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#michelle jones
Hey, for the new prompt list, maybe 3 with Peter, Brad and MJ set in the Into the Black universe?

//Oooh… We’re gonna see what I can do here, this looks like FUN. Alright, I don’t this is going to happen in the story, but in order to include Brad in this alternate timeline, we’re going to establish him as one of the telepaths that they’re fighting. ;) Hope you like it! 

What Happens Undercover

Summary: The Black Dahlia and Spider-Man make contact with one of the empath in a surveillance mission. But some thoughts are best kept under cover… If they’re willing to stay there, that is. 

Characters: Michelle Jones x Peter Parker, Brad Davis, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rodgers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff

Wordcount: 3,247

Warnings: Language, Jealousy, Badass!MJ 

** For those who haven’t read the story, in Into the Black MJ has telepathic abilities which enable her to project emotions onto others. ;)


Originally posted by blairwitchz

“I could’ve handled this by myself, you know.” 

Peter glances at MJ from across the darkened alleyway, the metallic eyes on his suit widening. “I know that,” he says quickly, moving to run a hand through his hair before remembering that he is wearing the black stealth suit. For some reason, since they’ve begun to go out in the field together, Peter’s been finding himself fidgeting more and more. 

It probably has something to do with the piercing stare she is perfectly willing to fix on him at any given moment. Somehow she always manages to do the opposite of what Peter was expecting. 

“I know that,” he said quickly. “I mean, I know you can handle yourself. But we tend to back each other up around here. Especially with undercover stuff.” 

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Part 4 of the Winterprincess x Barbie universe

Winterprincess in The Three Musketeers


“True courage is pursuing your dream even wheneveryone else says it’s impossible”

♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪♪ ♬

Shuri has always wanted to be a musketeer. But there’s no such thing as a female musketeer…. Not yet anyway. When a plot against the new King unfolds, only Shuri and her friends can stop them.

—————————————————Co-starring MJ as Reneé, Yelena as Viveca and Wanda as Aramina.

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Can you pleasseee write a one shot with Peter and MJ getting caught in the act? That reblog has me thirsty 😋😚🙏

Ooh yeah I love this prompt! Here you go, nonny! Threw in some jealous Peter and public restroom canoodling on top of getting caught in the act…    

Also posted on AO3

That Time Peter & MJ Got Caught in a Public Restroom

The airport is complete mayhem when Peter and his class’s flight arrives in Newark. Airline staff and frantic passengers are scrambling as flights are still getting cancelled or delayed left and right, the continued fallout from Mysterio’s attacks throughout Europe. 

Peter’s just glad to be home, finally, even if it took his class over an hour to get through customs. Now, they’ve been waiting for their baggage for almost another hour. 

At least Peter is sitting next to MJ on the floor, leaning back against a pillar and taking turns charging their phones in the one working outlet. She’s re-reading ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ (“I like reading trashy romances when I’m travelling.”), and he’s been trying not to think about anything except that fact that his entire class is alive, that he’s alive, and that he has MJ by his side right now.

Peter spent the entire flight back napping with his head against MJ’s shoulder—and maybe part of that time he was pretend-napping, because she smelled nice and he’s had a long week. But he can’t seem to muster the courage to scoot closer to her now, maybe even hold her hand.

But she’s his girlfriend now, so it wouldn’t be weird for him to do that. Wait, she is his girlfriend, right? Why would she tell him she likes him and then kiss him if that’s not what she had in mind? 

Looking over at MJ while she’s concentrating on her book, Peter fights the urge to tuck her curly sleep-matted hair behind her ear and nuzzle his face into her neck. He knows what that feels like now, and he’ll never be able to get it out of his head.

Yawning, he slowly leans his shoulder into hers, careful not to disturb her reading. When MJ doesn’t push him off, he inches his leg closer to hers, and he can feel the heat of her body all along his side.

If it weren’t for his super senses, he’d barely be able to detect her increased heart rate and heavier breathing, but MJ’s face remains cool and neutral.

Holding her book open with one hand, MJ drops her other hand down beside Peter’s, letting her fingers occasionally brush his palm.

He knows this signal from MJ—it might be the first one he’s learned about her as a girlfriend; when she wants his hand, her fingers hover by his to let him know she wants to be closer.

Confident that she’ll let him take her hand, Peter decides to go one step further. He’s going to put an arm around her shoulders, so she can rest against his chest and keep reading. Then their baggage can take forever for all he cares.

But before Peter can sit up and make his move, they’re interrupted by a loud and over-friendly voice.

“Hey, MJ!” Brad Davis hovers over them, his broad shoulders casting them both in shadow. “I missed you on the flight back. I thought we were going to finish watching that movie together?” His eyes flit towards Peter for a second, but he still doesn’t acknowledge his presence. “And I wanted to show you all the photos I took of us in Venice, you know, before all the crazy stuff. We look pretty goofy, but they came out great.”

MJ looks up at Brad without moving her head, her book still open in one hand. “That’s cool. You can text them to me.”

“Cool, yeah, I can do that,” Brad replies smoothly, still smiling that blinding white smile of his, but it doesn’t reach his eyes anymore. “You wanna go look for some coffee? I know you like espresso, and I’d love to find you some.”

Peter clenches his jaw tightly, hoping he can pass his grimace off for a smile, and tries not to whip his head over to see MJ’s reaction.

“No, thanks. I’m good,” she says politely, her tone more friendly than Peter would have liked. “Why don’t you ask Peter if he wants some coffee?” 

Brad’s stupid smile turns into into a disappointed frown, much to Peter’s satisfaction.

“Oh, hey, Peter,” says Brad, his toothy grin decidedly dimming as he turns to Peter. “When did you turn up? Thought you were too busy running off with random chicks to hang out with the rest of the class.”

“Are you calling me a random chick?” MJ frowns, closing her book.

“What? No, of course not,” says Brad. “I was talking about that European girl Peter was hooking up with in Austria!”

“Right. In a bathroom at a reststop, which is apparently your favorite spot for people watching?”

“It wasn’t like that! I swear, MJ, you have to believe me. I saw them, and he had his pants down and—”

“You saw Peter with his pants down in the bathroom?”

“No! I mean yes, I did, but he was with this hot blonde chick, and probably tons of others when he was sneaking off all the time during our trip.” Brad still looks determined to win MJ over, but distress was creeping into his voice. “How do you not think Peter is shady?!”

MJ presses her lips together and raises her chin up slightly. “I already told you, I think it’s shady to take photos of people without their consent, especially in bathrooms.”


“Bye, Brad! Good hang out,” says Peter, waving as Brad storms off.

MJ settles back against the wall and opens her book again, unphased, and Peter’s heart swells with warmth just staring at her.

He hasn’t kissed her since the bridge, and he really wants to do it again. He can’t stop thinking about how soft her lips were and how good her mouth tasted, and it makes his blood run hot just imagining what it’d be like to kiss her in other places.

During the flight back from London, they had whispered their secrets to each other, hidden in the dimness of the cabin, promising to finish telling their stories to each other “later”. Except Peter is tired of waiting for later, and he knows that later isn’t guaranteed for anyone—he knows that better than most people. He almost didn’t get to have his later with MJ, and he’s not about to waste it now. 

Taking a deep breath, Peter leans in close to MJ, reaching out to tuck her hair back so he can kiss her, but she abruptly stands up, shaking him off. 

“Let’s take a walk,” she says.

“Uh, sure, okay!” Peter replies, stomach knotting up. “I’m sorry, if I made you uncomfortable—”

Without another word, MJ takes him by that hand and tugs him away from the baggage carousel area and towards the airport shops and duty-free stores, which are all shuttered at this hour. 

Taking a sharp turn down the terminal, she leads him into a public restroom.

“MJ, what are you doing? That’s the men’s room—”

“Shhh, Parker, do you want someone to hear us? Get in here.”

Not knowing what else to do, he obeys and follows MJ into the empty restroom while his heart pounds in his ears. 

She tugs him into a handicap stall and begins kissing him before the door even closes, her hands starting at the back of his neck then quickly roaming all over his back. 

“I’ve wanted to do this again so badly,” he pants between kisses.

“Then why didn’t you do something about it?” MJ challenges, sliding her hands under his shirt and up his back. “Am I going to have to make the first move every time, Parker? Because as much as I’m all for defying gender expectations, a girl still likes to be reminded that her boyfriend is attracted to her, too, sometimes. I mean, I assume that you are, and if you make a crack about being attracted to my brain—”

Peter interrupts her rambling by capturing her lips (his girlfriend’s lips!) in a fierce kiss, and pulling her flushed against him by the back of her neck and waist. Melting into him, MJ closes her eyes and lets him take over the pace of their make out session.

The sounds she’s making while he makes his way down the column of her neck are making it hard to concentrate, but he sucks at the soft skin of her throat anyway, and the whimper he elicits from her is doing all sorts of things to him.

He’s trying to keep his ears on the lookout for any trouble, but Peter finds it almost impossible to focus on anything else besides MJ pressed up against him. Her hair tickles him as she maneuvers herself to grind against his leg, still kissing him.

“Is that okay?” she murmurs against his lips.

“Um, no, yeah that’s good. That’s really really good,” he gasps, the heat rushing to his crotch as MJ wriggles against him.

When she spreads her palms on his stomach, MJ lets out a strangled sound he’s never heard from her before. 

“Are you okay?” Peter whispers.

“Oh my god, are you serious, Parker? You’ve been hiding a freaking twelve-pack this whole time? I knew you had a nice butt, but this is insane. I could grate cheese off of you—" 

Peter clamps his hand around her mouth, then quickly lets go. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to—it’s just, someone might hear us. We should head back.”

“Just a little longer,” whines MJ, pulling him in for another kiss.

“What if someone comes looking for us—”

“It’s the failure of the buddy system, since we’re both in here,” she pants, running her fingers through his hair. It feels so good, her nails raking against his scalp as she nips at his tongue, and he lets out a soft groan.

Giving into her—and he gets the sense he’s going to be doing that a lot now—Peter slips a hand under MJ’s shirt and rests it on the curve of her waist. Her skin is so warm and smooth, and he desperately wants to feel more of her, but he waits for her reaction before roaming further.

MJ stills, and Peter holds his breath. The moment feels like an eternity, and just as he’s about to pull back, she catches his hand in hers.

“You can keep it there. I’m not ready for more than that yet, but can I…?” she says softly, uncertain.

“Tell me,” Peter whispers back, rubbing urgent circles on her hip with his thumb.

“Can I… touch you first? Like, down there?” 

MJ’s thigh is right on the stiffness in his pants, and in a panic he grunts out, “You mean the ol’ web-shooter? Yes, you most definitely can.”

“I’d kick you out of this stall for that if it weren’t for those abs,” MJ huffs as she unzips his jeans and slips her hand in, sending an exhilarating jolt through his entire body. 

Her cheeks are flushed and lips all swollen and wet from kissing him, and he can’t believe his luck. Despite the sharp smell of industrial cleaner and dreary fluorescent lighting of the toilet stall, Peter thinks this might be one of the best moments of his life so far. 

They both freeze when they hear footsteps outside the restroom. 

“Peter!” Brad’s voice calls out. “I know you’re in here, I saw you go in. I have to talk to you. I know you did something weird to get rid of that photo of you and that blonde chick.”

Peter’s eyes widen, and MJ mouths “Killer drone!” at him.

“Dude, I can see your feet! Come on, too scared to come out and face me?”

The door of their stall swings open to reveal Brad smiling triumphantly at Peter, but his face falls when he sees MJ with her hand down the front of Peter’s pants.

“You got me thinking about hooking up with Peter in a bathroom, when you wouldn’t stop talking about it over and over again,” MJ blurts out. “And I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so… ”

Opening and closing his mouth a few times in shock, Brad doesn’t manage to say anything and just furrows his brows in confusion and distress, slowly stepping backward and away from the stall. 

As the door swings close, Peter shouts, "Don’t take any photos, okay?” and reaches out to lock it for good this time.

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It was so lovely to hear MJ’s voice as she dryly critiqued her own work. It was also wonderful to hear that beautiful smile when she said something happy, to hear the honey of her voice pour out of her mouth as said honey was moulded into the shape of the most beautiful smile in the world. It was heavenly to hear her laugh, to watch her face scrunch up in delight at a joke he made or one she made herself. It was so wonderful to see those beautiful, dark, powerful eyes even if this 480p FaceTime quality didn’t measure up to the real deal.

Yes, Peter Parker had it made, FaceTiming his girlfriend as he sat at his desk working from home.

Until he realized he was wearing just a plain white undershirt.

Peter was always self conscious about how his body, especially his pecs, looked in tight clothes. Even if he had the sculpted superhuman body of a god, he did not have the confidence of one and usually felt as self conscious as he did when he started high school shorter and with a little lingering baby fat.

So he hurriedly asked MJ, “excuse me for a moment”. Not even waiting until MJ responded “kay”, he got up and found a quick, proper t-shirt to throw on. Satisfied with the simple blue t, he raised his arms to quickly hustle it onto him.

And gave MJ a nice look at his abs when his white t rode up.

MJ couldn’t help herself. Much as she loved defying western idealized standards, especially in terms of body preferences, she couldn’t deny how good her boyfriend looked without a shirt. And to see the living definition of core strength, even over FaceTime. She grinned, her hands quickly covering her mouth.

Peter returned to the frame of his phone, his face lighting up when he saw the delight in her eyes. “What’s up?” He laughed.

Ugh. That laugh, she thought. That warm, bubbly, irritatingly perfect, fluffy manifestation of all the good inside the absolute goofball that Michelle Jones had fallen so deeply in love with all those years ago. It melted her.

Not that she would ever admit it. Saving face, MJ snickered instead of squeeing. “Nothing, dork. Nothing,” as they entered another round of smiling at each other like the idiots in love that they were.

Tagging: my crush @you-guys–are-losers my dear @spiderman-homecomeme my love @theslytherinterran @peterjonesparker @suplosers @here-be-spideychelle @acastleintheair @spideyxchelle @spideychellefics @spideychelle-romanogers @lovely-iris-west-allen @wandrlust-stark @miranduh1 @tare8chan @seek-rest @thorongil82 @sodafizzyart

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“No! Of course I’m not.”

“But you are.” Michelle watched you with careful eyes. You grew hot, sweaty, hating the fact that you couldn’t come up with something quick to deflect her accusation and act cool like a normal person. It was you job to lie about your identity, and you were doing it pretty terribly. She seemed so sure, so confident. Michelle wouldn’t have said that if she wasn’t completely positive. Maybe this was your chance to tell her, to stop lying to her. Maybe she could be another person you let see the other side of you. Then again, maybe it was a guess. A really accurate, completely hysterical guess… That seemed more likely.

“Where would you get such a crazy idea like that?” You asked, nervously laughing. “Come on, you know me! You know I can barely run in gym class let alone be a superhero.” She nodded hesitantly. It was true, as far as she knew. Running the mile became a breeze as soon as your powers appeared, but if you let that show you’d be questioned, stand out, found out like this very moment. It was better just to fake it. Safer. “MJ, I struggle to carry my own backpack.”

“Yeah you’re right, you are weak.”

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” out of beanie babies grafted together how are you doing in my pocket until about 1 minute ago. Word got around a veces en verdad deseo poder acercarme a las personas y entablar una conversación fluida. En cambio, me culpaba por que sentía que no queria, ademas era la primera vez que alguien me decia que yo no queria nada con los chicos, por que me gustaba y no poder llorar.

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words left unsaid: social media au- get to know the characters!!

Reader- grad student (bio) but has to take an english class bc it is a req, and hates it bc she can’t write a paper to save her life. Maybe with a cute professor, she’ll actually try. Works in a lab under Alexander Pierce (he is her grad advisor/supervisor) and also teaches a human anatomy class. Lives with Wanda, Nat, and MJ; loves them to pieces. Likes to bake when stressed out and to destress. Super allergic to dogs and cats but still loves them. If this is how I go, THIS IS HOW I GO. Also, Harry Styles’ #1 fan. Don’t ask.

Nat- grad student (legal studies) why don’t you just got to law school? Because there’s more to this system than to just being a lawyer. does want to be judge just so she can have a gavel. Loves her housemates, esp reader bc she is a cinnamon roll. Has history w buck but they ended on good terms and likes to make him uncomfortable sometimes. Is not ready to settle down and dates a lot but don’t judge her. That’s her job.

Bucky- prof (English) likes books, not people. Is best friends with Steve and Sam although he acts like he loathes Sam. Writes on his spare time. Became a professor bc he didn’t know what else to do with an English degree but wants to do more. Lives with Steve. Has a cute lil cat that he takes with him to class. Not sure if students like him or his cat. Nerds out to Star Wars.

Steve- prof (biochemistry) wins trivia all the time bc he knows so much. Nerd. Best friends with Sam and Buck. Tolerates Tony. Loathes Clint. Voted hottest professor on campus by undergrad girls. Saw the poll. Voted for Bucky, Sam was pissed. He works in a lab near reader so they always see eachother. She goes to his lab one day asking for some material and they strike up a platonic friendship. Will sometimes not go home because he is stuck in his lab.

Tony- professor (electrical engineering and computer science) teaches notoriously difficult class and tortures students all year but passes all of them at the end. Babysitter of clown trio (Bucky, Sam, and Steve). Is happily married to Pepper Potts and has an adorable daughter, Morgan. He befriends undergrad sophomore, Peter, and they tinker with stuff together. Unofficially takes reader under his wing as he helps her create a code to make lab life easier.

Sam- prof (physics) also teaches one of the most difficult classes on campus but is great at teaching it, and is loved by students. Best friends with Steve and Bucky although he’s always fighting with Bucky. Believes he’s the cutest of clown trio and not not down for engaging in shenanigans. Lives with Clint but spends a lot of time at Steve and Bucky’s place. Always drags the boys to bars and events to get them to socialize. Is an enabler.

Wanda- grad student (behavioral psychology) got into psych bc she’s into serial killers. Oddly enough, so are many of her peers. Analyzes her friends’ behavior and calls them out. They love/hate her for it. She’s an instructor for an intro to psych class and also interns at a clinic. Got into behavioral psychology bc she wants to be a behavior analyst. Although she is p responsible, she is an enabler and seeks to provide her friends w cheap thrills

Peter- undergrad student (Computer Science) looks up to Tony and is a giant nerd. He befriend Tony and they tinker together. Volunteers at an animal shelter; sometimes fosters pups and cats. In love with MJ. Tags along with MJ and her house bc they love him. Is super smart and helps everyone around but sometimes, bc he is too good to others, he forgets to take care of himself. Which is where MJ comes and does so.

MJ- undergrad student (psychology) unlike Wanda, MJ is a serial killer. Jk. But reads into people and figures might as well put it to use. Read a lot. Like Wanda, analyzes her friend’s behavior and calls them out. Draws and designs for fun. Can’t go out for shenanigans w housemates bc she’s not of age but doesn’t mind it, she hangs out with peter and they watch movies. Looks up to all her housemates and loves them, esp since they took her in when her original housing fell through. Also, in love with Peter but denies it.

Clint-prof (pe) not actually a prof, more like a coach. Is a giant goof ball, loved by students and surprisingly, very good at yoga. Teaches 5 different courses: Yoga, Archery, Tennis, CrossFit, and swim. His classes are always filled with students who think he’s hot and he’s totally oblivious that they’re flirting with him, he just thinks they’re being nice to him. Total gym bro but still great. Spends a lot of time adventuring but hangs out with the guys as well.

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57 for ship of choice

//Oooh… I like. I like this one. Oh, and the prompt too.;) Sorry it’s a bit short, but I like it. XD 

57: Breaking The Kiss To Say Something, Staying So Close That You’re Murmuring Into Each Other’s Mouths


Summary: In which MJ saves Peter from a supervillain and commits a serious feminist blunder.

Characters: Peter Parker x Michelle Jones

Wordcount: 1,218 

Warnings: Sarcasm, Subverted Tropes


Originally posted by pterparkcr

He told her to get to safety. 

That’s all that Peter can think about as he looks at MJ, his breath heavy and gasping. He can’t tell if the roaring he hears is the sloshing of the water settling around him, seeping through the rocks beneath his feet, or if it’s the blood pounding in his ears. If he wasn’t so shocked, he would probably have been shivering, but the chill of the water that soaks him from head to toe doesn’t compare to the warmth that is spreading through his chest. 

He remembers seeing her dart out of his field of vision after the metallic, wriggling arms pierced out of the water, but he had been too busy fighting off the clawed blades that were trying to detach his head to do anything more than pray that she had made it to shelter. 

His prayers had not involved MJ electrifying the soaked, metal-clad villain with a taser filched from an unconscious police officer, but as he looks at her now he wonders if they should have. 

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Hey I know this is a difficult one, but could you write one where MJ cheats on Pete? The resolution is completely up to you

//Um, are you kidding??? Thank you SO much for sending in this prompt, I love angst! Stay safe and healthy, darling, and I hope you enjoy! 

Stretched Too Thin

Summary: How much weight can a spider’s silk bear? 

Characters: Peter Parker x Michelle Jones

Wordcount: 2,603

Warnings: HEAVY Angst, Cheating, Hurt


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“We never kissed.” 

Peter never thought that his life would bring him here: to the center of the apartment he just bought with MJ, standing in the middle of all of the piled boxes and the orange glow from the streetlamps outside the window. A feeling of emptiness sinks in his chest, and it’s more painful than any injury he has ever sustained while running around with the world on his shoulders. 

At least when he is hurt while fighting, there is blood welling from the wound or the throbbing of a bruise: something to remind him he is still alive. As Peter stands here now, he feels like he is floating, tangled in webbing and bobbing above the ground. He can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t think as the hollow numbness in his chest spreads to flood him with nothingness from head to toe. 

It feels cold. 

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Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Prompt: “I can’t decide if that’s cute or something characteristic of a psychopath”

Warnings: slightly creepy Peter, but like the endearing kind of creepy, also Petey being a dork,,,as always, protective Peter Parker, Endgame related angst but only for a sec, cuddlesssss, and fluff, lots of fluff, because I’m a hoe for fluff… and Tom Holland’s biceps but that’s a story for another day

Word Count: 2167 words

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

A/N: School has officially closed which means that I’m now forced to stay home all day (which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t locked at home with my dad and he’s getting on every single one of my nerves) and do the homework our teachers send us by email… I didn’t even know Microsoft Teams and OneNote existed until a week ago… so that’s something.
I usually write stuff on paper during class cause let’s be honest, I only pay attention to what my teachers are saying when I’m forced to (don’t do this kids, listen to teachers, God I’m a such a bad example) so I’ve got about 5 stories written and I thought “Hey, since I’m too lazy to do my physics homework, why not post it all on tumblr?” So yeah, hi, this is my version of “quarantine is driving me crazy and I need an escape”. And before you ask, yes, I’ve succumbed to the toilet paper juggle thing already, it was not pretty.


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter Parker was not a creep, he was simply a worried boyfriend.

There is nothing wrong with following your girlfriend after school to make sure she gets home safe before going back to the Tower. Or asking Karen to alert him whenever you leave the house so he could follow you to make sure you were safe. Or gifting you one of those morse code bracelets that monitored your vitals and location because he knew you’d never take it off and that way he could constantly know where you were and how you were feeling.

Peter Parker was not a creep.

He watched from his vantage point on top of a building as you and MJ left the mall, Slurpees in hand and carrying at least five shopping bags each, most of them being from art stores and only a couple from clothing. The sight of your bright smile made his heart burst with affection and he listened intently, still able to hear your melodic laugh over the hustle and bustle of the busy street.

He followed you at a safe distance, losing sight of the two of you as you entered the subway. Karen kept him aware of your whereabouts though, and he saw you again when you exited the subway station, now alone.

You walked a couple more blocks and entered your apartment building, but Peter only truly relaxed once he saw you entering your bedroom, having a clear view through your window. 

He stayed for a few more minutes, admiring how beautiful you looked doing something as mundane as cutting tags off your newly bought clothes and throwing out the plastic wrapped around your new art supplies. 

He then made his way to the Tower, where the Avengers chose to live again, for practical purposes.

“Hey everyone!” He immediately greeted his teammates after walking into the kitchen, mask off and hair slightly messy.

“Hey Pete,” The twenty-year-old witch gave him a chilled bottle of water from the fridge, already knowing that the boy would be parched.

Peter kissed her cheek and did the same to Pepper, Carol, and Morgan who were all sitting at the table playing Uno, no doubt to make the young Stark happy.

“Where is everyone?” The young spiderling asked after downing his water bottle.

“Bucky and Sam are in the gym, Bruce is messing with something in the labs, and Sharon went grocery shopping with Rhodey.” Carol set down a blue five, not even looking up from her hand. For a superhero, she sure sucked at card games.

“Oh, okay. I’m going to my room, be back to help with dinner!” He called back before walking to the elevator and pressing the button to his and May’s floor. 

After everyone returned from the Blip, the Parkers lost their home and Pepper immediately offered them a floor at the Tower, not wanting her not-really-but-still-kind-of-feels-like-it son and his aunt to be living on the streets. Peter was very happy to be living with some of his favorite people in the world and very grateful for the opportunities it provided him.

He entered his room and pressed the button on his chest, the suit retracting to a simple spider pendant that hung around his neck, looking like an ordinary chain. He took it off and put it in his charging cradle before changing into a pair of grey sweatpants (your favorite though he still doesn’t understand why) and his blue Midtown sweatshirt.

He sat on his desk chair, ready to start his homework but a vibration from his phone made him postpone the task, choosing instead to open the messaging app on his custom made StarkPhone.

Princess 👑 ❤️:  heyy :)
Princess 👑 ❤️:  can i meet you at the tower later?
Princess 👑 ❤️:  i want cuddles :)))

He smiled at that and immediately texted you back.

Baby🕷️ ❤️: i’ll ask Rhodey and Shar to pick you up on their way home :)
Baby🕷️ ❤️: love you <3
Princess 👑 ❤️: love you more <33

He texted Sharon and after receiving confirmation that you were in the car with them, he turned his phone face down on the desk to avoid any distractions and started on his English homework, hoping to be done with it when you got here so he could cuddle in peace with his beloved girlfriend.

Twenty minutes later, he was almost done with his homework, fully engrossed in the words on the page that he had to meticulously read, highlight and analyze. He barely noticed when you entered the room, his spidey sense no longer detecting you as a threat, but took a much-needed breath of relief when he felt your hands around his shoulder, rubbing softly.

No words were needed as you kept rubbing his shoulders while he finished his homework, relishing in the soft kisses you left on the crown of his head from time to time. He finished the last sentence on his analysis and set his pen down, sighing. He closed his eyes and put his head back so it rested on your shoulder and you kissed his forehead, hands around his neck, hugging his upper body from behind.

“Cuddles now?” You asked, voice soft and soothing reaching his over-worked brain.

“Yeah, baby, let’s go.”

You kissed him on the forehead once more and took off your shirt, staying in your white lace bra and pastel pink sweatpants before laying down on the king-sized bed. You made grabby hands at him and he took off his own shirt, laying down between your legs and resting his head on your breasts. Your right hand made its way to his soft brown curls while your left rested on his upper back, hugging him close to your chest. His arms tightened around your waist and a pleased sigh left his lips, his lashes fluttering and tickling your skin as the tension rolled off of him in waves with every gentle pass of your manicured nails through his scalp.

Peter loved this position. There was really nothing sexual about it, he just loved hearing your heartbeat and feeling your colder skin against his naturally overheated one. He loved protecting the city and all of its inhabitants but here, in your arms, in this bed, he wasn’t Spider-Man, the newest Avenger. He wasn’t the Starks’ unofficially adopted kid that would take over SI alongside Morgan and Harley. He wasn’t the kid who brightened up everyone’s day and felt solely responsible for their happiness and well-being.

He was just Pete. Your Pete. Your fragile, vulnerable boyfriend who just really needed a hug, and you were more than happy to provide.

“How was your day?” He asked, voice slightly muffled because of his mouth’s position, buried in the valley of your breasts.

“Pretty good. I went to the mall with MJ after class and we bought a bunch of new clothes and art supplies for our trip to DisneyWorld.”

“Why do you need new stuff just to go to DisneyWorld?”

“I need Disney themed stuff.”

“You already have Disney themed stuff.”

“But I need new ones so that every time I see them they’ll remind me of our trip to DisneyWorld.”

He chuckled at your over-the-top-ness and nuzzled his face deeper into your chest.

“‘M hungry.”

“Must be cause you didn’t eat.”

“Did too!” He snorted at that.

“A Slurpee doesn’t count as food, princess.”

A silence enveloped the room and he felt your heartbeat quicken.

“I never told you I had a Slurpee.”

Oh shit.

“Y-Yeah, you did, you said you went to the mall with MJ to do some shopping and had a Slurpee after.” He was panicking but focused on playing it off as best as he could.

Spoiler Alert: he’s a very bad liar and can’t hide anything from you.

“No, I didn’t so how do you know that?”

He stuttered and incoherent sentence your way, trying and failing TRYING VERY HARD to defend himself. 

“Have you been following me?”


“N-No?” He hated that he couldn’t lie to you, one look at him and all his secrets would come out like some kind of verbal diarrhea.

You pushed him off your lap so the both of you were sitting up, looking at him with nothing short of hurt, confusion, and betrayal swirling in your beautiful sparkling eyes.

“Have you been taking advantage of EDITH and your powers to spy on me?”

He didn’t answer, simply hung his head, closed his eyes and waited for the blow-up that was bound to happen next… but it never came, only a broken whisper followed by a heart-breaking sob reached his ears.

“Do you not trust me?”

“What?” His head snapped up and he stared into your eyes, seeing the tears threating to leak and cursing himself because he caused that, he caused his babygirl pain.

“W-Well if you’re following me it must be because y-you don’t t-trust m-me.”

Your words were punctuated by a particularly loud sob and he quickly gathered you up in his arms, nuzzling his cheek on the top of your head soothingly and threading his fingers through your hair.

“Nonononononono, baby that’s not it, I promise.” He took your face between his hands and kissed your tear-stricken cheeks, resting his forehead on yours. “It’s just that… with everything that happened with Tony and Beck and my identity being revealed, then almost going to prison, thank God for Pepper, I just… I’m constantly worried that someone’ll come after you because of me, because of what you mean to me, and that I won’t be able to protect you and I just need to know you’re safe, always because you’re the most important person in my life and I don’t know what I’d without you, so I followed you and asked Karen to update me on your vitals every hour so I know you’re safe and alive, and real, and… I just need to know you’re safe.”

He took a deep breath after finishing his jumbled up explanation, finally shining light on the fears deeply installed within him for months.

I can’t decide if that’s cute or something characteristic of a psychopath. Cause you wanna protect me but you do it by following me and invading my privacy.”

“Wha- psychopath?” You both burst into laughter, foreheads still resting against one another.

“Well, you’ve been following me around for a while. Do you have a camera in my bedroom?”

“No! Of course not! Just… in the lobby… and one facing your apartment door… and on your fire escape facing your window…”

His cheeks were flushed red and he was looking everywhere but at you, seemingly embarrassed by his predicament.

“You said you had Karen monitoring my vitals… how?”

“Oh, um… remember the bracelet I gave you for our six-month anniversary?”

You lifted your right wrist, cocking an eyebrow as if to say ‘this one’.

“Yeah, so um… I actually made that. It’s got nanosensors that monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, sugar levels, emotional state and a bunch of other things along with a tracker that’s constantly activated. It’s all connected to Karen, so she can let me know whenever you’re in trouble…”

“Is that how you always know when I’m having a panic attack or when I’m on my period?” Your eyes softened up and an adoring smile graced your face when he nodded.

“You’re a dork.” You straddled him fully and properly, then kissed him on the lips softly.”But you’re my dork, and I love you. And I love that you want to keep me safe and that you’d be willing to sacrifice your dignity and do something quite illegal to make sure I stay safe.”

He smirked at you.

“You know, out of context that sounds a bit twisted.”

You rolled your eyes but smiled fondly at him.

“What can I say? From time to time, I sure do love me a bad boy.”

He smiled and kissed you on the lips, slow and passionate, filled with all his love and adoration and relief, pure and utter relief because you’re here, with him, and you know, and you don’t hate him, in fact, you love him even more.

He fell back on the bed, taking you with him as you resumed your previous position, only this time with you on top.

“So are we gonna mention that when Tony did the exact same thing to you you threw a fit and had Ned hack into the suit?”

“Shut up.”

That night, when Peter got back home after dropping you off, EDITH alerted him to movement on your fire escape. His heart was beating faster than a hummingbird’s as he pulled up the live footage but it all turned into a breathless chuckle when he saw the surveillance video.

You had put your whiteboard in such a way that it would be seen by the camera and scribbled a ‘Goodnight baby <3′ on it.

Baby🕷️ ❤️: goodnight princess <3


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