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#midoriya izuku

Word Count: 2,146

Notes: This was my old piece for the @domesticbnhazine! I previously just had it in a google doc and wanted it to have a proper place on my blog.

Summary: It had been two years since the beloved and infamous class had graduated and began their long-awaited journey of pro-heroism when a wedding invite arrived in the mail, a small cat stamp in the corner. He was shocked - he had assumed it had been a messing up of addresses, though sure enough it was to his apartment, and when he opened the envelope and saw the names ‘Izuku Midoriya’ and ‘Ochaco Uraraka’ in their glittering gold he swayed on his feet and had to catch himself on the counter.


Originally posted by bnha-velka

There was a lot to be said about Hero Class 1-A.

A majority of it could not be brought up, however, without the mention of Aizawa Shouta. After all, how could this group of students manage to tame the beast that had previously expelled all his students? What demon had they sold their soul too exactly to survive all their years at U.A.

Maybe the question should be asked of who exactly Aizawa had offered his soul to.

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Villain by Choice?

I want an AU where Deku is a villain by choice. Maybe as he grew up, he just became so invested in the science behind quirks he just had to learn more. He just had to find the answers, no matter how far he had to go to get them. Maybe he constantly watched and analyzed hero fights not to become a hero, but to see how their quirks worked and how he could replicate them. Maybe he was just so desperate to pick apart quirks and learn more that he just had to test his theories on someone. He just loves quirks so much, you know. Of course he gets named by the public. ‘The Dissector’ or something. Of course he catches the league of villains attention. Of course he joins them because they make an offer and he just can’t say no. It too good of an opportunity to pass up. And the villains are much stronger with such a brilliant mind on their side. They’re almost unstoppable.

edit- I’ve decided, I’m gonna write this 😆

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(Bnha spoilers)


Ok hear me out, if Bakugo’s hero name is “Kacchan” it would make perfect sense. “[Your hero name] is what you want to be and what you ought to be”. I think at this point Kacchan has realized that the type of hero he wants to be is someone people are amazed by, someone who believes in him no matter what he does, he wants to be someone who inspires others to keep getting up. He wants people to look at him the same way Deku does. Now “Kacchan” is the most childish name to give someone and the most childish hero name to have but it wouldn’t be a complete shocker if it was. It would actually be pretty appropriate, childhood friends to enemies to hero partners with their hero names being their childhood nicknames I mean COME ON!!

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Day 1: This is really hard for me to choose because I love most of them equally, so its probably a tie between Shoji, Ojiro, Koda, Tokoyami, and Shinso.

Day 2: …again, hard. I really love Jirou and Momo the most. They’re both such amazing people, but Tsu is also so sweet.

Day 3: Quirk wise, I like Yaoyorozu the most. She’s such a great character and is really destined for greatness. Personality wise, probably Kirishima. He’s just a really positive influence

Day 4: Kendo. No question. I love her personality and her quiet strength, but I like Juzo too.

Day 5: Mirio. His energy is really fun and he’s kind of a trouble maker in his own subtle way. He’s so sunny that anyone’s negativity just kind of bounces off him.

Day 6: Mora Nagamasa. I just think he’s really cool.

Day 7: This is harder, but probably Fat Gum. He’s just a fun person.

Day 8: Twice. Immediately Twice. His story is so sad and he’s realistic. He knows he doesn’t fit in with society so he chose to go to a place where he would be accepted, with the villains. I don’t believe he’s a truly bad guy, he just wants a bit of peace and some love and acceptance.

Day 9: My favorite quirk is probably Koda’s. Being able to control and coexist with all kinds of animals seems really cool to me. Shiozaki and Yanagi’s quirks are a close second.

Day 10: My favorite hero costumes belong to Komori Kinoko, Ojiro, and Thirteen.

Day 11: My favorite minor character will always be Ojiro. He doesn’t get enough love.

Day 12: The funniest characters to me are probably the Bakusquad. Their energy is just hilarious and chaotic.

Day 13: My favorite scene is probably the one with Gran Torino after tripping into a pile of ketchup soaked sausages looks up and goes “I’m alive!” and Midoriya screeches “AH HE’S ALIVE!” Or any scene with Shinso really.

Day 14: My favorite battle is the training battle between Class B and Class A with Tetsutetsu, Juzo, Pony, Sen, Iida, Shoji, Ojiro, and Todoroki.

Day 15: My favorite opening is the first one ever called The Day.

Day 16: My favorite story arc was probably the practical licensing exam / special moves arc because everyone from lots of schools and in Class A got to strut their stuff.

Day 17: “No Good Hero is a One Trick Pony” -Aizawa. It works better with the context seeing as he said it right before jumping into battle to protect his students, but it reminds me that each of my strengths is unique and valuable. I also like his blatant disrespect for social norms

Day 18: The one on the bus were Asui calmly destroys Bakugo.

Day 19: Can’t really remember. I’m pretty sure I cried during the Overhaul arc though. The fact that Eri went through such pain really hurts my heart.

Day 20: Bakugo, Kaminari, and Kirishima’s friendship. It’s great. They have good chemistry. I also like Aoyama’s friendship with Midoriya. 

Day 21: O h. God probably Aizawa or Tsu. Tokoyami and Jirou ring pretty true for me too.

Day 22: Shoji. I love him, I love his quirk. I’m short so he could give me piggy backs and stuff. I feel like he’d enjoy reading somewhere quiet like I do, so we might do that.

Day 23: Yaoyorozu, Mina, Tsuyu, or Kendo. They’re all powerful, confident, capable ladies and I wish I had their level of fearlessness.

Day 24: Bakugo and Shigaraki. Bakugo has matured from a loud selfish proud rage head to a loud proud rage head. He dropped the majority of the selfish part. And Shigaraki has gone from kind of a whiny man-child to a full-blown criminal organizer.

Day 25: I’m hella gay for Jirou and Momo so them. If I had to pick a dude… uhhhh…… Shinso? Kirishima’s pretty cute I guess?

Day 26: Kurogiri. He puts up with the League’s bull and has yet to murder them. His patience seems to be unending. Either that or Mirio. He could probably get away with everything.

Day 27: A pure child.


Day 28: I remember looking at Thirteen and asking myself if he was a that one tire mascot before realizing he was supposed to be an astronaut. I also flipped Endeavor off a lot during seasons 2 and 3

Day 29: I liked the Wild Wild Pussycats forest. It was pretty

Day 30: My favorite AU is probably the fantasy one. Which is kinda basic, but I also like ijessbest’s AU where Tomura is a Pro Hero

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I don’t think they ever went out into the field as vigilantes, because Aizawa is protective enough about his students that I really don’t think he’d drag his not-even-fifteen-yet sons out into vigilante work, and stamped down hard on any suggestion that they sneak out to try it for themselves with the promise that if they did, that would be the end of their lessons. He doesn’t want them hurt, and while becoming heroes isn’t great for that, it’s at least a career that offers a bit more support and protection than his own.

Not that this has ever stopped them from finding trouble anyway - Izuku still has that tendency to chase after villain fights to take notes on the Quirks involved - but not quite as officially as they might’ve done. As for names…I think they’re still coming up with those. They’re both…kind of used to the world of underground heroics in a way, in that those are the sorts of heroes they’re more used to seeing on rare occasions near their area, and because they’re both suited to that style of heroism in terms of abilities and fighting style. Names aren’t quite as big a deal there.

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Chapter Two (Part Two (Gaby POV)) Memories and Nightmares

Her eyes whipped open in fear, body jerking up as her bangs stuck to her forehead from how much she was sweating. 

“Gaby! Give it back!“ 

Her breathing was uneven, eyes darting around as she could practically hear the boy’s laughter. 


Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Gaby found herself thinking about the day it happened. 

Why was everything so blurry? She couldn’t remember their faces. 

The darkness around her seemed to close in on her, her eyes widening as she tried to calm herself down. 

"I’m sorry, Gaby!" 

It was a feminine voice, anguish in her voice as she cried. There was a man as well, saying something to her but it was like static. 

She couldn’t understand a thing they were saying to her and she found tears welling up in her eyes as well. 

The voice, the first one she heard, was her older brother. 

Thomas Choi, or Tommy, and she found herself desperately trying to remember what happened. Why she couldn’t remember what happened to her own sibling. 

Her eyes darted around in search of something, anything, that could help her before her eyes focused on her phone. 

Roxy usually stayed up late. She said so herself. 

But Gaby felt like a burden if she texted the older girl so she began to scroll through her phone contacts. 

Until a familiar name caught her eye. 

Would he still be awake? 

Sighing, she texted anyways and hoped he’d respond soon, she desperately needed someone to talk to and he seemed nice enough. 



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And I’m not breaking, I won’t take it
And I won’t ever feel this way again
‘Cause you don’t need me anymore, ooh whoa
And I won’t ever try again
And all I want in return is revenge
'Cause I don’t need you anymore, ooh whoa
So where do you go?

Demi (Corrupted Form)

Demi is the fusion of Amy Martinez and Izuku Midoriya, but in their corrupted form of a fusion spell gone wrong. 

Or rather, the fusion began stable but quickly deteriorated when their components ended up recollecting old disagreements and bad memories upon fusing together. But instead of falling apart, Amy seized control and held the fusion together, including Izuku himself and the fusion became toxic and almost demonic in appearance and personality. 

The fusion is extremely unstable, emotionally, physically and mentally due to Amy and Izuku’s continuous internal battling with each other with Amy trying to maintain the control and Izuku repeatedly fighting her to win some control back.

 As a result, Demi doesn’t have a singular personality, with Amy and Izuku’s traits both making themselves known and stubbornly trying to seize control and it’s apparent which one is speaking based on whose voice dominates. Amy often dominated, but Izuku made his presence known when he managed to seize some control over Amy. 

Demi is violent and aggressive as well as unwavering and strong-willed, stemming from Amy and Izuku respectively, but due to their component’s fighting, Demi is prone to self-harm and talking to themselves because of Amy and Izuku speaking and yelling at each other, but due to this instability, Demi also lashes out, including towards friends and allies equally.


Demi: (Izuku) S-STOP!! What the hell are you doing?! (Amy) Whatever the hell I want! You can’t stop me anymore! (Izuku) Yes… I can! I won’t let you! This isn’t right! You have to stop! (Amy) No… you can’t! Not when I’m with you! I’m stronger than you! So stay with me! It’s you and me now! We are a demigod!

According to Mallory, the corrupted form of Demi is made up of obsession, fear, submission and a lack of mutual understanding.

However, she hypothesizes that although Amy and Izuku both end up exhausting themselves, that it’s ultimately the lingering remorse, self-loathing and desperation that keeps Demi’s corrupted fusion together. While Amy’s controlling half plays a part, it’s also Izuku’s desperate desires to compromise combined with Amy’s own desire to resolve everything that also aids Demi’s corrupted fusion in staying together. 

Unfortunately, in the end, both Amy and Izuku feel bad while maintained in the unstable form of the fusion even as it maintains it’s own personality and becomes more submissive to it’s component’s misery. As Demi becomes more submissive, her corrupted nature maintains fluctuating, alternating between anger and sadness. 

Although it’s also implied that the fusion is also extremely unstable due to One For All containing the other past users as Demi claims to hear voices in her head, which Amy tries desperately to block out and it results in self-harm and outbursts of anger. 

And due to the instability, both Amy and Izuku’s positive traits such as empathy and compassion are outweighed and diminished which allows Demi to hurt other people, including people they care about because of the overwhelming mix of unpleasant emotions. While Demi is capable of expressing remorse and a warning, they still do so in an aggressive and angry manner. 

Demi: (Amy and Izuku) This doesn’t involve you! Leave me alone! Can’t you see I just want to be alone?! So just… just go away…or else… I’LL MAKE YOU! 

Demi is arguably the most powerful and the most dangerous fusion due to wielding the power of One For All, Izuku’s 7 other quirks including Black Whip and Float, as well as six of the seven wonders that Amy is capable of, including Telekinesis, Teleportation, Pyrokinesis, Divination, Decensum, Concilium and Amy’s special power Sentio Compassios. 

Together these powers manifest into an array of destructive powers that can easily overpower any unwise opponent, and they are also capable of destroying entire cities and leaving devastation in their wake as Demi burnt all of UA’s training grounds to the very ground. Demi’s most utilized powers however are her strength (One For All) and telekinesis, but due to the increase in strength, Demi’s telekinesis is an extremely advanced level as they can manipulate matter and energy on an atomic level and their power can even spread out on a worldwide scale.

With Izuku’s insane strength and Amy’s skill in magic, Demi was incredibly strong, forceful and created damage and destruction wherever they went. In fact, it’s why Amy dubbed the fusion ‘Demi’, as they are almost godlike in terms of having superhuman strength, speed and endurance because Demi was too strong for many heroes all at once to take it down.

A fearful Cordelia, however, theorizes that because of this strength and instability, Demi is capable of destroying the entire planet due to the sheer amount of power from their components and could create global destruction if they go berserk or have an extreme emotional reaction or a breakdown.  And to her horror, her theories are not unfounded as the longer Demi stays fused however, the more Amy and Izuku gradually lose themselves to the fusion as Demi becomes more animalistic as they began to growl, snarl and roar.

Shinsou also expressed the belief that the fusion is internally suffering because Amy and Izuku needed some sense of closure, and that the corrupted form couldn’t be their true personality. 

Thankfully, his hypothesis is proven correct when Demi is able to come down due to Shinsou, Ashlen, Bakugo and Todoroki’s help, combined with the aid of Uraraka, Iida, and Tsuyu, as well as the majority of Class 2-A’s support to talk the corrupted fusion down. 

Even in it’s corrupted state, Demi breaks down in tears as they slowly come undone and allow Amy and Izuku to return to themselves, only for the two of them to break down crying and apologizing to each other, while also being consoled by their friends.

I wanted to draw this since it was on my mind for a while, and it was inspired both by Malachite from Steven Universe.

Corrupted Demi was a concept that had been in my mind I liken it to a relationship or even a friendship that turned into something toxic, but since it’s only the corrupted form, I will draw the stable and normal form because to me Corrupted Demi is also proof that a toxic relationship can change and detox.

Corrupted Demi is voiced by Justin Briner and Anna Kendrick (in unison) 

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Mmh - this anonymous person is pressed for an ass-kicking huh?

Again, I only take three characters so I'mma take Shouto off - sorry about that!

Anyhow, let’s go!!

Ngl, they’re all gonna feel pretty bad for being relieved it’s not a love letter.

~ Dari


Bakugo Katsuki

  • oof, the poor bastard just flipped a damn switch
  • he literally went from calm RBF to Lord Explosion Murder in a heartbeat, practically foaming at the mouth in his fury
  • especially once he learned of the reason behind all of this bullshit
  • learns only about it when he went to the lockers earlier than you and confronted you with the thumbtacks and threatening letters
  • your boy is pissed and doubles down on staying around you, spending time with you even more and coming up with a plan to find out who the fuck these people think they are
  • big, angry guard dog
  • honestly, this would likely make him confess earlier, regardless of whether you share his feelings or not - it’s just incentive to show the extras why exactly he was adamant on spending time with you

Midoriya Izuku

  • he gently asks you about this once he learns about it
  • it’s lucky you’re alone because the angry tears that spring from his eyes in his rant about how you were amazing and so kind
  • baby just didn’t understand it, he’s so, so mad
  • after consoling him, the two of you are practically attached at the hip
  • Izuku eventually sets a trap of some sort early in the morning after you and him told staff and got permission to help catch them in the act via a small hidden camera rig that goes throughout a week or so since he wants to see if there is more than one of people siring this
  • it also gave you undisputed evidence to get them to stop
  • he also comforts you and affirms that he wants to and loves to be around you during this time
  • you get hint of his crush on you when he gets flustered after he realizinh that he said the word ‘love’

Togata Mirio

  • also gently inquires about it, worried out of his mind upon seeing your expression … he frowns and it is so uncharacteristic and making it clear that this made him feel horrible
  • Mirio similarly to the others, sticks by your side and begins his own small investigation as to who could have been doing this to someone he cares so much for
  • it makes him more disappointed in this person than anything else - especially if they turn to be someone he knew
  • absolutely uses his quirk to find out, trying to see it’s one perpetrator or multiple
  • it pains him to hear you were being harassed by being around him, but it just makes him so much more protective and assure you that he’d stay beside you with conviction
  • this situation also gently pushes him to confess publicly, whether you feel the same or not doesn’t matter, he wants to show that he has no shame in his feelings or being around you
  • of course, leaves it up to you and isn’t trying to put you on the spot when he does tell you, straight up telling everyone else watching that your feelings matter too
  • he’s steadfast in remaining at your side no matter the outcome
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BNHA | Midoriya Izuku x Reader (pregnancy fluff)

Yesss, it’s done! I hope you like this! <3 It’s fluffy so prepare your heart XD

The headcanons will be released after I’m done with Shouto one too. They’ll be released as one post.

I apologize for any grammatical errors you may find below. 

P.S. I hope this can be included as one of your collection @bnhabookclub​ :D Thank you! <3

*I do not own this picture.


[   Little Flutters  ]


Ever since they were married and had bought an apartment, the new location of his agency was inspired by their home and the future plans he had thought about.

Whenever his mind ran away with thoughts of the future, they were always filled with his own kids. 

He was meticulous even while thinking fleetingly about such things.

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(Midoriya Izuku x reader)

☁ He smiled to himself, reminiscing in the memories that had surfaced with the letter. She had been the light of his days. He smiled for a second longer, and then he began to cry.

☁ Word count: 938


☁ Warning: I am so sorry, this is so sad :(

⤔ Leggo


As he flicked through the letters, a small, handwritten envelope caught his attention and his heart began to thump. Gingerly, he picked it up in his hands and read over the curvy handwriting addressed to him. 

Midoriya Izuku, from L/N Y/N

His fingers shook as he carefully flipped the envelope around and lifted the cover, taking out a battered piece of paper. Already he could feel his heart swelling and his eyes watering.

He had read the letter once before. But not bothered to any other time afterward. At first he didn’t go anywhere near it because it remained a memory of the first girl he had ever loved and had been too painful for him to even ever think of. But then over time he forgot and the girl completely slipped his mind, causing the letter to disappear with her.

But here it was, in his hands. It would be a shame if he didn’t read it. He set the empty envelope on the ground and unfolded the paper, soaking in the handwriting that seemed all too familiar to him even if it had been written twenty years ago.

His eyes scanned every word, and after every sentence he felt his heart begin to ache more and more as tears started to form in his eyes. There was a reason as to why he had vowed to not read it at all.

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