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Michonne & Rick have been friends since high school, they’ve done everything together, anything you can think of they’ve done. Lately Rick has fell on hard times and he doesn’t have enough money to feed his children Carl & Judith. Here’s what happens.

It’s 11:36pm at the Grimes residence and there’s a knock at the door, Carl calls out “Who is it”, jumping at the peep hole he gets a quick smeared vision of dreads. Not just anybody’s dreads.

AUNTY CHONNE!”, both kids shot up

Carl quickly unlocks the locks and hungs at Michonne’s waist, a little late behind Judith follows suit. She was cool from the winters of Atlanta, holding a hot box of dominos pizza.

Hey my loves, I missed you nuggets”, Michonne stopped and looked at Carl. ”you gotta tell me all about Science camp! How was Frankie’s homemade volcano?”, Michonne took her coat off almost hitting Carls head, then swinging it on the rack. ”watch out baby

Oh you couldn’t believe it Michy, the entire thing blew up on Mrs.Ruby’s face, I couldn’t tell if her face was actually red or was she just angry”, Carl had a hearty chuckle.

Michonne smirked at the young 13 year old unconsciously taking the eye boogers out of his eyes like a mother would do as he spoke. ”So much for Pinterest DIY projects huh ?

I won 1st place with my small ecosystem, Mrs.Ruby said I have the best representation all day

Whaat? That’s what I’m talking about little w Grimes!”, Michonne flashed a big smile and gave him a high five. Judith had checked out of the conversation and was focused more on the pizza at that point. Just then Rick had appeared from in the kitchen with a stressed look on his face holding lots of mail.

Riiick What’s going on baby” Michonne jokingly spat sitting the pizza down so the kids could help themselves. ”oh Michonne” Rick said into her shoulder as they had a big hug, as they broke apart Michonne sat her keys on the kitchen bar and Rick went back into the kitchen. Watching Michonne settle in and relax Rick notices something new. ”Michonne you look so fresh and new”, he said with his hands.

just had my dreads retwisted, it was time”, Michonne says setting her forearms on the bar and leaning against it. ”So what was the rush to come over and buy pizza?”, Michonne says looking down at the mail in his hands then back up at him.

Damn Shelley keeps cutting my hours at work, something about budget cuts? I’m completely stressed, there’s no more food left and I’m backed up on every bill imaginable, I’m trying my hardest to not show the kids but I feel like the worst dad on the planet”, Rick whispered with crinkles digging into his forehead.

Michonne had never seen Rick so upset and so bothered. She knew Rick would do anything come hell or high waters for his kids so she understood his frustration. Michonne marched into the living room where Carl and Judith both were watching satellite TV.

Carl take a look through my bag I have 5 movies it there pick which one you’d think I’d the most

Carl hopped right up excited to pick a movie.

Judith! I wonder if you could separate all the forks and spoons… Hm never mind I don’t think you can-..

no no no! i can do it! i can do it Michy!!!

Michonne smirked knowing those kids SO WELL, Rick looked at Michonne it shock, she placed a friendly hand on his shoulder and lead him to the hallway where the kids couldn’t hear them. Michonne crosses her head and leaned on the wall with her head propped on the wall.

Rick do you remember in high school when you guys were done 25-43 and you pulled 17 points out the crack of your ass? What about the time I lost Prom Queen to Maggie Rhee ? You made me a fake wooden crown ?”, Rick broke a smile at the remembrance of Michonne in blue 90’s eyeshadow and the wooden crown that took hours to finish.

What about the time you took on the role of being a single father and raised the almost amazingly smart, beautiful and talented kids ?”, Michonne’s words shot Rick in the chest and when his emotions caught up to him.

Rick you are a damn good father, so I don’t ever wanna hear that come out your mouth again, you took charge when Lori left, you scarficed for those kids and did everything in your power to take care of those babies, I’ve you seen give up everything and that’s what makes you the best father ever Rick. You’re their hero…. Rick you’re my hero.” Michonne said strongly.

Rick took a look at Michonne and realized how much it really meant to him that she was always there for him, took his kids in like they were her own when he was going through that divorce with Lori, how she was always loyal and always had his back even when he was wrong. No matter what Michonne was always there. All in that moment Rick had a surplus of emotions, feelings and memories run through his head.

Look. I can give you half the rent and a bit for groceries but you have to come up with the other half and with my next check I’ll see what I can do about maybe taking us all out to eat? How’s that sound?

Rick stood there speechless and unable to show how incredibly grateful he was of her. “Sounds amazing”, Rick said still taken back at how she handled that. “Alright good. Now let’s go watch a movie”, Michonne said beginning to walk past him when Rick gently grabbed at her elbow.

Thank you Michonne, I-I’m so grateful to have to you in my life, e-everythi-

Michonne stopped him there

Hey don’t mention it”, Michonne winks slyly “How much you wanna bet he picked Interstellar?


Rick and Michonne past back around the corner to see Carl and Judith both sound asleep on the couch. Rick and Michonne shared a look with each other and giggled to themselves.


After they put them to bed Rick and Michonne shared the last few slices of pizza on Rick’s bed. Michonne slid her heels off to jump on the bed and her heels hit the floor loudly which caused attention to Rick.

Heels ? When does Michonne Hawthorne EVER wear heels ? Hell must’ve frozen over”, Rick said biting into the 30 min old pizza. Quickly before Michonne could responds Rick remembers

Oh you had that date when Morgan Jones from the Auto Repair store, how did that go? I know he’s been barking up that tree since you moved to Atlanta”, Rick said expecting the average answer from Michonne.

I hated it , he was too ___ for me. It was always the same. She dated around for a few weeks and dropped them like flies. It’s been that way for 15 years after she broke up with Mike for cheating on her. In HIGHSCHOOL. She never trusted anyone again.

“It was actually pretty amazing”, Rick’s eyes shot up at Michonne as she gleamed about her date with Morgan. “ He took me on his fathers boat and sung me Arthea Franklin while I was served lobster, I’ve never been wine and dined like that”, Michonne said smiling from ear to ear. Rick surprised at this, he put his pizza back down into the box.

Really ? A boat ? I thought you hated that fancy crap” Rick spat seeming defensive because he thought he knew that about Michonne.

Well everyone hates fancy crap until they’re fed lobster on a boat and being serenaded by a handsome man”, Michonne said slightly bitting her lip. She laid flat on her stomach on the bed with her legs crossed. Rick laughed at bit at her exaggeration. Handsome? He thought.

So the question is.. do you like him?”, Rick said, he was sure he had her now.

Yes. I had so many amazing conversations with him he’s extremely smart for a man that works that auto parts” Michonne laughed at her own joke. “I’m looking forward to seeing him again”, Michonne said staring straight up at the ceiling. Rick felt struck by Michonne’s words, and the way she said them. Like she was in love or something, he was happy for her but not all the way happy. She was too glee about this man.

Well I hope you finally have your happily ever after”, Rick said through his teeth, but the truth is he wanted the complete opposite, maybe he didn’t want to lose his friend? it felt right but that wasn’t quite the reason why he was upset. He didn’t know either.

We’ll see. Well I think it’s time to hit the sack, I have work at 9am sharp or Joe’s gonna give me another strike”, Michonne said pulling herself off the bed and putting her shoes back on.

Wait haven’t you had your 6th strike by now ?”

Who knows? I lost count.”, Michonne said exiting his bedroom with Rick on her trail. He watched as she walked into the kids room that they shared split down the middle. She kissed them to sleep and slid $5 under both their pillow. 5 1’s for Judith.

She gathered her things and whipped her coat back around her shoulders. Rick took care of her hair being caught in the coat. She turned back around to Rick and put a dread behind her ear.

Thanks for coming and doing this so last minute, I know you were busy with your Mr.Fix it ass guy”, Rick said slightly aggressively.

Michonne laughed at Rick’s sharp banter.

Alright Rick I’ll text you tomorrow”, reaching for a hug over his shoulders. Rick wrapped his arms around her small waist. He could smell her perfume and the shampoo in her hair. He sat there for a moment enjoying the embrace of a woman.

I’ll always take care of you Rick. No questions asked”, she said muffled into Rick’s neck. Michonne broke the hug and Rick still had both hands on her waist. Michonne looked up at him wondering what the hold up was. Where she was met with a gaze she’s never seen before on Rick, a look that gave her a weird feeling in her stomach. She instantly pulled away afraid of what would happen next. She quickly unlocked the door and opened it putting her body halfway through the doorway.

Bye Rick

Bye text me when you g-

Michonne shuts the door quickly trying her best to successfully get AWAY from Rick before something happened they both regretted in the morning.

get ..home”, Rick said scarfing. What the hell was that Rick ? He thought to himself. How dumb was I to come on to her ? We’re just friends. He said that last part out loud. It was just a moment of weakness, he’d never do that in his right frame of mind.

Rick went into his empty kitchen where he poured himself the last shot of scotch he had in his cabinet. He took it to the head and slowly walked out the kitchen where he found that Michonne left her keys sitting on the bar. He grabbed them and started for the door when he heard a knock. He smiled to himself and raced to the door.

I forgot my uuh-

Yea I got them

Rick held on to the keys a bit longer before she could snatch them and run away.

I’m sorry Michonne” he silently said to her.

She nodded her head before taking the keys and walking away from his house, without another word.


Like 4 part 2 🎬

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Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty-blog

Promt:can you do one where Negan has to show Y/n who’s boss but she doesn’t stand down until she’s hurt and negan takes her to alexandria to shame her but she’s too weak to realise that but then negan trades Y/n for food and things like that and daryl is protective and they have a cute moment when she wakes up and its just really cute. Hope this made sense. Thank you

Warnings: blood, slight violence, daryl being protective, cute fluff with daryl…

“get in the van” dwight orders a ovbious annoyance in his tone. “fuck off you asshole” you Murmur and he stares at you for a seconds “what the hell did you just say to me?” he asks angrily and you look at him “I told you to fuck off” he clenches his jaw and takes a threatening step towards you “woahhhh ho ho ho!” came negans voice and dwight straightened up looking at negan “what the hell is goin’ on here?!” he asked enthusiastically a wide smile on his face “she told me to fuck off boss” Negan looks at you “really? Ohhh well that makes me like her 50-” you glare at him not wanting to be reminded of Olivia. “shut the hell up!” you yell taking a step towards him and he laughs leaning Lucille against his shoulder “say that again” he whispers his lips forming a thin line “I told you to shut the hell up you mother fucker asshole baby wipe bitch face dickhead blood thirsty psychopath!” Negan stares at you a small smirk finding it’s way onto his face “wellll shit! I don’t even recognise you! You’ve literally changed your attitude and I love that!” he said pointing Lucille in your face grinning. “now… You shut the fuck up” he whispered coldly to you bringing the zombie blood coated Lucille closer to your face and you stare at negan trying to ignore the vile smell. He smiles wickedly “now how about we go pay a visit to alexandria. Hm?” you clench your fists before spitting in his face and negan closes his eyes “well I guess you haven’t learnt your lesson. Dwight, Simon… Beat the shit out of her but keep her alive” both men nod at him as he walks off to the van starting to check on things. You were pushed to the floor as both men starting kicking you all over.

As the abuse slowly finished dwight grabbed you forcing you up as negan walked towards you “you look shitty… But still hot.” he grins and bites his lip slightly looking you up and down before nodding at dwight “put her in the van. Force her if you have to” dwight nods and pushes you towards the back of the van where you are given the easy way or the hard way and you chose the easy way. You climbed up slowly and whimpered at the pain before you curled up in a ball closing your eyes tight. You woke up to a loud crash and squinted as you were pulled into the daylight. “you see Y/n here fucked up! She for starters yelled at my men then she did some other crazy shit but then one thing that ticked me off was that… She spat at me! She fuckin’ spat at me! So as you all know when you do something bad you get punished. So we punished her. Dwight bring her here” dwight held your arm tightly and you were dragged to where Negan was. You were so weak but you didn’t want negan to see that. Loud gasps erupted from your fellow friends but they didn’t say anything as they knew what the consequences were. Dwight let you go and you fell limp and you collapsed on the ground “ohhh shit. I told you guys to go easy on her” Negan said a playful tone in his voice. Negan looked down at you and you looked over at the group with blurry vision but you could make out the whole group looking angry. Negan kicked you slightly and you whimpered “Y/n have you learnt your lesson?” you couldn’t respond and negan sighed pushing his foot down against your wound. You cried out “have you learnt your lesson doll?” you squeezed your eyes shut “y-yes negan. Yes” “get off of her!” daryl yelled and negan looked towards him laughing “no.” he added more pressure and grinned. You screamed in pain squirming around “STOP IT! please! I’m sorry!!” daryl yelled his voice cracking and negan chuckled pulling away and staring at the group “okay all your food and weapons for her” Negan said nodding towards you. Everyone nodded and started to get the things obediently and as everything was loaded into the van negan nodded giving you one last kick before bending down pressing a soft kiss to your cheek “I’ll be back darlin’ just remember that” he stood up and walked off leaving you there shaking. Daryl came out of his trance and ran towards you before he collapsed beside you his arms embracing you “oh darlin’ I’m here. I’m here.” he whispered gripping you. You cried hard as rick bent down beside you taking your hand in his “you’re going to be alright Y/n. Just stay with us” his voice was fading in and out before you slowly passed out the last thing you heard was Eugene and Rosita yelling for a doctor.

You carefully opened your eyes and looked around noticing siddiq taking your temperature whilst Aaron was checking your pulse. You groaned in pain and noticed daryl stand up coming to your side and pushing your shoulders gently as you tried to sit up “take it easy…” you stared into his eyes feeling your heart break as your lip quivered “I’m sorry” you sobbed and daryl shook his head “you’ve got nothin’ to be sorry about sweetheart” he caressed your bruised face before pressing his lips to your cheek “you’re gonna be alright. I won’t let anything like that happen to you ever again” he whispered his voice husky as he started to play with your hair. You tried to move your arms but that caused a burning sensation to go right through you “stay still. What do you need princess?” he asked as he began to baby you slightly. You whined and went to say something but daryl shook his head “I’m looking after you and if that means I have to baby you then I’m gonna do that because you’re my whole world” you smiled softly at him and he grabbed the cup of water putting the straw between your lips and helping you drink. He put the drink back down before sitting down taking your hand in his “where’s carl?” you asked closing your eyes “I’m right here” came his voice and you smiled as you saw michonne, Rick and Carl stood beside you. “sing to me” you whispered as the pain began to build up again and you frowned. Daryl kissed your hand a worried look on his face before you looked at him and smiled “I love you” you whisper and he nods “I love you too darlin’ so much.” carl smiled and nodded at your request as he took your hand in his before he started to hum. You watched rick and michonne who looked at Carl proudly “you’re my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray,” you smile softly and squeeze Carl’s hand closing your eyes as you became weaker “you’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine… away” you smiled and daryl pushed some hair away from your face “is she okay?” he asked siddiq a worried look on his face “she’ll be fine. She just needs rest” a tear fell down your cheek but it was quickly wiped away “it’s okay. Go to sleep” came Rick’s voice and you shook your head wincing at the pain “Y/n” michonne stated sternly and you sighed “b-but… Daryl?” you whispered as Carl watched you concerned “I’m right here…” he said softly and watched you as you slowly opened your eyes another tear falling down your cheek but Carl wiped it away. Daryl knew the look in your eyes and smiled kissing your lips gently and you closed your eyes allowing the moment of peace. Even if it was short it still gave you the peace you needed. “I love you” you whisper to daryl before looking over at the others and saying it again “we love you too Y/n. So much. You rest now. We’ll come and check on you later” you nodded and closed your eyes daryl squeezing your hand “I’m not leaving your side princess. I’ll be right here if you need me” you nodded and smiled those words comforting you into a deep sleep.

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Originally posted by noisysunday

Requested: hey! Your work is great. I was wondering whether you could do one where the reader is on set of twd and norman pranks her in some way and can you involve the other cast members? And one more thing maybe she pranks them back? Please and thank you!

“and cut! Great work you lot” Greg calls as you fall back landing on the ground breathing heavily “god that was a lot of running!” you mutter and you see Tom staring down at you “I’m Jesus not God!” he yells playfully and you groan at him “oh gosh… Tom you really are a menace” you mumble shaking your head in frustration. You loved him but he was a definite pain in the ass “oi I heard that!” you nod and wave him off causing him to chuckle and roll his eyes before he walked off to talk to Cooper. You stared up at the sky and tried to find funny shapes “you good?” came Norman’s voice and you looked at him nodding “just great! That running was exhausting though” he nods and watches you and you frown knowing the look he was giving you “what the hell did you do?” you ask sitting up and he just stares at you trying to act innocent “I’ve done nothing. I swear down!” you sigh and watch him before standing up “norman tell me the truth. Please say you did not put glitter in my car! That would be lame if you’ve done that!” Norman grins and you glare “Norman!” you exclaim causing other cast members to turn their attention towards you. You started to run towards your car and you tried to open the car door but it wouldn’t open and you noticed all the windows were up. You looked towards norman a deadly look in your eyes “norman you better run….” Andrew advised whilst walking by laughing. You continued to have a stare off with Norman and Andrew stopped as he was passing by again “what did he do this time Y/n?” you didn’t take your eyes off of norman “from what I can see he’s decided it would be funny to take my keys put them in the ignition do all my windows up then lock the car completely so I can’t get in!” norman smirks and Andy rolls his eyes “dear me norman. You really do put her through hell” you growl at norman “I just wanted to go home” you whined and norman laughs “well I’m sorry but….. Your car is actually unlocked” you give him a look and he smiles “go on try and open the doors” you sigh and try to open the car door but it’s still locked “norman what are you playing a-” you stop talking as you notice the whole cast starting to move towards you very slowly “okay this isn’t uncomfortable” you Murmur and norman smiles “FIRE!!!” he yells and before you can comprehend what is going on you’re being sprayed with something wet and cold and it came in every direction “what the hell?!” you yell as you laugh and try to cover yourself. You looked down and cried out in shock “I’m covered in fake sticky blood! No fair!!!” you yell as you glare at norman “it gets better!” he responds and you look at him raising your eyebrows before you hear a familiar voice call your name. You turn around to see Emily and Andrew on top of your car smiling widely two large boxes in their arms before Emily and Andrew tipped the boxes on top of you and you stay still your mouth wide open in shock as everyone begins to laugh. You shake your head and norman makes his way towards you holding a small mirror infront of you. You see the state of you and gasp “so not only am I covered in fake blood which smells really horrible I’ve also been glitter bombed! Wow great” you say sarcastically as everyone grins. You look around before your eyes land on norman and you sigh looking down at the ground before running at him. You jump on top of him covering him in all the glitter you could before he pushed you off of him gently “let the prank war commence!!!” you yell and everyone looks around at each other excitedly. Ohhh norman…. Andy… You better get ready.

As you walk onto set again you notice Jeffery and rush up to him “hey negannn” he rolls his eyes “well well well hello my dear y/n” he replies smirking at you “have you got everything ready?” you ask and he nods “yes… I’ve covered Lucille in blood and Greg is ready to cover you in blood. He just wants you on the floor and he’ll do it from there” you nodded a grin forming on your face “thanks Jeffery!” he nodded “of course. Oh look here’s Greg now” you see Greg with everything ready and smile widely sitting down on the floor and lying down. Norman and Andrew are gonna get the scare of their life.

After you were covered in blood and some wounds and fake glass sticking out of you, you closed your eyes before Jeffery put Lucille beside you “they probably won’t fall for this” you mutter and Jeffery laughs “oh well we’ll see won’t we” you nod and watch as Greg picks everything up and walks back into the building. Jeffery runs off and you close your eyes trying to get in the best position to make it look like you had actually been hit by a car which Jeffery was driving. You heard a car pull up and you stopped moving closing your eyes tight “what scene are we doing today?” Norman asked as Andy cleared his throat “um I think it’s where chandler and Y/n are meant to kiss” Norman hummed and soon enough everything went quiet. “is this a prank?” Andy asked his voice sounding concerned “ovbiously… Duhhh” Norman responded as footsteps walked towards you “I bet you she’s gonna go all ape shit on our asses and become a bloody zombie” you suppress a laugh knowing exactly what norman was doing. He was trying to make you laugh. Jeffery runs out at that point “g-guys… I-i an ambulance is on its way…” he mutters “bullshit!” norman yells “no its not bullshit! I hit her whilst I was driving… No I didn’t hit her with Lucille-” Andy cuts him off “we get the point… We pissin’ our pants yet?!” Andy yells doing the worst impression of Jeffery and you’re trying to hold in your laughter before you break and start laughing “Y/n!!!” Jeffery yells “I called it!!!” norman yells laughing before practically jumping on top of you and you laugh as he licks your cheeks “norman!!!” he smiles and you glare at Andy as he had just mimicked how you said Norman’s name. “carllllll” you say trying to do the southern accent “coral!!!! CORALLLLL!” Andy turns around glaring at you before glaring at norman who started to do it as well “oh you’re on Y/n!” you smile at Andy “okay bye rick. Say hi to corol for me yeah?” Andy sticks his middle finger up at the both of you and you laugh loudly falling into Norman’s chest “this is not the end by the way” Norman smirks and looks at you “Oh I know…. Keep one eye open when you sleep” he says grinning “is that a threat?” he laughs and walks off with Greg “maybeeeee” you roll your eyes. He’s an idiot hell everyone’s an idiot but you love them… You love them with your whole damn heart and nothing would stop that.

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Originally posted by twdsource

Prompt: can you do one where Eugene and Y/n have a cute moment? You can make it up. Thank you xx

Warnings: none- just pure fluff/ cuteness

“she beat you up pretty bad…” you mumbled pushing a cold cloth onto Eugene’s cheek. “I’ve had worse” he stutters and you smile at his cuteness before looking at Rosita who still looked angry at Eugene. You sighed putting some warm water on the cloth before wiping the blood off of his nose “I also forgot to tell you that I got what you wanted from the store” Eugene looks at you a wide smile finding it’s way onto his face “you got me a chocolate bunny?!” you laugh softly and nod “indeed I did. I found it in the storage cupboard which was pretty cool. In fact I found four of them” Eugene’s smile then turned into a grin “oh you’re my number one bff forever! Y/n y/l/n will you take the honour of being my bff forever?” you put down the cloths and stare at him laughing softly “I would love to!!” he grins and pulls you in for a tight hug. You hug back laughing before pulling away and looking at carl who was singing with Judith “Y/n and Eugene sitting in a tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G first comes love! Second comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage!!” you roll your eyes playfully and glare at carl “never gonna happen” carl grins “you never knowwwww” you laugh harder before standing up grabbing Eugene’s arm starting to pull him out of the house “you little monster” you whisper making a funny face and staring at Judith. She giggles and you smile “see you both later” you said as you walked with Eugene.

You sat down on the sofa as Eugene sat beside you and you pulled your bag onto your lap before pulling out two chocolate bunny’s handing him the one in golden foil. He smiles thanking you “you’re welcome. Anything for my bestie” Eugene nudges you “that’s a bit cheesy” he laughs and you roll your eyes “well you started it” you replied unwrapping the silver foil before biting into the bunny’s head and Eugene stared at you horrified “what?” you asked staring back at him “don’t you feel bad biting into the poor bunny’s head?” you look at the bunny in your hand before looking back at Eugene trying not to laugh “no I don’t feel bad” he frowns “you’re pure evil Y/n y/l/n” you smirk putting the bunny on the table before getting closer to him “oh but you love it Eugene porter” he looks down at your lips then up to your eyes and you smile “that’s an affirmative Y/n” you grin and look into his eyes “you wanna kiss me?” he opens and closes his mouth before letting out a weird sound and shaking his head before kissing your cheek standing up the bunny in his hand and he starts running off. You laugh and watch him “he’s a weirdo” you whisper before laughing “but Eugene porter is my weirdo” you mutter and start to eat the bunny again a warm feeling building in your heart.

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honestly any type of hate or speaking ill of michonne and her fans is just pathetic. god forbid a dark skinned woman is celebrated as more than just a “strong badass”. god forbid she takes attention away from a white character. god forbid she becomes the very significant other of a white character and gets the love she deserves. fuck you if you can’t appreciate or recognize her worth apart from being a strong black woman.

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