even the gentle trail of your hand at his thigh sent shivers down his spine. 
"But I've been waiting! I'm sorry I was rude, I'll be good just, please! Fuck my— ah!" His head fell back when he felt your small tongue lick a stripe from the base of his cock to the tip, making sure to place a soft kiss on the sensitive head. It in no way satisfied his craving but compared to your past frugal touches the change had him desperate for more. 
You weren't truly mad at Tamaki, your boyfriend was not great at dealing with his emotions, his anxiety and triggers often played a significant role in his actions, so he tended to have mood swings here and there whenever life outside the home became too hectic. Just some dry responses and harsh slams of the door mixed in with his usual well-mannered attitude, nothing you were truly offended by, but you couldn't help but tease him.
"Really? You'll go back to being my good boy?" Your words leave his face a shade of red, clumsily attempting to hide his expression although his arms did nothing to obscure his face since they were restricted. Tamaki loved when you called him that, when your voice became gentle and full of praise, it was his favorite feeling.
"Yes, I promise!" He said enthusiastically, slowly turning to get a peak at your face plastered with a smile, cheek leaning on the flesh of his heavy cock. Tamaki swore at that moment the sight alone was enough for him to cum. 
Your soft lips wrapped gently around the pulsing red head, your tonguing softly dragging around the sensitive slit getting a taste of the pre that was drooling out. Tamaki cried out, clawing at the sheets below him as tears spilled out of his eyes. He'd been craving this for so long.
His orgasm built quickly, hot flashes of pleasure hitting him hard as for the nth time today he was on edge, but this time he was hopeful he would finally get to experience the bliss, to see his cum drip down your face and watch you lick it off your palms, to see you kiss his dick as it softened, to feel himself twitch and curse from the pleasure that would have his eyes rolling back, the feeling that only you could cause. Every action was lined up perfectly, your hot wet mouth gently suckling his sensitive skin, your hand gently stroking him at the base, the other being used to caress his balls.
Yes, this was the moment he was waiting for. Until you snatched it away slapping his thigh so it left a pretty mark in the shape of your hand and using your body weight to hold him down as he shook from the sudden loss of pleasure. 
"I don't believe you, Tamaki. Prove to me you'll be good for me." 
Tumblr media
Authors Note: (*_ _)人 I BEG FOR YOUR FORGIVNESS!! Sorry for beeing gone so long, but I CAM BACK TO ALMOST 500 FOLLOWERS?!11!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I cannot express how happy I am! And thanks for all the love on Muscles!! ITS GOTTEN SO MUCH LOVE <333 Does this mean you guys would be interested in more SFW options? Please let me know!!  CYA SOON (❤ω❤) Links: Masterlist,  Ask Me Anything, Tag List
Tag List: @katscki, @libidinous-weeb, @1-800-mocha, @krmtwnw, @loving-katsuki
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pixiafterdark · 18 hours ago
an overstimmed shinsou. pure filth. straight to the point. not-sfw
Tumblr media
tears stained his cheeks, words were nonexistent. all he could do was feel. Shinsou begged you to let him finally reach the heavens he wanted so badly to touch , but as soon as he could feel the coolness of the clouds on his fingertips , you quickly stripped him of it countless times.
“P-please k-kitten — I ….I” shinsou begged and begged but each plea fell on deaf ears as you continued your punishment. “Only boys who behave can reach the heavens.” , “I am -I am a good boy”, “are you?” , “yes… I - I promise”, “well then… cum for me” . You increase your pace, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his tongue lolling out his mouth. His hips violently thrusting into your hands. His body tenses as he finally is able to touch the heavens he so desperately been craving. His body trembles as he begins to come down from the clouds. He reaches for you like a baby reaching for their mom , you crawl up to him and pull him into you . He sloppily kisses your chest, mumbling something. You stroke his hair and him praises into his ear as his body calms down from the powerful orgasm.
“You were right…you are a good boy” are a good boy”
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bakugo x f!reader • nsfw
Tumblr media
bakugo is the type to actually get mad when you don't kiss him back while he's fucking you. and it's not even that it's a conscious choice you're making to piss him off. he's just pleasing you so well that you can't even think, let alone control your moans enough so you can kiss him back.
his cock is pounding into you so good, making you moan and whimper with every thrust, hitting every spot that makes you melt. his body is pressing against yours, pinning you down underneath him so all you can do is lay there and take it.
he's kissing you nice and sloppy, but still full of love and most of all possessiveness. he's licking into your mouth, hungry for more and admittedly selfish enough to just keep taking what he wants.
but when your head drops back, mouth going slack as you let out more sounds, he feels proud and smug that he's making you feel good, of course, but another more carnal part of him is mad that you're depriving him of what he wants, what he needs.
he'll practically growl at you, grabbing your face with a big hand, forcing you to look at him, your eyes basically rolling back.
"don't make me have to ask. be a good girl and kiss me back."
Tumblr media
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