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#midoriya izuku x reader
writingmha · 7 hours ago
yours to keep
Tumblr media
pairing: pro hero!midoriya izuku x f!reader
snyopsis: izuku goes abroad on a hero mission and it breaks his heart to leave y/n, but he comes to realizations about the two of them while he's away.
content: pro hero au, fluff, relationship discussions, i throw in some marriage talk
word count: 1.5k
a/n: this song makes me feel warm and fuzzy but sad at the same time and after listening to it on repeat for awhile it reminded me of izuku :,)
Tumblr media
It was three in the morning. He was on another plane going on another mission abroad, and all Izuku could think about was the way Y/N had cried at the airport the first time he’d left for an overseas mission a year ago.
“I’m so excited for you!” she had screamed when she heard the news, immediately jumping into his arms and rambling about all of the food he’d get to try and the amazing people he’d meet. And his nerves had vanished right then and there, and they both spent the night making a list of things he’d take with him, neither of them pausing to think what six months away meant for their relationship.
They’d been dating for two years, having officially gotten together after graduating high school. Y/N was currently in college studying to be a teacher, and was doing her training at UA. She was almost positive she’d go back to UA to teach, and was thrilled at the prospect of being a mentor to so many young aspiring heroes while doing some hero work at the same time. She was happy, and seeing her happy made Izuku happy.
Since he was in the limelight a lot, the relationship was hard on Y/N, no matter how hard she tried to insist it wasn’t. Izuku was an expert at avoiding the media, but it was still irritating when Y/N was referred to as nothing more than his girlfriend, when she was a part time hero and student, something he thought was far more impressive than what he was doing. The first chance he got he bought them a house near UA and Y/N’s university with a great security system to scare away any paparazzi who would be smart enough to find out where they lived (something no one had done so far).
His trip was something they’d both known would happen eventually, but they’d never explicitly discussed it. Izuku was scared to bring it up, terrified Y/N would mistake his feelings of unease for wanting to end their relationship, which was the last thing he wanted. Whenever he brought it up she’d wave it away, assuring him everything was going to be fine, and that he must remember to bring back a souvenirer, both for her and for the apartment. And, in a team effort with his mom, she’d made him a new scarf to take with him, because it was cold in New York, especially in the wintertime. They didn’t talk about the risks of the mission—they’d stopped discussing dangers on the job after a few months of dating, because it was so normal in both of their jobs they both overlooked it more often than not.
Y/N drove him to the airport, ignoring his advice for her to stay home and rest before her class the next day. Izuku was recognized by the staff, and paired with Y/N’s determined stare, it was enough for her to be allowed to wait with him at his gate until his flight left.
She sat with him for almost an hour, holding his hand the entire time and talking about her classes and the kids she was mentoring, knowing any other topic would make them both remember why they were here.
He was the last one to board the flight. He couldn’t bring himself to get up, to let go of Y/N’s hand. They’d never been apart longer than three weeks for over six years now, and letting go of her hand was the last thing he wanted to do at that moment.
“C’mon,” she’d said, standing up and pulling him along with him. Izuku clutched his boarding pass much harder than necessary, something Y/N had to have noticed. But her gaze was straight ahead, focused on the flight attendant waiting to check his pass and allow him onto the plane.
She turned to hug him, squeezing him tightly and pressing kisses along the side of his face. “I love you so much, have a safe flight, and call me as soon as you land.”
And then she was letting go of him and pushing him forward gently, and Izuku handed over his boarding pass and turned to look back at her.
She was standing right where he’d left her, wrapped up in his favorite All Might scarf. Her cheeks were glistening with tears, and with a startled realization that his vision was blurring, he realized he was crying, too. She waved at him until he couldn’t see her anymore, and it took all of Izuku’s willpower not to jump out of the plane and rush back into her arms. He felt like his heart was breaking, knowing she was crying because of him, knowing her heart would ache just as his was aching now because of him.
He called her the second he landed, and didn’t hang up until she fell asleep and he did too, in a bed 6,000 miles away from the only person he wanted to be with.
Tumblr media
“My students keep asking about you!” Y/N chirped, smiling widely at him. She was in the kitchen, eating a late lunch. It was almost midnight for Izuku, but he hadn’t felt this awake all week.
Between both of their busy schedules, they only managed to video call once a week, the rest of their communication being text messages and the occasional quick phone call. But when they did video call, they stayed on the line until one of them fell asleep. Izuku was determined not to nod off for at least another hour. Seeing Y/N, even through a screen, was his biggest motivation to keep moving forward on his mission.
It was going well, all things considering. Winter was hell in New York, but Izuku dutifully took his new scarf everywhere he went and bundled up whenever he went outside. It had already been three months, and he had heard whispers around the agency where he was working that the mission might wrap up within the next month if things continued to go smoothly.
He hadn’t told Y/N, not wanting to get her hopes up in case he did have to stay the full six months.
“Really? Do you tell them I’m kicking ass over here in the states? And that I’ll bring them souvenirs if they’re nice to you?” He asked her now, fighting back a yawn. It was only 1AM, how weak was he? Sure he’d chased down a lead today—literally—but that was no excuse.
“Oh, they’re always nice to me,” Y/N rolled her eyes at him as she took a bite of her lunch. “So they’re all expecting gifts.”
He smiled. Y/N told him more about how life was going back home. She visited his mom weekly, cooking with her and oftentimes calling Izuku with her while she was there. As she was telling him about her last visit, he remembered what his mom had told him before he’d left.
“Y/N doesn’t say it,” she told him, eyes already welling with tears as she spoke. “But I know she worries for you as much as I do. She loves you with her whole heart and more, Izuku. I know you love her just as much.That kind of love is too special to let go. Do you understand?”
He did.
They’d both talked about it—marriage. Y/N had told him she’d agree to marry him in a heartbeat, but she understood that they also didn’t need to formally get married and she was perfectly content with how they were now.
He remembered reading columns about them that the newspapers would sometimes put out whenever he got interviewed on big talk shows and he talked about Y/N. The reporters would go crazy with it for a couple of weeks: speculating when a ring would be spotted on Y/N’s finger, when Dynamight would come home after years abroad to attend the wedding, when All Might would emerge from his peaceful retirement to officiate.
Izuku had been sure he was going to spend the rest of his life with Y/N when they’d moved in together, and the first thing she insisted they both do was plant a flower in the backyard. He’d been in love with her for over two years now, but finally moving in with her, seeing her plant the first flower in their new home together—that had solidified everything for him.
“Y/N,” he said now, quietly, as he found himself being overcome with sleep.
She looked up from her lunch, smile softening. “Yeah?”
“Love you so much,” he said. “Be lost without you.”
“I love you too, Izuku,” she replied.
He fell asleep before he could tell her he was going to marry her the second he got back, that he’d buy her a bouquet of flowers to match the ones in their garden in the backyard.
But he had a feeling she already knew. And it made him love her even more.
Tumblr media
masterlist + navigation ; requests are open!
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tdrkis · a day ago
you know the drill: it’s 1am, your assignment is due at 1pm, and your current word count stands at a round zero. 10 hours to go - who’s got your back?
— pro hero and/or college 1-a characters + fluff + written as established relationships (you could still interpret these to preference tho, if you want)
— content warnings: none, college assignments though
— gn reader ft. izuku, bakugou, kaminari, mina
Tumblr media
calling him over is probably one of the best decisions you could possibly make in a situation like this. izuku is so naturally inclined towards research, he could probably pull together a better bibliography than anyone actually enrolled in the course. he’s very motivated to see this through, both so you can get some rest and not worry about your grade, but also as he’s very likely to grow a genuine interest in the subject itself over the night.
two things you have to be careful about: for one, make sure you actually write the assignment — izuku will get you carried away exchanging ideas (and muttering about it, too!) so you need to pull the discussion back to actually get some work done. he gets so into it and that’s precisely why you have to be so careful — too endearing a sight. two, don’t hand over the keyboard to this man. not a good ghostwriter. for some reason, though, he’s incredible at citations and referencing, probably scarily so to the point of doing these from scratch just through his understanding of what you’ve written. 10/10 has your back, assignment will be submitted an hour early.
effective, but at what cost? once you’ve moved past the initial “i’m not mad, just disappointed” exchanges, he’s pretty steadfast in his resolve to get you through this. really, his frustration stems more from misplaced guilt — if you’d just told him about this a week ago, he wouldn’t have taken up so much of the same time you should’ve been spending on assignments instead. bakugou is unnervingly perceptive, and it carries here too. he’ll actually be able to point out where things aren’t really working, structure and content wise. he won’t do research, but he’ll be able to pick up on any concepts at an equally unnerving pace. might shit on your thesis as a result if you have one, but there won’t really be much time to change it by that point.
time is really of the essence here. bakugou isn’t a night owl since he’s kind of a stickler for certain routines (though he’d pop a vessel if you phrased it like that). if this happens after a busy week for him, he’ll mellow out as the night goes on. by 5am, he’s kind of slurring through his words a little, less bite on any reply to dumb questions (less “who gives a shit, it’s just a comma”). by 7am, he’s out like a light, but you might just be able to pop some pictures of him, asleep at your desk, cheek smushed up against the surface. though you’ll submit the assignment solo, but on time, hearing him mumble and cling onto you in his stirred sleep as you guide him towards a more comfortable resting spot is pretty rewarding.
kick him out. better yet, don’t even let him in. the assignment will start and finish with zero words and the clock will round from 12:59 to 13:00, sealing your fate without so much as a submission to show for it. and you won’t even be able to say you exchanged the grade for sleep, either. it’s obviously not malicious — denki will make the effort to encourage you to work. but, it doesn’t matter whether he’s a pro hero or has assignments of his own to do, it’s still all on you. the moment your focus breaks, he won’t be able to steer it back because, honestly, written assignments don’t mesh well with him either and he’s much more invested in getting to spend time with you.
you’ll still pull an all nighter, but you might as well have asked him for a sleepover. playing video games, talking, laughing without reason because the sleep deprivation is hitting its peak, etc. the research and draft might as well have been cleared from your trash folder. come morning, does he feel guilty about it? yes. this could’ve been prevented. kick him out.
‘solidarity’ is the key word here. even if she doesn’t even have the same classes, mina is so ride or die that her level of investment will make you feel like she sat next to you during every lecture for the entire term. even in the event that she’s a pro hero, and doesn’t even go to college. on one hand, this is great because the both of you really are driven to submit this by the approaching deadline. on the other hand, the stress levels are off the charts. you’ll both riff off of each other — each time you suggest giving up, she’ll encourage you to push forward, and vice versa. by some miracle, you both resist the call for a small nap — bound for doom in these scenarios — but the break to get some vending machine coffee at 3am takes a little too long. the caffeine, too, might’ve been a poor choice, even if a necessary evil.
you’ll both cry together sometime around 5am, then again at 8am, jittery as you finally submit the assignment around 10am. don’t worry about the quality. you’ll both immediately crash in your bed until the late afternoon, at which point mina will insist on a celebratory dinner out in the city as means for recovery. it’s one of the best meals you’ve ever had. 8/10.
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cielcius · a day ago
Planes Over Cars || Midoriya Izuku
Pairings: Ceo!Midoriya x g/n!reader
Summary: Just as you arrive home, you’re shocked to find your boyfriend—usually already there to greet you—coming in through the front door as he stands almost unrecognizable.
A/N this one made me think long and hard because I had to stop and remember to breathe while writing this, I love izuku just having this whole secret life that he feels like it’s not even worth mentioning lol anyways I also just got hired for my first job so ig this is like a small self celebration. yay :D
Genre: fluff, slight crack, in relation to this post and this post
WC: 1k
Notes/Warnings: reader travels on an airplane, izuku calls reader “bub” lovingly, established relationship
Tumblr media
“izuku! I'm home.” dropping your keys in the designated bowl on the shoe cabinet, you listen quietly for the call of your boyfriend to welcome you home, but surprisingly, it never comes.
or maybe it shouldn’t have shocked you at this point, seeing as you knew today was going to be different when you woke up and izuku wasn’t there to greet you, instead, leaving a cold empty space where he should have been like he was the past few weeks.
your parents always warned you to not let any strangers into your home, especially if they’re taking advantage of your resources but izuku’s charm never failed to blind you of that fact, so of course, you never questioned whether or not he actually had a home to go back to. 
you toe your shoes off and place them to the side, eyebrows knitted as you’re still a bit hesitant to venture further into your apartment. what if izuku really was a bad guy? without telling much about himself, he had managed to weave himself into your life with no questions from either party, but as you think about it now, it could have been on purpose.
curse his cute, boyish charm.
just as you’ve reached the living room, you notice two things. izuku’s bag that has suddenly gone missing—surely something that you had overseen that morning as you rushed to get to work—and the jingle of your front door’s lock that twists with ease, letting a tall figure into your home.
“yes, no—I thought I told you to recalculate the averages. oh, okay, we’ll settle this later then.” izuku can only focus on ending his call at that moment, disregarding your figure that stands in the middle of the living room dumbfounded as he kicks his shoes off. trailing down his figure, you admire the dip in his waist that his suit accentuates with ease, bringing the navy blue blazer and slacks together with a black tie smoothed over his white button-down.
a sigh brings you from your thoughts, as well as a drop of a bag—the bag that you had only noticed its missing presence seconds before—before izuku’s green eyes meet yours, and the both of you lock in a standstill. you watch as izuku processes the scene, opening his mouth where no words are able to come out for a moment until he finally comes to his senses.
“oh, you’re home early. welcome home.” you can easily notice the shift in his voice, how much softer it is compared to the one he used when speaking over the phone before, and you quietly admit to yourself that you can’t deny the warm feeling in your chest at the action. “thanks. uhm, how was your day?”
izuku walks over to bring you into a hug, sinking into your arms as if he hasn’t done so in years with a quiet sigh. “kinda tiring. I didn’t think I had to go into the office today until my assistant called me about an important meeting, totally forgot.” izuku pulls away with a breathy chuckle, locking eyes with you before pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
“how about you? did something happen?” you shake your head, mind still preoccupied with how fitted his suit is and the way his normally messy curls seem to fall in just the right places. “you look very handsome, izuku.” your whisper reaches his ears and sends a shock down his spine, red blooming from ear to ear as he tries his best to restrain his smile from turning into a grin.
“thanks, bub,” he places another kiss on the top of your head. “you wanna go out and eat? I just remembered this really good yakisoba place.” still a bit caught up in your head, you nod and let him put your shoes on for you, watching as he tugs you out of the apartment with that boyish smile of his.
“so... is the yakisoba place on a different island?” your voice sounds a bit different to you when you hear it in your head, probably because you’re currently sitting in the cockpit of an airplane being driven by your boyfriend who doesn’t even have a driver’s license. “oh, yeah. don’t worry, we’ll be landing in about twenty minutes.”
you nod, eyes surveying the empty sky as it starts to darken, and soon, you’re landing yourselves a seat in said yakisoba restaurant that izuku had recalled earlier that day. “mm. i’m gonna get number two, what about you?” izuku looks up, green eyes sparkling in anticipation for your answer.
“probably number five.” you adjust the menu that lays flat on the table in front of you, slightly out of nerves and it isn’t until after the waiter has gotten your order that the question seems to burst from your lips. “so, when did you learn how to fly a plane? doesn’t seem like something that’s easy.”
shooting you a grin, izuku rubs at the back of his neck—a noticeable habit by now. “well, it’s honestly a lot easier than driving a car. i don’t have to worry about looking everywhere I turn—and traffic.” there’s a period of suppressed laughter, half out of politeness and half out of wanting to keep the precious moment between the two of you as the world fades and leaves izuku as your only view (and it’s the only one you’ll ever want).
Tumblr media
“oh right, while we’re here, we should go pick up your shoes.”
“my shoes?”
izuku takes your hand in his, intertwining your fingers before bringing you close to his side. “the ones you ordered a month ago. I figured they were taking too long so we can just get it here from the store.” with that, izuku presses a kiss to the side of your head before leading the way, paying no mind to your widened eyes.
it takes a moment, but soon you’re letting out a soft chuckle, shaking your head in slight disbelief before leaning your head on his shoulder with a smile gracing your lips. “thank you, izuku.”
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uravichii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
highschool crush! ₓ ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.
ー bnha boys crushing on you in highschool
character/s: bakugo katsuki, midoriya izuku, kaminari denki
genre: very fluff, (hinted), mutual pining, humor (?)
warnings: mentions of food/eating, (1) curse word, there's like a random scenario in bakugo's part 💀
notes: i was supposed to add shouto, kirishima, and shinsou in this but 😃 that probably would've taken another week and i already feel bad for not posting for 20 days now 😨 so,,
part two!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku, who gets too absorbed in helping you with your homework that he ends up sitting down beside you in one chair, his torso pressed firmly onto yours until your skin feels ablaze. when someone points it out, he jolts up with his face beet-red, and he only stops apologizing and bowing frantically when you start to scoot over, gesturing him to sit down and carry on with the homework in that tiny space you had made for him.
midoriya izuku, who's quick to hold his lunchbox to your direction the instant he catches you eyeing his food. though you understand his intention even when he's talking with his cheeks still stuffed with food, you can't really take him seriously when he looks exactly like: 🐰
midoriya izuku, whose heart flutters when he zooms in on a candid photo of class 1-A and sees you laughing with him on the couch at the very corner of the photo. he doesn't seem to mind the visible pixels, the worsened resolution when he crops the photo, or the fact that half of his face is already cut off from the frameー the clear-cut gleam of your smile easily transcends the photo's shitty quality.
midoriya izuku, who makes a separate album on his phone only for that one photo of you and him in it. he thinks for a moment if you'd find it cheesy if he were to print out that photo and slip it in his confession letter to you (which has been hiding deep in the pocket of his backpack for months now, he's just been rehearsing how to give it to you.)
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki, who shoots brief glances at you when he hears you laughing with your friends, so he too, could catch sight of your smile.
bakugo katsuki, who musters up the courage to check up on you when he sees you slumped down on your desk. when you finally lift your head up, you're instantly met with his searing glare and a calloused palm pressed flat on your forehead, large enough to almost cover your eyes as your cheeks grow hotter than they already were. "oi, do something about that stupid fever, shitty L/N"
bakugo katsuki, who went from slick glances to lingering stares at your now empty chair when you've decided to skip school for the day. his usually-neat and precise notes are now ridiculously detailed and messily scribbled with "reminders" on each pageー "THIS!! REMEMBER THIS, IDIOT." "IMPORTANT. REMEMBER !!!" "PAY ATTENTION, IDIOT-L/N."
bakugo katsuki, who, for one second, smirks and teases you for standing on your tiptoes, struggling to reach a book from a tall shelf. the second after, he's already dashed across the room to you, successfully catching every single book that had toppled over from the top shelf before one could even graze you.
with a click of his tongue, he picks up the book you've been trying to lay hold of and lightly taps it on your head before handing it to you. as he walks away, he mutters over your shoulder, "... careful."
and his voice, for once, sounded low and delicate against your ear, and if you had looked closer, you would've seen the wave of relief easing the edges of the usual scowl on his face.
Tumblr media
kaminari denki, who often looks at you after making a joke to the whole class. his heart flutters, and his face beams with a rose flush when he sees you laughing over his jokes, no matter how stupid he knows his jokes can be.
kaminari denki, who hypes you up every chance he gets. even as simple as wearing a tiny hairclip to school, he genuinely thinks you're the prettiest in it, and he'll be loud about it. he'd wear a paper clip on his hair too because "it's cute, and y/n's a trendsetter 🗣‼" and also bc he's just stupid and he wants to make you laugh
kaminari denki, who's absolutely in love with youー when you present something in front of the class, it's the only time he's completely silent. he'd have heart-eyes on you the whole time, occasionally nodding in agreement to what you have to say, and even when you're just reading off a script, he'll rest his chin on his palm and think, "y/n is so smart :))"
kaminari denki, who shamelessly flirts with you everyday with endless compliments and cheesy pick-up lines, but when he decides to confess, he's genuine about it. he'll ask you to meet him in the rooftop after school (no one can really tell whether denki actually thinks it's romantic or if he's just copying off a shoujo manga scene) and under a lighthearted atmosphere blended seamlessly with the sincerity of his words, he finally confesses to you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Humiliation | Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 - 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Part two to this post. It might be worth reading first but you probably don’t have to! Midoriya walks in on you and Bakugou having sex in his office and Bakugou decides to teach him a lesson.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, dubcon, coercion, humiliation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, degredation (mostly to Deku), possessive Bakugou, cum eating, blowjobs, cunnilingus.
Word Count: 2.7k.
Tumblr media
“Take your clothes off.” Bakugou’s voice was blunt as Midoriya fidgeted on the other side of the room, green eyes diverted away from your naked form.
“Did I fuckin’ stutter?” Bakugou rasped, watching Midoriya’s eyes snap up glance at you, eyes flickering down to your exposed chest before you to your glowing irises. 
Obeying Bakugou’s orders as hands reached down to pull his shirt up and over his head, letting the fabric drop to the floor. Stepping inside the room as he shut the door behind him, lingering in position.
“Yeah, and the rest—“ Bakugou coaxed as you watched Midoriya drop his pants to the floor. His cock hidden by a small pair of briefs as you noticed his length straining against the fabric as his pre left a darkened stain against it, “Hurry the fuck up.”
Midoriya paused for a moment before complying, tugging his boxers down as you watched his cock spring to attention. Nowhere near as big as Bakugou but he was thick, a glob of pre-cum glistening at the tip as he stood in all his naked glory. 
“Tch, you really think you’re gonna pleasure her with that, Deku?” Bakugou scoffed, “No wonder you’re out there listening. How many times you jerked off to the thought of her, hah?” 
Midoriya didn’t answer, but the darkness on his cheekbones may have been an indication. Eyes looking down at the ground as he tried to stop himself from looking at your naked body.
“Well, don’t just stand there. Come over here.”
You gasp in surprise as Midoriya took a step closer, Bakugou. Wordlessly dropping to his knees in front of you and Bakugou as he looked at where your bodies were connected. Creamy rings of your slick circling around the base of Bakugou’s thick cock as he tightened his grip against your legs, pulling them back further against your chest so he could get a better look at his old rival kneeling between your thighs. 
“She’s so fuckin’ pretty, ain’t she?” Bakugou grinned smugly as he watched the way that Midoriya looked at your messy pussy, thick fingers sliding around your thighs as he pressed his palm against the top of your pelvis. Spreading your folds with his fingers so Midoriya could get a better look at your slit. His middle finger tapping against your puffy clit as he pulled the hood of it back, feeling the way you writhed against him from the overstimulation as he smirked against your cheek, “Real sensitive.”
You whined as Bakugou continued tapping against your clit, occasionally stopping to rub teasing circles around it as you felt Midoriya’s eyes focused intently on it, “You ever seen a pussy this close, Deku?”
Midoriya shook his head as Bakugou let out a smug laugh, “Course you fuckin’ haven’t. Have you even seen a pair of tits?”
Bakugou moved his hands up to fondle your breasts for emphasis, large palms covering the soft mounds comfortably as he began to tease them under his touch. Your nipples pebbling against his skin as you arched your back into his touch, whimpering as he pinched the stiffening peaks. 
“You wanna touch her tits? Perfect aren’t they?“ You watched as Midoriya nodded his head while Bakugou scoffed, “Yeah? You better earn it then-“
Bakugou pressed a soft kiss against the side of your face, giving you the quickest glance as though to check that you were still doing okay. You knew that with even the slightest hint that you were uncomfortable he would tell Midoriya to piss off and call the entire thing off, but he knew that wasn’t the case. He could feel the way your walls clenched around his cock when you realised that Midoriya was in the room, the way your body came undone in half the time as it heightened your senses. Bakugou knew you were getting off on this just as much as he was, the power and control a huge boost to his ego. 
“At least you’ll have somethin’ to think about when you jack off at night, hah?” Bakugou moved his hand from your slit, silvery strings of your slick connecting your bodies before snapping off against your skin as he carded those same covered fingers through Midoriya’s messy green hair, tightening his grip as he tugged at the root. Not caring that your essence was now streamed through his locks as Bakugou pushed his face towards where your bodies were connected. 
“Shit,” Bakugou grunted, feeling Midoriya’s tongue slide along the underside of his cock, “You nasty fuck.”
You felt the pad of Midoriya’s tongue swipe against your slit as you gasped in surprise, the action not going unnoticed by Bakugou who growled low in his chest. Large palms moving to your hips to lift you up and off of his cock, moving you to sit on one of his thick thighs as your legs remained spread wide. Bakugou’s cock now unsheathed from your cunt as gravity made the heavy meat of it flop forward, the underside slapping against Midoriya’s face with a wet thud. The movement catching him by surprise as he looked up at you both with wide eyes, a mixture of yours and Bakugou’s release now lined on his freckles as he sat between Bakugou’s thighs obediently. 
“Holy shit, Princess. You’re so fuckin’ messy.” Bakugou curled two fingers inside your entrance as he moved to collect his cum from your throbbing cunt, scooping the creamy moisture as he held it out to Midoriya. The man immediately opened his lips to allow Bakugou to push his fingers inside, watching as he wrapped his lips around them and began to clean them off. Bakugou deliberately pressed the pad of his fingers down against the back of Midoriya’s throat as he heard him gag, pearly tears clinging to his dark lashes as he tried to remember to breathe through his nose.
“That fuckin’ desperate for a taste of my girl?” Bakugou smirked as Midoriya moaned around his fingers, drool beginning to dribble down the corners of his lips, “Bet you fuckin’ are, that why you were watchin’ us?”
You watched as Bakugou pulled his fingers from Midoriya’s mouth, moving to wrap them around the base of his still-hard cock as he offered it out to him. Gasping in surprise at just how eager he was as pink lips wrapped around the head of your boyfriends cock. 
“Shit, you really are fuckin’ desperate.” Bakugou groaned as Midoriya began to bob his head up and down along his length, jaw aching as he tried to adjust to Bakugou’s girth. 
“Am I gonna have to have my girl show you how to suck cock, properly? Jesus-” Bakugou grunted, moving his palm to the back of his head as he forced him down in his cock. The tip hitting the back of Midoriya’s throat as he began to gag and splutter around his length, tears welling in his eyes as Bakugou held him steady, limiting his breathing before letting him pull back. 
Midoriya raised his head off Bakugou’s cock as his chest heaved, strings of spit connecting their bodies before he moved forward again. Taking your boyfriends cock back into his mouth as he set a steady pace, hollowing his cheeks around his thick girth. 
“Well, how does she taste?” Bakugou smirked, turning your head to the side as he pressed his lips against yours, running his tongue along your bottom lip as you parted them for him. Capturing his moans inside your mouth as he rut his hips against Midoriya’s face, making the man beneath him gag on his cock.
“Look how desperate he is for you, Princess.” Bakugou groaned against your lips, “Suckin’ my cock for the mere chance at a taste of you.”
The idea alone had your overstimulated cunt clenching around nothing as you looked down at the man between your thighs that was currently sucking your boyfriends cock.
“You really would do anything wouldn’t you, Deku?” Bakugou goaded, chest heaving as he continued rolling his hips against Midoriya’s face, his tip hitting the back of his throat with each thrust, “Yeah? You like that.” 
The crude sounds of Midoriya gagging around your boyfriends cock filled the room as you tried to stop yourself from reaching down to spin quick circles against your clit, eyes focused on how alluring the scene was in front of you. 
Bakugou made you gasp in surprise as he leaned back, your body following his as you felt unsteady on his lap, muttering out an “I gotcha, Princess. Don’t worry—“ as he reached for his cell phone. Setting it onto record as he began filming Midoriya on his knees between his thighs. 
“How’s it feel suckin’ my cock, Deku?” Bakugou’s eyes gleamed at the screen as he watched Midoriya gaze up into the lens with hazy eyes, mumbling as the words were drowned out around his cock, “Look at the things he’ll do for a taste of my girl's pussy.”
You watched intently as Bakugou continued to degrade Midoriya from his position on the floor, the words sending jolts to your cunt even though they weren’t even aimed at you. 
“Look at his tiny cock weepin’ for you, Princess.” Bakugou smirked, angling the camera to show Midoriya’s naked body. Continuing to thrust his cock inside his mouth as you felt him begin to tremble, biting down on his bottom lip as he let out a dull groan. 
“Gonna fuckin’ cum—“ Bakugou grunts, his teeth latching onto the curve of your neck as he let out a crude hiss, a pleasurable pain coursing through you as you watch your boyfriend come undone. Cheeks flushed and sweat beading against his brow as he shoots hot spurts of cum into Midoriya’s mouth. The green-haired man pulling back with a splutter as the tip of his cock hit the back of his throat. The final drops of cum that shot from Bakugou’s dick landing against his mouth, his tongue eagerly slipping out to lap them away. 
Bakugou kept the camera focused on Midoriya, bringing it closer to catch the shiny droplets of his cum that glistened against his skin before saving the recording and tossing his phone to the side.
“God, you really are fuckin’ desperate, hah?” Bakugou groaned, his chest heaving as he moved his hands back to your thighs, palms squeezing the supple skin as he pressed a kiss against the bite mark he left against your shoulder, “What do you think, baby. Think Deku can make you cum?” 
“I dunno,” You replied, feeling lightheaded as Bakugou shifted you on his lap.
“Oh?” You felt his lips curl into a smirk against your ear, his warm breath fanning your face, “You think he could, let’s see—“
You shifted against Bakugou’s lap at the way Midoriya was staring at your pussy, green eyes so intense it felt like he was almost looking through you. A certain kind of mystification in his eyes that seemed to allude to a mixture of awe and the fact this was his first time seeing a woman naked in real life. You were suddenly curious if he ever got himself off or watched porn, a question you’d have to save for later. 
“Beg me.” Bakugou snarled, “Beg me to eat her pussy.”
Midoriya’s tongue slipped out to wet his lips, focused on your glistening folds as he spoke so softly, “Please, Kacchan. Please let me-“
“Let you what?” Bakugou goaded.
“Let me eat her pussy.” His eyes flashed up at you with those words.
“You should try fuckin’ harder if you want a taste of her.” 
“Please, Kacchan. I want to taste her so bad, I need it. Please, let me— please.”
His words had your cunt clenching hard, your head resting against Bakugou’s shoulder as you hoped he would agree, your resolve wavering as you had to stop yourself from touching your neglected cunt.
“Eat up, Deku.” Bakugou smirked, palms splayed on your thighs to keep them spread as you watched Midoriya’s green irises move to glance up at you, a silent question on whether it was okay as you noticed how blown his pupils were, “You never know, if you make her cum I might let you fuck ‘er.”
Those words seemingly igniting something from deep within as he surged forward, his nose bumping your clit as he salved his tongue along your folds, dipping it between your labia as he feasted on your cunt. Eating like a man starved as you felt the tip of his tongue prodding against your leaking sex. Completely unbothered that some dregs of Bakugou’s release still remained inside you, slurping up the moisture as crude sounds began to fill the room. 
“How does she taste?” Bakugou smirked at the sight of Midoriya eating you out, the knowledge safe inside him that you belonged to him and this was merely a lewd act of possession over you. 
The green-haired male responded with a groan, sending pleasurable vibrations against your slit as he continued to dip his tongue inside you and prod it against your inner walls. 
“Yeah? You like it, Princess?” Bakugou murmured in your ear, his hands reaching up to tweak your nipples, making you grind against his lap as you felt his cock begin to harden again behind you. His skilled fingers tugging the stiff peaks before letting them drop as your breasts bounced from the motion, “You like shitty Deku eating your sloppy pussy while I watch?” 
Bakugou knew exactly what he was doing to you, increasing the tension inside your abdomen without even touching you. His words were enough to set a fire ablaze inside, sending you closer and closer to your release. 
“Come on, dumbass.” Bakugou grunted, pushing Deku’s face harder into your cunt, making you gasp as his nose nudged your clit. Involuntarily grinding yourself against his face to try and recreate the same sensation, “Can’t believe you put more effort into sucking my dick than you are her. Have you fuckin’ seen her?” 
You heard Midoriya groan at the suggestion, dragging his tongue along your folds before the flat of it pressed against your clit. Closing his lips around it as he began to suckle it harshly, making your hips jerk as he pushed two fingers inside you. 
“You should be grateful I’m even letting you touch her after we caught you being a fuckin’ perv.” Bakugou continued, watching the way Midoriya wrapped his lips around your puffy folds. 
“Fuck,” You whined, feeling his fingers dragging against the same spongy spot inside you as you felt yourself teetering on the cusp of your climax. 
“You gonna cum, Princess?” Bakugou murmured, brushing his lips against your cheek as he moved his palm to press against your pelvis, “Can you feel it?”
“Yes,” You whined, nodding your head as Midoriya continued slobber against your clit. His drool trickling along your slit until it hit his fingers, dipping them in and out of your tight walls as crude squelching filled the room, “Shit, I’m gonna cum—“
“Oh, fuck yeah.” Bakugou grunted as he watched you come undone, the coil inside you breaking as your orgasm flowed through you in harsh waves, “Keep fuckin’ going, Deku. Don’t stop—“ 
Bakugou pressed his palm to the back of Midoriya’s head as you continued to cum, your thighs shaking as Midoriya continued to suck your clit. His soft moans vibrating against the sensitive nub as you began to thrash against him. The motion forcing Bakugou to move his hand from the back of his head to your quivering body as you rode out your intense orgasm. 
“Oh? You didn’t think we were going to let you cum, did you?” Bakugou scoffed, letting out a dark chuckle as he positioned you in his lap. Your legs on either side of his thighs as he raised you up until the tip of his cock brushed against your quivering hole. Slowly lowering you down on his length as your eyes began to roll from the intense pleasure. 
Bakugou’s hand gentle on your spine as he pushed you forward, your breasts hanging in Midoriya’s face as you braced yourself on Bakugou’s knees for leverage. 
“You’re going to sit there and watch me fuck her pretty little pussy like you were before.” Bakugou smirked, giving an experimental thrust into your tight heat as you cried out for him, “And if you even think about touching yourself, that video will be viral by morning.”
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zukuist · a month ago
“don’t kiss me, my lips are chapped”
Tumblr media
INCLUDES: several characters.
FANDOM/S: 僕のヘロアカデミア. // boku no hero academia [bnha]
your name is shortened to y/n, gender neutral reader, chapped lips
ANYTHING TO BE CAUTIOUS OF?: chapped lips 😔 that is the warning.
SIDE NOTE: thank you all for 2,000 followers— like what the heck? that’s so many people 🤭😟 this is my thanks, basically (also let’s not talk about me disappearing for 30+ days 😭 ik it’s a lot but schools been busy 😾)
Tumblr media
“don’t kiss me, my lips are chapped.”
super, super confused.
i mean.. dude doesn’t have plump, juicy, soft and hydrated lips all the time (you can all blame his quirk for that) so, if he cared about your dehydrated lips, that’d be highly hypocritical of him; no kidding.
it was a tough one, trying to get to the kissing stage with lover boy, but once you guys overcame the worries he had, he couldn’t stop. not now, not ever. can’t go through his day without at least two kisses from you. if shōto could, he’d be kissing you 24/7. so, when you stopped him from pulling your lips onto his, he was confused; head tilted in confusion like a little puppy, lip carved into a frown and everything. the confusion only increased when the reason was because your lips were chapped, and also because you “didn’t want him to be kissing my cracked, desert lips.” newflash! he. doesn’t. care. probably will never care too. after the difficulties of getting to this stage, he’ll eliminate any reasonable obstacles.
“why does it matter? i don’t care about that stuff. just give me my kiss.”
it is advised to give what the man demands for
“izuku, you can’t kiss me right now”
kinda sad
he looks around to check for any valid reason for your rejection. he sees no bystanders. meaning, the both of you are in the clear. so, why would you reject his offer for a kiss?
“why?” he asks. izuku tries to conceal the sadness in his round, aspiring green eyes, and in his voice. he sounds like a kicked puppy, and he definitely looks like one too. that’s all swiped away when you tell him that your “lips are chapped.” big sigh of relief on his end. “oh,” that lifts some tension off his shoulders, if you didn’t want to kiss him for any other reason, he would’ve respected that, but.. your lips are just chapped. so, he can’t find himself from really caring. the issue has an easy fix to it (not that it desperately needed one). and either way, i can’t really say fully with my chest that his lips are moisturized every hour of the day.
grabbing a hold of your wrist, he pulls you in, “y/n, please?” he pleads with the best puppy dog eyes he has to offer
and it works, you give in; despite your worries. he doesn’t seem to be affected by your chapped lips though.
“i’m sorry ‘tsuki, but not now. not the best conditions to do so.”
but for real, when is he actually not annoyed? anyway, at first katsuki thought he was the problem. he’s sweaty at nature, so he should at least be understanding if you don’t want to be so close in distance with him. but, then you told him that he wasn’t the problem, and it’s your lips that’s the issue
so now he’s annoyed, but a little relieved to know that he’s not pressuring you to kiss him. thinks you’re being dramatic about these so called conditions. like, what is this? a contract agreement? “so what?” he clicks his tongue, looking around to see if there’s anyone to see (not that people are a problem anyway. he’s just knows the possibility of you being cautious.) so, he tries to assure you “it’s nothing i can’t handle. you’re making a big deal out of this.” the blond knows he’s unsuccessful at that, when he sees you averting your gaze; a nervous tick. he’s annoyed that you think that this is an issue for him, but he has his solutions. asks you to open your mouth, and when you do so, he coats his finger in your spit 😦 then proceeds to smear it all over your lips.
“there. all better. now give me what you fuckin’ owe.”
you told him that was a little disgusting, bashfully remarking that he could’ve just asked you to wet your lips, but he was going to kiss you anyway 🤷 he has a point.
“you can’t, and it’s for your own good ‘toshi.”
predicted it.
getting past the confusion, i think hitoshi would see this happening, and he’d be unintentionallu prepared for it. looks at people’s mouths a lot when he needs to use his quirk. except, his does that because it’s necessary and not because he wants to (like how he is with you.)
with that being said, he has probably seen a lot of chapped lips. though, he never comments on it, because his lips aren’t the smoothest things out there either. due to his lack of attention regarding lip care, you kindly decided to leave your chapstick in his posession (he ended up never returning it. the opportunity never came up.). hitoshi’s just so glad he kept it so closely though, because the situation was in his favor, when you rejected him of a kiss, all thanks to your chapped lips. he honestly would’ve laughed from the start, if this initial rejection didn’t make his heart drop down to his ass. hitoshi shrugs off the last percentages of his panic, lips tugging into a very recognizable grin, “‘s not a big deal. i’m no better, but i have the solution.” he says, whipping out your lipbalm from his pocket. popping off the cap
after (closely) applying the balm to your lips, he pulls you even closer. “there. all done. you’re gonna give me what is due, right?”
your heart practically swooned, and from that point on, chapped lips were never an issue.
“nope, nope. you’ll thank me later.”
would reassure you
honestly, all of them would reassure you, but eijirō does it the most, y’know? anyways, do insecurities even exist anymore, if you’re dating eijirō kirishima? 🤔
though he’d be a little sad at your rejection, he’d hide it behind a gentle smile. ever since his early teens, his irrational fear was always accidentally activating his quirk while he was giving the love of his life a kiss. so, eijirō has his own fair share of worries. which explains his ability in being very understanding, when you tell him that you didn’t want to give him a kiss, due to your cracked, dehydrated lips. he doesn’t see an issue with it, but eijirō wouldn’t disregard your worries at all. if anything, he’d reveal his own insecurities, which shows some relatability. “i’m no better!” he says with a smile that could stop hearts, “if yours are chapped, then what are exactly mine called?” your boyfriend makes you feel comfortable, by revealing his long time insecurities. he’d even tell you about a silly nightmare he has when he was 12, when he kissed his celebrity crush, and grew rocks for lips 🕴
his heart melts upon hearing laughter. though it would be quite embarrassing, if he shared this rather ridiculous nightmare to his peers, it’s all worth it, when you allow him to kiss you. “that’s more like it! there’s no need to feel worried. i also have chapped lips!”
you thank him for his understanding later, but he insists that it’s only second nature, as your boyfriend.
“denki, denki! i will literally break up, if you kiss me right now.”
lowkey highkey desperate
it sounds kind of bad, but it’s true anyway, denki’s always desperate to kiss you, no matter how down bad he sounds.
he does not, and will never want to break up with you. he raises his hands, showing he has no ill intent, and steps back “w-what’s this all about?” he pouts, hands sliding up and down your shoulders. though he’s kind of sad that you’ve said no to his kiss in that way, he’s more desperate to know the reason behind your reluctance and rejection. he’s relieved when you say the breaking up part was simply an exaggeration, but he’s left even more confused when you say it’s because of your chapped lips (because his lips aren’t the softest either) but you never seemed to care, so why should he? denki’s exaggerated reaction to that seemed to be enough to distract you of your worries, and he’s sincerely glad that he got you to laugh, but he’s really desperate. (he does not gaf)
he pulls you in, tickling you to distract you of your concerns. he’s smiling like a fool as he prepares for a kiss “will you please please please give me a kiss? i honestly do not care about your “desert-y” lips.”
you realize how truly desperate your boyfriend is for a kiss. so with that, you give into denki’s desires of one, laughter bubbling from your lips when he sighs in relief.
“mirio- please, can you- can you not do that?”
he finds it endearing, to be honest. mirio would still respect your wishes, if you didn’t want to kiss him (it’d be the absolute bare minimum anyway), but if it’s for that reason? he finds it cute.
“oh? why?” he says, sounding as sad as he could. but, his expression would immediately contradict himself. his amusement only grows when you stumble to gather, and justify your reasons. saying that your lips aren’t in the most “desirable” state, and that he’d “sincerely hate the feeling” as if it was possible to hate being around you in the first place. mirio laughs at these reasons, and the fact that you keep on pressing this on him, as if it were factual. you honestly think he’d just poking fun at you, for caring about this, and for even warning him about kissing you while your lips are chapped, but he’s not. he’s simply amused. he was at first, just teasing you, but now he’s just amused because of this revelation.
“i’m so lucky that you care about my well being so much,” he shows off that signature smile of his, “but, you being ‘undesirable’ is just not possible.”
though yes, he’s amused. but, he said that part so seriously ??? to the point that resisting him is just impossible.
“this- this is going to be hard to explain. but, you just can’t”
simply exhausted
doesn’t even need to ask why you said no, because he somewhat already knows why. is it his s/o hunch? yes.
like every other person in this post, he’d respect your wishes if you didn’t want one. that is, if your reason was valid, and “having chapped lips” just doesn’t sound valid to him, at all. “if you were going to scare me shitless for three seconds, at least make the reason valid” is what he thinks about the matter. (not that your insecurities aren’t valid but.. he sees no issue.) shouta’s stares at you, like he’s trying to say “really? is that all? is that why you’re trying to reject me of a kiss i’m officially entitled to?” and you recognise that look he’s giving you. shouta’s simply exhausted, but not at you, or your antics, but, because you’re literally rejecting him of the things that make him energised (also known as, your kisses.) on top of that, he’s a pro hero, thirty one, and also happens to be the unofficial dad of 22 kids. so, chapped lips are nothing on him. (plus, his lips aren’t always moisturised. so even if he wanted to say something, he couldn’t say he’s any better.)
“you know, that’s really not a concern of mine.” he says, running his hand through his jet black hair, “you don’t complain about my scruff. so, chapped lips? they’re really nothing, c’mon now.”
but, if you were really insecure about your chapped lips, he would do everything in his power (despite his fatigue) to reassure you. and, his nonchalance surely did the trick.
Tumblr media
zukuist 2021 ™️, bnha|mha ; 僕のヘロアカダミアン belongs to horikoshi kohei. do not repost and/or steal ❕
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itsruiblue · 8 months ago
MHA Boys Catch Mineta Perving on You
Ft. Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, Shinsou x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment, Mineta being a disgusting human being, violence, mentions of death, lots of Mineta slander (seriously if you have even the slightest ounce of respect for that grape, don't read this) 
Note: this is totally irrelevant, however when I wrote these, I saw them all as second / third years in my head. Not that any of these need explicit age descriptors, that's just how the characters seemed in my brain at the time. 
Also, I'm going to apologise now for the fact that this isn't edited in the slightest. This post is complete undiluted word-vomit in my part and I hope you enjoy :))
Part 2  Part 3
Izuku Midoriya 
Tumblr media
The day Mineta decided to put his hands on you was probably the only time you'd ever seen your boyfriend really, truly pissed. 
You had been having a relatively relaxed school day. There hadn't been any villain attacks, no one had suffered a near fatal injury during training and nobody was stressing about upcoming assignments or exams. You had decided to spend one of your rare moments of free time with two of your closest friends in the class, Uraraka and Asui. The three of you had made plans to spend the afternoon at the mall and you were incredibly excited to finally get off the UA campus after so long. 
You were walking out of the classroom, chatting idly with your two friends when it happened. One minute you were giggling over some silly comment Uraraka had made and the next you felt a grimy hand creeping its way under your skirt. 
With a squeak of surprise, you jumped away from the touch and spun around to see Mineta standing behind you, a sickening grin of delight on his face. Your mouth dropped open in shock and your fists clenched as anger began to immediately bubble within you. However, before you could begin your verbal abuse of the disgusting little pervert, a new hand grabbed Mineta's outstretched wrist. 
The boy's face immediately went white and he slowly turned his head to see Izuku Midoriya standing beside him, his green eyes dark and furious. 
"Apologise," the taller boy growled out in a tone so cold it could have rivalled Todoroki's. "Apologise now." 
Mineta scrambled to get away from your boyfriend, twisting his wrist in a desperate attempt to free himself from the tight grip Izuku had in his arm. His eyes were wide with terror. 
"M'sorry," he squealed out and you were struck with how much he sounded like a terrified pig. "I didn't mean any harm, m'sorry, I swear!" 
The corner of Izuku's mouth twitched into a deeper frown and you could tell that he knew Mineta was lying through his teeth. However you could also see that your boyfriend was very much aware of the odd looks he and Mineta were receiving from passing students. 
With a scoff of disgust, Izuku shoved Mineta away from him. "Go, now," he grumbled out to the shorter boy, who instantly did as he was told and ran for the hills. Then Izuku turned to look at you and his gaze immediately softened. Gently, he ran his hands down your arms. 
"I'm sorry," he mumbled quietly. "I saw what he was about to do from the classroom but I wasn't fast enough to stop it. Are you okay?" 
You nodded and offered him a soft smile. "I'm okay. Thank you for doing that." 
Izuku smiled back at you, the familiar shy grin that you'd grown to love. He leaned down to kiss your forehead softly. 
"Mm, 'course, Pumpkin. Any time." 
Katsuki Bakugou 
Tumblr media
You had seen Bakugou angry many times before. In fact, it was uncommon to see him openly express any emotion that wasn't anger. 
However, the day Mineta decided to try his luck with you was the first day you were ever truly worried that Bakugou might actually kill a classmate. 
Class A had been working on hand-to-hand combat training for the better part of an hour and unfortunately for you, you had been partnered with Mineta. Of course, you tried to be civil with him, since you didn't want to make a scene and thankfully,the pair of you almost got through the entire session without any major incidents. 
Looking back, you probably shouldn't have tried that flip on Mineta, but you were so lost in the training that for a split section you forgot who you were dealing with.
Within seconds, you had the grape pinned easily to the training mat, your body hovering above his. Before you even knew what was happening, one of his hands came up to grope hungrily across your chest. 
You recoiled immediately, a horrified look on your face. At the same time, a loud yell could be heard from the other end of the room. 
In the blink of an eye, there was the BOOM! of an explosion and then your boyfriend came flying cross the training hall and grabbed Mineta by the front of his collar. 
"Katsuki-!" you barely had time to say before Bakugou hurled Mineta with every ounce of his strength at the nearest wall. Your eyes flew wide open and for a split second, you thought the smaller boy was actually going to hit the hard concrete and crack his scull open. However, at the last second he managed activate his quirk and bounced harmlessly backwards. 
Bakugou let out a growl that was so animalistic it brought goosebumps to the surface of your skin. His palms glowed white hot and his muscled tensed as he prepared to dive at Mineta and do god knows what to him. Thankfully, before he could move, he was tackled from behind by Kirishima and Sero.
Bakugou roared as his body hit the floor with a thud. Immediately he began to struggle against his friends' grip, literally trying to claw his way across the room to Mineta, who was cowering against the opposite wall. "Let me at him!” Bakugou growled out furiously. “I swear to god, Shitty Hair, Tape Face! You'd better fucking let me go before I blast both of you all the way to hell-!" 
You scrambled to your feet and ran to your boyfriend, grabbing his shoulders. "Katsuki!" you said in a desperate attempt to calm him down, "It’s okay! I'm fine, I promise, please-" 
"It’s so far from fucking fine," Bakugou spat. He was still struggling against Kirishima and Sero's hold. "He touched you. I swear, I'm going to peel that little fucker's face off!" 
"Not to encourage him," Kirishima said, huffing slightly at the effort of restraining Bakugou, "but I agree. That guy's always being creepy and he never listens when any of you girls tell him to stop." 
"I kinda wish I could beat him up myself," sighed out Sero. "He freaks me out." 
By this time, the rest of the class had figured out what was going on. A few of your other friends, including Mina and Jirou, had advanced on Mineta, their eyes flashing, while the rest of the group where deliberating going to find a teacher. However you ignored all of them and set you attention firmly on Bakugou. Sinking to your knees, you drew him into a soft hug. 
"I'm okay," you mumbled into his hair, feeling the way his entire body trembled beneath your touch. "Mineta is gross and disgusting and I'd like nothing more than for you to blast him off the face of the earth but I don't want you to get in trouble." 
Bakugou sighed heavily, his fists still clenched. However he stopped writhing and went limp against you. Cautiously, Sero and Kirishima released their grips on him. 
You offered your two friends smiles of thanks as they moved backwards, which they acknowledged with grins of their own. Then they turned and headed in the direction of the crowd congregated around Mineta, ominous glints flaring up in both of their eyes. 
Upon seeing them leave, Bakugou buried his face in your shoulder. "Please," he mumbled out. "Please let me punch him. I see him looking at you all the time and I… I have to do something. It just makes me so angry, the way he treats you. And all the other girls too." 
You looked at him with in surprise, the pained tone of his voice catching you off guard. You’d always known Bakugou hated Mineta, however you weren't aware of just how deep his feelings ran. Turning your head, you looked over at the way your classmates were circled around Mineta. The smaller boy looked terrified out of his mind and for a moment, you almost felt sorry for him. 
Then you noticed how even through his fearful tears, he was eyeing up Yaomomo's chest and your resolve evaporated. 
Bakugou stared at you as you released him from your embrace. "What?"
"I'm not going to stop you." You glowered in Mineta's direction. "He deserves it anyway." 
"You mean I can-?" 
"Go for it." You shrugged and pressed a short kiss to his lips. Then you rose to your feet. "Just don't mess yourself up." 
Bakugou's expression darkened into a sinister smirk and he crackled his knuckles aggressively. 
"Oh fuck yes."
Shoto Todoroki 
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki had never been the type to get violent when something upset him. 
He was, however, the type to get even, which was arguable worse. 
Mineta had been harassing you for a while. Being the nice human being you were, you'd tried to remain good natured about the situation, however after months of having to dodge his constant remarks and snide glances, he was seriously starting to piss you off. 
The last straw came when one evening, you caught the little creep peering in through your balcony window after having used his quirk to scale the outside wall of the dorm. And, much to your horror, he managed to time his attack perfectly so that he was able to get a peek just as you were changing out of your school clothes. 
Fortunately for you, he also managed to catch you on the day when you boyfriend had been too goddamn lazy to leave to go back to his own room after walking you to yours after school.
Shoto raised his head from where it had been buried in your pillow at the sound of your squeak of surprise. Almost immediately, his eyes locked with those of the disgusting grape who had been staring at you with a sickening expression in his face. 
The world seemed to stop for a second as the temperature in your room dropped. 
"Angel," Shoto then said quietly and his tone was so icy you felt your stomach drop. "Could you look away for a second. I need to take care of something." 
You looked from your boyfriend’s scarily calm expression to Mineta who was still frozen on your balcony, a look of terror on his face. For a moment, you considered interfering. 
But then you remembered that a) Mineta deserved all the pain that came his way, and b) when Shoto had set his mind to something, no one, not even All Might, had the ability to stop him. 
So you did as he asked and turned away, scrambling to pull on the loose t-shirt in your hands as you did so. 
There was the crack of freezing ice and then a small squeak from Mineta. Then deathly silence, punctuated only by the slow tap of Shoto's footsteps against your floor. 
"You alright, Angel?" came the quiet voice of your boyfriend after a pause and your body relaxed when you felt the soft touch of Shoto's hands settling on your sides. A nose pressed to your shoulder. 
"Yeah, I'm…" you gulped and shivered as you remembered the way Mineta had ogled your bra. "I'm okay. He's just so disgusting." 
"I'd love nothing better than to torture him until he laments his actions," said Shoto calmly into the fabric of your t-shirt. "However I doubt that would look good on my hero record. Hopefully he won't try anything with you again though." 
"You're kind of sadistic, Sho," you chuckled softly, turning in his arms to face him. "Not that I'm complaining but sheesh, that was a little scary." 
"I'm sorry, my love," Shoto apologised, kissing your cheek sweetly. "I was just furious. No one should ever violate anyone's privacy like that, especially not yours." 
"Thank you," you mumbled to him, resting your forehead on his chest. "It means a lot." 
"Any time, Angel," Shoto replied softly, kissing the top of your head. 
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
You had expected that doing your work study at the same agency as Shinsou would be a dream. After all, who wouldn't want to spend some extra time with their boyfriend while out in the field.
Unfortunately, basically holding the position of a sidekick meant you were obligated to participate with team up mission with other agencies as well. And more often than not, the other heroes you were forced to work with weren't all that pleasant. 
You had a bad feeling in your gut the minute you heard you would be working with Mineta and his mentor on your latest team up. A bad feeling that only worsen as time passed and you were constantly subjected to the uncomfortable feeling of your temporary teammate’s hungry eyes on you. 
Thankfully, the mission was over relatively quickly and you were able to return to your agency with a good few hours of the day left. Flopping down on the couch of the recreation room, you let out a long groan of satisfaction. 
Shinsou chuckled at you from where he stood in the doorway before turning away. “I'm going to shower," he threw casually over his shoulder as he disappeared from your sight. You barely had the energy to muster a half hearted grunt of acknowledgment as you eyes slid closed. 
You dozed for what could have been seconds or could have been hours, stirring only when you felt the couch dip beside you. For a moment you thought it was Shinsou, however when you opened your eyes you were greeted with the face of very much the wrong purple haired boy. 
Mineta offered you a sickening grin. His hand slid onto your thigh. "You looked really hot out there today," he lisped disgustingly. "Did you make your costume tighter?" 
You inched away from him, suppressing a gag. "No, my costume is the same as it’s always been," you replied, your tone clipped. 
"That’s weird," Mineta said, leading forward. You were horrified to see his line of sight was fixed directly on your chest. "I swear I can see the outline of your bra." 
Immediately one of your hands came up to shield yourself from his invasive gaze. You shuffled away from him again as your cheeks flushed with both embarrassment and self-consciousness. "I don't-" 
"It’s alright." Mineta grinned up at you and you felt his hand return to your leg. "I don't mind seeing that stuff. In fact, I'd like to see mor-" 
He was cut off when a smooth grey fibre suddenly wrapped around his head, covering his mouth. 
You whipped round to see Shinsou standing in the doorway, his violet hair still dripping wet from his shower. His capture weapon was steady in his hand, the other end restraining Mineta, and his expression was grim. 
"Don’t you dare say another word, you disgusting little creep." 
Immediately you abandoned your place on the couch and moved towards him, you heart beating furiously. Without missing a beat, Shinsou met you with an open arm, hugging you protectively against his body as you buried your head in his shoulder  . 
"Mfff-" Mineta mumbled out, struggling against the capture weapon. Shinsou glared at him with a look that reminded you so much of Aizawa is was almost terrifying. 
"Don’t even think about trying to escape. You should feel very lucky I’m not allowed to use my quirk on you otherwise I would have told you to go walk yourself off a building." 
Mineta squeaked in fear. 
"God, you really are disgusting," Shinsou spat, releasing Mineta from his hold. His capture weapon snapped back in such a way that the perverted grape tumbled backwards off the couch. 
Immediately, Shinsou turned to look at you, his gaze softening. Cradling your cheek gently in one hand, he let his eyes scan your face as he murmured, "You alright, Muffin?" 
You nodded and turned to bury your nose in the nape of his neck. The tips of his still wet hair tickled your cheek but you ignored them, inhaling his familiar scent. 
"I'm sorry I wasn't here," Shinsou mumbled, glaring at Mineta who had only just managed to get to his feet. "I should never have let him be alone with you." 
"S'okay," you mumbled back. "Can we go just back to the school now. I'm tired." 
"Of course, Muffin," Shinsou kissed your forehead sweetly. “Let's go."
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chicoree · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Izuku x Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ a/b/o, alpha!Izuku, omega!reader, biting, slight blood, dry humping, aged up characters
A/N: One day I’ll write an actual, full on fic for Izuku. One day. I promise. I promise. Inspired by this post by @saetyrn9​ because it’s just super sexy and we do need more of that in a/b/o fic? You know???? Thank you to @vanille--kiss @oneblonded and @stopisa for beta reading 💗💗
WC: 2.4K
Tumblr media
No matter how many lives he saves or how many cities he protects, Izuku gets seven days off the same as everybody else.
Two pre-rut and two-post-rut with three in between, the commission rep had told him plainly, feigning apology when he furrowed his brow. It doesn’t matter that he has a long-term partner, it doesn’t matter that the two of you live together, and it especially doesn’t matter that he’s put a shiny engagement ring on your finger.
“Until we receive official documentation, we will be unable to provide you the additional four days off.” At this the rep’s mouth had twisted into a shadow of a grimace before smoothing back out into professionalism, and Izuku felt the barest comfort at her ire. Heroes don’t get special treatment no matter the circumstances, no matter if they’ve been sitting comfortably at number one for the past four months.
It’s not ideal, but there’s a small comfort in knowing the time you’ve been living together has synced your cycles perfectly, allowing him a few hours of clarity before he’s lost to the haze with you and devouring you atop your bed, sheets pulled from the mattress covers, the few slanted lines of light peeking through the blinds striping across your body providing paths for him to trace his tongue.
It means his days are precious. It means he has a checklist. It means he has a routine to maximize the amount of time he’s allowed to hide away with you and pretend just for a moment that you’re the only two that matter in this great big world sitting atop his shoulders.
The first day he spends running errands with you, All Might cap tugged low over his brow, one big scarred hand wrapped around yours as the two of you nimbly navigate the city. The fridge is stocked, the apartment is cleaned, the laundry is done. Things are dusted, organized, everything in its place in preparation. The sheets are tucked neatly beneath the mattress, the extra pillows pulled from the closet. His clothes are carefully folded and set on your dresser, ready for you to add them to your nest when your instincts kick in.
The second day…
It’s his favourite. He can’t even begin to count how many day twos the two of you have had on his hands, but every time it happens, he treats it like the first time. Like the last time. Like if there’s any memory he wants to carry in his heart, this…this is the one.
Mornings are sleepy and syrupy slow, sensual kisses to wake you instead of the awful jangle of his alarm. He takes his time slotting his mouth against yours, tangling your legs around his, feeling you trace the freckles that dot his arms and smatter across his shoulders. He takes his time refamiliarizing himself with you, tasting you, breathing you in, soaking in the satisfied purr and wave of scent that wafts through the air and mixes so wonderfully with his own. There’s breakfast in bed, a shared shower, the gentle scrub of his fingers in your hair. The lightest kisses beneath the steady shower stream, steam coiling around the firm lines of his body as he moulds it to yours.
There’s a careful closeness between the two of you, unspoken, but prevalent. He’s never more than an arm’s length away, grazing his knuckles along the curve of your neck, skirting the sensitive gland at the base of your throat. His hand resting warm in the small of your back. The press of his thigh to yours. His lips grazing your wrist. It’s gentle. Intimate. It’s the best parts of him—the softest parts of him that he reserves for you, eager to coax out the sweet smile and sparkle in your eye whenever you look his way.
The afternoon melts away curled together on the couch, your thighs bracketing his, your nose pressed to his neck as he wraps a blanket around the two of you. It’s always the late, lazy afternoon by the time he starts to smell the subtle shift in your scent and your hands start to wander, the nest in your bedroom calling both your names.
Today is like any other, the low murmur of the television in the background as Izuku runs a soothing hand up and down your spine. Occasionally he’ll pause to dig his fingers into a particularly troublesome knot, lips grazing your temple when you shift and grumble against him.
Your mouth parts, and the warmth of your breath sends shivers down his spine. It’s subtle, the slow strength of his scent filling the space around you, coiling intimately with your own, and he can’t help but smile when he notices you greedily trying to breathe it all in.
“You always smell so…” You trail off, lashes tickling along his throat as you press a gentle, open-mouthed kiss along his scent gland, pushing out another wave of endorphins from him. He can feel your tongue, tentative and wet, tracing along his scent gland, lovingly laving along the tender skin of his neck before you suck lightly.
“Wanna move?”
It’s doing something to him, the extra attention you’re devoting to his neck, to the tender patch of skin that you can’t seem to stop kissing. There’s an edge to the pleasure warming his belly; it coils around his limbs a little tighter, a little sharper than normal. He’s barely even paying attention to whatever show is playing in the background, too invested in trying to guess the pattern you’ll nibble along the curve of his shoulder.
You mumble something along his skin, sending goosebumps rippling down his arms as he shivers.
“What’d you say, sweetheart—shit!”
In hindsight, it’s easy to figure out what happened.
He’d turned his head a little too far, dislodged your mouth from his neck, and you’d retaliated instinctively by tugging on his hair.
What it doesn’t explain is why the jerk of your hand has him obligingly tilting his head away once more, why his hands slide from your waist to your ass, why the length of him twitches along his thigh. Why the sweet simmer of arousal spikes so suddenly, so aggressively into unbridled lust at the feeling of your teeth scraping along his pulse point.
Izuku can feel how hot his cheeks are without even touching them; knows without a doubt he’s bright pink without looking at his reflection. Painstakingly slow, he forces himself to relax. He releases his bruising grip on your ass to slide his hands towards your thighs. He swallows the filthy fantasies threatening to spill from his mouth back down. He’s very, very careful not to get in the way of you nosing, sucking, and licking at his scent gland as you wiggle your hips in a way that makes it very, very hard to remember to sit still.
“What—” His voice is husky, riddled with desire and he has to clear his throat once, twice, all his efforts laid to waste when you press your lips to his bobbing Adam’s apple and give it a playful suck. “What’d you say?”
“’Zuku.” You sound fucked out already, his name a jumbled mess in your mouth as your lips graze his neck, his jaw, and the curve of his ear. Your cheek presses flush to his, hot to the touch, and he swallows thickly.
“You—” You’re blinking dreamily, lips spit-slick and shiny as you drag your tongue across them. “You taste so good.”
A moan, low and ragged, wrenches itself from Izuku’s chest, vibrating from his body to yours as his hands tense, thumbs digging into the crease between your thighs and your hips, the rest of his fingers splayed along the curve of your ass.
“Yeah?” He can’t resist sucking your lower lip into his mouth, tasting the subtle hint of him along your tongue. It’s the cool crispness of a pine forest after rain, a sun warmed meadow filled with tall grass. It’s him but deeper, darker, heavier with lust and need. It’s nothing he hasn’t had before, but the lingering ghost of your mouth along his neck has him drinking it from your tongue a little sloppier, a little more eagerly than normal. “Want more?”
He gives in a little, indulges the low rumble in his chest by rocking you up against him. The weight of you fills him with a crackling need even as he attempts to sate the urge to give in to animalistic abandon. He can feel his heartbeat in the space where his neck meets his shoulder, can feel that coil get a little tighter, a little meaner with every insistent grind of his swelling cock against you.
Your hands find their way back into his hair, carding through the mussed curls to settle once more at the nape of his neck. You wind your fingers a little more securely in the soft, fine hairs there and he groans, gritting his teeth at the ache that blooms in his belly.
“Go on.” He’s being too plaintive. Too desperate. Too unlike an alpha, but he’s never been one for convention and fitting into the mould, so why should he start now? He tips his head, nuzzling his face as best he can into your forearm, breath washing hot along the crook of your elbow. “I—” He swallows thickly, mouth watering as his hands slide up to your waist to sit you a little harder, a little firmer against him. “I want you to.”
You shouldn’t sound so pretty saying his name like that. It should be illegal, the way you part your legs a little wider for him, the way you let him fit you against his chest a little closer. The way you bat your lashes and bite your lip, pupils blown wide as you keen and mewl and try to rock against him too. The way your tits feel soft and biteable pressed to his body. But most of all, the sinful way you draw a neat little circle along his pulse with your fingers before sliding your tongue down the length of his neck—well, he’s surprised his heart hasn’t given out yet.
If this is the way you feel when he’s teasing you, he can understand your frustration a little better. Maybe you’ve seen in him what he sees in you in those moments; maybe you caught the flicker of intensity in his eye, the desperate part of his lips. Maybe you’ve caught hold of the heady feeling that comes with being in control, with dictating the pace, the pleasure, every part of Izuku sitting so neatly in the palm of your hand.
Or maybe you’re just having fun skimming your mouth along his shoulder, nipping at his collarbone, tugging gently at his hair to pull husky groans of your name from his lips.
Izuku is never one to complain, not with such a pretty girl in his lap, not with the curves of your body filling his hands so well, but for once in his life he’s finding his patience with you wearing thin. Distantly, he knows there’s something about hubris, about karma, about patience being a virtue, but right now? He’s too hungry for the nip of your teeth along his neck, for the feel of his cock sliding between your thighs.
He rolls his hips against yours, rutting relentlessly along your covered slit and three things happen in quick succession: you tug his hair, he tilts his neck, and your teeth clamp down, sure and sharp, piercing the skin.
The fourth thing is he cums immediately, mouth dropping open in a wordless shout as he feels his cock swell, and hot streams of his seed paint the inside of his underwear. It’s a different kind of ecstasy humming through his veins this time; it’s the intense pleasure of the needy grind of your hips against his coupled with the sting of you marking him—claiming him for your own. That’s the centre of it all. That’s what’s driving him higher. That’s what’s keeping him floating a foot off the ground, head in the clouds, thinking of nothing but the ring of marks dug neatly into the side of his neck.
“I’m—” You’re panting when you pull away, hands fluttering nervously over his shoulders as you slowly sit back, putting distance between you in a way he hates right now. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to—I don’t know what happened?”
Izuku feels a little delirious as he looks up at you, hands firmly on your waist, holding on tight enough to make you hazy eyed and wanting despite the concern in your voice and the smear of blood along your upper lip.
“’S fine,” he slurs, drunk on desire, thumb reaching up to blot the blood away.
As far as he knows, there aren’t many cases of omegas marking their alphas and he doesn’t know if the bite will stick. If it will scar as beautifully as his did on you, if he’ll be able to bare it proudly to the world and let everyone know he’s yours. He winces when his fingers skim along the wound, squeezing along your thigh when you suck in a guilty breath.
“Do it again.” He murmurs it without thinking, addled by the jolt of pain that zips through his nerves straight to his cock.
His hand slides to the back of your neck, thumb hooked along the juncture where your throat meets your neck to trace along the neat scar he’d left on you all those years ago. This, he thinks, will mean more than any exchanging of rings, that any vow he could tell you at an altar, or whisper in your ear, or trace between your thighs. Wedding bands can be lost. Vows can be forgotten. This…this is something he wants to carry with him, a fraction of the devotion he has for you, for your future.
“Do it again.” He guides you forward until your forehead rests against his, until he can slide his hand down your chest, down the valley of your breasts, fingers skimming your racing heart. He traces over the soft rise of your belly, the center seam of your shorts, the wet patch that stains the front of his own bottoms to tug on the drawstring that’s keeping him from you. “But this time?”
His cock, firm and hard once more beneath you, ruts up against your core as he breathes in your sigh of his name.
“I wanna be inside you.”
Tumblr media
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rindousmuse · 23 days ago
dilf!deku who is quick to help when he bumps into you carrying far more grocery bags than it looks humanly possible, taking some of them (most of them) off your hands so you can unlock your apartment door, smiling as you laugh out a bubbly thank you before taking them back.
dilf!deku who seemingly bumps into his sweet, young neighbor more and more as he comes home from hero work, beaten and bruised and sore as he trudges up the stairs. he doesn’t dare tell you he’s so tired he can’t really follow along to what you’re rambling as the two of you stand out in the hallway. (or that he can’t seem to focus on anything but your mouth).
dilf!deku who, admittedly, becomes a little bolder when it comes to you, making up in the confidence that you lack, covering up your naiveness with his experience. and invites you over to dinner when his daughter goes to stay with uncle kacchan for the weekend.
dilf!deku who stares at you with a soft look in his eyes and a gentle smile on his lips as he listens to you talk over said dinner. who keeps leaning forward to refill your wine glass, tells you how mature you are just to see the way you wave him off with that cute flustered expression.
dilf!deku who is a tad clumsy and a bit caught off guard when you tell him you don’t want to go home yet—as if it isn’t just four doors down the hall—shakily catching your stumbling figure as you lean into him and feel over his muscles in a way that has his ears burning.
dilf!deku who wants to cry when he has to shove you off of him because you’re drunk and if his hero morals weren’t enough to convict him his parental ones are. he leaves you in his bed and goes to sleep on his couch—but he can’t fall asleep until he jerks off to the thought of your hooded eyes and tilted lips.
dilf!deku who is startled when you corner him the next morning, pouting up at him in the kitchen, asking him if he really liked you or not because how dare him leave you alone in bed last night. he splutters over the explanation, large hands whirling in front of him, cheeks so hot he thinks they might just catch fire. he doesn’t get far, a few garbled sentences in, and then your soft lips are pressing to his and he’s forgotten any and all thoughts he was trying to push out before.
dilf!deku who now that he has a taste of you just can’t stop, and finds himself knocking on your apartment doors at ungodly hours after his daughter’s fallen asleep just to see you, kiss you, touch you. he’s not felt this need in a long time, this desire for someone else, and you give him a run for his money with that sweet spunk, so full of life. it’s like a drug to him.
dilf!deku who finally can’t take it one night, all wound up from a villain bust, and doesn’t even wait for you to greet him before he’s shoving you into your apartment, picking you up and pressing you to any surface he can find. a mantra of “sorry, sorry, so sorry” spilling out of his lips as he rips your pants, your shirt, any article of clothing separating the two of you. he has you laid messily on your couch, panting when he finally pulls back enough to look at you, and he knows he’s absolutely screwed.
dilf!deku who cannot shut up once he gets inside you, every rut of his hips drawing a heavy groan, moan, curse out of his lips. “fuck, you’re so good, so good” and “perfect pretty baby, god” and “that’s my girl, shit—you’re killing me.” all bubbling out of his mouth like he can’t stop it, and with that wild look in his eye—so enveloping and loving and warm—you don’t think he can.
dilf!deku who begs and begs and begs as he gets close, large scarred hands cradling your face, hot breaths against your lips, if he can just cum inside, can’t help it, need to fill you up, need it so bad. and it looks like it’ll kill him if you say no, so you nod, mumble a yes and—god, the way his hips suddenly snap so hard and fast has you seeing stars. it’s so dizzying you almost don’t hear the “what a fucking good girl,” murmured into your hair as you take it.
dilf!deku who after he has you, really has you, can’t seem to let you go. he’s gone totally love dumb, drawn out kisses and rushed quickies and sending his daughter over to katsuki’s more and more because he just can’t get enough of you.
dilf!deku who thinks you might just make him a daddy the second time around, and he has absolutely no complaints about that.
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azucanela · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
bnha boys as ____ to lovers tropes headcannons + scenarios [gender neutral!reader]
Tumblr media
featuring: bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya, todoroki shouto
summary: which one of various “____ to lovers” tropes would they be? friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers?
warnings: cursing. mentions of violence. mentions of death. crying. 
note: pls i feel like this is bad but i was in a trope mood so enjoy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rivals to Lovers - Bakugou Katsuki
By far the most obvious choice.
Bakugou Katsuki has always wanted to be the best and in order to do that, he must surpass the existing best. While you aren’t as persistent as he is, you have your own ambitions that you’d like to achieve by the end of your school years at UA. So naturally, you’re one of the best in class. 
There’s no denying that especially at the start of the year, certain students stood out. Bakugou already had astonishing quirk control and academic skill, but that’s not all there is to success.
In comes you, someone who the press would actually consider tolerable when you inevitably became a pro. You weren’t explosive, or blunt, or rude. You were a well-mannered student with a good quirk and grades.
AKA Bakugou’s new worst enemy. 
You welcomed the motivation of a rival of course, nothing wrong with a little competitiveness, and when push came to shove at the sports festival, you came in first place. Cementing your place as one of the most promising students in the school.
And boy did Bakugou hate it. 
At this point, you two are just one-upping each other day after day, trying to surpass one another. Who got the best score on class finals? Who does better when it comes to plain sparring? Whose quirk would ultimately beat the others?
But most importantly, Bakugou respects you, and you respect Bakugou. While you’re rivals, its a relationship built on mutual respect for each other’s skills. 
Suddenly he finds that you are complimenting his skills, and you’re partnering together during projects because “no one else can keep up” and then training comes around and he insists that you’re the only one worth fighting. 
Things begin to shift, lines begin to blur, and now you’re friends as well as rivals. Spending time together outside of school for purely educational purposes of course, who studies at the library alone after all?
Suddenly you’re meeting his mom and oh no why are you meeting his mom? WHY is she inviting you over for dinner? Why is she insisting that he’s gonna cook, WHAT IS GOING ON. 
Bakugou is grumbling under his breath as he pushes the shopping cart through the grocery store, cursing his mother’s name as he stops in front of the produce. Y/N had offered to walk him home because their house was on the way, and somehow that turned into inviting them for dinner the following week when his mother saw them.
Stupid hag.
His brows are furrowed as he shoves the potatoes into the plastic bag a little too aggressively, about to move on when he hears someone call out his name, “Bakugou?”
When he turns around the last thing he expects to see is Y/N themself. There’s a pie in their hand, but they discard it in favor of jogging towards him, smile bright on their face. 
“What are you doing here?” Is all that comes out of his mouth, confusion evident in his face as he eyes them. Y/N’s clothes are... dressier than usual— probably because the dinner was in the next hour and that normally meant dressing nicer than just a pair of jeans— and it almost catches him off guard as he meets their gaze. 
“I figured I should bring something to the dinner so I stopped here.”
Bakugou huffs in response, eyes returning the produce before him as he picks up a head of lettuce and examines it. “Not necessary.” Is all he replies with.
Y/N raises a brow, “worried my store bought pie will outdo your...” they look into his cart, “potatoes?”
Bakugou looks to them dully, dropping the lettuce into his cart wordlessly and continuing on through the store. “At least buy a cake mix or something, put in some effort.” He looks back at them with a grin, “unless you can’t even make a simple cake?”
A small laugh escapes Y/N as they bring a hand to the back of their neck, sheepishly, “that’s one thing I know you’re better than me at. I can’t cook.” They meet his eyes, “at all.”
“Are you serious?” Bakugou is walking through the aisles, Y/N now alongside pausing to look through the glass until Bakugou’s hand comes to their forearm to continue dragging them along so they don’t get distracted.
“Completely serious.”
He scoffs, stopping the cart as they hit the baking section, “then I guess I’ll have to teach you.” Y/N looks to him, brow raised at his words, and he simply says, “how am I supposed to prove I’m better than you if you can’t even cook— It’s a fucking life skill how do you not know how to cook?”
Y/N rolls their eyes, gently shoving Bakugou, who in turn moves to turn around and glare until an older woman walks past and says with a smile, “you two are a cute couple.” Turning to the man beside her she taps him, “young love, isn’t it beautiful.” 
The old man beside her hums absently in response, eyes squinting at the product he’s taken from off the shelf, “of course, dear.”
While Bakugou is left speechless, Y/N’s mouth gapes open as they search for words. Do they just go along with what the couple said, tell them they completely misunderstood their dynamic? Y/N is at a loss for words and simply says the first thing that comes to mind, “thank you, ma’am.” Offering the woman a nervous smile as their hands come to press against Bakugou’s back in an attempt to usher him out of the aisle. 
Bakugou seems to come to his senses as the pair turns the corner, whipping around to look at Y/N, it’s then that Y/N notices the faint pink on his cheeks as he says, “what?” 
Y/N’s hands haven’t moved from where they were despite Bakugou’s movement, meaning they now rest flat on his chest, and it’s then that they realize how close they’ve gotten. 
Bakugou seems to notice to this, eyes meeting Y/N’s, he holds their gaze for a moment before blinking, once, twice, and turning back around. “Whatever.” He simply mumbles out, “did you come here by car?”
It’s a stark contrast from his usual persona, loud, arrogant. Y/N can’t help that their response is delayed, stammered out, “uh— I didn’t, no. I walked.”
He scoffs, “were you planning to walk to my house?” When Y/N doesn’t reply, Bakugou nearly whips around once again, “how have you managed to live this long.”
Y/N shrugs, “pure talent and luck.”
“Sure.” Bakugou replies, looking back at them from the corner of his eye, “I’ll drive you then.” 
Something has changed, Y/N can tell, and clearly he can too. A newfound tension in the air that can’t just be washed away by a little not-so-friendly competition. Except now “not-so-friendly” didn’t mean unfriendly it meant... something else. Something a little bit further than friendly. 
Oh dear. 
Tumblr media
Childhood Friends to Lovers - Izuku Midoriya
This one is pretty obivous too tbh.
Izuku has an alarming amount of loyalty and dedication. As soon as you express any interest in being his friend— unlike the rest of his childhood classmates— he is always by your side. Not that you mind of course.
He’s interesting, smart, and his mom cooks pretty well. Sure, he rambles a lot but that’s nothing a younger you can’t handle.
When your quirk shows up, he’s more excited than you are, he asks you loads of questions and gives you about a million suggestions on how to use it. 
And when you two hit middle school, he tells you he’s going to UA, with or without a quirk. Ever since you were kids that his been his plan, and sure as an elementary schooler it seemed nice and you wanted to be a hero too but could you truly attain it? 
Something about his persistence is inspiring, so you decide to follow your childhood dream as well. 
And suddenly you’re both in UA, Izuku has a quirk, he’s lying to you— after years of knowing him, it’s not hard to tell— and there are villains attacking at every turn. Everything goes downhill so very fast that you really can’t keep up with one another, even though you still attend the same school, it’s as though you barely see each other anymore.
And it sucks. It sucks a lot. 
It’s not until his run in with Shigaraki while you’re all out as a class that things really start changing again. Because it’s you he makes eye contact with as Shigaraki’s fingers graze his neck, and the horror in your eyes is inexplicable. 
Shigaraki takes notice of this, and suddenly he’s threatening your life, and Izuku finds that he isn’t as scared anymore.
He’s angry. 
Afterwards, you’re throwing your arms around him, holding him tighter than ever before, and Izuku can’t help the way his chest tightens as his arms wind around you as well. 
For the first time, he finds himself flustered by your presence. 
Izuku Midoriya doesn’t like lying. Especially not to Y/N, the one person who has been by his side since pre-school, but here he is, and it is not going well. Mostly because Izuku simply can’t lie to them, not when they could definitely tell he was lying from about a mile away. 
And worse than that, he was avoiding them. Izuku wasn’t dumb, Y/N would know he was lying the moment he opened his mouth and suddenly his secret would be out in the open. While it was Y/N, and he knew they wouldn’t tell a soul... Izuku couldn’t help the fear that consumed him at the thought.
But after what had happened with Shigaraki, it seemed as though they’d doubled their efforts to confront him, appearing everywhere. Even as Izuku sits in his room, he knows the knock on his door is them. He can’t help but bring the covers over his head, as though that’ll shield him from the inevitable.
“Izuku?” Their voice is muffled through the door but Izuku could recognize it anywhere, “can we talk?”
That’s a rather anxiety inducing sentence. But Izuku doesn’t really have time to consider his next reaction— be it jumping out the window or making a run for it— because his door is already being pushed open. 
“What are you doing?” A small laugh escapes their lips, and Izuku can’t help the smile that finds its way onto his face at the sound. Of course, this moment of peace is once again disrupted by the cover over his head being yanked down to reveal his face.
“Hi Y/N.” His voice is soft, apologetic almost. 
In response, they simply huff, brows furrowing as they shove him lightly, “why have you been avoiding me, asshole.” There’s no malice in Y/N’s words, just hurt. “Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”
They’re taking a seat on his bed, sitting at a distance as though coming any closer would offend him, and Izuku finds himself searching for words. He was a planner, he always had a plan. And he knew this was coming. So he had time to figure out some sort of lie, but he hadn’t. Now, he found himself spiraling in search of an explanation.
“If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to.” Izuku looks up, eyes wide in awe at Y/N’s words, “but quit avoiding me over it.”
Y/N isn’t looking at him, averting their eyes from his, suddenly interested by the hem of their shirt as they await a response. Izuku doesn’t really know when the waterworks start, but Y/N hears him sniffle slightly, drawing their attention back to him. “Okay.” He mumbles out, going to wipe away his tears.
Meanwhile, Y/N is almost alarmed as their mouth gapes open, hands reaching outwards to pull him into a hug. Izuku’s scarred arms wrap around them, his tears staining their shirt. “It’ll be okay.” Y/N murmurs into his hair.
Izuku hasn’t really had much time to sit back and reflect on the chaos that has been his life. He’s destroyed his body for a quirk granted to him by someone he’s idolized since his childhood, villains have attacked left and right— disrupting an already insane school life— and worst of all, that tightness in his chest is back.
Worst of all, Izuku is emotionally intelligent enough to know that the red in his cheeks isn’t from the tears, it’s from the fact that his feelings are toeing the line between platonic and romantic. 
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers - Todoroki Shouto
I feel like he is the only one that would ever “fraternize with the enemy.” Nobody else here would ever even consider speaking with the enemy in the first place, but Shouto is... Shouto. 
You’re both high school age, and yet somehow your lives are so different. You were in the League of Villains, and he was a UA student. It almost shocked him to see someone else his age on the battlefield with no remorse. 
You would both clash often, somehow ending up fighting against each other each time the League and UA came face to face. A part of Shouto wanted to hate you because you were well, a villain, but another part of him was curious. You’re both ruthless but the banter you have together on the field is almost equivalent to that of old friends.
Alas, his curiosities didn’t really matter seeing as you were a criminal.
Until... you had a mutual issue. That issue being the fact that in the midst of his third year work study, and your criminal work, you both got stuck under debris. If either of you used your quirks things could easily get very ugly very fast.
Of course, that didn’t mean you were planning on removing the knife you had to his throat. Shouto could tell that much as your eyes wandered around the small area you were now secluded to.
When push comes to shove, you really have no choice but to do so. You both come to a mutual understanding: there’s no getting out of this alive if you both destroy the debris shielding you from getting crushed in the process of a fight. So, a temporary truce is initiated.
Now, you have nothing better to do but talk. Though Shouto doesn’t seem very inclined to do so, you decide you’ll carry the conversation. Rambling on and on.
By the end of it, you’re expecting a rescue team and an arrest when it’s all over, not... mercy. He simply nods to the exit, wordlessly. He lets you leave. And it confuses both of you. 
So, afterwards you approach him, and the only reason he doesn’t immediately report it to the police is because he’s... curious. You tell him to join the League, given his childhood, it would make sense.
Of course, he declines, vehemently. You shrug it off, telling him to think it over. And suddenly your visits become more frequent, asking him if he’s changed his mind. The two of you finding yourselves getting closer despite the fact that this is the opposite of what Shouto wants.
Or at least, what he thinks he wants.
“We don’t have time for this.” He seethed, glaring at Y/N as their knife remained still against his skin. Small pebbles fell to the ground around them, the earth shook, the pair had fallen through the floor and ended up here. 
They huffed, eyes narrowing at him, “then what do you propose we do?” A bitter laugh, “because it looks to me like we’re on our way to death.”
“We wait until after we’ve escaped to finish this.” He exhales deeply, “don’t be an idiot. If we fought this place could easily come crumbling down.” Shouto tilts his head, “I was under the impression that you were smarter than that.”
Y/N scoffed, rolling their eyes as they swiftly pulled their blade from his throat, “fine.” Taking a few steps back, they take a peek behind them before taking a seat on one of the bigger remnants of the building that had just come crashing down on them. “What do we do now then?”
Shouto looks to them with suspicion clear in his eyes as he moves to take a seat as far from them as possible, though distance isn’t very achievable seeing as they were trapped in a much smaller space than he would’ve liked.
Y/N scoffed, “is that a joke? I’m not waiting for authorities to come and arrest me immediately after I’ve escaped.” They tilt their head back, eyes shutting, “this is insane.”
“Do you have any other suggestions?” Malice is clear in his tone as he shoots a glare at his enemy, they were both in the same boat right now, they had no other choice but to ride this out.
“We try to make our own exit.” 
“And risk the entire building coming toppling down on us?” Comes his monotonous response, dull look on his face that made it obvious he viewed the idea as nothing more than the ramblings of an idiot.
“Make an ice dome or something!” Y/N cried out, gesturing to his hands.
“Do you really think my quirk is that simple?” He hissed in response. 
Rolling their eyes, Y/N rests their elbows on their knees and their head in their hands. “Alright then,” they inhale deeply, “what’s your favorite color?”
It’s stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. He has no reason to reply to the question, and yet Shouto finds himself saying, “I don’t have one.”
Y/N explodes at this, whining about you can’t just not have a favorite color. And suddenly one question turns into two, and then three, and they’re about twenty questions and twenty annoyed answers in when Y/N finally asks if he thinks anyone is coming for them.
Shouto didn’t have an answer for that question either. How could he?
He’s witnessed searches like this with his own eyes, participated in them. Sometimes it took days for people to be found, even with quirks. And it could often take longer to safely extract them. Who’s to say they wouldn’t be here for another few days, maybe even a week before they were found? 
He wonders how it came to this, Y/N had been ready to kill him several hours ago after all. Though an experience like this one wasn’t necessarily normal either. Maybe the ramblings were their attempt at calming their mind, unable to find solace in the silence. He doesn’t care enough to ask, but there’s a single question that rings in his mind. One that his been there since he first met the young villain.
“Why do you work with the league?”
They’re his age, with a quirk that easily could’ve launched them into stardom within the hero world, and if Shouto had to guess, they were smart too. 
They scoff, shaking their head, “because I don’t like having to choose between two evils.” Hands tugging at the hem of their own shirt, “at the moment, my interests align with the League.” Y/N looks up, “just like our interests align right now.” 
Shouto doesn’t get a chance to reply as they begin to hear yells, calls for help, “we’ve found survivors!” 
Instantly the pair comes to a stand, and Shouto wonders if things are about to get violent again as a sliver of light becomes visible, until Y/N simply looks to him, blade materializing in their hand. A somber look on their face, one of regret. 
Shouto’s first thought is to tell the rescue team to run until Y/N speaks, “lucky for you, I’m not interested in attacking UA forty days from now,” they stretch their limbs, as though they’re preparing for some sort of athletic event, “the League is though.”
And with that, they’re gone. 
Tumblr media
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shotorozu · a month ago
how they look at you
Tumblr media
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character(s) : multiple characters (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] gender neutral, quirk’s specifics not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff. really fluffy. (x reader)
note(s) : this is part one of my 5k followers celebration! will be posting more later :)) i am finally relieved from my projects, so i can go back to my regular posting schedule 🤩 also i was going to put in mirio and monoma, but it just didn’t work 😨 (but i might add them in a second part who really knows)
mha manga spoilers for those who don’t know dabi’s government name (if it wasn’t obvious already 💀💀)
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
↛ hard, rough edges are immediately softened, relaxed. and at first, katsuki was not at all aware on how his face would visibly— yet subtly change when his vermillion eyes are affixed on you. beats himself over it, and damns himself for allowing himself to be like this, and tries to have it under wraps, because there’d be ‘no going back after this’. contrary to popular belief, he can’t seem to care in the moment, even though he probably wanted to care, when he watches you pin colorful hair barrettes in his wild, ash blonde hair. when you laugh at his scowling reactions, when you straighten out his messy collar, and when you’re just thinking your head off— staring into who knows what. he swears that his face doesn’t actually change, and katsuki’s just partially right. everything does look the same for some people, but his eyes, everyone. his eyes look so relaxed, like he’s not forcing them into a squinting scowl, a seemingly permanent glare. yet, it appears on his face so subtly. but that’s the thing, every single change in his face is super noticeable, it sends everyone that cares enough into heavy debate (verbally, or non-verbally)
todoroki shouto
↛ he looks at you like you’re his safe haven. when he looks at you, his eyes soften, and he looks at you with such interest— for a moment, he forgets all the things that happened to him. all of the times he had to train at such a young age, and all of the times he slept tensely in his bed. his shoulders stop tensing as much, and it feels like he can truly relax— even if it’s just at the sight of you. shouto’s strong, yes, and he’d like to protect those dear to him, but sometimes he forgets he needs to be protected too. so with you, he looks at you to remember, to reassure himself that he’s safe, and he’ll always have the safe space he loves so much, as long as he spends the rest of his days with you. though he’s aware he should be working on himself more than anyone present in that room, you unknowingly help him, and he’ll thank you for it over and over again, even if you don’t get why he’s doing so, and even if you think he doesn’t need to be thanking you. people will point his blatant favoritism out, on how “you actually look invested when Y/N talks to you” and he can’t say he denies it. why wouldn’t he want to treat the person he loves like royalty?
midoriya izuku
↛ with hopeful eyes, he scans you with learning intent. as if multiple pages in his notebook aren’t dedicated to you. if it was impossible to learn even more about you, then izuku proved you wrong— because it is possible. when he was younger, his observant habits were always poked fun at. classmates would always shoot him disapproving looks whenever he’d get too observant about something— so from that point on, he tried keeping it down. however, you encouraged him of these habits, and listened. and with that, he can’t seem to stop. with emerald eyes, izuku stares at you with a gleam of hope, like there’s another hidden detail about you that he could familiarize with, and then engrave it in his mind, and notebook of course. he feels utterly blessed to have someone like you, and to show his gratitude, he wants, hopes and needs to learn more stuff about you. izuku wants to know what makes you sad and down in the moment, he wants to know your favorite shows, and the things you’ll absolutely criticize because of your own personal opinions. you would feel awkward, being observed like this, but with that gleam in his eyes? you can’t find yourself complaining.
kirishima eijirou
↛ his breathing is calm, eyes trained on you with a certain glint— a respectful one. if you thought his words were enough to display the amount of respect, and admiration he has for you— then you are certainly wrong. the ‘so manly!’ and ‘awesome!’ comments was definitely the obvious display of respect, but his stare? it says thousands of words without actually saying anything. sure, the starry eyed look he’d give you’s also pleasant, the one everyone’s used to seeing, but this hits differently. his vermillion eyes stare at you, with an unforeseen amount of calmness, and respect. there’s proof of respect in his stare— like how he tries not to stare at you for too long, as he’d beat himself up for staring at you for even just a second too long. though he’d like to stare at all of you for as much as he liked, he’d really only stare at your eyes, and the occasional lips when he gets too absorbed. yet, he immediately snaps out of it, when eijirou realizes how not so manly it probably looks— as he’s aware of how some people can get rather uneasy with unwarranted staring. but, is it really unwarranted— when he stares at you so respectfully, just like ‘the boy next door’ trope? you should definitely tell him that he doesn’t need permission to stare at you.
shinsou hitoshi
↛ through tired eyes, hitoshi stares with amusement. you’d think that amusement would be something he wouldn’t feel that often, as his top priority was getting into the hero course, but you couldn’t be more incorrect. he’s only ever amused when he sees something particularly ridiculous, or his friends being goofy, or when they’re GENUINELY in awe due to the nature of his quirk— that’s what hitoshi assumed anyway, up until he encountered you. it’s natural to be interested in someone that just crashed into your life, and changed your perception on some things, and made you feel new things. with a insomniac gaze locked in, he stares at you in amusement whenever you get excited over your favorite animal, whether it’s a cute little cat, or something much more bizarre than that. when you encourage him to send that cute cat picture to his mentor with enthusiasm, and most especially— when you’re subtly, not so subtly reach for his hand, that’s only inches away from yours, or when you attempt to use those cheesy pickup lines on him. his amusement may not be inherently obvious to everyone around, but the people he keeps in close range definitely know, and they would’ve guessed that he didn’t take you seriously, if they didn’t know who hitoshi shinsou is as a person. it’s solid that he takes you seriously— but man, you’re hypnotic. it’d be hard not to stare at you like that.
kaminari denki
↛ absolutely dumbfounded, and with eccentric, “stupidly in love” eyes. you know that one interview with jhené aiko— the one where she practically hypnotized the interviewer? yeah. that’s you and denki. (she made him stutter but you get what i mean) not a single thought flies through his head when you’re around— and you simply thought it would go away, or at least meddle down the minute you guys reach your 10 month anniversary, but you are incorrect! unlike three of the characters mentioned before him, everyone can tell when denki decides to stare at you. from the way his jaw slightly drops open, and how it looks like there’s not a single thought that runs through his head. especially when you run a hand through his hair, when you feed into his antics, and sometimes— when you’re just across the room, there by yourself. he stares at you with semi glossy, lidded eyes— and only idly nods when someone tries to draw his gaze away from you. he’ll follow your every move, it means he could still dumbly admire your existence. oh, and also— denki kaminari stares at you like how he breathes in air supply (very factual), and he’s very grateful to be literally blessed by you. and, someone please close this man’s jaw, because it might attract some flies 😭 /j
amajiki tamaki
↛ a sigh of relief escapes his lips, as he stares at you. despite the shyness, he’s relieved. arguably similar to shouto’s— but they’re quite different. it’s a given that the suneater doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with other people that often, and you know what? you won’t pressure him to do so, even though you’d like to make eye contact with him, considering how special he is. tamaki’s stare is quite progressive— as he went from shying away from you out of fear of doing something wrong, to looking at you without hesitation or doubt. when tamaki finds himself staring at you, it finally feels like he can breathe normally without tensing up, because you’re there— you’re still here, safe and well, and that his ‘incompetence’ or ‘hesitation’ didn’t cost him your safety (you tell him that he’s never incompetent, and everyone hesitates every once in a while.) nonetheless, he’s still shy. choosing to stare at you when everyone’s distracted, or when no one’s watching— because it’d be difficult to explain why he exactly looked like that. his friends find it all sweet, and they honestly encourage him to stare at you more. no matter how many times your friends, or even you tell tamaki, he still thinks it would be incriminating, or just flat out rude if he did that out of the blue. you just hope that one day, tamaki realizes that it’s the exact opposite. you too, are relieved— when you catch tamaki staring at you like that.
aizawa shouta — eraserhead
↛ a feeling of rest that was once a rarity, slowly dissipated into something regular whenever he looked at you. it’s pretty factual that aizawa shouta is a workaholic. at this point— he’s practically a father of 22 children at 31 years old, and to add onto that, he’s still balancing his own personal problems. basically, he’s in a seemingly never-ending, constant state of fatigue, and can anyone really blame him for not wanting to step into the dating realm? it’d tire him out more, and he’d never give his partner the proper attention needed in a relationship. to shorten it, shouta was fine with being alone romantically— since it’d fatigue him and his partner more, until he met you. the pro hero didn’t think it was possible to have the fatigue sucked away from him just by staring at someone, even if there was a quirk that did exactly that— it felt as if he was just born tired. however, you just seemed to prove him incorrect. oh, he needs to grade the electric kid from class 1-A’s essay, but he’s tired? he’s gonna take a look of you passed out on your desk, for motivation and because you look cute but he’s not going to say a thing. oh, he had to stop midoriya from his self destructive tendencies for the umpteenth time, is honestly growing tired of it? one look, and he could go on for just a bit longer. he tries not to stare at you like a smitten highschooler due to the need of professionalism though he feels like one, but even aizawa shouta himself lets his guard down sometimes. shouta thought the feeling was all a placebo effect at first, but he grew to realize that the sudden lack of fatigue’s definitely real.
takami keigo — hawks
↛ it’s seemingly in his character that he stares at you proudly. he tries not to mention his relationship alot, because i don’t think keigo’s always this constantly cocky and charismatic guy,, but that’s how the public views him anyway. regardless— even if his demeanor’s authenticity is debatable, the fulfilling feeling that grows in his chest is definitely not fabricated. a part of him wants to show you off and brag about your existence, until he physically cannot— but that’d make you vulnerable to the wrong people. so, he’ll just have to stick with vague answers and small smiles. even if he can’t openly brag about you, the way he looks at you speaks volumes instead. doesn’t mention you too much, but when someone asks about you, his lovely partner, he can’t help but feel and look proud— almost smug. whether it be of you, because of how far you’ve progressed, or himself because he managed to have someone like you in his imperfect life. or, let’s just say you’re coincidentally on tv with keigo for whatever reason— whenever you speak and keigo so happens to be in the same frame— he just nods, and stares at you with this heart throbbing smile, utterly proud. sometimes, he can be seen looking all giddy, while he’s up in the air— but that’s because he’s looking at a picture of you. this has caused keigo to be in one of those youtube videos that are titled “hawks admiring this mysterious but attractive person for 6 minutes straight” 💀 he thinks he’s being subtle, and he kind of is, but the fans know
↛ revolted, and repulsed upfront— but really stares like there’s everything, and nothing to lose. he didn’t know what you were doing to him— after all, he’s just looking at you, and he’s feeling like,, this. it honestly repulsed him. dabi concludes that he’s getting side tracked from his true intentions and goals, and he’d like to burn you out of his life, shut you out— he’s familiar with it after all. he’s really just selfish like that. but, is this selfishness coming from his hidden desire of you? or is it coming from the selfishness of achieving revenge? maybe both. nonetheless, he doesn’t actually do anything to you, because no matter how many times he’ll lift his palm up to release the flames, he can’t find it in himself to do it. if he did, how else was he going to catch glimpses of you around the hideout, or in his trench coat, that has honestly seen better days— if he had done exactly that? dabi, a villain way beyond repair to most, stores his vulnerability behind a heated look, which you honestly can’t seem to decipher, because it looks like he’s about to engulf your entire body in flames at any moment— but, when you’re asleep, in the depths of slumber, that’s when his true stare that’s reserved for you crawls out, the vulnerability. dabi concludes he never really had anything to lose, but suddenly— there is everything to lose, all because of you. it’s sickening. he only decides to look at you like this, when you’re not conscious to see it, but maybe someday— he’ll show you, and reveal even just a tiny speck of that different stare of his.
Tumblr media
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i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
izuku midoriya who always saves you a seat if you're running late, and comes to visit you with extra notes (that he wrote himself) and your favorite drink if you never show up to class.
izuku midoriya who, during the crush stage, blushes bright red whenever you look at him and ask for his input on something.
izuku midoriya who says he won't give you the answers for homework and you have to do it yourself, but not five minutes later, sends pictures or screenshots of all his homework.
izuku midoriya who asks you to sleep early because sleeping late isn't good for your health but ends up watching conspiracy theories and dumb five minute craft videos on youtube with you.
denki kaminari who's whipped for you and talks about you to his friends with admiration and giddiness in his words, making his friends sometimes groan at the fact that he's in a relationship with you, but at the same time knowing it's an obvious upgrade from him rambling about how you're amazing during the time where he had a crush on you.
izuku midoriya who never fails to share his food with you, he always gives you at least a bite, and he doesn't even mind if you want more, for all he cares, he can starve and you can take all his food (of course you don't let him actually do that).
izuku midoriya who beams at every kind word you say to him; compliment him, and he's blushing while thanking you. say you're proud of him and he feels like he could run around the entirety of UA without taking a break. just say something nice to him and he feels amazing.
denki kaminari who gets a warm feeling in his chest at the times you defend him when people make fun of his quirk and call him dumb or an idiot.
denki kaminari who paints his nails black (or yellow) and asks you to match. if you say yes, he'd paint your nails for you, being extra careful not to get the nail polish on your skin. when he's done, he would lift your hand up and grin in obvious happiness.
denki kaminari who wakes up in the middle of the night if you're not next to him and had instead drifted to the corner of the bed. he wiggles his way next to you and hugs you, not paying attention to the possibility that you could both fall off the bed. and even if you did, his arms would still be around you.
denki kaminari who pretends he's asleep (at the rare times he wakes up before you), hoping you'd wake him up with a kiss.
and denki kaminari who pouts when unwrap your arms from around him and get up, ready to start the day.
katsuki bakugou who fakes being mad when you're cold and he has to give you his jacket, but is internally screaming and cussing you out for being so cute.
katsuki bakugou who never means what he says on the rare times you argue and who beats himself up later on, even after you've made up.
katsuki bakugou who complains about going out at night but going out anyways and groaning the entire time, but secretly loves going to random places at night, and he hates himself for that.
katsuki bakugou who people think is a complete and utter softie around you, but is actually the same rude blonde. but, his rudeness is reduced a tiny bit and it keeps decreasing the longer you stay together.
Tumblr media
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endeavorsensei · 2 months ago
How about the boys (Izuku, Shinsou, Kirishima, Bakugou) having a rough and bad day, they come back home, and as usual, their S/O greets them inside, having already cleaned their home and prepared dinner and a bath for them? In addition, she’s wearing only an oversized hoodie with nothing else within. More specifically, THEIR oversized hoodie? Rough NSFW on this please!
a/n: lol anon u really said u do the cooking and the cleaning huh!
summary: bakugou katsuki x reader, kirishima eijiro x reader, midoriya izuku x reader, shinsou hitoshi x reader | female reader - reader has boobs and vagina | all established relationships, breeding (katsuki), lapdance (eijiro), teasing, blindfolds (hitoshi)
no ageless blogs, empty blogs, and minors
Bakugou Katsuki
You hear the stomping before anything else - each footfall heavy and dragging up to the door, but Katsuki still takes care to not slam it once he’s inside, taking a deep breath as he clicks it shut.
The tension in his shoulders ease as the smell of dinner fills his nose, and even more so when he turns to find you waiting for him with a gentle smile on your face.
Both of you manage to have a normal greeting before he realizes what you’re wearing, and one look from you lets him know that you were planning for it the whole time - dinner, a bath, and a good ‘ol fuck to welcome in the weekend - neither of you caring what order it happened.
Katsuki wanted to save more money before having any kids, but being with you like this, he couldn’t help himself, he wanted to jump to the next chapter of your life together now, and besides, he deserved to fuck and breed you senseless after the week he’s had.
As tired as he is, Katsuki doesn’t waste another moment and lifts you up, letting out a low growl as he leans you against the wall for extra support, “gonna fuck you real nice, baby, maybe now the old hag will finally shut up about havin’ grandkids.”
He lets you roll your eyes before slipping his cock in, a dirty grin pulling at his lips as you let out a gasp, not a single ounce of sympathy on his face as he thought about all the ways he could bully you.
“Fuck.” Katsuki hissed as he dropped his head against the nook of your neck, already breathing heavily from how pent up he was, “your cunt’s just the thing I needed after the day I had...feels like I’m about to cum just from stickin’ it in. How about I call off the next week so you can keep me all to yourself? I think I’ll need way more than a few rounds until I’m fully satisfied.”
Kirishima Eijiro
As much as he tries, you can tell that something is wrong with Eijiro, his usual toothy grin as he burst through the door missing it’s usual spark. 
You don’t want to pry because it has to be something serious for him to be reacting this way, but he always tells you when he’s ready.
So when he keeps moping even when you sit him down to try and eat dinner, that’s when you make your move, wanting him to at least react to anything.
Eijiro doesn’t really register what’s happening until his pants feel tight, and you’re moaning in his ear, holding his hands on your hips to keep steady - that’s when he snaps awake and can’t think of anything else but fucking you.
You knew Eijiro snapped to his senses when the grip he had on your hips tightened, holding onto you as if his life depended on it, “shit - you really are mean, you know that? Are you really not wearing anything under my hoodie?”
“Mm...and what are you gonna do about it? You were just ignoring me, you know that?” You made sure to grind nice and slow against his boner that time, the rough denim making you groan, “I made sure me and the house were ready for you when you got home and everything.”
Eijiro bit back a moan and dropped his head, trying to hide his face as he came in his pants (to no avail), “bad girl, you don’t get what you want and you decide to act up? Don’t you remember the long night ahead of you if you misbehave?”
“Care to remind me?”
Midoriya Izuku
Izuku has a bad habit of keeping everything inside, but he also can’t help but make the most of you to relieve his stress when he gets home.
He doesn’t bother with returning your greeting when he locks the door behind him, immediately dropping his bag and making a bee-line for you, eyes getting hungrier when he realizes what you’re wearing.
But, ever the gentleman, Izuku makes sure he carries you to the bedroom before he can really make a mess of you. (But of course, you never make it easy.)
When he tosses you onto the bed, Izuku sees that the hoodie is the only thing you’re wearing so he only bothers with his own clothes, kicking them into some random corner of the room before climbing on top of you, nestling his face into the nook of your neck. “Mm you smell so intoxicating, baby, how’d you know you would be exactly what I needed when I came home?”
“I - mn - I love you, don’t I?” He waited until you opened your mouth to slip himself in, smiling as he dipped his head to kiss your jaw, urging you on. “What kind of wifey would I be if I wasn’t ready for you? On your good and bad days?”
“Wifey? Are you scheming with my mom and aunty again?” Izuku moved slowly, trying to hide his amusement at this conversation happening right now. “I’m about to fuck you silly and you’re trying to tease me? I don’t think you realize that you’re on the bottom tonight, baby.”
Shinsou Hitoshi
Hitoshi being really mean and and a bully when he gets home because he knows you can take it - knows that you like it when your sweet boyfriend gets rough with you in bed.
It varies depending on the mood he’s in and what you’re wearing - and since you’re wearing his hoodie, he can’t stop his hands when they reach for the strings of the hoodie, closing it until your mouth was the only thing he could see.
Also...spitting on you.
It took a minute for Hitoshi to shut the door and toss you on the bed, nimble fingers wrapping around the strings of his hoodie and completely blinding you with the piece of clothing. “Mm...look at how pretty you look like this, just needy holes free for me to use however I wish.”
You tried to rub your legs together, but a pinch on your inner thigh stopped you, Hitoshi meeting your short cry with a laugh.
“Nu-uh. I want to see how wet these perverted little holes of yours are before I have my fun.” His thumb rubbed the sore spot for a few seconds until he let his hand travel up your leg, ghosting against your clit just to see you squirm again. “Ah... this view never gets old - shame you can’t see anything.”
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chifemi · 20 days ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐞
Tumblr media
— 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: midoriya izuku, bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, kirishima eijirou, kaminari denki
— 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: alright tell me how i did for my first time writing for bnha🙄
Tumblr media
he had called out your name several times, knocking on your dorm room door awaiting a response from you. after debating with himself for just a moment, he finally decided on opening your door as he became even more worried as to why you weren’t responding. so, with a twist of the handle, your door creaked ever so slightly as it opened. he peaked inside, only to see you leaning on your desk, the small lamp the only source of light within the room as it shone on your face. his eyes widened as his face turned a light shade of pink once he realized you had fallen asleep at your desk, probably studying or doing homework. though his face felt even hotter when he saw what you were wearing—one of his all might hoodies. he shut the door, leaning against it as his wide eyes scanned your figure. with a deep breathe in, and a sigh out, he smiled, just grateful to be with someone as amazing as you.
he sees you as you stand near the gates of UA, waiting for him to find you so the both of you could walk home together. and when he does see you, he’s just a bit confused as to what you’re wearing. a little pout forms on his lips as he looks you up and down, the oversized hoodie the only thing he sees. “is that mine?” “yeah, i found it in your locker since i was cold.” he raised an eyebrow as you gave him a little grin, then mumbled something under his breathe. you huffed as you walked away, beginning to take off the hoodie. but as you tried to lift it up, you felt a tug on the bottom hem of the piece of clothing. “i didn’t say take it off.” “well you didn’t say i looked cute in it either.” you turned your head the other way as he sighed. “you’re cute for a dumbass.” he smirked as his lips moved to your cheek, giving you a kiss as his hand slipped down to yours.
he had walked out of the cafeteria for just a few minutes, only to go get something from the classroom he had forgotten, leaving his hoodie with you and the others at the table. he wasn’t expecting it to be gone as soon as he got back to the table. so, as he sat down next to you, he glanced around, looking for the piece of clothing he had set on the table. he had looked up, confused as he saw uraraka’s finger pointing towards you, and a wide smile on her face. you rubbed the back of your neck as he looked over at you.  “oh, sorry i got cold, i’m sure you want it back.” “well if you’re cold, you need to warm up somehow.” he mumbled as he slurped on his soba noodles he had gotten for lunch, not seeming to mind you keeping his hoodie. “you look comfy.” his small smile and genuine tone making you smile as everyone else at the table giggled.
he sat on the couch in the commons area of the dorms, chatting with his classmates about who knows what. out of the corner of his eyes, he only saw a glimpse of you walking his way, and so, he made room for you next to him where he sat. he grinned as you got closer, taking himself away from the conversation in front of him. “hey beautiful-” he paused, his eyes following you as you sat down next to him. “is that mine?” he blinked as he spoke, pointing at the hoodie you wore. he bit the inner side of his lip, trying not to give you the most lovestruck smile ever as you nodded, though he couldn’t hold back that derpy, lovestruck smile as he intertwined his fingers with yours.
he had been looking for you in your room, but as you were nowhere to be seen, he tried elsewhere. and when he found you on the couch in the commons area of the dorms, he almost passed out then and there. you were just scrolling on your phone, curled up on the corner of the couch with a yellow hoodie on—his hoodie. his eyes were wide as he dived behind the couch, his eyes peaking over it to make sure he saw what he saw right. and he did. “denki...what are you doing?” you spoke, making him duck his head down behind the couch once more. “that’s my hoodie!” his voice sounded almost as a mumble as he spoke, still behind the couch. “yeah? you left it in class so i took it.” his eyes slowly appeared once more, this time his face was covered in a light shade of pink. “do you want it back?” “nonononono!” he suddenly stood up as you tried to contain your giggles. “you look cute in it so keep it!” his hands instantly covered his mouth as you just couldn’t contain your laughter anymore.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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todosweetheart · 6 months ago
The ways he says “I love you” without saying “I love you.”
Pairings: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader, Midoriya Izuku x Reader, Todoroki Shouto x Reader
Genre: Fluff, HC
Word Count: 1.6k
Bakugou Katsuki:
He’d grumble every time you took him out on a date, but he’d never straight up reject you. He would never admit he was having a good time, but he can’t deny the way his heart would flutter every time you gave him that beautiful smile and laughter. He’d tuck in a strand of your hair behind your ear and buy you whatever you want. Whenever you said you could pay for it, he’d reply back with:
“Aren’t I your boyfriend? No way in hell I’m gonna make my s/o pay for stuff.”
He calls you idiot or dummy, but he never means it. He suppose it was his own weird way of projecting his feelings for you. If you get offended by it somehow, like when he calls you an idiot and you weren’t in the mood for it, he’d immediately follow up with it with something semi-nice. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt your feelings anyways. 
“Hey, idiot, why do look all mopey and shit?” “Tch, I didn’t mean it like that. You just need to stop being a loner and tell me when you’re having a hard time.”
After a night of intimacy, he likes to trace the soft skin of your back gently. He’d cover your shoulders to protect you from being cold from the breeze. And for a moment, he finally lets himself be vulnerable with you. He hates showing his weakness to others, but he doesn’t mind it, so long as it’s just you and only you. He’d allow himself to feel safe in your arms, watching the way your eyelashes flutter softly to sleep, and thinking about how he would do anything to protect you. He would never let you see it, and you’d have to catch him by surprise, but he’d smile gently at you, a rare, yet soft expression as he relaxes next to you for that night and throughout the entire morning.
He used to always say he was going to be number one hero, and his competitive nature always made him strive to be the best. After he met you, however, the notion he always claimed to be had changed slightly. He was going to be the best. But he was going to be the best so he could protect you. He refused to let you come into harm, and he finally understood what that dumb Deku finally meant when he said he wanted to be a hero who could make others smile. He wanted to protect your smile, your love, your happiness. He would do anything to protect you, even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way. He’d give you that dumb grin whenever he got hurt for your sake.
“You’re an idiot for letting yourself get hurt!” You’d say with tears in your eyes after he protected you from getting hurt. “Yeah, but I’m your idiot, right?”
Midoriya Izuku:
Midoriya liked when you kissed his scars. It made him shiver at the raw emotions that he felt from you. He thought that they were so ugly, that his skin was flawed from the amount of times he’s hurt himself. But you saw what they actually meant. They showed the hard work and dedication he had put into becoming stronger so that he could protect everybody. They showed the times he’s fallen down but continued to get back up. They showed his tenacity and dedication to heroism, his will and courage to move forward. He’d be a blushing mess, but he’d let you kiss him all over. He could never get used to how forward you are, but he didn’t mind it. He didn’t mind your touches at all. And he wanted to do the same for you too. He’d kiss all of your scars, and everything else you seemed insecure about. He’d be a little bold, just for you, and he wasn’t going to lie to himself. Your reactions were very cute to him too. 
“Let me kiss you all over, y/n. Let me do this just for you.”
You always praise him for his accomplishments. Even when he fails, you manage to always turn it into something positive. He wanted to be like that for you too. He wanted to be your strength, someone who you could turn to whenever you were struggling. You were able to uplift him whenever he felt down. You were able to wipe away his tears whenever he was upset. That was why he always praised you back too, even if it was for the littlest of things. If you got a good grade on an assignment, he’d celebrate by getting your favorite dessert. If you hit your goal for the week, he’d cheer you on and celebrate by going on a date. If you were ever sad, he’d do whatever it takes to make you smile again. After all, you were considered a hero to him. He wanted to be that to you too.
“I want to be someone you could lean on, y/n. I want to be your hero!”
Izuku was always apologizing. He apologized whenever he made a mistake, apologized when Bakugou always yelled at him, apologized when things never went another person’s way. He was always apologizing to you too whenever he felt like he had disappointed you, even though you never voiced it. He always said thank you too. He liked to thank his friends and mentors for supporting him. He liked to thank people bashfully whenever he was complimented. He liked to thank people when they do nice things for him. He was a grateful person, yes, but the person who he had always been the most graceful for was you. You’ve seen him in his highest and lows. Through the good and bad, worse and worst. Even if he made mistakes, even if he wasn’t the strongest person in the world, even if he wasn’t the best looking or the most athletic or had the most money. Even if he had all of these insecurities, you continued to love him. You love him despite the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. That was why he was grateful that you chose him, and not anybody else. 
“Thank you y/n, for staying by my side through everything.”
Todoroki Shouto:
Todoroki liked your touch. He was not a touchy feel-y guy, but after being touch starved for so long, he was able to get used to the feel of your skin against his. Sometimes he’d just bury his face into your chest, breathing in your scent that he loves so much. He just finds it so comforting, and he’d love it when you wrapped your arm around him in return. It’d remind him of the time he spent with his mother when he was a child, but this was so much different. You were the love of his life, the person who he found solace in their presence with. This love was so much different than the love he felt for his family. It was passionate and raw. It made him feel things that he has never felt before.
“Don’t move. Just stay right there for me.”
Sometimes he’d just look at you without even realizing that he was staring. He liked to analyze all of your little niches and habits, ingrain them into his memory so that he will never forget. It’d be a bit of a surprise to him if you ever deviate from your normal behavior. Sometimes when you’re sad or upset, you’d stop humming to yourself, maybe even smile a little less. He wanted to be better at recognizing these subtle changes, as he know he can be a little dense when it came to other people’s emotions. After all, you were important to him, and he wants nothing more in life than your happiness. He would hold you close to him if you were ever upset, embrace you so that you knew he was there for you. Apologize that life wasn’t going the way you wanted to, ask you about what he could do to make you feel better.
“I’m sorry you feel down, my love. What can I do to see that beautiful smile once again?”
All he ever wants is for you to be happy. He’d always put your happiness before his. Whenever you two cuddled, and his shoulder or arm had started to feel stiff for being stuck in the same position for so long, he’d bear with it just for you. It’s because he didn’t want to wake you and disturb you from your sleep. He’d always put you first before him, but you soon taught him that it was okay for him to be happy too. It was okay for him to be a little selfish. That was why he started to crave for your attention more. He started to hold your hand when there wasn’t any particular reason to hold it. He started to kiss you whenever you said something sweet, push you down onto the couch so that he could have all of you. He wanted more. He wanted you all of the time. He’d pant, looking down at you with flushed cheeks. 
“You make me greedy, y/n.” Kiss. “So, so greedy.”
Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say anything, and you’d understand what he wanted. Those were the times when he felt genuinely surprised. It seemed like you knew him better than he knew himself. He’s always struggled with voicing out his own emotions, and he always internalizes them, but you always managed to crack his resolve. It was the way you spoke to him, the way you connected to him that others have never been able to. Even when you two were in silence, he could appreciate your presence. Because you were the only person who understood him, who understood that he didn’t necessarily had to speak all of the time. It was comfortable. You made him comfortable. And as he reached out to caress your cheek while you were reading some book, or even scrolling through your phone, he’d smile gently at you. And then you’d smile back, not needing to say anything else. He knew, at this moment, that everything was going to be okay, so long at you were there with him.
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yanderechuu · 21 days ago
part 1 (this), part 2, part 3
class 1A with reader dealing with clinical depression.
warning: depression, depressive symptoms; i’ve done research but this isn’t the accurate procedures of clinical depression; obviously made dramatic; i am not a psychiatrist/therapist
Suddenly you felt as if the weight of the world was on your shoulders. There was this aching sensation on your heart every time you’d wake up in the morning to encounter another day in U.A. Maybe it was because of your recent work study that you didn’t feel well, having discovered that your efforts weren’t enough to make you a good hero. Perhaps you simply missed the comfort of your own home now that you resided in school dormitories. This might just be the telltales of a burnout. You were always feeling down, unable to sleep due to the countless thoughts that take over your mind the moment you found nothing to do. And then when you’d try to do something to take your mind off those thoughts, you could not produce the energy to do so. It was a everlasting cycle of indecisiveness. Nothing seemed to be worth existing for.
Recently, having had enough of the ache, you’d been a survivor of your first suicide attempt.
“I see,” your therapist and psychiatrist mumbled, writing something on his clipboard, “anything else?”
You’d been visiting this stranger for a couple of weeks already, ever since your guardian had insisted that there was just something wrong with you, and not just with the way you feel. Your hand went to rub the back of your neck. “That’s all, I guess.”
“How is your weight? Have you lost or gained?”
“Um, [current weight].”
“And last week was three kilograms less, noted.”
He continued writing on the clipboard, the sound of the pen’s dragging along paper the only thing filling what could have been an awkward silence. Not that you would have thought of it as awkward; you were too busy calming down your own migraine.
“Alright.” He stated, looking at you, calculating eyes turned kind once done with his writing. “(Y/n), you do know what I’m here for, right?”
You stared at him, shaking your head lightly. You did know what his occupation was for, but you were pretty sure he knew that you’d known, so you weren’t sure what he was getting at.
“I’m here to help you get yourself back together, medicate those negative emotions you’re feeling. But I can’t do that when you’re holding back.”
Somewhere in your mind came to criticize yourself that your guardian had spent money on your therapy only for you to not cooperate well. You weren’t even aware that you had been holding back.
“Right. Sorry about that.”
“You have no reason to apologize.” Your therapist responded, smiling warmheartedly. “We’ll try harder next time, yeah?”
Soon, you found yourself outside of the therapy room, waiting on the lounge area as your guardian discussed things with your psychiatrist. You closed your eyes for a bit of respite from the world, elbows on your knees as you sat while your hands covered your face. The recent weeks took a large toll on you, you supposed, and things were just downright painful. You’d been reprimanded for your constant tardiness nowadays. You didn’t know when your sleep schedule began messing up, and you tried desperately putting it back in place, but it was nearly impossible that you no longer bothered exerting effort. Your energy drastically decreased when it came to hero training, too. 
Essentially, you were falling apart, and no one took notice of it.
Except for your guardian, of course, because you had told them of your dilemma. And they couldn’t allot the time to talk about it with you so they opted for psychiatry.
“You ready?” Your guardian exited the room, holding a piece of paper. 
“What’s that?” You questioned.
“You’ll begin taking medications for your condition.”
You chuckled dryly. “Come on, it can’t be that bad.”
“Can’t take your word for that.” They replied. “You literally tried to kill yourself.”
Your eyes averted from theirs. God, you wanted to forget that moment. You couldn’t even remember the extremity of your emotions that night, when you’d cried and gasped and hiccupped, resisting an urge to do something you’d regret, having your guardian to keep you in place over the phone and they couldn’t do much about it because they were cities away and you were in your dorm.
They kneeled before you, taking your hand. “Slow steps, okay? You got this.”
You were late for dinner.
This wasn’t the first time, and most probably wouldn’t be the last. You had been giving your classmates the same two excuses of either having had your fill already or being busy with someone on the phone. And they couldn’t do something about it due to how adamant you were with the excuse, even when they knew very well that you were lying.
Izuku sauntered on the hallways of the dormitory in search for you, wondering if you avoided dinnertime for the purpose of avoiding them for whatever reason. But that couldn’t have been the case a few months ago when you used to be more talkative than you were right now, never intentionally confining yourself at nearly every hour of the day.
He spotted you outside of the building, sitting on the cement staircase. You had your form slouched, back facing him, one hand holding your phone against your ear as the other idly rubbed against the ground. He stepped outside, about to come fetch you for dinner hadn’t your one-sided conversation peaked his curiosity.
“I know I’d have to take it eventually, but... I'm reluctant.”
You paused to hear the person on the other line.
“Is it even really worth it? I’m sure I can manage.”
“The side effects it gives, wouldn’t they affect my performance in school? It’ll probably make things worse.”
“I never even wanted this in the first place.”
Izuku heard the speaking of a person from his distance, giving him the assumption that whomever they were had been reprimanding you for the insistence of your words.
Finally, you sighed, muttering a quick “alright, bye,” before tapping the end call button, standing up and staring at your phone, at length turning to enter the building when the device showcased a black screen.
You caught Izuku before he could pretend he just came out of the door.
“(Y-(y/n)!” He stuttered out. “I, um, just wanted to say that dinner’s ready.”
You stared at him for a time longer than that of his comfort. “...did you just eavesdrop on me?”
He looked entirely conflicted for a few seconds, uttering out a few unfinished sentence to make up a coherent excuse, before at last deciding that it wouldn’t hurt as much to tell the truth. “Yeah... sorry. But I didn’t understand the gist of the conversation, really!”
If he were really honest then that would be a relief. You didn’t want to be another worrisome thought to the overthinking boy. “Good.” Ambling up to him, you opened the door for the both of you to enter, though before that, he placed a hand on your shoulder that made you halt.
Hesitantly, he asked, “Are you... okay?”
There was pregnant silence for a lingering moment.
“Of course, I am!” You feigned a lighthearted laugh, forcing the words out of your mouth, not even bothering to wonder why he had asked you that which only further proved his suspicion that you were indeed not okay.
He couldn’t simply outright say that what you said was a lie, though. “If you say so.”
“I don’t mean to meddle too much, but if there’s something wrong, you know you could always talk about it.”
“I’m fine, Midoriya. You don’t have to trouble yourself with something you don’t need to be concerned of.”
“B-but if you’re not,” he insisted, walking closer to you as you stood stagnant by the door, “if you’re not fine, then you could always vent to me about it. We’re friends, right?”
You smiled, the end of your lips never quite reaching your eyes.  “Mhm. I know that.”
You loved Modern Hero Art History, truthfully, and you loved the teacher behind it more. She was exceptional in every way; cool, confident, and controversial. In usual days, you’d listen to her attentively, acing scores simply because she was your favorite teacher teaching your favorite subject. Now, you could barely even endeavor to take notes.
“(L/n).” Midnight called.
You blinked a few times, slowly rising up from your seat.
“Could you answer item number four for me?”
Languidly, you only stared at her with disarray. God, you weren’t paying attention, you didn’t know where item number four was; you couldn’t believe you were actually about to have a breakdown because of this instead of resorting to asking her wherever the hell this item number four could be found. Opening your textbook, you dumbly skimmed through the pages.
Midnight pursed her lips; you were scared it was out of frustration. “It’s page 236, dear.”
“Uh.” You quickly turned to that page, scanning the paper for item number four. Once you spotted it, you repeatedly read the query, barely comprehending anything at all. Majority of your classmates’ eyes were now on you.
“I-I,” you gulped, “I don’t know.”
“Oh.” Your teacher raised her brows. “Well, that’s alright. Meet me outside after class. Todoroki, could you help them with the question?”
Class resumed normally thereafter, the dread settling on the pit of your stomach remaining as time ticked closer to the class’ end, and at that little while you thought of all the possible scenarios that could happen on your heart-to-heart talk with Midnight. Would she express her disappointment? She didn’t need to; you already knew she was. Confront you with your grades falling apart? You weren’t ready to see them. There was an endless possibility of what could occur and you were only thinking of the negative outcomes.
When class ended, you meekly sauntered your way out of the classroom, and as you did Momo caught eye contact with you and smiled uneasily. You gave one back, assuring her that you’d be fine even when you were pretty sure with yourself that you wouldn’t be. Midnight awaited you patiently outside, grinning at you as you closed distance with her.
“Hey, (l/n)! How are you?”
“I’m fine.”
“Really?” She mused, the smile on her lips soon dying down. “You’re fine?”
You suddenly found it difficult to respond. “Y-yes.”
“You sure?” She persisted. “That isn’t just a default answer?”
Even though the questioned lingered in your mind a little longer than it should have, you shook your head. “I’m really fine.”
Now, she stared at you with evaluating eyes, the smile no longer donned on her face. For a period of time you made the effort to keep up with the eye contact, wanting to prove that you were really fine, that nothing was wrong with you at all. But soon, your gaze submitted to defeat.
“I hope you don’t let me down when I trust you with your word.” She said, shifting her body to rest on one leg although her gaze remained on you. “Your grades say otherwise, (l/n). They’ve changed gradually. I only wanted to ask if something’s been bothering you the past months that’s gotten your grades the way they are right now.”
“Are they... are they that bad?”
There seemed to be a sympathetic change on the way she stared at you. “They can still be fixed.”
The fact that she eluded answering your question clearly told that they were just that bad. Her subject was your favorite, and if you failed in it, what more could you have been doing with the other subjects?
“I-I see.” You stated breathlessly. “Yeah, I’ll fix it.”
You’d get your shit back together. You could do that, right? There was no way a bunch of trivial, unnecessary, unstable emotions was going to get your grades down; that would be pathetic. You’d study more - you could handle that. It only meant sleepless nights and missed meals and minimum time for break, if not none at all.
“Are you having difficulty with any of the topics?” Your teacher asked. “Perhaps something that has to do with item number four?”
“No.” You answered quickly. “I just... spaced out that time. I really do understand the topic, don’t worry.”
Midnight assessed you one more time, sighing unnoticeably once it became apparent that you were unwilling to tell her anything else. “If you need any help - even with something outside of my subject - know that you can always approach me, okay?”
That statement didn’t change anything with your resolve to keep all your emotions bottled up.
You’d get your shit back together, which meant sucking up your fear and reluctance with those antidepressants and taking them regularly. You’d begin the routine at night, ingesting a pill around 8pm because you were told it tended to make you sleepy.
“What’s that?”
Shoto’s voice reached your ears just before you brought the tablet into your mouth. Nevertheless, you resumed putting it in, quickly bringing the glass’ rim to your lips and gulping down large portions of water while he only remained looking at you in curiosity. You placed the glass down once empty, breathing in slowly.
Then, you lied: “Vitamin supplements.”
“Ah.” He uttered. “Do you have some kind of deficiency?”
“No, I just want to make sure that I have the adequate amount of vitamins.”
His eyes seemed to stay on you for a little more. “I see.”
The both of you remained on your places for a small period time, the silence between you not too awkward but neither quite impregnating. You were friends with Shoto, sure, and things could be a lot more platonically intimate with you both if you two would allot the time for your friendship. But he didn’t really take active effort in making friends, unlike a few other extroverts of your class.
He shifted from his spot leaning against the counter, face turned to you. “I can tutor you, if you’d like.”
“About Modern Hero Art History.” He clarified. “So, you know, things like a while ago won’t happen again.”
You supposed he was only ever offering that because he’d felt the secondhand embarrassment of being unable to respond when your teacher called you, expecting you to know the answer to the question.
“You don’t have to trouble yourself with me, Todoroki.” You smiled apologetically.
He shook his head. “It’s not troubling at all. If anything, tutoring you could serve as my reviewing.”
You felt the waves of slumber lulling your eyes closed. With the kitchen counter supporting your body, elbows on the surface, you shut your eyes for a moment, and then strained to keep them open. The pill had its effect on you sooner than you’d thought. “I’ll think about it.” You said, even though you most certainly wouldn’t.
“You okay?”
“Mm, just tired.”
He watched as you wobbled your way out of the kitchen and to the elevator, where he saw you lean against the wall inside, pushing the button of the floor where your dorm resided. You did answer his question, but it was as if you didn’t tell him the totality of what he really wanted to hear from you; a halfhearted truth. You were tired, but were you okay?
“(Y/n)? Dinner’s ready.” Momo called from outside your room.
It was only day three of taking those antidepressants and you already felt like absolute shit. You knew the side effects - agitation, stomach aches, nausea - your doctor warned you beforehand, but you guessed you underestimated their tenacity. Your body laid down by the side on your bed, curled into itself as your arms squeezed the fats of your stomach in hapless attempts to soothe the constant aching, but it worked so little to alleviate it, and soon you were crying hopelessly, biting your pillow to cover up the sobs and help endure the pain.
“(Y/n)?” Momo repeated.
Still you weren’t able to find the energy to reply, only coiling into yourself more when you do so much as move your head to look at the door. Your head ached so much it was driving you insane.
Footsteps were heard coming closer, and now there were two voices instead of one.
“Is (y/n) in there?” It was Mina.
“I don’t know, they aren’t answering.”
“Huh? Then where could they have been?”
Momo pursed her lips, concern donning her features. “I’m not so sure.”
“Should we call Aizawa?” The pinkette suggested.
You replied before Momo could, wheezing a quick, “don’t,” yet still audible enough for the two to hear.
“(Y/n)!” The class representative exclaimed; you could perceive the relief on her voice upon hearing your own. “Why didn’t you answer me?”
Instead of giving an adequate response, you simply groaned in pain, clutching your gut tighter. The continuous panging in your head made things no better.
“(Y/n)?” Mina asked.
(Y/n), (y/n), (y/n). You were sick and tired not only due to bodily pain but also because of their constant pestering of you, trying to figure out what was wrong. You remained silent even when you knew that expounding things to them would make them go away sooner.
“It’s just that...” the dark-haired girl started, “you haven’t been having dinner with us the past few days.”
“Weeks.” Mina intervened.
Momo nodded, knocking two more times at your door before she said, “We’re just worried.”
Your classmates were just trying to help - you wished you had understood that at that moment. Instead, you just about had enough, wanting nothing more than a moment’s peace to yourself so you wouldn’t have to make effort other than trying to let the pain die down. “Go away.”
Silence ensued thereafter. Both girls outside your room exchanged worried glances, before Momo continued, “Is something wrong?”
“Just- just leave me alone.”
“Do you need anything? Maybe chocolate, pads, or something?”
“Yaoyorozu,” Haven’t you been listening to me? “I’m fine. I’m not hungry. I’ll get food once I feel like it.”
“Could you at least join us in the common room even when you’re not gonna eat?” Mina asked.
Then you felt yourself spiraling into a pit of despair, suddenly feeling extremely guilty for even thinking of responding at them rudely. They were just trying to help. They had good intentions, and you were abhorrent, wanting time to yourself so you disregarded their concern even when they had the right to be.
You closed your eyes, tears descending from your tear ducts, swallowing down a sob as you endeavored to say, “Not today.”
You heard both of their footsteps drift away, and as soon as you ascertained their departure, your broke into a fit of crying, allowing the weights of your misery to drag you down, through the dirt on the platform of your degraded conscience. There still resided in your stomach the unendurable ache, but you were sure you’d prefer that over the agonizing guilt in your heart. 
The residues of that night’s pain still remained in your stomach, no longer quite as painful, nevertheless bothering. It had you burying your face in your arms amid study period, torso bent against the desk to accumulate some of your own body heat as a makeshift heating pad. Even the thought of having to take another pill tonight made you queasy.
“Aizawa-sensei sure went easy on us this week.” Kirishima’s voice was clear from your area in the classroom. “Seriously, I never thought he’d forget giving us homework when he always does!”
“Right? Not that I’m complaining. I wish it were like this all the time!” Mina exclaimed.
Sero chuckled, leaning onto Kirishima’s desk. “I had so much free time, I decided to study ‘cause I was that bored.”
You droned out the rest of their conversation, wondering to yourself the same as they had: why didn’t Aizawa give you as much schoolwork as he usually did? Nevertheless you were grateful that this... phenomenon, as you’d like to call it, hadn’t coincided with your suffering of constipation, indigestion and other side effects brought by the drugs you had been taking. You didn’t think you could handle doing homework with a terribly upset stomach.
From outside the room, Aizawa called, pulling you out of your trance. “(L/n), meet me outside right now.”
That made your stomach ache no better. It had been the third time you’d been called this week. You were sure that it also had something to do with your failing grades. You stood up from your seat, ignoring how your classmates’ eyes were on you, wondering and worried for the amount of times you’d been called by your mentors. You only hoped they wouldn’t confront you about it.
As soon as you left the classroom to talk with your homeroom teacher, he began talking with an inside voice, “Your guardian has notified me of your condition.”
“My- my what?”
“That you’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression.” He said, the words slipping out of his tongue smoothly like he wasn’t afraid to point it out. “I just want to make sure you know you can approach me when things go south.”
You didn’t take his offer to heart. You refused to. “Okay.”
“I’ve reduced the number of schoolwork so you’d take it easy. If things are still difficult for you, tell me.”
Your gut clenched in guilt. You hated that there just had to be accommodations for this stupid thing you called depression. “Don’t let my problem interfere with your duties as a teacher, sir. It’s alright.”
“It’s not a bother at all. Don’t ever think that way.” 
You wondered if he said that just to make you feel better.
For a period of time, you had your head down, finding interest on your shoes. He didn’t dismiss you yet, which meant there was still something he wanted to say.
“ your classmates know about this?”
“No. I don’t think I want them to.”
He raised his brows in thought. “Do you want your other teachers to know aside from me?”
You shook your head.
“Alright.” He stated. Placing a hand on your shoulder, he gave you sympathetic eyes - something you’d been receiving a lot lately from your classmates, and you resented how it came as a constant reminder of your vulnerable state of mind. “You’re a strong person, (l/n). You’ve gone through difficult things before and I believe in you.”
You wished you could say the same. “Yeah. I’ll manage.”
“(L/n) (y/n), you are under arrest for being the loneliest bitch in the planet!”
“Mina, don’t say that!”
“It’s true!”
There was obnoxious yelling by the door of your room alongside loud knocking, bringing you out of your continuous cycle of attempting to engrave your notes into your brain and eventually failing. Sighing in frustration, you stood up, begrudgingly making your way to the door and opening it. There stood all of class 1A girls, dressed up casually, as if heading out.
“What do you want?” You asked, exhaustedly. You didn’t even do anything to tire yourself out.
“You!” Mina exclaimed, pushing you aside and heading to your closet. Months ago you would have laughed at her antics, brushing off what others would have thought as rudeness because you used to be that comfortable with her presence. Now, you mistook her friendliness for abhorrence.
“Hey- hey. What do you mean, me? And what are you doing with my clothes?” You asked incredulously, watching as she dug the pile of clean clothes in your closet that you didn’t bother to organize.
“We’re taking you out on a date, of course.” Ochako smiled, hands with lifted pinkies on your despondent shoulders.
“Taking me out on a- a what?”
“A date!” Hagakure repeated, sauntering over to Mina to help her gather your outfit for the day. “We noticed you kind of needed some cheering up after a stressful week, so what’s better than to visit a cat café? Just the seven of us!”
You didn’t like the fact that they were able to go out and about with all the extra time they had while you, despite the significantly decreased number of schoolwork by Aizawa adjusted to fit your burdens and tireless efforts to recollect your study habits, couldn’t.
You sat on your mattress. “I’m not going.”
“You are.” Jirou insisted, smiling casually. “You have no choice.”
“Look, you’re right, I’ve had a stressful week.” You confessed, fidgeting with the sheets beneath you. “And it’s because I’ve been flunking my grades recently. To cheer me up from that? I need to study, not go to some stupid cat café.”
Although they were taken aback by the offensive tone you had used to show your apparent dilemma, Momo smiled sweetly, ambling over to you and saying, “You need to take a break. We also plan to study while in the café, does that solve your concern?”
“Ooh, you should definitely wear this!” Mina exclaimed, pulling out an article of clothing from your closet. When you looked at her, she was holding a pastel (f/c) sweater with cat ears and whiskers as design, given to you by your guardian after your first therapy session. They had said that they’d chosen cat design because cat paws, and paws took small nevertheless progressive steps, and as such would be the process of your getting better.
But that sweater only reminded you of your depression.
“I told you, I’m not going.” You said, sternly, standing up and taking heavy steps to Mina - she steadily grew intimidated by you - before snatching the sweater off her hands and shoving it back into the closet. You looked at her in the eyes. “Did I allow you to come in?”
“W-well, no, but-”
“But you did anyway. And I could have tolerated that if you weren’t so goddamn insistent with taking me out on a fucking date! All of you!” You shrieked in a fit of fury, and Mina began backing away, arms held against their chest. Momo stepped forward to calm you down, but you continued before she could, “Can’t you understand? I’m not going, I don’t want to! Or are you just dumb enough not to get it?” You laughed breathlessly, incredulously. “Holy shit, no wonder you’re second to last place in midterms.”
The lot of them gasped, and Mina, overwhelmed by the your sudden outburst and the hurtful impact of your words, teared up in front of you, covering her mouth to avoid a sob. You were too enraged to care.
Tsuyu and Hagakure went to Mina to comfort her, and Momo spoke to you, “(Y/n), that wasn’t nice.”
“I’ll show you what isn’t nice. Get the hell out of my room!”
Ochako was about to say something, perhaps to avenge Mina by saying something not so friendly to you, perhaps to ask you what got you so worked up when you normally wouldn’t be, or to question if you really were (y/n) at this point, but Tsuyu intervened.
“Let’s go out, kero. It’s clear they need space.” She ushered everyone else to the door, before giving you a glance. “But you could have just said it without lashing out like that.”
“Lock the fucking door.” You hissed, falling onto the mattress, head pounding from all the yelling you’d just done.
After she did as told, the actuality of the situation hit you like storm wind, like water splashed on your face after a period of sleeping. Like being dropped in the middle of the ocean, cold surging through your veins, dread making a shelter out of your heart.
You felt the wetness of the sheets beneath you before you could realize you were crying.
Kirishima approached you at noon of a Wednesday.
You saw how he waved his friend group goodbye for a short while as they headed to the cafeteria, shooting specifically Mina a reassuring smile before sauntering over to you. He had this solemn look on his face as if he were resolved with acting on something - that something being to confront you of your faults in regards to what had occurred between you and the girls. You abruptly averted your eyes elsewhere, pretending that you didn’t just watch him and hopefully having him get the hint that you weren’t available for conversation right then.
“Hey, (y/n).”
You hummed, clearly uninterested.
“Look- uh, Mina told me what had happened between you two; what you’d said to her and all.” He began, staring at you with a level of gravity. “That wasn’t very manly.”
“Glad to know.” You returned his gaze, lazy and unamused, before saying, “If your girlfriend wants an apology, she’ll have to face me herself.”
“She’s not my girlfriend!” Exclaimed Kirishima, suddenly flustered. “B-but that’s not the point. No one deserves to be insulted the way you did to her.”
“Truth hurts.” You shrugged.
“You can’t just blatantly use her low scores in midterms against her. I thought you were better than this.”
You could laugh at his silly attempt to give you a sermon, and so you did, derisively and abhorrently. Kirishima couldn’t understand why you acted so indifferently, how you went on with your day like your actions didn’t even create a dent on your conscience. Incredulously, he stared at you, refusing to believe you were the (y/n) he’d once known.
Then you spoke before you thought.
“Kirishima, before you start lecturing me about the values I’m supposed to have, why don’t you evaluate yourself first?” Palm against your chin, you glanced at him judgmentally. “You’re literally all muscle and no brain.”
Your words reached a boy with black hair and red eyes who’d made endless effort to build up his own confidence before high school. Who had achieved a far dream he had never thought would be able to attain. Who had managed to lift his self-esteem only to have you spit on it with your insult.
He knew he could be dumb, knew that he was sometimes slow to process, that he was ‘all muscle and no brain.’ But it still hurt. Especially hearing it from you, who knew of his insecurities.
“What is wrong with you?” He asked disbelievingly.
You averted your eyes elsewhere. “I’ll exercise my right to silence with that question.”
He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, looking as if he were about to say something else, but having had enough of your cruelty, he only resorted to turning to his back and and leaving you alone to save himself from the affronts you might have possibly planned to spew on him.
You rolled your eyes, rendering insignificant of his behavior.
It became very lonely all of a sudden.
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itsruiblue · 2 months ago
Not A Virgin (Anymore) | I. Midoriya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Entry 01 | The Virginity Chronicles
Summary: After dating Izuku for a while, you and he both feel ready to take the next step in your relationship.
(Or, alternatively; Izuku fucks for the first time)
Pairing: Izuku x AFAB!reader
Warnings: Swearing, virginity loss, oral (m+f receiving), mentions of masturbation, creampie, multiple orgasms, soft Izuku, hella unrealistic (this is not what a first time is like at all), characters are aged up to 18
Note: Ayy we’re finally here.......please don’t eat me.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The reflection of silver moonlight off viridian green eyes was probably the prettiest sight you’d ever seen. 
Izuku Midoriya was hovering above you. His arms were bent on either side of your head, his weight resting on his elbows as he stared with wide eyes down at your face. His nose was close enough to yours that if you tilted your head upwards just slightly, they would touch, and you were sure that if you tried, you’d be able to count every single one of his freckles. His shirt had disappeared somewhere on the floor of his dark bedroom; tossed there just a few minutes previously when the decision on what exactly was about to happen was made. If it was any other occasion, you were sure you would have been ogling his abs with no shame, staring appreciatively at the way the shadows of the dark room dipped deliciously into the contours of his muscles, defining every curve and dip. However, tonight, things were different. Tonight, he was finally here, above you with the heat of his body on yours and his cool breath fanning across your flushed skin. And all you could focus on was the green of his eyes. 
Izuku looked nervous, maybe even more nervous than you were. He was nibbling lightly at his bottom lip and his Adam’s apple bobbed repeatedly as he gulped. There was a slight flush to his freckled cheeks and he seemed to be trying desperately to look anywhere but your body that was caged beneath him. 
“I-Is this okay?” 
You bit your own lip and stared up at him, sucking in a deep breath. Your heart was pounding against your rib cage and your stomach was twisting almost painfully with nerves. And yet, you could feel an undeniable excitement in the pit of your stomach. 
“Yeah,” you mumbled, forcing your voice not to tremble. 
In truth, you were terrified. Despite the fact that you had always been the more forward one in the relationship, and flirted with Izuku near constantly. Despite the fact that you’d been imagining this very scenario for way too long. Despite the fact that it was always Izuku’s name that you bit back as your fingers slid into your panties late at night. Despite everything… now that he was really here, actually on top of you and looking at you with those mesmerising green eyes, you suddenly felt like you couldn’t breathe.
You didn’t feel completely ready for what was coming. And yet you wanted to do it so, so badly.
As an anchor for yourself, you raised one of your hands slowly to thread your fingers through his thick, dark curls. Izuku’s eyes scanned your face nervously as you pulled him down towards you and then, without allowing yourself to second-guess what was happening, you brought his mouth to yours. 
You’d kissed Izuku many times before. Since the start of your relationship with him, almost eighteen months previously, affection had never really been something either of you shied away from. Even without ever going further, you’d grown addicted to the feeling of Izuku’s soft lips against yours and you were sure he felt the same. 
This kiss, however, was different. Before, neither of you had been seeking too much more from each other. After an agreement had been made at the start of your relationship to hold off on going all the way until you were both eighteen, the pair of you had settled into a comforting grey area where things could get as spicy as you wanted without pushing either of you too far out of your boundaries. Because of that, nothing but easy petting over the clothes had transpired yet, and both of you were fine with that.
Now though, as you lay together, both freshly eighteen and horny as hell, the taste of anticipation was beginning to seep like honey between your lips as a tension thickened in the air, making it obvious that this time, both of you wanted more.  
You shifted beneath Izuku, pulling him further by the back of his head so your mouth would fit closer with his. His tongue traced yours in the gap between you two, hot and wet and needy. Your lips were coated in spit as the kiss grew more and more sloppy, going from an intricate dance to a desperate need to simply taste one another. Your hands slid from Izuku’s head down to his shoulders and then, as your fingers dug into the thick muscles of his back, Izuku moaned into the kiss. A shiver rushed down your spine at the sound and the pit of nerves in your stomach twisted tighter as something sparked alight in your core. Suddenly, you became very aware of the way Izuku’s hips were aligned perfectly with yours from where his body fitted snuggly between your thighs.  
You broke the kiss for air and opened your eyes to stare at Izuku again. He stared right back at you, breathing heavily as his slightly glassy gaze flickered across the features of your face. Without thinking, his tongue poked out to run across his lips and suddenly you couldn’t look away from it, your breath hitching as you took in the way his lips glistened in the pale moonlight, coated with a mixture of your saliva and his own. 
Tilting your chin upwards slightly, you gave him a sultry look from beneath your lashes. “Izu.”
Izuku groaned lowly at the needy tone in which you spoke his nickname and your own eyes widened as the sound sent a shock straight down your body. Warmth was pooling between your legs now and you almost wanted to snap your thighs closed as you felt a throb of need rush through you. You shifted nervously, not used to experiencing such a sensation in a situation where is was actually intended. A needy whine left your lips and, without thinking, one of your hands shot out to smooth across the skin of Izuku’s abdomen.
Izuku’s whole body jolted slightly at the feeling of your cool fingertips against his burning skin. However, he didn’t pull away. If anything, he sank closer to you, the lines of his back curving as his pelvis dropped to rub against yours. His head fell forward to rest against the curve of your shoulder.
“Izu,” you whispered again as your hand ran lower, fingers dipping into the contours of his v-line. This time, your voice did shake but you ignored it. instead looking up at your boyfriend with questioning eyes. “C-Can I…” Your hand had now travelled low enough for him to understand what you were asking, fingertips brushing beneath the thick band of his black sweatpants. 
For a second Izuku was quiet and you were sure he was re-evaluating his decision in his head for a final time. Then he gave a single nod and turned his head slightly to mumble, “Yeah,” into your ear. 
Your stomach twisted with nerves and your hand shook a little but you, determined to continue, ignored everything to slowly slide your fingers across the front of his sweats. 
You felt his bulge immediately. A tent stood proud in his sweats, hidden by the darkness of the room, and your eyes widened slightly in surprise as you realised just how hard he was already. This wasn’t something you were totally new to, having had a few frisky make-out sessions with your boyfriend already. However the knowledge that this, something which had once seemed like such a huge step, was now only the beginning made for an entirely new experience. 
Gingerly you rubbed your hand across his erection. Izuku hissed into your neck, one hand fisting at the bedsheets beside your head while his hips instinctively rolled down, forcing more contact with your palm. You could practically feel the warmth radiating from his blush against your neck as he did so, however you ignored it and focussed on the task at - or rather, in - hand. 
You palmed him again, and then again, slowly reacquainting yourself with his cock. Izuku whimpered each time your hand brushed across him, his breath growing shaky against your neck as his hips continued to roll downwards in an attempt to increase the friction. 
Finally, once you’d grown comfortable touching him like that, you pulled your hand away. “Izuku,” you murmured, hooking your thumb into the band of his sweatpants. “Can I… touch you properly now?” 
“Please,” he practically moaned against you and you sucked in a sharp breath as another throb ran between your legs at the needy tone of his voice. 
“Okay,” you murmured. “Do you wanna lie back? It might be easier.” 
Izuku didn’t say anything but he did roll over onto his back beside you. You sat up immediately and turned to look at him, your eyes widening at the scene in front of you. 
The moonlight was angled perfectly through the gap in your bedroom curtains and now shone in a single beam right across the bed and Izuku’s bare torso. His skin seemed to glow in the moonlight, his pecs heaving up and down as he breathed with one arm thrown across his face, showing off the definition of his bicep.
You bit down harshly on your lip, allowing yourself a few seconds to drink in the sight. Then you shifted, scooting forward so that you were kneeling between his bent legs. 
 “Izuku,” you murmured as you hooked your fingers in his waistband once again. “You need to tell me what feels good, okay?” 
 Izuku managed a shaky nod and pulled his arm from over his face. You could feel his eyes on you as you finally began to tug his sweatpants down. 
 Silence fell, broken only by the shuffling of clothes and Izuku’s laboured breathing as you managed to drag the thick material from his legs. His boxers were easier to take off, however you paused for a second as you noticed a patch of damp already forming at the front of them. You supposed you would probably have been grossed out in any other situation but seeing it now just added fuel to the first burning inside you and encouraged you to curl your fingers around the edges of the garment and shuffle them down too.  And then suddenly, Izuku was wearing nothing at all and you stared, wide eyed, as his cock sprang up, no longer confined by the material of his pants.
 You bit back a whine at the sight of it. 
You had never been of the opinion that dicks were especially pretty things to look at. Despite being a virgin, you had witnessed your fair share of them in your short life and after doing so, your desire to get up close and personal with one had diminished greatly. However, even you weren’t able to deny the fact that Izuku’s cock was pretty (although you may have been biased, considering it was attached to Izuku himself).
 His length was long and relatively thick with the slightest curve upwards and a vein running thick along the underside. Milky precum was already starting to leak from the tip, reflecting silver in the moonlight, and the longer you stared at it, the more you wanted it inside you right fucking now.
 “Please.” Izuku’s needy whine snapped you from your trance. Your eyes flicked upwards to meet his from where he stared down at you, hair dishevelled and cheeks ablaze. “Stop looking and just… please touch me.”
 “Fuck,” you murmured to yourself in a low voice, desperately trying to ignore your own arousal that was now growing between your thighs. “I’m sorry, Izu. You’re just so pretty.”
 Izuku groaned and looked away, flushing even more with embarrassment. “Y/N,’” he mumbled. “Stop teasing me. I need-ah!” His head jerked backwards in shock as you reached out to run a hand down his cock before he could finish.
 “Shit,” you mumbled as your hand slid up and down, thumb coming up to rub across the slit at his head and coating itself in his precum in the process. “You’re so turned on, Izu.”
 All Izuku could do in reply was groan.
 “Does that feel nice?” you asked as you twisted your grip a little bit and squeezed. “Tell me, baby.”
 “Mmmm, feels good,” Izuku choked. One of his hands fisted the bed sheets beneath him and tugged hard, the fabric straining against the strength of his grip. “Really good, sh-shit, Y/N.”
 “Oh?” You pumped him a few more times before giving in to temptation and ducking your head down to lick a long stripe up the underside of his cock. The texture felt off against your tongue, soft and uneven, and not completely enjoyable. However the way Izuku’s back arched immediately and his head fell back to let out a long moan made up for any previous distaste and encouraged you to eagerly take the head into your mouth.
 He was way too big for you to swallow completely, so you kept your hand on the base of his cock as you slowly bobbed your head downwards. The taste of his precum was salty against your tongue as you circled it around the head of his cock, the sensation of which had Izuku writhing beneath you. One of his hands came up to grip your hair and for a second you thought he was going to force you all the way down until he was buried in your throat. However, despite the desperation drawn into the lines of his face, his fingers in your hair were gentle, merely acting as support for you as you continued to suck him off.
 “Fuuuuuck,” Izuku moaned aloud. “Baby – god - fuck, you’re so good!”
 In response, you ducked your head deeper and gagged as the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat. His length, that which you couldn’t fit in your mouth, was growing slick now as a combination of his pre and your drool seeped from your straining lips and slid down his skin to drip heavily off his balls. Taking a chance you moved your hand downwards to fondle them and Izuku let out another moan. Without warning, his hips rolled upwards, causing you to gag again.
 The pace had been set by now. Your head was bobbing continuously on his dick, tongue sliding up and down the vein on the underside as your hand alternated between playing with his balls and rubbing the base of his length. Izuku was moaning frequently, his hips occasionally thrusting forward, and his head was thrown back, exposing his pretty jawline to the night hair. Your eyes flicked upwards to look at him every now and again, and you made a mental note to mark up his neck once you were finished with your current job.
 In what felt like no time at all, Izuku’s breath began to grow shallow and uneven, and his thighs startled to tremble on either side of your body. “Baby,” he whimpered desperately as you continued to choke yourself on his dick. “Baby, stop, I’m gonna… fuck, I think I’m gonna cum.”
 You didn’t stop. You knew he, being the considerate bean he was, was worried about finishing in your mouth and forcing you to swallow his release. Hell, you’d been worried about that before you first started; at the time it hadn’t seemed too appealing. But now that you were here with his cock actually down your throat, you realised you wanted nothing more than for him to cum right in your mouth.
Reaching up, you grabbed Izuku’s free hand with your own. After interlocking your fingers, you pressed his knuckles into the mattress and squeezed, hoping to signal to him that you were, in fact, okay. It took a moment and then Izuku squeezed back, obviously having understood your reassurance. If possible, his moans became even more needy.
 “Please, baby,” he whined through heaving breaths. “Please, I’m so close. So close, fuck, please, baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Fuck, I’m gonna-!” he cut himself off with a load moan and then his cock twitched in your mouth.
 You stilled as he came, focussing on swallowing everything he had to give.
 It was only once Izuku had relaxed again that you pulled away, wiping at your mouth with the back of your hand. Crawling upwards, you pulled yourself up Izuku’s body until you were hovering over him just as he had been with you not long before. The nerves had dulled in your stomach and now that your focus was no longer solely on Izuku’s pleasure, you became uncomfortably aware of the aching wetness between your legs. You were sure your panties had been completely soaked through at this point, so turned on as you were by the vision of your boyfriend hitting his climax.
 Izuku stared up at you, eyes still a little hazy from the intensity of his orgasm. A slight sheen of sweat had formed on his skin and his hair was an absolute mess, mussed and tangled by the countless times he’d run his hand through it. Despite this, he still appeared so achingly attractive in your eyes that you couldn’t resist dropping down to fit your mouth against his in a soft kiss. Izuku didn’t protest, in fact he chased your lips and groaned into your mouth as he tasted the residue of his orgasm on your tongue.
 Pulling back, you offered him a smile. ”So?”
 Izuku blushed deeply. “Shut up.”
 “I’m serious!” You grinned and kissed the tip of his nose. “I wanna know. Did it feel good?”
 “So good,” Izuku murmured and then he pulled you into another kiss. “You’re so good at sucking dick, baby.”
 You started at the boldness of the words he’d whispered against your lips and then moaned against him when you felt one of his legs come up to press between the both of yours. The attention to your heat, which had gone ignored for so long was practically overwhelming now and your body collapsed like a ragdoll against Izuku’s. Your boyfriend grinned into the kiss, as if this was what he’d had planned all along before eventually pulling back to gaze at you with half-lidded eyes.
 “Now, let me return the favour?”
 You had barely nodded before your positions were switched yet again and you found yourself on your back, Izuku above you, caging you in once again. He shot you a small smile before sliding his hands beneath your shirt. His palms were huge and warm against your skin and you shivered at the feeling as his calloused fingers splayed out across your ribs before he suddenly cupped your breasts. Izuku let out a whine of his own.
 “Fuck, baby,” he murmured. “Get this shirt off for me. I wanna see you.”
 You did as he asked and tugged the fabric upwards. Cool air hit your skin as you discarded the shirt over your hair, and for a moment you shivered. However your attention was quickly pulled away from the goosebumps rising on your arms when Izuku moved his hands, needily grabbing at your tits. His hands were big enough to fist them whole, and you stared in fascination as he kneaded the supple flesh between his fingers. At the back of your mind, you heard a small voice thank the universe for choosing not to wear a bra when you snuck into Izuku’s room earlier that evening.
 “God, you’re so beautiful,” Izuku murmured, still staring at your tits. “This is what you’ve been hiding all this time?”
 You flushed with heat and used your hands to hide your face. “Ohmigod, Izuku-!’
He laughed good-naturedly at your embarrassment. “I’m only telling the truth. Besides, I’ve been waiting to do this –“ he leaned forward to kitten-lick at your nipple, “-for so long.”
 “You have?!” You stared at him. Izuku shrugged.
 “Well, yeah.” He pressed a short kiss to your lips. “I may not be a perv like Mineta but even I get dirty thoughts.”
 It made sense. He was a teenage boy after all, and yet the idea of the sweet, innocent Izuku in your head did not match up with this new version he was presenting you with now. Not that you had an issue with it.
 Izuku lowered his head again to mouth at your breast. His tongue felt warm, wet and sticky against the sensitive skin, leaving a delicious sting in its wake as cold night air nipped at the trails of saliva left behind. Your back arched upwards as he nipped easily at your areola and then moved further down, kissing his way between your tits to your sternum and then lower to leave hickeys on your ribs. All the while his hands continued to work your body, rubbing at your breasts and then sliding to your hips, your thighs and then finally sneaking to the waistband of your own sweatpants.
 He pulled back for a second to make eye contact with you and within that moment you realised what he was asking. With a single nod of your head, you gave confirmation for him to continue and Izuku took this as a sign to slide not only your sweatpants but your panties too down your legs.
 You gasped as cold air hit your glistening cunt. At the same time, Izuku sucked in a shallow breath, and his grip on you tightened just slightly as his eyes came to rest on the prize between your legs for the first time in his life.
 For a moment he stared and you could visibly see his cock hardening once again. Then, before you could think, he’d settled himself on his stomach and was prying your legs further apart.
 “Baby,” Izuku murmured as he pressed kisses down your inner thigh. “Baby, fucking hell.”
 “Izu,” you breathed in reply, head slipping back as you felt the warmth of his mouth drawing closer and closer to where your arousal was throbbing. Even with absolutely no stimulation, your pussy clenched, more of your honeyed slick sliding out to drip down onto the sheets below you.
 Izuku licked his lips as his mouth finally came to hover above your clit. For a moment his gaze flickered upwards and you locked eyes. Then he lowered his head to press the first kiss to your clit and your chin tilted upwards as your eyes rolled back. One of your hands fisted in his hair.
 Izuku groaned against you. His own eyes were practically crossed as he got his first taste of you. Your essence was like syrup against his lips and he lapped at it eagerly, already addicted. Then his tongue slid down, probing between your slick folds with ease to feel the tightness of your inner muscles beyond. His nose brushed up against your clit and a low moan fell from you.
 “Fuck,” you murmured and gripped tighter at his curls. “Please, do that again.”
 He did and your head fell back, a shiver running up the length of your body. “Ngh- Izu, fuck.”
 Izuku took this as a hint to focus on your clit. Raising himself a little higher, he pulled his tongue from inside you for the time being to swipe it back and forth against the tiny bud of nerves. Immediately your thighs tensed and your hips rolled, forcing the pressure of his tongue to increase. You moaned aloud, a filthy mixture of his name and a sound of pure arousal that made Izuku instinctively rut his hips into the bed below him. The sound of his groan mixed with yours.
 “Tell me what to do, baby,” Izuku breathed against your cunt. “Please. Wanna make you feel good.”
 You gripped his hair again and bit your lip; merely the fact that he wanted to please you was enough to push your arousal to a new level.
 “Keep doing that with your tongue,” you choked. “And, if you’re ready…use your fingers.”
 Izuku nodded eagerly and went back to ravishing your clit. You let your head fall back and closed your eyes, allowing yourself to feel the sensations to the fullest. At the same moment, Izuku began to tease the tip of his middle finger across your labia. You shivered as it stroked your skin once, twice, before slipping between your folds to delve deep into your cunt.
 “Ah!” you whimpered at the same time that Izuku let out a long moan.
 “Fuck!” he groaned, pulling his mouth from your clit for a second to stare as he began to finger you. “You’re so tight.”
 Your only response was a small squeak as he curled his finger upwards and sent a jolt running through your entire body.
 Izuku noticed the way you seemed to clench around him and repeated the action. A whine fell from your lips and almost instinctively you used your grip on his hair to push his mouth back towards your cunt.
 Izuku followed graciously and began to slurp on your clit again, his own eyes rolling back as he ingested the nectar that dripped from inside you.
 There was a chord tightening in your lower belly now, the tell-tale pull of an impending orgasm. You were just shocked at how quickly Izuku had managed to push you towards the edge, considering this was the first time either of you had touched each other’s bodies in this way.
 “Fuck,” you whimpered aloud as your toes curled and your thighs shook more. “Fucking hell, Izu…”
 In response Izuku added another finger, pushing both of his digits deep inside your throbbing pussy. Your back arched upwards at the feeling and an unintelligible noise ripped itself from your throat. The burn of his thick fingers stretching you was like fire but Izuku helped to distract from it as his tongue flicked back and forth over your clit, causing your entire body to twitch every time it brushed over the one particularly sensitive spot.
 Warmth began to creep from your feet up your legs and the muscles in your stomach tightened almost to the point of discomfort as you edged closer and closer towards the precipice of your orgasm. “Izuku,” you whined as your hips rolled continuously against his fingers and tongue. “Izu, I think I’m gonna..!”
 “I know,” Izuku groaned against you and there was a waver in his own voice that told you he was just as desperate for you to reach your climax as you were. “It’s okay, baby, I’m here  - ah, fuck – please cum for me, baby?”
 His whimpering voice and a final thrust of his fingers into your sticky cunt was all you needed for your climax to crest and break through you. Heat surged through your body as your muscles tensed and your back arched upwards, a choked moan escaping you as your mind fogged up with pleasure because holy fucking shit, it felt so much better like this than when it was just you and your fingers.
 Izuku continued to kitten lick your clit as you orgasmed, occasionally murmuring soft praise. His free hand rubbed reassuring circles along the outside of your thigh and then he lifted his head to offer you a soft, warm smile, his lips and chin glistening with your cum.
 “You did so well, Pumpkin,” he said softly as he pulled his fingers from inside you. You stared at his hand for a moment, eyes trailing over the way his thick fingers glistened, coated in a thick layer of your juices. Without thinking you reached out to grab his wrist and sucked his digits into your mouth. Izuku let out a long groan as he felt your tongue lather across his skin, licking up every last drop of your cum.
 “Fuck, baby,” he mumbled, shuffling his body upwards so that he was hovering over you once again. His hips bumped against yours and both of you let out a long groan as his cock, hard and erect yet again, rubbed up across your labia.
 Izuku’s head dropped into the crook of your neck and as your arms came up to circle around his shoulders, you could feel his entire body trembling.
 “Pumpkin,” Izuku whispered. “Can we…can we keep going?”
 You twisted your head to press a kiss and then a nip against the skin of his neck. The feeling of your lips against his warm skin had Izuku keening and his hips gave an instinctive thrust.
 “Keep going,” you murmured into him. “Please don’t stop, Izu.” Your lips attached to his neck properly then and you sucked idly on his pulse point, fulfilling your earlier fantasy of marking up his pretty skin. Izuku let out a broken moan and almost immediately one of his hands slid between your bodies to take hold of the base of his cock.
 “You sure we don’t need a c-condom?” he double-checked shakily.
 You nodded against him and pulled back far enough to say, “I’m on the pill,” before continuing your assault on his neck.
 Izuku pressed his nose further into your collarbone as the head of his cock brushed against your clit. Your entire body tensed at the feeling and you let out a low whine, suddenly realising how sensitive you still were after your earlier orgasm. “Izu…”
 Izuku froze immediately, raising his head to look down at you with wide worried eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”
 You shook your head, your grip on his shoulders tightening. “No, just… go slow.”
 “Okay,” he breathed. “But if it hurts or… or you don’t like it, tell me and I’ll stop.”
 “Okay,” you mumbled into his neck and bit down on his skin once again. Izuku took that as his cue to start and your breath hitched as you felt the head of his cock begin to press between your folds.
 Your cunt was dripping, strings of your arousal leaking out to dampen the sheets below you. Despite this, you could feel the stretch as Izuku began to ease himself inside you. It was nothing like his two fingers from earlier; the girth of his cock was already so much greater, and your lower half burned like fire as your pussy was stretched past its limits for the first time. You let out a whimper and buried your face further into Izuku’s neck, fingers digging into his shoulders in a grip you were sure was painful for him.
 Izuku halted his movements for a moment and tilted his head to press a soft kiss to your lips. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “Does it hurt?”
 Your eyes were screwed shut and your body tense as you tried to breathe through the pain. A single jerk of your head answered Izuku’s question and he exhaled slowly, his forehead dropping to lean against yours.
 “Do you want me to stop?”
 You shook your head immediately, gripping his shoulders ever tighter. “No, no, don’t stop. It’s fine.”
 “Pumpkin,“ Izuku gave you a sad look and dropped a soft kiss on your forehead. “If it hurts too badly, it’s okay to stop.”
 You appreciated his support, you really did. But even as he spoke, you could feel the pain beginning to ease just slightly. “I promise I’m okay,” you whispered to him. “I want to keep going. Please, Izu…” you trailed off as your words dissolved into a light moan.
 Izuku nodded, his hair falling across his face as he dropped his head to rest the bridge of his nose on your collarbone. “I’m gonna go in a little further, okay,” he mumbled as his hips began to move again, slowly pressing into yours more and more. You bit your lip and tried to relax your aching muscles as the burn increased again. However it wasn’t as bad as at the beginning and you could feel an underlying rush of both satisfaction and pleasure as your body became more accustomed to the intrusion.
 Above you, Izuku was shaking. Little whimpers and groans of pleasure were falling almost constantly from his lips as his cock pressed even deeper into you. There was a flush blooming on his freckled cheeks and his eyebrows were furrowed deeply. When you saw this, you forgot about your own discomfort for a second and shifted just slightly under him, enough to change the angle of his entry just a little. The reaction was instantaneous; a long shiver passed down the boy’s spine and his teeth shank harshly into his bottom lip as he bit back a moan. “Oh fuck,” he choked out, one of his hands slid down your side to grip your hip. “Don’t do that.”
 A spike of something unfamiliar, maybe pride, bloomed in your chest and you raised a hand up to curl your fingers into his thick hair. “Does it feel good, Izu?” you murmured against the shell of his ear, both to tease him and distract yourself from the pain.
 Izuku moaned again, his fingers digging into your hip. “So good,” he whined into your neck, his voice high and wobbly. “Pumpkin… feels… better than anything…ah!”
 You trailed your fingers down his back, feeling his spine arch beneath your touch.
 “Describe it to me.” Your tone came out so sultry that even you were surprised. Izuku let out a muffled cry at the sound of it and suddenly his body tensed. For a moment you thought he was going to cum right then and there, however he seemed to fight it back, his fingers fisting at the bedsheets beside you.
 “You’re so tight, Y/N.” His voice cracked as he spoke. “So tight, ‘n warmth. S-so much better than -oh shit- than my hand.” He pressed his lips to your neck for a second, muffling a moan. “You make me feel so good.”
 Somehow his praise helped to ease the pain slightly and when you breathed in his ear to continue, he was able to slip all the way inside you without having to stop again. You bit back a yelp at the feeling of being full; it was so foreign and so satisfying at the same time, and it had your entire body tensing.
 Izuku pressed a light kiss to the slope of your jugular. His struggle to hold back was becoming more and more evident to you, and even just the slightest shift in your pelvis had him keening and twitching. “Does it feel okay?”
 “Yeah,” you breathed. “It’s okay. You can move.”
 The first thrust was completely overwhelming for both of you. You gasped at the strange sensation of having something moving back and then pressing forward again inside of you. Izuku whined aloud in relief as he was finally about to experience the full pleasure your tight walls had to offer.
 “Baby,” he mumbled over and over as his thrusts continued and he desperately tried to find his rhythm. “Baby, fuck!”
 You moaned in tandem with him. Each roll of his hips was bringing only more pleasure and the pain was beginning to drain away. Your fingers gripped tight into Izuku’s hair as your other hand slid down Izuku’s back, digging into the thick muscles of his shoulders as you searched for something to anchor yourself. “Izu,” you murmured as your body rocked gently back and forth “Izu, more, please.”
 And Izuku complied, his thrusts becoming deeper as he finally settled into an even pace.
 Your back arched away from the bed as pleasure began to rush through your body again. Tingles were shooting, across your skin and a voice was beginning to chant in the back of your mind ‘more, more, more’. Without thinking, you pulled your legs upward and locked your ankles behind Izuku’s back, spreading yourself open for him as much as you could. Your cunt was gushing again, growing more wet than you had ever experienced before, and making it increasingly easier for Izuku to thrust into you. Between the heavy sounds of skin against skin, you could hear the wet squelch as your arousal oozed between you, coating Izuku’s balls and his thrusts continued to deepen.
 A violent shiver rushed down your spine and unconsciously you clenched around Izuku’s cock, a move that had him trembling and his thrusts growing erratic. “Baby,” he panted, raising his head to give you a pleading look. “I can’t… I’m gonna…fuck!”
 You reached up to cup either side of his face with your hands and gave him a long kiss. “It’s okay,” you mumbled against his lips. “Let go, please, Izu, cum for me.”
 And he did. With a long groan his head dropped against your chest and he slammed his hips into yours one last time before cumming, hard. You gasped as you felt your insides fill up, warmth filling you as ropes of thick cum spewed into your aching cunt. “F-fuck,” you murmured as your head fell back, butterflies rushing through you as Izuku pressed light kisses all the way up your neck, whimpering as he did so. “Izu…”
 As he began to come down from his climax, you fully expected him to pull out. Your body was already beginning to relax against the sheets, preparing for things to wind down for the night. What you didn’t expect was for him to prop himself back on his elbows and lean down to give you a sweet kiss as his hips began to roll softly against yours again.
 Almost immediately your back arched as he hit the sweet spot inside you, and you looked up at him with wide, surprised eyes. “Izuku, what’re you-?”
 “You didn’t cum, right?” Izuku mumbled, his voice and movements a little shaky as he fought through his overstimulation to continue. You shook your head slowly.
 “Then we’re not done.”
 “B-but, what about you?” you asked as a shudder rolled through your body. “Isn’t it too much?”
 “Don’t worry, ah, about me?” Izuku’s face scrunched and his entire body trembled as you clenched around him. “You didn’t go through all the pain at the start to not feel good now.”
 You could honestly have cried at that. If you were honest with yourself, you’d gone into this experience fully expecting not to cum. Not because you didn’t have faith in Izuku but because you’d heard, from almost everyone, that girls hardly ever came their first time. The female orgasm was more difficult to achieve after all, and unless your partner was experienced, it was unlikely you’d reach it, on top of the added stress of having sex for the first place.
 However, after hearing what Izuku had said, you could tell he’d also known that going in and was now fully prepared to push himself further in order for you to achieve your pleasure. Knowing this had your heart twisting with love and affection for him and, if anything, turned your arousal up a notch. Linking your arms around his neck, you pressed your face into his collarbone and allowed your body to succumb completely to the feeling of his cock pounding into your cunt.
 Moans were starting to fall continuously from both your lips again and now you could feel the tightening in your stomach and the rising heat that signalled you were close. “Shit,” you whimpered as your thighs tightened around Izuku’s hips. “Izu!
 “I can feel it, Pumpkin,” your boyfriend whimpered and you knew he was talking about the tightening in your pussy. “You’re close, right?”
 “Ngh, fuck, so close!” you squeaked as your head began to grow hazy.
 One of Izuku’s hands slipped down and you moaned loud as his thumb brushed across your puffy and sensitive clit. “Izuku!” A violent tremor ran the length of your body then and suddenly you were on the edge.
 “Fuck, baby,” Izuku whimpered as he drew circles on your clit. He was about to cum too, his third orgasm of the night pulling his muscles tense and causing his cock to twitch inside you. However he seemed just as desperate for you to reach your own release as he played with your clit and thrust into you with enough power to leave bruises on the inside of your thighs.
 “Please baby,” you heard him plead into your ear, his desperate voice turning you on even more. “Please cum for me, baby. I need you to, fuck, I need you to cum, Pumpkin, please, please!”
 Those words were all you needed to swan dive into your climax. Sinking your teeth into his shoulder, you screamed against his skin as heat flooded your muscles and your body convulsed beneath Izuku.
The violent clenching of your cunt around him had your boyfriend following not long after. His seed spilled inside you for the second time that night, filling you up again to the point where it was almost uncomfortable. Then he collapsed atop your body, head buried deep in your shoulder.
 For a moment the pair of you stayed like that, allowing for your heavy breathing to gradually slow. You continued to card your fingers through Izuku’s hair, pushing it back from his sweat-slicked forehead, as you focussed on the feeling of his heart beating against your own. Now that the heat of the moment was over, you were starting to notice how sticky you felt, both with sweat and your own slick.
 After a second, Izuku let out a groan. You unhooked your legs from around his waist and then tried to suppress your feel of discontent as he pulled back, removing his softening cock from your aching body.
 “Shit,” the teenage boy mumbled out as he glanced down at the mess between your thighs. Globs of thick cum were beginning to ooze out of your still twitching pussy, no longer held in by Izuku plugging you up. For a moment your boyfriend stared at the sight, completely mesmerised. Then he leaned forward to kiss you again.
 You moaned lightly at the feeling of his soft lips on yours, revelling in the feather-light touch of his fingertips as they skimmed across your jaw. Then, when Izuku finally pulled back and flopped to lie beside you, he rolled your body easily into his arms to tuck you against his chest.
 For a moment the pair of you lay silent, simply enjoying basking in the aftermath of each other. Then you felt Izuku chuckle lowly.
 “If Kacchan ever found out I lost my virginity before him, he’d blow a fuse.”
 You turned to stare up at your boyfriend, eyes wide. “Bakugou’s still a virgin?!”
 “Oh yeah.” Izuku snuggled closer to you, burying his nose in your hair. “He’s never been touched in his life.”
 You couldn’t help but snort. “How the fuck would you know that?”
 “I just do.”
 “Oh really?”
 You felt his grin against your hair. “No. Sero overheard him telling Kirishima he hadn’t slept with anyone and then Sero told Kaminari and I overheard Kaminari telling Mina.”
 “Jesus,” you mumbled. “I swear, no one in that group knows how to keep a secret.” Then you looked up at him, a little worried. “Are you gonna tell Bakugou that we… did it?”
 “No.” His grip on you tightened just a little and you saw a slight glint in his eye. “Although, if he ever asks about it, I’m not gonna lie.”
 “Fair enough.”
 There was another moment of silence before Izuku shifted so he could look down at you properly. The moonlight was hitting his face once again and his deep green eyes were wide and adoring as they slid over your figure.
 “I’m really happy, though.”
 You blinked at him, confused. “About what?”
 “That we did do it.” He blushed a little. “That you were my first.”
 Your heart jumped and you couldn’t suppress the small smile that tugged at your lips. Reaching up, you brushed one of his curls away from his eyes. “Oh yeah?”
 “Yeah.” He kissed your cheek sweetly. “I love you, Y/N. And I’m so happy to have you.”
 “I love you too,” you murmured and snuggled closer to him. “Thank you, Izuku.”
 “For what?”
 “For being my first.”
 Izuku smiled and kissed you one last time before settling down to sleep. “Of course, Pumpkin.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya x f!reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ masturbation (male), peeping, and they were roommates (oh my god they were roommates), aged up characters
A/N: @rat-suki​ made a post about what Deku would sound like jerking off and I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with this on my mind. Annie, pls consider this a humble offering for the biggest Deku fucker I know 💕😌
WC: 2.4K
Tumblr media
Izuku has a pair of top-of-the-line headphones.
They’re noise-cancelling, surround sound, and padded with cutting-edge foam to perfectly cushion the head while covering the ear. They’re durable and wireless, can last up to 13 hours on a full charge, and they’re a matte, deep green, because you have the option to customize the colour free of charge. You know this because you heard this spiel when he pointed them out to you; when he unwrapped them on his birthday, protesting that they were too expensive for him to accept; when he tried them on and damn near yelled the specifications again as J-Pop blared into his ears.
Izuku’s bedroom door also isn’t fully shut.
It was the first thing you noticed coming home, calling out for him and assuming he’d gone out. It’s not unusual for the two of you to miss each other when you’re both busy with work and your separate friend groups, relying on your carved out time on Wednesday nights to come together and catch up. It’s the reason you’ve stayed roommates with Izuku for so long; it’s the reason you’ve stayed friends with Izuku so long. There’s always been an innate understanding of the boundaries between you, that you’ve each set into place—and you’re crossing all of them right now.
His door is closed over, not closed, the latch resting along the doorframe instead of tucked snugly into its home like it should be. It’s the reason you heard his low, strangled swear, the reason you heard the heated sigh he let out when you padded over. The reason why you figured out, after an embarrassingly long five seconds, that your roommate was trying to get off because he thinks you’re out. It’s the reason why even now you can still hear the long, high creak of his desk chair, the reason why you can hear the hitch of his breath. The reason why you can hear the sound of him undoing his belt and letting it clatter to the floor. Guilt tickles briefly at your belly again but he lets out a low, breathy moan, then a relieved sigh when he tugs down his zipper, and you’re lost.
Your hands shake as you dare to lean forward a little more, craning your neck, perking your ears up to try and catch anything else you can. There isn’t enough of a gap to peek at him, but you’ve been in his room enough times to imagine where he’s sitting—what he’s doing. You have no doubt he’s leaning back in his desk chair, headphones firmly on, blending in perfectly with his unruly hair. The belt must be puddled beside him, his shorts shoved down just enough to free his—
There’s the sound of cloth hitting the floor, and the roll of castors along the floor as you swallow thickly.
Shorts off, then.
There’s a hissed swear and you tense, ready to jump away, but instead of footsteps there’s the sound of something else hitting the ground; you see a wayward sock fly through the air in the direction of his hamper. It takes a moment to piece together the sight of him fully naked, sunk low in his chair, but it’s worth it once you’ve got it. It’s a little frustrating knowing it’s just on the other side of the door; the real deal, the real thing, without the fuzzy edges of your imagination, without the blurred patches of your memory. You wonder if he’s reclining in his seat, chin dipped to his chest, or if he’s curved over his laptop instead, staring intently at whatever’s on the screen. Wonder if he’s got his long, muscular legs stretched out before him, wonder how far his thighs are spread apart.
You wonder if he’s taking the time to tease himself a little more, or if he’s gone straight to fisting his cock. You hope he’s taking the time to tease, grazing his hands down the broad expanse of his—did he take his shirt off? Did you hear him take his shirt off? …he must’ve, right? It fits better if he does—looks better if he does. You’ve seen him shirtless enough times to picture it but always in passing, and always from the corner of your eye. It’s hard not to ogle him even as he flushes and stammers out that he’ll pull on a shirt, even as you wonder how many freckles he has smattered across his skin, even as you wonder how long it’ll take you to connect all of them with your tongue.
Shirtless is better, you decide, letting out a shaky breath.
There aren’t any tell-tale noises so he must be taking his time, running his hands up and down the firm expanse of his chest, teasing the dark trail of hair that leads to his cock. He must be tracing lazy patterns across his skin, skimming the pads of his fingers across his nipples. Dipping teasingly into his bellybutton, trailing over his hips and down to scratch lightly at his thighs. Must be petting at the hot skin along his inner thighs, grazing his knuckles along his balls. You can see the flex of his legs in your mind’s eye, can see the godawful tanlines he always seems to get every summer. Your fingers twitch as you let out another shaky breath. There’s another creak of his chair.
It isn’t too late to leave. You can turn around and go out for an hour or two before coming back; you can go out then come back in and rattle around a little louder this time; you can retreat to your room and shove your hand down your pants, shamefully fucking yourself on your fingers as you imagine Izuku’s in their stead—
It’s quiet, barely audible above another creak of his chair, but you hear it. The pump of hand lotion, then the wet sound of him rubbing it between his palms. It’s slick, echoing, and you wonder deliriously if he can hear it too through those top-of-the-line headphones.
You’re playing a dangerous game pressing your fingers to the door, hovering your face just above it as you strain to listen.
You don’t need to worry—he lets out a pretty moan as soon as he grabs his cock.
It’s a quiet little ah but it rips through you, freezing you where you stand, rooting you to the floor. There’s the slick sound of his hand sliding up then down, and you shiver when he does it again. It’s a slow, steady rhythm, nothing short of staggering; it’s careful and measured, perfectly paced, and no matter how hard you try you can’t picture the sight of his cock swelling in his hand. How long is it? How thick is it? Izuku is broad and tall, muscle packed on from years of hitting the gym, from years of learning self-defence. He’s thick around the legs and thick around the arms, built sturdy from head to toe. It stands to reason his cock is just a girthy, just as big as the rest of him—maybe there are freckles on it too.
That for some reason has you biting your lip, has you drifting a little closer, has you pressing your cheek against the door. You freeze when it creaks a little, swinging open just a little wider, but you can see the corner of his desk now, the afternoon light spilling golden across it.
It’s muffled, muted, choked out around a mouthful of fabric. You feel desire course white-hot through you when you realize he must have the hem of his shirt stuffed in his mouth, must have it caught between his teeth. The thought is enough to make your knees weak, enough to make you bite back a swear of your own as you fill in the gaps, as you imagine the twitch of his abs, the smattering of hair. As you imagine the spit pooling along his tongue, soaking into the soft cotton shirts he always seems to wear. There’s another squelch and then the creak of his chair, and you wonder how pretty he looks when he arches his back, how flushed and pink his cheeks and chest are. Izuku’s breathing is ragged, rough, but he doesn’t move—there’s just the roll of the wheels along the floor again, the scrape of his belt when he accidentally rolls over it. You shift a little, wiggling your hips from side to side, holding your breath as you wait.
The shirt hits the floor. Another pump of lotion; another whispered, fuck.
His hands are louder this time—wetter this time. His breathing is heavier, his panting a little more irregular. There’s a deep, throaty groan and you push the door open a little more, masking the creak of the hinges under the sound of his voice, your body coiling tight, belly burning hot when he peters off into a stuttered a-ah shit. You can catch the edge of his leg now, the arch of his foot; his toes are curled, his calves tensed. You don’t even bother looking at the sliver of the screen you can see, too enraptured with your own personal show to care about what he’s watching.
“O-oh my god—”
You watch his thighs bunch, watching them flex as you dare to push the door open a little wider still. If he turns around, he’ll see you and then you’ll have no excuse to give him; you’ve lingered too long at this point, opened the door too wide. It’s worth it though, seeing the corded muscle beneath his skin, seeing the way he snaps his hips up to chase his pleasure. All you can see of his cock is the barest peek of a pretty pink head playing peekaboo just above the tight ring of his fingers; his fists are stacked atop each other, knuckles white, the veins popping in his arms as he fucks into them.
“F-fuck, I—” He chokes on his own spit and you watch in fascination when his hands fly off and he curls in over himself, panting heavily, sweat beading along his brow as he stares hungrily at his screen. The armrest is in the way now, along with the swell of his forearm, leaving you with only the barest mouth-watering sliver of the fat head to stare at. He’s clutching at his chair, hips rocking desperately into empty air as the chair creaks again. He rolls a little closer to his desk; you shift forward with him. Your mouth is dry as you watch him reach for his cock again, as you watch him loosely wrap his fingers around the shaft, as you feel the ache between your legs intensify.
You were right.
He’s thick all over.
Even dwarfed by his hand his dick isn’t any less intimidating, pretty and tan and standing tall and proud between his legs. You’re too far away to look for freckles, to see how many of those you can trace with your tongue, but you lick your lips all the same. You watch, hypnotized, as he squeezes out a drop of precum, as he runs his thumb along the slit, as his ass flexes when he fucks up into the touch a little, a punched-out groan slipping from his mouth.
You want it. You want him. You’re too far gone now to care about what this will look like; too far gone to care about what he’ll think. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it? If there’s a chance you can have him between your thighs or you between his, you’re willing to take the risk. If worse comes to worse you’ll just have to find another roommate—
On his laptop, there’s a cock filling a dripping hole, but you barely notice it when you catch sight of the video title, bright orange lettering sitting neatly above some ad of an anime girl getting her brains fucked out as her tits bounce straight up to her face.
You’re equal parts breathy and amused when you stop beside him, clearing your throat. “Really?”
Izuku jumps, hands flying to his cock, a flush rising in his face as his knees slam into the underside of his desk. He winces as he fumbles for his laptop, slapping the cover shut, ripping the headphones from his ears as he angles himself away from you.
“H-hi! Hi! I thought you—”
“Weren’t in?” You bite your lip as you watch him, wondering if he caught the entendre. You lean against his desk, thigh bumping his chair as you open his laptop back up, sticking your ass out as you sign him back in. The joys of Izuku Midoriya never graduating past using password as his password; predictable as always, safe as always…so easy to figure out and play to your heart’s content. The video starts up again where he left off, this time blaring from the speakers, filling the room. You can hear the creaking furniture, the slap of skin of skin, the loud, dramatic cries of the woman getting fucked stupid on top of a desk.
You peek at him from the corner of your eye as you tug off your shirt to toss to the side. Look him in the eye when you roll his chair back. Trail your gaze down his chest to the careful cup of his hands between his thighs, his cock twitching valiantly as it starts to fill out the longer you stare.
“Well?” You turn and brace your arms on his desk, positioning yourself just like the video, swaying your ass from side to side. He looks frozen stiff when you look back at him, eyes fixed to the curve of your ass, before he tears them away to meet your gaze.
“Are you—”
You hook your foot behind his knee, and drag him closer, reaching behind him to plant one big lotion-scented hand on your ass. “Just fuck me already, would you?”
Your bottoms are tugged down, your underwear tugged to the side, and then there’s a tongue lapping enthusiastically at your slit, a pair of hands gripping your hips tight enough to bruise.
You shiver and moan as you bury your head in your arms, smiling as you stare blearily at the screen.
You’ll make sure to tip them later.
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