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#mika: no!!! stop!!! no fighting!!! lets cuddle
wertzunge · a month ago
Owari no Seraph Tickle HC
A/N: Seraph of The End - Another anime I really like. I love the story and the characters. The special episodes also include a tickle scene, so it’s actually canon that Yuu is ticklish. Hope you like it~
Members of the Shinoa Squad
Tumblr media
For Yuu tickling had always been something funny, something you do to cheer up your siblings with, something he really enjoyed. As a kid he, Mika and their younger siblings (They’re not blood-related but in the orphanage, they saw each other as a family) would have tickle fights each day. Sometimes they just liked to goof around, other times it was to forgot a bad nightmare, to cuddle together or to feel each other’s warmth. Whatever it was, they always had fun and none of them hated it. During these days, Yuu got tickled the most in the group. He loved to get tickled by his family, he loved the bond they had. Yuu is quite sensitive on his feet and his sides and in all honestly, he would always let the younger ones get him even though it really tickled. It was a natural consequence that he would tickle them back from time to time. His favorite way to do so was 'the claw'. He would hold his hand with curled fingers over the captured one, before slooowly wobbling it down, just to stop inches before the actual impact, loving how his siblings already giggled in joy even though he hadn't tickled them yet. Then he went down and tickled them for real this time, a big and warm smile on his face. He wished these days could have last forever but sometimes all the good things have to end.
Tumblr media
When he escaped from Sanguinem, thinking that he lost his entire family, Yuu closed his heart and sealed his feelings away, never wanting to experience hurt again, never reliving the loose of his precious family. Swearing revenge for them. Arriving in the human world he met Guren - the leader of the Vampire Extermination Unit's Moon Demon Company - who took him in and became like a father/mentor for the boy. He taught him how to survive in the new world and how to handle a sword. When Yuu would have a downer or got a bit too cocky for his own good, Guren would often tickle the naughty boy in front of him playful until tears streamed down his face, saying that he had to get way stronger if he wanted to kill all the vampires and is already be defeated by some soft tickles. Growing up like this, Yuu trained more and more until he was able to give Guren a poke himself, making the male flinch. That day Guren praised him for his improvements before wrecking the boy once more for daring to try tickling him back, well Yuu did it again, never shying away from a challenge.
When Yuu entered high school, he met Yoichi, who soon became his first new friend and a young brother to him - both in arms and as a family. His kind and friendly nature somehow reminded him of Mika and awakened nostalgic memories in him. Although it took him a while to open his heart again, being afraid of losing those dear to him once more, Yuu finally let him and later also all the other members of the team find a place in his heart, and he couldn’t be more grateful for having them by his side. Yoichi was also the first one Yuu tickled again and when he learned that Yoichi actually didn’t mind being tickled by him, yes even loved being tickled in general, it became Yuu’s mission to tickle his friend on a daily basis. It happened one day when the two of them were train martial arts and Yuu had pinched his ribs in order to surprise him. The brown-haired had let out a high-pitched squeak, rubbing his side while blushing heavily. Seeing him like that, Yuu couldn’t help himself but remember the funny times he had as a child and somewhere in his heart he felt that this little part that was once lost could be refilled again, melting the ice that had once covered it. Grinning at him with a dark, playful smile, Yoichi knew what was gonna happen and run for his life well the lesson was long forgotten. That day Yuu laughed for the first time since years from the bottom of his heart, not remembering the last time he had so much fun. That day he laughed even more when Yoichi tickled him back, throwing himself at him before tickling his new friend on his sides… and Yuu let it happen, just this once without fighting back, just for the sake of the old days.
Tumblr media
After that day the two boys were officially friends and tickle buddies and Yuu finally made the first step into the world of friendship and tickles once again. It felt great to be around Yoichi, having sleepovers and tickle fights with him. It remined Yuu of what really mattered in life and what he did fight for, and he began to smile again, more and more, slowly taking off the barrier he built around himself. Later on, he also became friends with Kimizuki, although they had a rough start at first. Still, they shared the same goal, the same ambition, the same weakness. Birds of a feather flock together and with each quarrel they had, they grow closer as friends and as family. For Yuu and Kimizuki family is all that counted in their lives and having someone to protect, to love, weld them together. They still fight from time to time, but maybe it’s just their way to play around and to be honest Yuu actually likes this sort of competition and Kimizuki, well he probably likes it as well.
Tumblr media
Yoichi is a very cheerful and open-mined person. He loves to laugh and getting tickled by his friends. It’s not only a bonding thing for him, but also a way to show them how much he liked to be close to them. He is a very touchy type of person and loves to cuddle or sleep next to one another, like falling asleep on one’s shoulder or giving hugs. The feeling that someone else is there, besides him, gives him a feeling of safety and comfort. He is also the only one of the group who would even ask to be tickled, not minding if he is tickled to tears or even by the whole gang. Mostly getting tickled by Yuu and Kimizuki, latter even uses tickling as a special form of "training", using it as an excuse to tickle him even more. His laugh is very cute and gets a bit squeaky if he’s tickled on his weak spot - still he doesn’t try to suppress it at any time, just letting it all out, not wanting to try to hide it. The brunette has ticklish ribs, but if you really want to make him laugh, you have to wiggle your fingertips on the area around his belly button and if you want to go for his death spot... well I think you might know now where to strike (Psst it’s his belly button). When Yoichi plays the ler for once, he gets surprisingly ruthless, despite his friendly persona, he can be quite merciless. However, his touches remain so gentle that it almost feels like a massage, a tickly massage and not only Kimizuki has stated that it gave him goosebumps, being touched in such a warm and surprisingly comfortable way. Well, Yoichi is just that kind of person, not even with such a simple and common thing than tickling, he wants to make his friends feel uncomfy, always striking to let them enjoy themselves.
Tumblr media
Him and Yuu have a lot of tickles fights and Yuu always grins at him, announcing where he will tickle him during the day, making his infamous 'claw' and causing the other to already blush. Even though Yoichi likes to be tickled and feels especially close to Yuu, knowing that he will do it, he still can’t suppress this reddish sign of emotion on his face, that always appears in these moments, and Yuu thinks that it’s one of the cutest things in the world. Once again, it shows how innocent Yoichi still is and teasing him for it, well-knowing that he doesn’t mind it, is just a way to give him goosebumps for once as well. Yuu had to admit, that he wouldn't have thought that someone out there could get so flustered while liking it so much at the same time, but well that's just how Yoichi is, and he wouldn't wish him to be any different.
Tumblr media
Kimizuki is a whole different story. He sees tickling as a weakness. However, tickling someone else and not being on the receiving end doesn't bother him at all, in fact, he has actually a secret kink for it, loving to hear his friends’ carefree laughter, also he would never admit it. The redhead does love to tease his friends about their ticklishness, making sneaky comments about their tickle spots and how cute their reactions are - especially Yuu is highly susceptible by it, and it makes the whole tickling for Kimizuki even better. It's one of the best parts in their friendly cat-and-mouse game and seeing him all flustered and giggly under his hands makes a lot of fun… well until the tide is turning for him. Therefore, his favorite target is normally Yoichi since he doesn't put up a fight during the tickling and can easily be hold under control by him. He would sometimes claim that Yoichi needs more muscles and stamina, using that as an excuse to "train" with him. Much to the delight of the latter. Kimizuki would wiggle his hands all over his sides and stomach, even sneaking under his uniform from time to time, tickling and squeezing his bare tummy as well, absorbing the adorable reactions on his face, while making sure to give him a good time. Ironically, his stamina did improve by that, which let the redhead to tickle him more when the other got a bit too cocky, saying that Kimizuki might need some training as well, implying that he should get some tickles as well. Another reason why he prefers to tickle Yoichi is because the other is just too pure and innocent. He never gets mad at him or Yuu for always teasing him and when he tickles him back for once, the other does this in such a gentle and soft way, that Kimizuki actually gets goosebumps from it.
Tumblr media
Nonetheless he also likes tickling Yuu and Mika, even though he knows that he will definitely get tickled back after he had his fun with them. Kimizuki is just as ticklish as Yoichi, even if he tries not to show it, pressing his lips together or hiding his face behind his hands. Naturally the others noticed that fact with the time and it made his whole experience way more comfortable when he one day just admitted it. Kimizuki just didn’t care about holding his giggles in anymore, growing close enough with all of them to just let them hear his giggles. It made their bond even stronger and the megane lately even began to enjoy the tickles a bit. He and Yuu would often get into fights, quarreling over the stupidest things and not wanting to worry Yoichi about hurting themselves, the two boys decided that instead of having a fistfight, why not tickle the other - they did it all the time already anyway. When the time is right, they would even tickle the brunette together, because both really care for Yoichi and can let down their guard when being with him. First surprised by their more and more happening tickle fights, Yoichi is just happy, that his friends had grown closer and that he now has two tickle monsters in the team who love to tickle him together.
Tumblr media
The last one who joined their team and got involved in this tradition was Yuu's childhood friend Mika. When Mika was still a kid, he loved to laugh and tickle his siblings, especially Yuu. Seeing his brothers and sisters happy was all he wanted and tickling them was the perfect way to accomplish this, making them forget the outer world, even though it was for a short time. The blonde was a very good tickler, knowing all off their tickle spots, easily able to break them into a fit of giggles within seconds. Matter of fact, the blonde was quite ticklish himself and once in a while Yuu and the others would gang up on him, giving the groups tickle monster a taste of its own medicine. Mika put a lot of pressure onto his shoulders, playing the strong big brother and getting better food and other things for his younger ones, so once in a while it felt really great to just laugh and relax in the circle of his beloved siblings. Mika is also a very gentle ler, light and soft tickles are his main attack, while he would often be seen using a feather or paint brush for his tickles. Mika would slid the quill behind ears or on his siblings feet, "drawing" little things like a house or a cat pow on them and let them guess what it was - if they guessed wrong they got tickled a bit more and if they were right they could tickle him instead. An exception are his tickle fights with a certain ravenhead, where he didn’t need to hold back. When the others were away or when they had some time for themselves, they would wrestle around, leaving no space to the other and using each little chance for their advantage. It was Yuu’s way to help Mika relax and help him lift some of his burden. Mostly they were so worn out afterwards, that they just fell asleep next to each other, being covered when the others returned, smiling at their peaceful sleeping smiles.
Tumblr media
As a vampire, Mika nearly lost his sensitivity to tickles. He still tenses up when being touched but nothing more. He also lost the smile in his face, as if he had forgotten how you do it. Naturally he also didn’t have any tickle fights anymore only having his cherished memories of it. When meeting Yuu again, he got very jealous of his new friends. Not only did they spent so much time with him and grow close together, becoming his new family, no he could also feel that they already had several tickle fights together. At first Mika didn't like them at all, hating all the humans for only using Yuu for their own benefits. However, he soon learnt, that they were worthy of his trust and that they just loved Yuu like he did, that they could be his new family. He decided to put his trust into them and was warmly welcomed by them.
Tumblr media
After all the ruckus surrounding the Nagoya incident had calmed down and Mika joined their group, it didn’t take long before he got involved in their tickle fights as well. It was technically Yuu's fault when he revealed to the other's how cute Mika sounds when he was tickled. Yoichi was the first that wanted to hear it and when he curiously poked Mika's foot, the teen suddenly felt the tingling he had missed for so long flowing up his leg. First it was a tremble, then a grin and finally a bubbly laughter that appeared on his face. Mika had almost forgotten that familiar wave warm that overcome him and couldn’t hold back the tears rolling down his face. Seeing that Yoichi got scared he might have hurt him or made the blonde uncomfy by suddenly tickling him, so he quickly embraced the blonde in a hug to apologize, knocking him down in the process. Yuu just smiled at them saying that Mika liked being tickled and that he's just happy that you would tickle him like that, right Mika, before he joined the puddle on the floor, letting himself poof on the two boys, pulling Kimizuki with him in the process. When all four were lying on the floor, they broke out into a laughing fit, snickering about their boyish silliness, followed by an all-out tickle war... and Mika in the middle of it. Oh how he had yearned for this feeling for so long. That night Mika learned how sensitive he still was, how much Yoichi tickling liked, how teasing Yuu had become and how flustered Kimizuki could become. Their laughter and ticklish interactions continued, filling the room with more and more of their cheerful laughter, until they were interrupted by two female voices - one joking about how couply they currently looked like, the other with a high-pitched embarrass blush on her face that they should do it when they’re alone. Exchanging some soft smiles the boys decided the girls should have some fun as well before they jumped up towards them. The night of tickling had just begun...
Makoto joined the team approximately the same time as Mika did. As the eldest of the group, he sees the group’s occurring tickle fights as childish. Still, seeing those boys’ goof around in front of him, he remembers the same scenes that happened back when he was a bit younger in his own team. Deep in his mind he even might want to be involved again but couldn’t make the first step. Luckily for him, Yuu sensed his internal conflict and shortly after he and the male members just grabbed him, playfully pressing him on the ground, saying that he might be infected with the tickle virus. Wit Mika straddling him down and tickling his stomach, Yuu tickling his armpits, Kimizuki tickling his knees and Yoichi tickling his feet, Makoto finally could laugh and feel what he wanted for so long. He had lost his family, but he had found a new one, one that loves him just as much as his old one and once again he felt saved and cherished… Time for the big brother to teach his younger siblings a lesson, to never awaken a sleeping monster~ But that’s another story…
Tumblr media
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tomikashi · 7 months ago
Nohebi Boyfriend Headcanons
literally made this because i don't see alot of nohebi boyfriend headcanons lol
warning ; nsfw , mentions of sex and kinks (like exhibitionism , choking , blindfold , toys , scratch marks )
honestly , if you are gonna have a problem with my headcanons , please leave 🚪👈🏻
i love nohebi and let me talk about them , give them the boyfriend headcanon that they deserve because literally one of them is in a canon relationship 🙄 (but mika is non-existent in this headcanon , im sorry)
Tumblr media
🐍 Daisho Suguru 🐍
as we can see from the way he treats mika , probably a very good guy to you but an asshole to the others
well , other than the nohebi members lmao
anyways , i picture him that he is the type who would hold your hand wherever you guys go
locking pinkies with one another when you both are standing next to each other
when you are on your period , he is scared of you (learned it the hard way from his older sister i suppose) but he knows how to handle it because his sister taught him (in a way)
helps you out with your homework because he is in a higher class than you and YOU JUST KNOW HE MAKES FUN OF YOU XISBSIWHWIWHW LIKE OKAY ALBERT EINSTEIN 🙄✋🏻
sexy times with daisho includes having sex in the fucking gym closet because you both have no shame (mostly him)
or probably catching hiroo and his girlfriend at the corner 👁👅👁
FOURSOME ?? (woah sya no pls)
anyways , please go to his games to support him :( you will see the most biggest smile across his face but immediately hides it when you catch him smiling.
and yes , you scold him for teasing or taunting nekoma because you need your boyfriend to B E H A V E
Tumblr media
🐍 Hiroo Koji 🐍
emo boyfriend ™️
im just kidding but he really looks that emo boyfriend with his edgy kuroo haircut
anyways , he is probably the clingiest boyfriend among the nohebi team because he doesn't like anyone except you
like deadass , his confession was like :
" i like you because i can tolerate you "
would prefer to cuddle you than going out of the house with you . but if you ask him nicely , he would probably bring you to like the nearest convenience store from your house and buy snacks to cuddle you longer in your house .
his parents doesn't really mind you around and his younger siblings loves you more than him (expect alot of hiroo and them fighting for your attention)
probably would fuck you in the gym closet when he is locking up the gym . (once was caught by daisho and his girlfriend *hint hint* and they both ZOOMED) he doesn't really mind though 👁👄👁
you didn't walk for a week after that so you know that its super beneficial for him because he likes staying home with you and not going anywhere other than school and volleyball practices
honestly , he gives very warm hugs and you would stay cuddled up on him for many hours .
Tumblr media
🐍 Sakishima Isumi 🐍
someone add him into the pretty setter squad please or im going to R I O T
anyways , he is a very shy tsundere kind of boyfriend but actually worships you like a goddess
really loves you but shows it by flicking your forehead or constant teasing with either your grades or height
first time holding hands , made him so cocky like he was FLEXING to the entire team that he held your hand to school today (and akama was like : good job 👍🏻)
when you both walk pass each other during passing period , he would playfully nudge your shoulder or of course , flick your forehead
this bitch is the type who would insult your forehead
" damn , your forehead could fit the entire world map in there . " LIKE BITCH
the type who will put your head on his shoulder in the bus when you are fast asleep , after telling you to not sleep on his shoulder 🌚
really shy when you both slept together for the first time (not even sex lmao)
but when you guys had sex , he was so dense , it was so cute but he is trying his best . but after like 20 minutes , he loosen up abit .
OH MY GOD HIS SETTER FINGERS LIKE GOD DAMN AWOOGA AWOOGA it will reach spots your little fingers can't reach .
his aftercare is not the best but he is trying and learning slowly .
super insecure of his freckles but you are madly in love with them , would kiss them when he is 'fast asleep' next to you (but little did you know that he wasn't asleep next to you)
Tumblr media
🐍 Takachiho Yoshiya 🐍
as we can see from haikyuu bu! , he is like the father/mother figure of the team so expect him to care for you alot in the relationship
would give you good piggy back rides because he is so nice to you
calls you one million nicknames (i know right) but he does have his favourites like 'pretty girl' or 'angel' .
has a pet dog and the dog loves you more than him (he isn't upset about it but more of touched that his dog loves his love of his life 🥺)
he has this boyfriend sense that even if you didn't text him that you are sick , he is already at your doorstep , with medicine , snacks and like eight different hoodies for you to choose from .
like literally half of your closet is his hoodies and he doesn't mind because he wants you to have them 🥺
very into PDA and would want you to get along with his team because he loves the team but never tells them that except you .
but please don't be fooled , this man is a fucking crackhead at like 4am . he would send you a random meme , making you laugh hysterically for the next 2 hours before school starts .
sexy times with takachiho is the most heartwarming but the most eye rolling pleasurable experience .
LIKE THIS MAN CAN HIT THE SPOTS LIKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and plus , he has like that deep ass morning voice .
wouldn't mind if you leave scratches on his back . the other teammates will pester him about it and he would just say , " i went too hard . "
Tumblr media
🐍 Numai Kazuma 🐍
honestly , he will give you like the best damn hugs in the whole wide world like you will feel so protected in his bara bara arms .
and the thing is, he is taller than you so like he will lift you up as he hugs you , signaling you to wrap around his torso as he holds you close to his chest .
he literally worships you like a goddess , always be in awe on whatever you do (even when you just woke up with the most ugliest hair and ugliest facial expressions *he thinks its cute*)
yes , he has a picture of you sleeping on his chest as his wallpaper because he can't get enough of your face
PDA PDA PDA PDA this man live off PDA like hugging you when you pass him in the hallways to kissing your forehead randomly when you are just standing in the train next to him .
gives you a ton of his hoodies and would only want you to wear them because you are his precious PRECIOUS girlfriend .
soft dom numai ;) like he is so soft with you in and out of bed , his aftercare is OUT OF THIS WORLD (like takachiho and numai can have a aftercare battle tbh)
he rather punish you by tying you up against the headboard and sliding in vibrators while you beg him to fuck you .
Tumblr media
🐍 Kuguri Naoyasu 🐍
soft boy and very shy boy + he is very aloof so please don't think that he doesn't love you (he does , he just doesn't know how to show it)
not into PDA but will hold hands with you in private or lay on your shoulder (because he doesn't want his older teammates to make you uncomfortable)
probably the first person he would introduce you to is Numai because he trust Numai than the rest .
sleeps on your shoulder in the bus (unintentionally) , but sometimes you feel he does it on purpose . (because he said that he doesn't like PDA)
he is a very shy boy , so please be patient with him !! he is trying his best :>
says 'i love you' so rarely , everytime you hear him say it , your tears wouldn't stop falling from your eyes .
actually really happy that you go to his games and would blush the moment he sees you in the bleachers .
believe or not , he wants to kiss you more often but people keep getting in the way so that lead him to not do it often .
you first kiss was really magical , like those shojo manga scenes ; on top of the mountain , under the cherry blossom tree .
sexy time with kuguri : the first time you both had sex was in the later part of your relationship . i mean , you guys do make out and stuff , but like- never went the next level .
he is really gentle , always asking if you are okay because your face will scrunch up in pain , taking him in (because he is big)
after having sex with him , he begins to be more confident and actually tries to grab your ass from time to time
hint hint : remember that he is a wing spiker , yeah , let your imagination run wild on that 🌚
Tumblr media
i know i didn't add the second years but i really don't know how to write for them :(
and definitely not because i love third years + because kuguri is always on my mind (bcuz of numai 🤗)
leave me a message , reblog or whatsoever if you like this headcanon ! please do let me know if you would like to use it too , NOHEBI STANS RISE !!!! 💕
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writergal02 · 4 months ago
Season 1, ep3, p2
"Your best friend is a.....polar bear dog." Mako started wearily, before smiling fondly at Neo, who grunted. "Somehow that makes perfect sense, considering." "I'll take that as a compliment, city boy." A few minutes later, they arrived to town square, looking around and didn't see a sign of you or Bolin. Neo stopped near Firelord Zuko's statue from his early days, looked up and barked. "Well, this is Bo's normal hang out spot, and Neo seems to have missed (Y/-" Mako was cut off by Neo running over to the kids playing nearby, licking one of the boys. 
Laughing, the kids crowded around him and Naga, who followed her brother, ignoring the two approaching figures behind the two animals. "You guys seen my brother around here today?" Mako called, as the oldest turned towards them. "Perhaps. My memory's a little...foggy. Maybe you can help clear it up." The child sniffed, before holding his hand out. "You're good, Skoochy. A real pro." Mako chuckled, before handing the child a few coins. "Yeah, I've seen him." "When?" demanded the firebender. "About noon." "What was he doing?" A frown came onto Skoochy's face, as he recalled the earlier event. "He was performing some kind of monkey-rat circus, and then..." Turning, the kid held his hand out for more. 
Skoochy yelped as a giant water hand picked him up, and brought him face to face with an unimpressed you. Chuckling sheepishly, he grinned at your raised eyebrow. "H-Hey, (Y/F/N)! How you doing?" "Skoochy, take the kids back to the Rosario, and do not come out without Mika." You said sternly, placing the child down and watching them run off. "Hey, come back here!" Mako called, before glaring up at a casual you, Korra laughing at you shrugging carelessly. 
"I got a lead on where Bolin is," you jumped down in front of the two, sliding your glider into your holster on your back. "The Triple Threats, the Red Monsoons, the Agni Kais..all the triads are muscling up for something big..." "Meaning there's a turf war brewing, and Bolin's about to get caught right in the middle of it." Mako frowned, rubbing his forehead. "Yup, follow me. I managed to track him down, but it wouldn't hurt to have some backup; let's go."
Hopping onto Neo, you told him to go to the Triad's hideout, waited for Mako to get on, and the three of you take off on the Water Tribe animals, and cross the river, when Naga stopped and starting chasing a small animal. "Wait, Naga!" "That's Pabu!" Korra and Mako said at the same time. "No, Naga, Pabu is a friend, not food." Korra said sternly, as the two bumped noses and Pabu crawled onto Mako's shoulder. "We gotta hurry." reminded the firebender. 
*At the  hideout*
"Something's not right..there are usually thugs posted out front. We need to be--" Mako trailed off as Korra kicked the door in. Mako deadpanned as you strolled in, hands behind your head,  looking around curiously at the trashed hideout. "Bolin? You here?" Mako called, looking around. You sensed Bolin's presence outside, and hurried outside, with water skin arms forming around your arms. You called out to the other two. "I've got visual on them! Let's go!" You realized that following them in plain view wasn't the best idea. "Neo, help Korra and Mako! I'm going solo!" 
You veered right heading towards the rooftops, keeping an eye on the van and your surroundings. Mako fired a blast of fire towards the bikes, Korra used her earthbending but the kidnapper jumped over the earth, and another fired two ball traps toward the polar bear dogs, making the animals trip and send the Avatar and firebender to the ground. "Oh man." You stopped chasing Bolin and jumped down to protect Korra and Mako from the incoming enemy. 
It was three on one with Korra getting neutralized early in the fight followed by Mako getting knocked down. You stood in front of them protectively, before using your waterbending to make a ice barrier, making the enemies send out canisters of gas and got back on their bikes zooming off. 
Korra groaned, Naga helping her stand up, before trying to firebend. "Ugh! I can't bend! I can't bend!" She panicked. "Calm down, Korra." You stated, helping Mako up before Neo cuddled into your back. "It'll wear off. Those guys were chi blockers. They're Amon's henchmen." continued Mako stretched his arm out, as Korra did the same. "Amon? That anti-bending guy with the mask?"
You sat down on Neo's back cross-legged, closed your eyes and began searching for Bolin's spirit. "Yeah, he's the leader of the Equalists." "But what do they want with the Triple Threats?" wondered the Water Tribe girl.  "Whatever it can't be good. I can't believe Bolin got himself into this mess. " Mako pinched the bridge of his nose, and sighed in annoyed concern. "Mako, we're going to save your brother, I promise you that."  Korra and Mako stared into each other's eyes.
Neither noticed (e/c) eyes staring at them, before their owner smirked. You grabbed Neo's reigns, and coughed. They turned to him. "If you two are done with your romantic stare down.."They sputtered at him as he continued breezily. "I've found Bo again, but we need to go." Mako cleared his throat and hopped onto Neo's back. "Neo, let's go." You urge, heading towards the other side of town. 
You let Neo, Naga and Pabu rest near the warehouse, and threw clothes at Korra and Mako. "Hey, what are these for (Y/N)?" Korra asked, just as Mako asked, "How'd you get our measurements?" You scoff, tying your hair back, and pulling a headband on to hide your arrow. "Please, have you guys met hyper active airbenders? Instead of chasing them,  I learned how to take measurements discretely. Anyway, we need those to get in to where they're keeping Bolin." They shrugged and went to go get change. 
"You guys go first, and wait for me near the entrance. I'll enter after you guys." You watched as Korra wrapped her arm around Mako. You starred at them, looked at Neo, before laughing at the scene in front of you, your polar bear dog laughing aside you. "O-Okay," you snickered before sobering up. "Wait here for me boy, we'll be back." Neo nudged you, as you adjusted your coat, and heading towards the entrance. 
"This is a private event, no one gets in without a invitation." The guard crossed his arm before you showed him a flyer you grabbed from the man in the park. "The revelation is upon us my brother. Enjoy." He stepped aside and let you in. You walked towards Korra and Mako and gasped at the insane of amount of people gathered. 
"I knew a lot of people hated benders but I've never seen so many in one place." Mako mumbled. "Okay, Korra, you know what to do. Mako and I will go into the crowd and watch for Bolin. Stay safe." You all nodded, before splitting up.  "And now, please welcome your hero, your savior, Amon!" an announcer called out, as said figure rose up from below the stage. You felt tremors running down your back seeing the masked man again. 
'I'm not afraid of him. I'm prepared for him this time.'  "My quest for equality began many many years ago. When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich, and none of us were benders. This made us very easy targets for the firebender who extorted my father. One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did, that firebender took my family from me, then he took my face." 
Amon turned towards the crowd in front of him. "I've been forced to hide behind a mask, ever since. As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City." Suddenly everyone began booing and jeering at the mention of Korra. "And if she were here, she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world, but she is wrong. The only thing bending has brought to the world is suffering." 
You clenched your fists at this accusation. "It has been the cause of every war in every era, but that is about to change.I know you've been wondering what this whole 'revelation?' You are about to get your answer." You and Mako looked at each other in concern, before turning back to the stage. "Since the beginning of time, the spirits have acted as guardians of our world, and they haven spoken to me." 'Pfft, what a load of bison crap.' You snickered to yourself. 
"They say the Avatar has failed humanity, that's why the spirits have chosen me to usher a new era of balance. They have granted me a power that will make equality a reality--The power to take away a person's bending away.....permanently." You couldn't help but gasp along with the crowd. "T-That's imp-possible. T-This guy is insane!" Mako raised an eyebrow at your stuttering, and wrapped an arm around your shoulders in comfort, like he does with Bolin. 
"Now for a demonstration. Please welcome, "Lightning Bolt" Zolt leader of the Triple Triad, and one of the most notorious criminals in Republic City." You watch as said criminal scowled at the crowd. The normals began booing him which resulted him saying back, "Ah, boo yourself!" You laugh at his sarcastic attitude. You watched as other members of the Triple Triad and Bolin be forced to kneel. "There's Bolin." You muttered to Mako. "What's taking Korra so long?" Mako muttered. 
"Zolt has amassed a fortune by extorting and abusing non-benders but his reign of terror is about to come to an end. However, in the interest of fairness, I will give Zolt the chance to fight to keep his bending." The two backed up to give each other space, for a proper battle. "You're going to regret doing that, pal." Zolt smirked before they began fighting back and forth with Zolt getting more and more frustrated and finally began shooting lighting at Amon who moved quickly. 
Amon grabbed Zolt by the back of his neck, and began doing something to him, you started shivering under Mako's arm. The lightning died down, and a burst of flame came from Zolt's hand, before he collapsed. ' W-what  was that?' you thought as Zolt staggered to his feet. "What did you do to me?" he demanded. "Your firebending is gone...forever." Amon turned to the crowd and said strongly: "The era of bending is over. A new era of equality has begun." He raised his fist as the crowd around you begun shifting uncomfortably. "Not yet, (Y/N). We need to wait for Korra." Mako whispered, grabbing your hand stopping you from exposing yourselves. "B-But I can't just sit here and watch these other benders lose--" "I know, but unfortunately we have no choice,"  he hissed, mentally cursing your need to help others at this moment. 
It was at that moment that steam entered the room, causing people to freak out. "Let's go." whispered Mako before you took to the stage, making icicles pop up entrapping Amon and his guards in place. Mako grabbed Bolin while Amon called to you, "You can try and resist all you want (Y/N) but I assure you, you will see things my way." You didn't reply but bended the steam to hide your escape. 
You all run into the alleyway, discarding your clothes. But then heard Neo howling in pain and growling aggravation at the Equalists trying to tame him. You were torn between helping your friends, and helping your animal buddy. Then an Equalist slashed Neo with a knife and that was when you made your decision. You used nearby water to push yourself into the air and used the momentum to kick the enemies away and encased them into ice before sending them into the empty building nearby, effectively knocking him out. You exhaled sharply before turning to Neo's whimpering form, and your friends approaching you, from atop of Naga. You pulled water from you emergency pouch and began moving it across the wound. 
Neo whinned in annoyance and you hummed in acknowledgement. "Sorry boy, I'm almost done. Are you guys okay?" You asked, not allowing yourself to stop healing. "Yes, we're fine. These two are a little fried but otherwise we're good." Neo licked you and stood up, stretching his leg carefully. Naga nudged him with snout before the two were ready to go. "Bo, you can ride with me." You offered a hand to the weary Earthbender. "Thanks for finding me (Y/N)." he mumbled sleepily, as you all escaped. 
You walked wearily behind Korra, shaken from what you witnessed. "Thank goodness, I was just about to send out a search party. Are you two all right?" He placed a hand on both of your shoulders. "Mm-mm." "N-No Uncle." You looked over the ledge before jumping down, using the water to soften your fall, and running off to your mother's tree, exhaling heavily. You didn't blink when you felt the air move behind you. 
"Uncle, when Amon took away the other's bendings, I felt their pain, surprise, and their sorrow, like nothing I've felt before." You turned around and sunk to your knees, feeling small. He sat next to you, draping his cloak over you. "That is because you are an empath, like your mother. She was connected with the spirits in a similar manner. Perhaps it's best if you talk to your gran-gran about this, try and get your mind back in the right place." You peek at him from under your bangs as Nevermore landed near you, and tilted her head curiously.
"Yeah, maybe."
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fandom-puff · a year ago
Could you please write a Fluff Alphabet with Sirius? (and tag me in it please) 🌹💕
Sirius Black Fluff Alphabet
Tumblr media
A = Attractive (What do they find attractive about the other?)
Literally EVERYTHING. You’ll be snuggling and he’ll just randomly say ‘bloody hell your nose is cute’
B = Baby (Do they want a family? Why/Why not?)
Yes. He’d be buzzing if you told him you were pregnant and he’d stay up with you chatting about baby names and nurseries and ‘JESUS CHRIST sirius, we’re not getting a newborn baby a broomstick ‘
C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)
He loves to spoon you with his arms tight around you, afraid to let go
D = Dates (What are dates with them like?)
You’ve tried the whole go out for dinner thing. It was quite boring. You much preferred building a fort with him and introducing him to Disney films (the Lion King DESTROYED him)
E = Everything (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…))
Little darling
F = Feelings (When did they know they were in love?)
When he saw you in the kitchen in one of his band T-shirt’s and a pair of short shorts, cooking bacon and dancing around to a MIKA cd
G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?)
He tries, bless him, but he loves tickle fights and throwing you over his shoulder. Also, if you bend over to grab something he will smack your arse playfully
H = Hands (How do they like to hold hands?)
He grabs your hand under the table and squeezes it gently every now and then
I = Impression (What was their first impression?)
He was smitten. Remus had to wave his hand in front of his face to get his attention
J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous?)
Yes. He will often pull you onto his lap and rest his chin on your shoulder, holding you close to his chest protectively
K = Kiss (How do they kiss? Who initiated the first kiss?)
Passionately. Even gentle kisses end up frantic and needy
L = Love (Who says ‘I love you’ first?)
You do, and he just smiles at you and grins ‘I’m glad. I’m a bloody delight’
M = Memory (What’s their favourite memory together?)
You shouted at Snape once, defending sirius. He just stared at you in amazement as you told Severus to ‘wash his hair and then shove the shampoo bottle up his arse’
N = Nickel (Do they spoil? Do they buy the person they love everything?)
Yes. He uses his family’s dark fortune to brighten your lives with all sorts of treats
O = Orange (What colour reminds them of their other half?)
Red. He got you roses once and he loved watching you preen them and then after, press and dry the flowers...
P = Pet names (What pet names do they use?)
Babe, darling, baby, doll, love
Q = Quaint (What is their favourite non-modern thing?)
He LOVES his muggle vinyls
R = Rainy Day (What do they like to do on a rainy day?)
Snuggling up with you and watching a good movie, lounging around and napping
S = Sad (How do they cheer themselves/others up?)
He spends time as padfoot, going out and just running around, before flumping on your lap and getting scratches behind his ears
T = Talking (What do they like to talk about?)
Literally anything.
“YN, baby... what d’you reckon flies think when they bump into the glass?’
‘It’s... it’s 3am Sirius?’
U = Unencumbered (What helps them relax?)
Bounding around the woods as padfoot. It helps get his mad out
V = Vaunt (What do they like to show off? What are they proud of?)
He loves his edgy muggle stuff- the motorbike, the vinyls, his massive poster of Freddie Mercury... it just makes him happy and proud that he didn’t end up like his family
W = Wedding (When, how, where do they propose?)
After Christmas dinner, in front of everyone, he just gets down on one knee and takes your hands in his. “I love you, YN... with all my heart. Marry me?”
X = Xylophone (What’s their song?)
Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen- he loves putting it on full blast while he’s in the shower
Y = Yes (Do they ever think of getting married/proposing?)
Oh yes. He wants to be yours wholly, entirely, and there’s no one he’d rather spend the rest of his life with
Z = Zebra (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)
Well... he IS an animagus, and he always jokes that Moony and him are enough for anyone.
He wouldn’t mind a little puppy though
Tag list: @obsessedwithrandomthings @haphazardhufflepuff @diksy1112 @zodiyack @axriel @hiddensapphic @samnblack @tinylumpiaa @in-slytherin-we-trust @thatoneasrastan @emmaloo21 @kyn-lyn54-blog @eleven-times-lively @summer-writes @sleepylunarwolf
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Random Haikyuu Head Canons I Have
these are all taken from my discord server cause i remember to write them there, if you want to request fanfics, my requests are W I D E open! there is also nO order! these are just all the headcanons i could find tbh
warnings: mentions of blood, and just overall wild times, swearing
Tumblr media
Asahi loves knitting sweaters because his shoulders are broad and he also loves seeing the reactions from his teammates when they get a sweater from him! He says he buys them but he doesn’t
Aone likes knitting socks because he has big feet and he loves fluffy knee high socks but his team will never know
Asahi and Aone regularly hang out and knit together! (after asahi wasnt scared of him anyways)
Nishinoya gives you shiny rocks he finds because “your eyes shine like them!”
Yamaguchi likes to have your head rest on his chest while cuddling!
Aone likes to bake
Aone dressed like a polar bear because koganegawa told him to- halloween was amazing
Daichi secretly can make some kick ass steak and is amazing at grilling sorry
Okay but real talk, Kenma and Yaku swear like sailors and it scares everyone because they always whisper the most foul, insulting things under their breath. Hearing it is like seeing a cryptid
Speaking of cryptids, Fukunaga and Shibayama are THE most true crime, mythology, and mystery obsessed fanatics on the team and often fanboy about it together 
Fukunaga’s obsession with moth man has gotten to an unhealthy stage
Kenma absolutely had a vampire phase and has read twilight. Only Kuroo knows and has sworn to secrecy via blood pact
Kuroo’s a musical nerd. Knows all of the lyrics to Hamilton, BMC, DEH, Heathers, Rent, Beetlejuice, Etc. Kenma considered dropping him because of it
Iwaizumi tells the worst dad jokes and Kyotani, wanting to beat him, started doing it too and it drives everyone insane
Yahaba and Matsukawa get along surprisingly well. Both are true crime freaks and bond over their forensic files obsessions
Matsukawa didn’t really like his thick eyebrows so he got one of his female friends to pluck it for him, but almost cried and gave up after the first hair. Oikawa called him a pussy for the next year
Hanamaki jokingly flirts with everyone on the team so most of them just got used to it, but it still confuses Kindaichi to the point of mental breakdown
Makki called Kyotani ‘puppy’ as a joke once and now mad dog is truly terrified of him
Kyotani’s dog absolutely ADORES Oikawa and it’s the funniest shit to the rest of the team
Mattsun and Makki play DnD and once convinced Yahaba and Kyotani to join. Kyotani kept rolling to fight everyone and Yahaba was a bard that kept rolling to seduce everyone. They kept yelling across the board so they had to kick them out
Outside of his school uniform, Goshiki specifically wears only plaid
Tendou makes little chocolates for the whole team every once in a while so they don’t think he’s scary
Semi and Shirabu once had a fistfight in an abandoned McDonald’s parking lot while Tendou filmed and Goshiki cheered them on
Everybody makes fun of Shirabu’s haircut but nobody dares to say it to his face. its gotten to the point where they say he got it done by a blind old lady
There’s a running joke about Shirabu also getting his haircut from prison but Goshiki is starting to suspect that it may not be a joke
Yamagata and Tendou are good friends with the mutual goal of collecting as much blackmail on their team as possible
Tendou loves animals generally considered to be ‘ugly’ like rats, crows, reptiles, etc.
80% of Goshiki’s playlist is shit overplayed on the radio. Him, Shirabu, Tendou, Kawanishi and Ushijima have a permanent ban from the aux cord
Nobody watches YouTube with Ushijima because he never skips the damn ads (other than tendou)
Suna once said y’all’dn’t’ve unironically and made a first year cry
Akagi once said UwU unironically and had an identity crisis.
Osamu has one of those rainbow gaming keyboards and is constantly on a discord call. Atsumu always yells weird shit in the background to embarrass him and once pretended to be him
During Seijoh group chat arguments. Hanamaki and Mattsukawa like to drop facebook minion memes in just to piss everyone off even more
mattsun and maki both have separate photo albums in their phones labelled ‘minion memes to piss everyone off’
Hinata carries a pocket knife and no one has no fucking idea why
mattsun and maki both have matching rat fursuits that look like they actually where in a sewer- they chased oikawa around
For all his talk of plant analogies and metaphors, Ushijima cant grow shit
Goshiki’s Bangs are the way they are because his favorite character was Rock Lee from Naruto
Oikawa has watched Ouran High School Host Club front to back so many times and he can quote all of Tamaki’s lines by heart -He keeps bothering Iwaizumi to “be his Haruhi, since you’re shorter than me”
Koganegawa has definitely gone as an Angry Bird for Halloween
Fukunaga has those reflective cat eyes, and he has terrified Yamamoto on several occasion
Hanamaki and Matsukawa have a teddy bear that they pretend is their child and they share custody
Suga always sprays whipped cream straight into his mouth whenever he sees a can
Nishinoya definitely bit people as a kid
Nishinoya would be the guy to wear shorts all year round and even if it's snowing, he'll insist he's not cold
Tendou is still stuck in his emo phase and would fangirl over Creepypasta with me and I appreciate that (me too buddy, me fuckin too)
Kyoutani LOOKS like he’d listen to viking death metal, but in reality he listens to Mother Mother and knows all the words to Ghosting
Sugawara would definitely encourage me to dumb shit and not stop me, and you’re all dumb for thinking he wouldn’t 
KENMA IS NOT ‘uwu owo’ SHY, HE IS ‘your fucking gross’ SHY SO LITERALLY STFU
Bokuto listens to Nicki Manaj. And knows all the words. To every. Single. Song.
Ushijima for some reason knows an odd amount of 90′s-2000′s R&B and he will hum along to the songs if they come on the radio (he also loves Dolly Parton) ((he says he relates to her music))
Bokuto once ate instant ramen for an entire month
atsumu let’s you put makeup on him and pretends to eat the brushes (do yk what im talking about- like n o m)
tendou ran for school president as a joke but actually won
i 100% believe that all of karasuno’s third years apologize when they bump into inanimate objects, but when suga is really tired or stressed out, he’ll yell at them instead.
Tanaka, Nishinoya, and Taketora have a group chat called "Bros who want sum hoes" and they send each other hypebeast memes and shit
Sugawara knows how to do a bunch of flexible shit because he sometimes goes to yoga with daichi and asahi's moms, its fucking hilarious
tanaka and noya both breakdance- they work as a team and sometimes go to tokyo for underground competitions- saeko drives them
Daichi knows a little ballet- nobody other than Kiyoko knows because they saw each other at the ballet class and had to work together- dont tell tanaka and noya that he lifted her though
Osamu once put glitter on Atsumu's pillow- he still finds hot pink glitter on shit
kita knits and crochets with his grandma
Kita's grandma knows everyone's names because kita talks shit bout them, her favorite is Aran
Kuroo has burnt his eyebrows off doing an experiment. His goggles didn't cover all his brows,,, so he just showed up to practice like that. No eyebrows and a chemical burn
kenma has played all kinds of games, but he was dared to play corpse party by kuroo. He wasn't scared because of the gore, he was thinking about the trauma the characters went through. Punched kuroo the next day because that game was fucked up
Lev isn't a strong swimmer, so he often grabs people by the head to keep himself up. happened with kenma and lev couldn't walk due to the force of kenmas suprised water kicks
akaashi has those fancy pens that you have to dip in ink and they're so nice
Bokuto has and will eat pencil erasers again
Daichi once almost lost his shit at his team but instead he lost his shit at the door that decided to stub his toe on the way out of the gym. not the best thing to be found yelling to.
Yamaguchi for sure has been dragged to one of terushimas parties because he didnt wanna say no. oh and terushima has like frat boy level parties too. Yams has for sure had some wild nights and doubts anyone other than Tsukishima and the party-goers will ever know
Akaashi can actually flirt very well! He reads romance novels sometimes and has analyzed any and every book in his possession! so he's actually quite charming
Daihsou unironically posted on twitter after mika broke up with him "I still see her shadows in my room"
Mattsun and Maki run a fake oikawa account; its been going ever since twitter even started getting popular and they even started sending messages in spanish. The posts would range from "I love all my fans!" to flirting with them :) Oikawa is pissed cause the account got verified before he did and most of his fans also follow the fake oikawa. Tooru has no idea who runs it JUST IMAGINE OIKAWA JUST LIKE RANTING TO THE SEIJOH 3RD YEAR ALUMNI AND JUST "no Iwa-chan, you dont understand! they run a fake account and pretend to be me!" while makki and mattsun laugh their asses off
Oh, kenma for sure has pretended to be a girl on discord and has gotten someone to buy him stuff. after they do he says in his normal voice "fucking simp" and then hangs up and blocks the other persons discord
Yamamoto, despite his rough appearance, loves kids and has and will be a human jungle gym
suna in middle school had a game with his friends about who could make kids cry the fastest
The twins switched places back in middle school and nobody could tell because of how great they are at acting like eachother
Daichi once arrested coach ukai for public intoxication after a game :|
Daichi has arrested many people from his old volleyball team but the most memorable case was when he arrested tanaka and noya for reckless driving. poor idiots got so scared when they saw their old captains face in their mirror and started to pray
tanaka, while trying to intimidate someone, once said "You dont gotta tell me twice, i may be straight but these hands are bisexual" and he often cringes at night thinking about it
Kageyama, as a comeback to Tsukishima, said "one thing about us royalty is that we love to feast" and he also fuckin hates what he said
the third years made a cult for Kiyoko. they chant every wednesday "i'll do anything for kiyoko, she makes me go loco"
oikawas fangirls are known to be fucking rabid
Makki and mattsun sang two trucks in front of the entire team. everyone was so confused. Makki: "twO TRUCKS HAVIN SEX!!" Mattsun: "oH yEs!"THEY'D SWITCH OFF AND HAVE LIKE CHOREOGRAPHY TOO LIKE THEY'D DO A TANGO WHILE THE SONG IS LIKE "two beer trucks, making love"
tendou once called Oikawa "mr. no-nationals" and got kicked in the shins before iwaizumi could save him
Tsukishima had a my little pony phase
you work with matsukawa at a morgue and he makes dead people jokes while you fix some dead guys face with wax and makeup he'd be like "so didnt he like,,, stick his head out of the sunroof of a moving fuckin car??" he'd be singing dumb ways to die the entire day
i feel like Kuroo has one crazy accident a year. like it might not be deadly but its fucking crazy like for example: Kuroo for sure has ridden in a shopping cart at past midnight with kenma (who pushed him down a hill) causing Kuroo to get scratched up hella well. he lied and said he spent the night with a girl and kenma fucking hated himself cause he would be the girl if that was true
Mattsun has flirted with the 4th years moms before (AS A JOKE), and because of this: he is known as “fuckin milf hunter” sometimes by the team
Warning, this next headcanon is talking about cannabis, weed, mary jane, the zoink root. so if your uncomfortable, please dont read below :)
dude i wanna get high as SHIT with Asahi 
i think Asahi would be one of those mfkers who takes one hit and is gone 
IMAGINE HIM SEEING TSUKISHIMA AND JUST "he looks so judgemental,,, im scared" 
OR LIKE A MAD DAICHI AND JUST "i'm gonna,,, im gonna go jump out the window now" 
Noya and Tanaka would know tho, i feel like they'd have a 6th sense when it comes to weed. they probably get some from Saeko cause she'd rather they do it in the house. they'd smell asahi like fucking dogs and just so,,, big guy had fun without us huh? 
Tumblr media
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tinyyoungblood · a year ago
a night in | peter parker
summary: queens’ coolest friends group of smarty pants is back with fun sing-alongs, some life advice and a few hilarious childhood stories while peter can’t keep his hands off you
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker x reader
warnings: swearing and quick mentions of violence and vandalism
word count: 2.2k
song: Boys Ain’t Shit (feat. Tate McRae & Audrey Mika) by SAYGRACE
a/n: this is for everyone out there who would like some company on a boring friday night. just hang out with peter and the gang:)
↳ masterlist
* * *
“These boys ain’t shit, I’m not here for it,” you sang on top of your lungs while holding the white blanket around the nape of your neck, hips moving to the beat.
“If you want me, act like it. Act like it!” MJ sang the next line and twirled around the kitchen counter while carelessly throwing her hands up in the air. You met halfway and locked eyes with each other, a sparkling gleam dancing in them.
“These boys get pissed. ‘Cause I won’t stand for it.” MJ threw her hair over her shoulder and you cheered her on, “If you want the sweet life then act like it!” The LED lights dunked your skin in vibrating pink.
You were just two careless girls, dancing and singing their hearts out on a Friday night while the music was blasting through the speakers. “Run it backwards, don’t be such an asshole, run it backwards, run it, run it back— “
Suddenly the joyful moment ended when the music was abruptly turned off. Your heads snapped to the door, ready to cuss out the person who cruelly paused your music.
When the harsh lights were switched on, you could see them standing in the doorway: Your very confused boyfriend and his amused best friend, each of them holding bags of food.
“So this is what you do when we’re gone for ten minutes?” Ned asked with a grin on his face while setting his stuff on the kitchen counter. MJ rolled her eyes at him and fished out a can of soda, replying, “Always. Next thing on the list would be a pillow fight and a makeover.”
You walked to the living room to put away your fluffy blanket and called out, “Don’t forget sneaking out to meet up with leather jacket-wearing biker gangs.” As you turned back around, two strong arms slung around your waist and the familiar curls were nestled into the side of your face as Peter placed soft kisses on your neck.
Melting into his embrace right away, you smiled at his affectionate greeting. “Missed me?”
“You tell me,” he mumbled into your neck and you giggled slightly at the vibration, “I’m gone for two seconds and my girlfriend sings about boys not being shit.”
You gently removed him from your neck before he could reach your sweet spot and rested your hands at the back of his neck to face him. A sweet pout was resting on his puckered lips and you couldn’t help but peck them, immediately conjuring a smile.
“I was just jamming out to a song with MJ.” He cocked his head to the side to mutely question the song choice, but you just shrugged. “Besides,” you said with a smirk while playing with his hair, “you know, you ain’t shit, Parker.”
He gasped at you and placed his hand over his chest, making you laugh at his dramatic gesture. “But I love you anyway.” You leaned forward and captured his cold lips with yours.
The familiar warmth promptly welcomed you and rose from your stomach to your chest and the distinct chatter of your friends quickly vanished into the background. Peter melted into the kiss and you smiled at the impact you had on him.
When you pulled back, he instantly pressed your waist closer, prolonging the soft-lipped kiss. Not wanting to let go either, you moved your lips with his whilst soft curls slipped through your fingertips.
When his tongue glided over your bottom lip to ask for permission to enter, you had to fight everything in you to not let him take control and instead, reluctantly pulled away, leaving your lips disappointedly cold again.
“We wanted to spend the evening with MJ and Ned, remember?”
“They have food in there, they’ll be fine,” he waved you off and went in for another kiss, but you turned your head to the side, making him peck your cheek instead.
“Come on Pete, we promised them.” Groaning slightly, he pouted again and you wanted nothing more than to just plant thousands of kisses on his soft lips. Instead, you dragged him back into the kitchen.
And that’s how the four of you ended up on the living room floor, eating takeout pizza and exchanging embarrassing childhood stories.
You were cuddled in between your boyfriend’s legs and listening to Ned’s funny memory as Peter mindlessly drew circles on your waist with his fingers.
“And because nobody was paying attention to him, I had no other choice but to scream out his name while preparing myself for the impact!”
“You had to prepare yourself for the impact?” you laughed and MJ shook her head with a look of disapproval on her face, though she couldn’t help but grin herself, “You yeeted the poor blind kid across the playground!” You burst out laughing.
“Dude, pushing over a blind guy is not cool,” Peter chocked out between his laughter, your back feeling his chest vibrate.
“I was on a swing!” Ned defended, still aware that it was all kinds of messed up, “What kindergarten teacher lets a blind kid walk up to the swings?! That’s child neglectment!”
Everyone burst out laughing again, tears were almost streaming down your face. Eyeing your half-eaten pizza, you turned your head and handed it to Peter who wordlessly grabbed it and took a bite off it.
You smiled up at him and loved how he had a great time. He deserved every second of joy and happiness. Noticing you stare at him, he curiously looked down at you and you just silently exchanged warm smiles. A sparkling gleam was dancing in your eyes and Peter felt his heart flutter again.
Sometimes he couldn’t get over the fact that you were his. The funniest, smartest and kindest girl out there was sitting in between his legs, sharing her pizza with him. God, he was lucky.
He bent down and pecked your lips. Your nose scrunched at the heavy taste of onions, but Peter just gave you a lopsided grin.
“So what happened next?” MJ asked and picked up a bag of skittles off the floor, ripping it open to hand it to Ned.
It was an unspoken rule in your group that he always gets the bag first since he only eats the red skittles.
“Our parents were called in and I was expelled for the rest of the day,” Ned explained sheepishly and picked out his skittles.
“Getting expelled in kindergarten,” you chuckled, “Ned Leeds, you are a wild one.” He shrugged with a huge grin on his face, returning the bag of sweets to MJ.
“Well, if you want to talk about being a wild one, how about you share a story now, babe?” Peter nudged your side and you grimaced, nibbling on your bottom lip.
MJ nodded while leaning back on her arms, “It’s your turn.”
“Yeah,” Ned agreed, “I know like nothing about your childhood.”
You snatched the skittles bag from MJ and acted like you were deeply invested in picking out a specific colored skittle. “Because there’s nothing to tell,” you mumbled, clearly embarrassed of your younger self, but as always, Peter caught it with his enhanced hearing.
“Your mom told me what you were like as a child. There’s plenty to tell!” he urged and you elbowed him, but he just snickered, finding it adorable that you believed you could hurt him in any way.
“You seriously need to stop having dinner with my mom.” You deadpanned but you just felt him shrug.
“She makes the best lasagna.”
The others agreed, “She really does.”
“Bless that woman’s lasagna.”
You groaned and threw the bag in the middle of the floor for the others to grab. “Since when is everybody having dinner with my mom?”
“You wouldn’t know, you’re never home.” MJ shrugged, causing a pang of guilt in your chest.
“I get it, I’m too busy,” you mumbled while playing with the sweets in your hands.
“Well,” Ned eyed you and glanced at Peter who was absentmindedly playing with your hair, “you do have a lot on your plate with all the extracurriculars. You can always drop some, you know.”
Sensing the growing discomfort, Peter let go of your hair and hugged you from behind, pressing you against his chest. You naturally melted into his embrace and his heartbeat calmed you down.
“I guess I could drop one or two,” you mumbled and the others gazed at you knowingly.
“You know,” MJ spoke up in her monotonous voice that indicated that she tried to be gentle, “there’s nothing wrong with giving up on something if you don’t enjoy it anymore. No shame in that.”
“She’s right,” Peter encouraged, “babe, you don’t have to keep going just because you don’t want to let other people down. Whether it is the marching band or the speech and debate team, they’ll be fine without you. Do what makes you happy.”
The others agreed and the corners of your mouth turned up. You were grateful for moments like these with your friends.
They were right, you haven’t had dinner at home with your mom for a while now and you couldn’t even remember the last time you properly talked to her or even to your friends. You were always out, always doing something and always trying to please somebody.
“Thanks guys, I really needed this.”
MJ gave you a two-finger way and Ned beamed at you. You felt Peter place a gentle kiss on the top of your head and you honestly never wanted this evening to end.
“Anyway,” Ned announced loudly, “before we got all emotional, it was Y/n’s turn to share an embarrassing childhood story.”
The others nodded and you plastered a smile on your face, deciding on telling them a rather harmless story of your childhood. They would get to hear the cooler ones eventually.
“So,” you clapped your hands together and set the scene, “when I was 6 years old, I had to pop into the store around the corner to get some eggs for my mom since she was sick and on bed rest. But on my way home, I ran into this boy who I had a crush on and I was super embarrassed because I was wearing these pink barbie pajamas that I really did not want him to see me in.” You rolled your eyes at your younger self.
“But there was no way to hide from him since he was coming my way and I had to go down the street from the direction that he came from.”
“Very thrilling,” Ned commented while popping mini pretzels into his mouth. MJ swatted him with her hand to shut him up. You smiled at that motion and continued,
“But to my luck, a police car just pulled up and what my 6-year-old super brain immediately came up with was that instead of letting him think that I was a girly wimp, I could be a super cool badass right in front of him.”
“Of course what every 6-year-old aspires to be,” Peter snorted and Ned added, “Understandably.”
You jokingly rolled your eyes at them. “So I pulled out the eggs and threw them on the windshield of that police car while also making sure that the boy witnessed it all.”
Ned slapped his hand on his forehead, staring at you bewildered, whereas MJ just proudly grinned at you.
“Obviously, the cops jumped out of the car and chased me down. Clearly haven’t thought it through, I ran as fast as I could to escape them but when I passed the boy, he tripped me!”
A collective gasp left their mouths as they gaped at you with wide eyes.
“Turns out, he was the cop’s son,” you paused for dramatic effect, “and he was disgustingly proud of having stopped me.” Peter let out an irritated huff and you mindlessly rubbed circles into his arm.
“When the cops asked me why I did what I did, I obviously told them the truth because you know I suck at lying. The boy, of course, had to hear all of it and was just as awkward about it as me.” A small laugh escaped your lips as you remembered the memory clearly. “To my luck, they found it adorable, so they just drove me home with a simple warning,” you ended your story and popped another skittle into your mouth.
Ned shook his head at you comically, “Nope Y/n, I take everything back. You are the wild one. Shoving a blind kid doesn’t sound that bad anymore compared to your story.”
“It’s still just as bad, Ned,” MJ interjected and gave him a pointed look.
Peter leaned forward to catch your gaze. “I can’t believe you did that.” He smiled at you amused but you just shrugged it off and grinned at him.
“It’s nice to be wanted, you know?”
He stared at you horrified as everybody laughed. “Not by the law!” 
* * *
quarantine sucks, i miss my friends:( anyway, this was a lot of fun to write so feel free to leave some feedback, send in requests or talk to me!
check out more of my stuff on my masterlist and if you don’t, that’s fine too. buh-bye! 
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yandere-romanticaa · a year ago
how would ons Guren, Mika, and Lakus react to a darling who has developed stockholm syndrome, but continues to have nightmares about all the bad things the boys did to them before? Thank you! I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are enjoying break ❤︎
Tumblr media
♡ Guren Ichinose ♡
Guren will pretend that he's not noticing that s/o has been acting a bit iffy lately, but that's because he is not 100% sure what's going on. They're acting a lot more sweet lately and he's not going to lie to himself, the change is nice. They aren't fighting anymore and things are peacful for a change... But Guren will wake up one night and he will see his s/o stirring in their sleep with a light coating of sweat on their forehead. Guren will stare at them for a few moments as worry fills his heart. That's when he hears them talking to themselves, almost on the verge of tears.
"P-please... stop... Guren, please...."
Ah... So he's the cause of s/o's nightmares... Well, he can't really blame his darling... And the guilt of hurting them really is strong... He'll gently wake them up from their sleep, doing his best to comfort them. Guren feels guilty and he truly does want to fix this. He's just grateful that his darling isn't fighting him anymore.
Tumblr media
♡ Mikaela Hyakuya ♡
Poor Mika just wants his darling to be safe and well. So the moment things start to change, he'll be on edge. He's not sure if s/o is playing some kind of game in order to trick him but their smile is too genuine and their touch too tempting... So yeah, he will selfishly enjoy darlings company.
Unlike Guren and Lacus though, he won't wait until he does something, if he sees that his darling is having nightmares he is going to confront them about it. But he is in a bit of a surprise though...
"Mika please, please, please let me go! No one is outside, n-no one will hurt me..."
The moment he hears his name he'll just stop and listen. He feels so sad, so guilty, thag he hurt his precious darling like this... But he just wants them to understand that it's for their own good! He just wants to protect them!!!
Tumblr media
♡ Lacus Welt ♡
In truth Lacus never really cared about s/o's feelings all that much. He likes them fiery, he likes to see them riled up, but it can be tiresome. There are just some days when he is tired and he just wants to bask in s/o's love and attention... And now they're finally giving it to him! How lovely! He is much more happy then he expected himself to be, and he is sure to make every moment with them as lovely as possible. As a vampire though, Lacus does not need sleep but there are times when he lays in bed with his s/o, just cuddling them as they fall asleep in his arms. He likes seeing them so vulnerable but there are nights when they are more then restless. Mumbling in their sleep has become a common occurance, but Lacus will soon realize that he is the monster in their dreams.
"Lacus please, I'll be good... please... Please don't hurt me...!"
Hmmmm, he's taught them well. They fear him enough to not do anything stupid but they still love him enough to give him attention. Talk about a win win situation! A part of him is glad though that s/o isn't completely terrified of him... They are his sweetheart after all!
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abouldersbxtch · 7 months ago
It was a bit late into the evening when Kirishima walked into their apartment after a rather long mission that had kept him from home for almost a week. He was in normal clothes, having left his Hero uniform at the agency for some minor repairs after the mission. As he walked in, his eyes naturally scanned the front rooms of the apartment for any sign of his girlfriend, but she was nowhere to be seen and neither was their dog. “Kari?” He called out into the apartment, wondering if she was even home from work yet or maybe she had taken Mochi on a walk. “Kari?” He called out again but there was still no answer. However, their dark drown and white Akita, Mochi,  approached Kirishima, whimpering as he tugged on Kirishima’s pants, trying to lead him somewhere. Kiri looked at the dog with concern and followed him quickly. “What’s wrong Mochi? Is mom home?” He followed the dog to their bedroom and an even more concerned look took over his face when he saw Karina. She was sitting on their bed in a Red Riot hoodie and a pair of his boxers with papers sprawled out in front of her, the only thing lighting the room was the small lamp on the nightstand closest to her. Her hair was in a messy bun with stray hairs everywhere, she had bags under her eyes, four energy drink cans next to her on the nightstand and she looked like she hadn’t slept in days. He hadn’t seen her like this in a very long time. Kiri made his way to the bed and she hadn’t even noticed he was there until he spoke up and gently placed his hand on her leg. “Karina?” She lifted her golden eyes and looked up at him, smiling for a moment before looking back down at the papers in front of her. “Welcome home baby.” Kiri stared at her, clearly worried about her. Normally whenever he was gone for more than two days, she was practically ecstatic when he got home and they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. It was completely unlike her to be so emotionless with him. “Karina, what’s wrong? What’s going on?” His hand slid up her leg and settled on her thigh where he gave her a gentle squeeze but her eyes were glued to the papers in front of her. “Nothing. I’m fine. Just trying to figure out this case.” Kiri’s brows furrowed together and he lifted his hand from her thigh and moved it to her cheek and tried to pull her gently so she would look at him but she batted his hand away from her. “Stop Eijiro. I’m trying to focus.” Kirishima frowned as he pulled his hand away from her, his brows still furrowed together in concern for his girlfriend. He looked down at the papers she was so focused on and saw a few pictures of a little girl, but his attention was then drawn to her phone next to her as it started to ring. Jiro’s name popped up on the screen, but Karina didn’t even look at it, so Kiri picked it up and answered it, walking out of the room. “Hey Jiro.” Jiro let out a sigh of relief when she heard Kirishima’s voice. “Kiri? Thank goodness you’re home. She’s got to be taking a break now then right?” Kiri looked at Karina from the hallway with a frown. “No. What the hell is going on Jiro? I just got home and she won’t even look at me. What is this case she’s working on?” Jiro sighed heavily on the other end of the phone. “Dammit. She needs to take a break. She’s beating herself up too much. Kiri, you have to get her to take a break. She’s working on a kidnapping case but it’s not going well and she’s blaming herself.” Kiri sighed softly while running a hand through his hair. “I see. Alright, thanks Jiro. I’ll do what I can.” “Thanks Kiri. Good luck.” Jiro hung up the phone and Kiri made his way back into their bedroom, setting Karina’s phone on the dresser near the door as he approached the bed. Careful not to disturb the papers, Kiri sat down next to Karina and placed his hand on her thigh again, gently rubbing her skin with his thumb. “Karina, you need to take a break.” “It was Jiro wasn’t it? I’m fine.” Kiri frowned at her response, shaking his head. “Karina, your hands are trembling. Please baby, ju-” “I said I’m fine Eijiro!” Karina snapped at him. Kirishima frowned and sighed softly, but he wasn’t about to leave her. He couldn’t. It would be unmanly of him to just walk away from her without giving it a real try to help her. It was silent for a moment or two and just when he was about to speak up, Karina reached out and placed her hand on top of his and gently squeezed it. He looked down at her and when he saw her looking back at him, his heart ached. She looked absolutely exhausted. “I’m sorry. I’m just stressed out over this case. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I’m so sorry Eijiro.” She released his hand and buried her face in her hands, using her palms to rub her tired eyes.
Kiri moved his hand from her thigh and placed it on her back and started to gently rub it in circular motions and when he spoke, his voice was quiet and calm. “Talk to me Kari. Maybe I can help.” When Karina removed her hands from her eyes they were wet with tears, but she returned her gaze to the papers. “This six year old girl named Mika was kidnapped a few days ago. We don’t know why and whoever took her hasn’t asked for any kind of ransom or anything. Every time I catch her scent, I get so close and her scent is so strong, but right as the scent gets to be as strong as it would be if I were right next to her, it just dims and fades away and I have to find her scent all over again. It’s been three days, Eijiro. I have to find her. I can’t stop. There has to be something I’m missing and I can’t stop until I figure it out and get that little girl home to her parents.” She was so frustrated with herself and it was obvious to Kirishima and her friends. She felt responsible for not being fast enough and for letting the little girl slip through her fingers more than once. It was driving her crazy and she refused to stop. Kiri listened to her intently and reached out, gently placing one of his large hands on the side of her face and turning her head so he could look her in the eyes. “I understand, but you need to take a break babe. I know you don’t want to because you’re determined to save Mika, but you need to rest. When was the last time you even ate anything?” Karina shrugged her shoulders slightly and looked away from his eyes. “Probably yesterday. I don’t know. I don’t remember.” Kiri removed his hand from her face and outstretched his arm out in front of the papers and when she looked back at him, he had an angry look on his face. “Karina Toga, you need to take care of yourself.” “Eijiro, I can’t just sto-” Kirishima was quick to cut her off. “Stop. I don’t want to hear it. Babe, listen, I get it. I know you want to save her, but in order to save this little girl, you need to be in tip-top shape right? You need real energy. Not energy drinks. You need to eat and sleep and take care of yourself, do you understand me?” Karina frowned slightly and her eyes dropped to look down at his shirt, too embarrassed to keep looking him in the eyes. “What if something happens? What if they hurt her? What if I-” Kiri cut her off again. “Karina, stop. You are one of the best search and rescue heroes around and you remain one of the best because you put your all into your work right? Well if you’re going to find this little girl, which I know you will, you need to take a damn break, take care of yourself, and come back to the case well rested and with fresh eyes.” As much as she knew he was right and she should listen to him, there was a pit in her stomach and a nagging voice in her head that wouldn’t let her forget about the little girl. Every time she closed her eyes for any amount of time that was longer than just a blink, all she could see was the little girls face. She couldn’t go back to her parents and tell them she lost their daughters scent again. She couldn’t give up on the poor thing who was probably terrified and who knew if the bastards who took her were even trying to take care of her.
Kirishima got up from the bed and started to pick up all the papers from the bed which snapped Karina back to reality. She went to stop him, reaching for his hands, but the look he gave her made her stop and let him collect all the papers. He hadn’t looked at her like that in a very long time and the last time he had, it was under very different circumstances. “Here’s what’s going to happen; I’m going to make you a nice hot bath and while you relax in said nice hot bath, I’m going to make us dinner. When you’re done in the bath, you’re going to eat dinner and then we can relax in bed and cuddle, but you’re going to get some well deserved sleep tonight. You’re not touching this file again until you are well rested and have a full stomach, understand?” Karina stared at him, a small smile coming to her lips as she listened to everything he said. Once he finished she let out a soft sigh and slowly nodded her head, too tired to even try and fight him on it. “You know, you’re really hot when you put your foot down.” Kiri grinned. “Sweet talk won’t get you the file, but thank you.” Karina giggled and got up on her knees on the bed and made her way to the edge where Kiri was standing and she reached up, hooked her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply. Just kissing him made her heart race and seemed to remind her that he had been gone for nearly a week and suddenly she was reminded of the way she had acted earlier and she felt terrible. He had only just gotten home and he was instantly worried and trying to help her and she just pushed him away. The thoughts had her kissing him with more passion while her free hand rested on his chest and Kiri kissed her back gently for a moment before pulling away slowly. “I’m gonna go make your bath okay? Do whatever you have to do to get ready to relax for a while.” He pressed a small kiss to her forehead before he turned and started to walk away but Karina’s voice had him pause on his way. “Eijiro.” He turned and looked at her. “Yeah?” Karina smiled at him. “I love you.” “I love you too.” He smiled back at her before he turned and made his way out of the bedroom. After hiding the file somewhere in the apartment, he turned to their room and made his way into the bathroom connected to their room. While Kiri was setting up her bath, Karina got undressed and let down her hair, brushing it out before putting it back up into a neater looking bun. After a few more minutes Kirishima walked out of the bathroom, but got distracted by Karina’s naked body. Karina looked over and saw him staring which made her giggle lightly. “Did you need something?” Kiri’s eyes raked over her entire body shamelessly, taking in every curve and dip there was and it took so much of his willpower to finally drag his eyes up to her face. “Maybe later after you get some rest, but your bath is ready. Go relax while I make us dinner.” He winked at her playfully and then made his way out of their room and out to the kitchen with Mochi following close behind.
Karina walked over and grabbed her phone from the dresser and then made her way into the bathroom. The lights were off, but the bathroom was dimly lit by the four candles that Kirishima had lit and placed around. Karina looked down at her phone and picked out some peaceful music to listen to, pressing play on the playlist and setting her phone down on the counter before making her way to the bathtub. Slowly and carefully she stepped into the hot water that was waiting for her and as she lowered herself down into it, a loud sigh leaving her lips. The hot water felt good on her skin as she laid down and tilted her head back against the wall. Undenounced to her, Kiri had poured in some lavender bath salt into the water to help relax her muscles and it was definitely working. She hadn’t realized just how tense she had been until now when she was finally giving herself a chance to relax. Her body that had been so tense for days finally relaxed and her muscles loosened and she felt so at ease that she nearly fell asleep right there in the tub. After about half an hour of lounging in the bathtub, Karina finally drained the water and turned on the shower, washing herself off before she got out. After getting out of the shower and drying off, Karina threw on a baggy t-shirt where the collar hung off one of her shoulders and another pair of Kiri’s boxers. Once she was dressed she made her way into the kitchen where Kiri was still cooking. The food smelled amazing and it made her stomach growl as she walked in and sat down at one of the bar-stools at the island in the middle of the kitchen. Kiri looked back at her from over his shoulder, smiling at how much better of a mood she already seemed to be in. “How was your bath?” Karina put her elbows on the counter-top and held her chin in the palms of her hands as she watched him cook. “It felt really good actually. Thanks for setting it up for me Eiji.” “Anything for you my love.” Kiri finished up cooking and made them each a bowl containing rice, pork, and a few different vegetables. He walked over and sat down on the bar-stool next to hers and placed her bowl in front of her. “Itadakimasu.” Karina grinned at him as she took her bowl and took the chopsticks that were in the bowl in her hand. “Thanks baby.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek gently before turning her attention to the food in front of her and eagerly digging in. It had been almost a week since she had a nice home-cooked meal and she definitely missed it. Kiri was always a better cook than her and she wasn’t afraid to admit it. When dinner was done, Karina put the dishes in the sink and as she was about to start cleaning them, Kiri walked over and scooped her up into his arms. “Ah, ah. You need to get some sleep. I’ll take care of the dishes.” Karina looked up at him with a tired smile. “How did I get so lucky?” Kiri simply grinned down at her as he carried her to their bedroom until he finally laid her down on their bed. He tried to walk away once she was down but she held onto his shirt. “Leave the dishes for tomorrow. Come lay down with me please?” Kirishima smiled and gave a small nod before turning and walking over to turn off the bedroom light and then made his way back over to his side of the bed. He got undressed down to his briefs and then climbed into bed next to her and she instantly moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest. Almost instantly, Karina fell asleep and Kirishima smiled down at her and wrapped an arm around her, holding her close to his side and shortly after, Mochi jumped up and laid down at the foot of the bed. When morning came, Karina was only woken up because of her phone ringing in the bathroom where she had left it after her shower the previous night. Reluctantly, she peeled herself away from Kiri’s side as he continued to sleep and she climbed out of bed and went to get her phone. When she reached her phone, she saw it was Jiro calling and she let out a soft sigh before answering the call. “Yes Jiro, I took a break. I promi-” Jiro quickly cut her off. “We found them! I’ll text you the address, but get down here ASAP!” Karina’s eyes widened and she darted into the bedroom. “I’ll be right there! Don’t let them get away with her!” She hung up the phone and quickly started tearing off her clothes and put on her Hero uniform. With all the ruckus, Kiri and Mochi both opened their eyes and looked over at Karina as she fumbled to put on her boots. “What’s going on babe?” Karina didn’t even look at him as she rushed to get ready. “They found them! I have to get down there and make sure we save that little girl! I’ll see you when I get home.” She quickly ran over to the bed and kissed Kiri’s cheek before she rushed out of the bedroom and out of the apartment, leaving Kiri to smile as he closed his eyes and relaxed in bed again. “That’s my girl.”
When Karina arrived at the address that Jiro had sent her, there were cops discreetly hidden around the area as to not give away their position and Jiro was in an alleyway with her ear-jack plugged into the wall of a small apartment building. Karina walked over to her and knelt down next to her. “What's the situation? What are we dealing with?” Jiro looked at her, smiling at how much better her friend looked from the last time she had seen her. “They’ve got her on the third floor. There’s at least three of them and they’re all arguing over if taking her was worth it. You can reach the room they’re in from the fire escape, but the window is probably locked.” Karina looked at the fire escape and gave a firm nod. “Wait for me to get her out.” Jiro nodded and Karina shifted into a crow, flying up to the third floor window and perching herself on the railing of the fire escape. As she looked through the window, she could see the three arguing. One of them looked exhausted, another one had blue skin and black eyes with two extra arms, and the last one looked like a common thug. She looked around the room, but didn’t see the girl which meant she was in a different part of the apartment. Karina flew around the corner of the building to a different window into the apartment and that’s where she saw the little girl crying in the corner of the room. There was no fire escape on the side of the building she was at so Karina couldn’t perch herself. She shifted into a hummingbird and went up to the window, tapping on the window lightly with her beak. Mika looked up to see the hummingbird pecking at the window so she slowly got up and walked over to the window, staring at Karina in confusion. Karina continued pecking at the window until Mika finally opened the window and Karina flew in. “Wait birdy. Are you okay?” Mika followed Karina, concerned about the birds well-being. Karina landed on the ground and shifted into her human form and quickly put her finger to her lips, signaling Mika to stay quiet. “Hey Mika. I’m Dobu and I’m here to get you back to your mommy and daddy okay? Are you hurt at all?” Karina spoke quietly, being careful not to alert the arguing men outside the room. Mika was startled at first, but she quickly nodded her head to let Karina know she understood. “N-No. I’m not hurt.” Mika whispered and Karina smiled and pulled her close, hugging her tightly. “Good. Don’t worry sweetie. We’re getting you out of here.” She lifted Mika up into her arms. “Alright sweetie, can you wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist?” Mika nodded and did as she was asked. “Good job. I’m gonna climb out the window and then turn into a monkey okay? I need you to hold onto me tightly and don’t let go, no matter what. Can you do that for me?” Mika nodded again and clung to Karina as tightly as she could. Karina climbed through the window carefully, turning around on the windowsill so Mika was closest to the building and once she had a good grip on the sides of the window, she shifted into a gorilla. Thankfully Mika managed to at least keep her arms wrapped tightly around Karina’s neck after she shifted. With one arm protectively wrapped around Mika, Karina dropped down and caught the windowsill of a window on the second floor with her free hand. She did the same thing again, dropping down to a window on the first floor. Once she was on the first floor, she released the windowsill and dropped to the ground, shifting back to her human form. “You did so good Mika. I’m so proud of you sweetheart.” Mika started crying into Karina’s shoulder, desperately clinging to her as Karina rounded the corner of the building to the side where Jiro was. As soon as Jiro saw Karina with Mika, she spoke into a walkie-talkie, letting the officers know that the girl was in safe hands and to move in.
Once the officers had infiltrated the apartment, all three of the perpetrators were apprehended with Jiro’s help. Meanwhile, Karina and a couple officers took Mika home. The entire way there Mika had refused to let go of Karina, so she sat in the back of one of the police cruisers with her. Mika only let go of her when they got to the front door of her home and her mother answered. The little girl practically leapt out of Karina’s arms and into her mothers, the whole thing bringing a warm smile to Karina’s face. After making sure everyone was okay and settled and after a lot of 'thank you’s’ by Mika’s parents, Karina and the officers were about to leave. However Mika ran after Karina and called out to her. “Dobu! Wait!” Karina turned in time to catch Mika who jumped up into her arms again and hugged her tightly. Karina couldn’t help the growing smile on her face as she hugged the little girl back tightly. “Thank you Dobu, for saving me. I can’t wait to grow up and be a hero just like you!” Karina knelt down and released Mika, smiling brightly at the little girl as she looked at her. “Of course Mika. I’m sure you’ll be a great hero one day.” Mika’s mother called her back and after waving at Karina one last time, she took off back to her parents. Once the family was safely inside their home, Karina and the officers headed back to the police station where the criminals were being taken to be interrogated. After the interrogations were over and Karina had filled out the proper paperwork, she was finally allowed to go back home. When she opened the door, Kiri was sitting on the couch with a bag of chips watching some TV, but as soon as Karina opened the door, he tore his eyes from the screen and looked over at her hopefully. “How’d it go?” Karina smiled brightly, tears coming to her eyes. “We got her. She’s home safe.” Kiri quickly got up and made his way over to her, pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. “I knew you could do it baby-bear. I’m so proud of you.” Karina wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. “I was so scared Eiji. I was so scared we weren’t going to find her.” Kiri sighed and leaned down, lifting her up by the backs of her thighs and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the couch. He sat down and she straddled his lap as he reached up and held her face in his hands. “I know you were scared, but you did it. She’s home safe because of you and all your hard work, along with everyone else’s. Did you ever find out why her scent would get strong and then disappear?” Karina nodded slightly as Kiri wiped away the couple of tears that had managed to fall from her face. “Yeah. One of them had a teleportation quirk, but he ran himself ragged running from us. He kept teleporting all four of them long distances trying to run from us. We only caught up with them because he couldn’t teleport all of them anymore and even if he did, they wouldn’t be able to go far.” Kiri gave a slight nod. “That would explain it. Regardless, I’m proud of you Kari. How about tonight we go out to dinner to celebrate?” Karina smiled and nodded eagerly. “That sounds nice. I’d like that.” Kiri grinned and brought her face down to his, kissing her tenderly while wrapping his muscular arms around her, holding her close to him.
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kurai-08 · a year ago
A/N: Nothing really much, just letting ya'll know ch 9 would come out sooner cause we had a blackout so I had nothing better to do than write XD. Enjoy~
TW: yandere themes, swearing, blood, gore, violence, nsfw, noncon/dubcon, some manga spoilers
CH 8
It has been 2 weeks since Seika, Koumori and Muon's lives began to turn to a different route. Seika is Recovery Girl's assistant nurse, knowing the drawback of her quirk, she heals the injuries of anyone in UA only when Recovery Girl is not available or when she is too tired to use her quirk, she also conducts first aid lessons to students twice a month. She is very happy with her new colleagues, all of them with different personalities and quirks. On her first week in UA, Midnight held a welcome drinking party for her, even though Seika doesn't like getting drunk, she very much enjoyed it specially when Nemuri got drunk and started to force the others to drink the 'special mix' she had made which, as warned by Aizawa, must never be taken.
School life has been very different for Muon, she is often seen with Erika may it be in class, in the dorms or when she spars with her when Erika decides not to train with Togata cause he goes easy on her, well according to Erika. She occasionally trains with Shinsou under the pretense that he wants to get back at her for the times she had beaten him and takes extra classes with him on Saturdays in order to prepare for the Provisional License Exams. As for the rest of her classmates, she is very thankful they do not treat her any different, its as if she isn't deaf, although some of them are quite curious about her like Midoriya who has been asking her to show him how she uses her left eye but she refuses explaining how dangerous it can be as she can not turn those who become stone back to normal, so instead he asked Aizawa-sensei to use his Erasure on her just so that he can see what her left eye looks like in front of class. It was revealed that her left eye not only has pupils similar to those of a snake, there are also several scars around her eye, when Tsuyu asked why she has scars, Muon would not respond.
While Koumori, on the other side of Japan, has just started to be noticed by the public as 'Hawks new sidekick'. Keigo did not want to reveal her yet to the public as his official sidekick but she kept on insisting to join him on missions fighting villains and he simply gave in. After all, how can he say no to her when she pleads to him so sweetly. She may not have a hero name yet but she did have her costume upgraded. She now adorns a black and orange backless, skin tight leotard, knee high leather boots and fingerless gloves reaching up past her elbows, she still uses the belt bag she had always worn as a vigilante. During the weekdays she would be in Hawks Agency, training and learning Hero 101 from the No.2 himself, when a villain attack occurs, she is often told to observe only but Koumori, as stubborn as a rock, eventually joins the fight in which when she does so often gets the job done faster. She and Mika currently live together in a spacious 3 bedroom apartment Hawks bought for them, she has a room of her own that happens to have access to the rooftop of the building where she would often dance on. Dancing is her hidden passion, she absolutely loves to dance especially with someone else, back in Naruhata she would often ask the other staff in the cafe to dance with her or ask Seika to take her to clubs but often gets a no as an answer.
When Mika discovered her activities on the rooftop, she took her out for a ladies night where she found out how clingy and touchy the bat girl could be when drunk, asking for head pats or cuddles, she made a note to herself to bring Keigo next time seeing as he seems to be so fond of her. She noticed how he would always want to eat lunch or dinner with Koumori, how he would suddenly buy her little gifts without any occasion, how, as much as possible, only him and Mika get to interact with her at the agency, dragging her away whenever another member of their agency tries to befriend her. Koumori doesn't seem to notice this though, always having this friendly and cheerful aura wherever she goes, she believes all the things Keigo has been doing for her so far is because he is just that nice of a friend and boss.
One night, after dinner Mika approached her "Koumori, I don't know if Keigo has told you this but he wanted me to look into your past. Seeing as we can't get any information about your background." when she found out she was blind she knew it would be harder to look into her memories since most of those would be smell or sound based. She still agreed since Keigo promised to pay her triple.
"Wait um by look into my past, you mean like all of it?" Koumori asked for clarification.
"Yes so that we can ask the commision to approve a license for you."
"Ooohh hahaha right uuhh can't I just tell it to you?" she nervously twirls the end of her pigtails
"No. Keigo wanted to know absolutely everything about you so we can't. Don't worry it will be divided into 10 minutes sessions once a day, I can not use my quirk on one person longer than 10 minutes a day anyway." Mika explained.
"Oh um ok then if that's what he wants."
The following morning while flying around Nagoya after another meeting for the whereabouts of the remaining members of the Paranormal Liberation Army, Keigo received an email from Mika, he perched on top of an old building to read it;
'From: Takeuchi Mika
To: Hawks
I have just finished my first session with Koumori. I was able to look 5 years into her past. Nothing really alarming. Just as you said, she had been conducting vigilante activities with her friends Seika and Muon, I even saw that precious moment you first met her. They constantly move from one place to another, the longest they ever stayed at was in Naruhata. She has this guy friend called Touya she met not too long ago. She seems to like that guy but they don't really talk about much of anything other than basic stuff and it's Koumori who does all the talk most of the time. So far that's just about it for now. She seems really cautious that you wanted me to look into her past, as if she's hiding something. That's all for now.
Ps; she wants me to tell you to drop by later tonight. I don't know why.'
His heart sank and his thoughts ran wild as he read the name of that man 'Touya'. "No, could it be him? Does she know who he is? No, if she knew she wouldn't be friends with him. Is he hiding his true identity then? Why does he know her? What does he want? Where did they meet? How did they meet? Does she like him? No no no no no she can't like him! How can she like him? He's a villain, a monster, a murderer, he's the one who gave this ugly fucking scar on my face! He can't have her! He can never see her again! Never! She belongs to me! I met her first! She's mine! She's mine! She's mine! She's mine! She's mine! SHE'S MINE!!"
In his anger, Keigo gripped his phone too tight until the screen cracked and went black, the sound of the LCD crumbling snapped him out of his rage fueled thoughts. He stared at the black screen, he saw the burn scar he received from that man but what really caught his attention was what his eyes reflected. The face of a mad man, he simply chuckles at his reflection. He threw away the broken device at a wall and proceeded to fly away to a nearby mall. He would need a new phone and to cool down his thoughts. Afterall, Koumori wanted to meet up with him later, and with that in mind his heart began to flutter and the noise in his mind started to disappear as he fly with a loopy smile.
Meanwhile back in UA, Seika has just arrived in UA campus alongside Recovery Girl, on their way to the Nurse's office. Several students, mostly male, pass by them to greet them a good morning and she would smile at them and greet them back.
"The students seem to be very fond of you, Fukkatsu-san. You're getting really popular among the male students recently." the elderly woman praised her.
"Well most of our patients are boys so it's not a surprise they would be talking about me alot. Although I do hope I won't get to see their faces again in the infirmary beds, it would mean that they aren't getting injuries and hurting themselves." Seika simply replies as she carries the files and documents they needed in the infirmary. When they arrived at the infirmary, Midnight and Present Mic were standing on Seika's desk all seem to be discussing something. "Hey what's going on? Is something wrong? Is anyone hurt?" Seika asks as she runs toward Hizashi's side and peek on her desk. There she saw a beautiful bouquet of roses with a small card on top of it. She took the card and read it "For my angel of love. I heard you love flowers. Have a day as beautiful as you. Signed A. Who could this be?"
"Aaawwww stop it youuu! You know who it is! Don't be shy!" Midnight pestered her.
"Yeah tell us! So are you two dating now huh? I didn't think Shouta could be this romantic!" Hizashi exclaimed.
To their surprise, Seika laughed at their statements and said "Hahahaha you think Shou-tan gave these to me? No no I don't think so. He wouldn't do that!"
The two looked at each other in their confusion "But it says in the card signed by 'A' doesn't that mean it's Aizawa?" Midnight asked
"Well whoever sent this isn't wrong, I do love flowers, but if Shou-tan were to give me flowers he wouldn't give me roses. He knows my favorites so he wouldn't give me flowers that I least like." she clarified.
Unknown to them, just outside the infirmary, a black haired man carrying a yellow sleeping bag eavesdrops in their discussion. He walks away to his class, burying his face in his binding cloth "Gardenias, salvias and red tulips…." he whispers to himself before opening the door to be met by his loud students.
Later during lunch at the teacher's office, Aizawa had slipped into his sleeping bag ready to take an hour nap. He does feel hungry so he took a fruit pouch to subside it. He heard the door slide open but did not bother to look back until he heard who came.
"Ugh Shou-tan! I thought I told you to eat properly and not those fruit pouches again!" Seika called him out as she marched to his desk.
"It's too hastle to cook and bring a bento, Seika. It's more practical this way." he reasoned out to her.
"It's also practical to keep a healthy diet so that you can teach your students when they need you. So shut the fuck up and eat! I made you an onigiri roll, dumbass!"
He groaned, Seika doesn't swear often due to her upbringing but when she does then she's really pissed. He took the roll and unwrapped it, he took a few bites to show her he's eating. He then took bigger bites as she sat beside him, eating her own roll. He could hear the whispers of the other staff, he heard Nemuri tell everyone about the roses on Seika's desk. They still try to guess who could it be? A fellow staff? A student? Even he doesn't have any clue, that is, until he noticed the questions All Might had after Nemuri gossiped at the staff. He asked her if she knew what Seika's favorite flower is in which Nemuri answered with a shrug of her shoulders saying that Seika never told them. Why would he ask what her favorite flower is? Unless……no it's too early to make assumptions. But what if All Might does like her? Will she say yes to him? Will she like him back? Will she no longer spend time with him? Will she leave him again…..NO! He screamed in his mind, trying to stop his train of thought, he knows it's wrong to make assumptions besides as much as he doesn't want Seika to leave him, she would eventually do when she marries…...someone else. He swallowed the last bite of his lunch, his last thought leaving a nasty bitter taste on his tongue, he drank some tea Seika served him "Thank you for the meal. Can I sleep now? I did what you asked." he pleaded to her. When she gave him a satisfied smile and a nod he pulled up the zipper of his sleeping bag and went straight to sleep. Hoping to dream of his childhood with her, back to the days when it was just the two of them.
Later that evening back in Kyushu, Hawks just arrived in Mika's apartment, he knocked a few times and the door opened, expecting Koumori would answer, only to be greeted with a puff of smoke in the face. "Hey Takeuchi-san! I got your email. Where's Koumori?" he asked while peeking over Mika's back.
"At the rooftop as usual." she let him in.
In order to get to the rooftop, he has to enter her room. Once inside he didn't immediately go to the door leading outside, instead he checked first the spacious room's bathroom, closet and even the lights and mirrors. Checking to see if all of the hidden cameras he had installed in her room are still working and in place. After confirming all cameras are working properly, he went up the ladder and pushed the door open which he was met with a rhythm of a mix of pop and techno music. When he scanned the rooftop, Koumori was nowhere to be found until he heard flapping of wings above him, and there he saw her dancing mid air in a little white flowing dress, moving her body following to the beat as her wings held her up in the air. She then gracefully landed and folded her wings around her as the song ended "Oh hey Keigo you're here!" she excitedly greeted him. He was about to answer back when a new song starts, this time it sounded like modern jazz, she then suddenly pulled him towards her and told him to follow her lead. He does so, dancing isn't exactly his cup of tea but hearing her cheering him on as he clumsily tries to match her graceful yet energetic moves, makes him wanna take up a private lesson or two. He saw how happy she is as she sways her hips and waltz along the rhythm, seeing her like this makes him feel as if for the first time, ever since he was taken by the commission, he felt alive, he felt free, as if there is no rules or troubles hammering him down into place, seeing her smile, hearing her giggle, feeling her body briefly touching his as they dance, he felt like he was brought back to life. As the song reaches its chorus she had him spin her outwards and then inwards, towards him and stop when she is in his embrace, she looked up to him with a cheerful grin "You're not so bad with dancing huh, Keigo!"
"Nah you're just a really great teacher!" he compliments her, still locking his arms and wings around her. This moment right there is so perfect, absolutely perfect, it's as if a dream came true. Seeing her wrapped around his arms and shielded by his wings, her face up close to his, her gray twinkling eyes looking at him as if he was staring at the moon, her soft breast pressed against his beating chest, he can smell her scent so close its almost drowning him, it's so perfect he could almost cry. He leans his face forward to her slowly inching his lips closer and closer to her lips when the music stopped. She suddenly slipped out of his arms and went to her mp3 player "Oops low battery! Hehe." she explained. He had never felt so empty all of a sudden, as if all the happiness and joy he ever had in his life was snached away, he was still standing in his spot with his arms still encircled but nothing to embrace, he snapped out of it when she called him out "Keigo? What are you doing there just standing? Come on let's sit down!" she pulled him to the ledge of the roof and sat down. He sat beside her so close their shoulders touch "So you dance mid air huh? I guess that's how you can beat my ass when we fight mid air." he complimented her.
"Hehe I guess so? Hey Keigo, I know it's necessary for you to get my background but does it have to be all of it?"
'Ah she's really cautious about it.' Keigo thought "I know we have our own secrets to keep but it's hard to convince the commission about your background when we can't find a single document about you. Besides, they wanted the report to come from Takeuchi because they trust her that much, they wouldn't take it if we would just interview you. Please bare with it, I promise you you will be a hero, remember? And I'll make it happen no matter what ok?" he held her hand and gripped it tightly, reassuring her that he tends to keep his word.
"I believe in you Keigo, it's just that….I don't know….I don't want you to think badly of me….I've done so many bad things in my past….even...even before I met Seika...I...I…"
He places a finger on her lips in order to pause her rumbling "I don't care. To me you will always be that amazing vigilante that saved my life. Nothing will ever change that." He could see the worry all over her face and tears starting to form again at the edge of her eyes. He brushed them away with his thumb and cupped her cheeks, once again he lean forward to her, aiming for her lips, he can feel her hot breath and burning cheeks when she suddenly turned her head at the door, her ears twitching signifying that she heard something. "Mika says dinner is ready! Let's go, she made hot wings tonight!" and with that she stood up and walked to the door leaving Keigo still sitting on the ledge, clenching his fist in frustration.
Upon sitting at the dinner table Keigo noticed that there were only 2 plates "Hey, no wings for me?" he asked Mika.
"No. Go get takeout or something." she scowls at him.
"Aaww but you make the best wings in Japan!" he whined.
"And you're a grown ass man. Get your own fucking food!"
While the two are bickering, Koumori simply listens to them as if listening to a comedy skit on TV. She had always known these two are very close, but now hearing them argue they seemed more like an old married couple rather than just friends or colleagues, she then burtled out "Hehe you two are so cute together! Are you dating behind my back? I don't mind though."
"WHAT?! NO WE ARE NOT!!!" Mika and Keigo shouted in unison.
Koumori laughs at them 'Maybe they are just too shy to admit it.' she thought. She then took a piece of her meal and brought it up to Keigo "Here you can have some of mine!"
His face lit up as he took the hot wing from her "Koumori-chan you saved me once again!" As he eats the spicy piece of chicken, he can help but think that this only made it more special because it came from the girl he can't stop thinking about, may it be at night or day.
Meanwhile as the night grew deeper, Muon had just finished in taking a shower, today had been a bit rough with training. They had to undergo rescue mission simulation on a villain attack with a giantism quirk. It was hard considering that the 'villains' is just one of the robots UA uses during it's entrance exams. Her quirk wouldn't work on it so she focused on rescuing instead, which is still hard since she had to carry the 'civilians' to a safe location but she isn't really good with heavy loads. She opened her dresser to get a pair of underwear and an old crop top, her usual pajamas now that she has a room of her own, she noticed that her favorite pair of cat print panties has gone missing. She shrugs it off as she probably misplaced it in her drawer somewhere. After taking off her hearing aid and placing it on the desk beside her bed, she lays on her bed, she checked her phone to see if anyone messaged her, Erika already went to sleep earlier, Seika sent her a photo of her eating dinner in Aizawa-sensei's room with the little white haired girl called Eri. She says because Aizawa-sensei would not cook proper meals because it's not practical, she took it upon herself to at least cook a proper dinner for him and Eri-chan. Seika is a good cook, not really for a 5 star restaurant but her cooking always has this homey feel in it that will make you feel as if you went back to your childhood eating your favorite meal made by your mother 'They already look like a happy family…' she thought then she noticed that together with the photo Seika left a message for her to eat properly as well and have a good rest. Suddenly she received a private message from Shinsou;
Hito: Hey. U still up?
Me: yeah Im sleepy tho.
Hito: oh before you go to sleep, can we train again tomorrow? This time I want to use my binding cloth.
Me: sure! I'll use my baton as well then :3
Hito: alright! I'll meet you after school ok? Gud nyt.
Me: good night ^w^
As she closes her eyes right before sleep takes full control over her she thought she saw a shadow from her veranda but was too tired to investigate it, thinking that it's just her imagination.
But that is far from the truth, there really is someone on her veranda. This person, who seemed to be a man, then opened the door and entered her room. He then quietly walked towards the sleeping Muon. He knows she is a deep sleeper, even if you shake her she would not wake up, this would mean that this isn't the first time he trespassed her room deep in the night. He then took out his phone and proceeded to take photos of her in unsavory angles. He felt a little brave tonight and attempted to pull up her crop top revealing her flat chest and her pink, plump nipples. 'This might have been a bad idea' he thought as he began to feel the ache in his crotch growing more intense as he stares at her chest seeing it move up and down as she sleeps. He took a few pictures and quietly left going back to his room to relieve some of the growing ache in between his legs.
While everyone else is asleep, underneath the city of Tokyo, a villain group once feared and respected now hide underground after the downfall of their head. It is currently being led by the doctor who was suppose to make their leader more powerful but due to the interference of a large group of heroes, Shigaraki Tomura died. They still kept his body frozen in ice by one of their new members, Geten. For months they lay low from any attention until tonight. "I have gathered you all today to give you all a task. A task that, if we succeed, can bring Shigaraki back to life." Daruma Ujiko proposed to the remaining members of the Paranormal Liberation Front.
"Eehh?! How can that be possible?" A young girl with hair tied in a messy bun exclaimed.
"Do you know someone with a miracle quirk or something? Because that's what we need now." a man with a scaly skin asked.
"Now now everyone, settle down. You are somewhat correct, Spinner. Years ago, All for One had captured a girl with a heavenly quirk called Seraphim. On the surface, it's a healing quirk that not only heals it's user but others as well. It works by reverting back the state of the body to what its peak form was 24 hours ago. All for One forces her revert him back to his peak form everyday thus giving him a longer life span, but that's not the extent of her quirk…" the old man then placed a photo of a young blond girl at the table for the other members to see, he continued " Her healing capabilities were extreme, there was a time we submerged her in a vat of acid for hours and she still came out unscratched! But what made her all the more valuable was her capability to bring back the dead…" a collective sound of gasps and murmurs flooded the room as he explains further "We once witnessed her revive a small kitten that she once snuck in our hideout, it had already been dead for a couple of hours when that happened. However, after she had done that she underwent a coma-like state where she was asleep for 3 months. It was then where All for One decided not to take her quirk, because when the time comes he or his heir dies, she can revive him."
"So where is she now?" A masked man asked as he passed the photo to another man covered in scars and staples.
" Unfortunately, she with another subject and our ex henchman escaped a few years ago. We tried to search for them but they had been off of our sight very well. That's where you will come in. Search for her! Search for Fukkatsu Seika and bring her to me! Once Shigaraki Tomura rises back from the dead we will fulfill the dream of All for One!!"
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G O V Z for the alphabet thingy!
G - Greetings what was their first meeting like?
If I remember correctly, we first met while we were at the academy, I’m so glad that we all made it out there alive hahahahah *cries in the corner*
O - Object what’s something they have that reminds them of the other?
It would be his jacket, no doubt about it for me, and as for kaito, I actually think that it’s the coffee machine 
V - Vanished what would they do if the other vanished one day?
I’d probably freak out and just call the cops or something, kaito on the other hand being the melodramatic doofus that he is has said and I quote “fight my way across the universe until my dying breath to save you, no one steals the love of the luminary of the stars!!!”, but yeah in reality I bet he would just call the cops and maybe beat up one or two jerks
Z - Zzz how do they sleep together?
Sleeping is a weird thing for me in general, but I’d feel like it would be all cuddles and little kisses, maybe playing with each others hair and saying little sweet nothings to each other, also no one knows who the big spoon is, not even us, like it is a conspiracy theory going around our classmates that’s still going to this day and ouma won’t stop asking questions about is let’s face it mika that guy is always on your case about our love life why bother questioning it
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taurusdoodles · 11 months ago
Useless info for the Hetalia family au
I spent two days on this lmao
Birthdays and ages(and other):
Áine Jeanne Kirkland: July 5; 21; freelance artist 
Gabriel Oliver Kirkland: March 29; 18; self proclaimed professional night club hopper, family shop worker
Allen Fynn Jones: June 1; 15
Reiji Jones: July 20; 7
Harrison Jones: January 13; 1
Heidi Valeria Beilschmidt: February 14; 19; studying architecture, artist hobbyist
Jonah Mika Beilschmidt: September 29; 14
Atticus Karpusi: October 30; 14
Janina  Łukasiewicz-Laurinaitis: August 27; 18; attending college out of boredom, full time stresser
Cesar Fernández Vargas: January 8; 13
Camillo Fernández Vargas: January 8; 13
Emily Pearl Williams: April 2; 5
Jazmin Ablesson: November 7; 16
Matheo Ablesson: December 21; 11
Josephine Øllegaard Åshild Thomassen: May 25; 8; resells snacks at school and to the neighborhood kids for an inflated price
Parents(ages, jobs):
Arthur Kirkland: 49; Family shop worker, retired vet
Françoise Kirkland: 52; Journalist
Amelia Jones: 35; Rancher, regular farmer’s market vendor
Honda Kiku: 41; Published author, working on next novel currently
Ivan Braginsky: 38; engineer
Ludwig Beilschmidt: 45; Commercial pilot
Alice Beilschmidt: 48; Professional artist, art teacher
Athena Karpusi: 39; Veterinarian, animal shelter volunteer, foster volunteer
Sadık Adnan: 47; part time bartender, part time cashier, foster volunteer
Feliks Łukasiewicz: 37; Livestock veterinarian
Tolys Laurinaitis: 35; Lawyer
Antonio Fernández Carriedo: 55; Car mechanic, restores vintage cars in his leisure
Lovino Vargas: 51; Pediatric nurse
Matthew Williams: 34; Park ranger
Gilbert: Williams: 47; unemployed
Elizabeta Héderváry: 49; School librarian
Norah Abelsson: 38; 10th grade mathematics teacher
Lukas Thomassen: 26; fisherman
Myrtle Thomassen: 27; freelance artist, children’s book author/illustrator(not yet published)
Wang Yao: 42; 2nd grade teacher
Lars Ablesson: 29; part time retail worker, part time restaurant host
Jumbled facts or some shit:
Lars is Josephine’s biological father. He helped Myrtle and Lukas out for a hefty price- er, because he loves his dear friend Myrtle to pieces- since unfortunately Lukas cant have his own biological children. Josephine is pretty smart but its unsure if she has picked up on it yet.
Gilbert always calls her Emily Pearl because he's proud of the name he picked out. It's never just Emily. It's always Emily Pearl.
The only thing to seemingly make Josephine happy is money.
Áine absolutely cannot stand wearing orange. She'd rather die.
Heidi is easily nauseated by the smell of raw, sun baked fish just sitting out on the docks. Makes her stomach churn just imagining the smell.
Jonah has a gluten allergy, although not as bad as his father's.
Don't ever ask Atticus about video cameras. He will ramble on for hours on end about his favorite, why it's his favorite, the pros and cons of it compared to other models and so on.
Allen is fluent in Russian and is currently learning Japanese. He’s on the same level as Reiji in his lessons.
Metheo is in a phase where he randomly stares at people, mostly strangers, until they walk away uncomfortably. It's... Very concerning to say the least.......
Emily Pearl is already at a 2nd grade reading level. Her fathers have confidence in her intellect later in life.
Gabriel was named for the archangel Gabriel because Fran believed he was her little miracle— considering the struggle of three years prior. But now that he's older she's realized his name should've been Lucifer. He's more fallen angel than holy angel.
Gabriel was almost named Sylvester though. Arthur's choice. Thank every god above for Fran’s persistent and persuasive ways.
Atticus, Gabriel, Heidi, and Reiji have ADHD.
Jonah, Allen, and Janina have ADD.Allen had a horse phase™.
Camillo is very comfortable in what they wear. They don't care what others say or think. Very confident and optimistic in contrast to Cesar's pessimistic outlook.
Heidi, just like her father, is helpless when it comes to confessing her feelings. She flirts very well like her mother but not particularly to the main subject of her affection. She's hopeless.
Josephine has multiple jars filled with nothing but 3 years worth of allowance because she's saving up to buy a house boat and to open up a used phone store.
Atticus loves roller coasters. His parents do not.
Janina is full of nothing but fake confidence, bi panic, and anxiety. Thanks tata! The anxiety is well hated!
Allen thinks of Yao as more of an uncle rather than his dad's too-afraid-of-commitment boyfriend. He usually just calls him Yao anyway.
Allen calls Kiku simply Kiku. Ivan is just dad.
Reiji purposefully tried to drop Harrison because there can only be one cute kid in the family.
Reiji is very interested in history. He hopes Kiku will one day let him go to Japan to see all the shrines and learn the country's past firsthand.
Gabriel and Heidi are close friends. Since Gilbert lived with his brother for a while his own friends(Fran and Antonio) would visit sometimes and would bring along their children. Gabriel and Heidi instantly became best friends while Heidi and Áine.... Well they hate each other. Ah.... That was the day Alice learned Heidi knew the word slut... And bitch. And whore. And many other words she should not know.
Gabriel actually made a spit pact with Heidi that they'd get married when they grew up. They were about 9/10 years old. It fell through upon Heidi's discovery of girls.
Gabriel went to a ballet school for the purpose of impressing a girl he liked. She ended up rejecting him but there really was no loss in the end. He ended up really liking ballet and applied it to his freestyle. He also gained a close friend! His name is Reuben!
Cesar wants to be the first person to use a blowtorch to cook steak in space.
Camillo really wants to cuddle a camel.
Janina, for the life of her, can't spell her own last names from memory.
Josephine, likewise, cannot write her middle names out without having to ask her parents how to spell them.
Harrison seems to favor Allen over Reiji and Kiku. Of course he'd like Amelia, she's his mother, but he always cries when Reiji tries to hold him. It's basically Russian roulette when Kiku holds him.
As for Ivan and Yao, Harrison absolutely loves them. It may just be the beard and long hair they have however. He really likes pulling things.
Áine has accepted "Onion" as her nickname thanks to her uncle Patrick.
Jazmine just wants to leave home. Be on her own. She wants to study space. Maybe go there one day too..... She always asks herself "will I be the first person to have a panic attack on Mars?"
Hotdogs scare Atticus. There's no way he's going to eat a dog! He's got his little big buddy Beetle! He'd never betray Beetle!
Beetle is a Kangal Sadik rescued. He's missing a couple teeth so he's always on a wet food diet. Hard food is tougher to chew. Beetle is very protective of Atticus. Athena doesn't mind Beetle as long as he stays at Sadik's.
Atticus desperately wants a pet owl. Athena says no. Sadik says for his 200th birthday. Atticus is holding Sadik to this promise.
Atticus is really into films and film making in general. He loves editing too. He loves to ponder about what goes on behind the scenes. What was cut from the final product. He has tons of home videos he's shot himself that Athena has affectionately saved.
Allen can't fucking stand the cold even in his thickest jacket. Summer is always his favorite season. Ivan is honestly confused. He's got Russian blood in him! Where's that Russian charisma!? He really wasted that trip to Russia didn't he? Allen complained the whole time. “Why did we come during winter? I live in Texas, dad! Texas! You’ve been there in the summer, dad!” Ridiculous!
Matheo knows just how exactly to piss someone off just from a single look at the person. He uses this skill wisely. Like on his maths teacher for example.
Josephine is red-green colorblind; Deuteranomaly to be exact. She often uses it as an excuse to dress in all black or gray.
Allen is a pacifist. He's actually scared of his own strength, scared of unintentionally hurting someone. Amelia guesses he takes after her a bit more than Ivan, seeing as his father was the captain of the wrestling team and would often get into fights in school.
There's a hen on the farm Amelia named Henrietta. Allen and Reiji have dubbed her hell's chicken as she continuously tries to peck them in the morning when they try to feed her and the rest of the coop. Henrietta has never attacked Amelia or Kiku.
Heidi wears combat boots with every single outfit she owns. She believes it makes her badass, hot, and awesome. Does it make her look gay enough? Is her gayness obvious? She wants a girlfriend. She's confident in the boots' power of seduction.
Gabriel can't swim but that never stops him from jumping into the ocean just to piss his parents off. Scaring them is a bonus. God he loves fucking with people.
Gabriel and Áine get along like a cat and mouse get along. That is to say they don't. Áine likes it quiet. Gabriel likes his music up high. Luckily they had separate rooms growing up.. No, actually that didn’t help.
Emily Pearl goes to work with Matthew when Gilbert has an appointment to attend. She really likes it outside.
When Allen first met Ivan he thought he was Frankenstein because of his thick accent. He didn't say it out loud in fear of being eaten of course. Now he compares his father to a bear.
Allen has yet to meet his aunts in person. Sophia lives in Ukraine and Natalya has hardly spoken to anyone in years. They guess she’s in Belarus, still tracking her biological mother down.
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ayellowcurtain · 2 years ago
ur most recent elu fic!!! im so sad!!! it was so amazing!!! please do a part two!!!
Can you please write hurt Lucas and protective/worried Eliott?
How about doing another one for Runnin’ Home To You?
Part 1
Can’t say how the days will unfold, Can’t change what the future may hold
Eliott still doesn’t know what happened between Charles and Lucas for his boyfriend to end up with what it seems to be a broken nose. 
But Eliott knows Lucas. He’s feisty and reckless and if he thinks he’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re twice his size, he’ll fight you like he’s sure you’ll lose. That’s probably how he gets himself in this type of situation. 
Mika and Lisa stayed at home because they were too much and there was only one car. Manon is quiet in the front seat, but she looks worried. Imane is with them at the backseat, looking at Lucas from the corner of her eyes, it feels like she’s ashamed, not able to look at Lucas directly. 
And Lucas is very, very quiet, only complaining when the frozen vegetable starts to melt in his hand and his nose probably starts hurting again. 
Eliott kisses his temple, telling him that they’re almost at the hospital. 
This world can race by far too fast Hard to see while it’s all flying past But, it’s clear now, When you’re standing here now I am meant to be wherever you are next to me
They’re still mad at each other. If it wasn’t for it, Lucas would probably be crying, talking nonstop about whatever happened with Charles. But he’s not thinking about that. 
Oh, you gave me no other choice But to love you
Like Eliott, he’s probably still thinking about their fight. How Lucas is thinking that Eliott’s ex is back in their lives, in Eliott’s life specifically. And she’s important or her existence wouldn’t be a big secret that Eliott can’t talk about. Lucas is only letting Eliott cuddle with him, kiss his head and run his fingers through his hair because he is in pain and scared. 
Right from the start That you would be Be my light in the dark
When they finally get to the hospital, a nurse rushes to check on Lucas when she notices his hand stained with blood just like his white t-shirt. But when she’s able to look at the cut, she relaxes a little, taking him in but not letting anyone else inside. 
So they have to wait in the little waiting room. 
“What happened?” Eliott asks as soon as he’s back from the bathroom, still cleaning his hands from Lucas’ blood. Manon looks at him and then to Imane.
“Lucas finally admitted that it was him who sent Charles the email.”
“What? It wasn’t him!” Eliott frowns, looking from Manon to Imane. They didn’t talk about it, but Eliott is sure Lucas would never send the guy an email. 
“I…I’m sure Lucas wouldn’t do that.” Eliott answers when Imane seems to be speechless. 
“He admitted, Eliott!” Manon looks at him, almost crying. 
“Charles was right in front of him and I’m sure you were accusing him as well. Maybe he just admitted so you two could leave him alone.” 
“Stop it, Eliott.” Imane says before Manon can give him some unnecessary comment. 
He takes a deep breath. He doesn’t feel like he’s wrong, but he can’t lash out at others like that. 
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” He looks at Manon and she just nods. 
“Can we talk, Manon? Outside…It will take some time with Lucas.” 
“Sure.” Manon gets her purse, leaving Eliott alone at the waiting room. 
He finally lets himself rest for a second, leaning against the chair. There’s no escaping now. The next time he sees Lucas they’ll have to talk and he’ll have to explain. 
I know Idriss. He was my best friend like Yann is yours, I was trying to figure myself out, he was also having a rough time. I got drunk, made out with him, but it only lasted a second. It didn’t mean anything, I was just confused, but he was never my boyfriend, so he’s not my ex. I just didn’t tell you because I know how you see yourself and how you doubt that people like you and I could end up together…
Eliott sits up again, hiding his face in his hands. Even when he’s alone with his thoughts he stutters. 
The nurse is back with his boyfriend and Eliott gets up, looking around. The girls are still outside. 
“His nose is not broken. We cleaned everything, the doctor prescribed a pain killer and he needs to change the bandage at least once a day.” 
Eliott is not really listening, holding Lucas’ face like it’s the most delicate thing he ever touched. He puts both thumbs on the sides of Lucas’ nose, pressing just a little and his boyfriend whines, carefully taking Eliott’s fingers away from his nose. 
“I was just testing you. So I can take him home?” The nurse nods, giving him the prescription to Lucas’ medication and leaving them to see someone else. 
And all my life I promise to Keep running home to you
“You’re going back to the flat?”
“I need to go home.”
“Just because. We can meet tomorrow to talk if you want…” 
“We could talk today.” Lucas quietly takes Eliott’s hands off of his face, but they’re still standing very close to each other. 
“You need some rest. But I’ll pick you up tomorrow, ok?” He tries to smile but he’s not sure if it’s convincing enough. But Lucas nods, looking away. “Lucas, I’ll be there tomorrow, I promise. And why…why did you lie to Manon?” His boyfriend frowns, looking at him again.
“Lied about what?”
“The email. I know it wasn’t you.” 
“Someone sent it. It didn’t matter at the moment. She needed someone to blame, I took the blame. If that was the excuse that Manon was using to still talk to him, I fixed it, now Manon can fucking send Charles back to London or whatever.” 
Eliott looks at him, can’t believe Lucas took the blame just to save Manon the time to use it as an excuse to have her stupid ex around again. 
“You shouldn’t have done it.” 
“It’s done now, so…Where are they?“
“Outside. Come, I’ll take you home.” 
Can’t say how the days will unfold Can’t change what the future may hold But, I want you in it Every hour, every minute
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numba99 · 2 years ago
The Arrangement  Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
Summary: You’re an aspiring model in NYC who is offered an opportunity of a lifetime - an arranged relationship with a famous Ranger. Things start out rough and are further complicated by the fact you’re already in a relationship. Will you be able to figure things out or will it all end in disaster? Word count: 2,854
Warnings: none
You swung the door open to your apartment, fear sparking in you for a second as you saw a figure sitting on your couch. However, fear melted to relief as you realized it was just your boyfriend. You should be used to it by now, Eric had a key to your place (and you to his) so he was always popping by unannounced, but it still startled you every time you walked in on him.
“Hey baby,” Eric greeted you.
“You have no idea how happy I am to see you,” you sighed, shutting the door behind you.
“Rough workday?” he guessed.
“You could say that,” you sighed, slumping down on the couch next to him.
“What could be so rough about modeling? The camera flash hurt your eyes?” Eric teased. You rolled your eyes. It wasn’t the first time Eric made a jab about your job. In fact, it was the biggest point of contention in your relationship. Eric didn’t think modeling was a real career. He always said that in a couple years you’ll be too old for it and that only skill I’ll have to show for it in the “real job market” is the ability to smile in front of a camera.
Of course, that irritated you to no end. He didn’t know the first thing about what it takes to model, and he didn’t care enough to learn about it even if it was what you loved. Normally you would call him out on it, but you were not in the mood for a fight today.
“No, I just had to deal with someone who was a total jerk,” you told him. You scowled, thinking about the interaction all over again.
“I’m sorry baby, you don’t deserve that,” Eric said wrapping his arm around you, “How about I order us some pizza to make up for it?”
“You read my mind,” you smiled, giving him a peck on the lips.
A little while later you were on cuddled on the couch with him, pajamas on and pizza in hand. You had almost forgot about your shitty day. You were mindlessly flipping through your phone with your free hand, when suddenly Eric started hitting your shoulder.
“Babe, is- is that you?” Eric asked, flipping his phone to you. You looked up, shocked to find images of yourself on the screen.
It looked like a little blurb from a sports blog, one that reported on players private lives. There were a few pictures of you out with Mika, which a caption about a mystery woman that seemed really into him.
You nearly laughed out loud at the caption. The picture did make it seem like you were having a good time, though. Maybe you should take up acting, you thought sarcastically.
There were a few blurry ones through the window of the cafe of both of smiling (though you thought you may having calling him an asshole in that moment), and then a couple of you leaving and him following after. You had been in such a huff, you hadn’t even notice people taking pictures of you.
“Uh… yeah,” you admitted, not knowing what else to say. You knew he was going to find out eventually, but you didn’t think it was going to be this soon.
“You want to tell me what’s going on there?” he asked, irritation clear in his voice.
“I, um, I have an opportunity to work on a project with him. I have to do some private interviews with him, he wants to pick the model to work with. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you babe, you know how it is with the famous people, they try to keep everything so secretive. I had to sign papers and everything. I don’t even know exactly what I’m interviewing for,” you lied. You were proud of yourself so making it up so quickly. But also felt bad that you were lying so easily.
“You can’t even tell your boyfriend you’re going to be working with one of the biggest sports stars in New York?” Eric questioned. You could sense his jealous side was coming out.
“It’s a bunch of crazy paperwork,” you tried to explain, “It’s like when if you worked on a movie you wouldn’t be allowed to talk about anything you filmed until it’s released. Believe me, I wish I could talk about it. Truth be told, he’s the asshole I had to deal with today, but I signed something that said I’m not allowed to talk badly about him.”
Eric scoffed. “So you he can be a total douche to you and then you can’t even talk about it or you’ll get sued? What a piece of shit.”
“Seriously,” you agreed, glad he was focusing on that, rather than the fact you hadn’t told him about it, “Must have the world’s most fragile ego.” You rolled your eyes just thinking of him.
“Do you have to see him again?” Eric asked.
“Probably,” you replied cautiously, “I think there are a few rounds to the interview.” It wasn’t a total lie.
“Why do you even want to work with a guy who’s such an asshole?”
“I don’t want to, but it would be good for my career. He’s got lots of connections, anything with him could give me great exposure. It could launch my career,” you told him, repeating what Alice told you. The words felt bitter in your mouth - you hated having to say Mika would be an important part of your career - however you knew it would be the easiest thing for Eric to understand.
“Yeah I guess so,” he sighed, still seeming a bit uncertain.
“Don’t worry about it babe, I want nothing to do with him. I’ve only got eyes for you,” you assured. You cupped his face, pulling him in for a kiss.
Eric smiled as you pulled away. “Well if he’s a jerk to you again, I could beat him up for you.”
You giggled, “I may just have to take you up on that.”
A few days later you were milling around your apartment trying to clean things up when there was a knock at your door. You thought it was Eric stopping by on his lunch hour, but you were met by a stranger.
“Uh hi,” you said, unable to hide the confusion in your voice. You raised your eye brows, noticing the man had a large bouquet of peonies in his hand.
“Are you y/n?” he asked, reading from the card attached to the flowers.
“That’s me.”
“These are for you,” he stated, handing you the flowers and walking off before you could ask who sent them. You shut the door, breathing in the sweet, fresh scent of the blush colored flowers - which happened to be your favorite.
You set them down on your table, pulling the little card out of the envelope attached to the bouquet by white ribbon. In big, loopy cursive read, “Sorry for being an asshole - Mika.”
You let out a laugh, tossing the card down on the table. Did he really thing a few flowers would make up for how he acted? You thought about throwing the flowers away for a second, but decided it would be a shame to waste such a beautiful bouquet. After all, the flowers weren’t the ones who were assholes.
A few moments later your phone rang and you groaned when you realized it was Alice. To your dismay, she told you you had another “date” with Mika today. Your date would consist of an hour walking around Central Park. Lovely. Maybe you could throw yourself in front of a hot dog cart and put yourself out of your misery, you thought to yourself.  
Alice told to you to dress incognito, so you opted for jeans, a sweatshirt, and a large pair of sunglasses. At least maybe you had a chance of not being noticed today.
A text from Fred informed you that it was time to go. You trudged down the stairs, mentally preparing yourself for an annoying hour. When you slid into the back seat of the Escalade you gasped, not expecting another person to be there.
It was none other than Mika himself. Great.
“Hi,” he said with a soft smile. The set of balls on this one, you thought.
“So you always send girls flowers when you’re a dick or?” you questioned him. You could of sworn you heard Fred let out a small snicker as he drove.
“Believe it or not, I’m usually not an asshole,” Mika replied.
“Ha!” you scoffed. “Could have fooled me.”
“You’re right,” he nodded, “I’ve given you no reason to think anything else of me, and for that I am really sorry.”
“Why’d you do it then?” you asked, not letting him get off that easy.
“Well, this isn’t my first time doing something like this,” Mika began, “Usually the girls I’m arranged with are just using me for fame, going after my money, trying to sleep with me, or a combination of all three. I’m constantly being used and I hate it. I thought if I put a wall up right away I could avoid it, but when you said what you did, I realized you weren’t using me like everyone else. And that I was being nasty to you for no reason.”
You nodded, understanding why he acted how he did. You hated doing this once, you couldn’t imagine having to do it multiple times. Especially if you were constantly dealing with people who were just trying to get something from you.
“It’s alright, I forgive you,” you told him, “This is a shitty thing to always have to be doing.”
“You could say that again,” he sighed, pulling the grey beanie on his head further down to cover his dark hair.
“Here,” Fred announced. Mika put on a dark pair of sunglasses before pushing open the car door. He held it for you, allowing you to slide out.
“See ya in an hour Fred,” you said, before shutting the door behind you. The two of you walked towards the entrance of the park, making sure not to stand too close together, as you were still in the no touching phase.
“So why did you agree to do this, if you don’t mind me asking. You don’t seem like the kind of girl who does things she doesn’t want to,” Mika said, his hands resting comfortably in his pockets as he walked.
“I wasn’t going to. I told my agent no initially,” you explained, “No offense, but I don’t like the whole idea of using a guy to get myself recognition. If I am successful. I want it to be from my own hard work and nothing else.”
“I completely respect that,” Mika nodded.
“Unfortunately, my agent had different ideas. She told me I could say no, but that people who say no to her don’t last long in the agency. So basically it was do something I don’t wanna do, or lose my job altogether,” you told him.
“I’m sorry, that’s really shitty,” Mika sympathized.
“Well at least I’m not dealing with a total asshole anymore,” you teased, “I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this if you were like that every time we met.”
“Honestly I don’t think I would either. I don’t like feeling mean like that,” Mika replied, “I never asked, did you like the flowers?”
“Loved them,” you replied, “Peonies are my favorite. My boyfriend always insists on getting roses, which I have to pretend to be excited about… That sounds pretty spoiled, doesn’t it?”
Mika chuckled and shook his head. “You’re a woman who knows what she wants, nothing wrong with that.” You smiled, glad he understand you weren’t an ungrateful brat.
The two of you walked in silence for a little bit before Mika spoke again. “How’d you get into modeling?”
“Well, it started when I was young. I was obsessed with America’s Next Top Model. I would watch it religiously and try to practice along with them. I would even steal my moms heels and practice my runway walk up and down the halls of our house,” you laughed, recalling how you tripped and clunked around in the shoes that were far to big for you.
Mika joined in your laughter, “I would have liked to see that.”
“Oh no you wouldn’t, I was an absolute mess,” you told him, before going on, “As I got older, I started getting more serious about it. Going out on nights and weekends to get jobs. I fell in love with it, I always thought photography was an art form and with modeling I got to be a part of that art… Maybe that’s kind of silly.” You blushed despite yourself. You never really talked about modeling with anyone, because no one ever really seemed to care.
“No, not at all, you’re completely right,” Mika agreed, “You’re an artist.”
“Well I wouldn’t go that far,” you replied.
“I’m serious,” Mika replied, “People don’t realize how hard it is. Not just anyone can get in front of a camera and produce the right emotions for a great picture. It’s really beautiful, actually.”
“I’m glad someone thinks so,” you mumbled, wishing Eric thought as highly of modeling as Mika did.
“Do the people in your life not support it?” Mika asked.
“You could say that again,” you huffed, “Eric - my boyfriend - he thinks it’s stupid and a waste of time. He always says it’s a dead end job and I’ll eventually have to stop because of my age and then I’ll have nothing to show for the years I spent trying to live out a fantasy - his words not mine.”
“That’s terrible,” Mika scowled.
You shrugged. “It’s whatever. He’s great with everything else, I just wish he cared about what means so much to me, or could at least pretend to care.”
“It’s unfortunate he doesn’t, he’s missing out,” Mika stated. You nodded and the two of you fell into silence again as you walked. You were supposed to look happy, for any potential pictures being taken, but thinking about Eric’s lack of support for your choices always put you in a mood.
As you walked, you approached a stand selling snacks and the smell of fresh popcorn filled the air. You suddenly realized you were hungry.
“That smells great, doesn’t it?” you asked, changing the subject.
“It does, I think we should see if it tastes as good as it smell,” Mika replied, stopping to get online.
“Should we get one to share, or one for each of us?” you asked. Snacks weren’t discussed on the phone call briefing.
“They’d probably say one for each of us, which is why I’m only getting us one to share,” Mika smirked.
“Oh what a rebel,” you teased, “I may have to tell on you.”
“Won’t have to,” Mika replied, stepping forward as the line moved, “They’ve got people watching us.”
“Yup,” Mika replied. He paused turning to the vendor to ask for a large popcorn before continuing, “Don’t bother trying to figure out who it is. They’ll look like anyone else, but they’re hired by my management to make sure we are following the rules.”
Despite saying not to bother, you looked around at the people in the area - there were people walking dogs, children playing, couples walking, and elderly man reading the paper. Suddenly the all seemed suspicious. “Creepy,” you shuttered.
Mika shrugged, taking the popcorn and handing the guy a twenty, telling him to keep the change. “You get used to it.”
You scooped up a handful of popcorn, savoring the warm buttery flavor. “You know, usually I’d offer to pay for half - equality and shit - but considering one of us makes millions, I think it’s okay to let you take the hit for the popcorn,” you joked.
“Just when I was believing you weren’t after me for my money,” Mika smirked, tossing some popcorn into his mouth. You rolled your eyes and laughed, chucking some kernels in his direction.
For the rest of the time with Mika, you had to admit you actually had some fun. You were surprised you managed to walk around with one of the biggest sports player in New York and only be stopped once. The observant fan was nice, though she eyed you suspiciously. She didn’t ask for your name, and for that you were glad. You hoped you could remain Mika’s nameless fling for as long as possible, to keep your personal life as uncomplicated as possible.
When your date ended, you felt much different than you did the first time around. You never would have expected to enjoy spending an hour with Mika Zibanejad, yet here you were laughing in the backseat as Fred took the both of you back to your respective homes. As you said goodbye to Mika part of you, a small part that you chose to ignore, was looking forward to seeing him again.
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sanhwamakesmecry · 2 years ago
I love hating you | Elu enemies to lovers AU | Ch.10
Tumblr media
Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 9
Lucas is an angry, closeted and frustrated gay teenager, while Eliott is the handsome, smart and popular guy in school. They hate each other… but not forever.
It’s not your fault, it’s mine
Lucas started to get sick of all the teasing he got after that terrible party. Yes, he got totally wasted and yes, he totally embarrassed himself, but at least he remembered basically nothing of it. He didn’t needed others to tell him or remind him of what stupid stuff he had done that night. Thank god Eliott was avoiding the topic most of the time. First Lucas got worried that he crossed a boundary he shouldn’t have that night, but his boyfriend seemed to act normal with him. He was soft, touchy and flirty. 
They were a couple for almost two weeks now, things seemed to go really well for them. Sometimes they were together for a whole day, kissing and cuddling in bed, sometimes they were out in the park with the boys. It was wonderful, something Lucas had never experienced before. Sadly during the first week of spring break, Lucille decided to come back, she wanted to spend more time with her brother, which was understandable since Eliott had a bad depression not long ago. Still now they had no place to go for privacy, since Lucas only had a pull-out couch in the flatshare and Lucille stayed at Eliott’s place of course. 
It was a nice and sunny tuesday afternoon in the park. Lucille just arrived this morning, so the boys haven’t seen each other all day, they had to catch up on the missed out time. They weren’t alone though, both the boys and girls were there, chilling on blankets, listening to music and eating the sandwiches Manon made for everyone. Lucas and Eliott was a bit further, leaning to a tree, the short boy sitting between his boyfriend’s legs, back resting on his warm chest. His fingers were tracing on the veins that were showing through Eliott’s arms that were wrapped around him. It was a nice and pure moment. 
Tumblr media
Lucas rolled his eyes when he saw what Yann posted. He was so busy studying his boyfriend’s beautiful hands, that he didn’t notice him taking a picture of them. Eliott on the other hand was really happy and already asked Yann to send him the picture in private.
“What do you want with it?” Lucas asked, slightly looking up at the tall boy, still laying in his arms.
“I wanna save these pictures for the future, maybe even print them at some point.” he answered with a happy smile. “Imagine a whole wall full of photos of us.” 
“A whole fucking wall?” Lucas raised his eyebrows. 
“Of course.” Eliott smirked and kissed his forehead. “Wouldn’t you like that?”
“A few framed pictures on the piano and the wall is more than enough for me.” he chuckled and pressed his lips on Eliott’s hand softly. “I like your drawings on the wall more.” 
“You are way too perfect for me.” Eliott mumbled, burying his face into Lucas’ fluffy hair, sniffing it a little. “You really like my drawings?” 
“If I had a room, I’d put your drawings all over the walls.” he said honestly, rubbing Eliott’s hand with his thumb. “They are amazing.”
“You are amazing.” he chuckled, squeezing him softly. “You wanna do something this weekend?” he asked after a few moments of silence.
“Of course, but no parties.” he frowned which made his boyfriend giggle. 
“We can both agree on that we won’t go to parties in the near future.” he said softly, kissing his boyfriend’s cheek. “I was thinking of something chill.”
“Like what? We can’t hang out at your place and everyone will be home at the flatshare too.” he said a bit worried. It was so annoying that they had no privacy during the spring break. 
“I’ll figure it out.” he promised and gave a soft kiss on the boy’s hair. “I wanna spoil your sweet butt.” he added that made Lucas laugh.
“I accept that, anytime.” 
Lucas first met Lucille at a coffee shop, on Thursday noon. He was really nervous since Eliott told him through text that his sister wanted to meet him. He barely could sleep and spent the whole morning going through his clothes and trying to decide which would fit best to meet your boyfriend’s sister. He basically drove Mika crazy yet once again, until Manon, god bless her soul, interrupted them and told Lucas to wear his grey long sleeve shirt with black jeans and his navy blue hoodie. The boy kissed her on the cheek before he put on those clothings and left. 
Eliott gave him a place and time to meet, but he haven’t texted since then. He actually really missed his boyfriend, even if they spent most days together, it was a real torture to be apart. But he was also really nervous, trying not to bite his nails off while waiting in front of the coffee shop. It was a nice and cozy place, he had been here only once, when he had a morning date with Eliott before classes last week. 
He had been there for only like ten minutes or so, when he saw them crossing the street. Even if he stopped walking around, his feet kept bumping on the ground and his hands were shaking, so he hid it behind his back. Both of them were tall, their hair had the same color and their face was wildly similar to one another. The most obvious difference was that the girl walked like a model, head held up, back straight, flawless moves with confidence, while Eliott had his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants, back hunched slightly, movements a little clumsy. Lucas still felt like his boyfriend was the most perfect and gorgeous human being on the earth. 
 “Hey, you look great.” Eliott said with a happy smile when they were close enough to Lucas, kissing him on the cheek, not on the lips. Noted. 
Hey, thanks.” he said softly and looked at Lucille now. She had a smile plastered to her face, but her eyes were screaming murder. The boy swallowed and held his hand out, hoping that it won’t be sweaty. “Hey, I’m Lucas, nice to meet you.”
“Lucille Demaury.” she said on a calm tone and grabbed his hand, shaking it just for a few seconds and pulling back. Eliott seemed to be happy.
“Okay, let’s go inside.” he said, grabbing both of their hands and walking into the coffee shop. They sat down into a nice booth, the siblings on one side and Lucas on the other side. He was really nervous that he couldn’t hold Eliott’s hand under the table at least, but this was an important part for their relationship to keep going. 
Eliott decided to get themselves coffee and some bakery, so he got up and walked away, leaving his boyfriend alone with his very angry looking sister. They were sitting in awkward silence for probably a whole minute, before Lucille decided to speak finally. 
“Listen, I don’t know how much Eliott told you about himself, but I won’t let anyone ever hurt him again.” she said seriously and Lucas had to swallow his nervousness to defend himself and his feelings for Eliott.
“He told me a lot of things, because he trusts me.” the boy started to speak with shocking confidence. “I know about his illness, I know about Sophie... He trusts me because he knows I trust him too.” he said seriously, looking into the girls eyes. Lucille accepted his challenge, staring right into his soul.
“Don’t be so cocky just because he shared some stories with you.” she said bitterly. “He is much more complex than that.”
“And I don’t care.” Lucas said a bit louder than he should be, so he took a deep breath. Lucille closed her mouth, deciding not to say anything to this and crossed her arms in anticipation. “Eliott is the person I care for the most, i told him things I never told anyone, I have feelings for him that I never ever experienced in my life and not you or anyone else can take this away from me now. If I have to fight for him, then so be it.” he said, determined look on his face. He could saw the ghost of a smile on the girl’s face before Eliott came back with two espressos and one latte for Lucas, also carrying croissants and some cinnamon rolls. 
“Sorry it took so long, but there was a few people in front of me.” he said and hopped down next to his sister with a bright smile on his face.
“Don’t worry, we had a nice conversation here with Lucas.” Lucille said, surprising the boy with an actual smile. “Right?”
“Y-yeah.” Lucas nodded quickly, adding sugar to his latte and sipping it slowly. 
“What were you talking about?” Eliott asked excitedly, he was happy that his sister was acting normal.
“Nothing special just yet. I was about to ask Lucas if he has any hobbies.” Lucille said on a soft tone and the short boy couldn’t decide it if it was real or fake. 
“Not much, actually.” Lucas shrugged. “I play piano, but other than that I have no special talents, like Eliott.” he said, flashing a soft smile at his boyfriend.
“Piano? Really?” Lucille raised her perfectly curving eyebrows.
“He is really good.” Eliott said proudly. “He even played some on the piano in my apartment.” 
“I needed to fix it a little, but otherwise he’s got a very nice instrument.” Lucas said honestly. “It’s a pleasure to play for him.”
“And he is an S student.” Eliott added with a wide smile, which made Lucas just a little bit embarrassed.
“It’s not a big deal, I’m better with numbers than with words.” the boy shrugged, trying to look cool about it, but he was watching Lucille to see her reaction.
“It’s interesting how you guys have nothing in common. I mean Eliott is an artist, has a really bad taste in music...”
“Okay, cut it off, Lucille.” Eliott said suddenly with clear irritation in his voice, turning his head at his sister. “What are you trying to say with all this?” he asked seriously. Lucille crossed her arms yet again and looked at him too, eyes narrowed. Lucas was fidgeting a little, hoping that they are not gonna fight because of him. 
“I’m saying that I don’t think this can work well.” she said it out now, being completely honest. “I won’t let you get your heart broken again.” 
“Oh, shut up! I was 15, when Sophie left me! I learned from it, and what I have with Lucas is nothing like that. This is so much more and I know he feels the same way.” he said seriously and the boy was really concerned now that they talked about him like he wasn’t even there. 
“I’m not saying this isn’t real, but you are volunerable...”
“Don’t talk like that about him.” Lucas started suddenly, surprising the siblings and also getting both of their attention. “Eliott is not more volunerable than anyone else. Yes, he is probably more sensitive, but he is just a human being like you or me.” he said seriously, looking into the girl’s eyes. “I am with him, because I know who he is and he also knows who I am. We doesn’t need anything else.”
Both of them were speechless after this, so Lucas tried to read the expressions on their faces. Eliott was just proud and happy, he had that beautiful smile and sparkles in his eyes. On the contrary, Lucille seemed impressed, a soft smile appearing on her face. She took a deep breath, drinking her coffee slowly before talking again.
“Okay, I kinda like him.” she said, glancing at Lucas over the edge of her coffee cup. The boy felt his cheeks turning red and he looked at his hands on his lap, fidgeting a little.
“Thanks.” he mumbled.
The rest of the day went on pretty well. Drinking coffee, eating baked goods, talking about casual stuff. Lucas told her about his parents spliting up, just slightly mentioning his mother’s problems, not really wanting to get into the topic too deep. Lucille asked about school, told some childhood stories about Eliott just to embarrass her brother. They laughed and had fun. 
When it got late, Eliott and Lucas said goodbye to each other. Some soft kisses, whispered words, then the older boy left with his sister, while Lucas also headed home, feeling much better now. As much as he was afraid of meeting Lucille, things went on quite well. They even exchanged numbers, while Eliott went to the bathroom, so they can get in touch if anything happens. Always prepared for the worst. 
After that both of the boys were busy, Eliott spending time with his sister and Lucas finally visiting his mother again. Sadly she wasn’t in the right condition just yet, so he decided to leave the boyfriend talk for another time. But he still enjoyed talking to her, even if she was mumbling bible verses randomly in the middle of the conversation. They had dinner together and walked in the park too, watching people passing by. 
When the evening came, Lucas was extremely tired, just wanting to eat and sleep. He made himself a cheese toast, since he barely had anything in the fridge or the cabinet and it looked like Manon hadn’t cooked. He sat down on the couch, watching some boring tv show, while munching on his sandwich. He got a little startled when he felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. It took him a few seconds to get it out without getting it dirty and he checked his messages. His heart started to flip-flop in his chest when he saw that Eliott texted him.
srodulv I have a surprise for you on saturday
lucallemant What kind of surprise? 
srodulv You’ll see It’s gonna be romantic
lucallemant I can’t wait I miss you so much
srodulv I miss you too
lucallemant Saturday when?
srodulv 17h30, I’ll go and pick you up at the flat Be your pretty self like always, no need for fancy clothing, okay? 
lucallemant Okay, I am really excited now Tell me where are we going!
srodulv That would ruin the surprise Be patient
lucallemant Fiiiine
srodulv ;)
On saturday Eliott arrived in time, welcoming his boyfriend with a long, passionate kiss. They were doing that for a few minutes, but then they had to break apart. The tall one walked to the road with Lucas, getting into a taxi with him. The short boy was concerned now, since they usually took bus or metro if they had to go somewhere. When he asked Eliott about it, he said that tonight is special, so he let it slide. He seemed to be more happy and touchy than usual, keeping his hands on his boyfriends thigh as they were in the taxi. They shared a few kisses, not being too affectionate in case the driver isn’t a tolerant person, but he said nothing. When they stopped at a fancy hotel, the boys got out and Eliott paid for the ride.
Lucas was too busy looking at the gigantic building in front of him. It looked wonderful, the entrance was huge, people walking in and out like ants. His boyfriend hugged him from behind, kissing his cheek softly. 
“Do you like it?” he asked.
“This was your surprise?” he looked at him still in awe. 
“Yes, we needed a place to be alone and this is perfect.” he said softly and kissed his boyfriend’s neck softly. “We can do so many things tonight...” he whispered into his ear which made the short boy shiver.
His mouth were quickly covered with the tall boy’s lips, pulling him into a long, passionate kiss right there in the middle of the street. Lucas wrapped his arms around Eliott’s neck, melting into his hold happily, enjoying the kiss, until his boyfriend pulled back and walked into the hotel with him. They were both giggling and smiling on the way up to their room. When they had the chance to be alone in the elevator, it was impossible for them to not makeout. 
The room was huge, with a big bed in it. Lucas could see the Eiffel Tower from the balcony, which was just breathtaking. He hugged Eliott happily, kissing him wildly. It was so incredible that he was standing in a fancy hotel, in a probably really expensive suite with a person he loved more than anything. He wanted to say it so badly. I love you. It’s a simple thing, but he felt like it’s not the time for it just yet. 
They sat down to a nice table that had candles and a boquet of flowers on it. Eliott opened a bottle of champagne, pouring some into glasses, giving one to his sweet boy. Lucas smiled happily, he never experienced such a romantic moment before in his life, so he wanted to save this moment in his memory forever. There were some cheese, ham, crisps, olives and tomato slices on plates in front of them.
“This is the best thing anyone has ever done for me.” Lucas said softly, grabbing his boyfriend’s hand that was resting on the table, intertwining their fingers. Eliott smiled at him softly.
“All I wanted is to make you happy and feel special. Because you are.” he said honestly, bringing their hands up to his face, kissing Lucas’ fingers. The boy blushed a little.
“I feel special for sure.” he mumbled and took a sip of his drink. “This is a really good champage.”
“Right? I chose it myself.” the tall boy said proudly, drinking some from his own glass. 
“Perfect choice indeed.” he chuckled and now grabbed a piece of camembert, placing in his mouth and enjoying the taste of the creamy cheese. He didn’t even notice that he was making inappropriate sounds until he looked at Eliott, who seemed to be really turned on by it. His face suddenly felt really hot. 
“Does that camembert taste so good?” he asked, eyes looking darker, focusing on the short boy’s mouth now. Lucas couldn’t help, but swallow and run his tongue over his bottom lip.
“You wanna taste it?” he asked, grabbing another piece and he opened his mouth, slightly sticking his tongue out to place the cheese on it. 
Eliott took a deep breath, predator smile appearing on his face as he leant forward, taking Lucas’ tongue between his lips, sucking off the camembert and then leaning back, chewing on it. The boy was speechless, just staring at his stunning boyfriend with a lovestruck gaze. Then it was Eliott’s turn, he placed a piece of ham on his tongue, waiting for his boyfriend to take it. Lucas never thought that a small piece of meat can be so intimidating, but his mouth started to water up. He swallowed before getting up from his chair, leaning forward. He parted his lips, taking Eliott’s tongue between them, sucking off the ham slowly, while they stared at each other intensely. 
Lucas slowly, really slowly pulled back, settling on his chair, feeling just a little bit uncomfortable in his pants. He swallowed the ham, eyes still locked with Eliott’s, who decided to lick his lips and shine him the most seducing smile he had ever seen. He decided to drink from his champagne now, trying to hide his blush, but then his boyfriend pulled out a joint from the pocket of his shirt, lighting it. He smirked as he took a drag from it, blowing out a cloud of smoke
“Fuck...” that was all that left Lucas’ mouth, but it was enough to make the tall boy look satisfied, raising his eyebrows to challenge him while inhaling more smoke.
Lucas decided to end this game right now, so he got up from his chair, walking to Eliott’s side and gently pushing away the table so he could sit down on his lap. The tall boy smirked, still keeping in the smoke until Lucas leant closer, their mouth just an inch away, lips parting. Eliott placed his hand on the back of the boy’s neck and blew the smoke into his mouth. When he was done, he leant his forehead on Lucas’ and sighed. The short one slowly exhaled, letting their faces be covered by the smoke for a few seconds.
It didn’t take long for them to end up in bed, clothes lying on the floor everywhere. Their kisses were wild, their touches were demanding, their voices were full of passion and need. Hands running up and down on sweaty skin. Moanings filling up the silence of the room, alongside some naughty noises their bodies made as they got more and more intimate. Eliott was extra careful knowing that this was Lucas’ first time, he wanted it to be special and painless. He did everything to make his boy relaxed, preparing him until he was basically begging for him to put it in. 
When they connected both physically and emotionally, Lucas felt like he’s seeing the stars. Waves of emotions were running through his body, making him shiver. This was the most intimate and sensual moment he ever experienced in his life. He only felt pain for a short amount of time, but then all was gone and the only thing he felt was pure pleasure. Their kisses were sloppy, sometimes teeth bumping into teeth, nails scratching soft skin. 
Lucas was laying in bed, the blanket only covering the lower half of his body, smiling like an idiot. Eliott was sitting not far from him, the other end of their blanket wrapped around his waist as he was drinking champagne staight from the bottle. He seems really happy, smile basically glued to his face.
“I really love this place.” he mumbled, looking at his boyfriend fondly. “I wish we could afford this more often.” 
“We can, we just gotta rob a bank.” Eliott said, smirking wildly. “Actually I can make the plan for that. You can be the distraction while I sneak in and get all the money we need.” he continued, which made Lucas a bit confused. 
“What are you talking about?” he tilted his head. 
“We could wear masks, I can be a raccoon and you could be a cute hedgehog.” he continued, ignoring the boy’s question. “Wouldn’t that be great?” he asked smirking. “Then we would be running away with the money and get married somewhere far from here.” he giggled and took a gulp from the champagne.
“We’re getting married?” he asked now, trying not to focus on the weird stuff.
“Of course.” Eliott answered quickly now. “I’m sure there are many Lucas and Eliott that are already married in parallel universes.” he smirked and laid down next to Lucas, rubbing his nose on his cheek. “Right?”
“Yeah, I’m sure there are a lot.” he said smiling now.
“Fuck...” Eliott mumbled, taking a bigger sip from the bottle, it was almost empty. “We should die tonight then.” he mumbled, looking at the ceiling for a moment and then back at Lucas with a smile. “While we’re at our peak.” he added. Now Lucas felt a little uneasy, pulling back to look down at the boy laying next to him.
“Why are you saying that?” he asked worried, but Eliott flashed him a soft smile, putting the bottle down, wrapping his arms around him and rubbing his nose into his neck.
“I’m kidding.” he said giggling. “I’m kidding.” he repeated when he saw that Lucas is still not smiling and planted a kiss on his neck.
It got late, the sun was setting outside when Lucas woke up. He was alone in the bed, so he turned around, still half asleep. He felt better when he saw that Eliott was sitting by the bed, staring at him. His sleepy mind couldn’t really focus on the weirdness of the situation, he just loved to be around this beautiful person, so he rubbed his eyes a little and smiled at him. 
“Don’t you wanna sleep?” he mumbled, Eliott let a weak smile appear on his face.
“I can’t sleep when there’s such a hot guy in the bed with me.” he said on a soft tone, which made Lucas smile. 
He was too tired to continue this, so he just closed his eyes and let the sleep take over him for now. Next time he woke up, he heard noises coming not far from him. He slowly opened his eyes to see Eliott roaming in the room naked, like a headless chicken. When he noticed that his boyfriend woke up, he ran to him, giving him a sloppy, wet kiss, then he headed to the door. 
“Where are you going?” Lucas asked, not entirely sure if this was reality or just a crazy dream. 
“I’ll go and get something to drink. I’m so thirsty.” he said, opening the door. “Go back to sleep.” he said softly and walked out, still naked.
The upcoming minute was like an eternity until Lucas’ brain realized what was happening. He jumped out of bed in a second and wrapped the blanket around himself, running to the door. He looked out to the hallway, calling for his boyfriend, but he was already gone. He tried not to panic, to remember the things he read on the internet. 
After he put on some clothes, he grabbed Eliott’s and left the room, shoving the key into the backpocket of his jeans. He left the building and looked around for the boy, while he also called the police. It was almost midnight, not too cold, but it wasn’t a good time to run around on the streets, and his fear of Eliott getting hurt just grew bigger. When he explained the situation to the tired officer on the other side of the line, he was hesitating. Tears were running down his cheeks, panic starting to take over his brain. He needed someone to help him handle this situation, so he decided to call Lucille.
“What happened?” was the first thing she asked when she picket up the phone, her voice still sounding sleepy.
“We were in a hotel... he is naked... He ran away, he said he wanted to get something to drink.” he sobbed, holding Eliott’s clothes tightly in his arms. “I already called the police... but I don’t know where he went.” he mumbled, trying to calm himself down, but his mind didn’t stop showing him horrible pictures of his boyfriend being beaten up because he’s naked or getting hit by a car. He shook his head and sighed.
“Okay, it was a good move calling the police.” she said, trying to sound calm, but she was just as upset as the boy. “Send me the address of the hotel, I’ll be right there.” 
“I will.” he mumbled, still looking around on the streets, like he was hoping that Eliott will come back to him on his own. After he sent the message he slid his phone back to his jean pocket now, waiting for Lucille.
When he snapped back to reality, he knew something bad happened. He was sitting on a steel chair, wrapped in a blanket, but he wasn’t wearing anything under. His body felt cold, but sweaty at the same time, it was disgusting. Eliott wanted to just rip off his skin and threw it away. His last memory was Lucas, sleeping in bed next to him like an angel he is. He was playing with his hair... then full cut. His mind went blank and now he was here, what looked like a police station, sitting by a desk in a small office. No one else was with him, but he heard voices from the hallway through the door. He could see shadows out there through the blurry window. His stomach twisted and he had to slap his hand over his mouth to hold back a gag. His whole body was shivering, his feet hurt, but not more than his heart when he noticed a familiar voice. A third shadow appeared in front of the door, smaller than the other two with long, crazy hair. He felt like he can’t breathe, putting a hand over his chest, looking around when he noticed a paper bag that probably had some baked goods in it not long ago. He grabbed it, letting the blanket slip off of his shoulders in the process. He lifted to his mouth and started inhaling and exhaling into the bag, slowly normalizing his breathing. 
He startled when someone opened the door, peeking inside. He was scared just for a second, then he noticed it was Lucille. She looked exhausted, like she haven’t slept all night. Eliott wanted to know what was the time, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak. A soft smile appeared on the girl’s face when she noticed that her brother was conscious again. There was an angry voice talking to her from outside, so she lookd back and answered quietly, so Eliott can’t hear them. She then turned back, squinting her eyes a little. 
“You don’t have to speak now.” she started softly. “Lucas wants to see you, do you want him to come in?” she asked carefully, studying the expressions on the boy’s face. Eliott felt a strong shiver going through his body and he really wanted to get rid of his skin now. He pulled back the blanket over him and shook his head quickly. He can’t let him to see him in a ondition like this. It was already embarrassing and terrifying enough that all this happened in the presence of his boyfriend. Lucas must be scared and he can’t blame him. This is not what he deserves. He deserves a boyfriend who won’t snap in the middle of the night, leaving naked and then end up in a police station. 
He felt streaks of warm tears going down on his cheeks, his chest kept hurting, making it hard to breathe. Lucille already pulled her head back, closing the door behind her. The loud argument from outside were getting on his nerves, making him feel even more bad. Lucas’ voice sounded worried and scared from what he could here, cracking sometimes when he was sobbing. Eliott could feel his heart breaking into millions of pieces. He did this, Lucas, his soft and caring boy was crying and yelling because of him, because of what he was. He deserved better, someone who is not crazy, like Eliott. 
After long agonizing moments that seemed like hours Lucille entered the room with an officer. He looked nice, smiling softly at Eliott, handing some papers and clothes to his sister before leaving them alone. He looked up, seeing the redness now in Lucille’s eyes which just made his guilt dig deeper inside him, eating up everything. She had a small smile on her face, but it was just her lips, her eyes were filled with worries.
“How are you?” she asked softly, holding the paper and clothes to her chest. 
“I feel like shit.” Eliott responded, voice slightly hoarse. 
“You wanna get dressed?” she glanced at the stuff in her hands and then back at her brother. Eliott slowly nodded and took the clothes from her now. 
It was hard to get up, letting the blanket fall back on the little chair he was sitting on. Lucille turned around, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable in the situation and he was really glad for the gesture. After long minutes of struggling, Eliott was standing there wearing black socks, dakr blue sweatpants, a grey shirt and a black hoodie. He had no idea where these came from, but almost everything was his size. When he got ready, he softly touched Lucille’s arm, not wanting to talk. She nodded, wrapping her arm around Eliott’s waist, walking out of the office with him.
Lucas was back at the apartment, walking up and down in the living room, grabbing his hair, pulling it just a little to keep himself awake. He was up since midnight and it was already nine in the morning. Mika and Manon were in the kitchen, drinking coffee and tea. They didn’t ask anything, seeing that the boy was too upset to talk to them and he was really glad for their understanding, because he was sure that all he could do at the moment is scream at the first person that talks to him. 
He already texted Sofiane, Idriss and Lucille multiple times, but got no response. On the station the girl told Lucas that Eliott didn’t wanted to see him, it broke his heart and he was arguing with her for almost ten minutes, but then he decided to leave. Since then he regretted his choice multiple times. He shouldn’t leave his boyfriend in times like this, he must feel that Lucas abandoned him. He was scared and worried about him, not knowing what to do with himself. 
He jumped when he heard the buzzing of his phone from the direction of the coffee table. He had put it there earlier to stop himself from texting to everyone that could give him information on Eliott. He grabbed it faster than lightning, unlocking it to see who texted him. His heart skipped a beat when he saw that it was in fact an SMS from Eliott himself.
From Eliott I think we should stop seeing each other for a while. I am sorry that I scared you, but I need time to recover and being around you wouldn’t help with that. I hope you understand. It’s not your fault, it’s mine.
In that exact moment Lucas’ heart broke into pieces.
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all-things-skam · 2 years ago
Don’t let me drown
Tumblr media
Title: Don’t let me drown
Ship: Skam France | Lucas Lallemant and Eliott Demaury (Elu)
Eliott liked to see his brain like an ocean.
Some days, the water was calm, without any waves and the sun was shining bright in the sky. Eliott felt great on those days. He would wake up with a smile on his lips, kiss his mother's cheek before leaving for school where he'd be meeting his beautiful boyfriend, Lucas. Before first period, the two would sneak inside an empty classroom and makeout until the bell, hands slipping under shirts as they shared saliva. After school, he would go to Lucas's and make the most of their 'alone' time before Mika's shift ended.
Eliott tried to live his good days to their fullest, knowing - and apprehending - in the back of his mind what was coming: it was the calm before the storm.
Once the wind had settled, his night became shorter and his brain was restless. Bursts of creativity and, while it got him to create some amazing paintings, it meant the storm was getting closer and closer. It was a matter of days, hours even before the first thunder would echo inside his head, followed by a heavy downpour.
With the stormy weather came the big waves. So high, and so strong. The kind of waves that knock you off balance and you have to get up quick before another, comes up. The kind of waves that go over your head and swallow you as they crash down, pulling you with them.
It was difficult for Eliott to keep his head above water as the waves filled with dark thoughts crashed over him. He was fighting the waves the best he could but, humans weren't invincible. Their strength had its limit and the body got tired, making it easier for water to fill the blue eyes boy's lungs. Breathing became more and more difficult but, with the last of his energy left, he reached out, needing something to hold onto to prevent him from drowning inside his head.
That something was Lucas.
When Lucas came home after school on Thursday, he headed straight to his bedroom, about to call Eliott in privacy - and because his phone charger was there. He played games during first period and used all his phone battery. Very smart, uh? He felt even smarter when he noticed his boyfriend wasn't at school and he couldn't call nor text him.
He pushed the door open and stopped in his track, seeing a body-shaped lump on his bed. ''Eliott?'' Lucas asked carefully, voice soft, unsure if the boy was sleeping or not.
He closed the door behind him and crossed the distance to his bed and sat down, the mattress sinking at the weight. Lucas could hear a soft exhale as he leaned over and put a small hand on Eliott's back, rubbing soothing shapes over his tee shirt. As if they were magnets, Eliott leaned into Lucas's touch, a small smile tugging at the younger boy's lips.
''I was about to call you.'' Lucas kissed his scapula, lips lingering for a few seconds. ''How did you get in?''
Lucas knew better than to ask why he was here. He knew. When Eliott was having a bad day, he would reach for Lucas, being his personal anchor. At first, it scared Lucas but, after talking with Mika, he realized Eliott didn't pull a random name from a hat. He chose him. And that meant a lot. Out of all the people in Eliott's life, Lucas was the one who Eliot felt the most safe with, the one who he trusted to hold onto during the storms. Lucas was flattered to have that title. They even had a silent code for when they were in presence of other people. When Eliott would be particularly cligny, Lucas would make up an excuse to leave and they would go to his place and cuddle in bed - and watch Netflix.
Eliott rolled over, facing Lucas. ''Mika,'' he replied in a faint, yet rough voice.
A frown creased between Lucas's eyebrows as he pulled off his mismatched socks, letting them fall on the floor, and got under the covers, immediately feeling the warmth coming from Eliott's body. ''Mika? I thought he had work...''
''He did. I caught him right before he left.''  
Lucas took a mental note to thank Mika for letting Eliott in. When they all moved in a few months ago, they made it a house rule to never leave anyone who's name didn't figure on the lease alone in the appartement - not even for a quick run to the corner store.
Apparently, Eliott was the exception.
As they laid on their sides, only a few inches between them, Lucas couldn't help but notice the dark circles proeminent under his boyfriend's eyes, making him wonder how long it had been since Eliott last had a good night of sleep. You should've called if you had trouble sleeping. I would've come over.
''Are you hungry? I think there's some leftover pastas from last night-''
''Okay.'' Eliott blinked slowly and Lucas reach out, gently caressing his cheekbone with the pad of his thumb. He closed his eyes at his lover's touch. ''You tired?'' he asked, brushing Eliott’s hair back.
The older boy hummed, reaching for Lucas, a hand curling into his side, almost clutching at his hoodie. Getting the message, Lucas closed the gap between their bodies. Despite their height - and the fact that Eliott was significantly taller than Lucas -, on bad days, Eliott loved to be held by Lucas and switching roles. He felt safe in his boy's arms. He still couldn't reach the shore and the waves still crashed over him but, the water couldn't get in his lungs anymore.
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magicallygrimmwiccan · 2 years ago
Only Time, Part III
Summary: In which Conversations Are Had, Tears Are Shed, and Nails Are Painted
Notes: Part III of my trade with @dailypattondoodle / @moonfang03. There be crying in this chapter, and some cussing. And ahhh this is so late, but my editor didn’t have Internet for a couple days and then I had to rewrite a whole chunk so ahhhh. Enjoy this pain! 
Knock knock. “Logan? Can we talk?” Logan sat up, tears still crusting his cheeks, and he sniffed. Wirt squeezed his shoulder, offering support and comfort. Mika stood smoothly, glancing back at Logan for confirmation about the next course of action. Logan nodded shakily, and with that, Mika strolled to the door and opened it, most likely giving Roman the glare to end all glares.
“Roman. Greetings. Talk about what?” Mika drawled, leaning on the doorframe with arms crossed over xyr chest. Roman gulped, taking in the aggressive mama-bear that was Mika at this exact moment.
“Um… about… you know…” Roman stuttered. Mika sighed and stepped back, opening the door wider in a clear invitation. Roman slipped in and froze upon seeing Logan, tears still streaming down his face, being cuddled by a protectively-angry Wirt. “Hey, Logan. How are you doing?”
Tired, Logan signed. Roman swallowed.
“Good, good. Can… do you want Wirt and Mika here or no?” Logan made the sign for no, and Roman sighed. “Alright.” Wirt and Mika vanished before he could even say anything, something that Roman appreciated. They were good friends to Logan, he knew, and while sometimes his heart hurt because he should have been that good friend to Logan, he was happy his brother had people like that in his life. Roman banished the depressing thoughts and walked over, delicately sitting down on the bed next to Logan. “Do you want to start or should I?”
I can start, Logan signed, limbs shaking. I know it was an accident, but I’m still hurt.
“And you have every right to be. You did absolutely nothing wrong,” Roman soothed, internally punching himself for whatever he did to make Logan think his feelings were all his fault. Logan sniffed and swiped at his cheeks before continuing.
I experienced a moment of panic when you did not show up at our appointed time and place. I can attempt to work on being less sensitive, or- Roman gently grabbed his hands, grip still light so Logan could pull back at any time.
“No, no Star-Nerd you don’t. That was very, very much my fault. You reacted in a perfectly normal way, okay? Please stop telling yourself this is your fault when it really, really isn’t.” Logan nodded, still looking doubtful, and Roman internally sighed before an idea lit up his brain. “You know how the Doctor blames himself for every little thing that goes wrong, even when it’s not his fault?” Another nod. “Well, that’s you right now. Is the Doctor always right?” A shake of the head. “Okay. So why is this your fault at all?”
You have your own life, Logan answered. Roman shook his head and groaned. Had Logan not listened to a word he’d said? Did Logan think himself so unimportant to Roman that he would willingly put his own well-being below Roman’s friends?
“Logan, I swear to Walt Disney, the next time you try and justify why I am more important than your feelings, I will yeet atop you and cuddle you into submission,” Roman announced, glaring at his twin just to prove his point. Logan sniffed a bit before letting out a small giggle, warming Roman’s heart as a large smile stretched across his face in reply. “See, we’re okay, yeah?” Logan tried to pull himself together, but an evil grin crossed Roman’s face as an idea came to mind. He quickly reached out and poked Logan’s ribcage, causing the slightly smaller twin to let out a squeak. Roman’s grin widened as Logan’s eyes widened in horror before Roman launched himself atop Logan, ignoring the squeals as he set to mercilessly tickling Logan into submission.
“I told you I’d do this!” Roman crowed as happy tears began to stream down Logan’s cheeks. Logan tried to weakly bat Roman’s hands away, but Roman kept going, determined to quash his brother’s negative emotions to the point where they could never resurface. Okay, maybe tickling was not the best way to go about it, but it was the best idea he could think of on such short notice!
Roman stop I get it! Logan signed, out of breath. Roman grinned and shuffled back, giving Logan plenty of time and space to compose himself. He did eventually, sitting up and shooting a beaming smile in Roman’s general direction.
“Feeling better?” Roman asked, and with that, Logan’s smile dropped again. Roman cursed his stupidity and shuffled closer to wrap Logan in a comforting hug.
I… a bit. I am still concerned? But I am mostly alright, thank you Roman. Roman shook his head stubbornly.
“No, no, you should not be thanking me. I’m the one who caused this, and as such, I need to fix it. Okay? What do you need right now, Logan?” Logan bit his lip as he thought, and Roman sat back on his heels, willing to wait as long as he needed to for Logan to answer.
Perhaps time dedicated just to us? Not right now, necessarily, if you don’t want to, just in the future. Roman nodded, already planning a movie and spa night that would begin the second this conversation ended. And then… lunch meetings?
“Done and done. Anything else? I promise I will try to do it,” Roman answered, mentally rearranging his week to make two lunch meetings with Logan a week. He could only think of one person who would complain, and honestly, Clair could suck it up if it was that big of an issue for them. Logan bit his lip and thought before raising a single hand. Roman’s stomach sank. Logan only did that when he was too nervous to allow himself to articulate fully. That couldn’t be a good sign.
Decathlon meetings and concerts… Roman blinked, confused. Didn’t he go to those?
“I thought I went to those already?” Roman asked, cocking his head to the side. Logan shook his head and lifted the other hand as well, something smoothing over in Roman’s stomach at that.
Not for a few months, now. Roman’s blood decided to all travel to his feet without his consent, leaving him pale as a sheet and unable to process his surroundings and his thoughts. Holy… this had been going on for months?! And Logan was only now saying something?! How long he had been suffering in silence, believing himself below Roman’s wants, crying on the inside as his brother shattered his heart into a million shreds-
Roman? I’m sorry, it’s stupid, you can ignore me, Logan signed. That snapped Roman out of his stupor and he lunged forward, latching onto Logan’s shoulders and staring into his wide, sad, dark brown eyes.
“No. Nope. Not hearing that. Now the question becomes: exactly how long have I been a horrible brother?” Logan swallowed and looked down at his hands as Roman’s heart sank. He had a feeling he wouldn’t like the answer, but he honestly could care less at this point. He needed to know, he needed to fix things, he needed to make Logan happy-
Five months, four days, eighteen hours, and thirty six seconds. The air left Roman’s lungs and if he weren’t already sitting down, he surely would have collapsed onto the bed. Or the floor. Both were viable options at this point to his foggy brain and shattering heart. How had he been so terrible, so despicable, so horrendously bad that this had been going on for more than five months and he. Hadn’t. Noticed?! Logan started crying as he noticed Roman’s silent reaction, and if that didn’t just twist Roman’s heart into a tighter charcoal lump than it already was, more than he considered possible.
“Hey, Lo, it… please don’t cry,” Roman choked out. Logan kept crying, even as Roman gently pulled him into a side-hug. “It’s okay, alright? I… I wish you’d told me sooner, but I’m not mad, okay? I… I just want to fix this and for you to be okay…” Logan sniffed and shook his head, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.
But it’s not okay because I made you sad. Roman started crying at that, those nine words breaking what was left of his already fractured, blackened, twisted-up heart. Now both twins were a sobbing, anxious mess, and neither of them trusted themselves to continue this conversation without causing serious damage to the other. They remained in this standstill of sorts for the better part of five minutes, in which far too many tears were shed and no statements of any kind were traded. One could almost consider this a failure of a conversation, if not for Logan’s friends.
See, no one would ever dare accuse Mika Kirkland of being a doting parent, but they also sure as hell wouldn’t accuse xem of not giving a shit at all. While Wirt might be more willing to take “give us space” incredibly literally and go to a whole other level of the house to not eavesdrop, Mika was not that person and had instead camped just outside the door to Logan’s room. When the tickle fight had started, xe had startled, half-convinced there was a murder going on in there. Of course, xe had quickly realized that it was just a tickle fight and had relaxed, believing the worst of the conversation to be over. However, once the sobbing started, xe shot to xyr feet and ran off, ready to try and fix this the only way xe knew how: blanket forts, hot cocoa, and plushies.
With some help from Patton and Virgil, Mika managed to rig up a basic blanket fort in the living room around the telly and set to work on making good hot chocolate from melted dark chocolate chunks and real milk, not that powdered crap that xe would never admit to secretly liking. Patton and Virgil left to take Wirt home just as the mugs were done, leaving Mika to waltz up the stairs, into Logan’s bedroom, and drag both idiotic emotional twins downstairs to watch cartoons and sip hot cocoa in a nice warm blanket fort surrounded by plushies.
Roman tried to protest, and Mika shut him up with a gentle smack to the head and a blanket around the shoulders. “Drink your fucking hot chocolate and let me make you feel better,” xe growled, turning on Big Hero 6 while xe settled Logan in next to Roman. Once both twins were thoroughly cocooned in blankets, trapped on all sides by plushies, and drinking far too much hot cocoa to be healthy, Mika retreated, going to grab the things for Phase Two of xyr plan.
“So… I’m really, really sorry,” Roman murmured, hugging his ceramic red mug closer to his chest. Logan sighed and raised a hand, holding his black ceramic mug in his right hand.
Roman I love you but shut up. This isn’t on you. Roman gulped and sipped the warm brown liquid, still convinced this was all his fault. Logan sighed and leaned onto Roman’s shoulder, sighing. Roman, please believe me.
“Listen to Logan, he clearly got the brains in this twin set,” Mika called, walking back in with… was that a nail polish set?! Roman and Logan both blinked in unison, confused. “This is nail polish. I want you two to do your nails, and you’re not leaving until your nails are dry and you’ve solved these issues.” With that, Mika stalked out, leaving the twins alone.
So… I go first? Logan signed. Roman nodded and extended his hands. Logan grabbed some red and gold nail polish and set to work, keeping one hand free to communicate.
Alright. Tell me about your friends? I want to know something about each of them before I sit with them at lunch. Roman blinked. Really? Logan nodded, looking at his brother with a comforting smile.
“Alright, um… So. Shiloh is a STEM nerd as well as a theatre nerd. You’ll get along great, he really loves Doctor Who and the Sherlock Holmes stuff.” Logan’s eyes lit up at that, making something positive bubble in Roman’s stomach. “Mabel loves glitter and crafting, so don’t sit by her if you don’t want to be washing glitter off of you for a solid week after the fact.”
Good to know, Logan signed. Roman nodded and looked at his now red and gold nails, smiling softly.
“Dani is a tri-sport athlete, a math nerd, and is actually our head tech person. So, if you want to talk about construction and architecture, she’s your person.” Logan nodded and finished the second coat on Roman’s nails. “And Tommy is a track person and our main costume designer. He’s a bit of a diva, but honestly, he’s a sweetheart.”
Isn’t he the one who always comes first in the sprints? Roman murmured confirmation and Logan kept going with his nails.
“And then… Kate honestly flits in and out, but she’s mainly a dancer. Cory and Clair… have a thing. Clair’s a fashion diva and a writer, and Cory’s just a bundle of sweetness until you push too far.” Logan took in this information and finished Roman’s nails, nodding as he capped up the last bottle.
Alright. Would you mind if I joined you tomorrow? Roman beamed, nodding enthusiastically, and had to force himself to not move his hands in order to not ruin Logan’s almost-perfect paint job.
“Of course you can! Anything else?” Logan shook his head, and with that, Roman took Logan’s hands, grabbed blue and silver nail polish, and got to work. “Alright, then it’s my turn. You’re amazing and I don’t tell you enough. I’m so sorry that I’ve been an ass, and I promise that now I’m going to try much, much harder to be aware of you and what you need, emotions wise.” Logan blinked and started to raise a hand, most likely to deny that he had emotions, but Roman grabbed it back and settled it back into position. “Um, nope, you’ll ruin the nail polish.” Logan’s shoulders drooped and he chuckled a little bit before remaining still.
“Now, I’m coming to your next concert, and your next Decathlon competition, and we’re having lunch tomorrow. And while I wanted to do a spa day tonight, this is great! Now, I’m almost done, hang on.” Logan nodded, and Roman quickly finished his nails in silence before pulling back, beaming. “Okay! Now… aw, movie’s over.” Logan giggled and carefully held up his hands.
You are a dork. Roman gasped, clasping a hand over his heart dramatically.
“How dare!” Logan giggled and gently pushed Roman back, smile lighting up the room. The two dissolved into fits of giggles and cuddled into each other, falling asleep in a cloud of happiness after the stressful emotions of the night.
“Alright, Logan, remember what I told you. Clair can smell fear,” Roman shout-murmured to be heard over the din of the cafeteria. Logan nodded and clutched his Caesar salad closer to his chest to prevent it being brushed out of his hands in the crowded room. Roman slipped an arm through Logan’s and pulled him over to the usual table. Everyone’s eyes snapped up at their presence, and Logan’s blood chilled. Did they all hate him? Especially because Mika had yelled at Roman yesterday at lunch.
“Logan! You’re okay!” Shiloh called, shooting upright and dashing over to wrap him in a hug. Logan stiffened before awkwardly hugging back, salad still clutched in one hand. Shiloh pulled back and ruffled his hair, giggling a bit before dragging Logan over to sit between him and a blonde, most likely Dani.
“Hey, Logan! I heard you like architecture,” the blonde (yep, definitely Dani) started, voice bubbling with authentic cheer and interest. Logan smiled and carefully picked at his salad before answering her open-ended statement.
Yes, I really do. Gothic architecture is a favourite of mine, to be honest. Dani clapped her hands and completely ignored her garlic pasta, launching into a long ramble about flying buttresses and how amazing and innovative they were for the time period. Logan jumped in as well, talking about the geometry and the psychology behind why these structures were so aesthetically appealing. That launched them into a discussion about geometry and how important it is in so many areas of study, leaving everyone else confused.
Eventually, a long pink nail tapped the table in front of Logan. He turned to see a red-head dressed like a fashion model, smiling at him. “So. Logan. I heard you like literature.” Logan nodded, and the redhead, clearly Clair, reached into her bag and pulled out a book, plopping it in front of Logan. “Have you read Picture of Dorian Grey?” Logan nodded, and Clair’s face lit up before she launched into a rant about that. With that, Logan settled down and relaxed, the camaraderie among Roman’s friends washing over him and whisking all his worries away while he ate his salad.
Notes: Sorry not sorry :) Also, we should be out of the worst of the angst. Not to say there isn’t going to be more, just that most of the worst of it is over with. Thank you for reading! 
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dr-gloom · 2 years ago
Fics Masterpost
Morning People
Summary:  Virgil’s supposed to be going on his first date in… a while, but he’s feeling anxious about it.
Ship: Moxiety
Tags/Warnings: anxiety, first dates, Human AU
Running Wild 
Summary: based on this post. Virgil is feeling overly anxious, but instead of helping and providing a short-term solution, Logan convinces the others to let Virgil “run wild” to see if he can’t come up with a more permanent fix.
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings: anxiety attack, anxiety, canonverse
I See The Light
Summary: Based on the prompt: I always hear you singing on your balcony (below mine) every morning, but suddenly you’ve stopped? from this post 
Ship: Prinxiety
Tags/Warnings:  Human AU, singing, idk what else uh, self deprecation?, Disney songs, some swearing
You’re Scared
Summary:  Based off this AMAZING prompt from @britbrodcast​!
Ship: platonic LAMPD
Tags/Warnings:  Virgil is spoopy but also a dork so it balances out, Patton is Concerned™, I guess this could be considered Sympathetic Deceit?, Idk, But he isn’t a bad snek so, mild swearing, angst, panic attack, canonverse
Summary:  Based on the prompt:  Prompt.530: Our dogs fell in love, so I guess we’re friends now. by @yetmoreprompts. Virgil takes his dog to the park and makes an... interesting new friend.
Ship: Moxiety
Tags/Warnings: some swearing, mentions of anxiety/panic attacks, human au
Delayed Introductions
Summary:  based on the Chance Encounters prompt:  a storm is delaying our flight home and i’m afraid of thunder, please talk to me while we wait. Virgil and Logan are stuck in the airport due to a bad storm, and Logan can’t help but offer his unique brand of comfort to this cute stranger.
Ship: Analogical
Tags/Warnings:  astraphobia, Human AU, science, brief mentions of Patton and Roman
Summary:  Virgil reflects on how much things are changing. Takes place between Accepting Anxiety Part 2 and Fitting In.
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  Virgil is angsty, reflections and introspection, anxiety, worrying, the others are mentioned but this is Virgil-centric, canonverse
College Parties Never Amount to Anything Good
Summary:  Roman thought they all needed a chance to unwind after a stressful semester. So what was his natural first choice? A college party.
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  drinking, rapping (not rape, i know how to spell :P), college AU, Human AU
Rewrite The Stars
Summary:  Logan and Roman are fighting. Is it the end of their relationship?
Ship: Logince
Tags/Warnings:  angst, sad boyos, anxiety attack, lots of flashbacks
Clip My Wings and Watch Me Fall
Summary:  Based on this post. They all had wings, but they didn’t know why. They were as normal to the Main Sides as their eyes, or the way they were all subtly different heights. That is, until they weren’t. 
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  violence, pain, sadness, angst, broken Virgil, non-binary Virgil, non-binary Deceit, non-binary Dark Sides, winged!sides au
Starlight, Starbright
Summary:  Virgil didn’t want to meet his soulmate. He didn’t want that instant, flowing love. He was too scared that he would disappoint them, that they’d be stuck in a loveless relationship with no out just because society dictated that soulmates were forever.
Ship: Analogical
Tags/Warnings:  angst, Human AU, soulmate AU (drawing on the skin), some swearing
He Hates Coffee (But He Loves You)
Summary:  Virgil hates coffee, so why does he keep coming back to this small coffee shop?
Ship: Analogical
Tags/Warnings:  Virgil has anxiety, but I mean who doesn’t, cute af, human au
I Quit
Summary: Patton’s had enough. 
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  total vent fic, Patton says fuck, unappreciated character, depression, canonverse
Rhythm of Love
Summary:  Logan is having a hard day. Roman knows just how to help.
Ship: Logince
Tags/Warnings:  cuteness, fluff, squish, adorable gays
To Love The Most
Summary:  They said that to love as deeply and openly as he did, he must have grown up knowing immense love. But what he knew as a child wasn’t love, not really.
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  mentions of abuse, mentions of neglect, mild swearing, mentions of suicide attempts, mentions of self harm, human au
It’s Gone
Summary:  It’s gone, and now he’s going to lose everything.
Ship: Royality
Tags/Warnings:  trans!Patton, angst, uh what’s the word… crisis? idk, depression (not really mentioned, but implied), human au
The End
Summary: Patton’s life fell apart in the course of two weeks, and he doesn’t think he wants to try and pick up the pieces. (vent fic, very dark)
Ship: Moxiety
Tags/Warnings:  suicide attempt, depression, suicidal thoughts, implied abuse, breakup, mentions of self harm, self-hate, Patton is transmasc genderfluid, not a happy ending, character with depression, character with BPD, mentions of an eating disorder, human au
Summary: After an accident leaves Dimitri physically scarred and half blind, he decides to take back his confidence and turn his blemish into a statement. And of course his family are going to fully support him.
Ship: Platonic Prinxiety, familial/brotherly Moceit, possible/hinted at Anxceit, possible/hinted at Royality
Tags/Warnings: Scars, swearing, blindness, tattooing, mentions of pain, human au
Play Pretend
Summary: Logan and Virgil agree to pretend they're dating to get the other sides - who keep setting them up - off their backs. After a few months of this carefully crafted facade, Logan begins to notice some changes.
Ship: Analogical
Tags/Warnings: fake dating, soft boys, fluff, cuddles, kissing, confessions, mentions of weight gain, mentions of body issues/issues with self-image
I Have You
Summary: Virgil and Remy go on a camping trip with their friends, and an event earlier in the day has put Virgil in a bad mood. He still has a surprise to give to Remy though.
Ship: Sleepxiety
Tags/Warnings: camping, very brief/slight angst, mentions of being unable to swim/almost drowning, anniversaries, human au
The Snake
Summary: Roman goes to Logan in his time of need after a run-in with an old acquaintance.
Ship: none
Tags/Warnings: Human AU, descriptions of blood and injury, injured character, descriptions of a fight/physical assault, angst, Virgil and Roman are twins, unsympathetic Deceit, villain Deceit, racism, racist comments, Deceit’s human name isn’t used just a nickname
Summary: The day Virgil’s strange boy wandered into the forest would be a day forever etched into his memory.
“Remember the first time we met?” Virgil nods, a small smile playing on his lips. The branches sway in the breeze and moonlight dances across both of their faces. “Like it was yesterday.”
Ship: Dukexiety
Tags/Warnings: relationship is kinda vague, like vaguely romantic, Fae AU, Virgil is a fae, Mentions of Death, Some Swearing, People Being Assholes
Man Plans, God Laughs
Summary: Dee and Remus had been planning to leave for a while, but one unexpected surprise leads them to act out their plan sooner than Dee would like. With little supplies and almost nothing to their names, how will rich boy Dee Cete and foster kid Remus Regara survive?
Ship: poly Roylogicality, platonic Anxceitmus
Tags/Warnings: swearing, running away, physical abuse, mentioned abuse, injury, child neglect, homelessness, Remus is Colombian-American, Dee is African-American with vitiligo, Roman Logan and Patton are in a poly relationship, Spanish translations at the end, Human AU
There’s Music In You
Summary: Virgil can hear music in everything, from the emotions within him to the cacophony of noises created by the outside world. So why does the sound of his own melody have to be so different from his soulmates’? Maybe it’d be better if he didn’t find out.
Ship: LAMP, side Dukeceit
Tags/Warnings: Soulmate AU, musical soulmate au, soulmate songs, polyamorous relationship, some self-deprication, lots of musical terminology, human au, Virgil is friends with Remus and Janus, Janus and Remus are pre-established soulmates, nonbinary!Janus
And The Winner Is...
Summary: Janus has been in the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic since it began. He’s seen more death, felt more loss, and heard more pain than any human should just within the last seven years. He’d all but given up on family, friends, forming bonds of any kind, because he knew they would just be taken away from him.Until he met Logan Abbott.
Ship: Loceit
Tags/Warnings: death, character death, HIV/AIDS, takes place in the 80s, specifically ‘87-’89, mentions of ballroom culture, descriptions of illness, descriptions of delirium/fever, descriptions of unintentional minor starvation, this is not a cheery fic guys just keep that in mind and be careful, human au
Into the Unknown
Summary:  Patton has a big decision to make, and despite how easy everyone makes it sound, he struggles.
Ship: none
Tags/Warnings:  politics, anxiety, mentions of islamophobia, mentions of transphobia, mentions of anti-vaxx rhetoric, mentions of racism, 2020 election
Fall Apart (finished)
Ch 1  Ch 2
Summary: Virgil is trying to recover from his soul-shattering breakup with Roman, reminded that the world won’t stop for his depression. He learns to pick himself back up and gains a nugget of wisdom from an unlikely source.
Ship: past Prinxiety, platonic 
Tags/Warnings:  Human AU, Asexual Virgil, mentions of a breakup, mentions of depression, very brief mention of self-harm, recovery
He’s Gorgeous (finished)
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3
Summary:  Virgil meets Roman at a college party his two asshole friends dragged him to. (based on Absolutely Smitten by Dodie, Talk About You by Mika, and Would You Be So Kind by Dodie)
Ship: Prinxiety
Tags/Warnings:  Human AU, college AU, Logan Deceit and Remy are only mentioned in passing, anxiety
It’s Still A Good Life (finished)
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3
Summary:  Logan is hurting, and Virgil takes some time to think about what’s important to him.
Ship: past Logince
Tags/Summary:  break ups, sad boyos, unrequited love, Virgil’s just a really good friend okay?, swearing, some angst
Overworked and Underpaid (finished)
Ch 1  Ch 2
Summary:  Thomas has been too busy to hang out with his friends, and it’s slowly been taking a toll on Virgil. Of course, being who he is, he puts his own health and well-being aside to be there for the others, until it runs him into the ground.
Ship: no ship
Tags/Warnings:  sick Virgil, stressed Virgil, delirium, poor anxious baby, soup, canonverse
The Makings of Greatness (Finished)
Summary: When a dying salamander crash-lands in Virgil’s front yard, it changes his life forever. He must traverse across space to the furthest reaches of the galaxy with his dad’s friend, a stuck-up captain, and a shady crew before he can realize his dreams. Of course, things aren’t always as easy as they may seem.
Pairings: platonic logince, platonic moxiety, platonic anxeit, familial ThVi, queerplatonic Romile
Tags/Warnings: violence, attempted murder, minor character death, angst, abandonment issues, near death experiences, mutiny, murder, injury, anxiety, fire, explosions, some sympathetic deceit, manipulation, deceit, treasure planet au, you dont need to have seen the movie to read the fic though
What You Wanted 
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3  Ch 4  Ch 5
Summary: Creativity - split in half at a young age, leaving the “good half” in the light and shunning Remus into the dark - Logic and Morality presided over Thomas’ mind and personality for over two decades. They monitored and suppressed the “dark sides”, making sure their influence only extended to necessities. Necessities which said “light sides” determined as such. Needless to say, this left the “dark sides” in a sour mood, fostering hatred and jealousy the likes of which the “light sides” would come to fear. But it hadn’t always been that way.
Pairings: none; familial dark sides, familial light sides
Tags/Warnings: Some unsymp/morally grey Patton, violence, attempted murder, nothing like gory or bloody though swearsies, manipulation and deception, mind control sort of?, minor gaslighting, canonverse
Trans-Continental Friendship (In Progress)
Synopsis:  in all the time Virgil has been friends with Patton, Roman, Logan and Thomas, he’s never turned his mic on during a Skype call. The others decide this is entirely unjust.
Ship: Prinxiety
Tags/Warnings: trans!Virgil, anxiety, meet-ups, skype friendships, long-distance friends, long distance relationship, some swearing, human au
'Better’ (In Progress)
Synopsis:  Virgil has been dating Dee since Junior year of high school. Years later, Dee’s become a completely different person; he’s verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive. After finally escaping Dee’s hold, he comes to live with Patton and Things™ happen.
Ship: past Anxeit, current Moxiety
Tags/Warnings:  abuse, anxiety attack, depression, PTSD, non-con, human au
Toddler!Virgil Series (In Progress)
Synopsis:  I have this theory based on the sides’ behaviors and maturity levels that they are in fact different ages (especially since Anxiety most likely manifested last). So at Thomas’ birth, Logan and Patton manifested, but they were approximately 6. This accounts for Thomas’ emotional intelligence and book smarts, and it makes sense for an infant’s primary functions to be governed by sides who are old enough to grasp the concept of what they are, I guess? Anyways. Roman manifested when Thomas was 2, so he’s 2 years younger than Thomas and 8 years younger than Logan and Patton. Virgil manifested when Thomas was about 12, making him the youngest.
Ship: platonic LAMPTD, parental Analogicality
Tags/Warnings: crying, temper tantrum, slight(?) panic attack, Virgil calls Patton Daddy so the others kinda just go with it, screaming, meltdown, blackouts, canonverse
Halloween Spookmonth Prompt Fics (Finished)
Synopsis: a bunch of one-shots based on the Spookmonth prompts for October 2018. I can’t really add the ships and tags or it’ll be a mile long
Fanders Pride Meetup 2k19 (Finished)
Week 1  Week 2
Summary/Synopsis: An even organized by lamp-calm-sanders with a different prompt for each week of the month of June in celebration of Pride. Each week is a separate, unrelated fic.
Ask Prompt Fics 
Synopsis: Exactly what the title says. 
94 notes · View notes
invaderzia1 · 2 years ago
The Worst is Yet To Come (Jean Kirschstein x Fem!Reader) (Part 5)
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |
hey hey hey whats up sorry this has taken so long, i was struggling on the end but I finally feel good about it
9 more days of torture passed since I learned (Y/n) had been meeting with another guy. Everyday I watched her walk out that door I knew she was getting farther away from me. I was loosing her to someone else, I was loosing the love of my life. My thoughts had become more dangerous and toxic, I couldn’t be alone with them any more. All I wanted to do was cry and drink, throw myself into a disoriented state where I could relive my old life. The only way I could be happy.
It had been decided that I was to stay with Eren until I was able to properly care for myself. I felt like a child, but I knew it was for the best. I had packed up a good portion of my clothes and valuables, leaving behind our apartment. It hurt, no longer could I curl up to a picture frame of us while I drank myself asleep. But it’s what had to be done.
Currently, Mikasa, Sasha, Connie, Eren, Historia, and I were all watching some movies. It had been a while most of us had hung out like this, especially without (Y/n) with us. It was ever present over us how weird it felt. Mikasa and Historia has taken over the main couch, laying out onto it. Sasha and Connie were cuddled on the ground with each other. Me and Eren had ourselves on the side couch, sitting comfortably on it. For the first time in a few week, my mind didn’t feel plagued with horrible thoughts of what had happened, rather I was able to enjoy the presence of my friends. It was nice.
“So have you seen that Porco guy yet?” Connie asked, stuffing his face with popcorn as he did.
“Yeah, she introduced us to him the other day.” Mikasa said, putting her phone down. “There’s something off with him, I can’t place it.”
“Yeah!!” Sasha exclaimed, throwing her hand up excitedly. “He seemed like an asshole too. I don’t know what she sees in him.”
I just sighed, not letting my depressive thoughts get the better of me. “Are you just saying that cuz I’m here or because you really didn’t like him? I’d rather you not pass judgement on someone just because you think it’ll make me feel better.”
Sasha whipped around, staring me into my eyes. “No! There’s something really weird about him and I don’t like it.”
I placed my hands up defensively, waving her excitement off.
“What about you guys? Have y’all seen him?” Connie questioned Eren and Historia.
Eren shook his head, disinterested in the conversation. Historia nodded however, catching Connie’s attention.
“Yeah? What did you think? Is he a dick like everyone is saying?”
“He just seemed disinterested in everyone who wasn’t (Y/n), as if we didn’t matter to him. If he was trying to make a good impression of us than he did a pisspoor job at it.” Historia replied, shrugging her shoulders.
Suddenly, Historia’s phone let off a loud buzz, startling a good portion of us. She reached into her pocket and answered it, scurrying out of the living room into one of the empty room. We all just shrugged it off as we continued to enjoy the movie.
After a couple minutes of uninterrupted peace and relaxation, a loud thud was heard, as if someone had just called from the apartment upstairs down to erens, followed by a faint red light from under the door frame where Historia was. A few muffled voices were heard from the room as everyone suspiciously turned to look at it.
Eren nudged me not so gently with his foot, making me turn to him. His panicked expression told me everything I needed to know. Ymir and Armin must be back. I nodded at him.
“Would you two know what’s going on in there?” Mikasa not so gently put, annoyed by this sudden development.
“Maybe Historia dropped a book or something.” Eren joked, shrugging his shoulders.
Mikasa didn’t like this joke however, narrowing her eyes at him. “Eren, what’s going on?”
Everyone’s eyes were on us, trying to figure out what was going on. We had been able to bullshit a reason Armin just disappeared, something about Erwin needing him for a conference or someshit. But we knew we weren’t going to be able to bull shit this. Especially with anymore loud mouth causing a scene in the next room over.
“Historia, you can come out!!” Eren yelled. “I guess it’s time to let you guys in on this.”
The door opened pretty quickly, Historia shuffling out first followed by Armin and lastly Ymir. Everyone was a little apprehensive around Ymir, past interactions with her coming to mind. Mikasa’s eyes glazed over them before turning to me.
“Good to see you guys again.” Ymir announced, making herself at home on Eren couch.
“Hmmmph, what are you doing here?” Connie asked, practically spitting his words at her.
“Oh come on, can’t I spend time with my favorite mortals and half demon.”
“I don’t know, seems like Jean and Eren were about the explain what was going on, however.”
“Oh this should be fun.” Ymir smirked.
I was getting pretty feed up with this back and forth, not finding Ymir and Connie’s conversation as entertaining as I would’ve. I slammed my hand down onto the coffee table in front of me, bringing the attention back to me.
“Fuck it, you want to know?” I exclaimed, my jaw clenching in anger as I spoke. “I asked Ymir here to help find some sort of way we can help (Y/n), she wanted to take Armin to Hell with her in order to research better.”
Everyone was taken aback by my words, shocked by how much they had been left out of the loop. However, they were quickly brought back when Mikasa slapped my face. Then she slapped Eren’s followed by Armins. All three of us nursed our red cheeks, staring up at her in shock.
“MIKASA WHAT THE HELL???” Eren yelled out.
“Why didn’t any of you tell us? Are you idiots?” Mikasa’s eyes were angry, her usual stoic mood gone in favor for this fiery anger. Her fist was clenched by her side, her knuckles white.
“We couldn’t, you would’ve tried to stop us. I needed to make sure I was doing anything I could to help (Y/n).” I spat back, not caring that Mikasa could and will kick my ass.
“But how can you trust Ymir so blindly?”
“Ouch. Hurting my feelings here, Mika.” Ymir said, interjecting her sly comment in between our argument.
Mikasa shot a glare at Ymir before continuing her tirade. “You could’ve gotten Armin hurt down there, who knows what could’ve happened.”
My jaw clenched even harder as I ground my teeth together, I knew Mikasa was just worried but I couldn’t take her scolding me over this.
“Guy, stop fighting.” Armin exclaimed, jumping in between Mikasa and I. “I went on my own accord, I wanted to help Jean as much as I could.”
Mikasa eyes stared down at Armin, softening slightly as she did. Her fist unclenched as she took a breath, calming herself down. She crossed her arms and turned away from us, taking a seat in the lounge chair on the opposite side of the main couch. I released a sigh of relief, calming my nerves ever slightly. Everyone else seemingly did the same, taking seats around the living room and staring up at Ymir and I.
“Anyone else got any stupid questions before I start or can I get into what we found?” Ymir asked, running a hand through her hair, pushing it out of her face.
Nobody said anything, just staring up at her. Ymir sighed, rolling her eyes at everyone. She put her free arm around Historia, spreading herself out on the couch. Her jet black eyes scanned everyone’s face before settling in mine.
“Alright, lets get started then.” Her voice went for snarky to serious, preparing the rest of the room for what was to come. “So, bad news first, there’s no immediate fix to this.”
“What does that mean?” Eren jumped in, cutting Ymir off before she could continue.
“How about you let me explain before jumping in.” She glared. “Now, what I was going to say was there’s no simple solution to this.”
I stared back at her, waiting for her continue.
“There is some good news.” Armin nervously jumped in, turning attention from Ymir to him. “While there is no simple way to go about this, there is a way to fix this.”
I felt my heart leap from my chest, hope filling inside of me. My eyes widened as I sat up to listen more attentively. I couldn’t hide my excitement.
“W-What do we have to do?” I exclaimed. I could feel everyone’s eyes boring into me, I didn’t care about them.
“Well, there are two ways we can go about it. Though, they will be difficult and there’s no way to know if they will actually work.”
“I don’t care, I still need to try them. I can’t give up on her so easily.” I stood up in excitement, getting overworked by this new hope. I felt a pillow smash into my face, breaking me of my excitement.
“Sit down and let us explain this first.” Ymir yelled, snarling her sharp teeth at me.
Grumbling to myself, I reluctantly say down. I stared down Ymir and Armin as they began, bouncing my foot up and down impatiently.
“Okay... lets start with the first one, since it’s the least assine one.” Armin cleared his throat before speaking. “Well, we need travel to Hell and perform this ritual where Jean has to climb to the highest peak of the highest mountain in Hell, while carrying this medallion, then he has to bury it and wait for a bolt of lightning to strike that exact spot, at which point-“ Armin caught the collective look of uneasiness, stoping his explanation. “-oh... yeah, this one is pretty convoluted.”
“You think?” Eren replied, sarcastically.
Armin’s face went red in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his head nervously. I shot Eren an annoyed look, but was as equally unimpressed by that method. It didn’t sound like he was even half way through with that and while I would try it, I wasn’t happy about it.
“Well,” Ymir started, “If you didn’t like that one you probably won’t like this next one.”
Ymir gave Armin a look, cuing him into continuing. He cleared his throat and, with less vigor than before, continued.
“Well, the next way is to get the demon to break the contract.”
Oh, that seems simple, I thought.
Everyone else must’ve had that same thought, as they exchanged a similar look, before looking back to Armin. Armin must’ve knew how confused everyone is.
“Why are you all looking at me like that?” Armin stuttered out.
“Is that... all we have to do?” Sasha cautiously asked, quirking an eyebrow up.
“Well... for the most part.”
Everyone looked at each other again. My mind was blank, that couldn’t be hard to do. Why had they opened with the other one?
“Okay, it’s not that easy.” Ymir said, running her fingers through her hair. “First of all, it needs to take place in Hell, and only Hell to be valid. Secondly, these assholes take their contracts seriously, especially this one. If they are able to keep you fuckers out of their hair, they will use everything they can to do so.”
“We just need to attack them enough for them to attack us, it won’t be that hard.” Eren added, matter-of-factly.
“They won’t, they said they wouldn’t hurt you so they will not attack you. They can have other factions attack you or they could kill (Y/n). It’s simple as that.” Ymir shot back.
My eyes widened, the thought of harm coming to (Y/n) and it being my fault again was too much. There was no way I would be able to handle that again.
Everything was quiet again, everyone too startled to speak. There was no way this would be easy, but nobody wanted to give up. We all looked up at Ymir, who sighed to herself and ran her fingers through her hair yet again.
“So you really want to go through with this.” Her eyes glazed over everyone in the room, stopping at mine for a brief second. “Fine, you have two days to get packed.”
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dndhomebrewandart · 3 years ago
3, 12, 22, 26 for all those lovely ladies!
3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?
12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?
22: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?
26: What is the most intense thing your OC has been battling with?
 3: Velis definitely behaves differently around people who know the truth about her foresight. Her sister Sulah and her girlfriend Tia as well as her close party member companions. For everyone else she tends to come off as an airheaded and weird girl who says things that make no sense. 
12: Velis has felt like there was a piece of her missing for a long time, and indeed there was. It was her acceptance of her true nature. She’s sense accepted that part of herself and in a way she’s become more spirit/fae than mortal. She’s okay with that.
22: Velis hugs and cuddles and hangs on people and kisses cheeks happily. But that’s mostly platonic for her and she expresses all that to those she loves. For her romantic partner she’s way more nervous about physical contact and gets hopelessly nervous about it.
26: answered here!
3: Gisela has three faces. That for her family, that for her friends, and that for the world. She’s dutiful and hardcore when it comes to what the world sees, but she lets herself be vulnerable if someone is really close to her.
12: Gisela actually feels her life is quite full. Likely time for her old dreams is what she misses most now that she’s the Halla (a necromancer hunter). 
22: Gisela rarely shows affection or touches people, but she has warm smiles that are affectionate. When she hugs you or leans on you, you know you have her absolute trust. She’s a private woman when it comes to other ruminations, but deep in the woods alone together in a tent is more than enough space.
26: Her honor-bound need to deal with a necromancer and the personal need to help her friends
3: She behaves the same around everyone unless she really hates you, then she can be quite rude
12: Zeta often feels like she doesn’t have a purpose and she spends a lot of time thinking about it
22: She is incredibly open with affection of both romantic and platonic kinds
26: Trying to prove her capability in helping her best friend take down a government destroying plot and stopping aboleth manipulators
3: Mika tends to act differently toward the people of her home that she grew up around in the forests compared to those that she met and meets when she departs to the technological cities beyond. Mostly because the cultural differences are in sharp contrast to her and she’s learned what’s acceptable in both.
12: Security for her home’s safety. She has always done the best she can, but her forest is a resource that corporations will always want and she has to fight constantly to keep it safe.
22: Mika is very affectionate especially when drunk hahaha, but doesn’t do more than a hug or hand hold in public company unless she’s in the forest where different levels of intimacy is culturally allowed.
26: This goes back to Number 12 I think. It’s a constant struggle for her.
Ask is here!
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