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Finally have some decent Marvel art, and now I can work on my Spideychelle prompts!

This is the Spidey Squad from my fic Spider-Man: Vigilantic Formation, which consists of Michelle Jones, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and Harry Osborn. I very you can tell who is who, hehe.

I was a bit more lenient on the shading, since I knew I was going to be drawing for people opposed to one or two, and also because anatomy sucks. I’m very thankful to have access to Pinterest’s archives of drawing tutorials and decent references to draw these guys.

I’m still working on SM:VF, I promise. I’m just trying to finish up my Spideychelle Week prompts first.

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Originally posted by ravemreyes

  • When MJ first started developing a crush on you, she dealt with it by relentlessly, and somewhat awkwardly, teasing you
  • You didn’t mind, though, it always made you laugh
  • She very nonchalantly asks you out on a date one day, although she’s panicking on the inside and it took her all morning to work up the courage to ask you
  • But you’re ecstatic she asked, and she’s even more ecstatic when you say yes
  • Things are a little awkward when you first start dating, because both of you are kind of new to the whole relationship thing
  • Her always making you laugh with her sarcasm and witty remarks
  • Becoming good friends with Peter and Ned, who always tease MJ about how much she smiles around you
  • She gets so soft and smiley when you’re with her, and sometimes you just catch her grinning at you because she adores you
  • Although she’ll always deny that you make her soft, and you love to tease her about how cool she acts all the time
  • Dragging her to parties and other social events
  • Her being a little awkward about PDA at first, but she eventually warms up to it
  • You guys never go overboard, but she likes having an arm around you, or giving you a quick kiss every now and then
  • Stealing each other’s hoodies and jackets
  • Her always being able to tell when something’s bothering you, and she’ll confront you directly even if you may try to brush things off and pretend to be fine
  • Her pulling funny faces at you in class, or making a point of rolling her eyes whenever the teacher says something weird, and it always cracks you up
  • MJ always being so shocked yet proud when you say something snarky
  • She likes to think she’s rubbing off on you and she’s all here for it
  • “You’re amazing.” “I learned from the best.”
  • Her tutoring you or helping you with your homework sometimes, but the two of you always get distracted and end up goofing off or making out
  • “I sometimes think you’re the only person on this planet I can tolerate.” “Gee, thanks, MJ.” “Come on, you know that means I love you.”

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MJ: I dunno how comfortable this will be

Peter: Why do you say that?

MJ: Dude. Your chest is rock solid. Props but I prefer to rest my head on stuff that won’t hurt my neck afterwards.

Peter: Oh. Okay. Well you can just give it a try?

MJ: I mean yes, I just hope I don’t regre-*lays down on top of Peter and rests the side of her head into Peter’s chest*

MJ: I-

Peter: Babe?

MJ: … Huh

MJ: … this does feel really freaking good actually. *hums happily as she nuzzles in more*

MJ: Why is your heartbeat so fast tho

Peter: There’s a pretty girl resting on top of me and she smells nice

MJ: *lazily punches him in the stomach* loser

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WIP/Last Line Game

Thanks for the tag @asterflor​ (an age ago. my bad) and @you-guys–are-losers​!

rules: post the last 6 lines from a WIP!

Woo hoo. From the currently titled “Spideychelle Library Room Spinoff” to Such a Waste requested by commenter LibraryNerd:)

 “But we do have to go to class, dork.”

In the time between that morning when she left Peter pouting (literally pouting) at her locker and free period, Michelle came to two conclusions. The first and second being that she is never letting Peter Parker touch her on school grounds again. 

She barely made it through her labs before lunch from being so distracted, and during lunch Peter decided to rest his free hand in her lap under the table. 

There’s nothing noteworthy about that alone, but she found it curious how his fingers had slipped down throughout their meal so that by the end, most of Peter’s fingers were pressed against the soft skin between her thighs. 

He didn’t do anything, but he kept his eyes purposefully focused on Ned across from them and that’s how she knew he knew what he was doing to her. 

Tagging: @wizardingaesthetics, @machiavelien, @forasecondtherewedwon and anyone else!

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Peter: What's wrong?
MJ: It's just ... adults are boring. And I don't wanna buy all this boring adult stuff so we can become boring adults.
Peter: Hey, listen to me. Yes, we're going to buy a dish rack, and shower curtains, and a cutting board. But if you think for one second that I'm not also going to get that marshmallow shooter, so I can shoot you in the face when you're asleep ... then you're the dumbest person I know.
MJ: You're gonna make me cry.
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i’ve seen people say that peter and mj’s kiss in spiderman: far from home was too awkward but to be honest it’s one of the most realistic kisses between teenagers i’ve ever seen in media, not to mention it’s also super sweet. so yeah i strongly disagree

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Under the Rainbow, Draga mea || Chapter Six

A/N: no one asked for chapter six to be posted tonight but I love y’all and this one was a little funny imo so I wanted to go ahead and give it to y’all 🥰💗

Masterlist || UTRDM Masterlist


UTRDM Taglist: @andyl394 @scar1etwriting @stop-drop-and-drumroll @wxstedhexrt @pies-writes-and-more (if you’re crossed through it wouldn’t let me tag you 🥺)

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Once Upon a Reality by Bean_reads_fanfic @the-reverse-mermaid; art by Fandom_Eclipse @starlight-sparks

Summary:  A supernatural stranger appears in Tony’s house to make him a deal: Peter has been taken, but if Tony can locate him in each of a series of fiction-based alternate universes, they can have each other back. Along the way, they work a couple things out. 

(Crack taken seriously, pretty much; based around the children’s story, “The Runaway Bunny”, featuring 6 different AUs)

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, brief Peter Parker/Michelle Jones

Warnings: Grief, mind manipulation

Look for this fic June 5th!

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