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#mha x reader
You have some nice Omega headcanons. Any headcanon for Omega!Overhaul? I just can't see that pretty boy as an Alpha.

Authors note: I am so sorry but my headcanons for this are NOT going to be pretty. I want to say that ahead of time because I attempt to keep them as similar to the character in the Anime/Manga. That being said, there are 2 big, bold words that everybody needs to pay attention to here. Antisocial Sociopath. Sociopaths are absolutely terrifying, and I know it’s okay to look at a fictional character and believe they are attractive, but if you ever find yourself involved with or attracted to a sociopath, please take a step back and think if it’ll be healthy. I know I’m ruining the illusion or fun of these headcanons, but I just want to emphasise that this would be, in NO way, a healthy relationship. With that, please beware that this headcanon set will have very triggering material. Please beware before you begin reading.

Omega! Overhaul Headcanons

  • This man is on suppressants and refuses to act like an Omega. His true self is aggressive, manipulative, abusive, unsympathetic, and refuses to even say that he is an Omega outloud. You will NEVER find a nest because he finds the mere idea of them to be vile. He will never stop taking his suppressants. He will not do a damn word you say unless it suits him.
  • That being said, it is clear that he has a natural charm about him. It’s almost disgusting to see after you know the true Kai Chisaki, but this man can woo anybody over in a matter of minutes. People could easily fall for this man, and it’s no wonder why you did too. He will pull you in with false dreams and hopes for the future, only to destroy you and make sure that you know you are just a pawn to him now.
  • The only way he will even consider taking off his mask around you, is if you are quirkless. He views quirks as a curse. A Plague. An Infection. So if you don’t have a quirk, he may be a little more vulnerable, but that’s only because you aren’t as disgusting as the others who have a quirk. 
  • He will also order you to be the handler of Eri. He does this to get you attached to her and keep you under his control, because if you go out of line then that just means she gets disassembled for the hell of it. He also does the same with Eri, forcing her to obey or else he hurts you. 
  • If you have a quirk that is useless to him, he will force you to get rid of your quirk to prove your loyalty to him. If you don’t, he simply kills you. Those are your two options, and you know which one you pursue. In this scenario though, he will keep his mask and gloves on after. You HAD a quirk, and you still might be contagious.
  • He may also become physical with you. Bruises over your skin, cuts everywhere, and other imperfections will appear if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
  • Oh and He will control everything in your life. If you leave his side, he will have somebody with you at all times. Even when you think you’ve escaped, he is right on your tail. Once you become his, nothing will get between you. You won’t have a phone anymore. You will have to run EVERYTHING by him. And worst of all, nobody is allowed to touch you because he owns you. 
  • If he smells your scent on anybody else, or vise versa, you are in deep trouble. He is the kind who will put on an act to guilt trip you. He will belittle you and yell at you because “You should feel honored because he chose you, yet here you are playing with his feelings.” 
  • Another person who refuses to help you during ruts. Like it’s actually disgusting to him, but he also refuses to let anyone help you. He will end up locking food and water in your room only because you won’t be allowed to leave. 
  • Oh and Bonding marks? That’s also a no, chief. Like hell he will have you sink your fucking teeth into his neck like he is some sort of prey. He would much rather have his arms cut off before letting you do that. 
  • The only way you could escape is if you managed to run with Eri. Even then though, you will not be safe. You are only able to take a breath when you hear that Kai had been arrested, and that his hands were gone. No more worries for you. Maybe then, you and Eri can attempt to have a normal life.
  • Honestly, just imagine the DC Comics joker but with less laughter, and you get Kai. Cold, crazy, and abusive to all hell. Once you let him become your Omega, there is no turning back.
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Pairing: Obsessed!Dabi x Reader

Warnings: Yandere, Slight Smut, Coercion

Words: 2.6k

Inspiration: Baby Came Home by the Neighbourhood

Baby came home today,
Told me to stay away.
She told me her man was afraid,
Told me I better behave.
Baby just came back around,
Told me she’s leaving this town.
Said she needs time to explore,
She said I can’t love her no more.  

Thinking about her,
She’s gone all the time.
I think if you found her,
That even you would know-

-She’s mine.


It had been a while since he had last seen you. You were so beautiful, even from the other side of the room. From the way your smooth skin peaked out of your cleavage to the legs that danced so dangerously with that short skirt of yours, he could feel his desire peak at its limits again.

You were his baby.

Dabi had met you a while back ago when he had just started off as a villain. He was closed off and cold, not wanting to associate with anyone. His past trauma had caused his vision and morals to be skewed. When he had first met you, however, it seemed as if his thoughts became even more messed up all while he had fallen deeper and deeper into depravity.

You were but a pure, small kitten to him; something that even he was afraid he’d break, until he had fallen completely in love with you.

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Could I request Todoroki and Bakugou getting hit with a quirk that turns them into kids and their their crush has to take care of them? They pretend to be the age they were turned into because otherwise it'd be a hassle but they love the attention and pampering from their crush, maybe they ask her the whole "marry me when I'm grown up" thing or use their age as an excuse to kiss her.

Kids (ft. Todoroki and Bakugou)

warnings: light cursing



  • Midoriya had the nerve to show up at you door holding a small ass kid prolly like 3 or 4 and looked TOO much like shouto
  • And sis you wasn’t having it cuz you already knew what he was gonna ask you
  • “Hey L/N I-“
  • “Midoriya if you’re about to ask me to take care of this child I’m gonna knock your ass out with this here door.”
  • “I-I’m sorry L/N but Todoroki got hit with a deaging quirk and now he’s like this!”
  • “And how is that my business?”
  • at the same time the little Todoroki started leaning towards you with grabby hands and he had the cutest pout
  • “This is how it’s your business he doesn’t want anyone taking care of him but you!”
  • The last thing you were trying to do was take care of a child
  • But damn the baby pictures you saw of todo didn’t do him justice
  • Because he was fucking adorable
  • So of course you agreed
  • And little did you know as you carried shouto inside the little shit was smirking the entire time
  • Unknown by Midoriya and yourself shouto’s mind hadn’t been deaged when he was hit with the quirk
  • But he only went along with it because one it would be hella embarrassing and two he wanted to spend an entire day with you
  • Cuz he liked you since UA but he was way too awkward to ask you out
  • And besides being a kid meant he could get mad attention from you
  • If you watch TV with him and he sees he’s losing your attention he’ll tug on your shirt and he’ll keep doing that until you look down at him
  • “Yes shouto?”
  • “You’re so pretty Y/N”
  • Awwwww you can’t be mad at that
  • And shouto’s livinggg for it
  • When you go to make him food you better set him on the counter or something so he can watch you cook
  • But he still requires your attention
  • Talking about, “Y/N?”
  • “Yes shouto?”
  • “Hi.”
  • “Hi shouto.”
  • Not even a minute later…
  • “Y/N?”
  • “Yes shouto?”
  • “Hi.”
  • “Hi shouto.”
  • Another minute later..
  • “Y/N?”
  • “little boy-“
  • You want to get pissed off but you can’t cuz that fucking child is too adorable
  • And he gets worse
  • Eating the food you made which is obviously fucking soba, he gets this bright look
  • And says, “ I’m gonna marry you when I get older.”
  • “And why’s that Shou?”
  • “So you can make soba everyday.”
  • this little…
  • But again you can’t get mad because he’s too precious
  • And he knows it
  • When you see he starts to get tired don’t think you finna get some alone time
  • NOPE he’ll demand you sleep beside him
  • And don’t play him cuz he’s a light sleeper
  • So if you try to sneak away he’ll know
  • But it doesn’t matter anyway cuz you fall asleep
  • Next morning your cuddling an butt ass naked shouto
  • and he’s awake just staring at you
  • “So uh…how long were you planning on staring at me?”
  • “Well I can’t just get out of bed now can I? Unless you trying to see something”
  • “Maybe I am”
  • Shouto: 😗
  • He’ll never tell you his mind hadn’t reverted to a child
  • He’ll take that shit to the grave



  • Kirishima had called you to invite you over cuz it was an emergency
  • You get there mad quick cuz you didn’t know what to expect
  • But when Kirishima answered the door and there’s a mini bakugou in his armsYou almost turn right around and head right back to your car
  • “Kirishima what the hell is this?”
  • “Bakubro got hit by a quirk that turned him into a kid. He’s being a little menace and demands that you take care of him.”
  • At the same time bakugou latched onto your shirt and starting pulling
  • You had no choice but to scoop the toddler into your arms
  • “You should probably get him some clothes his aji fry shirt is kinda big on him”
  • “You’re so goddamn lucky he’s cute.”
  • Little Bakugou smirked at that
  • You and kiri didn’t know that it was only his body that got turned into a kid
  • It was embarrassing at first but he realized he could use this as a chance to spend time with you
  • But that doesn’t mean he finna be an angel child
  • When yall get to the mall bakugou’s takes of RUNNING
  • You gotta weave past people to catch his little fast ass
  • So now you gotta hold him extra tight which he’s livingg for
  • Tiddes mad soft and he goes in to touch them and he’s relieved you ignore him
  • You try picking out kid clothes you think would look cute on him
  • But when you hold it up to his body he smacks that shit away
  • Talking about, “get that ugly shit away from me”
  • When you scold him for his language he just smirks
  • The little shit thinks you look so hot when your mad
  • The cashier was trying to hit on you bakugou wasn’t having it
  • “You better leave my wife alone before I shoot you to the sun bitch”
  • You had to stop yourself from laughing cuz that cashier was HURT
  • a couple people in the store were laughing too
  • “So you think I’m your wifey now katsuki?” You ask him while y’all head out
  • “When I get older you gonna be better start using Mrs. Bakugou on everything.”
  • now if any guy gets remotely close to you he’s giving them the MEANEST stare
  • One gave you a smile as you walked by and bakugou set off a small explosion to the face
  • You had to apologize of course and you tried to make him do the same but he wasn’t having it
  • “Katsuki apologize to the man”
  • “Well this man can suck the back of my dick twice on a goddamn Tuesday”
  • and then you keep apologizing again
  • And then another time some woman came up and staring cooing at him saying he was so cute
  • She started getting close to him face wise and he wasn’t fucking with that
  • “Aye lady back up witcho dick sucking lips-”
  • and queue you apologizing again
  • Y’all return back to the house and he can sense your a little pissed off at him
  • And he feels kinda bad
  • “Y/N?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “ ‘m sorry”
  • awwww
  • He’s turning red ode when you hug him
  • It’s all cute and all until you literally feel him start to grow in your arms
  • You let him go and you deadass watch him return to normal
  • And the clothes you bought for him didn’t survive
  • So now you got a naked ass bakugou in your living room
  • “So uh…you wanna go out sometime?”
  • “Why don’t you get some clothes on and then I’ll answer that question.”
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bakubabey fantasy au! bakubabe &f!reader


part seven |light|

A/N this is a long one my dudes lol but you guys deserve it after having to wait for so long :3 anyways enjoy!!


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Your hands are shaking, body heavy and head pounding. You watch as he steps off his horse, the smirk still widely showing on his face. He takes a few steps towards you and you walk back, only a few inches infront of Bakugou.

“Who the fuck are you?!” The raging blonde yells before tugging the arrow out of his leg, cursing at the open wound. You glance back at him, his bloodied state making your heart drop—this is all your fault.

The man stops, looking at him and laughing. You’re eyes look back to his figure, watching his every move and waiting for the right moment to strike. You plant your feet more firmly onto the ground, observing the area for things to use for your advantage. Trees. Rocks. Branches. Not much to work with. You think.

“Who am I? What kind of stupid question is that? Who am I?” His venomous laughter subsides as he looks upon your form, hands balled into fists at your sides.

“Well you must be horse shit if I have no fucking clue who you are.” Bakugou teases behind as you hear him tear pieces of his clothing, probably to stop the bleeding. You fight the grin on your face, his snide comment making the man infront of you boil with anger.

“Y/N-I don’t have the patience for this anymore.” He holds out his hand and you raise yours in defense. He scoffs at your action.

“Come on, not this again. You’re not being serious are you?” He grins taking another step, only for you to send a harsh gust of wind in his direction. His grin falters, rolling his neck to ease his frustration. “Restrain them.” He snaps his fingers and two brawny men move from behind him quickly towards you both. You send their bodies flying, throwing them into nearby trees and knocking them unconscious—surely haven broken bones as well. Bakugous breath hitches, did you just do that?

“You won’t touch us.” Your voice is low, barely loud enough for Bakugou to hear and he’s only a few feet away from you. He secures the makeshift bandages and stands up, still looking at the men lying on the dirt.

“Restrain them, NOW!” The man yells now and multiple others charge towards you both. You focus on the one on the right, focusing your energy on him and a purple light enwraps his body. He’s lifted off the ground and the others stop to look at the sight, fear coursing their veins. They look between themselves and then at you-then back to their master. Afraid to get any closer to you.

“Don’t just stand there idiots! Stop her!” He yells at them and then points at you. Bakugou sees them continue their pursuit and pulls his machete out from his hip, readying his stance. One takes a jab at him, but he skillfully dodges it cutting his hand off at the wrist.

“Y/N-put him down!” The man yells at you, you look at him. A sadistic smile now on your face and you start squeezing-feeling the soldiers body contorting between your fingertips. Your perpetrator still yelling at you to stop, he watches in horror as his underling starts choking loudly, face turning a deep shade of red as oxygen leaks out his lungs. You let go, letting his body fall to the ground. He screams as the bones in his ankles crack at the impact, and you look to your left to see even more men bleeding out. You blink a few times looking at Bakugou, the red liquid covering his steel blade. He looks back over to you, his expression solid and staring in your eyes. He looks down at your hands and your heart drops-

He knows.

You remember where you are and look forward again, just to dodge an attack last second-the sword slicing a few strands of your hair. You stagger backwards, a big brawny man standing infront of you. He grins down at your petite form before lifting his sword again and slicing it in your direction.

“Y/N!!” Bakugou yells and you dodge it again, much to the big mans dismay. You groan forcing your power onto him and sending him sideways, knocking him on his arse for a few seconds. You look back over at Bakugou and see he’s got one of his own giants, still fighting on despite his wounds. You glance back at their leader, conversing with the rest of his group surrounding him and pointing at you. A pain filled scream makes your head turn and you watch Bakugou dodge another attack, before an explosion to the stomach knocks him down.

“Come here, girl!” You turn back to see the brawny man still after you and you roll your eyes.

“When will you learn to take no as an answer?!” He charges are you again,

“We have to get out of here!” You yell at him, stopping the mans attempts in front of you with a flick of your hand. You expect him to go flying in the air, but your face falls as he only goes a few inches. He chuckles darkly and you start backing away, how?

“You think so?!” Bakugou roars back, igniting his hands—popping sounds emitting from them. He feels a burning sensation throughout his injured arm and he curses at the feeling. He steps over the bodies he cut down and advances forwards.

“You their leader?” He yells at the man, now getting a good look at his face. Jet black curls adorn his head, bright green eyes resembling emeralds stare back at him. The corners of his mouth twitch, realization striking him at the familiar face.

“You the boy who killed me?” He asks stopping Bakugou in his tracks. Boy?

You notice Bakugous distance to you has lessened and you start panicking at who his attention is on now.

“Come on, songbird. Listen to-“ The brute tries, aiming another hit at you.

“DONT call me that!” You yell, forcing a piece of earth out of the ground and hurtling it at him. It lands a direct hit, knocking him back a few meters and you sigh in relief when he doesn’t move.

“Bakugou don’t get near him!” You screech at the boy, fear bubbling in your chest.

“You better watch your mouth jackass!” Bakugou growls, more popping sounds coming from his hands-he hides the pain in his injured one, his grin faltering a hair.

“I’ve always hated kids.” The man grumbles and you break into a sprint running to both of them-his hand stretched towards Bakugou. Confusion strikes throughout his body as he suddenly can’t move, not even to breath. Red eyes widen and he falls to his knees, temperature rising and he feels ridiculously hot-but it’s not by his doing.

“Bakugou!!” He hears your voice, but the pain he’s feeling is too much. Clawing at his throat to get air into his lungs, sweat starts dripping down his body and he can’t find the energy to ignite it.

“NO!!!” You screech as you send energy their way, the wind around you blowing everything in its path. The man looks at you, and Bakugous face is blood red.

“One more move, and he dies Y/N!!” You hesitate, and he lessens the hold on him a little. You hear Bakugou gasping for air, your eyes meet his and tears blur your vision. “Come with me, and I’ll let him live.” You look back to the man, his power coursing through Bakugou. You shake your head, lip trembling.

“That’s what you said the last time.” You mumble and pull yourself next to him, grabbing his hand and bending it backwards until it cracks. He screams in agony, which forms into a growl-and his other hand grabs onto your neck. You try tearing it away from your throat, but the lack of air is forcing your strength to deplete. Your mentally yelling at yourself, angry that it’s going to end like this once again-your weakness shining through. Tears fall freely down your face and he laughs at your pain.

“They never said I had to bring you back alive-“ A loud noise right next to your head makes his grip on you vanish. The wind is knocked out of you as your body hits the ground, and you squeeze your eyes shut as your mind goes blank. You force your eyes open, vision blurry and a loud ringing can be heard. You look to your left to see the forest on fire, bodies either strewn across the earth or running away. You try to lift your head but the aftermath of what’s happened still puts your body in shock.

After a few moments your breath is heavy but steadied, and you force yourself to sit up seeinf most of his underlings knocked out, or have now fled—along with him. Strangled coughing behind you grabs your attention and you turn to see Bakugou clutching his throat. You run over to him, kneeling on the ground next to him and lifting his head.

“Are you okay?! Can you breath alright?” Your hands are frantically touching his face, looking over his battered body and tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

“Why do I always have to save your fucking life?” He growls standing up, limping on his one leg. You stand up with him, the heat of the fire starting to rage around you both.

“I figured that was you.” Your laugh is dry looking around at the mess you two made. He pulls out his pack he threw into the bushes and slings it over his shoulders walking.

“Lets get out of here before anyone else comes.” He grumbles and you nod not knowing where he’ll take you next.

But you’ll follow him anyways.


Silence. He continues throwing wood into a small pile in the middle of the cave, trying to prepare a fire. He says you both “stumbled upon the damned thing” as you hurried away from the fight you both endured. But you don’t believe him as he seemed to know exactly where it was. He’s stayed quiet-not saying anything the entire way to your little hideout.


“What?!” He barks whipping his head in your direction.

“You’re bleeding through your clothes.” You point to his wounds, and sure enough he bled through them. He huffs mumbling out a ‘whatever’, before you stomp over to him.

“It’s not whatever! Those arrows weren’t dull and I know the cuts are deep. Let me help-“ You argue reaching for him and he jerks away, eyes wide and staring at you. You stare back before reaching again, this time latching onto his wrist and pulling him to sit onto the ground.

“Oi! What the hell are you doing woman?!” He stammers, his exhaustion making it easy for you to push him around.

“I’m cleaning you up. Now sit down, and shut up!”

“You’re not fucking touching me-“ He argues against your actions, refusing to sit.

“Bakugou! Please just-“ You try but he scoffs,

“Are you deaf?”

“It’s my fault you’re hurt in the first place, so will you please just-!“ Your voice is loud, louder than his for once and your voice cracks at the end. You swallow before inhaling deeply.

“Let me help you.” You quietly ask, and his jaw tightens.

“Only if you tell me who you really are.” His statement makes you stop, fear bubbling in your chest again. “And what your power is.” He adds.

“That’s not-“

“Guess I’ll bleed out then.” He cuts you off, sitting down and crossing his arms over his chest—a smug look on his face. You glare at him, then notice the blood now leaking out his makeshift bandages. You contemplate your two options—but huff in response grabbing the needed supplies out his pack.

“Fine. But you’ll be answering my questions too.” You mumble out and he shrugs. You sit down next to him gesturing for him to take off his coat. He raises his brows and you tug at it a little bit.

“You got hit in the arm right?” You innocently ask, and his face turns a shade of pink.

“W-well yeah but-“ You gesture towards it again and he hesitates but sheds it off, revealing his soft and chisled skin underneath. He winces slightly at the pain in his arm, the adrenaline he had now fading fast as he sits down for the first time today. You place a hand near the wound, cheeks blushing at the muscle covering his upper body. You refuse to meet his eyes, but you can feel him staring at your reaction. A smirk tugs at the corners of his lips and he holds back a snide comment at your flusterdness. He watches you intently as you carefully peel off the ripped makeshift bandage and throwing it aside. You inspect the cut, nodding as it’s ‘not too deep’, but it needs to be disinfected.

“This might sting.” You mumble quietly and he smirks.

“Won’t hurt that bad-ow fuck!” He flinches away as you pour the liquid over the cut, it starting to bubble a little as the dirt is being purified. You reach for his arm and pull it back towards you, his arm tense.

“Oh, don’t be a baby!” You giggle and his cheeks darken in hue. Mumbling some incoherent insult about you and turning away. You wipe away the remaining fluid, and grab the roll of clean bandages. He tilts his head slightly to examine you once again, lip between your teeth in concentration. It turning a deep shade of red at the pressure and plumping up. Your eyebrows furrow tediously securing the cloth, and tying it tightly. You look up at him to which he quickly looks away, was he staring?

“Is it too tight?” You ask and he shakes his head. You smile and pat it gently and turn towards his leg.

“I can do that one.” You shake your head and grab the supplies away from his reach. He glares at you reaching for them again, only for you to jerk away. He growls audibly making you laugh again,

“What the fuck are you laughing for?!” He throws his arms up, annoyed at your teasing.

“It’s funny how riled up you get, Bakugou.” He fidgets uncomfortably in his spot, his name leaving your lips again. You touch his leg to which he rolls his eyes propping it up, and you take the dirtied bandage off that one too.

“So,” You’re inspecting that cut now, grimacing as this one is a little deeper. You grab the bottle of antiseptic, and tilt it slightly. “Who are you?” His question throws you off, pouring more than you wanted to and he hisses again.

“Oh-! Sorry! I’m sorry!” You stammer placing it back down on the floor next to you, dabbing it with a clean bandage. “I uh-“ You trail off glancing at him again, you awkwardly clear your throat as his red eyes beam into your own.

You sigh. “My name is-is Y/N.” He scoffs.

“I already know that dumbass.”

“Let me finish!” You grumble tearing off a clean strip of cloth. “L/N Y/N.” His eyes widen, then face blank.

He sits, gears turning in his head at the familiar name. “L/N? As in-“

“Yes. I’m apart of the L/N family.” You answer his question before he asks it, shock now setting in.

“The greatest telekinetic magi users of all time?” He asks, a twinge of excitement showing in his voice and you look at him. You nod nevertheless. “They like, invented the shit! You’re telling me you’re apart of that family?”

You secure the bandage rolling down his pant leg and refuse to meet his gaze nodding. He’s taken aback, a thing that’s rare for the man. Before he can ask something else you interject.

“Now tell me about you, who are you?” You quickly ask and he smirks.

“You still don’t know who I am?”

“Ugh-don’t be so arrogant. I answered your questions, now repay the favor.” He chuckles at your response, pulling his coat back on and securing it.

“I’m a-a king.” You scoff at his words.

“You? A king? A king of what, assholes?” His smile fades and frown replaces it.

“Oi-I’ll fucking kill you! A kingdom, you idiot.” He spits and you roll your eyes.

“I told you the truth about me, and you’re going to lie about yourself?” You’re pouting now and he glares at you.

“I AM a king!” He growls—you’ve come to notice he does that a lot.

“Then why have I never heard of your kingdom, hm?” You tease, he hesitates.

“Because..ask me something else.” He mumbles shifting his dyes away from yours.

“But I wanna know about The kingdom of Bakugou!” You try teasing again, but the look on his face says otherwise and you awkwardly cough.

“Okay, okay. Uhmm-“ You hum in thought, staring at his face. “Your first name?”

“Bakugou Katsuki.” Katsuki. His name leaves an imprint on your mind, and you smile.

“I like that name.” The smug grin on his face falters, a deep blush showing on his face and he quickly changes the subject.

“Who’s the guy that keeps trying to kill you?” You pause, the dreaded question hanging over your head.

“Cutting right to the point I see?” You dryly laugh, trying to ease the tension in your body. “He’s a-was my family.” You mumble, his stare urging you to keep going.

“He helped raise me. Been there since I was born and whatnot. He even helped my parents with picking a name.” You stare at the ground infront of you, reminiscing on the better memories. “I used to be afraid of my powers, as I can do so much with them.”

Bakugous eyes never drift from your face, his now blank and pondering every word you say.

“I can save lives, or I can take them—just with the flick of my hand.” You raise one, flexing out your fingers. “That terrified me for a while.” You swallow a lump in your throat.

“He was the one who taught me how to control my powers, told me ‘only you yourself can conquer your own fears’. He taught me the beauty of them,” You smile, a purple glow surrounding the two of you, a light breeze blowing somehow. “How with my gift I can become one with the elements.” Leaves start to dance in the wind, Bakugou watches in silence as your eyes drift back to him—he raises his brows in question.

“He also taught me what pain feels like.” Bakugous brows furrow, a scoff threatening to leave his lips.

“Not the pain you’re thinking of though, like a broken bone or a punch. No, he gave me real pain. The pain you feel when you’re on the brink of death.” A shiver runs throughout your body, almost being able to feel the heat of your blood boil.

“Then of course, I grew older, stronger, wanted my own things in life.” Your answers are vague, not giving too much information. “My family didn’t like that. They didn’t like the fact I had my own opinions and didn’t want to be used by them for my magic.” Tears start filling your eyes and your e/c eyes meet his red ones.

“So I left.” You give a bitter smile, before looking away and quickly wiping the stray tears that fell.

“What’s his name?” Bakugou breaks the silence, and you grimace still refusing his stare.

“Neikan.” You’re about to apologize, thinking he’s feeling uncomfortable by your state.

“Well he’s an asshole. I’ll kill him again for fucking shooting me.” You look at him, a smile breaking out into your face—and you start laughing. Your hand goes to cover your mouth, quieting the giggles as he stares. Your eyes meet and his lip is pulled between his teeth, his eyes looking a bit brighter as you quiet down.

“After all that I told you, you still can’t help it.”

“Can’t help what?”

“Being a giant-“

“Oi!” You start giggling again, this time a smile tugging at his lips as well. As you two sit and wait in the darkness of the night, the stone walls shrinking you both from the outside world for just a little while-

For the first time, you can saw the light in his eyes.

A/N Wassup guys! Another long chapter, but you finally know who you are!! So many questions answered in this chapter and more to come!! What y’all think 👀 Let me know! Thank you guys SO much for all the likes, reblogs, and comments!! You guys are THE BEST!!

ALSO!! I hit 500 followers the other day!!! All because of you guys!! Thank you so much for wanting to watch me drool over my Bakubabe 🥺 ALSO ALSO I hope you guys are all healthy and staying safe! ❤️ With everything going on right now with the virus i’ve been busy bc both of my jobs closed and such. Now school is solely online for the entirety of the spring semester. But it’s okay! Just know if you guys EVER need anything, I’m here to chat! OK I LOVE YALL BYEEEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Pocky game with Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou, Mirio and Amajiki please...was that too many?😣 I was also thinking about Hawks...but honestly just do the ones you want to from these😅😅

Ahhhhh YES! I honestly don’t see enough hc of the pocky game or seven minutes in Heaven in this fandom and it makes me sad cause ITD BE SO CUTE!!!!

I’ve never written for Hawks, and I don’t know his character too well, so I’m not gonna write for him for this one…. and I won’t do Tamaki (love him but my little brain can think of 5 different boys at once😅) but the other boys I gotchu!!! 😊👌


  • The only reason he agreed to play was because somebody said he could win
  • HE. WILL. AND. CAN. WIN. AT. ANY . GAME. He is DETERMINED to prove this fact
  • Bakusquad most definitely set him up
  • His face is going to get redder and redder as you to get closer
  • But omg he will taste so good! Like chocolate and oranges
  • Your gonna have to be the one to pull away, because this boy is inexperienced and rough, but also because he REFUSES to lose


  • He is going to act so calm it’s scary-but honestly he’s freaking out inside
  • He’ll be more concerned with your comfort level and ask you if your comfortable doing it with him UM YES SHOTO ANYONE IS LUCKY TO PLAY THE POCKY GAME WITH U YOU ARE FINE
  • He’s gonna star straight at you as you get closer
  • His kiss will be gentle and feather-like…he’ll most likely pull away, his cheeks a rosy red color, -and he’ll just keep staring at you in shock because he honestly he can’t believe he just did that with someone he finds so attractive


  • Oh god he will be overthinking- how does act? Where does he look? Does he close his eyes? Does he look at you? Should he try to win-or just break the stick and call it a night? He wants to kiss you but he doesn’t know how and oh no where does he put his hands-
  • Chill Midoriya.
  • He will be red in the face from chin to forehead and be stuttering and apologizing ALOT
  • Once he kisses you though, he’s happy he did-he’s never felt something so amazing in his life
  • He will let you win, but all night he will be staring at you, figuring out a way to get you to kiss him again


  • He will be laughing and so confident at the beginning!
  • It’s just a harmless game, right? Nothing to worry about!
  • Will purposefully try to make you laugh by making silly faces while you two are inching closer to each other
  • But once you kiss-ohhhh you going to shake up his world
  • He will start to forget that he’s playing a game with others around and kiss you for real
  • You’ll have to pull away first once you realize others around you are starting to catch on that YALL ARE GETTING INTO IT, Mirio looking like he just woke up from a dream
  • Hell be a little quieter the rest of the night, just so in bliss after kissing you
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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugou x reader

Y/N = your name, y/e/c= your eye color, y/f/b = your favorite band, y/f/a = your favorite album.

Warnings: violence, strong language, mentions of anxiety attacks

A/N: Hey guys, I hope you guys like this chapter. Welcome if your new :) If you are interested in this story, click on my icon and you’ll find the rest of the chapter. Enjoy the chapter 💛

Part 11- Summer


Originally posted by wozwaldz

“Oh yeah, this shit smacks.”

“Hey, no cursing.”

“Sorry, I cant help it. This food is just great.” You were eating a sandwich that just hit the spot, “So, how many people failed the exam?” He turned to you from his desk, “I’m just saying…” Yamada grabbed some of your chips and traded it for a candy, “You are back in the teacher lounge, huh?” You finished your chips before your uncle ate anymore, “Yup, back to my regularly scheduled program.” You were jamming out to some music with the rest of the teachers and Yamada began to pester Aizawa, “I really thought we made some progress.” He tried finishing some papers, “She’ll be fine, she has to socialize at some point.” He then had what you called the spooky smile, “Like, a camp.”

You were back in class and he finally announced it, “Their five of you who failed.” You watched as those five faves dropped, “But, yiu all passed the written portion.” He did the smile again. You shuddred, why Zawa, “You’re all going.”



Iida stood up, “Mr. Aizawa, you’ve fooled me twice and now, our faith in you will waiver!” He nuzzled into his scarf, “I’m sure it will.”

You began to look at the list in confusion, now why the hell do we need all this crap? Then, hagakure had an amazing idea, “how about we do a class 1A day out at the mall!” And that’s my call, you began grabbing your things and heard Bakugo and Todoroki weren’t going either. You heard Mineta whine, “Can’t you guys get the clue!” You were walking out the classroom, clutching onto your books when, “Aiuchi!” You froze for a second and saw Kirishima caught up to you, “You’re gonna be their, right?” You were surprised they asked you, “Oh well, I don’t know.” You then felt a tap on your shoulder and saw Iida bowing, “Please! It will be very fun.” You gave in felt your stomach turning, “Fine.”

It was the day, and you felt nervous as you skated to the location, fuck, this is so weird. You didn’t do something extravagant for your outing, just a jean jacket on your waist, some black ripped jeans, and a band tee. You made it inside and saw them in a small crowd, “Aiuchi!” You began to slow down and jumped off the board,landing next to Yaoyoruzu who looked very excited, “It looks like we’re all here now!” You looked around the grand mall, where do I even start? You then felt an arm around you and grabbed it, “Woah, easy Aiuchi, it’s just me.” I can’t believe i almost flung him, “Where are you starting?” You shrugged at the red head, “I think I need a new bag.” Yaoyoruzu jumped up in glee, “You can come with us!” She was next Jirou , “Oh, I don’t want to intervine.” She grabbed your hand and the three of you began to walk another direction, “That’s pure nonsense, we’re friends, theirs no intervening here.” She thought of you as a friend? “Oh ok Yaoyouruzu.” She smiled softly as you called her by her full name, “Please Aiuchi, Just momo.” This friendship thing is giving me a whiplash.

You guys made it into a store and Momo went directly to the very fashionable bags while you and Jirou stayed in the leather ones. She took a glance at you and your shirt, “You like y/f/b?” You looked down and examined a bag, “Yeah, they’re even cooler in person.” Her voice was the highest you’ve heard it, “You’ve met them?!” You smiled inwardly, that was my reaction when I first met them, “Yeah.” You began to grow curious, “What’s your favorite album?” She thought about it a bit, “I think y/f/a is one of their best ones.” Finally, someone of taste, “No fucking way, that’s my favorite to!” The two of you began to fangirl over other bands and Momo watched from afar, “I knew they were gonna get along.”

You couldn’t believe you hit it off so well with her. Why didn’t I ever talk to her? As you guys were walking to your next store, you got a text of the class rep.

Iida: hey, I found some shoes your size for hiking, want me to get them?

You forgot you asked him that favor. You began walking the other way, “I have to meet with Iida, I’ll see you later guys.” They waved once more and you began to head to the center.

Where the hell is he? You saw Midoriya sitting down and began to approach him when you saw someone sitting next to him, who the hell- The man looked up at you, and gave you agrin that took up his entire face. No

“What do you remember, y/n?”

“Well, their was a boy. I think he was introuble to.”

Your chest began to heave up and down while everything was enclosing. He was the one from the League of Villains a-and…

“RUN Y/N!”


You began to walk quickly and from their, it turned to a sprint, and from a sprint to a full fledged run. You had one target, and that was to get home as quickly as possible. Everyone around you seemed so slow, but it was the adrenaline coursing though your body. Flashes of memories began to bombard your mind and you couldn’t stop it. “Aiuchi!” Iida was now running with you, “Is everything ok? What’s going on?!” You felt like you couldn’t talk, as if someone shoved cotton down your throat, “I need you to find Midoriya and contact the police, p-please.” Your frantic movements alerted him that their was something wrong, but he followed what you said and ran back.

He was here, and it shook you to core. You couldn’t handle this, it was all too much. Finally, you saw your house up ahead and made it through the gate and the front door, “Begin lockdown.”

“Are you sure, Ms. Aiuchi?”

You paced around the entrance, “YES.” All of the doors and windows were mantled by pieces of metal infront of them and your house became pitch black. The shadows elongated and your head was spinning uncontrollably. You couldn’t see anything and your legs became weak and you held onto your throat, trying to create a pressure point, “Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada have been alerted.” You tried walking up the stairs, but the scenes became more vivid with each breath, “STOP! STOP IT!” You nearly got halfway up the stairs and you curled into a ball, not being able to move a single nerve in your paralyzed body. Waterfalls cascaded down your petrified face and you felt like bugs were crawling over your body. This time, you were afraid, and their was no hiding from it.

Finally, after what felt like hours, you heard the entire system open, “Y/N?!”


You couldn’t talk, your mouth was drier than the desert. And your hearing, it felt like it was taken away from you. Finally, the two were able to find you and they ran up the stairs, “Y/n, please look up.” You didn’t. Yamada turned you to their direction and looked into your y/e/c orbs. He cradled you closely and Aizawa looked down at your blank expression, “She’s in shock.” He put his hand hand a little over your hand, “She’s breathing.” Aizawa sighed in relief, “I’ll get her a warm blanket.”

It was no longer after that you heard that Midoriya and your classmates were fine. The police got their, but their was no sign of the guy. You were taken into questioning down at the police station and held onto the warm blanket tightly, “Are you sure it’s him?” You looked down at the ground, “Yes…” The detective smiled at you comfortably, he was the one assigned to your case years ago, “All this time, I-i thought he was taken hostage by those guys as well, and it turned out he worked for them.” You covered your disgusted face with your trembling hand, all these years, I was worried about him and this is the shit I get in return. It made you sick, “This is great conformation of a link between him and the other one.” You wrapped the blanket tightly around you, “You’ll be fine Y/n, we do not know if they want you guys, and All Might. but, for now, just live your life as normally as you can.” Your head began pounding, I put them all in danger.

You walked out and headed outside, they want me, and my secret quirk. You then remembered that all of your family members had tracking devices on them and sort of comforted you. You talked to your parents already, and they began panicking, telling you that they would be home soon. But, you didn’t want to be that person everyone is worried of anymore. So, you convinced them that your uncles were enough protection for you.


You walked up to him, “I’m glad that you’re ok, Deku.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Thank you for warning Iida, we don’t know what would’ve happened if you didn’t.” You felt like a failure, all you did was run out of fear, “Yeah, no problem.” The two of you headed outside and the detective behind you pointed to the alleyway behind you guys, “Theirs someone here for you, Midoriya.” You began to walk away with a tired expression, “I’ll see you later.”

Both your uncles were parked infront of the station and you opened the back door and sat in silence. Nobody thought this was gonna happen, someone survived your demolition and you didn’t know their full capabilities. Hopefully, he forgot who you are and won’t come for you any time soon.

It was now your summer vacation and you had spent it by yourself, trying not to think of the incident. You didn’t text or call anyone, you felt like every moment they spent with you, they were in danger. So, you were in your home sweet home, having the time of your life, training with your uncles and yourself for the camp coming up.

You were deep into your home in the arcade room when you got an incoming call from Kirishima. Fuck, what do I do? You decided to watch the phone ring for a bit and sighed when it stopped. You heard the ringtone once again and decided to pick up, “Hello?”

“you see, I told you she was not dead!” They thought I died?!

“We were wondering if you wanted to come to the pool with us, we’re doing some swimming exercises.”

“It’s ok, I already have a pool where I can do that.”

“C’mon Aiuchi, we’ll be at your place to pick you up soon.”

“Wait, What do you mean we-” he hung up, great.

You decided to go with it and began to pack up a bag and heard the buzz from the gate, “Hey Aiuchi, it’s Kirishima!” You let him enter and was gonna confront him about it, “Look it’s really nice of you to envite me but-” You felt someone swing you over their shoulder and was petrified, “what did I tell you, she was gonna come with some stupid excuse.” You looked up and Kirishima had locked your door and grabbed your bag, “So, how you been?” You began to pound on Bakugous back, “Let me go you over grown Gremlin!” He tightened his grip, “Won’t you just shut up!” He grumbled under his breath, “You’re more annoying than I remembered.” “Just you wait Bakugo”. As the blond carried you the rest of the way, you rested your hand under your chin and looked at the red head, “I’m just peachy Kirishima.”

You changed quickly into the swimsuit the school gave and had your hands crossed over your chest. Jirou came up to you with Uraraka and Tsuyu, “Aiuchi, you made it!” You pulled your hair up, “Hold on girls, I have something to take care of.” They stood back, “What do you think she’s doing?” Uraraka saw that you heading towards Bakugo, “Oh no.” Bakugo screamed from the top of his lungs, “I’M GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN YOU DAMN NER-”

You didn’t even let him finish his sentence when you threw him and yourself in the water. Everyone ran up the edge in shock, “Kacchan!” Suddenly they saw the two of you emerge and you had a hold on Bakugous hair, “WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT TOUCHING ME YOU STUPID FUCK?!” You began to dunk his head multiple times in the water until you brought him down to the bottom. Sero watched as the boy was trying to get out of your clutches, “I’ve never seen her so mad.” Kirishima remembered what you said when Bakugou picked you up, “I guess she was really upset of Bakugou dragging her here.” Iida began to freak out and didn’t know what to do, “She’s gonna kill him!” Bakugou came back up and you were on top of him with your legs around his neck, “GET OFF ME YOU CRAZY BRAT!” And was sunk back down, “She’s not gonna kill him, just teaching him a lesson.” Everyone turned to Todoroki who was drinking the juice Iida brought, “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to just watch, right?” Kaminari grabbed a chair and began to cheer, “Go Aiuchi! Kick his ass!” Everyone began to do the same for the next minute or so.

Finally, you resurfaced and threw Bakugou out of the pool and onto the ground that had towels covering it. The girls decided to help you out and gave you a towel to dry yourself off. You went up to him panting and crouched down next to him, “I let you off easy this time.” You got in his face and tilted yours to the side, “Next time, I’ll kill you.” You smiled wickedly and handed him a drink before you walked back up to the girls. They all enveloped you in a hug and chanted your name loudly.

Midoriya scratched the back of his head, “I didn’t know she had it in her.” Kaminari eyes dazzled in admiration, “It was so cool, she was like, fuck off Bakugo and Bakugo was like AAAHH and-”


“Yes Bakugo.”

Kirishima helped his friend up and chuckled, “she gave you a run for your money, huh?” He grumbled and walked away with the drink you gave him at hand.

Finally, the boys decided to swim against one another and Tokoyami asked you, “You want to compete Aiuchi?” After watching you destroy Bakugou, they were afraid of your answer. You laid on the ground with one foot on top of the other, “It’s ok, Tokoyami. I already had my tiny exercise.” Sero and Kaminari were snickering and Bakugo hit them behind their heads. It was fun actually, seeing the boys use their quirks and the girls cheering them on. You were cheering for Iida and Deku and saw Bakugou was staring at you. You stared back in authority and Mina giggled, “Aw, you guys are the cutest!” Your face became a crimson color like Kirishmas hair and turned away from him, “That guy? As if!” She looked between the two of you and her eyes narrowed, something is going on…

Finally, the big one was here. The three jumped in the water and soon fell flat in it, except for Todoroki. That graceful bastard. Aizawa emerged with his eyes glowing red, “It’s 5.” Your classmates began to groan, “Aw c’mon! This is the one everyone was waiting for!” He gave you all a glare and that was enough to shut you all up. You weren’t really afraid of it, so you made your way to the other side and helped Todoroki out, “How do yiu do it? Looking so slick all the time?” He chuckled at your commentary, “I don’t know acatually.” You all began to walk into the changing rooms when you heard someone shout,


You wiped some of the water on your cheek, what does he want? Then, sashaying their way towards you was Mina, who kept wiggling her brows. You grabbed the towel and draped it on top of your face, fucking Mina. You couldn’t comprehend how she could speak to people so freely, and with such certainty.

You did as told and waited outside a bit, “I won’t take long, Y/n.” You began swaying back and forth, “Oh it’s ok, I’ll walk home after Bakugou tells me what he needs.” Aizawa was a man of few expresssions but, the widening of his eye was peculiar, “Very well. Call me when your home.” You nodded your head, “Yes sir.” He halted for a second and shook his head a bit, this kid.

You waited a bit longer and saw he arose from the ashes. He and Kirishima walked together towards you. The red head got in the middle of the two of you and brought all of you closely, “Well, let’s get this show on the road.” You tried getting away from his friendly clutches, “What do you mean?” He began moving forward with the two of you, “We got to take you home after we dragged you here.” Why, why is he so nice.

At the beginning it was quiet, until Kirishima got a call halfway, “Oh it’s my mom…” He patted Bakugou and asked him to take yiu the whole way, which he relunctantly agreed. Now, it felt awkward. You felt bad for making him take you home, “You know, you can just go.” He guffawed, “As if, you’ll probably get in trouble like you always do.” You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness.

“I heard what happened at the Mall.”

You took in a huge gulp, “Danger senses you like a metal detector doesn’t it?” You actually laughed a bit, “I guess it does.” You watched as the sun set and confessed something that had been picking at you from the beginning, “You know, my life isn’t sunshine and rainbows like many believe.” He was fixing his shirt and looked up, “But, at least I already know the life of a pro hero, right?” The two of you stopped walking and he saw through you, like you said once, the eyes are the window to the soul, “Just makes you a better competitor Aiuchi.” That’s a bright side to it, “Yeah, makes it even easier to beat you.”


“Whatever you say hot tamale.”

He stayed true to his word and dropped you off at the front of the gate without another word. You walked around your house a bit until you made to the porch swing you had. You took a few sips of the tea you prepared and tapped the rim with your index finger, you’re an interesting character, Bakugou.


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Originally posted by eagle-flies

A/N:  This is trash but I haven’t written anything all day so here enjoy this 30 minute Drabble! Thanks @theiryoongi​ for your help in creating this <3 Song is Let me Know - BTS
Bakugou x Gender Neutral Reader

You took away my stars at night, my sun at day
Only leaving me with the darkness of a single cold cloud
If there are hellos, then there’s bound to be goodbyes?

The feeling of helplessness crawls it’s way into your chest pushing down uncomfortably against your lungs as you stare at the man you loved with teary eyes. His gaze is not directed at you but rather off to the side, unwilling or rather uncaring to look at what his words are doing to you.

“I don’t understand” You whisper, your voice held hostage by the lump forming in your throat climbing its way up until you have no choice but to let a broken sob break free. Bakugou’s face remains impassive and it also feels like the person standing in front of you was a stranger. The memories the two of you made replaying in your mind on an endless loop. Promises made at two in the morning of plans to be together forever now suddenly seem so empty.

It hurts to breathe, fire-like oxygen burning its way down your throat and into your lungs. There’s a hollow feeling in your chest, like the blond man standing in front of you reached into you and pulled your heart right out.

Heavy sobs shake your shoulders, the dam breaks and a tidal wave of tears begin sliding down your cheeks. Your hands cover your face, not wanting him to see how utterly pathetic you are at having a full blown breakdown right in front of him.

Bakugou shifts his weight between his feet, almost like you’re making him uncomfortable.

The knowledge hurts, it’s a slap in the face. He makes no move to comfort you.

“It’s not working out” he says, not a hint of emotion in his low voice. It almost feels like you had never dated, like the person standing in front of you had never seen you at your darkest times. Held you as you cried about your frustrations and promised he’d always be there for you.


The realization of being all alone again is a kick to your gut.

“I don’t love you” Those four words are a slap to the face. Your jaw clenches so hard it aches, nails digging crescents into your palms as you try to hold off as best as possible before you start hyperventilating.

“Becoming a hero is my number one priority. I’m sorry” Through blurry eyes you can see him start to walk off and instinctively your hands reaches out to grab his wrist.

“Katsuki wait! Can’t we talk about this?” You plead, everything is slowly slipping from your hands. Happiness, late nights spent arguing over stupid things that always ended with the best cuddles. Bakugou rips his arm out of your grasp, once again vermillion eyes refused to meet yours.

“It’s over Y/N! We’re done!” You can’t do anything except watch him leave, crouching down to your knees and as the door to your room closes you’re overcome with the sudden urge to disappear. To crawl in on yourself and never come out again. With no one around to judge you, you can no longer hold back your sobs as you cry into your hands. Head hanging forward, your nose is blocked and you can’t breathe properly anymore.

 Your breaths come out short and fast, hysteria making itself a familiar friend. Nothing made sense anymore, just yesterday things had been fine. He had told you he loved you. So why was today suddenly so different. As you wipe your eyes with the sleeves of the sweater you’re wearing, you realize grimly that it belongs to him. Knowing that you’re going to have to give it back to him, give back everything that was his and had inevitably become a part of yourself was crushing.

There was nothing you could do, Bakugou had walked out of your life faster than he had come into it. Without so much as a second thought for the lives you had built around each other the past two years.

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Comforting a self conscious s/o (Request, Fluff) Part 2! 

Cuddling after a long day of training! (Request, Fluff)

The Dance - You decided to show Bakugo a special dance. (NSFW)

Domestic Life - Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, and Nights with Bakugo. (Fluff)

A secret relationship with Bakugo (Request, Fluff-ish)

If Bakugo had an idol s/o (Request, Fluff)

Bakugo needs some cuddling from s/o after a sucky day! (Request, Fluff)

First time with Kacchan! (Request, NSFW, Fluffy)

Bakugo crushing on Best Jeanist daughter - Headcanons! (Request, Fluffy, I guess)

Reader breaks up with Kacchan and ends up with Dabi! Oh noes! (Request, Angst)


Wolves Among Us - New Mini Series! (Fluff, NSFW, Fantasy AU)
Chapters: (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) (VIII) (IX) (X) (XI) (XII) (XIII)

Stare - The way he looked at you were like two fiery stars in the cosmos, burning brilliantly and indefinitely while being surrounded by the shrouded cape of infinity. Part 1

SoftYou, with the voice of an angel, the beauty of the stars, and a smile like the sun. It was as if you were Aphrodite herself. It left him obsessed and wanting more. Part 2

Slumber - Part 3 (not here yet lol)

Mini Ask Events:

1 – “I’ll fill you up to the brim.” and 19 – “Ride me.”

3 - “Choke on it.”

19 - “I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me”

44. “Cuddle Me” and 28. “Make me”

9. A kiss that lasts so long, they are sharing each other’s breaths. 14. A kiss so desperate that the two wind around each other, refusing to let go until they are finished. 24. Deep kisses where they have their hands tangled in each other’s hair to pull them closer.

“This is your fault”

“Baby’s coming now” & “Don’t let go of my hand” (part 2 to “This is your fault” quote.)

“I dunno if I’ll be a good dad”

(Baby kicks for the first time)

“You never get what you want. Haven’t you learnt that by now?” (83)

“How many times has he told you he doesn’t love you?” (8)

“I’m not good at this. I never have been.” (16)

“I heard the doctors. I know you haven’t got long.” (75)

“I’m not someone who breaks easily, but I must commend you on this.” (62)

91- “That night you kissed me, and I thought I might melt.”

63 - “Why didn’t you answer your phone? It was an emergency, I needed to tell you I loved you.”

17- “I think I’m in love with you and I don’t know what to do.”

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Izuku for the situation plz

Why of course!


𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝗼𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞🏝 (5)

Character: Izuku

Situation/place: coffee date☕️


Feel free to request a character (It does not have to be from bnha) and I’ll create a situation/place and outfit for them!

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sorry to my followers in advance bc i’ve been shitposting all day BUTTTTTTT my small brain has hatched an idea!

so as many of you don’t know, i am a 5sos whore and have been for over 5 years! now here’s where my small brain idea comes in

i have not touched any of my drafts yet they’re just sitting there BUT i want to write something off their new album calm (stream it 😡)

it’ll probably be one of my fav song’s off the album or maybe something you guys could suggest, anywhore i’m undecided whether it should be on a bnha/mha boy or haikyuu boy

bnha/mha is obvi more popular amongst my followers bc that’s all i’ve written but i could also take the chance to branch out and cater to a different fandom, so vote on it or sum 😳😳

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word count: 1.1k
warnings: none

a/n: hi it’s rina back at it again with that yandere bullshit. idk what to say, i’m having fun writing this so i hope you enjoy reading it.

You stare at him with those big, dead eyes of yours, hands pressed against the glass surface. It unsettles him, to say the least.

“That’s a fancy pet” Hawks brings up nonchalantly. It’s a good conversation starter, that aquarium is the first thing anyone would notice when they walk into that office, right?

“A beautiful specimen, isn’t she?” Giran leans back in his chair. “Sadly, she isn’t mine, I allow the owner to bring her here whenever he’s away for business as a safety measure”

Keigo is bewitched. He can’t stop looking. You’re so otherworldly it’s hard to believe that you’re just a human with a quirk. Breathing in and breathing out, the gills your neck open and close in rhythmic motions. Your webbed fingers point in sharp claws and the scales bound to your blanched baby blue skin make light bounce off of you in wondrous, iridescent distortion. They only serve to accentuate how exquisite your body is, your bare and ample bosom in full view, your hips… Your long hair flows in the water, and reveals a pair of fins where your ears should be.

And suddenly, you fade from his vision, dissolving into the pale blue liquid you’re being kept in. Keigo’ head snaps in Giran’s direction, eyes wide. The latter cackles.

“She’s shy, try not to stare at her for too long”

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bro please..... more sugar daddy enji content.... I’m so parched..... tbh though I was just in it for the money and he was trying to be tender, I would break so fast and be all sweet to him because I’m weak for beeg man with emotions 🥺🥺

Part 4:

[You’re seeing Enji Todoroki for the first time after his battle with the Nomu. You watched his harsh battle live on television and felt an extreme sense of dread, but you haven’t been bale to get a hold of him since then. The news has yet to mention his post-battle condition other than he is alive.]

Enji: *Knocks on the door at around midnight like normal, but hardly gets the second knock in before the door is wildly swung open*  Y/N I–

You: *cuts him off by roughly throwing themselves at him in a hug* What the fuck– I was so w… You’re really okay…

Enji: *stoically* I brought you something. *hands you a small dainty bag that he usually uses to put your new lingerie in*


You: *internally*  This fucking stupid ass Cheeto looking mother fucker! I was worried sick about him and all he can think of is fucking?! *externally* Owh~ You didn't have t… *trails off when seeing what’s in the bag…*

Enji: I did have to actually.

You: H-how much money is this…?

Enji: Enough…

You: For what…? *internally* What’s the fucking catch?

Enji: *He doesn’t even invite himself into your home like he usually does* I realized some things, Y/N. Things about my self. 

You: *internally* could you be any fucking vaguer? *externally* I think I might need you to explain, baby.

Enji: I am on my way to atone for my wrongdoings. I was never the greatest father nor was I ever much of a husband but most of all I was never deserving of this position– the symbol… the number one.  

You: *internally* Where the fuck is he going with this?


Enji: I think that the best way to start atoning is here, with us. Y/N, I won’t see you anymore. This money should be more than enough to keep you on your feet for a while.

You: *internally and externally* what…?

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Pairing: Kirishima x Reader

Summary: You and Kirishima have a little conversation as you wait for the pros to arrive.

Warnings: Mentions of blood loss and violence, kinda graphic descriptions of wounds.

A/N: This can be read as romantic or platonic. I honestly just wanted to write this for the angst and I got this idea after seeing a text post. Requests are open if you want to send them in. Hope you enjoy!

“Hey Kiri…do you think we may have gotten a bit too in over our heads with this one?” 

 “Yea…I think we did. But if we hadn’t…those civilians wouldn’t have gotten out in time.” 

“Yea…you’re right. At least they’re safe.”

There had been a villain attack while you and Kirishima were doing your school Internships together. While the pro heros took care of the villains, you and Kirishima were ordered to get people to safety. You were able to get most of the civilians out but the two of you ran into one of the villains while escorting a couple. You told the couple to run while you and Kirishima fought them off. The two of you were able to hold your own for a bit but it soon became clear you were out matched in skill. Your quirks just weren’t strong enough.

You rested your head on Kirishima’s shoulder, one hand holding his while the other held the bleeding wound in your chest. There were more injuries than that one, but Kirishima had wounds of his own. He had used his quirk too much and parts of his skin cracked off, leaving it bruised and bloodied. The villain also landed a hit to his head, causing it to bleed and make it hard for him to move. You couldn’t move him yourself. Now the two of you lay, propped up against a wall, waiting for the pros to come find you.

 “They’ll be here soon.” You said.

“Yea, they’ll come find us.” Kirishima mumbled. Dizziness was beginning to set in from the rapid blood loss and you could feel yourself getting light headed.

“Remember when Denki convinced us to help him prank Bakugou that one time?” You said. Kirishima gave out a shallow but affirmative grunt.

 “I remember…Bakugou got so mad…he chased us around the whole school…for most of the day.” He said. You heard his breaths beginning to get shallow and knew you weren’t far behind.


 You lost consciousness before before you could hear the pros arrived.

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Originally posted by lummophoenix

Requested By: Wattpad User

Edited: 4-6-20


Hitoshi had a brooding expression. His lips were pressed against each other in a straight line. He wouldn’t look at you with his eyes but rather focused on the task at hand.

He was upset with you, although he was not vocal about it, you could tell he was.

“Can you not press so hard.”

His eyes flicked up from the hydrogen-peroxide soaked cloth that he was pressing against your arm to look at your eyes. It was brief but you saw the worry. Worry and anger.

“Maybe I wouldn’t have to press so hard if you didn’t go around getting in fights.”

You felt the pressure on your wound get lighter. Even though he was mad at you, he was careful not to hurt you.

“I mean fuck, he had a knife [Y/N]. What if you had gotten seriously hurt.”

“How was I supposed to know he had a knife?”

Hitoshi poured more hydrogen-peroxide on your arm earning a hiss from you. You were sure it was clean by now, he was probably just doing it to punish you.

“You can’t go around fighting citizens. We graduated, there isn’t going to be anyone there to clean up your messes. We’re heroes. When you get in fights, it’s going to be all over the news.”

“I know that.”

Hitoshi places a bandage on your arm and put medical tape over it to keep it placed there. His attention goes from your wound to your eyes. His purple orbs looked so distraught.

“If you know that then why did you do it?”

“He was fucking quirk-shaming you! I couldn’t just– Ugh, I had to defend your honor.”

Hitoshi screwed the cap back on the hydrogen-peroxide bottle and harshly slammed it against the counter. He was angry, not at you, but at the people who ignorantly thought he was villain material.

“I– I owe you an apology. You were defending me. Reckless as you were, it came out of an place of love. I’m sorry.”

Hitoshi went to walk away but you pulled him back by the sleeve of his arm. He looked back over at you, sadly. It was like looking at a kicked puppy. All he wanted was validation that he was good, but instead, society kicked him around.

“I defended you because he was wrong. You’re gonna make a great hero, Hitoshi. You’re gonna be so great they’ll sell figures with your face on it, and no one will ever dare question if you are meant to be a villain.”

“You always know what to say to make me feel better. You’re the best, but now that newscaster is gonna turn it around and say bad stuff.”

“Not this time they aren’t. They got the whole fight on video, including the part where he shames you. I’m a hero to all quirk-shamed victims.”

Hitoshi presses his lips against yours. It’s short and sweet, but it doesn’t fail to make your heart go crazy.

“You’re definitely my hero.”

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Coming at ya with more Katsuki content!!

I’ve been baking whilst social distancing, so writing this was super fun - Today I made a Honey and Lemon cake using a recipe from the 1600s (It was so damn tasty, too). Thank you for your request!

Quick translation note: “Itadakimasu” essentially means “Lets eat” or “Bon appetit”!

Forever love, and stay safe! From Yaomomo xx


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

Your shared home smelt beautiful, the scents of chocolate and orange drifting from the kitchen into the other rooms. The scene was set, ready for your husband to return home: The dining table was laid with candles and a lovingly prepared katsudon for each of you, not to mention the decadent chocolate orange cake that sat on the counter top of the kitchen. You hear the front door open as you delicately iced a final buttercream swirl on top of the cake. Quickly, you turned all of the lights off and met Katsuki at the door with a candle and the biggest smile you could muster.

“(F/N), why is it so fuckin’ dark in here? Is it another power-cut?” Your husband groaned slightly as he kicked off his boots and snaked his arms around your waist - He’d clearly had a long day, his body tense and tired. He smelt good, though, a mixture of his strong cologne and burnt sugar: Practically good enough to eat, but, it’d be a shame to waste the dinner you’d made.

You lay a kiss to his chapped lips and said nothing, taking his hand and leading him to the romantic setting you’d arranged like you were at a restaurant. Katsuki’s vermilion eyes widened and his jaw slacked at the sight in front of him - He was the cook in your marriage, even though he worked so hard everyday. He was expecting to come home and cook tonight, not to be met with the most beautiful smelling dinner with candles and gentle music playing somewhere in the background. Your husband’s lips found your own in a slow kiss, the smile on his face only growing when your arms found his shoulders to massage them softly.

“Did you make all of this, princess?” He questioned as he pulled out your chair for you, letting you sit on it before he carefully pushed it in. You nodded sheepishly as he sat across from you, grinning, “Little Miss Clumsy all by herself, hah? I do have a pretty amazing wife.” Katsuki picked up his chopsticks and gazed down at the bowl in front of him before looking back at you, “Itadakimasu.”

The two of you ate in comfortable quietness, listening to the serene piano music and enjoying the excellent food in the warm candlelight. Katsuki smiled with each mouthful and he quickly finished his plate, relishing in your great food. He stood from the table and wandered behind you, large hands finding your shoulders and rubbing delicate circles against your tired muscles. You got up and took the dishes back to the kitchen, instructing him to sit back down to which he protested, claiming that you couldn’t do the washing up all by yourself, but, he did oblige.

You returned with a bunch of tulips tucked under your arm and the extraordinary 3-tiered cake that you’d spent hours working on in your hands. You placed the dessert on the table and giggled at the look of absolute shock on Katsuki’s face as he eyed the pudding. He jumped to his feet, twirling you around before capturing you in his strong arms and dipping you in an intensely romantic kiss - Just like he had on the day you got married. Katsuki’s gaze when he broke the kiss was warm and loving, his embrace keeping you safe and sound. He picked up the cake knife and placed one of your hands over his, you still carefully tucked between his arms, You cut the cake together, reminiscing on the happiest day of your lives.

Katsuki picked up a slice of the cake and pressed it to your lips gently, feeding you the confectionery and grinning as your eyes rolled back and you groaned wonderfully at the exquisite taste of the cake you were ever so proud of. He chuckled lowly, watching your face twist in delight, “Don’t leave me out, darlin’.” You took a slice and fed your husband, watching his eyes widen as the chocolate hit his taste buds, a moan passing his lips - Your baking was really quite something. “Babe, why didn’t you tell me you could bake?”

“ ‘Cause you like the kitchen so much, I didn’t wanna get in your way.”

Katsuki scoffed slightly at your response, playfully smacking your bum, “Well, you’ve treated me tonight,” He scooped you up in his arms and started to walk you towards your room, “I think it’s about time I repaid the favor.”

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Bakugou and Todoroki with a crush who literally just kicked monoma in the jeweks the first time he insulted 1A


warning: swearing

todoroki x reader, bakugou x reader ( sep. )

you didn’t specify what kind, so i just picked

headcannons. i hope you still enjoy it 💞



  • let’s just start off by saying that todoroki has a huge ass crush on you
  • and he would confess but he doesn’t know how too
  • you may or may not have a crush on him too
  • he thinks you’re so sweet and innocent it makes his heart melt
  • but he started to second guess himself when monoma was pushing your buttons during the U.A sports festival
  • “how did these people make it in class 1-a? they’re so weak!”
  • at the time you just kept to yourself because he was a waste of your time
  • you had more important things to deal with,,
  • after a while of monoma’s constant bickering you were getting irritable
  • then he started to talk about todoroki and that was a no no in your book
  • “he doesn’t belong in 1-a, he can’t even control his quirk!”
  • that was the final straw for you
  • so when todoroki sees you go out of your way to kick monoma in the balls because he was being his egotistical self he’s shocked
  • he becomes the pikachu face :0
  • he’s never seen this side of you, you’re always so sweet and would never hurt a fly
  • let’s just say that by the end of the festival todoroki’s crush for you grown a whole lot


  • for you to even get bakugou to like you let alone be his crush is huge
  • being his crush means that he tolerates you, and he doesn’t tolerate anyone
  • being bakugou’s crush means that he’s way more soft with you than he is with everyone else
  • he’s tries not to show it, but everyone in class 1-a knows at this point
  • except for you though because sometimes you can be a bit oblivious, but he finds it cute
  • he’ll never admit that he does tho
  • after the sports festival is when he would like to confess to you
  • monoma was being a bitch as usual and you were having none of it
  • “hah! you guys can’t even take down 1-b! which is a lower class than you!”
  • bakugou would respond with something along the lines of “what the fuck did you just say?!”
  • for the most part you were ignoring monoma’s constant blabbering
  • until he decided to say some dumb shit to bakugou to get a ride out of you
  • “i can’t believe someone like you got into 1-a! people actually tolerate you? that’s a shame for them.”
  • and before bakugou could even strike back you got there before him, kicking monoma in the balls and then walking away right after
  • bakugou swears in the very moment his life for you grew tremendously
  • but then of course mina had to ruin the moment by teasing him
  • “awww, you’re looking at her with love eyes! how cute!”
  • “shut the fuck up, raccoon eyes!”
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note :

This is a very very terrible story, and it’s a purposeful cliff hanger ….

I might finish it up though, I’m not sure. This isn’t anything amazing or great, this is just about mediocre…

Whatever feed back ya got i’d love to hear it! Even if it’s to tell me it’s shit!


Any other time you might have ushered him back to his room; but at the moment, you had felt as if your entire life was ripped out of yours hands. Only to find out that he was alive, and running at you full speed; wires and tubes flying behind him? It felt as if time froze.

His large calloused hands basically engulfed your face, his thumbs rubbed the flesh of your cheeks; but, the smile on his face was worth it. His tears sparkled against the bright light of the waiting room, his body moving in a rather stuttered and slow manner.

The movements were a dark reminder of the wounds his body had still yet to recover from, the gauze that covered his arms were slowly growing dark with the blood that seeped into them.

Yet, his laughter caught you and the rest of the people in the room off guard, his smile never faltered as he winced with every laugh that fell from his throat. His eyes were closed with how wide his grin was, but it didn’t stop him from taking a moment to look you in the eyes. That was when your heart stopped.

The emotion held within his eyes fell onto you like a wave, your body immediately feeling what emotions went through his body just a few hours earlier.

It was Fear.

Your Izuku may have been a nervous man, he’d get flustered easy, his stuttering didn’t falter in the slightest either; especially around you. Yet, even after the years of hero work and PDA. He was still your nervous hero, and feeling the absolute terror that ran through his body shut you down.

Your body tensed under his grip, your own eyes fogging over with tears as you continued to stare into his eyes, the green eyes you had fallen in love with, the eyes you had adored. He pulled you into his chest the moment your tears streamed down your cheeks, his hands’ flying from their spots to hold you tighter against him; as he did so he fell to his knees with you falling suit.

The loud yells and protests of his nurses didn’t faze him in the slightest, the kisses he pressed against your temple were mixed with dried flakes of blood and his tears; but, at the moment you couldn’t care less. He was alive. He was breathing.


“I-I know honey. I know.”

The nurses quickly honed in the two of you yet, there was a sudden shift in his demeanor. The air suddenly felt thick and dark, Izuku’s grip only tightened as the air grew thicker and thicker. Your gaze only caught a glimpse of the glare Izuku was sending the nurses, but just a glance was strong enough to force you to stuff your face back into his chest.

It felt like years went past as you both sat there on the floor, everyone around was frozen, yet; the feeling Izuku gave off kept you calm, focused.

It wasn’t like your Izuku to do this, you would have done the same but,  he should be up and back in bed. He knew his injuries were bad; yet he still sat there with you, the blood that seeped from his wounds began to stain his skin. The sight only making your stomach do flips; you attempted to pull away but his large hands kept you in place.

The sounds of his heartbeat filled your ears, but it was slow, it was a calm rhythm. Yet, his body told otherwise.

His grip on you tightened as the nurses slowly walked closer, his form shook as his tears flowed freely from his eyes, his body shook with his sobs.

“I love you y/n.”  His voice was quiet, almost below a whisper; but his words carried so much.

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request by @baby-jichu​ :  What if the reader is overwhelmed by too many people talking to her because she got popular for becoming Bakugou’s girlfriend and has a panic attack in front of him? How would he react or comfort her??

character: Bakugou Katsuki

warning: mentions of panic attack which can be triggering

genre: slight angst, fluff

note: i really know nothing about panic attacks beside from what i have studied so this might not be close to an actual experience, so i apologize for that.

Bakugou Katsuki


-he’d try to avoid solo press conferences as much as possible

-because he knows that it puts you in the spot and makes you extremely uncomfortable

-and although the both of you went public after you came to an agreement

-he is always worried that someone might say something offensive

-or that his fans or those journalist jerks might get ahead of themselves and say something stupid

-he’s afraid that you’ll take whatever they have to say to heart

-practically threatens reporters to avoid spreading rumors shitty rumors like you tricked him into falling for you

-and creating something utterly scandalous only because you were in the same company

-when he sees you break down into your arms and entering into a state of panic

-he can’t help but regret for making it public

-his mind is plagued with a whole load of what if’s

-but when he sees you struggling with catching your breath while clutching your chest at whatever was floating around

-he immediately snaps back to his senses and holds your hand

-while asking you to take deep breaths

-the grip on your hand only tightens as time passes by and when he hears your faltering voice, trying to say something

-he presses his fingers to your lips, with a regretful look

-and asks you to promise him that you’d keep breathing until he fetches a glass of water for you

-while he sees the container being filled, he stops him self from slamming the wall because he doesn’t want to startle you

-biting his frustration in, he takes the glass to you

-and when he sees you more relaxed, he smiles to himself

-relieved that you were better, especially when the origins of your condition was him

-he takes a seat beside you and gives you the glass, and soothingly rubs your back while you gulp it down

-and when you sigh, still shaking from fear

-he pulls you into a hug, while nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck

-knowing that he had to be strong for you and stay with you

-when you wrap your arms around his chest and shed a few tears 

-he just runs his hands through your hair, telling you that everything would be okay 

-and when you ask him if he’s tired of everything and whether he’d want to leave you

-he just looks down with the most heartbroken expression

-when you peek up, his scared eyes meet yours, asking you why that thought even  popped up

-and when you just sadly laugh, wondering how his life would be so much more easier without you

-he flicks your forehead before softly pressing his lips against yours for the longest time

-he continues kissing you with a great deal of emotion and passion, while brushing your face with his thumbs as tears flowed down your cheeks

-constantly wondering if his emotions are reaching you

-and then he rests his forehead against yours

-his hot breath fans across your lips, as you could feel better just by staying in his proximity 

-he confesses couldn’t imagine himself without you by his side and that you needn’t worry about stupid stuff like that

-because he wasn’t sure if his actions were enough to tell you that

-he’d hold you in his arms the entire night if you needed him to, until his limbs become numb

-lovingly kissing the crown of your head, rubbing circles on your back, wiping your tears

-because he genuinely just wanted to see you get better

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