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#mike stamford fics
inevitably-johnlocked · a month ago
Do you know of any fics that have Mike Stamford in them more than just at the beginning, like being friends with and hanging out with both John and Sherlock or helping them on cases maybe? Thanks! Love how you help and guide those of us who can't seem to find what we need đź’‹
Hey Nonny!
Oh, that'd be fun fics to read! Ahhh, I can think of an AU fic with a more prominent Mike:
Eyes Up, Heels Down by CodenameMeretricious (E, 107,845 w., 43 Ch. || Sports Equestrian AU || Fluff, Angst, Humour, Rider!Sherlock, Groomer!John, Show Jumping, Slow Burn, Happy Ending) – Sherlock is a top eventing rider currently training at Baker Farms. John is the new groom who's been told to steer clear of the surly rider and his horses. Part 1 of Baker Farms
And this one I'm reading has John and Mike as good friends:
Red Lights Out by days_of_storm (E, 333,458 w., 103 Ch. || Formula One / Car Racing AU || Mechanic John, Driver Sherlock, UST, Friendship, Pre-Slash, Romance, Perfect Cooperation, Accidents, Manipulation, Slow Burn) – John Watson is an overqualified mechanic and former rally driver who works for McLaren. Silverstone GP is impending when he meets Sherlock Holmes, a prodigy driver whom nobody takes seriously, except for McLaren boss Greg Lestrade. (STILL READING)
I know there's a tonne more, but my brain is poopy right now.
Please add more, my friends!
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thetimemoves · a year ago
The First Law
Tumblr media
A 221b ficlet, because I like Mike.
Also on AO3.
Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.
- Sir Isaac Newton, the First Law of Motion
Mike Stamford knew he came off as a bit of a bumbler, but that didn’t bother him. Much. Most people saw a man with blurry glasses, hideous ties, and a distracted grin and wrote him off as rather dim. He wasn’t, of course, but played it to his advantage when necessary. Such as during an unexpected, but most welcome, encounter with John Watson.  
Mike looked at his old friend and marveled at the sea change time had wrought. John was stiff, yet trembled (oh yes, Mike noticed), and radiated bitterness and despair. Mike knew instinctively that John would bolt if pressed, so he babbled instead. Inane chatter was never John’s style, but it settled him.
And then the magic words, “Who’d want me for a flatmate?”
Mike wouldn’t have been surprised if an actual lightbulb appeared over his head. It was such an insane idea. No, it was perfect. “You’re the second person to say to that to me today.”
John sniffed. “Who was the first?”
“There’s someone I think you should meet, now if you can.” Mike stood.
John narrowed his eyes and then stood as well, not nearly as tightly wound. “The fixer as always, my friend.”
Good man. Mike grinned. You still see me. “I think you’ll like him, I do. Come on, he should be at Bart’s.”
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chriscalledmesweetie · 3 years ago
There’s No Place Like Home
Tumblr media
Sherlock in Oz by ChrisCalledMeSweetie
When Sherlock and John travel to Kansas to help Mrs. Hudson’s niece, the motel has only one room left — with a double bed. So far, everything is predictable. But not for long…
(Alternative summary, provided in a comment left on AO3 by Mamaorion: Sherlock gains the strength to discuss his feelings from a colorful, concussed romp through his subconscious!)
In the end, there’s no place like home.
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alexxphoenix42 · 3 years ago
Can u rec some fics we're Mike Stamford plays a much bigger role? He's so under used.
Hey friend, I’ve probably only got some bits and bobs for this …
Tumblr media
Mike Stamford in Unilock
Cardigans and Chemistryby stripyjumpers, 19k, mature. In his third year of university, John isn’t expecting to do muchother than keep his head in his textbooks and his feet on the rugby pitch, butthat all changes when he agrees to accompany Mike to a bar one night.
Are We Growing Up, OrJust Going Down? byalexabarton, 4 k, teen. Its John Watson’s first week at Uni and he can’t quitemanage to break up with his girlfriend. On a night out with Mike he goes to seea band and catches the eye of a sexy bass guitarist. Is John ready for whathappens next?
The Pauli ExclusionPrinciple bybobbirose, 2 k, teen. John is FINALLY about to win against Mike in the mostdefining game of our generation. His victory suddenly depends on the gorgeousstranger sitting across from him on the bus–John can only hope he knowschemistry. Or: How John and Sherlock meet because John needs an answer toTrivia Crack.
Roommates are for little people byalexxphoenix42, WIP, explicit. John was looking forward to seeing his friendsback at uni, but a new year brings new complications, not the least of which isa dorm room with only one bed, and a stroppy roommate with an utterlyspectacular arse. God, John doesn’t need the headache.
It Will Always Be Youby allonsys_girl, 3k, teen, unilock. Sherlock and John meet through Mike Stamford, but not in thecanon way.
Fifty Quidby WriterX, 7 k, mature. Super cute unilock where John is premed, and Sherlockis a punk kid working at a tattoo parlour and nominally attending uni when itsuits him. Mike Stamford bets John 50 quid that he can’t get Sherlock to kisshim. John can’t turn a bet like that down. Some of the phrasing, and grammar isa little awkward in this one, but Sherlock is HOT, and the story is too cute tomiss.
Mike Stamford as adults
Masters of Ink by Indybaggins, WIP,explicit. First-meeting-on-a-reality-show AU, Ink Master edition! There isexpert tattooing, slightly less expert flirting, and two men falling hard. ButJohn is married, and they can’t all win.
Turn on a Sixpence bymerripestin, 1.6 k, explicit. Mike Stamford and Mycroft Holmes enjoy a lovelymoment in the back of a cab. Written in a flash fiction workshop. Cracky PWP –ooh la la!
The Sensation of Falling as YouJust Hit Sleep by greywash, 83 K, explicit. Post Reichenbach. Love is amuch more vicious motivator.
The Pieces thatFall to Earth byItsallfine, 49 k, mature. Epistolary fic that picks up after s4. John is reelingwith his loss, and struggling with alcohol abuse, anger management, and therapyas he raises his daughter. Sherlock hovers at the edges hoping so much that Johnwill let him into his life.
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inevitably-johnlocked · a month ago
above the gloomy copse
Hello Steph, here's a sunflower because you shine bright: 🌻
I have a new fic to promote! :D I fondly call it my agrobois au
Title: above the gloomy copse
Rating: Mature
Summary: John and Sherlock have a good agreement, no strings attached. Of course John’s feelings for James Sholto won’t interfere with it, John thinks, like a fool.
Tags: Veterinarian John Watson; Farm boy Sherlock Holmes; Friends With Benefits; Insecure Sherlock Holmes; John is a Horndog; Sheep & Goats; Johnlock - Freeform; Alternate Universe
Tumblr media
  Thank you, dear!! 
(submitted by thanks-mike-stamford) -------
Hey Lovely!!!
Ahhhh, glad to support your fic!! Thank you!!
above the gloomy copse by HOverSeas (M, 9,849 w., 1 Ch. || Vet / Farmer AU || Farmer Boy Sherlock, Veterinarian John, Friends with Benefits, Insecure Sherlock, Horny John, Sheep and Goats) – John and Sherlock have a good agreement, no strings attached. Of course John’s feelings for James Sholto won’t interfere with it, John thinks, like a fool.
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johannadc · 5 days ago
Mycroft Fic Rec - Friend!
I don’t recall how I stumbled across this curiosity, but I adore fics where Mike Stamford is a good friend. In this one, it’s for Mycroft. It’s also the only one with the Mycroft & Mike relationship (oddly, there are 3 for the slash version, which, yay for creativity, but is very much not for me). 
“When Mike Met Mycroft” by canolacrush (3K, G)
They have cake together, because Mycroft wants to thank Mike for what he’s done for Sherlock. And then Mycroft breaks my heart explaining why he doesn’t do anything but work. 
Tumblr media
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