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shuri udaku + her intelligence + her journey so far
-shuri is such an intelligent badass kid! letitia wright does such a good portrayal of the princess of wakanda. shuri is also a relatable character - she’s only young (still a teenager), she knows all the memes and she pranks her brother while still looking out for him and caring for him. without her, wakanda would have vibrainium but no idea what to do - she’s the head of technological advancement and without her the amazing black panther suit and other add-ons wouldn’t exist. shuri deserves more love - she’s not only the most clever person in wakanda, she’s a genuine person and a warrior
-gifs are mine
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Open Wide [ Erik Killmonger ]

summary — porn without a plot.

warning — smut.


Originally posted by ovtrojeon

“When we get in the house, I want you naked and on your knees by the end of the bed. Do you understand me?” He mumbled in her ear. His breath laced with Hennessy tickled your skin as he spoke. YN’s whole body shuddered when he hissed the dictation to her. With no words to reply, YN nodded her head and sunk her teeth into her bottom lip. 

Pushing the door open, she left him at the entrance and swiftly as possible, carefully ran up in the stairs in her stiletto heels. Erik’s dark eyes trailed up after her. He licked his lips as he watched her bubbly ass jiggle with each eager step. Kicking the door close behind him, Eric dragged his feet and dropped his body onto the couch and placed his feet on the coffee table and continued to take a swig at his half empty bottle of alcohol. 

YN’s body was riddled with anticipation. It prickled her skin as her nerves tingled. When she had gotten into his bedroom, she gingerly took off all her clothes and placed on an empty chair. The soft, fluffy carpet of Erik’s bedroom tickled her knees as she kneeled facing the door. Her hands were on her thighs as she then waited. 

Fifteen minutes passed before she finally heard his heavy steps come up the stairs. YN’s breathing picked up as her ears began to ring. The feeling of nervousness puddled at the bottom of her stomach when the door swung open. YN’s brown eyes lit up when she saw Erik standing there. Dreads hanging down his face, creating a curtain for his eyes. Beard trimmed perfectly well encasing his juicy lips. Her eyes seemed to brighten when she finally took note that he was shirtless. The sight of his keloid scarring had her nipples hardening. The temptation to trace them with the tip of her tongue was making her lips tingle. Erik’s jeans were riding low on his hips and the button was popped open and his feet were bare. 

“Look at you.” His voice was raspy and it sent shivers down her spine. Erik licked his lips as he soaked in every inch of her naked body and then smirked. When the door closed behind him and he dimmed the lights, YN knew what was in store for her. 

Once he was standing directly in front of her, his hand came to her face and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. A smile came to his face when YN leaned into him. Erik abruptly gripped her throat, causing her to gasp. His thumb traced her bottom lip before pushing in into her mouth. 

“Daddy’s mad at you princess.” Erik spoke with his hand still on her throat. A groan escaped from his mouth when she sucked harder on his thumb. He pulled it out and and sunk his fingers into her jaw. “Do you know why Daddy’s mad?" 

"I let someone dance with me." 

"And…” His grip on her face tightened. 

“I let him touch me.” YN’s voice came out timid and soft. Her lips were pouted. The innocent expression on her face wasn’t going to save her but she hoped that it would at least soften the blow of her punishment. 

“You let him fucking touch you.” He hissed. “Why did you do that princess?” Erik finally let go of her face and let his hands fall to his side. 

YN softy gulped as she conjugated a sentence that would be satisfying to the rebellious prince. “I was mad at you." 

Erik frowned softly with a pout. "You were mad at me?" 

She tenderly nodded her head. "You left without saying goodbye and then for two weeks, you barely spoke to me." 

"Awe I’m sorry baby.” He knelt down so that their eyes were on the same level. Despite the hardness on his face, there was a softness to the look in his eyes. “I got distracted and I neglected to take care of my princess. For that I’m truly sorry.”

“It’s okay Daddy." 

"But I’m still going to have to punish you for being a little brat. You broke Daddy’s rules and I can’t look it over." 

"I know. I deserve to be punished." 

Her answer melted his heart. Erik groaned as his hand returned to her neck. "Yes you do.” He mumbled before he branded her lips with his. He swallowed her whimpers as his tongue protruded into her mouth. The kiss was so demanding and at every turn , YN tried to match his energy. If she wasn’t wet before, she was drenching now. His kisses tended to do that. The passion that coated his lips sipped into her system and got her fired up. Even with their lips locked, the moans broke free from within YN. 

Unanticipatedly, Erik pulled away and stood up, leaving YN breathless. As she looked up at him with wanton eyes, Erik dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, fully exposing his body to her. 

YN licked her lips as she eyed his dick. Long, thick with a fat tip swollen red. Veins ran along the length of his shaft that was a beautiful dark shade of brown. YN had always thought that Erik had the most beautiful dick that she had ever seen and each time she saw it, she was in awe. 

“Now open up for me.” When those words left his lips, YN opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out, ready for his intrusion. Erik wrapped his hand around his base and tapped his tip onto her tongue repeatedly and slid into her mouth before slowly withdrawing. He kept doing this until he finally he slipped his whole length in her mouth and groaned feeling the tightness of her throat softly. 

“Fucccckkk.” Erik whispered as his eyes closed. He wanted to go slow to go easy on her but her mouth felt so good, he found his hand slipping into her braids to grip them as he thrusted his hips faster and faster. 

YN’s mouth was beginning to slobber but the messier it became, the hornier Erik was. He looked down at her. Her eye makeup mixed with her tears was trailing down her cheeks. Spit mixed with his pre-cum drooled out of her mouth and onto her chest. He growled as he felt his balls tighten at the sight. 

“You look so fucking beautiful like this.” Erik licked his lips, slowly his thrusts. “That pretty face all fucked up because you’re letting Daddy fuck your mouth like a good girl." 

YN frequently nodded her head and shifted closer to take more of him. Erik chuckled as he clenched on her braids harder. "Oh you want more of my dick huh? You greedy bitch.” Suddenly he shoved his whole length into her mouth which caused her to begin gagging. 

But Erik didn’t care.  

He pushed her head back so that it was cushion for her and placed one foot onto the bed to hover above her. He brutally fucked her mouth. YN’s neck was aching along with her jaw and she struggled for air. But the groans and moans of the man above her not only motivated her to stay in position to please him, YN felt her wetness drenching the inner part of her thighs as she was aroused the action of being used for Erik’s pleasure. 

“Bad little girls like you deserve to get their mouths fucked.” Erik mumbled as he felt his dick begin to throb. His words effected YN, causing her to moan around his girth and clench her thighs tighter to give some form of relief to her aching cunt that weeper for attention. 

Breathing through her nose, YN relaxed her throat to take Erik deeper into her throat canal before squeezing his shaft. 

“Oh fuuu— I’m gonna cum!” Erik moaned, letting his eyes close. His breath hitched as his thrusts became sloppy. “Uggghh!” He groaned as he exploded in her mouth. He stilled his vibrating body he emptied his load down her throat. 

“Mmmm.” YN hummed softly as Erik pulled out. YN smiled at him when he placed his foot down and stood up straight. He smirked down at her as he moved away from her. 

“Should I just leave you like this? Dripping wet with your face all messed up.”

“I’ve been good daddy. I deserve to be fucked.” YN pouted softy. He bit his lip as he stroked his length mixing his leaking cum with her spit. He licked his lips and stared her down with darkened eyes of desire. 

“Get on the bed and arch that ass." 

YN got onto the bed and positioned herself in her familial arch with her legs parted. She placed her hands on her ass cheeks and parted them to expose her slick budding flower. Her cream coated her slits and was dripping from her opening like a ripe and juicy fruit enticing Erik to come and have a taste. 

Erik was now in between her legs with his dick, erect and ready to impale her. Both of his large palms came down heavy on her cheeks which caused her to squeal. Erik groaned as he watched YN’s ass jiggle in waves. "All this ass is fucking mine. Do you hear me YN? This is my ass. Both these holes are mine for the taking.” As he spoke, he pushed a thumb into her puckered hole. 

Her moans rang out as she pulled on the sheets to steady herself. “Yes baby. I promise it’s all yours. No one else." 

Without using his hands, he pushed inside of her. Both of their mouths parted as a soft sigh escaped at their connecting. 

"Fuck this pussy. So fucking wet and tight.” He pulled her cheeks apart and watched himself dip into her. It didn’t take long for her to coat him with her cream and each time, it got creamier and creamier. Erik then placed his hands on her hips and brought her back to meet his thrusts. 

“Ohhh babyyyy.” YN lifted her head lightly and flipped her braids over her shoulder to look at him. “You’re so big." 

"You got this big dick deep in your pussy?" 

"Mmhhmm.” YN softly frowned as her eyes slowly closed. Her teeth dug into the softness of her bottom lip as she focused on the pleasure that he was bringing to her. She gasped when she felt her hair being tugged back and his thrusts become harder and faster. 

“Oh my goooddd! DADDY!” YN screamed as her body started to tremble, her orgasm already about to peak. 

“I can feel you squeezing my dick. Are you about to cum?" 

"Yessssss.” And just before she was, Erik pulled out which caused her to groan loudly in frustration. YN heard him chuckle behind her as her body collapsed onto the bed. Out of everything, YN did not expect Erik would deny her orgasms. He knew how much she hated that. 

The bed then dipped from his weight being on it and he leaned down and trailed kisses up her spine. YN squirmed when Erik’s lips neared her neck and his hand travelled up her thighs and pushed them open. A soft moan left her lips when his fingers played at her entrance. She pushed her body down onto his fingers to create some type of relief. 

Her lips parted when his fingers then entered into her. Erik wrapped his free hand around her neck and pulled her head back so as to bring her lips closer to his. As their lips passionately moved against each other, her moans fell onto his tongue. 

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” She apologises as her walls began to clench around his fingers. Erik pushed them deeper into her and increased the pace. The sounds of her wetness echoed in the room as she was ready to cum once again. 

“Do you mean it?” Erik whispered against her lips. “You won’t break Daddy’s rules again?" 

"Yes, I promise! Fuuucckk baby, pleassee I need to cum." 

Erik was having too much fun. As he felt her trembling once more, he withdrew his fingers and straddled her body. His whole body covered hers as he entered into her. He was much deeper this way and it had YN ready to explode. The deep and long strokes he was giving her had her body shaking and there was no stopping to it. 

YN’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body convulsed as she squirted all around his length. She couldn’t stop it, in fact YN kept squirting because Erik wasn’t stopping with his relentless thrusts. His hand came to the back of her neck, pushing her face down as he fucked her through her orgasm. Her muffled screams reached his ears as he watched her tap on the bed, pleading for mercy. 

"I’m gonna cum this good puss.” Erick groaned and bit his lip as he thrusts became sloppier and sloppier. Before she could even speak, he shoved his fingers into her mouth to silence her. He used her body as his personal fuck toy and it had YN clenching around him. Erik was never the one to shy away from being vocal in bed so hearing him moan and grunt above her had her ready to cum for the second time. 

His head fell onto her shoulder and sunk his teeth into her skin as he erupted deep within her cunt. Their bodies stayed joined as they took deep breaths to steady their beating hearts. Erik fell beside her and turned to look at her. YN had a sedated smile on her face which caused him to chuckle. 

“You good?” He asked her. 

“Mhm.” She sounded as her eyes stayed closed and her breaths shallowed indicating that she was falling asleep. Erik moved closer to her and placed a kiss on her lips before getting off the bed and walking towards the bathroom, leaving YN spread and thoroughly fucked on his bed …


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Jason: “e poi l'altro ragazzo voleva offrirle da bere, proprio mentre Jason entrava. così lei disse al ragazzo: “che succede se mi piace il drink? che succede dopo?” lui fece finta di non sapere la risposta. Così, glielo disse lei. Gli disse che avrebbero giocato a beer pong, in quel merdoso bar con i suoi amici, per poi andare a casa di lui. gli disse che avrebbero dovuto sentire il suo coinquilino scopare con Hilary o Emily o come si chiamava, finché non si fossero addormentati. E gli disse che un anno dopo sarebbero stati ancora lì, in quel bar. L'unica differenza è che a quel punto, lui si sentirebbe in dovere di sposarsi e avere dei figli perché crede che sia questo che lei vuole. E poi d'estate sarebbero andati nei merdosi hamptons”.

Ellie: “a conoscere i suoi merdosi genitori”.

Jason: “lei si sarebbe chiesta durante il viaggio se l'avrebbero considerata abbastanza bella”.

Ellie: “istruita”(?)

Jason: “se l'avrebbero considerata abbastanza intelligente”.

Ellie: “perché nessuna lo è”.

Jason: “e nessuna lo sarebbe mai stata. E Jason finalmente lo sapeva e avrebbe dato qualunque cosa per tornare a quel momento. Il momento in cui si videro per la prima volta, prima che tutto andasse storto, prima che… che lui non si facesse vivo quando lei ne aveva più bisogno. Prima di capire che stare vicino ad una persona quando è in difficoltà, è in realtà quello che determina una relazione. Jason adesso lo sapeva ed era così disperato per quello che aveva fatto. Ma Jason si rendeva anche conto che in quel momento non aveva avuto paura perché temeva che lei non fosse quella giusta, era terrorizzato perché sapeva che lei era quella giusta. Se soltanto lei gli avesse dato un'altra possibilità, solo un'altra possibilità, sapeva dove trovarlo”.

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never forget this iconic moment when micheal and jimmy were playing a game and they were required to share their latest text but out of context it sounded really….. dirty so the show’s band jus,,,,,,

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Holy crap Holy crap just finished binging Raising Dion and the whole show slaps so fucking hard like it’s got Michael B Jordan? Check! Alisha Wainwright? CHECK! Fucking GREAT DIVERSITY???? I’m talking lesbians, I’m talking disabled kids, I’m talking a WOC CEO, not to mention a bunch of badass women in this series. Praise be. Praise this fucking show.

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