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#michael jones

okay, but the idea of crew medic michael is really funny to me

like this small, blood thirsty, angry cryptid man who wants absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything, hellbent on the death and destruction of every living thing,,,,, also has a doctor’s license. and makes sure everyone’s healthy and taking care of themselves. and santizes the entire base weekly to destress. and uses unorthodox medical precedures because he can’t work in a hospital anymore. and he’s mad about it >:(

grumpy doctor mikey. love him.

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does michael jones know that he is perfection and that i love him????????? could someone please tell him for me???????????

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I’m sobbing. This was recommended to me

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I don’t want to see you this side of the Mississippi one more time!

The Most Dangerous TTT Player - Gmod:TTT

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