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The Twins’ new hero costumes pt.2/2 💙

I just changed a few of the colours for Kaito’s hero costume because I already liked it originally, but I just decided to change the shirt just because :)

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The Twins’ new hero costumes pt.½ 💚

I realized before that Kozue’s first hero outfit was too bright for her attitude, not to mention the dress probably wouldnt be smart for a hero costume. So I made a costume she can move around more comfortably in while giving her more earthy-tones

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how they spoil you


  • bakugo is like a wildcard
  • you never know what the fuck he’s planning to do 
  • gets you the most unexpected gifts
  • and its probably the ones you’ve been looking for but you never got the chance to buy it or something
  • and u’re like: how did you know i wanted this
  • “idk, it looks so shitty but your eyes kept looking at them so eh” 
  • since his parents are both in the fashion industry,,,,, expect a shit ton of clothes as gifts
  • and if he’s really whipped for you he’d ask either mitsuki or masaru to make you something special 
  • and his parents are just like: are you our son
  • but anyway
  • he gives you gifts every like 6 months
  • so expect that those gifts are extravagant 
  • “why the fuck would i waste a shit ton of money on you every month” he grunts, as he hands you a well wrapped gift 
  • and when you open the gift its the shoes you’ve been wanting
  • bakugo sees your reaction and lets out a smirk 
  • hes also the type to buy you branded shit just because
  • “quality over fucking quantity alright? plant that in your fucking brain” 
  • but if he doesnt plan on giving you gifts cs he doesnt feel like it,,, 
  • he means well dont worry
  • its just bakugo being bakugo jsakjhas
  • the end !!


  • kirishima is the man who can do both things at the same time
  • gifts? he got that
  • love and affection? he came prepared
  • ever since he got in a relationship with you,,, he’s determined to do whatever it takes bro
  • even if it meant he’d had to miss a few crimson riot figurines cs he bought u something that week
  • expect a few gifts and trinkets every other week
  • “i bought it because it reminds me of you, my baby 🥺” - kiri
  • and if he didn’t feel like spending his $$$$ for the time being,,
  • he’d straight up just make you feel loved (again and again)
  • which means, he does physical affection literally every day
  • hold ur hand, kiss ur cheeks, cuddle sessions late at night
  • the cute shit we expect kiri to do
  • but if its a special occasion, expect kiri to go all out
  • like he’d buy you a dress with his matching suit and shit
  • and you’ll be out on a date
  • those type of shit
  • he says he does it cs its “manly” 
  • but we all know you got this man is WHIPPED
  • the end <3 


  • you see,, deku isn’t really fond of giving material things
  • cs he’d rather save money for limited edition all might merch that he might’ve missed along the way
  • so instead he’d spoil you with his time, love and affection
  • but there are times he’d buy you stuff like when it’s your birthday or your anniversary w him,, those special moments he’d never want to forget yk
  • so he’ll arrange stay at home dates where all his attention is all on you 🥺
  • deku u sweet cute piece of shit
  • and once that stay at home dates start, theres no going back
  • prepared to be attacked with his attention, his love, his care, everything izuku has to offer 🥺
  • he’d hold you like there’s no tomorrow and treat you like a baby
  • phones are off when its stay at home dates
  • and fuck you never felt so loved til you met midoriya izuku
  • even if he doesn’t spoil you with material gifts, he’d definitely spoil you with his never ending love for you 🥺❤️
  • a lot of pepper kisses all over ur face
  • “just because”
  • and probably he’d rant about his notes on other people’s quirks
  • next thing you know you two are napping together
  • legs entangled with one another
  • he holds you tight, almost as if he’s going to lose you
  • the end <3


  • when spoiling his s/o.. todoroki would do anything and buy everything to make you the happiest
  • since he is relatively new to shit like this,,
  • he’d go all out on a damn shopping spree
  • with endeavors credit card ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he’d go to this one fashion district yaomomo told him about and go crazy
  • ahh go stupid
  • probably ends up buying a whole store if you mentioned you liked this one specific store
  • buys bags, jewelry, clothes, etc. anything he can get his hands on
  • and gives it to you in one go
  • like,, “y/n i got something for you” he says after he disappears for like a whole day
  • and poof you’re drowning in paper bags
  • everyone in the dorm are like: ???!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck
  • you want him to return the shit he’s gotten you but he just says “why will i? they remind me of you”
  • yeah right todoroki,, those gucci bags u bought definitely remind you of ur s/o
  • but dont tell anyone,, if he got u like clothing items,, he’d buy two pairs each so you two could be matching 👀
  • overall, he’d spoil you ENDLESS with gifts/material shit
  • but each item he got probably holds a reason why he bought that specifically for you
  • the end!
  • bonus: endeavors card got declined when he tried using it to pay for groceries thus resulting him into screaming “sHOUTOOOOOOO” in despair in the middle of the cashier line
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What if Midoriya had two kids and they know about how his quirk can be passed down, and the eldest child fully expects it will be his when the time comes.

And then Midoriya either gives it to the younger (unlikely tbh) or another all together.

And the eldest kid completely resents Midoriya for it, and goes the way of the villains, and basically it becomes sibling vs sibling in the next generation of heroes and villains.

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