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Today’s review;

I have finished my lab homework finally. It’s time to study for electromagnetic wave lecture’s quizㅠㅠ. Yes. All my freaking day is gone for lab homework 힝😑. BUT! The code i wrote is so beautiful. I guess it is. Even if it is wrong, it is still beautiful. I am so proud with that. You can not judge me. Come on, it is the first beautiful code i wrote.ㅋㅋ

P.S.: my mood = day6-zombie

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Today i started to use “tide app” to focus on my study. I woke up late (around 2pm) and then record some lesson stuff with my friends. It was like a homework. After that i started this focus app so according to app it’s just 3 hours that i focus on. It’s not! But i can’t proof it so let’s just say it is.

On Wednesday i have a quiz exam. So i will be studying till wednesday. So why don’t you join me? Study with me!

Good night!

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|| 05.16.20 || J'ai reçu ma note pour le midterm du cours français! j'étais pas très content du premier coup mais je me suis dit que c'est au-dessus du moyen de la classe et que je suis seulement freshman. En tout cas j'adore tellement ce cours. Le titre est « Tao de Montaigne » et pour la plupart on lit et discute des extraits des essais de Montaigne. C'est plutôt difficile pour moi de comprendre tout ce qu'il écrit mais c'est une bonne opportunité de pratiquer. De plus on parle du soi et on médite donc je me sens que mes relations avec moi-même améliorent. Si vous le voudriez je peux vous envoyer quelques extraits qu'on a lu! :)

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the mess on my kitchen table after getting through two back-to-back midterms. got an 85 on accounting and 67 for econ :( but doing better on econ than i did last time so hopefully i get 70+ on the final!

2020 Quarantine Challenge Week 7

Mon - Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?

Probably the most intelligent, but I don’t want to be that person who is correcting everyone or something like that. I’d like to have the intelligence, but save it for when it is necessary.

Tue - Would you rather win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

I’d rather my best friend wins the half a mil bc he can split it into 3 and give us (our other best friend and i) 1/3 each :b

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Self-isolation day No. 58

I had two midterms yesterday. They were pretty difficult but I guess they succeeded…

But the exam season is coming and I’m a bit anxious. However, I’m sure I’ll pass cuz I’m strong and smart. There’s no possibility to fail. I can do this!!!

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19-20/100 Days of Productivity

I had work last night and forgot to post. Butttt in the last few days I’ve done so much studying for my maths mid term that is tomorrow morning. I have just started to feel like I’m burning out so I think I am going to stop studying now. I still could study for 4 more hours tonight but I don’t want to panic myself. Also the full moon last night was so beautiful! Here is a photo of her coming out

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