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i will pay pj heywood 15 dollars to say cunt in william or michael’s voice

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“Does everyone have their wrist bands?”

The little group of children all nodded and cheered in confirmation, showing William their wrists. However, there was one wrist that didn’t rise, causing the man to sigh and move in, kneeling down to the smallest child. “What’s wrong, my love? Why are you so upset?”

“I- I-I I don’t wa-anna go in there, daddy, they-ey’re scary-!..” Michael whined, nuzzling in as his father helped dry his face, cupping both cheeks and using his thumbs to wipe his tears away.

“Oh, Mike.. So very fragile, you are.. Be brave, it’s only for a few hours. We’ll be in and out, and it’ll be over before you know it. You don’t want to disappoint the rest of the kids, do you?”

“Yeeeaahh, do ya, Mikey-Tikey?”

William glared at the teasing child, shaking his head as Johnathan and his friends snickered. Turning his attention back to his tearful little boy, he finished their tiny discussion. “Just.. Try. If not for them, then for you. It’s your birthday, learn to enjoy yourself..” And with that, William ruffled his hair and stood up, giving a bright smile to pump-up the crowd of kiddos. “Remember the guidelines, behave yourselves, and have fun~!

William opened the doors and allowed the excited children access to Fredbears, watching them with glee as they all jumped with joy and hopped to the waiting line, his smile especially growing as he saw Johnny helping Michael pick up the pace. Before he followed them in, a strange jolt shocked his spine, making his joints shudder, and every hair on his neck and down stand up. This.. Dark feeling began lingering, and it made William feel.. Unsafe. Looking around, he made a small pace away from the doors, and found a white, fluffy creature in the far distance. Despite the length between them, their eyes met, and dread washed over the man in a high-dosage. Williams breath became shaky, as did his emotions, and he was quick to act irrationally on them.

Tff... Stupid dog.. Go home!” He yelled loudly, lightly kicking the dirt as he turned to head inside. He didn’t understand why that creature made him so uneasy, but he felt personally threatened by it, and intimidation is not something William handles well.



The car bounces lightly while trailing down the bumpy street, only the sound of Johnathan’s occasional tearful-sniff being heard from inside. Paige held the boys hand for comfort, silently trying to entertain herself, as did the other kids. Looking out the window, she pretended a little man was running to keep up with the car, dodging obstacles like promotional signs and street-lights. Her playful motivation was soon to die, beginning to feel a sense of unease. Looking up, she spotted a fluffy white canine-like animal in the distance, gasping upon sighting it.

Mmm-! Mr. Afton! Mr. Afton, doggie! Can we stop? Can we stop for th-“


At the rough tone, Paige immediately silenced herself, slouching down in her seat. She turned back to the Absol, waving to it as it was lost to their movement.

This has been a really long make-up ride…

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Michael: Mom, Dad? There’s someone outside my window.

William: And?

William: You think I want to see that shit? That sounds scary as Hell.

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You know the creator

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I love @clowntrap’s version of Mike so fucking much. I don’t know how to draw him at all like fuck. but here =)

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I wanna know how Ennard knew where Michael lived in both endings.

In the True ending I suppose they could have wired into Michaels brain and got information that way but the fake ending where Ennard crawls on screen how did they find him? 

Did they look through company documents? Does Michael live in their childhood home?

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Michael: I just want someone to take me out.

Ennard: Like on a date or with a sniper gun?

Michael: Surprise me.

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Here are some fan designs of Michael Afton!!

This is his work outfit. He doesnt wear peircings to work so they cant get ripped out lmao


annnd this is is casual outfit! I see him wearing these punk-ish clothes like he used to when he was a kid and looking all tough but in reality he just wants the best for people

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