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#michael b jordan

Can Erik Killminger/N’Jadaka stop being hot? It’s unfair, he’s making me question my morals. Like, boo, I get it, you evil, but can you pls make it easier to hate you by just being ugly like Thanos? Thanks!

Sincerely, everybody who fell in love with the villain… again

P.s. it would also make it easier if you weren’t fighting the wrong fight for the right cause… just saying, step out that grey ‘Rebel with a cause’ zone and go to ‘killing for fun bc asshole’ zone… I really don’t like liking you, stop being so damn relatable!


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How can one (1!) person be so damn fine… is that healthy? Or legal?!

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Tom Hiddleston, Michael b Jordan, aaaaannnd Steve Carell haha

Tom hiddleston?

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Michael b Jordan

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Steve Carnell? Um he’s daddy now so

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

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Pairing: Erik Stevens x plus size!reader

Word count: 2 192

Summary: Owning a company and working for it is not easy, but with a special someone by your side, it can become bearable. But what if that special someone ends up making it harder than it already is ?

Warnings: A little bit of Angst and then more fluff.

A/N: Hey guys, ever since I started reading fanfic, I’d rarely find any fanfic where the reader is the ceo, and those are actually some of my favourites to read. I’ve always wanted to write a fic where the reader is a strong independent woman, not that those don’t exist I actually read plenty of them, and I got recently inspired by @jalapenobarnes​ ‘ amazing series Sweet Life, except that I wrote this one-shot for Erik Killmonger instead of Bucky Barnes. I hope you guys like this one, and I recommend you read Sweet Life because it’s honestly one of my favourites.


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The light of your laptop in front of you just blended with the sunlight breaking through your curtains. It’s a normal office day, except, it wasn’t so normal..

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just mercy appreciation


no spoilers here, please watch the movie!

The 2019 movie Just Mercy directed by Destin Daniel Cretton is an immensely moving commentary on the American criminal justice system that I highly recommend you watch. It’s by far one of my most favorite movies because of how thrilling and compelling it is, despite there being no physical fights or physical action. 

Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan), a Harvard graduate, moves to Alabama to defend those wrongly accused of crime or those who were not properly defended. His first case, Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), is put on death row for being wrongly accused of the murder of an 18 year old girl in 1987. With the help of his colleague Eva Ansley (Brie Larson) and her family, Bryan Stevenson makes it his top priority to get Walter McMillian out of jail.

One thing I truly loved about the movie was the progression of events. The beginning is painstakingly slow, as you are wondering how Stevenson and McMillian will find their ways to each other. Then, it seems as if time is going even slower as Stevenson tries to gain the trust of the reluctant McMillian so that Stevenson can find a way to reopen McMillian’s case and erase his sentence. You find yourself getting impatient as Stevenson proceeds to exhaustively find evidence to prove that McMillian is innocent and gets rejected time and time again by the supreme court to have another trial for McMillian. All of a sudden, as Stevenson’s requests are accepted, the movie quickens its pace, all of the suspense saved for the courtroom.

Just Mercy is a very provoking commentary in that it fully exposes the corruption and blatant racism that’s still quite present in America today, especially in the justice system. The movie gets you hooked right from the beginning, as you find yourself attached to the hopeful Stevenson, a young man seemingly ready to take on the world even though he does seem a bit naive at times. Throughout the movie, you get to know the prisoners stevenson met on death row, and while some of them are convicted of a crime they did do, you realize how grave and harmful capital punishment really is to both the prisoners and to our moral codes as human beings. You begin to realize how dehumanizing and even demonizing the American justice system is, especially to the Black population. What’s even sadder is that the justice system is an extreme symbolism of racism in America.

The movie depicts prisoners as who they really are: humans. Humans that are imperfect.

Soon, you find yourself attached to the prisoners as well, and you begin to root for them and hope that they find a way out of their death sentences.

Both Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx display their extensive and quite amazing acting prowess in this movie. This casting for this movie was impeccable, and had a lot of strong actors that really pulled off the story. 

Just Mercy has such a humanizing effect on the viewer, not only because you see how Stevenson and McMillian fight for equality, but also because you realize that racism isn’t always linear. You realize just how deep racism can run and how it can lead to the silencing of not only the minority but also the majority. Throughout the movie you discover that some of the White residents and even the prisoners are not racist because they genuinely carry a hatred for Black people, but because they’re afraid of those with authority who are the true racists. In the movie, you see that most humans are capable of sympathy. They just need that kickstart to make change.

But most of all, you see how just mercy is the biggest leader of change.

I highly recommend this movie to all, as it contains such a resonating and powerful message about racism, human nature, and sympathy. Upon leaving the theater I found myself still in tears over this movie and I don’t think I’ll ever forget this movie. It holds a dear place in my heart and I know for sure I will never shut up about it. 

please share your thoughts with me! :) <3

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Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.


Fey had enjoyed her first truly fun day in as long as she could remember since being in the dale. She seldom stopped laughing. It had been her and four at first — he’d been in the great library looking over a book three times his size.

“Erik needs help and since you’re being a bad wife, I’m looking for extra strategies” the insolent overgrown child says without looking up from the papers.

“Because you know everything” Fey comments sitting beside her youngest brother.

“I know more than you”

Yeah?” Fey smiles and he hands her a scroll written in a foreign scribe.

“It says” He says proudly. “That is we divert the stream from the violet springs, soak the ashes and then wet the gardens for the net three days the plants will take root again” Fey stands placing the scroll down to make sense of the drawings before looking at her brother in shock.

“Erik doesn’t need war plans, he’s fought them for longer than you’ve drawn breath” Fey comments picking him up with ease despite his protest. “And what do you know of a bad wife?” She asks tickling him.

“I said you’re a bad wife, not that you don’t love him” Fey sits back stunned at the Childs eyes — he missed nothing and had a knowingness to his innocence. “Come on let me bring this to the council then lets get my nephews so we can start on the garden.” He smiled running towards the council only to have some of men frustrated at Erik forcing them to stomach the presence of a child among them.

“My King” Fey and Four had bowed before fining Cassius and three with Eriks sons and heading to the gardens. Its an hour before they were all laughing and slipping and falling in the mud like swine planting seeds and digging holes to enable germination. The guards stood at attention perplexed at first before the infectiousness of their happiness enlisted their help.

Fey could feel peace again, balance and what it is like to live again while having a loving family.

Fey swallows getting stares as she and her army of mud men and boys trail into the castle. The whispers wait till she’s passed until the boys laughter resumes spreading smiles throughout the palace. They are given to their attendants who wash them, fey is cleaned herself by bess who is unamused with the places she’s gotten mud in as she brushes out her hair.

“You’re a Queen not an animal” she chastises. “Good god, look at those fingernails. Fey!” She shouts starting a manicure.

“Bess” Fey giggles and its been so long Bess freezes looking at the woman she’d raised from birth and loved as much as she would have loved her own children.

“That smile could change the world” she says.

“I’ll make sure to use it net time you start fussing” Fey winks as her body is dried and clean garments fit for a queen are placed onto her.

“Where are you off to now”

“My bed”

“The king has been in council since sunrise, his queen may be able to relieve him of his duties as she was frolicking”

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Some couples liked to stay at home and binge TV. When you told Erik about your photography hobby, he indulged you as much as he could. Erik took you art museums, weird locations, and anywhere he thought you could take pictures.

This evening, both of you watched a sunset on a beach. Your heels dug into the cooling sand. Your toes touched his. Both of your toes seemed to touch the sun as it said goodbye. You snapped a few pictures of the unique foot pose until Erik spoke up.

“You gonna sell those online?” he joked.

“No,” you chuckled. “I just want to remember us, right here, right now.” Erik kissed your cheek and pulled you back on the towel you both laid on. His eyes looked into yours.

“Then don’t blink. Just look at me,” he said.

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