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I could never really give you anything

I could never really be your anything


I don’t feel good

I’m drowning in jealousy

My heart hurts

and it makes me wanna cry

I don’t know how to act around you anymore, Trying so hard to act normal act like I’m fine but I just keep messing things up. I still have feelings for you, I can’t deny it and I don’t know how to stop it, and as long as these feelings exist I’m always gonna be weird around you cuz it hurts, it hurts a lot to just sit here and see you treat me like a mere friend, I can’t control my jealousy or act like I’m okay. I don’t know what else to do than just leave, you don’t need me, you’re happier and I want you to keep being happy.

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Once upon a midnight blue 
sat a frog whose name was Hue

No such name, you say, you say, 
not at night and not in day

Comes the frog whose name is Hue 
and says this to me and you:

Hue’s a fine name for a frog 
not a monkey, not a dog

Thought I’d tell you so you know 
'cause I really gotta go!

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Someday, I would raise my child to be inquisitive and curious enough not to judge people based on what is not conventional. I will raise them to be curious enough to seek answers why people are different and look for the beauty on each quirk, each flaw and each variety. The hatred towards what we don’t understand must stop with us — unlearn the hate and relearn love.

- On Raising Children and Societies // via @glorioushaze

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I present to you- Pro Hero x Pillar swap!

(This made me laugh way more than it should have :D)

I based this (loosely) on the general characteristics they have in common. i.e loud and flashy, quite and composed etc. 

(please forgive the proportions, it started off as a small doodle, but it was too funny to stop)

Which pillar/pro hero shall I swap next?!


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You know what’s weird?


How so many friendships and relationships fall apart because of this lockdown. But somehow we found each other and here we are calling at 4 am.

You know what’s weirder?


I would not want to do this with anyone else

Me neither

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