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softshirabu · a day ago
xiao x gender neutral! reader (fluff)
Character/s : Xiao Fandom : Genshin Impact Genre : fluff Warnings : injuries (not serious, small grazes and whatnot), mentioning of vomiting, swearing
puppy dog love. "I love you too."
Y/N L/N was a well-known adventure. They could get any job done, for a generous amount of Mora, and no monster nor domain was too difficult for them. Unfortunately, that also meant they were brash and impulsive. Due to this, it was no surprise to people when they came back to Liyue battered and bruised.
"Why can't you be more careful?" Xiao muttered as he patched Y/N up. The young H/C-haired warrior whined when he pressed too hard on a graze. It stung and Xiao instantly pulled the wet cloth away from their injury. "Sorry." He muttered, filled with guilt.
"It's okay, it just hurts a little," Y/N said. Xiao sighed.
"It wouldn't hurt if you didn't think of battling that damn hilichurl with a sprained ankle." Grumbled Xiao, lifting up a hand and lightly flicking Y/N's forehead. They pouted.
"The hilichurl didn't even have a weapon and I was bored. I thought I could take it on." They mumbled, embarrassed with the stare of disappointment Xiao was giving them
"... It pushed you off a cliff." He deadpanned. Y/N's cheeks flushed red.
"That's... That's not important." Xiao sighed, shaking his head.
"You always come back hurt." He resumes cleaning Y/N's wound, " I think it's time I accompany you on your quests." Y/N grinned. A quest with their long-time crush? Oh hell yeah. No way were they passing on this opportunity. "Don't get so excited," Xiao grumbled, "I'll be doing the fighting. You... You can gather Glaze Lilies or something." Y/N frowned.
"Aw, but that's no fun." They uttered. Xiao stood up and placed a hand on their head, ruffling their tidy H/C hair.
"It may not be fun, but it's safer than what you do." Y/N huffed, their cheeks heating up because of how close Xiao was.
"Still unfair." They mumbled, looking away. Xiao shrugged. All he cared about was the safety of Y/N. It didn't matter to him what they thought.
"Next quest," Xiao said, "I'm coming with you." Y/N smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of their neck.
"Yeah... about that... I'm actually meant to set off on my next mission... in two minutes." Xiao stood there, glowering down at Y/N. They sweatdropped, avoiding all eye contact.
"You damn idiot. Your schedule is always fully booked. No wonder we can't hang out anymore." Y/N pouted at the Adepti's insult. They were just trying to earn money. After all, they weren't like Zhongli. They couldn't create Mora out of thin air. Although, that moron always forgets to bring his wallet. Y/N, on multiple occasions, had to pay for him.
Xiao's eyes softened when Y/N didn't respond.
"Hey," He crouched down once more, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Y/N was confused. Xiao never did this... never ever. They knew for a fact that he hated apologizing. What made them panic, even more, was that he leaned in, pressing a light kiss to their forehead.
"E-Eh?!" Y/N pushed him away, so shocked and startled. Had a demon possessed their precious Xiao?! No, that couldn't be right! He fought demons! Maybe... a ghost then! They could call Chongyun, surely he'd be able to fix this!
Xiao smirked slightly when he caught sight of Y/N's blushing face. He had done that on purpose, wanting to see how they would react. Clearly, they did not disappoint him.
"Let's go cutie," Xiao uttered. Y/N begun to shake, overcome with embarrassment. Since when had Xiao become this confident? He must be taking lessons from Childe.
Shaking slightly, Y/N stood up and grabbed their weapon, a bright purple scythe that Xiao had gifted them after their previous polearm broke during a battle with the Fataui.
"Where are we going?" Xiao asked as Y/N pulled out a map. He leaned over her shoulder to get a better look, his warm breath fanning the side of Y/N's neck.
"Dunyu Ruins." Replied Y/N, trying their best not to blush. Xiao nodded.
"Easy enough." He muttered, "We'll just teleport there." The pair exited Xiao's apartment and the male led the way to the nearest Wayward.
"We could just teleport separately," Y/N said, knowing how much energy it took to transfer more than one person. Xiao shook his head.
"With the condition you're in, you aren't safe to be alone." Y/N pouted, clearly disappointed. She lived for the thrill and thrived off battle, much like Childe. Xiao sighed. "Don't look so sad. I'm just looking out for you. You know that I love you." After his last sentence, Xiao froze, realizing what he had just said. Y/N blushed.
"I mean... er, I didn't mean it like... Uh, what I was trying to say is..." Xiao stumbled over his own words, cheeks slowly turning red. "Ugh, forget it! It doesn't matter!" He gave up on trying to justify himself.
Quicker than Y/N could react, Xiao grabbed them by the waist and pulled them to his side.
They clung to the male for dear life. They always did hate teleporting, it made them feel sick.
Y/N gagged, immediately letting go of Xiao and hurrying over to the nearest tree. They leaned against it for support, repressing the urge to throw up.
Xiao waited patiently, glancing at Y/N every once in a while to make sure they were okay. Y/N let out a raspy cough before clearing their throat and standing upright.
"I'm o-" They stopped midsentence, holding up a hand. Once Y/N was sure that the nausea feeling was gone, they continued. "I'm okay."
Xiao crossed his arms over his chest, nodding.
"If you say so." He said, "We should get to the ruins. We need to complete your commission." Just as the two were about to set up, a Fatui Agent's knife was thrown at Y/N's feet. They yelped, jumping forward and crashing into Xiao with so much momentum that it knocked both of them into the pond behind Xiao.
"You fool!" The Cicin Mage who was accompanying the agent slapped the back of his head, "They were having a moment!" She hissed, "You ruined it now!" The Agent cleared his throat.
"I thought our objective was to... dispose of them on Lord Scaramouche's orders." He uttered, confused. The Mage glared at him.
"You idiot, do they look anything like the two in this picture? They have the wrong hair colors. Lord Scaramouche would never go after them! He ships them as well as Signora and practically the whole Fatui! Our motive is to get them together!"
Wow, even the most dangerous military force in the whole of Tevyat shipped Y/N and Xiao. What a surprise.
"Get down!" The Cicin Mage growled, shoving her fellow Fatui member to the ground. They watched as Xiao climbed out of the water first, crouching down to assist Y/N.
However, the H/C-haired adventurer had other plans. The moment they grabbed Xiao's hand, they pulled him back into the lake.
Xiao resurfaced not a moment later, his soaking hair clinging to his slick forehead. He clicked his tongue while Y/N giggled. Without hesitation, the Adepti dunked their head underwater for a millisecond before pulling them up.
Y/N spat out a mouthful of water, a disgusted expression on their face.
"Xiao!" They complained, "Fish have probably shit in this lake!" Xiao just chuckled, ruffling Y/N's already messy hair.
"Well, too bad. I suppose we should go back to Liyue and get changed before we continue on our journey." Uttered the male. Y/N nodded in agreement as they hauled themselves out of the pond.
Xiao followed close behind, water dripping off his outfit. It was an unpleasant feeling, especially with the water being in his shoes.
"Oh, and by the way Xiao, I love you too." Y/N pressed a quick kiss onto Xiao's lips before running off towards the Teleporting Wayward. Xiao gaped at them, slowly lifting a hand to where Y/N's lips had been.
"H-Hey!" He stammered, clearly blushing, "G-Get back here!"
The Cicin Mage giggled quietly and sighed like a love-sick girl.
"Aw, how cute!" She squealed, "I love their dynamic! I wish I had a relationship like theirs, that would be so wonderful!" The Fatui Agent looked over at her, a deadpan expression on his face.
"You could always date me." He suggested, only to go ignored by the Mage who was too busy fangirling to care.
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rilapurin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
inspired by the “Dream of Thebes” card :) he’s so perfect that he could even model.... (*≧ω≦*) 
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chalkori · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I am Kaeya, prince of Mondstadt and king of fishing
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manipulativyn · 2 days ago
vyn is turning two 🥰
Tumblr media
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freakshow529 · a day ago
Mihoyo: Guys, look how cool and pretty Kokomi is in her trailer!
Me: Adorable fox boi, adorable fox boi, adORABLE FOX BOI-
Tumblr media
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missattorney · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SSR Card: 「Medieval Suspense」
The aesthetic and atmosphere of this story is incredible and really feeds into the mysterious allure Vyn has. One of my favourite cards so far.
They do be feeding all you Vyn simps good.
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fjshsoup · a day ago
Tumblr media
ready 4 summons
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dellmain · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Offering to Mihoyo so I can pull c6 Kaeya~
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sashadoodles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Let’s dance! 🎼
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perkypeach · 15 hours ago
Why we don't have a Xinyan event is beacuse she's the Pyro Archon and just came to visit Liyue to met Rex Lapis. This is real no one can argue with this.
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dovahkiin-vixen · 19 hours ago
If I wasn't already in love with this dude... watching this would have done it.
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lunacias · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
you’ll be in for a shock! ⚡💜⚡
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