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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#mikey talks

I remember right around when I came out, it was also revealed that my two older brothers were molested by a family friend who was gay…. I remember being angry so angry but I didn’t know and when i did find out I…. just felt such sadness and I understood their views of me… but most of all… I cried for them. My heart was broken to know my big brothers were robbed of their innocence and I look back and I think were they okay??? In each moment we had together… Did those demon haunt them? But I’ll never know because they won’t ever talk about it and that is valid but also I wonder… I just wonder…. is there anything in the world, just anything… just anything. That’s could their mind more at ease

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So I figured how why I’m not into Seo Woo and Ha Won it’s because I don’t buy their romance since I solely still believe Seo Woo and Jisoo have far better chemistry?? Or maybe cause I liked their scene better cause now I feel like I’m forced to like her and Ha Won together but it just feel empty to me… And aimed at a audience that I’m not a part of

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I wished religion wasn’t such a fucking overused concept to trying to better to the world cause it’s not. Kids are being abused and raped and such but people think only prayers and such are enough when we need FUCKING laws to protect kids and we need STRONGER implications of a those to do such things to kids. We need to know that people who abused and sexually assault minors should not and will not return to society. Burn in the fiery pits of the unknown for all I care

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Dumb killjoy stuff I did today

-shot down boxes and cans with my bow & arrow

-climbed a fence to retrieve my arrows

-caught a toad

-caught a frog (I released both)

-rode my bike for a long time

-bad driving on desolate roads

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