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#mha x reader


oh to slow dance to this song would be a dream 😌💖 also yes miss Moira I love her so much even though she keeps making me cry with paubaya HAHAHAHA hope you enjoy this one!!

pairing: bakugo katsuki x female! reader; genre: fluff, established relationship au; marriage au; word count: 339; warnings: bakugo being soft lol

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—mabagal (slow)

He takes your hands into his, drawing you closer to him, just enough so when you lean into his sturdy chest you can feel the rapid beating of his heart and smile— because you know that he is your home.

Bakugo has never been the gentle type. He was gruff, rough around the edges, and a bustling bubble of energy that could pop at the slightest annoyance. But with you, he was soft. Like a soothing lullaby, Bakugo caresses you like you’re his most precious treasure, twirling you around the dance floor.

For once, he finds himself not caring about the way his family and friends are staring at the two of you with awe, or how he’s letting his guard crumble down completely in front of them. None of that matters to him when you’re in his arms, looking at him with eyes that held his heart in a vice grip, yet caressed it lovingly at the same time.

Getting Married to you has got to be the best decision of his life, he figures, as you two dance slowly to the gentle tune of your favourite love song; with sappy lyrics that do little to describe how much he loves, no cherishes you; yet manage to convey the desperateness of his heart.

He could imagine it now: Your children running around the backyard, a testament to your love while the two of you watched from the porch, with his arms circling around you, perfectly content and at peace.

It had taken the two of you a long time to get to where you were today. Years of pining for each other, then what felt like a millennia being apart, to finally finding yourselves back in each other’s arms. Loving you was a slow, gradual, blossom in Bakugo’s life that he would never allow to wither away.

So he sways with you on the dance floor, gently rocking you, hoping his eyes spoke the feelings his heart couldn’t convey, marvelling in awe at how yours do the same.

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Bakugo with a s/o who’s like Nagito


For this the reader’s quirk is called dice! She can use her quirk to roll a 100 sided dice for each situation and for others actions as well, whatever number shown/rolled on the dice is the % of how something will work out!

Ex: rolling a 1=1% it will work!(dont do it then! It won’t end well most likely…)

However! If rolled a 89=89% chance it will happen so go for it!

Since your quirk never really sided that much to physical strength, you being the badass you are started to learn how to fight on your own!

Such as working out more(like a fuck ton I see you) as well as learning different hand to hand compact moves and even sports such as wrestling, kickboxing, jujutsu, etc.

So all around you were strong and smart, more likely than not the odds were stacked in your favor!

But if only you could see that….

Having a quirk that only shows a dice with percentages? Surrounded by so many other amazing and unique quirks? How lame….

At least that’s what you thought, everyone around you honestly thought you deserved to be in 1A! And you do!

Being with bakugo and a quirk like you do can be helpful with his anger and impulsiveness, so when he’s about to go blow off on something sometimes literally you would use your quirk to see hey, should I stop this dumbass?

A lot of people like to think all to Katsuki is just boom boom angry boy 😡 but there’s way more to him then that!

He’s actually very observant and tentative to you as well, but while more often than not having that tsundere front, however sometimes when you two are alone he won’t hesitate to go soft and either be soft for you or let you be soft to him with little to no retaliation

When it comes to an actual battle or fight, he most likely will be more focused on himself and the enemy tbh, and if he gets mad then he’s even more in his head and less likely to realize your habits

Honestly it was just supposed to be a quick and easy one and done with you and your hot headed boyfriend on patrol. So you can imagine the shock when not even a few minutes later the two of you were in a intense battle with a couple of nomus.

Bakugo as usual charged forward with no hesitation, ready and prepared to ,,blow these bastards to bits,, as he says, however you ok the other hand were struggling. These pests were almost indestructible, and all you had was an imaginary dice and hand fighting, whihc it eaisly over powered you in. Fighting as hard as you could you jumped back for a minute to use your quirk due to having an idea that could end this sooner rather than later.

Right as you activated your quirk a glowing 100 sided dice hovered above your outstretched hand, rolling and twisting and turning faster and faster. “Fuck, hurry up,” you breathed out with a huff as the nomu started towards you again, with little to no hesitation in taking a breather. As it lunged toward you the dice shattered and the holographic shards went flying out and fading away as your body just barley dodged. “worthless” you rasped out, “of course the I cant even do the one and ONLY thing this pathetic quirk can do, and as usual I just fail miserably. Tch, what else could I expect from scum like me..”

Turing around you watch Bakugo eaisly taking out the other two nomus, barley breaking a sweat. Looking back down at your hands as you flipped your palms over, staring down at the dice that reformed in your palms with glossed over and hazy eyes. With a dull laugh you whispered out “oh magic dice, please enlighten trash like me how badly I will fail yet again.”

Suddenly, you felt a tug on your waist as your pulled back against something firm and warm as a hand comes out from behind you to clasp over your own, ultimately covering the dice. With a scoff Bakugo huffed out “I don’t appreciate someone talking bad about my girlfriend, I’ll have to teach you a lesson when I get back.” And with a kiss to the crown of your heads he jumped forward into action against the nomu. You watched with a haze in your eyes as he took it out in less than 10 minutes.

Walking past you with a grunt and an angry “let’s go” he barley spares a side glance when bumping shoulders and you both headed back to UA

When you got back to the dorms you both headed to the showers, exausted and covered in grime and dirt. As you washed your body and dried it off you couldn’t help but to let the bad thoughts fester and grow, dwelling on them as you headed back to your room.

Holding onto a pillow on your bed you sobbed out all your thoughts and feelings, about yourself, your quirk, others, all the despair that drowned you. So far gone in your breakdown you didn’t realize someone was in there with you until yet again, firm arms were wrapped around yours as you were pulled back against your boyfriend’s chest. Turning around you bury your face in it and shutter as sobs rack your body. He holds you close whispering sweet words and turning down all your bad ones, instead explaining how it’s wrong

“Fuck I’m so weak, I couldn’t even fight a nomu yet you easily took them all on.”

“If your ‘so weak’, then how come you eaisly took down those guys attacking that agency the other day?”

“Please suki, anyone eaisly could have, trash like me just barley got the finishing hit”

“Please angel, you eaisly took them down no sweat, they’re the trash anyways, their pathetic quirks had nothing on you”

He kissed the top of your forehead and then your lips when you tried to go on about how terrible your quirk was. He wouldn’t let you talk so bad about yourself, after all none of it is true. And everytime you try to it start to go on a self deprecating rant, he’d always be right there to shut it down and provide sweet nothings to prove you wrong.


Hope you liked it and enjoyed! Make sure to drink plenty of water today! 💕

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Where you find yourself trapped inside the world of what you thought was a fictional book and the only way you can leave is to say hi to your favourite character… Overhaul.

Overhaul x reader

Warnings : swearing

Words : 682


Series masterlist

A/N : 3 or 4 more chapters to go! Might do a spin off for a short dabi x reader 


Originally posted by fuu-kei

Chapter 6

You stood still on the train platform, reminiscent of your first day in that world, looking around desperately for that familiar mop of green hair. 

When you didn’t see it, you broke out into a sprint before you could find yourself sobbing in the middle of a crowd of strangers in a train station. 

It had been another twenty minutes before you finally arrived at your apartment, twisting in the key and pulling open the door harshly. Dropping your bag onto the floor, you sunk down onto the carpet, head in your hands as you finally let out your sorrow, loud sobs echoing through your home, letting go of the tears you had held back ever since the moment you said goodbye to Haru. 

It had been almost two months since you last stepped foot in your world. Your friends, although few, had certainly been considered as family at one point.

They were gone.

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Ah yes here we are 3 am writing well enjoy some zappy zappy boi

TW: kindapping, manipulation?, forced affection, non-con?


Originally posted by el3ctr0b3rry

Denki thinks you belong to him and honestly anyone else would assume so. You on the other hand HATE his guts. I mean come on he kidnapped you locked you in a room and forced you to cuddle with him, make out with him, and let him to whatever the fuck he wants to do to you. You honestly think he’s psychotic. You could really care less about him…but that doesn’t go over well with him.


You should’ve known better. How stupid could you possibly be? You must have been pretty stupid to think you could leave him easily. Trust me he’s pissed at the fact you would pull something like that. “I leave for like five minutes and you do this to me?!” Kama air said angrily at you. “Look I-“ you stammered hopelessly. “NO! I’m sick of you acting like you need to leave. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can’t go anywhere and you won’t go anywhere. Am I understood?”. All you can do is nod meekly. “Good!” he said a smile growing on his face. “Now why don’t we cuddle” he said with a warm smile. “Uh..uhm…I- ok” you managed to say. “Yay! It’s makes me so happy when you submit to me, because in all honesty you should really just accept that we are meant for each other” he says picking you up bridal style and walking over to the couch. He sits down and positions you so that you’re laying on top of his chest. He wraps him arms around you and nuzzles into the crooke of your neck. “I love you so much” he says while kissing your neck. “You love me too right?” he asks you sweetly. You want to say no but let’s be honest you really can’t so you do what he wants. “I love you too Denki”

“You’re a dream come true my buzzy beautiful sunshine nugget!”

Ok finally finished 😭🤧

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╔══════*.·:·.☽✧     X     ✧☾.·:·.*══════╗

☽✧𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚 𝔹𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕘𝕠𝕦 𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕤 𝕒 𝕙𝕦𝕤𝕓𝕒𝕟𝕕✧☾

Note: @ianowtshit My dumbass clicked delete instead of answer; I’m so sorry 😭. Luckily I remembered what your request was because I loved it so much! Thank you for requesting! omfg ima scream for Tumblr not letting me tag you

Warnings: Swearing

Keys: Fluff, male reader, Katsuki and reader are aged up, some parts are written out, and others’ are bullet points.

  • I feel like he would rank at least number 3. I high key think he would be number 1, but that might just be me being a simp 
  • anyway-
  • He would have a lot of fangirls because he has that successful bad boy appeal
  • He probably has some crazy fans too 
  • Like ones that would make it their primary goal to get with him kind of crazy 
  • He is aware of those types of fans but ignores them
  • When he’s home, he talks about the weird thing that they do with you

*.·:·.☽✧ X ✧☾.·:·.*

“You wouldn’t believe what this chick said to me today,” Katsuki started as he leaned on the kitchen counter you sat at.

“Oh no, what happened this time,” you remarked with a smile. Every time he shared a story of one of his strange fans, you always ended up laughing at how odd they were.

*.·:·.☽✧ X ✧☾.·:·.*

  • After a while, though, they did start to get on his nerves 
  • And it was even more annoying when they were brought up in interviews by the media 
  • But in this one specific interview, he felt like telling them a little secret of his

*.·:·.☽✧ X ✧☾.·:·.*

“I’m sure you’re aware of what kind of fans you have,” the interviewer woman began, holding her microphone close to her lips.

Katsuki hummed in acknowledgment. On his face, he wore his iconic glare, not happy at the mention of his fangirls.

“With the controversial topic of pro-heroes dating their fans, many can’t help but ask if you would ever consider doing such?” she asked as she looked to the hero for his answer.

You watched the T.V., expecting to see your spouse go off on the interviewer for asking such a question.

“Tch,” Katsuki replied as he leaned back in his chair. Relaxed, he added, “I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate that if I did.”

The female’s eyes widened, not prepared for his answer. You also had a look of surprise. Not at his response because he had talked about telling the media he was taken for some time now. But at how he responded, he sounded so calm.

“Oh, umm. May I ask about your significant other? What’s he like?” She sat up, now curious.

“Where the hell should I start” Katsuki smirked. “He’s a lot better than those extras that think they can get with me.”

You smiled at your partner’s reply. You saw the interview open her mouth to ask another question. But before she could get her words out, Katsuki interrupted her.

“He’s my everything,” he said softly; he’s never spoken like this in public. “I’ve been with him since U.A., and I don’t know what kind of person I would be without him. No matter how much bullshit I throw his way, he’s always patient with me, and I can’t describe how thankful I am for that. There isn’t another person in the world that I trust more than him, and there never will be.” At this point, he was sitting up with his microphone held close to him.

You watched him continue with a blush on your face. The way he talked and the look on his face was so gentle and genuine. In the corner of the screen, you could see the interviewer’s expression of amazement. In past interviews, Katsuki had only answered in short replies. But for this one question, he spoke in length.

*.·:·.☽✧ X ✧☾.·:·.*

  • Katsuki’s phone was blowing up after that interview. 
  • Some fangirls expressing their disappointment
  • Others sharing their support
  • The Bakusquad calling him a simp
  • DynaMight was trending on Twitter, and everything 
  • The thing that most were talking about was how different he was when talking about you. In public, Katsuki always has a scowl, but in that interview, he seemed so peaceful.
  • When he got home, you made sure to tease him for being soft on live T.V. lmao

Likes < reblogs

╚══════*.·:·.☽✧     X     ✧☾.·:·.*══════╝

32 notes

First off, thank you so much! I’m really happy you like my work, it really makes me feel good.

Now onto a little rant about gendering Y/n.


Honestly, the lack of gender neutral and male xreaders astounds me. On top of that, when you look for x trans readers it always shows up with FtM, like trans women totally don’t read fanfiction too!

It’s okay to only write for cis straight women, but at least label it as that. I’ve ran across fanfictions that say the gender doesn’t matter and BOOM! Misgendered.

Also, it’s super easy to not use she her pronouns in a fanfiction, and it’s really unnecessary to gender the reader.

The only times I gender the reader, it’s as male, and it’s for requests. The men who read fanfiction (such as myself) are so starved for the correct gendering in fanfiction that they really deserve it.

Every other one of my fanfictions uses gender neutral pronouns, and I’ve even writing a gender nuetral smut before! It’s not as hard as you think, really.

I’ve also been striving to make fanfictions thag any black person or person of color could read and imagine themself in.

If I ever make a mistake that makes you feel like Y/n doesn’t fit you, I want someone to let me know so that I can fix it.

I want to be the fanfiction author that anyone can read. I want to make people smile when they read my work. I want them to feel like they belong in the universe they want to, and this is the best way I can do it.

Also, I can count all the fanfictions that show up under the tag of ‘male reader’ on one hand.

I’m not a girl, and it makes me feel really icky when I get misgendered in fanfiction, but with so little male and gender neutral fanfiction, it’s hard to avoid.

So I want to normalize writing fanfiction for an audience that consists of any/all genders. Men, women, enbies, genderfluids, agenders, and everyone else I can’t name because there really are a lot of genders.

Obviously I’m not bashing anyone who only writes for women, that’s what they’re comfortable writing, and that’s alright.

But if you’re trying to write a fanfiction, could you maybe try to pretty please make it gender neutral? It’s super easy.

Thank you for listening to this ramble, it’s been on my mind a while, thanks again, Macoroni!

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✎ Types of hugs they give


Characters- deku, kirishima, bakugou

Summary- how the mha boys give hugs

A/n- I’m so sorry this is really short but it’s my first time I will try and make longer ones once I get the hang of this~




gentle tight hugs

not to tight and not too loose.

they’re just right.

his arms would be fully wrapped around your waist or back his head laying on your shoulder.

with a small smile he would rock you both side to side gently.

he gives the best hugs.




this guy has you trapped, feet off the ground while hes twirling you in his arms.

your poor lungs cant take feeling of being squished.

his hugs last a long time, too long…

hes so cute that you dont have the heart to pull away.

his hug will leave you breathless.




will NOT fully hug anyone or hug anyone.

you’d have to force him to give you a real hug.

but when he does they’re also gentle like izuku’s.

he would never admit it but loves the way you feel in his arms.

side hugger until you make him give you a full hug and they are the nicest hugs ever.

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pairing: keigo takami [hawks] x reader

genre: angsty heartbreak

heavily inspired by rosé’s new single, gone.

your perspective. full fic comes out tonight (?)


his perspective

why did you have to leave? leaving him sad and blue, crying ugly with his broken heart.

you’ve already packed your bags and gone. how is he supposed to live without you? without your hugs, your kisses, your warmth. just without you.

he heaves a sigh holding his phone in his hands, tears in his eyes as he scrolls through and album of him and you.

he tried calling you, but it seems like you changed your number that’s why he can’t call you. is it really that bad that even your friends don’t want him to talk to you?

did he really take your love for granted? did he really not give it his all? how did he not see your change? how did he not hear you crying at night?

is this really how your love story is going to end? with it you leaving him sad and blue?

but he has to face it. its his fault. he can’t blame you, he broke your heart in the first place.

it’s all because of him.

you felt all that pain but he couldn’t. he wishes he could turn back time and see how much you were hurting, return his mistakes. he simply took all your love and left you numb, you had nothing in return.

he wants you back, he wants you in his arms, he wants you here, back home with him. he just wants to be the one for you, but to you he’s merely no one, it’s blatantly obvious you’re already done.

he looked too much in the inside, relied to much on the walls that he didn’t realize it was already cracking into pieces.

nothing can replace you, and now that all your love is gone, the story is all said and done.

he just wished he doesn’t see you with anybody new. even if all your love is gone.


all rights reserved shisnhou.

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Summary; Twin flames. They were rare, and yet you found yourself interested in them. You didn’t expect to have one, especially not with the girl you were trying.

Pairings; Platonic! Eri x female! reader

warnings; overhaul’s abuse, a bit of story change, wanting to puke (It’s only one sentence tho), angst, Blood, self blaming, emotional hurt comfort


 requests; I would like some self-indulgent stuff please uwu

Side not; Ik you said like,,, my husbands and wifus, but I think we can all agree we need a little more Eri in our lives-


Originally posted by miidoriyas

Twin flames.

They were so rare, to the point where you’ve only ever heard a few stories online. Even less were recorded in history books or books in general. Twin flames had always fascinated you. The fact that your soul was basically in another, a part of you that lived in another human being. It sounded weird, strange even. And yet, you always longed to have one. You knew you probably didn’t considering how rare they are.

That didn’t stop you from hoping, though.

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pairing: keigo takami [hawks] x reader

genre: angsty heartbreak

fic very much inspired by my queen, rosé’s new single ‘gone’ make sure to stream it when it comes out

his perspective. full fic comes out tonight (?)


your perspective

its eight in the morning, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

but why is it so cold?

you reach your hand on the opposite side of the bed only to find the spot cold. your inner body sobs with tears, you wish you could do the same.

you’ve poured all your tears last night, your tear ducts empty. your body fluids all dry from crying on your pillow all night.

you thought that he would maybe remember, but he didn’t. you bitterly chuckle turning the opposite side, bringing your hand to your hair and fisting it.

you search for something but what are you really looking for? him or the love you want back? either way it’s something you yearn for.

you stand up from your position in the bed. your eyes fall upon the dresser on the side, it’s an old photo of you and him. smiles wide and love visible through the looks on your faces.

you miss those days. you wish you could go back but sadly you can’t. he’s no longer in reach, he’s too far from you. and you’re so tired of adjusting and waiting, you’re nearly numb at this point.

you gave it your all but he doesn’t want to be involved anymore. what happened to the promise of forever?

you want to blame him but you just can’t. no part of your body wants to let go, but you’re empty.

all your love is gone.

you still want to hold on but you no longer can. what is there to reach when you can’t even spare a single glance towards him?

it’s time for you to pack your things and go, this is not home anymore. you no longer feel secure, it doesn’t feel like home.

you’re no longer looking back, he’s dead and gone to you.


all rights reserved shisnhou.

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Originally posted by adeptusyaksha

Yandere!Tamaki Amakiji Pining for S/O Quick Headcannons

  • He’s not a yandere who would immediately dive into yandere behavior. He has a warming up period. Basically emotionally flagellates himself, his anxiety causes his mind to think along the lines of ’[Y/N] isn’’t really [Y/N]’, ‘It’s just a façade’, 'Why would God ever give you such an angel?“, etc. So there in the beginning there is a brief stretch where Amajiki’s idolization and adoration of you struggles and quickly succeeds over his anxiety. After that, it’s open season.
  • Watch out—Amajiki has the power of both God and anime anxiety on his side.
  • Aka, he legit thinks that you’re either the divine, or of divine origin. Number 1 devotee Yandere in BNHA. Also, now that his love for you has 'convinced’ his anxiety of your perfection, it’s actually now uses you as a tactic to cause more anxiety. Like, 'Where are they right now?’, 'Are they okay? What if there are villains’, 'Who could be talking to them’.
  • Okay now into the actual pining.
  • Way, way too shy to pursue you face to face—so he improvises.
  • Amajiki is basically a crow. After he’s warmed up to you he brings you gifts and leaves them in your locker. Either, something he overheard you talk about, something you mentioned in a conversation to him, or something he 100% confirmed you liked through his stalking guessed you might like.
  • Also like a crow—his hairhe follows you around. Either at a distance, or like a lost puppy. Does it because, obviously he wants to be near you, wants to make sure no other person could take you away, and to make sure you’re safe.
  • Kinda hopes that if he just is near you enough, you might start to like him? That would be ideal??? He can’t talk to strangers let alone flirt with the confidence of a man with smolder. So to help this angle along, Amakiji will actually just slip into your daily life and activities until the point where he is in every social activity you have. The worse thing is that you will most likely not notice, a plus of his shyness is that his lack of talking makes it incredibly hard to recognize just how frequently he is by your side.
  • Eventually he, unwittingly, starts guilt tripping you into spending more alone time with him instead of others.
  • Uhh, Rena is working on this RN, at 1:41 am, if you are reading this come back in a bit to see something- Update this is Rena working at 3:17 am, uhhhh I need to sleep so ill be back to update this in the morn
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| one too many | tamaki amajiki (suneater)

pairing: tamaki amajiki/suneater x female!reader

summary: agreeing to go to a house party that mirio invited you to was probably a bad idea, not only that, but you lose tamaki in the midst of it and end up finding him in a bad situation. with that, you decided it’s enough and take him to the dorms to get him to sleep his drunk off— but on the way, he starts slurring his most heartfelt feelings to you.

warnings: mentions of alchohol and drinking, i wouldn’t call it dubcon— but mentions of unwanted attention..? stupid drunk tamaki and fluff. <3

a/n: dear god this wasn’t supposed to be this long, i’m so sorry in advance.


Originally posted by httptamaki

gif is not mine. credit goes to owner.

your eyes frantically searched over the ocean of people that had taken up the majority of the house, the air reeking of alchohol and cigarettes. loud laughter and chattering filled your senses, only making you more anxious.

you knew this was a bad idea, agreeing to go to a party mirio had mentioned to you and tamaki must have been the worst thing you’ve ever done. it wasn’t only that you hated people or anything social, but it was also because you lost you fucking best friend in the midst of it.

what a shit-show this was.

tamaki had wandered off on his own after having one too many drinks, and you regretted letting nejire even talk him into it in the first place. you should have known better than to let him drink, it had been his first time and you knew when you first took a sip of alchohol your couldn’t handle it yourself.

your worry grew all the worse each minute that passed and you couldn’t spot the elven boy, he had quite literally been pulled away by the tide of drunk teenagers.

oh god, what if he was in trouble? he was drunk and vulnerable, and your mind immediately thought of the worse.

that’s until you spotted a familiar mop of wild purple hair in the back of the room, tamaki’s hands were up and there was a small frown on his face. you tilted your head from the other side of the room until you saw why he looked so upset, there was a random girl in front of him who couldn’t keep her hands to herself. he looked lost and confused, and it only pushed you forward to get to him.

your blood boiled as you shoved through the crowd, stomping your way over to him with determination. when you finally got to the destination, you glared daggers into the back of the girl’s head as she continued to try and unbutton the first few buttons of your best friend’s shirt. you saw how tamaki tried to push her hands away, his eyebrows furrowed and his movements were slurred and pathetic from his evident intoxication.

all you wanted to do was grab her by the hair, drag her outside, and throw her into the pool in the backyard. but you didn’t want to draw attention to the crowd, so you surged forward and grabbed her attention instead.

“hey!” you barked, and the girl whipped her head around to look at you with challenging eyes.

“what?” she huffed, her hands coming to a halt on tamaki’s shirt. the sound of your voice had him turning his attention to you limply, a wide, drunk smile growing at his lips at the sight of you.

“can’t you see he doesn’t want this? why don’t you go bother someone else?” you hiss, taking another step toward the two of them. the girl scoffed, tossing her silky hair over her shoulder, “and what are you to him, excatly?”

you narrowed you eyes, shuffling up to her and yanking her hands off of your best friend. “as a matter of fact, i’m his girlfriend.”

i wish. you thought to yourself, but you knew this was just a diversion to get her to back off. tamaki obviously didn’t like the attention she was giving him.

she gave you an offended look and stumbled back, but scoffed none-the-less and walked away with a small ‘whatever’.

“you’re.. you’re my girlfriend?” you heard tamaki slur, making your turn back to him to see a stupid grin on his face. his cheeks were tinted pink along with his pointed ears, and you could see a thin sheet of sweat on his forehead, making some strands of hair stick to his forehead.

ugh, out of all the times he looks pretty like that. now?

you blinked, “uh, n— no, tama. i just wanted her off you, we’re friends.” his grin fell immediately, and you could sense the disappointment as he hung his head, “oh.” he mumbled.

you ignored the way he took the news and lifted your hands up to button his shirt back up, of course, tamaki thought you were doing other wise. “uh— b-bunny?” he tried, tugging at your wrists. you gently moved his hands away and continued your work, trying to prevent your face from heating at the pet name, “don’t worry, i’m just trying to get your shirt fixed.”

he visibly relaxed at that, and studied your face as you continued to button up the few buttons that had been popped open by the ignorant girl. you felt his stare, it was heavy and he never looked away once.

you felt one of his hands start playing with your hair, and the other toyed with the loose string in your party dress before ghosting his fingers along the dip in your waist. you had the urge to lean into his touch, but he was drunk and you weren’t sure if that is what he wanted.

instead, you continued your work, you hands having a little more trouble trying to fiddle with the buttons. you blame tamaki for that, his touches lingered and soon the hand that was in your hair moved to your cheek, and then down to feel the slope of your neck— then proceeded to smooth his fingers over your exposed collar bone. his other hand moved to place his hand on your hip, slightly rubbing up and down.

your mind was cloudy and fuzzy, all you could focus on was the way tamaki’s hands curiously roamed parts of your body. soon, you had completely forgot about the buttons to look up at your best friend— his eyes were wide and so very innocent as he continued to explore your body, you inhaled deeply and snatched his wrists into your own hands.

“tamaki, stop.” you stated firmly, making him frown. “but your so pretty.” he grumbled quietly, the alchohol rolling off his breath.

you raised your eyebrows in surprise, this tamaki was definetely different from sober tamaki, the drunk in him was very forward and unashamed with what he did— if he even knew what he was doing was foward. while sober him would have hid his face in a wall if he knew what he was doing.

that was the tamaki you were about to meet in the morning.

“thank you, tama. now stay still, we need to get you back to the dorms.”

after a few tries trying to get tamaki’s hands away from you and many episodes of his whining about not wanting to leave, you were able to fix his shirt and drag him outside to the car after telling mirio and nejire you guys were leaving. they seemed disappointed, but you knew tamaki couldn’t stay there any longer.

you just needed to make sure he got to the dorms safely before you lost your shit with the way he was clinging to you, because it hurt you to know that he was going to forget all about this in the morning.

you sighed in the drivers seat, trying to focus on the dark pavement of the road. the ride was silent, but it wasn’t an awkward silence. at least, not to tamaki. you could feel his stare on you for most of the time, and you tried your best to not look back into his beautiful dark pools that were filled with wonder.

“y-y/n?” the elven boy softly whined, you pursed your lips, “yes?”

“i feel weird..” he responds, you can’t help but let out a chuckle, “this is why you never should have had that many drinks.”

tamaki dramtically shook his head from side to side, “n-no. like, right here.” he corrects, slapping a hand to his heart with a small hiccup. you hum, “yeah? why’s that?”

he ponders for a moment at the question through lidded eyes, before he turned his eyes to look at your profile with a dorky grin. “i think it’s you— you.. make me feel weird.”

you heart was beating out of your chest violently, you glanced at him from the corner of your eye for split second before focusing back on the road.

“whenever i’m like around y— *hiccup* you, it’s like.. there’s butterflies.. in my stomach. it feels weird, but.. but it feels— *hiccup* nice.”

you wanted to feel happy when those words came out of his mouth, because you can’t even remember how long you’ve had a crush on your best friend. but you knew you couldn’t be happy, because there was a high chance that it was just his intoxicated brain talking.

“y— your really p— pretty and really cool and smart. and i like you.. like..” tamaki lifts his hands from his lap and gestures them widely out and open in front of him, “a lot.”

you take a deep breath, completely dismissing the way your were while knuckling the steering wheel. the more he poured his heart out to you, the more you wanted to just jump out of the car and be a piece of roadkill.

he’s just drunk. you thought bitterly to yourself, it means nothing.

“what about you? do— do you like me too?”

you sat there in thought, debating on whether or not it was a good idea to tell him the truth. he’s probably gonna forget everything in the morning, it won’t hurt.

it would hurt you if what he was saying wasn’t true, and if he did remember tonight then you were shit out of luck.

“um,” you started, subconsciously bringing your fingers to your mouth to bite your nails. it had always been a bad habit you did when you got nervous, you still have yet to be anywhere close to breaking it.

“i-i do, tamaki. i really like you, i have for a long time.”

you could see tamaki’s eyes light up at your confession, “r— really?”

all you could do was nod silently as you pulled into the heights alliance parking lot, putting the car in park and hopping about before he could say anything else to you.

you two didn’t say anything as you helped him up the pavement to make sure he didn’t fall flat on his face, eventually making it up to the dorm doors. when you walked into the building, it was like a whole different atmosphere. no yelling and hollaring, no strangers to bother you, and the air wasn’t drenched with the stench of alchohol.

it was nice, and it was quiet.

you gently guided him by his arm to follow you to his room, he complied with a small ‘woah’. once there, you tugged the door open and pulled the two of you inside, shutting it behind you.

“take your shoes off.” you tell him, digging into his drawers to find him something comfortable to sleep in. tamaki stumbled while trying to slip the shoes off his feet, and you ended up letting him use your shoulder for leverage with his sleep clothes in hand.

when he was done, you sighed. “ok, here. put on these clothes.”

you held the clothes to his chest, and he titled his head at them and squeaked, “uh, w— why?” making you roll your eyes.

“because your not sleeping in jeans and a button up shirt, tama. you’ll complain about it in the morning.”

he agreed to take the clothes after a few moments of silence, and you turned around to let him have his privacy. but once you heard grunting and stumbling around behind you, you turned around and face palmed when you saw the elven boy tangled in his own shirt.

“goddamn it, tama.” you exhale loudly, your paitience already wearing thin as you walked over to him to help him with his shirt, “remind me to never let you go out drinking again without being under supervision, this is starting to give me a headache.”

tamaki looked down at you like a kicked puppy as you adjusted his shirt to fit him right, poking out his bottom lip. “i-i’m sorry, bunny. *hiccup* i didn’t m— *hiccup* mean to make you upset.”

you immediately felt guilty, seeing the glossy look in his eyes. you knew the alchohol was messing with his feelings and sensitivity to things, he was already a sensitive person to begin with— so you couldn’t help but feel bad.

“no, no i didn’t mean it like that. i’m just really tired, that’s all. so, let’s get you to bed so i can sleep too, ok?”

or maybe it was because you needed him to hurry up and sleep the alchohol off so he wouldn’t keep tugging at your heartstrings like he was, maybe that’s what was pissing you off.

tamaki wasted no time in flopping onto his bed, lazily trying to get the blankets and sheets out from under him. you watched silently, an amused look gracing your feature before going to help him.

“gotta tuck you in too? what a baby, you are.” you sigh softly as you throw the blanket over his body, fixing the edges so it’s neat and comfortable.

the purple-haired boy hummed in response, and you could already see him drifting off to sleep. you huffed in exhaustion, a weight felt like it had been lifted off your shoulders. you smoothed down his messy hair before turning to leave, until you felt a hand shoot out to grab your wrist.

you turned your head, and then your body when you saw tamaki looking up at you with a pleading look in his eyes. “stay?” he whimpered, his grip softening on your wrist.

he was going to be the death of you.

“i don’t know if that’s a good idea, tama.”

he pouted, “why not?”

“because your gonna have a conniption tomorrow if you remember asking me to spend the night in your room.”

he looked up at you with puppy eyes, a look that made your falter a little. “please? just— just until i fall asleep?”

you stilled for a moment before giving in, and tamaki saw this— lowing his hand from your wrist. you lifted the blanket up and he automatically scooted over to give you some room, but he settled over to where you had hardly any. you swear he was doing this on purpose just so you would be close to him, not that you minded though.

laying down, you find a comfortable position and relax, pulling the blanket over both you and tamaki. after, you immediately felt arms engulfing your body, and the elven boy pulled you close to him.

your eyes widened against his chest, “t-tamaki, what are you doing?”

you felt him squeeze you tighter, nuzzling his face into your hair affectionately. “mmh, wanna be close to you.”

you shivered, but you weren’t sure if it had been cold or if it had been the affect the boy had on you. but it didn’t matter, because you felt yourself caving and pressing yourself further into him. in fact— you were trying to get as close to him as possible, slithering your arm around his waist while he returned the gesture by doing the same.

“fine, but only until you fall asleep— or else your going to have a heart attack in the morning.”

you felt his chest rise and fall with a content sigh, already drifting into an easy sleep, and only a few moments later did you feel yourself doing the same thing.

let’s just say, you never left his bed that night.

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Y/N with a Shark quirk🦈

A/N: I randomly thought of this, this is amazing. Best thing I’ve ever came up with ever

Quirk explanation: you can breathe both on land and underwater very well, You have very sharp teeth that can rip through basically anything. You can also hold your breath for a long period of time

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Warnings: language

Characters: Kirishima, Bakugo and Dabi (if y/n was a villain)

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Ooooo I like this one a lot!!! I hope u enjoy it I had a lot of fun writing it💕


Originally posted by cinnamon-tama

  • “I think your overreaching.” You said in a monotone to Aizawa
  • “I think your under reacting.” He spat back at you, “Obviously, he has an another motive.”
  • You rolled your eyes, “Hes my friend. Thats it shouta. Hes been my friends forever. Hawks is harmless.”
  • The two of you were arguing about the only thing you two ever aruged about
  • Hawks
  • Aizawa wasn’t comfortable with the realtionship that the two of you had
  • The lastest issue being an interview the two of you did together and hawks couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself
  • Aizawa didnt care that you two had practically grew up together
  • Or that the two of you did most of your missions together
  • One because whenever hawks was around it was obvious he was flirting with you dispite you being in a relationship with Aizawa
  • And two even through he knew you were fateful he couldnt stop the voice in the back of his mind saying maybe you would rather be with someone your own age
  • Someone you could relate to better
  • Unlike him who by his own words was a ‘tired old man’
  • But you were content with your relationship with Aizawa
  • Yes he was older but you liked that about him
  • “Shouta I dont know how many times I have to tell you, it just isn’t like that with hawks.” You laughed
  • Aizawa clearly not seeing anything funny about about this spoke up again “You say that but clearly you’ve been leading him on if he doesnt even care to flirt with you even when im standing right there!” He yelled at you, “I dont want you hanging out with him.”
  • “You’re not my dad Aizawa! You cant to wll me what to do!” What started off as a little argument was turning into a full out yelling session
  • As it usually did whenever hawks was the subject
  • Aizawa was letting his insecurities speak for him and was saying words he knew he didnt mean “I dont see why you even stay with me, you like being around him so much why don’t you just leave me and sleep with him already.”
  • And feeling hurt you hurled insults back, “You know what? For once you might be right.” And not wanting to sit in the apartment with him anymore you stormed out
  • How could he say something like that to you kept asking yourself
  • Why didnt he trust you?
  • You had never done anything to betray his trust so he really had no right
  • But deep down you knew you weren’t so innocent
  • You could tell hawks to stop with a the flirting and stuff but you didnt
  • Just being content with it knowing it bothered Aizawa
  • And that wasnt right
  • And yes hawks was your close friend and you had to admit he was attractive and charming but you had gotten over your silly little crush for him
  • The moment you met Aizawa
  • As far as you were concerned hawks was just a friend
  • And thats why you found yourself venting your relationship problems to hawks tonight
  • The two of you were sitting on his couch alone in his apartment
  • As you ranted about the nights events
  • And as usual hawks sat there with an open ear and agreeing with you about how right you are
  • “I say hes cramping your style y/n,”
  • “You’re a grown woman. He cant tell you what to do!”
  • “He should trust you!”
  • Basically telling you everything you want to hear
  • It was well into 2am when you finally calmed down and was seeing clearly
  • After a few more laughs with Hawks
  • “I just dont get him sometimes, if I wanted to be with you I would have just started dating you.” You said with a laugh
  • But you notice hawks didnt seem to find that as amusing
  • Silence grew between you two until he spoke up
  • “Why didn’t you?”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Why didnt you decide to date me?” He asked you
  • That question had been weighing on his mind since the moment he found out you were dating the eraser hero
  • “Keigo you know why..I…I-you’re a player. And you never take anything serious-all you would have done was hurt me.”
  • “Thats not true.” He said in a rush
  • Hawks was looking into your eyes, “if it was you I wouldnt do anything to hurt you…its always been like that for me.”
  • “Keigo…” you didnt know what to say
  • Yes you knew he always had a little crush on you but you convinced yourself it was harmless
  • “Why are you telling me this now?”
  • “Because even he said it! Why don’t you leave him y/n? Me and you we’d be perfect together we both know it.”
  • “Keigo…I love Aizawa.”
  • “So you dont feel anything for me?”
  • “Its not that keigo…”
  • “What is it like then?”
  • You didnt want to tell him you didnt love him because secretly you knew a part of you did
  • But still
  • “I should leave.” You said getting up and heading for the door
  • Keigo followed you, “y/n dont go.”
  • He stoppes you before you were out the door, “look im sorry, I…I.. just love you y/n and I just hate seeing you with him…”
  • You turned around to face him sighing and trying to avoid his gaze “I dont know what you expect me to do keigo im with Aizawa…”
  • “I know,” keigo moved his hand to your face to make you look at him, “but just for a second imagine you were with me.”
  • And before you knew it keigos lips were on yours
  • You knew better then to kiss him back
  • But that didnt stop you
  • And since you didnt reject him, keigo took that as a sign to deepen it
  • You don’t know how long you stood there kissing him
  • But when you felt his hands start to explode your body
  • It brought you back to reality
  • You pulled away realizing what you had done, “I cant do this.” And before keigo could stop you
  • You left
  • You returned home that night to find Aizawa awake and waiting on you
  • “Did you go to see him?” He asked
  • And sighing you told him the truth or at least part of it, “Yes, I did.”
  • “Y/n-”
  • “Look im sorry,” you spoke up, “I should consider how you feel. Its not right for me to let him flirt, ok im sorry Aizawa it won’t happen again.”
  • You tell him trying to hold back tears as the guilt ate away at you
  • Aizawa’s face softens as he looked and you and moved to hold you in his arms
  • “I was wrong for what I said. I know you wouldn’t do anything.”
  • His word only made you feel worst
  • Aizawa kissed your forehead, “lets go to bed.”
  • And so you planned to keep what you did to yourself
  • You kept a distance from Hawks not knowing how to interact with him from then on
  • And all this did was hurt him
  • Keigo missed you
  • You were his bestfriend and the love of his life but now you were avoiding him
  • And worst he still had to see you with another man
  • And it drove him crazy
  • And to an extent it drove you crazy too
  • He was your bestfriend too, and you didnt know how to talk to him anymore
  • And Aizawa had no idea about what you had done
  • That is until one day when hes watching eri and she tells him
  • “Are you and y/n not together anymore?”
  • Aizawa frowned, “No. Why do you say that?”
  • “Cause, shes likes hawks.” She said idly “I heard her say she kissed him.”
  • Aizawa stared at her
  • Did she know what she was saying?
  • “When was this?” He asked
  • “She said it on the phone to her friend. When she was watching me.”
  • Aizawa was at a lost, because he believed eri, cause why would she lie?
  • Aizawa didnt want to admit it but the idea of it being true
  • Broke his heart
  • He was in love with you, but you wanted someone else
  • Plus you lied you said nothing happened
  • So with this new knowledge Aizawa went to confront you that night when you two were home
  • “Eri told me something interesting…”
  • “Oh yeah?” You asked not really paying attention
  • “She said you-you kissee Hawks…is this true.”
  • You snapped your head at him
  • And if it wasn’t that it was definitely your silence that confirmed it
  • “Y/n…why?” He asked you
  • And you could hear the pain in his voice
  • And it made you hate yourself knowing you caused this, “I’m so sorry.”

A part 2? Maybe? Let me know

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dabi + piercing hcs


pairing: dabi x afab!reader (no pronouns mentioned tho)

warnings: nsfw, pussyjob, idk what else

this started off as me expressing my headcanon that dabi has a jacobs ladder but it turned into a whole ass list about nsfw hcs 🖐

  • so like. pretty common knowledge dabi has a lot of piercings right
  • probably as a way to express himself as a different person from the rest of his family
  • but he didn’t stop at just the places that are visible normally
  • loves having you grind on his piercings
  • especially when he’s feeling lazy and you’re horny
  • you’d walk into his room, thighs pressed together in a silent plea for his help
  • without moving from his laying position
  • dabi just lifts up his shirt revealing his bellybutton piercing
  • tapping his abs as a way to invite you over
  • straddle his stomach and he wouldn’t even look up from his phone
  • you cream so nicely over his muscular torso
  • breath hitching whenever your clit rubs against that cold ball of metal
  • but when he’s in the mood as well…
  • has you grinding on either his tongue piercing
  • or sometimes his jacobs ladder
  • dabi adores watching his cock slip between the lips of your little cunt
  • he loves how he can make you feel so good like this
  • grabs your hips to move you along the underside of his cock and over all the metal bars
  • the stimulation on your clit is unrelenting
  • has you cumming and soaking his lower torso with your slick in minutes
  • “too much for you baby? i haven’t even properly fucked you yet”

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╔══════*.·:·.☽✧     X     ✧☾.·:·.*══════╗

*.·:·.☽✧ℝ𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 ℝ𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕤✧☾.·:·.*

  • Sfw
  • Multiple characters in one post (3 in the max)
  • Headcanons with some written out parts and oneshots
  • Non romantic dynamics (teacher and student, friendship, parent and child, etc.)
  • Fluff, hurt/comfort, and crack
  • Polyamorous/ships x reader
  • Any gender of reader (female, male, non-binary, transgender, etc.)
  • Some touchy subjects
  • AUs


  • All male students
  • All male pro-heroes
  • Some villains (Dabi, Twice, and Gentle Criminal only)
  • Nsfw (smut or anything suggestive)
  • Full on angst
  • Yandere
  • Omegaverse
  • Female characters

╚══════*.·:·.☽✧     X     ✧☾.·:·.*══════╝

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i’m a sucker for the mha boys x artist reader

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❝ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔰𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔦𝔫 𝔖𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫❞

⪼  Profile; Bakugō Katsuki

Wordcount: 0.5k

Warnings: 18+ minors dni,  inappropriate relationships + unequal power dynamics, large age gaps, fem reader.

A/n: last reupload <33 hoping to have something new to post soon and will update the masterposts soon


Professor; Dr. Bakugō Katsuki

Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Check out his profile?

➢Field of expertise: Doctor of Engineering

»  Studied Biomedical Engineering

» Is best known for his class on Rehabilitation Engineering as this is the area in which his thesis was centred.


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