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#midoriya izuku
kiisaes · 2 days ago
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i think about dvk2 every day
the og incorrect quote:
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fedzkun · 13 hours ago
Aoyama and Midoriya
Aoyama being Quirkless before adds layers to his and Izuku’s relationship.
Tumblr media
During those chapters when Aoyama was trying to befriend Izuku, it’s possible that he thought that the other had also gotten his Quirk from AFO, and was trying to confirm it by leaving cryptic messages to see how Izuku would react. However, once he’d realized that Izuku seemed to be not getting his hints that they may have the same Quirk benefactor, Aoyama withdrew back into his shell, realizing that he truly was alone in his horrible situation. Left to wallow in the guilt of repeatedly betraying his classmates.
Tumblr media
Now, on Izuku’s part. I really love that Izuku noticed Aoyama’s sadness. In that moment of the reveal, I’ve no doubt that Izuku is also thinking of his fight with Gentle Criminal. Izuku would look at Aoyama and see what he could’ve been had he never gotten One for All.
Just as he saw himself in Gentle Criminal, Izuku could’ve been desperate enough for a Quirk just to chase his dreams, and would’ve ended up working for All for One.
Tumblr media
Next week’s chapter will be exciting. How shall Izuku comfort Aoyama who faces him with a face that looks like it is asking for help?
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mathematicats · 2 days ago
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(Fixed some things from the previous version)
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lace-bun · a day ago
sucking them off → bnha
Tumblr media
including; bakugo katsuki • todoroki shoto • midoriya izuku • kirishima eijirou
warnings; deepthroating, cum-eating, petnames, degradation, throat fucking
a/n; i’m happy to be kirishima’s cumdump ♥︎
Tumblr media
⤷ oh my god yes. your mouth feels so good taking his cock like the pretty cum slut you are. of course, the more you suck him off the faster he begins rolling his hips into your throat. by the time he’s close to cumming, he uses your mouth like a suction machine, whining loudly while calling you his “little cockslut.” he makes you swallow all of his cum like the “good girl you are.”
⤷ the pretty boy acts all innocent and sweet but although he thought he had self control, he goes feral with your lips sucking him off. he calls out your name endlessly, finishing off all over your face and tits with their satisfied sigh. “i need to treat you for being so well behaved.” patting his thigh because he knows what you want. and of course he’s willing to give it to you. watching you cum so pretty. fuck. he can’t get enough.
⤷ he has a meek personality. big dick though. he nearly falls apart, high pitched whines of “sorry—‘m sorry—~” while he fucks your throat. of course he’s not sorry. he knows you love it. just watching your eyes roll back, drool coating your swollen lips has him cumming almost immediately. you just feel so good, definitely not as good as your pussy walls but almost there. prepare for you to be absolutely ruined by the end of this session.
⤷ you already know the man is packing, he insists that you don’t have to, but the moment your nose bumps against his abdomen, he’s submitting. holding onto whatever he can, eyebrows creased and voice aching with pleasure. repeating the words, “god god god so good y/n~, like that—“ and then he cums thick, gooey ropes of semen all over your face. there will be a round two, believe me.
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achairwithapandaonit · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
someone needs to hold him hands and tell him it’s all gonna be okay and- oh wait deku ur already on it? k, thanks
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fever-dreamer97 · 3 days ago
Bakugo: Not one word.
Izuku: Fergalicious.
Bakugo: Deku, I said not one word.
Izuku: Oh, I see. Now, it’s a word, but last week when we were playing Scrabble, it wasn’t a word.
Izuku: Because it’s convenient.
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sizeklink · a day ago
izuku, am i right?
he’d be the type to hold your face straight while you’re below him, tucking your knees under his elbows and whispering against your lips. about how good you feel around him, how you’re squeezing him so tight, how he’ll never let you go.
it’s pet names galore, with him. every sweet nothing that falls from his lips is adorned with a “baby”, “sweetheart”, “pretty”, even “puppy” when he’s feeling real affectionate.
it makes your heart soar the first time you hear it. you wouldn’t have thought it could be so electrifying—you’re not really into pet play—but the way he kisses it into your neck is lethal enough to have you bucking your hips into his.
“oh, you like that? you like it when i call you puppy? hm?” he asks. he’s giving you slow, harsh thrusts, the kind that barely give you enough time to recover before he’s shoving into you again. barely time to recover, but plenty for the impact to reverberate in your body and steal your breath.
you can’t look him in the eye when he’s like this. all-consuming, crowding you against the bed. taking his sweet time with your body, making sure every hair is set ablaze with his sin. you cannot look at him, or he’ll see straight into your soul. he’ll see how devoted you are to him, and eventually he’ll use it against you. you can’t trust anyone with your love: you know from experience.
but he’s going even slower, with deep, penetrating thrusts, stroking the sensitive area behind your ears with his thumbs. he’s already blocking your sight from everything that isn’t him, but he wants to be the only thing you feel, too. he wants to overrun your senses with his existence right now, because maybe then you’ll see what you do to him all the time.
he doesn’t think you understand how special you are to him. so he tells you he loves you, right then and there. he loves you, and the news makes your world stop. the earth is no longer spinning and the sun has died, but your body still manages to press your heart to his because you love him too. so much it hurts. you can’t turn a blind eye to that.
you can look away from him, though. you can close your eyes and shut him out, stop yourself before the words tumble out of your mouth. he can’t use them against you if you push him away first. you can get caught up in the feeling of him on your skin and avoid the way he permeates your mind. you feel so good, you can say instead.
“it’s alright, puppy, i know you’re scared. you can wait to say it back.” shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, he doesn’t know anything. no, he isn’t as perceptive as he claims to be, your emotions are not bubbling right under the surface of your skin. you’re still in control. “i want you to look at me, though.”
he straightens your head, but your eyes stay closed. it’s the pleasure keeping them screwed tight. it’s the way he’s grinding into you, rubbing into that sensitive patch along your walls. that’s all. it isn’t a last-ditch effort in keeping him at arms length. you can’t help it.
“yes you can, pretty baby. open your eyes for me,” he murmurs against swollen lips. “let me see you. i promise, i promise…”
you don’t know what he’s promising. you’re sure he doesn’t either. yet, somehow, you understand each other. what he’s offering is what you need, and you can have as much of it as you want if you just open your eyes.
you don’t have to trust him. you can keep your mind right, can’t you? eyes are just that—eyeballs. they don’t have to be windows to the soul, they can just be cells and cones and rods and whatever else biologically makes up an eye. eye contact doesn’t have to be the ink drop in your soul’s still water. it doesn’t have to be the very dark matter that connects the universe. besides, he’s the one that wants the connection, he’s weak to you. you have to honor that, not be the one to hurt him. you can look without letting your guard down if it’ll make this better for him.
for him. anything, for him.
so they open, almost one at a time, like you’re peeking around a dark corner and scared of what you’ll find. but you do it, and you’re met with the purest green you think you’ve ever seen. there are forests in there. there’s grass, trees, happiness, determination, a little caterpillar munching along a leaf, soju bottles, a press on the gas pedal, sliced melon, healing, the stem of flourishing aster, sprinkles on a cupcake, green. Izuku’s eyes.
they’re everything you told yourself they wouldn’t be.
now, locked on him as he picks up the pace, with his furrowed brows pressed into yours, you’re enveloped in what you can only describe as home. it is here, between his arms and beneath him with your knees to your chest. this is where you’ve wanted to be all your life. you desire him so strongly that you can feel the string of fate that anchors his soul to yours, eyes aren’t necessary anymore. his heart keeps your blood pumping as yours does his.
you’d happily spend eternity in hell if it meant you’d see him in the second circle.
you regret opening your eyes because of it.
this is the damnation of which you were so terrified. you know that, despite how hard you fought to not need him, he would utterly ruin your life if he left. now, he has so much power, too much power, and you are left with no choice but to surrender to it. love it and love him, as you do, because your fear isn’t enough to hold you back anymore. stark yellow fear just makes green more vibrant.
he knows, you discover. as he pumps in and out of you desperately, nodding and cooing and praising the attachment he sees forming in your eyes, you are assaulted by the realization that he probably always knew. because he was watching. because he cares that deeply, and always has.
you climax together, moaning and shivering in tandem, consumed by the bond that sets your minds alight. it wasn’t sex, this experience. it was more than that. it was your fear against his honesty, your reservations against his love, in an all-out battle that would determine whose pull reigned supreme.
and you never stood a chance.
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helga-grinduil · a day ago
sure love making my faves go through it™ and ugly cry
Tumblr media
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theteapotofdoom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay but the raw siblings energy of this panel
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fedzkun · 2 days ago
5+ ask game: AU where First is evil and AFO was the good... better... less unhinged brother, please!
oof, time to rewrite the morality of the most ‘Heroic’ quirk in bnha >:) bit difficult to twist this, since i also operate by the Midoriya Izuku Almost Always Gets OFA rule ajskalsk
AFO only takes Quirks from people who don’t want them, or from those who willingly donate them for him to give it away to the powerless. Yoichi asks for a Quirk as well, and since AFO’s a legitimately loving brother, he gives his sibling the Stockpile Quirk and promises Yoichi a second one on his next birthday.
This Yoichi desires power to a great degree because all the heroes in the comic books can only achieve greatness through their superhuman abilities. In order to gather more power and strength, he ‘lends’ his Quirk to other people and tricks them into thinking that as long as they immediately return Yoichi’s Quirk to him, OFA will boost their own weak quirks. With this method, Yoichi rapidly accumulates a lot of quirks, boosted due to the repeated transference. Oh, and he has also eaten a lot of hair at this point. (AFO, on the other hand, still likes the comic villains. He finishes the comic books and sympathizes with them, but treats their fate as more of a cautionary tale than something to idolize.)
Obsessed with becoming a great hero, Yoichi realizes that he also needs a powerful villain to fight in order to legitimize his status of greatness. Thus, he declares All for One as his mortal enemy, much to his elder brother’s shock and betrayal. AFO doesn’t want to fight his only family, but Yoichi throws a fit and fights him with the OFA-powered Quirks he’s acquired, revealing to AFO what his younger brother had been doing behind his back. Still, it takes time for the Quirks within OFA to strengthen, and AFO could still overpower him. With his heart breaking at the thought of how dangerous Yoichi’s mindset has become, AFO resolves to lock him away in a vault for the safety of everyone. Unable to get out of the vault, Yoichi seduces his guard (Second) and transfers One for All into him. Doing so, however, kills Yoichi, as OFA also starts taking the souls of its main holders when transferred.
OFA is warped into something akin to the One Ring. It is a Quirk that tempts its Holders to acquire more power. The weaker the Quirk of its current Holder, the more powerful the temptation is. When the current Holder is unable to feed OFA anymore, OFA abandons them for another host. By the time it gets to the Quirkless Yagi, All Might has fallen to its desires so fast and so utterly that he lost himself to it, dedicating his 40 years to ‘heroing’ that is mainly just designating a certain type of people as Villains without them undergoing due process.
Meanwhile, AFO has dedicated himself to tracking OFA and trying to lessen the effects of its path of destruction. He hires lawyers and he himself sometimes represents those who who are wrongfully accused of as Villains. When he had a son with Inko, Izuku aims to follow his footsteps. Sadly, AFO doesn’t realize the effects of OFA on Quirkless people, and doesn’t give Izuku a Quirk for fear that his son could be tracked by OFA when found to possess someone else’s missing power.
OFA says LMAO when it finds out that his elder brother has a Quirkless son. As revenge for giving it grief all those years and for almost killing All Might’s body, OFA approaches a fourteen-year-old Midoriya Izuku one day and transfers itself to him, hypothetically forcing poor AFO to later battle his own son.
IT’S MIDORIYA IZUKU. OFA finds that its current host’s concept of ‘heroing’ isn’t “to accumulate power and use it to suppress the perceived villainy,” but rather to “run himself ragged saving others without thought of his own well-being.” Still, OFA is up to the challenge, and thinks that breaking Izuku into obeying it will be satisfying when it happens.
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incorrectheroquotes · 21 hours ago
Shinsou: My body is…betraying me…
Midoriya: No, you're exhausted. That happens to regular people when they keep throwing themselves into danger and refuse to sleep
Shinsou: I hate it
Midoriya: Come on, you just need to rest. Now, close your eyes and-
Kaminari: IS HE DEAD?!
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achairwithapandaonit · 22 hours ago
Mic and Teen Might casually going down the corridor in heelies while Aizawa sighs in resignation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
brotp izukua and aizawa 20k enemies to co-parents of all might and present mic
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