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incorrectheroquotes · a day ago
Shinsou: My body is…betraying me…
Midoriya: No, you're exhausted. That happens to regular people when they keep throwing themselves into danger and refuse to sleep
Shinsou: I hate it
Midoriya: Come on, you just need to rest. Now, close your eyes and-
Kaminari: IS HE DEAD?!
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thingsoverheardatua · 2 days ago
All Might: I believe you’re capable of much more!
Midoriya: I’m not.
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mhamangaandart · 19 hours ago
Chapter 336 Spoilers!!
Tumblr media
I was wrong!! It’s not Hagakure it’s Aoyama!! omg I was right about the parent thing though. If Aoyama doesn’t work for AFO his parents will die… It also turns out that Aoyama was quirkless and his parents wanted him to be happy that’s why he got a quirk from AFO. Aoyama never wanted to be a villain but he was forced… The scene of Hagakure is her watching Aoyama…
Tumblr media
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mha-quotes-and-such · 13 hours ago
Toga: You cant leave me! I gave you my heart!
Midoriya: You gave me a human heart!
Midoriya: Where did you even GET that?!
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intheticklecloset · 14 hours ago
Battle of the Lees (My Hero Academia)
Primary Universe
Summary: Deku and Kirishima are both in terrible lee moods, but neither of them want to just outright ask for tickles. Instead, they make it a competition to see which of them can provoke their respective tickle torturer to attack them first.
A/N: This idea has been in my head forever! I'm thrilled to finally have it written and now shared with you guys! Enjoy! ^^
Word Count: 2,696
“Ugh!” Kirishima groaned loudly, tossing his manga to the side, ruffling his own hair. “I want to get tickled so bad!”
Deku startled, blinking at him in surprise. “You too?”
Kiri locked eyes with him. “You want to get tickled, too?”
“Y-Yeah, kind of…” the greenette replied with a blush. He shifted in his seat. “But, uh…I don’t really think a tickle fight would cut it for me…if I’m honest.”
“Same here, man. I’m dying to just get completely destroyed with tickles.” Kiri let out a sigh and looked at him curiously. “Bakugou usually wrecks you pretty good, right? Why not ask him?”
“B-Because…he just…he came after me not too long ago. I don’t want to ask him again so soon.”
“Then provoke him, maybe? We all know he has a short fuse.”
“Provoking him is kind of how I got destroyed last time,” Deku admitted, burying his face behind his own manga. “Technically it’s my turn, but…I am pretty desperate.”
Kirishima hummed, leaning back in his seat. “Usually Todoroki is the one who wrecks me. It’s a great arrangement, since he loves tickling people and I love being tickled. I know I could just ask him, but…eh, I’m not sure that would be very manly.”
“I think it would be more manly for you to admit you want it.”
“Says the man who won’t ask for it, either.”
Deku shrunk down in his seat. The redhead had him there.
“Hey, I have an idea!” Kiri said suddenly, sitting up in his seat. Deku peeked over the top of his book. “Let’s make it a competition! Each of us will try to get our respective tickler to tickle us to death without actually asking for it up front. Whoever does it first wins!”
“What’s the prize?”
“Uh…getting the tickle torture we want? Obviously.” Kiri grinned. “And, I don’t know, the loser buys the winner ice cream or something.”
Deku blushed, but the idea sounded fun, and he did honestly want Bakugou to wreck him again. So he nodded. “Okay. But how will we know who gets tickled first? Compare times later?”
Kiri scoffed playfully, picking up his book again. “I’m pretty sure our ticklish screams of laughter will be enough to give us away, don’t you?”
“Y-Yeah…you’ve got a point.”
Approaching Bakugou so soon after having been tied to his own bed and tickled until he was almost out of breath was possibly one of the most embarrassing things Deku had ever done, but as he’d told Kirishima, he was getting desperate. That, and he was determined to win this competition now that it was one. It should be easy enough to provoke the blonde; he did have a short temper. Right?
After school one afternoon, Deku hurried up to him and asked if he wanted help studying for science.
“Why would I ask you for help?” Bakugou snapped, adjusting his backpack and beginning to storm away. “We both know what happened last time I came crawling to you for something.”
Perfect! They were already on the subject. “Come on, I’m just trying to help, Kacchan. Why don’t we go to my room when we get back?”
“Forget it!”
“If you don’t pass this next exam, you’ll have to stay in the classroom while the rest of us go out and train. You know that, right?”
Bakugou growled, and Deku smirked.
Got him.
Half an hour later the two were in Deku’s dorm room, unpacking their bags and getting settled into their studying positions. The greenette strategically placed himself on his bed, preparing himself for what he was about to do.
“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Bakugou grumbled, settling at the foot of his bed with his notebook and textbook. “Like I didn’t learn my lesson last time.”
He was making this so easy! Deku beamed. “Don’t worry, Kacchan. As long as you don’t get stuck down there you won’t have to worry about me pouncing on you.”
“Shut up, nerd!”
“Although I suppose technically it is my turn, isn’t it?”
“Do not get any ideas, stupid Deku!”
Deku was buzzing. He could practically feel those fingers on him already. “How about you don’t get any ideas. If you try to leave now I’m pretty sure I could get to the door faster than you, and then where would you be, Kacchan?”
Bakugou was silent for a long moment. Then he shifted, making Deku tense in anticipation. Soon his angry red eyes were glaring daggers at him from above as he stood by the bed, fists clenched. “You try to stop me, and I’ll make sure to keep my promise this time.”
Deku dared a smirk. “Try to run, and I’ll make you eat those words.”
Neither of them moved. Neither of them breathed, almost. It was dead silent in the room.
Then Bakugou let out a sigh and plopped back down onto the floor. “Whatever. Let’s just study.”
Well, that hadn’t gone the way he thought it would. Deku frowned, pulling out his own notebook even as his mind was whirring to figure out a new game plan.
Several minutes passed in silence before the greenette timidly spoke again. “So…how are you doing with the assignment, Kacchan?”
“Shut up. I don’t need your stupid help.”
That – Deku knew – meant it wasn’t going well. He shifted on the bed so he was laying down in a position over Bakugou’s shoulder. “Which one are you stuck on?”
The blonde wrenched the book away from him. “Back off!”
“Let me help—”
“Why are you so dang clingy today?!” Bakugou snapped, whirling around to glare at him again. “What’s your problem? You want to get wrecked again?”
Deku’s eyes widened. Yes! he wanted to scream, but thanks to the rules of the competition, he couldn’t admit it out loud. Nor could he ask for it. “N-No…?” he finally stammered quietly, weakly.
Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him. He waited a long moment. Then he turned his back once more. “All right, so you’re just being annoying as usual. Great.”
He’d come so close twice in the last fifteen minutes. Deku crumbled a little. “I’m competing with Kirishima,” he blurted before he could stop himself. At the blonde’s mildly interested look, he hesitated. “But…I’m not allowed to say what for. I just…have to make you do something before he does.”
Bakugou scoffed. “Sounds stupid. What am I supposed to do?”
“I…can’t tell you that, either.” Deku cringed. “But it’s nothing bad, I promise!”
“Forget it, stupid Deku. Neither you nor Kirishima can make me do anything.”
Deku saw his chance and went for it. Third time’s the charm, right? “Really? Because Kirishima told me he already made you do it and you had no idea.”
Bakugou whirled around a second time, his eyes alight with a new kind of fire. Bingo. “What? That moron hasn’t made me do anything! And why are you still competing if he did? Which he didn’t!”
“I told him I could get you to do it a second time without realizing.” Deku smirked. “And you know what? I think I’m right.”
“What did he do?!” the blonde shot to his feet, making Deku scramble back instinctively, purposely leaving himself open to attack. “Tell me! I refuse to be part of this stupid game you’re playing!”
“I…I can’t tell you that,” Deku replied, trying to sound as close to breaking as possible. So close…so close! “It’s nothing bad—”
“Shut up!” Bakugou pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of Deku’s shoulders, glaring. “If you don’t tell me what you two are doing right now, I swear to All Might I will tickle you to death!”
Deku squirmed just enough to be convincing. “I can’t tell you!”
Bakugou was straddling him and tickling his hips in an instant. “Then die!”
“You’ll tell me,” Bakugou said confidently, menacingly. He pressed his thumbs into his rival’s sweet spots, relishing the scream of laughter he pulled from him. “You’ll tell me everything, stupid Deku.”
“Yo, Todoroki!” Kiri called cheerfully as he entered the kitchen after school one afternoon. “What’s up?”
Todoroki glanced at him and offered a small nod. “Hi. I’m just finishing a manga I’ve been reading for a while. Are you going to study?”
“I will, but first I want to chill for a while.” Kiri grabbed a soda from the fridge, strolled into the living room where Todoroki sat on one of the couches, and plopped himself onto the opposite one. “Want to play video games?”
“In a minute.” Todoroki turned his eyes back to his book. “I’m almost done.”
“Okay.” Kiri took a long drink of his soda and then lay down, stretching his arms above his head, feeling his spine pop. He made sure to ride up his hoodie slightly and expose a bit of his stomach and – sure enough – Todoroki’s eyes flicked to him for a brief moment before returning to his story.
Kirishima was eager, but still patient. He knew how frustrating it was to constantly be interrupted when reading – especially when so close to the end of a book. So he waited until his friend had completed the volume and set it on the coffee table before putting the rest of his plan into action.
“All right, I can play now,” Todoroki said, the last two words coming out more quietly as he watched Kirishima pull his hoodie over his head, further exposing his stomach and lower ribs, making that now-familiar feeling rise up in him. “Kirishima?”
“I know it’s getting cold outside, but do they have to keep the dorms so hot?” Kiri muttered conversationally, acting totally normal. He tossed his hoodie aside, straightened his t-shirt, and settled into his seat on the couch, arms thrown over the back, keeping himself open. “So, what do you want to play? Mario Kart? Halo?”
“Um…” Todoroki trailed off, blinking, tearing his eyes away from his redheaded friend. “Whatever you want to do. You know I could have cooled the temperature for you if you were too hot?”
“No worries, man. It gave me a chance to show off my abs for a second,” Kiri chuckled, reaching for the game console beneath the TV and turning it on, letting his shirt ride up this time. “Why don’t we try Halo? It’s been a while since I played. I could use the practice.”
“All right.” Todoroki sounded strained, and when Kiri looked back at his friend he could see the poor boy was trying hard to sit still and act normal. He grinned. This was going to be too easy.
Still, he kept playing his part and asked, “Hey, you all right? You look kind of…fidgety.”
Todoroki flinched. “I’m fine. Hand me a controller?”
Kiri complied. “You know, I’ve been thinking about wearing crop tops lately. Do you think I could pull it off?”
“C-Crop tops?” Todoroki stammered. “In winter?”
“Well not now, but like…in the spring, when it warms up again.” Kiri beamed at the pink blush coating his friend’s cheeks. “I’d really get to show off my abs then. Do you think I could pull them off?”
“I don’t know anything about fashion. You helped me find clothes when we went to the mall last spring, remember?”
“You’re avoiding my question.”
Todoroki blinked, finally looking him in the eye before letting his gaze drop back to Kiri’s stomach. “Hey…um. I know this is kind of…random…but do you…? I mean, can I…? Ah…” The half-and-half hero shifted nervously in his seat. “Would it be all right if I tickled you a little bit?”
Kirishima grinned. Bingo.
“Sure, man,” he said casually, flopping back onto the couch with his arms above his head. “I guess my abs really had an effect, didn’t they?”
Todoroki smirked at him, all hesitation gone now that he’d been given permission. He climbed onto Kiri with ease and slipped his fingers under his shirt to scribble at his bare skin, drawing eager giggles from his friend. “Perhaps so. But more importantly, I think you wanted them to.”
Kirishima didn’t even have time to process what he’d heard before Todoroki dug in harder, making him shriek and explode into loud laughter.
Not that he was complaining.
“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP, PLEASE!!” Deku screamed, laughing so hard he was crying, his arms long since tied behind him with his own necktie. It seemed Bakugou hadn’t been kidding about doing that every time from now on. He bucked and thrashed on the bed as his childhood friend drilled mercilessly into his hips, drawing hysterical laughter from his lips at record speed. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE I’LL TEHEHEHEHEHEHELL YOU!! I’LL TELL YOU, KACCHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN!!”
“Dang right, you will,” Bakugou growled with a smirk, never letting up. “Out with it, Deku.”
“First you talk. Then I’ll stop.”
Bakugou stopped as promised, staring at his breathless victim incredulously. “You wanted me to tickle you, so you and Kiri made a bet over it? How stupid are you? All you had to do was ask, nerd. We’ve been over this!”
“B-But that was…p-part of the deal…” Deku explained, still giggling slightly. “I c-couldn’t tell you…or ask you. I had to provoke you into doing it yourself…”
The blonde was silent for a long moment. Then he glared and loomed over the greenette once more. “So you tricked me into thinking Kirishima had made me do something so that you could get me to do something instead? What part of your idiot brain thought that would end well for you?”
Deku’s eyes widened. He was suddenly very aware – again – of his arms bound behind his back. “W-Wait, please, it’s not like that! Wait! Lehehehehehet me explahahahahahahain! KACCHAN!!”
Bakugou smirked. “Looks like you’ve just earned yourself another round of punishment tickles, Deku.”
“OKAYOKAYOKAHAHAHAHAHAY I ADMIHIHIHIHIHIT IT!! I WAHAHAHAHANTED YOU TO TIHIHIHIHIHICKLE ME!! PLEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!!” Kirishima begged, his ribs and stomach sore from all the tickling and laughing he’d endured over the last…half hour? Hour? He didn’t even know anymore. “PLEASE I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAN’T TAKE ANYMOHOHOHOHORE!! TODOROKI, PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!”
Finally Todoroki slowed to a complete stop, beaming, clearly having just as much fun as his helpless friend beneath him. “I knew it. You were so obvious with showing off your stomach like that. Especially when you know that it’ll make me want to tickle you.”
“Th-Thahahank you…” Kirishima gasped, giggling and smiling up at him. “That was awesome.”
“Why didn’t you just ask? You know you can always ask when you want me to tickle you.”
“I know, but…” Kiri groaned as he sat up, straightening his shirt as Todoroki settled beside him. “Midoriya and I were kind of competing to see who could get their tickler to attack them first. One of the rules was we couldn’t say what we were doing or ask for it outright. We had to provoke you.”
“Your…ticklers?” Todoroki blushed a little. “Is that what I am? Your tickler?”
“Well, one of them,” Kiri conceded with a chuckle. “But when I want to be destroyed, you’re my first choice.”
“Then…who is Midoriya’s…? Oh.” Todoroki grinned. “Bakugou?”
“Well, who do you think won?”
“Dunno.” Kirishima leaned against the couch with a contented sigh, still smiling wide. “We’ll have to compare notes later and find out.”
Kirishima stared at Deku.
Deku blinked at Kirishima.
“You got tickled after school yesterday?” Kiri asked incredulously. “Right after we got back to the dorms?”
“Yeah…” Deku replied, confused. “Have you been tickled yet?”
“I got tickled after school yesterday. Right after we got back to the dorms.”
Deku’s eyes widened. “We were being tickled at the same time?”
Kiri slapped his forehead. “No wonder I never heard you laughing! I was too busy laughing!”
“So…what do we do now?” Deku asked. “Since it’s apparently a tie?”
Kirishima thought for a moment. He smirked. “I mean…we could try again?”
Deku grinned right back.
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funkybongos · a day ago
sadposting i am so heartbroken my boys.
Tumblr media
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j1rouz · 12 hours ago
woohoo i’m gonna post my thoughts and idk how long this is gonna be but i’ll post it under the cut so that i don’t spoil it for anyone who doesn’t wanna see.
this is regarding the scans that were leaked!!!!! also this got kinda long hahaaksdjfhaslkdf
for starters, i feel like aoyama being the traitor is much sadder than hagakure being the traitor could’ve been. from the leaks that i’ve seen they’re just of him crying. like literally sobbing his eyes out. i haven’t seen the whole chapter yet, but he seems to hate the fact that he did all the location leaking and he even called himself a disgusting villian. at this point, i’m choosing to think that he learned that he didn’t want any part of the mess that he was in much after it all happened. he wanted a quirk as a child because he didn’t have one. deku did too. aoyama was a child and he was sad and lonely because he wasn’t like everyone else and i’m sure he got picked on too. his parents saw that and were willing to give him what he wanted thanks to AFO, no matter what the cost was. aoyama has been living with guilt, i’m sure, since the beginning of all of this. 
also, the fact that aoyama went out of the way to tell midoriya that he was just like him didn’t seem very weird to me at first bc it was very obvious that deku could not control his quirk and kept hurting himself. everyone knew that, and everyone also knew that aoyama always hurt his stomach when he overused his quirk. what he obviously wasn’t saying was “we’re the same. i was quirkless too and i was given this quirk.” but they were given quirks by both the main depiction of evil and the main depiction of good respectively. i’m sure AFO is more or less holding aoyama’s family hostage, holding the fact that he could either kill them or take their quirks as black mail. by the time aoyama had enrolled and made it into UA, he was already in way too deep. 
now to talk about some of the things that pointed to him being the leak: the first is USJ. kurogiri took the 20 members of the class and split them into groups so they could be spread out. eventually we even see a map of where everyone was, all of them were sent somewhere along with someone else, except for ojiro. he talks later about being by himself and i think it’s because supposedly he could’ve been with aoyama, but he disappeared. as the viewers, we never even get to see where he went when we eventually heard accounts of where everyone was during the time. even after the fact, once they all got out and were safe and all 20 of them were being accounted for, aoyama was going around to the people in the class saying “do you know where i was? guess! guess!” and when someone finally does, he tells them it’s a secret. perhaps kurogiri sent him to a place where he wouldn’t be harmed. still, i personally didn’t think it was that out of character for him to not tell people something like that. he is depicted as vain, and always wanting attention, so it makes sense. horikoshi’s foreshadowing skills are insane for this one. 
i think another one worth pointing out was when we were shown the sleeping arrangements at the summer training camp. when we saw the boys, there was a bed that was empty. i think it’s probably safe to say now that it was aoyama. i wonder what he was doing. and i still want to know how he was able to discretely contact the league to let them know where the summer camp location was, because i’m pretty sure no one was made aware of where they were going. it was just a “summer camp in the mountains.”
also at the summer training camp, we actually see multiple instances where aoyama interacts with the league. these actions were what made me think aoyama couldn’t possibly be the traitor when i first heard the rumor awhile ago. first of all, he acted terrified when he was spotted by dabi. considering what i’ve taken away from all of this, it makes sense that even if he was in cahoots with the league, there is still plenty to be scared of. AFO is ready to kill him and his family if they disobey, after all. dabi tried to approach him after noticing him, and considering the time and what we knew about both dabi and aoyama, he was approaching him with ill intent. but who knows, maybe he was going over there to say something to him rather than harm him. we’ll never know because twice distracted him. second, we see when aoyama uses his laser to destroy mr. compress’ mask to get the orbs back. he was trying to save tokoyami and bakugou, and that doesn’t seem like something that someone supposed to be on the side of the league would do. maybe when he leaked the location to them he wasn’t aware of what they were going to do. maybe that’ll be something we find out when the chapter is officially released. 
but regardless, i ache for him. AFO is exploiting childhood trauma to get children to work for him (aoyama’s quirklessness, tenko’s meltdown after he killed his family). i don’t believe any of this is aoyama’s fault and i believe that he hates that he has anything to do with it, and i think if he is completely honest with midoriya about that, he will try to save him from AFO. just like how he has a drive to save shigaraki even after everything that he has done to harm him and his school. deku is just like that. but like i said, we’ll see.
if u read all the way down here, please leave ur thoughts and theories!!! i love hearing them. most of this stuff is from me and my roommate talking about it lol
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slytherdor-artfics · 14 hours ago
MHIYH Chapter 4: Everyday Momentum
I'm truly sorry for how long this chapter took. I really hope you all like this chapter!
Chapter 3 | Chapter 5
Chapter Summary:
It is time for everyone to be collared, which has proven to be a much longer, and a much more emotional process than you believed. You learn what some of the hybrids have gone through, and what they think about you.
“.... Master?”
A quiet voice broke me out of my stupor. I sat in my dark room, staring at my laptop of more hybrid research I had done. Since that day, everyone has grown much more attached to me, but none more than the heterochromic cat hybrid.
I smile softly, looking up at the shy hybrid who stood at the doorway to my room.
“You can come in, Todoroki. And please, don’t call me Master. Just Y/N is fine.” He nods quietly and makes his way into my room, the oversized light blue sweatshirt making him appear smaller with his shy mannerisms.
“Is there something you wanted to ask me?” I asked, after a few moments of silence.
“Uhm… I was wondering if we could watch something in the living room together? And... maybe I could have some pets?” My heart softened at his question- after Todoroki had softened up to me, it was obvious that he was touch-starved.
“Of course, we can.” Todoroki’s ears perked up happily, his tail swaying softly as I heard a soft purr rumble in his chest.
“Never be scared to ask me to do anything, I would do anything I can for you all, okay?” I say as I approach the room, not hearing his response as his purring got louder. Taking that as a yes, I sat down at the corner of the couch and got into a comfortable position before patting the space to the left of me.
He practically pounced on the spot, curling up to my side and placing his head on my shoulder, nosing the junction between my neck and my shoulder.
“Thank you.” I only hum, putting on his favorite shows- Haikyuu.
“When do you think I should collar everyone?” I ask the purring male in my arms, who only shuffles a bit before pausing, “We’ve been waiting for you to do it… “
“Oh, you have? I read that I should wait till you guys come up to me and ask me. I didn’t want you all to feel as if I was forcing-”
“We trust you- we know you won’t do that to us. You should not believe everything you read online though. Though it is true that most hybrids will wait till they are comfortable enough, you should have just asked us first. It's a bit naive, honestly.” He bluntly cut me off, making me sweatdrop.
“True. But I know you guys have been through a lot and I didn’t want to try and seem as if I was betraying your trust or anything.”
“Can we do it now then?!” Kiri’s excited voice scared the poor cat hybrid, who jumped and hissed at him, wrapping his arms around my waist, and pulling me to his chest.
“Oh! Sorry about that Todoroki! Didn’t mean to scare you there!” Kiri heartily laughed, jumping onto the couch with his collar in hand.
Todoroki only sighed, planting his neck back into my neck with his ears pulled back in an upset manner. I laugh, running my hands through his hair, “Don’t worry Todoroki, I’ll give you more pets later. How about you go grab everyone and tell them to grab their collars, okay?” He looked up at me with bright eyes, red filling his cheeks as he nodded and moving away with perked up ears.
Kiri only laughed, before moving closer to me, “Do you know how to collar hybrids?”
“I did a bit of research, but I’m still not entirely sure.” I rubbed the back of my head, looking away as Kiri grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it, grabbing my attention.
I looked over at him, and he placed his collar in my hands.
“What you are going to do is rub your wrist on the inside of the collar, you may not sense it but other hybrids will know that it is the owner’s scent. Before you put the collar around our necks, you’re going to want to look us in the eyes and ask, ‘Do you give consent for me to collar you?’. I’m sure all of us are going to say yes, so then you’re going to put the collar on our necks! After that, everyone is going to want to scent you, which is unfortunate that only one scent takes hold at a time-”
“Who told you that?” Aizawa’s gruff voice interrupts the conversation, him quickly sitting to the right of me as he holds his collar in his hands.
“Uhm… the hybrid my old owners adopted?”
“Uh, yeah that's wrong.” Aizawa looked down at me with a slight smile, “How are you doing today Y/N?”
“Oh, I’m great! How are you getting used to things here?” I turned my body, resting my head on the arm of the couch as a sleepy Shinsou struts into the room.
“We’re all much happier thanks to you, Y/N. And to answer you, Kirishima, only one scent and take hold of one gland. Since there are 6 of us, we will have to scent 6 different glands- of course if you are comfortable with that.” Aizawa turns his eyes back to me, his dark irises as comforting as a hot cup of coffee on a chilly day.
Realizing I have not answered him in a while I stuttered out a response, “Y-Yes I'm fine with that!” A hearty chuckle sounds from his chest as Shinsou takes purchase on the loveseat.
“No need to be so nervous around us, Y/N, we won’t bite.” He smirks, a sharp canine glinting in the light, “I do though.” Shinsou suddenly joins in on the conversation, his tail swishing smugly.
“Cut it out eyebags, you’re creeping her out.” Bakugou grunts as he walks into the room, Midoriya and Todoroki all following. Todoroki moved Kirishima over and squished his body next to mine causing me to be squished closer to Aizawa, purring more.
“Pets.” He demanded and I only laughed, scratching behind his ears. He was so cute, with a slight flush on his cheeks with closed eyes, his long eyelashes touching his cheeks. I wanted to cup his slightly pudgy face, but before I could do anything, Bakugou shoved Todoroki away and took his spot next to me.
“Stop hogging them half n’ half!” Bakugou huffs, his small ears that barely poked out of his hair were pinned back against his head. Aizawa only sighed, resting his tail on my lap as I combed my fingers through the fur, “We were going to get collared, correct?”
I nodded, “Yes! Todoroki had told me that you guys have been waiting for me, which I apologize for. I didn't want to rush you guys and so I had held off on collaring-”
“Don’t worry about it, you had good intentions.” Midoriya sat in front of me, his long floppy ears draped over his shoulders as he looked up at me with bright eyes.
“Okay... who wants to go first then?”
“I believe we should do it in order of who opened up to you- so Kirishima, Midoriya, Shinsou, Me, then Bakugou and Todoroki.”
I heard a sad whine from the Siberian hybrid, Bakugou smirking at being ahead of him.
“Would you guys prefer to do the scenting in private?” All the hybrids nodded, as Kirishima grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room. I was immediately greeted with some manly scent- almost like a comforting blanket. He pulled me to his bed, setting me on the corner as he rummaged around his dresser before pulling out his collar.
He sat on his knees in front of me, handing his collar to me. My face flushed at his look, there was so much joy and … love?
“D-Do you need to be sitting in front of me like this?” His tail quickly wagged as he smiled, “No, but I think it’ll be easier for you to put it around my neck!”
“Okay then...” I then proceeded to rub the inside of the collar on the inside of my wrist, and I could hear the smacks of Kiri’s tail as it hit the ground. Once I was sure that it had my scent, I looked back into Kirishima’s bright red eyes.
“Do you give consent for me to collar you?”
“Yes! I give consent.” I gently put the collar around his neck, once I clicked it into place with the dog tag making a light ‘clink’, Kirishima jumped up and wrapped his arms around me.
“Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you, Y/N…” I could feel tears hitting my neck as he rubbed his neck against mine. My heart softened, as I (barely) wrapped my arms around his torso. I ran my hands along his sides as his tail gently wagged. He then lifted himself off of me, his hands next to my head as looked down at me, his cheeks flushed and a soft smile on his lips.
I placed a hand on his cheek, and he closed his eyes and nuzzled into my hand. He gently held my hand in his and squeezed, “Really… I- Thank you. I never thought I would get adopted again… I’ve... never felt as happy as I do with you.”
“That’s all I’ve wanted for you and the other 5… I just want you all to be happy.” He rolls off of me, his tail going a mile a minute as he wipes his tears away before laughing sheepishly, “Didn’t mean to cry so much… I was just really happy...” He jumps up, reaching out a hand to help me off the bed before opening the door. He continued to hold my hand as he led me out to the living room, where all the hybrids sat with impatience.
Before long, all the hybrids turned to see Kirishima who stood proudly with his chest out, showing the collar that sat on his collarbones.
“You only took forever didn't cha’ weird hair?” Bakugou grins as he turns to the other dog hybrid, who only huffs happily at the collar.
“M-My turn!” Midoriya suddenly stands up, his ears perked up as he stares at Kiri and I’s hands linked together.
“B-Bye Kacchan!”
“Stop calling me that Deku!” Midoriya laughs sheepishly at the growl rumbling off of the Pomeranian hybrid as Kiri took his place next to him.
“L-Let’s go…” Midoriya blushed slightly as he nervously took my hands, his large and slightly calloused fingers gently squeezed my smaller ones as he led me over to his room. I could see his small, puffy tail wag a bit as he nervously opened the door to his and Todoroki's room.
As he opened the door, I could see a large amount of the All Might merch that I had bought for him strewn about his side of the room.
“O-Oh um... Please ignore t-that….” He nervously let go of my hand to cover his face in embarrassment and I only smile and placed my hands on his strong arms, “It’s okay Midoriya, it makes me happy to see that you are enjoying your interests.” I run my hands down his arms as I gently pull his hands away from his face, lacing my hands in his.
“Now how about you show me your bed and we’ll get to collaring, hmm?” I tilt my head with a smile, his long flopping ears bobbing as he nods. We walk over to his bed and he has me sit down on the edge as he sits in front of me, playing with his hands nervously.
“I know we haven’t been able to talk a lot, and I’m sorry about that…” I smile sadly down at the bunny hybrid, who only laughs softly.
“It’s okay... I-I’m pretty shy anyway. I’ve been meaning to talk to you! You just... Seems so cool and nice and I guess I didn’t know if I had the confidence to talk to you without seeming weird…” He looked down, not meeting my gaze as his cheeks quickly filled with blood, his nose twitching cutely. My smile widens as I gently cup his face, tilting it up so he could meet my gaze, “It makes me happy that you think I’m cool, but you don’t have to try and change yourself to come talk to me. Anytime you want to talk to me, you don’t need to hesitate to come to me. If you want you can just come to me to talk about your interests, or if there’s anything you’re excited about. I want you to feel more open to me, okay?”
Midoriya seemed to melt in my hands, his eyes closing and his fluffy tail almost vibrating as he nodded slightly, “Okay…” I gently combed my fingers through his hair, holding myself back from touching his cute, pudgy and freckle-covered nose as it twitched in happiness.
“Now, how about we get collaring, kay bun?” I slowly pulled my hands away from his face as his bright eyes glanced up at me, a sweet smile falling in his lips.
After rubbing the inside of his collar on my wrists, I ask, “Do I have your consent to collar you?”
“Yes, I give consent.” He tilts his head up a bit, wrapping his collar around his neck, and clicking it into place.
He shyly stands up, sticking out a hand to pull me up.
“Can… Can I hug you? T-To scent your neck of course!” I giggle and nod, Midoriya almost excitedly pulls me into his arms as he rubbed his neck with mine. I wrap my arms around his waist, squeezing him gently as he pulls away once he was done.
“T-Thank you, Y/N, by the way. I know I’m pretty skittish but you were so patient with me... “
“It’s really no problem.” Midoriya smiles brightly, eyes twinkling in joy as he leaves the room, me following behind.
As soon as everyone sees us, Shinsou shoots up lazy eyes grinning smugly.
“It’s my turn~” He purred as Midoriya sat next to Bakugou with a ‘Hi Kacchan!’
“Yes, it seems so!” The purr in his chest rumbled deeper as he led me to his room, his tail swaying happily.
He opened the door that led to his and Aizawa’s room, it was neat, what I expected from hybrids like them. Monotone tones, aside from the bright pink sweatpants that lay at the end of Aizawa’s bed, filled up the room.
“I want pets before collaring.” I was nearly startled at the sudden statement as I craned my head up to the almost sheepish Shinsou, his confidence had all but disappeared.
“Oh! Okay, whatever you want.” he hummed as he pulled me down onto his bed, curling around me and tucking his face into the crook of my neck. I reached up and ran my fingers through his fluffy purple hair, scratching behind his small, fluffy ears.
After a few seconds of silence, Shinsou mumbled into my neck, “I know I’m not the greatest hybrid out of everyone- I could be cooler or less evil looking. Maybe softer looking or more handsome…” He nuzzled deeper as his insecurities made themselves known.
“I’ve always been told I’ll never be good enough- I’ll never be a good enough hybrid that deserves love. I’ll always be the villainous-looking, lanky and sleep-deprived cat hybrid with no love.” His fingers grasped at the edges of my shirt, squeezing so tight I could see his knuckles turning white.
“With you at first, I thought it was just a ruse. Just a temporary adoption before you realize Todoroki or Kirishima are a much better fit and that it wouldn’t be long till you returned me…” I wanted to cut him off so bad, to tell him I would never do that. But I knew that this was a moment of vulnerability for him, to open up like this. Even if he still didn’t tell me exactly what happened, I could tell that his past owners and fellow hybrids had ingrained such insecurities and self-loathing into him.
I tightened my hold on him, gently pushing his face deeper into my neck, to which he nuzzled closer and fully wrapped his arms around my waist.
“But after time, I could tell you were nothing like them- you’re the kind of owner that all hybrids dream off.” I could feel his lips raise into a smile, as his chest softly rumbled happily.
“I was so happy. So, so happy… I AM so happy, being able to be adopted by an owner like you…”
He backed off a bit, his nose flushed red and red, puffy and teary eyes, “A-Ah um.” Sudden embarrassment washed over him as he shot up to a sitting position, furiously rubbing away his tears.
“S-Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to seem- “
“Please don’t be sorry, Shinsou.” I sit up as his tail unconsciously curls up on my lap, and I gently my fingers through the fur on his tail. He only nodded and smiled after his face was dry, before lifting up his collar, “Can we get to collaring now?” He asks as he looks away, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.
I gently take the collar out of his hands as I turn to him, scenting the collar then looking back up at the sleepy cat hybrid, “Do you give consent for me to collar you?”
“Y-yeah. You have my consent.” I reach up and wrap the collar around his pale neck, a happy purr rumbling through his chest as he stares at me.
“U-Um… So about scenting-”
“Since Midoriya and Kirishima already scented your neck, and I shouldn’t scent your wrists since you’ll need it for Bakugou and Todoroki… the only two other scent glands are in pretty embarrassing places…” His cheeks flush red as he gazes into my eyes, “It’s… on your inner thighs…”
My whole body suddenly caught aflame, “O-Oh…”
“We don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable with it!” He waves his hands around and I shake my head, “No it's… it's fine” He nods, kneeling in front of me, gently placing his hands on my thighs, “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I don’t want you to feel obligated to be uncomfortable for my sake.” His ears slightly pinned back and I only smile, “Don’t worry about it, okay Shinsou? I’m completely fine with it.”
He nodded, gently nudging the corner of my shorts up. For a moment, he paused, staring at my thighs while stroking them gently with his thumb. After a bit he finally leaned in, nudging the inside of my right thigh with his pointed nose, his purrs louder than I’ve ever heard them. His half-lidded eyes gazed up at me as he started to rub his neck against my thigh, before he backed away slowly and stood up.
“U-Uhm, I can go call in Aizawa. You can stay here…” Shinso briskly walked out of the room as I continued to collect myself after the rather… intimate scenting. Now realizing I will also have to do it with the ruggedly handsome Aizawa, I could feel a whole-body flush overtake me.
Said man walked in, tail swaying as his gaze softened at my tense body.
“Don’t be so tense, Y/N. You can wait to do the rest of us later, when you’re more comfortable." He sat next to me, patting my head gently.
“It’s just… a lot... It’s a bit overwhelming to be honest.” He turned his body more towards me, “I know that we aren’t that close yet, and this is a bit- intimate. I don’t want you to be doing this because you feel obligated, I want you to be 100% sure that you consent, okay?”
I sheepishly laughed, “Shinsou had said the same thing…” He smirked, “I taught him well then.”
I nodded, reaching my hand up to stroke behind his ears, him meeting me halfway and leaning into my hand.
“I’m gladly doing this, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t realize how much I’ve impacted you all…” I smile down at my hands, the corners of my eyes beginning to tear up.
He chuckles again, gently pulling me into a hug, “You didn’t realize… huh? You really have helped us all, even if it doesn’t seem like it. We’ve all been through so much, and everything you’ve done for us, including this, helps us in one way or another.” His voice purred out as he stroked my back gently.
“But I know taking care of all 6 of us is a lot- so please, if you ever just need to have some alone time or anything, just let me know and I’ll be sure that they know as well. We care about your health, in all definitions of it, especially mentally, okay?” I back away slightly from the hug, looking up at his scruffy face and soft gaze.
“Thank you, I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever do.” He nods, happy about my answer, before pulling out his cream-colored collar and handing it to me.
Following the basic steps as I did before, I scented the collar, asked for his consent, then gently clicked the collar around his strong neck.
“Ready kitten?” He said as he kneeled at my feet, slightly calloused hands on my thighs as he made sure I was okay with this. Once I gave him a quite flustered nod, he gently pushed the shorts on my right leg up and began scenting. A loud purr erupted from his chest, his tail swaying happily then backing away once he was done.
“There we go.” He continued to purr out as he stood up, pulling me along with him.
“Now there’s only 2 more left, I do hope Bakugou won’t be too troublesome. If he gets too arrogant or whatnot, don’t hesitate to punish him if need come to it. Restrict the number of pets he gets- although he seems like he’s too good for them he actually really likes them. Especially coming from you. If it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call me, I will put set him straight.”
He smirks down at me as we finally arrived in the living room to see an incredibly on-edge Bakugou and a pouting Todoroki.
“Y/N!” Todoroki’s ears perked up and he quickly and briskly walked over to me, “Quick pets? Please?” He looked down with sad eyes and a cute pout.
“Outta the way half ‘n half! It’s my turn to get collared, you can wait more.” Bakugou shoved Todoroki out of the way and went to grab my wrist but I avoided it.
“I can spare a few pets for you, Todo.” His eyes lit up as I cupped his cheek with one hand and scratched behind his ear with the other. He purred softly leaning into my hand, wrapping his long fingers around my wrist.
“I’ll make sure you get more pets after I’m done, okay?” He looked at me and nodded, letting go of my wrist as I pulled my hands away. I turned to Bakugou, who stood with a deep pout and pinned back ears.
“Okay I’m ready now!”
“Finally!” He growled out impatiently and stomped over to his room, holding it open for me. I walked in, not sitting on his bed since the Pomeranian hybrid seems to be very particular about everything.
“Sit your ass down…” He grumbles as his ears twitch nervously.
“Uhm… on your bed?”
“DUH! Where else would you be sitting, idiot? The air?” His lips pulled back in a snarl, but the annoyance didn’t reach his eyes. I only smiled slightly, sitting down at the edge of the bed as he rustled around and grabbed his collar.
“Hurry up and scent it, or whatever…” He grumbled, sticking his collar out in my direction as he turns his face away in embarrassment. I gently grabbed the collar, but didn’t make a move to scent it just yet. Instead, I patted the space next to me.
“Come sit here for a second.” He looked at me with narrowed eyes, before grunting as he begrudgingly sat next to me.
“What the hell did ya want me here for?” A scowl rested on his face as he crossed his arms.
“We haven’t had a chance to really talk together, just the two of us. I know you’re probably still adjusting but I just want to know how you’re doing Bakugou. Is there anything I can do better for you?” I tilt my head in his direction, nervously fumbling with the clasp of his collar.
He stayed silent for a few seconds, staring me up and down, before sighing.
“You’re awfully shy, aren’t ya? Do I scare ya, Princess? Is that what it is?” He narrows his eyes, leaning close to me with his arm resting next to me.
“No! You don’t scare me- “
“You think I’m the one avoiding you? I see the way you glance at me from the side of your eyes. I’m not some stupid fucking mutt. Every time I come into a room you always move your attention to someone else. Am I not good enough for you or some shit?” His cheeks turn an angry red, his scowl deepening.
“Don’t act like it’s not true. If you don’t want me anymore just say it to my face dammit!” He whips his head away from me, his shoulders trembling slightly with his tail.
The realization dawned on me- I’ve all been doing this unknowingly. Whenever he would walk into the room, I would turn my attention to Kirishima or Todoroki. I didn’t want to smother him with attention because I had thought that he didn’t really like it.
I could feel tears forming in the corner of my eyes and I held his face in my hands, gently turning his head towards me. I could see his cheeks coated in an angry flush with a faint trace of tear tracks, his eyes puffy and red. I stroked his cheek with my thumb, “I never realized how bad my reactions would impact you, Bakugou. I just thought… you wouldn’t want me fussing over you too much. I know you like to have your own space- “
“But that doesn’t mean I want to be completely ignored, dumbass…” He mumbles under his breath, as he slightly leans into my palms.
“Yeah I… I know… I’m so sorry Bakugou, I truly am.” He looked me in the eyes, his gaze slightly softening before leaning his head into the crook of my neck. I feel his warm breath on my neck as he huffs, “Just… don’t do it anymore, okay?”
I wrap my arms around his torso as I ran one of my hands through his fluffy hair.
“I won’t, I promise you.” A smile appears on my face as his tail begins to wag enthusiastically.
“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” He only grunts, backing away and grinning slightly, his canines glinting in the light.
“Oh yeah, I have a few ideas for ya Princess. I wanna go jogging in the mornings, and I want you to come with me. I also want to help cooking meals, and I want you to start watching shows with me at night.”
I laugh and nod, “Of course.” After giving him a few more scratches behind the ear, he finally hands me the collar and I begin to scent it.
I turn my body to him, his red eyes studying my form before baring his neck to me. I slowly reach up and clasp the collar around his neck. Before I could pull my arms away, he gently grasped my wrist in his hand, sniffing in the inside before rubbing it against his neck. Once he finally deemed it good enough, he backed away with his tail wagging slightly. His muscular arms bulged slightly as he gently squeezed my hand before letting go.
“Alright, let’s get back to those losers.”
We both got up and walked back to the living room, him almost slouched over with his hands stuffed in his pockets with his tail happily wagging. Once we arrived in the room, I was unable to even get my bearings before Todoroki began dragging me back to his room.
The obviously excited feline hybrid did not waste any time before gently pulling me over to his bed, kneeling in front of me and handing me his collar. His half-lidded gaze stared at me with a seemingly blank look, but a curious and bright spark that had long been hidden started to brighten his heterochrome eyes. I smiled sadly at the hybrid, though I did not know the full story, even I could tell he had gone through so much pain. This could obviously be seen by the large scar that marred his face.
I gently cupped that side of his face, and he leaned his face further into my hand, purring softly.
“It’s ugly… isn’t it?” He looked back up at me, and I could see the sadness creeping into his eyes. I rubbed the edge of his scar tenderly, “Of course not. We all have our own scars, they may be visible or not visible, but none of them are ugly. Okay?”
He stared at me for a few more seconds before nodding slightly as I hesitatingly pulled my hand away to pull to begin to scent his collar. I could hear him shift closer to me, resting his cheek against my knee as he sighs comfortably.
I gently smiled at the happy hybrid- relaxed body and tail with closed eyes.
“If you’re sleepy, the quicker we get this done, the quicker you can take a nap, okay Todoroki?” He sleepily hums and backs away, baring his neck to me as I wrap the blue velvety ribbon around his neck. Once I assure that the white engraved Todoroki is in the front, my right wrist is grabbed and he excitingly scents my wrist.
He purrs happily, backing away once he is happy with the potency of his scent.
“Nap now?” His ears perk up and his eyes brighten slightly, his visible joy makes me laugh a bit. I ruffle his hair gently, “Yes you can take a nap now. I’ll go let everyone know that you’re sleeping.”
“You’re not going to nap with me?” He stands up as I do, shaking my head, “ I’m going to head back to everyone and let them know I’m done.”
“I’ll come with you, then. I’ll take a nap later. Also, do you think Shinso is Aizawa’s son?”
This random comment made me burst out laughing as we walked out of the room and towards the living room.
“They are absolutely not.”
“But everything about them is the same! They both are incredibly lethargic all the time, they’re both cat hybrids- “
“Just because they’re both cat hybrids, they aren’t the same species. Plus, they have already had a blood test and they are not related.”
“I don’t believe it.” His blank tone made me laugh more.
“Seems as though you’re finally done.” Aizawa greets me from his comfy position on the couch, his large fluffy tail resting on his lap.
“Yep! Everyone is all collared and hopefully happy.”
“That’s definitely something that can’t be argued, we’re all happier than we’ve ever been.” Shinso butts in, walking in from the kitchen holding a cup of hot coffee and tea.
“The tea’s for you, kitten.”
“O-Oh, thanks Shinsou!” I smile, taking the cup of tea from him as I sit down in the love seat.
Everyone sat down on the couch or the chair next to me.
“Well… Where do we go from here?” I ask, taking a sip of my tea.
“Well…” Aizawa looks around at all the hybrids, then stops at me with a slight smirk on his lips.
“Wherever you want us to go, we’ll follow.”
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