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Soo I heard Tharizdun is hanging out by the astral sea…. the same place where Luciens bits went to… the same place he swore he was ✨chosen✨by different demigods… Caleb and Beau have been chosen by the literal worst piece of shit of a betrayer god and I won’t be able to get over it if it is actually big bitch boi Tharizdun… no wonder why the episode will be way longer than usual… bidet

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standalone caleb from my attempt at the 6 fanarts trend, since i’m rather proud of how he turned out :) 

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Not sure if I’ll get any takers here, but I’ve been in a writing slump for like a year and I’m trying to ease myself back in–so I’d love some prompts that I’ll write three sentence fics for. 

Just pop into my ask box with characters and/or ship + prompt (like a word, AU, quote, whatever). 

My faves are in the tags but others are okay too. Explicit and spoiler-y prompts are also fine.

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(beauregard): look, i’m not really good at, actually i’m terrible at, expressing…..i don’t know what you call it…..

(fjord): feelings?

(beauregard): yeah, sure, ok. the point is i don’t really have good, uh…..

(fjord): social skills.?

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just thinking about Lucien saying “I don’t like being abandoned.”

And wondering if, as he’s watching the Mighty Nein come back to “Molly” again and again, he might feel something at the idea that some part of him could inspire such loyalty (in such talented people), all without the need for him to wield the power he’s gone through so much trouble to gain and pursue.

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As requested the next part! Can’t wait for the next episode to drop espcially considering that its longer than the last few episodes. 

Sparse clouds the jarring sunlight of morning weaving through the opaque dome blades of pale sunshine rousing most from their sleep when gentle shakes or pats did not a days of travel weighing upon the shoulders of the Nein. Much needed to be done today if there were to be any improvement to the timeline of the journey you all had embarked on with companions no one could’ve predicted leading the way towards ash and boiling bedrock. Arising with an aching neck, a mind full of thoughts the mental checklist of items at the forefront, and a faint headache the Nein where milling about their business amusing a well rested Lucien who wore that grin so often it might as well be added to his outfit as an accessory. He seemed pleased for the most part which is either entirely terrifying or a good omen both can be bad but you’d rather settle for pleasant future than his veiled ire. Tomb Takers gathered around the bank of the river Cree glancing over a magic scroll there is a comfortable silence settling over the party though anyone with eyes could tell that a layer of tension would always be there sticking around like persistent shadow sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Recent hostilities would no doubt grow as times passed the insufferablity of Lucien and your friends brand of condescending humor to down right rude honest practicality guaranteed it. Yet you remain entirely on the outside of the affair looking in. Neither party had contempt for you not with Lucien at the helm and your family at your back. The options where open should a hard decision be asked of you not that you intended on double crossing either group anytime soon. 

Scroll apperaiting in the air clouds appeared flakes of snow falling down at a steady rate to land softy upon the lava mimicking powered sugar on a cake. Hugging the ground keeping quiet there is enough distance to separate the clumps of parties evenly steam rising with a steady sizzle even with the deep set worry of being incinerated the snow despite that weight held up alleviating the stress for now. Such a stretch of land to go it was merely a waiting game to see who messed up first. Rock splintering banks shifting with the flow of molten liquid that faint hint of orange hidden under all that white but the ground remained steady although as the group reached the center eyes scanning across the last two or so legs of the journey with mild uncertainty you hear stumbles a swear then a heated silence as people whipped their heads around to stare in alarm. A hushed relief fell over the group as they began the third leg winding with the lava flow redirecting steps playing a tentative game of hopscotch through the snow. Zoran’s pack snapped one strap fraying the balance of weight thrown off he fell onto one side the sound of the crests knocking against the stone is a loud resounding clack noise that made everyone wince as it echoed through the space. Hands fingers curling through snow the visage of a human forged entirely from rock and fire emerged fog suddenly swirling around covering the entire area surrounding Fjord in particular a hand pulling you out of sight ducking into the mist Yasha gently but quickly ushering you in. Fully fledged flame elementals flew through the group alighting everyone as Lucien called out to the party notes of annoyance masking a bit of alarm. “Alright we’re running!” 

Dragged up into the sky by a slightly bubblegum pink eagle a dousing of sweet summer rain washing over the Nein extinguishing any flames that might have started to peskily singe away at skin or clothes ground leaving your feet for the briefest seconds. Flight taken ashy air in your lungs droplets of water still on dripping down your face Lucien makes eye contact with you a slight narrowedness in his gaze as he tilts his head to the side the talons clutching at your arm disappearing the weight of them long gone Beau tumbling off of Caduceus the polymorph spell abruptly ended. Rock skidding gravel catching the flesh of your right cheek as you rolled to attempt at breaking the fall as best your could blood trickling out of the wound most not faring as well as you or the other dexterous members of Nein Fjord especially taking the brunt of the fall. Breaking into a run snow crunching underfoot the amount of flame elementals that resided in this singular river was absurd Lucien’s blades swinging through the air carving away at molten rock and pure fire ice enchanted steel sending drops of water spiraling through the air. Beau departed almost immediately the fastest runner out of perhaps everyone a gap in the lava flow appeared those ahead of you leaping Lucien hitting the group alongside your monk friend and even Fjord who had been knocked on his ass only moments ago. Jumping heating rushing past your right foot leading it slide through snow directly onto a patch of ice footing lost you would have tumbled into the lava had it not been for a hand grasping your arm dragging you upright once more the hilt of Lucien’s blade digging into your wrist as he gave you a wink running ahead for the last stretch of river. 

Heat, trouble, and a fair share of schemes snow had never looked quite as comforting before nor as appealing. Panting the flame elementals returning to their slumber beneath the rocks groups congregating for a few moments of rest faint bits of conversation echoing around friends Yasha requiring a bit of healing for that foot of her’s the mere thought of having lava burns upsetting any stomach. You had been lucky he was there Lucien though you’d hate to give him the satisfaction of it had saved your life the accomplishment no doubt boosting that ego of his. Though most weren’t away of the strategic placement of Lucien he never strayed fully from your side keeping either in his peripheral or in view smugness barely discernible in that expression of his he was in thought but you could not personally predict what topics his mind dedicated itself to beyond the current goal. Feet moving again Beau earning the scorn of your defacto leader by so bluntly pointing out his failure to properly lead his group through the snow wasteland his I hate you making you snicker those crimson eyes glaring at you hotly the silence alone smouldering with anger. Someone so keen on appearing boundless in power limited by his own knowledge of the land the frustration in his lacking of information irritating him beyond belief. Deeply hilarious to you the humbling of a proud man with a potential god complex is always satisfying to watch even more pleasing to partake in. 

The evening felt like a heated chess match between proficient players hunting for openings to exploit chinks in defenses waiting for the chance to knock down the others pawns hoping to see them tumble off the board. Lucien watched his lack of sleep provided even further opportunity to perceive little quirks twitches all sorts of small movements that made a person whole and you gathered that he liked understanding those around him out of either amusement or safety he wanted to be in control of the situation. Caleb was the same in that regard Beau as well though she herself followed those inquisitive gut feelings for personal pursuit of knowledge. As for yourself it tended to be a well honed instinct a habit that aided in survival nothing more. You couldn’t get stabbed in the back if you forsaw the blade coming before it even left the sheath and in your previous line of work betrayal occurs more often than honesty. Sitting within the dome the group stewing in their own emotions some still annoyed with their lack of a soft bed in Caleb’s illustrious mansion others merely thinking about the road ahead. Conversation had between Caleb, Beau, and Lucien you did manage to catch his tarot reading greatly interested in its outcome. History, the Tyrant, and Death. Three very accurate not to mention meaningful cards. Lucien seemed unsettled with its message about the stages of his life from past to future his story and been told in real time not by insight or slight of hand but by fate. Jester put belief in those cards so in turn they preformed for her in the way that they were meant to. 

Familiar sight laid out before you lavender skin basking in the embers of a slowly smouldering fire coat bunched up and arms crossed a look of contemplation on his face. Oh how Jester made him think on that reading it nearly ate Lucien alive when the death card turned over a scythe in black and white the blade practically gleaming in the glow of the fire. Death is neither good nor bad it represented the end of a cycle a stage in life yet you had a feeling that the man in question took it quite literally. His soul had been scattered to the wind before who’s to say it couldn’t happen again? Tomb Takers bedding down for the night their leader remaining awake you exited the dome keen on spending the first watch with Lucien gauging his reactions trying to find where he’s heads at for the time being if he would let you for that matter. Snakes are slippery and Lucien’s as cunning as the come. “Rough evening?” He hummed in response leaning back against his pack eyes following you as you sat before him the fire once again separating the two of you like a line drawn in the sand. 

“That friend of yours is quite the tarot reader,” Words punched out despite the buttery charismatic tone he used to disarm and charm Lucien clearly still bothered by your clerics words despite the cards being picked by his own hand. “Oh and you’re welcome for the save back there little star.” You shook your head eyes darting back to the dome where your watch partner Caleb would no doubt be looking on in interest. 

“Me being here is my thanks, darling.” Elven language lost on him Lucien narrowed his eyes at your term of endearment the laugh you got out of it flying over his head would amuse you for a while as you covered up the snickers with a cough. Sitting up a little straighter the posture of a person ready to partake in a competitive match of wits Lucien for the first time was faced with the action of being sought out by the one person who absolutely hated being in his presence with a passion that didn’t suit someone so analytic and reserved. You weren’t playing in the parameters you had set beforehand entirely outside of the box less predictable than before less provocable. He despised what you were doing it read on his face subtly for the situation is out of his hands the ball not in his court. If there is one thing he loved more than you or his goals it is the notion that he is in control.

Drawing your dagger sharpening the blade slowly precisely his eyes following the deliberate motions well practiced and natural like playing a piano or writing in cursive. Taking care of your blade gave your hands something to do and it allowed you to take you time picking apart his outer defenses as Lucien interally squirmed at your silence having come accustomed to it after all this time spent drowning in it. “Say what is so special about this book of yours? I’m not a reader but I’m sure you know that Caleb and Beau are.” The disapproval could be felt from a mile away Lucien’s slight frown made your mouth twitch up into a faint smile at his apparent annoyance at another member of the Nein taking their shot a prodding him into granting them the favor of spending an hour or two with that tome of his. 

“Not you too love. Those two are already more than enough I don’t need you harping at me as well.” You laughed steel tucked away back into the safety of your cloak hands resting in your lap obscured by navy blue fabric Lucien for the first time smiling a little at the sound of it though it slowly faltered with your next question. 

“What afraid you won’t be able to say no to me?” And for minutes you were left in stunned stubborn silence. 

Morning came more quickly than it had the day before though the cold had begun to set in again the warmth of lava long left behind joint achy from the numerous falls a plague of yawns cursing you as you sat up in your bed roll Caduceus with all the joy of a morning person handed you a cup of tea wishing you a good morning as you stretched everything out. Without your wizard or monk present you were confused then it dawned on you has you caught them huddling over a tome pages flipping with enthusiasm the rest of the group near by you were one of many stragglers. Gathering your things you made your way over to Lucien who seemed pleased with your presence at his side if not a little irked at your pointed look in his direction when you noted exactly which book in particular your friends were taking a look at. Transferring your drink from Cad’s to your canteen you took a sip from it nudging Lucien passing it over as the man practically stood guard watching them intensely. He was strictly business when it came to his personal possessions this one more prized than those black blades of his which if you were lucky you may get to look at in depth. You had exhausted your favor last night to allow this opportunity for Caleb and Beau to ask for another so soon would only serve to irritate him further even if it came from your lips. Handing it back to you wordlessly but a hint of appreciation on his face Lucien watched with you all wordlessly as the pair of scholars stared at on page with no words, no letters, not a hint of language. Just an endless maze of lines. 

Clouds an angry grey fine lines scratched on your skin from ice darting through the air like falling knives you were exhausted the entrance to the tower never looking more appealing in your entire life as you walked in sigh of relief leaving your mouth as you rested your head back to look up at all the floors. “Now this is a welcome change of pace,” Lucien at your side Caleb a few feet in front of you. “My thanks.” His version of thanks is merely sarcastic or perhaps that’s just his face. 

“If you’re a good boy we can do this every night.” The words nearly sucked all the air out of your lungs as you coughed quietly unexpected flirtation happening right before your eyes between a friend and a frenemy. 

“I like it when you’re condescending, its attractive.” Refusing to even glance at Lucien eyes affixed to the ceiling in an effort not to crack the neutral expression on your face that slowly started to slip the moment you recognized that same tone in his voice that he often used for you. The Tomb Takers dispersed shortly after Fjord deliberately showed them how to ascend the many ups echoing through the chamber would’ve been amusing were you not fixated on the fact that Lucien just flirted with a very close friend of yours right in front of your face. Caleb had gotten them settled in you had not chosen to join them on the tour of the upper floors instead you wandered around the second floor consumed in your thoughts knowing that when they returned to you with the tales of the upper floors that curiosity would be sated. If you asked he would show you Caleb had always been closer to you and Beau than any other members of the Nein. Turning the corner attempting to pass him before the conversation started his hand caught your wrist Lucien’s smile more hyena like than you preferred. 

“What?” You returned to your pacing now with company Lucien followed you taking in the surroundings when he liked the scowl on your face no doubt familiar to him already. Even sharper tone always in play when you addressed him in the first conversation he had with you so long ago. 

“So upset, don’t tell me your jealous darling.” Pausing fully in your walk you gawked at him for a second in surprise. Lucien really knew how to catch you off guard when he wanted to words thrown out left and right he had finally gotten to know what made you tick the knowledge no doubt coming in handy when it had to get back at you for gently pushing in the direction that you wanted him to go. One that would favor you most of all. 

“Over you? Why would I lower myself like that.” Lucien quirked an eyebrow as he came to stand in front of you blocking your path the audacity annoying.  Tilting his head he looked at you that same softer glance more playful more like the Molly that you knew in what felt like another life he was in there deep down you saw it in Lucien more than you liked. Keeping them separate helped you in breaking down the character that was Lucien to have them blend is dangerous. You’d always love Molly, but Lucien? Loving him would be the biggest gamble in your entire life. 

Leaning in far enough to whisper Lucien grinned. “Because you like me more than you care to admit.” 

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“If you’re a good boy we can do this every night.” - Caleb Widogast to Lucien Nonagon (c2e122)

“Just distribute… 60, 70% of what you find, ‘kay? Good boy.” - Mollymauk Tealeaf to Caleb Widogast (c2e10)

        Caleb                                   🤝                             Molly/Lucien

                         Usage of “good boy” threateningly

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“I wish for you, in the future, to find someone who will mourn you when you are gone. Respectfully.” -Caduceus Clay, c2e110

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🍷3 of Cups🍷

So excited to share my card featuring Mollymauks “Long may I reign” scene. This was such a delightful project to be apart of with so many talented artist!

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I just had an epiphany

Tom Hiddleston as live-action Caleb Widogast.

That is all.

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(nott): i feel horrible.

(caleb): that’s because you drank too much.

(nott): that’s a thing?

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alright folks, with the most likely 5 hour long episode coming out tomorrow, it’s time to speculate.

So. Who is going to die in the next episode of critical role?

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