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#mha x reader
tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
presented | k.bakugou.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader.
♡ word count: 13.3K
♡ rating: mature, 18+, mdni.
♡ genre: fantasy!au, dragon king!au, angst, fluff + smut.
♡ summary: on the twenty-first birthday of katsuki bakugou, an offering is made in his honour as he becomes chief of the dragons. clans usually offer up sacrifices of berries or nuts, salts and fresh catches. but for those of dargon’s blood, their offering is a mate...and that mate is you.
♡ warning(s): please read ! heavy smut,  ( characters aged up to early twenties ), dark content,  dub-con,  heavy!voyeurism, heavy!degredation, slight!misogyny breeding!kink, dacryphilia!kink, unprotected sex ( wrap it before you tap it, kids ), fingering ( female receiving ), blowjobs, tummy bulges, face slapping,  choking, spitting, cumplay, reader is a sexual offering. listen,,, its a lot...
♡ author’s note(s): HAPPY BAKUGOU DAY <33 i love this man sm :( and i wanted to do somn special for his day so here’s my contribution to the bakugou birthday bash collab!!! ( my first woo ) hosted by the lovely @jodrawssmut @phasmwrites @katsukikitten @bakugotrashpanda @lady-bakuhoe and @ramen-rambles​ !! pls go ahead and check out the works from the other creators!!  and enjoy <333
♡ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
it was tradition in the tribes of barbarians roaming japan, that on the twenty first birthday of the eldest child of the tribe leader came— an offering would be made in their honour and the title of chief would be passed down to them. for those of nymph and earth tribes it would be the month’s harvest of berries and nuts, for those of mer and water tribes it would be fresh salts and the biggest catch they could find… and for tribes of dragons and fire it would be— a mate.
the dragon clans worked differently from most others, with rituals fuelled by the heats of their core and the fire in their spirits— their desire. so when the moon came to be at its highest and the eldest child had come of age, the virginity of the most eligible men or women of the tribe was offered up as thanks for the leader’s hard work.
not much was expected of the offering, their only goal in life to produce heirs to the chief and act in pleasure of their mate. offerings were also trained from an early age for the ceremony— it was considered a privilege and brought many riches to their family. at least that’s what your parents had told you, where they as children had watched their friend masaru be paired with the dragon clan’s current chief, mitsuki. you had never understood the glitz and the glamour of being presented to someone as a gift, having your rights stripped away from you to be nothing more than a trophy to the leader of your people. the question of why always remained at the forefront of your mind, why was this the goal? why was this the life your parents so badly wished for you to attain?
sure, the arrangement and ceremony had it’s ups, mitsuki and masaru were happily mated still to this day and brought the dragon clan of barbarians much success, creating stable ground for trade amongst other clans and cementing their fearsome reputation— but you couldn’t see mating for honour in your future. you wanted it to be out of love just like your parents. you didn’t want to be one of sixteen other gifts offered to the chief’s son on his birthday ( a son that you barely remember, mind you. ) — but then again, life wasn’t always about getting what you wanted, unless you had power. life was always unfair so it seemed.
sometimes you wondered what the chief’s son thought of all this, you liked to think he too would be opposed to something so obscure as an offering and mating ceremony to celebrate his birthday and coming of age— but even then it was still wishful thinking and you could barely remember bakugou well enough to know what he was thinking. you had played together as children apparently, before you’d both begun your individual training, him to be a warrior, a leader and a king and yourself, a wife, a mother and whatever the future chief needed. it had been a long time since then, so you tried not to be bothered that you couldn’t remember him.
for right now, you sit aged twenty on the night before the coming of age offering and ceremony— sitting between girls of a similar age group as they fix the gifts they’d prepared for bakugou in their lessons today. another tradition you found stupid, was that along with the classes you had to take in order to prepare yourself as an offering , was to prepare a feasible gift for the future leader of your clan. as if he didn’t already have all the riches and land in the area under his belt already. the excitement of the girls in your hut  irks you enough to tune out of the conversation, wondering if any of the other offerings were getting much sleep and would allow an extra bed. you only return to the chitchat when someone calls your name.
“yn,” a girl you know as ichika whines from beside you, throwing herself into your left shoulder whilst clutching a woven basket she’d made for the prince. “aren’t you excited?”
you frown at the girl, confused and rub at the spot she’d hit you with a pout soon after. “why would i be excited?” your tone is blunt and unamused, there’s not a single emotion that sits at the base of your words— unlike the other offerings who can’t wait to have at it with the soon to be dragon prince. you couldn’t understand their fascination with having their life thrown away for someone they hardly knew.
akari is next to speak, she was a little older than most of the other offerings, at aged twenty three going on twenty four— a lot of your teachers doubted bakugou would pick someone older, since he needed someone able to produce heirs or live long enough to care for many generations of his offspring, no matter who they came from. you sometimes felt bad for her, but then again this seemed to be a life she was willing to suffer through. “didn’t you know him growing up, yn? oh please tell us what he was like?” she squeals with star struck eyes, latching into your right arm as she abandons the small fabric painting she’d made for bakugou. the others lean forwards in their seats, eager to swallow up any information they could get on their future mate before the time came, but you didn’t know how many more times you could tell them that you didn’t have any.
you clutch at your own gift, suppressing the annoyance at their ignorance. you’d made bakugou a necklace of shells, small and pearlescent ones that shone when you held them up to the light of the moon. did they sparkle like his eyes? hold the world’s fragile jewels? you think, but if you weren’t careful, they could shatter under your harsh grip and crumble to pieces— much like the hearts of all of these other offerings if the chief’s son didn’t pick them at tomorrow night’s ceremony. shells were fragile yet beautiful things, they didn’t deserve to be broken like this. you don’t even know why you bothered to make the stupid thing, you didn’t want to get picked and it’s not like you would anyway.
looking away from hopeful faces, you drop your gaze to your lap and sigh. “i don’t know how many more ways i can tell you this, but i don’t know him— bakugou, i don’t even remember him!” you try to explain, earning yourself several irritated sighs and a couple of eye rolls. “my parents are the ones that do! he and i were just barely on our feet when we played together as children.” both ichika and akari retreat from you at this, a solemn shadow cascading over their features and again you’re made to feel like an outcast. for thinking differently, for mayhaps thinking better of yourself instead of as a gift to be traded off to someone else.
“of course she wouldn’t tell us, why would she when knowing about him gives her the one up. typical yn. so selfish.”
one of the other offerings mumbles from a distance, and when you look to the girls you had previously been chatting with— they choose to lower their heads and not even utter a word in your defence. you scoff, standing up from your seat and deciding that if those you were raised and taught with weren’t going to have your back, you would much rather be elsewhere. so you quickly gather your robes, stuffing the necklace into your pocket and storm out from the hut— ignoring the whispered pleas for you to come back to bed and not break the rules to avoid getting in trouble. you were tired of the rules, hot from being kept inside and hotter in the face from being pushed away by the others.
you don’t know why it hurts so much, to be rejected by offerings you’d never see again after tomorrow and a part of you longs for some kind of acceptance somewhere out in the world. would you get it from your parents if bakugou chose you? would you even get it from yourself if being his mate was where you ended up? as you weave your way out of the offering camp and into the forest behind, your frenzied storm of nerve wracking thoughts quickly dissipate when your face is hit with cool nightly winds and fresh air that carries the salt from the seas at the mouth of the nearest river.
closing your eyes, you feel relief flood your body and your worries tumble downstream with the rush of the river. whatever were to happen tomorrow, you’re sure would be fine, you try to convince yourself— doing your best to ignore the raging anxious parts of your brain. opening your eyes, you lift a finger to the sky and allow the stars and constellations in the midnight canvas above to soothe your spirits, recounting each of the ones your father had taught to you as a child to calm your nerves. ursa major is one easy find, ursa minor next and after that the ram and after that some rustling deep within the bushes across the stream.
hold on a second, rustling?
slapping a hand over your mouth, you try to quieten your breathing. it was stupid of you to come out here so late at night, alone and without a weapon— that was also one of the rules of the offerings camp and rightly so, it was usually around this time other, weaker divisions in the dragon clan would try to sabotage the coming of age ceremonies by attacking and harming the offerings and you knew that there wasn’t much damage the necklace you thumbed over in your pocket could do as a weapon of self defence. hearing the rustling in the foliage turn to footsteps against the woodland floor, you duck in an attempt to conceal yourself— praying that whoever it is has a  shitty sense of hearing.  
“whoever’s there, i can see your fucking robes, if yer a hostile you might as well come out. ya’don't stand a damn chance against me.” a gruff voice cuts into the peaceful silence of the night and out of fear, you jump up and throw your only mechanism of defence at the perpetrator. he makes an oof  sound as shells collide with his skin but scoffs not long after. that’s how you know you’re fucked. “throwin’ a shitty necklace at me? well you’re no damn hostile, show yourself, fucker.”
you curse to yourself internally— you weren’t raised or taught to fight for yourself, that wasn’t the job of the dragon king’s mate, it was his job to protect you and that was another thing you found ridiculous about this whole ceremony scheme. catching your breath, you weigh up your options; either you make a mad dash back to the camp and face getting scolded for leaving the premises— or you face this stranger and die before you possibly give up your life for a man you’d hardly known.
dying sounded a lot better than being some asshole’s mate right about now.
moving to your feet, you rise to a standing position and make yourself visible to the intruder, hands up in the air as you ready to plead for your life and surrender. however, your face mirrors the look of surprise on the stranger’s handsome face, your gaze settling on a man seemingly in his early twenties with blood ruby eyes that practically shine like precious dragon jewels under the night sky. they hold secrets as they scan your body, catching on the robes that identify you belonging to the dragon tribe and more specifically as an offering too. he seems to recognise that fact, gaze revealing the fine detail of disappointment amongst the dark flecks in his eyes. the corners of lips twitch into a deep frown, as if the asshole is looking down on you. the boy has blonde hair, thick in volume and rough and unruly like the untamed flames of a village bonfire while he stands tall and the muscles of his body flex from underneath his red fur cape— also allowing you to place him as a member of your clan.
the stranger is beautiful, nothing like you’ve ever seen before and he makes curiosity burn at your insides while you both stare one another down.
after sometime, he scoffs and you have to avert your eyes from his figure to avoid watching his bulky, trained arms flex deliciously as he crosses them. “yer a fuckin’ offering?” he states more than he questions, causing initiation to flare up deep in your chest.
“and you shouldn’t be here.” you counter with a roll of your eyes. you quickly mimic his stance, in a weak attempt to cover the silken red fabric that does blatantly tell the world what you are. a mate, an offering, a gift.
“neither should you,” the blonde shoots a cocky smirk your way while he moves to cross the stream that separates you— chucking the shell necklace you’d made for bakugou in your direction. he makes a noise of amusement when you stumble to catch it and clutch the gift to your chest. “shouldn’t ya be back at your camp, with the others? oh ‘n here’s your shitty necklace, get a better weapon.”  you don’t know why you feel so protective of the stupid thing, it’s not like bakugou would appreciate it if he chose you. which he wouldn’t, he can’t, you don’t want him to.
the stranger adjusts himself after joining you on the other side of the stream, the water is only shallow and reached up to his boots— but he was stupid and hadn’t lifted his cape to stop it from getting soaked in his commute. for the second time that night, heat prickles at the skin underneath your cheeks while he takes the heavy red fur into his hands, wrigining it out to free the water that weighs it down. your skin only burns because the asshole isn’t wearing a shirt and you can see his abs ripple as he moves and shifts the cape off to reveal his scarred, caramel grazed skin to the night air.
“technically, i’m still on campgrounds. you’re the one who shouldn’t be here. you shouldn’t even be looking at us. so what are you even doing here?”  you ask him after defending yourself. even if you were breaking the rules by not being in your hut, it was against clan rules to see the offerings before the ceremony. they were for the chief's child only. and besides, the wooded area surrounding the offering campgrounds wasn’t off limits, he was the one who was somewhere he shouldn’t be. “who even are you?”
the blonde tilts his head at you, as if he’s entertained by the little sass that you give him and sucks his teeth once. “i’m on a fuckin’ walk, i’m a traveller, not that that’s any of yer business.” he grunts, voice rough in a way that makes you shiver. the stranger makes a move to sit on the grass, laying out his cape to dry under the night's moon. you backup a little bit to give him some space but also a little bit out of fear. you hadn’t had much contact with people outside the camp aside from your parents and the other offerings, so being this close to an incredibly handsome and abrasive stranger was nerve wracking. still, you shake your head, you couldn’t be having thoughts about another man when you could be married off tomorrow. “stop yer fuckin’ movin’ too, ‘m not gonna kill ya, you’re not a hostile and you’d be too easy.”
the boy adds, finally giving you a toothy grin at how you begin to scowl at him you admit, it’s worth it though. “what’s your name then?” you settle on asking him next, moving to sit down next to him. he spares you a glance but doesn’t shy away, allowing you to sit with him.
“bak— katsuki, now stop askin’ me questions, it’s fuckin’ annoying.” katsuki mumbles as he lays back in the grass and closes his eyes while he waits for his belongings to dry, locking away the fiery vermillion orbs that seem oddly comforting to you. a silence sweeps over you, one that’s weirdly content and periodically interrupted by the pair of you shifting in the grass or woodland creatures moving amongst the treelines or in the bushes.
“why are you out for a walk so late at night, katsuki?” you press, not afraid of pushing his buttons.
if he was really annoyed by your talking he would have up and left by now, but instead the self proclaimed traveller who you now know as katsuki lets out a low chuckle but keeps his eyes closed. “thought i asked you ta’stop talkin’?” the blonde gives a small chuckle as if he finds your persistence interesting.
“i‘m not a very good listener.” you retort, catching the wisps of a smile against his lips.
“i could tell.” bakugou doesn’t know why he continues to entertain you, maybe it’s because your innocent aura is like a breath of fresh air compared to the people he’s used to being around. “you talk too much, people must have a hard time gettin’ a shitty word in around you.” there’s something different about you, you don’t talk to him with the weight of expectations hidden behind your tone or try to play into his desires and change yourself to please him. instead, you challenged his actions and play along with his harsh banter. you’re brand new, a light shining in the dark pressure he feels.
this time to don’t bounce back with a witty response, your next words falling flat. “trust me, it’s quite the opposite.”
katsuki doesn’t need to be up and looking at you to know that a solemn frown is cast over your features like a dark cloud ruining a sunny day. he may not know you well enough but he could tell that you must not have a lot of people around you that you could talk to.
he doesn’t like feeling sympathetic but he shifts until his legs are bent and bumps his knee against yours as you have yours crossed. “‘m out here ‘cause i needed to think, got a lot on my plate. under a lotta pressure.” the blonde says to answer your earlier question.
you hum appreciatively, casting your gaze over the strangers’s closed eyes and now relaxed face. you wonder what a traveller like him could be stressed about and rub your knee where he bumped you, sheepishly. “‘m sorry,”
“don’t be, s’not like i need your pity, y’have plenty of that ya’self it’s seems.” katsuki still seems calm, another small smile playing at his lips— telling you that he enjoys talking to you despite the sharp edge to his words.
you push at his knee. “yeah? and how would you know?”
“you just like look like it.” he mumbles.
“your eyes are closed, you’re not even looking at me right now!”
“don’t need to be, can feel it. you exude ‘my life sucks’ energy.” katsuki’s eyes briefly flicker over to you, giving you a knowing look before he returns to his nap like state.
you scoff incredulously, he’s only been around you for about thirty minutes and he’s already making assumptions about to character. “and you’re not going to ask me about what my life is really like?” you ask, huffing into the night.
“nope,” the dragon prince ( unbeknownst to you ) says, popping the p. “don’t care enough.” you giggle, finding the stranger’s blunt attitude slightly charming.
this moment and the banter it held had been the most relaxed you had been in a while, no longer trapped by the strings of stress related to giving your life away for the sake of tradition. for some reason, you feel like you can talk to katsuki, even if he’s rude and gruff, he doesn’t seem bothered by your presence.“well since you oh-so-kindly name’s yn and...i’m on a walk too. one that i shouldn’t be on, valuable merchandise and all...but i needed to clear my head.” you confess into the cool air, looking back up at the sky in search for the constellation of your own zodiac sign.
katsuki bakugou cracks an eye open, looking over your side profile as you find peace within the sky. he thinks that you’re stupid for not recognising him, especially after his blunder with his own damn name but for some unknown reason he feels drawn to you and can’t bring himself to leave. “don’t care, didn’t ask, stop talkin’.” he spits, despite his internal thoughts and hopes that you ignore his brashness.
you do, barely giving him the time of day as you continue, fingers gripping the grass beneath your thighs. “i needed to clear my head because i’m scared, about tomorrow, about my future and…” you pause as bakugou perks up, seemingly interested in what you have to say about the choosing ceremony for his birthday. he didn’t care much for it himself, it was part and parcel of the leader of the dragon clan, he’d do what he had to for his people, for honour. “and i know with all my heart that if i am chosen to be the dragon prince’s mate tomorrow, it’ll be the worst moment of my entire life. i’m not cut out to be someone’s wife, to be limited to having his children and to serving him, pleasing him. that’s just not who i am or what i want from this life…the other offerings all look forward to being this, but me? i—“
“yeah, yeah yeah, boohoo little miss ‘‘m not like other girls’, we fuckin’get it.” katsuki groans loudly now, cutting right through your train of thought. you make a move to curse him out, to shove him hard in shoulder for disrupting you while you pour your heart out into night time’s breeze but he grabs your wrist and yanks you toward him. your heart rate spikes as his warm breath fans over your cheeks, but he doesn’t seem the least bit fazed for now. “stop pittyin’ yerself. who’s to say the chief’s son’s gonna pick ya anyways? i know i wouldn’t with all yer fuckin’ whinin’.” the blonde tuts when you gasp, not expecting his mean words but you can barely focus on them with your sudden proximity. you’ve become so close that you can see the darker shades of red that line his vermillion orbs along with the tan freckles that line his cheek bones and dot around his scars, he’s beautiful and you wish so badly that you weren’t an offering so you might have a chance with him.
bakugou doesn’t seem to notice as you lose focus, still scolding you with a firm grip on your wrist while he inches closer to you. “it fuckin’ sucks having your whole life planned out for you— but’cha make do with what you have, this is an honour, to your name and to your parents,” he breathes in with the sway of the trees as he grows heated and katsuki isn’t sure when his lesson to you turned into a rant about his feelings towards what he really thought about the ceremony. “...hell, even to—even to your fuckin’ clan. you really gonna pity yourself when you could end up with a better life than what half the people here have? would you hate it that much if you got chosen?” he looks to you hopefully, eyes catching the light of the moon as he speaks.
“i won’t get chosen.” you whisper, not registering the fact that katsuki is leaning into you with unadulterated curiousness. something about the way he stares at you, makes you tingle with a foreign feeling. was it desire? interest? fear? you couldn’t tell.
“what if you do?” he counters, a breaths width away from you now.
“i won’t. he wouldn’t want me.” your eyes meet before gazes flutter down to either one of your lips.
“how would you know that?”
this time, you bite your lip and finally break away from the trance katsuki had somehow lured you into. “not even i want me. i wouldn’t be able to meet his needs.”
bakugou scoffs at this, the sound similar to earlier when you’d first met and eventually pulls away from you. the lack of his overbearing warmth and harshness upsets something within your body and you start to cower due to the cold— even if your robes protect you from the breeze. “yer a fuckin’ whiner, you know that? it’s fuckin’ infuriating,” he sighs before gathering his cape and moving to stand. “you should go back to your camp before someone finds ya. i’ll see you tomorrow.”
the last of katsuki’s words pass over your head, your body still reeling from his change in attitudes and emotions towards you. your head spins, one second you’re about to kiss a complete stranger and the next, he’s leaving you in the cold of the night. was this what life would be like if you were chosen at the ceremony? needed one moment and then in the blink of an eye, tossed to the side? you hated that feeling, you never wanted to feel that way ever again. so you quickly gather yourself together, not bothering to watch bakugou retreat and pray to all of the stars that you don’t get chosen to be the future chief’s mate.
“tomorrow?” you whisper, briefly touching your lips before heading to your hut back at camp for some well deserved rest.
Tumblr media
the next day is spent preparing for the ceremony taking place that night. your teachers from over the last few years bid you and the other offerings fair well, reminding you of your training with tearful granny eyes as they pull at your cheeks and tell you not to worry if you didn’t get picked— like you were all children being chosen for a team game. you”re given a celebratory lunch for completing your training, which your parents and family are allowed to join you for.
more tears are shed when your mother sees you again, telling you what a beautiful young lady you’ve become and that bakugou would be lucky to mate you. you choke on your green tea and your father wipes you clean, recounting old memories of how you and the future dragon king used to play in the mud as infants— the other offerings and their families stare you down but you avoid their gazes and chant to yourself ‘the sooner this day is over, the sooner you never have to see ichika and akari ever again.’ to distract yourself.
part of you hoped that bakugou is into self centred, shallow and fake women— at least that way one of them would have a better chance at being his mate than you.
you almost cry when they begin to dress you for the ceremony later that day. you feel demeaned as they strip you from the safety of your robes and put you in skimpy fabrics consisting of next to nothing. a red bralette does nothing but hold up your cleavage, leaving your skin exposed to the chilly spring air— it’s fabric painted with shades of burnt orange and honeyed yellows to symbolise the fire of your people. the panties are even worse. you regrettably run your fingers over the fabric, hating how your most intimate areas will be put on display for everyone to see, even your parents.
was losing yourself worth it to become what they wanted?
shame burns at your cheeks when your teachers tie strings of a dragon scaled thong around your waist, to them you look like a model beauty— ready to become a wife but you feel nothing but loss and try to remember katsuki’s words from the night before. this was for honour, make do with what you have. your teachers leave you after you’re dressed, reminding you to join the others as you slide on some traditional jewellery and fix your hair. with a nervous heart pounding at your rib cage, you grab your gift to the dragon prince and head towards the main camp, where the other offerings reside behind a makeshift stage. they ignore you, of course, leaving you to your own devices until the ceremony begins.
a hand lands on you shoulder, breaking you from your jumpy trance. “good luck out there, whiner,” katsuki’s familiar, timbre voice fills your ear and a warmth floods your exposed, cool body. spinning around, you lock eyes with the blonde and can’t help but smile. he’s dressed for the occasion too, although missing his cape from last night he wears leather as well, but in the form of a lace up jacket that ends just under his rib cage, patterns that tell stories of your clan’s origins are burned into the material— it’s unusual blue contrasting with the heat of his eyes. he must be here to join the crowds like everyone else, you muse, the clan makes a big deal out of these things.
“thank you, katsuki,” you breathe steadily, trying to hide your body when you realise you must look much different from last night.
he doesn’t look down, much to your surprise, gaze settling on the chain of shells you’d made for the dragon prince. katsuki’s face twists with something you don’t recognise before he tucks away a stray baby of yours and leans in to whisper into the shell of your ear. “you’ll be fuckin’ needing it, whiner.” he says smoothly, retreating from your body as he stalks away to the beat of the announcing drums outside.
“what’s that supposed to mean—?” again, you don’t understand what it is that he means but before you can get an answer, the man is lost in the chaos and you’re lining up to head out on centre stage to give up the rest of your life.
“now presenting, the sixteen offerings of the dragon-fire tribe!” someone calls to the crowd, announcing your cue. you follow the lead of the other offerings into the stage, blinded by fire and pitched while you’re drowned in the screaming and chanting of your fellow barbarians.
you would make do, you would do this for honour.
Tumblr media
up on stage, your blood freezes in your veins.
you feel stuck in place, barely able to move and think any clear thoughts aside from him. before tonight, in your mind, bakugou was a fuzzy blur from your childhood, a blurry figure that danced amongst your memories as a child— but here now, he stays standing before you as clear as day with his mother mitsuki bakugou announcing him to the clan as your new leader. her son, katsuki bakugou.
you feel a fool for not noticing the resemblance in him earlier— you”d confided in the man you had a one in sixteen chance of being mated to, told him your fears and your worries and now he proudly smirked to his people with an inflated ego and an evil glint in his once warm eyes. “my boy, as you take reign as chief,” mistuki’s voice booms loudly across the swarm of barbarians that cheer the new chief on, reclining in her seat and linking hands with masaru. katsuki basks in his new found glory, barely acknowledging his mother until she starts to speak again, “you must choose a mate to stand by your side as you build your new empire and to bring forth heirs in order for the bakugou name to prosper. katsuki bakugou, you must choose one from the sixteen offerings by taking their gift to you and placing it on your body as proof you belong to them, and they you,”
the crowd falls into an anticipating silence, the moment they’d been waiting for since the period of sacrifice began finally coming to fruition. it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop, in fact, the sounds of your own uneven breathing fills the air while you hope and pray that bakugou skips over you. tradition has it that the new chief must inspect each of his offerings before coming to a final decision, so you wait with baited breath in hopes that he chooses someone, anyone but you to become his. your gaze drops to your feet while the dragon king’s footsteps ascend the line of your classmates, you can’t bear to look Jim in the eye after he knows what he does about you. you don’t even want to see your parents in the crowd.
the footsteps grow closer and your anxiety spikes, causing you to screw your eyes shut. “gimme yer dumb fuckin’ necklace.” bakugou declares with a harsh tug of your chin to make you look up at him. his sudden presence before you sends shock waves through your system and your eyes shoot open to meet his cooler, now more calculated ones. he had picked you.
“k-katsuki?” you stutter, hands shakily holding out the jewellery you’d make for him. you wonder if he recognises you from last night, the pathetic girl who wanted to escape it all, whining about her life— does he remember that she was you?
“finally recognise me, whiner?” the dragon king snatches the necklace from your hands and pulls it over his head with unusual care for his brash personality— face lighting up as he questions you. you swallow and nod your head, unable to do anything else as you remain paralysed with shock. turning to his people, bakugou takes hold of your wrist in the same way he did last night and pulls you towards them before you have a chance to think. “this one. she’s my mate.”
you could almost hear the excited screams of your parents, cheers from your people and sighs or sneers of disappointment from your fellow offering peers while they’re cleared off of the stage. you feel light headed, everything moving too quickly for you to process and you latch onto katsuki to steady yourself. he smirks as if he had planned this all.
mitsuki stands from her throne, approaching you with a smile of approval stretching across her lips. “what is your name?” she asks you and when you give it to her, the smile on her face grows. “now yn, here your life begins as mate to the chief of the dragon clan. you begin by presenting yourself to your mate.”
“p-presenting myself?” absentmindedly, you shudder— from cold or from anxiety you’re not sure. all the lessons you’ve ever learned about being an offering drop from the forefront of your mind and all you can think about is all the people that will watch you lose yourself to katsuki bakugou. you feel sick, still not over the fact that you’d met last night, the fact that he’d chosen you despite everything you had to say and most importantly— the fact that he was basking in your reaction.
the new chief uses your hold on him as leverage to push you down to the floor, not letting up even as you stumble and taking over as his mother backs away from you both to let him perform his duty in completing the ceremony. “you heard her, slut.” katsuki’s mouth remains vulgar but this time the words on his tongue are dipped in a coating of venom that sends an uncomfortable mix of desire and fright down your spine. “get on your hands ‘n fuckin’ knees, present yourself to your people, present yourself to your king— to me.”
in that moment, while trepidation twists in your gut, you feel the blood in your veins fill with a sick mix of hatred and humiliation. you hate him for ruining your life after you put your trust in him. he took advantage of your innocence in not knowing who he was, acting as a stranger who made you feel safe and wanted. you hate him for it.
“do i need to fuckin’ repeat myself? do they teach you offerin’s nothing or are you just that dumb.” bakugou says cooly , disinterested expression taking over his face, similar to when you’d first met last night. on the contrary, his rubied eyes bleed with newfound fierceness— telling you that if you mess up, he’ll snap. “ya’must have nothin’ but air between those fuckin’ ears or didn’t they teach ya to take orders? get on your fucking knees.”
this man isn’t the same as the one you’d met last night, he’s mean and feral, blinded by the roaring cheers from his people. you internally curse yourself out for the heat that starts to grow between your exposed thighs while the dragon king  degrades you. you hate it, you hate him. “n-no, k-katsuki please, you know i don’t want to do this,” you bite back a whimper, trying to get through to the softer side of him that had comforted you prior but he returns the wobble in your lower lip with a snarl, his upper lip curling harshly in a way that makes you genuinely scared.
“you think i care about what you want? this day is about me. it’s my day, my fuckin’ ceremony and you’ll do as i please. like ya’spsosed to, as my mate.” tears flood your eyes and the spark that they held in the moon the night before falls from them easily, much to katsuki’s expiation. he’s going to enjoy breaking you down tonight. “you should be honoured about servicing me, don’t you remember our little chat yesterday? you should feel honour. don’t wanna disappoint your teachers, your folks, your people… do you?”
poison dipped words sit in the forefront of your mind as you look up at your newfound mate. the people of the dragon clan weren’t just under his rule, but yours too. there would be expectations that they had for you: to bare children, to look pretty and be kind. to be mated to their chief under their watchful eye. would your parents really feel disappointed if you neglected your duties in front of everyone they knew.
you shake your head gently at your king’s confession, feeling the eyes of every person in your clan on you in that moment. vermillion eyes light up at your change of heart, you’ll want this, just as he did. “good girl, now hurry the fuck up and get on your knees.” katsuki seethes, pride swelling in his chest as you give into his demands. angry tears that you swallow down hurt at you throat while you shift from your slump on the floor into a kneeling position— anger towards yourself for wanting whatever he’s about to do to you, despite how scared you feel.
bakugou towers above you, you hadn’t noticed last night how big he really was. his honey glazed chest is barely covered by the tight leather that he wears, muscled from the years of training he’d undergone for this moment. his body looks as if it were carved from stone by the gods himself, angular and cut in the right placed— heavy scars lining his perfect skin. he’s so big that you feel dwarfed as a large palm comes up to sit on your head, the touch softer compared to the blood lustful stare he gives you, it flickers for a moment when you flinch back.
“‘m not gonna hurt ya, ya stupid little thing. at least not yet.” his words are gentle but unlike last night, you aren’t so naive to believe him this time round. bakugou’s thick fingers wrap around the tendrils of your hair, gripping them harshly and using them to force your head until a sky filled with stars comes into view. you gasp at the unexpected pain, he’s hurting you and you so shamefully like the pain, rubbing your kneeling thighs together as slick starts to travel between them. the blonde takes your open mouth as a sign of opportunity— spitting into it harshly and smirking as you splutter and choke on him. the action gets a rouse out of the crowd, members of your clan cheering katsuki on as he starts to take his claim over your body.
yanking you to look up at him as a sweltering heat boils in your lower tummy, the dragon king leans down to your level until you’re a breaths width apart and he can practically smell the need rolling off of you in waves. “here’s how this s’gonna go, little one. ‘m gonna fuck you, in front of all of these people— make a fung show of turnin’ you into my obedient lil mate. mine.”  he grips your cheeks with a free handcki, pads of his burning hot fingers sinking into the supple flesh there as he keeps and even, low voice. “you’re fuckin’ mine now, y’got that?”
through squashed cheeks you manage to agree with him— meekly. “yes, katsuki—“
your words are quickly cut off when the hands that held your cheeks release you— only to send up slapping you across the face. your head swings to the side and you blink back the burning pain in your cheek— a pain that you liked, that made you leak through the flimsy thong you were wearing. the people cheer and you whimper.
“getting real sick of you whinin’ my name like that,” bakugou muses, mouth twitching up into a sinister smirk. he takes in your dazed state, the way your pupils blow wide your mouth now hangs open with tracks of drool. “y’gonna call me your fuckin’ king, especially if you wanna get slapped around like that again, i know you liked that, nasty bitch.”
you can’t believe the vulgar words that pour from the boy’s mouth even with everyone watching his every move, you find it harder to believe that you’re enjoying this— never having been handled like this before. nothing in your training as an offering could prepare you for how mean, dirty and nasty bakugou would be when taking you for the first time.
he steps around your kneeling form with calculated eyes, mapping out in his brain how he wants to ravage your pure and virgin body first. once out of your line of vision, the dragon king disappears from your body completely— leaving you under the watchful gaze of barbarian men. you hate it that you miss his hands on you, grabbing you and twisting you in different ways.
katsuki returns with a curved blade, earning hoots from your clan as he holds it to your chest. your heart hammers against your rib cage and you look up at the blonde with wild untamed fear. “be still, unless ya want me to fuckin’ cut ya,” he warns, keeping cool until you manage to still yourself enough for him to hook the blade on your bralette and slice right through the material.
the flimsy fabric falls limp at your chest, making you shudder as your breasts are exposed to the cooler night air— making your nipples harden. “fuck baby, look yer tits… so fuckin’ pretty,” you mewl at his praise, chest arching into nothing as dangerous blood red eyes dance between them. they look so soft to him and he wants nothing more than to bury his face between them and mark them up— but there would be time for that later, his twitching hard on required more attention. “want you to suck me off, take out my cock n suck it dry. use your tits, dirty girl.”
your body flushes with white hot desire at katsuki’s command and without thinking, you launch forward to work through his pants eagerly, forgetting the group of people watching you just as eagerly. after fighting with his belt for long enough, bakugou finally manages to shrug down his pants— cock springing free as he’d forgone underwear. you’d never seen a cock up close before, fascinated by the clear droplets of precum that ooze from the slit at his angry red tip. your king is impressive in size too, curved ever so slightly and so big you fear that wherever he chooses to put it, bakugou’s length might not fit.
you know that he’d make it fit, however.
“what’s takin’ you so long?” bakugou grunts impatiently from above you, face contort with want as you eye his impressive girth. the cold air is getting to him, making his dick twitch at the change in temperature.
you hesitate and bite your lip, feeling your cheeks flame as the crowd of men grow angsty. “katsuk— i mean, my king… i’ve never…never...”
“spit it the fuck out.” he snaps.
“i’ve never sucked a cock before!” you squeal, ashamed that you had to admit the fact in front of everyone that you know. as an offering you had never had a sexual encounter in your life, unless you counted touching yourself at night while you thought everyone else was asleep.
something shifts in the air as realisation dawns on katsuki. for a split second he had forgotten the traditions of your clan, that offerings were made to remain pure and innocent until their mate could take them at the ceremony. he grins at the thought, he would be the first to break you— wreck your mouth and your cunt and ruin everything else for you. “shit, huh? guess i’ll have to teach you that too, stupid lil girl can’t do anytnin’ for herself can ya, how pathetic.” bakugou hums, feeling himself pant from excitement about sinking into your hot mouth. he grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls you onto him, shoving his leaky cock past your soft, virgin lips.
you make a small squeak of protest at his sharp thrust into your mouth, but settle down feeling the weight of bakugou’s girth on your tongue. he’s heavy, tasting of sweetness and smelling like caramel— mostly from the layer of sweat that glazes his skin. experimentally, you run your tongue over the prominent vein on the underside of his cock and peer up at him through your lashes.
fucking hell, you look so darling and innocent from up above, dried tears on your cheeks as your jaw stretches to accommodate for katsuki’s size. your mouth is hot as he sinks further into it and he can feel your tongue fidgeting beneath him as he pushes in. “fuck’re so hot on me, how’s it feel? takin’ a fat cock in your mouth for the first time, hah?” bakugou’s words come out slurred and breathy, swaying on his feet as he pushes your head towards his balls and bucks up into your mouth. “look atchu baby, fuckin’ look at her.”
the blonde sneers commandingly to the crowd with another jolt of his hips, sticky tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat with ease. you gag, fresh sets of tears springing to your doe eyes and searing a pathway down your chubby baby fat cheeks as they burn with shame once again. your cunt is wet, throbbing with wanton as your mate directs everyone to look at you choking on the sheer size of him— for some reason, mayhaps a primal desire, you feel the need to impress and begin to slowly bob your up and down the length of katsuki’s dick.
a triumphant, toothy grin spreads across the dragon king’s lips— bearing is sharp fangs for all the world to see. you’ve finally come around, ready to get the show on the road and he pulls your head back by the hair only just to add a globule of his own spit to the sloppy mess you’ve made on his cock. “ohh fuck, shit. y’sure this is the first time you’ve sucked a cock, little one? ‘cause your mouth is takin’ me in like a well trained slut,” bakugou coos, although there’s a mocking lilt to his tone but you barely hear him over the sound of you slurping up his precum and sloppily licking over what fits in your mouth.
he shudders, feeling you swallow around the tip at hit reaches the base of your throat— eyes growing hazy. “gonna need those precious tits of yours baby, s’pecially since your pathetic mouth can’t take all of me,” katsuki pants out. he doesn’t need your breasts on him but he can’t help but want to stain them with all the dripping mess from his cock. painting your body with his potent seed so everyone knows that you’re his.
seeing you like this makes his chest burn with lust, thoughts of all the ways he could take you and claim you plaguing his mind. he fucking lucked out, he thinks, being the only one who’s ever going to get you on your knees like this.
as you hesitantly push your breasts together around the base of his cock, visions of you waiting for him, sprawled out across various furs under the light of burning flames flash behind katsuki’s eyes. you’re going to belong to him, mind body and soul but everyone has to know it first.
your tits are soft and fleshy around the base of katsuki’s dick and his eyes flutter shut at the push and pull of them over his length, at least what doesn’t fit into your mouth. you remain obedient for him, giving it your all to see the dragon king’s face contort with pleasure above you, memorising how he twitches when your tongue presses down on certain spots along his shaft. fuck you’re so good at this, so pretty like this with his essence smeared against your skin and your glassy eyes focused on him and only him.
“god the way you’re fuckin’ lookin’ at me, takin’ my cock...such a good little bitch, hah?” you moan around him, praise shooting straight to your puffy, untouched heat. the sound travels up katsuki’s length, pulling a broken growl from him. “oh yer s’naughty, practically begging fer me to fill your mouth up with my cum, hah? isn’t that whatcha want?” his breathing is shallow, hips stuttering as he thrusts through the valley of your breasts, straight into the heat of your sinful mouth. bakugou could cum like this, paint your mouth from the sight of drool spilling down your cheeks and chin, dripping between your bouncing tits, over your hard nipples and mixing with the clear stickiness of his precum. “too bad ya cockhungry little whore, ‘m not cummin’ till i get to that tight little cunt of yers—hey!”
you forget for a moment, the people surrounding you and watching you slobber over their leader’s cock and stumble forward, selfishly closing your lips around katsuki— desperate to taste his release on your tongue. he grits his teeth, drunk on the early signs of his high as spit gathers in mouth before you spew it all over his heavy girth, some of it landing on his thick thighs and against your messier chest. “oh-hoho, you greedy fuckin’ girl,” he punctuates each of his words with a thrust through your glossy lips and a pat to your cheeks. “yer such a slut, s’hungry for your first taste of my cock hah? in front of all these people?”
red eyes swimming with lust dart to the crowd, growing more and more rowdy the more you give in to your duty as mate. you follow katsuki’s eyes, whimpering around him at the men and women who basically drool over you getting railed. “oh fuck— you fuckin’ bitch, m’gonna cum, gonna fuckin’ cum—“  he grabs hold of your face with a free hand, pushing you further down his girth until your nose his buried in his public hairs. you gag and choke and splutter as he thrusts deeper and deeper into your tight throat. a gruff moan tears in bakugou’s throat, the pace of his hips losing momentum as he nears his high.
you lose your balance, letting go of your chest to catch yourself as you fall onto hands and knees but don’t dare let up on working bakugou with your mouth. you shiver, thin material of your underwear caught between your sticky pussy lips as you’re exposed to cool air once again. the tips of your ears burn as people start to notice your glistening heat, capturing bakugou’s attention even as he’s close to cumming.
“god, she’s soaked.”
“if he doesn’t fuck her cunt soon, then i will.”
it makes him livid to hear such unworthy low life’s talk about his property like that, at his ceremony for his twenty-first birthday. how dare they? who the fuck do they think they are? katsuki glances back down at you again, watching as you struggle to breathe from his cock down your throat and all it takes is the look of need in your eyes for the cord in his lower belly to snap. “shit baby, fuck—“ he shouts, creaming your sweet mouth for all to see. “suck that cock, suck it dry, fuck—! show ‘em who you belong to.”
you swallow every last drop of cum as katsuki hits cloud nine, white colours of rage and euphoria flashing behind his commanding eyes. you milk him for all his worth, tasting his sweet essence across your tongue and for a second you forget every doubt you had about becoming an offering as the image of your king painting your mouth with his seed becomes ingrained in your mind.
the moment doesn’t last long, for you’re ripped off of his dick by the hair— milky white staining your chin and tits and bakugou is manhandling you back down to the crowd, letting them see how filthy you are. bakugou strips the rest of his shirt and shoves his pants lower behind you, throwing his shirt across the stage and earning a few hoots from members of your clan below— you’re breathless and a hot mess, sprawled out on the cold concrete. you’re thankful for the break, trying to sit up and recover from his toughness before a hard leather boot lands on your shoulder, keeping your back arched and you pinned to the floor.
“y’see this needy little bitch?” katsuki puffs his chest, staring at his people—the cat callers more specifically— in an accusing manner. they nod with fear rolling off of their bodies in waves as he grips your hair, yanking your head up. “she’s fuckin’ mine, and if you dare say a fuckin’ word about my cunt again? i’ll kill you and feed you to the fuckin’ dragons. get that through your thick, shitty skulls.”
his possessive warning sends your pussy into a series of flutters, juices of arousal dripping from your hole and staining the ground beneath you. it’s rough against your skin, probably marking you up and grazing your softness— but the pain feels good and you whine out for your mate, desperate for something; anything from him to ease your needy pain. “f-fuck— suki, p-please i—“ you resort to begging, no longer caring about the many pairs of eyes on you— nor about your values either. “please, please please—!”
a hand flies across your face, stinging your chubby cheeks and making a fresh set of hot tears burn at your bambi eyes. “thought i fuckin’ told ya to call me yer fuckin’ king, slut. or do i have ta teach ya that too?” as soon as the stinging is gone, he’s rubbing at the sore area before he’s pushing your face back down to the ground. “gonna have ta show all these people who you belong to sweet girl, gotta fuck you until cum for me ‘n all of these worthless, pathetic fucks know that your cunt is mine and mine a fuckin’ lone.”
your audience remains intrigued and you drip down the backs of your thighs, craving to be touched and roughed up more. your brain crackles with electricity and anticipation sits heavy in the air as katsuki kneels beside your head and his fingers dance down your spine until they meet your juicy, fleshy ass.
a heavy hand comes down against your ass cheeks, making you squeal and your breath hitch. “y’ want my fingers in that tight hole of yours, my pretty little slut? gonna stretch you out for a fat cock. you’re gonna be so tight around me, can already tell,” bakugou pinches at the base of your spine then tears through your panties, watching with amusement as your hips jump up before he spreads your cheeks and leans back to spit directly into your hole. you clench right after. “so greedy, ‘course you fuckin’ do. tell me you want it.”
“i want it, wan...want your fingers…” you pant, drool sloshing around in your mouth.
the blonde shakes his head, spitting again and landing another spank. “beg for it you greedy bitch.”
“oh god—please! need your fingers inside me, my king, can’t—please, oh please—!” the words pass from your lips in incoherent babbles but your mate seems pleased, sliding his fingers lower and lower down to your slit.
“louder, tell your people what you want from your fuckin king.”
twitching under his boot, your hips rut you into the air with heavy impatience— causing the blonde holding you down to smirk in amusement. “please use your fingers on my dirty cunt, m-my king, can’t hold it anymore— ‘m desperate please!” you practically scream, the tail end of your words catching in your throat as katsuki pushes two of his thick fingers past your entrance, immediately scissoring them once they breach your gummy walls.
your cunt is so fucking hot, so fucking sticky, the juices that pour from it viscous like sweet honeys. you cry out, lips pushing into a messy, wet pout while you clamp down on the digits pressing against your inner walls. “christ sweetheart, yer cunny’s drippin’ all over me— ya really get this wet from suckin’ your first cock?” katsuki moans breathily in your ear, grinning as your eyes cross and you become dazed.
“yes,” you hiccup, drunk on the way your virgin hole stretches over the two fingers inside them. you gush all over them when they curl in search of your g spot— your hips pushing back against bakugou’s palm which grinds against your puffy clit deliciously. “feels s’good, so good, ‘m so wet m-my king— oh! fuck—more, please more!“
you’d never felt pleasure like this in your entire life, not even your hand against your sex in the dead of the night had felt as good as this. wet, squishy sounds fill the air, coming straight from your hole with the push and pull of his fingers. “shut the fuck up.” bakugou grunts, watching strings of your arousal stick to his fingers while he pulls them out of your hole to show the crowd. “who the fuck is she s’wet for?” he asks them, grinning as the men up front cower in fear. they stop their hands in their pants as you quiver— knowing that if they don’t answer you won’t get the release you’re craving for.
“y-you, chief bakugou.”
he brings his fingers to his lips, smearing your slick against them to get a taste of what he’ll have access to for the rest of his life. katsuki is nasty, dirty, so fucking filthy—lifting his boot from your back to tug you up by your hair again as he pulls you up to his face, leaning in just like last night. his lips brush against yours, hot breath fanning against them as he speaks. “isn’t that right baby, you ‘n your stupid cunt are soaked for me, yeah?  s’all for fuckin’ me…” bakugou tilts his head, focused on the twitches of your face. “bet you want me to eat that cunny of yers too...”
“s’all for you suki, please eat me...” you mumble, chest heaving at your proximity. bakugou licks over his bottom lip before feverishly pressing them against yours— forcing you to taste yourself on him. you sigh, eagerly sucking on his bottom lip and biting down on it hard when his fingers end up circling your puckering hole once again.
“fuck no, you’d be a nasty, greedy little bitch if you think ‘m eatin’ you out here,” the blonde growls, only just pulling away from your spit covered lips. “ya’get what yer fuckin’ given, got that?”
you whimper in agreement before being yanked back onto katsuki’s mouth.  your teeth and tongue clash in a dirty, filthy kiss— spit swapped between your mouths with the taste of one another’s arousals on your tongues. the pad of his thumb press roughly into your swollen clit, your shrill and cute whines becoming more and more addictive as they twist with the sounds of your silken heat.
“you’re so fuckin’ naughty, takin’ my fingers like this in front of all these people. tryna be my good mate but yer jus a stupid, needy bitch who wants to cum for me.” bakugou manages between kisses, sliding his tongue lazily against yours and using it to push his spit into your mouth at the same time as his scarred digits press down hard on your pleasure spot. your gummy walls clamp down on him, forcing more of your nectar down your thighs. “christ, you like being talked to like that, like yer my worthless whore. hah?”
you nod, it’s all you can do as you feel your high approaching you rapidly. honeyed whines breach the night air, sounding out loudly against the cheers and hoots from katsuki’s people—your people. “w-wanna cum for my king,” you babble, back arching and hole growing tighter and tighter around the fingers pleasuring you. “‘m so close, ‘m yours, worthless ‘n yours—!”
bakugou begins to cackle into your kiss, the flavour of your juices fading before he forces your face back under his boot and starts pumping his fingers into you at a brutal pace. “then cum for me, little one.” he orders and your body naturally responds, the coil in your stomach finally snapping as thousands of colours and shades without names dance behind your eyes. your body shakes violently as your orgasm washes over you— sucking the air out of your lungs as your pussy selfishly keeps katsuki’s fingers locked in against your walls. “atta fuckin’ girl,”
you release a shrill scream and you cum so hard that you practically black out, not registering the way katsuki sets himself on the ground in front of  you and manipulates your body into position— still twitching as he gathers you in his arms.
you come down from your high only to have katsuki positioning himself at your entrance, his pants hang low on hips but he doesn’t dare remove them. you didn’t even notice the stark difference in your modesties until it was too late, for now his cock slides up your wet, over stimulated pussy— prodding at your puckered entrance while he holds you against his sweaty chest. you’re spent, sleepy from the orgasm he pulled from you and latch onto his pec to pacify yourself, sucking on the skin gently while he rubs his tip over your clit, slapping it a few times.
“c-can’t,” you croak out, thoughts mushy and blurred in your brain— barely thinking as you wrap your arms around his neck to steady yourself. your thighs meet his clothed ones while he kneels with you in his lap, the rough material against your bare skin adding to your sensitivity. “s’too much, katsuki i can’t—“
his hands fall against your ass, gripping the peachy flesh as he uses it to press your bodies flush together. bakugou’s dick breeches your walls, sloppy and bathing him in your sweet nectar. it drips down his balls, mixing with his own arousal that oozes from his hardened cock again. “you can’t, you can’t. does it look like—“ the blonde’s mocking breathing stutters while he gets accustomed to your iron hot walls that stretch over him. “does it look like i give—shit yer tight— like i give a fuck?”
you know the answer, letting a whine bubbling up on your pouted lips and shake your head— falling into a cock haze. your earlier release makes it easier for him to push his way into your hot cunt, hissing through his teeth as he bottoms out. sleepily, you gaze down to where your bodies join, squeezing down hard at the sight of his fat cock at the base of your tummy. you’re bulging from the size of him and he hasn’t even started moving yet.
katsuki himself can’t even think straight, buried deep in your velveteen walls that grip him so nicely— being inside a pussy had never felt so heavenly as it did right now, making him moan lowly into your ear as he pulls back his hips to give an experimental thrust. your syrupy cunt accepts him warmly and you buck back against him— causing choked whimpers to tumble from both of you. “yer suffocatin’ me baby, fuck— i outta fuck ya loose… mould your cute cunny into the shape of my cock,” bakugou slurs, eyes fluttering shut while he pushes deeper into you.
“s-so deep,” you mumble to him, tiredly dragging your lips across his collar bones— mapping out every dip and scar in his skin. you’ll need to get used to them, find what makes him tick if you’re going to be able to please him like this again. “more, more, need more of you,” you chant to bakugou, sinking your teeth into his neck to hold in your pathetic cries. he sets a pace, starting slow at first as if to let you adjust.
but you beg him so sweetly, moving your own hips to take more of the blonde into you— he couldn’t deny you of having your cunt destroyed in front of everyone, not when you were so reserved before, and now you were opening up for him like a blossoming flower. your sticky thighs wrap around his slender waist, bruised from moving against the sharp leather of his pants. god you fucking deserve this, to have your body claimed and worshipped in front of your clan— you need to be claimed and shown that you’re wanted. and katsuki bakugou was going to give you that.
“more, y’want more? then fuckin’ look at them— look at your people while i fuck you.” he draws his head back to look at you, ruby lined eyes authorative as the shallow thrusts bakugou gives you start to pick up, harsh and wet as your skin starts to slap against one another and the clan start to grow angsty as you both approach the last hurdle. katsuki has ruined you, for better or for worse you don’t know, but you lift your head from his now bruised neck and shoot your stare out to the crowd, bouncing on his lap as your hardened nipples brush against one another.
the air between your sweaty bodies is thin but layered thickly with arousal— viscous juices of your sexes dirtying everything that he still wears. bakugou watches your face twist with new euphoria with every roll of bakugou’s hips upwards into yours, his girth pushes against your g-spot and in that moment, a saccharine cry paints your cherry lips. the very sight of you deep in pleasure because of him sends waves of dopamine over his brain— he gets to make you feel this way for the rest of his life.
because you’re his, his mate.
his mate who one day he’s going to fill with pups to carry on his legacy. breeding you makes his red eyes cross, the clan before him becoming blurry as he fucks into your addictively gluttonous hole. the tip of his dick creates friction against the ridges of your insides and he can’t help but spread is thighs to spread you wider— ploughing further into the deepest parts of you, that now belong to him. “you’re fuckin’ mine,” he growls more so to himself than you, “my bitch, mine. gonna breed you ‘n stuff ya full— god you’d like that, fer me to cream in your cunny ‘n show the world that you’re mine,”
“want you to cum in me,” you affirm, tipping your head back in a sweet simper. “c-cum in me my king, want it more than anythin…” you give into him as bakugou’s hands travel from your ass to your thighs, scratching and pinching at any part of your flesh that he could reach. you’re sure that the pads of his finger tips have burned bruises into your waist when he begins to lift you up and down on his dick— stirring up your insides with your chests pressed hotly against one another.
weakly, you lift and drop your hips against him— forgetting about the world around you both. your parents, the ceremony, the people— it’s just you and bakugou as he fucks up into you harder, faster, needier. thoughts of him spilling his cum into you and breeding you as his fill his mind and one of his large hands drop to your waist to take control of your pace above him. “stop movin’, let me fuck you deeper,” he snarls, the strokes of his cock inside you increasing in pace. “stay fuckin’ still.”
you make a gurgling noise of protest, back arching as katsuki swirls his hips in circular motions— bearing down harshly on your g-spot. “please, ‘m gettin’ close,” you slur sleepily, looking at him with hooded eyes. your hands push through his blonde locks, tug on his jewellery until it snaps and the beads shatter across the stage— you grab at him anywhere and everywhere to get him to come closer, to make you cum. you forget about the shell neckpiece you’d made for him
heat flashes through your body as katsuki’s freehand comes crashing down on your throat— dwarfing you in his arms as the world falls away. the lack of oxygen numbs your body and your brain, not a thought between your eyes except for the cock that wetly pounds at your hole, abusing it over and over again. “yer gonna cum while i choke you, take my fuckin’ cum while you’re dumb and breathless over me—“ katsuki makes the choice for you, his own words punctuated by his desperate and needy tone. you feel him throb in your power belly, pulsing with your heat that warns you of his own impending orgasm. you gush at the feeling, bringing a devilish smile to bakugou’s sweat licked face. “you get s’wet when choke you, when i slap you about, god— fuck….” he whines, dizzy from your tightness.
the sound of your king whimpering is what drives you off the cliff and straight into release— the deep husky sound filling your ears and revitalising your numb senses. “k-katsuki-!” you scream, mouth hanging open in a loud, moan while you ascend to cloud nine— your eyes roll far into the back of your head, spraying bakugou’s pelvis with your essence. the hand on your hip drops to your tired, worn out pussy— flicking your clit in rough, speedy circles to draw out your orgasm. you don’t stop cumming, more and more of your release slipping out from between your folds until you’re a shaky, faint mess.
bakugou doesn’t let up with us thrusts, although their pace becomes sloppy and languid while his balls slap heavily against your ass. “shit, make me cum, greedy bitch— fuck my cock, fuck my cock— fuuuck,” he chants, orgasm taking over him as he pumps you full of his sticky, potent seed. katsuki fills your pussy up to the brim, lining your walls with thick white to the point of it spewing down your glazed, doughy thighs. you slump in his arms, trying to stay awake as katsuki pushes his cum deeper and deeper into your cunt, making you twitch from the overstimulation.
“fuck, you’re so good…” bakugou praises, his soft voice filling your ears despite the earnest claps from his family and subjects alike. you collapse into his chest, practically passing out in a post orgasm haze— the last thing you remember is the blonde growling at anyone who dared tried to separate him from you...his mate.
Tumblr media
the next time you wake, you’re no longer on the stage with hundreds of people watching you being fucked and degraded by their king. instead, you rise from masses of animal furs with fresh garments adorning your body and a warm fire crackling to your left. the insides of your thighs burn and you peer between them only to see that you’re clean and the skin there appears slightly tender and swollen, bruised from katsuki’s fingertips.
“you’re awake.”
the words are more of a statement than a question, gruff and stern as they slip past your mate’s lips. you barely manage to rub the sleep from your eyes before bakugou is shoving a bowl full of something that smells so good into your face accompanied by a curious face and eyes laced with concern.
you take the food, staring at the warm orange-red liquid as it sloshes in the bowl before wolfing it down— you’re hungrier than you anticipated. “where am i?”
“didn't anyone ever teach you not to eat with yer fuckin’ mouthful?” katsuki scolds, dropping his worried glance as his face morphs into mild disappointment. you nod, an embarrassed heat sparking at the tips of your ears and slow your roll. “you’re in my room,” you choke on the spoonful of soup you have in your mouth and bakugou smirks. he’s annoying. “you passed the fuck out after you came and they wanted to take you away to clean you up. so i refused, did it my fuckin’ self.”
“oh,” you say flatly, unsure of why he would do that for you. just a mere offering, made to please and to serve. “why?”
bakugou stands opposite from you, his large, trained boy shifting with irritation but you can tell for some reason he’s trying to keep cool. “because.” he mumbles petulantly, looking everywhere in his room but you.
“because, why?” you press again, slowly slurping the soup he’d given you.
growing tired of your antics, bakugou lunges for the bowl of soup in your hands causing you to whine out a ‘hey!’ in protest— his strong, scarred arms flex when he cages you in next and you can practically hear his chest rumble as he snarls out. “because i’m your mate, because you’re mine.” he breaths hotly, gaze zeroing in on you. “didn’t i already tell ya to stop askin’ me so many damn questions?”
that was not the answer you were expecting. in fact, quite the opposite and you look down with a huff to avoid the blonde before you. “but isn’t that, what i’m supposed to do for you?” all your life you’d been taught that it was your job to take care of the chief, the dragon king or queen. you were taught to fill their every desire, sexual or mundane but never had you known that they could try to return the gesture.
katsuki is trying, lifting his head to look up at you. you can’t read his face, too many emotions flying across it at once but he’s still as close as he was that night, his lips a breaths width from your own. the fire crackling in his room illuminates his face with amber hues, some swirling with the brilliant red in his eyes. he’s trying.
“y’really must be a little stupid huh?” bakugou smiles lazily, still having you locked between your arms— close enough to see your face twist with mild annoyance. “you’ve seen my parents right? my dad was an offerin’ too, mom chose him and there isn’t anythin’ in this fuckin’ world she wouldn’t do for him.” he pauses to read your expression again before continuing. “now, i don’t know whatcha been taught at that dumbass camp...but there ain’t anythin’ to say that we dragon chiefs, leaders or whatever the hell you wanna call us can’t care for our mates.”
your breath hitches at bakugou’s next words. “that we can’t learn to love ‘em too.” his cheeks flame at the admission, cherry red flying up to the tips of his while a flutter bursts through your heart.
he wants to care for you, wants to love you.
“then why me?” you ask your final question, knowing that he’d grow irritated with you and shift on the bed— inviting katsuki to sit with you. for a moment he’s bewildered but quickly joins you, sitting impossibly close to you so much so that you feel the heat of his skin against yours and instinctively curl into him.
bakugou’s arms come down against you hesitantly, pulling you further into his chest as his brain dizzies with affection. neither of you are used to this, being so close to one another— even if you did fuck on stage in front of all of your subjects. this was a new level of intimacy.
“i chose you ‘cause  you were different,” the dragon king starts by explaining. “the night we met weren’t the first time i’d been to the camp. i’d snuck in before to meet the other offerin’s, dressin’ up as one of yous just to see what you were like,”
you curl further into the burning heat of his chest, listening to him talk. bakugou is dressed more casually now— skin covered by a cotton shirt similar to yours but he still wears the shell necklace you gave him, you can tell it was reassembled, barely surviving your wreckage but it still makes butterflies fill your tummy.
“they all thought the same ‘bout my ceremony, my birthday. they all just wanted to serve me...but you…” bakugou looks down to you, admiration splayed out on his features as he does. “you had an opinion, you were scared like i was. you kept me on my toes and— i knew if i wanted to spend the rest of my life mated to an offerin’ it was goin’ta be you.” there they were, those butterflies again. “if i wanted someone stupid, i woulda just fucked them— which i did with you. but i also wanted to show ya that you were wanted, i wanted you.”
your stomach is in flips as you mull over his words, you weren’t just some stupid girl to him. something to fuck because it was his day and his ceremony, you were wanted by him and that was that. “t-thank you katsuki, i-i don’t even know what to say.” you admit shyly. “i’ll be a good mate for you and…i’m sure i’ll learn to love you too.
he grins, genuinely before pulling you to straddle his lap and letting his hands rest over your thighs— drawing sweet shapes into them. “finally gotcha to shut up, huh?” bakugou hums pridefully, eyes honing in on your parted lips. “don’t thank me, say nothin’. just know i meant what i said at the ceremony. yer mine. no one’s takin’ya from me.”
you nod slowly, giving in to the way he stares at your lips and press a slow, passionate kiss against his. katsuki cups the back of your head with one hand and clutches your hips from underneath your loose shirt while you grab a fistful of his, keeping him impossibly close until you both come up for air.
“you’re mine too, katsuki, my king, my mate, mine.” you say breathlessly, happily— a smile spreading across your cherry lips.
“damn right i am,” he says cockily, making you roll your eyes. bakugou lifts you from his mass of warm furs, taking you into his arms before laying down with you on top— holding you to him possessively. you don’t know how long you stay awake with him like that, talking about everything and nothing at all. but you want this, for the rest of your life. you want him.
so as sleep begins to take over your bodies again, katsuki’s comforting caramel scent filling your senses while you cuddle into your mate— you manage to speak as the minutes of his birthday fade away into the next dawn. “happy birthday, katsuki,” you say warmly.
you feel him squeeze you tighter as the world falls away and nothing else remains. it’s  just katsuki bakugou and his mate and the budding love between them.
Tumblr media
@shiggysvixen  @gh0ulte4rs
Tumblr media
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eijisho · 2 months ago
twitter p*rn vids | bnha men p.1
NSFW! minors do not interact! 18+ only!
warnings: twitter p*rn videos (pls i beg wear earbuds) + brief descriptions of sex (fem!reader), breeding, dom/sub
includes: kirishima e., bakugou k., midoriya i., shinsou h., kaminari d., & todoroki s. (all characters aged over 21!)
Tumblr media
kirishima e. | red riot ʚ♡⃛ɞ ( •ᴗ•❁)
eijirou loves seeing your ass bounce in reverse cowgirl. he also adores hearing you whine, struggling to breathe n keep up with his thrusts. he'll encourage you to take the lead, but won't let you have full control (soft dom kiri>>)
bakugou k. | dynamight ♡ ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)
katsuki is a simple man; he just wants you face down n ass up. also his thrusts are mind numbing, rhythmic and sure movements, enough to make you pass out. if he's about to cum his breathing gives him away, all high off your pussy.
midoriya i. | deku (●♡∀♡)ヾ☆*。
izuku is so consumed by your pussy he loses all control. one minute he's taking his time, slowly making sure you can take him well- the next he's pounding you into the mattress. just can't stop his dick from stuffing your sweet little cunny.
shinsou h. | mindjack ૮(˳❛ ⌔̫ ❛˳)ა ✿.°~
hitoshi is the biggest tease here. this man will change his pace like seasons, he'll slowly pump into you then switch up and thrust so rough you're seeing stars, with like zero warning. lots of slapping your ass too. he's dangerous.
kaminari d. | chargebolt ⁽⁽ ଘ(ó﹏ò。)ଓ ⁾⁾
denki thinks fucking standing up is the hottest thing ever. loves watching your legs shake, barely holding yourself up while he fucks into you carelessly. he likes to watch your tits bounce too, makes him wanna pinch your nipples.
todoroki s. | shouto (◍ ⺣◡⺣)☆*.
shouto is so touch deprived he needs to feel your ass. desperately. he'll get an iron grip on the fat and just drag you up n down n up n down on his dick for hours on end. then he'll fill you up nice n good when he's done.
Tumblr media
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cyancherub · a month ago
Tumblr media
bakusquad boys x reader
dynamic // (very scummy) frat!bakusquad boys x fem!reader
aged up characters - n-sfw, minors do not interact
word count // 19.8k
content warning // gangbang, bukkake, virginity kink, corruption kink, sexual coercion + manipulation, very dubcon, tagging noncon just in case, power imbalance, intoxication, exhibitionism, creampie, noncon creampie, dacryphilia, double penetration (one hole & two), cum eating, cumplay, oral (m & f receiving), stomach bulge, spit kink, impact play (choking, slapping, biting), objectification, teasing (+ bullying), degradation kink, humiliation, praise kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, noncon recording
a/n // this is my piece for @miriobaby​ ‘s varsity blues collab :) + a very big thank you to @chainsawmommy​ for basically co authoring this by giving me a shit ton of headcanons and dialogue ideas hehe
Tumblr media
There’s a half-formed plan surfacing in his hazy, smoked out mind. It’s a plan for you, Mina’s innocent bookworm of a roommate. Really, he’s kicking himself for not making it a point to meet you ages ago. After all, he’s heard tons about you from Mina. Tons about how shy and quiet you are. He can’t believe it took him this long to scope you out.
A wicked grin spreads across his face.
Denki would bet his entire weed stash that you’re a virgin, and he wants to absolutely ruin you.
He opens his phone and taps to his messages.
To: ALPHA CHI BOYS - i found one, guys. she’s a real cutie.
Tumblr media
full text
Tumblr media
You’re leaning over your homework desk with your chin cradled in your palm and your pencil scratching at paper when you hear knocking at your door. It’s the kind of knocking a kid would do: a playful, familiar little rhythm you’ve heard tons of times before.
Your roommate locks her phone; the comedy skit that was playing on it just a moment ago ends abruptly. She rolls out of bed with a little huff, then crosses the floor of your shared dorm room to answer the door.
There’s the creak of the door opening, and then a cheerful voice saying, “Hey, Pinky.”
“Hey, Dinky,” your roommate replies, popping her gum. “Do you have my order?”
“You know it,” the stranger says, pulling a little ziploc bag from his shirt pocket. The pungent scent of the substance inside hits your nose immediately.
You put your pencil down and lean your chair back just slightly to peek over at the door. You’re trying to discreetly catch a glimpse of the newcomer over Mina’s shoulder. But your plan backfires; the stranger notices the movement behind Mina, and his eyes snap to yours.
His face breaks into a friendly smile.
“Hey,” he says brightly, leaning to the side to get a better view of you. “Who’s your cute little friend, Mina?”
Your eyes widen. He’s tall. Blonde, with a little streak of black going through his hair. And he’s pretty. His gold eyes are sleepy-looking and catlike in a way that’s almost effeminate. His nose is narrow, adorned with a little silver ring on the nostril.
This must be one of the guys in the crowd that Mina hangs out with. She talks about them all the time. Apparently, they had all graduated from high school together, ended up at the same university. And now the boys are in a frat together. This must be… 
“Denki, y/n,” Mina says, shifting her body sideways and gesturing between the two of you as she introduces you. “Y/n, Denki.” 
“Y/n,” says Denki with a wide smile, pushing past Mina to enter the room. “That’s a cute name.”
Mina rolls her eyes and shuts the door behind him. “Don’t get your disgusting cooties on my bed,” she scolds. “You’re filthy.”
“I was skating,” he pouts, plopping onto the beanbag in the middle of the floor.
Now that you take a good look at him, his clothes are a little grimy. His khaki chinos are dingy and littered with black marks. The socks peeking out beneath the rolled bottom of his pants are in even worse condition; you can just barely make out the naked pinup girls printed on them. And his old Vans are the worst of all; they’re filthy, faded, and ripping apart at the seams.
Denki sees you studying him; he meets your eyes with a smile.
“Whatcha workin’ on, cutie?” he asks curiously.
“Organic chemistry,” you answer shyly. 
He finds your soft, demure voice adorable.
“Damn, o chem?” he whistles. “Well, aren’t you a little smarty pants?”
“No, nothing like that,” you say, shaking your head.
“She has a 4.0,” Mina interjects, like a proud mother.
Denki raises his eyebrows at you. “Oh yeah? Beauty and brains, huh?” he teases, fishing a little black canister out of his pocket. Your eyes widen. He opens the canister, takes a pre-rolled joint out of it.
“Don’t embarrass her,” scolds Mina.
Denki chuckles, pulling a lighter from his pocket. He sticks the joint between his lips, then looks up at you with a grin. “I’m shit at chem,” he laughs; the words are distorted by the joint in his mouth. 
“In fact, I might need a tutor,” he grins up at you. He flicks the lighter on, brings the flame to the joint until it catches, then takes a deep drag. “You free?”
“Oh… for tutoring?” you say hesitantly. “Well… I have my internship on the weekdays, and I volunteer on the weekends, so -”
“Aww,” Denki pouts, taking another drag and blowing the smoke out the side of his mouth. “Are you sure? I’d pay you well,” he teases, holding the joint up pointedly.
“I don’t smoke,” you laugh sheepishly.
“Oooh, she’s a goody-goody?” he taunts, looking over at Mina.
“Shut up,” Mina scolds; she’s sitting at her desk now, checking her makeup in a small circular mirror. “You’re totally making her nervous.”
“It’s okay,” Denki shrugs, smiling. He’s leaning back in the beanbag now, with his legs and arms spread out languidly. “I like good girls,” he says, deliberately. He takes another drag of his joint before outstretching a long arm to Mina. She accepts the joint, brings it to her glossed up lips for a puff, then passes it back.
Good girls… You look away awkwardly, fidgeting with your hands. 
Denki continues to take long, slow drags from his joint, studying you with a look of amusement on his face. Mina’s mentioned you to him a few times. He remembers her saying that you’re an overachiever. That you’re very involved in school, very bookish. You definitely look the type. He likes that - that type. Cute little nerds like you, with your cute little reading glasses.
Cute, sweet, innocent girls like you. He smiles to himself, looking at your hard nipples poking at the fabric of your worn crew neck shirt. It’s chilly in here, and he’s very glad for it.
“You sure you don’t wanna try?” Denki teases, holding the joint out to you with an amiable smile. “I could take real good care of you for your first time, you know.”
He watches with amusement as your eyes widen. He wonders if you caught that little innuendo. Based on that flustered expression on your face, he thinks that you did.
“Oh, I shouldn’t,” you laugh nervously. “Really. I have to finish this homework by tonight. Thank you, though.”
He laughs. “Well, don’t let me bother you,” he says cheerfully, jerking his head toward your desk. “Go on, get to work.”
“Oh, um, alright.”
You flash Denki a weak smile as you rummage through your drawer. Once you find the pair of earphones you’re looking for, you plug them into your computer and focus your attention back on your pre-recorded lecture.
Denki decides that he’ll hang out for a while, at least until he finishes his blunt. He likes seeing Mina’s studious little roommate at work.
As Mina fixes her hair with her eyes glued on her small circular mirror, Denki chats to her about their friends. Mina’s not paying close attention to Denki, but if she were, she’d see him taking every free opportunity to glance your way.
Right now, he’s bringing his eyes down from your slightly messy hair to look at your pajama shorts. They have lollipops printed on them, and they’re just long enough to be modest. If he had to choose a superpower, he’d definitely choose x-ray vision, if only to get a glimpse at your panties. 
His eyes wander downward, to your thighs. They look so soft. They’re bouncing a little as you tap your foot. He finds it so adorable, the way you bite your lip as you take notes, glancing between your paper and your computer.
“Gross, Mr. Recruiter,” Mina says, eyeing him out knowingly from her seat. “You’re such a perv, and she’s so sweet and innocent.”
Innocent… that word has his ears perking up. He’s a shark, and that word is blood in the water.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mimi,” he says, smiling. 
“Yeah, right,” Mina laughs, watching him rise to his feet. He offers her the remainder of the joint; she accepts it, rests it between her fingers. You see Denki rise out of the corner of your eye, and take out your earphones to look over at him.
“I’m starving,” he announces lazily. “So I guess I’ll leave you ladies to it.”
“Okay,” you say, nodding. “Have a good night.”
“Tell the boys I said hi,” Mina says, taking a drag.
Denki passes you on the way out of the room. He pauses for a fraction of a second to give the back of your neck a light squeeze. A shiver goes down your spine, and you jolt upright. He chuckles.
Denki pauses at the door before opening it. He’s glad to see that your wide eyes are focused on him. He likes the attention from you.
“We’re throwing a party on Friday,” he says brightly. “At the frat house. Mina knows all the details. You should come, y/n.”
“Oh,” you stammer. “Well, like I said, on the weekends, I usually volun -”
“I have some friends that you might get along with,” he grins. “And I’d like to get to know you, too.”
“Um, alright,” you say awkwardly. “Maybe.”
“Okie dokie,” he says cheerfully, before bidding you and Mina one last goodbye and heading through the door. It closes behind him with a muted thump.
As you’re turning to Mina with raised eyebrows, Denki’s walking down the hallway at a lazy pace and pulling his phone out of his back pocket.
There’s a half-formed plan surfacing in his hazy, smoked out mind. It’s a plan for you, Mina’s innocent bookworm of a roommate. Really, he’s kicking himself for not making it a point to meet you ages ago. After all, he’s heard tons about you from Mina. Tons about how shy and quiet you are. He can’t believe it took him this long to scope you out.
A wicked grin spreads across his face.
Denki would bet his entire weed stash that you’re a virgin, and he wants to absolutely ruin you.
He opens his phone and taps to his messages.
To: ALPHA CHI BOYS - i found one, guys. she’s a real cutie.
FRIDAY, 3:45 P.M.
“So are you bringing your little friend tonight?”
It’s Denki’s voice crackling through the speaker on Mina’s phone. Several low voices come through the line too, wondering the same thing.
You peer over at Mina from your bed. It was a long day of classes, and you've just laid down to rest before starting your seemingly endless pile of schoolwork.
Mina shoots you an apologetic glance from her bed, before looking away to study her nails. “No, guys,” she says. “I don’t think she’d be down. I don’t think she’s the partying type.”
“Come on, Mina. Just ask her,” Denki pleads sweetly.
“I don’t know,” Mina sighs. “She looks super busy. But let me ask her.”
Mina pulls the phone away from her face, turning her head to look over at you. “Hey, y/n?” she asks, with a smile. “What are you up to tonight?”
“I have to finish my homework,” you say regretfully. “I was planning to go to bed early since I have my internship in the morning…”
“Aaaaw,” Denki whines over the phone; Mina clicks her teeth.
“Oh,” you say, frowning. “They’re having that party tonight, right?”
“Yeah,” Mina says brightly, perking up. “Why, do you wanna come?”
“Oh, no, I was just asking. I don’t think I can go,” you say sheepishly. “I just have so much to do…”
“Come on, y/n,” Denki urges brightly. “I can tell you work so hard. Don’t you think you deserve a break? At least a little one?”
“But I have my internship tomorrow morning,” you argue weakly.
Mina sighs. “You’ve never called in sick as long as I’ve known you. One day won’t hurt. Just come, y/n. It’ll be fun.”
“Yeah,” Denki pipes. “Pleeease?”
“I don’t even have anything to wear,” you stammer nervously.
“Let me lend you something,” Mina says cheerfully, sliding off her bed. “In fact, I have the perfect dress for you.”
You hear someone whistle over the phone; Denki laughs. Mina’s rustling through one of her drawers now, tossing clothes every which way. Finally, she finds the dress she’s looking for and brandishes it proudly, holding it out in your direction.
“Here, try it on,” she says, tossing it over to your bed.
You pick it up and look at it, frowning. “This dress is tiny, Mina,” you croak disapprovingly.
“Tiny?” a deep voice laughs over the phone. “Call us back on Facetime, let us see it on her.”
“Shut up, Kat,” Mina tells the stranger over the phone. “You’re such a tool.” Then she directs her attention back to you. “Go ahead, y/n,” she says, smiling. “Try it on.”
“Oh… okay,” you say nervously, as if the guys talking into the phone were actually in the room with you and Mina.
“Don’t worry,” Mina chirps, making a show of covering her eyes. “I won’t peek.”
“She’s shy?” comes an unfamiliar voice through the phone as you drop your clothes to the floor, leaving you just in your bra and panties. “That's so sweet.”
You pull Mina’s dress over your head, smooth it over your body, then peek over at her.
“I’m ready,” you say demurely. "You can look now."
She uncovers her eyes; her face lights up when she sees you. “Whoa. Do a spin for me,” she says, making a swirling motion with a manicured finger.
“Does she look as good as I'm imagining?” Denki laughs.
“Yeah. She looks great. Except for one thing.”
“What’s wrong?” you ask, frowning.
“You can’t wear a bra with that, silly,” Mina grins. “The entire back’s open.”
Someone over the phone lets out a mean-spirited laugh. You can hear something else in the background, too. Muffled shooting sounds. A video game, maybe.
“But…” you start, lowering your voice. “But what if my nipples show?”
“That’s the point, stupid," sighs Mina. "Now take your bra off.”
“Oh, okay,” you say slowly, turning around to unhook your bra and wrangle it off of yourself. You fix the top of the dress, then turn back to Mina.
“Did she free the nipple or what?” Denki teases.
“Yup,” Mina smiles. “She looks great. And she’s got a nice pair on her, too.”
“Send a picture,” someone snickers in the background of the call.
“You’re all dogs,” Mina laughs into the phone, before looking back at you. “You’re wearing that tonight, right, y/n?”
You stammer out a shaky, unintelligible response that Mina takes for an affirmative.
“So she’s in?” asks Denki.
“She’s in,” Mina says quickly, before you have the time to open your mouth and say something.
“Good,” Denki says. You can hear his smile even over the phone. “It would be a shame if she didn’t show that body off.”
Mina laughs. “Right? We’ll see you tonight.”
The call ends; Mina locks her phone, gives you a wide smile.
FRIDAY, 10:50 P.M.
The thick scent of weed hits your nose as you follow Mina through the door to the Alpha Chi frat house. For how stately the outside of the building is, you’re taken aback by the complete wreck that you see as soon as you step inside.
The lights are low, so you can barely see anything, but there’s an intermittent flashing - something like a strobe light - that illuminates everything in sporadic intervals. Each time the lights graze over the floor, you see a new atrocity.
Clearly, the party’s been raging for a while. You and Mina sidestep a pile of discarded beer cans leaking onto the sticky wood floor, before stepping over a guy who’s passed out in the middle of the entryway. There’s a grand staircase right in front of you, and there are several people passed out there, too. People are staggering up and down the stairs, spilling their drinks onto the carpet.
Mina says something to you, but you can barely hear anything over the deafening music and intoxicated, rowdy crowd packing the house.
“What?” you yell.
“It’s so fucking crowded in here,” she shouts back over the music. “I’m gonna call Denki.”
You nod, wincing as a group of people pushes past you, heading for the stairs. Mina raises her phone to her ear. Denki must answer immediately, because she starts to shout into her phone. You can’t make out the conversation, but it’s quick, and she’s hanging up not long after.
You and Mina have only been waiting for a few moments when you feel an arm enveloping your neck. You jump. When you look upward, you’re met by a wide, mischievous smile and sleepy gold eyes. Denki tightens his arm around your neck, looks over at Mina.
“Heeeey, you brought the cutie,” he laughs lazily to her. He’s smoking again, holding the joint between his lips.
“I told you I would,” she teases, plucking the blunt out of his mouth to take a drag from it.
He takes it back, takes a puff.  Then he blows the smoke out slowly into your face and laughs when you flinch.
“That’s a cute dress,” Denki says, looking blatantly down at your tits. He meets your eyes with a grin.
As you babble a nervous thank you, Denki’s thanking his lucky stars for Mina. He can’t believe she got you to wear a dress like that. You weren’t kidding when you called it tiny over the phone. It’s so short that your ass is almost hanging out of the bottom of it. Of course, he’d gotten a nice, leisurely look when he’d approached you. But he needs much more than that.
If it was this easy for Mina to convince you to wear something so slutty, he bets that his plan will go much more smoothly than he’d expected. 
Mina’s tapping intently down at her phone - texting someone, you think. Denki asks how the drive to the frat house from the dorms was. You speak to him in a shaky voice. You’re so quiet that he has to lean his head down right next to yours to hear what you’re saying. 
Really, he’s glad for the excuse to get right up in your face.
“Hey,” Mina shouts suddenly. “Y/n, can I leave you with Denki for a bit? I have a, uh, friend waiting for me upstairs.”
Denki laughs. “Don’t forget to use protection.”
“Shut up,” she snaps, looking back to you for approval.
“Well, I -”
“Don’t worry about it,” Denki answers Mina, interrupting you. He looks down at you, smiling. “I’ve got you. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”
“Great,” Mina chirps. “I’ll see you guys later, then.”
And then she’s off and up the stairs, and you’re still pressed tight up against Denki’s body, with his arm looped around your neck. He lets you go and leans back against the wall behind him, looking down at you curiously.
“What’s up, cutie?” he teases, raking his eyes over the bottom of your dress, which is riding high on your thighs. “Are you nervous or something?”
“I’m not used to parties,” you croak, looking down at your feet.
“Awww,” he pouts. “I can tell.” 
He laughs, then stands up straight and puts a hand on your back, leading you away from the entryway and down a long, dark hallway. “Come on,” he says. “Let’s go sit down and relax for a bit.”
He’s asking you about your class schedule as he guides you through the crowd and into what seems like a living room. There’s a big couch against the wall opposite a massive TV.  It’s dark in here, too, and the couch is bathed in the white light coming from the TV screen. There are several people sitting on the couch, a few passed out on it, and a couple making out on the far end. But there’s a little free space in the midst of all the chaos.
“So, with all that homework you do,” he says, leading you toward the couch, “I bet you don’t have time for video games, huh?” 
“I’ve never played anything,” you admit sheepishly.
“No way,” he says incredulously, his eyes widening. “Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”
“I guess so,” you mumble, watching him grab the Playstation controller off the coffee table and lower himself onto the free space on the couch. There isn’t room for you on either side of him, and you fidget awkwardly with your hands.
Denki grins knowingly up at your doe-eyed expression.
“What are you waiting for, pretty girl?” he teases. He settles further back into the couch cushions, spreading his long legs out, before patting his lap pointedly. “Come sit,” he says playfully, holding up the Playstation controller. “I wanna play with you.”
He laughs when your eyes fly open at the innuendo. “Don’t worry,” he winks, blowing smoke out of his nostrils. “I’ll show you the ropes.”
Denki rests the joint between his lips, then puts his hands out towards you with a sweet smile. You accept them, let him wrangle you onto his lap facing outward. You feel your pulse at your throat as he pulls you tight against him.
He reaches both arms around your waist to rest his forearms on your thighs - below where your dress ends, where it’s just your bare skin. You look down at your lap, watch his fingers move deftly over the controller. They’re slender and long; his fingernails are painted black.
“What game is this?” you ask shakily, feeling him rest his chin on your shoulder as he clicks through the menu screen.
“Resident Evil,” he says. His breath is hot against your neck, and it sends a chill down your spine.
“Wanna try it out?”
“Um -”
“Here, hold this,” he says, handing you the controller. You accept it, wrapping your hands around it. Then you watch his hands encompass yours.
Denki moves his fingers on top of yours on the controller, explaining what each button does. He’s talking into your neck, smiling. He can smell the perfume on your neck, feel the little tremors running through your hands. You’re so nervous, and he can’t help that he’s starting to get hard with you on his lap. Especially peeking down over your shoulder, where he has a perfect view of your dress falling open to reveal your tits. It’s riding up obscenely high on your cute thighs, too.
If he had it his way, he’d slip your dress up right here on this crowded couch and bounce you up and down his dick in front of everyone.
But he knows he has to share.
“You got it?” he asks, squeezing your hands under his.
“I think so.”
“Great,” he says against your neck, releasing your hands. He reaches up to his mouth to retrieve the joint from between his lips. He takes a deep drag, blows the smoke out against your neck. You squirm a little; it makes his dick harder.
“Just try not to die, ‘kay?” he says.
You nod, then start the game.
He watches, amused, as you shakily navigate your character through a dilapidated, snowed-in village. You’re alright until shapes start to fly at you through the screen. The controller starts to vibrate; you jump. Denki laughs, rests one hand on your thigh, drags a fingertip under the bottom of your dress.
As your character is swarmed by werewolves, you struggle to remember what button does what. You try to escape, but it’s futile. And before you know it, you’re dead.
You drop the controller on the couch with a pounding heart, looking down at Denki’s hand on your leg. He gives your thigh a little squeeze.
“Man,” you say shakily, turning your head back to look up at him with wide eyes. “That was scary.”
Denki grins, amused. He takes a final drag, blows the smoke out against the side of your face.
“You’re too fucking cute, you know that?” he says.
You break eye contact nerously. 
“I can’t wait to introduce you to my friends,” he says, grabbing your stomach to steady you as he leans forward to flick the remainder of his joint onto an ass-shaped ashtray sitting on the coffee table. You feel his dick press against you before he leans back, and you stiffen under his grasp.
“What’s up?” he teases. “You okay?”
“Y-yeah,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you try again?” he asks, picking the controller up and handing it back to you.
You obey. And this time, just a fraction of a second after you’ve started the game, he brings both hands to your thighs, slipping the bottom of your dress up slightly.
“I like this dress on you,” he says, with his mouth pressed against your neck.
You take a shaky breath, struggling to control your character in even the most basic ways. “I’m so bad at this,” you say quietly.
“Nah,” he teases, pressing a little kiss to your jugular that makes you shiver. “You’re doing great.”
You’ve just died for the second time at the hands of the werewolves when you feel Denki take his face off your neck.
“Hey, guys,” he yells.
You look in the direction he’s yelling and feel your stomach drop when you see who he’s addressing. It’s a group of three guys pushing through the crowd as they come into the room. You thought Denki was big - and he is. At least six foot, you’re sure of it.
But they’re monsters. Taller than Denki, towering over the people in the crowd. Especially the last guy, who has to duck through the door frame to enter the room. He smiles sheepishly, says something that you can’t hear to the blond guy he’s with.
“I swear they’re building door frames smaller these days, man,” the big one is saying.
“No, they’re not,” his blond friend replies irritably. “You just need to lay off the steroids.”
“How does that affect his height?” snickers their other friend. “You’re just salty that Kiri’s taller than you.”
“Fuck you, string bean,” replies the blond.
“My friends are gonna love you,” Denki laughs into your ear as they approach. Your heart is racing, watching their massive figures part the crowd.
“Kiri,” he says, pointing to the big guy with the red hair and friendly face.
“Bakugou.” The angry-looking blond with the tattoo snaking up his neck. “But we call him Kat, because he hates it.”
“Sero.” The lanky, dark-haired one with the cocky grin on his face.
As they round the couch, Bakugou snaps at the people beside Denki to clear out, opening seats up on either side of you. The displaced people leave the room, retreating somewhere into the dark depths of the frat house.
And now Denki’s friends are towering over you, staring down at you like a hungry pack of wolves. Bakugou smirks down at you, then raises his beer bottle to his mouth and takes a sip. Kiri and Sero eye you out appraisingly, passing a blunt back and forth.
You fidget nervously with the bottom of your dress as their eyes graze over you. You try to pull your dress a little down your thighs so there isn’t so much skin showing, but this just ends up pulling the fabric further down your tits. Bakugou’s grin deepens.
“This is Mina’s roommate, y/n,” Denki says, squeezing your thighs. “Isn’t she sweet?”
“Super sweet,” Sero grins, blowing smoke out into your face. He’s the first one to sit, settling into the couch on your left side. His eyes wander blatantly over your chest, where your dress is hanging obscenely low.
“What did I say about starting without us, short stack?” Bakugou sneers to Denki over your shoulder. He takes another sip of his beer, then leans down to you so he’s right up in your face. You flinch and lean back against Denki’s chest to put some space between you and Bakugou. Denki chuckles.
“You didn’t tell us she was this cute,” Bakugou grins. He brings his fingers to your cheek, gives it a hard, nasty pinch. You wince.
“Aw, sensitive little bitch?” Bakugou laughs. He gives your face a light slap; Sero snorts.
“Ouch,” you say quietly. Your eyes are tearing up from the treatment; you frown.
“Don’t be such a fucking asshole,” says Kiri, shoving Bakugou roughly toward the couch. Bakugou just laughs in response, then sits down on your right side with his leg touching yours.
Kiri crouches in front of you. He’s a giant: so big that crouching brings him to eye level with you. “Hi, sweetheart,” he says, smiling sweetly. “It’s nice to meet you. How are you?”
“I’m good,” you say quietly. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”
“Are you okay?” he asks, concerned. “Is this little perv bothering you?” he jokes, jerking his head over your shoulder, toward Denki.
You shake your head quickly as Denki laughs. “I’ve been taking good care of her, big guy,” he says, bringing his arms around your waist and squeezing you close to him.
Kiri places a massive, hot hand on your knee and smiles amiably up at you. “You can tell me if he gets out of line,” he says reassuringly. “I’ll put him in his place, okay?” he smiles.
You nod demurely. “Thank you.”
“Anytime,” he says, settling onto the ground close to your leg. “What are you up to, princess?” he asks, taking the blunt back from Sero and taking a long drag from it.
“Denki was showing me how to play Resident Evil,” you say demurely.
“It’s her first time,” says Denki, looking at his friends pointedly. “Can you believe that?”
“No way,” Sero drawls. “You popped her cherry without us?”
“Just for the game,” Denki says, smiling.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Sero laughs, handing you the Playstation controller. “You’re gonna show us what you learned, right?”
“Um… okay,” you say shakily.
They watch you navigate the village again, and you can feel them all staring at you as you keep your eyes glued to the screen.
“She’s doing great for her first time, huh?” Denki laughs against your neck.
“Yeah,” Kiri says, resting his head against your leg. “She’s doing so well.”
Even though you know what’s coming, it still startles you when the werewolves swarm your character.
You jump; a little yelp falls from your mouth. The still-vibrating controller falls from your shaking hands, bounces off your lap, and hits the carpet.
“She’s pretty jumpy, huh?” Bakugou grins at you, sipping his beer with his leg pressed up against yours. “What, are you really scared? From a little game?”
You frown. “Well, I —”
“Awww,” Sero says sarcastically. “I think you hurt her feelings. Poor little thing might cry.”
“You’re both such fucking assholes,” Kiri says. “No wonder nobody likes you.” He picks the controller up off the ground, hands it to you with a sweet, sympathetic smile.
“Thank you,” you say shyly.
“Whatever,” Bakugou says irritably. “This is boring as fuck. Let’s go play beer pong.”
Before you can argue, everyone rises to their feet. You’re dumped, standing, off of Denki’s lap. Someone’s big hands envelop your hips; another hand squeezes the back of your neck. A sneaky one gropes quickly at your ass as the four of them push you toward the table near the wall on the other side of the room.
There’s a huge mess on the table: blunt roaches, plastic cups, half-full cans everywhere. Several bottles are tipped over, leaking sticky liquid onto the tabletop.
Kiri grabs the big black bin resting against the wall and starts to sweep the mess into it. You hear the cans and bottles clattering on top of each other, the thick liquid sloshing into the bin.
Bakugou grabs a package of plastic cups off the floor and starts to set them on the tabletop in a triangle formation. Once there’s a triangle on each side of the table, he rummages through a cooler near the table and cracks open several beers, pouring them messily into the cups. Once the cans are empty, he throws them into the bin Kiri’s holding.
“Um, how do you play this?” you ask, tugging at Denki’s sleeve. “I’ve never really done something like this before.”
Denki laughs. “Of course you haven’t,” he says, pausing to bend over and grab a ping pong ball out from under the table. He brandishes it with a grin.
“So basically, you throw this ball. Try to make it into a cup in the other team’s triangle of cups. And if you make it in, they have to drink the beer out of that cup. Each team takes turns throwing. Whoever runs out of cups first loses.”
“But I don’t drink,” you croak weakly.
“There’s a first time for everything,” Sero interjects, smiling.
“Nah,” Denki says, rubbing your back reassuringly. “I’ve got you. I’ll drink for you.”
“Fuck that,” Bakugou says, from across the table. “We’ll raise the stakes, then, since you idiots are cheating. Everyone on the losing team has to take off one article of clothing.” His face twists up into a mean-spirited grin.
You gulp, fidgeting nervously with your hands. All you have on under your dress is a pair of panties. What if you lose? You look around the room with your heart racing in your chest. There are still tons of people around.
Kiri’s leaning back against the wall, taking his turn with the shared blunt. He looks at you, low-eyed. “That’s not really fair,” he argues, sparing you a sympathetic glance. “What about the lady? That’s fucked up, guys.” 
“We’ll stack our team, then,” Denki shrugs to Kiri. “Three against two. Me, Sero, and y/n. Against you and Bakugou. We’ll have an extra, so there’s an advantage.”
Before you have the chance to ask how that really counts as an advantage, Kiri shrugs in agreement. And you completely miss the sly look that Denki and Sero exchange. Because neither of them has the slightest intention of letting your team win. Really, they’re all in on it, because they all want to see what kind of body you’re hiding under that slutty little dress.
The game doesn’t last very long.
For some reason, your teammates are awful at throwing. So the opposing team dominates. Bakugou and Kiri land the ball in your team’s cups every single turn and, soon enough, Denki and Sero are slurring their words and letting their curious hands grope your ass between turns.
It’s over before you know it, and your team has lost miserably.
Kiri must be on cleanup duty. He takes it upon himself to clear the plastic cups off the table again, sweeping the empty ones into the black bin that reeks of mixed alcohol.
“Go on, losers,” Bakugou says to your team with a wicked smile, downing the alcohol remaining in one of the cups.
Sero pulls his shirt off first. You gulp, try not to stare at his lean, lanky frame.
“You too, short stack,” Bakugou says to Denki.
“Fine. Pervert,” Denki slurs. He peels his shirt off, throws it to the side. You take a deep breath, eyeing out his exposed body. He catches you staring and offers you a wide, satisfied smile. He’s lean too, especially around the waist. But he’s well-built, with big shoulders and a solid V leading down into his waistband.
And the piercings: one on his belly button. Nipple piercings too. Little stick and poke tattoos scattered around his body. You avert your eyes.
“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a guy shirtless before,” Denki teases, laughing at your awestruck face. “You’re too cute.”
You’re babbling an incoherent response with burning cheeks when Bakugou points at you from across the table. “You don’t think you’re getting out of it, do you, loser?” he sneers, before downing the contents of one of the few remaining plastic cups and tossing it into the bin. 
“Don’t make me come rip that fucking dress off you,” he grins, laughing when your eyes widen fearfully.
“Chill the fuck out, Kat,” Kiri says, taking a deep drag from his blunt. He’s resting with his back against the wall, looking at Bakugou distastefully. “You’re being a fucking ass, you know that?”
As you’re thinking about what a gentleman he is, Kiri’s picturing his friend ripping your dress off you and leaving it in shreds on the floor. He’d like to see you standing there all naked and vulnerable with your tits out. He wonders what kind of panties you’re wearing.
But he’s worked hard to curate his nice guy reputation, so he suppresses the perverted smile that’s threatening to surface on his face as he looks at your timid figure.
“I’m just enforcing the rules of the game,” Bakugou drawls.
“You know…,” starts Sero, turning to smile down at you. You feel like you’re shrinking in front of his hungry expression. “I guess it is only fair, y/n,” he laughs. “I mean, you did agree to it when we all started playing.”
“But what about all of the people in here?” you say weakly, shooting Denki a panicked look. “They’re gonna see… I’m not even wearing a bra…”
Bakugou’s grin deepens; he’s a second away from walking over there and grabbing you by the throat so he can tear the fabric off of you. And Kiri’s shifting against the wall, because his pants are getting tight from hearing your innocent voice whine in fear.
“It’s okay, cutie,” Denki says. He gestures between himself and Sero. “Look, we’re shirtless, too. Don’t even worry about it.” He smiles reassuringly. “You’re with all of us. No one’s gonna mess with you, ‘kay?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Look,” Denki smiles, coming closer to you. He sits at the edge of the table, with his knee grazing your thigh as you stand in front of him, cowering. “You’re fine,” he says, bringing his long fingers to the bottom of your dress.
He’s getting impatient now; he’s been waiting way too long to see your cute body out of that dress. 
“You’re fine,” Denki smiles, tugging your dress up slightly so it rides higher on your thighs. Sero smiles, watching the bottom of your ass pop out just slightly.
“I’ll even help you take it off, see?” Denki grins.
Kiri comes over to your side of the table now, handing the blunt off to Sero before leaning against the table to watch you curiously. His eyes flick back and forth between your face and your thighs. He can’t wait to get his big hands on you, to squeeze the fat of your thighs hard and make you yelp. 
Bakugou finishes off the beer in the last remaining plastic cup, then tosses it into the trash can and comes to join the rest of his friends at your side of the table.
And now all of them are crowding around you like a ravenous pack of wolves, grinning down at you in anticipation. Your heart is going wild in your chest.
“Okay,” you agree weakly.
“Attagirl,” Denki laughs, gripping the bottom of your dress and pulling it up, further and further and further.
Denki’s friends watch intently as he pulls your dress upward. They savor every new inch of skin they see, licking their lips in anticipation like they’re going to eat you alive. And soon, they can see the apex of your cute thighs, your sweet little panties. They’re looking hard enough to see the outline of your pussy through the thin white fabric. 
They can barely hold themselves back, watching Denki pull your dress off of you so slowly. 
The best part of it is when Denki pulls your dress up over your tits. Their eyes go wide as they watch your tits bounce a little, coming free from the tight confines of the fabric. 
Maybe if your dress weren’t obscuring your view, you’d be horrified at the predatory leers on their faces.
As Denki drops your dress to the floor, your hands shoot up to cover your chest. Your cheeks are burning with embarrassment. You’re sure the people in this crowded room are all looking right at you. But when you glance around, you find that no one but the four boys really seem to care.
It’s almost as if this is a regular occurrence here in this debauched frat house.
“Awww,” Bakugou sneers. “Look how shy she is.” He laughs when you flinch. “You’re gonna show us your tits, right?”
You look at the ground, too embarrassed to meet their eyes.
“Don’t be shy,” Sero smiles, blowing smoke in your direction. He passes the blunt to Kiri, who watches you with intent, puffy eyes. He’s waiting for another glimpse of your perfect tits, his dick throbbing hard against his pants.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says sweetly. “Can we see?”
“Ah, guys,” Kiri says disapprovingly, failing to restrain the little smile pulling the corners of his mouth up. Little puffs of smoke come from his mouth and nose with each word. “This is a little fucked up, don’t you think?” he says.
But even as he says it, he’s eyeing out the way the fat of your tits spills between your fingers, and he wants to pin your weak little arms down so you can’t cover your chest up anymore. He’d like to amplify that sweet, embarrassed look you’re wearing on your face.
“Nah,” Denki smiles, wrapping his hands around your hips. “Who’s gonna bother her when we’ve got her?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a puff of Kiri’s blunt.
“You’re okay, right?” Denki asks, cradling your face sweetly.
You nod. He smiles, brings his greedy hands down to your ass and squeezes it needily before hoisting you up and turning to set you on the table. It’s sticky under your thighs, wet with spilled alcohol.
“Look, relax,” Denki says, nudging his hips in between your thighs and caging you in with a hand on either side of you. His friends tower behind him, leering down at you.
“We’ll take good care of you, cutie,” Denki says, placing his hands lightly on your thighs. He runs his thumbs over your skin lightly; you shiver. “We’ll keep you safe. ‘Kay?”
You’re still covering your chest shyly, and Denki’s sick of waiting to see your tits. He puts his hands out palm up with a sweet smile, gesturing for your hands.
“It’s alright,” he says, smiling. “We just wanna see how pretty you are.”
You nod hesitantly, then slowly take your hands off your chest and put them in Denki’s.
“That’s a good girl,” he says, looking hungrily down at your chest. You have such a nice pair of tits; he wants to pull you off the table, force you onto your knees, fuck your tits until he’s cumming all over your face.
But he has to share. 
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, reaching out to tweak one of your nipples roughly. “Why would you wanna hide these from us, baby?”
You flinch and try to pry your hands free of Denki’s to cover your chest again. But he tightens his hands around yours so you can’t get free. Bakugou laughs in your face.
You look around nervously, hoping one of the others will be nicer to you. Kiri’s finishing a can of beer. He crushes it in his big hand, then tosses it over the side of the table. You hear it clatter into the bin. Then you watch him glance down at your tits, running his tongue over his lips. He’s completely hard now, and he wants to bury his dick inside of you. He’s dying to spill all his cum in you, to see it dripping out of your pussy.
He looks up at your face, smiles sweetly.
“Why are you so nervous, huh?” Sero laughs, holding the blunt in between his lips. He adjusts his pants to give his hard dick more room. He thinks you’re a disobedient little brat, covering your tits up like that, and he wants to punish you for it.
“I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Hey,” Denki coos sympathetically. “Why are you so worked up? Why don’t you relax, pretty girl? Can you do that for me?”
You nod. “I think so.”
“You’re so sweet,” he says, bringing a finger up to your chin. He nudges your face upward, smiling sweetly down at you. His pretty eyes are sending butterflies through your chest. He pushes a little further between your thighs, spreading them around his hips, as he brings his face to yours.
You can hear his friends snickering as Denki pushes his tongue between your lips. He grabs your ass, brings you right to the edge of the table so your legs are completely spread open around his hips. Your pussy is pushed right up against his hard, aching dick; you can feel the heat of it through the thin fabric of your panties.
He kisses you a little harder, and you reciprocate it, squeezing your hands on his shoulders.
If he had it his way, Denki would rip your panties off right now. He’d lay you out on this slick table and fuck the shit out of you in front of all his friends, just to show them all who you’ve been acting like such a little slut since you showed up at this party.
“Aw, she’s really getting into it,” Bakugou sneers. “How cute.”
You feel Denki supporting the back of your head. As he kisses you, he pushes you down until you’re laid out flat on the table, with his bare chest pressing into yours.
He pulls back, supporting himself on his left forearm with his right hand spanning across your waist. You use the chance to gasp for air, taking in your surroundings.
Denki’s friends are leaning over the table, watching you curiously as they ingest their substances. They all think you look absolutely adorable, your chest heaving as you catch your breath. That terrified look on your face is just so cute. The best part of it is the way you squirm against Denki’s hard dick, with him pressed up against you, and your legs spread wide open. They all wish it was them between your legs. Each one of them thinks they would be the right one to give you just what you need. 
Each of them wants to be the one to stretch out your tight, wet pussy for the very first time.
Denki watches your eyes dart nervously between the boys behind him. A look of embarrassment crosses your face.
“My friends think you’re so cute,” Denki says sweetly, still leaning over you. “They can watch, right? You’ll let them watch?”
“Oh… okay,” you agree demurely.
“Good girl,” Denki says.
“Does it hurt to have your head on the hard table, princess?” Kiri asks, towering over Denki’s shoulder. There’s a look of sweet concern on his face.
You nod, biting your lip.
“Poor thing,” Kiri says, frowning. “Let me help you.”
Kiri leans his big figure slightly over to pull his hoodie over his head. As soon as it comes off, your eyes widen. It’s not like you couldn’t tell he was big, especially with the way he dwarfs his friends. But maybe his sweet demeanor was preventing you from really realizing the extent of his size.
Now that he’s shirtless you can really take it in. He’s huge, so massive and cut that you’re afraid to look at him for too long. Like the just the sight of his ripped body could break you in half. You watch his arms flex as he folds his hoodie up into a little pillow for you.
“Lift your head up for me, princess,” he says, leaning over you.
You do, allowing him to slip the hoodie under your head. It’s soft, much more comfortable than the hard, sticky tabletop. And it smells deep and aromatic, just like him.
“Thank you,” you say quietly. 
You’re still slack-jawed, looking up at his body. Kiri moves a little hair out of your face, then laughs softly. He’s used to girls looking at him like this: apprehensive, awestruck, sometimes even a little bit fearful. And he likes that look best on innocent faces like yours, because it makes it even more rewarding to see your eyes rolling back when he splits you open on his dick.
“What’s up, huh?” he asks, with an anticipatory smile on his face. He’s thinking about how good it’ll feel to get your little virgin pussy used to the monster he’s hiding in his pants. “You good?” he says, feigning concern.
“Y-yeah,” you croak, letting out a little gasp as you feel hands spreading your thighs open even wider.
You prop yourself up on your elbows to look down between your legs. Denki’s spreading them wide open, standing back slightly to look down at your pussy. He runs his fingers lightly over your panties. You squirm, gasping, and all of the hungry eyes on you widen greedily.
Denki runs his teasing fingers slowly over your panties, watching you gasp. He wants to take his time getting you wet. Because it’s fun to make his friends wait. He knows that they get all worked up, and he likes to be the one to tease and tease while they just sit there, watching. His dick is throbbing in his pants, sticky with precum, but it’s worth it. Because he knows that the longer he waits to fuck you, the better it’ll feel when he finally gets his dick wet.
“Um, I’ve… I’ve never done something like this before,” you stammer nervously.
As you look back and forth between the four of them fearfully, their faces twist up into nasty grins. The way your virgin body is spread out so obscenely on the sticky, dirty table is driving them crazy. So is the puffy outline of your pussy that they can just barely see through your damp white panties.
They just can’t wait to absolutely ruin you. You’re so sweet, so innocent; they can’t wait to get their dicks wet, to hear what your demure little voice sounds like moaning as you take their dicks. They want to show you what it feels like to get fucked.
They want to initiate you.
“... So you’re a virgin?” Denki asks, feigning surprise.
You nod, biting your lip. “Is that okay?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a big swig of his beer. He thinks your confused, embarrassed face is the sweetest thing he’s ever seen; he wonders what you’d look like covered in cum.
Sero blows smoke out of his nose, grinning. “Even better,” he says.
Now that they know for sure that you really are as innocent as you seem, they’re getting even more excited to fuck you. Bakugou’s dick is aching, leaking precum on his thigh. It’s been a while since he’s fucked a virgin. He’s missed the feeling of turning an innocent, timid little thing like you into a nasty, screaming slut. And that’s his favorite thing about this: being the one to fuck that frightened little expression off your face until you’re moaning on his cock.
Denki laughs, squeezing your thigh softly. He knew from the first moment he saw you.
“I didn’t think you could get any cuter,” he says.
Kiri’s still leaning close to you over the table; he has been, ever since he gave you his jacket. He strokes your hair, trying to resist the urge to pull his dick out and shove it between your slightly parted lips.
“So you’ve never had your pussy eaten, then?” Denki grins.
You wince at the dirty words, then shake your head. The boys are thinking about how adorable it is that you can’t even stand to hear the words. They can’t wait to see how embarrassed you’ll be when Denki actually puts his face between your legs. They just know your face will be priceless. Bakugou shifts, adjusting his hard dick in his pants.
“I didn’t think so,” Denki laughs.
He brings his hand to your pussy again, runs his slender fingers over the outside of your panties until you’re squirming. He’s leaning over you a little now, and he loves how your expression is changing as he teases you: the way your eyebrows are furrowed up, your innocent little mouth hanging open.
“You’re so fucking sensitive,” he smiles, brushing his fingers over your clit, watching you shiver. He looks down at the little wet spot on your panties and bites his lip. He really wants to bury his face between your legs, taste those sweet juices leaking out of you.
He wants to be the first one to eat you.
“I wanna taste you,” Denki pouts. “Can I taste you?”
“I —” you start, but pause to twitch as he gives your clit a few light slaps through your panties. “Oh my god,” you say quietly.
“I promise it’s gonna feel good,” he says sweetly.
“I don’t know,” you say nervously.
The boys are starting to get impatient. They’re all so hard, aching to fill you up with their cocks. They want to stuff every single one of your virgin holes, touch every part of you that’s never been touched before. And each of them wants to be the first to feel the tight wetness of your pussy, to stretch you out until you’re screaming.
“What if my friends help you relax first?” Denki smiles. “You want them to get you nice and relaxed before I taste you, pretty girl?”
“Yes,” you say shakily. Your eyes dart up to Kiri, who’s still stroking your hair tenderly.
“Oh, you want Kiri?” Denki says sweetly. “You like the nice guys, huh?”
Bakugou and Sero both snicker, swapping substances. They’re not surprised you want Kiri. After all, that’s his thing. He works hard to get girls comfortable, because they’d be terrified of him otherwise — especially sweet little virgins like you. So he puts on his nice guy facade, gets them used to it until they look to him for protection.
And that’s okay with them. Because neither of them have the patience to play nice. They just want to abuse you.
“Well, go on, Kiri,” Denki teases, continuing to rub at your clit lightly through your panties.
Kiri smiles sweetly down at you, then leans further toward you over the table. You’re still propped up on your elbows when he brings his face down to yours. He can feel you trembling, and for some animalistic reason, it makes him want to fuck you even more.
“It’s alright,” Kiri says softly. “We’re gonna make you feel real good. You want that, princess?”
You nod, whimpering as Denki teases you a little harder through your panties. He crouches down, places light kisses on the inside of your thighs. A shaky moan falls from your mouth, and he squeezes his dick in his pants. He wants to hear you moaning more. Louder. Until you’re screaming his name, cumming all over his tongue.
“Shit, look at you,” Kiri says. He’s devouring the expression on your face; he loves to see your eyelids fluttering, your mouth hanging open. That expression is addicting to him. He bets you’d make even cuter faces if he shoved his hard dick into you and fucked you dumb.
“Feels good, huh?” he teases.
“Yes,” you say breathily.
Denki continues to place sloppy kisses on your thighs with his fingers pressed to your panties, feeling the fabric there get wetter and wetter. Kiri’s mouth meets yours, slow and gentle. And soon, you’re moaning into it, squirming desperately against Denki’s teasing fingers.
Kiri moves his mouth down your neck, places soft, sloppy kisses on your skin. He has one massive hand wrapped around the back of your neck, supporting your head; the other is kneading your tits gently. It’s taking everything in him to keep from squeezing them so hard you cry. But that’s okay; this is the price he has to pay to win your favor. He can tell from the way you grab desperately at his hair that you’ll let him stretch your tight little pussy out.
So he’ll be patient.
“You like this, baby?” he asks against your neck, rubbing your tits gently.
“Yes,” you gasp. You’re starting to get overwhelmed by the pleasure from the two of them toying with your body. Kiri’s licking your neck and squeezing your tits, and Denki’s kissing your thighs as he teases your clit.
Kiri brings his pointer finger and his thumb to his mouth, licks them to lube them up. He uses his fingers to tweak your nipples softly.
“Fuck,” he smiles, watching you squirm under his touch. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
Bakugou and Sero are leaning against the edge of the table with amused smiles on their faces as they watch you get groped by their friends. The two of them are excited to wreck you, but it’s taking so long. Sometimes it’s tedious for them to wait while the two nice guys get girls ready.
But it’s always worth it to go in and ruin a dripping pussy. They like taking advantage of their friends’ hard work. After all, the two of them aren’t patient enough to do the teasing themselves. They’d definitely lose control, end up fucking you with no prep.
So instead, they settle for trading substances as the nice guys test their patience. They watch the show intently together, getting higher and drunker.
Denki looks with sleepy eyes at the growing wet spot on your panties, drags his fingers lazily over it, savoring the feeling of the soaked fabric.
“Aw, pretty girl,” he says. “You’re so wet for us already.”
Denki licks his lips, then presses his mouth to your wet panties. He kisses and licks your clit softly through the fabric until you’re gasping.
Kiri wraps his hand up in your hair and pulls your head a little to expose your neck. He drags his tongue up your neck to your mouth, meets your lips in another messy kiss. Denki keeps licking your cunt through the damp fabric of your panties, and it has you gasping into Kiri’s mouth between kisses. The heat of Denki’s tongue is getting you wetter and wetter.
Kiri wants to be where Denki is; he bets your pussy tastes as good as your sweet mouth, if not better. But Mr. Nice Guy is getting impatient; his dick is aching in his pants, and he’s dying for some kind of relief.
So he wants to hurry this up.
“Can my friends touch you, too?” Kiri asks against your mouth.
You nod obediently.
“You’re such a good girl,” he says, as he lays your head gently back down on his jacket.
Sero laughs, taking one final puff from the blunt before flicking the roach into the bin. “Perfect timing,” he says, smiling.
“Always takes so fucking long to get them ready,” Bakugou says as he pulls his shirt off.
As Kiri brings his hungry mouth back to yours and pushes his big tongue deep into your mouth, Bakugou and Sero cage you in on either side. They’ve been waiting so long for this, and they don’t hold back when they start groping you. You flinch with each nasty pinch, each squeeze to your thighs and tits.
Denki’s starting to lick at your clit harder, and your hips start to lift off the table as you moan into Kiri’s mouth. Bakugou grabs you by the hips, slams you roughly back down onto the table.
“I thought you were a virgin,” Bakugou taunts. “So why are you moaning like such a little whore?”
You whimper into Kiri’s mouth. He kisses you deeply, ignoring the way his friends are manhandling you. Bakugou slaps and pinches your tits until tears are rolling down the side of your face. Your mind is hazy and confused, muddled by the combination of wet pleasure and stinging pain. The area between your legs is so swollen, and Denki just keeps teasing you through your panties.
You feel Sero’s mouth latch onto your nipple. He bites you hard, and you cry out into Kiri’s mouth.
“Don’t worry,” Kiri says sweetly against your lips. “They’re just a little overeager. But you’re a big girl… you can take it, can’t you? You’ll do that for me, won’t you, sweetheart?”
“Mhm,” you say tearily, nodding your head obediently. 
Kiri pulls back and looks down at you curiously, watching you flinch as Sero delivers another nasty slap to your chest. Bakugou spits onto your chest right after, rubs the slick liquid over your tits.
“Is she ready?” Denki asks his friends, with his face still between your legs. He hooks his fingers over the sides of your panties.
“Do you want us to make you feel even better, princess?” Kiri smiles down at you.
“Please,” you whimper.
“She’s ready,” he says, grinning over your body at Denki.
Your heart jumps into your throat as you feel Denki pulling your panties all the way down until he’s untangling them from your feet. Kiri’s mouth comes back down to suck at your neck.
“Fuck,” Denki murmurs. “You have such a pretty little pussy.”
You shiver at the words, tangling your hands up in Kiri’s hair as he works at your neck, squirming slightly each time Bakugou and Sero get too rough with your tits. Denki starts with a little lick at your pussy. Finally feeling his hot, wet tongue on you after so much teasing has your eyes fluttering closed.
While your eyes are closed, Bakugou and Kiri exchange glances. They switch places, so Kiri’s at your side, and Bakugou’s near your head.
Your pussy is extra sensitive after all of the teasing and touching you’ve endured. So the moans flow easily from your mouth as Denki licks your pussy and eats up all the juices dripping out of your slit. He lets out a soft mm, right before turning his attention to your throbbing clit. He sucks on it, gets your back arching off the table again.
“Look at her,” Bakugou laughs nastily, watching you squirm with a smirk on his face. “All that after just one lick to her pussy.”
“I bet she’ll cum before one of us even fucks her,” Sero grins.
“Such a cute little virgin,” Bakugou sneers. “Where do you even find these girls, Denki?”
“Fuck,” Denki groans into your pussy, squeezing his dick through his pants. He’s too distracted to answer his friend’s question, too drunk on your pussy. “You taste so good,” he says breathily.
He continues to lick at your clit, enjoying the noises he’s drawing out of you: demure, quiet little moans that make his dick twitch in his pants. His friends are all leaning over you, staring down at your squirming body hungrily. You look so good when you’re feeling good like that. They’re all wishing they could be in Denki’s spot. They want to taste your tight little pussy until your juices coat their tongues.
You shudder and squirm as Denki flicks his tongue faster on your clit, your hips raising off the table again. Kiri and Sero exchange a look over your body, and then you feel their hands on your hips, slamming you back down onto the table to keep you still for Denki.
“She’s doing so fucking well for her first time, isn’t she guys?” Kiri grins at his friends over your body. “You think she’ll cum for us soon?”
“Looks like it,” Sero laughs, watching your eyes roll back with an amused smile.
“Oh my god,” you whimper, balling your hands up into fists as Denki’s tongue teases your dripping slit.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou leers. He brings his hand to your face to scrunch up your cheeks. “Open your eyes,” he commands roughly. “Look at me.”
You force your eyes open, making a conscious effort to keep them from rolling back. The feeling of Denki’s tongue lapping at your pussy as Kiri and Sero tweak your nipples is too much, and your muscles are starting to tense up.
“Such a cute rack,” Sero says, before delivering a sharp smack to your chest. You cry out, bringing a hand up in self-defense.
“Uh uh,” Bakugou says, shaking his head.
He grabs your hands roughly and wrenches them above your head, pinning them against the table with one hand. Your eyes are blurry with tears, but you can see the smile twisting his mouth up. And now that your arms are pinned above your head, Sero slaps your tits until you’re sniffling, tears running down your cheeks.
Denki spits on your clit and delivers a slap to it. Your hips jerk upward reflexively; Kiri bars his arm over them, slamming your body back down onto the table so you can’t move again.
“Is this what you wanted, wearing that tiny little dress here?” Bakugou sneers, leaning right over you. His chain swings over your face. “You nasty little bitch,” he laughs.
“I didn’t —” you start, but you trail off as you feel Denki’s hot tongue pushing at the entrance of your pussy. Bakugou frowns; he doesn’t like that — disobedient little bitches who can’t even answer simple yes or no questions.
“Answer me, you fucking slut,” Bakugou says, slapping your cheek. He tightens his fingers around your wrist, watching you wince. “At least tell me what a little slut you are,” he spits. “Say it.”
“I’m a slut,” you answer tearily.
“That’s right,” he grins. He loves that. An innocent girl admitting just how much of a whore she is really gets his dick hard. 
Denki’s eating you sloppily now, drunk off the sweet taste of your pussy. He’s fucking his tongue in and out of your tight hole, rubbing his hand over his dick through the fabric of his pants. His little moans vibrate your pussy and heighten the incredible feeling of his mouth for you.
It’s too good. You can’t take it much longer. Your muscles are tightening, and your legs are clamping hard around his head, pulling his face so hard against your pussy that he can barely even breathe. But he loves that, because he loves to know that you’re feeling good, that you want his tongue to fuck you that badly.
“Gotta keep your legs spread open, sweetheart,” Kiri says, exchanging a scheming glance with Sero.
From their places at either side of your body, each of them grabs one of your legs and holds it open. Kiri uses his free arm to keep your hips held down.
Now that you’re pinned down on the table with your legs held open, Denki has more space between your legs. He brings his fingers up, draws soft circles over your clit and licks up and down your slit until you’re gasping for air.
“Wow, you’re sensitive,” Denki laughs from between your legs. “Fuck. You’re so cute. And you taste so fucking good.”
“If she tastes that fucking good and you don’t wanna share, why don’t you give her a little more, Kami?” Sero laughs. He uses his free hand to grab Denki’s hair, shoving his face into your pussy roughly.
“Damn,” Bakugou laughs into your fucked out face. “I bet we can turn this one into a little slut for dick. Look how much the cute little bitch loves getting her pussy eaten.”
You moan, making a futile attempt to free your aching wrists from Bakugou’s hand. When Kiri and Sero bring their faces to your tits to suck your nipples, you cry out. It’s so much, and you’re so sensitive, so stimulated everywhere, that you can barely take it.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou laughs.
You’re too busy moaning to say anything in response, and Bakugou doesn’t like that one bit. He likes his bitches responsive. Obedient.
“What, are you fucking stupid?” he sneers down at you, slapping your face. “Can’t fucking answer me?”
“I’m sorry, I — I — oh my god,” you whimper, your mouth hanging open as the tension inside of you builds higher.
“I — I —,” Bakugou mocks you nastily. “Dumb bitch can’t even talk,” he laughs.
Bakugou’s pissed off now. If you’re going to act like a stupid whore, he’s going to treat you like one. So he leans over, spits messily onto your mouth. Most of it goes inside of your mouth, landing on your tongue; the rest of it splatters over your lips.
“Be a good little slut,” he laughs into your face, slapping your cheek hard enough that your eyes tear up. “Swallow that for me.”
Obediently, you choke his hot spit down, feeling Denki speed up his pace on your clit eagerly.
“There you go,” Bakugou leers.
“It — feels so good,” you gasp. Because the boys are all going at you eagerly now. Sero’s squeezing your thigh hard as he laps messily at your tits. Kiri’s pressing messy kisses to your stomach, marking your skin with hickies so you know just who you belong to.
Bakugou brings his mouth to yours and kisses you aggressively, nipping at your lips until you taste blood. He squeezes his hands tighter around your wrists. 
“It’ll feel even better when that little pervert sticks his fingers inside of you,” Bakugou grins against your mouth.
“Inside of me?” you say shakily.
“Don’t be scared,” Denki says against your thigh. “It’s gonna make everything even better, pretty girl.”
“Okay,” you say fearfully, right before Bakugou’s mouth crashes back into yours. He forces his tongue into your mouth, wraps his free hand around your throat.
Denki presses his hot fingers against the glistening entrance of your pussy as he sucks eagerly at your clit. He pushes one inside of you slowly, waiting patiently for your pussy to stretch enough to accomodate the slender length of it.
“Fuck,” Denki says. “She’s so fucking tight.”
“Shit,” Kiri laughs breathily, looking down at your pussy. “Hurry up, Kami, let the rest of us get a turn.”
“You want that?” Bakugou laughs into your mouth as Denki starts to pump his finger in and out of you. “Do you want us to take turns using your little virgin body?”
“Y-yes,” you stammer obediently.
“You take forever, Denki,” Kiri laughs.
“We’ve gotta prep her a little or we’ll break her, big guy,” Denki laughs up at Kiri. Then he looks back down at his finger moving in and out of you, savors the way the slick of your warm, wet pussy coats his long finger as he eases it knuckle deep and back out again.
“That’s the fun, right?” Bakugou says, pulling away from your mouth to look up at his friends.
“I hope you know you’re not going first this time,” Sero says snidely to Bakugou. “You got the last few.”
“Then who the fuck is?” Bakugou retorts.
“Why don’t we let her choose?” Denki says. He’s curling his finger inside of you now, grazing against the sweet spot pulls the most delicious moans out of your innocent mouth. He presses a soft kiss to your clit, then spits on his hand to lube up his fingers so he can fit another inside of you.
While the boys are arguing over who should get you first, Denki’s fingers are curling inside of you against that sweet spot just right, and your moans are getting louder and louder.
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, watching your flushed face get more and more euphoric. “She’s gonna cum.”
“Shit, look at that,” Kiri laughs. He’s looking at your thighs, watching the way they tense and shake as Denki’s fingers stroke your g spot. Each pump and curl into your twitching pussy feels better and better, and your dripping walls are starting to clench around his fingers.
“Hoooly shit,” Sero laughs. “Already?”
Denki sees how close you’re getting, and he’s dying to taste your cum, to get it squirting out all over his fingers so he can eat it up. So he latches his mouth back onto your clit and tongues it as he fucks you with his fingers. He keeps curling them, grazing them over the tightening walls of your pussy until chills are rolling down your spine.
His friends can all hear just how wet you are. They love the messy squelching sounds your pussy makes each time Denki’s fingers move inside of you. Those noises get them so hard that it hurts. They’re all aching to fuck your body, to relieve the tension building up inside of them.
Denki loves how sensitive you are. You’re so sweet, just dripping all over his tongue, all over his fingers.
“What a good fucking girl,” Kiri grins, watching the rapid rise and fall of your chest as you get closer and closer to cumming.
You’re shuddering, your pussy leaking out onto Denki’s fingers as they stroke against your g spot and build up the tension in you even higher.
“Come on,” Bakugou says, squeezing your neck so hard that you can barely breathe. “Be a good whore for us,” he sneers. “That little perv between your legs wants to drink up all your cum.”
“Oh,” you whine, gasping for air.
“Are you gonna cum in his mouth?” Bakugou leers.
“Y-yes,” you gasp.
“Tell me what you’re gonna do,” Bakugou commands. “Use your words like a big girl.”
“I’m gonna — oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” you gasp. Denki’s tongue hits your clit one more time, and all the tension starts bursting out of you. Your hips buck upward, met by Kiri’s big arm barring you against the table.
“She’s too fucking cute, cumming so quick,” Kiri smiles, holding your hips down and forcing your legs open as your pussy contracts around Denki’s fingers.
Denki can feel every little contraction, the way your convulsing walls get even wetter. Your cum gushes out onto his fingers, and he watches your clit twitch as you groan into Bakugou’s greedy mouth.
“What did I tell you?” Sero laughs to Kiri. “Look at her little toes curling,” he teases, playing with your tits.
Denki keeps curling his fingers until you’re whining and tearing up from overstimulation. And when you’re finally all done, he puts his two fingers in his mouth and licks all the wetness off of them, feeling his hard dick twitch in his pants. He brings his tongue down to your pussy again, licks the dripping juices from your slit.
“You’re such a nasty little slut, cumming from a couple fingers in you,” Bakugou laughs into your gasping mouth. “I bet you just can’t wait to cum all over a dick, huh?”
You’re still catching your breath, and you gasp obediently, “Yes, yes, I want to.”
“Whose dick do you want first?” he grins. “Hmm?”
“Give her a second,” Kiri laughs. “Damn, can’t you see that she’s still going through the aftershocks?”
But even though he’s being a gentleman, Kiri’s just as guilty as the rest of them. They’re all hard, aching, waiting impatiently for you to choose who will be the first of them to stretch out your pretty pussy.
“So fucking what?” Bakugou says, scowling.
“You okay?” Kiri asks disingenuously, moving your hair out of your sweaty face as you catch your breath.
You nod, looking around hazily.
“So?” Sero asks, looking down at you expectantly. “Who are you gonna take first?”
“F-first?” you stammer groggily.
Sero laughs. “I mean, you can take two of us at once, if that’s more your thing,” he says sarcastically.
“Don’t be such an ass,” Kiri scolds.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says, leaning over you and wiping his wet mouth on the back of his hand. Now that he’s tasted you, he wants to feel you. Your pussy is so sweet and tight; he’s dying to feel you clenching around his cock. “Who do you want first?” he asks, smiling.
Your cheeks are burning, and you’re shying away from their towering figures.
“Don’t act so innocent,” Bakugou sneers. “You’re lucky we’re even letting you pick who goes first.”
They’re all looking down at you expectantly now — even Kiri, who has a slight smile on his face. Your eyes dart around until they settle, instinctually, on the one that’s shown you the most kindness tonight. 
Kiri smiles. He’s glad that you picked him. But at the same time, he feels a little guilty for what he’s about to do to you.
“Interesting,” Sero laughs.
Bakugou shrugs, smiling. “It’s your funeral, baby.”
“W-what?” you squeak.
But no one bothers to clarify. Instead, the four of them grab you, rotating you over the table so you’re laying over it width-wise and slightly diagonally. They stop moving you once your head is hanging off one edge of the table and your ass is hanging off another.
Kiri’s between your thighs now, and the other three are clustered around your upper body. You’re staring right into their crotches. You gulp. You’re upside-down, taking in the big, rigid shapes of their dicks pressing against the fabric of their pants. You feel Kiri spread your legs wider, before bringing his massive hands to the sides of your ass and squeezing it hard.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Bakugou brings his hands to unbuckle his belt. He pulls it off, folds it in half, and strikes you across the chest before dropping it to the ground. You squirm, teary eyed, but Kiri keeps you pinned in place.
Bakugou crouches, brings his face right up to yours. You wince; his face looks even more malicious upside-down. You hear another belt hit the ground, a zipper being undone.
“Why are you being such a little slut for Kiri?” Bakugou laughs into your face. “That wasn’t a very smart choice. Didn’t you notice how big he is? He might rip your poor virgin pussy apart,” he teases.
Sero laughs.
You feel Kiri’s hands tighten around your hips, pulling you closer to him until your pussy’s pressed tight against the fabric of his pants. Your stomach drops when you feel the very hard, very big shape of his dick through them. You raise your head to look fearfully up at him as he unzips his pants.
“Aw,” Kiri smiles sympathetically. “Don’t listen to him, princess. It’s okay.”
Kiri brings two big fingers to his mouth, licks them messily, then brings them to your pussy. He drags them against you first, then pushes them inside of you one by one. His fingers are so big, so thick. Bigger than Denki’s by far. You gasp as he pushes them into you. And he starts to finger you, pumping them in and out of you brutally until you’re whimpering.
“God damn, you’re wet,” he grins. “And so tight.”
“Gimme your hand, pretty girl,” says Denki.
You look upward, reaching your hand out obediently to Denki as Kiri fingerfucks you. Denki brings your hand to his crotch, presses it against the hard outline of his dick.
“You’re so cute,” Denki says, smiling down at you. “See what you do to all of us? We’re so fucking hard, just from watching you.”
“Oh,” you say fearfully, letting him rub your hand over his dick. It’s thick, hot through his pants, which are wet with his precum.
“Did it feel good to cum in my mouth earlier?” Denki smiles.
“Yes,” you say, nodding eagerly as you look up at him.
“You should thank him,” Bakugou sneers, tugging at your hair roughly.
“T-thank you,” you whimper.
“Are you gonna make us feel good, too?” Denki asks curiously.
You nod.
“You’re so sweet,” he says. “Now come on, give Sero some love too.”
You reach your other hand out obediently and grab Sero’s dick through his pants. He inhales sharply through his teeth. Bakugou just watches it all happen, amused at how you’re struggling to focus with Kiri’s big fingers fucking you.
“Shhhit,” Denki laughs breathily. “You wanna feel us for real, cutie?”
You nod obediently, watching the boys on either side of you pull their dicks out. Your mouth forms a little O as you look back and forth between them. Bakugou’s amused at the shocked look on your face. Your mouth looks so perfect hanging open like that; he’d like to shove his dick in it, make you choke and gag around him.
“She’s getting so wet,” Kiri laughs from between your legs. He pushes a third finger inside of you, impatient to stretch you out so he can get his dick all coated in the juices that are leaking out of you.
“Kiri,” you whine tearily, “your hands are so big, please.”
“You can take it,” he says. “You’re such a good girl. I know you can take it.”
As Kiri slips a fourth finger inside of your pussy, Denki and Sero guide your hands to their dicks. They’re both so slippery, so big and heavy in your palms. You gulp, wrapping your hands around them weakly.
“Come on,” says Sero disapprovingly. “Grip it.”
He wraps his hand around yours, tightening it around his dick. “You can do better than that, right? Or do I have to show you step-by-step how to stroke a dick?”
You’re trying your best to focus, but Kiri’s fingers are filling you up so well that you’re struggling to even keep your eyes open.
“Fine,” Sero says nastily, pushing your hand off his dick.
He brings his hand to your mouth and forces his fingers between your lips. He shoves four fingers far back into your mouth until you’re gagging and choking, and he only stops when his fingers are lubed up with your spit.
“Since you’re gonna be a disobedient little bitch, I’ll give you easy to follow instructions, okay?” he laughs down at you, lubing up his dick with your spit.
Bakugou snorts, grinning.
“It’s not difficult,” he leers, watching you sniffle. “Hold it tight, and stroke it,” he says, jacking off in front of you.
“Got it?”
You nod obediently, bringing your hands out to wrap them around Sero and Denki’s dicks. You follow his example, jack the two of them off messily.
“Are you ready, princess?” comes Kiri’s voice from between your legs.
“Huh?” you ask groggily, keeping your hands moving on Denki and Sero as you look up.
Your eyes widen, seeing Kiri free his dick from his pants. Your jaw drops as you watch him drop a glob of spit onto it. He jacks a hand over the massive length of it, pushing his spit all the way down to the base, and you gulp. Bakugou was right — he might rip you apart. There’s absolutely no way he’ll fit inside of you.
“It’s so big,” you say shakily. 
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Bakugou sneers from behind you.
“But —”
“It’s alright,” Kiri grins as he rubs the slick, precum-coated tip of his cock over your glistening cunt. “You’re gonna be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”
“It’s too big,” you choke. “I don’t think it’ll fit.”
“You just took four fingers for me,” he says sweetly. “I know you can take my dick.”
“Oka—” you start, but before you can even get the word out, Kiri’s shoving the fat head of his cock inside of you, pushing in deep without even giving you a second to adjust.
“Oh my god,” you cry, with tears rolling down your cheeks. “It’s so big, it hurts.”
Kiri looks feverishly downward, watching your tight little pussy swallowing up his aching, leaking dick. It feels so good inside of your warm, tight hole. He bites his lip, closes his eyes, feels all of your slick wetness dragging down the thick length of it as he pushes further into you. He can barely keep himself from bottoming out on the first thrust. If he really wanted to, he could shove it all the way inside right now, make you scream, bruise up your cervix.
“It’s s-so big,” you choke.
“You’re okay, right, princess?” he breathes. “You can take the whole thing for me, can’t you?”
“The whole thing?” you say in alarm.
Your neck is getting tired now, so you let your head hang off the edge of the table. Bakugou leers down at you, laughing at your shocked, pained expression. Denki and Sero grin, groping your tits, watching as you squirm and struggle to take Kiri’s dick as you stroke theirs with shaky hands.
“It’s just a little more until I’m all the way in,” Kiri grins.
“What do you mean?” you say tearily, not sure how he could possibly be any bigger than what’s filling you up right now.
Kiri answers by pushing his cock the rest of the way in. Precum gushes out of the tip, lubricates your clenching walls. He bottoms out, balls deep, the tip of his dick pushing against your cervix painfully.
“Oh, it hurts,” you say tearily.
But for some reason, the pain is so good.
“It’s too bi — oh, god,” you moan.
The boys watch hungrily, intently, as your toes start to curl and your back starts to arch.
“Fuck,” Kiri says, feeling you start to tighten around his throbbing dick. “Does my cock feel good, princess?” he groans, grabbing the base of his dick. “You’re tightening so hard around me, shit.”
“It feels so good,” you gasp. “I think I’m — I’m gonna cum,” you say tearfully as the tension inside of you starts to release.
“Shit,” Kiri breathes, feeling your pussy start to contract around him.
“Cumming again, just like that?” Bakugou laughs down at you, squeezing his hand around your throat. “What a filthy fucking slut. She’s my new favorite.”
“Fuuuck,” Kiri groans. “She’s cumming all over my dick.” 
He fucks you feverishly, watches your body squirm as you cum. You’re getting so wet, gushing so much slick out on his dick, that he can’t help but slam his entire cock into you over and over again as your pussy convulses.
“Holy shit,” Denki laughs, watching your face intently. He couldn’t see your face as you came earlier because his was buried in your pussy. He thinks your innocent, sweet face looks so hot like that, with your eyes rolling back, your mouth hanging all the way open as Kiri pounds into you.
“Don’t fucking stop stroking my dick,” Sero says. “I don’t care if you’re cumming.”
You try your best to obey, moving your hands shakily as your orgasm rips through you. Bakugou leans over and brings his mouth to yours, kissing you messily, letting you gasp against his lips.
Kiri knows he should hold back a little, because you’re so tiny compared to him. But it feels too good, so he just lets himself go. He slams hard into you over and over again, making you take the entire length of his dick. He loves the way your stomach bulges out each time he pushes all the way in. And the way you clench around him, getting his cock so wet as you cum, is better than anything he’s ever felt before.
He holds your hips tight, pounds into you until you’re crying. He really doesn’t want to hurt you, but right now he’s too focused on himself. It’s been so long since he’s been able to bury his entire dick into a sweet little virgin like you, and he needs to get the whole thing wet while he can.
He keeps fucking you like this even after you’re finished cumming. He digs his big hands into your thighs, watching feverishly as you pant. He just thinks you sound so cute like that, yelping into Bakugou’s mouth each time he bottoms out.
Bakugou stops kissing you to grin up at Kiri.
“The girls always think you’ll be the nicest, Kiri,” he laughs. “You do them so fucking wrong.”
“You should really stop making the poor virgins cry,” Sero snorts.
“She’s fine,” Kiri says breathily, pulling out almost all the way. “She’s taking my dick so fucking well. Aren’t you, baby?”
“Y-yes,” you gasp tearily, right before he slams all the way into you again.
Kiri picks up his speed, fucks you hard and fast with his big hands keeping your hips pressed hard into the table. Your moans are loud, punctuated by teary sniffles. Bakugou’s grinning down at you in amusement. He wraps his hand around your throat, brings his mouth to yours again as you cry out.
“Damn,” he sneers into your mouth. “For a virgin, you sure do moan like a fucking cockslut, huh?”
He looks up at his friends. “Hey, guys,” he says. “Don’t you think she’s getting kinda loud? Maybe I should shove my dick down her throat, shut her the fuck up.”
“Aww,” says Sero, watching you stroke his long, slippery dick. “But she sounds so pretty crying like that.” 
“You’re such a whore,” Bakugou laughs into your mouth. “Letting us do whatever the fuck we want to you. It’s only your first time, and you’re already a disgusting little slut, aren’t you?”
You nod tearily.
“Have you ever sucked a dick before?” he sneers.
“No, I —”
“That’s okay,” Bakugou laughs. “I’m gonna fuck your little virgin throat until you get used to the feeling of having a cock in your mouth.”
You watch, trembling, as Bakugou unzips his pants and takes out his dick. He wraps his hand around it, jacks himself off a few times as he watches Kiri fuck you. Your heart is racing; you have no idea how his dick is supposed to fit in your throat. He’s way too big.
But Bakugou’s going to make it fit. He grips your face, smacks your cheeks with his dick until you’re tearing up.
“Open your fucking mouth,” he says sharply.
You obey, and he pins you down on the table by your throat, with your head just hanging off the edge.
“Stick your tongue out,” he commands.
You do, watching him grip his dick, squeeze it from base to tip until a glob of precum is dripping out of it. He rubs it on your tongue, shuddering.
“How’s it taste?” he laughs.
“S-so good,” you groan submissively, as Kiri bottoms out again.
Bakugou laughs, then shoves his dick in your mouth without warning, prodding at the back of your throat until it gives for him. You’re choking and coughing around the sudden intrusion, struggling to breathe. You try to free your hands to push him back and out of your mouth so you can take a breath, but Denki and Sero pull your hands back and wrap their fists around yours, forcing you to grip their dicks tightly.
Bakugou fucks your throat hard, holding your neck down against the table. He shoves his dick all the way in, fucks your throat raw until you’re gagging and crying. He looks down, watches you squirm as he thrusts his spit-coated cock in and out of your mouth. And each time he bottoms out, his balls slap your cute little face.
He loves seeing virgins like this: messy, disgusting, and absolutely humiliated.
“Fuck,” you hear Kiri groan as his hips start to move erratically. “I’m about to cum.”
“Wow, you usually last a little longer, huh, big guy?” Denki laughs.
“It’s too fucking good,” Kiri says feverishly. “I’m gonna — fuck — fill her pussy up.”
Kiri thrusts into you hard, and it pushes you back onto Bakugou’s dick. You choke, gagging as his precum coats the ridges of your throat.
“I wonder if she’d mind you shooting your cum in her,” Bakugou laughs, tightening his hand around your throat, feeling his dick move in and out of it.
“Shit, I wanna fill her up so bad,” Kiri groans, tightening his grip on your hips hard enough to bruise.
“Too bad we can’t ask her opinion, right?” Bakugou laughs. “It looks like she’s too busy gagging on my dick like a whore.”
The words have your core tightening; your back starts to arch again.
“It’s gonna feel so good to have my cum fill your pussy, princess, I promise,” Kiri groans. “Maybe we’ll even get you pregnant, keep you here with us so you can be our good little fucktoy forever.”
Your pussy tightens harder, and you’re moaning around Bakugou’s dick, your toes twitching.
“Shiiit, she likes that?” Denki breathes, moving your hand quickly over his dick. He flicks your tits, watches hungrily as your body tenses up. “What a little freak.”
“Maybe we won’t have to give her the plan B after all,” Sero laughs.
Your pussy keeps tightening, getting wetter and wetter, dripping onto Kiri’s dick as he fucks you.
“Man, it was so easy to turn you into a whore for dick,” Bakugou sneers as he continues to thrust into your bruised throat. You’re gasping for air, your nose running, your jaw aching, and it’s all so good.
Finally, the tension building inside of you reaches a head, and your pussy starts to twitch around Kiri’s dick.
“Shit, she’s cumming on me again,” Kiri groans. “Holy fuck, it’s so wet… I can’t hold it anymore… oh, shit,” he gasps.
He leans forward, shuddering, as he presses his big fingers hard into your thighs. His balls tighten up right before the cum goes shooting through his twitching dick. He lets it out inside of your contracting pussy, shoots his entire load deep inside of you.
“Fuck,” Bakugou groans. The moans you’re choking out are vibrating your throat around his dick. He’s picking up his rhythm, spurred on by your pathetic choking and crying. The tension inside of him is rising, too, and watching you squirm helplessly around Kiri’s twitching cock is doing it for him. He thrusts a few more times into your wet mouth, then buries his entire dick deep balls deep in your throat, shooting his cum out there.
He pulls out before he’s done, stuffs his balls inside your mouth, and jacks the rest of his load onto your chest. Your tits are coated in white now, heaving as you try to catch your breath.
Kiri’s leaning over to kiss your thighs, watching big globs of his thick cum drip out of your pussy and onto the floor. 
“You’re so full, princess,” he says, shoving his fingers inside of you to push his cum even deeper. He’s already getting hard again, looking at how full he got you.
But he knows that he has to be nice and share with his friends. 
You’re limp from your third orgasm, eyelids fluttering as Denki and Sero continue to jerk your hands over their slippery dicks, swearing under their breath. Bakugou wipes the rest of the cum off his dick, then smears it on the side of your face.
“Wake up, brat,” he says nastily, leaning over into your face. “You’re not fucking done.”
You blink the grogginess out of your eyes, watching Bakugou pull his pants up and rise to his full height.
“Where’s your stash at, Kami?” Bakugou demands, sweat beading and dripping down his chest.
“Shirt pocket,” Denki answers distractedly, jacking your hand over his leaking dick. “Lighter too.”
Bakugou retrieves a pre-rolled joint and a lighter from Denki’s shirt, handing it to Kiri. He grabs a can of beer off the floor and cracks it open. And the two of them lean back against the wall, catching their breath and swapping substances.
They’re both watching the show with mild amusement. The two of them have the most stamina of the four, and they could go again if they wanted, but they have to give their friends a turn. That’s part of the arrangement.
Bakugou snorts as he watches you. You’re clearly tired, struggling to move your burning arms enough to jack Denki and Sero off. He thinks it’s pathetic.
“Don’t get lazy, baby,” Denki pouts. “You better do a good job, or Sero’s gonna want to punish you.”
“Uh oh,” grins Bakugou.
Sero looks up at Denki, jerks his head toward the couch. You’re a lazy, disobedient little bitch, and you haven’t been giving him or Denki nearly enough attention.
“No way,” laughs Denki to Sero. “You’re so fucked up, dude.”
“Damn, you guys are ruthless,” Kiri says, blowing smoke out of his nose with a slight smile.
Bakugou already knows where this is going. So he goes ahead to clear the crowd off the couch, prepping the space for his friends.
You cry out in surprise as Sero hoists you over his shoulder. He delivers a hard smack to your ass, feels you squirm. When you look up, you see Denki and Kiri following, passing the joint between themselves.
Sero sits on the couch, wrangling you onto his lap so that you’re straddling him. Denki settles in right next to the two of you, with his leg pressed up against yours. You gulp, looking back and forth between the two of them.
“What are we doing?” you ask fearfully.
Kiri and Bakugou settle into the couch nearby, watching the events unfold curiously.
“You’ll see,” grins Denki.
Sero brings his mouth to your ear, using both hands to knead your ass. “How many times did we have to correct you back there?” he asks, nipping at your earlobe.
“I’m not sure,” you stammer. “A lot?”
Bakugou snickers.
“Yeah,” he laughs. “A lot.”
“I’m s-sorry,” you stammer quietly.
“See, we have to punish you now,” he pouts, kissing your ear. “I guess you shouldn’t have been so lazy.”
You look fearfully over at Denki, but he’s just smirking at you.
“Punish?” you croak.
“I think Kiri and Kat punished your poor little pussy and mouth enough,” Sero laughs, nipping at your ear. “But there’s another place they didn’t even touch, right?”
He brings both hands down hard on your ass, grins when you yelp at the stinging contact. He spreads your ass cheeks out, runs a finger over your tight hole.
“I bet your little virgin ass is so tight,” he laughs. “What do you think, Kami?”
“Oh, I’m sure it is,” he agrees, smiling.
“Since you wanna be a disobedient, lazy bitch, you’re gonna find out how it feels to take a cock up your ass,” Sero laughs into your neck, gripping your ass hard.
“Damn,” Bakugou says, sipping his beer. “I guess she’ll be getting all her firsts today.”
“Yeah,” Kiri smiles, blowing smoke out as he stares at your ass. “Brutal.”
You squirm in Sero’s lap. He pulls back to look at you curiously, wrapping a big hand around your throat. He can feel your pulse racing, and it makes his dick twitch.
“Your heart is beating so fast,” he says. “Are you scared?”
You nod.
“Aw,” he pouts. “Come here, gimme a kiss.”
Sero pulls you to his mouth by the neck. He parts your lips with his softly, before meeting your tongue with his. He kisses you for a while, just enjoying the way you grind needily on his lap.
“Don’t forget about Kami,” he says, pulling back slightly. “He treated you so nice earlier… you wouldn’t want to ignore him, right?”
You nod obediently, then let Sero wrap his hand around your neck again to direct your face toward Denki’s mouth. You kiss Denki, listening to the messy sound of his fist moving over his dick.
“Can you stroke it for me?” Denki asks sweetly, pulling back from your face momentarily.
Obediently, you wrap your hand around his cock and pump your hand up and down the slick length of it until he’s gasping softly. And at the same time, you grind downward on Sero’s lab, rubbing yourself over his hard dick.
“Open up for me,” Sero says.
You pull back from Denki’s face and open your mouth for him. He dips four long fingers into your throat until you’re gagging, and only pulls them back when they’re coated in your slippery spit.
Then Denki pulls your face back to his hungrily, kissing you hard as you stroke his dick and grind on Sero’s lap.
You feel Sero’s hands spread your ass out, then his fingers teasing at your tight hole. You whimper into Denki’s mouth, let him rough up your tits as Sero teases you.
Sero plays with your ass until he can slip a finger in; it goes deeper and deeper, until you’re gasping against Denki’s lips. Sero brings his fingers to your wet pussy, drags the slick of your juices up from your slit to your ass to lube up his fingers as he tries to fit two into your tiny little hole.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” Sero says through his teeth.
Denki groans into your mouth as you hit a particularly good spot on his dick. He’s so sensitive, so slick. He’s just aching for you, because he’s been waiting patiently for his turn to fuck you. He can’t wait to get inside of you. 
You cry out when Sero buries his two fingers up to the knuckle inside your ass. Denki’s still groaning into your mouth at the same time, using his hands to squeeze your tits needily. Straddling Sero’s lap, you can feel the way he’s getting harder off watching you swap spit with Denki as his fingers stretch your ass out.
“Do you want another finger in your ass?” Sero asks, bringing his mouth to your throat.
You nod, mumbling an affirmation.
“Come here,” Sero says, “tell me.”
You bring your mouth to Sero’s and let Denki take his turn kissing your neck.
“Yes, I want another,” you say obediently.
So he gives you a third, squeezing it in beside the other two. Your ass is so tight around his fingers, impossibly tight.
“How does it feel?” he asks against your lips.
“It’s — oh, it feels weird,” you gasp as he buries his three fingers deep in your ass.
He smiles against your mouth, feeling his dick twitch. Because this is nothing compared to what he’s about to stuff  you with.
Sero’s getting tired of prepping you; he’s just dying to relieve his aching dick in your tight ass. And Denki’s getting impatient, too — Sero can tell from the sloppy way he’s kissing your neck. Sero takes his fingers out of your ass suddenly, flips you around on his lap. He presses his hard dick against your ass, rubs the tip of it against your tight hole.
You can hear the messy, slippery sounds of Denki’s hand fisting his cock. He watches intently as Sero nudges the head of his dick against your ass. Denki thinks he might die from waiting for so long. He can’t believe his friends are getting to fuck you before he does.
“Oh, fuck,” Sero says, slipping the head of his dick in your ass. He relishes the submissive whimpers falling from your lips as he does. “It’s so fucking tight,” he groans.
“It hurts,” you say weakly.
“You gotta relax,” Sero says through his teeth, “unless you want it to hurt.”
He presses sloppy kisses to the back of your neck as he nudges more of his dick inside of you. Your ass is so tight, squeezing all the precum out of his dick. It lubes up your insides, lets him slip a little further inside. He lets out a groan.
Finally, he feels you relax a little. He feels the tight muscle give, just the smallest amount. He takes the opportunity to shove his dick deeper inside of you, moaning as he does. 
You’re squeezing him so fucking tight. He’s never felt something clench around his dick this hard; he could cum just from the pressure of you squeezing him like this. He could pump all of his hot, sticky seed into you right now, if he wanted to.
But he wants to fuck your tight ass a little first.
When you’re finally able to sink almost all the way down on Sero’s long dick, Denki rises from the couch. He crouches in front of your spread legs, watching your ass swallow up Sero’s cock. You sink lower and lower until, finally, it’s all the way in. Denki rubs your clit, looks up at you from between your legs as your eyes roll back.
“Spread her out more,” Denki says. “Lean her back for me.”
Sero does, giving you a second to adjust to the full length of his dick inside of your ass. Denki brings his face right up to your pussy, watches the thick, creamy cum still leaking out of it from when Kiri came inside of you.
“Damn,” he grins, “you’re a mess. Do you want me to clean that cum up for you, pretty girl?”
“Please,” you whimper.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Denki brings his tongue to your pussy, licking the dripping cum out of you.
“You’re fucking sick, dude,” Bakugou laughs from the couch, adjusting his hard dick in his pants. Kiri just smiles as he smokes. He knows Denki is the most depraved of all of them; he’s not surprised by anything he does anymore.
“What?” Denki asks, grinning. He sticks two fingers inside of you, then drags Kiri’s cum out of you. He looks at his cum-coated fingers, then licks the white liquid off of them.
As Denki stands, Sero holds your legs up and spreads them a little wider.
“Are you gonna share with me?” Denki grins over your shoulder.
“Fine,” Sero laughs.
Denki plants his hand on the couch cushion behind your head, guiding his thick dick to the entrance of your puffy cunt. It takes him a second to slip inside. With Sero already stuffing your ass, it’s unbelievably tight in your pussy.
Denki thrusts in deep, and when he pulls his dick back out, it’s coated in Kiri’s cum. And soon, more precum is leaking out of Sero’s dick, and he’s gliding in and out of your ass easily, pushing all the way in and back out.
The two of them fuck you just like this: Sero holding your legs back and open, bottoming out in your ass and getting you so full while Denki slams into your pussy. You can feel them both moving at once inside of you, hear their soft moans in your ears. You’re too full; each time the two of them bottom out at once, you squirm. But with Sero’s hands securing your legs, you can’t really move. Really, you can’t do much but get pounded by both of them at the same time.
You watch hazily, still getting fucked in the ass, as Denki pulls his dick out. He looks down, runs his hand across the length of his dick, until his palm is coated with Kiri’s load. Denki looks at you, then grins as he licks the cum off his hand.
And then he leans down to kiss you, pushing his tongue into your mouth as he guides his dick to your pussy again and starts to thrust inside. You can taste Kiri’s cum coating his tongue as he fucks you. And you feel your pussy tightening up, your muscles tensing as the two of them use both of your holes at once.
Your toes are already starting to curl, and then they both hit a perfect spot inside of you at the same time. Your head drops back onto Sero’s shoulder. They can both tell you’re almost there.
“Are you gonna cum on my dick?” Sero asks.
“Yes, I’m gonna cum,” you whine.
Denki brings his hand to your clit again, rubs it as he fucks you until he feels you getting impossibly tight. The both of them shudder at the sensation, and then your pussy and ass contract hard around them. They fuck you through your orgasm, struggling to hold back their own.
“Shit,” Sero says through his teeth.
He digs his fingers into your spread thighs, feels the tension inside of him boiling over as your ass twitches on his dick. He can’t hold it, so he thrusts into you several times, buries his dick deep in your ass, right before his cum shoots out and coats your insides.
“Holy fuck,” Denki says, pulling out.
Sero lifts you up off of his dick, and the two of them watch the cum drip out of your gaping, twitching ass onto Sero’s lap.
Kiri smiles and hands his blunt to Bakugou, before rising off the couch. You can barely process anything; your mind is still dazed. But you can see how hard he is, and you’re still struggling to catch your breath, thinking that he can’t possibly —
“You ready to go again, big boy?” Denki laughs.
“Give her to me,” Kiri grins to Sero.
Sero hands you off, and you feel Kiri’s big arms enveloping you. He sits on the couch underneath you, moving you on his lap easily, like you’re a toy. As you’re still coming down from your orgasm, he hovers you over his massive dick, with Sero’s cum still leaking out of your ass and dripping onto his lap.
“You okay, princess?” he teases into your ear.
You nod groggily.
“Mm,” he smiles. “You want some more cum in you?”
“Yes,” you say obediently.
“Good,” he laughs. “Because we’re gonna breed you, baby.”
Kiri sits you down on his big dick, shoving the entire thing into your pussy at once, sinking you all the way down to the base. He lifts your legs up and moves them back until he has them behind your head, over his forearms, with his palms resting on the back of your head.
Now that he has you folded in half, with your head tilted downward, you can see the bulge in your stomach from Kiri’s dick stuffing you so full.
“Shit,” Denki says, jerking his slippery, lubed-up dick as looks at your stomach. And then he lowers himself to you again, sticks his dick inside of your pussy above Kiri’s.
You gasp, looking down at the both of them moving in you at once. They’re both so thick. You can’t believe they can both fit inside of your cunt. And it feels like they can’t, feels like they might rip you apart at any moment.
Denki fucks you quickly. He can’t last much longer; it feels so good, so tight inside your pussy. Each time his cock rubs up against your tight, wet walls, he gets closer and closer.
“You’re gonna take so much cum in you today, baby,” Kiri says from behind you. “Do you like being so fucking full of it?”
“Yes,” you gasp.
“That’s a good fucking girl,” he says.
“I’m cumming,” Denki groans, speeding up his pace as his dick starts to twitch inside of you.
He keeps fucking into you as he cums, shooting the hot, sticky wetness of it deep inside of you. 
Kiri picks up his pace. He groans, because the feeling of Denki’s hot cum coating his cock as he fucks you is too good. It’s so wet, so messy inside of you as Denki’s cum mixes with Kiri’s first big load. You’re so full that the cum is leaking out of you and dripping down their dicks.
Denki brings his hand to your throat as he catches his breath. He chokes you lightly, kisses you with his dick still inside of you.
Now that Denki’s filled you up, it’s Kiri’s turn again. So he plants his feet on the ground, tightens his grip on you so you’re folded even tighter in half. He slams up into your pussy hard, over and over again. Cum gushes out of your pussy and onto his lap as he thrusts in and out of you. He loves the way you’re whining and crying into Denki’s mouth as his dick abuses you. He can hear your moans heightening in that familiar way, can even feel your ruined pussy trying to tighten around his cock.
“Are you gonna cum for us again, baby?” Kiri asks.
“Ye-e-s,” you groan, as he slams into you.
“Come on, give it to me,” he says sweetly.
Denki pulls away from your mouth and chokes you, watching you start to squirm, teary-eyed, as you cum again, your pussy contracting on both of their dicks. The sight of you falling apart on their dicks, combined with the hot, wet mess coating his cock is making him hard again.
“Mm… fuck,” says Kiri through gritted teeth. Each time your ass contracts he can feel a little bit of Sero’s cum gushing out onto his lap. Your moans are killing him, and he needs to pump another load into your cute body.
So he slams up harder into your twitching cunt, feels his balls tighten right before he blows another big, hot load in your pussy. He groans softly, drains himself inside you until there’s nothing left.
You’re so full now that the cum is just dripping out of you, white beads rolling down the shafts of their dicks.
Denki pulls out, plopping onto the couch next to you with a heaving chest. At the same time, Bakugou rises from the couch. He hands Denki the blunt before finishing off the beer in the can he’s holding. He crushes it, tosses the can onto the ground.
Kiri’s still fucking you slowly with his hard dick, using his massive hands to rub your tits gingerly. He presses a gentle kiss to your cheek as you catch your breath.
“My turn,” Bakugou grins down at you. You look hazily upward as Kiri lifts you up, handing you off to his friend.
The contrast between the two of them is apparent as soon as Kiri’s hands leave your body. Bakugou flips you over roughly so you’re on your knees, then grabs your hair and slams your face forcefully into the couch cushions. 
Bakugou can see the cum in your pussy leaking out onto your thighs and dripping onto the couch. He loves this. You were so innocent before you met the four of them. And now look at you. You’re disgusting: face shoved in the couch cushions, sniffling, with cum dripping out of your ruined pussy and ass.
“God, you’re a fucking mess,” he says, slapping your ass hard until you’re shaking and crying into the couch.
Once he’s had his fill of abusing you, Bakugou shoves his dick into your ass with no prep. You cry out, but it’s muffled by the couch cushions he has your face shoved into.
“Still so fucking tight,” he says, pounding into your ass. He pulls your hair back hard as he fucks you, watches you squirm and cry. The other boys share drinks, watching him fuck you intently.
You’re struggling to take his dick, but Bakugou doesn’t really care. He just keeps fucking you balls deep, regardless of your panting and twitching. His dick is lubed up by Sero’s cum, and it feels good — wet and tight inside of you. So he doesn’t really care how you’re feeling, or if you’re comfortable.
“Arch your fucking back, take it deeper,” he leers down at you, pushing your back down with his free hand as he shoves your face so deep in the cushions that you can barely even breathe.
You arch your back as much as you can, feel him hit deep inside.
“That’s right,” he snarls. “Be a good fucking cumslut, show me how much you like to take a cock.”
You whimper demurely. Bakugou continues to fuck your ass as his friends jerk their hands over their cum-coated dicks. The way you’re taking his dick so deep in your ass, bearing the nasty abuse he’s giving you with tears rolling down your cheeks, has them all so hard again.
“You want more cum? You want it all over your pretty little face?” he sneers, grabbing you by the cheeks, forcing you to look back at him.
You nod tearily. “Yes, please,” you say.
He pulls out, then grabs a handful of your hair. You whine, clutching at your scalp as he drags you off the couch by the hair.
“Get on your knees, you filthy bitch,” he says.
You obey, sniffling, and the four boys crowd around you, stroking their dicks right into your face. 
“What do you want from us?” Bakugou grins nastily down at you.
“I — I want your cum,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you ask us nicely?” Bakugou asks, slapping your face with his dick.
“Can I have your cum, please?” you ask tearily.
Your sweet, pleading face does it for Kiri first. He grabs your hair, fisting his big, thick dick quickly with his free hand.
“You’ve been such a good girl for us, taking so much cum,” he says breathily, as he jacks off into your face. “Let me give you some more.”
He groans, and you flinch as the first hot spurt lands right in your eye. He keeps stroking his cock until your cheeks and mouth are coated in his gooey cum, and then he’s stepping backward, collapsing onto the couch.
Denki cums right afterward, shooting his cum onto your chin, onto your neck, inhaling sharply through his teeth as he finishes.
Sero starts cumming before Denki’s even done, stroking his cum out onto your tits, until it’s coating your chest and dripping onto your nipples.
As his friends plop, exhausted, onto the couch, Bakugou grips your hair and leers down at your hazy, cum-coated face.
“Fuck, you look so fucking nasty. Open your fucking mouth for me,” he says. “Stick your tongue out.”
You obey, with drops of Kiri’s cum dripping from your lips onto your tongue as Bakugou jacks off between your lips. He lets out a soft moan, then shoots his load into your open, waiting mouth. The liquid hits the back of your throat, makes you cough. Bakugou thrusts without warning into your mouth several times as he finishes, pumping his cum into your throat.
When he pulls out, you cough tearily, resting your hands on your knees. You’re exhausted, shaky, with cum all over your face, neck, and chest. There’s some burning your eye, and some drying in your hair.
“Hey,” Bakugou laughs down at you. He points at his grinning face. “You have a little something right here.”
You shut the light off in the unfamiliar bathroom with a sigh. You’ve gotten all of the cum out of your hair and off your face, but your eye is still red and burning.
Mina’s waiting for you against the wall opposite the bathroom door, smoking a cigarette.
“So,” she says, smiling knowingly.
“So?” you ask, rolling your eyes. You pluck the cigarette out of her hand, take a deep drag and exhale slowly.
“So, did they fall for your little innocent act?”
“Of course they did,” you smile, tapping ash on the sticky floor before handing the cigarette back to her. “Frat boys are too fucking easy.”
She laughs. “Especially the virgin hunters, right?”
“Mhm,” you say. “Did you get my video?”
“Yup,” she responds brightly. “Set the camera up right where you asked me and everything.”
“Perfect,” you say, studying your nails. “That was another one for the books.”
“Uh huh,” she laughs, looping her arm through yours. She looks over at you with a knowing smile. 
“You’re not gonna call in sick for your internship tomorrow, are you?” she laughs.
“Of course not. Now let’s get going.”
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
STATUS; no longer accepting!
PROMPT; perverts
YOU GET TO WRITE YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS AS PERVERTS! I’m talking pushy senpais, panty thieves, creepy senseis, stalkers, succubus, creepy yanderes, perverted nii-sans, whatever your mind can think up. The possibilities are endless!
MORE OF A DOM? Well, I can help you out with that too, you can write the reader as the pervert, corrupting some poor innocent virgins.
DUE DATE; I’m currently hosting two collabs and I know there are tons of others currently going on, to allow people the chance to participate in multiple the due date will be on August 29th.
as always it’s 18+ only
dark and NSFW content are both welcome, artists and writers are too!
there’s not a specific format but try to get above at least 500 words (drabbles, thirsts, hcs, full works are all okay)
tag me in the finished work or send me the link once it’s up to allow me to add it onto the main masterlist.
haikyuu, mha, aot and jjk characters are all up for grabs. first come, first serve.
WANT TO JOIN IN? to make things more organized send me an ask! it helps me keep track way easier.
Tumblr media
pervert dabi | @beelziee
warnings: perv! Dabi, Mentions of drugs (Not being used), Unprotected sex, Fingering (Female recieving), Degradation, Edging, Orgasm Denial, Sex toys, Major cum play, Daddy kink
panty thief tamaki | @pumpkinpatchrumi
camgirl reader • porn addict hawks | @nomadmilk
pervert shigaraki-nii | @obsxssing
warnings : voyeurism (noncon) + panty snatching + pining
pervert kirishima-nii | @nyanyabisjjj
pro bakugou • pervert reader | @midgetleviackerman
pervert tokoyami | tenya iida • pervert reader | @awkward-youtube-trash
pervert bakugou • reader | @kyleewrites
groper shigaraki • innocent recruit reader | @bnhamixjuice
warnings : groper boss Shigaraki, unprotected sex, fingering, corruption kink, Dub-con.
aizawa senpai • student reader | @kkodzvken
iida • succubus reader | @lostcoves
warnings : mild somnophilia, aphrodisiacs, monsterfucking (succubus), handjobs, blowjobs, hair pulling, cum swallowing, mommy kink, face-sitting, cum eating, unprotected sex, forced turning
creepy neighbor dabi | @macnevercries
warnings : stalker/yandere tendencies, somnophilia, fingering, male masturbation, penetration, dubcon/noncon, squirting, breeding kink, etc
hentai collector iida | @pinkkento
warnings : nsfw (minors dni), iida is nineteen, virgin!iida, switch!reader (but mostly dom), humiliation (for iida), size kink, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it y'all), creampie, reader calls iida 'senpai' ironically, slight dacryphilia, insinuation that reader is small in stature, use of the word cunny
pervert pro hero shinsou | @sisterofsomeone
pervert yandere kirishima | @kirishoshego
pervert chisaki-nii | @dollfacedwithadirtymind
denki • pervert rockstar reader • sero | @kissjudas
warnings : Slight Dubcon (Sleazy! Reader), Eluding To Virginity Loss (Virgin! Denki), Some Dry Humping, Thigh Fucking, Mommy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Spit play, Cum eating + Snowballing, Voyeurism, Mentions of Exhibitionism, Eventual Threesome, Spit Roasting, Oral (Male Receiving), MLM interactions, A Little Male Dumbification, and Vulgar Language
todoroki • pervert reader | @okay-cafe
warnings : 18+, minors PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT INTERACT, cussing, hate words, body shaming(?), Public sex (kinda?)
closet pervert amajiki-nii • older sister reader | @kure-san
yandere stalker all might | @allthingsmightguy
panty thief aizawa sensei | @mx-kaminari
pervert ojiro • reader | @sabrinamidoriya01
creepshot blackmailing denki | @shigarakislittlepet
Tumblr media
pervert eren • sadistic reader | @bummie
closet sadist levi • stalker reader | @insufferablepanda
warnings : nsfw, masturbation, perversion, stalking, spying, degradation kink, rough sex, fingering, exhibitionism [gym + locker room], public sex, oral (m receiving), 18+, pervert! reader x closet sadist! Levi, unedited
pervert reiner | @armins-futon
pervert jean-nii | @bakhoe
pervert armin | @marleyterians
warnings : nsfw, perversion, voyeurism, panty stealing + sniffing, slight dry humping, armin using the reader’s panties to jack off, thigh job, alluding to a threesome
panty thief jean-nii • reader | @katsuhera
Tumblr media
pervert tadashi-nii | @matsusimp
pervert atsumu | @kenmasbb
pervert virgin noya | @missuga
pervert bokuto sensei | @writesmcgee
incubus suga | @mirxkeul
pervert makki-nii + seijoh four | @somecravings
pervert suna | @haikyutiehoe
stalker kenma | @itsthe-grim-reaper
warnings: stalking, Non-con, Groping, Oral Creampie, Somnophilia
pervert yandere hinata | @maizurie
incubus osamu | @gingersnaaps
warnings : explicit n*fw, dubcon, creampie, breeding mentions, penetration, fingering, sex dreams, sleep paralysis, incubus!osamu vibes, vaguely supernatural, you fall asleep forever at the end, fem!reader with inner genitals
closet pervert kyoutani | @monosukuna
Tumblr media
panty thief yuji | @erosojiro
pushy gojo senpai | @megumisbimbo
warnings : noncon, coercion, senpai kink, corruption, unprotected sex
pervert step dad toji | @instantnuma
panty thief sukuna | @bakugohoex
warnings : alcohol use, modern au, nsfw (MINORS DNI, pervert!sukuna, underwear stealing, male masturbation, nipple play, neck kisses, blow job, female masturbation, finger sucking, kissing, clit fucking, clit play, unprotected sex, consensual sex, nipple sucking, jaw grabbing, lip biting, spit play, choking, size kink, cream pie, breeding kink, corruption kink, praise kink, daddy kink, dumbification kink, cunt slap)
perverted choso-nii | @kissingchoso
warnings : 18+, DARK CONTENT, non-consensual content, dubious content, st*pcest, pussy job, perverted choso-nii, himbo choso-nii, non-consented kissing, choso-nii is a liar, mentions of somnophilia, mentions of panty theft, mentions of male masturbation, emo choso, coercion 
chikan pervert yuta | @father-time-and-baby-new-year
pervert tutor getou | @hitoshisbabygirl
pervert step dad nanami | @fushigurocockslut
warnings: stepcest, female masturbation, voyeurism, age gap, mentions of phone sex, cheating (nanami & reader), dubcon, degradation, questionable misogyny, nipple play, fingering, breeder balls, mentions of noncon (kinda) somno, no foreplay, quickie, almost getting caught, creampie
Tumblr media
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rat-zuki · 2 months ago
A Match Into Water ⇝ Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WORDCOUNT : 3.3k words.
WARNINGS : smut, fluff, prohero!au, car sex, emo!deku who’s a bit awkward, fingering, dacryphilia, choking, belt buckle humping, unprotected sex, cum eating, oral (one instance, m -> f), rimming (one instance, m -> f), language.
A/N : my love, @printhes, asked for “raunchy car sex with emo deku while mcr or pierce the veil plays in the background...” so this is for you, my dear. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re on the side of the road, stranded and soaked with a storm raging humorlessly overhead you. Your car sits uselessly, lifelessly beside you. And to add unto to your situation, you actually managed to lock yourself out of it, too.
Really, great.
And it’s cold—freezing, actually. You can feel, have no choice but to feel, the slosh and mush of your socks in your boots, slipping every couple of steps as you attempt to walk all the way home or, at the very least, to seek cover somewhere. Anywhere.
But then a car traveling much too slow, even given the rain, pulls to a stop beside you. Apprehensively, you hasten, not wanting yet another issue to grace you when you hear a suspiciously familiar voice call out. To you. For you.
Your head whips around and a crazed man sticking his head out of the driver-side door gestures for you to come closer, but you really don’t, can’t recall who this is—
“It’s me! Midoriya!” Huh? “Deku!”
Deku? Deku from Yuuei? That fucking nerd?
Nonetheless, you patter on over, blinking hesitantly as you eye the expensive, leather interior of his car as he holds the door open for you, then to your sopping, wet clothes.
He must notice, ‘cause he’s rushing out a It’s okay! It’s fine! Just get in before you catch a cold! And you ease yourself onto the seat, wincing at the audible slap! and squelch when you sit down, shifting awkwardly in attempt to relieve your guilt. It doesn’t.
“Don’t worry,” he chuckles, scarred hands flipping the heat on to MAX, shrugging his hoodie off with his—Christ, with his sleeve of tattoos on display. You gape from behind the safety of the hair clinging to your face, cheeks heating up because this is not the Deku you remember. Not at all.
“Here.” He hands the black hoodie over to you with a smile that takes you back years and years. Memories beginning to flood into your mind. He was so nice back then, and apparently, even now. Obviously. You hear about him on the news all the time, reports of his overseas and domestic herowork, he helps everyone—Japan’s pride and joy!
But he’s—He looks..
“Are you okay?” You snap out of your trance, eyes flitting from his biceps littered with intricate designs, to the hints of inky thorns peaking from the collar of his t-shirt, to his.. his fucking piercings. So many, littered across his ears, his lips, his—
“Ah, sorry!” He shouts. “Uh,” He reaches into the backseat, grabs a small towel of sorts and shoves it to his face, completely obscuring his vision.
“You can change into that if you’d like. I’m sorry, um, I just don’t want you to get sick and I don’t live nearby. I know you don’t live close, either. I mean! Shit.. I’ve just, um, I’m friends with Shinsou actually! And he talks about you! And, wow, this probably sounds really stupid and creepy. I promise it’s—”
You laugh, palm slapping your mouth as you gawk at him muttering from beneath what seems to be his used (sweaty) workout towel, “I’ll get changed then. Thank you, Midoriya.”
He sighs, visibly melting into his seat as he turns away, tips of his ears blooming crimson in an incredibly, endearingly Deku way.
While he offers you some privacy, you begin to work your top off, cringing at the way you have to forcibly peel the fabric off your skin, carefully—as carefully as you can, setting it on the floor. Only then do you realize that you’re actually soaked, all the way through, bra included. You shift a bit. Then realize your underwear is ruined too.
“Um,” you start. Deku’s shoulders stiffening on your call, “I’m really wet.” Jesus christ.
“I mean! Like, through every layer. So, uh..” You trail off. What the fuck are you even saying?
He huffs a soft breath, “I don’t mind, really. You can just.. wear the hoodie.” Just the hoodie, is what he means to say, and now your cheeks are flushing with warmth.
It’s strange, really. You haven’t seen this man in, what? Five years? But you’re thoughtlessly stripping yourself nude in his passenger seat, shucking his regular sized—oversized for you—hoodie over your head.
The hem pools just above your knees, to your relief, but you’re burning with the realization that you’re sitting on his clothes absolutely naked.
“I’m.. You can look now.”
Deku takes a second to lower the towel from his eyes, carefully, as politely as one can be. He glances over at you, eyes already wide, blowing even wider when he takes in your appearance. Wet hair, drowning in his clothes.
“S-Sorry I don’t have any other spare clothes to, uh, offer you.”
“I don’t mind! Thank you.. Really.” You answer too quickly.
Deku smiles, fingers fidgeting nervously like he used to before he messes with the temperature again, “Is it warm enough for you?” You nod.
“What happened anyway?” You blink over at him, concern pulled between his brows.
“Ah, my car broke down. I think it was my battery, given the rain or.. something.” He nods, lips pursing with another question ready to fire.
“You headed home in that case?”
“Yeah! I..” You trail off, messing with the sleeves of his hoodie. You can’t ask him to drive you home. You can’t. You live so far away and the weather’s so—
“I don’t mind the drive! If that’s what you’re thinking.” God, how is he so.. “Or we can wait it out?”
He turns toward you, “Yeah, I.. I know a little about cars, can take a look at yours when the rain settles.”
You hum, mulling it over for a moment. “If you don’t mind.. and if you’re not busy! Yeah, that sounds—” you giggle awkwardly, choked with a shiver, “sounds good.”
Then it’s quiet, save for the rain beating down on the roof of the car and your shared, rhythmic breathing. It’s too quiet.
And you’re fixating on the pile of wet clothes soaking his floor mats—his expensive looking floor mats—your unclothed cunt, and the intrusive notion that you might stink. Do people stink when they’re wet? You can’t recall the last rain-drenched person you smelled, for better or for worse, and that puts you on edge.
Also, probably your most crucial fixation: How hot Deku’s become. Seriously, who knew that—
“Wanna listen to some music?”
“Oh, sorry. I was just wondering if you’d wanna—”
“Yes! I mean, that sounds good.” Thick fingers undo his seatbelt, leaning close, leaning across your lap, reaching into the glovebox to pull his phone out. You hold your breath when you feel his warm skin bump your thigh.
Deku fumbles around with the device for a minute before offering your choice of music to which you humbly decline, “It’s your car, go right ahead.” He scratches at his neck, scrolls through his music, you presume, for a few moments before you interrupt.
“Anything’s fine, Midoriya.”
“I’m, uh..” He pouts, shooting you a weary look, “why don’t you go ahead and—”
Then his finger slips, thumb slapping across the massive SHUFFLE button as a song you haven’t heard in a while, no, not that long ago, blasts through the speakers. It’s loud, Pierce The Veil rattling your eardrums nostalgically until you make the connection that Midoriya listens to..
Deku listens to.. emo music?
Suddenly his dramatic change in appearance since high school makes so much more sense but..
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just have some, uh, some old songs on here.” He moves to pause it, but you’re lunging forward, latching onto his wrist as you shout no!
“Keep it. I like it.”
“You do?” You swear his eyes light up, letting his phone fall into his lap, “I mean, of course you do. I remember from high school.”
“You do?”
He chuckles, eyes squinting together as he beams down at you. “Yeah, I kinda had a—um.”
“Had a what?” You hug the sleeve of your hoodie to your cheek, giggling, “tell me, Deku!”
You shake his arm, amused as he gapes and stutters, arms rising to shield his face despite your efforts.
“Okay, okay! I had a.. a little bit of a crush on you back then.”
You gasp, genuinely. Grip going slack as you stare at the man before you. Despite the heat exploding through your chest and the fact that you can feel your stomach quite literally flipping into your throat, you feel cold—exposed, with your bare legs digging into the center console, Deku’s hoodie riding up in the back as warm air blows directly onto your.. Your...
He chokes up in reply, lips curling in as he bites down on them, expression falling, “Oh?”
You reel away, “No! I meant—” Your back slams into the passenger side door as your head thumps heavily, loudly against the glass, “Fuck!” You curl into yourself, knees to your chest as you bury your face, so at the very least, he doesn’t see your stupid face or the stupid tears pearling against your lashes.
“Uh..! Your—” Deku whips his head around, his face colliding with the window. Loudly. “Ow!”
You jolt, peaking up at him when you feel cool air hit your.. your fucking— “Oh my god..”
“No, it’s okay! I didn’t see anything!”
“Then how would you,” your words die off instantaneously.
You both go silent, ears ringing with his words echoing in your, and likely his, mind like a drum. All the while, the music numbs your brain. You feel like you’re falling, tossed back to the days where you were young, inexperienced, naive, days where you and him dove head first into danger, when you didn’t care about the consequences.
He’s still glued to the window, forehead pressed up against it as fog clouds around his fiery skin, burning in embarrassment.
You bite your cheek, sit up on your knees and lean over his way, “Deku.”
He twists around in surprise, lips parting in a gasp because you’re so close that he can smell you. You can count the dark lashes hanging over his heavy eye bags, that familiar, anxious dread you never liked to see etched onto his face.
No, you don’t want to see that. You want.. You want to.. You want to be honest.
“I liked you, too.”
“What?” His head thumps into yours and he’s apologizing profusely, jittery hands hovering over your shoulders like he’s afraid to touch you. You press yourself into him, let his hands feel you, bold curiosity swallowing your hesitation whole.
“I said, I had a.. a little bit of a crush on you, Deku.” Your fingers reach for his neck, tugging at the waves sitting messily at the nape of his neck.
“Your hair’s longer now.” You blink up at the boy, drowning in his pretty, emerald eyes, “a’lots changed since then, hm?”
He sighs, soft airy puffs ghosting over you as as you close the distance, palming his cheek. Deku nods, gulping when you eye his lips, the twine of ink on his skin, you peer down, closer, at his swollen chest.
Deku hums, hands on your shoulders smoothing down your arms, gripping you just slightly, “Some things have, yeah.”
It’s like lightning, is what it feels like—what this feels like. Electric, buzzing, faster than anything you’ve ever felt before in your life. This connection. It stings you, makes your eyes water and flash with excitement; his too. You feel it, you know Deku does too. This inexplicable force drawing you to him, him to you.
You shift, let your arms snake entirely around his girthy neck, pulling him close, a breath away, “Only some?”
“Mhm.” Deku slips his hold down to your waist, tugging at his hoodie, pulling you over the middle until you’re sitting on his thighs, blowing your mind with how.. how different he is, “Still like you though.”
It’s too much, really. Too much for you. Him.
You’re tumbling into his lips a second later, meshing together so perfectly your heart soars into your throat, like something you’ve always wanted but never did. Something missing; something old but new and fresh and fantastically exhilarating. It’s Deku.
His timid hands stiffen with confident vigor, digging into your waist, pulling your incredibly close as he sucks the air straight from your lungs. You tug on his shirt, needy. Christ, you’ve never felt so needy, so desperate.
“Deku..” You sigh into his mouth, thighs clenching his when you feel the cold, metallic surface of his belt buckle press into your core. It's too much, too good. You moan against him, roll your hips into the feeling.
Deku groans when he realizes what you’re doing, soft and raw, pulling away to peer down at where his hoodie flips up, your messy, little cunt aching to be touched.
“Fuck, you’re so cute—” That’s enough to have you squirming, humping his buckle with fervor with only the sounds of you and him panting alongside the slow rainfall.
Large hands seek your hips, but you want more, need more, and guide them lower. His touch almost stings on your ass, but once he feels you, he can’t get enough, grips your cheeks hard, pulling and tugging you all over him until you’re sputtering his nickname into his collarbone, creaming on the cool metal.
“So good, christ, you're doing so good.” His voice shakes a bit, thumbs circling your flesh as you come down, clinging to him.
“Deku, please..”
“What do you need, baby?”
You nuzzle his shoulder, lashes fluttering up at him as your tongue glides over his throat, a finger inching around his tattoo, “Lemme see you. I wanna.”
He smiles into the crown of your head, calloused fingers clasping between your softer ones, sliding your palm down his chest, his abdomen, guiding you beneath the thin material and letting you take over.
The song ends as you tug his shirt up, My Chemical Romance coming onto play as you giggle, Deku planting his lips on yours to shut you up while you grope his chest, pull back, gaze at the dark, inky swirls littering his skin.
He’s got a hand dusting over your cheeks as you take the sight of him in, the other curling around your middle as you bat your lashes so prettily, too prettily, up at him.
“Can I fuck you to this song?”
Before you can react, before you can muster even a gasp at his bold profession, Deku’s flipping you over, letting his seat drop back as you sink into the warm leather, pulling your thighs to his waist, “Can I? Please?”
His lips press into your forehead, to your nose, your cheeks, so sweet that you let him push your knees to your chin, let him curse at the sight of your swollen cunt, let him pull you apart and praise you despite the rain letting up or being on the side of the road, no less. He’s just so.. different now. So—
“Deku..” You mewl, clamping your legs together when he pinches ever so slightly at your bud, but he’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear, sliding his fingers into your cunt so gently that you might cream from that alone.
“Always wanted this, you know? Wanted to feel this sweet pussy on my fingers, my cock, too, of course.”
Your head’s spinning, eyes watering with so much need, “Please, please, Deku. Do it, want you so bad.”
“I know, baby. Don’t want to hurt you though.”
You’re raising your hips off the seat, chasing more, more, more, the drive to feel him deep inside your cunt making you dizzy, “Don’t care! Please, Izuku. Just put it inside.”
You’re too busy blubbering and squirming to notice the way his expression falls, eyes glossing over, dark, hungry, starving.
“Say that again?” You hear him messing with his belt as he fucks you open with his fingers, faster, seeking something while you mewl, blissfully unaware of the leaky head of his cock fisted in his hand. Your lips part once more, “Need you, Izuku. Please, fuck me. Izu—Ah!”
Deku shushes you with his thumb, the taste of your cunt flooding your senses as he eases his cock into you, your eyes blowing like saucers by the sheer girth splitting you apart. So big, you can feel every throbbing vein pulse against your walls, spreading so thin you almost can’t breathe.
“It’s—” You’re entirely caught off guard, winded, but he’s pawing at your clit, sucking at your throat, “You can take it. Take it for me. Please.”
And, of course, you agree, nodding incessantly as you suck in and swallow, relaxing in his hold as he fills you well past your limit, the head of his cock kissing your cervix.
“Goddamn, baby..” He drawls, teeth bared against your neck, “So tight, had no idea you’d feel so good. So good for me. Fucking perfect, all for me.”
The weight of him has his cock sinking immeasurably deep within you, balls grinding into your ass as he pumps you slow and hard, whining when you claw at his back, his waist, anything you can reach.
“Izuku, ngh..! More!”
You feel the car shaking with the force of his thrusts, steadily speeding up, harder, his eyes fluttering to yours ever so often, cupping your cheek as if to check on you, if you’re okay. But you need more, tugging his hands down until they’re wrapped around your throat, you want him to smother you. You’ll take every bit.
While you’re starving for air, mouth agape, letting him huff and pant into you, drool his spit into you, you feel your cunt squeezing and pulling at his cock. Deku’s close, too, you can tell, when he drops his head to your chest, moaning unashamed as you milk him for everything he’s got.
“Baby, m’gonna—” His hips stutter, palms clamped around your knees as he forces himself incredibly deep, “gonna fill you up, shit, like I always should’ve—should’ve been doing all along.”
You writhe in his grip, going silent as your orgasm shakes you, cunt spasming in time with his thrusts, pulling his cum into your womb.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He’s crying, plugging you up for a moment before he pulls out, in awe with the way your chest heaves, watching your cunt leak with white down your slit, seeping into your ass, seconds away from dripping onto the seat.
“Ah, Deku, it’s gonna—”
He shushes you, swooping down to drag his tongue across your slit, then, swallowing the cum that pools at your ass into his mouth. His fingers plugging your sensitive cunt.
“Deku!” You cry out, squirming away, but he holds you still, tonguing your ass for a moment longer, groaning, before he comes up again, wiping at his chin. “Mm, so good. ”
You bring your sleeves to your face, burning with so many emotions, feelings you can’t even fathom, as your body recovers from your climax. He’s grinning at you, cheeky, collapsing on top of you as his fingers find your jaw, holding you so softly, eyes burning with so much adoration.
He presses a kiss to your nose. “Rain’s stopped.”
“Yeah,” you wriggle you arms around him, raking through his curls, sighing as he sits you up, back onto his lap, nose brushing along your throat.
“Let’s get your car running so we can head over to my place.”
“Yours?” You let him kiss all over you, let him thumb at your messy cunt drooling all over his thighs.
“Yeah, mine. Don’t think for a second that I’m through with you." He melts into you, inhaling your scent as you shy away, "I’ve wanted you for too long, far too long, to let you go a second time.”
Tumblr media
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haveyouseenthisfic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
have you ever read a fic you absolutely adored but couldn’t find it again? then this blog is for you!
here we will post your your message asking for that one fic that got away so the community can help and link you to the story you were looking for! this is a blog where the reader community can help each other.
consider following this blog + reblogging this post so more people know about this initiative <3
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author’s note(s): yeahhh self indulgent piece bc i think about bakugou and breeding a lot and i don’t think i’ve ever written a piece without him having a breeding kink bc that’s just what he’s built for, anyways enjoy lol
cw: smut, MDNI 18+, breeding!kink, pregnancy!kink, rough sex, dirty talk, mentions of pregnancy and ovulation, pro hero!bakugou + fem!reader.
Tumblr media
“did you hear? izuku and his partner are trying for a baby.”
you speak so quietly that bakugou almost doesn’t pick up the dreamy tone surrounding the word baby. his head perks up from your lap to look at you, but your gaze is still fixed on the movie and your hand hasn’t stilled in his blonde hair so it’s not like you were trying to suggest anything. so then, why did you say it like that? so longingly. baby.
you’d never talked about having kids before, katsuki hated the damn things and was never the best at handling them so always assumed that you didn’t want them either. but the idea of his childhood rival having a little snot rat before him, sparked something within the number two hero. deku had already beaten him out for the number one spot, so bakugou would be damned if that fuckin’ nerd put a brat in his partner before the blonde too.
“ka—katsuki! we should—fuck, right there...we should about this,” you try to reason with him, muffled by a whine catching in your throat. within a second of him being home from a patrol with izuku midoriya himself, bakugou has you bent over the kitchen counter— ploughing into your wet, puckered hole.
his hero costume is barely down off, pants hanging low on his hips— enough for his cock to spring free and those very same hips to slap against the curve of your sweet ass. gloved hands mould the flesh, pulling your cheeks apart for bakugou to spit between them and watch his girth pump in and out of your sex. “since when did’cha ever wanna talk, usually yer beggin’ me to fuck ya on my fat cock till i have y’speechless.”
and he’s right, he knows that you know that he’s right. that’s why you open up for him like a blossoming flower when his fingers tap your lips and wrestle with your drooling tongue. “that’s right, shut the fuck up ‘n let me put a shitty brat in you, that’s right honey, good girl.” bakugou grunts out roughly, sinking his teeth into your shoulder to pacify his increasingly desperate moans.
no thoughts, just breed. visions of you month from now, swollen and full of his children flash behind ruby red eyes and katsuki bites down harder on your shoulder— enough to draw blood in the same shade. a primal urge fizzes in his brain, to give you as much of his seed and as many kids as possible, watch you get rounder and rounder, plump with each of his brats. the changes to your body make him hungry, cock twitching as it brushes your cervix and breaches your sweet walls over and over again— your tits would surely get bigger, heavy with milk that he’d want to taste— selfishly sucking it from you even though it’s meant to feed your stupid kids.
he thinks of your plush thighs, how he’d have so much of them to hold— how you’d get so big with his babies that everyone would know you were his and he was the one to fuck you enough to get you pregnant. using a freehand, katsuki pushes your head down against the counter for leverage to plunge his dick into your weeping slit, harder and faster wanting paint your insides a raunchy shade of white with his cum.
katsuki falls into his high when the pot you were cooking dinner in starts to bubble over— practically pouring his potent seed deep into your womb and emptying himself inside of you. he’s so spent he can’t even tell if you’ve cum yet, stuttering hips driving up into your sex lazily while the fingers in your mouth move down to get you off. he mouths filthy words getting you pregnant right into your ear, whimpering against your shoulder blades in overstimulation while your walls flutter around him and greedily clamp down as you squirt on his cock.
waves of thick white seep into your walls, katsuki keeping you plugged full to make sure it stays. “s’gotta stick, gotta make sure i get that shitty brat in ya b’fore that damn nerd,” his words are slurred under saliva while the blonde noses at your marked up shoulder. you stay like that for a while and you don’t have heart to tell him that you might not be getting pregnant from your first try— so you don’t, thanking the stars for his competitive nature against izuku midoriya.
mentioning his name always got you fucked, so so good.
Tumblr media
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kingkatsuki · 12 days ago
Serendipity | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐲: 𝐚 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲. 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐤, 𝐨𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐧𝐞, 𝐢𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲
Tumblr media
Hi! This is my contribution to my first ever Anilysium collab. The prompt was band AU’s and I was very lucky to be allowed to write for Bakugou. Please check out all the other amazing creators here.
I was already late for this collab and I don’t have the balls to ask any of my friends to go through 16k of my shit so unedited/unbeta’d, pls don’t question me-
Pairing: drummer!Bakugou Katsuki x f!Reader
Warnings: 18+, sex with feelings, soft sex, unprotected sex, creampie, face-sitting, spanking, praise. As vanilla as sex can be with Bakugou~
Word Count: 16.1k.
Thank you to @/rat-zuki for making the edit in the banner for me. The emo to my goth the MCR references were for you.💕
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [5:05PM]: A brand new EP from upcoming band No Heroes, another mainstream pop-punk album to put on when you’ve finished listening to good music and you want a change.
“Mainstream pop-punk.” Bakugou reread the tweet that had flashed up on his screen, brows furrowed in irritation as he took in each word, “mainstream?”
“Aw man, I was really hoping she’d like it. She did an amazing review on Mindjack’s new song last week. He got a review with Spotify after that.” Kirishima sulked as he read the words on the screen behind Bakugou, watching the tweet slowly begin to gain hearts and retweets.
No Heroes had been a relatively small band a month ago, still playing songs in their garage as they practically pleaded for venues to let them play. Losing count of the number of shows they did for free as they tried to make a name for themselves. It helped that they had managed to gather up a cult online following to try and reach their dreams, hundreds of loyal fans finding them online as they began streaming their music and begging the men to play in their town. The first twenty-four hours of their latest album release had gone perfectly, rave reviews appearing all over the internet about this new band dominating the scene. 
All except the one that you’d just posted.
“I’m gonna fuckin’ message her.” Bakugou snarled, fingers already moving to click onto your profile picture, a crowd shot from a live music venue.
“Kats, you can’t make a burner account to send her shit, dude. She’ll work it-“
“Burner? Who the fucks makin’ a burner I’m just gonna message her.” Bakugou’s fingers were already clicking the touchpad roughly, following the link to your private messages on Twitter.
Kirishima hovering over his best friend as he watched his digits angrily jab at the keyboard, wincing at the unforgiving plastic as it quaked under his aggressive touch.
“I don’t think you can say that, man. I mean- she is entitled to her opinion. And didn’t you see the review New Noise gave us? It was glowing.” Kirishima pressed a reassuring palm to Bakugou’s shoulder that was swiftly shrugged away.
“She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s fuckin’ wrong.” Remaining hunched over the laptop as he finished composing his message before clicking send.
Tumblr media
Flopping down onto your bed after a long day you pulled your phone out of your pocket to check your notifications, preparing to clear out your inbox of any unsolicited messages. Most from fans of you, or fans of the bands you reviewed. Rolling your eyes as you noticed a slew of new private messages from multiple people, a lot seemed to have the signature No Heroes profile pictures so you knew exactly why they were messaging. Clicking onto one of the top ones as you opened the message to read its contents.
New reply from N0HER0EZ [5:10PM]: No Heroes are amazing and I think you need to give the album another review because you clearly didn’t listen to it.
Shaking your head as you moved to click the next one, already preparing for a similar message when you noticed their profile picture was the lead singer of No Heroes.
New reply from DYNAMIGHTNH [5:10PM]: No Heroes are the best band to ever exist and they don’t need your stupid reviews for validation.
Deciding to just clear out your inbox of the rest of the messages as you kept clicking through, swiping your thumb across your screen to delete each one. Your hand lingering over the glass screen at the sight of one in particular
New reply from OfficialDynamight [5:11PM]: Are you listening to the right fucking album? You can’t call us mainstream pop-punk when your favourite artist is Mindjack. I’d hate to see your Spotify playlist.
You had to do a double-take to believe who the message was from, even clicking onto his profile to see whether it was legit. And sure enough, the signature profile picture of Bakugou Katsuki flashed in front of your eyes, two small metallic studs sitting below his lower lip as he gave a cocky smirk, flipping off the camera with a tattooed hand. There was no way of denying he was attractive, the sight of him alone almost made you want to like No Heroes, but he was clearly a jerk.
Scrolling through his Twitter as you looked at the most recent posts. His pinned message is an announcement about the new EP and a single with a link to download it. The comments and likes were more than consistent for an upcoming band, really impressive actually. Of course, it was easier to gain traction when the band members are attractive. Remembering how quickly Dabi managed to reach the top of the metal scene after he released his first EP with the most recognisable voice.
Reading his most recent tweets you couldn’t help but smile at the irate tone that was so easy to convey even through text. You could practically hear the seething tone of his voice as your eyes read over the message.
New tweet from OfficialDynamight [5:12PM]: @Y/N doesn’t know what she’s fucking talking about. Our new EP is the best pop-punk album of 2021.
The comments beneath were mostly loyal fans agreeing, complimenting the drummer for the music and talking about their favourite songs. One in particular catching your eyes.
New reply from KatsukiBangMyDrums [5:13PM]: My favourite song is your part on “No Love” I’d love to hear more of you actually singing Katsuki💕
You reread the tweet in shock, that was Bakugou’s voice on that track? Truthfully the album hadn’t been all that bad, but a lot of the songs not really standing out to you. But that song— that song you could remember vividly. If you had to pick anything from the album that would be the song you chose as the best one. Moving back to the private message you began to type a reply to Bakugou.
Y/N [11:23PM]: I didn’t say your album was bad! I just think it wasn’t that different to the others out there right now.
OfficialDynamight [11:23PM]: Oh yeah? Maybe you should listen again because you clearly weren’t listening to the right album.
You were surprised to get a message back so quickly, especially since it had been hours since his last tweet.
Y/N [11:24PM]: I’m pretty sure I was, I clicked the cute little link at the top of your bands Twitter to download it and everything.
OfficialDynamight [11:24PM]: Yeah, well do me a favour and get your ears checked.
Y/N [11:25PM]: I’ll put it on my to-do list.
You cuddled back against your pillows as you found yourself staring at your screen waiting for him to type back, over-analysing your message as you regret your words. Leaving such a closed-ended response that made it difficult for him to come back with any kind of conversation but to your surprise, he actually responded.
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: What you doing up so late anyway? Can’t sleep because you’re thinking about how dumb your review was?
He was so petty, his message actually made you smirk at your phone screen as you typed a reply.
Y/N [11:26PM]: No, I was actually at a gig. I’m just finishing up my notes for my review tomorrow.
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: What show?
Y/N [11:27PM]: Title Fight. They were so fucking good!
OfficialDynamight [11:28PM]: You mean to tell me that you like Title Fight but you don’t like us? There’s something wrong with you.
Y/N [11:28PM]: Nah, I just like good music ;)
OfficialDynamight [11:28PM]: Fuck you.
Y/N [11:29PM]: Right back at you! <3
OfficialDynamight [11:29PM]: You wish.
You laughed at his reply, finally moving to your notes to type up the final few you wanted to add from the show in preparation for your review tomorrow. Plugging your phone in to charge as you settled down to sleep, your heartbeat racing as you replayed your conversation with Bakugou in your head.
Tumblr media
Sunlight slowly illuminated your bedroom as peaceful chirps sounded from outside, your eyes fluttering open as you felt your duvet trying to pull you back into slumber. Squinting your eyes as you looked at your phone screen for any new message notifications as you tried not to feel disappointed when you didn’t see any from the one person you were hoping may have sent you something. Pulling your covers tighter around you as you aimlessly scrolled through your notifications, enjoying the warmth of your bed for as long as possible before the need to function overtook you. Over exaggerating a stretch before you slipped out of bed, padding your way towards your bathroom as you got ready for your day.
There was something about the warm scent of coffee and caramel in the morning that just helped start your day, brewing a fresh ground roast as you waited for your laptop to boot up. Opening your phone to your notes app as you began to read through the points you’d made the evening before, figuring out what you wanted to put into the review as the notes brought memories flooding back.
Sitting down at your desk with your large mug of coffee as you began to type. The hardest part of your reviews was always choosing what photographs to use, the picture alone could sway the entire article. There had been images you’d managed to capture at shows before that had ended up being so popular the boost from them was overwhelming. Helping you to find new audiences each day and new musicians to interview and watch, remembering the time that Deku’s band OFA had chosen one of your crowd shots to be on their t-shirts.
Not even a minute after you posted your review a comment appeared underneath from the drummer of No Heroes, the corner of your lip curling into a smile as you clicked to open his new message.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [10:34AM]: This band fucking sucks, way too many high-hats in every song, you can’t even hear the track over the auto-tune. I thought you liked good music?
You were already about to type a reply when you saw a new incoming message appear on your screen and you shamelessly clicked onto it, completely uncaring about how eager you appeared to see a notification from him.
OfficialDynamight [10:34AM]: How the fuck do you like all these shitty bands that aren’t even that good but you don’t like us?
Y/N [10:35AM]: What are you talking about? Their new single is so good! Have you heard the riff in the interlude?
OfficialDynamight [10:35AM]: The only redeeming feature over the shitty fucking drum solo.
The more Bakugou began to message you, the more you found yourself wanting to post. Deliberately trying to find bands or musicians that you could happily talk about that would bring the angry blond rushing back into your inbox. Each time you posted about a new song or band Bakugou would be straight back into your private messages to give his own opinions. You couldn’t deny the way it made your heart race each time you saw an incoming notification for him, finding yourself turning on alerts for his messages so you wouldn’t miss them.
New tweet from Y/N [4:03PM]: If New Heroes stopped trying to replicate every other pop-punk band ever they might actually be good.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [4:06PM]: If you got your ears tested people might actually care about your opinion.
New reply from Y/N [4:06PM]: my ears are fine, that’s how I know it sucked ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [4:07PM]: Wrong.
It was almost a running joke between your fans, the comments flooding in around your petty public arguments as people were quick to weigh in on the messages.
New reply from Poppunkprincess [4:05PM]: Just admit they’re your guilty pleasure already.
New reply from Dynamightdrums [4:11PM]: I agree with @OfficialDynamight you need your ears tested they are the best band in the WORLD
New reply from Cellophane[5:10PM]: If we kick @OfficialDynamight from the band will you like us?
New reply from Chargebolt[5:23PM]: @cellophane great idea bro, maybe then @Y/N will come to a show ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [5:30PM]: @chargebolt @cellophane fuck you.
Each moment you posted something new about No Heroes Bakugou always seemed to be one of the first to comment, almost as though he had your post notifications on too.
New tweet from Y/N [8:49PM]: Deathcab for Cutie - I will follow you into the dark really is one of the greatest songs of all time.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [8:50PM]: Thank FUCK, you do have a brain cell.
New reply from Y/N [8:51PM]: Are you being nice to me for once?
New reply from OfficialDynamight [8:52PM]: No, it just means you’re not a complete idiot.
New reply from Dynamightdrums [8:53PM]: OMG @OfficialDynamight and @Y/N?
New reply from RedRiot [9:05PM]: @OfficialDynamight I wish you’d say this to me sometime 😭
It was difficult not to notice how big No Heroes were becoming in the local music scene, their follower count online steadily rising as they began slowly inching up the alternative chart. You couldn’t deny it was impressive for such a new band to be so successful in such a short period of time, and it probably helped that they were all gorgeous. You couldn’t help but visit Bakugou’s Instagram profile regularly, checking his new posts as you looked through the pictures of him on stage. The pure focus and determination on his face as he hit his sticks against his drum kit was hard not to applaud. Feeling your heartbeat increase whenever you noticed a new photograph, pinching the screen to get a closer look at the array of tattoos that littered his body.
Another message from Bakugou distracted you from your blatant objectification and it made you flush, thinking that he could see exactly what you were doing and wondering what he’d do if he knew you were looking at pictures of him right now.
OfficialDynamight [11:23PM]: So what’s your favourite song on our EP?
Y/N [11:24AM]: I don’t have one :(
OfficialDynamight [11:25PM]: I forgot you have no taste, shitty woman.
Y/N [11:25AM]: Or maybe you just need to write some better songs
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: I wrote almost every song on the EP, dumbass. That’s how I know they’re good.
Y/N [1127PM]: Okay, so my favourite is the one you didn’t write.
OfficialDynamight [11:27PM]: Piss off.
You laughed at his response as you closed the window, shamelessly going back to his Instagram profile to look through more photos. One particular promotional shot had become your favourite, a picture of him shirtless against a plain black backdrop. The image had been edited to black and white as it showed off the beautiful contrast of ink against his skin and the lack of a shirt gave you an even better opportunity to map out the sharp contours of his chest. Even with the greyscale picture, you could still see his sharp, piercing gaze even though his vermilion orbs were muted. It felt like he was staring directly at you through the image and it was difficult to deny that he was gorgeous.
You couldn’t work out why he was so interested in your opinions? There were hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to his band, massive music accounts and other reviewers praising their songs so why did your opinion matter so much?
“It’s because he likes you, duh.”
Mina’s words rang in your ear as you remembered what she had said to you when you’d first told her about Bakugou messaging you. Your best friend was always honest to a fault in her opinions,
“He doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion because he wants you to like him.”
Keeping that image of him in your mind as you locked your phone and prepared for bed, leaving it charging on your bedside table as you settled back beneath your covers. The only thoughts flowing through your mind were those of Bakugou Katsuki.
Maybe you liked him too?
A shrill vibration woke you up in the morning as you raised your phone with squinting eyes to check the time, 7.49am.
Who was even up this early?
Your phone buzzing again with another message from the same person, you should have known it had to be someone annoying messaging you so early in the morning.
OfficialDynamight [7:48AM]: Oi
You almost rolled your eyes at the greeting you were met with first thing in the morning, squinting your eyes as the bright screen illuminated and hindered your vision, watching the little notification at the bottom of your screen that indicated that Bakugou was typing.
OfficialDynamight [7:49AM]: You sleep so fucking long, shitty woman.
Official Dynamight [7:49AM]: You know that?
OfficialDynamight [7:49AM]: So when you gonna write something good about us?
The message was accompanied by a screenshot of a gig poster, a graphic of No Heroes band logo in the middle as in big bold writing it showed ‘HEADLINE SHOW: SOLD OUT.’ It was hard not to feel happy for him, it seemed like the band were following their dreams and succeeding, but you were still content with pushing his buttons.
Y/N [7:52AM]: When you finally start making some good music
You smirked at your response as you let your phone flop to the side of the bed, reaching your arms above your head to stretch. Already knowing that Bakugou would be absolutely seething once he read your message, the quick succession of vibrations from your phone evident that he was irate.
OfficialDynamight [7:52AM]: Piss off.
OfficialDynamight [7:53AM]: You know how many bands have actually sold out that venue?
Anyone else texting you multiple messages like this would have been blocked and ignored immediately, but something was endearing to you when Bakugou did it. As though you could feel the way his thoughts flowed out, feeling every bit of emotion through the screen as you watched him continue to type.
OfficialDynamight [7:54AM]: You really don’t know good music, do ya?
OfficialDynamight [7:54AM]: I bet you’re one of those people that think The Black Parade is the greatest album of all time too huh?
Of course he was a My Chemical Romance fan, your fingers already gliding across your phone screen as you typed a response, unable to hide the smile on your face.
Y/N [7:55AM]: It’s a great album actually, but Three cheers will always have top spot in my heart
His next words shouldn’t have made you feel quite so delirious but you found yourself re-reading them as though he’d just proclaimed his love for you.
OfficialDynamight [7:56AM]: Oh, so you’re not a complete dumbass after all.
There was no way of denying it, you were falling for Bakugou Katsuki.
Tumblr media
OfficialDynamight [1:02AM]: It’s so fucking weird there’s just something about talking to you?
OfficialDynamight [1:02AM]: I dunno, I can’t fucking explain it.
Y/N [1:03AM]: Bakugou, have you been drinking?
You squinted at the time stamp on the message, seeing that it was close to two in the morning, the messages continuing to come in from Bakugou.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: Fuck off.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: I have, but I’m not drunk.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: We played a set with OFA tonight.
OfficialDynamight [1:05AM]: Just do me a favour and watch some videos from our set.
OfficialDynamight [1:09AM]: Are you even listening to me, Princess? Do it.
You laughed as you typed back a reply, tempted to search for some videos now, but instead deciding to wait until morning. Actual morning.
Y/N [1:10AM]: Bakugou, it’s 1am. I’ll watch in the morning, I promise.
OfficialDynamight [1:10AM]: You fucking better.
OfficialDynamight [1:15AM]: Goodnight.
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [11:40AM]: Okay, the clips from No Heroes show at the club last night sound really awesome.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [11:42AM]: About fucking time. Told you.
New reply from Chargebolt [11:44AM]: Thanks so much Y/N, you should come to a show sometime! ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [11:44AM]: @chargebolt no.
“Dude, why did you say that? Do you even realise how hot she is?” Kaminari whined from his position on the couch, throwing his head back as he read Bakugou’s blunt reply.
“Hot ain’t gonna fix how dumb she is.” Bakugou muttered, slipping his phone into his jeans pocket before picking up his drumsticks, “Are we rehearsing or what?”
“I think we should change the set so the new song is in the middle.” Kirishima grinned from his spot beside Kaminari, his fingers grasping a plectrum as he strummed at the electric guitar that wasn’t turned on. The dull pang of the strings sounded in the garage as Sero fiddled with an amp, the familiar buzz of electricity surging through it as static noise pulled through the speakers.
“Have you even seen what she looks like, dude?” Kaminari ignored Kirishima’s attempt to stop the conversation as Bakugou turned around, pointing his sticks at Kaminari as he stood by the drumkit.
“Tch, no why?” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Don’t fuckin’ matter what she looks like.”
“I’m telling you, dude. She’s hot.” Kaminari’s fingers were quickly scrolling along with his phone screen, eyebrows furrowed as he searched for something, smiling in glee when he found it as he turned his phone to face the room.
Bakugou stepped closer to look at the screen, leaning forward as he caught sight of the photograph. It was that exact moment Bakugou was sure his heart had stopped beating, the sight of your wide smile as you grinned at the camera, holding up a playful hang loose sign with your hand as you stood outside a dingy looking music venue. A tattered Green Day shirt hanging from your body as you matched it with tights and a pair of Dr Marten boots. Your eyes looking directly at the camera as though you were looking directly at him, immediately reaching forward to snatch the phone from Kaminari’s hands as he took a closer look.
You were so hot? Pinching the screen with his fingers as he zoomed in on your face, feeling his skin begin to heat up as he thought about just how pretty you were. This is who he’d been talking to for the last few weeks, how had he never seen a picture of you before? This had been the person that had been insulting his band for the last few weeks and he had absolutely no idea, unable to quell the butterflies that began to erupt in his chest at the sight of you. His heart stuttering as his thoughts began to flood towards what it would be like to kiss you--
“See man, I fucking told you she was hot. We need to get her to come to the show.” Kaminari whined, throwing his head back onto the couch, “We’d look so frigging cute as a couple.”
“What makes you think she’d ever be interested in you, dumbass?” Bakugou scoffed, moving away when Kaminari tried to snatch his phone back. Instead, locking it and throwing it down onto the couch beside him before making his way back towards his drumkit.
“Oh, I’m sorry. How stupid of me.” Kaminari replied sarcastically, “She’d obviously be more interested in your winning personality.”
“Yeah? Like the rest of the girls online then.” Bakugou replied with a smirk, hitting the snare as he settled on the stool.
“Bakubro’s actually been talking to her a lot recently, haven’t you bro?” Kirishima grinned at his friend as he accepted the connection to a guitar amp from Sero, “I think it would be awesome to have her at a show, man. She might even write a good review for us once she sees us live.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she only hates us because Bakugou is such an asshole.” Sero grinned, passing the guitar he’d been tuning to Kaminari as he picked up his microphone.
“Not my fault she’s got shit music taste.”
“Just invite her, Bro. You’re the one that’s so determined to prove that we don’t suck. What better way than to show her?”
“Fuck off, I’m not inviting her. Now, are we gonna play or what?”
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [7:23PM]: Can’t wait for the Gravity Aura show tomorrow with support from No Heroes.
You laughed at the comments that began to flood in from No Heroes fans, telling you how prepared they were to finally convert you and how excited they were for your photographs from the show. Others asked whether they’d be able to meet you during the show and if you’d actually be staying for the entire set.
A message from Bakugou appearing in your inbox from Bakugou as you found yourself smiling before you’d even opened it.
OfficialDynamight [7:24PM]: I fucking knew you wanted to see us live.
Y/N [7:24PM]: I’m just there to interview Gravity Aura actually, but I might try and catch your set.
OfficialDynamight [7:25PM]: So you can finally apologise for being completely fucking wrong?
Y/N [7:26PM]: I guess that depends on the show you put on, doesn’t it?
OfficialDynamight [7:26PM]: You know we’re fucking good don’t even question it. You better watch us.
Rereading his words as you felt the butterflies begin to rise in your chest, he wanted you there.
You smiled at the tall security man at the main doors to the venue as you gave your name on the Press list, waiting patiently as he ticked your name off and moved to the side to let you into the venue. Collecting your press pass from the box office before walking through the venue. The familiar smell of beer and musky sweat filling your senses as you made your way through the dingy dive bar you’d been to many times before, the acoustics always seemed to be perfect for every show despite the shoddy interior. Pushing past the double doors as you made your way backstage.
“You stalkin’ me now?” You heard a familiar voice as you turned to face Bakugou. Your heart hammering against your ribcage as you looked him up and down, the first time you’d seen him face to face and he looked perfect, “Knew you were a fan-”
“Shut up! I’m here to interview Gravity Aura actually,” You almost choked on your words at the sight of him. His tall frame towering over you as he stepped closer, the loose black Metallica vest he was wearing completely distressed as it hung from his frame. Giving you the perfect opportunity to view the artwork that painted his skin, a full sleeve morphing into a pretty pattern against his left pectoral that almost looked like an explosion. A pair of plain black skinny jeans clinging to his muscular thighs, accenting every single ridge of muscle through the denim.
“My eyes are up here, shitty woman.” Bakugou smirked, crossing his arms over his chest as you watched his muscles flex, “You really tryin’ to say you ain’t gonna watch our set?”
“I might,” You tried to be coy, but honestly if he was going to look like that the entire show you would most definitely be watching.
“Then you can stop lying to yourself about us being shit.” Bakugou scoffed as you broke off into a laugh. His eyes zoning in on the cute way your nose scrunched at his words as you stood together in the cramped hallway.
“Yeah, or it’ll finally prove my point, Dynamight.” You turned to leave, already feeling flustered after being in such close proximity to him.
“You’re gonna need a drink to watch their fuckin’ set, they suck.” Bakugou scoffed, rolling his eyes at the suggestion.
“I dunno, I think they’re quite good. It’s great to have more female-fronted pop-punk bands, you know?” You smiled at the shocked expression on his face before his brows furrowed into a glare.
“You like them but you don’t like my band? Are you stupid?” He scoffed.
“It must be the way they play the drums, huh?” Unable to wipe the giddy smile off your face at the sight of him gawking at you in disbelief as you stepped into Gravity Aura’s dressing room, already looking forward to seeing his set.
The entire performance you couldn’t take your eyes off Bakugou. The focus and determination he possessed while behind the drums were truly captivating, so much so you had to weave your way out of the chaotic mosh pit to watch from the sidelines. Too enticed by the way his brows furrowed in concentration as he knocked the sticks against the kit, sweat causing his messy spikes to stick to his brow as the droplets flicked into all directions from his fast beat. Feeling a certain heat rise inside you at the way his vest moved with his movements, his darkened areola peeking out from under the fabric as you noted the shiny barbell that slot comfortably through his nipple.
The rest of the concert was almost a blur as you spent the entire performance imagining sitting on his lap while he tapped a beat on the drums, the way his thick thigh would bounce you on his lap as he tapped out a beat on the bass pedal. His sweaty body sticking to your own as he would whisper absolute filth in your ear in the same husky voice that sounded over the microphone when it was his turn to sing.
Your heartbeat increased when you noticed the familiar opening beat to your favourite song off their EP, the one all the fans had been going crazy for online as Bakugou began to sing. The subtle rasp had your lips parting in a silent moan, watching the way he never missed a beat on the drums as he sang the lyrics perfectly. Sero jumped in at the chorus as the crowd went wild.
This felt completely different to the recorded EP you’d listened to by them, there was something so raw and honest with their performance. You found yourself even screaming along to some of the lyrics as you let yourself enjoy the set. Disappointed when Sero announced it was the last song before Gravity Aura would take the stage, wanting to see more of them. More of him.
The band walked off side of the stage as you lingered in the crowd, watching the stagehandsset up for the next band, pulling your phone out of your pocket as you went to check your socials. The screen already glowing with a new notification.
OfficialDynamight [8:02PM]: Told you we were fucking good.
Y/N [8:03PM]: I didn’t even say anything yet.
OfficialDynamight [8:03PM]: You don’t even have to, I saw you giving me heart eyes in the crowd. You getting your panties in a twist at the sight of me, yeah? 
He was so fucking cocky, but you couldn’t even deny watching him had made you flustered. Your thoughts immediately floating back to the intense gaze in his eyes as he focused on the beat of the drums.
OfficialDynamight [8:04PM]: If you even try and deny you enjoyed that, you’re a dirty fucking liar.
Y/N [8:04PM]: I’ll give it to you, that was a good set.
OfficialDynamight [8:04PM]: I fucking knew you loved us.
Y/N [8:04PM]: I didn’t say that.
OfficialDynamight [8:05PM]: You can stop lying to yourself now, Princess.
The nickname almost caused you to drop your cell phone, tightening your grip around the case as you reread it. Princess. You tried to imagine him saying it in the same raspy tone you’d heard before, the notion making you feel flushed as you stood in a sea full of people. Trying to distract yourself in your reply.
Y/N [8:07PM]: I mean, you’re definitely better live. I like the scrunchy face you make when you’re singing though, it’s cute. :)
Y/N [8:08PM]: You’d think it was cute, wouldn’t you?
OfficialDynamight [8:09PM]: You fucking wish.
Y/N [8:10PM]: Don’t lie.
You tried to use his own words against him as you saw him typing back a reply swiftly, gnawing your bottom lip as you eagerly awaited his response.
OfficialDynamight [8:11PM]: Maybe it’d be cute, you’d still fucking suck though.
Did he just call you cute? Maybe cute? Either way it made your heart flutter as you noticed the lights in the room go down to signal the next band taking the stage. You tried to ignore how upset you were after Gravity Aura’s set, hoping you’d manage to see Bakugou one last time before you had to get home. Nervous about missing the last subway train as you stood near the entrance. You knew that they had a lot of interviews to go through, and they held a meet and greet for their fans which seemingly meant that you wouldn’t be able to say goodbye. Deciding instead to text Bakugou that you were leaving to meet the last train, and hoping that you’d see him soon. Even with the disappointment, it was difficult to hide the smile on your face when he’d text you back.
OfficialDynamight [10:29PM]: You better fucking text me when you get home, I can’t get out of this stupid shit.
Y/N [10:30PM]: Aw, you really do care about me!
OfficialDynamight [10:31PM]: Don’t kid yourself, dumbass. I just don’t want something happening to you before you admit you love me.
OfficialDynamight [10:31PM]: *Love my band.
OfficialDynamight [10:32PM]: Don’t go getting any ideas.
Y/N [10:33PM]: It’s okay, I know you like me really.
OfficialDynamight [10:34PM]: Yeah? Maybe I fucking do.
The words caused your heart to soar, even if he’d corrected himself as you couldn’t wipe away the wide smile on your face as you made your way home. Dutifully doing so as you got through your front door, falling back onto your bed as you replied to his text before anything else.
Y/N[11:23PM]: Reporting myself home safe, daddy.
You instantly regret your words once you’d pressed send, feeling your cheeks heat up as you waited for him to reply. Hoping that it wouldn’t make him ghost you completely.
OfficialDynamight [11:24PM]: Good girl.
The words made your entire body shudder, a pleasurable twinge surging straight to your clit as you clenched your thighs together. Trying to imagine those exact same words in his voice, thinking about how they would sound with his body on top of yours as he slipped himself inside you.
You were giddy the entire time you were getting ready for bed, a ridiculous smile that you couldn’t seem to shake as you changed into your pyjamas, climbing beneath the covers as you snuggled beneath them.
You were falling in love with Bakugou Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Bakugou couldn’t deny he found himself falling for you, the more time he spent without you the more he found himself missing your presence. Wanting to send you random text messages throughout the day just to find out what you were doing or if you were thinking about him too. Often checking his phone and rereading your last few messages from each other with his lips curled into a soft smile, slowly working up the courage to ask to see you again.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this way about someone, if he ever had. Trying to look back at all the one night stands and casual hookups to see if he’d ever actually caught feelings for anyone but he hadn’t. There was just something about you that seemed to break the mould, no matter how much he tried to deny it, how much he tried to convince himself you were annoying, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was falling for you.
Maybe he should invite you to the No Heroes headline show like Kirishima had suggested, if you’d even come?
Pausing his beat on his drumkit as he placed the sticks on the top of the snare, reaching into his pocket to pull his cell phone out as he prepared to text you to ask. His phone illuminated with a new Twitter notification from you, unlocking his phone swiftly as he moved to read the caption.
New tweet from Y/N [10:44AM]: Amazing Mindjack show last night, thank you so much for inviting me Shinsou.
Bakugou felt his stomach turn to knots at the sight of you standing beside Mindjack. A wide smile on your face as his eyes instantly went towards his hand poised snugly around your waist. The tips of his fingers digging into your side as they hovered dangerously close to the round curve of your ass. Your body obviously being pulled against his chest as you wrapped both your arms around his thin waist, one of your hands grasping your wrist to circle him.
Immediately looking at the comments that flooded in beneath the image, fans saying how cute you looked together and how happy they were for you. Others expressed their anger that you were dating their favourite musician, complaining that they would no longer have a chance to profess their love.
Swallowing thickly to try and ignore the hurt that welled inside him, the emotion quickly masked with anger as he moved to message you. Unable to stop himself from typing out the harsh words that flowed onto the screen.
OfficialDynamight [10:47PM]: No wonder you hate my fucking band, it’s because you’re not interested in the music at all are you? Just another fucking groupie.
Rage boiled inside him as he angrily jabbed the screen with his thumb to press send, exiting out of the message to unfollow your profile. Uncaring about his cellphone screen as he chucked his phone across the room, hearing it clatter against the hardwood floor but he didn’t care. His entire body seething as he tried to calm his breathing, chest heaving while rage boiled inside him. Rubbing his hands on his jeans to try and dry the sweat off his palms as he ground his teeth together in irritation. Why did he let himself fall for you? He should’ve known you’d do this to him.
Leaning forward on his drum stool he picked his sticks back up, settling his foot against the bass pedal as he began to tap out an aggressive beat. Loud bangs vibrating through the empty garage as he followed the rhythm of his rage, angry clashes of the symbols as he took his anger out on the kit in front of him. Feeling the tension in his muscles slowly starting to release with each harsh hit on the snare.
“Dude, what the fuck?” Kirishima yelled over the frantic bang of drums in the garage, his hands coming up to cover his ears. Sweat pooling from Bakugou’s body as he landed harsh hits to the drums, his barefoot bouncing against the bass pedal, “What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothin’,” Bakugou continued his beat, his thigh bouncing in quick succession as he tried to ignore Kirishima standing to the side of him.
“Don’t lie to me, man. Something’s obviously up.” Kirishima crossed his arms across his chest as he yelled at his best friend over the sound of the drums, unsure whether Bakugou had even heard him until the harsh noise came to a quiet tap.
“Something must have happened?” Kirishima’s hand reached out to grab the clattering symbol that Bakugou had just hit angrily, ceasing the loud clang as he gave it a look, “I’m not gonna leave until you tell me, Bro. So you-”
“She’s fuckin’ dating Mindjack.” Bakugou mumbled, cutting off Kirishima as he pushed his blond hair away from his sweaty forehead, the strands sticking together as they pointed up in random directions as Bakugou panted from exertion, “All this time.”
“And she didn’t say anything?”
“Course she fuckin’ didn’t. Why would she?”
“It seems a little odd that she’d talk to you for all this time when she’s got a boyfriend though?” Kirishima tried to reason, “Did you ask her about it?”
“Doesn’t matter anyway,” Bakugou growled, his foot bouncing against the bass pedal angrily, “It’s fuckin’ done.”
Tumblr media
How had Bakugou Katsuki managed to do this to you?
You felt tears begin to well in your eyes, clumping against your lashes as they began to spill down your cheeks. Blurring your vision as you re-read his words.
OfficialDynamight: no wonder you hate my fucking band, it’s because you’re not interested in the music at all are you? Just another fucking groupie.
Noticing that you couldn’t reply to him, a sign that he’d blocked you from his social media accounts. Somehow this hurt more as you were unable to confront him, even if you’d wanted to. You should’ve never allowed yourself to fall for him, it was your fault for allowing him in. Letting him penetrate the locked cage of your heart and soul as he broke you from the inside out. A different kind of pain to those daily aches and pains, this one hit so much deeper. He’d broken down every wall you claimed you’d put up for your safety, vowing to never allow someone to hurt you again. Protecting your heart for yourself before all others, not wanting anyone to navigate you back to your darkest place.
You couldn’t do this again, you didn’t want to resign yourself to the heartbreak as you moved to his social media profiles, finding his handle as you blocked him back to shut him out. Doing what you had to do to protect yourself from any more pain and disappointment.
Dumping your phone onto your bedside table you pulled your duvet around your body, snuggling into the comforting fabric as your tears continued to fall. A gentle playlist flowing from your speakers as you tried to ignore the pang in your chest at the realisation that Bakugou didn’t want you back.
You’d be okay, you always were. But it didn’t make it hurt any less.
A few hours later you woke up to your phone buzzing against your bedside table, rubbing the dried tears from your eyes with the sleeve of your hoodie as you picked it up, trying to ignore how dry and irritated your retina were as you unlocked the screen. Checking the new notifications on Twitter from Red Riot, Bakugou’s bandmate. Already expecting him to be coming up with a bullshit excuse for him that you didn’t want to hear as you contemplated deleting the message and blocking him too, you’d block every single member of the band if you had to. There was no way you’d ever be posting about them online again. The ache still hammering in your chest at Bakugou’s rejection the day before as you swiped at the screen.
RedRiot [4:24PM]: Hey
RedRiot [4:25PM]: Look, I know it would be easier to delete this but would you please hear me out? Bakugou is really upset.
The insinuation that he was more upset than you hurt as you backed out of the message to screenshot the last words Bakugou had sent to you, forwarding it across to Kirishima with a blunt message.
Y/N [4:31PM]: He’s the one that's hurting? When he’s the one that sent me this-
RedRiot [4:32PM]: I didn’t know he’d said that to you…
Y/N [4:34PM]: Yeah? Well, he did. Doesn’t matter now anyway.
RedRiot [4:35PM]: He was just really upset to see you with Mindjack, I think he really liked you and he didn’t realise you were dating.
Y/N [4:35PM]: Dating? I’m not dating Mindjack?
RedRiot [4:35PM]: Wait, you’re not?
Y/N [4:37PM]: No? I literally just reviewed his show. It was supposed to be out today but I didn’t get to finish it after Bakugou decided to be an fucking asshole.
RedRiot [4:38PM]: OMG that’s great news
Was he serious right now? Great news? Did he not hear anything that you’d just told him, already finding yourself irritated as you went to give him a snappy retort before he messaged again.
RedRiot [4:40PM]: Look, he was so upset when he thought you were dating Mindjack earlier. He’d never admit it, but he really likes you. I’ve never seen him this way around a girl before, and I can always tell when he’s talking to you because he’s always smiling.
Y/N [4:41PM]: If he really liked me he should’ve been straight up and not jumped to conclusions over a stupid picture.
RedRiot [4:42PM]: You’ve probably noticed by now, but Bakugou isn’t the best at sharing his feelings. I promise he’s a really great guy.
RedRiot [4:45PM]: Will you at least think about coming to the show? I know he fucked up, but whether he’d admit it or not. I know Bakugou would really want to see you.
You locked your phone after the conversation, pulling your legs up to your chest in a soft huddle. No matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t stop thinking about him, you missed him.
And if there was a chance he missed you too then maybe you should take it.
Tumblr media
You felt bile rise in your stomach as you entered the music venue, the AAA sticker stuck to your thigh as you weaved through the crowd. Trying to decide whether to just lurk at the back of the room and watch or just go home. It felt suffocating, your heart aching at the thought of even seeing Bakugou as you tried to decide what to do.
RedRiot [7:20PM]: You here yet?
Rereading the message as you tried to decide whether to answer or not, he’d already seen that you’d read it by now but you could still come up with an excuse.
Y/N [7:24PM]: I just got here…
RedRiot [7:26PM]: I’m so glad you decided to come, you got the pass right? Come backstage, I’ll be here if you’re nervous.
RedRiot [7:27PM]: Unless you want me to come and get you?
Y/N [7:27PM]: It’s fine, I’m coming.
You lingered at the door to their dingy dressing room as your knuckles hovered over the shoddy wood, trying to work up the courage to actually knock on the door to enter. Your heart pounding in your ribcage as you took a deep breath, allowing your knuckles to rap them against the door. Unsure whether they would be able to hear you over the loud rambunctious laughter inside so you took a deep breath as you let yourself inside.
The loud bustling came to a quiet stop as four sets of eyes glanced towards your frame in the doorway, nervously standing under their gaze as you shuffled your feet at the door.
It wasn’t too late to run, you thought, chewing your bottom lip between your teeth as you sincerely considered it.
“Hey! Thanks for coming.” Kirishima hopped up from his chair and bound across the room to greet you in the doorway, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug. Almost trying to anchor you in place to make sure you wouldn’t leave.
“What is she doing here?” Bakugou grumbled when he saw you standing in the doorway nervously, his vermilion orbs meeting your own as you felt the same feelings begin to resurface.
“I- I can go,” You mumbled, toying with your fingers nervously as you made to step back from the room, already feeling overwhelmed by the situation and being here.
“But you just got here, please stay-” Kirishima placed a large, comforting palm on your lower back as he helped you step inside the room.
Bakugou’s bandmates all came up to introduce themselves as Bakugou lingered near the back of the room, leaning against the vanity table as Kirishima ushered them out. Leaving you alone to talk with Bakugou, awkwardly standing in the middle of the room as he crossed his arms over his chest.
“Well, are you gonna say anything or-” Bakugou was quick to cut you off.
“I’m sorry.” Bakugou mumbled, looking down at his worn vans as he tried to get the words out, “I shouldn’t have lashed out like that-”
“You’re right, you shouldn’t have.” You glared at him angrily as he lifted his gaze to meet yours. Obviously not expecting the raised tone to your voice, “I really fucking liked you, Bakugou.”
Hearing his last name leaving your lips made him ache, a hurt expression flashing through his eyes as he listened to you speak.
“I actually thought you liked me too.” You whispered.
“I do.” Bakugou rasped, “That’s why when I saw the picture of you with that bastard, and all the comments underneath I got pissed and lashed out.”
“You know those messages are what I have to deal with on a near daily basis, right?” You recalled the amount of times you’d had random strangers on the internet call you a groupie, a whore, a slut that was only interested in sleeping with guys from bands, “You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, you know?”
“Yeah, I know.” He rasped, a guilty look on his face.
“Otherwise you’d have to admit OFA are a better band than No Heroes.” You teased, watching the way he sneered at you.
“I know you don’t fuckin’ think that.” Bakugou glared.
“Oh yeah? You wanna bet?” He took a step into your personal space, his scent overwhelming your senses as you drank him in. His sheer mass hulking over you as his deep red eyes gazed down at you with mischief.
“You’re so fuckin’ annoying.” He growled down at you.
“So are you.” You quipped.
His calloused palm reached up to cup your neck, his thumb brushing against your jawline as you felt yourself lean into his touch. Your eyes fluttering from the soothing drag of his skin against yours as he leaned forward, warm breath fanning your face as his lips met yours in a slow, sensual kiss. The moment you collided it was as though nothing else mattered, pouring his feelings and emotions into the kiss as his tongue stroked against your lips, begging for entry which you gladly allowed. Your bodies melding together as your hands reached out for something, anything to keep you grounded as your head began to spin. Grabbing fistfuls of the band shirt he was wearing as you held him tight, feeling his tongue swipe against your own as you let out a soft moan which was engulfed by his mouth. Bakugou’s hand tightening its grip on your neck as his other began to trace patterns against your back, elaborate circles that had you arching into his touch, gasping for breath when you felt him squeeze the round cheek of your ass.
“You have no fuckin’ idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” Bakugou’s chest heaved as he sucked in a breath, his lips ghosting against your own as he held you tight. Unable to resist bringing you back into another deep kiss, this time your hands becoming bolder in their movements. Tracing the muscular contours of his chest through his shirt, dipping your hands towards the hem of his low-slung shorts as your fingertips slipped underneath the hem of his clothes, brushing against his bare skin as you teased the fuzzy trail of hair that sat below his belly button.
“Fuck,” He growled against your lips, “Best be careful, Princess.”
“Or what?” You smiled as you splay your palm against his chest,
Bakugou used his grip on your body to push you forward, making you walk backwards as you felt the back of your thighs hit something, gasping in surprise as you fell backwards. Landing on the worn leather sofa that sat in the room. Bakugou followed after as he settled between your parted thighs, not once breaking the kiss as his tongue lapped at the roof of your mouth. Your hands moving up to weave through the messy hairs at the base of his neck, fingernails dragging through the buzzed hair of his undercut as you felt him shudder against you.
You couldn’t quite believe this was happening, this was something you’d thought about when you lay in bed at night. Imagining how it would feel to have his body pressed against yours, completely surrounded by his intoxicating scent. Having him here now felt like a fever dream, fearing that you could wake up at any moment and be back at home alone in your bed once more. The thought causing you to cling tighter to him, a low growl leaving Bakugou’s lips when you tugged at his hair, your thigh latching onto his hip as his hand manoeuvred to your ass, grinding the tent in his shorts against your clothed sex.
“God, you’re so fuckin’ pretty.” He rasped as he pulled away from your lips, giving you a moment to breathe before he made you throb again as he began to press hot, searing kisses along your jawline.
“I’m not,” You mumbled in your love-drunk stupor, squeezing your thighs against Bakugou’s hips as he pulled away from your neck. A serious look in his eyes as his brows furrowed, vermilion orbs gazing down at you.
“Yes, you fuckin’ are.” He pecked your lips as you felt your heart do somersaults, “And I’ll keep sayin’ it til you believe it.”
Using his grip on your ass to roll his hips against yours, grinning at the breathless gasp you made at the sensation of his hard cock pressing against your core. Your hands grabbing for him as you tried to pull him back towards you, the distance was already too far. Bakugou’s lips curling into a grin as he latched onto your pulse point, his teeth biting down on the supple skin as he sucked the junction of your throat. Your head laying back on the worn cushions as your back arched into his touch, his touch scorching against you as you scrambled to hold onto him. Trying to ground yourself as you let out a deep moan, Bakugou’s tongue lashing against you as he soothed the skin, pulling back to assess his work before you were already desperately trying to pull him back into a sloppy kiss. His wet lips connecting with yours as he smirked, his nose bumping against yours playfully as he continued peppering you with soft kisses.
“Hey, I’m guessing you guys made up then?” Kirishima called from the door, Bakugou pulling away from you with a snarl as he glared towards his friend in the doorway.
Feeling yourself heat up in embarrassment of being caught in such a compromising position as Bakugou yelled out obscenities, trying to get Kirishima to leave the room as he kept you pinned to the sofa.
“I wish I could, dude. But we’re due on stage like now-” Kirishima moved his gaze to you, “I’m gonna have to steal him away, sorry.” You gave him a shy smile as you felt Bakugou’s grip tighten on you, obviously contemplating not going on stage at all.  
“Come on, Bakubro.” Sero poked his head in and made a wolf whistle when he saw the position the pair of you were in, “It’s headline night, baby-”
“Why does everyone always want Bakugou?” Kaminari groaned when he saw you both on the sofa in the dressing room.
“It’s the bad boy image, Denks. You don’t have it-” Sero laughed, patting his best friend on the back.
“Come on, man.” Kirishima tried to push his other band members out of the doorway, “You gonna watch us side stage?” He directed to you as you gave him a shy nod.
“Give me a fuckin’ second, assholes.” Bakugou
“You okay?” He asked gently, his red irises looking into yours for any sign that you may not be. Giving him a small smile as you nodded in affirmation, making him press a final peck to your lips before getting up from the sofa.
“Fuck,” He grumbled under his breath as he readjusted his shorts, making you laugh as he tried to hide the raging hard-on beneath the fabric.
“Whatcha laughin’ at, hah?” He sent you a playful glare, reaching a hand out to you to help you off the couch as he pulled you up with ease.
“Come on, ‘m gonna show you the best fuckin’ show you’ve ever seen.” He smirked cockily, leading you out of the dressing room and towards the stage.
“Yeah? We’ll see- ow!” You cried playfully when Bakugou landed a harsh smack to your ass.
The moment you made it to the side of the stage you could hear the crowd roaring, the synchronized chants of No Heroes sounding out and filling the venue as the band slowly began to walk out on stage. Bakugou leaving a lingering kiss on your lips before he stepped out last, walking straight to his drumkit as he pulled the sticks from his back pocket. Taking a seat on the stool as he slapped them together to signal the start of the first song. The loud bass roaring to action as the sound filled the speakers, the music vibrating through you as you watched them lose their inhibitions on stage. Sero’s voice singing out over the loud instruments as the first song began.
Much like the first time you’d seen them perform, you found you were unable to take your eyes off Bakugou. There was just something so enticing about watching him play, the controlled focus on his features as he tapped the beat out on the drums effortlessly. Rubbing your thighs together as you were reminded of your unsatiated need, trying to give yourself some light relief as you watched the way his muscles contracted with each movement.
This was the Bakugou you wanted to see, the true raw emotion that he exuded when he was on stage. Your eyes were captivated by his every move, watching the sweat begin to collect against his brow as he pushed his hair from his eyes, shaking the sweat off as he took hard, deep breaths between songs. Each gap he’d glance over at you, giving you a small smile while Sero worked the audience. The familiar guitar introduction of your favourite No Heroes song sounding out as Bakugou smirked, leaning forward on the stool slightly as he began to tap out a beat, his thigh bouncing as he kicked the bass pedal, breaking out into the melodic chorus as his voice flowed through the microphone. Pouring out every bit of emotion he felt inside him into the song, the words flowing through the air and straight into your soul.
Sorrow flowing through your veins as you heard Sero announce that this was the final song, glancing out at the crowd as they cheered for No Heroes. You didn’t want the performance to end, moving your focus back onto Bakugou as he prepared to start the song. The whole band turning to face him as they were counted in. The guitars blending together perfectly with Bakugou’s beat as you watched him pour all his energy into the set.
Sweat dripping off his body and pooling on the ground around him as he picked up his towel, trying to wipe himself off as he raised a final fist to the crowd, holding his drumsticks above his head before he chucked both into the audience. Creating a mini-scuffle in the crowd as fans fought for a memento of their show. Bakugou quickly turning to make his way back to the side of the stage where you were still waiting for him.
“Well?” He wiped some of the sweat from his brow with a black towel around his neck as he moved to pull you into a hug, which you tried to escape. His skin glistened with moisture as you squealed, his arms circling you as you were pressed against his damp chest. Feeling the wetness pressing against your shirt as you tried to wriggle out of his tight grip.
“Get off, you’re so sweaty.” You cried, moving your head back as he kept your body pressed snugly against his, his musky scent provocative as you found yourself eager to be engulfed in it. Calming your thrashing as you allowed it to gather around you as you inhaled deeply,
“You love it, don’t lie,” Bakugou smirked, flicking his head to try and move some of his messy spikes from his vision, droplets of sweat flicking against your face.
“Ew,” You laughed as he leaned down to nuzzle your neck, almost as though he was marking you with his scent.
“You gonna tell me what you thought?” His eyes looked hopeful as he waited for your reaction, the rest of his band bustling in the background as the crowd continued to cheer, even though the lights in the venue had powered back on.
“You were incredible.” You replied in earnest, “Seriously.”
You wished you could’ve captured the elation in his eyes at the words, a big smile you’d never seen before appearing on his face as he tightened his grip around you, ignoring your cries of protest about how sweaty he was as he pulled you into a kiss.
“It’s getting really late, I should probably get home.”
“Hold on, I’ll walk you home.”
A subtle moonlight illuminated the pavement as you walked home, Bakugou’s thick arms nudging into your side as he tried to decide whether to grab your hand. Maybe put his arm around you instead? He wasn’t sure what to do so instead remained silent beside you, but there was something different about Bakugou that made silence serene.
Maybe it was the knowledge that you didn’t have to talk to feel comfortable with him, no sound to try and overcompensate for awkward tension. Everything felt so natural, so normal. You wanted to feel this way all the time, to be with him all the time. There was just something about Bakugou Katsuki that you couldn’t seem to shake, gravitating towards his orbit whenever he spoke. Something so raw and true about him that you’d never quite found in another person before, it was difficult to find that kind of unabashed honesty anymore.
“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Bakugou’s husky voice spoke out, deliberately nudging your shoulder as you walked along the quiet streets.
“Mmm, nothing really.” You tried to act coy, there was no way you were going to tell him what you were really thinking about. The pent up urges from the venue still whirring inside you as you thought back to how his muscular body had felt on top of you.
“Oi, what did I tell you about lying?” Bakugou grunted, his nose scrunching in the same way you’d observed he did whenever he was annoyed, “Stop being a brat and answer the fuckin’ question.”
“Oh? You wanna know that I’m thinking about you?” Bakugou’s cheeks tinged pink at your answer, obviously not expecting you to be so blunt. “How about you, Bakugou? What are you thinking about?”
You hoped that he was going to say you, longing to hear the confession of his desire for you leaving his lips. You needed to hear that he wanted you too, just as much as you wanted him. That you occupied his thoughts in the same way he was now taking over yours, flooding your mind with all thoughts of Bakugou Katsuki and filling your conscience to the brim until there was no space left for anything else.
“Tch, you dumbass.” He muttered, eyes facing forward as you continued walking together.
“What was that? I’m not sure I quite heard you, Bakugou.” You teased, already knowing loud and clear what he’d just confessed.
“You fuckin’ heard me,” He almost shouted, the sound making a wide smile appear on your face, “And call me Katsuki.”
“Katsuki.” You hummed the name, the melody sounding so perfect coming from your lips as Bakugou longed to hear you say it over and over again.
Pulling your key out of your pocket as you moved to open your front door, Bakugou lingering behind as he waited for you to get inside safely.
“Goodnight.” He whispered, shuffling his feet as he was obviously trying to decide whether he should kiss you or not. An internal argument in his mind overstepping closer and scooping you into his arms or just turning and walking away.
“Are you not coming in?” You lingered in the doorway as you watched Bakugou turn to leave, his lip curling into a small smile as he stepped back towards you as you kept the door open for him to step inside your apartment.
Closing it gently as he slipped his vans off and left them beside yours at the door, following you through to the living room as he looked around your quaint home.
“‘m glad you came tonight.” He murmured, leaning into your touch as you leaned up on tip-toes to wrap your arms around his shoulders, tugging him down into a gentle kiss.
“I’m glad I came too,” You smiled, “I wasn’t going to-”
“I know.”
“Kiri convinced me though. Told me you weren’t as big an asshole as you seem-” You grinned at the dopey smile that appeared on his face, “I’m still not sure if he’s right though.”
“Yeah, yeah. And you’re fuckin’ annoying too, you know.” He groaned, but there was no true malice in his words.
“But you love it.” You teased.
“Yeah, I do-”
You took his large palm in your own as you lead him towards your bedroom, giving him a lingering peck on the lips as you moved to put some music on. Slipping on one of your soft, romantic pop-punk playlists as he sat down on the edge of your bed. Giving him a gentle smile as you walked towards him as the slow, soothing music played through your speaker. Standing between his parted thighs as Bakugou’s arms coiled around you, caging you in against him as you drape your arms over his shoulders.
Bakugou’s large palms moved to grasp your ass, kneading the cheeks as you lowered your lips to his, craning his neck to meet you in a sultry kiss. Your soft moans captured in his mouth as he continued to massage your rear, using his grip on you to pull you closer as your fingers danced along his face, feeling the rough stubble against his jawline as you cupped his cheeks, boldly pushing your tongue between his parted lips as you deepened the kiss.
This was nothing like any other relationship you’d had before, it felt completely new and fresh. A different kind of intimacy that you had longed to feel but had never been able to experience until now. Each touch Bakugou left on your body kept tiny volts of electricity flowing through you, your heart racing in your chest as he began to move his hands higher, slipping underneath the distressed shirt you wore to the show as he splayed his palms against your bare back, silently waiting for you to permit him to proceed.
You answered by breaking away from the kiss, reaching down to the hem of your shirt to pull the fabric up and over your head, discarding it to the floor as you stood between his parted thighs in a plain black bra. Bakugou’s eyes instantly shooting towards your exposed skin, mapping out the beautiful contours of your body as he pulled you back towards him, nuzzling his face against your round breasts as you ran your fingers through his messy hair.
“You’re fuckin’ perfect.” He groaned as his palms explored the new territory, stroking along your sides as he came to the bottom of your bra. Thick fingers thumbing the underside of your breasts, watching carefully as your back arched into his touch.
His lips pressing gentle kisses to the supple skin that peeked out of the black cups, holding his head as he gave playful nips to you, his nose nuzzling the skin as his fingers moved to your back to unclasp the fabric, feeling it loosen around your body as the cups hung lifelessly against you. Moving back so you could pull the material away from your body, letting it fall to the ground as you exposed your chest to Bakugou.
“Shit,” He sucked in a breath at the sight of you bare in front of him. Your breasts posed beautifully for him as he pressed a gentle kiss against your soft nipple, watching the way it hardened beneath his touch. Stiffening to a peak as he repeated the motion on the other side. Large palms cupping your mounds as you let out an airy sigh, moaning as he languidly began to lap at your chest. His tongue slathering spit against your darkened areolas, dragging the tip around your buds as you tried to get him to suck them into his mouth. Tightening your grip on the back of his head as your fingernails dug into the skin, groaning when you felt him comply. His teeth dragging gently against the surface as he sucked one between his lips.
“Fuck, Katsuki.” You mewled, leaning your weight against him as you felt his tongue lash against your nipple, cheeks hollowing as he began to suck crudely. The sound audible over the playlist you’d put on as he pulled back from your mound with a pop, blowing cool air against the wet skin as you shuddered. A smirk on his face as he moved to the other side, mimicking the action as you began to rub your thighs together, “Feels good.”
“Yeah?” He pulled away, lips pouted as he blew cold air against your other stiff peak, “How good?”
“So good.” You gasped when his fingers moved to your jeans, tugging the button as it popped open, your fly unzipping as he began to help you out of the denim. The material slipping to the floor as you stepped out of it, exposing your matching black panties to his eyes as he sucked in a breath.
“Why am I the only one getting naked?” You whined as Bakugou’s hands instantly moved to turn you to the side so he could get a better view. Marvelling the way your underwear curved around the shape of your ass, clinging to your body perfectly as he grabbed a fistful. Squeezing gently as the fabric slipped between your cheeks, pulling back to give the surface a soft smack, making you cry out for him.
“Cause you’re prettier.” He murmured, giving your cheek another spank as he cherished the way you cried out for him.
“No, I’m not,” You scrunch your nose in disagreement as he repeated the motion, harder this time as the smack reverberated around your room.
“Yes, you fuckin’ are.” Bakugou squeezed the roundness of your ass, fingertips digging into the skin he’d just spanked. The sensation causes a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure to ebb through you.
“Katsu, please.” You pouted as your fingers tugged at his shirt, trying to get him to remove it as he finally caved in.
“Fine, fine. So whiny.” He sassed playfully as he leaned back to pull the fabric up and over his head as he dropped it to the floor to join your clothes.
Your hungry eyes immediately drinking in his exposed skin, hands smoothing along his defined pectorals as you brushed through the thin lines of blond hair that danced against his chest. Grazing his nipples as you enjoyed mapping out his body, unabashedly ogling him as he stroked his warm palms along your outer thighs.
“You’re so pretty.” You cooed, pressing a playful kiss to his lips as you pressed against his pectorals so his back was flush on the mattress.
“Yeah? I’m pretty, am I?” He teased back, large palms curling around the back of your thighs as he pulled you on top of him. Your legs on either side of his hips as your clothed cunt was pressed flush against his crotch. The sensation making him grunt softly as he rolled his hips against you, creating delicious friction between both your bodies as his lashes fluttered.
“You’re the fuckin’ pretty one.” He growled as he grabbed both of your ass cheeks in his large palms, grinding you down against his bulge as he deliberately rolled your hips against him, ensuring to drag against your clit with each circular motion. The sensation causing your walls to clench around nothing as you felt your slick dampening the fabric of your panties and sticking to his jeans, “God, you’re such a fuckin’ mess and I’ve barely touched you.”
His fingers slipped between your thighs to brush the back of his knuckles against your clothed slit, feeling how wet you were through the thin barrier of clothing. You sucked in a breath as you felt him nudge your clit, rolling your hips to try and give yourself some more stimulation as he watched the way your chest heaved at the sensation. Having the perfect vantage point of your round breasts above him as he moved his other hand to tweak one of your hard nipples.
Shuddering as you felt his fingers stroke the apex of your thighs, goosebumps littering your skin as he slipped his calloused fingers beneath the hem of your panties, fingers grazing over your outer labia as he spread you open, delving his digits between your messy folds. A growl echoing from deep in his chest as the feeling of you beneath his touch, so wet and slick for him as he trailed along your cunt. Teasingly flicking your sensitive nub before travelling lower, tracing gentle circles around your tight entrance as he felt your walls flutter at his ministrations. Desperately trying to drag him in deeper, to feel him stretching you out as you writhed above him.
Becoming impatient as you moved your own hands from their position on his chest to the waistband of his jeans, fingers tugging at his belt as you managed to unbuckle it, leaving it threaded through the loops as you began pawing at his fly. Unbuttoning the denim as you tugged at the material, trying to give yourself as much space as possible to free his aching cock. You whimpered when you saw how thick he looked beneath the grey boxer briefs he was wearing. A dark circle of pre staining the fabric as you palmed him through the thin fabric, making him grunt as he jerked his hips sloppily.
“Don’t,” His hand was quick to catch your wrist, yanking you back from his crotch as he let out the strained breath he’d been holding in, his chest heaving as he looked up at the ceiling.
The movement catching you off guard as you took it to be an instant rejection, trying to ignore the romantic playlist that was playing in the background, words flowing through the speakers about love and eternity that only seemed to exasperate your feelings. Bakugou immediately caught the look of hurt that was fraught on your features, his gaze softening as his grip on your wrist loosened.
“Oh fuck, no-” He rambled, “Not because it didn’t feel good- shit- because you’ll have me cummin’ in my fuckin’ pants if you keep that up.”
You felt the heavy weight in your chest dissipate at his words, the fear that he’d taken you this far just to reject you now removed as Bakugou began to stroke soothing circles along your thigh, his thumb slipping between your slick folds to find your puffy clit, pressing down on the sensitive nub as he began to rub slow circles around it.
“You like that?” Bakugou rasped as he pressed harder against your clit, watching your face contorted in pleasure as you tried to form a response, instead the words slipping out in an incoherent jumble. Your hips buckled as you tried to get him to give you something, anything more to help send you over the edge.
“More,” You managed to gasp out, your smaller hands wrapping around his thick wrist to try and get him to move towards your entrance, eager to have him inside you.
“More? Greedy little thing, aren’tcha?” Bakugou coddled you, “This not enough for you, Princess?”
“Don’t tease, Katsu.” You whined as you felt his thumb leave your clit, instead stroking along your outer lips as he watched you trying to gain more stimulation for yourself, your hips rolling as you tried to position his touch to where you needed it most. Taking pity on you as he moved his middle finger to slip inside your tight heat.
“Jesus fuckin’ christ.” He groaned at the feeling of your inner walls squeezing around his digit, “You’re so tight.”
You felt his blunt nails dragging along your spongy inner walls, curling his finger to try and find the spot inside you he knew would have you coming undone for him. Trying to drop your hips on his hand to get him deeper inside you as you moved your palms back to rest on his chest, trying to gain traction as you began to fuck yourself on his finger.
“God, I could look at you like this all damn day.” Bakugou kept his hand still as he watched you roll your hips against him, occasionally curling the digit just to hear what sweet moans he could pull from your lips, “So fuckin’ pretty.”
You mewled indignantly when he pulled his finger from your dripping cunt, scrunching your nose as he moved his hand to grab the back of your thigh, your essence sticking to your skin uncomfortably as he caught you by surprise, hoisting you up his body until you were resting against his pectorals.
“What are you doing?” Your face flushed in confusion as your lower half was positioned dangerously close to his face.
“What’s it look like, Princess?” He tugged on your thighs again, moving them over his shoulders so you were hovering over his face. The headboard of your bed was too far away to hold as you trembled above him, “‘m getting a taste.”
Your body flushed in embarrassment as he tugged your panties to the side, getting a close look at your puffy lips.
“Look at this pretty little pussy,” You keen at his words, almost falling backwards before his strong arms weave under your thighs to hold you steady. Holding your ass in his large palms, dropping you down onto his eager mouth. Feeling the flat of his tongue lick a long swipe along your sex, your slick coating it as he tasted you for the first time, the taste igniting something feral inside him as a low growl vibrated in his throat.
“Even better than I imagined,” He murmured before diving in for more, the desire inside you overwhelming as he began to feast on your cunt. His tongue glided between your labia as he found your tight entrance, circling it with the tip of his tongue before prodding it inside your saccharine walls. His nose was snug against your clit as you found yourself grinding down against him. Your hands immediately looking for something to hold onto to try and ground yourself as your fingers weaved into his messy hair. Fingernails dragging against his scalp as you began to ride his face.
“That’s it, good fuckin’ girl.” He growled, enjoying the sensation of you tugging his hair at the root, rutting his hips against nothing as he tried to create some friction for his neglected cock, “Got such a pretty pussy, don’tcha?”
His words made your entire body flush, a heat pooling between your legs as you felt him move back up, his tongue sliding along your sex as he wrapped his lips around your clit. His teeth lightly grazing it as he began to suck, his cheeks hollowing as he lashed his tongue against the sensitive nub. The motion caused you to cry out for him, trying to shut your thighs around his head as the sensation became too overwhelming. Bakugou kept his grip on your ass firm as he continued to work your clit, enjoying the way you caged him in, as though you were trying to suffocate him.
Jumbled words began to tumble from your lips as you tried to form coherent words to describe how you were currently feeling, but you couldn’t. The sensation was unlike anything you’d ever felt before as he continued to work your body with precision. His hand curling around your body to rest against your pelvis as he angled your hips, keeping you steady as he lashed his tongue against your sensitive nub.
“Oh, fuck.” You gasped, feeling the familiar ache inside you as your climax surged through you like a tidal wave. Your hands pulling at Bakugou’s hair as you bucked your hips erratically against his touch. His grip keeping his lips against you as he held you steady. Trying to close your thighs to no avail as he continued working your clit in his mouth. Bakugou’s vermilion eyes completely focused on your face as your lips parted in a near-constant whine. His name spilling from your throat like a dull mantra, crying out for him as though he was some sort of deity.
“S’too much, I can’t-” You tried to mumble out, your thighs quivering as you felt the intensity of your orgasm still flowing through you, “I’m so-”
You couldn’t find the words, as quickly as you’d reached your first climax, Bakugou had been relentless in granting you your second. Your body almost falling forward if it wasn’t for his grip on you, a display of pure strength from the blond as he kept you upright while continuing to lap against your folds. Nuzzling your sensitive clit before moving his lips down to taste your release on his tongue, shamelessly slurping at your cunt as the lewd noises filled your bedroom and sounded over your playlist.
“You’re such a mess,” Bakugou smirked as he finally gave you a moment to recover as he pulled back from your sex, your slick glistening against his chin as he licked his lips greedily.
“That was-” You didn’t even know how to describe it, if there were even words in this life that could describe the euphoria you felt.
“I know.” He replied cockily, a dopey grin on his face as you made a motion to slap his cheek playfully, “Oi, is that how you treat someone that just made you cum like that- twice,”
“So fucking cocky.” You rolled your eyes as you felt him shuffle behind you, your body still resting around his neck.
“Yeah, I am.” You turned back to watch his thumbs slipping into the hem of his boxers, tugging the fabric down to let it keep around his muscular thighs. His thick cock springing free as you couldn’t help but stare.
You knew he was going to be big, but this was completely unexpected. You could tell how heavy his cock was from the way it slapped down against his abdomen, the sheer girth enough to have your cunt throbbing as you wondered how you’d even be able to take him in. A heavy set of balls sat at the base, a faint scattering of hair around them as the length was just as intimidating. You noted the way it curved, forking veins scattered along it which only seemed to add to his sheer mass as your eyes were met with the mushroomed head. A thick bead of pre oozing from the tip and dribbling against his chest as he moved to give himself a quick pump with his fist, smearing the pre along his length.
“You don’t have to, you know-” Bakugou whispered honestly, his eyes looking up into yours for any sign of reluctance as you shook your head.
“No, I want to.” You reassured him, “I have for a while.”
Bakugou lifted you with ease as he moved you back down to his hips, watching as you used his chest for leverage as you eased your thighs up, taking him in one hand as he hissed on impact. The sensation of your small hand around his impressive girth had him throbbing as he watched you position him at your entrance.
“I don’t think I prepped you enough, Princess. You’re fuckin’ tight-” Bakugou tried to move a hand back between your thighs to stretch you out before slipping his thick cock inside but you were quick to brush him away. Your hand pushing his larger one away as he let out a guttural groan at your refusal.
“No, I want it now.” You pouted childishly as you pressed the bulging head inside you, your lips parted in a silent moan as you felt him beginning to stretch you out. A gentle throb between your thighs as you slowly began to roll your hips against him, trying to get yourself accustomed to the size as you began to drop yourself lower and lower on his thick cock.
“Fuckin’ hell, you’re so fuckin’ hot you have no idea-” Bakugou cursed as he rambled on about how beautiful you looked taking his cock, what a good girl you were being for him. His sweet praises only aiding you in taking him inside your walls, fluttering around him as you were eager to please.
“Atta girl,” Bakugou groaned when he felt you take him down to the base. Your messy slick stringing in his neatly trimmed pubic hair as you took a moment to adjust to the intrusion. The subtle tremor of your velvety walls around him made it near impossible for him not to buck up into you, tightening his grip on your hips as the calloused pads of his fingers dug into your sides, no doubt leaving bruises.
“Katuski.” You sighed when you finally began to move against him, grinding yourself against his pelvis as his pubic hair stimulated your clit. Dragging yourself back and forth as you basked in the sensation, throwing your head back as you used his body to get yourself off.
“That’s it, pretty girl.” Bakugou cooed, a hand reaching up to flick your nipple as he kept his grip on your hips, letting you move at a pace you desire, “You makin’ yourself feel good, yeah?”
“Feel so good, Suki. You feel good-” You warbled, tears blanking your vision from the stretch as you selfishly worked yourself towards another orgasm.
Your hips stuttered with each movement as you began to lift yourself before dropping yourself back down on his cock, repeating the motion as his thickness dragged along your spongy walls. Each drag of his cock inside you had you feeling warm, hot molten lava flowing through your body as you began to roll your hips above him. Pulling more beautiful sounds from between his lips. Generating invigorating friction as you tried to keep up a steady pace. Your body already overwhelmed by pleasure and you couldn’t get enough as you continued to ride him.
Bakugou’s hands were all over you, touching every single curve of your body he could reach, moving his palms up to cup your round breasts. Feeling the weight in his palms as he thumbed your nipples, cherishing the pretty whine that he managed to pull from your lips at the sensation. Continuing lower as he stroked your soft curves, moving the flat of his palm to press against your pelvis. Certain he could almost feel his thick cock buried deep inside you, stretching your tight body to accommodate him. The realisation had him groaning and bucking his hips up into you, causing you to cry out his name.
“Wait,” Bakugou turned his head towards your speaker as a familiar song began to play out, “Is that one of my fuckin’ songs? I thought you didn’t like my band-“
You flushed at the realisation that you really did have one of his songs on your romantic playlist, it was one of the first songs you’d ever listened to by his band and it was one you cherished the most because it had vocals from Bakugou. Almost as though he was singing it to you.
“You got Serendipity on your playlist?” Bakugou’s grin couldn’t get any wider, flashing a hint of gum as he smirked down at you dopily.
“I like this one,” You murmured innocently, continuing your sloppy pace against him, “It’s good.”
“I fuckin’ knew you loved us,” Bakugou replied cockily, moving his hand back to spank your ass, “Can’t believe I’m actually fuckin’ to one of my songs.”
“Shut up,” You pouted, your pace becoming more erratic as you tried to stop the ache in your parted thighs.
“Let me fuckin’ have this one,”
“There’s a growl you do in this song that’s just so fucking sexy.” Bakugou stopped his motions as he gave you the cockiest smirk you’d ever seen.
“Oh yeah?” Noticing the way you slowed against him, lifting yourself up slightly before barely dropping back down, “Getting tired, Princess?” Bakugou cooed, as you nodded your head in reply.
Feeling him tighten his grip on your waist as he held you stead, positioning his feet on the floor as he began to piston his hips up into you, the harsh sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room as his balls hit the curve of your ass almost to the beat of the song. Your stretched pussy began to squelch with the amount of your shared juices that dribbled down his thick cock and left white ring marks around the base, his motions were more harsh and frantic as his song played in the background.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh-” You whined, his frantic pace was making your breasts bounce as he ruts himself into you quickly, greedily trying to send you into another release.
“Gonna cum for me, Princess?” He smirked, “Gonna cum to one of my songs?”
Bakugou was so deep inside you from this position, his cockhead kissing your cervix with each downward motion as he eagerly brought you towards another climax. Your toes curling as you threw your head back, letting Bakugou use you any way he saw fit. Each movement had you feeling a different kind of bliss, an ethereal feeling flowing through you as your vision began to become hazy. Biting down on your bottom lip enough to draw blood as you tried to stop yourself from screaming out for him.
“Don’t hide it, baby. Lemme hear it.” Bakugou rasped between sharp breaths, his cock pulsing inside you at the beginning of his own release, “Lemme hear how good I make you feel.”
Everything felt so intense, so raw as Bakugou continued ramming into you. Your inner walls fluttering around him in the telltale signs of your release, squeezing his cock as you felt yourself reaching your climax.
“Come on, Princess. Cum for me-” You keened as Bakugou continued whispering encouraging words to you, angling his hips so he repeatedly hit that same spot inside you he knew would have you seeing stars, “I know you’re fuckin’ close I can feel ya clampin’ down on me.”
“Fuck, that’s it, pretty girl-” He grunted when he felt your walls begin to pulse around him, milking his cock as you came. Never giving up his pace as his vermilion eyes trained on you, thrusting upwards as his cock  drove into you with reckless abandon, watching your face contort in pleasure as you came around him.
You cried out his name, not even caring if anyone heard you. Your body beginning to shudder as you felt an earth-shattering climax surge through you. Knocking the air from your lungs as your body collapsed forward. Your sweaty chest pressed against his as he continued whispering sweet praises. Bakugou’s arms curling around your back to hold you against him as he greedily used you for his own release. Fucking his thick cock into you as his thrusts became sloppier, guttural grunts leaving his lips.
“Can I- Where do you want it?” Bakugou grunted, unsure how much longer he could hold back as he felt himself teetering on the edge of his release.
“Inside, please cum inside me-” Your lips pressed against his collar bone as you pleaded your request.
Bakugou’s hips faltering at just how sweet you sounded in your request, burying himself deep inside you one last time as he let go. White, hot ropes of cum spurting from his thick cock and coating your inner walls as he continued to rut his hips against you, riding out his release.
Bakugou wrapped his arms around you in a bear hug as he held you against his heaving chest. A light sheen of sweat coating both your bodies as it made you stick together comfortably, his hair pressed back from his forehead from sweat as he pressed gentle kisses to the top of your head as you both regained your breath.
“That was so fuckin’ good.” Bakugou panted, keeping himself buried inside you for a few more precious moments as he cherished the way your walls fluttered around his softening cock in the aftershocks to your orgasm.
Resting your cheek on his pectoral as you let yourself relax into him, his scent lulling you to sleep as another slow song played out over the speakers. When Bakugou made a move to lift you off his cock you let out a childish whine as you tried to feebly tighten your thighs around his hips.
“Come on, baby. ‘m gonna pull out, okay?” This time you let him lift you off his cock, some of his cum dribbling out of your cunt and onto his pelvis as he tucked you into his side. Letting you nuzzle into his armpit as you curled a thigh over one of his legs, staying as close to him as possible. Bakugou’s eyes immediately moving down to his crotch where some of his release had spilt out of you and onto his lower half. Groaning as he felt his semi-hard cock throb at the thought of your velvety walls again, already thinking about slipping back inside you.
Bakugou continued stroking his hands along your exposed skin, both of you uncaring that you were laying half-naked in your bed above the covers. His lips continued to press gentle kisses against your forehead as he felt you begin to draw absent-minded lines against his pectoral.
“We need to shower,” Bakugou murmured gently, pressing more kisses to your head.
“I know,” You pouted, but you weren’t ready to get up just yet. Still basking in the scent of him, nuzzling your nose against his side as you tightened your arm around his waist.
“No-” You whined when he tried to lift his body up, placing your weight against his side to try and anchor him back down for a moment longer. The motion caused him to smirk as he lay back down. His feet were still positioned on the floor as you curled up near the end of the bed, “Can we just stay like this a bit longer-”
“‘m not going anywhere, you know that?” Bakugou relaxed back against your mattress,
“I still can’t believe I fucked to my own song.” Bakugou grinned, a dopey look on his face that had you rolling your eyes.
“Ugh, I guess this means I’m stuck with you, doesn’t it?” You teased playfully, his gaze meeting your own as he turned his head down to look at you.
“You love it, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as he moved a palm to your thigh, clinging to it as he lifted it higher against his leg, “Besides, someones gotta stick around and fix your shitty music taste.”
“Is that your way of asking me out?” You laughed as you pressed a chaste kiss to his pec.
“I’m not asking, I’m tellin’ you-” Bakugou smirked cockily, “You need all the fuckin’ help you can get.”
“You’re such an asshole, you know that?”
“Yeah, yeah. I know you love me really, Princess.” Bakugou smirked, pulling you into him as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. “You better tell everyone you were actin’ crazy the last few months and we’re really your favourite fuckin’ band though.”
“Or maybe we can just start by telling everyone you don’t suck that much,”
“I’m telling everyone you got one of my songs on your ‘fuck me’ playlist.” He tightened his grip on your thigh to prevent you from even attempting to move away.
“That was not my ‘fuck me’ playlist.” You replied with a flustered heat on your cheeks.
“Oh yeah? Well, I think it is now-”
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teesumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
request: “Okay how about mha requests since you get so many haikyuu ones ;) I was hoping if maybe you could write the holding their face like you did for haikyuu but with Bakugou, Todoroki, Hawks, Dabi, and Aizawa? We have the same favorites btw just thought I’d mention lol but I’m so ready for your first Aizawa piece!”
characters: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, takami keigo, dabi, aizawa shota
genre: fluff
a/n: omgggg we do have the same favs you’re right !! i haven’t written for aizawa yet i was so excited when I saw this :,)
Tumblr media
✯𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 sat with his arms crossed, nostrils flared as he finished ranting to you about his newest cause for irritation. He didn’t expect your hands to reach forward, staring at you with his eyebrows furrowed as he felt your hands softly cup his cheeks, thumb swiping over the apples of his cheeks. “Katsuki, relax, babe. It’ll blow over, okay?” His eyes focused on you, watching the smile on your face widen as he met your gaze, anger slowly fading away as all he felt was you. He’d never let anyone take care of him, yet with you, he found himself indulging, the feeling of your hands holding his face like home. “Yeah, whatever, dumbass,” he mumbled, eyes now focusing on his lap. But you noticed how he didn’t pull away from your touch— in fact, he leaned in ever so slightly.
✯𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was tired of grading papers, not wanting to go to bed until he had at least half of them done before his nightly patrol. His brows creased as he reread the same line over and over, frustration bubbling as he tried to comprehend what he was reading. Gently, his face was pried away from the paper, now being turned to meet your gaze. One hand held his cheek, the other moving a strand of hair behind his ear. Staring at you with tired eyes, he felt himself relax for the first time that day, comforted by your touch as he leaned into your palm. “Shota, you need a nap before you leave. The papers can wait,” you whispered, pecking his forehead after. He closed his eyes, face burying itself into your stomach, arms wrapping around your waist as you stroked his hair. “Only if you join me.”
✯𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈 was awoken from his nap by the feeling of fingers carding through his hair, eyes opening slowly as he groaned. His breath hitched when he felt a kiss being placed on the tip of his nose, so unfamiliar with soft gestures, ones that he hadn’t felt in so long. He stared at you with wide eyes as your hand lay on his cheek, thumb tracing the edge of his scar, a smile on your face as you stared down at him. Your eyes were always so soft when they looked at him, so filled with love, safe enough for him to finally find a home in. “Time to get up, Sho. Wake up, baby.” Closing his eyes, he basked in your touch a little longer, craving just a little more affection, just a little more attention, if it came from you. “Five more minutes, y/n,” he whispered, hand laying itself on top of yours.
✯𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 collapsed on top of your body, a tried grin on his face, eyes bright and excited that he finally got to see you after a long day. Groaning as your thumbs kneaded his tense muscles, he tightened his grip on your waist, never wanting to leave the security of your arms. “How was today? Did you get the bad guys, Kei?” He laughed, looking up and meeting your eyes. “You know I did, dove. I always do, gotta keep you safe.” His laugh rang through the room once more when your hands clasped his cheeks, squishing them together and shaking his head gently. This was home, one he finally got to call his. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re around then, huh?” And this time, his heart skipped a beat as he stared at you, your palms cradling his face more carefully now as he noticed the way your eyes glimmered when they looked at him.
✯𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 hissed as he felt you press a rag to his skin, the burning painful as he overheated after yet another over usage of his quirk. He noticed the way you pressed it into him harsher than usual, anger in your movements instead of the usual gentleness. “Why’re you being so harsh for?” Looking up, you glared at him. “Because you were supposed to be careful, Dabi.” Just as he was about to retaliate, he was cut off by your hands grabbing his face, forehead pressing itself against his. Finally, he noticed the worry in your eyes, a look he hadn’t received in so long. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m okay,” he tried to laugh off, slowly trailing off when he felt your finger trace the edge of his scars. “I worry about you, you know.” Sighing, he brought your closer, burying himself into your neck. You were the one person he’d grown soft for, he’d vowed to himself that he’d protect you at all costs, even if the price was the skin on his back.
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sunascumdoll · 16 days ago
tiktok trend event, "grabbing his dick print to show off your nails" w/ kirishima/bakugo would be hilarious LMAOO
ɢʀᴀʙʙɪɴɢ ʜɪꜱ ᴅɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜱʜᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀɪʟꜱ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋᴀɢᴇʏᴀᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ, ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴠᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
a/n: i got quite a few requests for this trend (down below)!! so i picked 2 from mha and 2 from hq! but don't worry, ill fulfill the rest of everyone's request on a separate post!!
as always reblogs are appreciated ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me kenma does not have the prettiest cock
and it’s so sensitive too 
the second you grab it, it’s just jumping in your hands
Tumblr media
kenma sat in his gaming chair, golden eyes trained on the computer screen in front of him. you had just gotten your nails done, long acrylics in your favorite shade of ____. you’ve already taken numerous pictures of your new set, but all the pictures seemed like they were missing something. 
you enter your room and walts over to kenma, lightly tapping on his shoulder. he pulls one side of his headset off of his ear, before grunting in response. 
“i got my nails done today! i couldn’t get a good picture and wanted to know if i could use your setup as my background?”
“yeah, go ahead, baby,” he murmurs and pauses the game, scooting his chair back a bit to give you room. 
you cheekily smile before maneuvering in front of kenma and sinking to your knees. his eyebrow arches, eyes watching you intensely only for a curse to fly past his lips. your soft hands lightly stroke the outline of his growing member through his sweatpants, before softly gripping it. you open your phone camera and start recording, capture your nails, kenma’s setup lights, and of course the twitching of his eager cock.
you giggle when you feel kenma’s dick throb in your hand, “you okay, bubs?”
kenma groans, his head slowly nodding, “mhm, your nails are really pretty baby.”
Tumblr media
pls this baby would malfunction the second your hand grabbed his dick print
face as red as a tomato and he’s watching you like a hawk
he’s trying his best to contain the twitching, but your nails wrapped so prettily around his cock is making it difficult
Tumblr media
you walk into your apartment, tossing your keys onto the side table, before walking to the living room. there sits your raven haired boyfriend scrolling through his phone. 
tobio set his phone down in his lap, his own hand reaching out to grab yours, dark blue orbs scanning over your fingers, “they look pretty, babe.”
“you think so? ‘m glad you like them!” 
tobio releases your hand and picks his phone up from his lap. you sit down next to him and open snapchat on your phone, selecting your favorite filter. once you pick out your filter, your hand glides over tobio's thigh and lands directly on his crotch. 
"taking a video if my nails," you retort. 
tobio grips his phone before peeking over the top of it, "what are you doing?" 
tobio grunts, shifting underneath your grasp. the shade of crimson paints his cheeks and burns at the tip of his ears as he watches you grope his cock with your freshly manicured nails. your nails lightly trace the outline of his cock, before pulling away. 
you hand your phone over to tobio, smilling as you play the video back for him, "is this video good?" 
he grabs your wrist, placing it back on top of his now rock hard member, "it's a little blurry, r-record it again." 
Tumblr media
wait can i say about rock cock
horse cock
that's it.
no but you'd go to grab his dick to record your nails
and he has the cheesiest smile on his face 
a sense of pride swelling in his chest bc like
you could have any background for your video 
but you chose to grip his dick
Tumblr media
eijirou sat in the parking lot, waiting for your nail appointment to end. after about ten minutes, you exit the nail salon and enter the passenger side of his car. 
eijirou grabs your hand, his thumb running over the freshly laid acrylic, "ooh, you went with ___? it's a nice color and looks really good on you, sweetheart." 
you hum happily at his compliment, "thank you, baby! can you record a video for me?", you ask before handing your phone to him. 
"sure thing!" 
eijirou grabs your phone and opens up your camera app. once you hear the familiar ding of your camera recording, you immediately place your hand on his thigh. you walk your fingers up his thigh, grabbing onto his dick and palming it through his jeans. eijirou smiles as you gently squeeze his cock, purposefully making it jump and twitch in your hand.
"oh fuck~, your hands look so pretty," eijirou moans, zooming in to focus the camera on your small hand wrapping around his clothed cock. 
Tumblr media
literally growls when you grab his dick
not like an angry growl
but like "do it again. see what happens" kind of growl
Tumblr media
"katsuki, honey, look!" you quickly skip into your bedroom, excitedly waving your nails in front of his face. 
katsuki lowers his phone, glancing at your nails before looking back at his phone, "cute." 
you pout at the lack of enthusiasm from your boyfriend. you jump on the bed, settling down beside him and pulling out your own phone. you swipe over to your camera and open it before gripping your lover's dick. 
katsuki locks his phone and sits up on his elbows, a deep growl rumbling inside his chest, "what are you doing?" 
"taking pictures of my nails, the thumb is my favorite," you shrug, your thumb resting atop of his cock head and rubbing in small circles. 
he growls once more, rough hands reaching out to grip your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, " rub it again, i dare you."
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c0rncheez · a month ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Midoriya and Bakugo
Synopsis ~ The one where you orgasm really hard seemingly out of no where and your man’s reaction
Cw ~ NSFW, Fem!Reader, AgedUp! Midoriya & Bakugo, Fluff if you squint, Forced Orgasms? Handcuffing and Blindfolding, Foreplay, Pet Names, Ear licking, Tongue Sucking & Fucking?, Choking, Established Relationships, Vibrator, Dacryphilia, Overstim, Fingering & Cunnilingus, Y/n Playing Genshin, Rough Sex, Bakugo being Bakugo, Teasing & Slight Edging, Mind Break, A lil tap on the cheek, Squirting, [this is wild lmao but jus know it’s all consensual 💀]
A/n ~ idk why I went crazy with the Deku one um chile...anyways
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You trust me, baby?” Izuku whispered softly in your ear.
He was feeling very playful that evening as he secured a green blindfold around you eyes. You softly hummed your affirmation while nuzzling into him.
“Words, kitten,” He kissed into your neck as he got comfortable behind you. He laid with his back against the headboard with you between his legs; wide, nude, and open for his tinkering.
“You know I trust you honey,” you uttered already subconsciously rolling your hips.
“Good girl... now give me your hands.” He ordered softly to which you obediently offered your wrists over.
He secured your hands tightly behind your back with his favorite handcuffs before hiking your thighs even higher completely exposing you to the cool air.
The position was quite embarrassing even though you weren’t privy to your sight but his soft caresses distracted you.
All you could hear was his deep breathing and the feeling of his ghosting fingertips over the shells of your ears.
Your breath quickened when his warm tongue lolled over the back of your left ear.
“I-Izuku, Ah~” you shivered
He gave an absent minded noise before delving his tongue into your ear causing you to flinch cutely. The over-amplified lewd noises caused your hips to buck slightly.
He gave that ear a wet kiss before moving to the right one. As he repeated the same treatment his weathered hands softly trailed up your soft stomach before he began tweaking and massaging your neglected breasts.
Before you even realized, you were panting quite heavily. The blockage of your sight and free touch made every single one of his ministrations ignite extreme passion between your legs.
You could even feel the evidence of your deep arousal sticking uncomfortably to the sheets beneath you. Under the blindfold your eyes were also already unfocused as you let him play with your aching body.
A wet smack sounded in your ear before you felt the bed slightly dip as Izuku leaned back. You jolted at the sudden sound and movement before giving a sad noise at the separation.
“Be patient, Kitten,” he breathily chuckled as he—leaned over? Was he reaching for something?
“H-hurry, please~” You whined bunting your head affectionately into his chest.
Once he finished getting whatever he needed he finally rested back behind you before holding your jaw firmly and angling your face up towards him.
“Suck on my tongue,” he said under his breath before smushing his lips against yours.
You sucked back on his prodding tongue enthusiastically as his free hand caressed your inner thigh sensually.
As his grasp on your chin slipped to your throat he began softly fucking his tongue into your mouth and you desperately swirled and mixed your saliva with his.
You were so lost in the messy makeout session that you didn’t get to hear the aggressive buzz of a wand vibrator creeping closer to your pussy.
One particular deep fuck of his tongue caused you to gag slightly. He pulled back to give you just a quick second for sweet air before returning to his assault with more vigor.
You were in a dazed heaven as drool spilled from the corner of your mouth, happily receiving everything Izuku gave you.
But you didn’t know that he had the vibrator hovering right above your aching clit—on the 2nd highest setting.
So when he purposely shoved his tongue down your throat your hips bucked off the bed.
“MMPH~!” You desperately tried to squeal as the strong vibrations hit dead center on your clit.
You quickly slammed your hips back down already overwhelmed from just a second of the toy but Izuku followed your movement and pressed the wand directly onto you.
You felt your eyes snap to the back of your head as your orgasm pierced through you frighteningly.
Izuku quickly pulled his tongue from your mouth to witness your violent climax.
“Ah Sh-Shit! T-turn it off! Ah, P-PLEASE~” You were able to somehow choke out despite the inactivity behind your eyes.
It was too much, all the foreplay already had you on the brink, the vibrations were just too much—you were going to go insane—
But Izuku was lost in his own mind. Your sudden orgasm, the jumping of your hips, your desperate cries...He pulled your blind fold down to see those beautiful eyes—those tearful eyes. He’s never seen you like this before.
And your sweet boyfriend wanted to see more. He needed to see more. And so he did what anyone in their right mind would do.
He turned it up a notch.
And your eyes surely did cross.
[Extra! ~ From that day onward Deku always made sure to take his time and really rile up with foreplay in hopes of seeing you orgasm like that again]
Tumblr media
“Oi, keep your fuckin’ legs open, woman,” Bakugo grunted from between your thighs.
He had his middle and ring finger knuckle deep in you as you quivered in your gaming chair. The hilichurls on your PC screen kept going in and out of focus as he purposely abused that vulnerable spot with each curl of his thick fingers.
“‘S-Suki, I c-can’t,” you gasped while fisting his hair with one hand.
You don’t know why he was being like this but the second he came over to your apartment after his heroic duties he popped a squat in-front of you and hadn’t left since.
At first he was oddly quiet while watching you play but then his hands started to wander and then somewhere along the line your panties were pulled off and promptly exploded within his hand.
He gave a huff before wheedling his big head between your thighs then placing a soft bite on the chub of your lower stomach.
“Katsuki, babyyy I’m trying to play the new update,” You whined as your attention went back to your PC.
“You’ve been playin’ that shitty game all day.” You felt him grumble on you.
“Shutup, I haven’t seen you all fuckin’ week” he snapped as he grabbed the back of both of your thighs, “just kill your stupid hilicorls”
He shifted your thighs to rest on either side of your gaming chair before giving you another bite but on your inner thigh. He continued those little chomps which soon turned into pressured kisses that left a tantalizing trails of hickies all over your most intimate area.
You subconsciously leaned back and relaxed for him, enjoying his attention. Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone by satisfying your demanding boyfriend and by clearing all your quests?
He slowly picked back up the calculated pace of his fingers that were still inside you throughout the back and forth banter from earlier. Curling and scissoring them just the way he knew would have you crashing the quickest.
“Ah~feels good, ‘Suki,” you praised softly grinding into his palm.
“‘Cause I know what the fuck I’m doing,” he pointlessly argued back before wrapping his hot lips around your aching clit.
Your cheeky giggle got caught in your throat mid-moan as he flicked his tongue aggressively in conjunction with his fingering.
Your looting and quests increasingly became less and less interesting and he pleased you. Every dig of his digits and every swirl of his saturated tongue were taking you higher and higher. Yet every time you thought you could finally peak he’d slow down his ministrations causing your head to reluctantly descend back down from the clouds.
You knew he was doing this on purpose. If you weren’t going to give him all of your attention then he wasn’t going to break you off the way you deserved.
You glared at him through your hazy gaze as he smirked against you. He licked a long stripe on your clit just to spite you and your hips embarrassing bucked up in reaction. So evil of him to tease you like this when you were practically twitching for any type of release.
You gave a short huff before crossing your arms, no long wanting to play anymore—well now you want to play with your man.
“About fuckin’ time,” he cockily said as he stood up from his knees, “So damn stubborn.”
You chose to ignore his crassness as he quickly unbuckled his pants. You didn’t have anything to bite back, all you wanted was him at the moment. Big mouth and all.
He bent his knees and lined himself up to where you need him the most. But always the one to be difficult he just had to stall.
“How bad do you want it, huh?” He grinned teethily while thumbing over your clit.
“Ugh, this isn’t the time for this,” you sighed, “Stop playing arou-NGH!~”
You gasped out as he slammed all the way in without any warning, literally knocking the wind out of you. He dick nestled contently up against your cervix as you stared up at him with wide teary eyes. He just entered you and your pussy was a twitching mess—already at the edge of cumming.
You tried to close your thighs again to gain some of leverage back but he weighed them backed down with minimal effort.
“W-wait, Katsuki Ah! W-wait,” You could already tell that you were on the brink of a very terrifying orgasm. One that you weren’t sure you could handle.
“Why, does it hurt?” He reared his hips back as a flash of worry hit him.
“N-no, it not th-that,” you struggled to explain, “but I’ll go c-crazy, I’ll-”
Relieved that you weren’t in pain he leaned down to whisper in you ear—
“Well, that’s the fucking point.” Before slamming right back against your cervix sending you head first into mind shattering orgasm.
You didn’t even know if the sounds you were making were sexy. Your eyes were barely open but that didn’t matter—you could only see white anyways.
Your legs were shaking uncontrollably and gushes of liquid were spraying onto Katsuki’s lower abdomen. But none of that stopped him. No not at all, if anything he grew even harder inside you.
“Look at me,” He demanded as he held both sides of your face firmly. He gave your cheek a soft pat to help you regain your state of being. Although still barely holding it together you were able to meet his eyes through the brutal rolling of his hips.
“We’re not leaving this damn chair till I see you cum like that again, understood?”
“…y-yes, ‘Suki”
[Extra! ~ Bakugo stay getting flashbacks from that day, also can’t look at that gaming chair the same... and neither can you]
A/n ~ idky but I had the hardest time writing this 😭 idk why, hopefully if I get some sleep and reread it I’ll feel better about it
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lalaangeldust · a month ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐢 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐧𝐡𝐚 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 - 𝐈
𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈 [ made using artbreeder and facetune]
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚
Tumblr media
of course i'm doing sero first, who do you think i am??? god he's so handsome
Tumblr media
𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐢 𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢
Tumblr media
i think this just makes sense... pretty boy. his eyes light up when using his quirk
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐨 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚
Tumblr media
oh mina you are my ANGEL
Tumblr media
𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨 𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐤𝐢
Tumblr media
ok i hate to say this but... bakugo is fine asf....
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐞𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨
Tumblr media
KIRIPIMA!!! i feel like he'd have really gentle eyes :(
[ my artbreeder ]
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tteokdoroki · 23 days ago
I…I need slightly skeevy Bakugou falling so deeply in love with you that he thinks of so many ways to trap you with him. The first, and most appealing, is getting you pregnant. So he hides (read: throws) away your birth control pills and next time he’s balls deep in your cunt he ignores the small pleas of “Katsuki I forgot to take my pill today”. That just get him rock hard and fucks into you even harder. He can picture it: ur soft breasts swollen and heavy, and ur tummy round and plump with his HIS kid. The kid would have ur wonderful curls and his eyes and he gets so overwhelmed he shoots ropes of cum into you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cw: smut, mdni 18+, dub-con ? ( tagged with non-con too ), baby trapping, forced breeding, bakugou throws away birth control, scummy!bakugou and fem!reader.
Tumblr media
:(( scumbag boyfriend!bakugou keeps you folded like a little deck chair, shivering as he forces himself brutally into your plush little pussy— probably stops wearin’ condoms too, especially after he’s chucked out your birth control— you’re so hot, so fucking tight around him with that stupid piece of latex outta the way...could you blame him now for breeding your little hole? surely you couldn’t, if you knew how it felt to have you wrapped around him like that, there’s no way you would blame him.
‘n besides, katsuki’s gotta keep you for himself. can’t have anyone rocking into your perfect pussy the way he does, getting his tummy slicked up with all that you leak— your fingers curling in his hair while you beg him to stop but your face pleads him to thrust there— right there. hitting the spot that makes the world a little clear and the sunshine a little brighter and butterflies dance in your lower belly.
“please don’ cum in me ‘suki,” you’re tellin’ him, begging him through your feather light and whiny gasps, your eyes are fuzzy and your mouth open wide with pleasure, taunting bakugou to spit in it and fill up a second hole with all of him. “gotta pull out, kay? don have any pills...forgot to take it—!” the heel of your foot starts digging into his lower back so hard that if he really wanted to pull out, he couldn’t. you’re practically begging him to trap you, keep you tied down with his brat and so is your warm little cunt. oh you want it so bad, he can tell by the way you greedily suck him in with every draw back of his hips— gummy walls clinging to every vein on his fat cock.
“why baby? you wan’ it, you wan’ it so fuckin’ bad,” he grunts, sharp teeth bearing down on your pretty neck— lewd slapping sounds twisting with the sex scented air, you keep on going to him. keep on gushing from between your puffy pussy lips and clawing at his back to bring katsuki closer and closer until your sweaty bodies are pressed up against each other. “you love this cock, you love me, don’t you?”
and of course you say yes, through ugly babyish tears and weak nods, making katsuki’s heart swell because his sweet girl loves him that much that she’d give him a baby? even if he threw away your pills and told you condoms you were for extras, you still loved him enough to cry on his cock and clamp down on him with a vice fucking grip that could milk the life out of him if he wasn’t holding back enough to make you cum too. calloused fingers flick at your swollen clit, rub and pinch your raw cunt until you’re arching your back and screaming for more more more.
you’re so good, you don’t even know it, body telling katsuki everything he wants to hear as he fucks you— shoves himself deep inside your wet walls, cockhead ripe with pre catching on every ridge. you want this baby, your body screams when your tits bounce at every thrust bakugou gives you— making him imagine how gorgeous they’ll be when full with milk for his shitty kid. he grips your thighs with his same rough palms, thinking of how doughy and pudgy they’ll become as you get rounder and rounder with his baby. he’ll wanna fuck you so bad, even more so than before— see if he can squeeze another brat into your cunt along side the one he’s about to give you.
and at the end of it, you’ll be stuck at home with leaky breasts and a bouncing baby, waiting for your scummy boyfriend at the end of everyday with a kiss and meal on the table all for him. bakugou needs that, he can’t just keep his desires in his head anymore. so he lets loose, languidly thrusting into your cunt even after you’ve squirted and your release is sloshing around between your bodies. the bed creaks below you and your cunt spasms so hard you might push katsuki out of you— it’s too late to say no now, you’ve been asking for it for so long now.
forehead pressed against yours, bakugou’s blonde hair sticking to your sweaty faces. “gonna cum, gonna fuckin’ cum, better take all this cum...yeah? yeah? fuck yeah,” his speech is slurred, tuning out all of your shouts and moans of protest that give away how much desire you still hold for your boyfriend. and before you know it, his balls stop slapping against your ass when he stills his hips, emoting a fresh load of his hot cum into your awaiting and abused cunt— bakugou thrusts once or twice more to make it stick, lining your fertile womb with potent white until some of it spills out like cream against his softening shaft— keeping your body trapped under his.
Tumblr media
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rekiri · 2 months ago
chubby chaser! kirishima.
Tumblr media
CONCEPT 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 kirishima with a chubby girlfriend.
WARNINGS 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 pro hero au, blood, size kink & breeding.
Tumblr media
Kirishima would 100% actively seek a chubby girl. He’s always been attracted to the body type— chubby girls just have more love to give. He’s addicted.
I headcanon that because of the nature of his quirk, he likes soft and squishy things because it feels nice on his skin.
It’s like therapy for his mind and body after using his quirk for long and strenuous amounts of time, especially after a particularly tough day at work.
Pro hero Red Riot coming home to a chubby girlfriend just makes sense? Your thighs, belly, cheeks, extra body fat– its all just so soft and squishy. He fucking can’t get enough of it.
The best thing in the world to him is coming home after a long day to see your full figure in the kitchen preparing dinner. He’ll come up behind you to wrap this arms around your mid section, enjoying how plush you feel against him. He’ll open his mouth when you offer him a taste test to dinner. It’s always delicious.
Kirishima almost always want to share some type of physical contact with you. A hug, a kiss, holding hands, it doesn’t matter he just needs to feel you. He’s so smitten with you. Physical touch wasn’t always his love language until he started dating fat girls.
“Baby, c’mere. Sit on my lap.” Is literally an excuse for him to hug you for a while without you trying to pull away. He gets the luxury of feeling your weight pressed against him and the way your thighs spill onto his. Kirishima will mindlessly knead and tug at your thighs, other times he’ll squeeze your belly fat to see you get all flustered. You usually whine at him to stop but he never does. He loves it.
One of his favorite positions to cuddle in is him having his head in between your thighs. He really loves when you play in his hair, massaging his scalp with your manicured nails. You don’t need a thigh gap because— Kirishima’s head is your thigh gap.
He for sure has some selfies in this position, some he’s even posted on Instagram. He’s smiling like a dork giving the camera a thumbs up with your thick thighs on the both sides of his head. He likes to flaunt his relationship. What can he say?
Kiri loves it when you dress in ways that bring out your curves and confidence. Not just because you look fucking amazing, but exact for the reason that you feel great and that’s what makes him happy.
I need you to know something: Never feel like you’re “too heavy” for this man, and emphasis on man because—
Pro hero Red Riot is an absolute beast of a guy. His years after UA have done him well. He’s well over 6′5 and packed on so much muscle and weight.
Kiri has no issues with lifting you up and fucking you in the full nelson position, standing. The way you jiggle every time his hips snap into yours drives him insane.
Kirishima loves how plush you feel in his palms, your tummy and tits spilling out of his hands. There just so much of you to love he gets so fucking lovesick over it. He thinks he not giving enough and it just makes him fuck you harder.
When he’s eating your pussy, he makes sure to leave you a few marks indented in that soft skin. Sometimes he’ll go into a frenzy and break skin. His teeth are really sharp, he can’t help that you have that affect on him. Kirishima will apologize if he hears you whine, then lick the beaded blood. He swears you taste as sweet as you look.
Size kink is very valid and alive in this pairing. 
When he has you in missionary, he likes to watch how his cock splits your poor cunt open— how his shaft disappears in your puffy folds as he presses himself further inside your hole. Your walls feel so warm and velvety around him, it feels like you. God, he’s in love with your pussy.
“Feels good?” He chuckles. “I bet. Where am I, baby? In your cute tummy? Show me. Give me your hand-- yeah, ‘M right here.” He lifts your belly fat so he can see himself inside of you.
Missionary usually turns into a mating press, his cock abusing your cervix while he’s begging for permission to breed you. Kiri wants to turn you into a mommy so bad. He can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous you’d look carrying his child. You’re going to get fuller, rounder and have a glow. Fuck, needs to see it. So please let him fill your womb with his cum. Make him a daddy.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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wuhllow · 2 months ago
r18, mdni, 12,200w
Bakugou Katsuki x reader
And honestly? He can’t even deny it anymore.
Bakugou Katsuki is hopelessly in love, and with his best friend, no less.
When another man asks you out on a date, you’re ecstatic, giddy, and all too eager to accept. So of course you’ll say yes, right?
Wrong. Katsuki has other plans, apparently. Plans that did not include (both of your) hidden feelings rising to the surface.
(best friends to lovers, a bit of childhood friends to lovers)
Warnings/tags: jealous (very jealous) Katsuki, possessiveness, angst and big argument, he literally cockblocks you, AND pins you against your will at one point, kind of rough sex’s Bakugou, he’s soft after sex <3, an impromptu Kiri appearance, happy smoochie sexy ending
If you’d prefer, you can also read this on my Ao3! <3
Tumblr media
He doesn’t know when it started eating away at him, this feeling. It’s a burning, sweltering, so damn distracting type of feeling and it’s just about swallowing up his whole being. It sits thick behind his ribs, makes his heart jump a few beats too fast whenever he so much as looks in your direction.
It’s infuriating. It always has been.
Maybe this fire he feels for you ignited back during the UA days. A small, simmering little thing it was back then, mainly because he forced it to be, forced himself to fight it down with bared teeth and sharpened nails. Denying, and denying, and denying because Bakugou Katsuki didn’t fucking need anyone. The only person he would ever need was himself.
But that was way back when, back when he was still an unpredictable ball of anger and so emotionally constipated that everyone was surprised it wasn’t painful—back when he would scoff at the notion of love, of weakness. 
Now? Not so much.
It’s been years since...those days, and he’s graduated and climbed the hero rankings so quickly that it’s near frightening. Of course, experience dominos along with this feat, and of course, it’s something that he’s had plenty of now. Plenty of them eye-opening, a handful of them near-death, all of them tucked away for safekeeping under the green nylon of his belt.
The slow roll of time has ticked away over the years, and frankly, it’s also ticked him off in part. Because not only has he had time for maturity and growth and yadda yadda yadda, but he’s also had time to grow into himself, his morals, and most (if not the only thing) of all—
He’s had time to grow into his feelings. As sickening and as ooey-gooey as they may be.
It probably began on the day when he decided that you were remotely tolerable (for reasons he will never admit), and after that, the both of you naturally pulled closer. So close, in fact, that you have the key to his apartment, and he has yours. So close that he doesn’t throw a confused glare when he finds you lounging on his couch after a long day of hero work like he would with literally anyone else. So close that when he sees you walk out of his shower in nothing but a thin towel, he doesn’t even bat an eye. 
(On the outside, at least—)
It’s purely platonic, that’s what it’s established itself to be, you guys are just friends. And to any normal person, that’s exactly how it would appear. Save for the few who know Bakugou better, who know that he would never in a million years give someone as much freedom to roam around in his home, in his heart, as he gives you.
Unless, of course, there are some...other feelings at play.
And honestly? He can’t even deny it anymore.
Bakugou Katsuki is hopelessly in love, and with his best friend, no less.
Well, one of them, at least. Kirishima is without a doubt his best friend as well, but the relationship he’s greedily carved with you isn’t like that. Not at all. 
Because Bakugou doesn’t feel this nastiness that rots from his stomach to his chest whenever Kirishima tells him about a new girl that he’s talking to, and that he’s hopeful it might blossom into something more. He doesn’t see red at the edges of his vision or have to suppress his quirk from just exploding because he’s so jealous that it hurts.
Kirishima isn’t you.
Kirishima isn’t in his room, draped over his bed, gushing about some “cute” fucking guy he met at the coffee shop he frequents every Friday.
“And then he asked for my number! Can you believe it, Katsuki?” 
You don’t notice the gruffer than usual grunt he gives in response, or the fact that his eyes roll so hard they nearly disappear into his skull. You haven’t been noticing this whole time, or maybe you’re pretending not to.
(It’s an expertise you and your tight-knit circle have perfected over the years: learning to tune out his rough behaviors. They bounce right off of you now, barely even affect you because you know they hold no malice.)
(...Most of the time.)
He’s seated with his back against the headboard, aggressively tinkering with the lever that’s now dangling from his gauntlet. It got busted up during patrol earlier, he’d told you, and the villain who did it? Well, they’d ended up with a bit more than a black eye and bruised up ribs.
You shift on your stomach, begin to pick at the wrinkles that ripple over his black comforter when you say;
“At this rate, I might just find my true love before you do.”
It’s so obviously a tease because the words roll off of your tongue playfully, jokingly, no harm intended. It’s usual, the banter, but what is not usual is how your eyes droop just the slightest bit, dully, almost sadly.
Katsuki doesn’t notice this detail, he can’t notice because he’s too busy seething in his own pool of anger. It’s silent and without words, the way he lets his grip around the screwdriver turn to iron. He digs into the gauntlet with so much force now that his forearm and hand sprout vein after vein after vein, all of them a papercut away from bursting.
Anybody who has so much as seen Bakugou Katsuki, whether out and about or featured on TV, knows full well that he is more than capable of snagging himself a girlfriend. Hell, he could even have multiple if he so desired, what with all of the women practically throwing themselves at him left and right. So you find it odd how he never accepts any of them, never even tries. He doesn’t even look in their direction, just brushes them off like they’re some annoying little bugs. 
It’s puzzling, all of it is, and despite this, you’ve never once poked or prodded for a solid answer because you’ve already come to your own hard-to-swallow conclusion.
Well, two conclusions, actually. Your first is that he just doesn’t want a romantic relationship. Your second? He already has his eyes set on someone else.
You’d rather not think about the latter.
Because thinking about it means letting a part of yourself wither and die away, to disintegrate with the wind.
It’s a war you haven’t quite learned to face yet; the war with yourself, with your feelings. 
You’re not sure when it surfaced, this fondness that has wormed itself into your heart, forged trenches so deep you can never seem to shake it off.
Longing, longing, longing. It’s all you can ever seem to feel when you’re around him.
But the worst part by far is the aching. When the spindly vines of those deep-rooted feelings wrap around your heart, grow thorns and pierce your gummy flesh until you’re bleeding, bleeding, and bled.
It hurts, it always has. And it’s silly, you know it is, falling for your best friend. He would definitely think it is too, he would probably think that it’s stupid.
The thought haunts you, so does the feeling that just never seems to fizzle out despite how badly you’ve wished for it to because you’re positive that he would never feel the same way. So you’ve resigned yourself to your fate, resigned yourself to finding distraction in other things, in other bodies.
Even if he’s being a bit rough with you right now, it’s just because he’s tired, right? It’s late, patrol was draining for the both of you, he’s probably at that point of tired where he just doesn’t give a fuck about anything, where he gets all grumpy and short.
(No, it’s the opposite, actually—)
Katsuki does give a fuck, he gives a trillion fucks about this stupid coffee shop dude, so when your phone dings with a text and you nearly fall off of the bed because—Oh my god it’s him! He really texted!—it takes every drop of restraint within him not to just stand up and smash his window to flying shards.
“What did he say?” Now he has to get involved, and the words seep through his bared teeth in a quiet growl.
“He asked if it’s me,” you giggle and tap away at the screen, “the ‘coffee shop girl’.”
‘The coffee shop girl’
Did that douche really forget your name? Or is it some shitty nickname that he thought would be cute? You apparently think it’s very cute, though, and he wants to fucking scream.
He’s practically burning holes into your phone now—he wants to burn it, actually, explode it with his own two hands and leave it a heap of smokey ashes on the floor.
Seeing you all giddy and giggly would usually have his heart squeezing and his mind softening. It never fails to because fuck he loves it. He thinks he’ll never get enough.
But this is different. This isn’t right. You shouldn’t have your heart fixed on some other guy, looking all hopeful that something more will happen.
A sour taste finds its way onto Katsuki’s tongue.
He hates it, hates the little nickname, hates how every ounce of your attention is glued to your phone and not him. If it was on him, you’d be able to see, clear as day, the deep crease lining his brow; it’s sharp enough to cut glass. You’d also see the additional veins protruding from his temple and the column of his throat, and the painful flexing of his biceps from where they’re now crossed tightly against his chest. 
If your attention was on him, you would have seen how he was nearly shaking when he placed his gauntlet and tools on the floor, as calmly as someone like him could manage in a situation like this.
It’s been slipping this whole time, his restraint. A flimsy little thread it is right now, the only thing that’s holding the raging pieces of him together, the only thing that’s keeping him from going crazy.
And with every little shift of your hips and curl of your lips, he finds that thread straining tighter.
It pulls and yanks and threatens to snap each and every time your eyes light up, each time you sound a cute little noise because of something someone else said.
(He should be the one making you feel that way—)
He tries his best to appear ‘calm’, he really does. And after a few minutes of staring bullets into your skull, trying to will you to just glance in his damn direction, he questions you again despite knowing that his voice would sound anything but.
“So?” he grits out. “The fuck is he saying now?”
You don’t respond. Barely even react. All you do is give a light, absent hum and it’s obvious that you didn’t bother to register a single word he said, nor did you bother to register the resentment in his tone.
That moment almost makes him lose it.
If only he knew what you were going to say next.
“Oh my god, Katsuki,” you squeal and it’s like your whole body writhes in joy. “He just asked me out on a date. Holy shit, how do I respond? Do I say I—”
There it is.
It was going to happen eventually, he knew it was. He can only take so much. It’s why his lips draw back in a snarl and his overly hot and sweaty hand snatches up your phone, plucks it all too easily from your grasp. When your squeal blends into a gasp, he’s quick to turn his back to you.
“What the hell are you doing?” you nearly yell, bursting up from your stomach to tackle him off of the bed. He barely even flinches, just takes the full weight of your body against his back like you’re nothing. He shifts himself again so your prying hands stay off of and away from his front.
“Give it back!” You sound desperate, so desperate that Katsuki almost feels bad. You keep attempting to paw past his shoulders and around his biceps to snatch it back, but your arms aren’t long enough and he just keeps matching your movements so each and every time you’re met with the bulging muscles of his back.
“Hold on,” he grunts, elbowing your reaching arm away.
Then he feels your nails dig into his shoulder, and a little whine of a sound leaves your throat. “Katsuki, please—”
Fuck, why did you have to say that of all things? And in that tone too?
Suddenly, he’s hyper-aware of the position he’s in. How you’re pressed so tightly against him, clawing at his shoulders, his arms, his back.
Begging him for mercy.
All of it swelters something within him, something naughty and carnal and needy.
“There.” He shoves the phone back at you roughly, retreating all too quickly to his spot against the headboard.
Honestly, you’re lucky he didn’t just blow it to bits. You’re lucky he could manage to restrain himself into doing something that was, in his opinion, much more graceful.
(You’re lucky he didn’t pounce on you right then and there—)
He wipes his palms on his sweats, watches you with large pupils and narrowed lids as you stare intently at your screen. 
It’s wet, there are little droplets of sweat sitting over the keyboard towards the bottom. The long edges of your case are wet as well, but you’re focused on something else entirely.
Your eyes are glued to the most recent text, the one that apparently came from you, the one that you definitely did not just send yourself.
‘No. Fuck you assface. Stop texting me’
And your stomach, along with your composure, drops to the floor.
“Bakugou, what the fuck?!” This time, you do yell. He winces slightly at the name, his last name. You only use it when you’re beyond pissed with him.
You try to text him back as fast as you can, apologizing profusely because oh my god, I’m so sorry my asshole of a friend took my phone—but when you hit send with a frantic finger, you find that it doesn’t deliver.
“He blocked me?!” you gape, wide-eyed and in disbelief.
“Good,” Katsuki scoffs, seemingly proud of what he’s done.
“What is wrong with you?” Your seething hands reach for the nearest object, which just so thankfully (for him) happens to be his pillow, and you send it barreling towards his head.
He meets it with ease just as he did with you before, catches it and places it in its rightful place like it’s nothing, like you’re nothing. It’s like he couldn’t care less about what he’s done, doesn’t even bat an eye at how he just blatantly ruined this for you. And for what? A sick joke? Maybe he’s just a sadist and he revels in seeing you suffer. Maybe he secretly hates you. That’s what it certainly feels like, because now you’re seeing red, and now you’re feeling this smoldering thickness seeping up from your stomach and diffusing rapidly to the tips of your ears.
“C’mon,” he still sounds smug, a lazy smirk curling his lip when he reaches out in what seems (to you) to be mock reassurance. “Don’t tell me you’re that mad about it, he was probably fucking lame anyway.”
You smack his hand away with an honest to god snarl. It has your hand stinging with pins and needles, his is probably the same because he stares at the red mark surfacing on his palm with rounded eyes and parted lips.
You could honestly scoff at the insanity of it, how that got him to drop his smug attitude.
(It dropped almost too easily, too quickly, maybe something in his mind flipped at that moment, made him realize that oh shit, you’re really mad, and oh shit, he might have fucked up.)
It’s building, the anger, leaving you hot and desperate and needing to fucking lash out. 
So it grows claws. Teeth. They’re nasty and ruthless in their first bite, aiming to draw blood.
“No, fuck you,” you spit with the intent to cut deep, and you’re pleasantly surprised to see that wow, it actually does. He flinches at your words, at your tone. Then you’re pushing off of the bed, going to stand up. “I’m leaving, Bakugou. Don’t ever fucking talk to me again.”
Maybe it was a low blow to put that much emphasis on the name, to basically end your long-lived friendship with the snap of a few simple words. Maybe all of it is a low blow, this whole situation has been a conveyor belt of them, one after the other, each of them hitting harder than the last.
Katsuki is frozen in his position as he watches you move. Your sore thighs tremble the slightest bit from the strain of patrol as you shift to go stand. He can clearly see your wince from the pain and the hard clench of your jaw because you’re close, so close, and he could easily grab you and yank you back, as cruel as that sounds.
But, and in a way he can’t describe, you’re also far, almost too far and that distance is only growing inch by inch as the seconds tick past.
He deserves it, he knows that fact full well. You should be leaving after the stunt he pulled. It was selfish, it was greedy. Greedy of him to want you all to himself despite being too fucking scared to ask you out, greedy of him to ruin your chances with whoever the hell you were fawning over.
Would he take back what he did, though? 
Fuck no.
Not in a million years would he let someone else have you, not if he could help it. 
But now, he’s finding that it’s hurting in the worst way, the fact that you’re really pissed over what he’s done and that you’re really serious about leaving. It sinks him heavy into the sheets, roots him and any action he wants to take in place.
He wants to reach out to you.
He wants to stop you, to tell you everything.
(He wants to tell you he’s loved you for as long as he can remember—)
But his blood is cold, turned to cement within his veins as he watches everything he’s built with you dissolve right before him. Every memory you’ve shared, all the way from the first day at UA to the shitshow that has been today. If he lets you walk out of that door, he's sure that all of it, all of you will be lost to him.
He watches in what seems like slow motion as you finally stand to your feet, as you take your first step towards his door.
He watches as you take a few more steps, as you bend down to snatch up a handful of your many sweaters that have found a home in his room.
There are four words running through his mind, blaring over and over like a fire alarm, loud, loud, and louder. Screaming to be heard.
He can’t lose you.
He can’t lose you.
He can’t fucking lose you.
So he acts, without his permission, before he even knows what he’s doing. It’s like something within his psyche forced him to do it.
You’re under him within a second, desperately yanked backward by the wrist and flopped back onto the bed. It leaves you dizzy, your mind spinning, and it takes you a few moments to come to and realize that the one person you do not want to see right now is hovering just above you.
“Get off of me,” you bark, shoving at his chest, his shoulders. But just as before, your actions don’t affect him one bit.
“I didn’t want him to have you,” he says almost immediately, and his tone carries a firmness that doubles yours.
“Yeah? I’m well aware.” Your voice is higher now, less angered and more so just blended with confusion because what the hell is happening right now? 
It’s not unusual for the two of you to spar or for you to be under him in such a position, but this time it feels different. Obviously, everything about this situation is different from your run-of-the-mill spar (you’re literally on his bed—), but that’s not the point because right now, you aren’t too sure of his intention.
What is he planning to do? Is he just going to keep you here and bully you back into friendship? Yeah, no way in hell.
So you switch to more desperate measures, turning shoves into balled fists and stiff legs into kicking ones. That only makes him press closer, though, and his palms snatch up your wrists and dig them deep into the sheets.
“No,” he growls and his eyes are like lasers, boring straight into your damn soul, red and unwavering. He speaks slower, puts emphasis on every word now as if you didn’t quite understand him the first time, “I didn’t want him to have you.” As the last one drawls from his lips, his grip on your wrists tighten, almost painfully, and he bruises them down even harder.
As strange as it is, you think (you hope) that the action is kind of possessive. And the thought of what that could imply stirs up something you thought you tucked away long ago, something that was meant to rot alongside you in the grave.
It’s warm and gooey, whatever has been ignited, seeps through your abdomen and mixes like some forbidden cocktail along with every other nasty feeling that’s rooted itself there. You don’t know how to feel, don’t know what to do or how to react. So you do the first thing that comes to mind, the thing you’ve always done, the thing that comes naturally. 
You fight it.
“I don’t know what the hell you’re getting at, and frankly, I don’t give a single fuck,” you spit, “Now get off.” 
It’s an order, but he doesn’t listen. You will your body to flail and writhe under the weight of him, trying to do anything you can to free yourself so you can just get up and leave this whole mess behind.
You try to kick your legs up again, maybe knee him in the damn balls if that’s what it takes, but he has your legs effectively pinned with his. Your arms are helpless too, so the only thing you can really do is arch up and squirm around like some kind of freak worm.
Even with your training, you’re still so weak under him. You must look pathetic, every time you push up against him he just absorbs it all too easily with the brute of his strength. Everything you do is fruitless, you know it is, you know it will be so you’re just about to start screaming, but his next words break your thoughts—
“Does he know how you get quiet when you’re nervous?”
Your fight falters slightly at that, body going rigid and confused. “What—?”
“How sweet you like your morning tea?” He’s not even giving you a chance to respond, maybe he doesn’t want you to. Maybe he has something to prove. “How you carried that stupid stuffed animal with you everywhere you went, our first few weeks in the dorms?”
You’re gaping at this point, lips parted and dry. “How do you even remember that—”
“‘Course he fuckin’ doesn’t,” he interrupts with a growl. “You know who does?” He brings his face closer, eyes red and blazing with something you can almost taste. “Me. I fucking do. Because I pay attention.”
He pays...attention?
Well, he always has, hasn’t he?
Now that you really think about it, there’s plenty of things he’s done for you that have no plausible explanation unless he really was paying attention, and closely at that.
Every dish he’s made you has always been seasoned to perfection, despite you never telling him what you’d preferred. Your hair, too, he’s always done it with this strange ease, eloquent with his nature even though you’d never taught him how. He doesn’t even have any siblings, and you’re positive he would never practice on anyone else.
When you were feeling down, you somehow always got pinged with text messages throughout the day—him giving you little healthy reminders to wear your winter coat, or to drink some water, or to not push yourself too hard, dumbass. On these days, you’ve even moped into your apartment after patrol to find him cooking you a plentiful dinner. He must’ve known you’d be too spent to cook, let alone eat.
It’s like he’s always known everything. Down to every little detail.
(Remembering little details, doing little things. It’s what he’s always been best at.)
(With you, at least—)
He’s always been right there as well, glued to your side. Sometimes with a hand a bit too low on your back, sometimes barking at anyone that dared to get a bit too close, teeth bared and ready to bite. 
He was the first one to your hospital room when you got injured in your second year, he was the first one at your door when you didn’t show up to the agency that one day. 
When your old apartment building was destroyed by those villains, he was the first one you went to and he let you live with him for months.
He was the first one you went to for...everything.
It’s always been him.
And he’s always had those same eyes, as crimson and as beautiful as they are. Those same eyes that carry the weight of a secret you know all too well. He’s giving you them, right now, staring at you so deeply like he’s hoping to god you’ll get the message this time around.
And you do finally get it, you think, because “just friends” don’t look at each other like that. 
They don’t look like they want to kiss and laugh and make love in bed together, forever.
“A friend” doesn’t look at you with pleading, near begging eyes because it’ll somehow mean the end of the world for them if you leave.
No, a friend doesn’t look like that at all.
“Do you even know—” He cuts you off harshly. “Do you even know what it’s like to be around you? How much I’ve wanted to just—” He pauses, head hovering just above yours for a few short breaths before— 
“Fuck it.”
He kisses you. Crashes his teeth into yours in a way that’s entirely too rough, in a way that’s almost painful. There’s nothing romantic about it, nothing heartwarming or sickeningly sweet like he’d hoped the first press of his lips against yours would taste. It hurts with the weight of years upon years of repressed feelings, of needing this moment to happen.
At this point, he doesn’t even care if you don’t return the sentiment, he just has to let it the fuck out before he goes insane.
But you don’t push him away like he’d expected, don’t even squirm or squeak in surprise. Instead, he feels you melt into him with equal need, with equal greed, hands trailing up his nape and through his hair to pull him that much closer.
The action is wordless, mute. But it tells him all he needs to know.
Katsuki’s the one to pull away, and when you try to follow him with a low whine he pushes you back down with his weight, head dipping to your neck, the underside of your jaw.
“Such a fuckin’ idiot,” he rasps between each suck and you can feel the smirk he’s wearing. “My fuckin’ idiot.”
It sends a shudder that zips down your spine, the possessiveness of it all, the fact that that really just happened. It replaces the anger that once boiled inside with a fluttering feeling that’s almost completely overwhelming.
It soon does become overwhelming, though, because then everything’s moving much too fast for you to keep up, moving much too fast for you to even adjust. His teeth at your neck, his breath on your skin, his calloused hands smoothing under your shirt and over your ribs, inching higher and higher and higher until—
“Katsuki,” you gasp under him, stiffening, “wait, I—”
“Tell me to stop,” he rasps against you, halting his body, his breath. “Tell me to walk out of here right now and things can go back to normal.”
It’s a lie. Both of you know it is.
Nothing can go back to normal, not after tonight. But that’s just it, you don’t want things to go back to normal. That was obvious from the moment you kissed him back.
You want to tell him to touch you again, to kiss you until the morning sun rises, until you’re both panting and breathless and dewy. But you don’t. Your eyes and lips remain heavy as you stare at him, his hands on your torso, his hard abdomen on yours.
You’re just trying to give yourself time to process, well, all of this, but he takes that as hesitation.
He rises and leans back now, still holding his breath, still searching desperately for an answer.
“Tell me what you want, Y/N,” he whispers just loud enough for you to hear. There’s a slight mourning in his voice, like he’s already grieving over what he thinks your answer will be.
Once again, you don’t respond right away, and his face is quick to fall.
And once again, you’re still busy mentally picking up the pieces of yourself, organizing and slotting them back together from the mind-shattering kiss and revelation he’s thrown you into.
He’s right here, wedged in between your thighs and firm against your hips. It’s a position you’ve imagined yourself in time and time again with him, only him, always him. You’ve wanted all of these things for so long, and the promise of them, of what they could be, linger so close you could reach out and snatch them.
And you’re about to do just that, you’re so eager to, so eager to wrap around and cradle them with the lengths of your loving fingers. But then they start to pull away, start to climb off of you, their warmth and comforting weight disappearing and suddenly something fearful within you bursts.
You grab him by his collar, snag it by the sharp of your claws like a wolf on an empty stomach. It’s ravenous, it’s desperate. You pull him back down with such a force and, just like before, your lips collide like two speeding cars.
“You,” you’re quick to say between breaths. “I’ve always wanted you.”
Katsuki grunts at the sudden impact, it’s muffled by your mouth on his, and his eyes round as he braces himself on his forearms. It takes a short, stiff-lipped moment for him to realize that, no, you did not just reject him, and no, his life is not ruined, and when he does, he’s heaving a relieved sigh through his nose.
It’s deep, the warm puff of air diffuses along your cheeks.
“Took you long enough,” he grumbles when he parts just barely.
“Sorry,” you puff back with half a heart. 
You gasp when his tongue swipes your lip, squeak when his teeth bite down at your bottom one, wet with his spit. “Better be,” he scolds between his teeth, and then he sinks them in deeper. A punishment. “Gave me a fuckin’ heart attack.”
It’s not enough to draw blood, he doesn’t want to hurt you, but you still start whining at the pain, trying to tug him away by his roots. He relents with ease, even licks at the slight mark that’s left and guides you into another open and wet kiss.
Katsuki’s mentally scolding himself and his prior eagerness, so he paces himself slower this time around. He’s more tentative; he lets his lips get sloppier and his hands get grabbier, but only when he knows you’re ready—when he’s positive that you want it.
Eventually, you do start squirming under him. Your hips wiggle around and try to catch on the thigh that’s wedged between them.
“Needy,” he rumbles from under your jaw, from where he’s been sucking at for the last minute. He latches onto your pulse again, sucking and lapping when he inches a single palm under the hem of your shirt. He smoothes over the soft flesh of your breast, squeezes and then pinches at the peak of it. 
You gasp at the sensation, but this time, it’s in pleasure, and this time, he knows not to stop.
He rolls his hips into yours for the first time, still clothed, but you can still feel the firm line that’s straining against the fabric.
You try to sound like you have some semblance of control, but your words come out high and withered as you say, “If I’m needy, then what is this?” And you take the opportunity to bump your hips up, grinding against his obvious erection. It makes him groan, right into your flesh, and he quickly retreats his lips with a wet pop.
“S-shit,” he curses low. He raises his head and you can see the strained expression lining his features. His focus settles on your eyes, then your lips, then to where his hand is still resting over your chest.
Then he starts pawing at your shirt. “Get this shit off,” he hurries. “Let me fuckin’ see you.”
Your shirt comes off first. His follows soon after, but not before he eyes both of your breasts and gives them a loving squeeze. The garments are torn off unceremoniously, with the haste and eagerness to bare and be bared.
He tries to yank down your bottoms and panties in one go. It fails, and it sends you awkwardly dragging along with them. And then Katsuki yanks on them again, and you barely resist the urge to kick him.
Soon though, and after many impatient fumbles and muttered curses from Katuski, every piece is thrown behind his shoulder and lost somewhere on the floor.
It’s like he has no shame being completely naked in front of you. He probably doesn’t, hell, he shouldn’t. Washboard abs and ripped muscles, not to mention his picture-perfect face. He is perfect, he always has been, and he greedily rakes you up and down as he takes you in completely.
His cock bobs against his stomach as he moves. It’s bigger than you’d expected. Girthier, more length too. You think for a second that it’s more than you can take.
He shoos your arms away when you try to shield yourself, easily pulls your thighs apart when they stay stiff instead of opening for him to slot between. He crawls himself back over you and supports himself around the sides of your head.
“Are you scared?” he questions, and you can tell that it’s genuine. There’s no smirk, no smugness to it, there might even be slight concern.
“No,” you say, and you want to cringe at how your voice wobbles. “Why would I be?”
Katsuki clicks his tongue and grips you by the jaw, forcing you to meet his scrutiny.
“Don’t fuckin’ lie to me. You know I hate that shit,” he hisses. But instead of hounding you for a truthful answer, he comes to smooth that same harsh palm over your forehead, brushes your stray hairs back.
It’s calm. Soothing, too. Both of which surprises you. But the simple act settles you, nonetheless. So do his next words of;
“I’ll take care of you, okay?”
You know they’re sincere, you wouldn’t believe them to be anything but. He always has taken care of you, after all, in one way or another. They make you want to melt right under him and you almost want to laugh at how easily he’s calmed you with just a few simple, soft-spoken words. 
Your hands find his biceps and you give them a reassuring squeeze. Both of you share a look.
“Okay,” you whisper with a nod.
Katsuki nods back, only slightly, and he looks almost proud as he does. Of you or of himself, though, that much isn’t clear. 
He travels down your body, trails the calloused pads of his fingertips over and along your curves. It’s slow, very slow, how his touch ghosts along your bare skin, over your ribs and hips and finally down to your thighs. It makes your legs tremble with the urge to snap them shut. Then he’s dropping a kiss to your navel just as he rests his head between them. A hot puff of breath spreads over your core—
And that’s when your legs finally threaten to close, but then there are wide and firm hands finding the meat of them, holding them still before you even get the chance.
“Relax for me, baby,” he coos but there’s a rough undertone to it, and the name shoots straight to the rapid-fire beating of your heart. It rolls off his tongue so easily, so naturally. You love it, you want him to call you that forever.
You’re nodding again, this time more shakily, trying your best to calm your breath and your nerves. 
And you do relax, eventually, with enough slow sweeps of his thumbs from where his hands rest and with enough butterfly-light kisses to the soft inner flesh. You untense, turn complacent, and he uses that to his liking.
“That’s it,” he says, and he spreads you apart with the greedy press of his palms. He licks his lips just as he goes to glide a thumb through your slit, collecting the slick and using it to rub slow, gentle circles over your clit.
You jolt at the sensation, and your fingers find hold in his sheets and clench. A high, broken noise rises from your throat.
“You’re so fuckin’ sensitive,” he husks. He almost sounds excited at the discovery, and his eye has a carnal glint to it now, lip curved and showing teeth. 
But then he falters for a fraction of a second. His features ebb into something that’s more shocked, more wavering. “Shit, I thought you’ve done this before?”
“O-only a few times,” you get out, a bit breathless and heaving because he still hasn’t stopped his motions.
Then the finger on your clit disappears, but only for a moment because then it’s dipping straight into you. And despite the fact that you just confirmed his previous thoughts, you still hear the angry growl that wrenches from his chest.
“Oh, baby.” He’s starting to pump in and out, and you can tell that his mouth is hovering close because you can feel his hot breaths when he rumbles, “I’ll treat you better than any of those lame fuckers have.”
His mouth finds you suddenly, his tongue, too. They latch onto your most sensitive spot and lick and suck and slurp. It makes you jolt again, more violently this time. But it also has your thighs tensing in that telltale way that he’s already learned to predict.
So his free palm finds the flesh of one, gripping and digging deep just as he messily removes his mouth from your core.
“Don’t you dare close ‘em,” he commands, eyes burning into you like magma, red and hot and powerful. “Not ‘til you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
There’s a shudder that wracks through your core and down the lengths of your legs at that, at his tone, and that’s when Katsuki knows he’s got you right where he wants you.
So he licks his lips, simmering in the pride that’s come with turning you all cute and submissive and sinfully presented. Then he returns right back to where he was before, except this time, he moves more skillfully, more determined. His licks and sucks turn sharper, much more pinpointed on the spots that he’s finding make you cry out the loudest. 
He prods another finger at your opening, it’s thick so it stretches as he inches it in, and it also burns. But it doesn’t burn enough for you to yelp out or writhe away because he eases it in slowly, gently, like he’s trying to learn your limits in this new way.
It’s a stark contrast to the treatment he’s giving your...other parts, and your teeth latch onto your bottom lip, eyes squeezing shut.
He laps his tongue at your clit still, even flicks his eyes up to study your face, watchful and sharp as he tries to help you relax. And he keeps doing this for as long as you need, until he can glide the two digits in and out without resistance, until your slick and his spit are drooling down and around his knuckles and onto the bed sheets below.
“Oh, fuck,” you sigh out. You’re moaning softly now, hands having migrated from his sheets to the roots of his hair.
“Yeah?” he grunts and it vibrates straight from his mouth and into you. “You like that?”
You do manage to get out a few whiney yes’s, and when your fingers start to dig into his scalp and pull, Katsuki lets out a long groan.
It’s like he keeps finding new nerves that you didn’t even know you had, and when you jolt and whine at all the sudden feelings, he targets those spots relentlessly, almost cruelly.
There’s a hot pressure rising deep in your gut, there has been this whole time. It’s why you start grinding your hips up, desperately trying to chase that feeling.
Katsuki starts grinding his hips down as well, he can’t help it, you just sound so damn hot. You look it too, with your head thrown back and neck on full display with each and every mark, each and every claim he’s left there.
His, his, his, is what those marks say. And he’s glad, fucking ecstatic, because now the whole world can see it.
He starts grunting out something in between when his mouth parts from your sex, they are words you can vaguely make out from the heavy slurping and the heavy breathing. Something along the lines of him telling you to come, him telling you to give it to him, c’mon, baby.
You were already panting out short and shallow breaths, but when he curls his fingers suddenly, it’s like every bit of air gets pushed straight from your lungs.
Your climax jolts through you suddenly, and you start choking on nothing as you gasp out broken syllables of his name. Then you realize that he’s not stopping, he hasn’t even slowed down.
So you start squirming, it’s only natural that you would. Katsuki doesn’t take too kindly to this, apparently, because he keeps a strong arm curled around your trembling thigh and he flashes you a narrowed carmine eye, just daring you to try and escape.
“Ka-Katsuki—” you get out, whiney and wet-eyed. “‘s too much—too much, please—”
He’s smirking into you now, but you don’t register it. Maybe you would have if your senses weren’t already so overstimulated, if your weak hands weren’t desperately pawing at his head.
You let out a particularly weak sob, a pathetic one, and that’s what finally gets him to relent. You don’t even notice him crawling over you because of the arm you threw over your face, so he just hovers there for one, two, five seconds too long before finally clicking his tongue.
“Look at me,” he tells you, dragging your arm aside. So you do, even though you’re still locked in a fuzzy daze. “Yeah, there we go. So fuckin’ beautiful.”
He drags a finger along the line of your jaw, shamelessly admiring you in the pleasure-drunken state that he so dutifully caused. Then he’s leaning down to slip his tongue past your parted lips. It’s still drenched with you, so is his chin, but he doesn’t seem to care, and frankly neither do you. It’s only when he parts and wipes his mouth with the back of his palm that you start to care, because then he wipes the remnants of before on you, right in between your soft breasts.
He smirks evilly as he does this, teasingly, and he watches as your features scrunch in confusion, only to morph into annoyance.
“You could have wiped that on your bed sheets,” you half-spit, half-pant out. “Or better yet, on you.”
You’re too spent to really do anything but give him a scolding gaze, but Katsuki barely even seems bothered by it. In fact, he looks pretty amused.
“Why?” he questions, and then he comes in close, cages you in with his arms. His voice is gravelly as he snarks out a low, “You’re cute when you’re mad.”
“Yeah?” Your tone is slightly teasing now, prodding. You try to lean up towards him, get him nose to nose with you. Meeting his challenge. “Does that mean you’d get hard whenever I’d get mad at you?”
His eyes darken at that, and not in the way you would have liked to see.
“Maybe,” he husks back.
He doesn’t even bother to hide the obvious lust coating his voice.
Your resolve stutters, so does your brain. Frankly, you don’t know how to respond to that. Sure, you asked, but no, you did not expect it to actually be confirmed.
So instead of answering verbally, you opt for different, (and in your opinion) much more fitting measures. You raise your arm to jab at his shoulder in disgust, but he catches your wrist swiftly and lowers his body flush to yours. The action pulls a gasp from you because you could feel it before, but now you definitely can. 
His cock, the thick weight of it is throbbing sporadically against your thigh, and the liquid drooling from the tip has smeared across your skin.
You want to smack him away, want to keep poking at him for getting turned on as a result of your anger. Honestly, he was probably turned on whenever the two of you would spar as well (you certainly were, not that you’d ever admit to it). You wonder how many times he’s popped a boner at your oblivious self.
You can’t continue down that line of conversation. He doesn’t let you.
“I’ll show you what it’s like to get fucked,” he growls right into your ear, changing the topic all too quickly because he’s probably impatient at this point, all pent up from before.
“You want that?” he speaks again with a strong roll of his hips into you, and then he’s nipping at the shell of your ear until you’re crying out a high yes. He curses under his breath at that. “Yeah? You wanna fuck your best friend?”
Really, you barely even comprehend the sentence, the meaning behind him still using the words ‘best friend’ and not ‘boyfriend’. But it’s dirty, so dirty, spoken with such an edge that all you can do is struggle under him.
He hisses when your movements meet his cock, broad hands shooting to your hips, firm and rough as they hold you in place.
You’re whining a little now, sputtering out a short, “Yes, Katsuki, please—”
He gives an ambiguous hum, noses his way up from your ear and along your cheek, all the way until it bumps with the tip of yours. And he just keeps himself there, hovering, and he’s wearing an expression you can’t quite place. His brows are furrowed and his eyes are narrowed almost angrily.
“‘m not your best friend anymore,” he murmurs and there’s a strange softness to it, a slight vulnerability. Then he continues, “‘m your fuckin’ boyfriend now.”
The sentiment is obvious, has been obvious for a short time now, and this time you certainly comprehend what he’s just said. But before you can even return it, he’s already easing himself inside of you.
You whimper a little at the sting, but it’s swallowed up whole by the mouth that’s dropped to cover yours. It all comes so suddenly, and you’re wet, very wet, it’s just that the prepping he gave you with his fingers is nothing compared to this.
It burns and stretches far too uncomfortably as he pushes himself in deeper.
It’s painful.
So you squirm away from him for the umpteenth time tonight, and he lets you. He lets your nails dig into his biceps when you voice a weak, “H-hurts, Katsuki.”
“I know,” he answers far too gently, but there’s a hint of desperation as well. He drops kiss after kiss to your forehead, to the edges of your lips that are held tight. “I know it does. But it’ll feel good soon. Just trust me, alright?”
You can’t see it, but every muscle in him is straining, willing his body to hold still for your sake. His jaw is clenched as well, molars grinding as he fights against this fucked up want to split you in one swift thrust.
“I said I’ll take care of you, yeah?” he manages to voice.
You nod fractionally, leaning to hide your head in his shoulder when he continues pressing in slowly, agonizingly. Then he dips a hand between your bodies and draws circles over your clit, trying his best to help you soften up.
“There we go,” he coaxes when you finally sigh and unravel. “See, you can take it.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you get out airily, and when he finally bottoms out, both of you let out a gasp.
He stays like that for a few moments, has you get used to the feeling of him as the lines of your nails soften against his skin. And then he pulls his hips back fractionally, only to push them right back in. He hisses at the sweet drag of your walls just as you curl into him with a moan.
Katsuki keeps himself at that steady pace; slow and shallow and careful. It’s only when you start bumping your hips up in what he knows is a silent plea that he allows the bits of his restraint to slip.
Longer, deeper, harder. His hips are almost moving on their own.
“Fuck,” he curses as your nails carve their way down his back. They leave trails of deep red that he’ll fawn over later. For now, though, he focuses on the sweet pain that they give, at how you seem to open up to him with every thrust, allowing him to snap into you with more vigor, with more force, each one harsher than the last.
“O-oh, Katsuki—” you moan high at a particularly rough thrust that sends you nearly bumping into the headboard. And he repeats the action again, and again, and again.
“Say it again,” he demands, harshly. “Scream my fuckin’ name.” He slams into you once more, it’s the hardest he’s done thus far, and it has his name ripping from the back of your throat.
He could almost come undone right there, at the sight of you like this. It has his eyes nearly rolling all the way back because it’s just like how he’s always imagined it to be, it's just like how it should have been way before this moment.
Katsuki shoulders off your arms and you’re just about to whine, but then his fingers find yours. They slide up and along your palm, intertwining together and squeezing as he slams them down into the sheets beside your head.
It happens so quickly, the movement is so swift, so harsh. It leaves you even more breathless and wanting than before.
He’s still towering over you, still smothering you with his body and his breath and just him, except now his body is like a cage. He envelopes you whole, surrounds you and drowns you and silently threatens to never let you go.
And you love it. The safety and comfort that his body over yours brings. It’s needed, so fucking needed and you want to stay here with him, within him, for as long as time will allow.
You call out his name again, though it comes out more as a high plea, and you lift your head up just barely, trying to catch his lips.
He sinks down all too easily when he realizes when you want, feels your fingers squeeze him back when he smothers you for a bit too long until you’re bursting for air when he finally pulls away.
“I love you,” you pant out suddenly. So suddenly that you honestly don’t know what compelled you to say it. But you did, nonetheless, and now the words are out there, floating in the small space between you and him.
You felt like you had to say them, right now, like if you didn’t your heart would implode.
Katsuki’s eyes widen and his hips stutter dumbly as if he’s trying to process what you’ve just confessed. He is, to be fair, but he never once stops his motions, only lets his hips get sloppier and his lips get messier when they rush down to yours on instinct.
It’s fast, it’s rough, and the impulsive surge of them has become typical at this point. His teeth click with yours on the impact.
“I love you too,” he answers. Then he’s cursing under his breath, “Fuck—I think I always have.”
His words are small, breathless, almost too quiet for you to pick up on between his fierce rutting. He tries to hide them within the press of your lips, tries to muffle them into the warmth of your mouth.
Then he’s tucking his head into the line of your neck, bashful like he’s trying to hide. If your hands were free, they’d be pulling at his hair right now, tugging in a way that you’d hope would get through to him as, I heard you, and I think I’ve always loved you too.
You brand little red crescents into the palm of his hand instead, hoping that they will be enough to convey that feeling.
Katsuki’s chasing his own high now, you are too. And every grunt he sounds in your ear zips straight through to that liquid heat pooling in your gut.
His nails begin to dig into your palm now and he’s nearly crushing you in his iron grip as those same grunts and groans soon blend into moans. They’re needy, so are yours, and both of you know that you’re approaching a similar sharp ledge.
Katsuki releases one of your hands, comes to rub rapid circles over your clit.
“Come for me,” he grunts and he tries to hide his desperation between gritted teeth. “Fuckin’ come. C’mon.”
He hears your breathing pick up and feels your walls clench down around him, so he praises you, “That’s it, you’re almost there. Oh, f-fuck-”
His filthy encourages never stop, won’t stop until you give him what he wants. Dirty phrases of give it to me, fuckin’ come on this cock, and so much more ring through your ears and echo right through your skull.
And it’s all so much—his voice paired with his touch on all the sensitive parts of you. It has you hurtling over your edge in no time, has you crying out broken as fiery heat surges through every bit of you. You rattle against him, arch up just as he’s pressing down and overtaking you so he can steal all of your breaths, your cries, your moans.
He’s falling right after you, but not before his hand shoots back up to weave with yours. He dents them into the sheets, knuckles gone white from the severity of his grasp. And with a loud groan, he’s burying himself inside for the final time with one last, resounding snap of his hips into yours.
His sticky warmth fills you up, it’s weirdly calming, and your cries die down just as he collapses into you. He’s still kissing you, he never stopped kissing you, and he forces your mouths to share hot breaths. He follows your lips whenever you try to turn away, and he keeps following them until you’re desperately whimpering and clawing into him.
He lets you breathe, finally, and he watches you with eyes that are entirely pupil as you sputter to get air in your lungs.
You’re heaving now, both from the lack of oxygen and from the mind-numbing climax, but you settle at his touch when he smoothes over your forehead and slides away the hair that was sticking there.
You don’t see it but his eyes are soft, softer than he’s probably ever allowed them to be when after a short moment he murmurs, “You’re finally mine, huh?”
He faintly smiles when you manage to shudder through a weak nod, and he comes to trail a fingertip under your eye, along your cheek.
It’s slow, too tender from the tough-nut hero that the outside world knows him to be. He traces the planes of your face with it, memorizes every curve and line in a detail he couldn’t have until now. Over your eyelid, the corners of your mouth, your cupid’s bow. When he trails down the bridge of your nose and his finger meets the tip of it, you scrunch.
A small chuckle rumbles through him, through you too, and when you both meet eyes, you voice your thoughts; 
“I expected you to be rough, but god, Katsuki.”
“What? Couldn’t handle it?” he teases lightly, ego definitely inflated. “You seemed to take it just fine. You seemed to fuckin’ love it actually—”
“Shut up,” you quip back quick, breaking shyly from his gaze.
He rumbles another chuckle, this one victorious. “C’mere,” he mumbles as he wedges his arms under and around you, then he rolls over until you’re both on your sides.
Both of you are sweaty and still slightly panting, but that doesn’t stop you from curling right into him. It’s almost instinctual, how you press in skin-to-skin and tangle your limbs with his.
You want the grounding touch, you need it, and with the way Katsuki’s clinging back, it’s obvious that he needs it as well.
(He’s holding you so close that you can smell him, he smells almost like—)
“Caramel,” you voice absentmindedly.
Katsuki throws a confused gruff of a noise back, which over the years you’ve learned to interpret as something along the lines of, “The fuck are you saying?”
You trace a finger along his skin now, just like he did with you before. Baby-light and gentle as it waves over the crest of his collarbone and down the valley between his pecs, collecting the layer of sheen that’s settled there.
“You smell like caramel,” you elaborate. “I guess I never noticed it before.”
He doesn’t reply, you’re only repeating what he knows, after all. He only hums in acknowledgment and drops a kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger.
He lets his fingers linger too. He has them resting along your back, sometimes smoothing them over your sides, sometimes trailing them down, down, and down to give your ass a loving squeeze.
And that’s how the next few minutes go. Soft touches and shared breaths. The air feels light now, although it does still hold onto that telling scent of love. You find yourself slipping into a quiet intimacy, a shared one, and you’re sure you’ve finally found that peace you’ve always longed for, right within his arms.
It’s natural, it feels so right, you want this peace to stretch out into forever, but Katsuki’s the first to break the soothing silence.
“Was it true?” he questions.
There’s a slight hesitancy carried within his tone, a slight vulnerability too, both of which confuse you.
You shift back a bit, pick your head up so you can see him. “Was what true?”
“You said ‘always’—” He pauses, then he tilts his head. “You said you’ve always wanted me.”
You trail your eyes up and around as you try to pinpoint when you said that, or even if you said that. As you do this, Katsuki’s hoping to god that you can’t feel his quickening heartbeat, and that you don’t notice the look of anguish on his face when you don’t respond after a few long seconds.
When you part your lips to speak finally, he’s nearly sucking in a defeated breath between his teeth because maybe you said it as a spur-of-the-moment thing, maybe your sudden I love you was also the same.
“Yeah,” you smile softly. “It was true.”
Or maybe they weren’t.
He finds himself untensing at that; he didn’t even realize that his shoulders were nearly reaching his ears. He presses you back into him, holds a firm hand to the back of your head so you can’t see the embarrassing face he knows he’s probably wearing.
“You dumbass,” he grumbles. “Why didn’t you do anything then?”
Why didn’t he do anything, is the true question on his mind.
“I didn’t know if you felt the same way,” you muffle into the warmth of his chest, and you shift so your cheek mushes against him instead. “I didn’t want to ruin what we had.”
He shakes his head against you, lets the hand against your scalp turn limp. You take the opportunity to lift your head up once again, and you can finally see the small, dopey smile he’s wearing.
It’s cute, his lips are barely curved, and his cheeks are still colored with a touch of pink from before. 
“You’re a fuckin’ idiot, you know that?”
I’m a fuckin’ idiot, his thoughts whisper instead.
“We’re both idiots,” you snort.
Katsuki gives a light huff of a laugh, comes to plant one long, warm kiss on your forehead.
“Fine,” he mumbles back.
Katsuki leans away when you start trying to get more comfortable. Your hips and shoulders wiggle as you shimmy around until your back is pressed comfortably to his chest, and you sigh as you fall still and comfortable and sleepy.
He drapes an arm over your side, sighing contently along with you.
It’s quiet for another long while, a comfortable silence. For how long, you’re not too sure. Katsuki’s warm, though, very warm. Maybe it’s his quirk—it probably is—he’s always running hotter than the average person, both in appearance and in body temperature, and the temple of his body consuming you has you dozing off soon enough.
Katsuki stays awake. He can’t fall asleep. He’s too preoccupied with adoring how you look, how you feel. How can someone be so soft? He wonders—
How can someone be so beautiful?
For him, the answer is simple: you’ve always been beautiful. The apple of his eye. Light and radiant and sometimes a pain in the ass, and he loves every part of it. He doesn’t know what it was about you that pulled him in, perhaps it was a mutual pull; two gravities of two lovers who thought their loves were unrequited, who thought they were fated to never have or escape the other.
He’s glad the hardest part is over.
Because now he’s here, resting against your naked body as he watches you sleep so soundly. Even with your hair all tangled and messy and even with the fat of your cheek smushing awkwardly against his arm, his eyes still have that fond glint to them, they always have.
It’s like a slideshow in his mind now, this new future that he’s sure he’ll share with you. He’s already imagining all the possibilities, counting all the shared laughs and kisses and touches—
He’ll be making breakfast, a hearty one, and you’ll walk in with your messy hair and groggy eyes as you wear one of his shirts—it’s too big for you, but that’s the whole appeal. And as you kiss him good morning you’ll taste the caffeinated green tea that’s still soaking his bottom lip. 
You’ll come home from patrol one day, there will be deep scratches and cuts littering your smooth skin, all of which are unattended to because you’d refused the paramedic’s help—“I’m fine, really! I don’t need it!” you’d said with a hero’s smile. That same reassurance won’t budge him, though, and before you can even voice it you’ll already be propped up against the bathtub while tender fingers clean up and wrap your wounds.
You’ll sleep in your shared bed, inside of your shared apartment, and he’ll know that your pillow smells like your conditioner because he’ll somehow always find his way over to your side of the mattress, muttering on about sleeping easier when he’s holding you snug to his ‘cold’ chest. It will be on one of those nights, 3 AM, when you’ll nudge him awake with restless hands and restless eyes, and before you can even tell him why he’ll be smushing closer, humming in that soft, gravelly tune that always helps you fall asleep.
His mind wanders on and on and on, and he lets those predetermined memories sink in, soften him up as he just lays there and breathes and hopes. He lets them engrave themselves into every corner of his mind so he’ll never forget their meaning. Hangs them up on imaginary walls like timeless paintings and slots them together like mosaics to be kept and held and cherished.
He’ll make it happen, he knows he will. He won’t settle for anything less, not when he’s finally got his whole world in the palms of his hands.
He’s not sure when his eyes fluttered shut, but he gives a satisfied sigh, nonetheless.
Katsuki’s ripped from his thoughts suddenly, and much earlier than he would have liked, by the dull vibrating of his phone.
It rattles from where it sits on his sheets, and as he glances down to check if you’re still asleep, he’s thankful that the sound of it is muffled. His eye still twitches in annoyance as he goes to scoop it up, though, and he’s careful not to wake you.
He eyes the screen and when he sees the name, and that they’re facetiming him, he can’t help the smirk that tugs at his lip.
He clicks the volume down just before answering, and a familiar redhead pops up on the screen.
“It’s late, Kiri. What do you want,” Katsuki gruffs in a hushed tone, but there’s no malice behind it. In fact, there might even be a hint of excitement.
You’re still tucked into him, but you’re also very visible to the camera. He’s mindful to keep your intimate bits out of view, of course, so he only shows you from the eyes up while his chin rests atop your head.
Kirishima doesn’t seem to notice this, his head is turned to the side and he looks like he’s occupied with something else as he asks, “Dude, what’s the recipe for that spicy ramen you made? You know, the one you put, like, a bunch of that weird hot sauce in—”
His eyes flick to the phone for a moment, a split second, and when he flicks them away out of habit, he freezes. Then, slowly, his head is turning to face the phone completely,  and when his eyes fall on the screen again, his jaws drops to the floor.
It’s obvious that he’s trying to process just what the hell he’s seeing. You, sleeping on what looks to be a shirtless, slightly damp, and slightly flushed Katsuki.
Said man meets Kirishima’s eyes with a shit-eating grin, and both of them share a look.
Kirishima’s the first to speak, or rather, yell;
Despite the low volume he made sure to set his phone to, the voice still booms through the speakers. It makes you stir awake, signaling both men fall still when you crinkle your brows. 
You let out a groggy little sound too (it might as well be the cutest thing Katsuki’s ever heard), and oh my god does he have to resist the urge to melt right there in front of his friend.
You blearily blink your eyes open and you’re met with a wide, sharp-toothed smile.
“Hi, Y/N!” the man beams, sounding all too excited. The camera shakes a little as he waves at it.
“Oh, hi Eiji.” You smile softly at your friend, trying to suppress a small yawn.
Then your focus suddenly snaps to the hand holding up the phone, the hand that is not yours. There’s a warm weight pressed against your back as well, and a sharp jab of something on top of your head. Both of which are things you also realize do not belong to you.
You start prying at the extra arm around your waist, but that only makes it lock up and you can feel the hard (and very big) muscles flexing, basically mocking your futile attempt at escape.
You’re utterly trapped. There is no escape from this, you realize. It’s your muscles against his.
“O-oh, um,” you trip over your tongue and try nudging at the arm again, “we were just—”
“We fucked,” Katsuki interrupts, very proudly.
“No. We just, um—”
That makes Kirishima bark out a laugh, and it surprises you. Then he waves a reassuring gesture at the screen. “Hey, we all knew it was gonna happen eventually. Honestly, you won’t believe the amount of times he’s—”
“Shut the fuck up,” Katsuki snarls from above you. His finger goes to hover over the ‘end call’ button, probably out of fear that Kirishima would continue his thought, that he would voice how Katsuki’s complained to him an embarrassing number of times over the years about wanting to ask you out.
But instead, the man on the screen relents, changes the subject swiftly and knowingly. 
“Fine, fine,” he chuckles. “Hey! Recipe, can you send it?”
An annoyed tongue click sounds, and the hovering finger relaxes. “I’ll just make more for you, dumbass.”
“Oh, okay! When?”
“I’ll bring it by tomorrow,” Katsuki gruffs. And then he’s motioning down at you with his eyes, and in a not so innocent way either as he grits, “Is that all? I’m kind of busy.”
Kirishima grins. “Yeah, that’s it. Bye, Y/N! See you tomorrow!”
Oh, right. There’s that meeting tomorrow about an upcoming mission, if you remember correctly. And oh, oh no. That means you have to face him, along with everyone else in your group who he’s probably going to go running to right after this.
Hanta, Shinsou, Denki and fucking Mina. Yeah, on second thought, skipping that meeting doesn’t sound half bad.
“Uh-huh,” you manage to croak out. “B-bye.”
Kirishima turns his attention now, it’s obvious because now red eyebrows are wiggling up and down.
“And goodbye to you, loverboy,” he teases.
“Oh, fuck off,” Katsuki barks, but his angry finger ends the call before he can even finish the retort.
His phone is tossed aside hastily, off of the bed and clunking loudly with the floor below. It’s not broken, you know this because you gifted him a black otterbox case for his birthday last year (you’d gotten sick of seeing him crack his screen every other week) to replace the flimsy clear one he’d had for forever.
Even still, the clattering is loud, and it’s the last sound before a deafening silence falls over the room. It’s almost eerie, and the both of you are like statues, frozen bodies and held-in breaths, waiting, waiting, waiting,
You make the first move.
Slowly, your head peels off the sheets, and you peer up at him in all his blushing glory.
“Loverboy,” you coo and giggle.
Your head is pushed back down by a rough and unrelenting palm. A squeak leaves you on the harsh impact.
“Sleep,” Katsuki grunts. “Before I make you.”
“Ish that a threat?” Your voice is mushed by how hard he’s pressing you down.
He’s looming over you now, looking at your squished and accursedly cute cheeks with tight lips and a tight brow. “Do you want it to be?”
“Dependshon how you go about it.” You take the opportunity to bump your hips back, right into his groin, and Katsuki nearly moans.
The hand at your head disappears, and you can practically hear Katsuki lick his lips. “What are you hinting at babe?”
“Ooh.” Your voice has a high lilt, and you prop yourself on your forearms to see him. “So I’m ‘babe’ now?”
“‘Course you fuckin’ are,” he snarls. Then he’s towering over you suddenly, slotting right in between your thighs with one swift motion and pinning your arms and your eyes down. “You’re fuckin’ mine. You hear me?”
Sometimes you forget just how fast he can move. It’s almost frightening, really, but you can’t deny that it’s also thrilling.
“Yeah.” You close the few inches between your lips to give him a quick peck. “I hear you.”
Katsuki hums at that, seemingly satisfied, the sharp crease between his brows softening. Then he’s leaning down further, cheek sliding with yours as he closes in right next to the hard shell of your ear, giving it a loving nip.
“Good,” he husks. “Now how about a round two to put you to sleep?”
hi all! thank you for reading :^) please don’t hesitate to leave lil tags or comments, I love to read them and have some chats!! <3
and if you would like to read more of my works, my masterlist is here! 🌻💕
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bemylord · 2 months ago
ʜᴏᴡ'ᴅ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴇᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ
Tumblr media
characters: bakugou, deku, shouto, dabi, hawks, aizawa.
warnings: aged-up!boiz, eager pussy eater, fingering, face-sitting, spanking, nicknames, voyeurism [dabi], quirk mentioned.
remark: yeap, again to the mha guys bc i missed them. and wow. it is wow!
Tumblr media
ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ ᴋᴀᴛꜱᴜᴋɪ
eager pussy eater. you can't and shouldn't convince me otherwise.
lick from the clit to the ass. the one who'd be licking two holes, put a thumb on your clit to slightly drawing circles on the overstimulated bug.
degrade you whilst fingering you.
'ya like it when i'm fingering you in the office so everyone can hear how are you becoming a slut for me?'
'don't be shy now, slut, let 'em hear your pretty voice.'
likes to lick you as a punishment treatment thus your pussy would be melting under his tongue.
his favorite position is - when you're on all fours so he could lick you from pussy to the asshole.
if bakugou is eating your pussy, he'd be teasing your another hole with a finger and vice versa; if he's licking your ass, his two fingers would be stretching your walls.
he won't give you his dick until you squirt.
ᴍɪᴅᴏʀɪʏᴀ ɪᴢᴜᴋᴜ
the slow pace and slow movements.
i think izuku loves to wake you up with his mouth on your pussy as he's practically making out.
could destroy your morning by his nimble tongue on your clit, slowly guides to the slit, he might cause the ticklish sensation of having the tip of his tongue trying to enter your hole.
at first, he didn't know where to put a tongue and how to lick you appropriately to bring you a piece of the orgasm. give him time and deku would lick every last drop of your oozing hole, as you're lost in the paradise.
fingering and fingering which brings you to the new and new climax. i think if deku turns into the darker side of his personality, which is kinkier [more kinky], you'd be handcuffed as izuku can't get enough of your pussy.
in the midst of the heat, izuku puts you on all fours to eat your pussy and spank your ass.
'count my spankings and if you lose the count, i won't let you cum.'
ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴏ
actually, shouto is seemed to be a giver than a receiver.
he lives for the hours when you're lying on the back and his face between your quivering legs as you're reaching the orgasm.
always starts from nipples as his fingers find themselves on your slit, teasing the hole with the fingertip.
'you want my fingers inside while i'm playing with your nipples?'
i guess shou would be licking your pussy and play with nipples or explore your body with his pads, memorizing every curve, every inch of your body.
he likes praise how good you're giving your juices to taste him, how good your voice has broken over your groaning, whimpering of inexhaustible pleasure.
todoroki likes a slow, tantalizing movement of his tongue guides from the moisten entrance to do clitoris, without pausing the contact to make indecipherable strokes on the lump of nerves and back again.
he makes sure you moisten and wet enough to take his cock.
the man always makes you squirt. don't ask me how, dabi is good at it.
calling you princess as you're cumming, thus your mind will be be completely in his possession and you'll beg for more.
you can describe him as an unbearable pussy eater. why? the villian enjoys to give you an oral in the place you might get caught. but the feeling of getting caught is arousing you more.
he'd be eating you even more relentlessly if someone will caught you.
likes 69 position, thus you and him will both benefit - he pushes deep into your throat and feels how much you like it.
dabi loves to fuck you dumb and pliable as you have no more force to put a resistance. although, if you'd have the force, he'd break all your hints towards his attempts to turn you into his obedient slut.
do not try to be shy or innocent, you will have the corruption with this man. you're gonna tell him what to do, how and where you need his tongue, the rhythm and pace, trust me, you are the one dabi will do everything for.
face-sitting kink or position. give. him. that.
keigo enjoys starting from your ankles, kissing your legs to the place you need to be touched.
likes to hold your hand or rub your hips. he likes to have physical contact with you to feel as you're clutching his hand when you're gonna melt and give you cum to his tongue.
the toy? what for? baby, he can control his feathers. imagine him sitting in the chair across from you, playing with your swollen clit with a feather, pronouncing dirty phrases.
'i haven't touched your pussy with my fingers and you are already the drooling mess, my little bird.'
if keigo in the mood for the little game, as i mentioned above, he'd guide the feather when you're working in your office or patrolling the city, taking you spontaneously in a small alleyway, bringing you to ecstasy only with using his quirk.
ᴀɪᴢᴀᴡᴀ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴀ
mixed one man. like, he enjoys licking you slowly, yet as you will bounce against his face to have more attention, he'd lick you ravenously, building the climax one by one.
mirror sex. he will command you to watch him lick your pussy and if you'll roll your eyes over the pleasure or you'd break the contact - well. girl. good luck.
he puts the vibrator inside your pussy as licking your clit. aizawa's ears must be in heaven as you're whimpering, begging to turn off the toy because it's too much for you.
he doesn't stop the torture. aizawa place two fingers in your mouth to quell your voice as you're reaching another orgasm, the count you don't remember. the tears are running over your cheeks, you arch your back, trying to dodge his tongue.
'it's too much, my little kitten, too much for you? give your daddy one more climax and you'll have my thick cock.'
using his quirk when you accidentally used your quirk when you've got your climax. aizawa likes to tie you up with his bandages [scarf] around your body so you can't move.
likes and reblogs are welcome <3
© all content belongs to bemylord. do not modify or repost without my permission.
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teesumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
request: “sheeesh shawty I hope i got this right but since you want bnha request and I'm a shinso simp I'm here to request soo~~ an scenario would be good, you can choose the other two hehe, how about peppering his face with kisses out of the blue ??? hehehe hope you like the request bby <3” ~submitted by my bby @maizumis
characters: shinso hitoshi, katsuki bakugou, aizawa shota, takami keigo, dabi
genre: fluff
a/n: maiiiiii bby i was so excited when i saw you in my inbox and then even more excited when i saw this prompt mwah ily <3
Tumblr media
✯𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐔 froze when you grabbed his face, pulling him towards you as you pressed kiss after kiss all over every inch, giggling in between each one as you watched his cheeks turn bright red. Clearing his throat, he looked at the ground, hands hesitantly placing themselves onto your waist. “W-what was that for?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer until he was just millimeters away from meeting your lips with his own. “Just thought you might want some kisses. They’re good for your health, you know,” you grinned cheekily. Closing the gap, you kissed him deeply, humming when his thumb traced circles into your hip. He pulled away after some time, burying his face into your neck and squeezing you gently against him. “Yeah, whatever.”
✯𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 wasn’t expecting you to place yourself on his lap, hands immediately finding your hips as you cupped his jaw. Before he could smirk at you and say something, he froze as you pressed tiny kisses all over his cheek, moving onto the next one before placing one last one on the tip of his nose. “Your cheeks are so cute, Katsuki. So squishy,” you teased as you poked it. Glaring at you, he swatted your hand away, blush rising to the tips of his ears. “What the hell is wrong with you, dumbass?” Giggling, you pressed your forehead to his, tracing his cheekbone with your thumb gently. “You don’t like my kisses?” He rolled his eyes, but gently, he placed a small kiss of his own onto your cheek, hugging you closer. “No, you’re annoying.”
✯𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was just waking up in the morning, eyes slowly opening when he felt your hand move a few strands of hair out of his face, a sleepy grin spreading across his lips. “Good morni—” he didn’t get to finish speaking before you tilted his chin up, pecking his lips first, and then littering more kisses across his face. His gaze softened when you beamed at him, closing his eyes once more when you stroked his hair gently. “Morning, Shota.” He gave you a warm chuckle, sighing at the feeling of you scratching his scalp. “That was a nice little surprise to wake up to. What’s the occasion?” Pressing your forehead to his, you gently traced the scar under his eye with your index finger. “I missed you while you were sleeping,” you whispered, pressing yet another kiss to his lips right after.
✯𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 smirked when you took the goggles off his face, setting them down on the counter behind you as you cradled his cheeks in both hands. Slowly, you kissed the small bruise forming on his jaw before pressing more across his jaw line, moving your way upward until you reached his forehand. “Don’t stop now, dove. It won’t heal properly if you don’t give me more.” Giving him a soft smile, you traced the edge of the bruise, eyes lingering on it before you met his gaze once more. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” His eyes softened as he noticed the way you were worried, pretending to ponder for a moment before answering. “Depends, are you gonna kiss it better? Because then my entire face is bruised.” You rolled your eyes, but began pressing more kisses to his face anyway, content with him being safe and back in your arms.
✯𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 stilled when you kissed the edge of his scar, tensing as he felt you trailing down the line where the healthy skin met the charred, pecking in between each staple. Pulling away, he stared at you for a moment, eyes narrowed and shoulders tense. “What are you doing?” You smiled gently, trailing your hand up his chest, rubbing it softly with your palm. He almost let his guard down for a second, watching your movements carefully. “Just kissing you, Dabi. I love you.” He stared at your for a few moments, eyes searching yours for truth, finding nothing but sincerity in them. Swallowing, he looked to the side, gripping your waist tightly and pulling you flush against his chest. “That’s fucking weird. Give me a few more.”
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lalaangeldust · a month ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐢 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐧𝐡𝐚 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 - 𝐈𝐈
𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈 || 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈𝐈
Tumblr media
𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮
Tumblr media
sweet bby boy. HUGE EYES i couldn't figure out how to add his freckles but the lovely @denkithunder helped w/ that :] <333
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨
Tumblr media
i think todoroki lives up to being 1-A's resident pretty boy
Tumblr media
𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐚 𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐤𝐨
Tumblr media
uraraka you're gonna make me cry you're so pretty
i just KNOW she gives good hugs
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐢 𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐲𝐮 ( 𝐭𝐬𝐮 )
Tumblr media
again HUGE EYES and sweet smile like that kinda smile where the corners of your mouth tuck into your cheeks AND HER TOUNGE STICKS OUT AHHH </3
Tumblr media
𝐢𝐢𝐝𝐚 𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐲𝐚
Tumblr media
personally- iida is my least favorite mha character but.... he's kinda hot
[ my artbreeder ]
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tteokdoroki · 2 months ago
bestie bestie bestie pup boy bakugou in rut adn fucking his bunny girl gf n' he breeds her and- yeah
Tumblr media
— “bitch bunny.” + katsuki bakugou.
Tumblr media
bestie,,, bestie dont get me started on this!!! i made this gender neutral 🥺 so i hope you don’t mind uwu!!
pairing: german shepard!bakugou x bunny + gender neutral!reader
cw: smut, MDNI 18+, hybrid!pairing, slight!dub-con, oral sex, some degradation and dirty talk. reader is gender neutral and has no pronouns but i think i used slit once aaa!!
Tumblr media
can you imagine being a hybrid!bunny adopted by deku, shy and timid— a shaky darling thing with a twitching nose and floppy bunny ears that fall over your face when you get nervous or flustered. izuku is nice, he takes care of you and brings you home from that god awful shelter. his place is warm and safe and oh, he’s got a little puppy friend for you to play with.
he’s mean, an awful german shepard!hybrid who snarls at you when izuku isn’t looking— steals your food, nips at your ankles and tears up your clothes. you hate him, you hate that you let him make you cry but don’t dare to snitch because you fear what he might do to you. katsuki had lived with deku longer, been loved longer and you were just a stupid bunny who was lucky to even be here. or so the blonde had told you over and over, backing you into a corner when your owner wasn’t looking.
he doesn’t mean it. is what izuku tells you when he gets you both ready for bed at night, hybrids need special care and izuku likes to bathe you together— bakugou stares at your body hungrily like you’re a piece of meat. kacchan can play nice, he’s just a little rough sometimes. another excuse.
a little rough doesn’t even begin to cover it.
not when katsuki has you pinned to the bed by a strong arms, cruel smirk spread widely across his cherry lined lips while your precious, meaty thighs shake either side of his head. “look at’cha bunny, shakin’ like a fuckin’ leaf ‘n i ain’t even touched’ya yet,” bakugou growls with a yank of your fluffy rabbit tail. your sex spasms, arousal staining the surrounding areas and dripping heavily onto the cotton sheets of deku’s bed. “poor lil bunbun trapped in heat, ‘n i’m the only one left’ta deal with ya....”
lust is heavy in his tone, blood red eyes dilating while he watches your hips jump up in desperation for some kind of friction and touch. “kat...katsuki, hurts,” and it does, more than any of the mean words he’d thrown at you before. there’s heat burning in your lower tummy, spreading through the blood in your veins as your hole clenches around nothing and leaks pathetically under bakugou’s watchful gaze.
the blonde makes a feral noise in the back of his throat, pointed puppy ears twitching at your needy sounds— the broken moans that bubble from chapped lips. “yeah bunny?” he says breathless, voice lowering deep and husky. “it hurts not ta ‘ave a cock in ya huh? reaching deep in that tight, dirty fuckin’, scratchin’ that itch that you’re fingers can’t reach...” katsuki mutters filthy words into the plains of your skin, tongue dragging along your thighs as he approaches your sex— marking and biting a pathway towards it. his sharp canines sink harshly into the flesh that he moulds between large hands.
your chest rises and falls with your rapid, beating bunny heart— fear consuming you as your innermost instincts have been switched on. katsuki is a dog and you’re merely his prey for the evening, a darling little toy for him to take advantage of in your time of need. “katsu—“ you beg him, twisting and writing against the bed once more.
“what?” he snaps, fangs and gums bared in an impatient growl. he’d waited too long to have you spread out beneath him like this, smelt the slick from your heat dripping down your thighs— tasted the want in the air as you tried to fuck that itch away from yourself with stupid toys and your useless hands. “can’t eat yer stupid lil hole out if y’keep makin’ me waste my breath talkin’ to ya, bunny. don’cha want me to make it go away? take away the pain with my fat cock?”
“katsuki please, make it go away, make it stop hurting,”
katsuki’s head dips lower and lower until his nose is pressed right up against your slit, breathing in your sweet scent until his eyes roll back in his skull and his brain becomes cloudy with ideas of how you might fuckin’ taste, how tight you must really fuckin’ be. god, he’d thought about taking your puckered hole for far too long, taking you on his dick until your bunny ears droop and you’re reduced to a puddle of tears. but now that he’s got you, nothing but sex on your mind while you ooze sweet honey from his proximity to your core, all bakugou can think about is lapping you up like the fuckin’ dog he is and slobbering all over the sweetness between your meaty thighs.
“like it when you beg like a little bunny bitch in heat fer my fuckin’ dick babe, but s’too fuckin’ bad. wanna eat ya instead.” bakugou snarls, tail thumping on the bed as he finally latches onto your sex with teeth and tongue and the taste of you on his fucking brain. when he glances up at you between your shaky legs and give another tug to the fluff of your tail, your cute nose twitches and your watery eyes cross— the pain in your belly ignites into a bright flame of pleasure as you finally get what you need for your heat to subside.
katsuki’s tongue runs laps across every inch of your sex, sucking on you, drinking up the evidence of your arousal before it has time to further dirty your thighs— your fingers push through his mass of blonde locks and tug at his puppy dog ears until he whimpers into your hole that he plunges his pink muscle in and out of. “look at’cha bunny, makin’ a mess in that damn deku’s bed. what’s he gonna say when he finds you cummin’ on this tongue of mine, his sweet little bun ain’t so innocent are they?” he teases, fingers coming up to prod and pull and pinch at your slick and intimate parts he also greedily feasts on.
“he—he wouldn’t, katsuki please don’t— oh fuck— i don’t want izu to see me like this,” you blubber with crossed eyes and skittering breath. the dog between your legs slots bites gently at your core, teeth grazing your intimate parts causing you to jump up and tug his hair closer to your needy, trembling body.
“bullshit, needy bitch.”
lewd sounds of your own sloppiness make your ears droop and cover your humiliated face, shame burning at the tips of your ears even worse than the hotness flashing through your body. you’re embarrassed, by your own dirtiness, by your desperation to be fucked by your owners awful companion. would izuku be disappointed in you? see you different from your usually shy and innocent self? you feel so much shame and yet you can’t feel yourself to pull away from the german shepard hybrid between your legs, sucking on you like you’re his last meal.
but you can’t bring yourself to feel shame, the thought of your precious owner walking in on you stretched over katsuki’s tongue and thick fingers— marked up and tainted, makes you gush and squirm. what would you do if his bright green eyes saw the sin his two darling hybrids were committing on his own bed? you’re naughty, bakugou’s made you naughty and that’s exactly what he wanted. to ruin you during your heat.
“you wanna cum, slutty bunny?” his tail thumps harder against the mattress, his hips grinding circles into the bed like his stuck in a rut, his own cock hard and heavy in his shorts while he makes you see stars and feel as if you’re on cloud nine. you nod and a dark chuckle reverberates through your body. “‘s too bad...” katsuki pulls away from you before you can tumble over the edge, sheen of your arousal painted across his chin— shining under dim light.
like a dirty dog, he wipes his mouth on his arm and smiles, mischief glinting in his eye. your heart rate spikes, nose and precious bunny earth twitching with nervousness and excitement.
“too bad, y’cum while ‘m breeding you on this cock, sort this heat out right.”
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