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#michelle jones
MJ: You're Spider-man, don't lie, I know you are.
Peter: WHAT How'd you figure out???
Peter, furiously typing on his computer in class, making web shooter schematics:
MJ: What are you doing?
Peter: uh....web design?
Peter, shirtless in the alleyway next to MJ's house, right after taking of his Spider-man suit:
MJ: Peter what the fuck are you doing?
Peter: I'm just...swinging by?
Peter, holding up two large metal plates while Ned connects them for a science project, he's holding from with his sticky powers:
MJ : How the fuck are you doing that?
Peter: I'm just...sticking by my decision?
Peter, leading MJ and Ned to a cool abandoned building that he found while stopping crime:
MJ: How did you find this place?
Peter: I...pulled some strings?
Peter, hanging on the side of a building waiting for help, only not falling because sticking powers:
MJ: How you doing Peter?
Peter: Y'know...hanging in there?
Peter, stealing back something of his from Flash because of his sticky powers:
MJ: How are you so good at stealing?
Peter: I have...sticky fingers?
MJ: Your dumbass puns.
Peter: ...Yeah that's fair.
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mrvelscaptains · a day ago
punked- p.p
Tumblr media
Pairing: peter parker x reader
Summary: you and your best friend peter have your annual prank day, but peter tells you something that throws you off your game.
Warnings: goofy peter and reader, angst, unrequited love, Peter being kind of a dick
Word Count: 4.1k
A/N: i can’t remember if i dreamt about this scenario or it just randomly came to me, but here it is! you know i love me some angst so… :)-sava
The blaring sound of your alarm wakes you from your nightly bliss, reminding you that you do in fact, have to rise and interact with the world around you. You reach over towards your nightstand and struggle to locate your phone with just the feel of your hand. you raise your head and look where it is and finally grab onto it, hitting the button that makes the horrible sound go away. You look at your lockscreen photo of you and your best friend, then notice the time and date as well.
It’s officially prank day.
You and your best friend, Peter Parker, have a day set aside every year to pull pranks on one another, each year crowning whoever wins as the ultimate prankster with full bragging rights until the following year. Each year the two of you brought it to the next level, each prank definitely outdoing past years, which always thrilled the both of you.
But you were more than thrilled this year. You’ve been planning this prank since the day after last year’s prank day, a full 364 days. It involved multiple locations, an elaborate plan, and the help of some of the debate club members and the decathlon members, who you swore to secrecy so no one would inform not only Peter, but Ned, MJ, and Betty. You were not taking any chances this year. You were determined for the crown.
You toss the covers off of your pajama-clad body and get up to your feet. You rush around the room as you get ready for a very eventful day, putting on a good outfit, doing your basic makeup on, and gathering a few materials needed for your plan to go accordingly today. 
The school building greets you as you pull into your assigned parking space. You weren’t sure why your parents insisted on you driving around in a city where you really don’t need to own a car, but they did, specifically when it came to you going to and from school. Usually you would swing by Peter’s apartment building and pick him up, but when you got your license, the both of you agreed that on annual prank day, you would not ride in the same car, because if something were to happen while you were driving, whether it be a fight or a prank, your father would not be happy if you were to get into an accident, and everyone involved with you two would not be happy in you were injured.
You exit your car with your water bottle in hand and backpack strapped to your back, your head raised tall and confidence radiating and oozing out of every pore in your body. 
Running up the stairs and through the doors of Midtown, you spot Ned and Betty standing by Peter’s locker and you flash them a smile. You run up to them and open your locker, which not-so-coincidentally was right next to Peter’s.
“Big day today, Y/N,” Ned says, excitement present in his voice. Your friends loved seeing prank day happened and always wanted to get in on them. Sometimes you would rope them into your pranks or Peter would do so with his, but they never have participated in their own pranks towards you or Peter. Peter has been your best friend since you were 7 years old, when you moved in New York for your dad’s job, and have been doing the prank days since you were 9, so getting new people roped in wasn’t something you and Peter wanted. It was nice to just have this one thing that was just yours.
“Oh yeah,” you laugh, closing your locker to look at him and Betty. “I’m not gonna say too much away, but I definitely think I’m winning this year,” you explain to them. You could see the excitement in Betty’s eyes which made you laugh even more.
“Hey, Y/N,” You hear Peter call from across the hall. You turn and see him walking through the front door in his Midtown sweatshirt on and his backpack slung over on shoulder. You smile at him as he continues to walk your way, and you notice his attitude is a bit different from the past prank days, making you a little worried. You didn’t want to think too much into it, just in case he was using what very little acting skills he has(which are not good, at all) to try and get you. 
“Hey Pete! Happy prank day,” you tell him as he finally approaches you. He gives you a half-assed smile and nods. 
“Yeah, happy prank day,” he says, little excitement in his voice. You give him a questionable look and he sighs, as he pulls you aside, silently telling Betty and Ned not to worry with a look he shoots them. Now you were starting to get more worried.
“Pete, is everything okay? Did something happen last night on patrol?” You ask, concern evident in your voice. He shakes his head no, which gives you a little bit of relief. Ever since he told you that he’s Spider-Man, you have been worried about him. You know his powers changed him from the kid who would get picked on a little for being the weaker kid who wore glasses, but you’ve known Peter for so long that it’s still a little hard to see him as anything other than the guy you grew up with. 
“No, no, nothing like that. I just don’t want you to be mad at me for um…” he trails off, looking to the floor.
“For what Pete? You know I can’t be mad at you, regardless of whatever happens,” you reassure him. He smiles a bit, but you can tell it’s forced. He sighs and looks back at you, eye contact killing you.
“I, um…I don’t have a prank for today.”
“Wait what? Why not? You always have a prank for prank day.” You say, a little upset. You see on his face that he does feel bad, which means something is definitely up.
“I’ve um, been thinking a lot about something lately, that I’ve been meaning to talk with you about, and-“ He began to say, but is cut off by the sound of the class bell. You both sigh in unison and grip your backpacks tightly. The two of you don’t have classes together until after lunch, which really makes this frustrating.
“Shit, we have to get to class. Look, meet me in the library for lunch. I just want it to be the two of us when we talk, okay? It’s really important,” he explains to you. You nod your head and both go opposite ways, with him heading upstairs towards the chemistry lab and you off to the art room a few doors down. 
Time could not have gone slower through your first three classes. Art felt like it was going on forever, as did AP Psych and Chemistry. You mind physically could not focus on anything class because of all the endless possibilities and scenarios flying around inside your head about what the hell Peter needed to discuss with you. Was it about May? Tony Stark? The Avengers? College? You had no clue but it was really starting to concern you. You felt as if maybe prank day should be pushed, in case whatever you two discuss really needed that.
You grab your lunch bag from your locker and head towards the library. Your nerves were all over the place, the overwhelming feeling beginning to take over. Peter was your favorite person in the world and the thought that something could potentially be really wrong scared you. But you knew whatever it was, you would figure it out or go through it together.
You spot him sitting at a table in the corner or the fiction section and head his way. He has his brown paper bag full of treats May packed him for lunch like she does every day, which he has yet to open. It was nice of him to wait on you like that.
“Hey,” you say, scooting a chair out next to him and sitting down. You set your lunch bag down on the table with your water bottle and look at him.
“Hey Y/N.”
You wait there for a few moments, waiting for him to speak. When he got to school this morning, he made it seem like it was so urgent and needed you to know as soon as possible. Now it just seems that he is avoiding talking about it.
“So chemistry today was-“
“Peter…” You say, giving him a knowing look. He sighs and sets down his food, turning his whole body towards you. 
“Okay look…what I needed to discuss with you today was, well…about you and I,” he begins to explain. You nod, projecting a fake front. Looking as if you are calm and cool, but ready to hear more.
But on the inside, you were freaking the fuck out.
What did he mean by that? Did he not want to be friends with you anymore? Was this whole friendship built on a lie that he hasn’t told you yet? Or maybe…
“I-I like you Y/N,” he finally spits out. You freeze. Your entire world around you begins to move in slow motion. You see Peter in front of you still speaking, his lips moving ever so slowly, but you can’t hear him. Everything has changed within a minute, and now you were trying to comprehend how to go about this.
Peter had shown no interest in that kind of relationship before. You’re usually good at picking up on hints to a romantic attraction, as you have in the past with your exes. Your and Peter’s relationship has always strictly been platonic, from day one. So where was this coming from?
“W-what?” You ask, finally snapping back into reality. He looks to the table, avoiding eye contact with you as he realizes that you’re shocked beyond your core.
“Look, I know this probably isn’t what you expected to be hearing today-“ He starts to say.
“I went through about a hundred scenarios in my head since we talked this morning, and this never crossed my mind at any point today,” you tell him in a hushed tone. As much as you wanted to react, you were still in the library, so you needed to be quiet.
“I just-I can’t help how I feel about you, Y/N,” He tells you, looking in your eyes. His soft brown eyes bore into yours, the genuine look present in his eyes. He’s definitely telling you the truth, spilling his heart out to you right here in this moment, in the Midtown library. 
“Look, I don’t expect you to say anything right now, you’re obviously shocked. But, um…if you feel the same way…or if you just want to talk more about it after you’ve had some time, meet me at our spot at 7 tonight after I’ve done some patrol,” he informs you. You slowly nod as you watch him grab his stuff and stand front his seat.
“I’m gonna go. I’m sorry to drop this on you today. Just take some time to think, okay?” He asks, his eyes looking back to you for confirmation. You nod again, unable to speak…or move much.
“Okay, well…see you in class,” he tells you again. You can see a bit of disappointment smeared in his face as he makes his way out of the library.
Holy shit.
Peter Parker likes you.
He has real feelings for you.
He actually felt the same way about you.
Your crush on Peter was only minor over the years that the two of you had been friends. You noticed his soft brown curls and cheeky smile the first time you ever saw him, and you were instantly hooked. But all those years ago, you told yourself you and Peter would only ever be friends, and it’s worked out that way ever since…
The two of you have dated people in the past. Between him dating Liz and you dating Brad recently, you thought it would never happen, especially because you thought Peter and MJ were going to date soon based on how much he seemed to like her. You used a few boys as a way of trying to get the thought of dating Peter out of your mind, which you ultimately felt bad about in the end and broke things off. But even then, you still did not ever expect to hear Peter say that he had feelings for you.
The nerves that resided in you stomach instantly turned into butterflies at the thought of telling Peter that you felt the same way about him. You could just jump around and scream right now, if you weren’t in the library. All of the feelings you’ve repressed over the years were starting to bubble up to the surface and overwhelm every part of your body, and you were doing your best to contain yourself, but the cheek-to-cheek smile plastered on your face couldn’t help but escape.
All you could think about currently was how you were going to tell him tonight at your spot that you do, in fact, feel the same way. That was your new focus for the rest of the day. Were the two of you going to start dating tonight? Was he going to set up something special at your spot and use his romance on you tonight? You had a billion questions and ideas, and you needed to narrow down one perfect one.
The school bell rang once again, alerting everyone to leave school for the day and go about the other part of their teenage lives. You jumped from your seat in your english class and raced to your locker in hopes of seeing Peter before meeting him tonight. Unfortunately, once you got there, you didn’t see those brown curls that make you melt were currently absent. You shrug it off, as he’s hardly ever around at the end of the day due to his patrol duties that occur immediately after school ends.
You gather your things and dart down the stairs of Midtown, straight to the parking lot. You unlock your car and jump in, tossing your backpack in the back seat and drive off, rushing to get ready for tonight.
After completing a minimal amount of homework, you raid your closet for a nice outfit to wear for the big moment tonight. You were unable to focus on your other set of classes after lunch, between stealing glances at Peter who sat a few desks from you in all three of your other classes, and planning your moment for tonight. Peter was always distracting in class, but you didn’t think he’d be doing it this way.
The squeal you let out when your eyes land on the sight in front of you hurts even your own ears. Your poor neighbors might just file a noise complaint…again. You pull your strapless red velvet dress off the hanger and look at it with a smile. You wore this dress a few years ago to the freshman homecoming dance. You remember Peter saying he liked the dress on you and fumbled over a lot of words that night. 
Putting on your small gold hoop earrings, you take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror that hangs on your bedroom door. You smile, happy with how you look. Your dress paired with the earrings and touched up makeup make you look and feel so great, but you needed some element in your outfit to be true to who you are. You kneel down to lace up your white high-top converse and hear your phone begin to ring. You shoot up and grab your phone, seeing Peter’s name on the screen with the goofy picture you assigned to his contact. You swipe to answer and hit the speaker button.
“Hey, um, I just wanted to let you know I’m done with patrol for the night,” he tells you. You can’t stop smiling at the sound of his voice, even if it still sounded a bit down and not the giddy, happy Peter that always calls you after patrol.
“Catch any bad guys?” You ask, trying to lighten the mood a bit. You hear him chuckle lightly.
“Maybe a few. I’ll tell you more about it at our spot.”
“Alright, see you in a few,” you say as you hang up the phone. You grab a purse and throw your phone inside and dart off to your car to one of the most unforgettable nights of your life. 
You slam your car door shut and begin your cold walk to your spot. The two of you found a nice secluded spot behind the old Avenger’s tower, which was bought recently by an anonymous buyer. No one ever comes on the other side of it ever since the Avengers moved outside the city. Sometimes, if the gate in unlocked, you go inside and stare at the city on one of the lower balconies, always cracking jokes and Peter sharing stories from patrol. Those were some nights that you really cherished.
You pull your phone out from your purse once you get to the spot. You shoot a quick text to Peter to let him know that you’re here, a little shocked he wasn’t here yet to meet you after taking time to call you to make sure you’re coming. Whatever the case may be, you hope he shows up soon.
Suddenly, you hear the faint sound of chuckling coming from around you. You hug your body tighter, really starting to worry where Peter is. Usually he is so punctual, and if that isn’t the case, he calls and-
“NOW!” You hear from above you. You slowly look up and see a water balloon hurling towards you. Before you have time to even react, it smacks on on the head and bursts. Unfortunately for you, it isn’t full of water, but maple syrup. You feel another balloon hit you as a surprise, not expecting another one so soon after.
Ned? You look up to see yellow feathers cascade down from the balcony that you and Peter hang out at so often. You try to move out of the way, but the wind picks up right when you do so, much to your disadvantage. You look down at your dress and see just how horrible it all looks. You look as if someone murdered Big Bird right in front of you after you left a breakfast buffet. 
Your dress, the one you were so excited about wearing is now completely ruined, as well as your white converse, covered in sticky syrup and feathers. Groaning, you try to clean off the horrible concoction off your purse and pull your phone out and search for your keys. 
The laughter you heard earlier begins to get louder, and you look up to see Ned, MJ, and Peter running out of the old tower with the water balloons in their hands. You stand there in place, shocked beyond your core that this is even happening. Did he fucking play you?
“I fucking win!” Peter shouts, raising his arms in victory. You just keep standing there, trying to wrap your head around everything that’s happening around you. He lied about not having a prank for today.
He fucking played you.
“How does it feel to lose this year, Y/N?” Peter asks taughtingly. 
You give him a half-assed smile and start to put on your front for him.
“Um, yeah, congrats. Hey Peter, can I talk to you for a second?” You ask, nodding over to somewhere more private. He nods and laughs again, handing his balloons to Ned and MJ. He flashes a smile at you as he approaches you and you let out a soft sigh. 
“Peter what the hell was that?” You asked him, throwing your arms up a bit in frustration. He gives you a confused expression and looks around your surroundings.
“I-it’s prank day? I’m not sure what you’re getting at here, Y/N,” he explains, crossing his arms in front of him. You sigh again and rub your head in frustration.
“What I’m getting at? Peter you fucking played me.”
“Uh…yeah. It was my fucking prank. That’s literally the whole point of prank day Y/N, or did you forget? I don’t see you doing anything this year,” he tells you, his tone doing a complete 180.
“Because you got in my fucking head all day with this-t-this prank,” you tell him, your tone starting to match his. He lets out an annoyed huff of air.
“That’s not my fault that you’re able to be duped so easily,” he says, matter-of-factly. You scoff at him and step back a little. Were the two of you really about to fight right now? Over your annual prank day? You sigh again and look him in the eyes.
“Can you just tell me, I-was everything you did today, part of your prank?” You ask, trying not to sound so desperate for the answer you wanted to hear. You watch his laugh a little bit.
“Well, everything towards you, yeah. I mean, I asked out MJ earlier in chemistry and she said yes, and we’re getting dinner after I’m officially crowned the ultimate prankster for the year,” he explains to you, his voice wavering into a stuck up one.
You feel so embarrassed right now. Dressed up in the cold…for a boy? A boy you’ve known and liked for years…only to be made a fool in front of? And to top it off, in front of his girlfriend? He never felt the same way about you. He used his fake feelings as a front to distract you from ever doing your prank in the first place. If you weren’t so livid right now about everything he just put you through, you would be praising his genius. The part about distracting, not about faking feelings for someone.
“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” Peter asks, pulling you back from whatever world you were just in. You blink back and look at him, seeing him just waiting for you to acknowledge his win. 
“R-right, yeah. Um, congratulations Peter, you won,” you say, excitement absent in your voice. Peter begins to to shout and run over to Ned and MJ in victory. You watch as they revel in victory, hugging and high-fiving one another, all while you stand on the other side looking like a fucking idiot.
You’ve never been this upset about losing prank day before, but in the past it has always been a fair game, no tricks beyond the prank or some elaborate plan that’s lasted the whole day like today. Plus, your vulnerability was compromised and your feelings were played with at the expense of a good laugh, so clearly you won’t be happy. You reach back into your purse and continue to dig for your car keys.
“Well, I better get home now…” You say loud enough for everyone to hear, but met with the continued laughter coming from your three friends. You begin to walk off towards your car with a heavy feeling in your chest, your heart cracking as your body catches up to everything that was just discovered.
“Hey Y/N, wait!” Peter calls out, running up to you. You stop and stare at the ground, unable to make eye contact with him, knowing you’ll break if you look into your favorite brown eyed boy. 
“Why did you get all dressed up? You never really talked about that bit,” he asks you. Your shaking your head and look up at him finally, using all of your will power to not cry in front of him. 
“Um, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it. Enjoy your date with MJ,” you tell him, hiding the hurt in your voice. You begin to walk off towards your car once more, your pace beginning to pick up a bit.
“C’mon, Y/N, wait. Are you upset with me?” He shouts, loud enough for Ned and MJ to hear. You sigh and keep walking, waving out a hand to everyone to tell them goodbye.
“Have a good night, Peter!” You shout, trying to let out a laugh to fake them out. You unlock your door and hop inside, wasting no time by immediately buckling your seatbelt and dashing off into the city towards your apartment. It isn’t until you’re miles away do you finally allow yourself to open the floodgate and begin to sob your heart out.
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funnyblackgirl · 2 days ago
I'm in love with the scenery like it's like they are in doctor stranger's place and their character from another universe just showed up LOVE it
Tumblr media
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Imagine Michelle (and the rest of NY) does loose her short term memory of Peter for real. And then Tobey Peter and Andrew Peter show up. Tom Peter goes up to them to explain how this (the multiverse) is all his fault and he just didn't want to be forgotten by his loved ones and he doesn't know what to do. So the two other spiders (who know exactly how hard it is to balance two lives and potentially risk loved ones) give him advice. If Tom Peter was better off when Ned and MJ knew about his identity, then he should tell her again, and all Spideys agree to help. (Tobey Peter and Andrew Peter probably wish they could tell their loved ones the truth as well.)
So now I'm imagining a scene like The Little Mermaid where Tom's on a date with MJ trying to build up the courage to tell her about him. And the two other peters are going "sha-la-la-tell the girl!" in the background!
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skiplo-wave · a day ago
Peter sending this to Tony and Stephen with 0 context:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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machiavelien · 2 days ago
mj looks great with her hair down
From the early draft in this (smutty) process video? Thank you! I love using Romita's MJ Watson-Parker era curly long hair on grown up MCU MJ :)
Tumblr media
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anarchyduck · 2 days ago
One mistake is all it takes.
One wrong move.
("Spider-Man's real name-")
One miscalculation.
("-is Peter Parker!")
And it's over.
Everyone knows.
It's Peter's worst fear made true. His nightmare, the single thing he's dreaded since putting on the mask and taking up his job, has been made reality.
Everyone knows.
Peter's senses are put into overdrive. He hears every whisper, every shutter click of a camera. He feels them watching him, always watching. Curiosity. Fear. Admiration. Hate. It makes his skin crawl. Every room he steps into feels ten times smaller now.
Eyes watch him. Always watching. Always whispering.
Whatever small part of him that used to wish for this to happen, he hates it. He hates himself for even entertaining the idea. Because whatever terrible scenario he could think of, this is so much worse.
It isn't just his classmates watching.
It's neighbors in his building. The man who mutters under his breath and glares at him when Peter passes him on the stairs. The blogger lady who lives down the hall who continues snapping pictures of him when she thinks he isn't looking.
It's strangers on the street. The ones who follow and stalk him. The ones demanding pictures, autographs, answers, and then curse him when he politely refuses.
They watch him.
They watch May. They praise and sneer her all in the same breath. How could she let him do this? What kind of parent is she?
They watch MJ and Ned. They want to know who they are, what information about Peter can they gain through them? What is it like to date Spider-Man? What is is like to be a superhero's best friend?
They watch and they wait and all Peter wants them to do is stop. He wants it all to go away, to disappear. He sits high on tall skyscrapers, where the wind is strong enough to chase away the noise, where he feels safer. And then he falls and finds himself outside the window of someone who can catch him.
"We're going to be okay." MJ assures him. She holds him on her bed in her room that is warm and quiet and still. Here he doesn't feel the eyes. "You are going to be okay. You're not alone in this, okay. You've got me, Ned, Flash, and Betty standing behind you."
"But what if something happens to you? MJ, if something bad happens because of me-" Peter feels himself beginning to spiral.
MJ holds him a little tighter. "Then we'll get through that too."
Peter wants to believe her. With his entire being, he wants to believe her. But he knows.
One little mistake and it's all over.
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[At a party]
MJ: hey Peter could you watch my drink for me?
Peter: Sure but I don't think leaving your drinks with random guys is really that safe...
MJ: I saw you mouth all the words to a Taylor Swift song after rambling to Ned about how you love R2-D2. You're fine.
Peter: That's fair
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vaguekiwi · a day ago
the masculine urge to get on my knees and beg you for chapter 1 of captain peter
I can't post it yet cause I can't think of a title but here's an excerpt for you 😘
“This is one of your men?”
“Not for much longer.”
Parker shoved Tony so hard that the door behind him cracked back on its hinges. Tony lurched into the hallway, hands spiralling wildly to keep himself balanced.
Parker scowled as he pulled his pants back up, hurriedly fixed the laces, and then turned on Tony again. His eyes were murderous, and he reached for the pistol strapped to his thigh.
“Wait, Park— Captain, wait!” Tony gasped, backpedaling into the great room with the vain hope that the presence of other people might save him. “I didn’t mean to—“
“Yeah, didn’t mean to,” Parker snarled, pointing the barrel into Tony’s face.
Tony tripped and fell backward, his palms scraping along the splintered wooden floor.
Behind him, one of the crew members sighed, “Told him not to go back there.”
Someone else said, “This is kind of your fault.”
“Well I’m not mopping up the blood.”
A few other people in the bar actually laughed.
Parker’s expression didn’t so much as twitch; his eyes were illuminated with the same fire as the torches and lanterns all around them, Tony could see the silver glint of the pistol gleaming with the intent in his irises.
“You’re slow. You’re old. You don’t listen. You’re expendable, Stark. So you’d better give me a damn good reason not to shoot you between the eyes right now.”
Tony’s throat closed up on the fear building in his throat. He looked at the brass buttons on Parker’s tunic, he wondered if he imagined the rusted colour of dried blood there.
Tony opened his mouth, tried to choke out something — anything — to barter with. But he couldn’t get the image of the Captain at the desk and the girl spread beneath him and the obscene moaning and —
Tony could feel his cheeks heating up. Parker scoffed at the sight, and he cocked the pistol.
“Oh for god’s sake, he’s not worth it Pete!”
Tony hiccuped to choke back a cry of alarm, because Parker didn’t shoot.
The Captain’s eyes went to the table where they’d been sitting just minutes ago.
“Bullets are expensive. Gunpowders expensive. You keep telling him not to waste your time? Then don’t let him. He made a mistake. He’ll think twice next time. Just leave him be.”
Michelle’s voice was flippant, casual, like she didn’t care one way or another whether Tony left the bar alive tonight. But maybe it was for that very reason — that apparent callousness — that Parker appeared to listen to her.
“Not worth a bullet,” Parker agreed with a growl, stuffing the gun back into it’s holster, “I’ll cut his heart out instead.”
It probably wasn’t the right thing to focus on in the moment, but Tony still felt his breath catch at the dagger that Parker revealed. It was straight, polished, the blade carved with ornate swirls and etchings dotted with what might have been stars. Was it steel? It seemed brighter than that somehow, beautiful with the dark stone set into the pommel.
“Pete, come on.” Michelle huffed, “That knife wasn’t made for hissy fits. If you really wanna see him gone, then fire him.”
A silence so heavy fell that it seemed to dampen Tony’s hearing, like he was watching Parker from underwater. There was even an accompanying sting of saltwater in his eyes, and Tony’s hand trembled as he moved to wipe the back of his hand on his nose.
Parker was going to fire him. That much he was sure of. He was going to be left here in Moratsia and would be back at square one, alone and empty-handed and desperate.
But at least he wouldn’t be dead.
From the front door, someone called, “Problems with your crew, Parker? Or is this just the foreplay you’re so famous for?”
Snickering laughter flew through one side of the room. The boys from Parker’s crew sighed a little, as if exhausted. But something else flickered in Parker’s eyes at the voice, Tony thought it might be apprehension.
Or something close to fear.
Parker’s jaw clenched and he turned away from Tony, slipping the beautiful metal dagger back into its sheath. He lifted his chin high to address the man at the entrance to the bar.
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