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[FIERI: Now, I've been to plenty of Italian joints serving up pasta and pizza, but a market in the middle of Arizona cranking out house-made prosciutto? Well, I got to tell you, it brings a tear to my eye.]
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 11 months ago
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oposummmm · 6 months ago
It was,,,, not a great time
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Have had this bad boy in the drafts since before Chapter 11 got posted LWJDKWJDJWSJ
Also I HC that Addisons kinda,,, pop into existence as like toddlers and grow up faster than humans do. Don’t think about how aging works in the cyber world please bc I’m very tired :)
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ageplay-may · 2 months ago
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⭐ Ageplay May 2022 ⭐
Rules || Twitter
Click for a clear image, or find all prompts listed below the cut!
Sugar Prompts & Spice Prompts
1. “Oops!” & “Oops!”
2. Kissing Away Tears & Dacryphilia
3. Afraid of the Dark & “Be brave for me, baby”
4. Asexuality & Enthusiastic Consent
5. Non-Verbal & Safeword
6. Blanket Fort & Dungeon
7. Bratting & Dominant Little
8. Mother’s Day & Breastfeeding
9. “You’ll Always Be My Baby” & Kidnapping
10. Bubble Bath & Temper Tantrum
11. “Yes, please!” & “Please don’t!”
12. Just You and Me & Our Little Secret
13. Non-Human & Monsterfuckers
14. Daddy Knows Best & Bad Dads & Wine Moms
15. Historical AU & Roleplay
16. Fighting Aging Down & Fighting Back
17. Teen & Lolita
18. Bring Your Kid to Work Day & Sneaky Sex
19. First Time & First Time
20. Babysitting & “Daddy kissed the babysitter!”
21. Chosen Family & Runaway
22. Forehead Kiss & Spankings
23. De-Aging & Diapers
24. Caretaker POV & Aftercare
25. Non-Monogamy & Playdate
26. First Day of School & Doctor Visit
27. Nap time & Locked in a Closet
28. Accidental Ageplay & Consensual Non-Consent
29. Nonbinary & “Princess”
30. Uncles and Aunts & Evil Twin
31. Happily Ever After & Happily Ever After
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bingqiufics · 2 months ago
Title: continued  👌
Author: AMereDream (  @a-mere-dream​ )
Relationship: Bingyuan
Timeline: Post-Canon / Pre-Canon - Reading & Watching
Status: Complete
Rating: Explicit
Length: Middle (6K)
> ... and also, you've started reusing old text again. Kudos to you for almost making it six chapters without using the copy/paste button!
The way you described Luo Binghe reacting to AU!Shen Qingqiu is almost exactly the same as the way you described the wife of the Pale Moon Arc, Chapter 3425 to be specific. Is it really that hard to come up with another turn of phrase, or are you just that lazy?
And furthermore... (Read More)
>> O.o what if its deliberate tho...
>> "...the same as the way you described the wife..." Uhhh Airplane? That was an accident, right? Airplane??
  (or, several weeks after Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky had posted what he swore was the last chapter of Proud Immortal Demon Way, a new chapter was uploaded to the site.)
> Hey off topic, but has anyone heard of that Cucumber guy lately? I haven't seen him for a while, and he would probably be all over this if he was still around, right?
>> Yeah, me neither. He's not replying to any DM's either
>>> I hope that guy is alright, wherever he is. He was an ass, but a funny one
>>>> maybe he's homophobic and stopped reading?
>>>>> ehh that guy? you couldn't tear him away from his crush on binghe if you paid him. nah, he probably just doesn't have a lot of free time. maybe he got a boyfriend or something lmao
>> Maybe he got kidnapped by Luo Binghe because he bears similarity to that kind Shizun of his!!! They went and got married uwu
>>> I think you've been reading too many transmigration novels lol
This fic is absolutely genius and a new fandom must-read. Read it for some amazing metareference and reading & watching trope 💖!
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kitsuneq · 5 months ago
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wiirocku · 9 months ago
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Ephesians 2:14 (NKJV) - For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation,
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neopronouns · 4 months ago
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original | icon-friendly
middlex: a middle (system member who is in their teens) that holds trauma with more adult themes, such as sexual or drug-related trauma
for anon! this term is based off of littlex, but for middles/systeens rather than littles. i combined the trauma holder and systeen flags and faded the systeen colors a bit to represent the adult nature of their trauma.
flag id: the left flag has a square diamond in the center with thin horizontal stripes extending from the left and right corners to the edges of the flag. the left half and stripe are blue-grey and the right half and stripe are dark faded indigo. the top left of the flag is dark pinkish-red and the bottom left of the flag is blue-black; these sections extend in the same direction as the sides of the diamond, thus taking up more than half of the flag. the top right of the flag is light grey-green and the bottom right is light grey-yellow.
the right flag has 6 stripes, with the third and fourth being half the size of the others. in order, they are blue-black, dark pinkish-red, blue-grey, dark faded indigo, light grey-yellow, and light grey-green. end id.
dni transcript here
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michaelbogild · 8 months ago
Let your anchored silence become the center of the universe, not your drifting personality.
Discover and cultivate it through the habit of meditation.
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 7 months ago
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imagine-loki · 4 months ago
inagine Loki waking up in the middle of sleeping because you were hugging him too tight while you were sleeping.
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theweekmagazine · 9 months ago
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Today's best political cartoons
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lil-princesshil · 29 days ago
what is being a middle like for you, personally?
Well, I don’t regress. But I am very “middle-like” when I’m comfortable with someone. I’m a bit dorky, childish, and I’ll try my hardest to bury under you if you let me lol
I don’t particularly like many “little” things - pacis, bottles, colouring etc. But I do like cute things a lot 🙃 pink, unicorns, bows, Pixar, blanket forts - stuff like that. I recently got a pair of roller skates and I love to play around on them outside. Ultimately, I really like middle aesthetics.
I have a huge need for praise. HUGE. I crave pleasing someone. I love being told I’m a good girl because I’ve done something good or I’ve made someone happy, or someone is proud of me. It gets me excited and just makes me feel good in general.
I don’t particularly need to be “cared” for the way a lot of other littles do. I don’t like having my routine planned for me, I don’t like to be told to drink my water or to eat healthy, i don’t like a bedtime, I sometimes enjoy my outfits picked out for me. but sometimes it’s cute when I’m told to go to bed and be a good girl when it’s late, or suggestions like “maybe it’s not the best idea to eat that” especially because I have celiac disease - but I like my autonomy.
But I do like the idea of someone looking out for me and my interests. Sometimes I’m scatterbrained, I lose things a lot, I sometimes just find myself confused over everyday life (I’m not stupid. And I have a good career, it’s just daily normal life things I struggle with sometimes). And so having someone that’s a bit more confident when it comes to daily life, looking out for me is really nice. I like the feeling of being protected, worried about, and cared for in general. I also like the concept of being “owned” or being someone’s.
When it comes to sex - I sometimes like ageplay, but again I have to be really comfortable with someone. But mainly it shows up in my obsession over the concept of a daddy. I love being told I’m a good girl, love when someone refers to themselves as “Daddy”, I love just saying the word “daddy”, I love when someone calls me princess or baby.
Stuff like that 🙃
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griffinsyscourse · a month ago
people stop treating littles/middles like they are actual children.
it is one thing if that is how that works for your system, but it is so incredibly dangerous and harmful to act as though it is "wrong" for a system to not treat their littles/middles as normal children
we are sixteen years old. i am a child because we are sixteen, not because my standard age range is 10-13. I am cognitively just as developed as every other alter in the system. i drink if i want to, i curse if i want to, i do what i fucking want to. i dont need to be infantalized due to this symptom of our trauma response disorder i have thank you very much, and i certainly dont need to be victimized nor need the other alters to be demonised for not "taking care of me".
i act like a child if and when i want to. i demand choclate milk always and refuse to get it myself even though we are in the same body. i play with our dog. i bully the other alters.
i also am fucking responsible. i front regularly and make sure we eat and hydrate. i force people to disengage from the internet. i make sure people dont overdo it with the alcohol, I even drink myself sometimes.
age and what that means is a very much system to system basis, but the body age is always the most important. and for some systems, some alters, the alter age is important, but not always.
i just hate how people cannot understand the difference between a literal child and a middle/little
- Damian (he/him)
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