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Usagi and Chibiusa have cavities and they both faked going to the dentist

Mamoru: Did you guys go to the Dentist?

Chibiusa and Usagi: Ya

Mamoru: that was pretty fast though

Usagi: It’s a new dentist fills cavities quicker

Mamoru: Sounds like a good dentist, What’s their name?


Mamoru: Your dentist name is Crentist?

Usagi and Chibiusa nodded

Mamoru: Sounds a lot like dentist

Usagi: Maybe that’s why he became a dentist!


Originally posted by moonlightsdreaming

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Last week I downloaded a pedometer on my phone, just wanted to see why im so tired at the end of the day. Well I’m doing over 11,000 during working hours, around 5 miles. Yeah, I come home tired for a reason. So I was looking over my stats and noticed Sunday I did 362 steps, 362! If I count how many steps it takes from my chair to the bathroom, I can then figure out how many times I peed on Sunday. I’m surprised I didn’t get an alert asking if I was dead.

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