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#midoriya izuku

What I really find fascinating about the whole “You can be a Hero” scene is that, at this point of the story, Izuku doesn’t know yet that All Might intends to give him his power, he doesn’t know yet that Toshinori wants to make him his successor. In his mind he’s still a quirkless boy and he’ll stay quirkless all his life, but Izuku still cries his eyes out and he’s not doing it because he’ll get a quirk, he’s doing it just for the validation that All might gave him that day, the hope that he can be a hero in the future, the he has a possibility as well. That shows how huge All might’s influence is and how important his opinion was for this little boy. Izuku took the rest as a gift and always stayed humble ( until recent chapters and that’s another reason why Bakugou was so upset, ‘cause it was like he couldn’t recognize his  Deku anymore).

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Bakudeku (SMUT)

Not requested, but I decided to write it after I did the example form. XD. Bakugou is as in character as I can possibly make him with the idea that I had. I didn’t make him OOC but he’s not as violent to Modoriya.


(3rd year in UA)

(Midoriya’s POV)

I am so done with Kacchan! The insults, the belittling, the remarks! I’m sick of it.  I don’t have to take this! I won’t take this! Not anymore! There he is. I’m gonna march right up to him and demand an apology for blowing up my All Might keychain and teasing me for having it. “Kacchan!” I yelled, walking up to him and crossing my arms as he just glared at me as usual. “I tired of this Kacchan! You need to apologize!” I yelled to him. I did it! I stood up to him… WHAT WAS I THINKING?! WHY AM I DOING THIS?! I SHOULD HAVE JUST BOUGHT A NEW ONE! NOW HE’S GONNA CRUSH ME! IM GONNA DIE! IM GONNA DIE! IM GONNA DIE! WHY IS HE SMIRKING NOW?! OH GOD! “You want an apology?” I heard Kacchan say through all my inner panic. Is he moving closer? Oh no. “Y-Yes! Right now!” Oh my God, why am I still going? Do I wanna die? I started backing away from him as he moved closer and closer. “Well if you want an apology Deku, you can suck out the tip of my cock~” He growled not so quietly as he caged me against the wall.

Dear god, there are people around. I just saw like three people look at me funny. I felt my face flushing and a look of shock took over my expression. I gently pressed my hands against his chest and pushed- well tried anyway- him away. “I-I- U-Uh-W-Wha-” I was interrupted. “I said, if you want a fucking apology, then suck my cock for it, damn nerd.” He repeated. “U-Um Ka-Kacchan we’re in the hallway!” I said, trying to bring him back to reality. “And? Don’t act like you haven’t sucked me off in public before. Remember the bathroom? The cafeteria? The damn train? Should I keep going or do you get the point?” He asked me. At least the hallways are clearing out so not a lot of people heard that thankfully. He wasnt exactly trying to hide his voice. I looked away. Feeling my face basically burning at this point. “Enough Kacchan… A-After school alright?” I tried to push past his arm only to be grabbed by my collar. “Fuck no. You got me all riled up.” He started. Wait how? I haven’t even done anything! Why can’t we just- “We’re going to my room. Now.” He said before pulling me along. Oh no. We’re gonna miss last period.


I know we shouldn’t be doing this but, I can’t say no to Kacchan. Especially when he gets that look in his eyes. He just looks so… Needy and hungry… Is it wrong that I feel wanted when he looks at me like that? I know he’s said so much to me in the past and still to this day but, when he looks at me like this, I feel like none of that matters. “Come on Deku. You and I both know you can take it so much further than that.” I heard Kacchan say as he placed a hand on my head. I pulled back, leaving my lips just kissing his tip. It’s true. We’ve done this so much that I’ve trained away my gag reflex. But there’s just certain sacrifices you gotta make to please Kacchan. Sacrifices I’m willing to make. “Anything for you Kacchan.” I said, dragging my tongue down to the base of his cock before coming back up and taking him back into my mouth. I heard a deep grunt from him as I let my mouth go all the way down and just sat their until he bucked his hips. I came back up and began bobbing my head rapidly, taking him all the way down each time.

He eventually fisted his fingers into my hair and pulled a little, making me pull away. “Y-Yes Kacchan?” I asked, curling my fingers around the base of his cock and jacking him off as I looked up at him and wiped the corner of my mouth. “I wanna go further.” He mumbled out in a soft pant, seemingly hoping I didn’t hear him. Wait, did I hear him right? “What?” I asked, hoping he would explain what he meant. “Look you damn nerd, don’t make this any weirder than it has to be.” He says with a glare down at me with a flushed face. Does he realize I was just giving him a blow job? But wait… Go further? Does he mean?.. “D-Do you… I-I mean we’ve already gone this far, it’s not like we couldn’t. But neither one of us have the right stuff. What if we don’t like it? What if we accidentally do something and one of us ends up hurt? What if one of us say something and everything goes down hill? What if someone walks in and suddenly the whole class knows what we did? Can we at least go to one of our houses? Do you really even wanna do this? I mean we’re not even in a relationship. And someone could get the wrong idea. What if-”

“My god Deku, I thought you fixed that ranting problem of yours.” I heard Kacchan stop me, not even realizing that I was doing it. “S-Sorry, it still happens when I’m nervous.” I let go and rubbed the back of my neck. “But Kacchan, do you really want too… With me of all people?” I asked, sitting back on my legs. I realized that he looked conflicted. Like the words he wanted to say wouldn’t come out. “Who the fuck else would I do it with? I don’t give a fuck about anyone else enough to trust them with this.” He grumbled, refusing to look at me. That means he cares about me and I’m the only person he’d want to do this with, r-right? But, he can’t… He wouldn’t like me, right? When we first started… doing whatever this is, he told me that it meant nothing and not to get my hopes up. We’re not friends, we’re not close, we’re nothing to each other. This is just a stress reliever for us, for him.

“After all those things you said… I thought you hated me… You made it clear that we were never friends. That I was just too hopeful. I wanted what I couldn’t have and I’ve come to terms with that. I can accept that you hate me, you don’t have to try and hide it now. And I don’t know why but, I could never hate you back. I can push you away, I can get fed up with you, I can put you on the back burner… But I could never hate you.” I stopped myself this time, knowing I was starting to rant. I looked down and turned away. Damnit! I thought I got rid of those feelings but they’re just creeping back up. I thought I convinced myself I’d never be in a relationship with him. How could I have a relationship with a person I was never even friends with in the first place. Wishful thinking… I inhaled deeply. “M-Maybe I should g-go.” I said, standing up. “I-Im sorry if I made this too sentimental Kacchan…” I said as I turned to leave but was stopped as I feel him grab my arm, now standing as well.

“Stop being sorry, Fuckface.” I heard him say, but had no time to comprehend it as his lips crashed down onto mine. I let out a shocked moan but ended up leaning into him soon after. We’ve never kissed before… I’ve never kissed before… He’s… My… First… Kiss… I pulled away and breathed into his mouth. “Kacchan I-I… W-We just k-kissed!” I stuttered out. I heard him mutter. “I can’t believe I fell in love with a fucking nerd like you.” He said before pushing me down on to his bed and kissing me again. His lips are so soft and it feels so natural. Like we’ve done this so many times. I felt his tongue slide across my bottom lip. Should I let him in? Will I like it? I slowly parted my lips and felt him slide his tongue in. He didn’t leave an inch of my mouth uncovered and swallowed the moans that escaped my mouth. He pulled away, a string of saliva connecting us. He looked so… Calm and tamed yet so wild and like… Like he was starving… For me… “That was amazing.” I breathed out.

My mind must have went blank because next thing I knew, my uniform shirt and the jacket was off and Kacchan was biting and sucking on my neck. God, are those my moans? I’m so loud and I sound so… So… Slutty… “H-aa-aaa!~” Whatever he just did was amazing. “Haaaa!~” I felt him bite down on that spot and I swear I lost my mind. “You like that Deku?~” I heard him whisper in my ear. I quickly nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck as he continues his assault on mine. He’s making me feel so good. I never thought I could ever feel this good. And Kacchan of all people making me feel like this. “Well I’m gonna give you the business. Gonna make you feel so fuckin’ good today ‘Zuku~” He said, licking my neck once more before moving to my pecks, leaving a bite mark on my right peck. 'Zuku? He’s never called me that before- “O-Oh!~” I moaned out louder and louder as he began dragging his tongue across my nipples. He took one into his mouth and I couldn’t stop the loud moan from escaping. Especially when he took it between his teeth.

I arched forward and tried to cover my mouth but the most I could manage was twitching a few of my fingers before gripping the sheets tightly. His mouth is so warm and soft and-


“Jeez dork, you’re hard as a rock. If all it takes to get you horny is a few kisses, a bite, and a little nipple play, then I’m gonna fuckin’ destroy you~” I heard him past all my moans. He was rubbing me through my pants. His hand and mouth feel so nice. He’s going so slow. He’s taking his time and it’s amazing. He switched to my other nipple and began his treatment in that one too while I felt him tug at my belt then my pants button with my zipper coming undone immediately after. I felt his fingertips like feathers against my waist line and the waistband of my boxers. He moved from my pecks down, kissing and nipping along the way. He left a particularly big bite mark on my left hip. I moaned with each movement he made until he finally stopped. I felt him tugging my hips to sit up on his legs in order for him to pull my pants and boxers off my legs. Speaking of which, when did he take the rest of his clothes off? I could have sworn- “Mmm- sss-s-so good K-Kacchan~ M-More~” I moaned out.

He was rubbing his dick on mine and it was great. I started grinding back on him and I swear I was losing my mind. My voice was a running motor, but I didn’t care about being caught at this point. I mean, we’re adults now, what are they gonna tell us? That sex is bad and we’re too young?(probably that you shouldn’t be having sex in the dorms but, whatever) “Look at you go 'Zuku~ And you sound so fuckin’ pretty~ I can’t wait to hear your voice and see your face when your ass is clenching around my cock~” He was so close to my ear. His breath is so warm. He left wet kisses on my jaw and nibbled on it, leaving a dark purple mark like the ones that littered my neck and chest. I shivered and arched my back for a second. “Y-Yes! W-Wanna be pretty for K-Kacchan!~ P-P-Please!~” I begged loudly. Oh god, I begged? Y-Yes I did! I want him so badly! He kissed me on my lips once again before reaching over to his bedside stand. He opened the draw and picked up a bottle of lube. “I gotta prep you really quick.” He told me, opening the lube and squirting some on his fingers.

I nodded, my face darker red than before and I brought my hands up to my face. “B-Be gentle please…” I pleaded, adjusting my my hips slightly on him. I heard him snort. “I only promise to try.” He said. I could practically feel the smirk on his face as he pushed a finger in, slowly despite what he said. I shifted once more once he pushed it all the way in, trying to get used to it. It was odd but not all unpleasant. He started off thrusting his finger slowly, feeling around my hole while I just laid and took slow deep breaths. “Second one’s going in.” I heard him say and I inhaled sharply as he pushed a second finger past my rim and spread them as wide as he could without hurting me. Once again, odd but not unpleasant. Although this hurts a little as he’s moving his fingers in a scissoring motion. I hissed when I felt the sharp sting of him thrusting his fingers a bit faster and he almost immediately stopped. “You good? Y’ wanna stop?” Kacchan asked me, which I immediately denied.

“It hurts but not that bad. I’m just not used to it. I want you to keep going though.” I reassured him. He started up again, slowly. This time easing into a faster pace. Now that felt good. Really good. I bucked my hips against his hand and felt him began to spread his finger really wide, but it didn’t hurt this time. In fact, it felt amazing. I bit my lip as I felt a third finger at my rim. “Third finger.” I heard Kacchan said just as he pushed it in. I did my best to relax as much as I could. It seemed to be working based on how easily his fingers were gliding in and out. Eventually, he pulled his fingers out and I whimpered at the loss and empty feeling. I saw him reaching up beside me again, but this time I stopped him. “D-Don’t.” I pleaded softly, holding his wrist to keep his hand from going any further. “I need a condom nerd.” He told me, but I shook my head and put his hand on my cheek instead. “I want to feel you Kacchan. All of you. Please… Please Kacchan! I trust you!” I breathed out, only to have my breath stolen away from me with a dominating kiss.

It lasted a while before he pulled away and grabbed the lube again, squirting a good amount in his hand and rubbing it around his dick. “I hate you so fucking much for making me love you. And stop making everything sound so damn sentimental! You know I hate when you do that shit!” He complained yet contradicted himself. I let out a laugh at him as a small tint covered his face. “But Kacchan sugoi!” I stated, still laughing. I heard him growl at me. “Don’t laugh!” He growled, moving my legs around his waist. I stopped laughing and looked at him through half lidded eyes. “Then let me say something I know you wanna hear.” I started. Oh god, am I really about to say this? Well, no turning back now. With a deep breath, I let it out. “Fuck me Kacchan~ Don’t hold anything back~” I said with the most seductive voice I could muster. He growled and put his hand back beside me on the bed before he thrusted in all at once.

I let out a shriek of pain and clawed at his wrist which I was still holding and gripping the bed sheets so tightly, I’m sure my knuckles turned white. I know there are tears streaming from my eyes but, it just hurt so bad. I whimpered as Kacchan once again placed his lips on mine. I breathed heavily through my nose and just kissed back, not like I could do anything else. It took a minute before I stopped clenching so tightly around him and it finally stopped hurting. “Kacchan!~” I moaned out, giving him the indication to go. He didn’t bother going slow. His first thrust was powerful and so was the rest. But they were slow and powerful. “W-Wah~ s-star-ting r-r-ough a-already?~” I moaned out, letting go of his wrist and letting my arms fall beside my head. “Isn’t that what you wanted?” He grunted out between thrusts.

“A-All I want, is t-tooo~ b-be with you~”

“… S-Shut up you damn nerd…”

He kept going and I kept moaning out to him, begging him to keep going. “So tight~… So delicious~” I heard Kacchan moan as he sped his thrusts up. If he keeps going like this, I’m gonna cum. “That’s right~ Moan like the slut you really are Deku~ That innocent shit doesn’t work with me. I know that all you need is a good cock to show who you really are~” He said in my ear. I-I can’t! I can’t! “Kacchan!~ I’m gonna cu- I’m cumming!~” I cried out, feeling the build up heavily in the pit of my stomach. “No… Not yet… You fucking nerd, come here!” He said before lifting my knees to my chest and going faster and somehow going deeper. “D-Don’t!- H-Ha!~ Yes! Yes, there!~” “You like it right there, huh?” He was drilling into me now, my entire body quaking under him. I can’t hold it much longer. He’s too good at this. He’s good at everything. He’s Kacchan. “C-Cum inside K-Kacchan, please!~” I begged him. I don’t care anymore. He just makes me say things I never dreamed of saying. I need to feel all of him inside of me. I have to.

“Beg me like the little slut you are and you got it~” “Please fill me with your cum! I want to feel you even when you’re not inside! I wanna think about you pounding me and fun all over myself. I need it! I need! A-AH!~~~” I spoke without thinking, arching my back and came all over my stomach and chest, some even splattering on my chin. I whimpered, feeling extremely sensitive as he kept on his harsh assault. I couldn’t move and I could just barely talk because of my throat being raw. I was panting so hard, desperately trying to keep air in my lungs, but Kacchan kept knocking it out of me. Yet still, I spoke. “Please~… Please~… Please~… Please~…” I begged softly, quietly, almost inaudible due to his hips smacking against mine. But his hips spasmed for a few seconds before he shot his warm seed into me, filling me to the point of it spilling out. He must have been so pent up. It has been a while since i last gave him a blow. He let go of my legs and let his sweat covered body fall on to mine, connecting our lips as he fell.

When he pulled away, he sat back up and slowly pulled out, my cum now on his chest as well. “Your slutty hole is fucking wrecked… And gaping wide, begging for more.” He said, grabbing his cock and slapping the tip of it against my hole. “W-W-Wha?” I stuttered out. “And lucky for you, my cock is still nice and hard. So it looks like we’ll be going for round 2, yeah nerd?” He asked. My lips quivered as I gasped. “O-Oh god… H-How is it… H-How are you… You’re a monster!” My voice quaked. He let out a dark chuckle. “Don’t act like you don’t want it, Deku~”


I woke up to a searing pounding in my head and a horrible ache in my neck. Actually, my whole body aches. Did I train to much yesterday? I sat up and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of eyes. I blinked a few times and was about to get out of my bed until I realized that this wasn’t my room, this isn’t my bed, and there is another person in said bed. I felt my eyes widen as I realized who I was sleeping next to - who I slept with! I… I-I… Had… S-S-e-ex w-with K-Kacchan?.. I lifted the blanket and saw that both of us was completely naked… Ok, don’t panic, I just had my first time with my… What even are when now. Before, he told me not to get my hopes up, but this… This is a whole new line that we crossed. Oh god, this isn’t the time for an anxiety attack! I took a deep breath. Alright, assess the situation. He did say he was in love with me… But he could’ve been lying just to get me to go along… No! Kacchan would never stoop that low! And admittedly, Kacchan can and will stoop pretty low, but never low enough where he’d say something like that to someone just to get into their pants. Sure, Kacchan is known for taking advantage of weak points, but not a weak spot like that. He’s too genuine and brash. He says what he means and means what he say… So that answered that question.

But where did this leave us? We definitely weren’t enemies- well, I wasn’t his enemy anymore. But I don’t think Kacchan considered us friends… Maybe frienemies with benefits? Surely Kacchan will be thinking about this too right? It’ll be good to establish what we are to each other before we go around making false claims about each other. Well before I say something I shouldn’t at least… Granted, he could have just said that in the heat of the moment and not meant to say it at all. But when I said it back to him, he didn’t seem to be taken back or look like he regretted it… I’ll just wait till morning. Yeah! Then hopefully he’ll wanna talk. And we can get this whole thing cleared up. But what if- “Fucking Christ, you wake up out of your sleep mumbling stupid shit.” I heard from beside me. I was about apologize but shrieked as I was pulled down and pulled into his arms. Kacchan is… cuddling me? “We’re… dating now, fuckface. That answer your question?” He asked me. I nodded against his chest and sighed. That sounded like the end of the conversation but he hesitated. Meaning, there’s something he’s not telling me. I can hear it it in his voice. And trust me when I say, I’ve known him long enough to know if he’s hiding something.

“Kacchan, spill it.” I ordered. He sucked his teeth and held me tighter. “What are you, my shrink? It’s fucking 11 at night Deku, just go to sleep.” He ordered back. I groaned and pulled away to look at him. “Not until you tell me!” I demanded. “Fine!.. Thank you…” I heard him mumble. “For… U-Uh… that?” I asked him softly. God I already feel extremely hot. How much worse can it get? “No! Well, yeah but, that’s not what I was talking about… You gave me a hell of a lot of chances… And I know I did and said lot of fucked up shit to you in the past and never… apologized, and I’m not fucking going to… Cause an apology won’t change the fact that I said all that shit… But I guess what I’m trying to say is… I appreciate you putting up with my shitty attitude and dumb ways to deal with my shitty emotions. But I’m gonna try not to hurt you so much anymore… So you better not fucking complain!” Kacchan added at the end. I smiled. “Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never wanted you to change Kacchan… I just wanted you to see me as an equal. Not as someone who was beneath you or looked down on you… I really look up to you Kacchan. I love you.” I said, starring up at him with admiration in my eyes.

He looked at me with a shocked expression before his face went extremely red and he turned his face away. Honestly, as much as I made it obvious in the past and presently, yet still he looks like that’s the last thing he’d ever expect to hear me say. “…Thanks… Me too… I um… I love you too…” He grumbled. I giggled and cuddled back up to his chest, letting out a relaxed sigh as I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes. But one thing was still on my mind.

We’re gonna ha a lot of explaining to do tomorrow…

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Originally posted by miyazonoh

- request from anonymous: “can you do a yandere alphabet for izuku with a quirkless s/o. cuz we need some broccoli loving out here lmaoo.”

- note: please remember that I don’t write NSFW for minors so if that’s what anyone was looking for in any of the alphabets, I’m sorry to disappoint and look forward to that for the adults that maybe requested. 

- pairing: yandere! midoriya izuku x fem! reader

- request status: closed

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Katsuki: I have an excellent gaydar™

Katsuki: I can determine if someone is gay or not with just one glance

Deku: That’s not true Kacchan!! I’ve been in love with you for years and you still think I’m dating Uraraka!

Katsuki, wheezing: you’ve been WHAT!?!??

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AO3 - here - here

Welcome back readers! This chapter we’re going to be doing some time skipping and covering the preparation leading up to the sports festival. :) An update of friends, heroes, inventing, and training. Let’s go!

End notes for the chapter are under the line.

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I just had this thought that it would be so funny if Izuku’s father couldn’t control his quirk very well, so literally each time he tries to blow air with his mouth the only thing that comes out is this big burst of fire…

Like, imagine every time his birthday comes everyone’s excitedly telling him to blow the candles in his cake and he just sits there like 😐

Or he sometimes forgets and when his food is too hot he tries to cool it off and his fire burns it….

Idk hsjdj I just thought it could be a funny concept

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deku x tall! reader

  • he’s soo short like c'mon now.. 5’5? that man tower over all yall?? but anyway he loves the height difference he likes how it feels when he sits in your lap for hours at a time
  • you know that tiktok couple where the boy is like 5’0 and the girl is 6’0 that’s yall but on a smaller scale (unless👀??)
  • he wears your clothes alot like if you got on a crop top its gonna fit him like a shirt sometimes and sometimes he wears your sweats because there so baggy on him and feel so nice
  • when its cold he loves wearing stealing your hoodies and sometimes steals your shoes if his feet are big enough (though you always gotta yell at him to not scuff em up or fight in them)
  • if you feel insecure about your height he always squishes your face in his hands and gives you the softest kisses before kissing you and repeats till you feel better abt yourself
  • i said this already but he loves sitting in your lap like all the time, especially after he’s had a hard day. he just listens to your heart beat with his eyes closed till he feels like talking or after his nap which one comes first
  • he loves when you wear your hero outfit esp if its revealing because your legs never looked sooooo good😫
  • but if you’re not a hero he loves when you wear shorts, skirts and dresses because you end up looking like a model

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If we go by Lantern Lore, the Existence of BNHA Izuku (Green Deku, Willpower) and Welcome to Demon School Iruma (Blue Deku, Hope) imply the existence of at least 4 other Color Coded Dekus + 2 Ultimate Dekus in Anime.

Red Deku (Anger)

Yellow Deku (Fear)

Pink Deku (Love)

Orange Deku (Greed)

Black Ultimate Deku (Necromancy)

White Ultimate Deku (Ultimate Deku to its purest, strongest form)

Who are those Dekus, and why is Tadano from Komi San White Ultimate Deku?

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