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totallynotagentphilcoulson · 3 months ago
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Okay so I went ahead and made an account on Hero Forge specifically so I could do like actual variations on a potential DnD pc design instead of just species swapping the exact same palette and equipment.
Though yes I will concede: their outfits are still 100% all just palette swaps in the base designs. Shush, the cold climate and hot climate designs have more variation.
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gamebunny-advance · 22 days ago
Quick Poll
Pick from a set of three random emojis for me to make a character design with!
The options are below, but they’re also listed in the poll itself.
(There’s an explanation for why I’m doing this under the cut).
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So in a past art stream, I briefly tested out HONK to see if it would be a better alternative for Kun3h0. In my test, it turned out to not really work for the effect I wanted, but I don’t want to count it out yet. I just need to figure out how to work within its limitations because I think it has the potential to be a very powerful tool for “budget” vtubers.
However, if I try to make Kun3h0 more compatible with it, I’m going to take forever because I’m going to be a little too darling with the details. So, my idea is to design a new character that I won’t be attached to, so I don’t have to worry about making it “perfect” and I can just get into the meat and bones of the program itself. The plan is to stream the process from beginning to end. If the test goes well, then I’ll release the model for dissection purposes. I dunno if it’ll be free (if I do charge for it, it’s probs just gonna be like a couple of dollars or something), but I think it might be a fun/useful thing to do.
Just for fun, I thought the best way of coming up with a random design would be to use the 3 emoji challenge, but I got a lot of cool combos that I had a hard time choosing from, so I thought I’d open it up to a vote.
Tbh, I don’t expect that many people to vote, so chances are there are going to be ties of 1 to 1. In the case of a tie, I’m just gonna pick my personal favorite because I have pre-meditated designs for a couple of the combos. Otherwise, the set with the most votes is going to be the basis of the design.
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birbs-in-space · a year ago
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leviathan!cas with a pink trenchcoat + 7.01 & 7.02
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blyszczopies · a year ago
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monzoto · 2 months ago
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bisexualjohnnycage · 5 months ago
Hope y’all like DILF Cage and baby fever, cus that’s what you’re getting tomorrow.
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thefangirl-16-blog · 11 months ago
Ok so I'm definitely doing C.B. next for the embroidery thing but idk which pic of him to do cos I love all them so much so please send me your favourite (singular) pic of him so I have less to choose from
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lightkrets312 · 10 months ago
Honestly the biggest factor in me becoming agnostic (re: Evangelism) wasn't the concerning way shit was taught, or the public image, or any other messages like that. Those reasons added on LATER, but that wasn't the straw that did it.
It was the fact that I had to get up in the morning every Sunday morning, at my mom's enthusiastic insistence, and go to some random church, and sit there for an hour or so every day, where people kept singing and talking about things I really didn't care deeply about by the time I was a teen. And I have NEVER been a morning person, so I wasn't too pleased about losing an hour or so of sleep when the only fun part was Sunday School, and I was aging out.
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milliganstan · a year ago
Hiiiii guys im done with my exam, if i reblog things in a flurry now would you still think im hot
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softschofield · 2 years ago
on this day, the 6th of april, 103 years ago, two things happen - one that will echo down through history, and one that will be forgotten. one that brushes against millions of lives, one that no one but three and a little nameless, nothing village will ever notice. one that is blinding in its importance, cheered for and wept over and reviled; one that is small, silent, insignificant. two things happen, and history won’t remember one: a country enters the war to end all wars, and a meaningless boy dies in the countryside.
it’s friday. blake is going home on monday.
in the early hours of the morning, when the world is still icy and black and lit stark by flares, german boys sit huddled in their trenches, murmuring and laughing and thinking of home - softly, gently. officers walk down the lines and tap men quietly on the shoulder: let’s go. and silently, in the pre-dawn cold, they do.
at the same time, in the empty darkness before sunrise, an orderly wakes general erinmore. he lights a candle, sits up in bed, wraps a dressing gown around himself; the room is dusty and close and dim. “sir, the planes have spotted something over the new german lines. it’s regarding the second devons.”
and in the hours before dawn, erinmore sits at his desk, with a map sprawled before him, and listens. “can we send them a message?” “they cut the phone lines, sir” “can we send a cavalry runner?” “the land is impassable, sir” “do any of the officers have a son? a nephew? a brother?” “there is one, sir”
across the channel, scho’s wife wakes up to gentle honey light in their bedroom. blake’s mother wakes up alone to the sound of birdsong and sheep. both of them imagine the morning across the channel, the morning in france - what it looks and smells and feels like. wonder at whether the sun shines, wonder at whether the flowere are starting to bloom, if there are any flowers left at all.
blake’s mother checks off another day - three to go, and her boy will be home. she smiles at the thought, and with the smile comes tears. three days and he’ll be back in her arms, drinking tea at the kitchen table. three days. she gets out of bed to clean the house; she wants it to look nice for him. she’s still smiling. blake smiles, too, as they finish their breakfast and wander over to doze against their tree. three days. he pulls his helmet over his face, still smiling.
it’s morning when they set off. it’s still morning when he dies. and it’s still morning, not even midday, when schofield begins to inch across the ruined bridge.
that night, and into the cold, black, rainy morning of april 7th, while schofield lies unconscious upon the steps of a lockhouse, blake’s body lies before the felled orchard with the stars and the moon above him. a breeze stirs the leaves of the cherry trees and makes them rustle. they’re already beginning to brown and wilt. soon the stones will rot into the soil. the night feels empty, quiet, lonesome. the grasses on the hillside whisper. it’s peaceful. cold. forgotten. ghosts haunt the still, silent orchard.
the family that lived there is long gone. the little girl who was born there, whose doll was abandoned in the chaos, lies in the lowest drawer of a dresser, in a warm cellar where a fire crackles soft and golden. another orphan murmurs to her through the night.
the next morning, at six o’clock, a boy with shellholes for eyes stops an attack and leans against a lonely tree before the rising sun. it’s peaceful. quiet. empty. warm. blake’s mother wakes up smiling and checks another day off. and blake’s body begins to rot with the cherry stones.
every year, the ghosts live it again, tread the ground where the trenches and the ruins used to be. they don’t know the world has changed; they don’t know that world is dead, and that at the end of it they will die as well. again. over and over and over. till their hearts have been broken for the thousandth time. and then next year, they live it all again.
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innielove · a year ago
no more math please💔
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youre-so-captivating · a year ago
im very aromantic,
very platonic
sometimes i think couple things are cute,
and sometimes i wonder what that would be like
then i remember i just want intimacy and maybe someone to hold,
not the kissing
still, i sit here and think
i should try to date
i should try to be normal
i should just.
anyone want someone to hold?
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captain29thegamer · 2 years ago
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What’s everyone favorite form of lycanrock? Mine is midnight because it was my first form ❤️
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anxiety-at-the-classroom · 2 years ago
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i did more :)
i rlly like the midday one with the peach colours the best
let me know which one is your favourite!
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milkymoos · 3 years ago
hullo babies! its summertime and i’d like to follow more people just cause, so if you’re a larrie and a nice person then reblog this and follow me if you’d like and i’ll check out your blog!
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theaussietimelord · 2 years ago
Just gonna do a bit of an emotional rant in the tags. Don’t mind me
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a-simple-bowl-of-rice · 2 years ago
wwhats up boys im broke as shit and i got bills as fuck, if anyone wants to donate my cashapp is $spicebowl ill write u a poem or story or smthn thanksssssss
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lokidyke · 3 years ago
loki is the juno baby
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daylightalking · a year ago
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blushing-concubus · a month ago
I saw the Savannaclaw's bois mastelist is still blank EHEHEE, sooo i just wanna req a fluff hcs w/ Savannaclaw's bois where s/o wants to sleep with them (could be sleep/hug, up to u), thx author!!!
Thank you for requesting! This was really fun, I’m a sucker for cuddly fluff so this was really enjoyable for me!
Enjoy the headcanons! Comments, reblogs, and likes are appreciated!
Leona Kingscholar:
This man sleeps all day, every day. It's part of him as a person and honestly, even if you aren't the one to initiate cuddling, it’ll still probably happen.
He’s not super affectionate verbally, and he’s definitely not the overly romantic type, physical affection is his love language and if you’re into cuddling he’s going to take full advantage and have you skip classes to nap and cuddle with him. Your grades will suffer and you’ll have professors angry at the both of you, but it's worth it to spend time with your amazing catboy boyfriend.
I think Leona would be a really warm person, not soft considering all the muscle he has on him, but definitely good to use as a heated pillow.
If you wake up you won’t be able to move, he’s got you in an iron grip and will not let go, even if you really need to go do something or go to the bathroom he’s not gonna let go or wake up easily.
On the off chance he does wake up he’ll be a little pissed at the fact you woke him up and want to leave his arms. If it's something like needing to go to the bathroom or get water and you're going to come back he’ll probably let go, but if you need to actually leave for classes or something he’ll do everything in his power to hold you closer and convince you to go back to sleep.
Ruggie has to constantly drag the two of you to classes and make sure you don’t fail.
The midday sun always left (S/O) feeling comfortably warm and sleepy, especially in the presence of Leona. Their boyfriend seemed to have a secondary unique ability to put not only them, but himself to sleep with ease.
It didn’t matter if they had classes or a dorm meeting to attend, nor did the place matter, with Leona everywhere was comfortable. Especially with the Midday sun shining on their skin, leaving warm kisses as an encouragement to stay asleep, to stay in eachothers arms.
A few more hours of cuddling couldn’t hurt, right?
Ruggie Bucchi:
He’s a busy guy, always running around, doing this and that and everything to make even the smallest amount of money, so you never really get to spend a ton of time with him.
Even so he’ll greedily soak up all of the love and attention you’re willing to shower him with. Hugs are a specialty of yours and he craves them like a drug at this point.
You love him unconditionally for his background and of the things he’s done. You love him enough to stay with him even as his schedule is full to the brim and overflowing with more things than he has hours in the day for. You love him enough to shower him in words of praise, and huggs, and kisses, and cuddles that never cease to make his heart burst with bliss and adoration.
At the end of the day he secretly hopes you’ll want to spend the night with him. He wants to be in your presence and it's a great chance for him to not only return all the love you show him, but to also drink in that affection he craves.
You knew what you signed up for when you fell in love with Ruggie. He was always running around, always on a constant errand, never taking a break as if he didn’t know how to just stop and relax.
But you loved that about him, that stubborn determination and drive that never ceases was adorable. He was adorable in every way, which is why whenever you got the opportunity you’d latch onto your pretty hyenaboy and trap him in an embrace that portrayed every drop of emotion you felt for him. He was almost always left stunned, hearts seemingly dazzling his bluish-gray eyes.
Seven, he was adorable, how could you ever let him go and run off again?
Jack Howl:
Hugging Jack was both a challenge and a reward all on its own. He was stubborn, always putting up a tough-guy act, and yet he was easily flustered. The smallest amount of affection tossed his way would leave him with a soft blush dusting his cheeks and avoiding eye contact at all costs, almost as if that would save his pride somehow.
He did truly love your hugs though, his tail wagging and attempt at playing it cool said more than he ever did about the subject. He was almost never the one to initiate, especially in public, thinking it would make him look soft and ruin his image.
You can always tell when he does want to hug, though. He’ll constantly cast glances at you and get progressively closer and closer, but never touch or initiate. Always waiting for you to make the first move.
He would love to keep you in his arms for hours, but knows that isn’t practical and would definitely make him look soft. Give him lots of hugs and pet his ears, he’ll be a flustered mess for the next hour and it's worth it to see that tsundere- lovestruck expression.
Jack wasn’t necessarily shy, but he wasn’t willing to initiate affection and you knew that. In Fact it was an odd quirk you loved about him, especially because it gives you ample opportunity to fluster him at any and all points of the day.
It might be a little meanspirited, but worth it. No harm no foul, especially when Jack’s blush and wagging tail shows he isn’t actually upset.
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