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#midorima x takao
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Special thanks again to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby <3 


Originally posted by yuuriiviktor

Day 3: MidoTaka - Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that?

Summary: Shin-chan is being very difficult these past few days and Takao is getting frustrated.

Title: Valentines’ Language

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3


Kazunari calls on the tall boy walking way ahead in front of him as he tries his best to catch up with his steps in comparison to Shin-chan’s long strides. Most of the time, it is a curse for being shorter than Shin-chan especially when he looks down on him. It is alright if it’s a normal stare. However, most of the time, Shin-chan will just stare down at him as if saying if looks can kill, he’d be six feet underground by now. He shudders at the thought. No, he doesn’t want to die yet. There’s no way in hell he’ll die before he can do all his wildest fantasies to Shin-chan.

He’d been wracking his brain real hard on how to get Shin-chan’s sweet yet dangerous yes for a date without him really knowing that it is actually a date. But as you can see, the boy is just ignoring him. This has been going on for a few days now. He dashes towards him and settles on walking beside the tall boy and says, “Shin-chan, are you getting deaf now? I’ve been calling you for a while now. Maybe Oha Asa will think of giving Cancers a hearing aid as a lucky item.”

He heard his companion just sighs heavily before speaking, “What do you need, Takao?”

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Akashi, Hanamiya, Midorima looking after their s/o’s younger sibling:


  • Is an absolute sweetheart and agrees instantly
  • He knows you’ve been really busy lately and he’s glad to help
  • Really good with your sibling
  • They seem to really like him
  • He’s pretty chill and always comes up with activities for them to do to keep them busy
  • But can be stern when they cross the line and disrespect him
  • They know he plays basketball and ask him to teach them and he’s never agreed faster
  • Even after that day, he visits them and takes them out to play basketball with him
  • It becomes their sunday ritual


  • Really didn’t wanna do it
  • But knew this was important to you and he couldn’t risk you so he agreed
  • First time he saw your younger sibling he was so .. perplexed
  • What do i do with this thing???
  • Realises they look like you and gets a tiny .. tiny bit soft for them
  • Calls hara over to help him entertain the kid
  • “Awwwn we’re like mommy and dadd-“ “ finish that sentence kazuya, i DARE you”
  • Enjoys teasing the kid
  • “ so what do you do for fun anyways ?” “ i read “ well that picked his interest
  • “ big bro wants me to show him my books?” “ hell yeah big bro wants to see them books”


  • The moment you asked him takao accepted for the both of them
  • And Midorima just couldn’t say no to you
  • Takao gets along too well with the kid and midorima scrowls at that
  • “ you have the brain of a 10 year old so who’s surprised.” “ aw shin-chan are you jealous?” “ screw you takao”
  • Takao shows your sibling vids of their games and they’re instantly turning to midorima with excitement
  • “ what-“ “ big bro you’re so cool!!!”
  • Midorima practically choked on air
  • “ is that a blush i see-“ “ can those pale ass eyes of yours even see colors?”
  • Unexpectedly, your sibling gets so attached to midorima and he?? Doesn’t mind it?????
  • “ next time i’ll teach you to shoot okay?”
  • You were so absolutely soft watching them interact
  • “ shin-chan you’d make a great father” he just smiled softly avoiding your gaze before pulling you to his chest and kissing the top of your head
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Kuroko no Chapbook Series: A small collection of unrelated KnB fics written as part of an undergrad thesis class. Each was eventually printed and produced into original fiction as chapbooks.

Summary: Lucky pencils can be purchased from the Yushima Tenman-gū Shrine, a famous Shinto shrine in Tokyo devoted to the God of Learning. It is often frequented by prospective students hoping to pass rigorous university entrance exams. Midorima follows his zodiac religiously. Takao does not. The following conversation is what happens when two best friends have to fulfill lucky item needs.

Can be read as slash or gen.

Read on Ao3

A/N: Thank you to Patrisha for the last minute editing! ♥♥♥♥♥


“I can’t believe we have to go to all the way to Bunkyo for your lucky item.”

“I have to do –”

“‘– everything in your power so your shots never miss,’ yeah yeah, I know that.”

“I don’t understand the point of your whining. You do this every time yet you accompany me anyway.”

“Because you’re my responsibility.”

“I am a grown adult, not a child that needs supervision.”

“And yet every time you step in a kitchen –”

Oi! This is not the time to be critiquing my cooking abilities –”

“You mean lack of.”

“Shut up.”

“Nah. Making fun of the one thing you’re super bad at it is my favourite hobby.”

Bothering me is your favourite hobby.”

“That too.”


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“Goodnight Shin-chan~” He whispered and scooted a bit closer to peck Midorima’s cheek before settling in.

He took off his glasses and placed them on the nightstand near Takao’s head. “Good night, Kazu..” He closed his eyes, savouring the moment as the entire day sunk in. He had a boyfriend. Takao Kazunari at that. And they were lying together after a wonderful day. He smiled.

(P.S. This is not entirely mine. I owe Kazu’s lines to Kiyomichiko.)

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