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#michael clifford

This is the best piece of 5SOS content ever. It’s fascinating to watch their dynamics and the roles they all take. The whole thing is 1,5 hours long, I’ve watched about an hour now and I absolutely adore it. So much Muke and Cashton content. The teahouse part is just the best. Michael getting shy and Ashton being super fond at him. My Mashton heart feels full. So many facial expressions from Calum, so many possible memes. Ashton being the most sensible member as usual, but even he gets lost. Also, seeing them explore the culture is lovely. They seem to have a respect and genuine interest for it, which is super sweet. I could probably write an essay about this.

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“if you don’t swim youll drown but don’t move honey” vs. “her light is as loud as as many ambulances as it takes to save a savior” BATTLE TO THE DEATH

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Am I the only one who doesn’t really fantasize about having a romantic relationship with people I stan (i.e. 5sos, 1D, fictional characters, etc.), but like want a best friend type of relationship or like they-treat-you-like-a-sister type of relationship. Because I kinda feel like I’m lacking that right now :(

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