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#micron pen

A Glimpse into a project I’m doing! 🎨🖌

I’ll explain later when I finish the said project, but I just loved painting the Bois™️ in watercolor and wanted to show y’all! Trash Rat Boi’s and Jay Dee’s are coming up very soon… so wait for it (*evil laughter*)!

However! If you have been following me for long, the crucial hint is that one question I always reblog after a certain something happens…

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I finished up a new illustration while I was in the process of moving 😁 I used watercolors for the base layer, Copic markers for colors and shading (I finally understand how to use Copics!), a Pentel brush pen/Microns for the black ink details, and gel pens for the small color details. Definitely gonna keep experimenting with these kinds of mixed media combinations ✨✨✨

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Been feeling a little uninspired lately. I ended up pulling out the old Tombow marker and making this sketch of a Great Blue Heron. Doing something a little different helped blow off the dust. Also gave me some ideas for something bigger. Maybe. Go to my Instagram to see a time lapse of it!

What are you doing to stay motivated during quarantine? Or are you like me, and not staying motivated at all? 😂

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