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#mha x reader

Yagi Toshinori x Pro!Reader

Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Synopsis: Things were looking up, now with Enji out of your life, and with a ring on your finger, you couldn’t have asked for a better scenario. But worries seemed to follow you. With Yagi’s increasing fame, you had a lot more things to worry about than the color of the kitchen walls or the gender of your baby. But you’d get through it together, no matter what that costed.

A/n: The final PARTTTT!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! So the next story to this storyline is called Scandals, and there will be a preview of it after this part. <3


Your hand slammed to cover your mouth, silencing the gasp that echoed out into the room. Yagi shifted in the bed but didn’t wake to your hysteria. Tears began to form at the edge of your eyes, threatening to fall the longer you read the headline.

“Endeavor’s Mistress, Pro-Hero Siren”

It had been 2 weeks since the incident, and you thought that everything was going to be blown under the rug. The missing person wouldn’t lead back to you and Enji, but it did. Gulping, you turned in your seat to look at Yagi sleeping peacefully. You shouldn’t wake him…

“Y-yagi” you cried out, the shock finally being displaced with worry and guilt. Your legs were shaky under you as you stood and stumbled towards the bed, how could you do this? “Yagi” your voice sounded firmer than before, but anyone that knew you could see you were panicking. 

Because you never told him.

“YAGI” your cry finally shook him from his dreams as he lept up in the bed, reaching for your side as if trying to protect you in his half-awake state. You prayed he would stay with you, prayed that he would believe you. You didn’t kiss Enji Todoroki back.

And you weren’t his mistress either.

“Why are you crying?! What’s happened, is the baby okay?” Yagi’s frantic words caused your heart to crack further from the pain, what have you done? His hands gripped your arms, encouraging you to continue. “I made a mistake” you sobbed out, hands covering your face as you tried to hide your shame. In all honesty, you didn’t want to worry Yagi with it all. He was already so stressed about being the Number One hero and providing for you and the child. He didn’t need to know that you were assaulted twice. 

It grew silent in the room and his hands fell from your arms. “What did you do…” he trailed off, voice full of disbelief as he took in the online article still up on the screen. He had to be dreaming… This couldn’t… You wouldn’t… “I DIDN’T WANT TO TELL YOU! I WAS SO AF-FRAID” Your screams didn’t help the anxious feeling running through his body as he got up to take a closer look at the article. His blue eyes hardened once he realized the article was in fact real. “How long…”

“Yagi no it’s not like that-”

“HOW LONG?! HM? IS THE BABY EVEN MINE?!” his screams caused you to flinch back, expecting a hit any second now. In a normal state of mind, Yagi would back off and reassure you he wouldn’t hurt you. But he wasn’t in a normal state of mind. The words you wanted to say were on the tip of your tongue, but the way he was screaming at you caused you to freeze and shut down. Your ears began to shut him out, his screaming accusations all blending into one high-pitched ring. Licking your lips, you forced yourself to look back up at him.

Rage was in his eyes, only scaring you more as he paced the room shrieking. You’ve never seen him like this before, but you figured you deserved it. “I was attacked” your voice felt foreign and for a second, you didn’t think it was yours. His shuffling stopped, his furious gaze now set on you. “What” Yagi’s simple word felt condescending as if your explanation wasn’t good enough.

“I was attacked” you stated back as you felt the confidence flood your body once again. Your eyes hardened up, the tears now dry as you were feeling a different type of emotion, one you haven't’ felt in a long time. 


The look on your face seemed to snap Yagi out of it, you weren’t kidding. “Some guy tried to kill me and the baby when I was coming home from the store two weeks ago. Enji saved me, yes, but then he… he… GOD” you cried out, standing up from the bed as if to size up your much taller fiancee. Yagi backed down a bit, finally realizing that he fucked up.

He fucked up, again.

“He kissed me and I was frozen from all the fear… He proclaimed the baby was his, that I was his. That you didn’t love me like he did… I didn’t want to tell you, because I didn’t want you to worry-”

“Didn’t want me to worry?!” his yell once again caused you to flinch back into submission, but you weren’t sure what he was mad at now. Your e/c eyes were glued to the ground, fighting off the tears that wanted to fall. You just wanted a bright future with him, the man you truly loved. 

Strong hands softly touched your cheek, causing you to hiss and recoil away. Yagi’s blue eyes filled with panic, because he was just like Enji, and he hated that. You moved away from him, slamming the laptop shut before grabbing a blanket and pillow. “Where are you going?” Yagi’s voice croaked out, a sure tell sign that he was about to cry. You didn’t stop though, only opened the bedroom door and walked out. 

Yagi chased after you, calling out your name as you walked down the hall and towards the living room. He let you go, figuring you needed space to breathe and be away from him… A monster like him. “I love you” he called out, hoping that it would help a bit, but you just kept walking. You would deal with him in the morning.

But you loved him too.

Tags: @fukyouthink@lafy-taffy@clowninfortodoroki@mbruben-stein@may-machin​ (Let me know if you want to be tagged!)


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Quarantine blues

Genre: slight angst then fluff

Warning: mentions of self-doubt, self-loathing and body image issues

A hitoshi shinso, ejiro kirishima and tamaki amajiki x reader

A/n: so i know i usually try to get all the characters you guys request but i just kinda have a block and just want to rest so here we are doing only 3 characters. sorry anon! To make it up though, i made an effort to make it longer! Anyways, if you want me to continue on with the other 2, anon please dm me and i’ll do it. Requests are open with 8 slots so please request anything! Without further ado, let’s do this!

Hitoshi shinso


(credits to owner of this gif 😊)

  • Shinso has been gaming a lot more since the quarantine started, leaving you alone with your thoughts even though both of you live under the same roof.
  • He start to game early in morning to late at night.
  • You wouldn’t even feel him slip into bed next to you.
  • That started to spark up negative thoughts inside your head.
  • Was he getting bored of you? Did he still love you? Maybe he wants the quarantine over so he could move out or even kick you out.
  • Those thoughts plagued you at night until that night you couldn’t stand it anymore.
  • You started to cry yourself to sleep and it was getting more frequent,
  • It got to the point you were crying yourself to sleep every night.
  • One night, you were sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down your face when shinso ran into the room.
  • He heard your muffled sobs from the other side of the door when he went for a bathroom break.
  • He entered a room in a rush. Why were you crying? Did you hurt yourself?
  • When he saw you nuzzling your head into his pillow, chest heaving up and down, he felt his heart shatter.
  • He sat on the edge of the bed and started to comb his fingers through your (h/c) hair.
  • “what’s wrong kitten?”
  • You sat up and started to rub the tears out of your eyes. You decided to just ask then apologize.
  • “are you bored of me? Because if you are, i’m sorry. I’ll do better. i’ll try to join you in games and get you the newest ones. Anything to get you to stay with me. i-”
  • You were cut off with a kiss by the purple haired boy, followed by a hug.
  • “don’t ever think you need to do or buy something to get my attention. It’s my fault that you feel like this and i’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. Let me make it up to you okay? I’ll stop playing video games so much and just spend time with you.”
  • He laid you down on the bed and settled next to you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder while his arms are around you.
  • “let’s start with cuddling yeah?”
  • You nodded, letting his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

Ejiro kirishima


(credits to owner of this gif 😊)

  • During quarantine, kirishima would try to entertain himself with exercise and diet plans.
  • You were happy to join in,
  • At first it was for fun.
  • You were laughing and joking around as you did the work out routine.
  • One day, You decided to search up some of the models and training instructors on social media.
  • And boy, did that make you feel big.
  • You checked out a lot of photos, looking into the mirror in your room for comparisons.
  • Your thighs were thicker. Your arm fat was sagging. You had flab around your stomach.
  • You pointed out more and more things until you crumpled on the floor, crying.
  • More thoughts hit you like a train.
  • Once kirishima sees the comparison, he’s gonna dump your fat ass. He’s gonna feel how heavy you got during quarantine. He wouldn’t accept a fat ass as a girlfriend.
  • So you started working harder.
  • Even without kirishima, you would still exercise,
  • He came into the living room, seeing you on your 4th 30 minute work out video.
  • That got him a bit concerned.
  • “(y/n)… Maybe you should take a break.”
  • “it’s okay kiri, i’m just bored.”
  • You would just flash him a smile and get back to work.
  • You stopped eating big meals, opting for your boyfriend’s protein drinks instead.
  • “have you eaten?”
  • “i had a protein shake this morning!”
  • During one of your exercise sessions, you started to feel lightheaded, you didn’t realize you dropped to the ground with a thud.
  • Kirishima was working when he heard it. He ran out of the bedroom when he heard it and carried to your shared bed.
  • You woke up in comfier clothes and a worried kirishima looking over you.
  • “(y/n)… I told you not to exercise too much…”
  • “i’m sorry kiri. I just wanted to become thin for you…”
  • “Thin for me? Is that why you’ve been drinking my protein shakes as your food substitute? You don’t need to do that (y/n)… I like you the way you are. You don’t need to get thin.”
  • He stood up and made you something to eat.
  • You finally let yourself finally eat something solid and relax into the pillows, netflix on with your boyfriend by your side

Tamaki amajiki


(credits to owner of this gif 😊)

  • Everyone knows about tamaki’s anxiety.
  • The quarantine added a whole new level to that.
  • Anything could be a trigger for him to start panicking.
  • You tried your usual methods to calm him down but none of them work.
  • Didn’t really want you stressed out when he’s having a panic attack.
  • You never wanted him to freak out, it just feels like it’s your fault that you can’t help him.
  • Soon, voices of hatred started to whisper.
  • Why can’t you just do something? You can’t even help him. You’re useless. Maybe if you were gone he wouldn’t be having to worry about you all the time.
  • That day, you guys were both watching the news when news anchor announced the newest cases and there were so many.
  • He started to breath heavily and shake at the thought of you getting sick.
  • You tried calming him down with every method you could think of but nothing worked.
  • You crumbled besides him on the couch, hugging your knees and burying your head into them.
  • You started to sob and mutter out apologies every 5 seconds.
  • He was startled. He always knew you were the stronger one.
  • He steps up to comfort you.
  • “t-tamaki i-i’m sorry i-i c-can’t he-help you-”
  • He places his hands on your shoulders so you could look up.
  • “it isn’t your fault. That isn’t your responsibility either. You being with me is more than enough. Let me take care of you for once.”
  • He took you in his arms and hugged you until your sobs turned into sniffles.

These were one of the longest hcs i ever written and i’m proud hehe 😊 i love everything about these, hope you guys do too! Requests are open with 8 slots so go on! Request something. Thank you guys so much for reading, love you guys 😊😘

My rules | masterlist 1 | masterlist 2

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500 Follower Special - @steggy4ever

Alpha Bakugou x Omega Reader

Quirk: Metal Bending



He was so strong, so handsome, and so so very oblivious to your presence; it was almost painful watching the only Alpha in class that you liked fight his friend. His explosions looked like fireworks to you, and his gunpowder and caramel smell had your Omega nearly purring every time he passed your desk in class. You had tried everything to get the explosive blonde to notice you, smiling at him and doing well in school, changing your hairstyle and hanging around with the bakusquad more, but none of these tactics had worked. Kaminari was all thrown from the arena, breaking you out of your thoughts as you watched the blonde nearly flying before landing on his face.

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todoroki shouto

  • shouto is lowkey a soccer fan and that’s the ONLY way he knows what and where brazil even is
  • will put aside any grudges he has towards the country for you because wow brazil ain’t just a pretty country but they’ve got actual angels too
  • he’s a certified rich boy so you’re stressed from exams and craving some brazilian food or something?? don’t worry he will fly in a chef to personally prepare it for you
  • because of this tendency of his he probably ends up falling in love with the food and ends up craving it a ton and fuyumi didn’t raise no hoe, he’s gonna cook it himself if he has too!!
  • the first couple times he tried his hand at this is was eh but he got the hang of it thankfully and now it’s one of his hobbies. everyone in the dorm (especially you) is thankful :)

bakugou katsuki

  • bakugou is a dumbass, no matter how smart he portrays himself. you told him you were from brazil and he was like “is that some small town up north??”
  • ends up getting forced to watch the rio carnival parade with the rest of the class and he sees the dancers and asked if you could wear one of those for him
  • maybe later ;)
  • honeslty i feel like he’s not gonna care where you’re from or so it seems but he will go down swinging for you and if that includes defending brazil for whatever reason bet your ass he’s gonna do it

midoriya izuku

  • midoriya is the only one who actually knows where the country is rip
  • he makes it his mission in life to learn everything about it too. from the language, down to almost every last city
  • pops into your room in the MIDDLE of the night with “hey y/n!!!! did you know that brazil has been the world’s largest exporter of coffee for more than 150 years!!”
  • you just throw a random pillow at the boy, grab him by the arm and pull him into bed to cuddle with you.
  • he definitely isn’t arguing and neither of you. it’s a win-win baby
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kirishima’s printing service

a bnha kirishima x reader social media au

masterlist [ previous | next ]

xiv. study date pt. 3

SUMMARY — your english teacher decided to give your class the assignment of writing a short story on how your first day of school went. Oh, and it has to be printed and passed tomorrow. You get it done by 11pm and all that’s left to do is get it printed. But wait, it’s 11pm and you don’t have a printer. Well, that leaves you to plan b, ask your classmates if they could print it for you. Who has a printer and up at this time? Well, someone who you have been crushing on since the first week named Kirishima Eijirou is.

A/N — this is kinda all over the place but uh…kirishima being a clingy boyfriend?? enjoy the fluff while it lasts 😔

TAGLIST@yikes-buddy @italicization @the-broken-halo-writer @krxstynnn @ohnosiren @renmazing @sweethyunjin17 @miraculousdisapointment @squeaky-ducky @booya–18 @txxrxng @sinclairsamess @bellinha-68 @igorsbby @belli-jelly @softlyvdreaming @aj-1154 @kritiiiii @physcoticfrog @nefelithefuckingretard @cleverslimepruneeggs @k-nma (send in an ask if you want to be added!)

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~Midoriya Izuku~

•He is very perceptive and notices the shift in your demeanor pretty quickly

•He asks if you should take your medication, but you decide to let loose for just one day

•You and Izuku have some very fast paced conversations and you’re both very enthusiastic about whatever it is you’re talking about 

•There is a lot of laughing mixed in with the conversation

•Izuku likes seeing this side of you and he finds you to be even more fun than normal

•You crack a lot of bad jokes and so does he

~Bakugou Katsuki~

•Bakugou doesn’t mind you being less talkative, but when your energetic side comes out he is kinda surprised

•He knew you have ADHD but since he is used to you on your medication, so the burst of energy kinda came out of nowhere

•He asks if you’ve taken your meds and you say you forgot and don’t feel like taking them today

•He just kinda shrugs and asks you what you want to do

•It’s the weekend so you just hang around at the common area of the dorms and the rest of the Bakusquad shows up too

•You have a lot of energy to spare so you’re very talkative

•There is a lot of laughter from your little group

~Shinsou Hitoshi~

•He notices you can’t really seem to concentrate in class

•At lunch you seem kinda frustrated and he asks if you forgot to take your medication

•You’re like “yeah, but I’ll be fine”

•You turn the chatting into something else and you almost make Shinsou spit his drink at you when you make him laugh

•You’re really chatty and laugh a lot

•Shinsou loves you all the same, with or without your medication

•But he does like seeing you like this, it makes him feel like you’re more yourself

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A thirsty 4AM ramble (feat. Izuku)

💚||Warnings: nsfw!! Smut, shower sex, handjobs, ass-eating, tongue-quirk 👀, mild overstim, begging, not proofread.||💚

. . .

(Art doesn’t belong to me, please support the original artist!)


Broooo just coming up behind Izuku in the shower and wrapping your arms around him, kissing your way up his back while a hand snakes down to grasp his cock to pump him. And when you bite down on his shoulder he moans out loud, hips bucking into your hand as his green eyes roll in their sockets at the pleasure, the hot water still dribbling down his ripped body like candle wax as the shower head rains down from above. His hair sticks to his forehead from the sheer volume of its dampness.

“F-fuck, fuck faster please- ” Izuku pleads, voice suddenly higher as he quickly approached his orgasm, the mixture of warm water making him sensitive and the fact that he hasn’t cum in about two weeks didn’t help him last at all. You grin against his shoulder blade and pump his cock faster for once, heart soaring as his voice pitches even higher and he moans out louder, bucking into the jerking movements of your hand, mouth agape and hands braced against the tile.

Izuku’s eyes shoot open and then roll back as his high takes him by surprise, back arching against your chest and hips bucking wildly into the tight tunnel of your hand as he cums, painting your fingers and the shower wall white with his seed. He convulsed and continued to weakly thrust for several more moments, riding out his orgasm before he finally slumps against the cool tile and his cock begins to soften.

His foggy green eyes are half-lidded and his breath is quick, shoulders trembling as he slowly recovers. But you don’t give him the time to do so, because next you’re on your knees behind him and spreading his freckled cheeks. Izuku chokes out a shocked moan when your tongue swirls around the ring of muscle before dipping inside of him. His tongue dips out of his mouth and his entire face twists into an incredibly lewd expression of ecstasy and slight overload as you happily eat him out. He’s still twitchy and weak from cumming but soon he’s rolling his hips back against your face, dick slowly getting hard again, freckled cheek pressed to the smooth tiled wall.

Your tongue reaches deep within his walls, the effects of your quirk extending your tongue far longer than normal until it presses right against his prostate. His entire body tenses and hearts fill his emerald green eyes, drool dropping from his bottom lip and eyes scrolling all the way back as he screams out in pleasure, “FUCK right there! R-right there baby pleaseee hhha! Mmhm! More please more fuck~”

Your tongue presses firmer against his prostate and his voice breaks off into incoherent babbles and mewls.

His hips rock back harder and your hands grip his hips to guide them smoother against your tongue, your tongue flexing to massage his sensitive walls as well, only making his squealing louder. Before he can even begin to get used to the feeling of getting so enthusiastically eaten out, your hand wraps around his swollen cock and begins to pump him at an erratic pace. Izuku screams out, back arching and knees wobbling as he squeaks and mewls out your name, various praises, and desperate calls for more more more- “More! Moreee please baby I l-love you I love you I lov- y-y- oh fuck I-I’m- baby I’m- ”

Your hand only speeds around his cock and your tongue massages that spongy gland inside of him relentlessly. Izuku screams out his ecstasy as he cums all over himself, cum souring from his swollen tip until it bleeds down his thighs, tight ass clenching around your long tongue as his entire body convulses with pleasured waves.

Drawing your tongue from his hole and back into your maw you lick your lips and release his softening cock, standing up and pressing your naked front against his trembling back. You pepper kisses all over his shoulders and then tug him back under the spray to rinse his body of his release and treat him to some quality cuddles from behind.

“Thank you, princess.” You hear the green-haired man dreamily sigh, sounding the most serene you’ve heard Izuku all week.

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pairing: bakugou katsuki x fem!reader

genre: smut

word count: 1.6k words

summary: it’s been weeks since you’ve tried catching up on paperwork. your boyfriend Bakugou has been missing you lately, so he decides to distract you a little.

a/n: this is my first time actually writing smut AAA i hope it isn’t too bad… also bakugou in that picture looks too fine mmm. characters aged up <3

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

It has been the busiest week for you so far. You have never felt so much pressure before with all of the paperwork from the company you work for stacking up day after day. You were overwhelmed to say at the very least, but you were determined to get things done in a timely fashion.

However, that meant to be focusing on your screen and your screen only.

And your boyfriend Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t having it at all.

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Anon requested: “heeey can u please make a first kiss set with todoroki and with bakugou? pleaseee! and i love your writing”

Characters: Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki

Genre: Fluff

a/n: Ahhhh these were so fun to write!  I got into them a little too much, so they’re longer than my normal mini-scenarios, but I’d say they’re pretty cute!  Bakugou’s scenario is based on personal experience hehe.  Enjoy as I pass out and sleep.

Also anon, I realize that I didn’t answer you when you asked if I have a Wattpad, sorry about that! It’s @/chibirach99, but I just post the same stuff as I do here on there simultaneously.


Todoroki Shouto


“Library again?”

Todoroki slides his bag on his shoulder and slips his hand in mine.  “Of course, we have to focus on our studies as student heroes.”

It’s only been recent since we started dating, even holding hands causes blood to slightly rush to my cheeks, but he’s already integrated it easily into his routine as if it’s instinct.  What’s different about today is the slightly tighter grip he holds my hand with.  Honestly, I thought he would have been more adverse to it, but he’s more comfortable with it than me.

His larger, warm hand in mine allows him to keep in pace with me as we walk down the stairs and out of the building.

“You’ll have to help me with the science lesson today, I didn’t really understand it today."  Our conversations are still more or less the same, we’re still students after all.  "And we can work on the math practice problems since Ectoplasm’s lessons are difficult-”

“Before that,” he stops right in front of the entrance doors of the building and fixes his gaze right on me, “Come with me for a moment.”

This is different.  Nonetheless, I follow him as his entwined hand guides me off the concrete path towards a tree in the distance.

For a moment, my focus shifts from keeping up with him to the way the afternoon light hits his face, the light spring breeze blowing a few strands of his hair around.  He’s so beautiful, I think and smile secretly to myself.

Once we’re under the shade and out of view, Todoroki turns his body around fully to face me before sitting down, resting against it and lightly tugging my hand.

Without letting go, I take the spot next to him as he watches me blankly.  “Did you want to rest?  You could’ve told me.”

His hand in mine tugs me again and he stares at me expectantly.

Now I’m confused.  “What is it?”

He separates his hand from me and places it on my torso, pulling me into his arms and constricting my movement.

Heat rushes to my cheeks and my heart pounds at our close contact, my arms resting against his chest.  Even for Todoroki, this is a bold move.

Without another word, his dual colored eyes flicker back and forth between my own wide eyes and my lips.  One hand comes up to brush my cheek softly.  “Are you okay with this?”

I don’t know what to say, I’m too busy admiring his long eyelashes from this close up, so I just nod and close my eyes.

A breath of a chuckle leaves him before he presses a chaste kiss on my lips.  The little flutter in my stomach is enough to inject my entire body in heat.  Such a small gesture has such a profound effect, and I need to bury my head in his chest to ease the dizziness and hide my embarrassment.

“Was it too much?”

I jerk my head up.  Despite sounding level, his eyes also dart away from me and there’s a hint of blush on his cheeks.  His body is also noticeably hotter as his arm constricts Tigger around me.

“I didn’t want to overwhelm you for our first.”

“N-No!  It was…good.  I liked it."  The residual effect of the small kiss still lingers in my belly.

The corner of his lip quirks up just slightly.   "I’m glad.  I’ve been waiting to, but I wanted you to be comfortable, and I wanted to do it right.”

Gosh, he’s just so cute.  I’d kiss him on the nose right now if I wasn’t afraid he might burst into flames, so I settle for nestling into his chest.  His heart beats a mile a minute in my ear to match mine.  “Let’s rest here for a little before going up.”

He lifts our still entwined hands to gently kiss my knuckles.  “Sounds like a good plan, darling.”

Bakugou Katsuki


“You went out with Kiri, Denki, and the rest this weekend, right?”  I ask Bakugou, swinging our hands back and forth as we exit the classroom building.  “Was it fun?”

“Yeah, I guess so.  They were being dumb as usual.”  His other hand is stuffed in his pants pocket like the gangster he thinks he is.

“Kiri said you looked like you enjoyed yourself.”

He shrugs nonchalantly.  In the week we’ve been dating, Bakugouis noticeably more chill than he presents in class.  It makes me proud, considering the only other person he won’t yell at is Kirishima, a testament to his opinion of me and our relationship.

“Oh, that reminds me.”  He stops walking and stares at me with his crimson orbs.  “Close your eyes.”

I cock an eyebrow and let out a snort.  “Why?”

“Just do it so I don’t feel weird!”

“Okay…”  I follow his directions.  I hear some shuffling of material in front of me.

“Hold out your hands.”

I’m still confused as to what he’s planning to do, but I hold out both of my hands knowing he probably won’t do anything weird.  Something light in weight but soft to the touch is placed on my hands.

“Open your eyes.”

In my hands is the cutest bunny with floppy ears, made with the softest material, periwinkle-colored fur, wide black eyes, and an adorable pink button nose.

“It reminded me of how cute you are, and I know it’s your favorite animal and color."  Bakugou rubs his hand behind his neck, his gaze averted from me.  “If you don’t like it, just give it back!”

“No!” I yelp a little too loud and hug the bunny to my chest.  Something about him remembering such a small detail I said in passing threatens my ability to stand straight; my knees want to turn to mush.  “I’m keeping it!”

Bakugou finally meets eyes with me.  “You like it?”

“Of course I do.”  I stroke one of the ears softly.  “Thanks for thinking of me.  But now I have to get you something.”

“No way, I got it for you because I wanted to!”  He’s more aggravated that I even brought it up.  “I should be able to buy gifts for you without it being weird.”

My heart goes to complete mush at the plushie in front of me.  “But how am I supposed to repay you for this?”  I want to do the same for him, but I don’t really know what I would get for him either.

He opens his mouth like he wants to reprimand me again before closing it and tilting his head back, one corner of his mouth tilting up.  “I know how you can repay me.”  His sudden shift in tone is almost jarring.


Before I can process what he’s doing, his head leans down and he presses a chaste kiss to my lips.  The little motion makes my eyes widen and blood rush to my head as my stomach flips.  One small second feels more like ten, but it was over as quickly as it came.  My head still reels from the small but powerful kiss.

That was our first kiss.

I bury my dizzy head in Bakugou’s chest, his one arm steadying my body close to his chest as he rumbles underneath my face.  My lips can’t resist tugging up into a smile and heat rushes up to my cheeks.

“You’re mine, you know.  You’re my bunny, and no one else’s, got it?”  His voice is softer than usual.

I cover my mouth with my fist just to lift my heavy head up, still leaning on him for support.  There’s a small blush coating his cheeks as well, assuring me that he also feels flustered like me.  My mouth moves faster than I can process what I’m saying.  “C-Can you do that again?”

Even through his blush, he smirks and places another short kiss on my lips.  The same delicious electricity flows through me, and I’m left smiling again to his face.

“You’re gonna want me to spoil you with kisses now, aren’t you?” he teases me.

I hug the bunny to my chest.  “S-So what if I do?”

Bakugou’s deep chuckle vibrates against me again and he presses one last kiss against my forehead.  “You need to calm down for a minute, don’t want you to short circuit on me.”  His arm wraps around my shoulders to lead me into walking towards the dorm building.  “Let’s go hang out in my room.”

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Of course! ^_^

- - - -

Stormy Wedding

(Kaminari x Wife!Reader)

(Warning: langauge)


“Uh you still sure about this..?” “What? marrying your best friend or-“ Shinsou snickered and shook his head, opening the curtain to show you the rain falling outside. “So?” You shrugged. “Hey it’s your wedding-“ He shrugged, a knock on the door snapping you from your conversation.

“(Y/n)? You almost ready?” “Just a second!” You called out, grabbing your flowers from the table. “You really ready for this?” You snickered and shook your head. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” He smiled and held an arm out to you. “Well?” “Lets do this.” You smiled, letting him lead you out until the scene of the venue came into view.

“Going to make a run for it yet?” He quietly joked trying to calm you down as you saw your friends and family stand up. You bit your lip, glancing down the isle and spotting your soon to be husband, his normal dorky smile across his face. “I can do this..” You confirmed making Shinso smile as he led you down the isle.

Denki’s face immediately brightened once you stepped up in front of him, Shinsou retreating back behind his friend’s back. “Hey-“ “H-Hey!-“ He nervously greeted you making you snicker, the rain echoing around the tent as the man in charge of marrying you both started his overly dramatic monologue before finally getting to the ‘I do’s.’

“Denki Kaminari- do you take (Y/n) to be y-“ “Obviously!-“ He accidentally cut him off, his excitement getting the better of him making everyone snicker. He chuckled before turning to you. “And (y/n) (l/n)? Do you take Denki Kamianri to be Troy lawfully wedded husband?”

You hummed and pretended to think about it. “Hm, well-“ The people in the tent laughed a brief flash of worry coming over yorur fiancés face. You shook your head. “Yes.. of course I do..” You smiled, the light quickly reappearing to his face. “Well, I guess my work here is done, you Amy kiss the br-“ Denki didn’t even let him finish before he grabbed you and kissed you, the cheers of your friends echoing around you as he hesitantly pulled away.

“I couldn’t help it-“ “Neither could I-“ You said happily before leaning up and quickly kissing him. “Wait- what do we do now?- they never show past this point in the movies-“ “Oh my god-“ You laughed- realizing this would be your life from now on.

A loud crack of lighting suddenly tore through the air making a few of the guests jump. “Huh.. what are the chances?” You smiled, tracing your hand over the black mark on your husbands hair. “Wasn’t me-“ He defend himself making you snicker as a few of the guests started to head inside.

“Since when did people get so afraid of a little rain?” You commented, yoru frimeds approaching the both of you. “Congrats guys!-“ Kirishima smiled, wrapping his arm around his friend’s shoulders. “Yeah!-“ Mina cheered, clasping your hands making you shake your head.

“Oi, you idiots going inside or are we staying out here?” Bakugou spoke up, Kirishima letting go of Kaminari and Mina letting go of your hands. You quickly glanced around, a smile coming to your face. “Well? Whaddya say babe?” Denki smiled, wrapping an arm around you.

“I’ve already got everyone important out here.” You shrugged, the guests that stayed cheering. “Alright.” Denki smiled, dragging you away. “Kinda sucks that it’s started storming-“ “It’s perfect.” You said confidently making him smile. “If you say so.”

Jirou’s voice started to echo through the sound system. “Hey, you guys ready?” “Oh gods- I completely forgot about the whole dancing thing-“ You shook yoru head, your friends all lining up around you. “Hey wait!- if I’m not there then who’s gonna play-“ “Huh..” You snickered watching Shinso shrug and take the place where Denki normally stood.

“Shinso!-“ “It’s just for today, Pikachu-“ He reminded him making Denki pout. “Hey cmon.” You pat him on the shoulder immediately drawing his attention back to you. “Hm.. I’ll make an exception- just for today though!-“ “I know.” you snickered, wrapping your arms around you husbands neck as he carefully put his hands on your waist.

“It’s weird seeing you dressed up like this.” You commented, making him raise an eyebrow. “What? I don’t look good?-“ “That’s not what I said at all-“ You said immediately making him snicker, the music starting to play in the background.

“Why? Do I nto look good?” You joked back at him as you both began to move to the music. “You always look good-“ “Oh okay that’s cheesy as hell-“ You said making him laugh as the two of you continued to dance to the music, accidentally slipping out from under the tent and into the rain.

“Ah- (y/n) I didn’t-“ “What are you apologizing for?” You smiled, not minding the rain that fell onto both of your clothes. “I Uh-“ “Songs not over yet.” You playfully shrugged and spun him around. “Pfft- I guess you’re right.” He smiled as the both of you continued to dance in the rain, the song eventually coming to a close allowing your friends to go to the dance floor.

“You ready to head back under?” He smiled, pushing away the hair that stuck to your face. “Just.. just a bit longer..” You smiled, quickly embracing him and looking up at him. “Alright..” He said, putting his hands in Troy waits as he leaned down to kiss you, yoru friends all cheering from under the safety of the tent.


“They’re gonna get fuckin’ struck by lightning-“ “Aw cmon bro, they’re just having fun!” “Tch, whatever-“ The redhead expectantly held his hand out to Bakugou. “The fuck?-“ “Everyone else is already dancing!-“ “Go to hell-“ “Aw cmon Bakugou!” Mina cheered, already dragging more of your friends to the dance floor. “So..?” “..whatever- fuck it-“ “Yes!” The group cheered dragging him onto the dance floor.

“They never changed.. did they?” Momo smiled looking out at all the guests. “I guess not.” Jirou shrugged, turning to Tokoyami and Shinsou. “What do you both think?” “A few changed..” Tokoyami said, glancing arisen while Shinsou watched you and Kaminari, clearly amused. “Trust me, nothing’s changed.”

- - - -

I really hope this one came out alright because I’m writing this one pretty late at night-

Anyway- hope you liked this ^_^

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the farthest ends (todoroki shoto×reader) pt.1


word count: 1.4k

warnings: one (1) mention of sex

a/n: it’s actually crazy to me i wrote this much in a day, i’m usually stuck writing one thousand words for like a month lmao. i’d like to thank not only god but also the @bnhabookclub for helping with my productivity hehehe. this is my contribution to the club’s mermay event! it’ll be multi-chaptered so stay tuned 👀 this was heavily inspired by one of my favorite manga, which was inspired by the little mermaid.

taglist: @prettygirlswatchanime​ (my lovely beta reader!!), @pixxiesdust​ and @simplybakugou​, @wesparklebitch​, @bakugotrashpanda​ (thanks for sprinting with me and helping get this done asap uwu)

“You’ll finally be able to go into the ocean alone, right? You must be really excited!”

Your sisters surround you. You feel a bit overwhelmed, but they’re right. You’re really, genuinely excited to venture by yourself into this water blue new world.

There’s an unspoken rule in the kingdom, young maidens can’t go out on their own until they reach a certain age. Being the youngest of 12 daughters, you’ve always been overprotected and treated like a porcelain doll. Still, you’ve always hoped that turning 18 would change your circumstances for good.

“You already know this by now but, contact with humans is strictly forbidden” Your eldest sister is ever harsh with her words, but you know her concern comes from a good place.

That doesn’t really stop you from fantasizing about meeting a human. You’ve seen a few from afar, they’re usually up in things you’ve heard being called boats. Some others venture deep into the sea, swimming to the best of their ability with those two extra limbs they possess, but they always go back to land.

They look harmless, and over the years, you’ve come to think they can’t be as bad as your father and sisters make them up to be, right?

And still, you choose to lie. “I understand.”

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Read Part One

A/N: Yeah, the gif is not at all related, but its cool I’ll deal with it. Yes I started writing this bc i couldn’t sleep and needed some izuku in my life, yknow? and I ended up finishing it an hour before midnight ‘:( today was just hella busy im sorry guys


Originally posted by beekugou

His nerves were killing him, that was for sure. After getting some advice from his mother, Izuku knew what the best way was to confess his feelings for you. Preparing for everything was the easy part. But actually going through with his plan? That was something entirely different. 

Izuku didn’t want to do anything over the top in fears of scaring you away, but what his mother had said about romance from the past struck a chord in him. So, he decided on a love letter.

At first, he had trouble with the actual writing of the letter. How was he supposed to start? He had never done anything like this before. Was he supposed to just come out and say how he felt? No, that didn’t feel right. 

Finally, he decided just to write the way he felt about you. How your smile would melt his heart, even if it wasn’t directed at him. How you’d always pay attention to him when he was talking, or just mumbling about something he was trying to understand. You always made him feel welcome, and your praises about his strategies never failed to make him feel proud.

Once he finished, he went to your dorm room, planning on sliding the letter under the door. But right before he had the chance, you opened your door, and ruined his plan. “Oh, hey Deku! Um… what are you doing?”

Deku stood up, almost dropping the letter in the process. He was hoping that you wouldn’t have been home, let alone catching him in the process! “N-nothing! I’ll see you around, (Y/N).” He said, preparing to run away and forget that the whole thing even happened. 

“What’s that?” You asked. You couldn’t help yourself, you had just caught him trying to sneak something under your door, after all. 

Well, there was no backing out for him now. “This… This is for you.” He said, handing you the handwritten paper. Izuku was staring at the ground, just praying that this whole thing would end up going well. 

You took it from him, and quickly started to read. The more you read, the bigger the smile that was appearing on your face. You had no idea Deku felt that way, that he returned your feelings for him. 

At the moment, Izuku was just hoping this moment would be over faster. Still, he didn’t run, and stood there, waiting for your response. He was soon surprised by a tight hug from you. You weren’t rejecting him? Izuku didn’t move for a few moments in shock before returning the hug. 

“Izuku, I feel the same way.”

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A/N: I love you all but all you do is hurt me with these angsty prompts. W h y ?

Have some aged-up Todoroki angst, since that’s what you guys want so much

(Also thank you so much for the compliment! I’m glad you’re enjoying my fics! I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe as well!)

“How could you ask me that?” + “Don’t you dare walk out that door.” from this prompt list (feel free to send in a sentence(s) and a character)

Summary: Love makes everything complicated. So, when you come home, on multiple occasions, late with varying excuses, Shouto starts to doubt not only the validity of your excuses, but your love for him as well

Words: 2,462

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Hizashi Yamada x Reader

Synopsis: On the weekdays you two were teachers at UA, but on the weekend you were making out on the dance floor.

A/n: A lil spicy… Oh lala ;)


Originally posted by deafmic

“Excuse me, princess but you shouldn’t be out here all alone” 

The pur in your ear caused your head to fall back on his shoulder. Hizashi’s arms wrapped around you, hands wandering up and down your body as the music pounded in your ears. His warm hands finally settled on your hips before he began moving them against his. Together you swayed as your own arms lifted so that your hands could cup the back of his neck as you arched your back against his chest.

The club was packed, causing him to pull you in closer so that no one else touched you. On weekdays, you two were teachers at UA, but on the weekends, you two were flirting up a storm in the club. If your students found out about this, they would never let it down. “It’s been a hard week, so glad we got through it” you cooed up at him, spinning in his grasp so you could face him. 

Your hands never left their place on the back of his neck as his own hands wandered to your ass, gripping it harder and swinging your hips faster. Your sweaty chest was pressed against his black t-shirt, a nice change from his normal getup. Your laugh filled his ears, head falling back while you screamed out with the rest of the crowd in ecstasy as the beat dropped. Hizashi’s head fell, capturing the skin of your neck in between his teeth. 

He felt you groan under his lips, only encouraging him to kiss harder against the clammy flesh. “God, this feels so good ‘Ashi” you moaned, arching your neck further so he could have more access to your skin. Hisazhi’s lips moved from your skin all the way to your ear, pressing wet kisses on the way up. 

“The music or my lips?” 

Your moan was loud as you pushed the side of your head against his, wanting him to kiss you more and more. “Both, you’re making me feel so good, especially with this music bumping in my chest” your words were soft, but held a passion to them that made him tremble. You always made him weak.

And he’d do anything to make you feel good.

Pulling away, Hizashi cocked his head down at you and your pretty e/c eyes. He wanted to swim in them. He wanted to get lost in your scent. God he just wanted you. Your smile faltered, growing a bit concerned at the look he was giving you. “Did I do something?” you muttered out as your fingers loosened around his neck. 

“No!” he cried out, grabbing your hands and placing them back where they rightfully belonged. They belonged on his skin and in his hair. They belonged on him. “You did nothing wrong” he cooed, head dropping lower so that you could hear him better. Your eyebrows were furrowed together in confusion, still not understanding why he was acting this way. 

“You’re perfect” 

His lips crashed against yours and he felt you gasp against them. This was your first kiss with him. Sure he had pressed kisses on you here and there, but he never pressed them where you truly wanted them. Your neck craned a bit more in order to try and fight for dominance with the 6-foot man. His lips worked harder while his arms wrapped around your waist and pulled your body flush against his. 

Pulling back, Hizashi left you standing there breathless and wanting more. Someday he’d give you more, but for now. He chuckled before leaning in once again, but this time he only brushed your tremoring lips teasingly with his. Featherlight kisses pressed all the way along your jaw to your ear, he had a surprise for you.

“How about we get out of here and I put these lips somewhere else… Somewhere new”

Hizashi could feel your blush heating up his ear, bingo. You began to shiver against his body as he kissed your ear, what the hell was this man doing to you? Finally having enough teasing, you moved your hands to his face and pulled him back. His smirk fell as he took in your stern face and the tight grip on his cheeks. Pulling him down, you kissed him sweetly, silently agreeing that you liked where things were going. “As long as I wake up in your arms tomorrow” you whispered against his lips, the music beginning to change into something more romantic. 

Hizashi’s concerned frown turned up into a soft smile before his hands traced from your hips up to your own cheeks. “I want to wake up with you in my arms every single day.” His words, while soft, held a lot of power behind them. Stepping back, you dropped your hands to grab his from your face.

“Well then, let’s get out of here”

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Merch - 2


pairing: Izuku Midoriya x Reader

warning: mention of sex, mention of abortion

w/c:  1095

a/n: Single Parent Au! Pro-Hero Deku still wants and collects All-Might merch after all these years.

Note: My banners will reflect whether we are focusing on Izuku and Reader vs Bakugo.  When there is a Bakugo banner, readers will be reading from his perspective. Hope y’all enjoy!

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For the past couple posts, I’m sure the first few people have noticed that it’s incomplete! My computer shuts off on it’s own and posts the incomplete requests, so I apologize if/when this happens :) 

A couple people PM’ed me about it so I thought I’d just do a general announcement about it, so hopefully this doesn’t continue to be an issue.

- B E A N

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OOF lots of Aizawa coming in the inbox y’all! I’ve been trying to keep up with school work and finally got on to playing Animal Jam (used to play as a kid lol but recently I’ve gotten back on). So it’s been an…interesting week so far.

Requests are now closed! I’ll be updating my bio and such so please do not submit anything! I will delete it! Also in my bio is a link to my RedBubble, where you can buy Disney, anime, and kpop designs on stickers, buttons, prints, mugs, shirts, sweaters, and so much more!

Please enjoy and continue to stay safe~!


-He’s, of course, devastated as your mother walks out the door

-He swore to himself that he’ll be everything and more for you, anything to make sure you grew up okay

-He was going to prove he didn’t need her

-Of course, as a baby you were difficult

-He spent countless nights with you cradled in his arms as he tried to get back to sleep

-You cried a lot, but as you got older you seemed to grow quieter

-You were one of the quiet kids, and when your quirk started manifesting, you grew scared

-You had inherited your mother’s quirk which was the ability to control other people’s emotions, but you must have at least a hand on their head 

-You accidentally made a little boy cry when you were trying to help him get gum out of his hair someone had put in when he burst into tears

- “Why are you crying? Does it hurt?”

- “No! He cried, “I dunno! I can’t stop the water!”

-Aizawa came to pick you up immediately after the daycare you were at told him what happened

-When he got home, he saw the disappointed look on your face

- “What’s the matter (Name)? You got your quirk, aren’t you excited?”

-You looked up in surprise at him

- “You’re not mad at me?”

-His face turned into one of surprise as well at your question, “What are you talking about? Why would I be mad at you?”

- “Because I made the boy cry? Because it’s not your quirk? Because it’s a bad one? Isn’t it my mom’s?”

-Aizawa crouched down, pulling you into a hug

- “Just because you got her quirk doesn’t mean I’m mad at you. You’ll develop your power into something of your own (Name).”

-He wiped the tears from your face before giving you a small smile

- “And I’ll be here to help you through it all. But remember; I won’t ever stop loving you or be mad because your quirk isn’t like mine.”

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  • receiving affection??? you are dating togata “i’m biggest babie” mirio. you best BELIEVE he’s gonna show you all the love he possibly can
  • will THROW himself on top of you at any given second just to cuddle. and don’t even doubt that he won’t wrap you up in his arms from behind and assault the side of your face with sloppy kisses whenever he sees you
  • any time he doesn’t have his hands on you in some way is extremely rare, but it does happen sometimes unfortunately :(
  • he knows you’re shy obviously but he’s never going to think that you’d be so shy that you wouldn’t come to him for anything you need. ESPECIALLY cuddles
  • in the beginning mirio doesn’t catch onto when you’re needing some extra attention so you’ve gotta drop some subtle hints
  • you tried asking normally but what if mirio says no?? what if he gets tired of clinging to you all the time?? he’s not lol have you met this guy
  • it’s the simple things: mentioning that your hand feels awfully cold, how his lips look very chapped but oh no! you just used the last of your chapstick, or how your head really hurts and if only there was someone to massage it for you ://
  • he’s oblivious but also a sucker for showing attention to anyone (most of all you let’s be real). this boy is gonna be like “y/n!! my lips are fine. yours on the other hand are looking very kissable :)”
  • as time move on though and your relationship gets stronger and stronger, he starts slowly picking up on your small cues without the hints
  • like how if you stare at the side of his head during class, it means that you want to hold hands in between the aisle
  • or if you start fumbling with your sleeve while walking beside him he recognizes that you want him to wrap his arm around your shoulder
  • of course he’ll never be opposed to showing you any kind of lovin’ but sometimes he just needs some help with knowing when to
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UR SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE!!! thank u for feeding my ignoring kink 🤧 shinsou rlly just screams stoner to me along with sero,,,,,and dabi,,,i love aus btw aksflaksfal

⤑ 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧! | 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧  

wordcount: 𝟿𝟻𝟸

warnings: sex while under the influence, drug use, dirty talk, creampie


— hitoshi shinsou.

He knew what he was doing all too well. After being together for over a year, he’d learned so much about you. He knew you inside and out. 

Well enough to know that when you smoke…you get needy. 

As your stash dwindled, you became more and more clingy. You craved physical contact with him, moving to sit in his lap rather than curl up beside him like you usually did. He didn’t mind, your warm weight a deep comfort in his haze-filled mind. With his arms wrapped around you, his tired gaze was fixed on the historical documentary that was playing on the TV. It was what you had been watching before he came home with the goods. So it continued to play but it was hard for him to fully grasp what exactly it was about. 

His hands slipped up your shirt, the feeling of his hands on your bare skin making goosebumps rise. 

“Toshi…” you whined, voice muffled where you had your face hidden in his neck. Your fists clenched tightly on his t-shirt. He ignored you, acting as if he couldn’t hear the needy undertone to your voice or feel the tenseness of your body as he touched you. 

His fingers grazed the band of your bra, briefly fiddling with the clasp, making your breath hitch in anticipation, only for him to move away from it. Though you couldn’t see, he wore a sleepy smirk as you trembled at his teasing. 

You were so soft and sweet, pressing kisses to his jawline as you whimpered, needy and already aching for him. He couldn’t stop his cock from hardening even if he wanted to. The very fact that you needed him, craved him, wanted him could make him hard. A sense of pride overcame him; it felt so good to be wanted. 

You could feel he was hard beneath you and it made you wet – wetter than you already were, that is. 

“Toshi, please…” you gasped, grinding down ever so slightly against his erection, “please, please, please…” you begged in a mantra. 

He could feel his self control slipping at every tearful whine you let out. His grip moved to hold your hips, halting your movements which only made you whine louder. 

“You are so fuckign needy…” he snapped, finally breaking. 

You shuddered, hearing his voice deepened with lust. 

“‘M sorry…” you whispered, breathless as you nuzzled against his shoulder.

He scoffed, “I don’t think you are…”

You whimpered but didn’t offer any other response. He chuckled, pushing your shirt up until he could finally whip it off and toss it away. At the sight of exposed skin, he seemed to go feral. Next thing you know, your bra was off and you were pinned face down on the couch. 

Shinsou wasted no time yanking your shorts down your thighs until they were at your knees. Neither of you bothered pulling them off completely, especially with the way his cock was prodding your wet folds. 

“Deep breath,” he ordered, clenching his teeth as he began to sink into you. 

Usually he gave you thorough preparation for his size. He loved foreplay. But since he hadn’t given you any, he relied on your relaxed body due to the weed and the copious amounts of slick your hole was gushing. 

Still, he spat down on your folds with a lewd noise that made your walls flutter in arousal. The added wetness dripped down your thigh as he bottomed out, his heavy balls resting against your clit. 

You shuddered, walls clamping down around him as he began to eagerly fuck your sweet cunt. The drugs coursing through your systems added to the sensitivity of your bodies. His cock was harder than ever and you could feel yourself getting closer with every thrust of his heavenly length.

“Oh, please Toshi!” you squealed as the head of his cock grazed your sweet spot. 

He chuckled, dark and low as he aimed for that spot perfectly. Your walls squeezed him, clenching and spasming around his cock as your high grew closer and closer. 

“You gonna cum?” he growled, landing a heavy smack on your ass. 

You nodded, “I’m so close! Please, you’re gonna make me cum…please make me cum!” you begged, near tears though the heavy stimulation of your sensitive body. 

“You’re such a little slut,” he snapped, a sadistic smirk on his lips, “Cumming so easily from just my cock? You’re creaming all over my cock, making such a mess and I didn’t even need to touch your little clit did I? You’re gonna cum just like this. Go on then, cum for me. Cum all over my cock like a good little girl.”

His filthy words had your eyes rolling back, “Toshi! Fuck!” you squealed, finally falling over that glorious edge into your orgasm.

He tossed his head back with a groan, “That’s a good girl. Fuck, I can feel you cumming, squeezing my cock so fucking tight,” he panted, licking his lips as he continued to fuck your spasming walls, “Keep cumming for me, pretty girl. Makin’ such a mess just for me. That’s it!”

With a loud groan of his own, he finally came. Freezing balls deep in your clenching hole, he filled you up with his hot load. 

The room fell silent save for your heavy breathing that fell in unison with his own. Leaning forward, he rested his forehead on your shoulder. Pressing a soft kiss against your skin, he sat back, pulling you into his lap. With his cock still buried in you and with your mixed juices leaking down his softening member, you snuggled into his chest and fixed your eyes on the TV once again.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧  

© all content belongs to hshinso 2020. do not modify or repost.

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