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#midoriya fanart

//Naniyori’s Secret//


A my hero academia fancomic. Rated G

I really worked so hard for this piece and spent days at it. Like whew and I’m proud at myself.

If you wanna watch the movie I made for it check it out on Twitter @/ladymilkshake

Likes and reblogs are amazing ❤❤❤

Don’t repost my artwork as your own.

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~ my hero bakuxdeku 2021~

Beware this is a yaoi zone. If you not a fan of zone please avoid seeing this because this is a two guys kissing scene. @jaegertastic_cosplay requested bakugo and midoriya kissing so I decided an intimate kissing in the alleyway.

#anime #myheroacademia #2021 #digitalart #kissing #yaoi #bakugou #midoroya #yaoiship #romance #kissing #alleyway #dark

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Sketch from the HeroHealer Deku Au

Denki isn’t hearing Izuku, he’s just trying to make the best flower crown for our cinnamon roll 💕


- The flowers that Denki is using came out of Izuku’s hair

- Izuku is secretly making some flowers grow on Denki’s crown, to make it look better.

- The crown that Denki has was made by Izuku

- the sweater that Izuku is wearing is Denki’s

- izuku is only muttering and talking about heroes, he knows Denki is not paying attention to him, but this way he feels more comfortable and is not ashamed to let himself be carried out in his theories and knowledge of heroes.

Have I told ya I love Denki? I literally would die 4 him he deserves more love, appreciation, and RESPECT.

He’s so handsome and haWt too omg am I the only one simping him?

This is a dekubowl au.

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Some KiriDeku for the soul 😌❤️💚

Please don’t repost anywhere without permission!! 🌸

Reblogs are very appreciated 🥰💕

Follow me on Insta and Tik Tok where I’m more active~!! 🌸 links are down below!!

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I’ve been thinking about this.. 🤔

What version is the best? What is the one u like the most?

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February 18th: Float With Me - My Hero Academia


It’s been a good second since I had last drawn these two. Honestly, I think their relationship is very wholesome, and I would absolutely LOVE for it to continue in the following seasons.

(click for better resolution)

If you have any ships you’d like for me to draw, please comment in my ask! Will close Feb. 25th.

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Some wallpaper for my bff and i


If u like them they are free to use, u don’t have to ask. 👌

Also the flowers r important


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I made a pixel art cuz I was bored and the only art app/program I have in my laptop is paint ms.


✨ Sunshine ✨

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