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#mha spoilers
1snick · 2 days ago
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misplacedgamer · 2 days ago
So friendly reminder that Aoyama was introduced in Chapter 3 with the two most important members of the Deku Squad (Ochako and Tenya), AND he had this line
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Hori is a motherfucking MASTERMIND
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this-isnt-legal · 2 days ago
Everyone after 335: Lol wouldn’t it be so funny if Hagakure was a red herring and it was actually Aoyama or something  After 336: 
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omiishii · a day ago
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I had to draw it really quick!!!! Shoto!!!!!!
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rhetorical-ink · 2 days ago
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I'll have another post once the official chapter is out, but man...Horikoshi, you mad man...
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Villains stans have been pouring their hearts out about why they connect with villains, about how sad and unfair it is what happened to some bnha villains, and how it has never been about killing or hurting people but about being filled with shame and guilt and rage and sadness enough for it to consume you. Specially because most young villains were forced into being like that, forced by their families and circumstances and inexperience.
And now the hero stans will be able to get it through Aoyama. Now they have the kid breaking down while saying "I'm a filthy villain" and they'll understand that that's how people like Dabi, Toga and Tomura felt. And they felt it for so long, too long, and to try and survive the guilt and shame and loneliness they started putting all their feelings in their rage.
The young villains have been performing for society because they told the kids "you all are evil" so they must me evil in order to stay alive.
The only other option was giving up and killing themselves in the process.
And society the ones who die as heroes and the ones who refuse as villains.
How is that fair? How is that right or heroic?
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tinyshinysylveon · 2 days ago
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wow they really weren’t kidding that Rody got into the top 10… but also
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MY BOYS SIDE BY SIDE 🥺 as they should
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shadowed-dancer · 2 days ago
If Aoyama actually is a traitor, I want to bring up a cool detail someone once pointed out
All the way back on Volume 10, Aoyama is on the spine. Unlike every other volume, he is the ONLY character on a volume spine to not look at the reader (excluding those with covered eyes). Aoyama is looking down rather than straight ahead. This is also the volume where Present Mic first brings up the possibility of a traitor
So, yeah. Cool detail
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