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You guys happy now Michael tried reading fanfiction during a Twitch stream but he couldn’t finish cuz it scared the shit outta him if the band disbands tomorrow its cuz theyre scared of us

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I’ve read a few tweets about how Luke is taking over the show because the rest of the guys don’t have enough solos in C A L M, especially Michael. 

But have you ever thought that maybe Michael doesn’t want the solo attention? Like, whenever we’ve heard him sing when they’re fooling around, he’s singing harmonies like his life depended on it and whenever he has to sing his own parts, he gets breathless and shit. 

Like, I’m not talking shit about him, if anything I like his voice the best, but as a person who’s stood in front of a fair amount of people with a mic in hand, I can spot the signs of slight anxiety and stage fright because I have them myself. Some of us are just better leading the show from the back. 

That being said, I can almost guarantee that Michael and Calum will be singing their butts off during concerts, because it takes multiple people to produce those heaven-to-our-ears harmonies. And they’ll be doing one hell of a job. 

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do you think all of the PR stuff like the engagement and lierra is to clean up what happened in like 2016 with azeralya and luke and etc?

I definitely believe that the Lierra PR stunt is to clean up Luke’s image after Larzaylea, but I also think the stunt serves as a way to rebrand Sierra after her and Alex broke up as both a couple and a band.

By being associated with Luke, Sierra simultaneously serves as a contrast to Arzaylea and manages to gain massive amounts of support and stans who will blindly follow her because she is dating Luke. Whenever she decided to release music (which I think it being worked up to now that she has a writing credit on the album. I feel like it’s possible and plausible that she and Luke might perform the song together. There’s also been photos of her in the studio within the last couple months, which indicates she is working on something), she’ll have a huge fan base with will buy her music and boost her career. Then when they “break up”, she’ll still have attention on her because of the publicity their “break up” with bring.

However, I don’t think Mystal have anything to do with Luke and the whole Larzaylea fiasco. They seem to be their own separate entity with different reasons for their PR or PR elements of their relationship.

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there i was casually googling luke hemmings outfits bc he dresses well and a weight loss thing cane up and some tweets about the boys being fat and i was like you do know when you get older especially boys that jump around on stage are going to fluctuate their weight and get muscular etc. also like they are tall so weight does look different on taller people anyways what i’m trying to say is i’m tired of people talking about other people’s weight and the double standard on women v men on this

I completely agree that it’s wrong for people to comment on the weights of others. It baffles me that people can make horrible comments about people who are perfectly healthy without realizing how damaging and triggering their words are.

This isn’t the first time the topic of Luke’s weight has been an issue either, and while I recognize that this had been an issue for all the boys at one time or another, it particularly breaks my heart to hear people speak about Luke’s weight because of how he’s talked about his body in the past.

His weight has fluctuated during his years of fame. He’s either been so thin to a point where I was worried about him, or he’s been a seemingly healthy weight. The fact that people bully him about his weight disgusts me, and this goes for all the boys and every other person as well.

I don’t know—this topic fires me up in a special way because while I am all for people expressing their opinions, I am against people attacking other for things as silly as physical appearance or weight. I think it’s pathetic for people to base their hate or dislike for someone off of those things, and I think it’s even more pathetic for ‘fans’ to stoop so low as to attack someone for their weight.

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