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#michael b jordan ff

He was Erik…


So I came across MBJ’s interview onset gifs and the video (again) a couple of weeks! I also remember him interviewing w/ Oprah saying the role had began to make him depressed because he had to really dig deep to find the hurt Erik felt sooo I wrote the little one shot as MBJ’s significant other going through the lows of the role. Hope it’s good and someone likes it 🥴😅


“Me and Ryan … we’ve worked together a few times.” He stammered on his words. “And this is a project that we -you know- spoke about and once he heard about it” He rubbed his nose more signaling his irritation from all the questions. “Wanted me to do something different and play a villain” The sinister gleam had become evident in his now midnight black orbs. “my initial thoughts was like cool … when do we start?” He shrugged towards the interviewer.

Glancing at Michael one last time on your laptop screen, you’d realized the water on the brim of your eyes threatening to fall. While everyone loved the thought of an all black major cast and celebrated Michael for his role as one of Marvel’s greatest antagonists, you hated the role deep down in your core. You would never tell a soul that especially your friends and family but you saw what Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens did to your once happy, loving, and caring boyfriend.

The role had Michael eating different and even spending more and more of his time away from the house avoiding you like the plague. When he did decide to make an appearance at home, Michael isolated himself from you by taking up residency in a completely different room on the other side of your shared home. He shut you out of his life and one night ended up telling you how much he hated you and how much he wanted you to pack up and leave. Oddly enough you couldn’t leave. You didn’t want to leave him alone to go through this role. After awhile you two rarely spoke. He’d been quiet these days simply writing in his one of his many journals he always used to prepare for any role he had. His appearance was even different from the Michael you knew and so was the way he smelled. He was no longer the love of your life. This was a stranger…

The stream of tears fell down your cheek as you sat in there against the bed frame. Watching his Black Panther interviews had became a dirty habit of yours. You were desperate to figure out what happened to Michael. Searching for any clues in the context. Anyone on the outside would see Mike’s interviews and swoon over his appearance as Killmonger but you knew the truth. You knew how the role was eating him from the inside out but he wouldn’t dare admit. You knew how irritate and angry he was becoming when it came to interviews or being social. You knew and the only thing that you could do was cry.

“Michael?” You hummed hearing footsteps coming from the hallway of your shared home breaking you from your thoughts. He’d been ignoring you since his dive into that character. “Bakari…” You whispered before planting your feet on the plush carpet making your way towards ‘his room’. “Mic-“

“Would you stop calling my damn name!” He growled at you through clenched teeth. His dark eyes looked through you as if you were nothing to him. “I heard you the first fucking time!” His chest moved up and down rapidly. “What do you want, (Y/N)?”

Standing there feeling small under his harden glaze, you chewed on your bottom lip nervously attempting to muster up the courage to speak to him. “I-I” You hummed out playing with the hem of his once favorite t-shirt you wore. “I miss you.” Your breath hitched as he made way towards you looking at you intensely. This was the first time Michael had been this close to you .

The devilish grin spread across his face, “Nah.” He chuckled slightly. “I don’t believe that.” His head swayed back and forth before going back to his suitcase to ignore you again.

The hot tears flowed from your face once agin like a facet turned on high, while you stood there feeling completely shut out. “Where is Michael?’ You hummed looking at this angry stranger. “I fucking hate what this character did to you!” You snapped throwing one of the African souvenirs you’d bought when you went to set with him for a couple of weeks.

“You hate it?” Mike chuckled stopping mid fold. “You didn’t hate the shit when you were trying to fuck Killmonger.” He laughed deeply making his way towards you. “Or what about all the shit you bought with my money … off this role that you hate so much?” The only sound in the room was Michael’s panting breath against your left temple.

You wanted to deny what he said but you simply couldn’t. “You know what?” You peeped out lowly tired of the constant cries, the lonely dark nights and mourning mornings. “I can’t do this, Michael.” Your eyes averted to the left to look into those unknown eyes. “This role has done something to you You’re always hostile, sad, angry… ju- just not yourself.” The tears were flowing slowly onto your already stained cheeks. “Always looking as if you want to kill everything or everyone in sight.. including me.” You mumbled the last part. “I understand you have to do what needs to be done for this role but you need help.”

His eyes rolled at the thought of help. What help did he need? Michael knew once he was done with this role he could put Erik “Killmonger” Stevens to rest with all his other roles. (Y/N) was just being a spoiled brat because he was always away for the movie. He wasn’t angry nor hostile. He wasn’t sad or depressed. He didn’t have built up rage. That was all Erik and Erik wasn’t real. He had to make Erik come to life so he had to do what he needed to. He was angry. He was depressed. He was filled with rage. He was Erik and Erik was him. He was losing everything and everyone he loved. He needed help.

(Y/N) couldn’t look at Michael anymore. He wasn’t himself and although she loved him, she couldn’t continue to be his punching bag. She couldn’t continue to hold hate for the breakthrough role Michael so desperately was excited about. She loved him too much but you loved yourself even more. “I’ll always be here for you but I can’t stay here with you.” You mumbled into Michael’s chest. “Enough is enough.” You stood on your tiptoes as you placed a light kiss on his cheek, feeling him flench at the action.

As much as you didn’t want to leave you had to ….

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Playing Grounds….

Part 2


Two weeks had gone by since the run in with Erik and her petty ass was honestly still livid. How dare he dismiss her with that “aint worth shit” comment. He was the one that wasn’t worth a damn, well maybe a good time, fine, brown skin god of a man but that meant nothing. She’d tried convincing herself that she was glad he didn’t attempt anything anymore. A complete fucking lie.

Erik hadn’t even noticed her nor had he spoke to her since. (Y/N) spent a few extra minutes in her car mirror everyday for the past two weeks making sure she looked drop dead gorgeous just to be seen.

“Kill! Mama com’mer!” That familiar thunderous voice echoed through the park as the clumsy puppy scooped up the ball heading towards him.

(Y/N) watched from the swings as Erik flexed his muscles, without intention, continuing to throw the ball at the pup. Damn was he fine. The way Erik paused to take a sip of his water allowed (Y/N)’s mind to turn. She’d imagined his lips attached and sucking from her honeypot instead of that stupid plastic bottle.

“Mommy! Look I’m flyin’!” Zeke shouted from the very top of the swing knocking her from the inappropriate thoughts brewing in her mind. (Y/N) fixed her slim fitted scrubs that clung to her body perfectly.

“I see baby.” She smiled watching her son in a fit of giggles. “It’s almost time to go though. Let’s go grab your bag.”

Zeke hopped from the swing’s set taking off towards their belongings on the bench. He’d been in a good mood all afternoon since (Y/N) worked while he was in school meaning they were going home to spend the rest of the night doing whatever Zeke concocted in his 4 year old mind.

“Doggy!” Zeke ran towards the parking lot as (Y/N) watched him right on his trail.

“Babe! Slow down!” She hummed making her way to the car as he waited for her to unlock the door. “Get in and eat your snack.” She smiled closing the door to the back. “Shit!” Clutching her imaginary pearls at the sight of the midnight colored puppy standing at her trunk. Killa watched (Y/N) every move intensely as she attempted to make it toward the drivers side.

“Kill?!” That voice. The sound of irritation bounced into the air. “Killa! Baby girl where are you?” “Kil-“

“Erik! Get your fucking dog!” (Y/N) squeaked out as Erik made his way towards her harnessing Killa with the leather leash. “I thought you said she was nice?” She rolled her eyes riddled with fear.

“She is.” A devilish grin spread across his face. “When bitches are nice to me…” Erik tightened his grip on Killa turning around.

Hearing the word made her bubble at her core. This patchy beard ass negro! “Bitches?” Her pace picked up moving towards him. “Fuck you, Erik!” (Y/N) screamed slightly above her regular voice catching the attention of a few parents. “I.ain’t.shit? Her hands smacked together in his direction with each word. “I ain’t shit but you wanted to get to know me?” She scoffed.

His bottom lip wedged between his teeth replaced the sinister smirk as Erik watched her become the brat he knew she was. “You done?”

“Am I done?” (Y/N)’s head snapped to the side. This nigga was really testing her again.

“Yea.” Erik closed in on (Y/N)’s personal space. The minty fresh breath, saddlewood scent and those intense dark eyes paralyzed her momentarily. “Grown ass women out here acting out.” He chuckled licking his lips. “Sounds like a brat to me.” Her breath hitched taking in the factual insult as he got closer to her ear. “I’ll straighten your lil ass out.”

“Typical niggas.” She turned around going back towards her SUV. “Kiss my ass!” She shouted before throwing up her middle finger.

“I plan to, princess!” Erik chuckled watching her ass jiggle in her scrubs while she strutted back to her car. “Keep that same energy when I do!”

“You could never handle me!” She called from her car window pulling off.



The sterile smell of the hospital filled Erik’s nose as he walked through the halls on the hunt.

“Sir may I help you?” A women at the NICU nurse station stopped him on his hunt for her.

“I’m looking for (Y/N) (Y/LN).” He smiled letting the gold glisten from his mouth as her gave her full name. Smiling the nurse paged (Y/N). “Tell her it’s her man.” He winked.

“You can have a seat.” Erik took a seat waiting for her to come. He questioned what exactly he was doing. Why was he so intrigued by her? Erik knew who he was and he knew he could have his pick of any women yet here he was interested in a single mom with a whole fucking attitude. Why was he popping up to her job on some stalker shit?

“Hey Leah.” (Y/N)’s sweet voice made Erik’s heart flutter for a quick second. “Did you say my man?” She laughed slightly. “Or was the radio going out because I def-“

“What’s up, princess?” The plum scrubs complimented her chocolatey smooth brown skin. Her plump lips shined slightly from her cherry lipgloss. Of course (Y/N) looked beautiful and of course Erik couldn’t stop the part of him that wanted her no matter how many times she acted fucking bratty.

“What are you doing here Erik?” Her eyes looked shocked and most of all surprised. “How did you even know my name- no, how’d you know where I worked?” (Y/N) fired of questions to Erik as he stood there still in awe of her beauty. The fuck was wrong with him.

Brushing his fingertips across the badge against her chest, “Your badge, princess.” A slight smile swiped across (Y/N)’s face.

“So not only are you rude … I can add stalker too.”

“Told you I wanted to get you know, princess.” He winked as his right hand found its way on her hip.

“I have to commend you for you efforts.” Her lips spread from cheek to cheek showcasing her pearly whites. No one had ever been so dedicated to get to know her … not even Zeke’s dad.”

“When I like it” That familiar intense gaze watched her. “I get it.” The roll of her eyes only fueled Erik more. “Don’t act like you didn’t want my attention, (Y/N). I noticed the extra time you spent in your car at the park or how those scrubs started to show that ass even more.” Erik gripped the other side of waist pulling her warm body closer to his whispering in her ear. “Bratty ass needs to be taught a lesson.” His soft lips grazed her ear with each word. Any outsider would assume the two were a lovely couple talking intimately.

The slight moan escaped (Y/N)’s mouth. “Uh- I- mmh…take this.” She scribbled down quickly on one of her prescription sheets. “I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot.”

After watching her walk off down the hallway, Erik looked down on the sheet to discover her phone number. “Got that ass.”

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If any fic pages see this…

Just tag me in it ALL

Erik (or MBJ/ Adonis/ etc)

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman/ etc)

M’Baku (Winston Duke/ etc)

Trevante Rhodes (etc)

Annnnnnnnything! I’m here for it all 😂👏🏾


Originally posted by sofia1926

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“I’ve been there

Tell me everything you think i wanna hear

I’ll take care of you, i will”

-Caretaker Dram ft Sza


She was sick and He was broken. They had always been there for each other until they disappeared from one another’s life.

What happens when they both need to be each other’s caretaker as they make it through life ? …

Sza x Michael B. Jordan fanfic

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Trigger warning:

This chapter contains abuse and rape.

February 2016

The city that never sleeps, felt sleep for once. The normal hustle and bustle was on vacation it seemed. Even at 1 am, the train would have a little action. Sage glanced over to the left of her and saw a Hispanic boy with raggaeton blasting from his headphones, a group of guys and girls talking loudly, an older black lady falling asleep and to the far right of her it was a man wearing all black. Sage quickly darted her eyes back to her phone. She didn’t want to make eye contact at all. He could be a killer or something, she thought. No telling who you’ll get on a train in New York City.

She was tired, and she was completely drained. Working at a hospital was consuming her life and to be totally honest, Sage didn’t like it. She chose to do nursing as a safe space. She couldn’t disappoint her family. She had to be somebody and if that meant leaving the hospital in ”wee hours” of the morning, then she had to do it. She couldn’t let her family down, no matter how much she hated her work life.

Moments later the doors opened and Sage proceeded to leave off of the train, with the Hispanic boy following behind her. Making her way down E 98th, the snow began to fall at a rapid pace. Sage knew she had to get home, but with the cold air brushing against her face it felt impossible. The wind felt like she was hit with mountains of snow, but the blow to the back of her head felt even worse.

Sage’s limped body fell to the ground as blood made a pathway on the snow. Her scrubs had become stained from the blood that slowly dripped down from her head. She was unconscious, but suddenly her body was being dragged. Dragged to an unknown place and with her being temporarily knocked out, dragging her was an easy task.

Keep reading

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Who killed me?

It’s a mystery, but if it’s up to a few individuals, this case won’t go unsolved. 26 year old Sage Jones went missing on February 9, 2016, and was discovered a week after her death. Flyers and phone calls to the police didn’t do anything, but her family received an anonymous phone call from a stranger. Sage’s body was found wrapped in plastic wrap in alley in Brownsville, Brooklyn. After only a week of investigation for her killer, NYPD suddenly put the case aside, making it a cold case. 31 year old Trevor Washington, a detective with NYPD wants to change that, though. He feels no case, especially the ones similar to Sage Jones, should go unnoticed. He wants her family to have some closure, even he would have some closure as well.

Will he solve this cold case? Or will it just be a mystery forever?

A Michael B Jordan x Vashtie Kola fanfiction.

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I stood staring at my front door, just shaking my head. Normally I would’ve bugged the fuck up on Mosadi, but truthfully my mind and body were still on a high from the night before. Her reaction to Stoni not only let me know that I wasn’t the only feeling some type of way, but it definitely let me know Mosadi had began to become territorial over me. That shit made my mind race and my dick hard. The more time I spent around Mosadi the more I started to questioned my ability to love.

“I see you like them feisty, Mr. Jordan.” Stoni’s soft voice broke me away from my thoughts. I slowly turned to face her. Stoni was gorgeous no lie. And her innocence was the cherry on top to a perfect sundae, but she didn’t do it for me. “Don’t speak on something you don’t know shit about.” I snapped. I didn’t know why, but anybody referring to Mosadi always brought out my dark side. I could see Stoni tense up and back off. For once in my life I actually felt bad.

She’s the one person I don’t want to fear me.

“Damn.” I mumbled to myself as I stepped closer to Stoni. “I apologize for my tone and for Mosadi.” I locked eyes with Stoni. Her skin glowed perfectly under the natural light peaking through the curtains. “That’s Mosadi’s?” Stoni’s eyes grew as she pointed to towards the door like Mosadi still stood amongst us. We all know that if Mosadi was in fact in this room, Stoni wouldn’t even have been able to finish that question. The thought of Mosadi taking life excites me more than when I actually did it myself. I was so distracted in the image of Mosadi draining someone of their last breath it hadn’t even registered that Stoni mentioned her name without me even telling her about Mosadi before this moment.

“Wait, who told you about, Mosadi?” I could feel my eyebrow raise as I watched her. Her lips were perfect as they rested in a straight line I knew the wheels in her head were turning, trying to formulate a lie. Stoni had known better than to lie to me. I knew she knew this by the way she’s shifted before she let a deep sigh. “I heard you talking about her. I could tell she meant something by your tone. You know what I’m in school for Michael, so you know I pay close attention and study people.” Stoni’s eyes rested on me the entire time she spoke. I couldn’t even get mad…she was telling the truth.

I nodded. “Yeah that’s her, but enough of that shit. I apologized, you excepting that shit or what?” I completely forgot I ain’t really have no clothes on and by now I could feel Stoni’s eyes burning a hole into me. I chuckled some. “Maybe you should put on some clothes.” Stoni quickly licked her lips before returning her eyes to my face. “That would be a good enough apology for me.” She continued on. I found excitement in fucking with a female’s mind. So you should know I wasn’t going to make this easy for Stoni.

I laughed lowly as I ran my hand down my face. “Nah. I think we cool. You know how to keep shit professional, right? So my appearance shouldn’t bother you.” I stepped towards Stoni more. I wasn’t going to invade her space. But you better know she was going to feel my energy. “Okay, Shadow.” Her eyes avoided mine. “I just came to discuss a few documents regarding your businesses.” This time she stepped towards me. Her body almost touched mine as she reached for her briefcase before heading towards my kitchen. I followed her. When it came to my business matters all games went out the window.

But sometimes I had play.

I watched Stoni spread the contents of her briefcase across the island top. “You’ve been missing out on a few important meetings, Michael.” I could feel her eyes on me as I stepped closer to the counter. My eyes gazing over each sheet of paper. “Things been kind of crazy.” I said in a nonchalant tone as I picked up a paper. My eyes landing on a proposal for a new business deal. “I understand that, but I need you…” Her voice trailed off as I kept my eyes on the piece of the paper in my hand. I felt her soft skin against my face, letting me know her hands had cupped my face. I brought my eyes to her as her touch became firm. “I need you to stay focused and remember why you’re in this game. You have a plan, don’t get off track.” Stoni spoke to me with so much care and concern…I didn’t know how to respond.

Her thumb was lightly brushing my lips as she continued to hold my face still in her hands. “Do you hear me?” Her voice rose an octave. I chuckled some and licked my lips, purposely making my tongue brush against her thumb. I felt her shiver a bit, causing a smirk to spread against my lips. “I hear you, Stoni.” I mumbled lowly, never breaking eyes contact with Stoni. “Shadow I’m serious! You can’t even let that crazy bitch Mosadi stand in your way. You got that?” Stoni stared at me the same way my father used to when he meant business. I nodded and grabbed Stoni by the waist. I pulled her close enough just to make our bodies touch a little. I rested my forehead against hers. “I hear you Stoni…” I let my voice trail off as my lips damn near touched hers. “But if you ever disrespect Mosadi again…I’ll kill you myself. I treat her like I treat my businesses, I don’t play.”   I backed away and flashed a devilish grin before disappearing.

I stepped into my office and flashbacks of Mosadi flooded my mind before Quentin interrupted them. “What the fuck is up with you, Shadow?” Quentin questioned me as if he was the boss. “Why the fuck does everybody keep asking me that?!” I barked loudly. “Don’t even answer that shit. Just know the next mothafucka to ask me that will sleep in Shadows.” I meant every word that came out of my mouth. Everybody and their fucking mama been questioning me about my actions lately

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t off my square a bit. But it had nothing to do with Shadow…it was all Michael and his bullshit. So much shit from my personal life was coming to surface and that was one thing I never knew how to handle. Better yet I didn’t want to handle it.

“Say no more, Shadow.” Quentin took upon himself to sit down. I shook my head. This nigga was completely forgetting who the fuck head honcho was around these parts. “Next time wait until I ask you to sit.” I let the hatred drop from my words as I made my way towards my desk. I carefully sat Mosadi’s purse. For some add reason I had a feeling Mosadi didn’t give a fuck about her purse, that she was more worried about Stoni was.

I watched Quentin glance at Mosadi’s bag as I took a seat at my throne. “Why do you have Sadi’s things? You didn’t do anything to her, did you Shadow?!” I could sense the panic Quentin tried so desperately to mask. “Why the fuck are you questioning me? I don’t recall your name being on in ownership around this part?” I leaned forwards and glared at him. I felt like I was being taken for a joke and I never took lightly to than. Not even as a child. “Don’t ask me another fucking question regarding my actions, Quentin. Understood?” I locked eyes with Quentin. I meant business. It’s bad enough Que been acting weird lately,  is he’s questioning me. I was never a dummy.

“Understood Shadow.” I could sense the anger in his voice, but like everybody else Quentin knew better. “So, about this Banks’ dude?” Quentin was skeptical as always. He asked a lot of questions, but recently it’s been worse. I sighed some and relaxed in my seat. “He did a good job, but he’s not Johnny. The little nigga is quick and efficient. I just don’t know about his temper.” I told the truth. I had a bad temper, but Banks’ temper was the type to get messy and reactive off impulse. I reacted off impulse, but I was smart enough to know how to handle aftermath. I didn’t know if Banks was equipped with that trait

“From what I know, he’s pretty much like Mosadi. And we both know that can go or bad. You know right from wrong, Shadow. Trust your gut on this one.” I nodded in agreeable with Quentin’s statement. Banks’ movements told me that one day he would be just as great as Mosadi, but his temper was still a factor. Not to mention I could tell he had issues with authority. I would tolerate that shit from Mosadi, but Banks was different. I wouldn’t think twice about sending him to the shadows.

“I’ll figure shit out soon. It’s a must. I can’t have Johnny’s spot open for too long.” That nigga Johnny….I still can’t believe I had to end a nigga I consider family life. Quentin went to speak but as always Mosadi barged into my personal space. “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SHIT?” She was still heated from earlier I could tell I laughed loudly.

“Sit the fuck down.” My voice was thick and strong I had enough of this bullshit.



“SIT THE FUCK DOWN!” I couldn’t help but give him the dirtiest look. I don’t know who the fuck he thought he was, but he wasn’t going to talk to me any kind of way. Before I could speak I heard a familiar voice.

“Sadi, calm down.” Turning my attention from shadow, my eyes meet Quentin. I haven’t talked to him in weeks and here he was in Shadow’s office trying to tell me what the fuck to do. All that did was make me even more angry at this whole situation in general. In my eyes Quentin was a bitch ass nigga. The fact that he was so mad at what happened between me and Shadow proved to me how much of a bitch he was and right now I didn’t want to be near him.

“Quentin get the fuck out.” I muttered while sizing him up. The look of shock spread across his face before he cleared his throat and straighten out his tie. I watched as his lips parted as he started to speak.

“Mosadi, I’m pretty sure this is Shadow’s office.” He said as a smirk spread across his lips. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I took a step towards him only for Shadow to wrap his arms around my waist, stopping me in my tracks.

“You heard what the fuck she said.” Glancing up, my eyes met Shadow’s as his face showed a hint of amusement. His eyes never went to Quentin as his threats continued. “Get the fuck out Quentin.” The power his voice held was enough to start a pool of wetness in my panties. Licking over my lips, my eyes went to Quentin watching as he shook his head at the sight of us. He gathered his documents and nodded at Shadow before making his way out of the room. Once the door closed behind him, I quickly pushed Shadow from me.

“Get the fuck off me nigga, give me my shit.” I didn’t come here to be all up on him, I wanted what belonged to me so that I could keep it pushing. The image of that bitch still burned in my mind and I wanted nothing but to fuck her up and this nigga.

“You’re crazy.” He said simply before sitting at his desk. His face wore a small smirk as he reach on his desk and grabbed my bag. “You need to chill the fuck out, don’t you get tired of having an attitude all the time?” I could sense the humor in his voice as he spoke.

“Can you just give me my shit, so I can go?” I tried my best to keep my voice even but this nigga was making it hard. He now had a smile spread against his face as he went through my bag, pulling out my gun. I watched as he admired it, his feet kicked up on the desk.

“Come here.” He muttered while glancing in my direction. I stood in place not wanting to say shit to this nigga. “Come here, Mo’” his voice game out a little more softer and I soon found myself standing in front of him. His big hands rest on my hips before pulling me down to him so that I was straddling his lap. “I must say, you got good taste in weapons.” He said with a chuckle, sitting the gun back on his desk. I let myself relax a little as his hand rested on my bare thigh. “And in clothes also..” He muttered. I knew the black Chanel mini dress complimented my body well as it showed ever curve I owned. I could feel his eyes sizing me up as his hand inched to my inner thigh. My breathing got a little unsteady as I allowed his finger tips to gently stroke my skin. His touch alone was making me melt and soon the image of his bitch popped into my head quickly making me push his hands off me.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” I spat while rolling my eyes, trying to reach for my gun. His hands were quick as he tossed it on a nearby couch. I felt his arms wrap around my waist pulling me closer to him, my chest touching his as I sat completely on his dick. Our face was inches apart as he spoke.

“Chill the fuck out.” My eye stayed on his lips watching his tongue gazed across them causing my lower body to weaken. But I couldn’t let him get to me, if he thought he was going to play me for that little Ms. Innocent hoe, he had another thing coming.

“Why don’t you leave me alone and go call your bitch. You know, the scary hoe from yesterday.” Shadow chuckled and shook his head, his smile never leaving his lips.

“She works for me, Mosadi.”

“Oh, so you fucking your workers?”

“Not yet.” He said cockily as a smirk appeared against his lips. His hands made their way back to my thigh as I glared at him. He was pissing me off. “I never fucked her.” He said, keeping his eyes on mine. I knew he was telling the truth but I also knew he felt some type of way about her. “I like her tho, You can’t tell me that bitch ain’t fine.” A chuckle left his lips, but my face stared solid.

“I’ll kill her.” I said while keeping my eyes on his. I was dead serious. I could feel the jealously creeping up through me and I swear I wanted nothing but to fuck up her pretty little face. “I will kill her Shadow.” I spat. It didn’t faze him, his hands crept up my thigh and to my waist as I leaned down and pressed my lips softly against his. I knew there was no point in hiding anything now, I knew how I felt about the annoying ass nigga. Nothing has felt this good in a long time. Something about him calmed me yet gave me this fire I couldn’t control. I could feel myself melting away as his lips sucks softly against mine, His strong hands gripping my ass, as I let a soft moan slip from my mouth, pulling away.

“I ain’t feeling no bitch but you.” He said before pulling my lips back down to his.

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The more Dough sat across from me with this dumb look on his face, the angrier I became. I didn’t like to be lied to. Dough should’ve known this by now. It didn’t matter who you were, how long I’ve known you or any other bullshit, you didn’t fucking lie to me. And at this moment, Dough was lying to me. I didn’t need him to say it, I could tell by the way he carried himself.

“I didn’t see any harm in letting her shower in here, Shadow. She did do a job for you.” Dough was quick and sarcastic with his words as he laughed a bit. However what seemed to humor Dough at this moment, didn’t humor me at all. “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF THAT BITCH DID A MILLION JOBS FOR ME, YOU DON’T FUCKING LET PEOPLE IN MY PERSONAL SPACE WITHOUT MY FUCKING PERMISSION.” I slammed my hands down against my desk as I shot Dough a death glare. I had to admit, some of my anger came from not actually being able to witness Mosadi’s escapade in person.

Dough quickly nodded and mumbled, “No problem, Shadow. It won’t happen again…you have my word.” He kept his eyes on me I shook my head. I glanced at the face of my watch and without saying a word I stood to my feet and slid my arms into my suit jacket. I kept my silence as I gathered the things that I needed for today’s events. “You can stay here today.” I spoke as I glanced at Dough. He still wore a scared expression on his face. “Why?” He challenged my statement causing me to laugh lowly. “I don’t need your services.” I cut my eyes at Dough before I left him in silence.

I don’t know what the fuck has been up, but Dough ain’t been the Dough I knew from them grade school days. The nigga been off, real off. And I wasn’t feeling that shit one bit, but you can bet I was going to get to the bottom of that bullshit. I was starting to feel like the mothafuckas closest to me were becoming the people I could trust the least.

I made my way through the streets of my city by myself. I had decided that today I would put this Banks nigga to the test. I had a different test for him than I had ever given anyone else. Something about that little nigga told me he could probably do more than the average to take a nigga’s life away. But yet I still had my doubts about him. His young ass face was one factor that kept repeating in my head. Nobody would forget a face like his. That why I had that specific test in mind. I know he won’t be Johnny fast, no one would be, but I need to see what this Banks mothafucka could do.

Within the next forty-five minutes, I had Mosadi, Banks and the guest of honor waiting inside one of the many abandoned houses that Chicago had to offer. I couldn’t help but keep my eyes glued to Mosadi as she spoke lowly to Banks. I slowly licked over lips as the images of her with her fingers buried deep inside of her started to flood my mind. Mosadi was that one bitch that actually had me wondering what her moans sounded like…what she felt like at that. And now I was even more confident in the fact that she was wondering those same fucking things about me.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Mosadi snapped in her normal tone. I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess I wasn’t the only one putting on act. I stepped forward, moving closer to her and Banks. “I’m still trying to figure that shit out. Your body tells me I’m looking at a woman, but that attitude…” I trailed off, letting Mosadi size me up as she dropped her hands to her hips. “What the fuck do you have to say about my attitude now nigga?” I watched as her eyes traveled somewhere and quickly snapped back to my face. I licked over my lips and chuckled some. “Your attitude is all man.” I stated as I looked her dead in the eye.

I watched as Mosadi tensed up. I chuckled a bit but that didn’t stop me from noticing Banks out of the corner of my eye. I could see him reach for his waist, presumably to retrieve his gun. I turned my head in his direction. “Your OG would be paying for your funeral before you could even get the safety off, young bull.” I looked Banks dead in the eyes as I spoke. He had to have heart if he was willing to try and take my life. “Banks, don’t.” Mosadi directed towards him but she kept her eyes on me. “What the fuck are we here for, Shadow?” Mosadi continued on. I slowly brought my eyes back to her.

“To see if he can pass.” I smirked as I moved towards the heavyset Arabian. His time was up and I was giving Banks the opportunity to be the one to handle it.

“I’m giving you sixty seconds to end his life.” Banks chuckled at my statement. Not a damn thing was funny and my patience was running low. Instead of one dead body being left inside this shithole, it might just be two. “That ain’t shit. I can end his life in ten seconds.” He boosted as he finally withdrew his gun. “You’ve mistaken me, Banks.” Now I chuckled as I glared at the young boy. “You have sixty seconds to end his life using no gun and no knife. Utilize your surroundings. You never know when it’s time to send niggas to the shadows with no form of the typical weapon.”

This time Banks didn’t laugh. Instead he glanced toward Mosadi. I could see the amusement hidden behind her eyes. She was addicted to killing and watching people be killed. She didn’t have to tell me that, I just know. I know because that look in her eyes is the same one behind mine.

“Can you handle that?” Banks nodded in response to my question. “Good.” I stepped away from Sam and Mosadi made her way to the side of me. I could feel the heat radiating off her body as she stood close enough for my body to touch hers if I even moved the slightest. I looked at my watch, waiting for a fresh minute to began. As soon as the second hand slid across the twelve I gave Banks a nod. My eyes going back and forth from him to my watch. I anticipated his every move as he glanced around the junky home. I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or focused. However, I can say this when Banks’ intent was to kill, his face was no longer readable. That was indeed a great asset to have.

I watched as he quickly reached for a wooden board, breaking so the end became jagged. I glanced at my watch yet again. Banks had a little under thirty seconds to prove himself. The moment my eyes left my watch and returned to Banks, he was driving the broken end of the wood deep into Sam’s chest until it began to show through his back. I smirked as I watched the blood began to seep from Sam’s body as his life left his body. I took one last look at my watch. Banks still had a mere fifteen seconds to spare. “Good enough for you?” Mosadi finally spoke after awhile. I turned and glanced at her.

“There’s still a few things to work on, but good job Banks.” I turned my focus back to Banks. “I’ll sit down with you and discuss a few things later this week.” I nodded in Banks direction. “But for now…” I paused as I snapped my fingers. Two clean up men appeared from the dark shadows of the house. “You’ll help them clean up this mess.” I kept my eyes on Banks. I could tell he didn’t like my commands, but he wanted the job. “Okay, Shadow.” Banks finally responded. I didn’t say a word, I just made my way towards the door leaving him and Mosadi to talk.

“Michael?” I heard a familiar voice call from behind me as I made my way to my vehicle. I didn’t know whether to keep walking or turn around and acknowledge her. I went against my better judgment and turned to face her. “What?” My tone was icy as I eyed her. Her appearance the same as it had been for years. Her hair was matted down and she smelled like she hasn’t showered since the last time I paid for her a room to stay in. “How are you?” Her yellow eyes peered into me. I wanted so desperately to kill this bitch. But yet I wanted to make sure she was okay. “Don’t worry about how the fuck I’m doing.” Even I could hear the hate I had for in my voice. That was the one thing that probably bothered me the most in life.

“You don’t have to be so cold, baby.” The voice that I once always wanted to hear but now couldn’t fucking stand, crawled from her dry wind pipes. “I just wanna know how you’re doing, Michael.” This time her voice was shaky and I could feel the dry skin of her fingers against my face. In this moment I had wished I could step outside of my body just to see the expression on my face. I knew it read nothing but pure hatred and disgust. The two things I felt most for this sorry excuse of a woman. “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME BITCH!” I could feel the ground shake from the loudness of my voice as I smacked her scaly fingers from my face. “I will fucking kill you if you ever touch me again, Joi.” I couldn’t help my anger as I soon found my hands clutching her skin, threatening to harm her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Even as she stared at me with tears in her yellow eyes, I still had no sympathy for her. It wasn’t until I seen the anger in Mosadi’s eyes from behind Joi, that I knew it was best for me to let this bitch go. “Shadow, you need me to handle this bitch?” Mosadi eyed her. That killer instinct evident in Mosadi’s gazes. I dropped my hands from her and glanced at Mosadi. “Nah, she good.” I turned back to Joi. “You got ten seconds to get the fuck away from me, before I take you out of your misery..” I didn’t hesitate to let hate drip from my words. She didn’t argue or even speak, she just shook her head and walked away. I kept my eyes on her, finding it hard not to watch her. On everything, I hated this bitch, but I still wondered where she was going.

“What the fuck was that about?” Mosadi’s voice brought my eyes away from watching Joi disappear. “Nothing.” I mumbled and started towards the car. “Fuck that bullshit nigga! Since I met you I never seen you look at somebody the way you looked at that junkie. Fuck is up with that shit?” I stopped in my spot and looked over my shoulder at Mosadi. I don’t why this bitch was so concerned with my business. I won’t lie, I wanted to know what look she was speaking of, but a part of me already knew what look she meant. “Mind your fucking business, Mosadi.” I spat. “Okay. Fuck you too then nigga, stay mad. But I know something got you right now. You was about to drop a junkie bitch in daylight. And you Shadow don’t just kill anybody in daylight for just any reason.” I stared at Mosadi in amazement as she read me a bit too well.

I sighed. “Look, I won’t talk about that shit. But I can admit I’m mad as fuck and I need to go do something about it. I could do something stupid or I could…” I trailed off, carefully choosing my next few words so I won’t offend Mosadi. “Or I could take you somewhere and you could help me fix that.” I watched her face. For a moment I seen her face soften. She must’ve noticed too because she looked away. “Take me where, Shadow?” Mosadi slowly looked up at me. “My sanctuary.” I spoke calmly as Mosadi continued to look at me. This time I felt like she was trying to read me, that or she wasn’t sure I was serious. I stepped closer to Mosadi and took her hand in mind. For a moment I almost let go. Not because I didn’t wanna hold her, but because of the feeling that ran through me when her skin touched mine.

“You wanna help me fix this shit or you want me to drop a junkie bitch in daylight?” I eyed her as she kept her hand in mine. Mosadi smiled a bit before she dropped it. “Sure nigga, whatever.” She mumbled, but never let go of my hand.



The ride was silent, not the weird kind of silence, but the comfortable one. No matter how hard I tried to keep my eyes off of him I couldn’t. We sat inches apart and it allowed me to study his face. I could tell he was still feeling some type of way about seeing that junkie. Memories of her face flashed in my mind, even though she was a junkie you could still see how beautiful she was. I couldn’t help but wonder who she was and why was Shadow so bothered by her. I’ve never seen that emotion across his face, the anger, the hint of sadness. All it did was intrigue me and made me want to end her life all together. For some odd reason I was feeling some type of way about him, nothing major but sometimes it was hard to get the image of him out of my head.

“Can I have my face back?” Shadow’s chuckles filled the air as he spoke. Turning my head I almost allowed myself to blush at the words he spoke.  I didn’t know I was staring at him until his eyes was staring back at mine. Licking over my lips, I let my eyes wonder out the window. The car fell back silent as the car slowly came to a stop. “We’re here.” He muttered before opening the car door and getting out. Doing the same, my eyes came in contact with his “sanctuary”. It wasn’t as flashy as I would’ve thought it to be for someone like Shadow. But it was beautiful nevertheless. I felt a slight shock run through my body as his hand gripped mine.

“Come on..” His voice was firm but had an unusual softness to it. Nodding my head, I let him lead me up the driveway and to the front door. I watched him closely as he took the keys from his pocket and placed the correct one in the keyhole unlocking the door and pulling me in. Instantly it was like I was suffocated in him as his house reeked in his scent. My eyes roamed and it was exactly like I imagined. It had a warm feel to it. I watched as he sat his suit jacket on the edge of his all black leather couch and motioned for me to sit. It took me a minute to obey because I was in complete awe at the sight.

“So you want something to drink?” I heard him ask. Nodding my head I slipped my jacket from my shoulders and placed it next to his as he slipped out of the room. Naturally I took it upon myself to study my surroundings. He didn’t have many pictures hanging around but he did have one. It was a picture of a little baby and a man. He was gorgeous as he wore a big smile across his face while holding on closely to the baby in his hands. Before I could reach out for the picture and get a closer look Shadow’s voice filled my ears.

“Don’t.” His voice was firm as he spoke. I could feel his chest pressed up against my back as he grabbed the picture turning it down. “That ain’t important right now.”

“Was that your father?” My voice came out almost as a whisper as the words slipped from my lips. Turning around I was a face to face with Shadow as his eyes stared down into mine. It was silent for a minute before he let a slight chuckle leave his lips. His hand softly caressed my cheek, his thumb gently running across my bottom lip. His touch alone sent an unusual sensation through my body. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I watched as he leaned down so that his lips were inches from mine. At this point I was immobile. My eyes never left his as he inched a little closer.

“You know..” He started. “You’re not too bad when you’re not talking.” I watched as a smirk spread across his face causing me to playfully push him away. Him going into a fit of laughter.

“You’re not funny at all.” My voice gave off slight attitude only for him to continue laughing. No lie, it was pissing me off and I was seconds away from walking out but the feeling of his hands against my waist slightly soothed me. “What are you doing?” I asked as he came closer to me, pulling my body to his. The feeling this was giving me was so foreign as I almost allowed myself to pull away.

“Don’t worry about all that.” After that it seemed as if everything else was a blur as his lips pressed against mine.


The sounds of my phone ringing woke me from my slumber. Wiping my eyes it took me a minute to realize where I was. The black silk sheets draped against my body as I stood and looked for my clothes.

“Fuck.” I muttered as I looked back over at the bed to see a sleeping Shadow, laid out on the bed. Taking a second, I let myself admire him in his most innocent state. He looked so at peace as his chest slowly heaved up and down. Last night was something I never thought me and him would’ve shared. It was something that I didn’t think me or him were capable of. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to get back in bed and crawl up next to him, but my pride wouldn’t allow that. I just wanted to get home and put last night events and Shadow behind me.

I rushed to put on my clothes before grabbing my phone.

“Where you going?” His voice was deep and firm as he sat up in the bed rubbing his eyes. I let my eyes wonder over him, studying his demeanor. For this slight second his guard was down. He reached up and rubbed his eyes before glancing over at the clock on the nightstand. “It’s 6am, Mosadi.”

I watched more as he stretched, causing the covers to fall just below his waist, showing off his sculptured abs. I wanted so badly to touch them but I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t like the feeling he was giving me at this moment and I knew that the more I stayed in this room the more I wanted to be on him.

“I have shit to do, Shadow.” I muttered while looking for my purse. I couldn’t remember where the fuck I placed it and it was making me irritated as fuck tight now. Not because I was dying to get out of here but because my strap was there and all these emotions he was causing, was making me want to shoot him in the face. “Where the fuck is my bag?!” I spat. I was looking all over his room and still couldn’t find it. I could hear Shadow’s chuckles fill the air as the bed started to shift a little, letting me know he was getting up. I refused to look at him because I didn’t know what I would do.

“Chill out. Housekeeping put it up in a safe place for you.” His voice came out soft as I now could feel his body against mine. His large hand fell against my waist and pulled me into his chest as I instantly relaxed at his touch. The effect he had on my body and my mind scared me to death but I couldn’t help but to lay my head against his chest as we stood by the window enjoying the view. “You don’t have to go.” He said softly while trailing his lips gently against my ear. Letting out a soft breath, I allowed myself to get mixed up in his embrace. Turning to face him, I wrapped my arms around his neck, studying his face. Shadow might have the city scared but at this moment, right now I could see the real him. His brown eyes stared down at mine as we just took in eachother. No words needed to be exchanged because we knew what we wanted. With my free hand, I slowly caressed the side of his face, bringing it down closer to mine. Just as his soft lips were about to engulf mine, a knock was at the door causing us both to instantly catch a attitude. Rolling my eyes, I pulled away and watched as he went to see who was interrupting our moment. I knew that whoever was behind that door was about to get an ass whooping and I couldn’t wait to watch. I laid down against Shadow’s silk sheets just waiting to hear the authority and control in his voice only to be let down. Instead there was a soft feminine voice echoing throughout the room.

“Im sorry Shadow, is this a bad time?” She said. Getting up, I walked over to him just as he was about to speak.

“No –“

“Yes, it’s a bad time. Who the fuck are you?” I spat as I sized her up. She was beautiful. It was something about her that I couldn’t put my finger on, but by the way Shadow wasn’t at least attempting to rip her head off, I could tell he could sense it too and that alone was enough to make this bitch my next target.

“Mosadi, don’t.” He spat and we were back to square one. I couldn’t help but to scoff at his bitch ass. For one why was this bitch in his home? I for one knew he only let a select few in here and for this bitch to be here, knocking on his door, talking to him made me heated as fuck.

“Shut the fuck up, Shadow. Finish entertaining this bitch.” I couldn’t hide the anger in my voice as I pushed passed them both, making sure to give the little bitch an extra push as I walked passed her. “GIVE ME MY FUCKING PURSE SHADOW! WHERE THE FUCK HOUSEKEEPING?!” I was storming around his house like a mad woman trying to find my purse and he was right behind me calling me every name in the book.

“Why the fuck you showing your ass huh?! Get the fuck back upstairs!” I couldn’t help but laugh at his attempts to get me in check. He had me so fucked up if he thought I was going to go back up those stairs to his room. That wasn’t happening unless I was going to scar up that bitch’s pretty little face. I don’t know what made me angrier though, Shadow yelling at me like I’m some kid or the fact that the bitch was still upstairs.

“You got company, tend to that bitch. Have my bag in your office tomorrow.” I spat with a slight mug before walking towards his door. He was right on my heels and I was pretty sure he was going to snatch me up by then but he didn’t and I was relieved.

“I can’t fucking stand yo’ ass.” He said. I could tell by his tone he was restraining himself from being the beast himself.

“Likewise.” I muttered before walking out of his house, making sure to give his door a good slam.  

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I sat in the dressing room, looking around at all of the other women surrounding me. Some I were cool with, the rest I could literally give two fucks less about. Eyes were being rolled, comments were being made, but I managed to ignore it all. It was almost my turn and I had to keep my composure before heading on stage. Just about everyone I knew hated what I did for a living, but I didn’t care. I was used to it.

Being that I’ve been doing this for at least six years now, I was well known. I made more money than all of the new girls and a lot of the guys who came to the club stopped by just to see me. Was I proud of what I did? At first, not at all, but now? I just have a few doubts here and there. My mother and father never did anything for me, so I had to learn how to fend for myself. All they ever really cared about were themselves and whoever they received drugs from.

Snapping myself out of my trance and pushing the thoughts of my past to the back of my head, I guzzled down the rest of my drink and stood up. The girl ahead of me trampled back into the dressing room with a frown on her face, attempting not to cry. I overheard a few people ask her what was wrong and she replied with a simple, “this isn’t for me.” While she was on stage, we were able to hear the crowd and they really didn’t sound too fond of her. But, that wasn’t my issue, nor did I care. As I adjusted my top along with my thong the club owner, Mark, began to introduce me to the people waiting out front. “Next on stage, the beautiful young lady you niggas seem to love and obsess over… Dangerrrr!”

After hearing my name and taking a deep breath, I looked around at the girls once again then smirked. The DJ began to play ‘Freak Me’ by Silk. I was known for dancing to the best old school songs; they were my favorite. I walked onto the stage slowly, but staying in tune with the beat before coming face to face with the pole. Grabbing it at the top, I climbed on it and made my way up to the top, flipping upside down, and holding myself up at the top by my ankles. I looked around at the men in the crowd, biting my lip and smirking as I unhooked my ankles from around the pole, dropping to the stage into a perfect handstand.

“Daaaamn!” I heard a guy close to the stage yell out causing me to spread my legs into a split, flipping over onto the floor, and throwing my hair over my shoulder. Money was being thrown my way and I loved it. I lifted up into a back bend and grabbed my heel, spreading my legs open, and turning back over into a split. Bouncing up and down as I unhooked my bra, I made my ass cheeks bounce one by one against the pole during the chorus of the song. I cupped my breast in my hands as I rolled my hips then I let them go, grabbing the pole from the bottom, making my ass clap as I climbed back up.

Once I reached the top of the pole, I twirled around it, sliding back down and landing in one final split before standing up and walking to the front of the stage. Bending down a bit, I began to roll my hips to the slow bass, pushing my thong under my cheeks. I popped my ass slowly in a circle to the beat, allowing a few men to slip dollars into my thong as the others in the crowd continued to throw bills in my direction. Smiling sweetly, I walked back over to the pole and grabbed it, twirling around it once more and making my ass clap. I stopped and smiled at the crowd as the song ended, picking up my bra along with some money before rushing backstage.

“Girl! You killed it out there!” One girl shouted as I walked back into the dressing room.

“Oh, I know.” I joked, laughing a bit. “Thank you, boo. I know you’ll do great too.” I added as the announcer called her to the stage. Although she was a newbie, she was good for a first timer. “Good luck!” I encouraged her as she exited the room. Sitting down at my station, I grabbed a bottle of water out of my mini fridge and opened it, taking a sip. The AC was blasting and the air felt great, but I was interrupted from my little relaxation time by a tight grip on my shoulder from someone I had been waiting for.

“Uh, excuse me for interrupting ladies.” He spoke and I looked at him through the mirror straight ahead of me.

Smiling faintly, I stood up from my seat and turned around to face him. “Hi, love.” I spoke softly as I grabbed his hand. I held my bottle of water in my free hand and followed him out of the dressing room then into our favorite private room. “I didn’t think you were coming tonight, I didn’t see you in the crowd.” I said as I brushed my thumb across his scruffy cheek.

“I came in late, but I got to see you. I was just in the back.” He informed me and I nodded. “Can we go?”

“Sure, but are you okay?” I asked, looking up at him.

He shrugged and held my bag up, handing it to me. Sighing lowly to myself, I took it and pulled my clothes out of it, quickly getting dressed. I made my way back into the dressing room to grab the remainder of my things and as I walked back I noticed Andre already heading out. I rushed out of the dressing room and trotted out of the club, meeting him by his car. It was obvious that something was wrong, but I figured he would just tell me when he was ready.

“Can you tell me now?”

“Look, when I’m ready then I’ll tell you. Don’t ask me again, Nicole.” He stated sternly with his jaw clenched and his eyes peering into mine.

I simply nodded and pursed my lips together, sliding into the passengers seat of Andre’s shiny, all black Maserati. The only reason I became so quiet was because I knew what Andre was capable of and, what he would do if I continued to pester him. As he started up the car, I sat back and put my seat belt on, staring out of the window. Silence took over the atmosphere and the vibe felt awkward, but in a way, I was used to it. Whenever Andre had a bad day, we wouldn’t talk much. Tension would build up and I would just have to wait for him to come around, much like right now.

“I’m tired…” He mumbled and my left eyebrow rose.

“Of?” I asked blankly.

“Everything. Like, today kind of made me realize that I don’t want this shit anymore. At all, y'know?” He asked rhetorically as he finally decided to pull off. “These fucking paparazzi are going to be the death of me, I have no privacy. They know where I live! They fucking know where I live.”

Glancing over at him, I began to chew on the corner of my lip. “Andre, relax.” I said, reaching over and rubbing his shoulder.

“I– never mind.” Once again, the inside of this Maserati grew silent and my head was turned back towards the window. Within the next fifteen minutes or so, Andre pulled up to my house and double parked besides a vehicle that was sitting in his usual parking space. “Who the fuck is in my spot?” Shrugging my shoulders, I grabbed my bag and opened the door, hopping out and making my way onto the sidewalk. “Oh, you don’t know?” He spoke loudly and I remained quiet as I made my onto the sidewalk. I was beyond surprised at the man I spotted leaning against the car sitting in Andre’s space. My jaw instantly dropped and I stood there shook– not because I didn’t want to see him, but because I knew Andre would flip out. And, in all of five seconds, Andre rushed over to me and clenched his jaw as he noticed who I was staring at. “Hell nah!” He yelled out.

Completely ignoring Andre’s reaction, Troy decided to finally speak up as he walked over to me. “What’s good, baby girl?” He smirked as his bare, brolic arms wrapped around my petite waist. The look on Andre’s face had death written all over it but, when it came to these two, I was no match. There was absolutely no way I could fight him off, so of course, Andre found a way to take matters into his own hands which caused nothing but trouble.

“Back yo’ ass up!” Andre spat out, yanking the man off of me.

Knitting his eyebrows, Troy glared at Andre then looked over at me with nothing but confusion plastered on his face. “Who is this fool, ma?”

“He– I–” Lord knows there were a handful of things I wanted to say, but the words refused to escape from my lips. Knowing Andre, he would swing on me before swinging on Troy. It was clear that Andre wanted me, but it isn’t like we were official. I’ve even told him I didn’t want to be in a relationship with him, simply because of the constant cameras following him around. Our relationship would probably have to be private and I don’t want that. He was possessive, but then again, so was Troy when we were together.

I wasn’t expecting this little fiasco to occur, but I obviously didn’t have a way out of it at this point.



I stood back and cut my eyes over in Nicole’s direction, shaking my head. We weren’t together, but it was obvious I was feeling her. I made sure she was safe, I made sure she was stable, and I made sure she didn’t get caught up in any shit at that club. I knew about Troy and Nicole’s past relationship together, that’s why I hated seeing him. He was old news, but somehow, he always made his way back into the picture.

“So, you really aren’t going to say shit?” I spoke through gritted teeth, questioning Nicole.

Whether we were together or not, I feel like out of respect she could have spoke up. Maybe I was just being a bit too salty, but I didn’t care. She knew how I was, therefore, she knew I wouldn’t take him popping up lightly. He has been trying real hard to get back with her while I’m here trying to start something new. It’s irritating as hell, but she obviously can’t find any real way to cut him off. My idea was to have a restraining order put on him, but she said no to that. Of course. In a way, I felt very naive still dealing with her– but I also felt like things would work out between us soon enough. At least I was hoping they would.

“Nigga, relax! Ain’t nobody worried 'bout yo’ ass.” Troy retorted, darting his eyes my way before chuckling lowly to himself. For whatever reason, he found my anger to be humorous and I wasn’t feeling that. “Take yo’ ass on, I’m speaking to Nic, not you.” He added, waving me off and I narrowed my eyes at him.

Groaning loudly, Nicole stood between the two of us and pushed us away from each other. “Both of y'all need to quit.” She uttered.

“Nah, get out of here! Nicole, get rid of his ass before I do.”

“Bruh, you talk a lot of shit for someone who still ain’t doing nothing! What yo’ ass so mad about?” I heard Troy say causing me to suck my teeth. “I’m here to speak to and catch up with her.” He carried on, pointing down at Nicole. “I ain’t come here to deal with you– so go on about your business and chill, B.”

Letting out a heaving sigh, Nicole grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the side. She was annoyed and so was I, but I didn’t understand why she would be. Troy shook his head as he laughed while watching us talk, then he pulled out his phone and continued waiting patiently. As I listened to Nicole speak, I became even more annoyed and pushed her away from me. Troy instantly stuffed his phone into his back pocket and stepped to me, clenching his jaw. Next thing you know, a bright flash went off which caused all of our heads to turn. Once again, paparazzi.

“Get that shit out of here!” Nicole snapped, lifting her right foot and taking off her heel, chucking it at the random guy.

Only God knows how many pictures this guy could have taken without flash, so that was my que. I threw my hands up then shot a quick glare at the paparazzi, laughing to myself before heading back to my car. Nicole retrieved her heel from the ground and put it back on as the guy walked away and I slid into my car. While pulling off, I noticed Troy following her into her house and I stepped down on the gas, speeding up.

“Bullshit…” I muttered to myself.

This was truly some shit that I had no time for, nor did I need to deal with it at a time like this. Being that a photo was snapped, I knew something else would end up being spread about me. Great.

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What happens when the cameras and paparazzi aren’t around? You’ll probably never guess.

“Hey! Aren’t you that actor?”

Nodding my head, I zipped up my jacket and proceeded on my way into the office building where a meeting was being held. As I stood inside of the spacious elevator, all eyes were focused on me. Of course. I tried to ignore the glances being shot my way along with the constant mumbles, but I couldn’t. Although I was used to it, sometimes it was annoying; especially on a day such as this one. My mood wasn’t the best, I was extremely tired, and I was just ready to head back home.

“You’re   ” Holding up my index finger, I nodded once again and adjusted my bag strap over my shoulder. “Rude.” The young girl uttered and I shook my head, chuckling lowly to myself as the elevator door slid open.

I looked back at the few women still inside of the elevator and smiled faintly. “You ladies have a nice afternoon.”

“Thank you!” One responded with a huge grin plastered on her face.

As I turned on my heels, heading toward the conference room, a Caucasian guy around the age of forty-two jumped in front of me with a Nikon camera pointed directly in my face. “What the hell!” I yelled out, quickly closing my eyes as the first flash hit me. Clenching my jaw, I pushed the paparazzi out of my way and rushed into the conference room a few feet away. “My God.” I spat out as I closed the door shut. Once again, all eyes were on me. Just like in the elevator. “Uh, good afternoon.” I spoke, making my way over to my seat and sitting down.

“Yo. Andre. You okay, man?” Dante whispered, shoving my shoulder a bit.

“Y-Yeah, I’m alright.” I responded, pulling out my notepad and black, ballpoint pen.

Shifting in my seat, I cleared my throat and sat back, looking at the presenter straight ahead of me. “So, I’ve finally come up with   ” He paused, watching the top of my pen hit the notepad repeatedly. “Eh em, do you mind?” He said with his eyebrows knitted together as the rhythmic tapping came to a halt. “Thank you. Now, as I was saying. I’ve finally come up with the new idea for this next scene. I know, I took extremely long, but I want it to be perf   ” Pausing once again, his eyes darted in Dante’s direction causing him to purse his lips together. “Andre, what’s going on?” The presenter inquired and I shrugged my shoulders. Everyone else at this meeting looked concerned as well, so I had no choice but to answer now.

“These paparazzi gon’ make me swing one day.” I confessed and a mix of laughs and chuckles echoed throughout the room.

“I can understand that, but you’ve been dealing with this for years. Plus, you knew what came with the territory when you started, correct?” The presenter questioned and I sighed heavily, nodding. What he said was one hundred percent true, but that didn’t mean dealing with it wasn’t annoying.

I’ve been acting for about 8 years now, but the older I got and the more I progressed, the more it seemed to get worse. I do have a life outside of acting, of course. But, I’m afraid that will be intruded soon enough as well. I’m guessing some people wouldn’t expect me to be the way I am outside of work, but that’s why I try to keep it to myself. Everyone judges, whether they want to admit it or not. I know I will be judged if, and or when, people find out where I spend most of my time when I’m not on camera. I love my life and I love what I do, but when it comes to The Agency, there are just some things that don’t need to be aired out.

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