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#mha spoilers

hmm, nah i think blackwhip is just supposed to be ropes/whips, and not able to help him sense anything. 

i could see him eventually incorporating blackwhips in a way where it might act as an extra limb, though

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Aahhh…. Erm…. Ohh… Oh lord. Man, for a moment I thought he meant All for One, and I felt like my soul was about to takeoff due to the sudden joke. But no, he meant the hands. Oh lord, the hands, he know about them, of course he does, which means that he knows who they belong to…


Not gonna lie Compress, this place seems like its a underground lab, so I can’t imagine it being bright, even with that big-ass screen behind him.

The scene with doctor silhouette seemed more like a artistic choice to me than he actually being hiding due to a bright screen.


See, the doctor respects social distancing, what a upstanding guy, don’t you think? He’s only helping a dangerous psychopath create an army of genetically engineered super-soldiers, no biggie. :)

But still, he’s keeping his distance, so there’s something shady going on. He either doesn’t want to be recognized, or he doesn’t trust them enough yet. Or he just thinks they stink, that’s also a possibility.

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Just read chapter 273 and I loved it!! I can’t imagine how the heroes are going to escape this. A few things that took most my attention in this chapter:

  • Shigaraki implied that the doctor was preparing something, and that overhaul wouldn’t have liked to know it was destroyed… More drugs to delete quirks??
  • Shigaraki notices that he can now decide when to activate his quirk. He can touch things with his five fingers without activating the decay!
  • Communications between the heroes in the hospital area and the heroes in the city don’t work
  • Deku has totally mastered his black whip? He is carrying lots of people with it!
  • Mr Compress says he has never seen little Toga lose her cool like that :(
  • Toga says it’s hard to keep living like this (without Twice)
  • Shigaraki saying “You’re one hell of a wake-up call” to Endeavor is my favourite sentence in this chapter

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapters!!

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Previously on BnHA: Tomura woke up and destroyed everything. Like, everything. That was a nice fake hospital-slash-secret-evil-villain-lair Jakku had, once, before it was fucking Pompeii’d out of existence. Also Crust died, but he saved Aizawa from also being dusted, and he gave a nice little thumbs up, so I guess all’s forgiven now and we’re just gonna act like this isn’t only happening in the first place because ol’ Numero Seis couldn’t even stalemate a single High End long enough to help Mirko destroy Tomura’s test tube! BUT I DIGRESS. Anyway so like I said, Tomura destroyed everything, like the entire fucking town, and lots of other people died besides Crust (THIRTEEN WHERE ARE YOU), and the damage spread all the way over to where the kids were, and Deku was all FORTY-FIVE PERCENT RAHHHH and did a flying kick, and I guess somehow that will stop it?? I don’t understand but let’s read on.

Today on BnHA: The kids are all “why is this shockwave destroying everything just like Shigaraki’s quirk, what is this, what could that possibly mean” and then Deku is like “!” Over on Jakku Hospital Island, a new location which just appeared on our map, Tomura is all “oh, these quirk bullets?” and tosses their remains in the trash before picking up a phone and dialing Gigantomachia. Over in Gunga, Tokoyami flies Hawks to safety (at least he’d better be safe now), while not!Toga reveals that, just kidding, she totally is Toga!! and stabs a few dozen people while Compress explains to Dabi that Twice’s death has made her extra specially crazy. So that’s nice. The chapter ends with A GIANT HAND just FUCKING PALMHEELING ITS WAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT, because apparently Gigantomachia has made himself 150 feet tall again, so that’s just great. And actually I lied, because (1) it’s not actually great, and (2) the chapter actually ends with Endeavor going to fight Tomura, because fighting god is totally something this stubborn asshole would do, fuck my life.

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