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#mick schumacher
vanesatryingtosurvive2 hours ago
Haven鈥檛 seen this picture on here.
11th fastest lap a Haas.
Tumblr media
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mickschumacher475 hours ago
Can I keep giving you some little numbers about Mick and the Egghead difference ? Can I ?
Mick fastest lap during the race : 1:19.193
The egghead fastest lap during the race : 1:20.402
Yep that鈥檚 right, Mick was more than a second faster than is teaming when they had the same tyres with the same number of laps
Interesting no ?
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deadinsidegal7 hours ago
I missed the start of the Imola Grand Prix yesterday, but I managed to watch quite a lot of it, and boy was it eventful. Now that I've managed to get some thoughts together, I thought I would bullet point some :-
What a comeback drive from Lewis after he spun and fell to ninth place to get P2, he's showing why he's the seven time world champion.
The George and Valterri crash looked serious, I'm glad that they both walked away from it unharmed. I don't condone George hitting Valtterri at all, especially as George didn't know how injured Valterri could have been, and if he was seriously injured this could have had serious ramifications further down the line for both for Valterri and George. Understandably, both men were annoyed in their post race interviews, which probably wasn't the best time to do one as feelings would have still been running high, but hopefully once they have calmed down, maybe they might discuss it more rationally and apologise to each other privately, it's a long season, and George does have to be careful if he wants the second Mercedes seat.
I am so happy for Lando for his P3 - he had an excellent drive to come back from his disapointment in qualifying, and had to try and keep Lewis behind, which isn't easy. He seems to be an absolute force to reckoned with this season, and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for him.
Max had a brilliant drive, he recovered well from his wobble during after restart and he took a well deserved win in my opinion.
I was gutted for Charles, he had the potential to be P3 until the red flag. I understand that he had radio issues after the red start which didn't help him, hopefully he can shrug it off and go again in Portugal.
Portugal next - I'm looking forward to seeing what this race brings.
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stuckonspidey10 hours ago
i want whatever mick and his engineer have <3
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puck7-motorsports13 hours ago
Tumblr media
2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix:聽Mick Schumacher destroys front wing in Safety Car spin
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f1-disaster-bi16 hours ago
Hey! Saw you prompt request post. First those are really cute prompts, it was so hard to choose. Can I ask for a hand holding 6, hugs 10,kisses 39 with schulott. Can it be in one fic. Thanks!
Those prompts are so cute! They鈥檙e the reason I decided to open my requests for the first time because they鈥檙e so sweet!
And you requested one of the sweetest couples that I am soft for for some of my favourite prompts on the list! It鈥檚 a little bit angsty, but also a lot fluffy!
Drop a like or kudos!
Mick/Callum -Comfort
Mick felt sick as he made his way back to his hotel room, feeling more alone than he ever had in this sport he loved.
Guenther鈥檚 words rang around his head, the beady stare as fixed on him as he told him plainly that despite getting the better results in the first four races of the season, he was not the team priority. That they had fought to gain him from Ferrari because they needed the sponsors and a known name for the media to focus their attention on.
Although the words had been prettier, Guenther had basically told Mick what he had known all season: that he was Haas鈥檚 scapegoat.
He didn鈥檛 even have the energy to fight it. He had simply sat there, ignoring his teammate who was grinning at him. Staring at him as if he were a shark and Mick was bleeding in the water when everyone knew he was nothing but a small fish that the grid was tearing apart every weekend.
All Mick had done was ask a simple question about why his strategy, as the leading car out of the team, seemed to lack any push to it despite Mick having figured out by the fourth race of the season how to stabilize the car in a way that allowed him to fight the Williams and sometimes, the lower placed car of normally mid-field teams.
A part of him had known when he had asked what the answer would be, especially as his race engineer and strategist looked away. Almost as if they were too ashamed to face Mick, not that he would ever blame them for doing their jobs. He understood not risking their livelihood by helping him, but it had still stung as he was dismissed from the meeting and told he wasn鈥檛 needed for the rest of the day.
It had been a trip from the track back to his room. The evening stretching on before him and the streets sleepy as the sun set, only the odd car or taxi passing him until he was stumbling into the elevator and avoiding his own reflection in the shiny walls.
He kept his eyes fixed on the carpet, listening to the elevator music play faintly in the background as he tried not to let the thoughts in.
He practiced his breathing techniques that his mother had thought him. Focusing on breathing in for three, holding for five and releasing for ten, and pushing thoughts of his failure from his mind.
Although the little voice in the back of his head told him once more that the articles were right, that he would never live up to the Schumacher name and his F2 title came at the freak series of bad luck that his competitors suffered throughout 2020 despite his own career highlighting his strength as a driver.
All the little comments under Haas posts, from Twitter and from articles had slowly begun to get under his skin, dislodging the quiet confidence he had always carried with him in the feeder series and picking at wounds he had carried all his career due to the weight of the name her carried.
As he reached his door, fingering the key card and mind wandering, Mick thought to himself that maybe he couldn鈥檛 do this. That he was a driver that achieved young and wasn鈥檛 cut out for the harsh realities of Formula One.
Ferrari had kept him wrapped in bubble wrap, supporting him at every turn. It had made him secure in his drive, but now in the unforgiving reality of Formula One, Mick was wondering if it was worth it.
If he deserved it.
He sighed, pushing those thoughts to the back of his mind, knowing that even with the pain and frustration he was feeling right now, it would always be worth it.
As much as he loved his peace and wanted to be left alone, he wouldn鈥檛 give up racing for the world.
It was a discussion he had had with himself multiple times, and as he pushed into the room, tossing his cap onto the shelf beside the door and toeing off his trainers, he still had the same answer as always.
It was worth the pain.
Even if the sport he loved just didn鈥檛 love him back right now.
However, movement caught his eyes, drawing him from his melancholy pity party to someone that did love him back without any conditions or self-serving expectations.
Mick tried to supress the tears as Callum moved from the couch the couch, the taller wearing one of Mick鈥檚 pastel hoodies that despite Callum鈥檚 height, hung loose on his slimmer frame. The Brit鈥檚 hair was wild, the other having obviously not brushed it with having no appearances today now that the race weekend was over and the grey sweatpants, he wore looked soft and cosy.
鈥榃hat鈥檚 up buttercup?鈥, Callum asked softly, holding his arms out as Mick all but stumbled into him, a soft noise escaping the German鈥檚 throat, 鈥楬ey, hey, don鈥檛 trample me. I might not be driving next weekend, but I鈥檇 like not to be broken Mr. Schumacher鈥.
Mick would normally laugh at the teasing or roll his eyes, but instead he tucked his face into Callum鈥檚 neck, hiding himself in the crook of it as he wrapped his arms around the Brit鈥檚 waist and held him close.
It was safe tucked away in Callum鈥檚 arms, his face hidden from his boyfriend鈥檚 worried gaze and the weight of the world shared between two instead of lying just on Mick as the other held him softly, his touches gentle and comforting. Every movement filled with love and reassurance as Callum let Mick hide and collect himself, just rubbing a hand up and down his back softly and waiting for the other to be ready to speak to him.
Mick wasn鈥檛 sure how long he stood there, face tucked away and just breathing in the scent of his sandalwood bodywash on the others skin and letting that soft warmth settle in his stomach as it always did when Callum was nearby.
鈥業 knew they only signed me for my name and sponsors, but hearing them say it, that I wasn鈥檛 the priority when it came to strategy hurts鈥, Mick whispered into the skin of Callum鈥檚 neck, feeling guilty for complaining when truly, his boyfriend had gotten the short end of the Haas stick.
鈥楾hey鈥檙e absolute pricks鈥, Callum stated, pressing Mick closer to him, holding him tighter, 鈥榊ou are more than a name or sponsors鈥. you鈥檙e a damn good driver, and you aren鈥檛 half bad to look at naked either鈥.
The joke caught Mick off guard, making him giggle as he pulled back to look at Callum in disbelief as the Brit smiled proudly at him. Delighted in having succeeded in making Mick laugh despite the still tense set to his shoulders as Callum pressed a kiss against his forehead, making Mick smile slightly.
鈥楾here he is, that鈥檚 the handsome bastard I fell head over heels for鈥, Callum muttered, ducking to kiss Mick softly.
His hands were still gentle where they had settled on Mick鈥檚 hips and the kiss was soft, almost comforting as Callum just held him. The kiss didn鈥檛 demand anything, wasn鈥檛 for Callum to distract Mick. It was a simple kiss that spoke gently to him; telling him Callum was here, that he loved him, that he was worth more than Haas.
鈥榊ou think I鈥檓 good enough? Even with all the little mistakes I鈥檝e made in races鈥, Mick muttered against Callum鈥檚 lips, seeking the comfort he desperately needed as Callum drew him into another soft kiss.
The other鈥檚 hand had slipped up to cup Mick鈥檚 neck, fingers playing with the short hairs at the base of his skull. The other reach of one of Mick鈥檚, pulling it from where it was resting on Callum鈥檚 shoulder to hold in between them. His thumb rubbing over Mick鈥檚 knuckles in calming motions, making him relax further.
鈥榊ou are more than enough Mick, and if Haas can鈥檛 see that, then fuck them, because everyone else can see it and we know it鈥檚 the car and the team鈥, Callum reassured, squeezing the back of his neck gently as he pulled back to press a kiss to his forehead.
Mick nodded, closing his eyes, and letting the words sink in as Callum stood there, a pillar of comfort and strength when Mick felt he had been knocked to the ground and reduced to four inches tall.
鈥楾hank you, for believing in me鈥, Mick whispered, the words lost between them as Callum squeezed his hand softly before kissing him soundly once more before pulling back and letting go of Mick鈥檚 neck.
鈥楢nytime baby, now come on, there鈥檚 a new episode of that show you like, and I ordered some cheat day pizza because I felt like you鈥檇 need some comfort today鈥, Callum smiled, tugging Mick to the couch.
Mick let himself being gentle manoeuvred until he was sitting in Callum鈥檚 lap, head resting on his shoulder where he could tuck his face into the crook of his neck.
They ate their pizza one handed, the other tangled together with Callum鈥檚 thumb still brushing his knuckle as they traded jokes and kisses between bites of pizza, a reminder that Callum was there. That he had someone that believed in him even when the world tried to make it hard to believe in himself.
Mick couldn鈥檛 change how the 聽world or even Haas viewed him, but he knew he would never need to as long as he had Callum by his side.
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pechitolopez17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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f1newgems18 hours ago
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formula1one19 hours ago
Seeing a lot of divided opinions on the Bottas/Russell incident.
What鈥檚 everyone鈥檚 thoughts on it?
I personally think Bottas wasn鈥檛 at fault, to me he went a little wide on that curve, but they鈥檝e even said that happens on that section of the track. Plus there was plenty of space for Russell to get by. Bottas moves left knowing what鈥檚 coming but George clipped the grass and lost it.
Shit on Bottas all you want, I personally don鈥檛 think he was at fault with that. Should he really be fighting a Williams? No. Bad weekend for him, and seeing Verstappen and Hamilton lap him was embarrassing. But that doesn鈥檛 change the fact Russell was the one that misjudged it and plowed into him. The impact for both was fucking awful to see!
Also, I found it utterly hilarious Bottas flipped him off lol, but if it鈥檚 true George was blaming him before patting his head then I can see why Bottas was so vexed.
The most important thing is that they are both okay. In particular Valtteri with the double impact he had. Once again today proved the Halo is so important. Without that Bottas probably would鈥檝e been very badly hurt. Can鈥檛 believe people still bash the halo after Grosjeans incident.
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formula1one20 hours ago
It makes me super happy seeing how on form Mclaren have been the last two races. They鈥檝e really improved that car and it鈥檚 very refreshing to see them do well. Lando today was an absolute beast!! Super happy to see two brits on the podium today!!
Very excited to see Daniel get more used to the car. He鈥檚 doing a stellar job already, a few more races he鈥檚 gonna be a beast aswell. We all saw his performance at Renault last year! Daniel is an awesome driver!
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micksebcharles20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Leaving the racetrack I meet two border collies that run from their owners and come for a licking and moaning session. I chat animatedly with the owner about horses and dogs until the son passes us: it was Mick Schumacher and I was talking to Corina, without knowing." - A little bit better translation from deepl.
Such a sweet story and we finally got to see one of the dogs!
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f1-disaster-bi20 hours ago
Decided to do a little ask prompt fic thing, because I want a bit of variety between working on my bigger fics and my Masters!
Send me requests for any F1 pairing or friendship (just clarify if you want platonic of romantic)!
Only person I won鈥檛 write for is Egg!
Here鈥檚 a list of prompts!
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vroomlesbianvroom20 hours ago
I had a nap and I鈥檓 sober now. Thought I cried enough for this race: then I saw a video of Mick and Max waving and I cried again.
These boys actually melt me.
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the drivers are struggling so bad by trying to get along with each other, it鈥檚 hilarious the amount of awkwardness that there鈥檚 on the paddock. They鈥檙e like 鈥渓et鈥檚 skip this part and go to where we鈥檙e actually besties and everyone loves it鈥
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buckyinf121 hours ago
also I just want to add that this blog will be a Mick's engineer fan page from now on and nothing else
Mick's engineer my beloved <3
Thank you for your attention
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be-kawhiet21 hours ago
Mick's engineer would make a killing as a life coach
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