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#mha smut
simpforsadbois · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 22: Thigh Riding
Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x f!reader
Word count: 1k
Warnings: biting, marking if you squint, thigh riding, praise kink
Tumblr media
You must have missed the click of the lock turning when he arrived, but you can hear the sound of his boots carrying through the entrance to your home. It’s hard not to practically skip down the hall once you’ve bounded down the stairs to greet him.
You’re naked, save for the pretty little pair of panties you slipped on this morning just for him in anticipation of his return. He seems to appreciate the attire, or lack thereof rather, when he sees you turn the corner. A gentle smirk tugs at the corner of his lips as he shakes his head and scoffs quietly.
“Did someone miss me today, maybe?” His eyes are soft, raking along your frame from the bottom up, the little grin on his lips growing into a full blown smile when his gaze meets yours.
He tugs his gloves off, eyes never leaving you as he tosses them onto the side table to join his discarded mask. He saunters up to you, strong, veined hands flexing before they slip through your arms at your side, his wrists connecting at the small of your back as he pulls you flush up against his hard body.
“I miss you every day,” you chortle in reply while running your hands over his chest, admiring the way his pecs are defined by the cut of his hero costume before you look up into his curious crimson eyes.
“Even when I’m being an idiot?” He punctuates his query with a raise of his brows, taking a generous handful of your behind as he leans in to press a kiss to your collarbone, moving his lips against it to murmur an apology, “Didn’t mean to be such a dick last night.”
“Especially then,” you sigh as you tilt your head to the side for him, carding your fingers through his hair while he trails kisses to your shoulder before scraping his teeth gently over your skin, pulling a quiet groan from your lips.
“Why especially?” You can feel the amused grin he wears slide against your neck as he migates his kiss there while his fingertips ghost along your hips, a featherlight touch that sends a shiver up your spine.
“Because you come home and do this,” your eyes flutter closed and your breathing shallows as you snake your arms around his neck, letting them hang off of him as he suddenly grips your hips tight, calloused thumbs rubbing slow circles into your pelvis.
“So did you miss me or the make up sex?” Warm breath fans over your neck as he chuckles and closes his mouth around your pulse point, sucking delicately with hopes of hearing more of those little noises of yours that drive him crazy.
And you don’t disappoint, clutching to his prominent upper traps and gifting him a quiet gasp. The sound melts into a moan that sends all the blood in his body rushing straight to his dick. It stirs, springing to life with purpose as he turns and leans against the wall, pulling you along with him as he lifts his lips from your neck to study your silhouette.
“Missed you,” you mewl, pushing your hips forward to find what you were looking for, a satisfied grin dancing on your lips as you run a hand down his torso. “Can’t lie and say that I didn’t miss this too though,” you slip your hand over his belt, but his hand encircles your wrist, pulling it away as he clicks his tongue.
“Sorry, princess,” his voice rumbles, coming from somewhere deep in his chest as he leans in to pay the other side of your neck some attention. “I’ve got other plans for you right now.”
You’re about to ask what he means when he places your hand onto his shoulder and simultaneously slots his thigh between yours, lifting his heel to flex the muscle taut and nearly lifting you off the floor.
“Katsuki,” you groan, grinding your hips while he litters lovebites along your neck and shoulder, letting his hands settle on your waist to allow you to do as you please.
“Yes?” He can’t help but to smirk before he nips just a bit harder, inspiring you to rise up onto your toes as you let out a yelp.
You settle back onto the balls of your feet, pushing a hand into his hair as you sigh with relief, finding the perfect spot to grind against.
“You’re an ass,” you huff, bucking your hips at an ever-increasing tempo as you brace your grip on his broad shoulder.
He nuzzles your cheek gently before tracing the shell of your ear with his lips to murmur, “But you love me anyway, yeah?”
It’s all you can do to nod as you cling to him, clutching to him desperately as the flames in your belly grow, spreading warmth throughout your body. Your cheeks heat up, a familiar fever overtaking you while you whimper and pant, a slave to the tension building between your thighs.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” He whispers, taking the lobe of your ear between his teeth as he slides a hand up your torso to massage your breast, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh while he rolls your nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
“Mhm,” you eek the sound out, gasping at the new stimulation that’s rushing you towards your end. “G-gonna,” a wanton moan interrupts your reply as you crumble in his grasp, laying your weight against his body while you gush shamelessly atop his thigh.
“That’s it,” he growls low in your ear, bouncing his leg gently as he folds his arms around you, cradling you in his arms while you ride out your high, hips bucking of their own accord against him. “Such a good girl,” he rasps against your temple, placing a kiss to it as you bury your face in his collarbone.
“Love you,” you nuzzle your face against the warmth of his exposed skin as you float back down, loosening your hold on him to let your arms drape lazily around his neck.
“Love you more,” he closes his eyes and presses a long kiss to the top of your head as he rubs your back, dropping his heel to the floor to pull you flush against him once more.
Tumblr media
Kinktober Masterlist
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kingkatsuki · 22 hours ago
Kabeshiri | Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐢 - 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤-𝐢𝐧-𝐚-𝐰𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐚 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐚 𝐰𝐚𝐥𝐥.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Chasing after wanted villains Dynamight and Red Riot you find yourself stuck in a very compromising position without back-up.
Pairing: villain!Bakugou Katsuki x villain!Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, non-con, kabeshiri, spanking, branding, degradation, both of them fingering you at the same time.
Word Count: 1.2k.
Tumblr media
“Well, well, well. What do we have here.” You heard the unmistakable voice of Dynamight on the other side of the wall as you tried to escape your predicament. 
“Looks like you’re a bit stuck, babe.” The other voice belonged to the Villain Red Riot as you attempted to activate your quirk, the power useless as you were trapped between the debris. One of his explosions had taken down the entire left wing of the abandoned building you’d chased them into, causing the ceiling to collapse on top of you as you activated your quirk just in time. Barely saving your life as the room filled with a mixture of dirt and debris, getting stuck in your throat as you coughed crudely. The pile of rubble so high you weren’t sure how you’d be able to get out without help, the rest of your team out on the streets looking for the same villains you were currently trapped with.
“Please—“ You trembled as you heard both the villains you were trying to apprehend on the other side of the wall, “Back up is coming—“
“Oh yeah?” You heard Bakugou’s voice on the other side of the wall along with the familiar crackle of his quirk, “Then where the fuck are they?”
“Please, just let me go—“
“Hah! Let you go?” Bakugou landed a harsh smack to your ass, the scorching heat of his quirk burning through your hero costume as the flimsy material turned to ash. Exposing your skin to both men behind you as you gasped out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, “Doesn’t look like you’re in any sort of position to be makin’ demands, Princess.”
“Please, you don’t have to do this-” You whimpered when he repeated the motion, feeling the heat of his quirk without a barrier this time as the smack landed on your naked ass, the flesh jiggling under his grip as he left his mark on you. 
“Shit, man. I think you branded her. That’s fucking hot.” You cried out as you felt the other man spank you, this time his palm was hard against your skin, feeling the ridges of it digging into the plush of your behind as he mimicked the motion, “You look so pretty like this, you know.” 
Red Riot’s palm smoothed over your ass almost soothingly as he cooed down at you, fingers softening as he ceased his quirk. Stroking over the mark he’d left on your ass as you continued to cry on the other side of the wall, “Please-”
“Fuck, don’t do that.” You heard Bakugou growl on the other side of the wall, warm hands splayed on either side of your hips as he kept you still, “You can’t fuckin’ see how you look right now-”
“I won’t tell anyone,” Your lower lip trembled as you tried to plead with them, “You can just let me go and no one has to know I found you-”
“And why would we wanna go and do something like that?” Red Riot cooed from the other side of the wall.
You felt his thumb press against your clit as your entire body lurched forward, the wall keeping your body in position as your hands moved to brace yourself. Preventing your head from knocking against the concrete ground. 
“‘m sorry I followed you,” You felt your throat tighten as tears began to clump in your thick lashes, trying to choke back sobs in an attempt to keep your voice steady, “I promise I won’t tell-”
“You shoulda thought about that before following us, little hero.” Bakugou scoffed, pushing one of his thick fingers through your tight ring of muscle as he slipped it inside your cunt. Groaning as he felt your walls begin to squeeze around it, “Fuck man, she’s fuckin’ tight.”
“Aw man, I wanna feel,” You felt Kirishima’s finger slide up from your clit as he pressed against your tight entrance, wriggling it until it slipped into your tight entrance beside Bakugou’s, “Fuck-”
“Told you,” Bakugou scoffed, curling his digit so it scraped against the spongy spot inside you, causing a heat to flood to your cunt, “Dunno how she’s gonna take your fuckin’ cock. You’ll tear her apart”
“No, please- I can’t,” You began to panic at his words, not wanting to be stuck like this, with them-
“Shut the fuck up,” Bakugou growled, giving your ass another smack as you felt both men begin to pump their fingers in and out of your sex at different paces, blunt nails dragging along your velvety walls as you felt yourself writhing against them, trying to get them to press against where you needed them most.
“That was quick,” Kirishima grinned as he felt your wetness coat his finger, making it easier or him to slide another one inside your trembling core.
“So desperate to get yourself off aren’t you? Dirty bitch.” Bakugou followed suit, adding his second finger so you had four of their fingers inside you. Stretching your tight cunt out as you felt them both rut against your ass, allowing you to feel their hard cocks pressing against the bulges in their pants.
“Just fucking do it.” You mumbled, tears spilling down your temples now as you tried to fight back the pleasure, already feeling your body betraying you as they worked you towards your release.
“Where's the fun in that?” Kirishima cooed, moving his other hand to your clit as he began to press sloppy circles against it, “You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting to get you like this.”
“W-what?” You replayed his words in your head, how long they’d been waiting for this?
Their fingers continued to pump inside you as they deliberately focused on the same spongy spot inside you, the extra stimulation to your clit adding to your pleasure as you felt your release beginning to build inside you. 
“Yeah, if you think we’re gonna give up the opportunity to have fun with a sweet, innocent little hero before we let you go, you’re wrong.”
“F-fuck,” You cried out, your legs giving way as you slumped against the wall, your orgasm forcing its way through you in harsh waves as you cried out in pleasure. Your inner walls fluttered around their fingers as they both continued to pump them in and out of your sloppy cunt, helping you to ride out your orgasm.
Your breath came out in harsh pants as you tried to ignore the ache between your thighs, sniffling as fresh tears continued to flow down your cheeks as you heard the familiar sound of zippers unfastening on the other side of the wall, your pleas falling on deaf ears as you felt the tips of their cocks prod against your ass cheeks, leaving silvery lines of pre-cum in their wake.
“I hope you’re ready for this, Princess.” Bakugou rasped as he wrapped a large palm around his thick cock, stroking it along your messy folds before he pressed it against your tight entrance, hearing your breath hitch in your throat on the other side of the wall, “So you can go and tell everyone how it feels to be fucked by a villain.”
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crybabysano · a day ago
don't read too much into this, I just wanted to write about camp counsellor Bakugou so it's prolly shit. 😭 I might fix it tomorrow when I wake up, I might not.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
camp counsellor Bakugou who all the kids at Camp Yuuei love but is a general nuisance to you. you're partners this year so this means that you spend nearly every minute of every day together. He criticizes a lot of your suggestions, he's arrogant and he's so fucking loud but my god is he hot and he's also a fucking tease.
camp counsellor Bakugou who steers you away from the hiking trail so you can suck his cock, has you slurping on his heavy balls as the gravel digs into your knees; you get fingers digging into your scalp as well as rough and messy thrusts of his hips because he wants to spill at least one load of cum down your warm throat before the canoe race. the males and females aren't allowed in each others' cabins after curfew but that doesn't stop him from sneaking you in to feel you up without getting interrupted by one of the rugrats.
the beds can barely hold two people if they lie on their back, that's why he has you pressed up against him back to chest. one of his hands are covering your mouth, the other toying with your pretty pussy. he's so sure the other boys can hear how wet your cunt is and that has him grinning into your neck.
"You're fuckin' soaking my fingers, ma. the thought of getting caught turn you on that fuckin' much?"
You say no but the way you clench around his fingers say something else. He's thumbing circles into your puffy clit, rutting his erection against your ass as you try to keep it down, his hand that was previously covering your mouth is now tugging and pinching your cute nipples. he knows he could fuck you right then but these fucking beds squeak loud enough to wake the dead. everyone would definitely know he in there laying the pipe.
don't worry though because every day at three in the afternoon to five, you get a little break and you both usually spend it in the old storage cabin. Bakugou has you braced against the wall, hands gripping your thighs as he stuffs your creamy cunt with his fat cock. your hands are scrabbling at his back as the head of his dick pounds against your bundle of nerves. you beg him to slow down and he says he can't, says he wants you to drain his cock before the dinner bell rings.
camp counsellor Bakugou who volunteered you both to stay back and clean the mess hall uses that time to make you cum on his tongue. His fingers dig bruises into your spread and trembling thighs as he lets you grind your bare pussy in his face. his lips are glistening with spit and your arousal as he easily slips two fingers in when you start begging for him to fill you up, cooing at you in faux sympathy.
camp counsellor Bakugou likes stealing your panties and walks around with them in his back pocket. says he's doing you a favor but really he's just hoping to see his cum drip down your thigh during the counsellor bonfire. his social energy is pretty much nonexistant after a long day of dealing with people's kids so he doesn't usually stay long at those things. the two of you sneak off from these bonfires a lot just so he can have you bounce on his cock. His head tips back as your fuck yourself on this thick length, your blunt nails dragging down his chest and catching his nipples has him thrusting up into your tight heat, big hand leaving stinging and impatient slaps on your ass.
"C'mon pretty, make me cum. give me something to remember you by when you leave."
Tumblr media
©crybabysano 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.
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your-nerd-is-showing · 2 days ago
I'm having fun doing these so here is a My Hero Academia Headcannon thing of:
Tumblr media
Credit to artist!
MHA boys getting caught doing the dirty.
Shoto: Oh God help who walks in on you two he will cover the both of you with a blanket while yelling at the intruder and create a ice slide shoving them out the door. You will have to hold him back from going after the intruder.
Bakugo: Will cover you with a blanket get up out of bed angry, boner and all chase the person out of the room and down the hall he does not give a fuck. He will make who walked in on you two pay dearly.
Eji: Will not stop he wants everyone to know his dick is fucking magical. He wants to traumatize the intruder as they look on in horror as he is balls deep in your pussy.
Deku: Will scream like a little girl as he cries at being caught making love to you. He will quickly pull a blanket over the two of you while apologizing.
Hawks: Will just cover the two of you with his wings and continue to fuck you. He doesn’t care they walked in on you they can stay an watch while his balls slap against your butt.
Dabi: Oh lord help the dumb ass who interrupted you and Dabi fucking that is something you just do not do. He will make sure you are not seen he doesn’t care if he is seen naked. He will walk up to the intruder and burn them to a crisp. Then he will go back to fucking you.
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Occupied Time
Bakugo Katsuki x Chubby!Reader *
Summary: Sometimes, all Bakugo wants to do is sit back and play a game with his friends, but sometimes you have other games you like to play.
CW: non-mentioned breeding, lowkey breeding kink, rough sex, blowjob, pregnancy, cum eating, facial, creampie, overstim, brief unconsciousness, slight voyeurism, brat taming? (I've never written brat taming before so I don't know if this counts). Word Count: 2426 | Edited version | Minors DNI
It was a quiet afternoon. Your boyfriend was playing a zombie game you couldn't remember the name of, but you still sat beside him and watched. You decided to play Animal Crossing to pass the time, but once all your dailies were done, you got bored. You ran around on your island for a while before you turned it off and began to cuddle into his side. He put an arm around you and hummed to you in acknowledgment, but was otherwise focused on the game.
"Why can't we play together, Katsu?" You hated being bored when he was there. You knew he liked to play with his friends, but sometimes you couldn’t help but feel needy. You wanted his attention, you wanted this time to be your time.
He grunted in response, his eyes only on the screen as he and his friends played through what looked to be an easy-going part of the game. “Because we’re working on getting to the next act. We gotta do it today before Shitty Hair leaves for a week,” he said.
You pouted and tried cuddling up to him more, but it became awkward with his hands on the controller instead of holding you. You made a small huff and crossed your arms, stewing in the disappointment of not getting his attention. Then you got an idea.
Bakugo barely noticed when you got up and left, very much into the game he was playing with his friends. They were playing through the levels and dying a lot, mostly due to Kaminari not taking it too seriously at times. Kirishima and Sero were decently good and got annoyed at Kaminari until he got serious. Once they were all on the same page, they still died from time to time but it was getting better.
You waltzed back into the room with a skirt on, which Bakugo always loved because he got to see your thick thighs a lot better. He gave you a glance, but you wanted more. Already sure of your plan, you sank onto your knees in front of him. You put your hand on his thigh just to get his attention, which it did, then you slid it up to his crotch and began lightly palming him.
"The fuck are you doin'?" he grunted, looking down at you for a moment before back up at the game.
You heard some muffled, whiny response in his headset but you sighed. Someone must have thought he was talking to them and not you. " 'm bored, Katsu. Play with me."
He stared at the screen, still playing without a hitch. So you moved on to pull his sweats down. He didn't move to make it any easier on you, which was alright, you could manage. You went ahead and pulled his boxers down too, pulling out his semi hard cock and began pumping it. You watch it, laying your cheek against his thigh. The soft spot on your face squished in a way you knew he loved. "Fine, I'll play by myself," you huffed softly.
You could tell your touch affected him, he was a little more frigid and tense. His jaw clenched, but he never took his eyes off the screen. The controller in his hand made a little squeak as he held it just a little too tight. You saw him go to take his headset off but you stopped.
"No, by all means, keep playing," you said, a little smirk in your voice. You took your hand away and Bakugo looked at you as if you had just said you were the Queen of England. You got him hard and then you were going to stop? That wasn't okay, that wasn't cool. But you'd clearly taken over the room, and if you said play the game now, that was what he would have to do to get you to continue. So he held the controller and swallowed hard, looking at the loading screen.
"We ready?" Sero asked.
"Yeah," Bakugo said lowly. "Let's get this over with."
As they moved onto the next level, you grabbed his cock and pressed your thumb into the prominent vein on its underside. He held back a groan and you smiled up at him as if you were just so innocent.
It went on like that for a few minutes before his tip met your warm mouth. The taste of precum on your tongue made you hum with satisfaction. You no longer looked up at him to see what reactions he would hold back because you had a new focus.
His cock was long and thick, narrowing out to a red mushroom tip. You loved to suck on it first, as if you had a candy you couldn't resist. Then you used your tongue to wet the rest of his cock so you could take more. Sucking him off was always a chore, but one that was so fun. You wanted to take your time with him, and you had all the means to do so now that his hands were occupied. So you took him slowly, moaning around him as you went along.
He was struggling to hold back the moans that you were trying to draw out of him. He refused to let a sound out into his mic. He wasn’t going to let that happen. He was going to play the game as if nothing was happening, which was not going well.
Once he hit the back of your throat, you began to pull back. You hadn't even taken all of his cock, but you didn't care. You were going to take as much of it as you wanted. You hollowed your cheeks and came back to his cockhead, swirling your tongue on him. He knew what that meant and he braced himself, biting his lower lip rather harshly.
You began bobbing your head up and down his shaft faster than he expected, but you always liked to do that. You loved setting one pace and switching gears into another. You loved to tease. Sometimes he hated you for it, other times he couldn't help but love it.
"Oh fuck," he groaned breathlessly. His aim was getting shaky, his shots were ineffective. He refused to look down at you as he tried to get back to where he was before. He had momentarily forgotten that others could hear him, though.
"You okay, Bakubro?"
He didn't answer, knowing if he did it would be just as ragged as his last statement. He glanced down at you and admired the way your fat cheeks looked even fatter stuffed with cock. You took the base of his cock in your hand and squeezed it, causing his head to fall back and a stifled groan to come out.
“What’s happening over there?”
You would grin if you could. What wasn't in your mouth, you gently pumped. You couldn't wrap your hand around the base entirely, but you sure did try. You felt him throb and knew he was getting close. He knew it too. So you went faster.
Then he came. He moaned loudly. His eyes rolled up, his finger pushed down on the trigger button, and he filled your mouth. Some went down your throat, but the rest stuffed your cheeks, spilled past your lips, and fell down between your breasts. He looked down at you as you pulled away, eyes going up from your low-cut top to your pretty lips that tried to hold in all of his cum. You struggled to swallow it all and some dribbled down your chin. You sat there until you got down what you could, then licked your lips and smiled at him.
You didn't say a word as he panted into his mic. You turned and bent over the coffee table, resting your head in your hands and watching the TV as if ready to watch him play. His character wasn’t moving, being attacked by the undead enemies he was supposed to be taking down.
He caught his breath, looked up, and continued to play. He caught up to the group. He still said nothing to them. He played with a little shake in his hands, but he was otherwise doing good. He could see movement from the table, but he tried to ignore it.
Then he looked down and saw it. Your skirt had slipped up to reveal you we wearing no panties and your wet, puffy pussy was out on display for him. It was glistening, calling to him. His cock was nowhere near soft and it throbbed as he thought of burying it in you. Then you shook your ass, not looking at him to see if he was looking.
He looked up, his character was dead, just that fast, and surrounded by zombies, so he threw his controller to the side. "To hell with it."
He smacked your ass hard and you yelped. He flipped your skirt up as he got on his knees behind you. He rubbed his cock over your slit, getting it wet for just a moment before he decided that would take too long. He plunged into you, sliding in with little difficulty. Your moan was like music to his ears.
"Fucking soaked from sucking me off," he grunted, grabbing your hip in one hand. He pressed his fingers into the tender flesh and listened to you whine. His other hand went to your head and pushed it down on the table. "S'fucking bored, huh? Not anymore."
He began to plow into your tight, wet pussy without care. His hips smacked into your ass roughly, which you knew would come out sore later. He left nothing out this time either. He buried his cock into your hole all the way to the hilt. You became a moaning mess under him, little tears even came to your eyes.
You clawed at the table, only able to hold onto the edge as you were being fucked. You tried meeting his thrusts, but you were so out of tune, you lost any rhythm you could have had with him. You could barely move anyway, so you sat there and took it blissfully.
"Couldn't find anything to do, just had to come fuck with me," he growled. He sounded mad, but he wasn't all that upset. Just frustrated. Maybe he had been a little annoyed in the beginning, but watching you fall apart on his cock was washing that away. "Gonna give you something to do. Fucking fill this pussy and give you something to do other than fuck with me."
You tried to ask him what he meant, but you couldn't even find the words. You babbled instead, nonsense and little syllables falling from your lips with the drool. Strings of moans replaced words.
He slapped your ass and watched it move, biting his lip as it turned him on even more. He did it again and groaned, watching it turn red. "Thought you could get away with that shit," he scoffed and started pounding you harder. "Not gonna happen again."
You were crying, trying to tell him you were about to cum. You didn't have to say anything, though. He felt the vice grip your cunt had on his cock. The way it was trying to keep him deep inside you. Then you screamed as you came around his cock, cunt squeezing him for everything he had.
When it was over, you sat there limp on the table, eyes rolled up as he rocked you over the table. He continued to fuck you as small whines left your messy mouth. He was merciless, quickly sending you into an oversensitive state, but you could do nothing about it. At that point, he was using you like a toy.
He brought you all the way back up to your high, your soft cries and curling toes the indication, other than your tight cunt, that you were going to cum again. So he made three more deep, hard thrusts into your drooling pussy and came right up against your cervix. He smacked your ass and you came, milking every drop from his cock.
Your cunt was still squeezing him when he realized you'd passed out laid over the table. He slipped his cock out of you and stuffed himself back into his pants, then sat back on the couch. He took a long look at his handiwork, your plush body laid before him in a state of disarray, but you were quiet and sweet as you slept there. Your cunt was a mess, his thick cum leaking out and your inner thighs covered in your own slick. He smirked as he grabbed the controller.
"We gonna beat this shit or what?" he asked. He'd never taken his headset off. He'd been too preoccupied to do such a thing.
No one said anything, but the level was loading.
Then, "didn't know she could be so powerful over you, Kacchan." Denki liked to tease when he knew nothing about what he was talking about. But the others laughed all the same. Until…
"I don't hear any of you gettin' your dicks wet," Bakugo barked. He loaded in and began leading the campaign while the other three sat and looked down at their unattended hard ons.
You sat cuddled up to Bakugo as he played a game with his friends, one arm around you as he held the controller in both hands. You played on your switch and collected shells and talked to villagers while he shot away at the enemy. From time to time, you reached over to the coffee table and took a chip or two to eat. Then a spoonful of whatever god-forbidden concoction you'd asked Bakugo to make for you.
He still couldn't stand the smell of whatever it was that you were eating with your chips, so much so he'd almost refused to make it for you. But then you got teary-eyed and said, "but it's what the baby wants!" At which point he comforted you and said he'd make you anything you wanted.
Now you both sat comfortably on the couch while he barked orders at his friends and you satisfied the hour's strange craving. When he had a spare moment between levels, he put his hand on your belly, which he was always amazed to see as it grew everyday, and kissed your head. He knew soon, you both wouldn't have time for these silly little video games, but at least you wouldn't be bored anymore.
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keigosmate · 2 days ago
Keigo + titties. Imagine straddling on Keigo's lap and he's sucking onto your erect, sensitive nipples. You told him your period is about to come soon, that you're sensitive- but the sweet torture of him sucking and nibbling onto them only makes you wet and throb for him. If you weren't straddling his lap, your pathetic attempt to rub your thighs together for friction would've succeeded. "Aww, she wants to rub her needy pussy?" Keigo cooes, a small smirk plastered on his face. You can't really help it anymore when he thumbs your other nipple, eyemarks glorifying his lustful gaze even more when he whispers, "is this other nipple lonely babyhawk? Gotta give it the same attention right?"
The next suckle on your eager nub was rougher, making you squirm against him. You can't stop yourself anymore, so? You start grinding against him shamelessly. He absolutely loves it. Loves seeing you this needy & desperate. The very next moment he has your movements halted by the grip of his hands on both your thighs; a serious deadpan on his otherwise soft face and says, "Don't. Move"
You need to behave to be treated that well by him, you know that. But you also know how he manages to read you better than a 3 year old's picture book. So when you're pouting and evading eyecontact the very next moment? He knows maybe that's not what you want... Today ;)
"Want me to be gentle? Want me to show you how much I love you baby?" He flashes his toothy grin, soothing your alarmed senses and kisses you passionately. How did you get so lucky?
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Kinktober Day 22-Breeding
Toya Todoroki x Reader
Disclaimers: smut with no plot, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, cock warming
Tumblr media
Dabi lets his long cock slide out of your dripping cunt before pushing it back into you.
“Stop! S’too sensitive!”
He just keeps pounding into you.
“Can’t stop until you’re full of my cum!”
One of his hands begins to massage your puffy clit and you scream as you cum again.
He smirks as he feels you gush on his cock for the hundredth time that night.
He puts you into a mating press and keeps thrusting into you at a brutal pace.
It’s not long before you’re squirting all over his cock again, and your vision becomes blurry.
“Fuck, that was so hot.”
His thrusts grow sloppy as his orgasm approaches.
“Gonna breed this sweet pussy.”
His hot seed shoots into you and you come undone at the feeling.
He groans as you milk him and lets his dick stay inside of you as he puts you both into a more comfortable position.
“We can’t let any of this escape or I’ll have to fuck you full of my cum again, okay?”
You sleepily nod and kiss his lips.
“Go to sleep, sweet girl.”
You do as you’re told, and fall asleep with his cock keeping you full.
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i love your squid game aus so much!! have u ever thought about cop! reader looking for their brother and vip!dabi and that scene from the kdrama where the vip summons the cop bc he found the cop pretty? but how about a little twist and this time dabi knows who the reader is and what they're here for😃 I'll leave what he does to them to you.
Tumblr media
Squid Game AU - VIP Guest!Dabi x Infiltrated!Reader
Squid Game AU Masterlist.
TW: Noncon Smut, Degradation, Dabi is an asshole abducting Reader and making her his little sex slave, *This is Filthy*.
"What's under your mask, sweetheart? Care to show me?"
His fingers brush against your wrist whenever he takes a glass from your hand, and the fleeting contact doesn't seem like an accident, not when he smirks, sharp, white teeth glinting in the faint light of the VIP Guest room, whenever it happens.
"It's not allowed," you reply, filling your tone with as much ice as you can get away with. Every word falls from your lips dry and sharp, but it doesn't seem to deter him, and the cruel smile that pulls at his lips only gets wider as they reach his ears.
He laughs, and the glass cradled between his lean fingers slightly tilts when he stops paying attention to it. A few drops of champagne fall on the couch, run down his wrist, find shelter in the sleeve of his overpriced shirt.
"Is it privacy you want? Should have said it earlier, angel. We can go to my room and you can show me everything there."
Somehow, the syllables seem heavier than normal as they fall from his lips, as if he meant something else, a secret hidden beneath the mocking tone, yet another mystery from this shadow of a man whose mere identity is concealed behind a golden wolf mask.
And maybe the secret has something to do with the way his fingers run along your thighs under the fabric of your skirt, bold and inescapable, or maybe it has something to do with the little glance he throws at your jacket pocket where you keep a small knife, eyes knowing and filled with amusement. Either way, it's not as if you have a choice.
You follow him to his room.
And the second he turns his back to you to take off his own mask, you lunge at him with all your strength, knife safely tucked in the palm of your hand. You know men like him, rich and powerful monsters, the ones living above all laws and morality, the ones as unreachables as wraiths, no matter how much you'd like to have them face true justice.
Which is why you can't leave him a single chance to flee or attack you, and yet he still catches your wrist in firm, strong fingers, keeping you captive in his grasp even as you let go of the blade and it falls to the floor, drowning into the luxurious carpet with a weak sound.
“Did you really think I wouldn’t see right through you?”
He’s mocking, mean, triumphant on the way he looks at you, like a predator would gaze at a prey stuck in the merciless prison of its claws. No matter how much you try to kick or bite at him, he doesn’t let go, keeping any chance at escape out of reach from your hands.
“You tried to trick me, huh, sweetheart? Gotta punish you for that, tame you like the wild beast you are.”
A knife of his own slips from the inside of his sleeve and you freeze, but he simply uses it to cut the thin ribbon holding your mask over your face, letting it fall to the floor, discarded. His fingers brush against the now uncovered skin of your cheeks, hottening under his touch.
“Pretty thing, aren’t you? I’m in luck today, it seems. Or did you plan this all along? Wanted me to fuck you like the little spying mouse that you are?”
The words are disgusting as they fall from his lips, and yet he’s gentle as he cradles your wrist in his palm, soft as he lets his digits follow the shape of your jaw, embrace the slight plumpness of your lips.
“Should I fuck that bold stupidity out of you, make you my own little cocksleeve instead?”
“Go to hell,” you spit, hissing each syllable between gritted teeth. “I’ll report you all and send you to rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life.”
He barks a laugh, the sound echoing in the luxurious room, making you want to cover for your ears with your hands for the heavy threat lingering in the tone of his voice.
“You’re cute, angel,” he praises, condescending, right before placing a soft, sweet kiss on the skin of your throat. Lower, he adds, amused as an adult seeing a child make up imaginary games:
“It’s adorable, how you still think you’re getting out of here.”
In a swift gesture, he throws you on the bed, trapping your wrists in built-in handcuffs hanging from the headboard. You don’t want to think about the reasons why he’d need those other than the one you’re about to experience, and the mere thought makes you fight harder, kick and struggle in the inescapable metallic hold.
He catches your ankle mere inches before it strikes his crotch. A cold, low laugh slips from his lips, making icy shivers run down your spine.
“You never know how to stop fighting, do you? Gonna have to teach you how to submit like a good little whore.”
He tears your dress apart, reducing it to tatters that fall by your side on the luxurious bed. A second later, the blade of his knife cuts through the fabric of your bra, of your panties, right before he lets it fall on the nightstand, now discarded too.
Burning tears run down your cheeks as his fingers touch, carress, explore the now uncovered parts of your body, from the soft fat of your belly to the sensitive skin of your thighs.
“Fuck you,” you murmur, and he smiles, relishing in your despair, your humiliation.
“Do you know what we do to nosy detectives here, Princess?”
He lets the question hang in the air for a second, heavy and dreadful.
“You should thank me, really. I simply think you won’t look as good lying dead in a coffin as you’ll do as my cute little cumdump.”
He eyes you with a smirk as you lay there, defenseless beneath him, completely at his mercy, all for him to touch, to abuse, to fuck.
“P-please, don’t,” you beg for the first time as he plays with one of your nipples, nonchalant in the way he pinches it with cruel fingers, tearing a faint yelp from your lips.
“I don’t think you call the shots here anymore, sweetheart. Not like you ever did, but, oh well, you sure looked like you had fun pretending you had any chance against me.”
You freeze when he touches your clit, weakly struggling until he catches one of your thighs in a strong hand to keep you from squirming.
“But it’s all over now, angel. I’m going to introduce you to your new life as my slave, and you’re going to thank me for it, alright?”
Never. You want to say it but the two short, simple syllables get stuck in your throat when he unbuckles his belt, revealing the monster of a cock that had been dormant under the fabric of his underwear. A line of shiny silver piercings litter the underside as it towers above your tied up form, hard and menacing, the promise of yet another kind of torture that awaits you at his hands.
He smiles, revealing shining white, sharp teeth when his tip brushes against your entrance.
“Later, you’ll call me Master but for now, feel free to scream my name, sweetheart. It's Dabi.”
And you do scream it, voice pleading as the word falls from your lips when he tears into you, settling deep, deep, too deep into your walls, his huge cock filling you whole in a swift, merciless stroke.
Tears pool in your eyes, roll down your cheeks, leaving a salty taste on your tongue before falling on the silky sheets of the bed, on the soft skin of your throat. They wet his fingers when he curls them around your neck, hold not yet tightening but threatening all the same.
“Thank me for keeping you, show me your gratitude,” he orders, each word reaching your ears at the same rhythm the strong strokes of his hips tear through your insides. “Worship my cock with your tight little cunt, accept me as your Master and maybe I’ll be generous enough to let you come.”
And you almost want to do it, want to beg him, plead him, obey his every word if only he’d agree to make all of this stop, but you bite your lip and let the mere thought die on your lips as he rams his cock again, and again, and again into your walls.
“Still so stubborn, detective?” He asks, panting for breath, pleasured smile plastered on his mismatched lips. “Why? This is your true purpose, the only reason you were put on this earth.”
He leans towards you to finish his sentence, whispering filth into your ear:
“To milk my cock dry and take everything I give you like a good little cumdump.”
You let out a yelp of pure distress, of raw despair and that’s what makes him topple over the edge, fill your insides with his cum, coating your walls white until little pearly drops fall between your thighs on the silky black sheets of the bed when he pulls out.
He leaves you there, lying on the bed, wrists still cuffed to the headboard, tears drying on your too-hot cheeks, while he simply grabs his mask again, tying the golden wolf’s face over his own traits.
"I'm going back to watch the game. Stay here like a good little whore, and I'll come back to fuck you again once it's over."
The perspective makes you want to scream, to struggle, to kick and fight but the skin of your wrist is bleeding already, and your voice is raw, faint after letting so many unheard pleas fall from your lips.
There isn't anything left to say, and so, you say nothing.
Right before leaving, he reaches towards you with gentle fingers that softly stroke your cheek, a gesture that would feel like it's filled with love if you didn't know better.
"Then, I'll teach you what it means to be mine."
A smile, a sweet kiss placed on your clammy forehead, and he's gone.
Leaving you to get used to your new life as his captive.
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So, I had initially planned a whole storyline with Hawks being Reader's brother and him having become a VIP after winning the game a few years before, and ofc Dabi knowing that she was Keigo's sister and taking her also for that very reason, but it felt like a bit much dnsjkdn If I get a good prompt using that idea or if I think of something good I might use it someday though!!
Please tell me your thoughts ❤
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Tumblr media
(nsfw audio) SHOTA AIZAWA; [ source ] [ moan m.list ]
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before Number One: The Time After
Fandom: My Hero Academia, Warnings: Angst, Smut, Miscommunication, This Gets Worse Before It Gets Better, Happy Ending! Word Count: 6k.
A/N: Hi. Uhm. I'm so nervous about posting this. It fought me tooth and nail every step of the way (it kind of still is), so if it’s missed the mark: oops, I guess?
-> Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bakugo sits outside of the conference room, chewing at his thumb. The committee inside have been deliberating for almost an hour and his nerves have started to fray. It had taken months to get here, to be sat in this badly upholstered chair and he'd be damned if everything he had sacrificed would go to waste. The interview had gone well, or so he thought, but there was still one problem.
Midoriya sits beside him, offering up a thin-lipped smile and raised eyebrows.
'Stop fucking staring.'
'I...' Clearing his throat, Midoriya knits his hands together on his lap. 'I was just wondering if you've spoken to -.'
Bakugo doesn't let him finish. He doesn't want to hear your name drop from his mouth, followed by the pitiful stare that would follow. Everyone gives him that look these days. The one that makes his stomach churn and his mind drift back to nights that he's tried and failed to forget. With a snarl, he gives Midoriya the same answer he gives everyone else. 'Fucking mind your own business.'
'I was just -.'
'Yeah, well fucking don't. We're here for a job, not to catch-up...' Bakugo growls, eyebrows flattening as he clenches his teeth. He forces a warm breath out, swallowing around the lump in his throat before gritting out a shallow: 'Just – I don't want to talk about it.'
'No, it's okay. I shouldn't pry.' Holding up his hands, palms flat, Midoriya sinks back into his seat. Fidgeting, he worries his lip. 'I – Well, we've been patrolling together and I really think she -.'
It's the conference door swinging open that saves Bakugo this time. Both men rise to their feet and hold their breath, anxious as a tall man wearing a pin-striped suit emerges from the room.
The man smiles. 'First, I'd like to thank both of you for coming in today – I know the interview process has been a little more rigorous than for other missions and we really do appreciate you jumping through all of our hoops. We know this position in particular will likely carry a lot of weight when it comes to the rankings, but we think we've finally found the man.'
Bakugo's whole body tenses. If he doesn't get the job, it's all been for nothing. The obsessive work-load, the refusal to take time off, the pushing you away; all of it would have been for absolutely fucking nothing.
'Deku -.'
'I'm very sorry, but on this occasion we've decided to go with Ground Zero.'
Eyes blowing wide, he savours the tingling sensation in his chest as his whole body sings with pure excitement. He resists the urge to flip Midoriya off, restraining himself enough to throw only the smuggest smile he can muster over his shoulder.
'My apologies, Deku.' The suit bows.
The smile Midoriya pastes onto his face doesn't quite cover the disappointment that echoes in his eyes, but he pats Bakugo cautiously on the shoulder to congratulate him all the same. Even after all this time, old rivalry's die hard. 'You chose the best man for it, I'm sure.'
Bakugo shrugs him off immediately. 'Course they fucking did.' He steps forward, crushing the suits hand in a handshake, beaming from ear to ear. He can almost taste what it's going to be like when he takes the number one spot, can almost hear the roar of cheers that'll almost deafen him as he delivers the speech he's had prepared since he was five years old.
'We'll prepare a full brief for you in the next week, until then, I'm sure you have people you want to celebrate with.' The suit winces when he gets his hand back, shaking out crushed fingers. 'We look forward to working with you Ground Zero.'
Floating almost six feet off the ground, Bakugo flashes a signature smirk at his new employer before stomping his way down the hall. Midoriya follow on his heels, adding an extra half-an-inch to his strides in order to keep up.
'We...' He mutters. 'We should, uhm, we should go out – you know to celebrate.'
Stopping in his tracks, Bakugo fixes Midoriya with a stare. 'Like I'd want to celebrate with you, Deku...' The growl in his throat is light, his body still riding too much of a high to bother with its usual gravelled timbre.
Midoriya chuckles, shaking his head as another slither of disappointment inches into his chest. He doesn't press Bakugo any further when he receives another annoyed snarl. 'Anyway, I should get back. I'm heading over to -.'
'I didn't ask.' Bakugo mutters, already jabbing at his phone and ignoring whatever Midoriya is saying in favour of scrolling down his contact list. Thumb hovering over his screen, he freezes. There's only one person he wants to celebrate with...
Victory has never tasted so bitter.
Tumblr media
Bakugo slams open the door of his apartment. 'Red?'
'How did it go?' Stood in front of the living room mirror, Kirishima smears cologne along the length of his collarbone.
The excitement in Bakugo's chest has been tempered by the walk home. The numbness brought on by shoving his phone into his pocket, your number left un-dialled, had seen to that. It shouldn't be like this. He should be punching the air, figuratively foaming at the mouth to tell everyone about the damn job, but when confronted with the perfect opportunity: he changes the subject. 'You smell like a fucking candle factory.'
'I'm going out for dinner, remember? That new pro from the UK invited me out last week, I told you -.' Kirishima doesn't look at him when he speaks, inspecting the glinting silver of his cuffs instead.
Ever since he'd returned home from your apartment, red-eyed and ragged, something has shifted between him and Kirishima. It's uncomfortable, navigating the egg shells that have scattered on the floor of their friendship, but at this point he doesn't really have a choice. He's lost too much already to risk losing him too. 'He the new flavour of the month then?'
Twisting his shoulders, Kirishima lets his eyes roam over the thin, black dress-shirt that barely manages to contain the broad expanse of his chest. 'It's not a date. Just, y'know... Dinner.'
Rolling his eyes, Bakugo arches his eyebrow before moving to lean against the breakfast bar. 'I can see your dick print and you're expecting me to believe you're not trying to get laid?'
Kirishima shrugs.
Clenching his jaw, Bakugo blows hot air out of his nose. 'Are you still angry? You've been acting like I've pissed in your cornflakes for months.'
'I'm not mad.'
'Tell your face that.'
'I'm just -.' Digging a hand into his hip, Kirishima chews at his lip.
'Yeah.' Annoyance itches at Bakugo's temples as he recalls the series of arguments that have littered their lives. The scolding he'd received as he slunk home and cried in his room, the frustrated huffs and tensed jaws as they'd bickered when he revealed that he had no intention of trying to call you. 'You're just disappointed in me, or whatever.'
Kirishima barks out a laugh. 'I just think you're being a prick.'
'See!' Bakugo's eyes widen, jaw dropping. 'You are pissed, you're fucking swearing.'
Biting his tongue, Kirishima drops his head and sighs. 'How did it go... The interview, you didn't say.'
A smile rises to Bakugo's lip. There's something shining in Kirishima's eyes, that threatens to spark the dying fire in his chest. 'I got it.'
Turning to face him, Kirishima beams. 'Holy shit, bro.'
Excitement and pride bubble in Bakugo's stomach until his smile is so wide, he's flashing incisors. Now, this is more like it, this is how he should be feeling. 'They handed me that shit on a silver platter. Told me in front of Deku and everything. You guys aren't going to know what's fucking hit you when I get back.'
Pursing his lip, Kirishima frowns. 'Back?'
'The missions in Europe, spend a while working underground and then, it’s a straight ride to number one.' He mimes a flying plane, taking off from the flat of his palm and wiggles his eyebrows.
‘How long is a while…’
‘Six months minimum, two or three years tops.’ Bakugo shrugs. ‘However long it takes.’
'That's a long time...'
'I don't give a fuck how long they have me out there. It's too good of an opportunity to turn down. This – This is what I've been waiting for..'
Kirishima swallows. 'Yeah.'
The crease between Kirishima's eyebrows grates at Bakugo's nerves, causing annoyance to rise in his throat and choke him. The air in the room goes stale. 'Yeah? That's all you got? I've just told you -.'
'Nah – yeah. I mean.' Squeezing his eyes shut, Kirishima shakes his head forcing a mega-watt grin back to his lips. 'I'm happy for you! I really – I am really – You deserve it, bro.'
Bakugo huffs. He does deserve it, he knows he does. 'Thanks.'
There's a pause and then, Kirishima is shuffling his feet and clawing at his bottom lip. 'Are you gonna tell her?'
There it is. The numbness settles back into Bakugo's sternum like it belongs there, snuffing out his excitement entirely. 'No.' Wiping a palm down his face, he licks at his soft palate trying to rid his mouth of the sourness.
'I just -.'
'How many times do I have to tell you that she doesn't want anything to fucking do with me?' They're in familiar territory now, running loops of the same argument. 'What part of that is so hard for you to understand?'
Kirishima glares. 'The part where it's all bullshit.'
'Oh, what the fuck do you know?' Bakugo throws his arms up, snarling. His tongue finds a back molar as his face burns up.
'I know she'd want you to tell her that you're leaving the country for half a year.'
'Yeah, well.'
Sighing, Kirishima tilts his head, eyes narrowing. 'Why do you always do this?'
Bakugo reaches for a salt-shaker, prepares to throw it.
'As soon as you realise you could be happy, you get scared and turn right back into who you were at fifteen: pig-headed, stubborn and too blinkered for your own good.' Kirishima feels it, the subtle push of anger that builds at the base of his skull. It's been months of this, months of watching Bakugo hide every time he glances at his phone hoping you've messaged, of him mumbling your name in his sleep when he passes out on the sofa because of all the extra shifts he's taking. It's like he's trying to prove a point, but Kirishima isn't sure if even he knows who he's trying to convince. 'There's a woman downstairs that makes you the happiest I've ever seen you, but you're here, boasting about some job you don't even want because -.'
'Oh, fuck you.'
'You know I'm right.'
The air feels tight. It snakes into Bakugo's lungs and makes him want to be sick.
'I don't know why you've convinced yourself that you can't have both -.'
'You fucking know why!' Bakugo tightens his grip on the salt shaker making the glass splinter in his palm.
Kirishima licks at his lip, shaking his head. ‘I really don't... You don't have to prove yourself to earn happiness, Kat. That's - that's not how it works...'
Bakugo's head spins. Kirishima's voice scrapes along the insides of his skull, forcing him to confront the tangle of emotions he'd unleashed that first night he'd touched you. He thought he'd be able to push it down, to brush it off, but - He snorts, catching Kirishima's eye. 'Fucking Pandora's box, huh. Is that what you where -.'
'I’m not arguing with you.’ Checking his watch, Kirishima offers Bakugo a tight-lipped smile. 'I've got to go. Text her, at least. You can't just vanish, regardless of how much you've fucked up.'
Slinking off to the couch, Bakugo fumbles in his pocket for his phone as the door slams, leaving him alone. He throws it to the coffee table and stares at it. There's been an emptiness infesting him since that night, a cold weight that resists all of his attempts to shift it.
'Let's try...'
Your voice echoes in his head. You'd been shaking when you said it, your lips so close to his that he could feel the vibrations of your breath.
From the coffee table, his phone taunts him. The black screen is mocking: a reflective reminder of everything he could have, everything he's kept from himself and... for what? He isn't so sure any more. Forcing himself to his feet, he storms to the kitchenette and dips into one of the top cupboards. He returns to his phone with a glass of whiskey.
One drink.
He promises himself one drink to steel his nerves and then, he'll do better than texting you, he'll just knock on your door and tell you he's leaving.
Tumblr media
The knocking makes you jump, causing the wine glass you're holding to almost spill across the counter. The liquid spreads, creeping across the surface until it almost soaks into the crust of one of the pizza's laying on the breakfast bar. 'Fuck...'
'Do you want me to get it?'
A voice floats in from the bathroom, but you're already moving, body on autopilot as you abandon the spill and head for the door. 'No. No – just sit down. It'll probably be that guy from 104 wanting to borrow sugar again.'
There's no answer from your guest, but you hear the sound of ass meeting cushion behind you, telling you that he's at least obeyed your order. Wrapping a hand around the door handle, you huff out a breath preparing to tell your neighbour that you really can't spare any more sugar, but as soon as the door swings open it becomes apparent that nothing could have prepared you for this.
Bakugo stares at his feet. 'Uh.'
You swallow, arm tensing around the back of the door. Its been months, fucking months since you'd been plunged into the worst heartbreak of your life and yet, your stomach still twists when you look at him. 'What are you doing here?'
'Can I come in?' Bakugo chances a look at you. The air is kicked straight from his lungs as soon as he sees your face, cheeks full and warm, a faint wetness clinging to your lips like you'd just taken a drink, or been kissed.
Stepping aside, you nod, hauling in a breath.
As soon as he steps over the threshold, he pauses, brain re-booting as quickly as it can manage, giving him exactly two seconds before he makes a wide leap to his next conclusion. His chest heaves, fists balling at his sides as he stares at Midoriya sat on your sofa. Anger rises inside of him in a way that hasn't happened since he was a teenager. To think, he'd entertained the idea of giving up everything for you... It makes his palms heat as faint pops ring out from his clenched fists. 'What the fuck is this, huh?'
The soft click of the door echoes when you finally tap it shut, but Midoriya is already on his feet. 'Hi, uh – Kaachan.'
'You – fuck... You bastard.' It feels like his chest is going to explode. There's a pressure behind his eyes that feels as though it might pop his skull and he's not sure if it's anger or something stronger turning his vein's to ice.
Midoriya tilts his head, thumbing at his eyes. 'What? We were – oh...' His eyes widen, realisation hitting him square in the jaw. 'Oh, no, no, no we weren't... I just, I wanted company because of – y'know and – we, well we...'
Reeling back, Bakugo looks as if he's fit to start a fight, but he stops short when you appear in front of him. His heart stutters in his chest.
There's a kindling building in your stomach that threatens to sharpen your tongue, but one look at the ocean beginning to swell in his eyes dampens it's flames. 'He doesn't have to explain anything to you.'
Bakugo grinds his teeth as betrayal wedges itself under his lungs. 'So you're fucking him now, is that it?'
Licking at your lip, you step towards him, drawing his eyes back to you. You have half a mind to scream, to curse him out and make him feel all of the hurt you've carried with you since he left, but you don't. Instead, you sigh. 'What do you want?'
Turning to leave, he refuses to spare Midoriya another glance. If he stays any longer he doesn't know what he'll do. 'Doesn't fucking matter.'
'If you walk out of that door now, you don't fucking come back.' Your voice shakes in your throat, but you stand your ground. 'I mean it...'
He spins on his heel, still glaring. 'Well, I ain't saying shit while he's here...'
You shake your head, before turning to Midoriya and offering up a pained smile. 'Are you going to be okay?'
Midoriya nods.
'Sure he can cope without getting his dick wet for a few minutes, I ain't gonna be long.' Bakugo snorts, leaning heavily on the wall by the door, his hands tucked into the crooks of his elbows to disguise how much he's shaking.
Heading for the door, Midoriya knocks against your shoulder gently. He pauses, chewing at the inside of his cheek. 'I – I didn't want to – to cause...' He swallows, Adam's apple bobbling as he looks from you to Bakugo and back again.
Brow furrowing, Bakugo glares. He hadn't noticed before, too blinded by the heat in his chest, but Midoriya has been crying. The skin around his eyes is puffy and streaked, his freckles standing out stark against reddened skin.
You shake your head, silencing Midoriya's stammering. 'It's okay 'Zuku... I'll check in later, yeah?'
With a curt nod and bounce of green curls, Midoriya is gone.
The slamming door jostles Bakugo and prods at the sickness wriggling in his stomach. The thought of you with another man burns hot, flaying him from the inside out. 'So it's 'Zuku now, is it?'
'Do you have to be such a cunt all the fucking time? Take a day off.' You step into his space automatically, adrenaline thrumming under your skin. Part of you wants to slap him, to dig your nails into his scalp and scream until he's too deaf to argue, but you settle on jutting out your chin and glaring at him.
Bakugo's nostrils flare. 'I'm not the one fucking shitty Deku...' He pushes off the wall, putting you chest to chest.
Throwing your head back, you let a chuckle spill over your lips. You blink, pressing in closer to jab him in the chest. 'You are fucking insufferable, you know that?'
'You like fucking things you can't stand then, huh?' He grinds his teeth to stop him from spewing out something more vile, something spat out with intent to wound.
Huffing, you step back letting yourself breathe in the new space. 'I don't know why you're so intent on making yourself miserable, but I'm not letting you drag me into whatever the fuck you've got going on.'
Venom pours from his lips before he can stop it, nose crinkling as he spits the words at your feet. 'I've got a Hell of a lot more going on than you have...'
'What the fuck is that supposed to mean?' You laugh, shrugging.
'I'm leaving.' It topples off his tongue too quick and makes him cringe. There's a look in your eye that makes his knees weak, makes him wish he wasn't coiled up inside, Hell-bent on a goal that was so close he could taste it. Even if the taste seemed to sour by the second.
'Leaving?' You tilt your head.
'Surprised your new boyfriend didn't fucking tell you.'
Your mouth runs dry. 'You got the Europe job.'
Suddenly, it's hard to speak. He chances another look at you, but when he brings his eyes back up to meet yours what he finds there makes him feel worse. 'I'm finally gonna be number one.'
The thought of him leaving is enough to churn your insides. It causes your heart to bloom, dripping painful realisations into your bloodstream. You hadn't even known he had been invited for an interview. A bark of a laugh bubbles over your lips. 'So what?' You lick at your mouth, snarling. 'You want a goodbye fuck or something, is that it? Is that why you're here?'
'What?' Bakugo's face contorts, his brows dropping as he watches you blink and take yet another step away from him. 'No -.'
You shake your head, dislodging the tears that cling to your eyes. 'You're a fucking prick...'
'Princess.' Instinct makes him stumble forward, makes him reach for you. It burns watching you cry, knowing that he's the one who has caused the pain etched into your face again. He wants to hold you, to tell you that you've got it wrong, that he promised you'd never become a meaningless fling – that he meant every fucking word.
'Don't fucking Princess me...' Your eyes are wide, mouth dropping open as your tongue pokes at your cheek.
You look ethereal with fire in your eyes, like you'd burn him to ash if you could and right now, he'd let you. The anger in his chest vanishes, replaced by something more primal that makes his throat dry when he pictures a life lived without you. He's ready to back track, ready to say anything to stop you kicking him out and blocking him out of your life for good, but before he can force the words up his throat you're crossing back to him and fisting the front of his shirt.
'You want to fuck me, Katsuki? Is that what you want?' You press up on your tip-toes and purr into his ear, revelling in the way he shivers against you. 'So, fucking weak when it comes to me... That's it, isn't it...' You could laugh, he's not the only one who's weak, but this might be the last time you get to have him and you'd be a fool to turn it down.
'I -.' Body betraying him, he sighs when he feels your hand press to his chest. A hoard of butterflies wake up in his stomach and stretch their wings, beating harshly against his ribs. You both know how this goes now. He swallows. 'Yeah.'
'I'll let you fuck me... But, this better be the best goodbye fuck I'll ever have...' Leaning in you trace the shell of his ear with your tongue. 'I want you to make me see stars.'
Something possessive crawls up his throat as his voice drops. Without thinking, he takes hold of your chin and lets the feel of your skin under his fingertips heat his whole body. Everything snaps back into place all too easily. Leaning down, he gives you pause to move back, to change your mind, but when you stay rooted to the spot he breathes against your lips. 'You and Deku -.'
Mouth parting, you smile before closing the gap between you. It feels like coming home when he slips his tongue into your mouth, mapping out the wet heat there before you suck harsh on the invading muscle. You savour his taste, flicking your tongue at your teeth. 'I'm not fucking Midoriya. He came over because he was upset about losing the job.'
Mouth splitting into a grin, he takes hold of you by the hips and pulls you flush against him. A weight lifts from his shoulders, letting air back into his lungs. Now this... This is right. 'Good.' He whispers, then, his lips are at your neck, peppering kisses from the turn of your jaw to your shoulder. It's entirely too easy to collide back into you, to succumb to the thing inside of him that needs you, craves you.
He smiles against your neck. Hearing his name on your lips sends a violent shiver up his spine and he hums against your skin to show his appreciation. 'Miss you saying my name like that.'
Sinking deeper into him, you lace your hands around the back of his neck. You don't want to think about him leaving, so you don't, you focus on his lips, his tongue, the bar of his cock as it hardens against you. 'Bed - bedroom.'
He doesn't need telling twice. Dipping at the knees, he slips his hands down your back to cup ass and thigh before hauling you off the floor.
Your legs wrap his waist, squeeze at his sides as he moves quickly, carrying you through the apartment.
The bedroom door is flung open, revealing a made bed and bright sheets. There's a few hangers out of place, dangling from the lip of the wardrobe, a sock that has missed the laundry basket and three abandoned t-shirts looped over a floor-length mirror. Usually, the mess would bother you, but not tonight.
Lowering you down to the bed, he crawls over you making sure to stay close enough that his lips are still able to explore your neck.
You press in, pushing your pelvis against his and hum when you feel the heat of his cock twitch against your thigh.
'You like it, ha?' He pulls back, holding himself up on his elbows as he meets the slow grind of your hips with his own downward thrust. 'Like what you do to me?'
Snickering you wriggle a hand between your bodies and palm at him, earning a groan from the back of his throat. 'I've seen you get hard watching the cooking channel... Don't pretend it's special.'
Even covered by the darkness of the room, he can feel his cheeks burning. 'You complaining? Because I've got a cucumber in the fridge that wouldn't give me this shit.'
You nip at him, squeezing his cock in your palm to shut him up. 'Won't make you feel as good as me though, will it?
'Fuck.' He sighs, pulling back to leer over you, unwilling to tear his eyes away. 'Look at you. Fuck, I've missed this...' Raising his palms, he inches under the edge of your t-shirt and works it up and over your head, sucking air over his teeth when you're left bare to him. It's animalistic, desperate, the need that rises inside of him. The need to have you dwells in his chest, making his cock weep inside his boxers.
'Just fuck me, already...' Reaching for him, you manage to brush your fingertips against the underside of his shirt covered pecs before he's grabbing at you. He collects your wrists, trapping them in the palm of his hand before leaning over you and pressing them above your head.
You're stuck. The weight of him towering over you makes you dizzy, but to be caught under him like this is nothing short of thrilling.
'Nah – ah – ah.' He licks his lips, as his free hand slinks down your body, stopping at your chest to toy with a nipple. As soon as he has you gasping, arching up and trying to force him to take a hold of you, he moves on ripping off your sleep shorts. Slipping a hand between your thighs, he prises them apart before sliding between them.
You clamp down around his hips instantly, calves straining to bring him close. Without the pressure of your thighs pressed together, your cunt aches, throbbing and aching to be filled, making your hips lift and grind against the air.
'Gonna really take my time.' Keeping your hands trapped above your head, and your thighs open, waiting for him, he lowers his head to your neck. He plants soft kisses against your skin, marking out his claim with a littering of bites that he brings to a shallow bruise. It feels like hours before he's finally ready to bring his hand to the soft mound of your cunt, but he's too lost to care. He wants to savour this, wants it burnt on the back of his eyelids so he can't sleep without picturing you.
'I still think you're a prick...' You've tried to thrash, to contort your body and make him give in, but each time the grip on your wrists gets tighter, the spread of his legs wider until you're rendered useless again.
Bakugo snickers, drawing agonisingly slow circles on your clit with his thumb. 'Whatever you say, Princess.'
His teasing raises your tackles and soon there's more fire pouring over your lips. 'I mean it.'
'Okay.' He grins into the next kiss, the tips of his incisors catching on your lip as he slips two fingers into your slick cunt and curls them upwards.
The sudden pressure makes your whole body jolt as your eyes threaten to roll back into your head.
Keeping his fingertips pressed snug against your G-spot, he keeps his thumb barely touching your clit. Each pass ghosts over your nerves leaving you just short of bliss as he watches you thrash. Crying out, you squirm, trying to make him move.
He licks your jaw. 'You know what I want from you, baby.'
‘’M not fucking begging.’
‘No?’ He curls his fingers harsher, quickens his thumbing on your clit. ‘What about now?’
'Fuck. Katsuki – just – move –.’
He smirks. ‘What’s the word…’
Throwing your pride aside, you buck your hips into his hand as your mouth begins to move on it's own. ‘Please... Want you, I want your cock – please... I...' There's tears cresting in your eyes by the time your babbling subsides, but he's already there, nosing them away gently.
'Okay, Princess, Okay.' He chuffs and brings your lips together, but breaks the kiss soon after to strip, allowing his cock to spring free. 'You want it?'
There's a blush coating his cheeks that you want to lick off, but it's the stuttering in your chest that pulls you back into the moment. Groaning, you rock your head back into your pillow. The idea of being filled with him again, of feeling him leak down your thighs when he finally pulls out to admire his work makes your whole body shiver. ‘Yes. Fuck - want it bad…’
'You really are perfect, aren't you...' He gives himself a few cursory tugs and slips your underwear down your legs only to smear his arousal against yours. It's a clean slide, the head of his cock catching against your clit and making both of you groan. Then, he's gathering your hands back into his and burying himself to the hilt without any more preparation.
Your cunt moulds to his cock like it belongs inside of you. The sudden intrusion makes you cry out and squirm, but it isn't long before the subtle burn melts to blinding pleasure as he moves against you. Each thrust of his hips is harsh, slapping against your ass as he buries himself deeper, and deeper.
'Good girl... Take me so well -.' Speaking between broken breathes, he searches for the thing inside of you that makes you see static and is rewarded when he brushes against it. 'Look – look at you, fuck... It was like you where made for me, huh baby.'
It's pathetic. He plays your body like he was born to, working you up so quickly that you almost get whiplash when you feel your cunt milk him. Violent waves of pleasure rock though your stomach and all you can do is moan and clamp your thighs around his waist as he continues to abuse your cunt.
A shout rips from him as the most intense orgasm he's ever had is forced up through his torso. He spills, coating your insides and struggles to breathe as he submits to the new exhaustion that overtakes his muscles. 'So... You see stars, Princess?'
You moan, feeling the last valiant twitches of his cock as you both come down from your high. It takes little effort to slip his hold now and as soon as your hands are free, you bury them in his hair and scratch out slow patterns on his scalp. 'Maybe.'
He snorts, shifts his hips slightly and hisses as he feels the warm river of his own spend begin to trickle back out of your cunt.
In the afterglow, everything becomes too real. A whine worms its way up your throat at the thought of losing any of him and you shift, pushing down to follow his hips. You're not ready to let him go, not ready to lose the feel of him: not yet.
'Want to cock warm me... Make sure that little cunt stays nice and full, huh?'
You let him pull out, let him shimmy on the bed until he can slot perfectly behind you and then, his fingers are there, gently spooning back in the cum that had leaked onto your thighs.
His lips press to your shoulder as he takes himself in hand and slips back into you.
An arm comes to wrap around your waist as the rhythmic beating of his heart vibrating through your back lulls you into an uneasy rest. 'Can you do something for me?'
He speaks against your skin. 'Anything.'
You stifle a sob as reality comes crashing back into you hard, leaving you almost breathless. 'Leave before I wake up again.'
Tumblr media
When you wake up, sore and aching, he's gone. A familiar pain settles in your chest, comfies itself in the confines of your ribcage and burrows. You don't know how long you lay there, half-covered by the sheets as the cold bites at your exposed flesh, but all you know, is that it feels like eternity.
In a few weeks, he'll be on a plane. You wonder if he'll feel the burn of the distance like you will, like you already do. A weak sob leaves your chest as tears swell in your eyes. You lick away what reaches your lip, but don't bother trying to clear the rest. The constellations make your vision blur, make it easier to sink into the mattress and wish for all of it to stop.
'The fuck you crying for?'
You feel the adrenaline surge into your veins the second he speaks. The rush has you bolt upright, gasping and grabbing at the sheet to cover yourself as tears are blinked out of your view. He's there. Actually there. Stood in the doorway to your bedroom clad in nothing, but a tight pair of black boxers is Bakugo.
He tilts his head, eyes narrowing as he takes in the shake in your chest and the wetness of your cheeks. 'I cleaned your kitchen – binned the pizza though. Someone spilled wine, it got into the dough - I'd make breakfast, but -.'
Still clinging to the sheet, you stare slack-jawed as he climbs back onto the bed and settles against the pillows, arms looping behind his head. You cut him off before he can finish suggesting morning plans. 'I'm going to ask you a question.'
He groans, head bumping the headboard. 'Fucking, really?'
You ignore his annoyance, balling the sheets in a fist as you feel another wave of tears press at your eyes. 'What's your end-game here? I don't... I can't...'
'I'm not going to Europe.'
'What?' It leaves you mouth encased in a gasp, but he doesn't pay any mind to your shock.
He shrugs, like his reasoning is more than obvious. 'I – I don't want to go.'
'This is your dream, you can't just -.'
'I can...' Sitting up, he prises one of your hands from the sheets and laces your fingers together. 'I've been thinking -.'
You snort. 'That's dangerous.'
He glares at you, a silent threat to let him finish. 'I thought getting that job would make me happy, it's a sure thing - I'm almost guaranteed fucking number one but... But, I when I got it, the only thing I could think about was you.' He rakes his other hand through his hair, tugging at the strands. 'Fucking Deku was crying on your sofa because of it and when I thought, I - I just - I was ready to tear the world down. Fuck, would have given up my damn licence just to crack him in the face because -.'
Reaching for him, you cup his cheek forcing his eyes to yours. 'What are you trying to say?'
'I give the job to Deku.' He shakes his head when your mouth drops open to argue, a small smile itching at his lip. 'I already told them, rang them while you where asleep... It's a done deal.'
'What about number one?'
He chuckles, keeping his eyes on yours as he searches for the spark in your eyes that will tell him it'll be okay. ‘I’m still gonna be number one… Just giving Deku a head-start. Y’know so it’s fair.’
This time when the tears come, they aren't spurred on by a hole in your chest or waking to a cold bed. Leaning in, you press a kiss against the tip of his nose, as a new heat blooms in the middle of your chest. ‘He’s still not gonna stand a chance.’
Pulling back, he flicks up his eyebrows, running a thumb across your bottom lip. 'I can't promise I'll be any good at any of that boyfriend shit... But, I'll try: For you.' He presses a lingering kiss to the edge of your mouth. 'Let me try?'
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tag List: If you want to be tagged in the rest of the series drop me a message and I'll add you to the list. You must have your age (or an indicator: 20s/30s etc) in your bio or easily accessible on your blog to be tagged. (Those in bold couldn’t be tagged - sorry!)
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how they eat you out - mha boys
characters (aged up): bakugo, todoroki, midoriya
warnings: smut, fingering, edging, overstimulation, quirk play, squirting, cum eating(ish)
note: there are 1.5k sexy people out there thank you babes. i probably won't become a smut account but we'll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
mha masterlist
Tumblr media
𝘽𝙖𝙠𝙪𝙜𝙤 𝙆𝙖𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙞
he does this for his pleasure and his pleasure only
slow and languid strokes of his tongue as he smirks at your face, the way your eyes roll back and your hand pushes his head further in, fingers grasping onto his hair with a tight hold
he teases you the entire time, bringing you close to your third orgasm, and then just stops, his cruel grin growing more when you look at him through your eyelashes, tears rolling down your cheek as you whine for him to finally
"what's wrong baby?" he'd say, his finger lightly brushing your clit, leaning in as he coos at you, kissing your forehead, the corner of your lips until he goes back down, his hand gripping your thigh and holding it in place, "are you that desperate?"
you can't even speak as he pushes a finger in, curling it as it reaches deep inside, your mouth falling open as your eyes screwed shut, white dotting your vision as he swipes his tongue over your bud again and again
your moans grow louder as he sucks harder, tiny sparks stinging your skin as his skin ignites, your release coats his tongue, and he wastes no time in slurping it all up, his red eyes peering up at yours as he pats your thing, getting up on his knees as he smiles again
"don't think that was it, baby" he brings down his hand, roughly slapping your pussy as tears stroll down, staining the sheets at the overstimulation,
"you still have a couple hours before you have to go, right?'
Tumblr media
𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙤
baby doesn't really know how to do it at first
he fumbles around a lot but after some experiences, he becomes a fucking god at the art, the need to taste you burning his nerves
he uses his quirk a lot, some fingers freezing cold as they pump in and out of you, and a hot thumb flicking your clit over and over again, determination written all over his face as he brings you closer and closer to your edge
he really only has one goal, and he knows you're about to cum when he glances up, your lips wide open in silent screams, your tiny hand gripping his wrist in a pitiful attempt to slow him down
his fingers keep hitting that spot deep inside, and you feel different, almost like you're about to pee and your eyes snap open, your grip on his wrist tightening as you weakly try to warn him
but you can't hold it in anymore, and clear liquid squirts all of his hands, chest, sheets
you go to sheepishly apologize but he brings his fingers up to his tongue, sucking on them until he brings them back out, nothing left on it
the ends of his lips quirk upwards, his lazy eyes slotting to your messy pussy and then to you
"i wanna do that again, okay?"
and he doesn't leave you any time to say anything else as he brings his tongue back to your aching pussy, your eyes shutting again as he begins
Tumblr media
𝙈𝙞𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙮𝙖 𝙄𝙯𝙪𝙠𝙪
he's so fucking nervous the first time he eats you out poor bby
but practice makes perfect, and he sticks by that, so he learns quickly, wanting nothing more than to give you the best, giving you everything you deserve
he severely underestimates just how good he is at eating you out, too, which eventually s a great plus but also really bad
because you're on your fifth organism when he starts to trie out, worry overtaking him, thinking that he wasn't doing enough
"are you feeling good, y/n?" he'd quietly ask, bringing his face up, his cheek stained by your cum, and you have the urge to lick it off but he does it for you, his finger reaching up as he wipes it off, sucking on his thumb as he cleans it off the best he could
you can't even talk, your tongue lulling out as he goes back in, determined to make you feel the best possible form of ecstasy he can
and izuku makes sure you do so, his fingers and tongue never leaving you all night, slurping away every release as he goes back in, again and again,
despite what he thinks, this man is damn good at eating you out
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Nyotaimori | Fatgum / Toyomitsu Taishiro x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐲𝐨𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐢 - 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐨𝐟𝐟 𝐚 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥, 𝐧𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧'𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
I’ve wanted to write a nyotaimori drabble for the longest time but I haven’t had the chance to until now. It’s a little different but I hope you enjoy it all the same!💕
Summary: Taishiro is invited to a prestigious restaurant with other high profile Pro-Heroes and investors but he only has eyes for you-
Pairing: Fatgum / Toyomitsu Taishiro x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, dub-con, nyotaimori, public sex, voyeurism.
Word Count: 0.8k.
Tumblr media
The way your body was laid out for him was like a gift from the Gods. The high level restaurant that Taishiro had been invited to housed only the top Pro-Heroes for dinner, and he was one of them. The suit jacket he wore felt stuffy as he stepped into one of the private dining rooms on the top level of the building. His breath hitching in his throat as he caught sight of you spread out on the table for him.
Your beautiful skin contrasted the bright colours of the sushi laid out on top of you perfectly, unable to stop his gaze from going directly to the curve of your breasts as you lay back on the table. Strategically placed food hiding your modesty but Taishiro wondered how long it would take to fix that. 
Moving to sit at the table he noticed the way your eyes were covered with a blindfold, supposedly to stop you from catching glances with the men that were about to feast on the platter that had been laid out for them. Feeling his cock begin to stir in his slacks as he picked up a pair of chopsticks, lifting up a maki roll from your sternum as he tried not to go directly for the pieces hiding your most intimate parts. The other men around the table chatting aimlessly as Taishiro continued to eat, the tips of his chopsticks knocking against your naked body as he watched goosebumps slowly begin to rise against your skin. His tongue wrapping around the chopsticks as he began to think about what it would feel like to lick along your body instead. Pressing them back down to grab a salmon nigiri as the tips of his chopsticks grazed your skin, leaving subtle lines of his spit against your body as he pulled back with a smirk. 
You had no idea who he was, what he looked like, that he was a Pro-Hero. Instead you were simply here doing your job and he was more than willing to reap the benefits. 
This time he became bolder as he picked one of the Ebi rolls off your breast, groaning low in his throat when he revealed your soft dark nipple to his eyes. The coolness of the room causing it to harden under his gaze, watching it slowly begin to pebble as he wished he could lean over and taste you. Forgetting his chopsticks, not that any of the other businessmen in the room would correct him, as he dove in for another. Deliberately brushing his thick fingers against your hardened peak as he did so. The movement catching you by surprise as he watched your lips part in a silent gasp, smirking at your reaction as he circled your areola. Before acting like he was taking another piece of sushi as he plucked one off your naked body. 
The more he watched you, the more he wished he was alone in the room with you. His palm slipping beneath the table to palm at the hard tent in his pants, trying to give himself some much needed relief as he glanced down the table to see how bare your skin had become. The other patrons helping to reveal more and more of your naked body to his prying eyes, and of course he didn’t mind. 
It was only when he took a sip of his sake that he glanced up to see the other men beginning to leave, shaking hands with each other over the next Fatgum Agency promotional deal that had been agreed, not that Taishiro could care less. Waving them off with a signature smile as they didn’t even bat an eyelid at the fact the BMI Hero was staying at the table to finish his meal. Waiting until the door closed behind him before standing up from his chair. Allowing his fingers to slowly stroke along your exposed skin, following a path around the sushi rolls that still sat against your skin until he came to a stop just above your sex. Watching the way your body responded to his touch, shivering as you shuffled slightly, making sushi fall off your body and drop to your side. 
No longer able to resist leaning down to capture one of your naked breasts between his lips, circling his tongue around your hardened nipple as he heard you let out a sinful moan, arching your back up off the table as more food fell from your body. 
“W-what are you doing?” You gasped breathlessly, the tone of your voice doing nothing but inflame the desire boiling inside him as he slowly slipped his large middle finger between your thighs, parting your folds as he felt how wet you were. Messy slick coating the digit as he groaned around your breast, deliberately pressing the calloused pad against your tight entrance as more sultry moans left your lips. 
“What does it look like? I’m finishing my meal—“
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wwwcapricorncom · 13 hours ago
“What Do You Want!?” “To See What Your Insides Look Like!”
                                                Final Part !
Ghostface Series Part 1| Ghostface Series Part 2| Ghostface Series Part 3 (this one)
Tumblr media
➥➥Kinks included- *Very dark themes*, Oral (F and M Receiving), fingering, CNC, cucking, voyerism, exhibitionism, bondage, knife play, full nelson, smacking, hair pulling, choking, spitting, dacryphilia, Double penetration, anal & anal play such as rimming, squirting, real aggressive sex. Harsh name calling as well.
Description: That’s definitely not your boyfriend and yet it feel so good.
Can you tell ?? ;0
Tumblr media
You should have known something was wrong as soon as you realized there was a figure kneeling over you as you groggily woke up out of where you slept on your stomach in bed. Initially, you render it to be your cheeky boyfriend, croaking his name out as you rub your eyes about to turn around. You didn’t understand then that it couldn’t be your boyfriend, him being prone to waking you up as he barrels through the house every time he comes in.
Too sleepy to connect the dots, it's not until cold nimble fingers are placed firmly on your shoulder blade, keeping you from turning around that you know- your boyfriend is always warm. Your blood runs cold as you go stiff under the man, the bed is the only thing making noise under his shifting weight.
“W-who are you?” You manage out, still as a fucking board and a cold chuckle erupts from the man’s throat.
“It wouldn’t be much fun if I told you.” He says and at this you're throwing a sharp elbow to the man’s face, scurrying from under him when you hear him inhale roughly. You’re flying off the bed to get to the door of your room and are just about to yank it open when a large, gloved hand slams it closed. The other gripping the back of your neck and squeezing it so hard that you squeal.
“That was so fuckin’ bratty of you.” He snarls as he flips you around and only then can you get a good look at him. He’s wearing a, sadistically covered in blood, Ghostface mask with a long sleeve black shirt underneath. His voice under the guise of another no doubt being modified. He presses his forearm to hold you in place at your collarbones as you glare at him, “let me the fuck go-
You start but he’s tapping a sharp knife to the mouth of the mask uttering a long, “shhhhhhhh sh sh sh.” Your mouth runs a bit dry, fear courses through your veins at the upper hand this man definitely has now as he laughs again. His chest rising and falling, his lean muscles on full display through the tightness of the shirt as he moves the knife closer to your face.
“Don’t tell me you're scared of this? That's not true is it.” He states as he taps the weapon on your cheek and you gulp slightly before the sharp metal tip is lightly scratching into your skin. He pulls it further down, dragging it to the bottom of your chin, making your chest rise and fall with rugged vigor. Fearful, but intrigued all the same, as he pulls the weapon down the front of your neck and stops in between the valley of your breasts.
You can't see it but he's smirking under the mask, making the knife catch on the material of your lace bra before it pierces through. Your bra rips open and your breasts spill out, making you gasp as you try to move away from his hold. He only snickers at this, your attempts are beyond futile, as he pushes you down on the bed.
Your hands are bound tightly behind your back no sooner as he positions you at the foot of the bed, tying your ankles together next. You aren’t any stranger to rope play, and you can tell neither is this man. The knots are meticulous and the restraint they create are strong and utterly tight. Even so, you wiggle and squirm trying to loosen them or find one that is faulty and willing to give way when he speaks again, “you’re always so disobedient.”
He’s yanking you up by your hair now, “I hate that.” He sneers into your ear as he straddles your back, the ache in your scalp only multiplying as he strains to hold you in place. The cold knife is felt again on the side of your thigh and your squirming stops as it moves farther and farther up your supple skin, the pointy weapon providing a dizzying juxtaposition to the slight piercing, tickling sensation it is actually producing. You like this too much, you think, what would your boyfriend think if he knew.
You don’t know it but the man will not dare to actually pierce into your beautiful skin. He knows better than to leave those kinds of scars on your body, either way he’ll surely be marking your body soon just in a different manner. He roughly dips the blade under the side of your panties and you can hear the fabric screaming under it, fibers snapping as he slices it to ribbons.
“All the fake fighting in shit only for you to be this goddamn wet already. Did you really think I was your little boyfriend?” He mocks, crying out your boyfriend's name like you had done earlier and heat rises to your face.
“He-he’ll be here soon!” You lie through your teeth, you don’t know when the fuck your boyfriend will be home, but it just seems like a good thing to say, to maybe make him retreat. Is that what you want?
He’s unfazed though, more excited even, as he props your legs open as much as they can, “well then let’s see how far we get before he comes along because you see dear I think you're this wet allll for me.” With that his eyes burn holes into your body, admiring you in this convoluted position. Seeing you all bound and helpless before him is such a power trip especially with how snarky you normally are. Your hands cutely behind your back, tied all the way to the elbow while your ankles are equally restrained together. Flat on your stomach and naked to the touch.
You know you shouldn’t like what comes next, but something about it is so delicious. The man brings a large palm down on your asscheek, causing you to yelp out a cry not because you are in pain but because it startles you. “C’mon I know your dirty little boyfriend is at least a bit harsher to you.” This should have frightened you, the fact that he knows the mannerisms of your intimate life, but before you can answer he’s cracking his hand against your fleshy ass again and you’re mewling.
“That’s funny y/n. It almost sounds like you like it.” He teases as he slaps the skin again, harder, making you wince and wither in demented pain and pleasure. “Your boyfriend pampers you too much and I’m not going to do that.” Another smack with jolting force makes you clench your teeth. It’s true too, your boyfriend isn’t as rough as you know you can handle. He always says he never wants to get carried away, too scared to hurt you, but you wonder seriously if he’d ever give you what you want.
“Do I know you?” you shakily ask and the man hums as he rubs the rising, wilted flesh of your ass.
“Are you trying to find a justification for liking this?” His question comes out smug and you're red in the face just as your ass is. You try to seem serious when you shake your head in disagreement, but you know you must look like a liar as he starts to grope at your ass more harshly. The skin is soft, he feels that even through the gloves he has on and by god does he want to devour you. It was getting harder to wait, for fucks sake he should be allowed to do a bit more than this right?
He should, he decides as he testingly runs his pointer finger up and down your slit and you arch off the bed in surprise, “I’m trying to wait until your boyfriend gets here, but you’re making this so hard.” He growls as he yanks your hips up, so that you're pathetically in doggy. Knees doing all the work since you are restrained, upper body still resting on the bed, you are now utterly exposed to him. Your whole core at the mercy of his eyes as you glisten and throb under his intense gaze, “can I start or do you want me to wait until your boyfriend gets here, hm? Either way he’ll be watching.”
You gulp at this, your stomach is twisting in suspense and anticipation at his words. You are starting to understand that he isn’t here to hurt you and his mannerisms are starting to become a bit familiar. If this is what you are thinking then you are...overjoyed. Even so, you're too jumbled up inside to make a decision based on the little that you know and he knows this.
“We can start early, why don’t we?” He decides for you and you whimper, more excited than before, as you squirm which makes him slap your pussy.
“O-ow!” You shockingly babble and he's rolling his eyes, smacking you again which makes you moan.
“I know you can take more than this, so be a good slut and take it.” He instructs as he shoves two fingers inside you, truthfully making you wince. They’re so long and it's proving to be a tight squeeze, but not for long. The lack of regard for prepping you has you leaking all over him, making fingering you all the more easy. He’s quiet for a moment, so sooo entranced by how beautiful your cunt is and how hot it looks stretching out on his fingers. How dare his buddy keep you all to himself for such a long time. There is no way he is holding back now.
“Oh my go-
You stop yourself by biting your lip as he nudges his fingertips into your needy gspot and he can’t help how his mouth drops open a bit as you subconsciously arch into his fingers to feel the prodding again. His mental restraints snap as he grips your asscheek to spread it apart to start cramming his fingers as far as humanly possible in you, curling into your most sensitive spot.
“Look at you, such a dirty bitch.” The harsh words mixed with the harsh fingering has you twitching while little moans start to fly out of your mouth. Your squelching is so loud that he almost misses the unlocking of the front door, almost. He stops abruptly and you whine loudly before you can even protest, let alone realize that you’re protesting, he is hopping off of the bed so stealthy. He shoves his hands in his pockets to bring out duct tape which he expertly rips and slaps across your mouth. After, he stretches his lean body out before looking down at you, “show time.”
You're shocked until he leaves the room, what follows is loud grunts and thumps before he kicks the door open with his foot, tsking “fuckin’ hell you both are a lot of work.” He has your boyfriend in hand, more like has your boyfriend's hands behind his back as he shoves him to sit in the desk chair. He makes sure it's directly facing you as he works to restrain him to it which proves hard since your boyfriend is fighting and yelling, “y/n d-did this prick hurt you?”
A laugh bubbles out of the masked man when you sporadically shake your head ‘no’ without even realizing how crazy you are being.
“See she likes it and I haven’t even done much. Why don’t I fill you in?”
With that he returns to the position on the bed over you, making sure to tug your ass back in the air all the while your boyfriend is yelling out protests to get his hands off and away from you. You’re wide eyed, staring into his beautiful eyes when you feel the anonymous man's fingers prodding at your entrance again. The way your eyes flutter can't be controlled as he skillfully remembers exactly where the spot is that makes you arch and twitch.
“We’ve gotten a bit acquainted.” The man chuckles as he slaps your ass aggressively which makes your boyfriend's eyes twitch. He can’t believe his eyes. He has never seen you like this in all the times he's ravished you, too scared to show you how nasty he has thought about treating you. But now seeing you all tied up, naked, and with your ass in the air while some stranger is two fingers deep in you stirs something in him.  
“Look how fast I make your whore girlfriend cum.”
Your eyebrows are furrowed inward as your eyes unfocus on your boyfriend. He knows that face too well, he knows you are cumming on that asshole’s fingers, almost on command which makes the man let out a low impressed whistle. When you are done and panting hard under the rough duct tape he smacks your pussy which is puffy and sensitive, causing you to squirm and hips to fall.
He smacks the side of your face as soon as the tops of your thighs meet the bed sheets and your boyfriend is yelling again, angrily, but the man just ignores him “did I tell you to fucking let your legs fall?” When you don't answer he smacks you again, adding a bit more force to the point where it stung and it's enough to pull you out of the shocking orgasm you just had. You're shaking your head rapidly and he hums in approval, watching as you arch yourself again.
“You see how she's getting ready for me? This is what happens when you don’t properly discipline a bitch.” He’s talking to your boyfriend now, but you whimper at how harsh he is being to you. What will it take for you to get some praise, you sickly think, as you wag your ass for him which even surprises him.  
“Looks like somebody wants to please their Master, huh? I didn’t know you were this nasty y/n. You must be a handful for your boyfriend. That’s okay, I'll teach him a thing or two.” With that you hear the bed creaking again before teeth are digging deeply into the swell of your asscheek which makes you squeal against the adhesive tape on your mouth.
“D-don’t fucking mark her!” Your boyfriend yells, but the strain in his pants betrays him entirely. He is enjoying this too, watching as the man sucked and bit the same flesh he often ran his hands, lips, tongue over. He is fucking tainting you so perfectly. You on the other hand are so deeply invested in how his teeth dig into you and how hard he sucks the skin into his mouth that you are reeling, drunk even, and waiting for what he is to do next.
Your eyes are squeezing shut when feeling his long tongue curl under you pussy to land on your clit, whole mouth open and drooling on you as he makes a show of quite literally having your whole sex within his mouth. His nose is bumping uncaringly against your ass as he starts to lap you all over. His mouth is so hot, nothing like his cold fingers and demeanor, as he greedily flicks his tongue over your bundle of nerves. You're moaning so hard now against the moistening duct tape that you can barely make out something constantly getting caught on your clit, so deliciously before he's pulling away and panting roughly. He is lust bound by the couple of minutes he took to lap you up, gulping down your arousal with and  neediness as he relished the taste and abundance.
He sits up quickly, straight on his knees and you can hear his belt unbuckling, “sorry buddy. I can’t seem to hold back.” He rasps as he shoves his jeans and underwear to the mids of his thighs which effectively is enough to snap your boyfriend out of the trance he was put in by watching you get eaten alive.
“Don’t you fucking dare.” He seethes seriously this time as he starts to pull on his restraints, but the man is too busy pumping his heavy cock in his hand. He yanks the gloves off to spread the pre all over his length before he presses it against your folds. You can feel how hot and heavy it is as he pulses against you which makes your legs wobble and give out. He growls now, “Useless whore. I told you to stay up, but since you like being down there so much-” He smashes your face into the bed sheets as he begins to rut his full rod like cock between your entire pussy. This time the duct tape does little to hide your noise when you feel it bump into your clit. It sends you reeling with the realization of just who you are dealing with, all suspicions confirming at the feel of the fat cockhead and the cool meta-
“You fuckin’ dick!” Your boyfriend is up in a flash, bopping the man in the head before yanking the damned mask off with anger.
“I told you not to get your dick anywhere near her pussy Touya! It’s too much when she doesn’t know who you are! It’ll scare her!”
“Listen Keigo, she's not stupid. She knows it’s fucking me. For fucks suck who else has a cock piercing.” Dabi groans annoyedly at the fact that he got interrupted.
“Move your damn hand you barbarian.” Hawks is yanking his hand off its spot on your head that was still pushing you into the mattress. He cups your pretty face while gently pulling the duct tape off.
“Is that true kid? Did you know it was him?”
You look into his golden eyes and nod slowly, “I kind of started to pick up on it, but I definitely felt the- the piercing.” You’re blushing at this, twitching against the cock that is still pressed firmly against your folds which makes Dabi bite his lip as he moves to grip your hip.
“Are you sure he wasn’t too rough? Your face is all red!” He pouts before throwing an angry glare at Dabi who only rolls his eyes and shrugs.
“Stop treating her like glass. She wants to be broken, sucha whor-
“Untie her arms at least, asshole.”
He is snickering before he starts to untie your arms and legs, while Hawks dotes on you like the loving boyfriend that he is, “are you okay with this? I tried to listen to what you told me last time. And well believe it or not he’s the only idiot that I would ever allow near you”
You're trying to catch your breath and compose yourself as Dabi’s nimble fingers graze your skin while he frees you, remembering how you told Hawks you would be down for this exact situation as long as it's with someone he trusted. It was said when you were trying to get him to understand just what you were okay with in bed since he often was afraid to get too crazy. You never thought he’d listen.
“I'm very okay with this. He wasn’t too rough. Just mean.” You pout which has the black haired man rolling his eyes as he pushes you back into the bed, catching you two off guard, and forcing you to arch again.
“Gonna let me stuff you now? For all my hard work. I’ll show you just how mean-
“You are not fucking her-”
“It’s not your choice. It's her body Keigo.” Dabi snarkily says, “so wouldya say y/n?”
You ponder for a moment before finally speaking, mind clouded with the feel of Dabi’s piercing cover cock, parting your sticky folds. “You told me how you’ve always wanted to w-watch, right?” You ask and Hawks can’t help but blush a bit at recalling how turned on he said he’d be watching you in this situation. His pants grow tighter as he licks his lips and nods. For the first time of the night you turn back to look at Dabi.
He has a cocky grin on his face as he begins to slap his heavy mass on your cunt, “go ahead” you breathily say. He grins now, pulling his shirt off with one hand while positioning himself at your entrance and pushing into you unabashedly like the barbarian he is. His goal is to stuff you to hilt in one swoop, you know to really knock the air out of you, but you are so damn tight that he can’t. Your sex cuffs his girth so snuggly that he can barely sink half way inside without being stopped as it feels you are going to snap him off.
“Agh! Keigo h-he’s so big!” You squeal, clenching even more which makes the man hiss and squeeze one eye shut. His fingers digging crescents into your flesh, “this is why I take it easy on her. You feel how tight that pussy is. It’s dangerous.” The dirty blond says smugly while watching Dabi try to control his emotions as he tries to push further, but your walls are just sooo unforgiving as they suction onto him even more.
“Fuckin whore, can’t move if youre being so desperate.” The cold man is astonished by the fact that he hasn't come yet.
“C’mon kid. Show Touya how good your pussy is. Show him that pussy that daddy just loves.” He coos as you struggle to accomdot the veiny intrusion, decorated with piercings, but you sniffly nod your head as you push yourself backwards, stretching yourself open around your boyfriend's friend's cock.
“W-wait.” Dabi sputters, but it's too late. You're so cute and determined and inching further and further onto him with much more vigor than before. As soon your ass comes flush with his abdomen, you both cry out at the feeling of his piercing knocking into your cervix.
“Keigo!!!” You moan loudly as you quiver and Dabi’s firms up as much as he can upon hearing this. Grounding himself as he yanks your face upwards by your chin as he bends over you so that your cheeks are touching, “ ‘the fuck you keep calling his name for?” His eyes are wild as he turns the tables on you, pulling out of you and back in so quickly that when he pounds into your cervix this time, tears wield in your eyes.
“Say my damn name, I’m the one in your fucking insides right now.” He growls as he starts to grind into you, positioned on his knees as he stays buried inside, grinding to repeatedly rub against your walls.
“Oh my--- TOUYAA!!” The squeal that he forces just bubbles past your lips and you gasp once you realize that you said his name, face going red as your eyes flick to your boyfriend who looks down at you with an almost sinful grin.
“That’s so naughty of you. Yelling out my best friend's name right in front of me?” The blond's eyes don't match his words though, they swirl with dark excitement as he gets more aroused.
“I-I Is that oh-kayyy?” Your sentence wavers as Dabi flicks your clit a bit, grasp finally leaving your face.
Hawks only hums as he takes in your lewd position, impaled so cutely on his friend's cock and still looking to him for approval. What a time to be alive, he thought, “darling I arranged for this.”
“He really did and I think it’s time to properly thank him.” Dabi growls as he shoves you back on all fours, fingers skillfully weaving in your hair so that he can pull your face up a bit to be eye level with your boyfriend's pants.
One look up to see how the avian man was staring down at you with low eyes made your pussy wetter, “c’mon Keigo use her mouth. It’s still available and she’s waiting.” He did not need any convincing, ridding himself down to the boxers before slipping his pretty cock out. You sigh contently when seeing it, throwing an adoring look at him before opening your mouth.
Both men are aroused by your show as Hawks puts himself in your mouth. You quickly make work of moaning around him while sucking and wetting his whole length up. Just when you throw a lewd look at him, Dabi retracts himself all the way to the tip before pushing fully back inside.
The moan gets stifled by how far Hawk’s cock lodges in your throat, the force of Dabi’s thrust propelling you forward on the other man. The sudden action makes your teeth graze more harshly along your boyfriend's length than you would have done, making him sputter out his own moan.
“Suck him properly or else.” Dabi threatens as he begins to rhythmically fuck into you tight heat, each thrust parting your gummy walls while each retraction rubbed them teasingly slow. Your boyfriend's hand is snaking down to your throat as he begins his own snapping of the hips.
He’s groaning loudly as he feels where his cock falls in your throat upon each thrust as you gag and slurp around him, eyes teary as you begin to moan too. It’s dizzying and you almost feel like it isn’t real, being able to take both men’s actions, but then Dabi lands a painfully hot slap to your ass and you’re all there again.
“Don’t you start to fuckin go dumb yet, we haven’t even fucked you at the same time.” Your body jerks at this as you try to look at your boyfriend in shock, but he almost ignores your bewildered looks as he lazily smirks and shrugs his shoulders. He’s still plunging into your throat when Dabi chuckles at your weak attempts to talk.
He pulls out of you before collecting all of the slick you’ve produced on his cock and slathering it on your asshole which makes you jump, “you’re lucky I’m prepping you.”  With that he begins to circle his pointer finger around your ass and inches inside slowly, but when seeing how fast it plunges in he throws a quick glance at the other man.
“She’s a nasty girl, she doesn’t need the prep. She’s taken stuff up the ass.” He grunts as you start to play with his balls, but when registering what he said you’re shaking your head. You’ve certainly never taken anything as big as Dabi and you want to voice that, but he cuts you off soon thereafter.
Pierced tongue circling around your puckering hole which makes you gasp loudly, Hawks’s member coming out of your mouth with a loud ‘pop’.
“I-I haven’t taken anything really b-
It’s your boyfriend's turn to grab you by the face roughly, firmly squeezing your cheeks between his hands as he gives you a stern look. “You can take it. I say so.”
Your eyes gloss over at the sight and sound of your man being so dominant and you nod in a trance which makes him smirk, pulling you forward to plant a soft kiss on your lips. He doesn’t stop there though he’s turning his head to the side to slip his tongue in your mouth which you happily allow.
You get lost in his mouth having missed his sweet lips, but are torn from the delicacy when you feel Dabi’s member placed at your asshole. You’re about to pull back, but the blonds hand flies to the back of your head to keep you in place as your eyes fly open. His mouth consumes your whimpers that turn into squeals as Dabi pushes himself inside your quivering asshole.
Even with him having lapped you up back there and slathering the slick from your vagina on you, it still feels utterly helpless as he stretches you to the max. By the time he is fully inside, you have tears streaming down your face because of how weird it feels. It hurts but not as much as you anticipated, how full he is making you feel is what has you squirming and hiccuping.
“I know I know. It just feels so good right? You don’t know what to do with your dumb self.” Dabi mocks as you cry against Hawks’s lips to which he finally releases the hold on your head.
“Let’s get these legs of yours up too.”
With that the black haired man is hoisting you up so that he has your legs up on your shoulders, back flush against his chest as he full Nelsoned you- exposing you fully to your man who growls.
It is the Pro Hero’s turn to mount the bed, positioning himself on his knees right in front of you as he grips his dripping erection. He quickly spits on your pussy before he fixes himself at your entrance, “w-wait I don’t think I ca-
You're red in the face when the fiery man smashes you against him tighter, daring you to protest “something you wanna say?”
In the short time it takes you to think about defying him, the blond is plummeting through your silky needy walls with his own desperate vigor. He doesn't stop until he bottoms out and when he does you yelp, feeling his fat cock knock into Dabi’s who sucks in his own rush of air.
“F-fuckin shit kid it’s a real tight fit in here now that you have a cock stuffed in that hot ass too.” Hawks sputters, but you’re too busy trying not to cum to even register his words. It’s not until Dabi starts to move that you’re pulled back into this moment while Hawks starts to thrust in time with his friends.
The cloak of pleasure that washes over you makes your toes curl as you start to finally try and verbalize how you’re feeling. But you can’t even get a sentence out before Dabi’s mocking your weak attempts at speaking.
“You see that Keigo? Seems she's trying to formulate sentences.” He strains and the blond is laughing.
His fingers immediately find your puffy, sticky clit which he starts to run tight circles around, “it’s okay this will get her babbling. She loves when daddy plays with her pussy right?” He states as he grabs you by the face and you mewl loudly while nodding.
That’s just what you start doing too, babbling about how they’re mean for making you feel this good as the man continues to rub rough circles around your clit. His pace starts picking up when the two start to trade thrust. One pounding fully in while the other is pulling out just to shove inside while the other starts to pull out.
There is quite literally no depth of you not getting fucked and you start to see white, legs shaking by your ears as they course with pleasure and pain from Dabi’s hold. Just as you thought you couldn’t get more fucked, Hawks starts to coax you to turn your head so that you can see Dabi.
You’re about to plummet into the depth of your strongest orgasm ever when the blond starts to whisper about how you should kiss his best friend. Teary eyes laced with obedience, you press your wet puffy lips to the man’s cold ones silencing what would have been his protests which shocks him completely.
His hips stutter while he lets out a low whiny moan against your lips as you kiss him passionately. Absentmindedly moving your lips against his as you start to convulse, getting lost in his skillful flicks and their thrusts. Your orgasm has your holes clenching, but the feel of your lips on his has Dabi pumping your asshole full of his cum.
Losing his composure as he drops your legs, which are quickly caught by Hawks who holds them by the backs of the thighs to continue to fuck into you, while Dabi favors holding your face in his scarred hands now. He doesn’t want you going anywhere as he continues to fuck you through his and your orgasm, hands clamped on your face as you start to try and squeal about being overstimulated.
It doesn’t matter. Dabi is too lost in the feel of your lips and the thought of even being able to kiss his friend's girlfriend that he doesn’t mind his own cocks cries of overstimulation much less yours. Hawks on the other hand is just nearing his nut, having basked in the bliss of watching you two kiss each other so passionately.
You’ve since gone limp on Dabi as he finally coos praises about how “you are actually such a good girl, taking both of us. Such a pretty doll for us to wreck.” He encourages Hawks to praise you while snaking a cold hand around the man’s shoulders until he can harshly mess with the upper base of his wings.
He lets out a shocked and broken moan, head thrown back as he cums violently. Shaking and all and you can only whine as your body drinks up all that your boyfriend offers as he pantingly twitches while Dabi chuckles out, “good boy.”
The after care is a blur for you, but both men take it seriously. Washing you up and rubbing you down with lotion before putting you in soft clothes and cleaning up the sheets. Hawks has to quite literally convince Dabi to stay, saying you’d be upset if you woke up and he wasn’t there.
You were more than eliated to wake up sandwiched in between both strong chests, their light snores making you curl into them more. It seems that you may have gotten yourself another boyfriend...
Good grief loves, this shit was hard to write. My first multi characters piece so sorry if it was bad. Also sorry that it was late, I’ve been going through it-- what else is new amr.
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Something that needs to be explored, sex with Izuku while he and his s/o are high. I feel like he’ll feel 10x more sensitive and messy. He gets the cutest flushed face when you kiss his freckles as you grind against his cock. His thrusts in your cunt are slower but they go super deep as he cums in you. Izuku’s hands just lazily groping you & he lets out the cutest giggles whenever he squeezes your tits before putting one in his mouth to suck on as he kneads & pinches the other.
Izuku is number one to get stoned with. You have no idea anon it's a dream 😩
stoned!Izuku who just can't hold himself together. Cute fucked up mess the moment it hits him. An already handy man turned sloppy with his movements as he grips at your hips, ruts against you, then giggles he forget his clothing was on.
stoned!Izuku barely able to contain himself as his waistband slips over his cock and it bounces against his beautiful green happy trail. Swollen and hard bc there sure as hell ain't any blood flow any place else but his cock. Sandwiched between your cunt lips as he rubs with no rhythm. Panting and drooling with flush red freckles that are so cute and kissable. Eyes half lidded bc all he can see is you under him.
stoned!Izuku swearing he can't feel his cock. While feeling everything at once. So sensitive that he can't stop the globs of cum bubbling up between your cunt lips and smeared across your clit bc he came just from grinding into you. Panting, drooling, pleading mess that he swears he didn't mean to cum but it just felt so good. Regardless of how good it felt he's still throbbing and aching.
stoned!Izuku slipping his covered cock inside you after you giggle at the drool dripping from his slightly agape mouth. How he fucks you so slow and deep not even realizing how he's folding you in half. Clinging to you like it's you setting the pace. When really it's his hips he can't control. Sloppy thrusts only making the lewdest noises as you drag your fingers up his toned back. Leading him to cum again all over inside you. But he's too fucked up to realize it and continues to fuck you until he's an overstimulated mess with your cunt clenching around him ♡
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tohoeroki-hime · 2 days ago
Marked Up
Tumblr media
credit for art goes to Lammy
Pro Hero Touya x Reader
⇢ rating: 18+
⇢ word count: roughly 3.2K
⇢ plot: after Pro Hero Touya saved you from a villain, he takes you to his apartment to– well let's say it gets smutty. Continuation of Pt.1
⇢ warnings: 18+, cocky Touya, kissing, fingering, finger sucking, Touya's fat cock😆, unprotected sex, mating press position, orgasm, smut, creampie
Personal note: the idea of cocky Pro Hero Touya having some fun with femReader didn't leave my mind so I had to continue. I really had fun writing it. He's my new obsession 😆
Read Part 1 here
“So doll, wanna have some fun? My place is just around the corner.” He gave his hip a teasing little rut, you could feel the heat of his groin radiating through the fabric, feeling the forming bulge press against your core as his lips met yours again for a passionate kiss.
You gasped as he rutted his hips into you again, this time a little needier and deeper, a cocky grin on his face, when your lips parted for a silent moan. His erection was now undeniable and looking down you saw the thick bulge of his cock straining against the fabric of his pants.
You swallowed hard, noticing yourself getting more aroused by the second and you nodded slightly.
"Atta girl," Touya chuckled, and gave you a tap on the nose, "Won't regret it, I’m good.”
Burying your hot face in your hands you uttered nervously, "I'm regretting it already.”
“Are you?” He cocked his brow and scooped you up on his hips like you weighed nothing. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he started walking down the street with you, tight grip on your ass as he smirked, and you rolled your eyes at him in mock annoyance.
He closed in on you, your bodies pressed together heatedly, breathing heavily as your lips met. You could taste your shared breath, feel the thud of his heartbeat against your chest as you continued walking down the street.
He stopped in front of a modern high rise and let you down. Your legs were like pudding, your head a bit dizzy from the relentless kissing and you swayed, while he unlocked the doors. He noticed and leaned against the doorway, chuckling as he saw your disheveled state.
He grinned, "Awh- that out of it already? Doll, we haven’t even started yet."
"Funny–" you tried hiding your embarrassment as you wobbled past him, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the building.
"C’mere," the white-haired man's smile curled up and he tugged you into the open elevator, tone teasing as he pressed himself against you before you could move.
He latched onto your neck and started sucking, leaving a reddening mark and you squealed, swatting him on his strong arms, "Touya–!"
"Oh c’mon, admit that you like it, babe," he snickered, "By the time I'm finished, you're gonna be marked up by me, inside and out."
He sunk his teeth into your skin this time. A loud groan escaped your lips as the pain shot through your neck into your brain, and Touya chuckled, lapping soothingly over the red bite mark starting to show.
He kept pressing hot kisses all over your neck and collarbone, as the doors closed and the elevator started moving up. The entire ride up he kept kissing and sucking on your skin, holding you tight in his embrace, not giving you the chance to move.
The sound of the door opening meant liberation for you as he retreated, but only long enough for you to fall forward into his arms and be guided down the hallway to his apartment.
It was unsurprisingly spacious, a loft-like feel to it with open rooms flowing into each other, huge bay windows, and expensive furniture. You stepped up to the glass, awed by the view over the glittering skyline, and muttered "This is amazing, Touya–"
"Mhm, whatever-” he grinned, arms crossed across his chest, muscles bulging, legs slightly spread for a pelvic display, “But remind me, are we here to talk or to fuck?“
“You're an imbecile," you giggled and he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you, his lips hot on the nape of your neck.
"I bet your favorite one as well,” you could feel him grinding his firm crotch into your ass, “Wanna do it right here, doll?"
You turned around in his embrace, facing him, his mesmerizing turquoise eyes burning into yours.
"Still considering staying at all–," you breathed and you met for another kiss, his hot hands trailing down your back, tugging you closer towards him as he devoured you eagerly.
Pulling away reluctantly, he looked at you like you were prey. Grabbing your hand, he guided you straight to the secluded bedroom and flung you onto the sheets, soft on your skin, "We'll see if you still say that when I'm done with you," he growled lowly and you let out a surprised squeak as he bit into the soft of your neck.
"Now, what we got under here," he grinned and leaned back, pulling your pants off in one go, staring at the string of nothing burrowing through your already soaked folds.
“Ohh— I can work with that," he chuckled, eyes gleaming with mischief, “Now to what's on top.”
You squirmed a bit when he hooked his fingers under your shirt and pulled it over your head, only to discover a delicate lace bra matching your string tanga. Your round nubs already hardened with arousal, straining against the fabric. With one swift move behind your back, he undid the clasp of your bra, pulling it off.
“That’ll do,” he snickered as your breasts spilled out and he dipped in to latch his hot lips around one of your hardened nubs, nibbling on it, sending jolts of electricity through your body.
Writhing below him, your arms shot up to weave your fingers through his soft white hair. Lapping at your breasts, kneading them with his large calloused hands, he bit into your nipple, ignoring your sudden shriek. Tugging on it, he released it with a plop and looked up at you with lazy eyes.
“Ready to have some fun?” he cooed and moved to hover over you, his azure eyes not once breaking from yours and you felt yourself getting lost in them. He lowered down to meet you for a sultry kiss, lazily working his mouth against yours.
His hand grazed hot up and down your thigh, each stroke had him inching closer to your core, sucking on your lips, turning the kiss more heated.
Without a warning, his hand slid between your thighs and started teasing the outer lips of your entrance, and you jumped at his touch.
"Ahhh-" you squirmed, the sensation of his hot hand down there having you struggle to suppress a breathy moan.
“You're soaked...” He seemed fascinated and chuckled.
Your breath caught in your throat as you felt him slide his dexterous fingers down and push them past your entrance, curling them to graze along that one special spot. You tried to suppress a whine and the amused rasp of his voice made your cunt clench around him.
“You're really sensitive, huh?" It pulled a laugh from him, warm and deep as your walls trembled even more, squeezing him tight.
“Touya—” you moaned out his name, soft and breathy, every time he brushed that special spot inside of you with his long and thick fingers, lowly pulling his fingers in and out.
He was taking his time, still peppering your neck with kisses, biting your flesh, and having you squirm underneath him. With agonizing deceleration he dragged his fingers along every ripple of your walls, digging into it until you started to tremble below him.
“Look at you,” he murmured, watching you with lust-filled eyes, pupils blown wide, “Fuckin’ hot…”
“Ngh—” not being able to form words anymore your eyes fluttered shut, his smile grew wide with satisfaction and you keened when you felt him pressing a third finger into you.
It had your eyes rolling back and your hips jutting up, trying to accommodate the delicious stretch. Touya started to pick up the pace, fucking his fingers into you now, his hand smacking wetly into your cunt each time he shoved it forward. You cried out and tried to keep your legs from shaking, but lost all control as the coil inside of you was about to snap.
It took the stroke of his thumb over your swollen clit, a rub up and down in sync with the rest of his hand for you to fall apart below him. You pressed your head into the sheets and cried out, your back arching as your walls convulsed around him and he hissed, feeling the contractions milking his fingers insatiably, his cock twitching in his pants with anticipation.
He grinned boyishly, helping you through your high, waiting for your eyes to refocus and your gooey walls to stop fluttering.
"You did fantastic, doll," he pressed a gentle kiss on your panting mouth, pulling his fingers out, your juices clinging in strings to them, and lifted them to your mouth.
"Open," he demanded and you eagerly parted your lips.
Sliding his fingers into your mouth, you swirled your tongue around his digits, tasting your own sweetness. He bent forward and his lips pressed on yours, his tongue lapping in, while his fingers were still in your mouth.
Deepening the kiss, he slowly pulled his fingers out, hot tongues dipping deeper into each other's mouths. You could taste yourself all over him and it was intoxicating, slowly compromising your mind again.
The kiss grew less intense and ended with a short tug on your lower lip as he rose to his feet and tugged his work shirt off, revealing a well-toned torso. Scars of all types were scattered across his skin, fine faded lines alternating with deep and pitted ones, painting a beautiful pattern across his skin.
White hair trailed down his abs and disappeared underneath his work pants. Legs slightly spread, he grabbed his crotch with his hand and enjoyed how you stared directly at the fat bulge in his hands.
He cocked his head in amusement, “Ready for this, doll?”
You let out a childish giggle, mimicking the tilt of his head, licking the bottom of your puffy lips when you purred, "Don't know, big boy, are you? "
He growled lowly, licking his lips, “Spread your legs.”
Propped up on your elbows, heat flooding your cunt you obeyed, letting your knees fall to the side. You clawed the sheets as he pulled down his pants, revealing his thick cock, bopping heavy under its own weight. Saliva pooled in your mouth at the sight between his legs and you had to swallow hard.
He smirked down at you, fisting himself loosely and you let your head fall back with an annoyed groan, blushing with excitement. As he kept stroking along his length, he lowered himself between your thighs. Holding your breath, he pulled your string to the side and tugged it into the crease at your thigh.
He stroked the warm head of his cock up your folds, gathering your slick, and gave himself a few languid strokes to lube his length. Then he placed a hand to each side of you, caging you in, while his soft tip prodded your entrance.
"Look at me," he cooed, and your eyes darted up to his, totally stricken.
Slowly pressing forward, you felt his tip press against your entrance, there was a bit of resistance and with a small rut of his hips, it slipped inside.
It was overwhelming. Your mouth dropped open, he felt so thick between your thighs, his girth spreading you apart, the pressure in your pelvis immense it made your mind almost blank out.
“Touyahhhhh–” You clutched at his shoulders, your nails digging into the tight muscle there as you tried to stay afloat in the feeling of him pressing into you.
“Doing s'good, doll—almost there.” He pressed out between clenched teeth, the sensation of your tight walls squeezing his dick making him choke back a moan. You slammed your eyes shut and bit your lip to suppress a wail, a single teardrop trickling down your cheek.
It felt like it took forever for him to bottom out. You forgot how to breathe, how to think, forgot everything except the sensation being so full, full of him. As you slowly came to, you started noticing his hot breath on your skin, warm wet lips on your neck, trailing kisses along, having your focus shift back to him.
Moving along the curve of your jaw up towards your lips he was kissing you now, swallowing all needy mewls spilling from you as you could feel his cock twitch with excitement inside of you.
He pulled back, looking at you, his radiant lips curled up into a teasing grin, canines exposed, “Want me to start?”
You swallowed heavily, still a bit out of it, hazy eyes darted up into the bright blue eyes of his and you let out a merely audible fuck yes.
He gave his hips a teasing roll and you jolted, eliciting an amused chuckle from him.
“Sure-?” There was no pause as he started moving and reached up to squeeze your breasts, groaning breathily as your walls clench around him and your head fell back.
An annoying ringing suddenly sliced through the air, an incessant sound breaking the built-up sexual tension, having you both groan out loud. He grabbed for his phone, the screen lit up, and he swiped his thumb across the screen with a scoff.
“I’m busy, call back later," he growled into the speaker, seemingly unaware that he was still fucking his dick into you.
“Now, where were we again,” ending the call, he grinned, tossing the phone on the sheets. Just as he was picking up the pace, the ring of his phone echoed through the room again.
“You gotta be shitting me–” he hissed, grabbed the phone, hitting the "Decline Call" button. There were a couple of quiet seconds before the ringing started up again, this time even more persistent than before.
“What the fuck?” He sounded ferocious now but grabbed the phone nonetheless.
"Don’t move.” He slid out of you, his fat cock glistening with your slick juices. You tried squeezing your legs shut, but Touya tutted quietly, prying them apart again.
“Touya, what the-” but it was already too late. He held the phone between your legs, the familiar fake shutter sounded as he took a picture of your puffy folds, dripping with your own juices. Causally opening the messenger on his phone, you saw his fingers fly across the screen, a smirk appeared on his face when a "Message Sent" tone sounded.
“That oughta shut them up,” he snickered and tossed the phone off to the side again.
You had buried your face behind your hands, cheeks red as cherries with embarrassment. Touya pried them off and grinned at you, "Awh, c'mon, that was funny!"
"You're such a dickhead," you scolded but he dove in for a kiss, biting and licking his way past your wet lips, slowly pushing his cock inside of you again. You moaned into his mouth, the short break leaving you unprepared again to meet his size.
“You good? Need me to stop?" He breathed into you, watching as you shook your head as best as you were able to.
"That's my girl," he cooed and placed a kiss on your breast, tweaking your erect bud, making you jump at his touch.
As expected, the phone had grown quiet, no one tried calling him again. He pushed your legs up, knees resting on your chest, and kept moving with slow, deep thrusts, hitting just the right spot with this angle, over and over again.
His expression had grown tense, sweat dripping down his temples as his movements became faster. Your mouth opened in a silent wail as a searing heat flooded your gummy walls, the tension in your core spiraling higher, ready to snap again at any time.
“Gonna cum for me, huh?” His voice had gone smoky, rumbling from his chest, his eyes heavy-lidded, burning with desire when he looked at you, drinking you in.
The lewd squelch of his dick fucking into you filled the otherwise quiet room as he kept up that relentless pace. He pressed a palm against your abdomen to feel how full of him you were, increasing the delicious pressure on that rough spot he kept pounding into. It was a delicious friction, as your movements and breathing became one, a constant of backs and forths.
Groaning deeply, he was chasing his high now, his cock getting impossibly hard inside of you and he straightened up, each of his ruts had his dick kissing your cervix, sending jolts of pleasure through you.
“M'gonna cum inside you–” he closed his eyes as he was about to push both of you over the edge.
“Please–” you managed to get out between heated moans, eyes rolled back in your head with overwhelming pleasure.
“So- fucking needy,” he panted and rutted against you, desperate moans falling from your lips.
Increasing his pace again, he pistoned into you now, his dick relentlessly working his way in and out until the world around you started to crumble and falter.
Touya’s mouth opened for a low groan, you clawed at his shoulders, back arching as you came undone around him, a loud keen escaping your mouth. A blinding high washed over you, you felt like falling as you shook in his hold, walls clenching, contracting around him, milking him for all that he was worth.
“Fuck—!” his voice, raw and deep, rumbled from his chest, and he came inside you shortly after, painting your gummy walls with his creamy, sticky seed. Not breaking the rhythm, he kept rutting his hips against you, pushing his cum even further inside of you. He dipped his head to meet your lips, sucking up every single moany gasp as you both rode out your high together.
“Holy shit.” Touya chuckled high on endorphins and collapsed on top of you, twitching cock still buried deep inside of you.
The room slowly grew quiet, the silence only broken by the puffs of your shaky breaths, and the sound of him peppering your skin with soft kisses, slowly, gently. His cock slipped from you, your combined juices dripping down your crease onto the sheets.
He braced his arms over your shoulders and nuzzled his head into your neck, nose nudging your hair, breathing your scent in. You both stayed like that, enjoying the afterglow of your shared orgasm, feeling the steady rise and fall of each other's chest.
He dove up to nibble at your mouth, his breath warm on your lips as he hummed, “Dollface, remind me to save you more often.”
“Ok, big boy, tomorrow morning?” you laughed softly and he rested his forehead against yours, answering sleepily before he pecked a lazy kiss to your lips, “Sounds delicious…”
@sage-malf0y @scruffymctee @undefined–person @diamond-3 @vixxen-chan @tirzamisu @starlightnightmares
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minifuyu · a day ago
loves pussy jobs. daydreams about them constantly. cums so fast. embarrassingly fast. he does it to tease you but then in the end he’s the one sputtering out apologies as he’s cumming before he can even fuck you. even after he’s came he still keeps going, his cum only now aiding his movement against you, letting him slip between your folds all the more easily, occasionally nudging your clit and almost slipping inside you. sometimes he’ll even fuck his cum into you, not caring about the over sensitivity because he just wants to be inside you so badly :( you feel so good around him, can you blame him? hearing your little whimpers below him only serves to spurs him on, watching you tug your lip between your teeth and beg for him to fuck you really makes him dizzy.
-. chifuyu , kazu , sanzu , michi , inui , zenitsu , ryusui , chuuya , atsumu , bokuto , shoyo , denki , izuku , shouto , shiggy , yuuji
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hhawks · a day ago
spare any thoughts abt lovesick keigo pretty please 🤲
lovesick keigo borders on yandere keigo imo. there’s just something about the number two hero so infatuated with you, losing composure and cool when he’s around you that he doesn’t even bother upholding his nonchalant facade when the topic switches to you. lovesick keigo who’s fucking obsessed with you, keigo who leaves a couple of feathers to make sure you're not in trouble. "i'm not spying on you, what if you need help and i need to find you?" he laughs over dinner. keigo who fucks you deep and rough, fingertips digging into your sides pulling you impossibly closer and closer. keigo who wraps an arm around you every time you walk side by side, gentle possession, willing submission. keigo who revels in every squeal, every whimper that falls from your lips when he fucks your brains out, keigo in springtime heat and all he can think about is pumping you full of his cum and kids. keigo who fucks your pussy raw, hips bruising from how hard his gripping you, but the soft kisses on your lips and how he presses his sweaty forehead to yours makes up for the pain. keigo who sucks bruises into your pudge, into your plush thighs, reminding you how fucking beautiful you are all the time. keigo who takes breeding like possession, thinks the only way to get people from staring at you, sizing you up like their next conquest is to make your belly grow, swell with his kids, your tits swollen with milk. lovesick keigo never wants to let you go. lovesick keigo can't stand the thought of anybody else looking at you. lovesick keigo is so, so, in love with you it's crazy. you're all he wants, all he needs.
he's just making sure u feel the same.
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mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
HEY BESTIE SWEETIE LOVE itz me again :))))
I want to ask 2 things:
1)how's life going? And how's at work going?
2) i wanted to ask if we can have rich bf shoto with a reader that likes to meme around and/or make shoto laugh cuz bby deserves love and happiness (like you) if you didn't really catch on my request (or for others) here's the explanation.
For example: shoto asks "since when do you have that book" and y/n be like "since deez nuts" yanno
Rich bf Shoto x reader who jokes a lot
A/N: hi love!! I finally got time to do your request! Enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
God you’re just so sweet and chirpy, it always brought a smile to Shoto’s face.
He loves coming back from a dull day at work to his penthouse, where you’re cracking some dad joke while jumping into his arms happily, making him crack a smile.
He cuddles you in his strong arms affectionately, as he kisses your cheeks while you babble on about some meme.
You’re like his little bundle of sunshine.
But let’s be realistic, sometimes your jokes go right over his head.
“Omg Shoto, where’s candice?!”
He looks up from his laptop, “who’s candice?”
“Can- DEEZ NUTS” you exclaim, then proceeding to laugh at your own joke, he didn’t understand what just happened, but that’s okay, he’ll just smile and nod.
“That’s great sweetie” he says, while patting your head.
He loves it when you physically re enact memes, he’ll be seated in his office chair, manspreading, all his attention on you as he watches you t-pose or do some crazy move, an amused smile gracing his face.
Making him laugh at serious events!!
Like you’re at a charity gala, and here you are, cracking inappropriate jokes in Shoto’s ear, as you watch him struggle to contain his laugh.
“You pay for this when you get home” he manages to whisper in your ear while repressing his laugh.
He loves it when you make other socialites on the tables laugh too, he’s so proud to have a funny, endearing darling like you.
He’ll have an arm wrapped around your waist, as you stares at you laughing your ass off, a dazed, lovesick smile on his face.
Just imagine CEO! Izuku and Bakugo smiling too, happy that their usually boring, dull friend finally found some sunshine to his life.
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i-want-you44 · 2 days ago
Dabi would leave bruises and hickeys in the most obvious places just because he's so territorial. But if anyone else lays a finger on you he's fucking demolishing them, and pampering you. As if he doesnt hurt you as well. And if you ask him why he reacts that way he would just smirk at you and say no ones allowed to hurt you except him.
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