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Eri: Lets play hide and seek!

Midoriya: Ok! Todoroki, you count first!

Todoroki: *counts to 30 while midoriya and eri hide*

Todoroki: You would not believe your eyes…

Midoriya: *from the closet* IF TEN MILLION FIREFLIES

Midoriya: Dangit, how do I always fall for that?

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| 𝕊/𝕠 𝕗𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕤𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕡 𝕠𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞

| Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari

| Summary: How the guys would react to Y/n falling asleep on them/beside them

| TW: Mild swearing

| Note: First fic for BNHA. Aaaa just got into the fandom and I am currently obsessed


| Katsuki Bakugo

❥ He’s possessive so whenever it’s just the two of you, he’d always have you close

❥ Either having you sit beside him or having you sit on his lap, as long as you’re near him

❥ The two of you were watching a movie together

❥ You’re on his lap, practically leaning your weight on him while watching

❥ Katsuki kept grumbling about how heavy you were but secretly loving the closeness (he’d never admit that ofc)

❥ While watching a movie he’d be forced to listen to all of your little comments so when you suddenly went quiet he was quite surprised

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*Midoriya walks in to see Todoroki laying on the floor, doing nothing*

Midoriya: Babe, what are you doing?

Todoroki: I don’t know. What are you doing?

Midoriya: I don’t know.

*a few minutes later, uraraka comes in to see midoriya and todoroki laying on the floor together*

Uraraka: What are you guys doing?

Midoriya and Todoroki: We don’t know.

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Bit of a controversial opinion here and something a bit more serious.

I understand that while some people like Bakugou and his character development, I will personally never have anything in my heart for him but hatred. He bullied and suicide baited Midoriya for years and as someone who went through and is still going through those kinds of horrible feelings, I don’t think I can forgive Bakugou for what he’s done. Yes, what he did and said was done during middle school. Yes, since the start of the series he’s gotten “better”, but neither of those things can ever erase his past actions. If you think about it, it certainly wasn’t all that long ago to Midoriya that Bakugou told him to jump off the roof of the school - it’s barely been a year. And combined with the trauma and negativity Midoriya must have had to face from almost everyone else, I’m surprised Midoriya didn’t actually crack. Bakugou was supposed to be someone Midoriya could rely on and trust and Bakugou failed.

I will respect the opinions of others on this matter, but given my own personal experiences I genuinely cannot see the appeal of Bakugou. I would really like to see him face serious consequences.

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Young adult shenanigan selfies! Uraraka is using her quirk to zero gravity her phone up to take the picture

Outfits appropriated from joshuachanarts (Instagram) and @onughost (tumblr) cuz their designs are boss

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This is Mine | Borrower!Izuku Midoriya


Originally posted by bloody-puppet67

─pairing: Borrower!Izuku Midoriya x Gender Neutral!Reader

─rating: Implicit

─genre: Fluff, a little bit of angst at the end.

─word count: 588

─warning(s): Izuku gets sad, please forgive me, I did this to myself dhhdhd

─summary: Izuku thinks back to his borrowing days

| A/N: I just want tiny Izuku to run around my house and ask me if he can share a cookie with me, please |

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please she’d be so relaxed and calm you’re like is this my normal breakdancing gf?? where did she go??

“y/nnnn,” she’d start, her eyes glazed over as she looked up towards the ceiling. “i got… a question.”

“huh?” you looked towards her and this girl looked GONE. she had drool coming out the side of her mouth and her body was so still you wondered if she was breathing.

“stars. there’s soooo many. why are there so many stars…” she glared at the ceiling. “i’m gonna eat the stars.”

“are you now?” you giggled at her, and the pink skinned girl turned towards you at the sound. she just smiled lazily and tugged your wrist, pulling you over and in her lap. her hands ran up your shirt just to feel your warm, brown skin, randomly licking your shoulder.

“i bet stars taste good, but… you taste better.”

“okay, mina.”

now when you two get high with the rest of bakusquad it’s a whole other thing. she makes the idea that all of you decided to go ding dong ditch aizawa minus bakugo, he was the lookout. and since all of you are literally higher than a kite, ofc you don’t say no. you even get midoriya to join in.

“who’s knocking?” midoriya would ask, his voice much more rough and less squeaky than usual.

“i will!” mina giggled, her arm locked around your waist. “i run the fastest. everyone else just stay in the hallways.”

so you do just that. your girlfriend walks up to the door and knocks hard as hell, then turns to run away. but…

the bitch trips.

she trips over the alien slippers you had gotten her for christmas.

you and midoriya go to help her while kirishima, kaminari, and sero start giggling their asses off. aizawa opens the door and judging by his messy hair in a bun, you can tell he was sleeping. and that he’s pissed.

but hey,,, at least you got detention with her 😭✋🏽

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a/n: this is from a while ago bc i had v little ideas for this so sorry if this is short.

Mirio Togata

  • He’s a blunt, comedic person who isn’t afraid to make fun of himself and can be quite flirtatious. Not only that, he likes to present himself in a manor that makes him easy to approach.
  • Because of this, he’s going to be very forward to see your reaction around him. He won’t hesitate to say things that’ll make you turn your head for a moment just to see if you get flustered, because he will certainly enjoy seeing those kinds of reactions.
  • Can be very smooth with his words and once he figures out what causes you to be flustered around him, he’ll purposely start implementing it into conversations between the two of you.
  • He won’t get particularly physical or anything like that though, but during training he’s likely to be more forward and taunting.
  • He doesn’t worry about showing off as much either because he tends to accidentally do that already, meaning he already has a lot of natural confidence in his body.
  • He’ll try to also put more effort in the two of you hanging out outside of school, inviting you to places and seeing as he’s an extroverted person who’s easygoing too, it’ll be easy for him to get along with you.
  • He’s also great at conversation, making it easy for him to learn more about you and make you feel comfortable.
  • You may end up noticing him more and more in your life, which is on purpose.
  • It’ll be hard to avoid him when he has a crush on you, that is, if you even want to.

Midoriya Izuku

  • He has no idea what to do when he’s around his crush at first. He won’t even recognize that he has a crush, honestly. He can be so focused on his own objective and be in his own mind that he won’t even realize that that’s why he gets so happy around you.
  • He’ll just recognize it as him being comfortable with you and finding your personality just somehow alluring to him, and then write it off as that.
  • As perceptive as he is, he’s very dumb when it comes to his own feelings in that category.
  • You’ll notice him wanting to hang out with you more and he’ll end up analyzing you and your abilities more, taking them into consideration for his training to make him into a more powerful person.
  • His crushes tend to show themselves in deep admiration out of habit, and so he’ll likely ramble on about how you’re very cool and powerful in your own way (even without a quirk if you don’t have one).
  • He’ll only start to realize he has a crush on you when it’s pointed out to him that he always seeks spending time with you, and in conversations his first instinct is to look at you.
  • Afterwards he’ll become hyper-aware of how his face burns near you and how he seeks your attention quite a lot, as well as your approval of the things he does.
  • Suddenly your normal conversations turn to mush as he tries to wade his way through them in awkward attempts, and it’ll be very obvious something has changed.
  • If you ask him about it before he’s ready to confess, he’ll ramble off a number of excuses that don’t necessarily make sense. 
  • Good luck.

Kaminari Denki

  • Kaminari makes a fool out of himself even more than usual on purpose. He’s unsure of how to get close to people without being the butt of a joke after all, and likes to ask people things about himself.
  • He can be a bit too forward with his questions and sometimes lacks the social restraint to see how they’re not always the best, and if you explain that to him he’ll apologize for it.
  • He likes to find out everything he can about you and can develop crushes very easily once given the smallest bit of genuine attention or when someone asks a genuine question about him.
  • Because of this, he can be a bit easily excitable around you and perhaps even a little hyper, he’ll become a bit attached easily too and you’ll find him popping up in your life when you don’t expect it.
  • Once this happens, he’ll quickly try to become your best friend or as close to it as he can be, because he’s not exactly the type to act on his feelings without some pre-reassurance beforehand.
  • His goal is to establish a comfortable relationship before it as to avoid the awkward tension if you reject him but not be completely out of your life.
  • It actually takes him a bit to work up to asking you out, and once he does, he drops it so casually in conversation that you won’t recognize that he’s nervous right away.
  • However he can be a bit fidgety around you and his need for your approval can be extremely obvious beforehand, so his crush might be extremely obvious if you’re not an oblivious person.
  • Even if you reject him, he’s still going to want to be friends with you and will try to get over it as quickly as possible, as he tends to bounce back easily.
  • Though if you do accept his feelings, he’ll be very ecstatic and perhaps even a bit hyper.
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