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sofiakkuma · 2 days ago
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grooming 🐏🐱
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deku-verde · 2 days ago
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i know it might be getting kinda redundant but it’s MY TURN TO DRAW THEM ON A DATE AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK
I think it goes without saying that Kacchan would go out of his way to win any and all stuffies that Izuku so much as glances at for too long, and Izuku would buy him all the snacks to help fuel his winning streak
and don’t worry! Both boys would do their due diligence to make sure the goldfish lived long and comfortable lives, and for sure give them strong names after pro-heroes
also this is the part where I would give credit to my partner for doing the background for me and I would tag him and thank him for helping me out, but he has no social media whatsoever. still it would feel strange to post it without acknowledging his contribution, so shout out to him<3
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Kirishima: So what do I do about Mina? I don’t know how to help her with her sadness.
Izuku: Ah, you see, Kirishima-kun. You’ve come to the right place.
Bakugo, arm around Izuku: Tell him, babe.
Izuku: Because Kacchan and I are a great couple with longtime advice. And we agree on one solution. Which is…
Izuku: Comfort her.
Bakugo: Give her some space.
Izuku: What? Kacchan, no. He needs to comfort her.
Bakugo: Hah? No, he needs to give her some space. I did that with you.
Izuku: I didn’t want space, I wanted you!
Bakugo: Then why didn’t you tell me?!
Izuku: I couldn’t find you!
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daily-izuku · a day ago
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firyfox · 2 days ago
A brief scientific explanation of the Prophetic Bkdk Shipper phenomenon :
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 23 hours ago
Deku: Guys, I'm in love with Kacchan.
Uraraka: seriously?
Deku: yeah, thoughts?
Todoroki: and prayers.
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wonderduo-twinstars · a day ago
Deku: You're the love of my life and my best friend, I would do anything for you.
Bakugou: I want you to fucking eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule asshole.
Deku: Anything but-
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graphitedemon · a day ago
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[Originally posted on Twitter on January 31, 2021]
Remember that drawing I said was a cute idea with terrible execution? Well, this is it with better execution.
I drew this for the New Year New Hope zine.
I don't care that it's May, I'm still posting this. I still like it.
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class1akids · 2 days ago
OK, hear me out -> TDDK Heartstopper AU
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(I binged the show + comic a while ago and it gave me serious case of the TDDK brainrot).
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adorable-deku · a day ago
honestly the most unrealistic thing abt bnha is that we've never seen izuku sunburnt (at least in my memory) even though he would spend hours in a day outside hauling garbage. he would at least have the worlds worst tanlines. this leaves only two explanations:
1. human bodies are just tougher in the bnha universe, explaining why those with non-shock absorption related quirks can take on force that would kill a regular person
2. someone in the bnha world just makes stronger sunscreen than we could ever dream of. 1000 spf sunscreen
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divine-draws · 2 days ago
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got inspired by some art and drew a colorful izuku
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haleigh-sloth · 20 hours ago
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smallmightsupremacy · 2 days ago
Kirishima: Why doesn’t anyone find me sexy when I bite my lip?
Deku: What do you look like when you bite your lip?
Kirishima: *bites lip*
Deku: ...Have you considered biting your bottom lip instead?
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Izuku, gazing at his ring: I just love what he picked out! You said you were there with him, Kirishima-kun?
- Jewelry Store -
Bakugo: What is with this ugly-ass design? Izuku will say yes just so he can divorce my ass for proposing to him with this. Shitty Hair, you make a better rock than this piece of shit diamond!
Kirishima: Dude, you’re making the assistant cry again.
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petty-ha · 13 hours ago
This is how you deal with bullies ⌓‿⌓
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@AqiStory on Twitter
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firyfox · a day ago
So I have some additional things to say about the whole Uraraka Toga parallel situation - I promise this is not just a rehash of what we've been saying the whole time - just hang in there for a second lol -
Keep in mind that using Uraraka and Toga , the series's narrative has explicitly made a direct connection between admiring someone & imitating them with having romantic feelings or attraction toward them
And if you keep this perspective in mind when thinking about different aspects of Deku's feelings towards Bakugo , it's really hard to ignore the closeted queer implications of it
With how openly Deku constantly praises Bakugo , Deku still didn't want to tell Bakugo that he imitates him , of all things . That Bakugo is his image of victory , and that he is the closest , most real , tangible figure Deku looks up to & emulates . Despite Deku being willing to openly praise Bakugo in front of anyone for the things he does & how he is , Deku still keeps this aspect of his admiration close to his chest , and is even somewhat ashamed of it . He thinks to himself that this is something he should hate about himself , and that he'd never tell Bakugo (or probably anyone else?) about it in DVK2
And what a coincidence it is , that this part of Deku's admiration that he's self conscious about - his tendency to imitate his male friend / rival - is the same type of admiration that is directly shown to have a canon romantic meaning in other characters . Wow .
And on top of that , this aspect of Deku's feelings toward Bakugo is something Deku just can't help doing . Imitating Kacchan is something that comes naturally to Deku , and he just does this instinctually without thinking . Think about that . Imitation is narratively conflated with romance & attraction , and Deku has a natural tendency to imitate his male friend & he is also secretive and embarrassed about it . Emulating his male friend is intrinsic to Deku as a person , and it is a part of him no matter how much he may want to hide it .
Sheesh . Horikoshi might as well have just put Deku in a literal closet 💀🤚🏼
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tododekucrumbs · 2 days ago
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Chapter 352 🔥
💬 緑谷 俺の力だ ありがとな
💬 Midoriya ore no chikara da arigato na
💬 Midoriya. This is my power, thank you.
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daily-izuku · a day ago
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curiousochako · 2 days ago
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Still love this anime added moment of Izuocha! It’s so adorable and totally fits with there characters
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thesoffgengar · 2 days ago
I wanted villain deku but in this specific sultry femme fatale catsuit kind of way
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