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bebx · a day ago
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Sylvie betrayed Loki for her glorious purpose, while Mobius betrayed his own glorious purpose (aka his loyalty for the TVA) for Loki.
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thehumming6ird · 6 months ago
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‘So we used this reference to make our alligator based off of this particular Wally alligator. There can’t just be an alligator. It can’t be just something that’s, like, ‘Ah, well. That’s just an alligator.’
Luke McDonald, Additional VFX Supervisor on Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki’ talks about the development of Alligator Loki
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pinktwingirl · 5 months ago
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“It’s open to interpretation” Yeah, in other words, you never actually gave Loki’s genderfluidity any thought or consideration whatsoever and all the hype you did over your so-called “representation” was complete bullshit. This shit keeps getting worse with each interview Kate Herron and Michael Waldron do. Just admit you were never actually interested in telling a story about Loki and fucking leave.
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cinemagifmaker · 6 months ago
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Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15 (series created by Michael Waldron & directed by Kate Herron)
Loki (2021-)
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munmunx5 · 6 months ago
From Assembled: “The Making of Loki” describing the Loki and Sylvie’s storyline:
“One of the writers in our writer’s room, Elissa Karasik, she came in with a real strong POV that it should run at that love-story thing. And it was something the whole writer’s room got behind from day one.” Michael Waldron
“You know, it’s so chaotic to fall in love with a version of yourself, but at the same time, it’s such a bad idea and so mischievous, it’s like, of course Loki would fall in love with himself.” Kate Herron
“So the heart of it, it is a love story and you never fall in love at the right time. And I think the nice thing about it is Crater Lake is where these two characters really come together, and they realize there’s something deeper going on here.” Kate Herron
“You know, in life, we all go through struggles, but we can’t do it alone. And if we have people we can trust, it lightens the load and it gladdens the heart. And I think the relationship between Loki and Sylvie is about that connection. That they learn, each of them, to care about the other.” Tom Hiddleston
“People in love often speak of time stopping when they first catch that jolting glance of their paramours as if our brain, perhaps even the universe, is telling us, ‘Your life is forever changed.’ ‘Sear this moment into your memory.’ So much is forgotten and discarded every day. A password, an acquaintance’s name. Our inability to control what stays and what goes is a constant reminder of the fallibility of the human mind. Objects in the rear view are often much smaller than they appear, and they get smaller and smaller each day. But as we march forever onward, we will inevitability arrive at one of those defining moments where clarity arrive, followed quickly by more uncertainty. What we do in this moment can often define our lives in ways we never dreamed of.” Tom Hiddleston
Main takeaways:
- Season 1 was written as a love story from Day freakin’ ONE.
- THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Elissa Karasik, the true creator of this ship.
- Loki and Sylvie’s nexus event was them realizing that they have FALLEN IN LOVE, as beautifully narrated by Tom Hiddleston.
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quantum-widow · 5 months ago
Say it with me kids, the problem with Waldron’s shitty 2018 script is not that he pulled in some of the same themes/characterisation into the Loki show. ALL writers do that, especially in a medium like screenwriting where a lot of projects won’t ever see the light of day. The problem is that the script (which I read all 100+ pages of) shows very clearly how this man thinks about women and female characters, and guys, it’s bad. Whatever problems you think Whedon era Black Widow had, just multiply it by the thousands. It’s the most 2D cardboard cutout fake feminist #girlboss shit I have ever seen. However much Waldron’s writing has improved (which it definitely has) you can’t better writing your way out of misogyny. Especially when he also wrote Sylvie, who is also a #girlboss with no discernible personality outside of wanting to punch things and being unexplainably attracted to the leading man. 
Also wtf are people talking about saying people who are comparing the two lack critical thinking and that “this isn’t how media analysis works you have to look at the show in isolation”, I have a whole ass literature degree, literary analysis uses contextual readings all the time to understand specific works. That’s all people are doing here, reading one work in the context of another. 
This script is also a textbook play by play of white male privilege in hollywood. This script was on the blacklist, this script is in the company of slumdog millionaire, the imitation game and promising young woman. It’s a big deal for an aspiring writer to get on it. And holy shit I just looked it up and this script only got 3 fewer votes than promising young woman, in the same year. It’s also apparently the script Feigie read that convinced him to hire him. Because it was time travel? What? Time travel is not a unique unknowable genre Kevin you could’ve hired anyone. I agree you can’t criticise Loki just based on what’s in this script, but you can a) make comparisons between the two, b) just criticise Waldron’s ability as a writer because he wrote this and it’s bad and c) criticise marvel and Feige for reading the most heteronormative white cis male fantasy and going yep, this seems like the guy to head up our first show with an openly queer protagonist.
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blackphillipdarling · 13 days ago
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wandatvvision · 4 months ago
But what is the loki series if not fluidphobia and heteronormativity persevering
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elementroar · 6 months ago
Apparently there could've been all the sex in Loki
Lmao the Loki: Assembled featurette has some true gold in that early whiteboard brainstorming session! Here's some shots of the brainstorming behind what looks like Episode 1 (at 7:51):
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From the most visible list, it appears the brainstormed sequence of events were:
Loki visiting different time periods
Doing crazy mischief aka sex
Pivots to taking power
Collecting infinity stones
Has the gauntlet, takes power…more sex. Bi, alien, etc.
Alone in the throne room. He’s taken power, but is infected with thought it isn’t “real” because of TVA’s control over free will.
Returns to TVA - Gauntlets power down. Mobius waiting for him.
Loki gives honest answers to Mobius. Mobius shows the sheer power of TVA.
Then the whole episode or season whatever, rounds-off with "Fucks off with Sylvie" (the top of the plot circles)
Tumblr media
So Loki and Sylvie could've met as early as episode 1 and Loki would've 'fucked off with her'. Which after seeing how much of a horndog he was going to be, I can believe implied all kinds of fucking LMAO.
Like it either means Loki leaves with Sylvie, or they had a 'fuck off' to see who was the most hedonistic, or hell let's remove one word 'fucks off with Sylvie'. We could have been in a world where this was gonna be canon!
Note: I think this was a brainstorm to stick the most bawdy shit they could think off on the wall to get in the groove. Plus then you can tell the editor that 'okay we take out all the sex if you let us do this' kind of bargaining.
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wandaloki · 6 months ago
I saw this recent interview from Michael Waldron where he cleared up confusion about the sacred timeline.
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He describes it like rope, so it isn’t just one straight line. This clears up a lot of confusion because I have seen people say that because there is only one ‘sacred timeline’ that Loki and Sylvie originate from the same timeline.
I’m a visual learner so I made this timeline to visualise his explanation. Rope is made by intertwining different strands of wire and then intertwining those intertwined strands of wire around a core. So each strand is a different reality running parallel within a sacred timeline. Which means Loki and Sylvie aren’t from the same reality.
Tumblr media
Then he described the multiverse verse as the rope breaking and I combined this analogy with the branching/tree analogy to make my interpretation of the multiverse.
Tumblr media
Anyway so maybe I am wrong but I think this makes sense so I thought I would share it, maybe it can clear up some confusion about how the sacred timeline works.
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lokimeowfeyson · 5 months ago
I'm thinking about how they genuinely have an Oscar nominated screenwriter RIGHT THERE like Owen is RIGHT THERE but Fiege wants to hand the most popular show to the dumbass who writes like an edgy and tasteless and probably bigoted 12 year old
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bebx · 2 days ago
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this Lokius AU >>>>>>
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thehumming6ird · 6 months ago
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pinktwingirl · 3 months ago
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So, basically, what I’m hearing is that Michael Waldron wrote another garbage script and now all of these delays are entirely his fault. GEE MARVEL MAYBE HIRING THE GUY WHO WROTE “THE WORST GUY OF ALL TIME AND THE GIRL WHO CAME TO KILL HIM” WASN’T SUCH A GREAT IDEA AFTER ALL
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cinemagifmaker · 6 months ago
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Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie (series created by Michael Waldron & directed by Kate Herron)
Loki (2021-)
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of-house-atreides · a month ago
The very first scene of Loki just foreshadowed how horrible it was going to be.
Think about it. Loki falling off the sky and crashing in the desert. Why did they do that? The only reason was to make us laugh, and it wasn't even funny.
But what else does it imply?
Well, it implies that Loki just grabbed the Tesseract and somehow managed to teleport himself with it but he wasn't smart or competent enough to control where and how he would land. That was the first hint of Waldron and co taking away Loki's credibility and grace.
What would've real Loki done? He would've teleported somewhere safe, somewhere he was familiar with, where he would be able to plan his next move.
What happens next? He sees a handful of people and decides to jump on a rock and have them submit to him because he's a guy who "just wants to be king". Again, that was meant to make us laugh, but still not funny.
That scene took away Loki's cunningness and legitimacy. Why does Loki feel like he deserves to be king? Irrelevant. Who cares?And of course he doesn't speak their language so the people just don't see him as threatening (as he's just some unarmed guy who fell off the sky). He is no one to them. He is nothing. And he is alone.
Then the TVA shows up. He gets beaten up by humans even though he's a God and a Frost-Giant. That scene took away Loki's strength.
At the TVA they take away everything he has left. His powers, his clothes, his freedom. His courage. Loki is not a prince anymore, not a God, not even a Frost-Giant.
And all of it is supposed to make us laugh.
Why? Because they're humiliating him. We're not laughing with Loki like we used to in Thor and Avengers. We're laughing at him.
Every single scene in that first episode was made to break Loki as a character. We were told to hate this guy. To find him pathetic and arrogant.
The Loki show was made to make us hate Loki. He was consistently humiliated physically and mentally and we were supposed to laugh.
So to the people who liked the Loki show, I know who you are. You're bullies. Because that's the type of humor you like. You're immature bullies. You're Mobius and your best friend is Loki, the person who has to do everything as you tell him or else he's a "bad friend". That person owes you unconditional friendship but you owe them nothing. You get to use them and make fun of them. You get to be abusive physically and mentally. But they don't get to fight back.
These people have trauma to begin with and that's why they won't leave your side no matter how shitty you treat them.
That's the Loki show. Loki gets to be treated badly because he's done shitty things in the past so he deserves it. And he shouldn't complain. And he shouldn't explore his trauma. He just gets to shut up and take it.
I know exactly who likes this show. I know exactly what kind of people wrote that shit.
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kaleidoscope-vol2 · 5 months ago
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They should be ashamed of themselves. Kate Herron, Michael Waldron, and Tom Hiddleston all bragged about representing Loki as genderfluid and then erased it completely in the show.
Erased it so they could make a sexist comment & erased it so the only person Loki would want to fuck was a female version of himself. Everyday they open their mouths & say something completely ignorant to justify the bad writing of the show & complete disregard for the character.
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lokiondisneyplus · 8 months ago
The first movie that brought together the principle cast of the adulated Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 2012 offering, The Avengers, was unambiguously among the most prominent of the 23-film franchise. In a previous interview with mid-day, an Avengers writer had highlighted how the film, which saw the six characters interact with each other for the first time, provided enough opportunity to instil humour and depth into their introductions. But, in a film that was seemingly too crowded for any one actor to shine, the ability of Tom Hiddleston, despite being the antagonist, to have done so only establishes his credibility.
A character that was expected to be killed off early on in the franchise was kept alive owing to the love of fans. A decade later, Hiddleston’s Loki has a spin-off of his own. “Because Tom is fun to watch, it is fun to write [a story on him]. Our first thought was to create a story about this character that hasn’t been told in 10 years. Loki is an a**, and that makes my life as a writer, easy. He’s a man of frustration and chaos, and in any scene, anything can happen. This gives the writer a chance to take the story in different directions. Just like the shape-shifting character that Loki is, we wanted the show to be [unpredictable] as well,” says Michael Waldron, head writer of the upcoming Loki series, the latest in a spate of spin-offs that followed Avengers: Endgame.
Tumblr media
📷Michael Waldron. Pic/Getty Images
“Striping him off his crutches” by presenting him in an offering that doesn’t pair him with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) implies that Waldron could explore new dimensions of the character. “He is on his own, so, he is forced to reflect in a way he hasn’t. He can no longer blame everything on Thor or Odin [Loki’s father]. When you have an actor like Tom, you can sell any plot, as long as it is true. Due to the trauma in Loki’s life, I would even [accept a story] in which he is committed to being all bad. Tom’s soulfulness, charm and honesty is evident in the character. So, even when Loki is being mean or deceitful, people see the goodness of Tom in the character.”
Hiddleston pairs up with Owen Wilson again after Midnight in Paris (2011), and Waldron is delighted when discussing the latter’s addition to the franchise. “Owen is amazing. His character is opposite to that of Loki. He calls him out, and knows when he’s lying. That enforces Loki to be more honest. [Wilson’s character] will be a fan-favourite.”
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garlicbreadd · 7 months ago
The Creators of Loki are Lying to Us
Okay yes of course I did that sort of title as a slight dick move but it's also... possibly true. First I want to give credit to @mischiefvariant because it's something they posted that made me think of this.
The creators say super contradictory statements. Here are some things I thought about with that
LOKI is a show that centers around a trickster god, they're probably playing into that. Saying contradictory statements to throw off the audience.
As has been known, people cast in Marvel films and shows can say NOTHING ABOUT IT. It would be very weird for the creators of the show to go about telling everyone who's gonna end up together before it happens. Loki and Sylvie haven't gotten together yet.
Now here are some others things I thought of
The directors aren't stupid. They know it's going to look romantic. Just as I'm sure they know Mobius and Loki are going to look romantic.
Much of the reason everyone is interpreting that moment between Loki and Sylvie as romantic is because other people are. I first interpreted it as romantic because I saw other people on this app interpreting it that way. When I rewatched that scene today, it seems purely platonic.
If the creators really are playing into that trickster, mischievous nature with the press, we should be working on reading into the show more than reading into what the creators say to the press
Let me know if any of y'all have any more ideas! 6 more days until episode 5!!!!
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latent-thoughts · 6 months ago
After all that has been said and done about the finale, and I've had time to dwell on it a bit more, I think I have identified what bothered me the most about the Loki series, despite having actually loved it till episode 3. (I still love those episodes, and bits of the other ones.)
So, the thing is, when the series promo began, the creators were very vocal about how they'd explore Loki's genderfluidity, how he'd learn to love himself and forgive himself to start anew, how the show wouldn't have romance because Loki is not ready for it, etc. Tom himself covered these things in the few interviews that I did watch. (I'm not big on watching interviews, otherwise.)
At the end, we neither got genderfluidity, nor the self love (Loki still doesn't love himself, it's more at self reflection right now, and that too, in ways I don't agree with, but I digress), and instead we got the very shoehorned romance forced on us (sylki shippers excepted). Yay for amatonormativity. /Sarcasm.
What bothered me the most was the constant, blatant lying in the promo interviews. Not so much the actual material of the show, but the misdirections.
It was all so unnecessary and unneeded. They could've simply not mentioned these things and moved on. They could've said that the Loki series may hint at a romance. Or just plain refused to answer because SPOILER! That way, we the audience would've known that there was a possibility for it.i
Instead, they answered these questions with lies. They deliberately chose to talk about these issues as though they cared about them. Only to do the opposite in the end.
That's what hurt me the most. And well, took out my trust in them, especially Tom. (Look, don't come at for hating Tom. This is not me hating him. This is me expressing disappointment. I'm not attacking him. I'm simply criticizing him, which I'm allowed to do on my blog ok.) I remember him joking about how Loki needed to love himself first before thinking of romance, when he was asked if the series might have romance. Just...why? 😒
This kind of misdirection didn't happen in other shows' promo, mind you. And I respect the showrunners and actors therein for not lying to us. It shows us that promo can be done without taking the audience for granted, without disrespecting them with baity catchphrases and denial.
Even the trailers were extremely misleading, to the point of having most their footage not show up in the show. The trailers were edited in a very misleading way. TBH, I actually can't recall seeing such thoroughly edited trailers before. I knew Marvel wasn't honest in their trailers, but the Loki series trailers were on another level entirely.
This is mainly why I feel like I watched something else entirely, rather than what was promoted and marketed by the whole team. They didn't have to do it like this. Loki was already an extremely popular character, people were already keen to watch it. So then why?
I don't know why. We may never know. But it hurt me, and others like me. Because I trusted these people to deliver on their word, and they didn't.
Disclaimer: I don't hate these people. I'm simply expressing my feelings here, because I somehow have to get the disappointment of it out of my system. That's all.
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