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oddos · 2 days ago
It saddens me to realize that most people don't understand the line between real killers and fictional ones. Literally, they are ready to put you on the list of potential maniacs and treat you accordingly when these people find out that you like slashers
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punkbitcx · 2 days ago
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wildroseanddeadlyscent · a day ago
✨Me hopping on that slasher dick ✨
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gore-girlboss · a day ago
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Look guys! I made a meme UwU
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andragune · 2 days ago
wouldn't it be adorable if y/n is holding Michael Myers to their chest, stroking his head and rubbing circles on his back and shoulders, being like "you're not a monster, Michael. you're a broken and burdened 6 year old now trapped in the body of a maimed man with a fractured psyche, who only wanted help and to understand why this was happening to him. you were tortured by a real monster who never even wanted to understand you to begin with; he only saw your intrusive thoughts and believed they'd manifested as this looming, lurking creature of the dark, hellbent on destruction, a thoughtless, licentious abomination. that man needs to be revoked of his medical licensures for beating, and killing you psychologically, and making you into the "monster" his twisted mind had been hallucinating for years. he's who should've been held in asylum, not you. you were a vessel and a child, and now the true you is left borderline catatonic, all because some asshole wanted to make some cash and to make a name for himself. this... it was never your fault. and if she could hear your thoughts right now, Judith wouldn't blame you. and i'm sure, if she lived, she STILL wouldn't have blamed you. you were a child, darling. and you've lost your humanity because no one even bothered trying with you, nor wanting to help you gain any sense of self, albeit as a child and as the man you are now. but i will. and i'll be damned if i even look like i've given up on you."
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brokehorrorfan · 2 days ago
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Artwork from Luke Flowers’ latest Gallery 1988 exhibit is now available online. “Arcade Dayz” prints measure 9x12 and costs $19.88, the E.T. print measures 11x17 and costs $35, "Raised by Rainbows: Revenge" measures 16x20 and costs $60, and The Count print measures 9x12 and costs $25.
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lost-betweenthe-pages · 2 days ago
Relationship Goals
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Credit: Chromalusion Photography  
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slasher-male-wife · a day ago
More behind the scenes pictures from horror movies because y’all loved the last ones
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madpatti · 4 hours ago
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sugarstarxoxo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Shape of Haddonfield
i drew my favorite part from halloween kills where he gets up and puts everyone in their place.
ive been thinking about him a lot lately . i plan on drawing more slashers, at least jason, and thomas hewitt
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oktoberdraws · a day ago
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sunbunmun · 2 days ago
Has this been done before? probably...
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maveras-posts · a day ago
✨CrAcK✨Michael Headcanons pt.LOST TRACK
Tumblr media
Michael Myers ✨Crack✨:
Michael CAN READ! Let me explain…
He can read names and small words (like his own name, foods and colours) like a six year old.
Michael traces the words with his finger and sounds out every letter (How do you think he found JUDITH’S HEADSTONE)
Michael has a First Grade education (I doubt Loomis did much, I mean he diagnosed him with the DEVIL🤦)
Tbh IDK how this is what people are talking about when he can DRIVE despite being committed for 15 YEARS—
Very INTELLIGENT to say the least
Can also do the basics of Math (Adding, subtracting yk)
At the end of the day Michael DGAF
Stabby Boi is def a RECLUSE (If ur tryna find him, he’ll be at his childhood home)
Very HILARIOUS drunk and high (Imagine everything a perosn under the influence does but in slow motion😂)
RARE for him to sleep but when he does he is OUT
Once slept for an entire day and saw it was sundown (Oh 2 hour nap) but NO. Learned after you told him it was a day later—HE SLEPT 24 HOURS 🤷‍♀️
Don’t disturb his sleep it will end badly (Not going further into detail)
Is SKILLED in ✨JUST DANCE🥶 (Only moves arms and gets a perfect score?!)
BE WARNED…Yandere Energy (He always been this way)
Michael will be DEDICATED to a person if they catch his interest (Only has 👀 for you)
Will LITERALLY kill or fight for you (Violence isn’t the answer it the SOLUTION)
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spookyscaryslashy · 2 days ago
Michael Myers x Reader Masterlist
This blog is 18+. Minors do not interact with my work. You will be blocked.
My current masterlist is getting a bit wordy so I thought I'd make it easier for people to find the right reader. This is only for my Michael Myers stories so if you're looking for any other characters I've written for, head back to the main masterlist. Want to request a story? Check out my guide here!
GN!: the reader's gender and/or sex are never specified. The only pronouns used are "your/yours" and genitals are referred to as "sex" or other neutral language
Fem!: she/her pronouns, female sex characteristics (vagina, clitoris, developed breasts, etc)
M!: he/him pronouns, male sex characteristics (penis, testicles, facial hair growth, etc)
Longform (2000+ words):
[NSFW] The Devil and Depravity [NSFW] Something Sweet
Longform (2000+w):
[NSFW] Precipice  [NSFW] Against Routine [NSFW] I Want You To Break Me (request) [NSFW] Taking Back Control (request)
GN! Reader
Longform (2000+ words):
[NSFW] Back Against the Wall  [NSFW] If You Want Me ………..His Prize [slightly NSFW, request] [NSFW] WIP – Road Head
Headcanons (500-1000 words):
HC: Peepaw sleeps better with you [NSFW] HC: When you come home smelling like other people HC: OG Michael - playing with his hair HC: Giving him a gift HC: OG and Peepaw - Michael is not a morning person HC: OG and Peepaw - Going camping HC: OG and Peepaw - Going hiking
RQ: Michael with a quiet, people-pleasing S/O RQ: Michael with a taxidermist S/O RQ: Platonic Michael comforting reader after a breakup RQ: Reader feels unlovable RQ: Reader is bad with money due to toxic parents RQ: Michael with a violinist S/O RQ: Seeing S/O in a swimsuit RQ: S/O can see ghosts and spirits RQ: S/O has shaky hands RQ: S/O’s birthday RQ: Taking Michael to a public pool RQ: S/O has a pet sheep RQ: S/O takes a bullet for him (and lives)
Drabbles (<500 words):
……Losing his eye ……Seeing his pupil dilate RQ: Mending his wounds RQ: Kiss prompts: Morning kisses RQ: Kiss prompts: An accidental kiss RQ: Kiss prompts: An unexpected kiss on a hot day RQ: Kiss prompts: Lifty hugs RQ: Kiss prompts: Sitting in his lap RQ: Kiss prompts: Tracing your lips RQ: Kiss prompts: A Lingering Goodbye Kiss RQ: Kiss prompts: “Do you want this?” RQ: Kiss prompts: Whispering “I love you” RQ: Kiss prompts: A breathy demand, “Kiss Me” RQ: Kiss prompts: Peepaw’s hands in your hair RQ: Kiss prompts: Biting your lip and soothing it RQ: Kiss prompts: Partner is pouting RQ: Kiss prompts: Little regard for your surroundings RQ: Kiss prompts: A fleeting kiss becomes hungry RQ: Kiss prompts: Trailing kisses down neck RQ: Kiss prompts: Tastes like dessert RQ: Kiss prompts: Cleaning his lips with a lick & kiss RQ: Kiss prompts: Kissing in a stairwell (sort of) RQ: Kiss prompts: A kiss so passionate and perfect RQ: Kiss prompts: Wrapped around each other RQ: Kiss prompts: Kissing away tears
I am still learning how to detach myself from binary views of sex and gender in my writing in general, and I've only been writing in 2nd person for a few months. I welcome suggestions on how to improve, particularly towards nsfw content, so we can all be one big happy spicy family. But please be kind. I'm just one little bean trying to give people something to smile about.
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v-is-for-vore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Despite it being now canon that they are not related, I will always see them as siblings. They used that trope in past movies and I genuinely liked it, and I hope at the end of Halloween ends, they have a moment like this while slowly accepting their death.
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stabbylambchop · a day ago
Tumblr media
Michael vs Penny
(aka I hate blank spaces but idk what to do with this yet so yeah 🙃)
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vivienvalentino · an hour ago
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HALLOWEEN 2007, dir. Rob Zombie
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