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#michael obey me
diavolosthots · 24 days ago
Warnings: flashbacks to the previous chapter, mentions of injury and death
Pairing(s): Lucifer x reader, michael, the brothers, Barbatos
Tumblr media
Loud… everything was so loud. There was shuffling and the clinging of metal. There were too many people, too many voices both which he recognized and which he didn’t. His eyes couldn’t open and everything hurt, he wasn't going to lie, but his pride also didn’t allow him to actually groan out in pain, or, at least not very loudly. People were touching him, he could feel them. They worked on his wings and for a moment, he was so out of it, he about attacked someone for touching him in the first place, but then he remembered. He remembered nearly everything. The pain, the breaking of Diavolo’s wings right beneath him and then the head in his hands. He remembered the pure rage that filled him, and he remembered Satan. He’s still not sure how the fourth born did this, binding them back together. Lucifer hadn’t felt that kind of anger, that kind of power, since the celestial war, and he never thought he would feel it again, either. “Satan….” His eyes slowly opened as worry settled into his mind, and he had to blink a few times in order to focus on the picture in front of him. 
A soft hand, a gentle touch, cupped his cheek and Lucifer leaned into it. It felt familiar and comforting; it felt like you. He turned his head a bit, groaning when the pain rushed through him and right now, he wasn’t trying to hide it. “(Y/N)....” his mouth felt dry, his throat and voice hoarse. It felt as if there were sand stuck in his throat and talking hurt more than anything, well, almost. Tears were streaming down your face and he could tell that you had been crying for longer than you would ever willingly admit to him. One of his hands was held firmly by yours, the other one still cupping his cheek. “Lucifer…” it was a sob, a noise of relief, and if he wasn’t so bandaged up right now, you could throw yourself at him. “I was so worried….” You were. After Lucifer left, you begged Michael to let you run after him, or at least that he ran after him, but the angel locked you in that room. You had no idea what was going on and paced the space until your feet hurt. It felt like eternity to you until Michael finally returned and decided to bring you down, “it’s not pretty…” and it wasn’t.
You remember seeing the bodies. You didn’t know what happened, at all. Some demons were still fighting with each other, others were on the ground. You found Beelzebub first, who was all scratched up and beaten, but still standing which you deemed as good. Belphegor was with him too so at least you knew those two were fine. “Where is he?” But neither of them had an answer. You found Asmo with Mammon and Levi and you almost screamed when you saw the very open, very gaping, very bloody wound in Levi’s abdomen, barely held together by Mammon and Asmo. Mammon’s leg was broken, very clearly so, but nothing he wouldn’t survive. And for some reason Asmo, although exhausted, still looked good. Levi worried you though and you doubted he was even conscious anymore, “get…. Get him to the house… clean the wound…. Asmo, please…” but you didn’t know if they ever made it, not at that point at least. And then Satan… his golden hair stood out and you ran over there as quickly as you can. He was face down and right beside him was Lucifer, holding onto his hand. Neither of them reacted to you and you freaked out, screaming for Michael who you hoped was still there. 
And that’s how you ended up here. Michael had carried Lucifer to the house, ordering some angels down to help the rest of the brothers. For a very long time, Michael worked on Lucifer’s wings, barely speaking to you or anyone for that matter, and if he said anything at all, it was mumbled, almost as if he was embarrassed, or ashamed. Beelzebub stayed the whole time and Belphegor and Asmodeus made their own little nests in Lucifer’s room, watching over the eldest as the five of you hoped for the best. “I was so worried…. You didn’t wake up….” Lucifer could hear your pain and it pained him more than any physical pain he felt at the moment. “I… I made a promise…. I didn’t intend on breaking it…” he forced a soft grin, although it truly did nothing but hurt him; it was worth it. You laughed softly, letting yourself fall onto him as you hugged him tightly. Pain shot through him and he groaned loudly, carefully lifting his hands to place them on your back and he wished he could hold you tighter. 
“I’m sorry… Darling…” you shook your head, quickly pulling back to look at him. “No I am… I’m sorry for not fighting… I’m sorry for going with him…” A hand was placed on your shoulder and you quickly turned your head, seeing Michael look down at you, “it’s not your fault little one.” the angel looked at you for another moment before looking at Lucifer, “you have a lot to clean up, Lucifer, but my task here is done. You should heal just fine, as should everyone else. Don’t forget your promise to me…. But I will take my leave now.” You looked confused at Lucifer and then back at Michael, “promise?” but the angel only smiled, stroking gently through your hair, “don’t worry, child. It’s nothing bad. Take care of him, hm?” And then, in the blink of an eye, Michael was gone. Lucifer smiled softly, still, although the confusion was written everywhere on your face, “don’t worry….” “What did you promise him?!” You were freaking out. A promise? Made by Lucifer? To Michael? This can’t be good. Lucifer’s hand reached out slowly to grasp yours again as he swallowed thickly, “I promised… to mend our relationship… to try again…” and he hated making that promise, but for you he would do anything, including putting his pride aside and forgiving Michael. 
The words rung in your ears and you know you understood them, but you couldn’t believe them. Fresh tears spilled over as you nodded at him, looking at Beel and Belphegor on the other end of the room, and then at Asmo who took it upon himself to give you some tissues, “thank you….” Lucifer nodded, closing his eyes again, “my brothers… they’re okay…?” Asmo laughed softly behind you and nodded eagerly, “yeah… Michael brought some of his cute friends with him… they stitched everyone up.” Belphegor walked up on the other side of the bed and held up his bandaged arm, “they were pretty nice…. Levi is making it, too, and Satan just needed some rest. He slept almost as long as you.” Lucifer turned his head toward Belphegor, raising an eyebrow, “how long was I sleeping, as you put it?” “About a week.” It was Beelzebub who spoke. Lucifer’s eyes went wide and he almost immediately went to sit up, groaning loudly when his wings hurt him and he felt the pressure of your hand pushing him back down, “oh no…. You’re not going anywhere! Your wings are taking forever to heal. You had a few broken ribs too and it’ll take a while, even with Michael’s help.” 
God, he hated this. He feels useless right now. “The house is still standing…. Seems like you three didn’t do too bad.” Belphegor rolled his eyes, walking over to the door, “there he is. Lucifer is back everyone, we can leave now.” It made you laugh, genuinely, and it’s nice to see that nothing can truly ever keep Lucifer away. When Belphegor opens the door, though, he gets interrupted by Satan pushing Mammon, who’s sitting in a wheelchair, in through the door, and Levi kind of wobbling after them, “Lucifer! I knew you would make it!” You smiled at the rest of them and then looked back at Lucifer, who seems like his usual self, “is this a family meeting now? I’m glad to see you all alive. “ Especially Levi. For a while, he didn’t think the third born would make it, but his eyes actually ended up falling on Satan, “what was that?” The blond smiled smugly at him before shrugging, “it was more of a theory than anything until I tried it… but I figured since I was made from your anger, maybe you needed that anger in order to win… I didn’t think it would work so well, though.” 
“Are ya kiddin’ me?! Ya knocked the whole Devildom out!” Mammon wasn’t even exaggerating. The wave that pushed through everyone was immense and none of them ever felt anything like that. “It was amazing!” You were confused, looking between Mammon, Satan, and then back at Lucifer, who only shook his head. “No worries…. It just helped us win…” He sighed softly, closing his eyes again and holding your hand tightly, “I still need rest but… do whatever you six want for a while.. Just make sure the house is still standing for when I can walk again.” “well… actually..” Levi started and the way his tone sounded, it didn’t make Lucifer too happy so he opened his eyes again and glared at the third born, “Leviathan I swear…” but the otaku shook his head, “there’s something you need to know….” not another war, please. Please don’t let it be another war. Leviathan stepped aside, letting Barbatos enter the room. The servant was smiling as always, his hands folded behind his back. 
“Glad to see you alive and well, My Lord.” 
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obeymekookie · 25 days ago
Relationship headcanon - Michael
If he's with you he's very committed to the relationship. He'll want a future with you. Michael is Always loyal, always there for you, you receive all of his love, affection, support, everything. He'll make sure you're happy with him and your relationship. Sure, he's busy most of the time but he'll always give you a kiss on the cheek once he's done with all of his work. He'll even bring you small gifts, He's just doing his best for you because he loves you, maybe sometimes he does do way too much... Anyways, Good Morning kisses and Good night kisses are a thing. And so is taking walks and going out on picnic dates. He'll take you to all the beautiful spots that he knows in the celestial realm.
You two could even try baking together though he's not that good at it. He'll just hug you from behind and he'll with whatever he can while both of you are following a recipe from a cooking book. You two could do absolutely nothing and just lay in bed together if you're too lazy to get yourself a cup of water he'll bring you one and if you haven't gone outside he'll take you so you can get fresh air, You'll also be eating a lot of healthy food because he wants to make sure you're healthy, even a small exercise has become a thing between you two, though after that you may end up eating some sweets or junk food which you've ordered. Of course, Michael will make sure that your mental and physical health are both well. he'll hold your hand, hug you, overall, rant to you, he'll joke with you and annoy you at times, overall your time with him is always good ♡
Tumblr media
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diavolosthots · 28 days ago
Warnings: none
Pairing(s): Lucifer x F!Reader, Michael
Tumblr media
“Michael.” The name left your lips as if you had known him for forever, but the almost weird look he gave you meant that you did not, in fact, know him forever. He wasn’t mad, per se, but he wasn’t happy either. Maybe that’s just his face, though? God you hoped it was because if not then you feared this was all your fault. Lucifer’s grip on your waist tightened momentarily before he wrapped his coat tighter around you, almost protectively. He didn’t trust Michael and he hated that he needed to ask him for help, but it’s worth it if it meant you’re safe. “Yes, that’s my name. I assume Lucifer told you all about me.” Oh Lord no. You almost wanted to laugh at that assumption. Does he even know Lucifer? The guy would rather keep everything to himself than ever spill anything. Maybe he wasn’t like that as an angel? Was Lucifer that much different back then? You truly wondered. “He… didn’t say a lot, if we’re being completely honest. It’s still nice to meet you though.” Michael still gave you that expressionless face and it almost calmed you. Maybe it truly was just who he is. “Likewise, but sadly I’m not here to talk over tea.” Who would’ve thought. 
Lucifer looked at you and gently pushed you off of him and stood up from his chair, “stay here. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll b--!” “no. She can stay, after all, it concerns her as well.” Oh he didn’t like that at all. The plan was to keep you out of it as much as possible and yet, Michael seemed to completely disregard that. “The Devildom isn’t happy about their Queen being gone.” You wanted to roll your eyes, really. Their Queen? You never even said hi to those people after the wedding. You didn’t even meet most of the people at the wedding! “Well they can get used to it.” Lucifer whipped his head toward you and if this wasn’t such a serious matter, he might have found you cute in his oversized coat right now, pouting, no. Frowning. Even Michael managed to crack a small smile, “I’m afraid it isn’t that simple. Diavolo declared war and although I doubt he knows exactly where she is right now, he’s sure to figure it out. You need to stop him. I’m not putting the celestial realm at risk.” Lucifer knew that much. He knew this would only be a temporary solution but he still hoped to avoid that. Even now, Diavolo did help him a lot after the fall, after everything, and although their friendship never meant as much to himself as it did to Diavolo, Lucifer did choose this route and he didn’t calculate the consequences. Well, he did, but he wasn’t, shamefully admitted, prepared. 
“I know, Michael, and I’m not asking you to. I just need you to keep her safe.” No matter what. He’s trying to be realistic here, he has to be. Seven brothers against an army of Demons and their strongest fighter, their King, is almost laughable. Can you even imagine it? Lucifer has to prepare for the worst possible outcome and sadly, the chances for it far outweigh the good outcome. Michael knows that, too, which is why he made Lucifer an offer earlier, one he never declined or accepted, “You know what I said, Lucifer. It’s all up to you.” All up to him. He’s used to that; he deals with that every day. All his brothers, in one way or another, rely on him. Everyone relies on him. And yet, he doesn’t like that this decision weighs on his shoulders right now. He doesn’t want to think about that scenario, but it’s also so, so hard to be optimistic. “I know. Thank you. I’ll… prepare.” Because that’s all he can do. “We still have your armor, if you want it.” His armor… so many bad memories circle around that thing and although he used to wear it with pride, it will never be like it once was. “Thank you, Michael.” Does it still fit? Still protect him? Will it keep him safe long enough to do what needs to be done?
You watched the two men in front of you, confused and scared. Obviously there’s a lot of history between them, history that you will never understand; could never understand. You didn’t dare speak until Michael left again either, glancing at you before turning on his heel, “Lucifer?” Your voice was soft and it almost hurt his heart. His head turned to look over you, cozy in his coat which didn’t fit the bright room at all; just another reminder that this isn’t where he belongs anymore. “I’m sorry, Darling… I know this is confusing.” Confusing? “Diavolo just declared war and you think that’s confusing me? That’s the clearest part about this! Don’t tell me you’re thinking of fighting after I just got you back!?” His eyes said everything and it was enough to make tears form again in yours, threatening to spill over. His eyes went wide after that and he’s quick to pull you into his arms, pushing your face into his chest. It hurts to see you like that and he knows you’ll be worried. He knows it’ll kill you even if it doesn’t kill him. 
“I have to… I’m not letting you go back there, (Y/N).” “You don’t even have an army!” You wanted to punch him, to scream at him, to pull at his hair until some type of sense entered his brain, but you didn’t. Instead, you pulled away to look at him with anger and sadness and hurt, “I can’t lose you, Lucifer….” “You won’t.” “You don’t know that!” You’re right… he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know anything, and unlike Barbatos, he can’t see the future, which is another part that worries him. “Maybe Michael knows something….” it was mumbling, meant so more for himself. He forced a smile, cupping your face and leaning down to kiss you softly, “I’m going, (Y/N). I have to. My brothers are down there and I’m not sure how long they can last without me… You’ll be safe up here. Michael promised.” He better keep that promise too. That’s the only time Lucifer begged and the only thing Lucifer ever begged for. You shook your head, beating your fists against his chest, but he only leaned in to kiss your head. “I’m getting ready… help me?” 
If you weren’t so caught up in the potential of losing him, you may have paused in shock at his request for help, but you can’t just let him run off! “Lucifer!” He let go of you to walk to his old closet, staring at the double white doors, adorned in gold. For the longest time, he just stared, almost too scared to open them, but he needed to get over himself. Gloved hands reached out for the knob, opening them both. Immediately, he was met with his old clothes. White and gold, like everything else. Pure. Elegant. An image of his past. And then there it was, his armor, pushed to the far end of the closet. It was pure gold and heavy, usually worn over his usual white outfit, but protecting. The chest plate would protect him from any immediate danger, the heavy boots would keep his feet light and energized; perks of celestial magic. Vambraces would keep his arms protected and, of course, there was a sword. He hated that thing, honestly, and he’s almost sure whoever invented this just put it in for decoration, but it might come in handy today. 
Pulling it out almost felt too foreign. He only wore it once; that one time he fought for God and with the angels, but he trained in it often enough to know what it feels like. He stared at it, almost sadly, before taking all the pieces and laying them on his bed, shifting into his demon form. Even now, even up here, he felt more comfortable in this than he ever did as an angel. “Lucifer… stop.” but he didn’t listen. He took off his long coat and anything else that might come in the way, putting the chest plate on first and then attaching the back to it. His wings fit in perfectly still, although the middle holes aren’t being filled anymore and he knew it. He could feel it. He hated it. “Lucifer!” Once again, he ignored you, putting on the boots that would cover him up to his knees. This definitely looked better when he wore white and his black pants are more than weird-feeling with these. Next were the vambraces, which thankfully still allowed him his gloves, and last but not least… “(Y/N). Give me the Sword.” You shook your head, holding the golden weapon tightly and off to the side when Lucifer reached for it. 
“No! You’re not leaving!” “(Y/N).” “This is a suicide mission Lucifer!” He knew that. He knew that all too well. “I can’t let him win, (Y/N).” “W-we… we can figure it out! Don’t go! I’m sure that Michael--!” “(Y/N)!” He raised his voice, stern. He wasn’t mad at you, he knows you’re hurting, but he can’t waste anymore time and it at least got you to stop. He reached for the sword again, taking it out of your grasp and clasping it to his belt. “I’ll be fine.” He may not be but he won’t admit that. Your eyes were wide in shock; he had never yelled at you, no matter how mad he was. “Lucifer….” “It’s okay.” He pulled you back into him, kissing your head again before just resting his cheek against it, “I love you, Darling. I’ll be back before you know it.” You pulled back from him, the tears spilling again as fear rushed through you, “promise… promise me you’ll be back…..” His eyes were expressionless, searching yours before kissing you once more and finally stepping back, heading toward the door with only one thing left to say.
“I promise.” 
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obeymekookie · a month ago
Michael Headcanon
Michael is chill, he's actually very nice. As long as you're on his good side, if you're on his bad side you should be really careful with what you do or where you go, who you trust, what you eat, he doesn't have enemies nor people on his bad side for one reason: they all disappear.
If you're on his good side and somehow become friends with him he'll invite you over for lunch, nice conversations while you're eating snacks, and help you around with things if you ever need anything.
If you somehow end up on his bad side by opposing him or witnessing something that you weren't supposed to and tried to bring it up, he will not hesitate for a second and he will plan how to erase your memory of what you did or saw or just kill you. Make sure your soul goes into some terrible underworld where you'll suffer or stay forever.
My advice: If you disagree with anything that the celestial realm does, keep it to yourself and never try to intervene. and if you DO somehow witness something don't tell ANYONE. 
He can be as twisted as macaroni in a pot. 
Tumblr media
An : I am here to write for evil Michael and not normal Michael. - Admin J!
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obeymekookie · a month ago
"Curiosity killed the cat."
Warnings: Mentions of murder, planned assassination, and more! dear readers, please read with caution!
Bringing the white teacup with Beautiful golden flower prints on it Michael slowly took a sip as he checked profiles of new angels that had arrived at the celestial realm, setting down his cup of warm fresh chamomile tea on the table "Hm, this one could help with the errands..." He murmured observing the profile of one of the new angels that have arrived, recently some "chaos" had been happening ever since MC stayed at the celestial realm. To think that a human centuries old is still alive,,, Who knows what those demons in the Devildom and wicked sorcerer have done to keep them alive. 'It's bothering to have them here, not because they're still alive but because they see through my facade.' Michael thought with a displeased grimace. He had done his best to keep the celestial realm "holy" and "pure" he had done everything to make angels seem like saviors, to make them higher than demons in the eyes of others. To keep humans under the control of angels, he had done everything that no one who's an "angel" should. He had done the most twisted and cruel things, but so what? The celestial realm was still running well, he was successfully serving his 'father' and making sure that nothing goes wrong. If only that stupid human wasn't poking their nose in his business.
Setting down the papers and taking out a book with a lock on it from the drawer on his left side Michael took the key that was hanging off of the necklace on his neck and unlocked the lock on the book, opening the book that he was holding he looked at the pictures of MC where they were stalking him, the picture where they had seen how he crushed the skull of an angel and got rid of them, observing their face closely and picking the quill pen that was sitting on his desk he dipped it in ink he opened a page in the book where he had written observations that he had to make of MC, in the middle next to the texts was a picture of MC's face. He drew a circle around their face then moved his pen towards a blank area of the page and wrote down "For breaking the rules of the celestial realm and helping a murderer escape." He wrote down, he was going to frame someone... Probably Luke, Since he was an adult. That he had killed one of the angels. And of course, Luke would surely tell MC that he never did anything and MC would help Luke escape. This would mean that he could give Luke a sentence that was not too rough and capture MC to do whatever he wanted with them, to kill them. Or to pay someone to kill them. Even if they somehow did end up suspecting him they would have no proof that he had done anything. And he would get rid of the assassin that killed MC anyways. "Curiosity killed the cat." Michael said smiling darkly as he closed the book and locked it then placed it back in the drawer, he took the cup of chamomile tea and took a sip of it. Now returning to looking through profiles of new angels again.
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boxbusiness · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
My Young DK & Young Michael.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
As much as i hate angsty or just things that make me emotional or sad(looking at you dark au’s👀) can i order more adult!luke
Barbatos: I’ve heard you did well in your seduction exam against Luke. 
MC: I’m not really sure if I deserved to earn such a praise from the teacher. I just cried in front of him. *laughs*
Barbatos: *smiles* MC, you don’t have to pretend that you’re fine. 
MC: ...
MC: That’s right... 
Barbatos: I know that it might be difficult for you to forget him since you were great friends. But you have to remember that he’s not the same Luke you used to know. 
MC: ...
MC: Barb...
MC: Have you... seen it in the future... that Luke and I would be like this?
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: *smiles* Yes. Your friendship has ended. And unfortunately, there was no way to turn it back to how it was supposed to be.
MC: O-Oh... 
Barbatos: I apologize if I had made you disappointed.
MC: N-No! You just gave me an honest answer, Barb!
Barbatos: *chuckles* 
MC: ...
Barbatos: *pats their head* You’re going to be fine, MC. Trust me. 
MC: ...
MC: Okay. I trust you, Barb. *smiles*
Belphie: *sleeping in MC’s bed* 
Levi: I thought he’s going to do an investigation? Why the hell he’s sleeping?!
Beel: Belphie told me that he was sensing a negative energy here. 
Levi: Eh? In this room? 
Levi: But this room is MC’s. Are you telling me that MC is being surrounded by negative energy?
Belphie: *wakes up* Yes. 
Levi: Great. You finally wake up. So, what did you find out?
Belphie: MC cried. 
Beel and Levi: ...
Levi: If you’re talking about the seduction exam, we all have seen that.
Belphie: No. I’m talking about here. In this room. They cried. 
Beel: *worried look* Does that mean MC was sad?
Belphie: Not just sadness, Beel. It’s something greater than that.
Levi: Could you stop beating around the bus?!
Belphie: *lies down again* I need to sleep more to find out.
Levi: You-!
Luke: *still remember how MC cried in front of him* They said it was just an act but...
Luke: Why did I feel pain in my chest?
....: Simple, Luke. Because you have hurt someone who is dear to you. 
Luke: *eyes widened* M-Michael?
Michael: *waves his hand at him* Hello~. How’s my favorite angel?
MC: Dia? Barbatos told me that you were asking for my presence?
Diavolo: Yes. Thank you for coming. 
MC: Is there a problem, Dia? You look quite exhausted. 
Diavolo: *sigh* Yes. I’m in trouble, MC, and I need your help.
MC: For what, Dia?
Diavolo: You see, I have received an important invitation. And they are asking me to send you.
MC: But, where is it, Dia?
Diavolo: *smiles* I am sorry, but I cannot disclose the place to you. But you don’t have to worry. I will send Luke to accompany you in your journey. 
MC: *shocked* What?
Diavolo: *chuckles* I know that you are going to like it if he’s with you. After all, you and him are very close to each other.
MC: ...
MC: Y-Yes... *forced themselves to smile* 
Diavolo: Great. Tomorrow is your departure. And I have already told Barbatos to prepare everything. *smiles* 
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s-prince · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my design for Michael! (this is a reupload just bc I wanted to)
I just love the idea of Michael exuding dilf energy (he also will not hesitate to tell embarrassing stories about Lucifer, mostly because he's still upset. Also he's basically Luke's dad)
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obeymekookie · 5 days ago
Obey Me! And who's older? Headcanon. (Because I'm confused.)
Satan. (A bit younger than Mammon.)
Asmodeus. (A little bit younger than Levi.)
Belphegor. (Around 1 second older than Beel.)
— Others
Diavolo / Barbatos. (Same age but Barbatos being born a few months earlier.)
Michael. (A bit older than Lucifer.)
Simeon. (Around Lucifer's age.)
Mephistopheles. (A few months older than Satan.)
Luke. (Baby)
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mogmoe · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking about some angles 
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harunayuuka2060 · 6 days ago
Can... can we get some more logical!MC?? I really wanna know what happens next! 👉👈
Barbatos: To be or not to be a bat demon. What is your choice?
MC: Why are you even asking me?! You have already turned me into one!
Barbatos: *chuckles* Yes. But what I’m asking you if you like this form or if you prefer being a fox.
Barbatos: Either way, you look stunning.
MC: *frowns* You don’t get the point here, Barbatos.
MC: Why, in freaking hell, I still have a tail? 
Barbatos: *smiles* During the ceremony, I’m going to intertwine mine with yours.
MC: ...
MC: Now that makes sense. 
Lucifer: Wait. What do you mean “MC agreed.”? What’s going on?
Diavolo: MC had expressed that they would wish to be married and be together with Barbatos because they were already tired with all this “bullshit” going on.
Satan, Belphie, and Beel: *sulking at the corner* 
Mammon: But how about their parents? Do they even know?
Diavolo: Actually they’re here. They are waiting in the reception.
Diavolo: And Lucifer, MC is asking if you want to be their best man. 
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: *sigh* Yes. I would be there. 
Levi: But how about the demon king?
Diavolo: ...
Diavolo: He is the officiant.
Simeon: What do you mean that you cannot do anything about it, Michael?! 
Michael: As I’ve told you, MC will be tied with the demon of time. If only Raphael didn’t rush, MC’s future will be different.
Raphael: ...
Raphael: But I’ve seen it. MC is my bride.
Michael: Was. MC was your bride. Not until you decided to kiss their soul and change them into a fox.
Michael: Do you even know what you did?
Michael: You almost made MC someone who can be compared to father. 
Raphael: ...
Simeon: What?
Michael: MC was almost made into a god. *smiles* But I’m relieved that they chose to marry that demon butler instead. 
Eundae: State your vows.
MC: I don’t have one.
Barbatos: *chuckles* Do you want to skip the whole “vow” thing and go straight in sealing it?
MC: I don’t really have a problem with that.
Barbatos: *eyes widened* 
Eundae: *chuckles* Haa... Now I’m getting jealous. I should have steal you when I had the chance.
Barbatos: *glares at the king* 
MC: Your Highness... Why are you even the officiante to begin with?
Eundae: Looking for opportunities.
Barbatos: Don’t consider my bride as one of them.
MC: *mutters* This is the most stressful day that I will ever have.
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definatelyanangel · 7 days ago
Everyone considers Michael to be rather elegant, when in reality...
Fledgling Lucifer: brother! Have you heard of this esteemed instrument of the humans? It is called a violin! Only the most aristocratic gentlemen play it 😌 so I thought you would too!
Michael, internally: why would I bother with such a thing...
Michael: of course! Just give me a moment, and I'll bring one for you.
Lucifer: 😊😊😄
Michael, internally: yes, that is why.
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hypertonicplague · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Saw a couple ppl post their hc Michael design so I decided to post mine too 👉🏼👈🏼
Gonna doodle him again later w more body jewelry n sashes n shit lol
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harunayuuka2060 · 8 days ago
I hopw you have an amazing day... I was also wondering, what happens next with Admiral Levi?
Levi: *hasn’t done anything for the whole day*
Satan: *enters his office* Admiral, Commander is asking you to sign this- *sees the stacks of papers on the floor* ...
Satan: You haven’t signed any of them?
Levi: I’m not in the mood.
Satan: *sigh* When MC was here, all of the paperwork would be done by noon. 
Satan: You’re kind of useless when it comes to public affairs.
Levi: Because this is not my job.
Satan: Yes, it isn’t. It’s MC’s. And you’re stupid for allowing the Celestial Force to take them.
Levi: *clicks his tongue* I’m done talking with you.
Satan: Right. If you will let me, admiral, I will take those documents away. 
Levi: ...
Satan: *before leaving the office* Are you not even missing, MC? It’s already been two weeks since they went there.
Levi: And I haven’t been receiving any intel from them yet. I wonder if they’re just enjoying themselves in that place.
Satan: *scoffs* I can’t understand you. Bye. 
Levi: ...
Levi: Maybe I should sneak in...
MC: *still thinking about the image they have seen on the frame* 
Simeon: *leans closer* MC? Is there something on your mind? You look quite serious. *smiles* 
MC: *not looking at him* I have seen something weird. Do you know the blank frame on the - *looks up* *notices that his face is close to them*
Simeon: Blank frame?
MC: *quickly turn their head away* Yes. A blank frame. 
Simeon: Well, I know what it is but... I’m not sure either why it is there. Only Lieutenant General Michael knows its use.
MC: ...
MC: Does it involve spying the enemy?
Simeon: *laughs* How straightforward. I don’t think so.
Simeon: If we were able to use that to spy on Hell’s Navy, then we would know your every move and next attacks.
MC: I see...
Simeon: *his expression becomes serious all of a sudden* But MC, you mentioned that you have seen something weird. I’m sure it’s not just the blank frame-
MC: That’s only it. I found it weird because it was hanging on the wall even though it doesn’t have anything on it.
Simeon: *laughs* If you say so. 
Raphael: Hmm? MC? You’re on cooking duty today?
MC: Yes. Your lieutenant general asked me to cook for him.
Raphael: *leans on the counter* Why would you follow his orders? Let him starve.
MC: *frowns a little* Is that how you always treat your superior?
Raphael: He’s not even acting one.
MC: *laughs*
Raphael: What?
MC: Nothing. You were so aloof before and even get offended when someone disrespects him. 
Raphael: I have two sides of me. 
MC: And those are?
Raphael: The side I show to everyone...
Raphael: *stares at their eyes* And the side I only show to you.
MC: *is taken aback a little* *averted their gaze* Ah...
Raphael: *smiles* I might be disturbing you. Though, don’t make that idiot’s food too delicious. 
*In Michael’s office* 
Michael: *claps his hands* Yay! My food is here! Thank you, MC!
MC: You are welcome. *about to walk away*
Michael: Where are you going?
MC: I’m leaving so you can eat in peace.
Michael: No~! You stay~! I don’t like eating alone!
MC: *frowns* What are you? A child?
Michael: *clears his throat* Well, do I look like one?
MC: ...
MC: You know that’s an insult, right?
Michael: *laughs* 
Michael: *stands up and pulls a chair* Eat with me. 
MC: No-
Michael: *puppy eyes* Pwease?
MC: ...
MC: *takes the seat* I’m just going to stay.
Michael: Oh~. So you want to watch me eating?
Michael: That’s fine with me.
Michael: But you might fall for me~. *winks*
MC: *frowns* No. You don’t have to worry.
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onehoneybeel · 10 days ago
Angelic ranks?
Angel jobs? Types? IDK?🤷‍♀️
Hey guys! I was, you know, thinking about how im very inactive right now because im currently writing all the other stuff before i start posting and taking in requests again
But i wanted to post a little something for you to read? And i remembered this draft in my notes that i already had planned to post but i hadn't! ✨
I think there are different angel classes, based on what type of duties they follow, and they get said class assigned after a certain age.
I haven't thought a lot about it so maybe you'll find them a bit meh but i like what i came up with so far and if you have any ideas or suggestions on this topic I'll be glad to hear them!🥰
First i think theres a hierarchy and a class system, for the hierarchy:
Seraph: God's most trusted and personal angels,they are basically the council of angels that takes the most decisions and God's Councils
Following the seraphim are the principalities, archangels and such, this is more the hierarchy then a class of angels and so this are not exactly inside my headcanons yet, they have a lot more of information that i need to go through to understand this particular classification!
As for the classes of angels that I envision:
Soldiers: This are the most prominent class along with Diplomats, they are in charge of guarding the realm and fighting if it's necessary. Michael is a great example.
Diplomats: They are in charge of handling most of the social disputes and coming up with solutions, as well as be the link of communication between normal angels and the Seraphim. Lucifer used to be one of them.
Healers: Pretty self explanatory, this are the doctors for everyone, they go through arduous training in all types of healing under the guidance of Raphael.
Educators: The wisest of angels are given the chance to teach the new generations on all subjects that matter to the celestial realm, had he been an angel Satan would have been an educator.
Strategists: This is a division of the soldier work, they are in charge of creating any and all plans of action in case of a number of different situations, Leviathan used to be a strategist.
Guards: Another division of the soldiers, they keep the peace in the celestial realm and guard the palace's entrance as well as function as bodyguards. Beelzebub was a guard on the celestial realm.
Caretakers: The caretakers are given little groups of baby cherubs to bring them up and rise them correctly, they work along side the Educators. Lillith was a caretaker while she was alive.
Guardian angels: A sub category of caretakers, guardian angels shouldn't be confused with celestial guards. They are assigned to a number of people in the human world so they can supervise and look for them, bringing reports to the seraphim.
Cherubs: any angel under the restriction age (15 years old in angel years) who aren't assigned a rank, like Luke.
So for the characters i didn't mention:
I think Mammon would be a Soldier or a guard, because of his physical abilities that we know of!
Asmo i think is a healer, he was under healer training under Raphael's care but he did skip a lot.
Belphie I can see as either a strategist (because we know for sure how cunning he is) or a caretaker along Lillith, more because of her than because of the kids (but he is really gentle with beel so he could be great with kid's anyway idk)
And Simeon could probably fit as a Diplomat like Lucifer (which would explain why both of them did a lot of stuff for Michael instead of with Michael) or as a healer too, but im more inclined for the first. Or if you like mischief Simeon we could also say he was a strategist
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harunayuuka2060 · 10 days ago
This came to my head randomly like everything- the brothers or the datetables asking criminal!mc to help them and mc telling them that they have connections or people who owe mc that can help them and out of curiosity they ask mc how many connections they have mc tells them “as deep as the underworld and as high as the celestial realm” one of the people who owe mc is michelle(is that right?) :v
I'm going to change it a little bit.
Michael: *puts down a picture of a church and its address on MC's desk*
MC: *looks at him* What do you want me to do with this? *while waving the picture in their hand*
Michael: I've heard that you are good in these kind of things. I want you to investigate the disappearances of teenage women and why is that church involved.
MC: Hmm... *leans on their chair* *smiles* How much are you going to pay me?
Michael: H-Huh? D-Don't you do it for free?
MC: Tch. Tch. Tch. No, you don't understand how my business work. When someone calls through my hotline and in the verge of danger, that's when my services are free.
MC: In your case, you went here. Only asking me to conduct an investigation.
MC: Which is not the line of my job.
MC: If I don't get to kill the target, then you have to pay.
Michael: I don't have money with me right now...
Michael: But I really want you to help me in solving this case.
MC: *stands up and looks at Michael* I can give you a discount.
MC: One kiss and I'll do the job.
Michael: W-What?
MC: I'm not forcing you.
Michael: ...
Michael: Fine...
MC: *pulls him close and kisses him*
Michael: *face reddens*
MC: Since it's a discount, you will have to compromise.
MC: Whatever I see in this church, it will be my own judgment whether to kill the target or not.
Michael: ... Do what you want.
MC: *laughs* That's more I like it.
MC: *points a gun to a so-called priest who is r*ping teenage girls who goes to his fake church*
The fake priest: A-Are y-you not afraid of the god's judgment? Y-You want to hurt one of his chosen ones?!
MC: *leans closer to him* Oho~? Chosen one? You? Tell me, who's god are you referring to?
The fake priest: The one above—
MC: *puts the gun to his mouth* *laughs* How ironic. There's this angel who asked me to check what is going on in this place. Do you think he knows you?
The fake priest: W-W-What are you t-talking about?
MC: *touches the man's face* *has an ecstatic expression* Haa... It's been a long time since I killed someone like you.
MC: I should have brought a knife so I could carve out your face.
MC: But my client is being merciful. Maybe I'll just cut your dick and feed it to the wolves.
The fake priest: *cries in despair* No... No... Please...
MC: *smiles* Goodbye.
MC: *opens a room where they see all the teenage girls who have gone missing* *all bound and naked*
One of the girls: Who are you...
MC: *smiles* Just a psycho who happened to find this place. Anyways, mind putting your clothes on?
MC: My client will go and fetch you and return you to your families.
The girl: Wh-What happened to the priest?
MC: He's dead. *laughs*
Simeon: ...
Simeon: Michael never told me about this.
MC: Because it's confidential~.
Simeon: ... Have you had a relationship with him?
MC: Hmmmmmm... I'm not really sure thoooooough... *laughs*
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harunayuuka2060 · 13 days ago
Are the angels part of the Admiral Levi AU? If they are then could I request some content with them in the AU.
Levi: MC, the Celestial Force are coming to have a joint meeting with us. I want you to welcome them at the entrance.
MC: *salutes* Yes, Admiral!
Levi: And—
Levi: *stern expression* If they are being suspicious, you are free to subdue them.
MC: *eyes widened* Admiral...
Levi: They are still enemies and this is an order.
Lucifer: It's surprising that your admiral asked you to do this task.
MC: *smiles* I feel that he has put his trust in me, Commander.
Lucifer: *chuckles* Anyway, I will send Mammon to accompany you.
MC: How many are we expecting?
Lucifer: Three. Two captains and a Lieutenant General.
MC: Huh? Why would a lieutenant general be here?
Lucifer: They proposed for a peace treaty.
MC: And do you believe them, Commander?
Lucifer: Of course not. If they're taking us for a fool, we can just kill them. Am I right?
MC: *nods* Yes, Commander!
Raphael, Michael, and Simeon: *at the entrance*
Simeon: They have sent a message that a Navy Secretary will be welcoming us.
Raphael: I see no one.
Michael: Hmm. Nope. There they are.
*sees Mammon and MC*
Mammon and MC: *salutes* Welcome!
Michael: My, my~ I thought it was just the navy secretary. But I also see the infamous Captain Mammon.
Mammon: I'm just here to accompany MC. And I'm warning you, you do anything funny and it will be your last breath.
Raphael: *about to unleash his sword*
Michael: Raphael, stop that.
Raphael: Tch. *straightens his posture* My apologies. I am Captain Raphael. On my right is Captain Simeon. And in front of you is Lieutenant General Michael.
MC: *bows a little without breaking eye contact* I welcome you again on our ship, Lieutenant General.
Michael: *smiles* Thank you.
Asmo: *irritated expression* Why does MC have to serve them?
Beel: Admiral Levi's orders.
Belphie: The meeting is about to start. Let's go inside.
Asmo: But how about MC? And why does that Captain Simeon still not entering the office?
Beel: Apparently, that guy is ordered by his lieutenant general to keep an eye on MC.
Asmo: Tch!
Belphie: You don't have to worry. MC knows how to fight.
Belphie: *glances at MC*
MC: *sees him and nods*
Simeon: Seems like the higher ranks trusted you for this kind of matter.
MC: ...
Simeon: *sigh* I wished Raphael would do the same.
MC: ...
Simeon: *smiles* What drink do you like?
MC: Coffee.
Simeon: *laughs* You're cautious. I like it.
Simeon: I think you have heard that we've come here for a peace treaty.
Simeon: Since our soldiers were mostly killed in battle.
Simeon: And that thanks to Admiral Levi who knows every tactics.
MC: ...
Simeon: What is your favorite food?
MC: Roast chicken.
Simeon: *nods* I see. I'm a good cook by the way.
MC: ...
Simeon: Would you want to go with me some other time?
MC: That is not possible, Captain.
Simeon: Hmm... Are you already taken? Married?
MC: ...
Simeon: Ah... It doesn't matter. You are still my type.
MC: *glares at him*
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harunayuuka2060 · 14 days ago
Michael: Are you not feeling guilty?
MC: Guilty for what?
Michael: You haven't given me bebe time.
Michael: Am I not important to you anymore?
Michael: *ugly crying*
MC: ...
MC: Wait here a second. I will buy you milk.
Michael: That's not the bebe time I'm talking about!
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