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#mha x reader

hi! i’m interested in requesting quirk matchup, hope it’s cool! soo i’m a virgo sun, libra moon and aquarius rising. as for my hobbies i like books, musical theatre (music in general) and cartoons (not only anime). Pet pevees: overhearing, ignorance, idiots and omg “young adult” books are killing me. I’m good at making people laugh i guess and TERRIBLE at math. enfp all the way, rather extraverted but i really need my alone time. I’m a ravenclaw, huge overthinker and super loud even tho sometimes i don’t want to …. Also, i’m super picky/have high standarts and i think i know what i want? but at the same time my self-esteem is shit lol. i love space and moral problems. in one of my friends group i’m a mom friend and in other an airheaded one and still don’t know how. i also like debating and opinion exchange but only with people i’m comfortable with: the one who don’t know me probably view me as an idiot since i’m a “clown” as my coping mechanism. i fight with my love for attention. hope i didin’t bore you with this long description, i’m sure you’ll give me something awesome <3 sorry if there are any mistakes, English is not my native language haha

Hi, hope you like this @teaxweed

I give you…..


Quirk type: emmiter/mental

Quirk summary: you have the ability to make anyone uncontrollably laugh to the point where it is inhabilitating when theu here one of your jokes, and your quirk makes you naturally funny.

Drawbacks: they have to hear you tell a joke, and overuse of your quirk causes you to break into uncontrollable laughter as well.

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— bakugou’s and shinsou’s reaction to really nice reader 

warnings: swearing, spoilers for season 3 on bakugou’s, shinsou’s a bit more angsty bc yes

pairing: bakugou x fem!reader, shinsou x fem!reader

a/n: my first request!!!! 🥺✨💓🌸 thank you SO much for requesting, this means a lot hehe. i tried my best to portray what you described, but i apologize if it’s not what you had in mind D: 

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denki couldn’t quite remember when these feelings started, and if he was being honest with himself it wouldn’t matter if he knew or not, it’s wasn’t like knowing would make it hurt any less.

like usual, he was watching you, laughing alongside your friends at, what he presumed, was a joke sero had told. the sparkle in your eyes as you threw your head back in delight far too addicting for his lonely soul, even though he knew he’d inevitably be caught if he continued being this inattentive.

“you know, you’re staring again.”, the sound of mina’s honey sweet voice bringing him back from his rather obvious trance, much to his displeasure.

“you really don’t have to point it out, every time.”, he practically hissed at the pink haired girl. the amused expression she directed at him as an answer doing nothing to dwindle his ever growing irritation.

“don’t you think telling her would make this whole thing easier?” mina mused, sympathetic eyes locking with his. denki really didn’t know what to say to that, would telling you really make it easier? or would it just complicate things further, while also ruining any semblance of a relationship he had with you, wether it be platonic or romantic.

perhaps one day he would be brave enough to find out, but in the meantime, watching you was enough for him.

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⩩ contents: angst, mentions of depression, comfort

⩩ a/n: to the anon who requested and whoever may be reading this, I know things can be hard sometimes but I’m proud of you for making it this far! depression can hit people in various forms and affect each individual differently. I hope these headcanons bring you some form of comfort ᵔᴗᵔ


shouta aizawa

  • aizawa doesn’t often admit it but he does deeply care about the students of ua especially his students of class one a. he might not be the most forward person when it comes to expressing his concern and care, so he finds other ways to ensure that his students are looked after
  • at first he didn’t say much when you trudged into class on a monday morning with bags under eyes, he doesn’t say anything at first but rather just keeps a close eye on you throughout the day to access your mood and your current mental state without attracting any unwanted attention to you
  • as the classes ticked by he noticed that by the last class of the day you had slumped against your desk, your head buried in your arms the concern inside of him only flared up. you were one of his top students, always buzzing with energy and on the front seat when it comes to the lessons, regardless of what the topic of the day might be
  • by the time the classes are dismissed for the day you’re making a beeline out of the class before he can stop you, leaving him to sink back into his seat with a frown, crossing his arms with a sigh as he contemplates how to approach the situation. a series to possible answers mull around in his mind but his train of thought is interrupted by momo tentatively approaching his desk
  • her voice was as soft as ever, like she was afraid of someone overhearing their conversation as she tells about her growing concern for you, how your demeanor has changed over the last few weeks and how she just couldn’t seem to figure it out
  • that’s why, just before the sun has begun to say it’s goodbye and the light chatter of students in the common room filled the dorms, you find aizawa in front of your door, his expression soft and relaxed as he asks you to follow him to the courtyard, golden light raining down onto the two of you. he lets you sit down on one of the benches before he crouches before you with a sigh
  • “what’s been up with you, kiddo? not sleeping well? you’ve been retracting from classes, not participating much. what’s changed? is there anything I can help with?”
  • it doesn’t take much convincing or prodding before you’re breaking down, warm tears sliding down your cheeks as everything you’ve been bottling up comes spilling over the edge
  • aizawa stays crouched in front of you, patient, letting you get whatever you need off your chest and allowing you to cry as much as you needed while he idly stroked your knuckles with the pads of his fingers to try and soothe you
  • “you know I’m here for you, no matter what the circumstances are. always. and that’s never changing”

present mic

  • he’s so use to your energy just bouncing off of his, especially during the lessons he teaches your class. you’re always the first one to answer and keep him on his toes, constantly finding new ways to challenge him and his ways of teaching which is why he admired you as a student so much
  • yet over the span of a month your entire demeanor in class seemed to take a backwards toll and he couldn’t quite figure out why. he noticed how you retracted more and more into your shell as the days rolled by until you didn’t even bother answering questions anymore, hunched over your desk, your attention barely focused on the lesson. your attitude had not only changed drastically but your grades as well and that’s when he felt like it was time to step in
  • he was good at hiding his worry about one of his students for the most part but it didn’t take a detective to figure out that something was bugging him, especially when he had class 1a to teach for the day. that’s why he requests for momo to stay after class, brushing it off as simply a conversation about her grades
  • but he knows she’s one of your closests friend and he hopes that she might harbor some answers as to why you’ve suddenly became something far from the student he’d come to know. but the more she talks the more it dawns on him how everything you’ve been doing has been a silently cry for help
  • the next morning there’s a bright yellow sticky note on your desk, present mic’s thick black lettering cramped onto paper square. ‘hey kiddo. I’ve prepared some notes for the last few classes you’ve missed so you can catch up. here’s some of your favorite candy too, just to cheer you up a little :)’
  • and to your astonishment there’s a crisp white folder waiting on your desk along with the brightly colored bag of candy, the exact brand and flavor you always go for on the days when you’re feeling down. you don’t even question how he’s figured it out, sitting down quickly as the rest of the students file into the class, your eyes trailing to present mic as he enters, a softer, knowing expression on his face
  • he never directly confronted you about it, but rather found smaller ways to comfort you through whatever you went through. he left notes on your desk every morning, sometimes there were jokes written on them, other days he was recommending you songs, anything he could think of to brighten your day, even if it was in the slightest
  • one note in particular stuck out to you and ever since you’ve kept it pinned against your mirror to look at every morning
  • 'i am so proud of you for how far you’ve made it. please don’t ever forget that’
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𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬: 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞


pairing: tenya iida x gender neutral reader!

warnings: none, just fluff!

word count: 800-ish

author’s note: let’s hope i get through the other five in a timely manner, because my 14 other works in progress are getting kind of lonely… also, if you’ve read this before, don’t worry! that’s because it’s a rewritten version of a now-deleted post of mine  from another blog. i hope you like it!

loving tenya iida is red.

it’s the pull in his chest and the heat in your cheeks when you brush hands, even though you’ve been together for a while now. 

he wonders if that feeling of eager nervousness will ever go away, and he’s only satisfied when he feels your hand prodding his. his thumb gently swipes over yours, and you feel connected more than just physically. the vivid red of your new love is more than skin deep.

 the weight of your hand in his comforts him, and reminds him that you’re right there. your heart beats red, perfectly in time with his.

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Bloodline: Say ‘Yes’

Anime: My Hero Academia

Word Count: 4105







“Wake up, L/N.”


“Hey, L/N, you gotta’ get up now.”

Hmm… stop it…”

My shoulder gets shaken, making me open my eyes and blink a few times. In front of me, Kirishima in kneeling down on the floor with a smile.


“Hey, Sleeping Beauty.” He chuckles quietly, “Sorry, but our stop is coming up in about 5 minutes, so I gotta’ wake you up.” He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

I make a noise to assure him that I heard. I stretch my arms in front of me as Kirishima stands up, looking to Mina and Kaminari as they sparked a conversation. I rub my eyes a bit, letting out a quiet yawn. Leaning to my left, I grab my bag off of the floor. But something falls onto my shoulder.

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fluffvember day 2 — “face times”

bakugou katsuki

“that’s a lot of screenshots.”

legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used : )

notes : i.. have a lot of drafts, and when i said i’d do fluffvember— i meant that i’d post on days i want to on november (i’m lowkey indecisive.)


IT’S A LITTLE TOO LATE to consider hanging out with your boyfriend— katsuki, heck.. or even talking to him in general. considering that he has the bed time of a 65 year old grandpa.

he says this is because he needs to always be in top shape to be the #1 hero, but he’s been consistent with his statement— knocked out by 9:15 pm. and yes, even on weekends.

so, you are surely surprised when you see a face time notification from your boyfriend— and you quickly answer the call.

“something wrong, katsuki?” you ask, your phone is placed on your desk as you fix your mini closet, as you desired to get most of it cleaned by the end of the week.

“so i can’t just suddenly wanna call my s/o?” he asks, typical katsuki. “also, where the hell are you??”

you laugh, and you have the impression that he just wants a look at your face. honestly— you don’t know. katsuki bakugou has always been unpredictable, especially after he pulled you aside one day after training with him— declaring his feelings for you.

you snap out of it, and finally reply after a significant pause. “i’m fixing the pile of clothes i had on my chair, remember? you kept bugging me about it the last time you were here.” you mumble the last part, and obviously— your boyfriend doesn’t catch an ear of it.

“whatever, dumbass.” he sighs, “hurry up.” he says. no additional remarks is still unusual to you, even though you’re literally dating him. but this is him being soft on you.

you don’t say anything though, and you finally finish folding the last piece of clothing. you walk towards your phone, picking it up so you can lay down on your bed to relax.

“anyways, why did you call? you’d usually be asleep by now.” you ask, trying to get comfy.

“just wanted to say goodnight, that’s not abnormal.” katsuki grumbles, which is yet again— unusual for him to call without any real reason. you’re expecting a follow up to his reason (rather excuse.) but it doesn’t arrive.

however— bakugou is just.. staring at your face now, and you stare at your own reflection on a certain portion of the screen— “is there something on my face??” you wonder out loud

he snickers, “no, you just look real dopey.”

“hey!” you fein offense, putting a hand over your chest.

he laughs once more, and you turn to pull your blanket over you— and you look back at your phone, only to be shocked.

[katsuki 💥 took 15 screenshots]

you blink, and you wonder how you missed that notification— no wonder why he was staring at you for so long! and theres no way in hell he can pass that off as an accident.

i mean.. 15 is a lot!

that’s a lot of screenshots.” you note out loud, and it’s almost like a realization had hit him. also.. it had seem to be that he was in a middle of taking another screenshot, the notification pops up again.

“wait.. Y/N- you didn’t tell me they’d tell you if i screenshotted!”

“so you admitted!” you’re smiling hard, and his cheeks tint pink. he looks away as an attempt to hide his expression,

“it’s not my damn fault you look so good.”

okay, bakugou katsuki has taken you by surprise yet again. maybe it’s because you’re getting used to a relationship with bakugou, but this factor is not a bad thing at all!

infact, besides him as a whole, you love that about dating bakugou katsuki. he’ll always knock your socks off by every single action he does.

it’s true.”

“..and i bet you smell really good too. i can practically smell your stupid shampoo from here.”

it’s now your turn to be bashful— you laugh softly in reply, trying to bite back the terribly bright smile that threatened to plaster your expression.

“you’re being real cheesy right now, and it’s kinda off.” you tease

“shut up, i’ll literally never call you again if you tell any of our stupid classmates.”

you gasp, feining innocence and offense once more “like you would do that, plus i’d never tell class that bakugou katsuki is actually a secret softie, nope.”

you can feel the glare stagger through the screen, and it feels like he’s about to hang up “i’m just kidding! don’t hate me.”

he scoffs, “i’m actually tough to crack. and besides, you actually like the sappy shit i say in private, do you?”

you don’t reply, but a smile gracing your expression is a valid answer in itself. he grins, trying to mask a yawn.

“go to sleep, dumbass.” you’re wondering why he’s telling you that— when he called you. but, you nod anyway. his carmine eyes stare at your features one last time— “good night.” he mutters, before actually hanging up.

bakugou may have a sleeping time like a old grandpa, but every single moment with him— even during late night facetimes, is worth it. you can get past his weird sleeping time.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

likes and reblogs are appreciated, thank you for reading!

i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing.

do not plagiarize my work : )

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this is so cute 🥺

  • hawks sees a frail looking kid at an orphanage he passes on a mission. immediately their wings catch his eye, and he goes in to meet them. at first he was apprehensive to adopt them, but after talking he realized that it was something he had to do
  • the hero commission wasnt happy, obviously, but relented when Keigo promised it wouldnt affect his work for them
  • at first theyre both shy around each other, not wanting to overstep any boundaries, but soon hawks steps into the loving father role
  • he teaches them how to fly, and is commonly seen soaring around with them after his shifts
  • unfortunately this means that the public finds out, but they are surprisingly accepting of it. many think that its cute he would adopt a kid with wings
  • as they get older, keigo keeps them out of hero work. hes seen first hand how horrible it is and doesnt want his kid to go through the same things he did
  • he is actually a very attentive father, but his schedule is random, so there are times where he isnt home for days on end
  • this causes a strain in their relationship, eventually evolving into the kid moving out right when they turn 18 and cutting off all contact
  • it continues for a couple years, with keigo throwing himself into his work to ignore the pain in his chest
  • one day hes hurt severely, and when he wakes up from surgery, his kid is standing in his hospital room with flowers
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Quirk #27: Bambo Shoot

Quirk type: emmiter

Quirk summary: you have the ability to create, manipulate, and project bambo. You can create and shoot this bambo at high speed and velocities at puncture things, grow bridges, and create anything out of bambo.

Drawbacks: the amount bambo you can create depends on how much you eat.

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1000 followers Celebration! MHA Ask Game

Thank you guys for all the support. I really can’t believe that I got this many followers so quick and I’m thankful for the opportunity and that I get to share my writing with all you wonderful people ❤️


For the ask game:

You can choose one character per request (I’m only writing for the male characters). Each request has a limit of 4 questions but you can send in multiple requests. These are G rated to XXX rated. Smut and soft. Triggering and safe. It may take me a while to answer but I will answer all your asks for the game! Just use the numbers to indicate which you’d like me to answer :) The answers might be one sentence or more, depending on what I’m feeling

All the credits go to @bat-eclecticwolfbouquet-love Thank you for letting me use your ask game. You’re one of the people that inspired me to start writing and I can’t thank you enough :)

1. Would he be shy around his crush?

2. How would he initiate a conversation with his interest?

3. Who would be the one to confess first?

4. How does he kiss?

5. How fast or slow would he take a relationship, would he take it slow or go 0 to 100?

6. What would your first time together be like?

7. Is he more rough or soft?

8. Would he be into a threesome?

9. How does he feel about oral, giving and receiving?

10. Would he want anal?

11. Would he do input kink?

12. How jealous is he?

13. Is he into PDA?

14. Would he be clingy or want space?

15. Does he like cuddling?

16. What’s his favourite position?

17. What it his pace like during sex

18. Does he like experimenting

19. Teasing, how much will he tease you and how do you tease him

20. Do you enjoy bathing together

21. How would he feel if you broke up with him

22. How protective is he

23. Would he want rim jobs

24. Does he prefer to cum in you or does he pull out

25.Would he want you to swallow

26. Cock warming

27. Hickeys, bites and bruises

28. Humping/thigh riding

29. How does he wake you up

30. Would he want to watch you fuck someone else

31. Does he talk during sex

32. What sounds does he make while fucking

33. Nicknames for him and for you

34. He sees you crying how does he feel

35. Someone hurt you by (insert way) what does he do, how does he feel

36. How does he feel about you going on missions

37. Is he insecure in the relationship

38. How does he handle you being mad at him

39. Will he want you to move in with him

40. How much time will he want to spend with you

41. Would he take advantage of you if you were passed out or drugged

42. Would he fuck you in front of others

43. Public sex

44. What does his cock look like

45. You walk in on him masturbating

46. Stealing your dirty underwear

47. Knife play, blood play

48. Would he take dirty pics of you or record you

49. Bdsm

50. Calling him daddy

51. His favorite thing for you to wear

52. Free question

53. Would he let you tie him up

54. What you do that makes him all soft

55. What makes him rough

56. What size is his cock

57. Cum, how much, and taste

58. What kinda stamina does he have

59. Is he a one minute man or can he go all night

60. Spanking

61. How often does he want sex

62. Spiting

63. Face fucking

64. How rough can he be

65. Begging does he make you beg, will he beg for you

66 .How possessive is he

67. Will he take you on dates

68. Licking

69. How often does he jerk off

70. Body worship

71. Praise

72. Is he into role play

73. Rape play or fantasy

74. Mommy

75. Big spoon or little spoon

76. What would happen if you cheated on him

77. What does he think is his best feature

78. Can he be controlling

79. What does he think of toys

80. Choking

81 .How did he act when he first met you

82. Tits

83. What games does he enjoy, I’m not talking about video games either

84. Hair play

85. Collaring

86. How dirty minded is he

87. Marking his territory

88.Can he get feral

89.How gentle is he

90. How rough he is

91.What does he do if your not in the mood

92.Your thighs

93. Is he good at hugging

94. How experienced is he

95. How good or bad is he at sex

96. How clean is he

97. Does he shave

98. If he’s not in the mood what would you have to do to get him that way

99. Will he want to keep the relationship a secret

100. How romantic is he

101. His hands plus fingering

102. How into foreplay is he

103. Does he want kids

104. Breeding kink

105. Does he want to get married

106. Period sex

107. Does he use lube

108. What’s his idea of the perfect gift

109. Porn and hentai collection

110. Foot fetish

111. Piss kink

112. How obsessed does he get with his S/O

113. How does he feel about you wearing his clothes

114. Is he into food play

115. What’s his body like

116. Something he will never do


118. Blindfolds

119. What kind of punishment would he give you

120. Double penetration

121. He likes you to clean him

122. Gun play

123. Wax play

124. Use of a safe word

125. Cumflation

126. Voyeur

127. Stalking

128. Snowball or tasting your own cum felching

129. Size kink

130. Dom or sub (come on you know how I feel about this)

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Originally posted by tocif

One could only leave a casino with thrice as much money as they brought in so many times before two gorillas flanked them at the blackjack table. A lesson learnt from experience, not that it ever stopped you.

“Ah, was I too conspicuous?” You chuckled lowly at the grim-faced men, wary not to let other players hear you.

Gripping your arm, firm yet not bruising, the one on your left said on the tone of finality, “Dabi has asked for you, miss Y/N.”

“Why don’t you just pass him my hello and apologies?”

A curt shake of his head, expression unreadable.

“Too bad, guess it can’t be helped. At least let me finish this round.” Without waiting for their approval, you turned to the croupier. Before you lay a nine and a king — nineteen total, the closest to twenty-one of all players. You grinned at your odds. “Hit me, darling.”

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My Sero is Argentinian, so I would change it to Argentinian food, but 100% his S/O would absolutely butcher it the first time lol

Like Matambre arrollado or Carbonada, and while it’s hard enough for him to cook on his own, his lover is having problems following him while he switches from Spanish and back and everything is burning. In the end y’all probably order pizza and have a cute movie night instead ❤️

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800 EVENT !!

R E Q U E S T! : 13 with jiro?

p r o m p t ! : 13. I wish that I was what you wanted.

an! : this put me through pain :D hinting towards reader x mina here btw





Originally posted by apoostrophe

You and Kyoka sat on the roof of the dorms, Monsters in hand. She carried the Ultraviolet and you carried your favorite in your right hand. You leaned against each others backs and watched the stars glow.

“Hey I’ve got a question, its kinda random.” Her voice rang through the roof as you heard a smile in her voice.

You smiled to yourself, and replied. “Whats up?”

There were moments of silence as she built up the courage to ask, she was nervous even though she was almost positive you liked her back.

“Who do you like?”

And now it was your turn to fall silent, as your nerves ran wild.

“I like Mina.” You smiled to yourself again. Even thinking of the pink skinned girl gives you butterflies in your stomach.

“I really like her, the way she smiles at me it just… Gives me butterflies and gets me all smiley. I think she likes me back and I’m really happy about-”

A sniffle broke your words as you felt Kyoka move behind you.

She got up and you fell back slightly, but caught yourself on your hands rather quickly. 

Making her way towards the rooftop door, the heels of her shoes clicked softly and echoed quietly across the rooftop.

“Kyo?” You asked her as soft as you could, the tinge of worry in your voice evident to her. She turned slightly, her eyes glistening in the bright moon light.

She smiled.

She smiled at you even when her eyes were filled with tears, pain and rejection. 

Even when she wanted to scream at you, she smiled.

“I wish that I was what you wanted.”

And with tears in her dark eyes, she turned around and opened the rooftop door, disappearing down the stairs.

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A/N: So, this is another song by Nothing but Thieves called “If I Get High” and it just reminded me of Dabi. I did this in a bit of a rush since I had class today so it might not be the best but I needed to get the idea out there and hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll write something better for this.

I’ll meet you at the divide
To break the spell

It had been months of Dabi trying to find the perfect high. One where he was conscious enough to remember but also high enough to keep the pain away.

A point where two worlds collide
Yeah, we’ll rebel

You had died a couple of months ago, a mission gone wrong that ended in your death. One that was not pleasing, one that Dabi had to witness.

And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run

From that moment on he’s been desperately trying to find you. In any dream, smell, picture, book, song, and now high. He was running towards you no matter what.

And we run

Until we breakthrough

It wasn’t until now that he found the perfect way to have you back again. A high that brought him to you.

If I get high enough

One that allowed him to feel you, to hear you, to see you.

If I get high enough

Will I see you again?

Even if it was just for a little bit, he would do it all again to see you again. To have you in his arms again.

I feel my loss every night
Not long to wait

It’s a painful feat to have you again and have to say goodbye to you every single time. Reminding him of the pain he felt that day over and over again.

And if I do this thing right
I dream of our escape

Motivating him to try again and find that perfect balance that would keep you in his grasp forever. A chance to never say goodbye to you again.

And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run

He will run through hell to get to you again.

And we run

Until we breakthrough

He would do it all even if it meant he had to prepare himself to do this all over again.

If I get high enough

Just high enough to hear your voice. To see your beautiful face stare at him as you tell him you love him over and over again.

If I get high enough

Will I see you again?

Watching as you wrapped him into your embrace assuring him that you’re okay.

Will I see you again?

Only to have you slip through his grasp once again. Watching as you stared at him in confusion as you slowly disappeared from his sight.

If I get high
If I get high
If I get high

Leaving him with his thoughts again. The feeling of emptiness overbearing him motivating him to search for that high once again.

And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run

Running towards you, towards your embrace. To let him know that you’re okay and that you still love him.

And we run

Until we breakthrough

Finding that high only to realize that it isn’t the same as before. That sooner than not you would be out of his reach and he would be left to himself.

And we run, And we run

And we run, And we run
And we run, And we run
And we run

But that doesn’t stop him. He would run to the ends of the earth to have you again. Even if it meant for only a second.

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Hi, hope you like this!

I give you……..


Quirk type: transformation

Quirk summary: you have the ability to turn into any type of penguin that you know about and gain there special qualities when you do so based on the specific species.

Drawbacks: you gain a carving for fish and seafood after you use your quirk.

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note: motivation for anything other than my oc machine go brrrrrr,,,,so have these cute headcanons!


- when you first proposed a ice skating date to him,,,he was worried

- he was never really the most agile person, so he’d be terrified of falling on his face

- and he did exactly that!

- the minute you both got onto the rink, he was slipping and sliding, holding onto the rails for dear life

- which of course would make you giggle, it was such a funny sight to see!!

- but out of the blue, he’d get the hang of it

- he’d still have to hold onto your hand to stop himself from falling, but he started to enjoy himself!

- just never propose that date again

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Sugar, Butter, Flour…

Peachy: I really like the title of this fic cuz it’s a line from the musical Waitress! One of my personal favorites. I really got nothing much to say in this note except enjoy! Maybe eat something sweet while reading this…

Baking w/ Shoto Todoroki (1.4k words)

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Sfw for a change of pace for me. Feeling soft and straight up sleep deprived.

First Kiss with my bois and girlies - Aged up

Midoryia Izuku


-Boy looks like he just went on a run, nervous sweat

-Hands are clammy, might be shaking a little as your date wraps up and he’s taking you back to your home

-Can’t keep putting this off. Being a gentleman is one thing, but being a coward is completely another

-You fiddle with your keys or your bag, trying to stall to help him out.

-Leans in real slow, gives you plenty of time to back out if you don’t want to do this

-80/20 rule with this soft broccoli - he goes in 80% and waits for you to close the 20% gap

-His lips are soft and warm, hands will find your arms while his thumbs trace small circles on your skin

-Intimate, slow kiss - he’s waited so long that he won’t rush this

-Says goodnight with the goofiest grin on his face

Todoroki Shouto


-Can’t he see that you’re stalling?

-You gotta take matters into your own hands

-When he drops you off, his hands are intertwined with yours

-Thinks this is affection but cmon you want more

-When he tries to pull away to let you step inside your house, you pull him back to you

-Confused Sho is the cutest

-Tip toes are needed for him, press close to his chest

-Lips are a bit cooler than expected but the sigh he gives is better than any kiss you’ve ever had before

-Small smile, but big love

Bakugou Katsuki

-Smooth operator

-Not half as experienced as he pretends to be

-You’re pretty sure he’s tried to kiss you several times already but couldn’t seal the deal

-Gremlin but make it soft

-Too cliche for first kiss to be at your door, takes you on a drive in his nice ass car

-Low key showing off his money for you, silly boy

-You just want him for him, not his cash

-Takes you to a national park for your weekly park

-Neither of you are dressed up, but it doesn’t matter

-Holds your hand as you hike, helps you over rough terrain even if you don’t need it

-“Take my fucking hand, idiot! You’ll roll an ankle and I’m not carrying you back.” (Would 100% carry you back and take care of you, but can’t admit that out loud.)

-Kisses you at sunset, traces his thumb over your lips before slowly leaning in and sealing the deal

-Totally not cliche…..

Ashido Mina

-Holding back is HARD

-Wants to smother you immediately

-Maybe with tongue, who cares if it’s the first kiss

-Takes you to a carnival, knows it’s the perfect time to finally get her lips on yours

-Ah, the old “You’ve got cotton candy on your lips” trope

-Works but takes you by surprise

-You need another kiss immediately

-Hands intertwine for this one, sticky sugar mess be damned

-Struggles not to be handsy in public


Jirou Kyoka

-Almost as nervous as Midoryia

-More bashful less ‘I’m going to die’

-Cannot stop staring at your lips as you sing

-She leans over to you and kisses you mid sentence

-Pecks a kiss, really. Not a real kiss.

-Oh, you’ll show her a real kiss

-No tongue, baby would straight up pass out

-Dazed look in her eyes is worth everything

-You both want more but also want to take things slow

-Both of you blush like messes

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