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#mha x reader
deartouya · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. dabi, bakugou katsuki, aizawa shota, keigo takami + todoroki shoto.
warnings: none.
note: if you can’t tell i’m very touch starved, but i’m pretty sure i make it very obvious lmaooo </3
Tumblr media
✞ DABI he’d gotten back home pretty late after a mission and you hear him sigh before he enters the bedroom, eyes noticeably heavy with exhaustion but they look a little brighter when they meet yours as you lay in bed, the side of his lips upturning softly. he freezes when you shoot him a soft smile, opening up the blanket that was previously wrapped around you before motioning for him to climb in when he raises a brow in response— following it up quickly with a raspy laugh before he shrugs off his coat, allowing himself to climb in next to you, almost lifting you onto his chest. “miss me, doll?” dabi drawls, a lazy smirk on his lips as he narrows his eyes at you teasingly, a more lighthearted chuckle leaving his lips when you roll your eyes at him in response, but you relax when you feel his fingers begin to trace their way up your sides soothingly. feeling him place an almost uncharacteristically gentle peck against your temple when you feel yourself dozing off against the warmth of his chest, his next words a reassuring whisper against your skin “good. i’m not going anywhere, those bastards can’t kill me that easily.”
✞ BAKUGOU you could tell he’d had a bad day when you heard the door close, the sound of his bag hitting the floor before he trudged into the room where you were cuddled up on the couch with a blanket. his brows are furrowed, eyes flickering to you momentarily and the sight alone has his features softening slightly “katsuki?” you call for him, but he only offers a low grunt in response as he scratches at his head tiredly, mumbling something about “fucking nerds, can’t do shit right—“ but his rant is cut off when he notices you open up the blanket for him, looking at him softly. bakugou tsks as his lips form a small pout before he approaches you on the couch, climbing in beside you and pulling you into his arms immediately— burying his face into the crook of your neck with a sigh. he immediately relaxes when you move to run your fingers through his hair, a weakness that only you knew as you feel him grumble out something like “dumbass” against your skin, but when he follows it with a soft kiss you know he means to tell you he loves you, and you allow yourself to melt into his embrace when you hear his breathing soften as he dozes off.
✞ AIZAWA he’d been busy grading papers all day at the tablet while you sat on the couch across the room wrapped in a blanket, watching the way he tiredly rubbed at his eyes, his hair pulled back into a messy ponytail before he gets up to make another cup of coffee. but you decide to cut his journey short when you call him instead, before making a show out of opening the blanket, patting the space next to you. you watch him blink lazily at you as he processes how inviting being cuddled up with you looked right now— maybe he deserved a break. “i suppose i am tired.” he hums, padding over to you with a soft smile on his face before he all but falls in beside you— his eyes closing briefly as he sighs, looking at you after with another gentle grin when you cuddle into his side. “you did this, you have to get me up after. i mean it.” shota groans, pulling you closer to him when you only offer a giggle in return to his words, the sound alone immediately helping him to finally relax.
✞ HAWKS “babe? i’m baaack” hawks calls as he returns home, expecting you to be waiting for him at the door but he raises a brow when you’re not there, immediately making his way deeper into the house until he finds you curled up in bed with a grin. “what? no welcome home kiss? you’re killing me, baby.” keigo asks, feigning hurt as he clutches his chest but the handsome smirk on his lips only highlights his teasing tone before he chuckles airily. his eyes widen when you don’t reply, only opening up the blanket with a laugh of your own— and you watch him soften immediately. “that’s more like it.” he breathes, wiggling a brow before crawling into bed with you— but instead of laying next to you he chooses to lean over you instead, propping himself up with his forearms “come on, babe. you still owe me a welcome home kiss.” you’d have rolled your eyes if he didn’t look so handsome when his features were laced with sleep— his golden eyes narrowing before focusing on your lips, eventually leaning down to meet them with his own “there we go, birdie. was that so hard?” “you’re so annoying.” “heh, yeah—but you love me, right?” he giggles, yes you do.
✞ TODOROKI “i’m home, fuyumi gave me leftovers.” todoroki calls softly, as he makes his way into the living room to see you watching a movie, the sight alone causing a small smile to creep onto his face. “did you have a good time?” you ask, sitting up slowly as shoto approaches you, sitting on the other side of the couch before resting his hand on your calf over the blankets next to him as he nods “i wish you could’ve came.” the smooth tone of his voice has you melting before you open up the blanket to try and guide him in, giving him a knowing smile— only to be met with a little blank look in return as he stands again “are you hot? i can open the window.” he’s trying his best okay. you giggle a little as he gazes at you, waiting for your response and still a little confused while you shake the blanket “no, sho! get in.” you say giddily, watching him rub the back of his neck before gently sliding in next to you, being careful to make sure he doesn’t crush you in the process “you could’ve just asked normally.” “yeah i know but you’re too cute.” and your sudden compliment has him pulling you a little closer, a blush dusting his features. 
Tumblr media
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touyasdoll · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Wouldn't Know Love If It Hit You In The Face
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x f!reader
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: Kiri gets clocked with a frying pan, Bakugou seems like a dick in this at first—he is not tho, praise kink, size kink, soft sex, unprotected sex, hope you like metaphors with your smut
Summary: Kirishima is insanely nervous to ask you out, so he and Bakugou cook up a little plan to help him find his footing. Friends to lovers.
Notes: This is my contribution to @nocturnalazura's Frying Pan Collab! You can check out the other pieces here. I had so much fun writing this one. I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
“Just let me help,” you tug on the handle of the frying pan, rolling your eyes when Bakugou won’t relent his grasp on it.
“Like I’m gonna let you handle the main course,” he scoffs. “How ‘bout you go chop some vegetables or something,” he says as he gives the cookware a good pull in his direction.
“You’re not the only one who knows how to cook, jackass and it’ll all get done faster if you just let me start cooking,” you mutter more insistently, giving the frying pan an earnest yank this time.
“What’s goin’ on?” Kirishima asks as he saunters into the kitchen—his own kitchen—to see what the fuss is all about.
“Katsuki is having trouble with his control issues again,” you jape, unamused eyes locking in on the blonde’s carmine irises, which narrow at you in return.
“I’m just trying to make sure that the food is edible when everyone else arrives,” he spits back, once again trying to tug the pan his way, only this time it’s enough to make your feet slide against the hardwood floor of the apartment.
You plant your feet firmly and grip the handle with both hands, though there’s barely enough room for even one of yours with Katsuki’s massive mitt wrapped around the grip. Kirishima puts his hands up and walks closer to the both of you.
“Okay, I’m sure we can work this out,” he says gently.
“Yeah,” Bakugou nods. “I can work out dinner when she leaves me the hell alone.”
“You’re an insufferable control freak sometimes, y’know that?” You huff, giving one last try at wrenching the frying pan from his hands. “Just let go of something for once in your life!”
“Let go?” He smirks, lifting one shoulder to shrug casually as he releases his hold on the pan just as you give it that one last, all-out-effort try.
The sudden lack of resistance sends the pan flying behind you at a force much more intense than you anticipated and cracks Kirishima straight across the forehead.
“Oh my God!” You drop the pan, letting it clatter to the floor as you step towards Kirishima hands outstretched to cup his face as mortification overtakes your features. Figures that you would assault the man you’ve had a crush on for who knows how long know.
“I’m fine!” He’s quick to promise, one huge hand covering where the pan struck him as he plasters his signature, worry free grin on his handsome face. “Really, I’m—uh,” he shakes his head slowly. “‘M’okay. I..I think..”
“Now that the host might be concussed,” Bakugou gripes, picking up the frying pan and utilizing it as a pointer as he gestures to the bedroom. “You go make sure he’s okay,” he softens his tone, even going so far as to pair it with a small smile. “Please. I gotta get started on dinner. Everyone else is gonna be here in less than an hour.”
With that, he turns to his task and you sigh quietly, still reeling from the massive faux pas you’ve committed as you wrap an arm around Kirishima to usher him towards his bedroom.
“I’m so, so sorry, Eij,” you shake your head, moving to stand in front of him as he takes his seat on the edge of his bed. “That was stupid. I shouldn’t’ve fought with him and now I’ve gone and hurt you. Let me take a look at it.”
You rest your hands on either side of his face, carefully angling it up, but only slightly, as the hero was nearly eye level with you, even when sitting down.
“I’m, uh, I’m okay, honestly,” he starts nervously and slowly pulls his hand away from his forehead to reveal that there wasn’t so much as a scratch on him.
No bump. No red mark. Nothing. You narrow your eyes curiously at the spot where you’re sure you accidentally walloped him and he shakes his head, peering up at you apologetically as he reaches for your hands.
His are clammy when they swallow yours, fingers that dwarf your own fidgeting with your hand in his grasp as his eyes search yours. You can practically see a jumble of words dancing on the tip of his tongue as he regards you, looking more uncertain about himself than you’ve ever seen him.
“I planned this,” he says quickly, wincing almost, like he’s expecting you to be upset when in reality, you’re just confused.
“What?” You shake your head. “What do you mean? Planned what? Me hitting you in the dome?” A laugh escapes you until he nods in confirmation, looking up at you seriously.
“Yeah. Well, Bakugou planned it,” he concedes with a tilt of his head. “But it seemed like a good plan, so I went along with it.”
“Wait, but—” you briefly close your eyes, trying to follow his train of thought. “Why though? For what purpose?”
“Oh, uh,” he looks down and awkwardly scratches the back of his neck with one hand, holding both of yours in the other. “Yeah, lemme explain.”
He gestures to the spot on the bed beside him, turning his body to face that direction as he folds one leg onto the bed. You take a seat before him, still holding on to his hand as you study his face and he nervously studies the back of your knuckles.
“Guess I should just fess up now,” he says quietly, a soft smile tugging at one corner of his lips as he peeks up at you. “I really like you,” he says plainly, genuinely.
Red irises meet yours and the both of you can feel a heat creeping up the back of your necks as you stare at one another, too nervous to keep looking and still too unwilling to tear your gaze away.
“I have for a while,” he continues, breaking his gaze to look back down at your hands as he shuffles them in his own to hold them tighter. “I’m not usually this nervous around people I’m interested in,” he shakes his head, almost like he’s thinking out loud. “But you’re..different.” He looks up at you again and that heat intensifies.
It feels like it’s coming to life between you, both of your faces warm enough to light a spark that could erupt into an all-consuming blaze if you weren’t careful. So he is careful. He’s cautious, because all this time that he’s harbored these feelings, he’s wondered if he would break whatever bridge you two were standing on when he set them free. But now it’s finally time to sink or swim.
“You mean a lot to me and I haven’t wanted to risk our friendship over my feelings, but I don’t think that I can hold them in anymore. Kats has been nagging me to man up and do something about it for weeks now,” he scoffs quietly, a chuckle erupting from the sound. “He told me that I wouldn’t know love if it hit me in the face,” he looks down at your hands again, a shy smile propping up his lips. “Hence his brilliant idea to have you whack me in the face, so I’d have a reason to be alone with you.”
“You volunteered to take a frying pan to the face as an excuse to be alone with me?” A giggle escapes your lips as you try to catch his eye. “You know that you could have just asked me to talk? No need to go and get yourself injured. I think maybe he just wanted to see you get clocked.”
“Maybe,” he nods and a warm chuckle rumbles his broad chest. “I activated my quirk at the last second, so I barely felt it,” he shrugs. “Remind me not to cross you when you have a frying pan in your hand though,” he jokes, finally stealing a glance at you.
“I’ll be sure to do that,” you laugh and shift anxiously on the bed, realizing that it’s your turn to spill your guts to him. “I, uhm..I like you too, Eiji. A lot, actually.”
“Really?” He looks genuinely surprised and you nod quickly to assure him.
“Yeah, I’ve kinda always? Liked you?” More nervous laughter bubbles up in your chest and out of your mouth.
The mouth that he just can’t stop looking at. Can’t stop his eyes from being drawn to, especially now that he knows that this bridge isn’t going to collapse. That he knows that he can safely start to close the distance that remains between you that will take you from just friends to hopefully something more. To what he’s always wanted to be with you.
“I’ve always liked you too,” he admits softly.
Kind eyes align with yours and a tender, silent moment passes between the two of you as the pair of you realize that you’ve felt the same all this time. Time that you could have spent together had one of you found the courage to fess up sooner, but it’s okay. That doesn’t matter now. That doesn’t matter at all, because you have this moment. The big secret is out and now you’re just two people who mean a great deal to one another, all alone in his bedroom.
“Can I—” he starts as he leans in and when you shake your head in reply, he looks worried.
He starts to pull back, concerned that he’s tried to do too much, too soon, but the smile on your face reassures him that he hasn’t just before your lips collide with his.
It’s nothing like what you expected. There’s no fireworks or bells or whistles going off. There’s a noticeable silence in the room, but that absence of sound is what allows you to hear the way his breath hitches when you lean in for more.
You smile wide against his lips, pulling away to look at him and shake your head once more as your arms encircle his neck.
“You don’t have to ask,” you say quietly, your gaze dropping from his eyes to his lips to catch the way he grins when he nods and leans in again to claim your mouth for his own.
From there, the silence is no more; the air is filled with perfect noise. Soft mewls and timid moans. Hands sliding up and down the heated skin of an unfamiliar body. The sound of two nervous lovers panting for breath as clothes fly and passions are wordlessly exchanged.
It seems like you’ve had your eyes closed for nearly the entire encounter when you land on your back, swallowed into the dip in the large mattress that his body had worn into the material. The sheets are cool against your skin, but you’ve broken out in a sweat from head to toe. Partially from the newness of it all, the uncertainties of how this will play out.
Will it be everything you’re both hoping it will be? Will it be a horrendous disaster? Will he change his mind? Will you?
You blink to try and dispel the unwelcome thoughts when he comes into view, his face flushed and expression soft as he leans over you in the bed. His arms serve as a cage, but you don’t feel trapped by any means. You feel safe. Guarded. Protected.
He’s staring down at you with nothing but admiration. Lust, of course, but it goes deeper than that and it’s easy to see. It washes away the nerves that remain, leaving you feeling peaceful as that silence returns.
Only this time it grants him the gift of being able to hear the way that your breathing changes when he ducks down to kiss you, deep and deliberate. It takes the tremor out of his calloused hands, allowing him the confidence to let them roam free over your silhouette, which lay bare beneath his own.
He hovers above you, studying your features like he’s searching for the answer to a question that you can practically hear inside your brain. You nod emphatically, letting your hands rest on either side of his neck as you pull him down to kiss him once more, to bring him closer. Forever closer.
You shift your hips, letting your legs spread wide enough to accommodate him as you come up for air and find his eyes again. Now you both find yourselves standing on a precipice that you won’t be able to climb back up once you descend.
He takes it slow, one thick finger parting your folds to slowly work you open. A groan falls from his lips when his digit sinks inside with little resistance. You rock your hips against him, mewling when he enters you. Moaning when his thumb begins toying with your clit.
“Eiji,” you whisper, a breathy, pleasured sound that doubles as a plea. “Want you. I want all of you,” you shake your head slightly. “We’ve done enough waiting. I can’t take any more, please.”
“No more waiting, baby,” he shakes his head, wearing the softest smile as his lips find yours and he positions himself between your legs.
The wait is over when he slowly slides the head of his impressive length inside of you, gently nudging his way in with a sigh of sweet relief. He seems to breathe out as you inhale, sucking in a sharp intake of breath as the stretch sets in.
“I know,” he says delicately, taking his time as he slowly rocks his hips, pulling them back and forth to ease his way in a little further with each pass to give you time to adjust to his size. “There you go,” he coos quietly as he watches your mouth drop open into a lewd moan when he finally sheathes all of himself inside of you with a soft grunt. “Atta girl,” he whispers, brushing his lips against yours as he languidly rolls his hips.
“Eijirou,” you sigh his name and he thinks it’s the most beautiful noise that he’s ever heard.
He thinks that you have to be the most perfect soul that he’s ever had the good fortune to behold. You’ve always had such a pretty face, but looking down at you now, all he can think of is how you’re so much more than that.
How you’re just as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the out. How you make him feel insane, in the best way possible, with just your presence. How your laugh heals wounds that he nursed for so long to no avail until he met you. How much you’ve changed him without even knowing the magic that you were bringing into his life.
It all seems like a blur now. All the time spent wishing you were his and now here you are—easy as that. This still feels like a blur. An enchanting haze of bliss crafted by the union of two souls finally laid bare, manifesting in physical euphoria.
He doesn’t have the capacity to think about the miracle of this moment any longer though. Each time he casts his hips forward he’s called closer to his end, spurred on by your angelic sounds and the heavenly feeling of how your walls clench around him.
“Eij—ahh—E-Eijirou,” you pant, chest heaving as your hands knit into his long, red locks, desperate to find purchase on something as your guided steadily towards your undoing.
The pace that he’s set picks up. His hips rut faster, harder into your sopping core and you can see in his eyes how close he is. You can feel it between your legs as he hits that one, sacred spot inside of you and the world falls out from under you, letting you freefall into unadulterated oblivion and he’s right there beside you.
You call his name over and over again, clinging to it like it’s the only word that you know, because in this moment, it is. Back bowing off the bed, two strong arms slipping beneath you to envelop you in their safety, to catch you as you fall.
He pulls you in close, kneeling as he clutches you to his chest and empties all of himself inside of you until he’s left chasing his breath with you in his lap, his face buried in the crook of your neck.
Neither one of you wants to break the silence this time. It’s not awkward or unnerving. There’s no need to fracture it. It’s comfortable and content, just the two of you holding one another in the afterglow.
Eventually, you collapse back into the mattress as one, still wrapped around one another. You’re both on your side, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you lay still. The juxtaposition makes it seem like time is standing still. Like you’re running a million miles a minute and yet never really going anywhere at all.
And that’s fine, because there’s nowhere that either of you would ever be than right here.
“This wasn’t,” he shakes his head, closing his eyes as a soft chuckle leaves his chest. “This wasn’t part of the plan, I promise.”
“I know,” you nod, echoing his gentle laughter as you card a hand through his hair to inspect his expression—one of wonder, which you also return in kind. “But I’m glad it happened anyway.”
“Me too,” he admits sheepishly, suddenly shy despite what you’d just done. “Oh,” he says quietly, sitting up and glancing at the door before he turns back to you as you rise to a sitting position in the bed. “I, uh, didn’t tell you about the rest of the plan though.”
“What do you mean?” You narrow your eyes, a curious smile dancing on your lips.
“You’ll have to see,” he leans over and kisses your forehead before he climbs out of the bed. “Let’s get cleaned up and then I’ll show you.”
He offers you his hand, boyish charm radiating from his features as he pulls you up and out of the bed. You duck into the master bathroom to put yourself back together and return to find him peeking out the door of his bedroom.
“So what’s the rest of this elaborate plan?” You tilt your head back to look up at him as you slip your hand through his.
“C’mere,” he gestures through the door as he swings it open, leading you back towards the kitchen.
When you cross through the threshold, you immediately notice that the apartment looks slightly different. The lights are dimmer, there’s soft music playing. It feels very romantic. And then you see what he must have been talking about.
You turn your head in time to see Katsuki pouring a glass of wine at a table set for two. Everything looks immaculate. There’s a five star meal that smells divine, candles that flicker, casting shadows over the red rose petals decoratively arranged along the table.
“Sorry about acting like an ass,” Bakugou offers you a knowing smile as he sets the bottle of wine on the table and steps back to remove his apron. “Promise I had a good reason.”
“Thank you,” you smile genuinely at the blonde and shake your head. “No need to apologize. This is so kind of you. Thank you, really.”
“This part was his idea,” he gestures to Kirishima, who smiles bashfully and looks away as he gives your hand a gentle squeeze. “I was more than happy to help. I’m gonna leave you guys to it. Enjoy your meal,” he nods a goodbye as he swipes his keys off the counter and heads out the door.
“This is..” you shake your head, blinking back the tears that threaten to fall over your cheeks as you take in the picturesque sight again before turning to face him. “This is easily the sweetest, most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you, Eijirou.”
He leans down, wrapping both arms around you as he kisses the top of your head and your fold your arms around him, listening to the thumping of his heart in his chest.
“This is just the beginning, baby.”
Tumblr media
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inarizahki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, f!reader
a/n: ty @jozhenji​ and @diavohoe​ for screaming about this with me
Tumblr media
— your tits, can suck on them for hours, grabs them in each hand and sucks hard on one until you separate with a wet pop before moving to the other; shindou, shouto, endeavor, manual, sero, tensei, inasa
— your pussy, sucks on your clit, fucks you with his tongue, won’t stop until he has your juices and drool dripping down his chin, is completely willing to die between your thighs; midoriya, kirishima, mirio, all might, fat gum, gang orca, shigaraki, tenya, muscular
— your neck and ears, nips at your skin, tugs at your earlobes, loves feeling your sensitive skin gets hotter under his lips and the way you squirm when he fucks you slowly; natsuo, bakugou, dabi, overhaul, twice, sir nighteye, ojiro, shinsou
— your fingers, sits on his heels and pulls you into his lap, likes to make you watch him suck your digits into his mouth as he fucks up into you, smiles around your fingers when you whimper; kaminari, aizawa, tamaki, hawks, present mic, mr. compress
— toes; mineta
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · a day ago
bakugou who watches you carefully with glaring scarlet visionaries as your pussy sinks down further on his girthy cock. his hands, a solid, grounding weight on your hips squeeze the flesh roughly. “faster.” he growls, impatience flaring in his gaze. your smaller hands scratch down his stomach, features flinching as you force yourself to accomodate his length.
“c-can’t.” you whine, shame shining in your eyes. “can’t katsu...”
a soft hush reaches the blonde’s lips as your lips tremble at his unfavorable expression. “need me to use you like a cocksleeve baby?” he questions, hands migrating down to your thicker cheeks, fingers splayed to cup your ass. he rolls his hips in tandem with his words, drawing out pathetic slutty sounds. “is this all you can manage, just the tip and then some?” as to demonstrate, he thrusts up higher, disappearing into you further than you could manage on your own.
“mmmh.” you mewl, body bouncing from the sharp impact.
“want it all?” one hand gravitates to your pussy, a thumb flicking over your clit. “you’re all wet princess, i know you can take it all if you really try.”  the innocent lie drawn across your features causes the hero to scowl. “c’mon, try.”
at his sharper tone, you cling onto bakugou’s biceps, the muscle flexing beneath your touch. the burn stings and aches more, as the male makes space where you were convinced it didn’t exist. a soft groan leaves your mouth when he thrusts again, teasing a stupid look across your face. “there we go. wider. good girl.” within seconds, an unconvincing creamy ring of cum accents the male’s angry cock. “see. fucking yourself so pretty on me puppy.”
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kingkatsuki · 15 hours ago
Panty Theft | Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐟𝐭 - 𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
I’m sorry this took so long to get out! I literally just threw this into a post and I’m running away so I’m sorry if anything is dumb! A special thank you to @katsukikitten​ for constantly encouraging me and telling me I can do things!💕
Summary: Being a sidekick at Dynamight’s agency was hard, especially under his strenuous work regime and to top it off someone at the agency has been stealing your panties.
Pairing:  Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, noncon/dubcon (reader is into it but is heavily coerced), implied age gap, blackmail, panty theft, exhibitionism, implied voyeurism, one pussy slap, praise, degradation, Bakugou is pretty mean, spit roasting, rimming (f!receiving), cunnilingus, fingering, creampie.
Word Count: 6.9k.
Tumblr media
Your dream had been to work at Dynamight’s agency since you were a little girl, watching the young sidekick in his former years slowly climb his way up the ranks without caring what anyone thought of him fuelled the desire inside you to be like him. The blond hero definitely sat proudly at the top of your list of favourite Pros.
It was also hard not to notice how attractive he was, even pushing forty he was still giving the younger Pro’s a run for their money. Sitting comfortably in the top five, defending his position in second, even though his shape had become less defined, more rounded, he was still a hulking mass of muscle. Grey hairs began to glisten between his blond locks as they mixed with the light stubble that graced his jaw. It was hard not to stare at the seasoned Pro whenever he was around, his mere presence dominating any room.
The only problem is being a sidekick under Dynamight was hard. He only accepted the best, a fact you knew all too well, and you were determined to prove to him that you could be the best. You wanted to make him proud, but it was taking a toll on your body and your mental health. The ache in your chest at the idea of disappointing your favourite Pro-Hero, your idol, is far too apparent.
The only thing keeping you around was Red Riot, the sturdy hero had an office right beside Bakugou’s and didn’t seem to hold any issues with working under his best friend. The male had no animosity whatsoever that it wasn’t his hero name plastered along the top of the building. He’d been so sweet and kind to you ever since you joined the agency, often inviting you into his office to talk to you. Constantly asking you whether there was anything he could help you with or trying to calm you down when you were bawling your eyes out to him about just how hard it had been. The stress and pressure of trying to prove yourself to Dynamight was often so overwhelming, but Kirishima would always be there to hug you and tell you that everything would be okay.
Shamefully, you were certain that without Kirishima, you probably would have given up weeks ago. The Sturdy Hero seemed to constantly go out of his way to make you feel better about your position at the agency. Often finding sweet notes from him inside your locker when you’d start your shifts, motivational words or simply “have a good day” written in his messy scrawl, sometimes telling you to come up to his office for tea when you had your lunch break, that he’d make time for you.
Something that you were hoping to take him up on after the terrible day you’d had. The mission had been a disaster, your body aching as you made your way towards the staff showers. Stripping out of your hero outfit as you lay your clothes on the bench in front of your locker neatly. Stepping towards the cubicles at the side of the room as you allowed the warm water to hit your skin, standing beneath the stream as the liquid began to wash away all the dirt and grime from your horrible day.
“She’s fuckin’ hot, Bro. Are you really telling me you wouldn’t want a piece?” You could hear the voices from the other side of the wall, turning off the faucet as you moved to wrap a towel around your frame, “What I wouldn’t give for one night-”
“No wonder you’ve had a permanent fuckin’ hard-on when this is what you’ve been doin’- is that why you’re always sniffin’ around her.” You recognised the voices instantly as Red Riot and Dynamight, assuming that the men were also looking to shower after a tedious day. Planning to grab your stuff and give them space in the showers so they could have some privacy as you turned the corner, your heart stuttering when you noticed what the redhead had in his hands.
A pink pair of lacy panties.
Your lacy panties.
The last few weeks at the agency you’d noticed whenever you used the locker rooms to shower your panties would go missing. The first time it happened you didn’t say anything, convinced that they’d just dropped down the back of the wall so you were unable to retrieve them, or maybe they’d been swept up. But then it happened again. Every time your neat pile of folded clothes would remain untouched, but your panties would be gone. Even when you kept them locked shut in your locker when you went to shower you’d come back to find them gone.
The only problem? How were you supposed to explain that your panties were going missing at Dynamight’s agency?
How were you supposed to begin that kind of conversation with your boss when you already felt like you were trying so hard to prove yourself. You’d began to think it was the other sidekicks at the agency doing it as a joke, that they wanted you gone or it was like some sort of initiation into the club. But you weren’t going to give up that easily.
“Oh, hi babe.” Kirishima smirked, “That was a quick shower for you wasn't it? You’re normally in there for at least thirty minutes.”
Bakugou and Kirishima stood by your lockers in their hero attire, sweat and grime sticking to their skin after presumably a hard day's work. The scent of sweat mixed with smoke potent in the locker room as both men crowded your clothes, your heart hammering in your chest at his words.
How did he know that?
Your eyes immediately glanced down to his hands which were holding your most recent pair of panties. The ones that you’d taken off moments earlier to have your shower. All of the pieces finally coming into place-
“Wait-” You gripped your towel tighter to your body as you felt both sets of dark red eyes roaming your exposed skin, feeling like a docile antelope cornered by a hungry pack of lions, “You’ve been taking my panties?”
You flushed as you said the word in front of the older men, feeling shy about it even though you had nothing to be ashamed about. They were the ones that had been making you walk home bare and biting into a chunk of your measly paycheck each month.
“Don’t look at me, sweetheart.” Bakugou scoffed, “It’s all him.”
“Do you blame me though, man?” Kirishima held the panties up in front of you, thumbing the lacy fabric, “Fucking look at them.”
“W-why would you do that?“ You felt your lower lip trembling as you tried to fight back tears, not wanting to cry in front of the two Pros.
“She ain’t gonna tell anyone, are ya Princess?” Bakugou scoffed, pushing the sweaty spikes back from his forehead as some wispy hairs stuck to his skin.
“You think they’d believe her even if she did?” Kirishima grinned, his scarred chest exposed due to his hero costume, trying your best to avert your gaze from his chiselled muscles. His gut was far rounder in his older years, black hairs now scattered along his chest, but still ever the muscular Pro-Hero Red Riot.
And he was right, who’d believe a little sidekick just starting out like you over two established Pro-Heroes.
“No one’ll fuckin’ hire her again if she tried,” Bakugou smirked as he reached out to grab the pink pair of panties from Kirishima’s hands, ignoring his whines of protest.
The thought of losing your job and the pair of them making it so no other heroes would ever consider you made you feel sick, bile rising in your throat as you tried to ease the tension in your chest.
“I’m surprised it took you so long to work it out, Princess. He ain’t exactly what you’d call subtle.” Kirishima laughed, leaning back against your locker, “My favourites were those cute frilly red ones, you know the pair?”
You knew the exact pair he was talking about, ones that had gone missing a few weeks into your shifts at the agency. You’d started wearing them when all your practical pairs had gone missing, the sheer fabric was barely enough to cover you as you hid them beneath your neatly folded hero costume when you’d gone to shower but when you’d come back they were gone.
“Oh, and let’s not forget those Dynamight ones, huh?” Kirishima grinned, “I’m so sad you don’t have any Red Riot ones, babe.”
“Clearly she likes me more.” Bakugou grinned smugly, shoving his best friend's shoulder.
“You’re not gonna tell anyone, are ya?” Kirishima gave you a grin, moving to pocket your panties.
“Course she fuckin’ isn’t, look at her,” Bakugou muttered, his lightning reflexes grabbing the pink fabric before he had a chance to keep them, beating him to it. Snatching the pair out of his friend's hands as he held them in a fist, watching as you tugged your fluffy towel tighter around your frame as the men gazed at your exposed skin hungrily.
“You’ve got more than enough already, these are mine.” Bakugou scoffed, confirming the fact that it had been Kirishima taking your panties every single time.
“Is this what you wear when you’re out on patrol with your boss, hah?” Bakugou sneered as he held the lacy thong out on one of his fingers, the sheer fabric making them seem even smaller as he gave you a smug smirk, “You trying to impress someone or somethin’, Princess?”
“N-no,” You stuttered, feeling his musky scent surround you as it was clear he was coming into the locker rooms to do the exact same thing you’d been doing. The press outside cornering him before he had the chance to wash, giving you a head start.
“No?” Bakugou’s warm breath fanned your cheek as he leaned down, his lips grazing the shell of your ear, “Then you just like bein’ a slut at work, hah?”
Your body shivered at the words, feeling your body betray you as a heat began to grow between your thighs. The scent of both of them invaded your senses as you felt their sweaty bodies pressed against your own.
“They were pretty damp,” Kirishima almost sang in a teasing tone, “She was definitely thinking naughty thoughts when she was out with you, man.”
“Is that so?” Bakugou grinned at the way you worried your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to calm your body down but both men had you caged in between their hulking frames.
“You ever wear those Dynamight panties when you were out with me?” Bakugou pulled back to meet your gaze with inquisitive eyes, “Are those your favourites, hah? Those tiny little Dynamight panties you’ve been wearin’?”
You felt your entire body flushed with embarrassment, avoiding eye contact as Bakugou reached out to grasp your jaw, angling your eyes up to meet his piercing gaze.
“Bet they fuckin’ are.” He grinned, “I can give ‘em back if you want ‘em. I’d love to see you wearing them for me.”
Kirishima pressed his back against you, feeling his bulge pressing against your lower back as large palms moved to the hem of your towel, his sweaty chest sticking to your exposed shoulder blades, “You’re not gonna tell anyone; are ya?”
Bakugou cupped the back of your neck to pull you into an intense kiss, his teeth scraping against your pursed lips as he forced his tongue inside. Lashing against your gums as he tightened his grip to prevent you from moving away, your eyes darted around the room as one of your hands reached up to fist his vest. You could just about make out Kirishima in the background telling Bakugou how unfair it was, that he’s wanted to kiss you for longer but instead, his large hand began to tug at the corner of your towel.
“N-no, please.” You gasped in horror as you imagined being completely naked in front of two of your favourite Pro-Heroes, never mind your boss.
“I don’t really think you’re in a position to be making demands right now, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as his blunt nails dug into the curve of your neck, smirking down at you as you felt the heat radiating from his palm, “Unless you want me to tell everyone what a filthy slut my little sidekick is.”
“You were the one stealing my panties.” You whispered, more to yourself than anything as the realisation dawned on you.
“Yeah, but how many times have you touched yourself in those panties to the thought of me?” Bakugou replied cockily, your face deceiving you as it gave away your answer.
You’d lost count of the number of times you’d touched yourself to sinful thoughts of the number two hero, even though he was almost twice your age. But being with him now, in such an open setting you found yourself trembling beneath his grip as he began to press chaste kisses along the apex of your neck. It was completely different forming this picture of him in your mind at night as you pushed two fingers inside your slick heat, trying to imagine how he would feel instead. Painting this perfect picture of him in your mind as you worked yourself towards your release, moaning out his name as though he was there with you. But this? This was completely different.
You gasped in shock as you felt Bakugou’s rough palm slip beneath your towel, fingers delving between your folds as he gave your slit a rough rub. Almost lifting you off the ground from the force of his movements as your eyes fluttered, calloused pads of his digits slipping between your puffy folds.
“Shit, you’re fuckin’ dripping.” He groaned as you felt warm lips pressing against the apex of your neck, Kirishima groping your chest through the towel from behind, “And you really want us to believe you don’t want this? You can stop pretending now, you dirty slut.”
You wished your body would stop betraying you, your mind screaming for you to use your quirk to get out of there. To stop this from happening like this, your fantasies were nothing like this.
“Told ya man, she must be permanently wet or something. Her panties were always covered.” Kirishima groaned as his teeth latched onto your pulse point, pulling a loud cry from your lips as his tongue lapped at the mark.
“Besides, who do you think they’d believe?” Bakugou held up his fingers to the light as he began to scissor them, strings of your slick glistening between his digits as he wiped them off against your cheek, “You’re the one standing in front of us drippin’ right now, and you really want us to believe you don’t want this?”
“It is two against one,” Kirishima whispered against the shell of your ear as he tugged at the corner of your towel again, this time you allowed him to pull the fabric away from your body as it pooled around your feet on the cool tile.
You gasped as the shrill cold of the room hit your bare skin, goosebumps rising against the surface as you moved your hands up to try and cup your bare breasts in a feeble attempt to shield them from view. The side of Bakugou’s lips curled into a smirk as he leaned down to press a sloppy kiss against your neck, the short stubble of his beard tickling your skin as Kirishima reached up from behind to pull your wrists away from your breasts, letting your arms drop down to your sides.
“Don’t hide yourself from us, pretty girl.” Kirishima cooed almost kindly as he moved his own hands up to replace your own, feeling your taut nipples harden from the cool air, “You’re going to enjoy this just as much as we are, I promise.”
You cried out as Kirishima’s calloused fingers tugged at your nipples, twisting the buds between his thumb and forefinger as he rut his hips against you. Feeling the tent in his pants pressing against the small of your back as he pulled more lewd sounds from your lips.
Bakugou reached out to wrap one of his large palms around your wrist, pulling your hand towards him as he pressed it against the bulge between his thighs. A gasp left your lips as you felt how big and hard he was for you, a man of his stature had to be well endowed, but you weren’t expecting this. As if sensing your trepidation Bakugou pressed an almost sweet kiss to your cheek, putting more pressure against your wrist for you to begin to palm him yourself as he let out a low grunt.
“You feel that?” He rasped, “This is what you do to me.”
His words made your cunt flutter as he began to roll his hips against your touch, your hand squeezing the length of him through the fabric as you tried awkwardly to stroke him. The faint sound of a belt being unbuckled sounded behind you as Bakugou stared down at you with half-lidded eyes.
“See, it’s not so bad is it, Princess?” Bakugou’s own hands moved to unbuckle his belt, your hand stilling against his crotch as you watched the finesse of his movements, moving back slightly to allow him to tug his pants down just enough to free his aching cock.
You swallowed thickly to try and mask the fear that grew in the pit of your stomach, your mouth dry as you saw him bare for the first time. It was certainly nothing like you had imagined before, the mushroomed head an angry pink colour as pre-cum oozed from the tip, leaking down the underside of his length while bulging veins made his already large size seem impossibly bigger. A heavy set of balls sat at the base, his palm wrapping around it to give himself a teasing pump as he watched you with amusement as you took in the sight of him.
“Like what you see, Princess?” Bakugou murmured, a hand on your shoulder as he moved to push you to the floor, “Bet this is better than those dirty little daydreams you have hah?”
Complying as you sank to your knees between both men, Kirishima came round to stand beside his best friend as you caught a glimpse of his cock for the first time. If you thought Bakugou was big, there were no words that could describe Kirishima’s cock. Fear now growing inside of you at the thickness of it, barely able to fit two of your own fingers inside your slick heat you had no idea how you would fit his mass within you. He was nowhere near as long as Bakugou, but he was thick. The angry red tip leaking so much pre it was creating a glistening sheen against his skin, his palm stroking it along the meat of his cock as he glanced down at you with flushed cheeks.
“You know how many times I’ve fucked my fist to the thought of you, babe?” Kirishima smirked at you, rutting his hips forward so the messy tip grazed your cheek, leaving a silvery line of cum in its wake.
“It’s all he fuckin’ talks about.” Bakugou scoffed, his hand moving languidly against his cock, rolling his palm around the tip as he gathered the fresh pre to smooth it along his length.
“Do you blame me, Bro?” Kirishima groaned, “Look at her.”
Bakugou didn’t reply, instead, he arched his hips to press the thick tip of his cock against your other cheek, his hand knocking against your skin as he continued to stroke his length.
“Please,” You mumbled, the slight movement of your lips enough for Bakugou to breach your mouth, the tip of his cock slipping inside as your eyes widened from the intrusion. Tasting him against your tongue as he let out a low growl at the sensation.
“Don’t act like you don’t want it, Sweetheart.” Bakugou groaned as his palm stroked the back of your head, angling you up so he could push more of his length inside you. Teeth grazing him slightly as you adjusted position as he hissed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as you languidly began to bob your head along his length, “So. Fuckin’ Good-”
Each word was punctuated with a rut of his hips, causing you to gag slightly as he knocked the back of your throat. Saliva mingled with his pre as your mouth struggled to contain it. Dribbling down your chin as tears began to clump in your lashes, trying to remember to breathe through your nose.
“Shit, she’s so fucking pretty.” Kirishima groaned as he watched you suck his best friend's cock, pushing the wet tip against your cheek as he coaxed you to wrap your hand around him. Smirking with glee as you complied, your hand barely able to wrap around his girth as you pumped him slowly. Trying to work into a rhythm between both men and ignore the fact that you were currently on your knees in the middle of the agency locker rooms where someone could walk in at any moment. 
The thought of being caught in such a compromising position in between the two beefy Pro-Heroes had your cunt clenching around nothing as you felt Kirishima’s fingertips graze against your scalp as he pulled you off Bakugou’s cock with a ‘pop’, manoeuvring your head towards his as you swapped hands. Wrapping your palm around Bakugou’s length which was now wet with a mixture of pre and spit as you tried to fit Kirishima’s size inside your mouth. Your jaw aching as you felt the man above you shudder at the sensation, unapologetically rutting his hips into your mouth as you felt him hit the back of your throat. This time pulling back to catch your breath, spluttering as spit dribbled from your lips and down onto your tits, leaving messy lines of slick in their wake. The sight made both men smirk at one another as Kirishima tapped the head of his cock against your lips once more, “Come on, pretty girl. I know it’s big, but you can handle it can’t you?”
His hand came up to cup your cheek almost caringly, as his thumb stroked away the tears that trickled down the apples of your cheeks. Crimson eyes staring down at you as he pushed his hips forward again, slower this time to give you time to adjust. Fresh tears began to pool down your cheeks as you set a steady pace, shuffling uncomfortably as your knees dug into the cool tile. Bakugou’s hips pushed forward so the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat again, his palm holding you down on his length as he let out a low grunt. The trimmed hairs at the base of his cock tickled your nose as you began to feel lightheaded, a muted “shit” leaving Kirishima’s lips as he watched you take the entirety of his best friend's cock. Your hand clawed at Bakugou’s inner thigh to try and get him to pull back, to have mercy as you felt the oxygen slowly leaving your body. Leaving bright red welts against his skin as he finally granted you a moment's respite. Pulling back as he watched you splutter, chest heaving as you inhaled large gulps of breath.
“C’mere.” Kirishima cooed, helping you to your feet as your legs wobbled beneath you, your knees aching from being pressed against the hard tile as you tried to keep your footing. The redhead lifting you as though you weighed nothing to lay you back on one of the long, wooden benches in the room. The bright fluorescent lights above your head left white spots in your vision as the sturdy hero tugged his pants off, letting them fall to the ground as he was left naked in front of you. Taking a seat at the base of the bench as he pushed your thighs up towards your chest, crimson eyes focused on the mess between your legs. Strings of your slick sticking to your outer labia and glistening against the apex of your thighs, his hands pushing your legs up further so you were almost bent in half as Bakugou stared over his best friend's shoulder at the sight.
“Look at that messy fuckin’ angel cunt.” Kirishima grinned at the sight, seeing the way creamy globs of your slick dribbled from your tight entrance.
“Real fuckin’ dirty for a sidekick.” Bakugou scoffed, he stopped halfway from before shrugging his vest off to slap the flat of his palm against your slit. The pain made you jolt in surprise as you let out a loud cry, Kirishima’s hands tight on your thighs to keep you from moving away as he arched his back, leaning forward to dive between your thighs. Letting out a low groan as his nose pushed against your slit, inhaling deeply.
“Smells even better up close.” He smirked, “No wonder your panties smell so good.”
“P-please don’t-” Embarrassment coursing through your body as the Pro shamelessly breathed in your scent.
“You’re not really in a position to be makin’ demands, Sweetheart.” Bakugou husked as he took a seat on the other side of the bench, his heavy cock drooping down as it hung by your forehead. His eyes focused on where Kirishima was between your thighs.
You gasped in surprise when you felt Kirishima lick a long stripe along your slit, the rough pad of his tongue catching your clit as you jolted. His fingers dipped into the fat of your thighs as he held you steady, lewd sounds leaving his lips as he slurped at your slick.
“F-uck,” He groaned, spitting onto your messy folds before moving straight back down to lap it up again. His movements are feral and animalistic as he shamelessly slurped at your cunt. The tip of his tongue caught against your tight entrance as he felt your inner walls flutter around him, sliding lower as he licked the flat of his tongue against your asshole.
“No, not there- please.” You felt your cheeks flush as he teased the tight rim, rolling the tip of his tongue around it as he pressed against the ring of muscle.
“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll save that for next time, yeah?” Kirishima pulled back with a grin, your essence glistening against his chin as he moved back to your cunt. Lips circling your clit as he began to suck at it harshly, Bakugou leaning forward to grab hold of your thighs to keep you spread as Kirishima moved one of his hands between your legs. His thick index finger pushed against your entrance as you felt the tip slowly breach your walls. A gasp left your lips as he began to wiggle it gently, a muted “shit” leaving his lips.
“She’s fucking tight, man. I dunno if I’m gonna fit-” Kirishima growled as he pushed his finger forward, sinking deeper inside your wet heat as he felt your body continue to constrict around him.
“We’ll make it fit.” Bakugou snarled, the words sending jolts directly to your core.
“Fuck, she just clenched-” Kirishima grinned, “You like the sound of that, huh?”
You bit your bottom lip between your teeth as Kirishima began to sluggishly pump his finger in and out of your walls, curling his finger so it dragged against the spongy spot inside you each time. Feeling the built up pleasure inside you continued to grow as you began to roll your hips into his touch, trying to focus on the sensation of him pressing against the same spot each time. Kirishima took the opportunity to slip another thick finger inside your walls, grinning at the way your body eagerly took him in, slowly stretching you out in preparation for his cock. Two fingers now working your slit as his thumb began to press messy circles against your clit, the movement causing you to whimper in pleasure as Bakugou let one of your thighs fall, the plush of it landing over Kirishima’s muscular thigh as he leaned down to play with your tits. Gently rolling your pebbled nipples as he squeezed at the soft skin, pulling more pretty sounds from your lips.
“I’m gonna cum.” You whined, the stimulation from Bakugou and Kirishima working you towards your release as you felt the familiar sensation brewing inside you. Your chest heaving as you tried to focus on the pleasure that was slowly taking over your rational thoughts, the coil inside you desperately close to breaking.
“Yeah?” Kirishima cooed down at you, continuing his languid movements, “You gonna cum for us, pretty girl?”
“Yeah,” You whined, your nose scrunching as you felt yourself on the cusp of your climax.
“Go on, show us how pretty you look when you cum.” A loud cry left your lips as you began to buck your hips, Kirishima using his forearm to hold you down as he continued to pump his fingers into your sloppy pussy. Feeling your walls squeezing his digits as he worked you through your climax, pushing messy circles against your clit as you felt both men watching you intently, the pleasure clouding your mind.
“Fuck, look at you. So fucking pretty-” Kirishima praised you as he pulled his fingers from your messy folds, bringing them up to his lips as he shamelessly lapped them clean. Readjusting himself as he lay both your thighs over his, the heavy weight of his cock now resting against your mound as you stared down at it. There was no way that would fit inside you-
“I’m going first,” Bakugou sneered as he watched Kirishima line the leaking tip of his cock up with your messy pussy.
“Come on, bro. You said if I stole the last pair I could go first-”
“You’re gonna stretch her out with that fuckin’ thing-” Bakugou snarled, moving to get up and shove his friend out of the way but Kirishima shot him a cheeky grin.
“Nah, trust me, man. She’s tight.” You whimpered as Kirishima bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating it in your essence as he moved lower. Slowly beginning to sink his hips down as he breached your entrance, the stretch stealing the air from your lungs.
“S’too much, I can’t.” You tried to ignore the intense ache between your thighs, your body stiffening from the burn that began to ebb through your veins.
“Shh, baby. S’okay.” Kirishima cooed sympathetically, but didn’t once stop easing his hips forward, “You can take it.”
“I can’t-” You choked back a sob, “It hurts.” You felt tears begin to prick your eyes as they streamed down your temples.
“That’s not fair though, is it Sweetheart?” Bakugou’s vermilion eyes gazed down at you as he pushed some of the hair away from your forehead, “You got to cum, we didn’t.”
Your bottom lip trembled as you tried to blink back tears, sniffling as you felt Kirishima pause his movements, his thumb rubbing sloppy figure of eights against your clit as he stayed half-buried inside your tightness.
“You don’t want us to let the rest of the agency know how selfish you are, do you?” Kirishima pressed, rocking his hips slightly to try and gauge the resistance.
“N-no,” You shook your head slightly, trying to ignore the searing pain through your lower half as you felt Kirishima begin to press his hips forward once more.
“That’sa good girl,” Kirishima hissed as he watched more of his cock disappear inside you, watching the way your walls seemed to suck him in the deeper he got, “See, you can do it.”
As if to try and distract you from the pain Bakugou moved to hover above you, stroking the meat of his cock as he pressed the head against your parted lips. Smearing his glistening pre against the surface as you slowly took him inside your mouth. Muffling your whimpers as he slowly began to rut his hips against you.
“Yes,” Kirishima hissed as he finally bottomed out inside you, his balls pressed snug against your ass as his black pubes tickled your clit, “Look at this man."
Kirishima began to languidly pull his hips back, watching his cock slowly slip from your folds before canting forward again, pushing your body up the bench as he set a slow pace. Bakugou’s palms cupped your face gently as you focused on sucking his cock, your tongue swirling around the bulging tip as his smell invaded your senses. His lips parted in a silent moan as he cherished the sensation of your lips wrapped around him.
“Hear that?” Kirishima grunted as he set a steady pace, the lewd sound of your juices filling the locker room as he fucked into your body, “At least your pussy’s fucking honest. You love this, don’t you?”
“Shit—” Bakugou grunted, resting one of his knees against the bench as he moved both his hands to wrap around your neck. Feeling his cock all the way to the back of your throat, expanding your windpipe as he slowly clenched and unclenched his palms. Tightening the sensation as you tried to remember to breathe through your nose, his heavy balls knocking against you with each forward rut of his hips, “You have no idea how fuckin’ long I’ve been thinking about this.”
You couldn’t describe exactly how you felt at this moment except inexplicably full. Both men buried deep inside your body as they worked in tandem, rolling their hips against you as they worked themselves towards their release. Both men towered over you as they used you for their own pleasure, the firm mass of muscle digging into your skin bruisingly as they stretched you out completely. A sensation unlike anything you’d ever experienced before. You’d be lying if you’d said you’d never thought about this before, of course you knew that both men were attractive, you’d be a complete fool to think otherwise. But to think that both men would ever want you? It had your cunt fluttering around Kirishima as your moans vibrated around Bakugou’s cock.
“I think I’m gonna cum, Kats.” Kirishima groaned, throwing his head back towards the ceiling as he tried to hold back his impending climax, his thrusts becoming sloppier as your walls continued to squeeze him.
“Don’t fuckin’ cum inside her, I want a turn.” Bakugou snarled, flexing his fingers around your throat as you let out a muffled whine.
“Shit,” Kirishima groaned, leaving you feeling empty as he pulled out of your messy cunt, fisting his cock furiously as he came undone, spilling hot globs of his cum along your slit as he called out your name. His chest panting as his body continues to twitch from his release, the final drops of cum dripping onto your messy pussy.
You gasped in surprise as Bakugou pulled his cock back from your mouth with a groan, taking a deep breath as oxygen began to fill your lungs again as he roughly spun you around on the bench. Your head rested on one of Kirishima’s thick thighs as Bakugou bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating himself in a mixture of your essence and Kirishima’s cum as he ground against you.
“Please—“ you mumbled, glassy eyes staring up at him as you rolled your hips in a feeble attempt to get him to breach your entrance.
“Aww, please?” Bakugou mocked the desperate tone of your voice as he gave you a sarcastic pout before his lips curled into a smirk, watching as you tried in vain to get him to push his cock inside you.
“You like being full, don’t you?” He wrapped a palm around his length as he grazed the tip of his cockhead against your tight entrance, feeling your walls trying to drag him back in, “Want me to stuff this pretty cunt?”
You mewled in response as you felt him begin to cant his hips forward, siding more of his cock inside your wetness. Your prepped body provided minimal resistance as he slipped inside you to the hilt, starting a selfishly rough pace as he fucked some of Kirishima’s cum back inside your pussy.  
“Fuck, she’s tight.” Bakugou rasped, his fingertips digging into your hips as he held you steady. His brows furrowed in focus as you felt him even deeper inside you than Kirishima was. His cock longer, with a slight curve to it in order to hit the same spot inside you over and over. Desperate whimpers left your lips as you willed him to help you over the edge of your bliss.
“I fucking told you, bro.” Kirishima grinned, his hands reaching down to massage your soft breasts, his thumbs circling your darkened areolas as he watched his best friend fuck you hard and fast, “Even better than we thought.”
“‘m gonna cum,” You choked out through a high-pitched squeal, your cunt clenching around Bakugou’s cock as you felt the impending signs of your climax.
Your toes curled as Bakugou weaved his hands under the backs of your knees, folding your body in half as he stood on the hard tile, feet on either side of the bench. Pistoning his cock in and out of your sloppy heat, searching for that spot inside you that he knew would have you coming undone for him. A smirk graced his features when he finally found it, the desperate cry that left your lips a sign of it as he angled his body to hit it with every cant of his hips. His sharp hip bones left bruises on the backs of your thighs as he focused his thrusts, eager to have you crying out for him. To hear his name on the tip of your tongue as he made you drunk off his cock.
“Walking ‘round the agency actin’ like a fuckin’ tease-” Bakugou’s voice sent shockwaves directly to your clit, his rough tone causing your body to throb, “You were just beggin’ to be fucked.”
“Fuck,” You gasped, your hands reaching behind you to hold onto Kirishima’s thighs, nails leaving red lines in their wake as you felt yourself teetering on the edge of your bliss.
“Come on, slutty girl.” Bakugou snarled, “Wanna feel what your angel cunt feels like when it’s cumming all over my cock.”
A loud cry ripped from your lungs as you felt your climax surge through you, your body trembling as Bakugou continued his harsh pace. The white lights above blinded your vision as your cunt throbbed around Bakugou’s cock, trying to milk him of his release as pleasure took over.
“Jesus christ,” Bakguou grunted, feeling the way your walls spasmed around his cock as the tremours of your release rolled through you in waves, throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt himself succumb to his bliss. His heavy balls tightened as thick, hot ropes of cum began to spurt from his cock. His hips stuttered as he emptied himself inside you, gently rolling his hips as he continued to languidly fuck into your tired body.
Groaning from the back of his throat as he slowly pulled out of your velvety walls to see his cock still dribbling with oozes of cum. The rest trickled onto your clit as it left messy lines along your slit, Bakugou’s vermilion eyes watching the mixture slip towards your asshole before he used the tip of his cock to smear it into your stretched hole.
“Why did you get to cum inside her,” Kirishima whined, a pout on his lips as he watched his best friend's cum slowly start to spill out of your convulsing walls.
“Cause you got to go first, asshole,” Bakugou muttered, wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand as his messy blond hair stuck to his temples.
“You’re not gonna tell anyone about this, huh baby?” Kirishima cooed, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek as Bakugou reached down to grab his pants off the floor. Pulling out his cell phone as he pointed the camera towards your abused cunt, smirking at the screen as he took some photographs of you. Deliberately leaning forward to get the sheen of his cum glistening in the fluorescent lights of the locker room, “Look at the camera, Sweetheart.”
All of your energy expelled, your tired body lax against the bench as you glanced at the camera through half-lidded eyes, seeing Bakugou take a final picture of all of you. Including your face.
“Please don’t show that to anyone.” You mumbled pathetically,
“A little insurance policy.” Kirishima smiled, “You keep our secret, and we keep yours-”
The Sturdy hero moved to scoop you into his arms, intent on bringing you towards the shower stalls, “But I’m sure you’d wanna do this again, right pretty girl?”
You couldn’t deny how good they’d made you feel, the thought of doing it again with both Pro-Heroes already had your overstimulated clit throbbing between your thighs. But the thought alone of them showing those pictures to anyone had a fear pooling in the pit of your stomach.
“No one would fuckin’ believe her anyway,” Bakugou smirked, reaching out to cup your cheek as he stared at you through those intense vermilion orbs, “It’s our little secret, right?”
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backoftheletter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"hey psst"
"katsu baby wake up"
poke poke poke
"what do you want? its" you watch him squint to read the clock in the nightstand "fucking 1:45 am"
"i missed you" he knows it doesn't really make sense for you to miss him right now when he's right next to you, but god does his heart triple in size after hearing you say that
"what...? what do you mean you missed me?" he murmurs softly while rubbing his eyes to look at you "I've been right here all night"
"...yeah" you pout and scoot closer to him "i know that"
"you know?" he says while pulling you so you're flush against his chest "so what do you mean baby?"
"well you weren't with me in my dream and I really missed you in there" and fuck, he thinks you might just be trying to kill him because that was just the sweetest thing he's heard come out of anyone's mouth
"so you woke me up?" he sighs and starts running his fingers through your hair "I wasn't in your dream and you missed me there so you woke me up?" he smiles softly and almost teasingly, feeling almost ridiculous for completely understanding something like what you just said, and even more ridiculous for feeling giddy that you miss him even in your dreams
"well don't say it like that" your pouting intensifies "I just needed to hear your voice and hug you like this, but you can go back to sleep now if you want to"
"now why would I do that when my baby misses me huh?" he kisses the pout off of your face immediately after saying that, because he can't stand to see that sad look on your face, even if he knows you're not really all that sad
and the kiss it's not just a peck, it never is, his kiss is deep and full of love
"mmm I thought you'd be too tired to stay awake" you say slightly out of breath and blushing after that kiss, and god he thinks, he really loves to be the only one who can make that blush appear on your face
"I'm never too tired when you need me baby" he barely whispers into your ear after flipping the both of you over so his entire weight is resting on you
You feel him nuzzle into your neck and hum, it tickles and makes you giggle softly
Is your giggle supposed to make him feel like that? he thinks, is it supposed to make his heart beat faster than it's ever beaten and his stomach erupt into butterflies? him? the powerful dynamight! reduced to a giddy mess just because of your giggle? but of course he is, because it's you and he can never be the powerful, all mighty, emotionless dynamight when he's with you
Because in your shared house, in your shared bed, he's just your suki, and he allows himself to experience everything because you make him feel like there's thundering fireworks inside of him. Like he's capable of everything and yet he doesn't need to do anything, he just needs to be there and let himself feel everything you make him feel and he can only hope that he can make you even half as happy as you make him just by existing
"and just what are you laughing about?" he pulls his head up and stares at you with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smile
"it tickles" you say with the ghost of a smile still in your face
"huh? what does?" he says while nuzzling his face into your neck again and blowing raspberries on it "is it this maybe? does this tickle?"
he hears you laughing again but louder this time and he can't believe that there was a time when he could've ever thought he wouldn't be happy, if he could look at his teenager self and tell him what his life would be like in the future he's sure he would have punched himself because he never once thought he would be as happy as you make him, he never thought it was even possible until he met you
"STOP HAHAHA PLEASE! MERCY" you half scream half laugh while trying to squirm away from him "PLEA-SE HAHAH SUKI MERCY PLEASE"
honestly? he doesn't want to stop, he doesn't want you to stop laughing, he wants to stop this moment and record it and watch it over and over until the day he dies
but then again, you probably need to breathe, and he really wants to kiss you right now so he'll stop, for now, for you
"alright alright, I'll be merciful" he pulls his head up from your neck once again and stays so close to your face that your noses brush against each other "but it'll cost ya"
"oh my!" you say biting back a grin "and what would this cost me? a gold coin or two perhaps?"
"oh no, nothing like that" he says, soft as ever, because there's never a time when he's not soft around you "it'll cost ya a thousand kisses"
"oh god! a thousand?" you exclaim, also as soft as ever, because you think breaking the bubble so carefully built around you both right now might just be a crime "and how could I ever pay you so many kisses?"
"well, you can start with this one"
and he leans in
and he kisses you
and you both thank whatever god (if there is one) that it's out there, and the universe, and the stars, and the moon, and the sun, and everything that had to happen so you two met each other because it's the best thing that could have happened to either of you
and so you stay there
kissing each other
at what it's now 2:03am
and you're grateful
and you're happy
and you're in love.
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katsuphilia · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, takami keigo
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: repost from my old blog ; i wrote this months ago and it’s so bad and i don’t have the strength to read over it so y’all look the other way when there’s horrendous writing parts
Tumblr media
Once again, the stinging reality that Midoriya was improving steadily, and he was falling behind was making Bakugou realize that things were not what he’d planned for them to be. It was difficult watching the helpless boy from his childhood slowly grow to outdo him, growing more and more closer with the very man that was his inspiration, while he seemed to be at a dead end.
Nothing Bakugou was doing was getting him where he wanted to be, and the frustration was bubbling over, and not even you could seem to help soothe the bitterness he was feeling. The final straw was when all of his classmates, including you, had left with their provisional licenses secured—save for Todoroki, but that did little to ease his conscience. It was like salt to the wound to watch you smile with glee at your results as he dealt with the aftershocks of his failure.
He wanted to be happy for you, he really did try to muster up a small smile just for you at your excitement, but anger was an all consuming feeling, and Bakugou couldn’t stop from feeling angry that slowly, he was becoming more and more prone to failing.
You could sense that the provisional license exam was a large blow to your boyfriend’s pride. You saw the way his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes when he offered you one, and the bus ride home didn’t consist of his usual quiet rambling that only you got to hear. Instead, he simple chose to look out the window, not moving or reacting when you rubbed his arm gently.
Bakugou was struggling internally, you could see that ever since he’d been rescued from the league. His ego had been painfully bruised, along with his self esteem. It was heartbreaking to watch him be so frustrated with himself, they guy who once carried himself so proudly was picking himself apart to try and find the flaws that you knew weren’t there. He was perfect, going through a bit of a rough patch, but he was perfect nonetheless in your eyes. So when you all reached back to campus and made your way to your dorms, you followed him into his, hands interlocked. He didn’t say much, his demeanor still quiet. It was only when you’d made it inside did you speak up.
“Baby, don’t let today beat you down too much, it’s okay—”
“I’m fine, y/n.” He cut you off as he made his way to his bed, collapsing down and laying with his arms behind his head as he stared up.
“I can see you’re not,” you started gently. He didn’t move. Coming forward, you sat next to him, hand beginning to stroke through his hair. His jaw clenched as he closed his eyes. “Katsuki talk to me.”
“Y/n, I told you I’m fine. I don’t need to talk to you like you’re my damn therapist.”
“No, but you should talk to me like you’re my boyfriend. There’s been a lot on your mind, I just wanna help get somethings off your chest, you—” suddenly, he sat up, pushing your hand off of his head. Glaring at you harshly, his breathing was heavy.
“Y/n, I said I don’t fucking want to talk! What did you not get from that? Stop acting like you get what’s going on and stop being so damn clingy, I’m trying to sit in peace okay?” You stared at him shocked, retracting your hand away. Blinking back tears, you slowly nodded, shuffling off of his bed.
“Okay. I’m… I’m sorry Katsuki. See you later,” you said quietly before exiting his room and closing the door behind you.
You avoided him for the most part the next day, coming in right before class began so you wouldn’t have to interact much while waiting for Aizawa to come in. Though he didn’t make a move to come up to you himself, you could sense his stare burning holes into you, waiting for you to acknowledge him.
And he knew yesterday was a bit uncalled for, and he also knew he had to apologize, but he wasn’t counting on you avoiding him. His hand itched to reach for your wrist, to pull you out of the room and speak with you, but he waited a bit longer, seeing if you were just late this morning and weren’t actually avoiding him. But you didn’t instantly walk beside him during today’s class activities, and you didn’t sit with him during lunch, and after class, when everyone went back to the dorms, you didn’t follow him up to his room, opting to sit and lounge with the rest of your classmates.
His mood turned increasingly sour throughout the day, not happy with the way you interacted with everyone around except him. Finally giving in, he sighed deeply before pulling out his phone.
Hey, where are you? Come up to my room (read)
Y/n seriously come on (read)
You haven’t spoken to me all day (read)
He slammed his phone down, seething in his bed. Slowly, his head dropped into his hands as he thought back to yesterday.
He’d called you clingy. It was almost funny considering the idea of you sitting next to him and playing with his hair sounded really nice right now, but of course things just never went accordingly. They never seemed to anymore for him. You were probably having a grand time with everyone else, away from his company. Suddenly, the image of you sitting in between Midoriya and Todoroki, or even Kaminari, or Sero, or that bastard Mineta flashed through his head, as he imagined you laughing with your head thrown back at something they’d said.
And once again, he was grasping his phone, spamming you with texts to come up to him room right now, to answer your damn texts. Eventually, after minutes of blowing your phone up, his door slammed open, you looking at him in pure rage. He only glared back.
“What in the world is your issue Katsuki?”
“Gee I wonder, you dumbass. Maybe it’s that you haven’t spoken to me all day huh?”
“Well maybe I wanted to let my boyfriend have his precious space since I’ve been so clingy as of late.” He sighed, running a hand over his face.
“Okay, I’m sorry I said that. Now come over here you moron.” But you stood in your place, eyebrow raised at his failed attempt to fix yesterday’s events.
“I was enjoying time with our classmates. I don’t particularly feel like coming ‘here’ Katsuki.” He glared at you further.
“Y/n, you haven’t ‘enjoyed time’ with me at all today. Stop being so damn stubborn and just get in here.”
“I don’t want to spend time with you.” He freezes a bit, staring at you incredulously. Finally, he laughed bitterly, standing up.
“Oh yeah? You don’t? Why are you with me then huh? Since you don’t wanna spend time with your own damn boyfriend.” Rolling your eyes, you shut the door behind you, stepping closer.
“You’re the one who blew up yesterday for saying like one sentence to you! I was just trying to help you, but you decided to be an asshole, and now I’m giving you what you want! Make up your damn mind!” He tugged at his hair, breathing heavily.
“Okay! And I said I’m sorry, what else do you want?”
“You can’t just say a half assed “sorry” after you snap at me like that and expect everything to be okay! That’s not enough!” It was dead silent for a moment before he turned away from you, collapsing onto his bed, hunching over his knees and glaring at the ground.
“Yeah nothing seems to be enough these days. No matter what I do,” he muttered bitterly. Waving you towards the door, he looked to the side. “Go on, go have a good time with everyone else.” And just like that, as much as you hated to admit, you heart ached to run a hand through his hair and place a soft kiss on his forehead. So, walking up to him slowly, you gave in. His arms instantly came to your waist tightly, pulling you into an embrace, face pressing into your stomach.
“Katsuki, things are getting a bit rough on you, I get that, you’ve been through a lot. But you’re bottling it up and snapping at the worst times. You can at least talk to me you know.” His fingers tightened around your shirt.
“Yeah, I know,” he whispered. Sighing, you rubbed over his shoulder with your free hand.
“Babe, you know you’re still doing a wonderful job right? You’ll make an exceptional hero, but you gotta start working on your attitude a bit, look where it led you in your exam.” He grunted, finally pulling his head out of your stomach.
“They were just being babies I wasn’t even that bad.” Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes at him.
“Katsuki you’ll never change.” Finally letting a bit of his usual self slip through, he smirked at you.
“Is that really so bad?” Once again, your eyes rolled.
“It’s the worst.” He laughed, finally giving you a soft smile—one only you got to see every so often.
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“Good. So then you’ll spend time in here than with the dumb extras. So sit down.” He was utterly the most tiring boy you’d ever met, but still, you climbed into bed with him, laying in his arms as you faced him. Leaning up, you kissed his cheek. Once more, he smirked.
“I knew you’d cave, you’re dumbass can’t go one day without me.”
“I still have texts of you blowing up my phone desperately pleading for my company.” Glaring at you, he reached over and flicked your forehead.
“I didn’t plead, you’re just an idiot. I demanded. I never plead for anything.” Laughing, you buried yourself into his chest, breathing in his scent as you lay there with him.
Tumblr media
“Shoto, you haven’t said much all day, what’s wrong?” Sighing, he looked at you as you lay beside him, head resting on his arm.
“Nothing y/n, I’m fine.” You could tell something was indeed wrong. Your boyfriend was quiet, that was true, but Todoroki wasn’t normally as silent around you as he was right now, making you a bit concerned for the sudden change. The recent stress of juggling his studies and training and his extra classes to retry for his provisional license had left him a bit stressed, and today was not particularly his day.
After returning from today’s class with Bakugou, he was a bit on edge as you followed him up to his dorm, happily chatting about your afternoon and telling him stories of the encounters you’d had with the other students. Suddenly, your touch wasn’t as soothing, instead it was aggravating, and hearing you ramble wasn’t endearing, it was only making him more frustrated. All he wanted was to be left alone, to sit in peace as he caught a break from his now very hectic schedule.
“Sho, you’ve been much quieter than usual. Why’s that?” Once again, he sighed, this time slightly rolling his eyes. Pulling his arm from under you, he sat up.
“Y/n you haven’t left me alone all day today, is me being silent really that bad? I’m sure you’ve spent enough time with me today.” Looking at him confused, you sat up as well.
“We haven’t really spent a lot of time together recently. You’ve been super busy with your extra classes for your license so I thought today would be nice to spend together, we’re both free for the rest of the day.” Blinking at you, he spoke up after a moment, looking you dead in the eye.
“Y/n, you’re always really clingy. We’re in the same class, it’s not like we don’t see each other often.” Looking at him shocked, you felt your face heat up a bit in embarrassment. Feeling your heart sink, you thought back to your actions throughout the day. You didn’t think you’d been particularly clingy, not thinking that Todoroki may have needed space. Looking at your lap, you played with your fingers.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You could’ve just told me if you weren’t in the mood to hang out.”
“Well it’s not just now. There’s no need to always hold on to me in someway, I need space too okay?” He didn’t mean what he’d said in that last part, it didn’t hold any truth. He loved the affection you displayed, it gave him a sense of comfort he didn’t get quite often growing up, but the rising level of frustration from his stressful day had caused him to snap at you harsher than he should have. Flinching a bit at his tone, you nodded slowly.
“Okay, well uh… I’ll leave you alone then.” He nodded at you, watching as you gathered your belongings and left the room. You didn’t want to be a bother to him anymore, feeling guilty that you’d made him so uncomfortable through your affection. Deciding you’d try to be better about it so Todoroki wasn’t as irritated, the next few days consisted of much less interacting between the two of you. Though you missed his touch and the proximity that used to be between the two of you, you were at least satisfied that your boyfriend would be more comfortable.
Except he wasn’t. Todoroki Shoto was beyond unhappy, you hadn’t kissed him much at all in the last few days, you sat across from him at lunch instead of right beside him, you’d been interacting with everyone else more than him, and you hadn’t been speaking much, constantly glued to your phone during the few times you both were alone when he insisted he come up to your dorm.
He wanted you to pay more attention to him, but all you did was offer him small smiles and short answers to his attempts to spark a conversation. Feeling fed up, he crawled over to where you were sitting on your bed, sliding his way under your arms and in between your legs, laying his head on your chest. You stared down at him for a moment before continuing to scroll through your phone, your free hand sitting on the bed beside your legs instead of in his hair like usual. He was beginning to get increasingly upset.
“Yeah Sho?” He hesitated for a moment.
“Are you okay?” He felt you nod.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why? Are you okay?” Shrugging he slumped further into you.
“Yeah, I guess.” You only hummed in response, before continuing to like pictures through your feed. After a few moments, he began to have doubts. Had you begun to realize he wasn’t what you wanted? Was this your subtle way of hinting you’d gotten bored of him? The weight of thinking you had slowly begun to fall out of love with him was crushing, he didn’t want to let go of the one person who made him feel safe and valued. Looking up at you, he asked you the question that was beginning to fill his mind up with dread.
“I love you,” he said quietly.
“I love you too.” His heart sank. You didn’t kiss his forehead like you always did. Gripping your shirt tightly, he looked up.
“You promise?” Looking down at him, you began to frown, wondering where this was coming from. Finally, finally, you ran a hand through his hair, making him bury his head back into your chest.
“Yeah, I do promise. Where’s this coming from Sho?” Grabbing your other hand, he pulled it to lay on his back, giving you the signal to start rubbing it. Slowly, you did, waiting for his explanation.
“Why are you acting like this?” Looking at him confused, you tilted your head.
“Like what Shoto? What’s going on?” He looked up at you, eyes wide and sad.
“Like you don’t want me around.” Finally understanding, you cupped his cheeks, leaning in and giving him his long awaited kiss on the forehead.
“I was just giving you some more space, like you asked.” His face dropped even more before he buried it into your neck, laying fully on top of you.
“I’m sorry, I was just frustrated that day. I missed you the last few days.”
“Shoto, it’s okay, if I’m too overbearing for you sometimes you can tell me. I won’t coddle you as much.” He frowned at your words, guilt eating him up for making you feel like he didn’t enjoy your doting, and for saying something he didn’t mean solely because he’d been having a bad day. You always made him time for him and made him feel special, even on days he could tell you weren’t feeling the best. Slowly pulling his head out of your neck, he faced you, shaking his head.
“No, I’m sorry y/n, I really didn’t mean it. I just snapped, it was a rough day. I miss you being the way you were before, a lot. You’re not overbearing.” Feeling your heart swell a little, you scratched at his scalp gently, while your other hand ran over his back and shoulders.
“It’s okay Sho, I’m not mad. You can just tell me when you’re having a bad day and you want to be alone though, okay? I won’t mind if you need some time to yourself.” Nodding, he relaxed into you as you pulled a blanket over his form, kissing his forehead once more before finally paying more attention to him, softly telling him about your day.
Tumblr media
Takami Keigo’s tired.
Poor thing’s been worked to the bone, down to his very last feather. And this week had been a particularly nastier one in a while, the public had been swarming him more, the media was exceptionally focused on him as of recent, and the undercover work coupled with typical hero work was more grueling than usual. All he wanted to do was collapse in bed and sleep away the stress that had pent up, to ease the tenseness in his muscles, and to forget about the rough week he’d been having.
He flew into his window, after a long unforgiving day of duties, looking forward to some time to himself. Only as he stepped in, he was greeted with a sight that usually made his heart skip two beats, but today, it made his demeanor even grumpier. Seeing you in his kitchen cooking a meal usually made him feel a sense of completeness, a feeling he’d longed for as a child, the domesticity was something that filled the holes and stitched the tears his childhood had left behind.
But for some reason, today he wasn’t too thrilled to see you. You being here meant having to spend time and energy with you, energy that he really didn’t have today. Walking over, he glanced at you wearily as you beamed happily at your boyfriend.
“Hi Kei! I’ve been waiting for you to get home. Go wash up, dinner will be ready in a bit.” Sighing deeply, he took off his coat, gloves, and goggles, setting them on his counter before rubbing a hand tiredly over his face.
“Y/n are you serious right now? Look I love you, but this is a bit much don’t you think?” Tilting your head in confusion, you glanced at the food on the stove.
“Oh, do you not like this dish? That’s okay, we can order something, or I can make something else if you wanna wait—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy for this,” he grumbled. Eyebrows furrowing further, you racked your brain for what he could mean.
“What do you mean Kei? Are you not hungry?” He shook his head, looking at you through narrowed eyes.
“I’m exhausted. You know that. I can’t have date night with you right now, I just wanna take a nap,” he muttered, rubbing his temples. Frowning, you tried to explain.
“Oh no, we’re not hav—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy to spend time with you right now. What are you not understanding? Can’t you see I’m about to fall asleep where I’m standing?”
“Kei, I’m not—” he cut you off yet again.
“God y/n, why can’t you just leave me alone? You’re so god damn clingy all the time like get a life! I have other things to do,” he spat at you, venom lacing his tone. Recoiling, you stared at him astounded before feeling your eyes start to water. Clearing your throat, you awkwardly nodded, quickly turning off the stove and gathering your things to leave.
“S-sorry Keigo,” you whispered before making your way out your apartment. You wiped away tears as you made your way to your own apartment, hurt by your boyfriend’s outburst. You knew this week had been a rough one for him, and you also knew he was tired and grumpy when he came home. Hoping to make a nice meal for him so he could eat something homemade and finally rest like he deserved, he’d quickly thrown the idea out the window, ruining your attempts to care for him through his bad attitude. Sniffling, you frowned, deciding that if it was alone time he wanted, it was alone time he’d get.
Evidently, Takami Keigo did not handle the silent treatment very well. He also did not handle no longer being the center of your attention very well either, absolutely losing his mind two days into your resolve. The first day consisted of his usual good morning texts and updates from his work, not really noticing you weren’t responding to him until later. He really began to realize that you weren’t answering when his phone calls went to voicemail, getting restless that he hadn’t heard from you. But the last straw was when not only had you ignored his offer to come over to his apartment, but you also didn’t answer his knocks at your window when he flew to your place.
Eventually, he was able to follow you into your apartment after catching sight of you outside doing errands, refusing to leave you alone till you gave him the attention he craved. Except now, he wasn’t whiny and bratty anymore, now he was beginning to get hurt over your insistence to ignore him.
Trying to kiss you, Keigo frowned when you dodged his lips. He pouted at the lack of attention sent his way.
“Y/n, come on, why won’t you speak to me?” Silence. “Baby? We haven’t spoken at all in the last two days, I miss you!” More silence. His wings drooped along with his shoulders and his heart plummeted. “Y/n? Don’t… don’t you miss me?” Nothing. You didn’t say a word as you continued to make dinner, enough for one, Keigo noted. Gently grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards him, he looked at you heartbroken. “Y/n, what’s going on?” Looking at him with narrowed eyes, you tugged your wrist out of his grasp harshly, giving him a glare.
“Why can’t you just leave me alone? Why are you being so god damn clingy?” Hurt flashed across his face.
“Wha—” oh. Now he remembered, you were upset over the not so nice words he’d snapped while he was exhausted.
“I came to your home trying to make you a meal so you could eat and relax, and you sat there, didn’t even let me explain, and called me clingy and told me to get a life. Well I got one, and clearly that’s not enough to make you happy either, so what do you want?” Looking at you sadly, he tried to grab your hands, face dropping when you didn’t allow him to.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I was just really tired. I didn’t really think before speaking.” Still not happy with him, you continued to make dinner, not paying him any mind. He stood behind you for a moment before wrapping his arms around your waist despite your protests, burying his head into your neck. “I’m sorry y/n, really. I don’t appreciate you enough, you always take care of me. No one’s ever done that before. You’re not clingy, I’m losing my mind over two days without you. Please don’t be mad?” Sighing, you rolled your eyes at yourself for how fast you gave into him. Turning, you held your arms for him to fall into, his head drooping to your shoulder. Clutching you tightly, he relaxed when your fingers carded through his blonde locks.
“You were exceptionally mean to me you know,” you whispered. He nodded, hugging you tighter.
“I know. I love you though,” he offered. Chuckling, you kissed the side of his head.
“I love you too.”
“Enough to make me dinner?”
“Maybe not that much.” He looked up at you, pouting. Laughing, you pecked his jutted lips before conceding. “Okay fine.” He beamed, returning to his previous position of hugging you from behind as you made dinner for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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bratinc · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
drabble. 698 words.
contains. dilf kirishima x reader.
warnings. afab reader, virginity loss (male), fem reader, corruption kink, size kink, handjob, grinding, praise, premature ejaculation, creampie, slight breeding kink, switch — sub to dom.
note from val. ‘m so late, but here is another submission for @nkogneatho’s dilftober! enjoy some virgin kirishima.
Tumblr media
He didn’t think that he would ever get this far but yet here you are — his sweet little girlfriend servicing his thick cock, promising to take good care of him.
The way your hands could barely wrap around his length as his pre-cum spilled out of the slit and coated your fingers was surreal, it had him gripping the sheets as he desperately tried to resist the urge to fuck your fist.
You could tell that he was holding back and you thought he’d had enough of your teasing already as you slipped into his lap, your hips straddling his while his cockhead nudged against your tight entrance. making even more of a mess as the signs of your arousal mixed with his.
The loud squelching noises made him groan as you teasingly grinded his member against your slick folds before you slowly sank down on his cock, the way your tight little hole stretched to take in every inch of his cock was making him lose his mind.
“Fuck- baby, I can’t- already-” His voice was shaky while his hands immediately flew to your hips.
The drag of his cock against your gummy walls while your slick covered more and more of him was almost too much for him to take, the stretch only served to further your need to please him.
“Ngh-“ With one quick snap of your hips he found himself letting out an embarrassingly loud groan as drool dripped down the corner of his lips. “Eiji, you fill me up so well..”
You were finally stuffed full and filled to the brim, his cock prodding against your cervix while his balls were nestled perfectly against your ass.
Your cunt felt perfect, the way you were squeezing and massaging his cock was leaving his head swimming in pleasure. It was like you were made to take him, your body making him feel better than anything ever has.
But what he didn’t expect was for you to start rolling your hips against his so quickly, the pleasure was overwhelming and building up too fast. All that left his lips was a sudden pathetic cry of your name as your walls clamp around him and greedily milked his cock.
Thick ropes of cum spurting from his cock and filling you so much it started to leak out of your pussy and drip down your thighs. Kirishima shuddered, soft pants leaving him while his head was resting against your shoulders, hidden away in embarrassment of finishing that fast.
“It’s okay, baby. You did so well.”
But your praise didn’t seem to reassure him as not even a second later you found yourself pinned underneath him while more of his seed was forced out of your cunt as he sharply rutted his hips against yours.
“You’re squeezing me so tight, baby, you wanna cum too, don’t you? I’m not leaving my girl unsatisfied. I wanna see you filled with my cum while you make a mess on my cock.”
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 2 days ago
[𝟑:𝟏𝟓 𝐀𝐌] - 𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢
Tumblr media
the house was empty—silent—when he opened the door. the smell of dinner cooking or the scent of your favorite candle burning didn’t greet him as it usually did. he couldn’t hear your excited steps hitting the floor as you rushed to envelop him in a hug. the softness of your skin beneath his fingertips was absent. vanilla flavored chapstick didn’t linger on his lips the way it should have. 
his heart sunk as he ventured further into the house. all the pictures you insisted on displaying in the living room were missing. that throw blanket you always left hanging on the back of the couch had disappeared. something was off. every trace of you was gone. where were you?
he frantically turned at the sound of your voice. despite hearing you, you were still nowhere to be found. he ran through the house and opened every door, never once being met with the sight of you. with his hands tangled in his hair, he fell to his knees. frustrated tears pricked at his eyes. he couldn’t find you—where the hell were you?
“katsuki, wake up!”
bakugo’s eyes shot open at your concerned shout. his chest heaved as his vision adjusted to the lack of light in your shared bedroom. you hovered above him with a frown on your face, brow furrowed with worry. it wasn’t the smile he was longing for, but compared to his nightmare, any image of you was a welcome one.
he pulled you into his arms, inhaling the familiar scent of your shampoo. his breathing began to even out now that he was able to hold you.
you were there, you were really there.
“i can’t breathe,” you wheezed, tapping at his chest with the palm of your hand.
he only slightly loosened his hold on you, but it was enough for you to catch your breath. beads of sweat were littered across his face and torso. you’d usually complain about him trapping you so close to him in such a state, but he was clearly shaken up, so you held your tongue.
“nightmare?” you asked after a moment of silence.
“mhm.” you could feel the rumble of his chest beneath your ear.
“must have been scary.” you’d never seen him so nervous. seeing him so afraid had you anxious yourself. it was rare that you ever had to rouse him awake, but whatever was going on in that head of his was obviously causing him distress—his incoherent mutters and his erratic tossing and turning were evidence enough. though, he seemed to be significantly calmer now that he was conscious. 
“scariest shit i could imagine,” he mumbled into your hair. and he meant it. going off to fight villains and putting his life on the line every day was nothing compared to living a life without you. he faced most things in life without fear, but he never wanted that thought to plague his mind again.
“what, did you get abducted by aliens?” it was a feeble attempt at humor, but you hoped the lame joke would take his mind off the matter.
“no.” he pinched your arm. “i don’t want to talk about it.”
“okay,” you agreed. there was no malice behind the statement but it was firm and left little room for argument. his nightmare must have been worse than you thought. you couldn’t think of much to do to help set him at ease if he wasn’t open to talking about it. but you couldn’t blame him for not wanting to relive whatever happened in his bad dream.
“do you need anything? maybe some water?” you offered.
“i’m fine,” he said through a yawn, closing his eyes. “just lay here with me.”
“i can do that.” you nodded as best you could in your position. since bakugo was so reluctant to let you help in any other way, you told yourself you’d stay awake until he fell asleep. at the very least, it would help your peace of mind.
slowly but surely, his breath steadied to a regular pace and soft snores sounded in the otherwise quiet room. he fell asleep peacefully knowing that you were still beside him.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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godtomura · a day ago
𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 #𝟏
✞ katsuki x fem!reader
✞ cw: aged up characters, oral (m->f), overstimulation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking about how katsuki eats pussy, he loves eating it from the back. he's got you cross eyed and drooling on the pillows as he uses two thick fingers to spread your sticky folds apart, tongue flicking relentlessly at the little pink button that has you squirming under his hands. katsuki spits on pussy before he shoves his fingers inside, getting your hole nice and wet so the digits can curl blissfully against your sweet spot and to make it easier for his fat cock to pound away at it. His tongue laves over your pulsing clit before he sucks it into his mouth, your toes curling at the light scrape of teeth against the puffy bud.
katsuki licks at your pretty cunt until his face glistens with your arousal, buries his face in your wet folds until your scent is all that fills his nose. katsuki toys with your pussy until you cum so much that you have to push him away with weak hands and tears on your cheeks because " 'm sensitive, hurts too much."
Tumblr media
©godtomura 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.
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y2tsuki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
attractive things they do.
with: class 1a + others. genre: fluff. nee’s note: i hope u can’t tell how disastrously bi i am with this post.
Tumblr media
leans closer to you when they can’t hear what you’re saying.
katsuki, eijirou, hitoshi, shoto, tsuyu, hanta, keigo
direct eye contact when speaking to you.
hitoshi, katsuki, mina, eijirou, denki, hanta, mirko
gives you a specific nickname/pet name and gets upset when anyone else uses it. (and vice versa)
katsuki, mina, izuku, shoto, denki, hanta, keigo
wears/owns rings.
hanta, hitoshi, katsuki, mina, momo, shoto, keigo
hands naturally gravitate to your waist/moves you to the said by the waist.
all… all of them. lord have mercy.
calls you first thing in the morning because they know how much you like their morning voice.
izuku, eijirou, hitoshi, hanta (katsuki is not giving up his sleep for nobody… trust)
gets furious on your behalf despite the fact that you could very well defend yourself if needed.
katsuki, hitoshi, izuku, kyoka, mina, hanta, eijirou
cups your jaw for literally no reason other than the fact that you stop talking when they do.
katsuki, hitoshi, neito, shoto, keigo, mirko
plays an instrument.
katsuki, denki, fumikage, momo, kyoka, shoto
is good with children/animals.
hitoshi, momo, ochako, mina, izuku, kendo
a hand is always settled on your thigh no matter where you’re sitting.
eijirou, katsuki, izuku, hanta, mirko
pats their lap with a smirk when they want you near them.
use your imagination here >:)
flexes their hands unconsciously.
shoto, izuku, hitoshi, hanta, mirko
stretches in your presence.
katsuki, hanta, hitoshi, keigo, mirko
Tumblr media
© y2tsuki 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, or using my works for asmr related work. reblogs & interactions are always appreciated. ♡
join taglist here. check out the masterlist. back home.
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escapenightmare · a day ago
Tumblr media
he shifts on the couch, moving from laying his head on the pillow to the arm rest. you call his name again, and he hums in his sleep, holding the pillow he had to his chest tighter and sighing. you didn't want to wake him up; he's been getting too little sleep lately, and it was taking a toll on him. izuku had promised to take a nap while you were out but judging by the number of textbooks and notes that surrounded him, you assumed he'd fallen asleep while studying.
sighing yourself, you put your bag down by the coffee table, picking up the books scattered across the couch as well as the floor and setting them next to your bag.
“izuku . . . babe.”
you place a hand on his cold cheek as you call out to him. as much as you wanted to let him sleep, you didn't want him to wake up with a back ache tomorrow morning, or fall off the couch during the night. izuku was a light sleeper in most scenarios, but if he loses a lot of sleep, he could sleep for more than 10 hours straight to make up for the lost sleep.
you rub your thumb against his soft, freckled cheek, making him instinctively- even in deep slumber, bring his hand up and place it on top of yours as he mumbles, “b-babe?”
“yeah, 'zuku?” you smile at the tone of his voice, how happy he sounded even half asleep.
“did you-” he cuts himself off with a yawn, bringing his other hand up to cover his mouth. he drowsily opens his eyes, trying to keep them open while completing his question, “-have dinner yet?”
it's sometimes annoying how he's the worst at taking care of himself, but when it comes to you he's always making sure you're eating, staying hydrated and taking breaks.
you look into the green eyes that you've learned to love and adore, “not yet, love. did you?”
“no . . .” izuku trails off as he manages to sit up, and you move your hand from his cheek to his hair, brushing away the strands from his forehead. “i wanted to wait for you to come back, so we could have eat together.”
you sneak a glance at the clock, “it's past 11pm now-”
“i know,” he accepts the hand you held out and lets you pull him to his feet. “but it feels weird to eat without you there.”
“you still have to eat y'know?” you mumble back, letting him wrap his arms around your waist and set his head on your shoulder. “come on, let's get you to bed.”
“.... but i have to study more, and you didn't eat yet.”
“i know, i know.” you pull him towards the bedroom, “i'll bring our food to the bedroom, and i'll quiz you on some units while we eat, 'kay?”
“okay,” you can practically hear the soft, loving smile filled with adoration that's on his face. “i'll go and wash my face.”
“sure, don't fall asleep in the washroom though.”
Tumblr media
only the real ones will reblog! <3
Tumblr media
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quirkfailure · 2 days ago
our fantasies become more infinite, whisper in my ears so it’s sweeter than a dream
katsuki wondered how it felt to fall in love, if it was anything like the shojo manga he reads.
he‘s not the kind of guy for relationships; he knew he was arrogant and short-tempered, too aggressive, so katsuki thinks back on how he’s not here to ‘mess around’ with someone.
only that was forgotten every time you take his breath away, make him wish for all the sweet and bitter things love brought. what did you think of him?
it was the way your hands touched when he passes you his notes to copy because you missed class, how his eyes light up when you walk by. everyone noticed when he stares at you from across the room (he doesn’t exactly hide it) and how angry he got when someone flirts with you; his day would quite literally be ruined.
and katsuki’s friends start saying he’s going soft and it pissed him off because no he’s fucking not. he thinks you also want the same thing he does because you blush and laugh at them, and there was that feeling in his chest when your eyes meet.
those pretty reds, so dynamic when they can make you feel passion and love with anger and hostility. you’d stare into them all day if he only let you.
you felt it again when he nudged your hand, expectant but skeptical and he’s daring you to say something. anything. he let out a breath as your fingers intertwined, holding on for a second longer when you had to let go.
you thought he was easy to love and he started to believe it.
the way katsuki catches your attention, he stood out in a crowd and you liked being around him, how he brings out the best (and worst) in you. you could sit in complete silence and neither of you would get bored, it was.. peaceful.
so what if he used to think this was stupid and only brought distractions? he wouldn’t trade the feelings you gave him for the world. it was only when you confessed that he realized how natural it felt.
“i really like you, katsuki.” you told him, now finally out in the air and a weight was lifted.
it was a cold day and dark clouds were rolling in so you hoped to beat the rain on the way back. you try to warm your hands with your hot cup, taking a sip of your drink.
he turns to look at you as he carried your bags, not at all surprised. “i know.” it was quiet and katsuki walks ahead, saying nothing else. but you grab his sleeve, looping your arms forcing him to slow down. “yeah. you don’t have to say it back, i know how you feel about me.”
do you really? he wanted to ask. you can’t help but smile, his cheeks the color of peaches. it made his stomach hurt, how softly you looked at him.
“we’re dating, idiot.”
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deartouya · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. dabi, bakugou katsuki, kirishima eijiro, hitoshi shinsou + keigo takami.
warnings: a little suggestive in dabi + hawks probs.
note: i wanna wear their clothes so bad goodbye :,)
Tumblr media
✞ DABI was sitting at the kitchen counter at the hideout, waiting on you coming downstairs to join him, and when you do— you feel his piercing gaze immediately on you. his eyes roam every part of your body that’s covered by the light fabric of his white shirt before you hear him stand. “well would you look at that.” dabi drawls, voice dangerously low as he approaches you, slowly with a handsome smirk on his lips— feeling the natural heat of his palms rest against your hips as he leans to almost groan lowly in your ear. “letting every bastard in here know you’re mine, doll. yeah?” his words are followed by a teasing squeeze at your ass, followed by a raspy laugh as he pulls you even closer, his voice deeper now “not sure it’s enough, how ‘bout you help me remind them?” your lips part when he pulls back only to ghost his lips over yours, feeling the cold wood of the wall against your back as he guides you back against it, his chest almost pushed flush against your own while his hands begin to smooth over your waist “you look so good in my shit, doll. might just let you keep it on.”
✞ BAKUGOU you’d gotten a little cold while you waited in bed while he showered, so you ended up grabbing one of his sweaters and throwing it on a few minutes before he was done— immediately melting into the familiar scent it carried. you hear the bathroom door open shortly after, looking up to meet a suddenly frozen katsuki as he stands in the doorway, blonde hair wet and hanging slightly over his eyes but you can still see how wide they seem to be as he stares at you. “babe, the hell are you doing?” he almost shouts, his breathing hitching when you pout up at him so cutely while draped in his sweater. “that’s mine, dumbass.” “but i was cold, ‘suki!” you huff, reaching to pull the hoodie off before you’re quickly stopped by a very pink cheeked katsuki almost running over to you “i didn’t say you had to take it off, fuck—just, just keep it on and cmeer if you’re cold.” he huffs, avoiding your eyes with a slight pout when he climbs in next to you, guiding you into his arms and you immediately melt into his warmth as he rests his lips on your shoulder “keep it, shit suits you more than it does me anyway.”
✞ KIRISHIMA he’d ran downstairs to grab a drink just as you felt a shiver run through your body, opting to grab the sweater he’d just recently taking off given how warm he usually was— throwing it over your figure while you stand to adjust it. you don’t realise he’s made his way back upstairs until you hear his voice call from the doorway, his body frozen as he holds too glasses of water and gapes at you, lips parted softly and eyebrows raised “damn, you look so awesome, babe! you gotta wear my stuff more, for real!“ kiri grins enthusiastically, ending up making his way over to his drawers with a bright look in his eyes as he goes through his clothes. “i’ve probably got some more you can try, cmon how cool would that be baby?” and you watch as your boyfriend turns to face you again, holding a few too many t-shirts in his arms before almost bouncing over to set them on the bed in favour of approaching you after. “we gotta do this more often!
✞ SHINSOU “what’re you doing?” you hear shinsou ask as he returns from the bathroom to you laying in his bed newly draped in his shirt, finding it comfier than the one you wore to his. “what do you mean?” you reply, not realising he’s asking about the shirt when he looks away from your gaze— his hand moving quickly to rub at the back of his neck while his cheeks begin to tint pink, clearing his throat before talking again. “doesn’t matter, ‘ts not important.” you huff at his words, curious but the blush on shinsou’s face has you focusing on that instead when you feel him climb back into the bed next to you, sitting a little closer than normal this time. you feel his fingers brush against your hip before they smooth over the hem of the tshirt, his fingers fiddling slightly with the fabric while he rests his head in the crook of your neck. “keep it .” he hums, voice raspy as he melts into you and you can almost feel the gentle smile on his lips against your skin.
✞ HAWKS you hadn’t even realised it actually wasn’t yours until you put it on, shrugging and enjoying how comfortable the fabric of your boyfriends shirt was while you waited on him coming home. it’s not long before you hear the door close, rising from the couch when you hear a familiar soft tone speak from the doorway “oho? what’s this, babe? looks like somebody missed me.” hawks teases, his eyes immediately recognising the shirt on your figure as he approaches you, resting his hands on your hips while wiggling his brows at you. “is this a surprise? hmmm, who knew you looked so good in my stuff birdy, i’m supposed to be the handsome one.” hawks chuckles lightheartedly when you slap playfully at his chest following his words. his gaze turning a little softer when you roll your eyes at him after, before he gently shoves his face into the crook of your neck to place ticklish kisses against the skin, causing you to bat him away before he almost scoops you into his arms “kei!” “i know, baby—it’s just such a shame i gotta rip this off now, right?”
Tumblr media
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afk-dreaminq · a day ago
★ Can't stop thinking about...
House husband! Bakugou Making outfit combinations for each day of the week, because he's goof goof that stuff, and knows his fashion.
House husband! Izuku putting little reminders on post-it-notes on all of your folders, files and notebooks, telling you to drink water, eat, rest and so on- honestly, you found one in your lunch box once, giving you random facts about the food that he found on the Internet.
House husband! Todoroki sending you samples of his food he has 'made' because he's still learning to cook, and wants your opinion on his attempts.
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veenxys · 2 days ago
「Soft moments with Hitoshi Shinso」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the way he is so happy and proud to be your boyfriend; there are billions of other people in the world and you chose him. you might think you’re the one lucky to have him, but if you ask him, he’s the lucky one. when he introduces you to his friends or family, he happily puts his arms around you and says “this is y/n, my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner.” or when you post your photos on your instagram, he smiles proudly as he admires your every detail; even happier and more proud to be yours.
him laying his head on your thighs while watching tv, the two of you struggling to keep from falling asleep. but at some point, he gives up trying to stay awake, he wraps his arms around your waist; tightening against you, enjoying and melting in the heat that radiates from your body. his eyes open and he smiles fondly at your sleeping face, serene and soft; he gives a small kiss to your belly before falling asleep.
one night he’s cooking dinner for you both in the kitchen and as he stirs it with one hand while the other rests on the counter, you wrap your arms around his waist from behind, placing soft kisses on his ear and the back of his neck. the mood is almost romantic until he interferes: “nice try, but you’ll still do the dishes later my dear” your movements stop, “hmp, screw it”. he laughs and turns around, holding you against him before you can pull away. he tilts his head slightly, an affectionate smile on his face, “alright, i’ll help you. happy?”
casually fixing each other’s hair in public. he’s talking to someone but he notices that particular strand getting in your face in the corner of his eyes and while continuing to talk, he reaches over to tuck your hair behind your ear. or during times when he has long hair and it gets a little too warm or bothersome, you use the spare hair-tie you have to tie it for him just the way he likes it; not too tight and not too loose.
when he’s out of town on work, you send him silly selfies of yourself with sweet and encouraging messages to brighten up his day, if only a little. his notice that he has been staring at the phone screen for a long time with a goofy smile on his face and a look of affection. they crane their necks to get a look at what he’s looking at and see that it’s the selfie you sent. immediately, they tease him about how madly he is in love. and shinsou tries to hide the blush on his face by looking annoyed. “oh shut up,” he mutters as he sets his photo as his home screen.
him watching youtube videos of how to knit just to make matching sweaters or scarves for the holidays; the smile on his face as he delicately gives his best to the sweater he is making especially for you is priceless. he occasionally smiles as he imagines how cute you are going to look.
it was a wholesome and delightful moment, but you have no regrets breaking it. you just had to let him know; “you are so,so beautiful, shinso,” you said, one hand stroking his cheek then gently tracing his jaw. he looked up from the phone and fixed his eyes on you; he gently puts his hand on top of yours and kisses your wrist, smiling softly as he tries to hide the red in his cheeks. “you’re prettier,” he said, his voice soft as he leaned forward, playfully tapping your nose with his.
him watching you from the driver’s seat while you laughed at some stupid joke he told; your head thrown back, wind in your hair, sunlight on your skin. just as he hit the break, coming to a stop sign, he smiled and waited for you to calm down. when you met his gaze with a lingering smile on your face he sighed, “i think i kinda wanna marry you,” he says, taking your hand and intertwining your fingers with his: then taking it to his lips to place a soft kiss on the back of your hand.
so many instances of you two lost in your own little world, forgetting that there are other people around you; him leaning in your ear to whisper a comment on something funny that he just observed, making you laugh like you’re sharing an inside joke, him smiling as he watches you laugh and you asking ‘what?’ to which he replies with ‘you’re pretty.’ this makes you smile which makes him smile wider as you gaze at each other until someone interrupts.
he moaned softly when you shook him, but he didn't move or wake up, his arm around your waist squeezing just slightly. “y/n baby go to sleep, the alarm hasn’t even gone off yet,” he whined, but his voice was husky and mixed with sleep. a moment has passed and you think he was already asleep when you said, ‘i love you’. you felt him stiffen and his eyes opened. he looked at you, eyes bleary and lips parted before a smile settled on his face. he pulled you closer, nuzzling your face into your neck, “i love you too baby you know that” he said lazily but you know he was sincere with all his heart, pressing innocent butterfly kisses into your jaw. he pulled back to look at you with a serious but gentle, ‘i love you’ look. you looked at each other, traces of happiness lingering in your eyes and lips until you finally fell asleep.
it’s 3 a.m, the two of you lying in bed, him in your hoodie, you in his sweatshirt. both sleepy but not enough to actually fall asleep. and honestly you don’t want to. sharing earbuds as you listen to your favorite songs from your late-night playlist. admiring the way the dim night-light falls on each other’s faces as you gaze at one another with tired eyes and soft smiles.
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izuphobic · a day ago
Tumblr media
genre/warnings. — just fluff!
[ ft. ] — izuku, katsuki, ochaco, eijirou, & denki <3
Tumblr media
✦.˚ izuku who falls into the snow face first, gasping exasperated and embarrassed when you lift him up. the thick padding of his coat protects him enough to where he didn’t actually feel it, though his face is an entirely different story. small clumps of snow snugly hug his eyelashes, the tiny intricacies twinkling each time he blinks. he laughs sheepishly as you move in, helping him by shaking all the snow out of his hair and guiding his hands to rub his eyes. a frosty kiss is placed on your nose as a thank you, and his rosy cheeks can’t be entirely blamed on the cold.
✦.˚ katsuki who is way too competitive in a snowball fight. you’re hiding behind a wall, your snowball two seconds away from crumbling in your grip. listening intently for the sound of boots stomping on top of snow, you know he’s right around the corner. snowball in hand and ready to ambush, you’re plagued with his all-knowing mind, and he’s one step ahead. a face full of snow has you on the ground, and in seconds he’s there, victorious grin dissipating with each second you don’t move. his soft whisper of your name signals your strike however, and you hit him square in the face with snow in the exact same fashion he did you. your proud laugh keeps him there, melting just as the snow does.
✦.˚ ochaco who lets herself fall back into the snow like it’s a bed of flowers. she insists you come and make snow angels with her, pulling you down directly next to her by your arm. up and down, your arms move in sync, her bubbly laughter coaxing you into completely forgetting about the cold beneath you. when your respective creations are finished, she extends her hand and lifts you back up with ease. looking upon your angels, they appear to be holding hands, courtesy of how close you to were. you smile, and it’s lovesick and everything she adores. when she actually grasps your hand, it’s like her angel came to life.
✦.˚ eijirou who brings his all when you’re making snowmen. his mounds of pearlescent white are anything but circular, yet he still manages to stack them on top of each other, creating a questionable sculpture that’s just a bit taller than himself. he stands so proud you can’t help but giggle, and he ends up laughing with you when he steps back to truly observe his work. your scarf slips from around your neck, making its way onto the disfigured snowman, and how he throws his head back in pure joy makes it beautiful regardless.
✦.˚ denki who suggests you write messages in the snow. calculated steps illustrate crooked accolades within the slush beneath your feet, though despite their flaws and the fact that they’ll be dusted over in the morning, they’re adorable (just like him). your intertwined hands hang over your artistry, steadying each other so you don’t trip and ruin your shared “masterpiece”, as he’d say. mirth and love swirl about in both of your expressions as you gaze down, i “heart” u melded in the shapes of your footsteps. the heart in the middle is a bit wonky, so is his dorky smile and the bone-crushing hug he traps you in by your waist. wonky, but yours.
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading !!! ily & be safe <3
Tumblr media
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writingmha · 2 days ago
yours to keep
Tumblr media
pairing: pro hero!midoriya izuku x f!reader
snyopsis: izuku goes abroad on a hero mission and it breaks his heart to leave y/n, but he comes to realizations about the two of them while he's away.
content: pro hero au, fluff, relationship discussions, i throw in some marriage talk
word count: 1.5k
a/n: this song makes me feel warm and fuzzy but sad at the same time and after listening to it on repeat for awhile it reminded me of izuku :,)
Tumblr media
It was three in the morning. He was on another plane going on another mission abroad, and all Izuku could think about was the way Y/N had cried at the airport the first time he’d left for an overseas mission a year ago.
“I’m so excited for you!” she had screamed when she heard the news, immediately jumping into his arms and rambling about all of the food he’d get to try and the amazing people he’d meet. And his nerves had vanished right then and there, and they both spent the night making a list of things he’d take with him, neither of them pausing to think what six months away meant for their relationship.
They’d been dating for two years, having officially gotten together after graduating high school. Y/N was currently in college studying to be a teacher, and was doing her training at UA. She was almost positive she’d go back to UA to teach, and was thrilled at the prospect of being a mentor to so many young aspiring heroes while doing some hero work at the same time. She was happy, and seeing her happy made Izuku happy.
Since he was in the limelight a lot, the relationship was hard on Y/N, no matter how hard she tried to insist it wasn’t. Izuku was an expert at avoiding the media, but it was still irritating when Y/N was referred to as nothing more than his girlfriend, when she was a part time hero and student, something he thought was far more impressive than what he was doing. The first chance he got he bought them a house near UA and Y/N’s university with a great security system to scare away any paparazzi who would be smart enough to find out where they lived (something no one had done so far).
His trip was something they’d both known would happen eventually, but they’d never explicitly discussed it. Izuku was scared to bring it up, terrified Y/N would mistake his feelings of unease for wanting to end their relationship, which was the last thing he wanted. Whenever he brought it up she’d wave it away, assuring him everything was going to be fine, and that he must remember to bring back a souvenirer, both for her and for the apartment. And, in a team effort with his mom, she’d made him a new scarf to take with him, because it was cold in New York, especially in the wintertime. They didn’t talk about the risks of the mission—they’d stopped discussing dangers on the job after a few months of dating, because it was so normal in both of their jobs they both overlooked it more often than not.
Y/N drove him to the airport, ignoring his advice for her to stay home and rest before her class the next day. Izuku was recognized by the staff, and paired with Y/N’s determined stare, it was enough for her to be allowed to wait with him at his gate until his flight left.
She sat with him for almost an hour, holding his hand the entire time and talking about her classes and the kids she was mentoring, knowing any other topic would make them both remember why they were here.
He was the last one to board the flight. He couldn’t bring himself to get up, to let go of Y/N’s hand. They’d never been apart longer than three weeks for over six years now, and letting go of her hand was the last thing he wanted to do at that moment.
“C’mon,” she’d said, standing up and pulling him along with him. Izuku clutched his boarding pass much harder than necessary, something Y/N had to have noticed. But her gaze was straight ahead, focused on the flight attendant waiting to check his pass and allow him onto the plane.
She turned to hug him, squeezing him tightly and pressing kisses along the side of his face. “I love you so much, have a safe flight, and call me as soon as you land.”
And then she was letting go of him and pushing him forward gently, and Izuku handed over his boarding pass and turned to look back at her.
She was standing right where he’d left her, wrapped up in his favorite All Might scarf. Her cheeks were glistening with tears, and with a startled realization that his vision was blurring, he realized he was crying, too. She waved at him until he couldn’t see her anymore, and it took all of Izuku’s willpower not to jump out of the plane and rush back into her arms. He felt like his heart was breaking, knowing she was crying because of him, knowing her heart would ache just as his was aching now because of him.
He called her the second he landed, and didn’t hang up until she fell asleep and he did too, in a bed 6,000 miles away from the only person he wanted to be with.
Tumblr media
“My students keep asking about you!” Y/N chirped, smiling widely at him. She was in the kitchen, eating a late lunch. It was almost midnight for Izuku, but he hadn’t felt this awake all week.
Between both of their busy schedules, they only managed to video call once a week, the rest of their communication being text messages and the occasional quick phone call. But when they did video call, they stayed on the line until one of them fell asleep. Izuku was determined not to nod off for at least another hour. Seeing Y/N, even through a screen, was his biggest motivation to keep moving forward on his mission.
It was going well, all things considering. Winter was hell in New York, but Izuku dutifully took his new scarf everywhere he went and bundled up whenever he went outside. It had already been three months, and he had heard whispers around the agency where he was working that the mission might wrap up within the next month if things continued to go smoothly.
He hadn’t told Y/N, not wanting to get her hopes up in case he did have to stay the full six months.
“Really? Do you tell them I’m kicking ass over here in the states? And that I’ll bring them souvenirs if they’re nice to you?” He asked her now, fighting back a yawn. It was only 1AM, how weak was he? Sure he’d chased down a lead today—literally—but that was no excuse.
“Oh, they’re always nice to me,” Y/N rolled her eyes at him as she took a bite of her lunch. “So they’re all expecting gifts.”
He smiled. Y/N told him more about how life was going back home. She visited his mom weekly, cooking with her and oftentimes calling Izuku with her while she was there. As she was telling him about her last visit, he remembered what his mom had told him before he’d left.
“Y/N doesn’t say it,” she told him, eyes already welling with tears as she spoke. “But I know she worries for you as much as I do. She loves you with her whole heart and more, Izuku. I know you love her just as much.That kind of love is too special to let go. Do you understand?”
He did.
They’d both talked about it—marriage. Y/N had told him she’d agree to marry him in a heartbeat, but she understood that they also didn’t need to formally get married and she was perfectly content with how they were now.
He remembered reading columns about them that the newspapers would sometimes put out whenever he got interviewed on big talk shows and he talked about Y/N. The reporters would go crazy with it for a couple of weeks: speculating when a ring would be spotted on Y/N’s finger, when Dynamight would come home after years abroad to attend the wedding, when All Might would emerge from his peaceful retirement to officiate.
Izuku had been sure he was going to spend the rest of his life with Y/N when they’d moved in together, and the first thing she insisted they both do was plant a flower in the backyard. He’d been in love with her for over two years now, but finally moving in with her, seeing her plant the first flower in their new home together—that had solidified everything for him.
“Y/N,” he said now, quietly, as he found himself being overcome with sleep.
She looked up from her lunch, smile softening. “Yeah?”
“Love you so much,” he said. “Be lost without you.”
“I love you too, Izuku,” she replied.
He fell asleep before he could tell her he was going to marry her the second he got back, that he’d buy her a bouquet of flowers to match the ones in their garden in the backyard.
But he had a feeling she already knew. And it made him love her even more.
Tumblr media
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weapxnsleft · a day ago
Author's note ; my motivation is slowly coming back and i finally have an idea for once,,, and i like it :) pls b nice im losing my sanity here
M.list — Part 2
Warnings ; swear words, Bakugou, dumbassery
18+/DC/MDNI blogs may like but DNI/REBLOG/OR FOLLOW ME
Bakugou K. ; Aizawa S. ; Shigaraki T. x gn!reader
Face timing you <3
Tumblr media
— Bakugou K.
He really isn't the type to ft a lot but when he does you're never met with a ceiling, wall, etc he always shows his face
He thinks it's dumb to not show ur face on smth called face time
But anyways chances are he's going to be doing the following;
Doing his laundry,
Washing his face,
Training or is with Kirishima training lol
Studying, he'll call you to come over ;)
He'll also be cooking or reading his manga/getting ready for bed
These calls mostly end up in you falling asleep an Bakugou ending the call for you, he'll never admit it but he takes pictures of you during every call, awake or not, doing your makeup, the camera lag so ur face looks deformed? Yeah he's got an entire folder.
Yes, he uses it as blackmail.
But in other situations he usually says a lot, like if you're shit talking a bitch who shit talks you he always yells out profanities like "that bitch" "their quirk is probably shit anyways" "can they fight?" "Baby they ain't worth ur time"
There are some times where he is softer, when he says love you right before you fall asleep and he ends the call, where he reassures you the night before an exam, or when you're on your way to train with others, where he mouths a kiss before you hang up
And he always sends a good night text, very rarely with a heart
— Aizawa S.
Tumblr media
Mostly fts u when he's grading papers or when he's on his lunch break, never on patrol because what if someone sees him and you? They might use their little cranium and find out where u live and he doesn't want that :(
Usually grumbles when he's grading papers, the pen or pencil scratching against the papers and the sips he takes from his coffees, he always begins the call with,
"hey baby, how was your day?"
Always asks about your day whenever he calls or I'm general, he's trying his really best
Despite him being angry and upset with you he really tries in your relationship
Sometimes present Mic crashes the call yelling and he pops in the screen, letting his sunglasses fall from the bridge of his nose a little and points, yelling
"HEY BESTIE" and thus the call is ended bc aizawa is tired of his bs
But on the rare occasion he's walking down the street and facetiming you, and he's much more relaxed
One time he had his hair up on a really stressful night, and he began talking to you, you noticed he put his hair down, and when shots realized you realized, he winked at you, jokingly saying you've worked your magic
Sometimes he brings a little stray kitten to the camera and says
"look, she's cute just like you baby."
And he means it everytime
Always ends the call blowing you a kiss and a goodnight, rest well sweetheart
— Shigaraki T.
Tumblr media
Ft with him is very very rare for obvious reasons, but there is some times where he does call you, you never call him based on unknown circumstances, so he has to be the one to initiate calls
But whenever he does he's either, away from the base, laying low and missing you, or you're laying low and he's at the base playing video games
And he always has his phone propped high enough for you to see him, but not his face, just from the neck down he's visible with his controllers or any other console device
He mostly calls to vent/rant/go over plans but mostly the first two
"babe, i swear i might dust dabi and have you as my right hand" "oh wait you already are"
"sometimes i need Toga on a leash and i need a shield, that's why dabi sometimes walks in front of my baby"
"i swear im going to kill dabi myself."
Mostly the last thing since the two butt heads almost 24/7 365.
Other than that he's sometimes shirtless because he can scratch his skin easier, but he only stops mid scratch sometimes because you tell him to stop scratching himself
He tries but fails
"baby if you're not here to hold me down i might scratch myself to death"
Sometimes he's training (very rare) just sitting on a bench, his phone propped up and him lifting 10 pound weights, he occassionally switches it to 25 pounds but it's mostly 10 pounds
Not to mention shirtless once more, he hates the feeling of sweat on his skin, so the shirt has got to go since the base is naturally cold (they don't pay bills but they somehow keep the lights on smh)
Tumblr media
《 SUPER ! 》
Tag list ; @jacuzziwaters @bubble-bootie
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Bakusquad with a S/O Who was Abused in the Past
Tumblr media
A/N: Yaaay! First request! I hope you enjoy it <3
Warnings: Mentioned past abuse, triggers, yelling, fighting, mentions of M*neta harrassing reader, cussing, kinda of a panic attack?
Genre: Hurt/ some comfort
GN! Reader
Tagging: @mushroom-fairy1​​ (I’m sorry that I didn’t get much comfort in!! I hope you still enjoy it)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki was loud. Always has been and probably always will be. Usually his volume didn’t bother you. But then again, usually his yelling wasn’t directed at you.
“Can’t you just shut up, for once in your god damn life!?” he screamed. You flinched, but didn’t fold, you were determined to stand your ground.
“Stop yelling at me...” you said, trying to remain calm. Of course he didn’t hear you, and continued on with his little tantrum. Even though you looked composed on the outside, in your head, your thoughts were racing.
How long could you keep this up?
His screeching was really begining to effect you, forcing back memories of your past and family. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t even realize that Katsuki was now quiet and standing by your side.
“Y/N, hey Y/N, look at me.”
You blinked and stared back at him through dazed eyes. Slowly he wiped something off of your cheek. You glanced at his hand.
Were you crying?
“I’m so sorry, baby... I didn’t mean-” Katsuki started. You cut him off by hugging him tightly.
“Just hold me for now, okay?”
He nodded, it was the least he could do. Later he would make it up to you, but for now, he held you as you quietly cried on his shoulder, feeling the weight of guilt pressing against his chest. He was the one who made you cry, he was the one who brought up all those memories.
Why couldn’t he be the one to shut up for once?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kirishima usually didn’t get mad, and when he did it usually was nothing more then slight irritation. This was the very first time that you had seen him absolutely furious. Thankfully it wasn’t directed at you, all that anger was being released on the disgusting purple boy in front of you.
“What the fuck did you think you were doing?!” Eijiro hollared. Mineta cowered in fear.
“I’m- I’m sorry!” he babbled out, hopelessly trying escape Eijiro’s grasp. You stared at the sight, grateful that your boyfriend was so willing to protect you, but at the same time...
That look of anger in his eyes, the way his voice was so cold. It both terrified you and reminded you of a past relationship. 
No, Eijiro would never, ever treat me like that.
Confident that Eijiro would never do anything to harm you, you walked over to him and grabbed his arm.
“Please put him down-”
Eijiro turned, gaze full of hate as your eyes met. You let go of him, shocked that he would look at you like that, and began to back away.
He’s not the same, not the same.
You desperately tried to convince yourself of that. Seeing you react that way, Eijiro immediantly dropped Mineta and hurried over to you.
“What’s wrong? Baby, talk to me please.”
You shook your head.
“It’s nothing...”
“Did my yelling scare you?” he looked at the ground, completely ashamed of himself. You had told him about your past partner, and how yelling could trigger you. And now you had trusted him so much, that you had walked over to him, and he had scared you. He had hurt you, something he’d promised himself he would never od.
You nodded hesitantly.
“It’s okay Eijiro, I just need a minute.” 
You walked away shaking your head slightly, leaving Kiri standing there feeling extremely guilty and awful.
He was going to have a lot of making up to do.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite his big personality, Denki usually wasn’t one to yell or get mad. In fact he almost always the one to be calm and quiet during arguements. Usually it was you who got loud and yelled. He knew why, it just a defensive mechanism. You were working on it, and he worked on not being loud. This arguement however was the worst the two of you had ever had.
“God, you’re so fucking infuriating!” Denki yelled. That was the first time he had ever yelled at you.
“NO! Shut up!” He raised his arms, carding his hands through his hair, missing the way you slightly flinched away from him. He continued on, yelling about something else, but you were no longer listening. 
You tried taking deep breaths to calm yourself in the way that Denki had taught you how. You looked up as Denki walked towards you, still yelling and still very angry.
“Please... stop...” your breath was coming out shallow and quick. Denki didn’t notice. He was so mad that he couldn’t see how scared you were. Again he raised his hands, and this time you reacted harshly. Shoving him away from you with a yelp.
“Don’t touch me!”
Denki fell back, confused for a moment before he was shocked back to reality seeing your sobbing figure in front of him.
“Y/N!” you flinched again.
The look on his face was completely heart-broken as he slowly walked towards you.
“Y/N...” he whispered.
You wiped your tears, and stalked towards your shared bedroom.
“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”
Denki just nodded, and watched you until you disappeared up the stairs.
What the hell was he going to do?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sero was a very chill guy. He was always relaxed, he never raised his voice at anyone, especially not at you. He knew your boundaries, knew about your past, and he knew not to push anything with you. Right now, all of those things he knew seemed to have flown out the window. 
Neither of you seemed to remember or care why the fight started, and at this point it looked like neither of you cared if it would ever stop. Insults and sarcastic words were exchanged until the both of you were to tired to say anything else to each other. You just stared at each other, glaring and hoping the other one would back down. Finally Sero broke.
“I’m going to bed, do whatever you want.”
You scoffed and mumbled something about him never fixing his problems, and thats when the yelling started. Maybe Sero had raised his voice first, maybe you had, that didn’t matter. What mattered now was that Sero was getting both closer and louder with every second.
You had already stopped yelling, and shrunk back into the couch, trying to appear small. Sero was having none of it though. He just kept going, kept attacking your weak spots and pushing you almost to the breaking point.
He took another step towards you and that was it. You got up and ran past him, locking yourself in the bedroom.
Sero didn’t follow you at first. He stayed there staring at the spot you had sat in, the fear and sadness on your face glued in his mind. When he finally did go to the bedroom, he could hear your sniffles through the door.
“Baby?” He knocked, but got no reponse. He sighed, he deserved that.
“I know you’re awake, I’ll sleep out here tonight to let you... cool off. I just want you to know how sorry I am. I love you so much, and I meant absolutely nothing of what I said.”
He waited a moment, before leaving. Just before he reached the top of the stairs he heard you call out in a small, sad voice.
“I love you too.”
He smiled wearly. At least you didn’t hate him yet. There was still a chance for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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