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Parks and Recreation: Born and Raised (2011)

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Imagine Leslie dealing with the pandemic in Pawnee! ABSOLUTE CHAOS I’M TELLING YOU 💀

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1. dandelions

2. when the song you’re listening to gives you goosbumps

3. putting blush on your nose

4. neopronouns

5. clubs

6. girls

7. dancing

8. naked

9. MOM???

10. arguement

11. police

12. fleeing the scene

13. hiding in a dumpster

14. crashing on your couch for a week because,, technically i’m homeless

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can we please take a moment to acknowledge how MAD Leslie freaking Knope would have been to hear trump got elected??

and, on the other side, how pumped shed be tp hear biden got elected

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all of my oc ships are categorised by which michael schur ship they are. most commonly are rosa/adrian, kevin/holt, and april/andy.

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i used to think i was only attracted to old, creepy men but then schur came in and …

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The shows I follow can be divided into two categories:

a) This fucking show (complimentary)

b) This fucking show (derogatory)

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rewatching the good place for the seventh time and i have to talk about just how much of an amazing actress d'arcy carden is. like, she’s played janet, bad janet, neutral janet, eleanor, chidi, tahani, jason. those are seven completely different characters !! she’s fucking amazing !!

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May I just say, Michael Schur understands me on a cosmic level

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Toby: Hey, where do I park?
Mose: I’m the valet. You have to give me your car.
Toby: Uh, you know what, I can go park it myself.
Mose: I’m the… I’m the valet. You have to give me your car.
Toby: It’s probably okay…
Mose: Give me your car.
Toby: I think it’s better that I…
Mose: Give me your car.
Toby: It’s a finicky car…
Mose: Get out. Have a good time at the thing.
Toby: It’s a little tricky, you might have to… take…

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The ending of The Good Place sucked! That whole season sucked! We did not need another adventure. It should have ended when they went to the Good Place, leaving it a mystery to the viewers as to what it was actually like. Then you can make your own conclusion. No they dragged it on for so long. Each character needed their own damn conclusion like common. They got so dumb as characters too. What should have been obvious to them took entire episodes, sometimes two to figure things out. 

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The fact that the guy who talks to Michael at the end of the finale is called Ken only adds on to my doubts as to why Mike Schur didn’t take on that role himself.

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Ducktales 2017: Watch me as I fit every Michael Schur actor into this series!

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I love the fact that the only social media Michael Schur has is a Twitter account and a Tumblr account, and he uses an alias for both of them.

Mike is a fan girl.

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Tahani in 208: “We should finish discussing yesterday’s events”

Eleanor in 208: “I had a long talk with him the other night, after the whole Derek incident.”


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Michael Schur and John Krasinski during 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Writers Nominee Reception at French 75 Century City in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic for Academy of Television Arts and Sciences)

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