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toji-bunny-girl · 2 days ago
Grinding your bare cunt against pro hero!bakugou’s boots like a dirty slut, big doe eyes looking at him as if he was your world with those little tears clinging onto your batting lashes. He knows you’re about to cum with the way your smaller hands grip onto his pants, hips buckling and fastening on him and wet lips breathing out little whines. There was the edge, the spill of pleasure just a little away. But it’s all crumpled when he lifts his foot away, watching the shock and seeping disappointment over your features with that smirk of his.
“Looks like I’d be late for work if I don't leave now.”
“And you’re not allowed to touch yourself before I come back, hear that?” he doesn’t even bother looking your way, already taking the keys and heading towards the door, boots glistening shiny from your slick.
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sipsteainanxiety · 18 hours ago
bakugou katsuki grew up knowing he was needed for how strong his quirk was—how strong he was.
people tended to look up to him, rely on him, for how masterfully he wielded his power. this was only amplified once he hit the pro-hero stage. if there was any trouble, the public could always count on great explosion murder god dynamight to wrap things up nicely. they could always count on him to win. and he did. every single time.
he was a pillar of victory. he was a pillar of strength.
he became one of the heroes to call on whenever there was a particularly rough villain roaming the streets. he was pulled every which way, multiple voices constantly telling him the same three words no matter if he was on duty or not:
"i need you."
"dynamight, i need you to head to the kuiki district—"
"dynamight, i need you at the agency in five—"
"dynamight, i need you to stop the villain with the illusion quirk—"
this incessant need for him, for his power, dominated his life on the daily. and he grew to expect it, to accept it, even. he let it control him, guiding his actions and his triumphs. he was needed, after all. who was he to let these people down?
he was a hero. the world needed him. needed dynamight.
but you, pretty little you, didn't.
the day katsuki's heart started bleeding for you was the day you told him you didn't need him. you wanted him. not for his power, not for his strength. but just for him. for bakugou katsuki.
his entire life that he unconsciously based on his self-worth—on how he could win any battle against any villain, how he could be the strong figure people could always look up to—was upturned by those simple words you uttered to him one quiet night.
you chose him, chose to want him. you chose to love him, to treasure him forever until the end of your life. he felt something snap inside him—something he didn't know he'd been subconsciously craving for as long as he could remember.
the feeling of being wanted.
that someone could look at him and see not only his strength, but everything else that made up him—flaws and all—and still want him.
and katsuki knew, from that moment on, that you were someone that he never wanted to let go.
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arozaur · a day ago
Pro-hero!Deku x afab!reader
1,015 words
warnings: creampie, size kink, smut obviously, Deku has a big dick, afab reader, pet names: princess, reader and izuku are aged up to 25+ like always, afab anatomy described, reader and deku are married, no pronouns,
a/n: size kink + pro-hero!deku go brrrr
Pro-hero!Deku who’s big and towers over your body—small compared to his—having to kneel down slightly to meet your eyes. His hands large and covered with scars, caress your face with his thumb, while smiling at you dumbly like he doesn’t realize just how beefy he is.
Pro-hero!Deku with a body like a god that’s covered in large muscles and freckles, almost too much for you to take in, but too tempting for your wandering eyes to avoid.
Pro-hero!Deku that brings over all his hero friends to your shared house and still, he’s the only one you have eyes on. None of them hold a candle to Izuku’s beauty. Your sights always trained on his perfectly toned body, staring him down as if he were prey.
Pro-hero!Deku that still blushes whenever he catches you staring at him with lust blown eyes, eyeing all his vulnerable places. Gulping hard Deku finds his eyes wandering to your sensitive places as well. Thinking about how well you’d take him, in what positions, how you’d look and sound as he sunk slowly inside of your cunt; he’s sure you’d sound pretty singing your song.
Pro-hero!Deku that works long hours and horrible conditions to spoil your pretty self, putting only the best of food on the table for you, all your favorites. And even when he’s off fighting some big bad villain he’s always without a doubt thinking about you, and your glistening pussy cumming against his lips.
Pro-hero!Deku who can’t stop thinking about your body on patrol to the point he gets distracted at times, even putting himself and his colleagues in danger all because of your intoxicating pussy. And maybe once he’s finally home from work he’s slamming the door behind him, and dragging back to your shared bedroom, immediately throwing you onto the bed and caging you against it with his body.
Pro-hero!Deku who impatiently swipes his tongue against your bottom lip, begging for access to your warm, wet mouth. Rocking his body against yours roughly asking for more from you, your kisses not quenching his thirst.
Pro-hero!Deku that impatiently removes your bottoms and panties to get to your treasure as quickly as possible, removing his own quickly after. Immediately afterwards Deku is propping you right onto his cock, slowly easing you down on his thickness as his nails dig into your hips. You take deep shallow breaths as he lowers you down onto him, taking his time so you can get used to his fat cock.
Pro-hero!Deku with a cock so thick, so big that it can’t stand on its own as easily as it would otherwise, standing up a little further away from his belly button than if it were smaller. The tip is bright red and leaking of precum generously, ready to stuff itself inside your needy cunt. It’s so big that at first sight you become nervous and wonder if that’ll fit in your mouth or cunt, but Deku quickly eases your concerns and promises to be gentle with his princess.
Pro-hero!Deku that finally sinks you all the way down onto his cock, your plush pussy lips resting at the base of his length. And slowly he begins to rock in and out of you at a gentle pace, wrapping both arms around your waist as he fucks up into you. Listening to your whimpers and hushed pants riles him up and thus he begins to pick up the pace, his hips rising up in rapid motions to meet yours.
Pro-hero!Deku who throws his head back with a moan as he finds a good and steady pace, fucking you fervently and desperately. With a tight grip around your waist he fucks and fucks you, until the two of you become a scratching, moaning, biting, grunting, and impatient mess desperate to reach your highs. Eager for more you bring your hands up to his biceps and grope them, while you moan into his mouth.
Your lips part and he removes one of his arms so that he can reach a hand up to your jaw, and hold it as he passionately kisses you like it was his first time ever doing so. As he kisses you he starts to fuck up into you rough and hard, just near the cusp of his high, and you too.
Pro-hero!Deku that places his arm back around your waist with the other, proceeding to fuck you so hard you swore you saw stars. His cock slamming into that oh so sweet spot your arms sneak underneath his arms, dragging your claws against his back as you scratch hard and deep, sure to leave marks afterwards. You grind against his cock as he’s slamming in and out of you at an unforgiving pace, hoping it’ll bring upon your orgasm quicker.
Pro-hero!Deku that presses your body tightly against his as he cums his load inside of you, spurts of white cum shooting inside of you as you both finally reach your high. A symphony of broken, needy moans mixing with one another. You still grind against his cock regardless of his whimpers and cries of how overstimulated he is, it’s simply too tempting to deny yourself the pleasure.
Pro-hero!Deku that rides out both of your highs, until your body falls limp against his, then he’s laying you down onto the bed and cleaning you up before anything else. Then, he’s back before you know it and cradling you in his arms, kissing away your tears due to your overstimulation. Kissing you all over your face and praising you on how well you took him and his cock, telling you how beautiful you sounded and looked.
Pro-hero!Deku who does this until the two of you inevitably fall asleep in each other's arms, not bothering to take care of any of the discarded clothes or the meas you created. Just the two of you sound asleep in the warmth of the messy bed, with only the sounds of your breathing and snores to fill the empty nighttime air.
taglist: @dabisqueen @kazuwhora @spookydiluc @ghostyzhongli @tojiphilia @arlertslove @lovemegood @nuthonii @dukina
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mhadumpsterfire · a day ago
Special Viewer [P.1]
~~~~Katsuki Bakugou~~~~
In which Camboy! Katsuki Bakugou starts to become oddly interested in one of his viewers.
Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Cursing, Mentions of drug use and alcohol use. Y/N is afab!
If you are easily offended by sensitive tops I advise you click away
It was 12:30am, the exact time that Dynamite went live every Friday night to Saturday morning. You were ready, wearing a pretty black lingerie set almost as if he could see, and a bright hot pink toy in your right hand. You were his longest viewer, tuning in every week since he started, which was only 4 months ago. You logged onto the website under the username "bunny03" to hide your real identity in fear your career could be jeopardized if any of your coworkers were here with you.
The time read 12:33am, you started to lose hope. And right as you were about to log off for the night, you see a red LIVE icon by Dynamite's profile. You squeal in excitement and immediately click onto the live. You are presented with a black screen while hundreds of users pile into the live, after a few minutes you hear a deep, gruffy voice emerge from the darkness.
"Hey, everyone. What's up sluts welcome to this weeks livestream...." He started "...I'm just gonna wait for a few more hundred people to join then we'll get started, ight? So don't be naughty and play with yourselves without my permission just yet, got it?" He continued, his voice becoming more aggressive as it progresses. You can feel your pussy twitch in suspense, you were more than ready to have fun with your favorite boy Dynamite.
After a few more minutes passed, Dynamite's camera turned on and you were met with his bright red, piercing eyes behind a black face mask, once he realized his camera was working he gave a big smile, revealing his sharp teeth. Once you saw that smile, you felt the wetness slither down your pussy.
"Alright, let's get this show on the road, eh?" He chuckled before reading the comments. Comments of "Come on Dynamite I need you!", "Please punish me already, daddy Dynamite!" and "I'm so ready!" Flowed through the chat. "I know, I know, we're starting okay? Be patient for me."
He then leaned back to reveal his beautiful, chiseled chest and abs glistening the light as if pre-oiled for the special event. Seeing his chest like this put you in awe, god he was everything you wanted in a man.....sly, charming, funny, and god was he attractive.
"Alright, be a good little slut for me and start slowly playing with yourself, eh?" His voice degrading you like this sent chills down your spine, and you reluctantly typed in the chat "yes, daddy.", you saw your comment flow up into the tons of people commenting, not really expecting him to see it. You saw Dynamite smile and chuckle at what looked like a comment, it probably couldn't be yours...right? "Good girl." he replied almost as if he was talking directly to you.
You turned on the vibrating toy and removed your panties quickly. You then started to slowly rub your clit with it just as he instructed you to do, after a few minutes you were bored and dripping wet so you decided to get up and send another comment his way. "pretty please daddy, I'm so wet can I go faster?", He then said something shortly after that "Yes, baby you've been such a good girl for me, asking politely. Go faster for me....bunny." Once he said the nickname your body sprouted in goosebumps, was he referring to you? or...maybe it's just a nickname he used and it was a coincidence, I mean there was probably a hundred comments begging him please so maybe it wasn't directly to you.
He then moved the camera down to show his bulge parading in his grey sweatpants. You gawked at the sight, excited to see what's beneath. He sloppily pulled out his large, throbbing cock before spitting on his hand, then slowly stroking it. Once he started, he let out a throaty groan which make you 10x wetter than before.
You hurriedly got back into position and started moving the vibrator faster on your clit to same beat as Dynamite was stroking his dick. "dynamite, can I put it inside?" You sent another comment, reluctant to see his reply. "Yeah, slip it inside you, baby be my good little slut bunny." God, this was too good to be true, no way he was talking about you but fuck you were hoping he was. You slowly entered the toy into your entrance, sloppily rocking it back and forth against your spongey walls.
You shoved a sock into your mouth to stop your moans from escaping as your next-door neighbors were asleep. It felt so good, like pure bliss. "Yeah, does it feel good? God, you're such a pathetic whore, getting off to me pumping my cock? Fucking bitch in heat." He said, jerking himself off faster. You followed his lead and matched his speed to simulate the toy being him inside of you.
After a few minutes of this repetition, you could feel your orgasm slowly building up inside of you. "God, fuck. Holy fucking shit, baby I'm about to cum." He said before glancing down at the chat once more. You watched his slick hands fist his cock aggressively, dreaming you could be there. "Awww, is my favorite girl AFK?" He stated, with fake pity. Your eyes shot open...you hadn't really been active these past 10 minutes, like at all. And hundreds of other people blasted the comments full so....was it you he spoke about? His "favorite girl"?. Thinking about being his favorite girl filled your tummy with butterflies, but..at the off chance someone else might be his favorite girl made your head burn with jealousy.
You decided to test your theory once again and send a chat...."No, daddy, I'm still here :-) I'm just filling my pussy full for you." He almost immediately read your comment "Fuck, bunny, I wish I could watch you being daddy's good nd cute little fuck toy. Are you gonna cum, my perfect girl?" He WAS talking about you, there is no way he isn't. God, this is like a dream come true..and his perfect girl? God could this be any better? You typed back excitedly "Yes, daddy it feels so good vibrating inside me, I'm so close." You said. You started going faster and harder than before just so you know you'll reach your goal for him.
"Yeah? good fucking bunny for me, shit, I'm about to fucking explode, baby. Cum with daddy." His degrading words, making you out to be his useless and worthless bitch drove you crazy, he sped up his movements and strings of curses, moans and groans emerged from the man. "Fuck, bunny I'm cumming. Promise you're cumming with me, baby." He moaned.
"Yes, daddy I'm cumming I promise!" You shout out loud, immersed in his words and immediately covering your face with the pillow embarrassed. You let out a burst of liquid, spraying all over your thighs and the towel below you. "Fuck, yes~!" You screamed into the pillow, biting so hard you drew blood. At the same time, Dynamite was on the same boat as you "Shit..shit...shit! I'm fucking cumming oh shit!", You watched as spurts of white liquid shot of of the tip of his cock, dripping down his shaft and piling onto his fist.
After you rode down your high, you slowly slipped the toy out of you and put it back onto the bedside table. "Fuck, baby you made daddy cum so much..." A drop of sweat beaded from his chin onto his wrist. "Thank you bunny." He continued... "Anytime dynamite :-)" you replied, finished cleaning yourself off.
"Alright ya'll, thank you for a good night but uh....I've got to clean myself off, eh? So goodnight pretty babies." He said, exhausted.
"I'll miss you." you sent, you saw his smile light up...and was that....did he?....did he just blush at your comment?....you shake the thought "I'll miss you too, cutie. Goodnight, everyone~!" He exclaimed before ending the live....you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks as well, crossing your fingers you even had a chance he might feel the same.
You got dressed in comfy pajamas, and climbed back into bed aside your computer. Slowly sweeping to sleep. Right before the world faded away, you heard the ding of a message notification from the website that was still running onto your computer, you were too exhausted to check so you let the darkness consume you.
But what you failed to realize, is this message would change your life the second you wake up.
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katimagines · a day ago
omg the fake wedding drabble is so cute!!!! can you write a similar one where bakugou’s s/o has to fake marry shoto? i think that would be so fun. tysm❤️
Tumblr media
A/N: If you are unfamiliar with the original request of a fake wedding drabble and simp shoto, i suggest you read it. but if you just want some bakuboy then this should be a fun drabble.
"Come on, (Y/N). It's just pretending." That was what they said to convince her to take part in a bizarre fake wedding. Although, she knew that something was going to go wrong from the moment they asked her to act as the bride, but she agreed for some reason.
Well, not just for any reason. The one reason, in particular, was her sisterly love for sweet little Eri. And so when she looked up at (Y/N) with those sparkling and tragic red eyes, asking her to join in their fun, how could she refuse? What kind of a monster would be able to deny her of anything after what she had been through. Eri only wanted to see what a wedding was supposed to be.
The whole class decided that instead of showing her a movie wedding or just explaining the concept, it would be more fun if they converted the living room into an impromptu wedding chapel and (Y/N) wore a fancy white dress borrowed by Yaoyorozu, a white sheet over her head as a veil, and a handful of fresh flowers yanked out of the front lawn. All of that was fine by (Y/N), although a bit much. The only problem was the choice of groom.
Shoto stood at the end of the false alter, in his gym uniform with his sweatshirt opened revealing the white shirt underneath. He seemed uninterested in the whole thing, (Y/N) could only wonder how they convinced him to participate at all. (Y/N) also used her march down the aisle to survey the class for her actual boyfriend.
(Y/N) wasn't surprised that her classmates likely didn't ask Katsuki to stand in as her fake groom, he would have told them to fuck off. Maybe it was for the best they chose someone as chill as Shoto.
In fact, when she just allowed herself to just play pretend and enjoy the silliness of the situation, the whole thing was sort of fun. Their classmates were having a laugh about the whole thing, Eri seemed invested in the fake ceremony, and Mirio's half-remembered speech was amusing. Everything was fun and harmless.
"Do you, Shoto Todoroki, take (Y/N) (L/N) your pretend wife for as long as this game shall last?" Mirio asked.
Shoto seemed to become aware of his surroundings once again and (Y/N) was able to see him process the question and what was being asked of him. He nodded his head, "I guess."
Mirio pouted, "you have to say the words."
The dual-haired boy had to think for a while again. (Y/N) supposed Shoto wasn't really the kind of person who knew a lot about romance, it was sort of endearing how naive he was and how similar it was to Eri. She decided to help him, gently tapping his chest with her bouquet and whispering the words to him, "I do."
He gave her a small, thankful grin. Shoto barely opened his mouth to repeat the words before he was abruptly interrupted.
Suddenly the bad feeling came back to her as she looked over at her fuming boyfriend. Katsuki had always been the jealous type and not averse to causing a scene in public. (Y/N) had experienced deja vu the whole day and now she fully understood why. Katsuki's hands were twitching into fists, though he purposefully didn't trigger any explosions. He gritted his teeth and twisted his face into a scowl. (Y/N) hadn't seen him this angry since... well, probably that morning when Denki used all of Katsuki's shampoo without asking.
Katsuki's teeth grinding eventually became more of a low growl, like a predator trying to intimidate another male. He marched down the false aisle, clenching his fists and stomping loudly enough to shake the floor a bit. Some of their classmates seemed amused by the turn of events, but more were worried about this new development.
Kirishima attempted to calm his friend. "Come on Bakugou, it's just a game. It doesn't mean anything-"
"Shut it, Shitty Hair!" Katsuki grunted, pushing his friend back into his seat before reaching Shoto and (Y/N) at the end of the aisle.
(Y/N) tried to speak with her boyfriend, remind him that this was just a game and that none of it mattered. But she too became somewhat enraptured by what proceeded to say anything, and instead merely observed what happened in front of her with full interest.
Katsuki grabbed Shoto's shirt and bared his teeth and his red eyes flared with fury. "I'm going to fucking kill you, you half-and-half bastard! You gotta be out of your goddamn mind if you think I would ever let you or any of these other losers marry (Y/N)! Pretend or otherwise!"
Shoto rebuffed Katsuki's grip, nonchalantly. "Whatever."
"And you," Katsuki growled, turning his attention away from Shoto towards (Y/N). She had been thankful that her boyfriend had just kept his threats verbal and didn't try to engage in any physical altercation with the dual-haired male. But now having him glaring at her, (Y/N) sort of wished they did get into a fight.
She braced herself for another stupid fight, but instead, Katsuki picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. They were mockingly given a round of cheers and applause, which caused Katsuki to cuss them out one final time before carrying (Y/N) off to his bedroom.
He threw her down on the bed unceremoniously without a single word, while (Y/N) kept waiting for some sort of fight but was continually surprised. Instead, Katsuki's glare turned into his usual frown and he laid down on the bed beside her, resting his head on her chest and stomach, arms wrapping around her waist.
"Dumbass," he whispered, against the material of the dress.
(Y/N) smiled to herself, running her fingers through his spiky ash blonde hair. She understands it would have sucked to imagine Katsuki loving anyone else as much as he did her. She couldn't really imagine wanting to be with anyone else either. "Jackass," she muttered, pulling him up by the shirt for a passionate kiss.
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Incorrect MHA-37 (BakugouxReader)
Bakugou: If you asked I would kill every person in this room without a second thought
Y/n: If a villian got you I'd go to the ends of the earth so they could face justice
Class 1-A: awww
Kaminari: [throughly disturbed and little scared] you guys realize normal couples don't say this
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bakuhve · 2 days ago
Hiii, I hope ur doing well :)
Anyway I was thinking about katsuki taking naps in hot summer days like he just Turns on the air conditioner with lights off, I think that's convenient for him, and best part of it all is you waking him up little late.
What do u think?
napping with katsuki on a hot summer day is a dream and a nightmare at the same time. just simply laying with him and feeling his presence wrapped around you is such a good feeling but at the same time you’re literally struggling to not pass out from overheating.
the AC would be turned on full blast, the lights would be turned off, and the ceiling fan would be blowing cold air onto the both of you. katsuki is definitely a person whose temperature runs warmer so when the both of you are trying to be comfortable you like it to be a little chillier in the room.
his quirk doesn’t help AT ALL. he wants to run his hands all over your body, cup your face, just feel you in any way he can but you’re deadass dripping in sweat with eyebrows furrowed. there’s a lot of physical touch in your relationship, especially when napping together, but oh god his hot palms mixed with the humid summer air is just atrocious. don’t get me wrong, you love his touch but not so much feeling like you’re trying to claw your way out of satan’s steamy armpit.
eventually, you get past the heat and fall asleep comfortably in his embrace. and when you wake up a little later than usual and turn over to see his peacefully sleeping face, you know it was all worth it.
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hawkssimpsblog · 2 days ago
he promises that what you two have isn’t permanent. he says he could always walk out that door and never come back, but he doesn’t. he always finds himself back in your quiet apartment at exactly two in the morning, waiting to see your sleepy eyes force themselves open. he presses you flush against his chest, wrapping his burnt arms around you, telling you to go to sleep. he feels like he’s weighing you down, not letting you fly like the angel you are. but for once in his life, he chooses to be selfish, he stays by your side. he doesn’t know why you don’t just leave like everybody else, but does he know he’s eternally grateful.
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bontens-new-executive · a day ago
Ditching friends to go to the beach
Note: omg??? Me??? Posting????
Genere: fluff
Characters: kuroo tetsurou, hawks(keigo takami), benkei, gojo satoru, Atsumu miya, suna rintarou, Jean kirstein, tendou satori, denki Kaminari, ran haitani, itadori yuji
Request Masterlist
"Woah", you spoke, eyes fixated on the ocean. "It's beautiful, isn't it?", your boyfriend grinned, eyes glancing to your direction before quickly returning back to the road, "Just as beautiful as you, darling." You chuckled, rolling your eyes in response, "wow, what an original sentence. Haven't heard that one before." He nodded, "yeah, I know, I know. I'm just different, I'm not like the others, you see."
Your hand came in contact with his shoulder, slapping him lightly, "yeah, you're different. You're more menacing than others." Mirroring your expression, he grinned before nodding once more, "aaaand you love it." To not feed into his ego even more, you decided to ignore him, you're focus returning to the bright blue water.
"It looks so pretty and shiny, and warm, too", you sighed out, wishing you were at the beach, but instead you two were on your way to your friends' house. You loved your friends, but the beach just looked so much more inviting, you thought. "You wanna go to the beach, baby?", he asked, his hand squeezing your thigh. Meeting his gaze for a moment before leaning your head back against the seat, you groaned loudly, "I'd love to, but we can't. Don't forget that we're on our way to meet up with those idiots."
"And who says we can't just ditch them and instead go to the beach right now?", he questioned. "You wanna go to the beach right now? Yes? Great! Then on our way to the beach we are!", he cheered, laughing at your deadpaned expression. "And what are we gonna tell them when they ask where we are?"
He hummed, thinking for a short while, "hmm how about that by some unexplainable wonder, we ended up at the beach and an inhuman force had us trapped there for the next three hours?" You place your hand on your chin, acting like you were in deep thought, "and therefore we were unable to come to the meet up. We really were trying our best to come, but it just wasn't posible.", you finished his thought.
"You know what? I think, that it will absolutely work out and they'll belive it.", he laughed. "We are geniuses. No one can compare", you agreed, taking his hand from your thigh in order to place a kiss to it. "I wanna hug you so bad right now, sunshine. Let me just hurry up a little bit", he said before stepping on the gas and speeding up.
"Oh no, something is taking over the car, it's forcing us to take a right, what is happening?!", his voice dramatic as he made a right turn toward the beach. His smile only growing wider as he heard you laugh due to his poor acting. "Oh my, this is so strange! It's so strong, can you fight it?", you joined, acting just as shoked. "I'm trying my absolute best, I don't think we can win against it!"
Parking the car close to the beach, he got out and quickly made his way to your side. Opening your door, he grabbed your hand to pull you out and into his arms. "Now lets go, baby", he kissed your forehead before pulling you along with him.
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mukagentropy · 2 days ago
brainrotting in the middle of work because i have a meeting in a few hours and it’s making me meh /:
yandere keigo takami alright?
he has everything in the grasp of his hand, his golden talons which he manifested after gruesome training from the hpsc. after outshining and working unparalled and becoming the #2 hero. he wants to be optimistic towards the world, he really does. he wants to save people, make their lives a better place, be the glimmer of hope they foresee and yearn for. but it has always disappointed him. the world is rotten and as much as it gives him the opportunity to protect, he doesn’t want it.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to you. his adoring little intern in his agency, quirkless, just into the academic domain and oh so gullible. why do you have all these walls around you? is if because you’ve been hurt? by who he wonders… or you just mind your business and don’t like small talk, or any talk for that matter.
weeks turn into months; and hawks now knows everything about you. your family home, how you have a sibling you adore, a pet too eh? of course he is going to know when you want to leave the agency, when you start thinking it feels stagnant and when your conversation with your best friend suddenly lands you a promotion. “weird, kate. i told you i was feeling really weary of my position; imagine i suddenly got a promotion?” you hummed to your bestfriend, not really understanding the depth of how deep you’re into keigo’s little game. how could you? no one in the right mind would think hawks… PRO HERO HAWKS of all people— would have his heart set on a random civilian.
things are fine, nothing really bothers you, or hawks at this point. you are busy with work, he is busy with work, but then— why would you suddenly smile a little too much at one of the co-workers? why is he making your favorite dishes for you, why is he helping you? y/n… you are self sufficient are you not? out of all the people, it should be hawks that holds your shoulder, leans against your cheek and whispers soft nothings of aid. “that’s not how you do it sweetheart, let me help,” as his fingers languidly touch your throbbing clit— that’s the help you need. not this scummy asshole around you hovering like an annoying mosquito.
that is the first time, takami keigo realizes what he feels for you is rooted way too deep to fathom. his senses going ballistic at the thought of losing you someday if he doesn’t make a move. and so he does… calls you into his cabin one fine day, smiles and grins like a young man who’s charm makes people weak in the knees. you know what’s dangerous? a charming man, who knows what to do with it. of course you are going to let him ask you out on a date, of course you are going to be ecstatic about it, of course you are eternally grateful to be treated oh so well by him.
but it’s when the high and the zeal of the relationship stopping, it’s then you notice. you were too blinded by the gold to see it was a cage. too enthralled by the presence and soft assurances of the pro hero to notice it was a grip around your neck. keigo has everything, keigo controlls everything. now? he also has everything that could control you.
“come on, babygirl. don’t be like that, all i said was you can’t go out today. why? whadya mean why? it’s not easy as it is for me to be couped up by work. you want me to get worried about you and not focus on saving, the fucking civilians?”
“ain’t wearing that on my watch lil bird. i mean- if you want to wear that skimpy lil dress might as well let me take it off you, go around being naked in the house. go ahead, i don’t mind. but- (one step) don’t you (two steps) dare, (three steps) go out in that”
“why the hell are you crying? sweet thing, sssh~ s’ gonna be okay. see? i’m not hurting you, am i? i wish you didn’t push my buttons so much baby-“
hell, life is a living hell with takami keigo.
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fandoms-forever-united · a day ago
Dating Tenko Shimura/Tomura Shigaraki would include...
Tumblr media
Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki Dating HC!!!
After months of not being able to edit the MHA HC's I am finally going to edit and add to them since I have time and I'm going to be doing something special with the MHA dating HC's on my YT channel for when I get 2K subscribers (Feel free to check out and subscribe to my YT Channel! Link is on my navigation post!!!)!!!!
Enjoy this new and improved Dating Shigaraki HC!!!
I'll be editing the other MHA HC's over the next week or two so keep an eye out for that!!!
As I said before!
Tumblr media
This HC does include MHA anime and manga spoilers, so if you are not caught up with the anime or the manga, please DO NOT READ if you don't want to be spoiled on anything related to Shigaraki's past!!!
Tumblr media
First off, we all know that Tomura Shigaraki has, like no people skills whatsoever. The only people that he interacts with on/in any sort of personal level are Kurogiri and All For One.
In other words, we all know from the anime, Shigaraki doesn’t do outsiders or new people unless it’s an absolutely pivotal part of his plan to destroy hero society, so if you’re his life you’ve always been his life.
Whether that be because you were another of All For One’s protégés or someone he met before he knew what it truly meant to be a villain, you were always there.
And to be completely honest with you guys, he was drawn to you by sheer human instinct. There was no plan or ulterior motive and in hindsight it almost annoys him.
Since you have been there for Shigaraki (whether it be as forementioned being one of AFO’s protégés or someone he met before he knew what it truly meant to be a villain) you are a constant in every evolving aspect when it comes to the League.
Yes, Kurogiri is kept around also, but that’s because Shigaraki’s plan necessitates a constant and near instantaneous mode of transportation.
He has yet to find a place for you to fit perfectly into his grand scheme, but he’s too selfish to do away with you as he has with so many others.
And to be completely honest, (and we all know this to be 100% true!) with a quirk like his, it wouldn’t be hard to make you disappear almost without a trace.
Because of his inability to get rid of you, Shigaraki refers to you as his Player 2 which had seemed like an odd video game reference at first, until you realized it was his attempt at giving you a meaningful pet name that wasn’t a nuisance to say in front of others.
When you had asked him what the reason for the nickname was, Shigaraki denied its meaning as a term of endearment, stating that it only made sense as he’s Player 1 and you’re the only member of the League–honorary or not–that comes close to his rank. (Especially if you are AFO’s protégé)
He definitely gets jealous when he sees you around Dabi or Compress (especially Dabi though).
He actually gets so jealous when he sees you with Dabi that he starts to scratch his neck raw and look at the 2 of you like a territorial animal. (In other words, he just looks like he wants to kill Dabi.)
“Ooooh~! Somebody’s jealous~!” Toga teases. Shigaraki whips his head towards her, his red eyes narrowed in an intense glare. “I am not!” he hisses. Toga lets out a giggle. *Giggle* “Well, somebody’s definitely in denial~” she sing-songs with a grin on her face. At her words, Shigaraki lets out a growl of frustration and anger, his pale cheeks a bright pink, causing Toga to giggle. “Shut up Toga!” he grumbles as he turns away from her to stare down at the bar, not wanting to get teased about staring at you and Dabi anymore than he already had been.
After being teased by Toga and Twice about liking you he finally realizes that he does like you!
The thing about that is, he doesn’t know how to tell you since (as I said before) he has NO PEOPLE SKILLS WHATSOEVER!
After All For One is taken down by All Might and put into Tartarus Prison, the League starts falling apart and struggling to find some ground after the loss of their greatest and strongest ally.
As his player 2, you show your support and try to comfort him after the loss of who he considered as his foster father by making sure that he sleeps, eats and you even try to carry some of the burden levied on him.
And for Shigaraki, that was when he knew that his feelings for you were sincere.
He shows you this by removing Father from his face in front of you (and only you) on one (which turns to many) of the nights that you bring him some food.
Exposing himself for you to see his face fully like that is literally the only way that he knows how to be vulnerable.
After a few months of you comforting and helping him with basically anything and everything dealing with the League, he confesses to you (albeit very shyly).
In response to his confession, you reciprocate his feelings by telling him “I like you too Tomura.” and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
After that you are Shigaraki’s girl, make no mistake.
You’re his Player 2 (as I mentioned before).
So, he will, literally, want you to play video games with you.
That’s his idea of a date is you two playing together.
He is a sore loser though, he might love you, but he will pout for hours if you rub a victory in his face.
At the beginning of your relationship, he refused to touch you without your permission, even if he accidentally grazes you he’ll apologize and back away quickly.
He doesn’t want to risk any harm to you nor does he want to make you uncomfortable.
When you do give him permission to touch you, he’s just so gentle about it.
He caresses every curve and bump of your body as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear.
His favorite thing to touch of yours is definitely your hair.
He just loves the softness of it when he tangles his fingers into it.
He’s not going to do either of those things without his gloves or a single finger up of course.
Shigaraki (as we all know) is very touch starved, so any touch he gets from you is going to make him melt. Especially with how gentle you always are when touching him.
Whenever you cup his face into your hands he just leans into your touch.
As his girlfriend, you know that he just can’t deny that feeling your gentle hands on him is the absolutely most calming thing to him.
When the two of you are walking somewhere he holds out his pinky for you to intertwine yours with.
He is not fond of actual hand holding due to his quirk. (That is until you get him a glove that covers one of his fingers or his whole hand.)
With his gloves he can touch you without having to worry about his quirk but he’s still rather careful just as an extra precaution.
Kisses with Shigaraki in the beginning of your relationship with him were awkward since he never kissed someone before
After some time and practice he got better though.
The longer your relationship gets, you don’t ever want him to stop kissing you because he’s found a perfect balance between sweet and loving kisses and passionate kisses that leave you wanting more.
If he wants to kiss you or is in the mood to hold you in his arms, he has no shame whatsoever!
He’s going to do it wherever or whenever.
All of the other members of the League know this, so if any of them see you 2 being all lovey dovey with each other, they usually leave the room for fear of seeing the unseeable.
He stares at you hours from his usual spot at the bar whenever you and Toga are on the other side of the room.
If you meet his gaze, he’s not going to turn away, he’ll be unashamed and would keep eye contact with you.
As a boyfriend, Shigaraki is overprotective of you.
Now, it’s not because he doesn’t trust you or think that you can’t handle yourself in dangerous situations, but it’s because he’s afraid that he’s going to lose you.
So, he likes to keep you by his side so that he can protect you and also make sure you're safe.
When he meets Overhaul at the Shie Hassaikai complex, this is no exception whatsoever, Shigaraki has you by his side as his second in command.
Another good example of this is when the league fights Deika.
He’d keep you by his side during the fights in the beginning, but when he begins fighting Re-Destro, he sends you away with the Twice clones to keep you safe.
After he wins against Re-Destro, you immediately run to his aid after his leg was broken and he lost three of his fingers, knowing that he was exhausted and malnourished after his month long fight with Gigantomachia, but he just gives you a big smile.
He also makes it VERY clear to him that you are not for trade, that you only stand beside him and no one else.
We’ve all seen what he did to Overhaul for what he did to Magne and then what he did to Re-Destro for Giran, so we all know that if anyone even looks at you funny or threatens you in any way, shape, or form, they will be decayed instantly.
Shigaraki also makes it very clear to everyone (whether it be the other members of the League or anyone he meets/works with) that you are off limits unless they have a death wish.
It’s made very clear that you are off limits unless they have a death wish.
He’s like a cat when it comes to affection.
He’ll come to you when he wants it.
You never expect him to do anything like that.
For example, he’ll wrap his arms around you, plop his head down in your so that you can run your fingers through his hair, or he’ll pull you into his lap at really random moments.
You’d have to all but trick him into doing self-care.
You think his lips are too chapped?
Wear a lot of lip balm and give him long nice long kisses.
You want him to get a good night's rest?
Entice him into resting with cuddles and/or sex.
You want him to bathe or shower?
You’d have to get in the tub/shower with him
When he becomes the grand commander (the king) of the Paranormal Liberation Front, he makes sure that it’s known to everyone that you’re his second-in-command (his queen), and in charge while he’s undergoing his body modifications.
When you had first heard that he was going to undergo body modifications, you were outraged by the extremely dangerous, lengthy and unnecessary surgery.
In response to your anger with his decision to undergo the procedure he’d be all mopey/whiny since you’re mad at him.
He’d try to resolve the situation quickly since he just wants you to not be mad at him anymore.
After you (albeit very reluctantly since you’d have to watch him be in pain during his visits with Dr. Kyūdai) agree to his wishes of being there for him during the 4 months he’d be undergoing with the modifications.
You stayed with him until the heroes arrived and you hid awaiting his return.
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toji-bunny-girl · 2 days ago
Okay but that Bakugou yandere series. You know...I have a bad reproductive system after years of eating disorder. My body became too weak after years of not eating properly and I might end up bit being able to bear kids. I wonder how that thing affects Bakugou in later stories.
Bakugou has always been a man with simple wishes.
All he needed in life was you, you and maybe a girl or two rushing up to sit on his lap, kissing daddy's cheeks while you brush their hair behind their ears, soft and warm and loving.
But instead, all he got was your teeth and claws, raging red eyes hating everything about him and his scent down to the shape of his shadows.
There was always something, a problem between his touch to yours that there was no way in getting you to even accept any part of him; and there was the trouble with food.
Your hands, busy with throwing the meals Bakugou prepared at him and your mouth, spitting chewed meat in his face while he locks your arms to your side.
Every breakfasts to dinners was what you dreaded the most, every time he tried to feed at least a spoon or two into you always felt like wars. Then the floor is greasy and filled with spitted food by the time you're both tired of fighting.
Sometimes, his day going bad with annoyance seeping out of him, he doesn't hesitate in either slapping you to make you down the bite or forcing your head into the bowl and making you eat like a dog. He's cruel, but if that's the way to make you eat then he's not stopping just because of that little sting of guilt.
After months and months of trying ways for you to eat, either using gentle or harsh methods, you're finally getting slightly plumper and colour fills your skin—you looked as beautiful as ever.
There's no longer the need to chain you to the dining chair during meals and romantic dinners are frequent with him. Bakugou is definitely getting closer and closer to his dream of living life with you as a willing lover, and his little princess or two.
Then one night, your sleeping breaths stroking the air and his palm over your belly, he wonders why? Why after a year of no protection and you've never revealed symptoms of pregnancy? Was it because of him? Was there something wrong with him?
But Bakugou is a smart man, he's already figure out that it might have something to do with your past state, body thin to the point of your skin turning ghastly pale. Perhaps he was overthinking? Maybe time would give what he desires—just like you.
A month passes and his thoughts haunt him as he spills his seed inside of you, another comes by and he's fucking you at least twice a day then hope is slipping away when it's been 5 months and you're still not pregnant.
Until he wakes up to you puking in the bathroom one morning. Maybe hope was there after all...
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sipsteainanxiety · 22 hours ago
and i give my all (to you) masterlist
Tumblr media
pairing: merman!bakugou katsuki x reader (ongoing)
mentions: female pronouns used, scientist reader, light very light angst, fluff, second person, falling in love<3
summary: you think you bit off more than you could chew when you decided to do your dissertation on ocean acidification, leaving you stranded out in the open ocean. alone. for months.
well... maybe you weren't so alone after all...
will also be found on ao3 and quotev!
Tumblr media
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three
chapter four
Tumblr media
ETA: May 30th, 2022 (wc: ~20k??)
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arozaur · a day ago
shigaraki x reader
692 words
warnings: nudity, mention of crying, bathing, no pronouns, other than that none
a/n: a nice little shig fluff for my bestie @shig-a-shig-ah because they deserve some love from our boy 😌 enjoy bestie 🖤
summary: tomura takes care of you on a bad day and the two of you take a bath together
“Relax, I’ve got you baby.” Tomura said softly, taking his sweet time washing your hair gently and carefully.
He was gentle, always so gentle with you. Treating you like fragile glass all with a tender smile on his face, humming a familiar tune as the moonlight crept into the windows of the bathroom and beamed down on you.
You weren’t yourself lately and Tomura could see that plain as day, it broke his heart in two to see you this way. All he wanted was to wrap you up in his arms and hold you close, keep you safe from all the evil in the world. He settled for taking care of you instead, though. He wasted no time picking you up and carrying you to the shared bathroom, stripping you down to your bare skin and lowering you gingerly into the tub.
Starting the water he waited till it was lukewarm and steam rose above the bath, he dipped a couple fingers into the water to test the temperature, making sure it was warm enough. Once, it was to his satisfaction he stripped himself down to nothing and joined you in the tub, quietly kissing your cheeks and lips with a small smile. He would never grow tired of these mundane moments with you.
Tomura took his time with you, nurturing every inch of your body as he cleansed it of exhaustion. Neither of you spoke much at all, but everything that you wanted to say was said with your actions rather than words. He kissed your back as he rubbed the sides of your arms and hummed against your neck, his aura was warm and comforting. The atmosphere was sunny and mellow and you couldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of basking in it. Even though it was nighttime you could feel the sun on your face, his love brightening all your shadowy features.
He took a cup behind him as he whispered i love you’s in your ear, dipping it into the bathwater and then shielding your eyes as he poured it on your head, drenching your hair. Preparing it to be washed he continued this process until your hair was good and wet, and then he put some shampoo in his hands and began to gently scrub your scalp. Humming along he scrubbed your head, pausing only to kiss your cheek before he continued washing your hair. Then, he washed it out with the same routine with the cup.
Tomura made sure to be extra gentle with you, going above and beyond to show just how much he loved you. You’d had a rough time lately and he wanted to prove to you that it wasn't all that bad, that he’d always be there to help soothe your aches and wounds. That he, Tomura Shigaraki, would always be by your side through thick and thin.
Once he'd finished shampooing your hair he went on to condition it, and then rinsing it. Leaning back he pressed your back to his chest and wrapped his arms around your waist, enjoying the silence with you. Stroking his thumbs against your skin he hummed, and then humming grew to singing. Tomura sang a song reserved for your ears only. He wanted you to feel safe and welcome in his arms always and forever, he vowed to make that true no matter what.
“You doing okay?” he asked.
Of course, you were. You were doing far better than you were beforehand, his touch being all the comfort you needed. Your mind began to wander to all the sweetest moments the two of you shared. All the gentle laughs you shared, the soft snoring of the two of you sleeping next to each other. So, yes, you were okay. You were more than okay, you were wonderful and you always would be with him beside you.
You smiled and answered, “Yes, I’m very okay.”
The start of your day had been rough and most of the day was spent crying in bed—lights dim or completely gone—so, this was a welcome blessing. And if Tomura was anything it was a blessing granted to you in the middle of your shitty life.
tagging: @dabisqueen @ghostyzhongli @spookydiluc @kazuwhora @lovemegood @glorifiedwhore @arlertslove @justnothingguys @nuthonii @dukina @transcribersnetwork
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angelshimaa · 2 days ago
breaking up with shoto todoroki since he’s neglectful of the responsibilities he has in a relationship and no matter how many times he’s been told to try harder, he never does - and he only now seems to understand just what he had (and lost).
“please, i can try harder! i can be better, please, i didn’t understand, but i do now, i promise! everything can be perfect, it will be, please, just, don’t- don’t leave me”
warnings :: gn!reader, angst
Tumblr media
it hurts because he does mean it this time.
promises of “i can do better— i will be better” spill out of his mouth so much they could form oceans. yet, because you’ve heard it so many times— because you’ve waded through these waters so many times— they’re unlikely to move you.
it hurts because you want him to mean it this time.
you can’t forget that you loved him. maybe that’s why you stayed as long as you did, why you forgave as long as you did. that knowing of loving him, of having had loved him— almost second nature to you— begs almost as much as he does for you to stay.
it hurts because you can’t trust that he means it this time.
yes, he wants you to. so badly it numbs every other feeling he has, so badly it leaves his nerves in shock, hands trembling a little as he reaches for you.
yes, you want to. so badly it tugs at you painfully, threatening to damage you more than being abandoned by him has.
that’s exactly why you have to leave.
the reality hits him with such force it almost gives him whiplash, and all he can do is watch you turn your back on his trembling hand, the same hand you know you would’ve taken had he realised sooner. had he learned sooner. had he listened sooner.
shoto can’t do anything but watch as you walk out of the room, of the house, on him— yet he knows he walked out first a long time ago.
and it hurts because he knows you can’t walk back because he promises to.
it hurts because he knows it’s not enough this time.
Tumblr media
send me a bnha character with a scenario and i’ll write a drabble !
masterlist. navigation.
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itsruiblue · 2 days ago
Like Silk | Chapter 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya x reader
Warnings: Spiderman au!, violence, descriptions of injury and blood, swearing, Izuku is a dork, no explained backstory bc I'm lazy, reader is mean, questionable jokes, all characters are 18 years or older
Word Count: 7348
Part One of Thirty - Chapters come out every 2 weeks to 1 month
Tumblr media
Note: So this was originally going to be ao3 exclusive but I hated how disconnected it was so I'm bringing it here too. These updates will be slower than those on ao3 though - tumblr will always be a few chapters behind since my first priority will remain keeping this story going on ao3.
That said, I hope you all enjoy this story. It's been a long time in the making and I am writing as I go along so updates will be slow. It's also turning out to be very long, so strap in for the long haul, boys.
Tumblr media
Related links: Masterlist + Taglist + Playlist + AO3
Tumblr media
Tagging: @howitzers-impact
Tumblr media
Winter has arrived sooner than expected this year. Despite the fact that it’s still barely pushing mid-November, temperatures around most of the country have dropped substantially, causing the streets of Musutafu to ice up. It’s even snowed a few times overnight in the past week, although most of it has always melted off by ten o’clock, leaving the city bright and gleaming in the cold sunlight. 
Some might be happy about the change in the weather. It’s a signal of the change in the season, a reminder that the holidays are soon to come and it’s almost time to begin preparing for Christmas and then the New Year. It’s a reason to get excited, a distraction from the long work week. 
And for the most part, Izuku Midoriya agrees with the sentiment. He’s a high school student afterall, heading towards the end of his third and final year, and so for him the holidays mean a break from the hectic life of school projects and homework that he leads. Something that he’s very much looking forward to. Unfortunately for Izuku, however, he’s not only just a high school third-year. And so he has more things to worry about with the coming winter than just his academics. 
Because Izuku is Spiderman. And the cold is very inconvenient for Spiderman. 
It’s probably something he should have thought of when he’d originally designed his suit way back in his first year of high school. When it gets cold in Musutafu, it gets cold. And doing as much as Spiderman has to, it would probably be a good idea to have some kind of protection from frostbite. 
Unfortunately for Izuku, his younger self who’d designed the costume had been an idiot. And as fifteen year olds do, he’d been more considered with showing off his newly defined muscles than the practicality of having to spend hours every night out facing the elements in the street. 
(He’s thought about changing it a few times. But then the PTSD from the first time he’d had to make the stupid outfit always returns and he drops the idea real quick) 
He’s freezing on patrols now. Every night, he’s almost tempted to put a beanie and coat over his familiar green spandex, in hopes that it will ward off the full-body tremors and the stiffened joints and the icy fingers that come along with the snow. 
He never does though, for some stupid reason. And it’s something he comes to regret quite fervently one Monday night at around 22:35 pm as he’s swinging through one of Musutafu’s busiest streets. 
You see, the cold is what Izuku blames for “the incident”. The cold, not himself. His fingers had iced up and his body frozen; that is why it happened. Not at all because he wasn’t just watching where he was going while he swung. Definitely not. 
Because on that cold Monday night, Izuku had come to a rather startling conclusion about life - that swinging head first into a frozen street sign is really fucking painful. 
He’d been distracted. Some wacko wearing a bright purple trench coat and a beanie had caught his attention during his patrol, and given the bad vibes he gave off, Izuku had chosen to follow him. It had turned out to be the right call when the guy had shot weird grappling-hook looking tentacles at some woman wearing a pantsuit, in an attempt to steal her briefcase. Since it’s what Izuku’s job literally is, he’d jumped in immediately to try and protect the woman and stop the guy. Which had half-worked because he was able to pull the lady away from what would have been a very nasty scratch from the claws of the grappling hook. 
The man in purple had jumped away though, which was what led to the start of “the incident” in the first place; Izuku giving chase wildly through the frost-covered city. 
The guy is fast. Like, surprisingly so, especially when compared to Izuku. He utilises his strange gadgets with ease, using them to hook onto buildings and nearby surfaces so he can swing himself around in a way that Izuku is almost inclined to say is reminiscent of his own techniques. Only, the man in purple also uses his grappling hooks as weapons and frequently shoots spare ones back at Izuku in a way that Izuku himself can’t. 
The eighteen year old boy suppresses a long sigh as he ducks yet another one of these attacks. He’s tired. Really tired. With the term reaching its last few weeks, the school work has been piling up. They'd had yet another new project introduced today, and while the details are stll vague, it sounds like it's going to be a hefty one. Its for home economics too, a reminder that makes Izuku’s heart sink just a little further. He likes school, he does. But he goes to a science school for a reason; home economics is absolutely not one of his greatest passions in life. 
The man in purple throws another violent attack with his grappling hook. It comes sailing right at Izuku’s head, and the teenage boy is forced to twist violently in mid-air to avoid being decapitated. The movement tugs at his wrist painfully where his holding tight to his own webs, probably pulls a muscle in his tricep and Izuku can't help but sigh again. He's not only tired but sore now too, and despite the adrenaline that's coursing his body like strong acid, he desperately wishes for his nice warm bed. 
That's his first mistake; he’s only distracted for barely half a second. But it's enough time for the man in purple to make a very sharp turn and shoot straight down a new street. Izukus gaze follows him, tracking each moment he makes; he's going to keep chasing, going to mimic his movements and swing after him. 
But Izukus body is  tired and cold and slower than usual. It takes him a milisecond longer to reaction that usual, with his head turned in the direction he wants to go. That when it happens the first time. 
Because one second he's in the air, swinging. And the next- WHAM! 
At first he's sure that he's dead. Not that he actually knows what dying feels like, but he assumes that this is the closest to it. It’s like his soul has been knocked clean from his body, his mind from his skull. He can’t see, can’t breathe, and it's as if his chest is suddenly filled with ice. 
He doesn’t know what’s happened. 
Then the pain starts. Right in his face too, in his nose. It burns hot across his cheekbones, as his eyes begin to water. Then he feels a trickling sensation, a tickle against his upper lip, and he figures his nose is bleeding. It’s pretty bad from what he can tell - the smell of the blood is already filling the inside of his mask and -
His mask. 
And suddenly, he’s back again - he can see, he can hear and he can feel everything ten times worse. The entire front of his body aches a fuck-tonne and he feels like if he moves, he’ll crack something. A rib, a vertebra, whatever. Anything, since he feels so incredibly fragile right now. 
The embarrassment kicks in then, as he starts to realise what it is that happened. And then, the shame follows. 
He’d swung into a stop sign. Right, slap bang into the bright metal plate of it, his cheek now pressed up uncomfortably against the big, white painted symbol. He wants to say it’d come out of nowhere, popped up suddenly in his path as he attempted to chase the man in purple down. But that’s probably not the case, considering the fact that stop signs don’t move. 
It’s something he can say with confidence has never once happened to him in his career. Never. Never ever. His reflexes are too good, and he’s too quick  - most of the time, he sees all the stupid road signs from a mile away and knows to avoid them with ease. Because he’s better than this, he’s better than making a rookie mistake like swinging into a stop sign. Way better. 
Which is why, immediately, as he pulls himself away from the metal and takes flight once again - a little wobbly, this time - in the direction the man in purple had gone, he blames it totally and completely on the cold. 
He’s cold. And the cold is very inconvenient for Spiderman. 
He’s also modified though, as anyone might be. And he hopes to god that there’s even the tiniest chance no one saw that. His reputation doesn’t mean much to him - after all, he spends his time swinging around in a bright green baby grow made of spandex - and usually he ignores anything anyone might say about his actions. But this - 
This could be the end. He’s not sure he’ll be able to show his face - or Spiderman's face - again if this starts making its way around the internet. 
He doesn’t notice anyone, however, as he swings away. At least, no one gives him odd looks. And it gives him some hope that maybe he isn’t totally doomed. 
The thought is cut short very quickly, when he rounds a corner and is drawn immediately back into the action of his chase as a grappling hook comes sailing past his head. Izuku ducks, swerves, gets a good foot on the railing of the closest balcony and leaps, attempting as best as he can to try and make a grab for the guy from above. He only has two grappling hooks - from what Izuku can tell anyway - and both are currently deployed enough that he’s confident the guy can’t attack again. 
The man is nimble though, and even as Izuku twists through the air, he dodges out of the way, and Izuku is forced to catch himself with his own webs once again. 
The eighteen year old grits his teeth, his jaw clenching into a hard line beneath his mask. He’s feeling the burn of exertion through his body by now, the adrenaline no longer enough to sustain him fully. His ego has also been thoroughly wounded and he wants nothing more than to go hide away in his bedroom until tomorrow, and pray to every deity he can think of that no one decides to meme his mistake. 
A grappling hook comes his way, overshooting him by a few metres. Izuku dives forward, thinking he can use the Man In Purple’s mistake to take another shot at him. What he doesn’t expect is for the guy to yank the grappling hook back down - it comes sailing at him, only visible in his peripheral vision, and if he had not already let go of his second web he might have been able to tug himself out of its way. But he has let go of his web and so, as the grappling hook comes sailing back, it catches him right along his ribs. 
Izuku can’t help it - he lets out a scream of pure agony as what feels like fire rips in stripes across his torso. The grapple hook doesn’t quite latch onto him but it does rip two long, deep scratches through the fabric of his suit and into his skin, cutting possibly all the way down to the bone of his ribs, before swinging up and away erratically. 
Izuku’s grip on his web slips and he plummets for a few metres, grasping at his side as he goes. His eyes are streaming beneath his mask, whether from tears or just pure shock he doesn’t quite know. What he does know is that his side feels like magma, the searing pain pulsing again and again beneath his scrambling fingers as for a moment his vision blurs and he almost passes out. 
Only almost though because, as they always do, his weird spidery senses warn him of the fact that the ground is getting far too close. The fingers on his free hand twitch, his web-shooter sparks into life and then he’s no longer falling as his web catches on someone’s fire escape. The sudden change in his trajectory jars his arm a little, and pain prickles up his shoulder. But it’s nothing compared to what burns through his ribs. 
The Man In Purple is well and truly on the run now - having wounded Spiderman, he likely thinks that now is his best chance to get away. No more grappling hooks are thrown Izuku’s way and, frankly, it's more to Izuku’s benefit than anything else; he doubts he’d be able to dodge anything now, and so in trying to escape, the Man In Purple is actually making himself a much easier target. 
Not that Izuku is going to inform him of this. 
The Man In Purple takes a sharp turn down a narrow side street and Izuku is struck by a moment of genius. (Okay, maybe not genius, but with his fogged-up brain it might as well be) Instead of following him through the tight space which is dark and an absolute bitch to navigate when dealing with severe blood loss, Izuku swings himself up and over the top of one of the two buildings between which the side street runs. It’s not difficult - the building is on the shorter side and is flat roofed, meaning izuku has little trouble propelling himself right to the top in one swing. One he gets there, landing a few metres off the edge at the other side, he crouches and waits, squeezing his eyes shut as he lets his senses guide him. He can feel the movement of the air around him, not just in the normal way but in a freakish way, “I can tell exactly where you are and what you’re doing” kind of way. Even metres above his target, it’s like he can see his movements. And so he knows the exact moment to throw himself over the edge and divebomb right into his path. 
Izuku thinks he hears the Man In Purple scream when he appears, for all intents and purposes, out of nowhere, although he’s not entirely sure. The wind whistles wildly in his ears for a moment before he collides with the man, sending the pair of them into a flailing, spinning mess. The guy struggles but Izuku anticipates it; before the man can twist is way out of Izuku’s grip, Izuku binds ones of his arms to his side neatly with sticky webbing, cutting off his access to one of his grappling hooks and essentially making him dependent on Izuku to stay in the air. 
It works - thank goodness - and Izuku can’t help but let out a soft sigh of relief. He now takes on the weight of the Man In Purple, as he reaches round to rip the second grappling hook - the one not disabled by his webs - away. The mechanism is attached to the man’s arm and it doesn’t take much to snap it enough that the grappling line falls limp. There’s a jerk as the hook, which has been holding the guy up, detaches from the railing it was hooked to and then Izuku is supporting the guy completely with only the strength of his free arm. 
Normally, he’d be fine. He can swing just fine with one arm, even when carrying something as heavy as a fully-grown man in a full grappling suit. But, as Izuku tries to do just this, he realises for the first time how much the blood loss is getting to him. His arms feel weak - scratch that, his entire body feels weak, and he can’t find the strength within himself to hoist both him and the Man In Purple up enough to fire off a new web at somewhere high enough to be useful. 
The result: the web only reaches the balcony of someone’s first floor apartment, Izuku’s head spins as he swings erratically way too close to the snowy pavement, his fingers - which are freezing by this point - slip just a little on the icy web…
And then, for a second time that evening, Izuku dies.
Or at least, he thinks he does. 
In reality he just swings wildly right into the flat of another street sign. Again. For a second time in one evening. 
It’s not a stop sign this time, thank goodness. (If it was then Izuku would be truly concerned) No, instead it’s a large blue and red “No Parking`’ sign that stands over one of the long curbs in the busiest street in the whole of Musutafu’s city centre. Izuku’s chest takes the brunt of the force this time, rather than his face - although, when the wind is knocked clean from his body and he spends a second gasping for air like a fish out of water, he’s not sure if he actually prefers this. Not to mention the white hot pain that burns through his ribs where they press right into the edge of the circle plating. 
For a moment, Izuku sticks there, splaying out against the metal like a mosquito against a car windshield. His senses have been well and truly knocked out of him this time round and he can’t move even as his captive begins to struggle against his bindings. Izuku webs are an absolute bitch to get off - he designed them that way on purpose. But the Man In Purple doesn’t seem all that hindered as he manages to tug one of his grappling hooks closer to himself with his unbound hand and then uses its sharp edge to begin hacking away at the webs still entangled around his wrist. 
His extra movement is what finally seems to unstick Izuku’s from the No Parking sign because as the Man In Purple tumbles away, finally free of his bindings, Izuku’s body slowly peels itself away from the cold plating of the street sign. He plummets the two or so metres to the ground and then lands with an “oof!” on the snowy pavement. Once again, all the air leaves his chest. 
It’s then, as Izuku lies there in the snow, with the city lights all around him, the Man In Purple making his escape once again, and the hushed voices of whispering onlookers trickling into his ears, that Izuku truly ponders the idea of death. 
Because really, what's the point anyone?
If his dignity wasn’t shattered before, it definitely is now. While there was a chance that no one had seen him hit that stop sign the first time around - or at least, no one had gotten a picture of it - there’s no hope for that this second time. He can already hear the clicking of cameras going off all around him, and he knows if he lifts his head there’ll be at least ten phones trained on him. He supposes he was probably pretty naive in hoping this wouldn’t get out - there are times when he forgets that he’s Spiderman, the most well known vigilante this side of Japan. And he forgets the fact that everything he does as Spiderman is ruthlessly scrutinised by the public. Despite the fact that his reputation has improved to know end since he made his first official appearance, everyone still likes to judge. And swinging into street signs not just once but twice in one evening? That’s not something anyone will let go unnoticed. 
Which leaves him with a few options. A) He could get up and play it off. Make a joke out of it, or maybe even pretend like he meant to do that. Spiderman’s motivations are unknown to the public after all, and for all they know he could perfectly well have had every intention of getting up close and personal with the street signs of Musutafu tonight. It might save at least a sliver of his reputation, or at the very least, make the memes a little less derogatory. (Although he highly doubts it)
Option B) would be to run. Scramble away from the cameras and the people and go hide in his room for long enough that it all blows over. Izuku wonders briefly what the repercussions would be if Spiderman were to take an extended leave of absence - this is so bad he’s sure even the criminals would be laughing at him. 
The third and final option c) would be to just die. Right here, on the dirty, snow-covered pavement. He’s sure if he remains here long enough it would happen. Maybe hyperthermia would get to him, from the cold dampness that is already soaking through the back of his suit. Or maybe blood loss (although he’s sure his freakish body is already beginning to heal itself) He wouldn't have to deal with any of the backlash then, and he also doubts there’d be as many jokes made, out of respect for his death. Yes, he decides, option C is definitely the easiest and the best. 
But then the image of his mum’s furious face floats into the back of his mind and his option changes very quickly. 
Option B it is. 
Quick as lightning - or quick as he can in his broken and fragile state - Izuku springs into action. He jumps to his feet, takes a brief moment to survey his surroundings and then prepares to take flight once again. His head spins a little, and his body feels oddly wobbly as he staggers just slightly, enough so that the jerk from his deployed web is enough to send him stumbling back by a few steps. But he manages to keep his balance and then, to the cheering of a few of the onlookers crowding in the snowy street, he leaps and is once again up in the air and away. 
The cheers continue all the way down the street, and Izuku can still hear them even when he eventually turns a corner onto a new road. Guilt burns through him now, finally, rushing in his ears like the pounding of his own blood, because, while he appreciates the support, he also cannot ignore its misguidance. They’re cheering for him, as if he’s a hero, when the reality is he’s just done what’s probably the most unheroic thing possible; let the bad guy get away. 
Not that the Man In Purple seems particularly malicious. But he’s still a criminal, still capable of hurting people and still represents the thing that is Spiderman’s entire purpose to stop. Only now he’s gone, slipped away into the night as the result of Izuku’s very rookie, very stupid mistakes. 
And Izuku hates himself for it. 
It’s even worse that there doesn’t seem to be much he can do about it now. The man is gone, having slipped away through all the commotion, and with Izuku as battered as bruised as he currently is, it’d take a miracle for him to pick the Man In Purple out of the crowd. His senses are shot - even the enhancements do little to help, and it’s taking all of the young boy’s will power just to keep himself swinging straight. His head is spinning, his ribs, which are drenched in drying blood, are freezing, and he has a headache worthy of someone - 
Well, worthy of someone who’d gone flying into a street sign at 80 kilometres an hour… twice. 
He isn’t happy about the fact that going home for bedrest is probably his most viable - and really, only - option right now, because his heart is yearning to keep looking. He’s able to count on two hands he number of criminals he’s let get away in his career as Spiderman, and a guy like that, like the Man In Purple, is not someone he feels totally comfortable letting just roam free. Scratch all else, the technology he’d had, the grappling hook designs… it’s eerily familiar to Izuku although he can’t for the life of him put his finger on why. Definitely not something any random Joe could cook up in his garage, that’s for damn sure. And it puts the itch in the back of Izuku’s mind that maybe this is part of something bigger. 
Not that he really has the brain power to contemplate it in great detail - every one of his cognitive functions is going into holding himself upright as he lets go of his web to change direction. He more likely than not has a concussion - plus a number of other injuries he doesn’t want to count right now - and as much as the idea makes him frown, he realises it’s probably time for him to turn in for the night. 
Also, he remembers with a sudden long groan, he has homework he needs to do. A real lot of it, actually, since he’d missed everything he was suppsoed to do yesterday, when he fell asleep as soon as he finished up patrol. 
The final nail in the coffin is the memory of his mother’s face the last time he’d gotten a detention for not handing in his assignments on time. She always goes with the “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed” route and over the years she’s gotten really good at it. Plus, Izuku is a big softy and seeing his mum upset over even the smallest of inconveiences is enough to send him into a panic. He doesn’t think he can deal with another one of those looks, where she fixes him with her sad eyes and sighs softly and he just wants to throw himself on his knees and cry hysterically like a toddler. 
Most days, he bundles all of his things into his school bag and then shoves the whole thing into a gap between the garbage disposal and the wall. The alleyway is very narrow and very dark, and is, as he’d done extensive research on, very well hidden from any nearby security cameras. It's the perfect place for him to leave his things while he goes out Spidermaning and usually, no one bothers to touch them. 
And so he changes direction and, twisting his body as nimbly as he can with how bent out of shape it is, aims towards the secluded back alleyway behind his apartment complex where he always leaves his things hidden. 
Key word: Usually. 
Today, it seems, is an unusual day. 
His knees creak a little when he lands, and he takes a few stumbling steps forward before righting himself. It's dark between the two towering buildings and if Izuku’s vision wasn't exceptionally sharp as a result of his accidental mutation, he doubts he'd be able to see a thing. As it is, it takes a moment for him to fumble his way around behind the garbage disposal, his fingers reaching for his backpack. 
That's when he runs into a rather pressing problem. His bag isn't there. 
Izuku sits back on his haunches with a long sigh. This is probably the last thing he needs to happen today and yet here it is, staring him right in the face. Thank goodness he doesn't carry any valuables in his backpack; it's mostly just scrap paper and pencils, since he'd left all of his textbooks at school earlier. Oh and his clothes. 
Izuku sighs again, a little more agitated this time. The emotional, hormonal teenage boy side of him is upset, encouraging him heartily to either kick the closest wall or cry. The mature, adult side (Which he's only recently obtained, along with his drivers licence in the aftermath of his eighteenth birthday) is just tired. Tired and wants to go to bed. 
For a third time, Izuku sighs. This is a major inconvenience for him. Not because he's lost anything in particular but because now, instead of simply getting changed and then returning home to his shared apartment with his mother like a normal person might do, he'll have to sneak his way into his own bedroom, pray that his mom doesn't catch him and then make up some lie about how he got into the house without her noticing. 
Oh, and he'll have to beg her for a new backpack. Again. 
He's done it all before, though a few times were just by the skin of his teeth. His mum, despite getting on in life, has the eyes and ears of a hawk. And Izuku highly doubts he's managed to avoid suspicion entirely, even when he tries his very hardest to be sneaky. It gets worse the more he does it too, and the odds look very bleak for his attempting to sneak in now of all times. Especially considering he can barely walk in a straight line. 
The hormonal teenage side of him wins out for a second and Izuku sniffles a little, squeezing his eyes closed as his shoulders slump. He feels cornered - not a foreign feeling for him however it seems ten times more difficult to deal now that every other aspect of his life seems to be kicking him in the ass. It's not even like he can give up either, not if he doesn't want to die of hyperthermia out in the cold night of Musutafu. And for a moment, Izuku is truly at a loss. 
Only a moment though, because at that very second it begins to snow even more. One single snowflake somehow manages to make its way into the crevasse between the neck of his bodysuit and his mask, the icy tingle of it trickling down into his skin. He doesn't feel much, since it is just barely a single snowflake, but it's enough to snap him from his haze of despair. And without allowing for him to overthink any further, he heaves himself back to his feet and takes off once again, his sights now set on home. 
It doesn't take a long time to reach the apartment complex he's lived in for most of his life, given that it's just a building over. Already he can see the warm yellow glow of his bedroom window flickering at him, all friendly-like in the cold darkness of the surrounding evening. A pang of longing shoots through his heart, yearning for a nice dinner and a warm bed, and when the final somersault down to his windowsill comes, he can't be more glad. 
He sticks himself to the wall above his window before he makes his entrance. There have been a number of close calls in the past, when he hasn't done a preliminary check before diving inside his bedroom. Each of those resulted in a rather harrowing escape that Izuku swears left his nerves in tatters for days afterward - he's not scared of much but the idea of his mother finding out what he does every evening always chills him to the very core. 
He knows now not to do that as he plants his hands and feet firmly against the painted brick above the window. His powers stick him to the rough surface and he doesn't waver, not even once, as he leans down to hang his head out just over the top of the window, so he can see into the room.
It’s definitely not the most comfortable position he's ever been in. With the blood immediately rushing to his head and his entire weight only supported by his fingers and toes, he can't help but feel incredibly precarious. Like any second he'll slip and then make an even bigger fool of himself than he already has this evening. 
It's a necessary evil, however, because despite the pressure that's slowly building in his head, it gives him a perfect view into the confines of his small bedroom. Which he needs if his attempt to sneak in undetected by his brother is going to be successful. 
Leaning down as fara s he can, Izuku peers inside. The light in his bedroom is on, thank goodness, and the blinds are up. He can see everything he needs to; that being that fact that his mom is not inside. He can also see that his room is an absolute mess, having remained exactly as he'd left it this morning in his rush to make his train. His pyjamas from last night are still sitting in a crumpled heap on the floor, and his desk is a mess of loose papers and stray pens, some of which have also found their way to the floor. 
The room is empty though, despite it all and Izuku breathes out a soft sigh of relief. His bedroom door, too, is closed, creating the perfect circumstance for him to make his way inside. He'll come up with an excuse of how he got in later - his mom is probably in the kitchen, making dinner for him and herself and as long as he can get his face cleaned up and free of blood, he doubts she'll be suspicious enough to figure it all out. She'll probably suspect him of other things, however he's willing to live with that as long as she doesn't find out his actual secret. 
His hand sticks flat to the window pane when he presses his fingers against it, and the window slides up with ease when he pushes. The wood squeaks a little in protest but it's not very loud and as Izuku flips himself over in preparation in climb in, he's not worried that he's alerted anyone. His muscles ache a little as he twist his body around a little and he stifles a wince when the skin around his injuries ribs shifts. But he pulls it off and manages to haul himself inside the room, landing lightly on the dark wooden floorboards. 
For a moment, his body sways. The concussion and dizziness come back to him, as well as all the added exhaustion from the rest of the day, and as black spots dance across his vision, he wonders if he's actually going to pass out. It doesn't help that his suit is sticking to his body uncomfortably, slick with the sweat and grime of the day, and making him feel, in general, really gross. A wave of claustrophobia passes over him, followed by a wave of nausea. And then, before he really does pass out, he stumbles backwards a few steps to lean heavily against his bed frame. 
Only to hear a very small, very faint voice. 
Izuku freezes like it's a goddamn Olympic sport. His eyes bulge beneath his mask, widening to the size of saucers and his heart just about falls out of his ass. Because that voice… it came from inside his room. Meaning there's someone else in here, with him. Or no, Izuku hastily corrects himself, with Spiderman. His mask is still on and his identity is still hidden. 
He doesn't want to turn in the direction of the voice though. Because, technically, if he doesn't acknowledge them, he'd be perfectly within his rights to back right out of the window again and go find some alley to hide in. He could pretend this was the wrong place and he was the wrong person and could be gone in a flash. And then whoever is in his room would be left feeling freaked out but at least with no proof of his entrance… right? 
Yes, Izuku thinks wildly. That's what he'll do. Just leave and not come back. He can find some clothes somewhere, he’s sure. And then he can return home as Izuku, not Spiderman, and be totally shocked by the stranger in his bedroom. 
Even as he takes his first step, however - backwards, to make sure he doesn't look at the person in any way - the person themselves speaks. And he's done for. 
"E-excuse me?" The small voice asks, surprisingly polite for the situation, "But… Why are you breaking into Midoriya's bedroom?" 
Izuku recognises the voice with a horrible chill, what feels like an ice cube slipping down the back of his throat. He recognises it far too well and it both astounds and confuses him because… what the fuck? 
Still, even as he spins on his boot-clad heel to confront the real intruder in his small bedroom, the fact that he knows who it is isn't what bothers him most. What bothers him most is… 
"I am not breaking into Midoriya's bedroom!" he says firmly as he finally faces the bed and locks eyes with the person sitting on it for the first time since he came crawling through the window. 
You're sitting cross legged on his plaid blue covers, still wearing your school uniform. Your hair is as it always is during class and there's an impressive stack of papers balanced on your lap. What he doesn't recognise is the look on your face; for once, you’re not the confident, calculated, future-doctor that he sees every day at school - he sees a little too much of it really, since you're so unfortunately seated right behind him in class - but rather just a teenager terrified in the face of some random stranger who's just hopped through the window of a classmate’s bedroom. 
At least that's what he assumes you’re feeling. Even after knowing each other since before kindergarten, you're still too difficult for him to read properly. 
"Um," you mumble, your eyes wide as saucers. "You kind of… are? You just climbed through the window…" 
 Izuku points at the window, points at himself, points at you.
"That is not what that was!" he insists, a little indignant because is it really so outlandish that you don't even stop to consider the possibility that Izuku Midoriya is Spiderman?
You blink, slowly, as your eyes follow the path his finger made between the window and himself. Your gaze settles on his face, meeting his eyes head on even though there's absolutely no way for you to tell where he's looking behind the mask. Izuku can't help but shiver, feeling suddenly very uncomfortable. 
"L-look," he begins, giving his best attempt at redirecting the conversation. “What are you doing in here anyway? Are you sure you're not the one who broke in?" 
You raise one eyebrow at him, giving him a long, hard stare. Then you shift and shuffle the stack of paper in your lap around enough to bring his attention back to it. 
"I’ve brought work for Midoriya," you tell him, slowly, as if he's an idiot and wouldn't understand. "For school. Because, ya know, Midoriya is still a kid." 
Izuku blinks for a moment, confused at what you're insinuating. Then his eyes widen as you continue. 
"Look, I don't know what you and Midoriya have… going on," you say, making a vague gesture towards him. "But I really don't think you should be here…" 
A sick feeling trickles into his stomach like acid and Izuku immediately recoils. "Whoa!" he starts, throwing up his hands in defence. "First of all… no. Ew." Then he points a finger at you. "And Midoriya is not a child, Midoriya is eighteen. And second… Can you stop saying I broke in? I didn't. I live here." 
The look on your face is all too suspicious. Then you snort, and then outright laugh, lips curling into an almost cruel smirk. "Yeah okay," you tell him, obviously not believing him for a second. "Look I'm just gonna call Mrs Midoriya-" 
You shift your work off your lap as you speak and stand up, your hand already reaching out in the direction of the door handle. And Izuku panics. 
Because his mum can’t know. Unlike you, she's seen the mysterious injuries that have been popping up all over him and she sees the exhaustion that's settled deep in his body for the last three years. She'd put two and two together in a flash if she came across Spiderman standing in her son's room and then he'd more likely than not be grounded for the rest of his life. If the shock doesn't just completely kill her first. 
His feet move before he can even think about telling you not to, and he reaches for you as your mouth begins to open. His fingers wrap tightly around your wrist just as the beginning of his mothers name begins to leave your tongue and then he yanks you - probably too hard - right into his free hand. His palm slaps over your mouth deliberately, successfully silencing you. He underestimates his own strength, however - as he usually does - because the force of his tug on your body is too much and you stumble right into him. Instinctively, you grab onto his shoulders for support and, at the unfamiliar weight against him, Izuku freezes up completely.
For a second the pair of you stay like that, staring at each other in complete shock. Then, Izuku jumps away from you like he's been stung, his hands rising immediately in defence. 
"I-I’m so sorry!" he apologies immediately as his face grows oven-hot beneath his mask. "I just had to stop you - It's not really the kind thing you can tell - Look, I really don't think -" 
He keeps cutting himself off with new sentences as his brain struggles to process what's going on, and all the while you watch him with a very suspicious raised eyebrow. Izuku huffs out a long internal sigh. 
Because really, what even are his options anymore? You obviously don't believe that Spiderman is just some casual friend of your classmates. And either you tell his mom, or he tells you. 
Neither are particularly appealing, although if he weighs them both out, the latter does pose a lot fewer complications. You hate him anyway, so why would you even care that he's Spiderman?
His shoulders slump in defeat. "Look," he says finally, and then flops down in your now empty spot on his bed. You turn to look at him, hands on your hips and suddenly, the power dynamic between the pair of you is flipped completely on its head. He runs a hand up the back of his head, instinctively looking to ruffle his hair but only finds his mask. His figure slumps even more. 
"I know you're probably freaking out a bit-" he starts. 
"I'm not freaking out," you cut in immediately, but he just talks over you, too used to your attitude after years of being in class with you. 
"-but I'd really appreciate it if you didn't say anything… to anyone… especially not -" he waves his hand in the direction of his still closed bedroom door, in reference to his mum.
You point a finger at him. "Then you'd better give me a pretty good reason not to or else I'm gonna keep thinking you're some kind of pervert who's sneaking in here to do God knows what with my classmate." 
Izuku cringes. "Listen, I promise it's not like that. At all. Just…" he lets out a long sigh as his entire body sags. He hasn't told anyone about this, not ever. Not in the four years since he became Spiderman, and it's terrifying to know that you of all people are gonna be the first to know now. He braces himself as he says, "Just please promise you won't tell. I… I don't want to know what will happen to me if you do." 
You stare at him for a long time, your expression completely unreadable and Izuku can't help but shift around comfortably. As much as he's scared to tell you, he's even more scared that you won't promise to keep it a secret. But he stays quiet and lets you stew as best he can while his knee bounces incessantly. 
Finally you let out a huff of annoyance. "Alright fine. I won't tell. But this better be good." Your arms cross protectively over your chest and you jut one hip out in a gesture you've been doing since you were little. Izuku takes one last second to give you a once over before he rubs the palms of his hands along his thighs and gets to his feet again. 
"Okay," he says, a little shaky. "Just… don't laugh." 
And then he pulls his mask off.
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I feel like at one point they bit your tongue while kissing and continued as if they didn't do anything.
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Two to One | 11 |
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bakugou x Reader x Midoriya Chapter Title: Mold Chapter 10 | Chapter 12 Story Masterlist Summary: You are a simple college girl working at a cheap, back alley café! The top heroes, Deku and Ground Zero, visit your work in hopes of ordering coffee, but they pick something else up instead. You begin an interesting relationship with the pair, while slowly becoming aware of certain underhanded tactics they are using. Idolization isn't always that bad... Right?
Tumblr media
“Since when were you were a Deku fan?”
(Y/n) played off her smile by letting out a pointed laugh, tossing a dirty rag into a bin before getting a clean one. She wore a Deku t-shirt that she bought over the weekend to work today instead of her usual café shirt, and it made Hana’s head turn as soon as she noticed. (Y/n) shrugged.
“Just trying something new, I guess,” she turned away to hide her smile, leaning forward to straighten a pastry in the display case. Hana grinned.
“I’m gonna tell Daddy Shoto that you’re cheating on him.”
(Y/n) giggled and rolled her eyes. “Please tell him. Can you also tell him to stop leaving his underwear on the floor of my apartment? I’m really tired of picking it up every morning.”
Hana’s nose wrinkled. “Ew. No. That’s your job. I’m just going to rat you out so he can leave you for me.”
(Y/n) laughed, making her way to the register as their first customer of the day entered the café.
(Y/n) hadn’t been around Izuku and Katsuki since their hiking trip. She talked to Izuku less and didn’t talk to Katsuki at all, intrinsically deciding she needed space from the both of them. Katsuki actually texted her outside of the groupchat last night asking if she wanted food delivered to her apartment, but she declined. The sight of his fist colliding with the side of Izuku’s face crept into her mind each time she debated contacting either of them; the entire altercation left a bad taste in her mouth.
Maybe some space would be good for the three of them. Before the hiking trip, they were having sleepovers almost every night. It’s no wonder Katsuki was growing tenser by the second.
As (Y/n) became comfortable with the idea of going ghost for a little while longer, the bell hanging over the café door chimed, announcing the second customer of the day. She was bending down behind the counter, making sure everything was stocked, but she noticed Hana stiffen beside her. (Y/n) shot up, assuming their manager just walked in, but she hit her head on the corner of the countertop.
“Ah! Shi–!” Her hand flew to her head as she winced, but she froze as she looked up, coming face to face with Deku in his hero costume.
She immediately straightened, and she couldn’t help the grin that beamed on her face. She bit her lip to dim it down. Still, with the distance she put between them, seeing his face in person again – especially in his hero suit – made (Y/n) almost forget why she wanted to avoid him.
Izuku adjusted the mouth guard that hung around his neck as his gaze flickered between her face and her Deku t-shirt, lingering there for a few seconds each time. At first, (Y/n) filled with pride and anticipation. Look, I finally bought some of your merch! No need to bug me about it anymore! That is, until she saw Izuku’s face slightly – ever so slightly – fall into a frown as his lip tightened.
(Y/n)’s excitement plummeted, and she examined his body language carefully, analyzing him within seconds. As he met her eye once more, his brow furrowed vaguely, and he gave her a closed-lipped smile. (Y/n)’s stomach dropped further.
“Hi, Mr. Deku!” Hana was eager to make conversation this time around. The only other customer in the café peered up from his newspaper, eyes widened as he spotted the Number One Hero. Since when did he get coffee here?
As trivial as Izuku’s irritation was, it seemingly vanished as quickly as it arose when he turned to greet Hana, giving her the signature Deku smile seen in interviews.
“Hey there!”
(Y/n) shook it off. Maybe she was just imagining things.
“What, um,” (Y/n) took a breath, “What can I get started for you this morning… Deku?”
Izuku looked back down at (Y/n) as she stood behind the register. He inwardly sighed, quiet enough that no one heard.
“An iced matcha latte. Please.”
(Y/n) pressed a few buttons on the screen without looking up at him. His tone was light and Deku-esque to the untrained ear, but (Y/n) heard the small attitude he carried. At this point, she just wanted him to leave. The fingers on her free hand drummed on the countertop beside her as she finally sent a glance up at Izuku.
“Regular milk?”
“No. Oatmilk.”
She knew he drank oatmilk. She was just being difficult now.
“Oh. Sorry.”
Izuku watched her, as patient as can be. Absentmindedly, his hand came up to hook onto his opposite arm, almost hugging himself.
Hana elbowed (Y/n) as she brushed past, giving Deku a sweet smile as she went to make his drink. The corners of Izuku’s eyes wrinkled as he quietly smiled back.
His weight shifted to the other foot as he looked back down at (Y/n), his pleasant demeanor steadily dropping.
“That’s going to be 300 yen,” (Y/n) told Izuku, looking back up at him. It almost made her jump at how he was already staring right at her.
Izuku unzipped a pocket on his hero costume, taking out his wallet. He set down three 100-yen coins on the counter. Hana finished making his drink as soon as he paid.
“One iced matcha latte with oatmilk for Deku!” She practically sang.
Izuku’s fingers lingered on the coins for a second longer than necessary, touching (Y/n)’s when she reached to pick up his money. (Y/n) glanced up at him, and he was already looking at her. He wasn’t smiling anymore, not even fake smiling. He was expressionless, a stony appearance similar to when they went on the hiking trip. She knew Izuku could make that face, but Deku doesn’t. He was Deku right now.
He slid his hand away, and just as quickly and intensely as anything with Izuku began, it dissipated just as rapidly. He grabbed his drink, sending thanks with a brief wave before heading out the door.
(Y/n) was left standing at the register with a pit in her stomach that only seemed to multiply in size and an urge to leave the register to call Izuku. Hana was left feeling invigorated for making, in her opinion, the best fucking iced matcha for the Number One Hero.
Hana glanced over at (Y/n), noticing her friend’s stiff posture.
“… You okay?”
Hana nodded, looking back over to the display of coffee beans for sale. Nobody ever really buys those.
“I don’t think he liked my shirt.”
Hana shrugged. “Maybe it’s a knockoff?”
Tumblr media
About thirty minutes later, (Y/n) left her cashier duty for a quick bathroom break, immediately pulling her phone out of her pocket on the way there.
There were no notifications from Izuku or Katsuki.
She frowned, wondering what the hell just happened and why Deku just waltzed into her work out of nowhere.
Once in the single bathroom that was much too cramped, sweaty, and smelled of molded grout, she sat on the toilet, quickly typing away on her phone. She texted Izuku privately, outside of the groupchat.
(09:07) (Y/N)ヾ☆* : Are u mad at me??
(Y/n) tapped her fingers on the phone, typing nothing, as she awaited his response.
Two minutes turned into ten which turned into twenty, and (Y/n) fell into the old habit of escaping into the bathroom to avoid her shifts; she couldn’t abandon Hana like that.
She called Izuku, impatience fueling her as she bit her lip.
As soon as she brought the phone up to her ear, she heard the ringback tone once before Izuku sent the call to voicemail.
Hi! This is Deku’s, Izuku Midoriya’s, personal phone! Please leave a message, and I’ll get ba–!
(Y/n) hung up, groaning. She swiped back on her phone, returning to her and Izuku’s texts; however, she saw that he was already typing.
(09:38) DEKU✧˖° : No im not mad. In a meeting. Talk later
(Y/n) immediately relaxed against the metal tank of the toilet, reining herself in. She didn’t text him back, not wanting to disturb his meeting any more than she already had, so she held the urge to apologize until later on.
She stood, washed her hands, and returned to work, finally. Hana gave (Y/n) a weird stare, watching her best friend emerge from the bathroom with a big smile on her face.
Tumblr media
Izuku didn’t text her back. Or call her.
It quickly became an afterthought as (Y/n) carried on with the rest of her day. A few of her friends in class pointed out her Deku t-shirt, and while she giggled and shrugged in response, it made her relive this morning’s events at work.
She didn’t hear from Katsuki either.
Evening approached quicker than expected, especially with the chill in the air picking up recently. (Y/n) huddled further down into the blankets on her bed, typing away on her laptop.
A couple of soft knocks on the window next to her made her freeze, her fingers stilling on the keyboard.
There was another rapping on the glass soon after the first, and (Y/n) almost jumped at that one. She twisted around, peering at the foggy glass, before gasping when she saw Izuku waving at her from the fire escape.
(Y/n) sat up, pushing her laptop to the side and unlatching the window’s hinges. She tugged it upwards, but the wood was worn and slightly molded, so it took more effort on her part than she expected. After a few moments of watching her struggle, Izuku pressed his fingertips against the glass, gently coaxing the window upwards before it suddenly snapped open, sending woodchips flying.
He wore the hood of his jacket, almost zipped all the way up to his chin, and (Y/n) heard taxis driving down below on the wet asphalt of the city. It must have rained earlier; (Y/n) didn’t notice the water leaking down from her upstairs neighbor’s balcony until she poked her head out a little before dipping back inside.
Why are you here?” (Y/n) probed as Izuku leaned forward through the windowsill.
Izuku almost looked offended. “I came to see you.”
(Y/n) blinked, giving him a once over. He’d obviously been home to change and shower, seeing as though he was no longer in his hero costume.
“You couldn’t have told me you were coming?”
Izuku tilted his head slightly, his brow furrowing. “I…,” he couldn’t think of an excuse. “I’m sorry,” was all he had.
(Y/n) shrugged, shifting on her bed, crossing her legs. “No Katsuki?” She pondered.
“No. He’s at home.”
“Does he know you’re here?”
Izuku stalled, just for a second. “Yes.”
He and (Y/n) stared at each other, and Izuku waited for permission to enter. He’s entered her apartment several times in the past, but suddenly showing up like this made him feel rather insecure about his place.
(Y/n) sighed, her original persecuting demeanor failing as she remembered the paper she was in the middle of writing. A hand came up to scratch her head. Still, Izuku waited. He had a knack for being patient.
How quickly she folded for him. “Come in, I guess.”
Tumblr media
(Y/n)’s rubbed her face, stretching the skin and not caring whatever wrinkles she may cause in the future. Her laptop sat in front of her, and she leaned forward once more, trying to find a way over the hump of a paragraph in the middle of her essay. She tapped on her keyboard, the screen boring into her eyes as the rest of the light in her room dissipated.
Izuku lay across her twin-sized bed, leaning against the pillows in the corner, an arm resting on the window. Her tiny bed was honestly too small for him, and it was definitely too small to fit both of them. (Y/n), at one point, used Izuku’s crossed legs as a table for her laptop, while she huddled in the corner opposite from him. He was fine with that. He was fine with the silence, too.
Izuku flicked his wrist hanging out the window, the ashes from his cigarette flying off. He brought it to his lips, taking a drag, before exhaling a puff of smoke through the corner of his mouth, aiming specifically back out the window, not wanting to flood (Y/n)’s with the smell of nicotine.
(Y/n) sent him a backward glance as he thumbed the end of his cig.
“Didn’t know you smoked.”
Izuku, who’d been gazing out at the back-alley streets below, looked over at her.
He shrugged. “Bad habit.”
(Y/n) turned back around to face her computer screen. She changed tabs, choosing a different Google Doc that her class group was editing together.
“I don’t think it’s good for you,” (Y/n) spoke up once more after a few minutes of silence. She didn’t look at him this time.
Izuku just finished taking his last drag before putting out his cigarette on the windowsill. He’d been resting his head on his palm, idly watching (Y/n) as she stressed about her homework. He kept his legs as still as he could get them, since she was using him as furniture.
“I know,” he complied. He wasn’t very talkative today. If (Y/n) had the energy or the time to really examine their dynamic, she may find that he wasn’t all too different from usual.
“When’d you start that?” She continued conversing while she typed. Izuku made a face as he thought back, rubbing his forehead as he actually tried to remember when he smoked his first cigarette, but (Y/n) spoke once more. “Was it… Before or after Uravity?”
Izuku gaped at (Y/n), but he quickly corrected himself. “Uh…,” he genuinely tried to recall that time of his life. “During.”
(Y/n)’s eyes flickered over to him. They shared a brief, knowing glance before (Y/n) returned to her group assignment.
Tumblr media
(Y/n) slammed her laptop shut, a wave of relief washing over her as she let out an exasperated sigh. She turned in her final assignment for the night, and her sudden excitement awoke Izuku, who’d been dozing off. He’d long since closed the window, especially now that the rain had picked up again. (Y/n) reached around to set her laptop down on her desk before crawling back under the blankets. Izuku was about to shed his layers and join her, as he’d been lying above the duvet, but his work phone suddenly rang. He groaned, frowning as he pulled his smartphone out from his back pocket.
Sighing, he threw his legs over the edge of the bed, scooting past (Y/n) as he answered the call, giving a brief greeting.
(Y/n) pulled the blankets further into herself, watching Izuku sitting on the end of the bed by her feet. He looked so stern. Izuku’s pointer finger tapped on his thigh a couple times before he stood up, giving (Y/n)’s calf a gentle, affectionate squeeze.
“No, there should be–,” whoever was on the other line cut Izuku off.
“I’m very confident in my interns’ abilities to–,” he was cut off once again. Izuku’s jaw clenched as he swallowed, and he caught sight of (Y/n) watching him, so he turned his back to her, shifting his weight to the other foot. (Y/n) never felt like she should hear his phone calls.
Izuku sighed through his nose. “I assigned that specific task to them. They’re capable.”
“I’ll be there to mentor them tomorrow.”
“It’s fine. Goodnight.”
Izuku finally ended the phone call with a roll of his eyes. He turned back to (Y/n), who was balled up near the top of the bed. He gave her a soft smile – the first smile he’d given her all day – before reaching behind his head to pull his shirt off.
Tumblr media
Having previously slept in Izuku and Katsuki’s king-sized bed made this much more difficult than (Y/n) thought. She and Izuku crowded each other, and it took much longer than usual for both of them to get comfortable. Izuku was normally the one to wrap his leg over (Y/n)’s hips, but she beat him to it tonight. She wrapped herself around Izuku, clinging to him, and Izuku pulled her thigh higher onto his hip as his head settled into the pillow. There wasn’t much space for movement, but neither of them really minded.
Through lidded eyes, Izuku watched his fingertips trace through (Y/n)’s locks, though he failed to notice the unrest that stirred within her.
“Izuku,” she uttered, snuggling closer into his neck. He wore cologne tonight. It wasn’t one of the expensive ones he and Katsuki kept on the master bathroom shelf, but a cheaper one. A subtler one: clean and warm.
“Hmm?” He pulled back slightly to look down at her.
“Are you okay?” She asked quietly, her voice muffled against Izuku’s skin. Izuku blinked in brief confusion.
“What do–?”
Their hushed voices were barely above a whisper – they didn’t have to be, not with how close they were to each other right now.
“I mean, are you okay? I’ve never seen Katsuki… punch you before,” (Y/n) addressed the elephant in the room, biting the bullet. Izuku’s lip tightened, but his grip on (Y/n) loosened just a fraction.
“He was just worried about you. And angry at me for putting you in danger,” Izuku explained as best he could.
“So, he punched you?” (Y/n) pulled back to meet Izuku’s eye. Izuku rolled his own with a snort, weighing his answers.
“Kacchan is very… Explosive!” Izuku punctuated his sentence by tickling (Y/n)’s ribs, making her scream as she tried to pull away from him.
“Izu–Izuku, stop!” (Y/n) cackled, finally pushing him away far enough in the small bed. Izuku laughed along, allowing her to relax once more against him. “I’m being serious.”
Izuku blinked, hiding the roll of his eyes and giving her a small, closed-mouth smile as he rested his head on his palm.
“Is that the first time he’s ever punched you like that?”
This question caught Izuku off guard. He didn’t answer her, instead, his fingers found solace playing with the threads of the blanket. (Y/n) frowned.
“Do you think he’d… do it again?” She pressed further. “What about to me?”
Something in Izuku snapped awake, and he gazed down at her with dismay, pulling her closer into him.
“No… No. He’d never hurt you. He only hurt me because he thought I hurt you,” he soothed, his tone soft as his nose brushed against (Y/n)’s. He pulled back, only to press his lips against her forehead. In some ways, Izuku’s words pacified her. She decided to change the conversation, for both of their sakes.
“You came to my work this morning.”
“Mhm,” his mumble was deep in his chest. “Wanted to check on you. We hadn’t heard from you in a while.”
“I was fine.”
“Just wanted to be sure.”
“You didn’t seem too happy about my Deku shirt,” (Y/n) commented.
“I just wasn’t expecting to see you in it,” Izuku defended.
“I dunno. You seemed a little upset,” she huddled closer into his chest. Izuku sighed quietly.
“We can’t have people finding out we’re together,” he finally muttered. “People don’t even know me and Kacchan are together. Who knows how the public will react if they find out I’m dating a college student.”
(Y/n) rolled her eyes; she figured that. She interrupted his rambling.
“Izuku, everyone wears Deku shirts.”
Izuku paused. “You’re right.”
They settled for a minute, but Izuku’s cogs were turning. “I just don’t want you getting involved in our stuff,” he tried to explain.
“Well, you should’ve thought about that before taking me in,” (Y/n) countered.
“Taking you in? Like a stray?”
They both giggled, and (Y/n) found herself playing with Izuku’s fingers. She never asked him the story of his scars. His hand was so much larger than hers, the calluses on his palms a stark contrast to the smoothness of her own. Izuku intertwined their fingers, and (Y/n) noticed how much thicker his were. She looked up at him, and he was gazing lovingly down at her, still resting his cheek in his other hand.
“Has me being quirkless made you have second thoughts about me?” She blurted, though it was a quiet breath of a question. Izuku tilted his head slightly, his brow furrowing.
“Full of questions tonight, aren’t we?” He teased, rubbing his eyes on the heel of his palm.
“I’m serio–”
“I was quirkless once,” he slipped. A look of disbelief passed (Y/n)’s face.
“I’m serious, Izuku. I think about this a lot,” she almost whined.
“I’m serious, too.”
(Y/n) glared up at him, and Izuku met her gaze with his own tired one. That’s okay. She didn’t have to believe him.
“Well,” Izuku circled back to her original inquiry, “I don’t care that you’re quirkless. Sometimes, I think it makes us get along better.”
(Y/n) perked up at this. “Really?” She cuddled closer to him. His embrace tightened.
“Mhmm,” he brushed some of her hair away from her eyes. (Y/n)’s lips met his, finally, for the first time that night. He kissed her back, pulling her closer to him, deepening it. She tasted the nicotine on his teeth, and if it were any other person, she’d gag, but it was him. Deku.
They pulled away briefly before melding even deeper than before, and the tip of her tongue traced his own. Izuku’s hands were wandering, and if he was being honest, he had no idea where to put them. What was safe right now? What was she comfortable with? His scarred hands eventually settled on her back.
(Y/n) pulled away, shifting slightly to kiss down Izuku’s jaw. Izuku sighed as (Y/n) traveled lower to kiss and lick at his neck, and he quietly wondered where she learned that from. She began to suck on a spot of his neck, but Izuku suddenly sat up, reluctantly pulling her off of him.
“No hickeys,” he gently scolded.
(Y/n), who was feeling rather confident in her actions, suddenly backed down, and Izuku noticed the deflation in attitude.
“How about we try something with you?” He offered, gently coaxing (Y/n) to lie back. She did so, lying flat on her back with Izuku hovering over her from beside her. “Is that okay?”
(Y/n) gawked up at him as she nodded. Izuku laughed, a charming smile on his face. He leaned down, giving her one, two, three slow kisses before moving to her ear, planting a gentler kiss there. (Y/n) shuddered, gripping Izuku’s forearm that was resting on her belly, his grip holding her against him. One of his legs intertwined with hers.
“I’m going to go lower, okay?” He murmured, waiting for (Y/n)’s permission.
“… Okay.”
Izuku briefly licked his lower lip, becoming painfully aware of the pressure in his briefs. He was sure (Y/n) could feel it against her but just wasn’t saying anything. He couldn’t put all of this on her at once; he had to introduce all of this little by little. Her virginity uprooted his and Katsuki’s arrangement, and Izuku almost wanted to salivate at the chance to expose her first.
“Take your underwear off,” he told her, observing her carefully. (Y/n) only blinked up at him, almost shocked to hear such an order come from Deku. Still, she haphazardly reached down, slowly peeling her panties down her legs. Izuku drank in every movement.
“Can I touch you?” Izuku asked, meeting her eye once more. (Y/n) swallowed, seeming unsure, but then she nodded. Izuku’s cock twitched at the reply, and in the future, he’ll have her respond verbally, but since it’s her first time, she gets a pass. His callused fingers carefully, painstakingly traveled down her navel, and as much as Izuku wanted to keep his eyes on the direction of his hand, he continuously glanced back at (Y/n)’s face to gauge her reaction. She was watching his hand.
His middle finger delicately swiped down her slit, not aiming for anywhere in particular. (Y/n) shot up with a gasp, making Izuku pause.
“Are you okay? You’ve touched yourself before, right?” He quietly asked. (Y/n) nodded, laying back down.
“It’s just different when it’s someone else.”
Izuku lightly circled his fingers around her pussy, not taking his eyes off of her face. He placed his thumb on her clit, and that was when (Y/n)’s grip on his forearm tightened.
He flicked her clit once, and (Y/n)’s hips wiggled, trying to get him to do it again. He flicked it a second time, and she whined. Izuku rolled his eyes, sighing and wondering how the fuck he was going to stop. He leaned down, giving her a kiss on her pulse and another one right by her ear.
“You’re making a mess on my hand, you know that?” He whispered, as he now began rubbing her clit in strong, circular motions with his digits, using her own arousal to slicken his movements. (Y/n) seized up, her mouth gaping as she let out a breathless cry. “How many fingers can you fit inside?” He asked her.
(Y/n)’s head lolled to the side; he knew what he was doing. “Two.”
Two of her fingers. Izuku’s were thicker.
Izuku tested her out with just his pointer finger, steadily entering it with no issue. (Y/n) moaned and closed her eyes, to which Izuku gave her another kiss on the jaw.
“You’re doing so good, baby, you’re doing so good…”
After a few pumps, he added another finger, which gave a little more resistance, and Izuku could only imagine how her tight cunt would feel stretched around his cock. He was aching for release himself, but he’ll have to hold off for now.
Once she adjusted, he pumped his fingers slowly, in and out, in and out, curving them slightly now and then. (Y/n) was the noisiest he’s ever heard her, biting her lip and gripping the bedsheets. Her legs spread wider and wider, allowing for more entry, and Izuku finally got a peep at the sweet cunt he’s been fingering, which did wonders for his raging erection.
Izuku’s thumb paid close attention to her clit, moving in circles, then backward, then zigzags, then light strokes. (Y/n) let out a particularly loud moan, feeling her thighs tense, and Izuku knew she was close. He picked up the pace, working his fingers even faster – not too fast, but the fastest (Y/n)’s ever experienced before. Izuku was torn between watching her cunt or watching her face as she had her first orgasm with him.
“Izu–!” (Y/n) gasped, her words caught in her throat. “Izuku, wait–!”
Izuku continued his attention on her pussy, perhaps even faster than before. The sloshing noises of her cunt filled the apartment. Izuku chose to watch between her legs.
“Baby, you’re okay, trust me, okay?” Through the huffs of hot breath and whimpered moans, Izuku’s words of comfort found (Y/n)’s ears. “You can let go. It’s only me.”
(Y/n)’s back arched as her thighs tensed, and she let out a relieving scream. Izuku moaned himself, feeling her tighten around his fingers as he continued pumping her. His cock twitched, so eager to be stuffed inside of her. Her juices flowed down his hand to his wrist. (Y/n) jolted, her hips gyrating, as she rode his fingers as her orgasm subsided. She was sweaty, almost heaving breaths as she eventually felt herself relax into the blankets.
Izuku almost looked stunned.
Maybe he got a little greedy.
“I’m going to use my mouth, okay? Okay, (Y/n)?”
(Y/n) was so exhausted, she was about to fall asleep until she heard that. She sat up slightly. “Wha–?”
Izuku moved to be inbetween (Y/n)’s legs. Before she could protest, (Y/n) felt Izuku’s mouth eagerly sucking up her juices, making her gasp as her hands flew down to grip his foresty tresses. He hardly paid her any mind now; it was as if this was for him.
He gripped her thighs as he slurped up some of the slick that dripped between her cheeks, and (Y/n)’s toes curled, her thighs tightening around his head. His tongue dipped inside of her a few times, and he moaned before pulling away, giving her clit a quick lick.
(Y/n) was out of breath once more; all of that was more than she was prepared for. Izuku returned to his spot beside her, pulling her against him, finally giving her time to come down from her orgasm high.
“Shhh, you did so good. You did so good,” he praised, licking his lips to clean up the last of (Y/n)’s arousal from his face. (Y/n) cuddled into him, her legs shaking slightly. She felt his hardened cock still pressing against her stomach, but if he wasn’t going to address it, then she wasn’t either.
“I’m so tired,” (Y/n) mumbled. Izuku rested his chin on her head, closing his eyes.
“I know.”
Tumblr media
Just like usual, Izuku was gone in the morning.
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natsukicookies · 11 hours ago
Y/n: Are we fighting or flirting?
Dabi: I'm pinning you against a wall with my hand around your neck-
Y/n: Your point?
Dabi: I’m trying to murder you
Y/n: And I find that hot
Dabi, calling shigaraki: Yeah, I think they need therapy-
Original one
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luv-alaziaaaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N: y’all this is my first time writting something on Tumblr so please don’t come at meh if it’s bad 🥹 .
Pairing: Prohero! Kirishima x pregnant! black reader x Prohero! Bakugou
Genre: fluff
Summary: you are at home alone while it’s storming outside while Baku and Kiri are on patrol.
Warnings: cussing, mentions of blood
You sighed as you looked out of the huge window to you and boyfriends’ shared penthouse. Watching as the cars drove by and the bright lights of Tokyo. Rain hitting the window and the sound of thunder. You bit you lip as you watched lighting flash in the sky. ‘I hope the boys are alright…’ you thought. It didn’t seem like a good time for the both of them to be on patrol. Looking at the clock you frowned. ‘9.40 PM.’ Is what the clocked read. They’d usually be home at that time but they said they’d have to stay in for a couple of more hours due to the storm. Realizing that It’d probably be really late until they get back you walked back to your shared bedroom and went towards the closet to get some clothes so you could shower. Picking out a shirt that both Bakugou and Kiri share and some under clothes, you walked into the bathroom to start your shower and almost slipped as a loud crackle of thunder made its way to your ears. When you were stable again you put a hand on your stomach. ‘You’re okay…’
Bakugou hissed in pain as he held his side. He walked away from the police officer he was just talking to to go find Kirishima. He was just fighting a villain almost as strong as him. They had some type of quirk where they could turn their body parts into weapons. After turning his arm into a chainsaw he had ended up hitting Bakugou in his side. When he noticed his boyfriend running towards him he quickly got rid of his pained look and let his boyfriend reach him. “You okay, Katsu?” Kirishima asked worriedly and Bakugou scowled. “Why the hell wouldn’t I be? You tryna call me weak shark bait?” Kiri laughed. “Of course not babe! I was just askin’. ” Bakugou smiled but it soon went away as a loud crack of thunder and lightning flashed in the clouded sky above them. Kirishim’s vermillion eyes made contact with Katsuki’s. “Kat, you should probably go home and see if Y/N is okay. She’s probably worried about us.” Kirishima frowned thinking about how worried his girlfriend probably is. Now that Katsuki thinks about it he should probably go home. He needs to take care of his injury before he bleeds out. He just has to get mentally ready for the scolding he’s about to get from his girlfriend. “Okay, Ei. But I’m coming back if something goes wrong.” He reminded his boyfriend who smiled at him before giving him a sweet but short kiss on the lips. Bakugou used his quirk to fly himself home as quickly as possible. He started feeling his eyes flop close but did his best to keep them open.
Landing in front of his apartment building he slowly walked in the building straight towards the elevator. He clicked the 7th floor button and slumped against the wall. Hearing the elevator ding he quickly opened his eyes that he didn’t even know he closed and walked into his home. “Baby? You awake?” Katsuki weakly called out to his girlfriend as he walked into the house and closed the door behind him. When she heard the door close she turned the stove off and walked out of the kitchen only to see her boyfriend standing in the hallway towards the front door. He smiled as he spotted her and she made her way towards him and pulled her into an gentle hug. She kissed his lips carefully. “Missed you, Kat.” She mumbled. He smiled weakly. “I…I missed you too, baby bear…” His voice training off as he got heavier in her hold. “Katsuki? Katsuki what wrong?!” She panicked as she walked him over to the couch. “It hurts, baby.” He whimpered slightly. If there was one thing about Katsuki Bakugou, you would know that he doesn’t like being considered weak. Even if he’s injured he’d still keep it pushing. But if it’s just him and his pretty girl he isn’t scared to be weak or show his bottled up emotions. He’d sometimes be like that in front of Kiri if he wants to. But only when he isn’t being annoying. “What hurts, Kat? You gotta show me so I can help you.” She said while gently caressing his face.
He leaned in to her touch and lifted up his shirt to show her the cut across his waist. She quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to get the first aid kit. Of course she could use her quirk to heal him but she wasn’t in the right state of mind to do that. Her emotions are to fucked up and she might end up hurting him instead of helping and she of course doesn’t want to put him through more pain than he already is. She came back with the first aid kit and grabbed a cotton swab and added a little alcohol to clean around the wound. “Why didn’t you tell Kiri you were hurt?” She asked him. He frowned. “Cause I didn’t want him to worry. Y’know how Kiri gets when one of us is hurt.” He replied back then grabbed her hand to stop her from stitching the wound. “You can’t tell Kiri about this. Alright?” She sighed and started to carry on with her stitching. “Well baby I can’t just not tell him. He’s either gonna find out on his own or through one of us.” Katsuki sighed. He knew she was right. Eijirou isn’t stupid he’d find out in a heart beat if something was wrong with one of them. He just didn’t want Kiri to worry to much. When Y/N was done with the stitching she placed a bandaid big enough to fit over the scar. She told Katsuki to go get in the shower but to be careful or the wound would open again.
She sighed as she put the first aid kit up. ‘I just hope Kiri isn’t injured either.’ She thought to herself then moved out Katsuki’s way so he could get in the bathroom. She walked back into the kitchen to resume making dinner humming to herself as it started to rain a little harder. She smiled to herself as she gently rubbed her stomach. ‘I wonder if I should tell them?’ She’s had her doubts of course. She’d always wonder if the boys wanted kids. She knows that Katsuki and Kiri were in love first, started dating in their last year of high school then met her in college and decided that they wanted her in their relationship. They were all basically friends to lovers. And she knows they had their fair share of boyfriends and girlfriends but not once did she hear them mention about starting a family. I mean of course they would joke about it sometimes but now that she is pregnant, she doesn’t know how to tell them. She knows they would never leave her it’s just…would they want to be dads? She felt arms wrap around her torso into a warm embrace. “Watcha thinking about?” Katsuki asked while laying his head on her shoulder. She smiled. “Nothing much, Katsu.” He kissed her neck gently. “Kiri said he’d be home in a few.” She nodded. “Dinner should be ready by then.” When he didn’t say anything back she thought he had left the room until she felt a sharp sting on her ass. “Katsuki!” She yelled as her face heated up. He laughed as she tried to hit him with the spoon she was cooking with.
“Okay okay, I’m sorry baby! I’m sorr- OW! I said I was sorry.” He pouted as he rubbed the arm that she punched. “Go sit down and wait til the food get ready.” She said as she turned around to finish the cooking. He obeyed her and went to go sit down until the front door opened. “I’m home my loves!” Kiri shouted from the hallway. When he spotted Katsuki he walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Where’s, Y/N?” He asked. “She’s in the kitchen.” Katsuki said while taking a pack of gushers from the box on the counter. Kirishima eyed him and walked into the kitchen where his girl was. “Hey baby.” He said as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck and cheek. When she turned to face him he kissed her lips. “Katsuki’s eating your gushers.” He mumbled into the kiss. “Kirishima you fucking snitch!” Kat yelled from the living room making both of his lovers laugh. She turned back around to take the food off the stove. “Ei, go take a bath. You smell like rain water and outside. Not to mention your clothes are covered in mud.” She said noticing the mud spots on his hero suit. “Okay.” He said and quickly kissed her lips. “Oh and hurry up I’ve got something to tell you and Katsuki after dinner.” She smiled at him and he nodded.
After Kiri was done showering and they had all gotten comfortable after eating dinner they were all chilling on the couch watching a movie. Katsuki was sitting up on the couch with his legs open and Y/N was in between them with her back to his chest and Kiri was laying his head on Y/N’s stomach. She ran her hand carefully through his red hair that was now down. “Didn’t you say you had somethin’ to tell us baby?” Kirishima asked while looking up at his girlfriend. She smiled. “Would you be upset if I told you?” She asked carefully. Both Kiri and Kay’s eyes made contact with each other then they looked back at their girlfriend. “Why would we be?” “You’re not gonna break up with us are you?” Kirishima asked while softly gripping her sides. Y/N smiled and caressed his face. “No baby.” Kiri and Kat both let out a sigh of relief. “It’s just I didn’t know how or when to tell you but…I’m pregnant.” She said hesitantly and when she didn’t get an answer or hear anything from them she looked up from fiddling with Kiri’s fingers to make eye contact with two sets of vermillion eyes. “Are you for real?” Kiri asked softly, not a single identifiable emotion on his or Katsu’s face. She nodded gently. “I’ve known for three weeks now. I just didn’t know how or when to tell you…” She said. Then she felt kisses being pressed everywhere they could reach. Both boys mumbling out thank yous between kisses. She giggled. “Why are you thanking me?” Kiri smiled. “Because you’ve given us the opportunity to be dads.” Katsuki stopped kissing her cheek. “So thank you baby for the best gift in the world.” He mumbled. “We couldn’t ask for anything more.” Kiri kissed her jaw.
“I love you both.”
“We love you.”
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