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Hi dear, I’m sorry that midterms were really rough for you and I hope this helps :)

Encouraging Letter from Eren Jaeger


Originally posted by ackryeagrs

To my precious Mayda,

I’m sorry I can’t be with you right now. Section commander Hange and Captain Levi have been pushing me to the limit with experimenting on my titan so I haven’t been able to do much of anything lately. I know you’re struggling with tons of work piled up on you, and I wish to be with you to help as much as I could (but let’s face it, you were always a million times smarter than me so I’m not sure I would have been much help anyways). Madya, do you remember when I first joined the training corps? I was young and reckless, unaware of the dangers I’d be facing in the future. Over three years have passed since then, and somehow I got lucky that you decided I was worth sticking by. Although we are not in the same career field with you studying to become a teacher, I could not be more grateful for the time we have spent together. 

One of the things I admire about you, is your resilience and kindness. As someone who only posesses resilience, it’s amazing to see that you can still have pure intentions towards others after everything you’ve been through. Have you been working yourself too hard? I know I’m not one to talk but it really isn’t good for you Mayda. You’ll get sick if you keep it up (but I’d be right by your side to take care of you so you don’t have to worry about that). I find myself writing to you during my free time because I miss you so much. I miss your beautiful eyes, your smile that lights up the room, and your soft lips. It’s been too long since I’ve had the pleasure of holding you in my arms, but I promise you we will be able to spend more time together after we retake wall Maria. 

Until then, stay safe my love.

-From your favorite titan shifter

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| 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢 𝘧𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘮𝘦

dom erimika x sub female reader

warning: nsfw content, orgasm denial, use of vibrators, oral (f receiving), mentions of masturbation, unprotected sex. daddy & mommy kink. degrading kink, praise kink.

modern au


you cried out as you felt the vibrator make contact with your sensitive clit once again. eren had your hands tied to the headboard and your legs tied to the footboard, forcing them to stay open at all times.

he had been winding you up for at least half an hour now, forcing the vibrator onto your pussy, whispering disgusting things into your ear, all for him to pull the vibrator away right as you were about to cum. he had done this about three times now.

“please eren” you sobbed, the vibrations running through your clit somehow overstimulating and under stimulating you at the same time. you were so fucking sensitive, still you felt your hips rise involuntarily into the toy, begging to get more friction.

“awe puppy i know you wanna cum but i just can’t help it, it’s just so fun to watch you squirm” he raised the vibrator a setting higher

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So with MikaSasha Week being officially over (had to wait for one last submission 😉) and my ideas shaping up, I’m officially starting on the MikaSasha Fic I mentioned in a previous post.

Brief Summary: On a hunting trip with her father, young Sasha Blouse stumbles upon a cabin where a girl her age is being held captive. Scared, but without options, she uses her skills to save the captive, a now orphaned Mikasa Ackerman. Not wanting to leave her alone, she brings the girl with her back to her home. Now an official member of the Blouse family, the two girls grow up in relative peace until Wall Maria fell and the refugees flooded in. Getting in a fight with her father, Sasha enlists in the Military. Scared for Sasha’s safety, Mikasa enlists too while promising both Sasha’s parents as well as Sasha that no matter what, she will keep her safe with Sasha doing the same.

So yeah, how will the plot of AoT go with such a drastic change? You’ll just have to read and find out ^^


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She died while I was editing the screenshot 🙂

The game is on Roblox it’s called downfall

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Attack on Titan OVA x Manga Ch. 137

Mikasa parallels


I decided to watch the AoT OVAs for the first time to have something fun to watch while waiting for the new chapter/episode and I ended up more sad :( cry

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I told my friends today that I’m an erehisu and rivamika shipper, they almost unleashed their Ackermanian power on me :’)

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how could floch said something like this 


while jean was:


not even quarter of the statement was true :(

extra 1: even to “ex”-enemy


extra 2:


i actually dont dare to ship them at this moment, but i cant help it 

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Summary: How do you tell your friends that you’re falling in love with your big brother’s best friend? 


Originally posted by nanakorobiyaokii

word count: 6k 

You sighed, slumping in the uncomfortable plastic chair. Your back was killing  you, it was only 1st  period but you were more than eager for the day to end. Your chemistry teacher stood in the front of the room flipping through the slides on the board. You couldn’t care less, it was Friday, and you were ready for the weekend. You folded your arms and rested your head in the crook of your elbow, turning your head slightly to the left you gazed longingly out of the second story window. It was a gloomy fall day, surely there would be a football game tonight, not that you would be attending. A strong gust of wind blew a flurry of colorful leaves past the window, the clouds seemed to grow increasingly darker. You managed to turn back to the front of the class and at least pretend that you were paying attention, your classmates on the other hand did not even try to hide their disinterest. Sasha was rummaging through her lunch box, Connie was balancing a pencil on his upper lip, Eren had his head rested on his forearm his other hand held his phone under the desk as he mindlessly tapped through peoples’ snapchat stories. Mikasa would send him disapproving glares every once in a while as she diligently copied down the notes. Armin sat next to you, separating you from Mikasa and Eren, he also was taking excellent notes, even going as far as copying down all of the graphs and diagrams. You risked another glance out the window to your left to see a few fat rain drops falling out of the sky.

You smiled softly, the thought of sitting at home tucked under your favorite quilt with a cup of tea and a good book. You would have the house all to yourself tonight, your older brother Erwin was a senior, captain of the football team and golden boy of the school. He was the school’s varsity quarterback, giving him an impressive social status, he would surely be playing in the game tonight. Your mother worked as a nurse at your local hospital, often opting to take the nightshifts, meaning you rarely saw her. You hummed thoughtfully, your mind wandering as you increasingly lost interest in the lecture. Now you were considering what to make for dinner, you could make macaroni and cheese, or a grilled cheese with tomato soup? Your teacher still droned on at the front of the class, now working out a simple stoichiometry problem. The sound of the door opening and quickly closing drew you out of your daze, Hange entered the room carrying a large box of beakers and test tubes. She gently kicked the door closed before making her way to the back of the large classroom to begin organizing and cleaning the glassware. You caught her eye and smiled at her, wanting very badly to speak with her, she always managed to keep you on your toes and very much in the present. You had a bad tendency to get lost in your thoughts and daydream, but she never gave you a chance whenever you were in her presence. She smiled back as she gently placed the box on one of the lab stations in the back and began pulling the equipment out one by one.

Hange was also a senior this year, she was easily the top of her class, she had already accumulated enough credits so instead of taking pottery or something she opted to be a teacher’s assistant for your chemistry teacher. You slid your phone out of your pocket and opened your messages, you scrolled until you found Hange’s contact, you quickly typed out a message, “want to come over and bake pumpkin cookies after school?” before pocketing your phone once more. The loud ding  from the back of the room signaled that she had received your message, your teacher paused and gave Hange a pointed glance, one eyebrow raised. Hange chuckled nervously and squeaked out a meek ‘sorry’. Satisfied, your teacher turned back to the bored and continued the lesson. Your phone vibrated, you pulled it out of your pocket and smiled at the message, “of course! then we can take them to the game!” the excitement you felt quickly vanished, you should have known she would want to go to the game, she was dating your brother for crying out loud. You sighed and glanced out the window once more, the rain had slowed to more of a mist than a shower, but now a fog was rolling just above the damp ground. It looked freezing out there, you couldn’t imagine how cold it would be tonight. God it was so tempting to text Hange back with some bull shit about a project due Sunday night, but that would be shitty of you. Reluctantly you typed your reply, “yeah of course!” you sent the message and then placed your phone face down on the desk.

There was only about ten minutes left in class, thank God. You risked another glance at Armin’s notebook and frowned at the neat handwriting, why was he so neat? It bothered you, you flinched when you heard your phone vibrate on the desk, you quickly picked it up and flipped it over to see the lock screen. You’d gotten a snapchat from Eren, you opened your phone and quickly opened the message. You couldn’t help but smile as you looked at the picture, it was dark but you could make out his face and his bright green eyes, the classic text written across your screen made you smile, “what’s the move tonight?” . Over the years your house had become known as the party house, due to your mother never being home your older brother had thrown some impressive parties, and you often had your friends over as well, nothing like the events your brother hosted, but still a gathering. You copied Eren’s position, bringing your phone beneath the desk to snap a quick picture, and quickly typing back, “going to the game with Hange, Erwin might have something planned I’ll be in touch.” . You pressed send before you began packing up your things. Eren lifted his head and caught your eyes, you shared an impish grin before you returned your focus to gathering your things. Your teacher closed the powerpoint and began wrapping up class by reminding you about assignments that were due, not that you were listening. Finally only two minutes left, hopefully the rest of the day would go by faster than that class.


You bounced your knee anxiously as you watched the clock hands slide sluggishly across the face of the clock, only 15 minutes until the school day ended. You had agreed to meet Hange at her beat up Honda CR-V. You shifted in your seat, your eyes lingered on the window as your Spanish teacher reviewed the key points of her lecture. You could see the parking lot from where you sat, some kids had already slipped out of the building and were running through the rain to get to their cars to beat the traffic. You considered asking to go to the bathroom but decided that you would feel too guilty to skip your sweet Spanish teacher’s class. You sat up a bit straighter when you caught the sight of a particular dark haired boy walking briskly across the parking lot. Levi Ackerman, the school’s designated bad boy, known for his standoffish behavior and his foul mouth, he was a fiend always ripping a juul and coming to class hungover. Yes he was a bad kid but somehow he had managed to keep his grades up and remain in the top ten percentage of your class. But the strangest thing about him was his unique friendship with your older brother, his complete opposite. You’d known Levi for a long time now, he often came over to your house on the weekdays to work on homework with your brother and then he’d be back on the weekends to drink all of your liquor. You pursed your lips as you watched him climb into his beat up 1981 BMW, he loved that car. You’d only gotten the privilege of riding in it a handful of times but each time he had explicitly told you not to make a mess of his car. You watched him pull out of the parking lot and out onto the campus’ main street to get onto the county road that lead to your remote house. You sighed rather loudly as you realized Hange probably invited him over, since they shared a common bond with Erwin they had also grown rather close. You glanced once more at the clock and felt a rush of relief when you saw that the day would be over in precisely three minutes. You quickly threw your things into your backpack and gathered yourself to congregate by the door with your classmates. As you rocked on the balls of your feet you were startled when a heavy hand fell onto your shoulder. You turned around and met Jean’s hazel eyes, he left his hand on your shoulder as you turned around to address him. You pulled your ear buds out with a small sigh.

“What’s up?” you asked, Jean’s cheeks flushed slightly as he realized he had your undivided attention.  You raised an eyebrow, quickly losing patience with the boy.

“Oh I-” he was cut off by the loud ring of the bell, your classmates pushed you out into the already crowded hallway. Jean kept a firm grip on your shoulder as you both rushed into the hallway. You weaved through the crowd with Jean trailing behind you like a small child, he switched his grasp from your shoulder onto your backpack. You felt your lip curl with annoyance as you felt him lagging behind you. Finally you found yourself in a less crowded area where he could switch to your left side, releasing your backpack once he was sure you wouldn’t run away.

“Anyway as I was saying… You going to the game tonight?” Jean asked as he matched your pace. You nodded, struggling to wrestle your umbrella out of the side pocket of your backpack. Jean noticed and quickly moved to pull it out for you. You pushed through the front doors of the school and paused under the overhanging roof, Jean pushed the umbrella open and held it up to cover the both of you. You smiled up at him as you both stepped into the rain.

“Yeah I wasn’t planning until the second half though.” you yelled over the wind as he followed you towards Hange’s car. He nodded, daring to look up at the clouds as the wind whipped around the both of you.

“Where you heading to now?” he asked as you reached the parking lot,

“Hange’s car, it’s the black one over there.” you said, lifting your finger to point at her car, you could already see her in the driver’s seat scrolling through her phone. Jean nodded and picked up the pace as you hurried through the busy lot. Just as you were about to turn down the row to get to Hange, a car pulled straight out in front of you, a brand new black audi. Jean snarled, leaning forward to pound his fist onto the hood of the car. You laughed at Eren’s enraged expression, Mikasa turned and scolded him, while Armin leaned forward from the back seat to wave apologetically to you. You tugged on Jean’s arm to get out of the way, as they pulled away Eren stuck up his middle finger to Jean, who kindly returned the gesture. Finally you reached the car, thanking Jean, you let him keep your umbrella since he had gone so far out of his way to walk with you. You waved goodbye to him as you settled into the passenger seat. Hange raised an eyebrow, you blushed slightly offended that she would think that you would ever give Jean the time of day.

“What? I hate when you make that face.” you giggled as she wiggled her eyebrows and put the car in drive. Getting off of campus took about 15 minutes due to the heavy traffic, it was only a good 20 minute drive to get to your house. Your school was located in a small town, mostly made up of farmers, factory workers, and other small business owners. You lived out in the woods, your house tucked nicely behind a thick wall of oak trees and the occasional walnut. Hence why it was such a hot party spot, your driveway was long  and winding through the trees, just off of the county road. Hange turned up her music as you pulled off campus and onto the road. You felt the stress slowly falling off of your shoulders as you got further away from the school. You focused on the colorful trees and the houses that blurred by. Hange’s phone rang, interrupting the music, she unplugged it from the aux and wordlessly handed it to you. Without looking at the name you answered.

“Hello, uh this is (Y/n) Hange’s driving, can I take a messge?” you said, looking at Hange for support, but her eyes were glued to the road.

“Tch, yeah you tell her that if she doesn’t hurry up and get here I am going to freeze my ass off in this weather.” you blinked, surprised to hear Levi’s monotone voice on the other side of the phone.

“Be there in 5.” you said returning his clipped tone. With that you hung up, wanting to have the pleasure of ending the call before he could. Hange glanced over a smile spreading across her face.

“Maybe he shouldn’t have left school so early if he didn’t want to wait on us huh?” she joked, jabbing her elbow playfully into your bicep.

“Yeah” you huffed as you watched the suburban scenery melt into the more remote countryside that you called home. The manicured lawns morphed into golden fields of corn pastures with cows out grazing. Finally you turned onto your road and you reached into your bag to pull out your house key. You knew that if you spent extra time fishing out the key in front of Levi he would probably hit you. Don’t ask how you knew that. Hange turned onto your driveway and pulled up to your garage. Levi’s car was parked off to the side under your basketball hoop like usual.

Hange pulled right up beside him, leaning over to wave enthusiastically at him. He barely spared her a glance before climbing out of his car. You and Hange followed suit, you didn’t bother greeting Levi, having learned a long time ago that he wouldn’t return the sentiment. Instead you focused on making it to the front door before Levi so you could open the door without having to worry about him kicking out your knees or something. He liked to pick on you, especially when Erwin wasn’t around. It didn’t bother you much but it was annoying, you were used to your brother picking on you in a similar manner so you weren’t very surprised when Levi picked up the habit as well.

You quickly unlocked the door and pushed into your house. You kicked your shoes off and dropped your bag before shooting upstairs to your room to change. The game didn’t start until 7:00 which gave you about 4 hours until you would leave here. Plenty of time to make cookies and prep the house for whatever would be going on tonight. Just when you were taking your shirt off to slip on an older shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, you heard a crash downstairs. You froze in your tracks, a loud groan and then the sound of Hange’s manic laughter floated up the stairs, filling the silence of your house.

You groaned, pulling the shirt on, not bothering with a bra, and a pair of sweatpants you quickly made your way down the stairs. You frowned when you walked into the kitchen and found Levi staring in horror at the sight of pumpkin puree spilled all over the floor. Hange was doubled over, pointing at the mess as she cackled, “It looks like barf!” she howled as she leaned against the counter for support. You couldn’t help but crack a smile at Levi’s horrified face as he quickly left the kitchen, no doubt in search of a mop. Despite his careless attitude he actually did care about maybe three main things, 1.) having clean surroundings, 2.) keeping a full stock of weed, or some other means of getting intoxicated, and finally 3.) getting occasional pussy.

At least that’s what you figured to be his top priorities. Maybe you could put defending his friends honor in there somewhere, but that usually was followed by him degrading them himself. For example if someone was talking trash about Erwin, Levi would beat the shit out of them and then precede to tell Erwin later that afternoon that his face looked like a butt. You blinked as you watched Levi return with a mop and a bucket of sudsy water, You bent down with a paper towel to pick up the majority of the puree before Levi scrubbed the wood floors of your farmhouse style kitchen. Hange turned an excused herself to go to the bathroom as you both cleaned the mess. You felt a surge of panic rise in your chest when you realized that you would be alone with Levi.

You swallowed nervously as you eyed his feet that were much too close to your face, he wore a pair of plain white socks, so at least it wouldn’t be his usual steel toed combat boots. He noticed your uneasy expression and the way you put some pep in your step in picking up the mess. As you dropped the soiled paper towels into the trash bin you took note of Levi’s outfit. He wore a pair of stylish ripped jeans that were a lighter wash they hung loosely off his hips. You noted a worn black belt kept his pants secured and for a moment the thought of Levi’s pants falling off his hips made you smirk. You allowed your eyes to pass over his midsection that was clad in a plain white t-shirt and layered with a thin yellow plaid over-shirt. You smiled, you knew for a fact that he had thrifted all of these clothes and probably altered them himself. He had gotten better at sewing over the years. He finished mopping up the mess, you quickly averted your gaze when he looked up at you. You pretended to be busy gathering the ingredients, pulling out a jar full of flour as Levi stooped to pick up the bucket and dump the small amount of dirty water into the sink. He leaned against the porcelain farm sink as he ran hot water to clean the large sink. You could feel his eyes on your back as you reached into the pantry, sliding the barn door back so you could grab your apron. You fumbled with the ties on the back of your neck, feeling self conscious under Levi’s hot gaze. You finally managed to tie off the strings, you heard Levi shut the water off and head off down the hallway to put the bucket and mop away. Just after Levi left you heard the toilet flush and Hange returned, stretching she sighed, a content smile on her face.

“Why were you gone so long?” you asked, almost immediately regretting your question.

“Took the fattest shit in my whole life, I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.” Hange chuckled as you watched her grab your mother’s apron and effortlessly tie it around her waist and neck. You cringed, “At least light a candle or something.” you murmured as you continued setting out ingredients.

“Oh don’t worry I sprayed lots of air freshener.” Hange said nodding proudly as she began preparing the wet ingredients. Levi stalked back into the kitchen and plopped down on the opposite side of the island in one of the barstools. Lazily he pulled out his phone and connected to the speaker in your kitchen. He scrolled through his phone for a minute before he finally picked a song, you immediately recognized the band Cigarettes After Sex. You fell into an easy pace with Hange as you both moved through the kitchen, after you made the dough you let Hange set about baking the cookies. Meanwhile you began to make a simple vegetable soup that you could put in thermoses and take to the game.

Also you knew that it made Erwin happy when you brought him dinner after his games. You set out your cutting board and began chopping a carrot, your fingers curled into a bear claw as you moved the knife up and down. You slid the chopped carrot into the pot and then diced an onion, and some broccoli. You also took the liberty of chopping up a stalk of celery and adding a can of diced tomatoes. Finally you added some water and chicken broth before letting it heat up on the stove. By the time you’d finished the soup Hange has finished most of the cookies, all the while Levi had sat on his phone, occasionally throwing in some advice. You leaned against the counter and wiped your hands down your apron as you considered the spices you wanted to add to the soup. You reached for your phone and began responding to your messages. Hange dusted her hands off on her apron as well and came over to watch you on your phone, her head resting on your shoulder. You opened a snapchat from Eren, who was currently at the game, he sent you a winky face in response to your snap from earlier that day. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face, Eren was undoubtedly cute, charming even. But you knew better than to jump on that train, he was a bit of a hot head and besides, Mikasa obviously had a major crush on him. Hange gasped when she saw the picture of Eren cheekily sticking his tongue out and the winky face emoji. She turned, gripping your shoulders in a vice, “Huh?! What the fuck is that? Eren Jaeger?!” Hange gasped as she shook you. Levi perked up slightly, interested in the sudden commotion.

“Wh-What? Oh god no Mikasa would have my head, he just snapchats like that, don’t worry about it!” you said, flailing your arms in hopes of loosening Hange’s death grip. Instead she tightened her grasp, “What a shame, you really should start seeing people, I’m getting worried for you.” Hange said with a sigh as she let you go. You furrowed your brows, slightly offended by her words. “I… see people.” the last words slipped past your lips barely above a whisper. Levi scoffed, rolling his eyes he stood abruptly and walked around the island. Both Hange and you widened your eyes as you watched him approach the cookies, he carefully selected one of the frosted ones and took a bite. You waited for him to finish chewing, he looked back at you, his gaze steady on the both of you. “Stay away from that fool, he’s no good he’ll only drag you down.” Levi said with a shrug before padding off into your living room and dropping down onto your couch. Hange looked at you with wide eyes, her mouth slightly open, “What’s gotten into him?” she whispered as you gently slid past her to check on your soup. You simply shrugged, a bit thrown off by Levi’s words. Eren was your friend you liked spending time with him and you sure as well weren’t about to stop because Levi told you to. You stirred your soup, pleased to see that it was finished, you set about filling the three thermoses that you had, meanwhile Hange was packaging the cookies. Levi was still on the couch, slumped down low enough that you could just see the top of his dark hair. You glanced at the clock, and then back at your phone, you had no idea where they were in the game, so you decided to give Eren a call to see where they were at. You called him over snapchat, the phone only ringing twice before he picked up. You began to pace the kitchen as you listened to Eren fumble with his phone.

“H-Hey (Y/n), what’s up?” he said over the roar of the game.

“Oh nothing much I just finished making dinner and I was wondering what the game was looking like.” you said brushing some hair off your face.

“Oh yeah yeah of course, we just got a touch down, and halftime just started.” he said, his voice clearer now, he must have left the bleachers you thought to yourself.

“Perfect, I’ll be there in 30, save me a seat?” you asked sweetly, a smile warming your features.

“Anything for you.” his voice lowered in pitch and you couldn’t help but blush a bit, you and Eren had always had good banter between the two of you but in the recent months you’d noticed a palpable tension arising. You giggled, brushing off his suggestive tone, “I’ll see you soon Eren.” you said, pulling the phone away from your ear and hanging up. Hange smirked at you as she pulled the apron off of herself. You noticed that Levi had sat up a bit on the couch, he was giving you major side eye. You smiled at Hange, deciding you’d ask her if she knew what Erwin planned to do after the game.

“So Hange, do you know if Erwin was having people over after the game?” you ask partially wanting to change the subject, and partially wanting to know if you could have an excuse to have Eren over. Hange shrugged, a thoughtful look passing over her sharp features, “I suppose so, not a lot though just Mike, Nanaba, Petra, Eld, maybe Oulou? Bah I couldn’t say.” she said shaking her head in frustration. You knew that Hange was a forgetful person so you weren’t expecting much. Levi huffed from across the room, he noticed the gears turning in your head, the way your cheeks blushed slightly. You were surely planning something.

“Why do you ask?” Levi arched a thin brow at you as you turned to face him.

“Just wondering if that meant I could have some of my friends over.” the truth, but you were hoping for more than just a friendly interaction. Levi noticed the way you bit your lip and your ears turned a bit pink. Levi had seen all he needed to see, he turned his attention back to his phone, disregarding you. He vaguely caught bits of your conversation with Hange, something about changing, and getting ready and then the two of you hurried upstairs to your room. You were only upstairs for fifteen minutes before you came back down, Hange wore a pair of ripped jeans and one of Erwin’s football sweatshirts. You on the other hand wore a pair of black nike leggings, the fabric could almost be described as shiny because of how clean they were, you wore an emerald green crew neck, the sweater was clearly something you’d thrifted, it had a brown teddy bear in the middle. Levi couldn’t help but scoff at the sight, you reminded him of a grandma. You tugged at your sweater a bit self conscious under Levi’s scrutinizing gaze.

“I’ll drive.” Levi said, his tone clipped. Hange shrugged, a light in her eyes as she spun her own keychain on her index finger. Levi narrowed his eyes at the brunette, remembering all the times when they had fought about who got to drive. Luckily Hange wasn’t in much of a fighting mood, so she simply shrugged and pocketed her keys. You swiped your own keychain off the counter and stuffed them into your small purse. You rocked on your heels as you waited for the older teens to gather themselves. Hange was slipping on her beat up tennis shoes, while Levi stooped down to pull on his Vans. You shifted impatiently on your nike airs, Levi squinted in disgust when he took in the appearance of your old nikes, they weren’t very white anymore. He figured he’d find some excuse to berate you on this topic later. He finally stood up and made his way out the door before you and Hange without a word. You all piled into his old BMW, Hange in the front and you in the back.

Thankfully the rain had let up and the clouds had drifted on to leave the night sky clear, the moon illuminating the road as you drove. You gripped the edge of your leather seat anxiously, you didn’t like Levi’s driving, he drove 20 over the speed limit no matter what road you were on. He blared classic rock and other alternative music, which wasn’t the problem, just you could never hear what other people were saying over the loud noise. Finally your car ride came to an end and before you knew it you were paying for tickets and making your way towards the bleachers. You pulled out a thermos and handed it to Hange, “Here this is for you to share, and take these too!” you shoved a baggie of cookies into her hands as well before slipping into a throng of people before they could say anything more to you. Eren had told you where to meet him Armin, and Mikasa. You found them loitering by the bottom of the bleachers, you came up behind Armin and pulled him into a hug from behind. He yelped in surprise and wriggled in your grasp.

“Hey guys” you said, your tone raising a bit in the presence of your friends.

“Hey (Y/n)! When did you get here?” Armin asked as he turned just enough to return your embrace.

“Oh just now.” you said sweetly as you then moved to hug Mikasa, you skipped Eren though, feeling a bit awkward with Mikasa’s heavy gaze hitting your back. But you were pleased to see the disappointment in his eyes when you skipped over him.

“How’s the game going?” you asked lightly as you turned your attention to the empty field.

“Good, we’re winning! Your brother is playing well!” Armin said as he pointed at the score board.

“Yeah, he took out one of the other teams defensive players.” Mikasa said, nodding her head across the field to where a player was sat on the ground with trainers surrounding him. You raised an eyebrow, Erwin usually didn’t do that much damage, he must’ve been pissed.

“Interesting, well do you guys want to head to our seats? Looks like they’re getting ready to start.” you asked, they nodded and the four of you climbed the cold bleachers. They led you to a pretty remote section, just off the side to the student section which was bustling with your loud classmates. You settled into your seat on the end, Armin seated next to you, Eren in the middle of Mikasa and Armin. You rubbed your hands together and blew a breath of hot air onto your palms. The game was about to start, the players fanning out and back into their positions. You spotted Erwin in the thick of all the players, he reached out and shook one of his team mates by his helmet. A smile easily slid on your lips as you watched your brother settle into the play. You loved your big brother and you were glad to so him succeed in what he loved. Just as the game was about to begin you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. You fumbled to answer it, worried about who could be calling you.

“Hey (Y/n) where did you run off to? I was hoping you’d sit with me, Levi is being awful!” you immediately recognized Hange’s voice, and you felt for her you really did, but you were not in the mood to deal with Levi.

“Ew, I’m definitely not sitting with you if he’s causing trouble.” you joked, but your words held a semblance of truth. Hange groaned and then yelpd, the sound of her phone hitting the ground made you wince. Finally you heard her breathing again, guessing she had managed to recover her phone.

“Hurry please, in the back top right section, he’s getting physical.” Hange said, hanging up before you could argue. You noticed all of your friends were watching you with curious gazes.

“Want to go sit with Hange and Levi? We can hash out some plans for tonight?” you asked desperately not wanting to sit alone with Hange and Levi right now. Eren raised an eyebrow but nodded in agreement. You knew that was all you needed for Mikasa and Armin to agree as well. But it didn’t escape you how Mikasa’s eyes darkened at the mention of Levi. You vaguely recalled being hammered one night, laying on the ground with Eren, and you remembered someone tugging you to your feet. It was Levi, he was pulling you back towards your brother and his friends, but you wanted to stay with Mikasa and Eren. Mikasa had come to your rescue and surprisingly given Levi a solid punch to the jaw. He snarled but didn’t move to defend himself, instead he had stalked off into the group of older kids. This memory reminded you that when Mikasa and Levi were in the same space they tended to bump heads. You felt slightly guilty knowing you were putting her in a bit of an awkward situation but at the same time you knew Levi would be uncomfortable too which would hopefully prevent him from bothering anyone. With everyone in agreement you all gathered your things and quickly climbed the bleachers to the mostly empty top right section. Sure enough you could see Levi with his arms crossed and a sour pout on his face. Hange’s shoulders sagged with relief at the sight of your crew. You waved as you approached, a smile on your lips, you let Eren sit next to Levi and Mikasa next to Eren and then Armin on the end. Hange scooted over to make space between herself and Levi, which you eyed skeptically, it would’ve been easier for you to sit next to Armin, but you complied. You drew in on yourself, pressing your right side into Hange’s left to avoid Levi. A memory flashed across your mind of you getting too close to Levi and him literally shoving you out of his space. You were not in a hurry to see if that had changed. Levi scowled at you, his cinder eyes catching your (e/c) ones momentarily before you averted your gaze back to the game. Hange threw an arm around you and drew you closer, her eyes analyzing the play that your team was about to make. Levi noticed the way the tension left your shoulders as Hange pulled you flush against her, giving Levi plenty of space. Instead of appreciating your respect of his personal space Levi only felt more annoyed. Just as he was finally managing to focus on the game you turned and leaned over to look around him.

“I’m feeling like watching a movie.” you said, Eren also leaned forward and smiled.

“Same here, I brought some wine, we can watch a horror movie and get wine drunk.” he said, you nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah I cleaned the basement the other day so you guys can go crazy upstairs and we’ll stay downstairs.” you said, this time directed at Hange. The brunette raised an eyebrow, “If that’s what you want, Mike was going to bring his pong table and Nanaba is bringing some good games.” Hange said, a skeptical look on her face.

“Maybe we’ll come up after the movie?” you said, glancing at your friends for back up. They all nodded and then you all turned your eyes back to the game as the whistle blew shrilly. You noticed that your team had scored and you also took note of one of the opposing players gripping his ankle as he rolled in the grass. Trainers and coaches rushed over to aid the player as your brother fled the scene, his face grim as he went to join his team in a huddle. You sat forward with Hange as you watched one of the reffs storm over. You blinked as you watched the reff scold your brother and point towards the bench, the head coach quickly came to your brother’s defense and fired back at the reff.

“Something’s wrong, why is he being so aggressive tonight?” Hange asked, looking to you. All you could do was shrug and frown as you watched the reff storm back onto the field. You were so engrossed in the game that you forgot to mind Levi, who unlike you, was completely disinterested in the game. He noticed how close your knee was to his own and took advantage, he reached over and closed his fingers around your knee and squeezed. You yelped, at the pinch, a cow bite, one of your least favorite and dirtiest moves that Levi pulled on you. You glared at him as you rubbed the sides of your knee tenderly. Levi met your eyes and cocked his eyebrow, a false mask of innocence on his features. Hange spared the two of your worried glance, but ended up only feeling relieved that it wasn’t her this time. You narrowed your eyes, a small warning to leave you alone, one that you were certain he would ignore. You turned back to the game, determined to watch the last half of the game. Levi turned to also face the field, but still kept an eye out for you, it wasn’t often you would let him pull something like that. You cheered when a point was scored by Erwin, Levi watched as you rose to your feet with Hange and the other dorks, all screaming your heads off. Levi took this moment to shuffle over a few inches, so when you sat down you would be slightly closer. As predicted you sat down and as soon as you felt his thigh brush against your own. Levi reached into his pocket and pulled out his juul to take a hit,  he lifted the juul to his lips and felt pleased to know he had at least half of your attention as you watched out of the corner of your eye. He blew the vapor out of his nose and wordlessly offered you the juul. You eyed it for a moment before taking it , you coughed when you inhaled too much, the smoke billowing out of your mouth. Hange frowned when she saw you fall into a coughing fit.

“Erwin is going to kill you if you get his sister addicted to nicotine.” Hange scolded as she watched Levi take another hit.

“He’ll get over it.” Levi grunted as he stood and stretched, the game was ending and he wanted to beat the traffic. You looked up, still fighting back some coughs, Eren was laughing at you and Mikasa had a small smile, Armin looked sympathetic.

“You leaving?” you asked, your voice gravely from coughing up your lung. Levi nodded and shoved his hands in his front pockets.

“Back to my house?” it was more of a statement than a question.

“Yeah wanna come?” he asked, you looked to Hange who shrugged.

“Yeah good idea you two go on ahead and set up things for the party.” Hange agreed, quickly turning her attention back to the last minutes of the game. Levi scoffed and then lumbered down the bleachers, not waiting for you as you checked with your friends.

“Go, we need to drop by the liquor store anyway for some Smirnoff’s.” Eren dismissed with a wave of his hand and with that you followed Levi down the stairs.

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Me to Me: So, you’re watching Attack on Titan. Wow, so many great characters, Mikasa is a hot BAMF, so is Levi (Historia too). Armin is so damn clever. Hange is a little crazy but really cute. Sasha is a danger potato. Annie and Reiner are lil’ problematic but like… ya know. So who is your favourite?

Me: Eren.

Me: Nani TF, he is the literal dumbass basic bitch MC that needs rescuing all the time. Like why???

Me: He big. He angry. He bitey. Me likey.

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