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#mighty avengers

I feel like a putz for overlooking this when it came out. I was reading comics regularly at the time and it’s great! It has Luke Cage, who I’ve always liked, it’s written by Al Ewing, who I became a big fan of a few years later, and it has Proxima Midnight, one of two characters in the MCU played by Leftovers cast members, thus one of my favorite characters.

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Black History Month Character of the Day: Victor Alvarez

The current holder of the title Power Man, Victor is the son of one of the original Power Man, Luke Cage’s, enemies. His father was known as Shades due to using a visor capable of shooting optic blasts. It is that visor that saved Victor’s life when an explosion killed his father and 107 other residents of the same building - energy from damaged visor mutated Victor, giving him the power to manipulate and absorb Chi, the same energy that is used by Iron Fist. Victor is living history, he can draw Chi from historical places, objects or beings. In a place with a rich history he can shrug blows from Thor and he can survive or even be empowered by blows from legendary creatures or weapons. 

Victor’s first appearance was in miniseries Shadowland: Power Man, where he promptly comes into conflict with Luke and Danny Rand only to later team up to fight ninjas of the Hand. In miniseries Power Man & Iron Fist, Danny trains him to control his powers. Victor is later seen teaming-up up with few other teen heroes in issues #5-7 of Fear Itself: Home Front

While he would then join Avengers Academy, his appearances in that book are minuscule. What is important is that there he would meet Ava Ayala, new White Tiger. The two would be taken by Luke Cage as his protegees and promptly end in the new incarnation of the Mighty Avengers, being regulars in both the first series and its sequel Captain America & the Mighty Avengers. The relationship between the two teens would turn into a romance, but by the time they have joined New Avengers they have broken up - Victor ended the relationship, feeling Ava’s drive for crimefighting turned self-destructive and being unable to steer her from this course. After his time with that team, he was recruited by Champions.

It should be noted Victor’s design is based on that of teenage version of Luke Cage from cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man, but he is a separate character.

- Admin

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Bruce Banner written and played by…. Dee.

If you are interested in interacting with our Bruce Banner please send in an ask with any questions or send in an application. We encourage you to look over our tumblr blog, but most importantly the introduction and rules sections.

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Since we’re getting US Agent I will now share my favorite panel of him because i think its so funny


[ID: Panel of John Walker grabbing or reaching for Pietro Maximoff’s neck.]

Pietro: Walker! If I can’t get to that big man– and fast– … The Commies Win.

John: Hurr? [end ID]

He hates Communism sm it overrides him being zombified

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“If you want someone to obey your orders, you should have sent a soldier. NOT A GOD!” - Ares



  1. Mister Talon
  2. Mr. Tallon
  3. Mars
  4. Warhawk
  5. Broom head
  6. John Aaron

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 1"

Weight: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Unusual Features: Ares previously had a thin Mohawk receding over his head.


  1. Olympian Physiology


  1. Master Combatant
  2. Master Marksman
  3. Master Tactician
  4. Interrogation Expert


  1. Olympian Battle Armor
  2. Gauntlets of Ares
  3. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
  4. Avengers Issue Jet-Pack
  5. Horses
  6. Ancient Greek and Roman Javelins
  7. Ancient Greek and Roman Axes
  8. Ancient Greek and Roman Swords
  9. Ancient Greek and Roman Maces
  10. Ancient Greek and Roman Knives
  11. Ancient Greek and Roman Shields
  12. Ancient Greek and Roman Spears
  13. Ancient Greek and Roman Flails
  14. Celtic Spears
  15. Roman Helmets
  16. Middle Eastern Scimitars
  17. Arthurian Swords
  18. Native American Axes
  19. Firearms
  20. Gases
  21. Rays
  22. Explosives
  23. Hydra Blood Bullets

Universe: Earth-616

Citizenship: Olympian 

Base of Operations:

  1. Avengers Tower, New York City
  2. Olympus


  1. Zeus; father
  2. Hera; mother

Marital Status: Married

  1. Discord; wife
  2. Enyo; wife

Origin: Olympian


  1. Olympian god of savage warfare
  2. Registered super hero
  3. Construction worker
  4. Carpenter

First Appearance:

  1. Comedy Comics #10 (June, 1942) (Golden-Age appearance)
  2. Thor #129 (June, 1966) (Silver-Age appearance)

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